Kaake Da Viyah (2019) - full transcript

A guy's family wants him to get married but it is harder than he thought. On one hand, his grandmother wants him to get married to a girl of her choice, and on the other, his mother is ...

-Kammo, where's the embroidered veil?
-I had given it to Beero.

When did you give it to me?
Pammi has it.

Pammi, get the embroidered veil with you.

Come on. Let's apply some turmeric.
Let's perform the rituals.

Beero, we will go first.

Bebe, why don't you say something?
I'll apply it first.

Go ahead, Beero.
Apply some turmeric.

Beero, don't you dare touch him.

What will he do?

Shut up.

Wait, Beero.

Here you go, girl.
Apply some turmeric.

I am his mother.

It is my right to do it.

Shut up, I am his grandmother.

I have the right to do it first.

Bebe, resolve my issue
before you resolve yours.

I have heated the water
three times. It has become cold now.

We won't be able to heat it again.

We are out of cooking gas.

Stop being lazy.
Heat it again.

I don't want to challenge Bebe.

I tried to heat up the water
but it cools down.

Apply some turmeric!
Go ahead.

Beero, have you broken your arm?
Couldn't you apply it first?

did the cat bite your tongue?

Sing some folk songs.

The groom is applied...

the turmeric paste...

We will give him a bath.

Give it here.
I will bathe my boy.

-Will you let go of it?

-Let it go. Give it here.

Oh, Bebe!

You are a king in your dreams.
You are of a high class.

Those who have been separated
will be united by the night.

But my case is just the opposite.
I mean it is quite serious.

Brother, it's nothing serious.

It's just a dream.

It's not like
the second year's results are out.

Navi, has anybody else in
your house ever saw such a dream?

-My grandfather.

He ended up marrying a tigress.

Then my father.

He ended up marrying a lioness.

-Is there any breed greater than that?

-Which one?
-Look over there, there comes your Mahi.


-What's up?
-He is talking about his wedding.


Don't get angry.
We are just discussing a dream.

Navi, tell us what happened after that.

What else could have happened?

I left the house before my
dream could turn into a reality.

Hello, mummy.


My son is looking so handsome today.

Make sure you eat something before you
leave. Don't leave on an empty stomach.

Mummy, I can eat something
from outside as well.

You just give me some
money to buy something to eat.

You know her, she will give
me 50 and tell me not to spend it.

Eat a piece of this
and have some milk.

Then go ahead.


Sweets don't taste good after one
gets used to having pizzas and burgers.

If you have this
then I'll give you another 1,000 rupees.

My dearest and most beautiful mother.

You know that I don't like milk.

But you always made me drink
it by bribing me with money.

Give me the money and take this.

I'm leaving for college.
Okay. See you later.

You are very clever.

-Hello, Bebe.
-Hello, son.

Why are you going to
college so early in the morning?

You never attend any lectures anyway.

Don't say that, Bebe.
I am already running late.

Do you have to catch a train?

Why are you talking about the train?
My dreams are a pain.

You were singing,
"Where's that girl?"

Bebe, that's Sherry Mann's song.

-And I don't have a girlfriend.
-That's good.

Stay away from girls.
Take this.

I had saved some money for
a new mobile phone.

She was giving me 500 rupees.

-I didn't take it.
-I don't understand your mother.

Why is she saving the money?
Does she wish to go to Canada?

You are right, Bebe.

Bye, my dear. I am leaving.

Be careful.

Stop joking with your grandma.
And stop acting like a hero.

He has taken up 150 cases
in court so far.

He has sent 140 of them back home.

And he also took some money
from the clients.

Just like the way he did with you.

Look at its state.
Even the court's roof has started leaking.

We got the maintenance approved
with great difficulty.

The government canceled it
because of his bad record.

Before I sentence myself
to be hanged till death...

you should uproot that
plant and plant it elsewhere.

Did you hear that?

Boota doesn't talk about the problem.
He tries to solve it.

He has taken up 150 cases so far

out of which he
resolved 140 of them.

Look at your case.

I spoke to the judge and arranged
for your brother's security.

-Do you remember the robbery last month?

-I got your brother arrested for that.

They were letting him go.

I told them to give
him life imprisonment.

Now the good news is that
he will get free food in prison...

and he will be secured
with the police.

Even an ant cannot get in there.

-Shut up. Stop joking.
-I am not joking.

I think I am getting a call.

Boota Singh has a lot of cases.

Bloody hell!

Boota... Boota..


Run, Boota!

These people coming after you
will settle with you

and then you will never
be able to be fine again.

-Run, Boota!
-Come on.

Thanks to the shoe shop...

I can no longer stay in this city.

I should have a shop somewhere else now.


I need to get out of this mess!


You aren't taking good care of the hens.

They are laying fewer eggs now.

Madam, Bebe sits in front
of them on her chair.

I think the hens are shy to lay the eggs.

You should do something about her.

Don't say such things.

You work less and talk more.

It's okay with me.

I'll go and talk to the hens.

Hello, sister.


Here, have some sweets.

We have laid the foundation
of the Morh colony.

And we are starting the
construction from your end.

It will increase the rate of your land.

We are anyway not interested
in selling the land.

We don't care if the rate
increases or decreases.

It was my father-in-law's land.

And it is now in Bebe's land.

I am not asking you to sell the land.

You can form a colony
on his name whenever you want.

One son is living in America.

And this land is
enough for the other son.

We are happy.

Bathla, catch the hens,
they will run away.

Ma'am, they want to go to America.

The shop will issue
a visa for them in the evening.

Don't worry.

Look at this, girl.

Bathla will handle them.

Why is Singhara here with sweets?

Maybe he has some good news, Bebe.

What is the good news?

He cannot have a child at this age.

Bebe, don't have the sweets
offered by him.

He is a mama's boy.

I think he has brought
these sweets on purpose...

so that your sugar levels rise.

Bebe has diabetes?

-I seek your blessings, Bebe.
-God bless you.

You never told me.

-I have a good cure for diabetes.

You should have three bitter gourds
with jaggery early in the morning.

And in the afternoon...

What should we do in the
afternoon, brother?

I don't remember it.
I think you should eat sweets with okra.

Let it be.
You should focus on being a lawyer.

You don't need to become a doctor.

Wait, I'll go and
make some tea for you.

I want my tea with less sugar, please.

Why are you talking like that, brother?

Sometimes, I recall that
I am an advocate, as well.

I'll be right back.

In one of the plots,
we will build a bungalow...

like this bungalow.

Sister, everything else is fine.

But I don't like your relative.

Does he suffer from
some contagious disease?

I'll come along.


Why is that black snake here?
He might end up biting your hens.

No one lets such a person past the door...

and she has welcomed him inside.

I would have slapped him.

But Tej Kaur addresses him
as a brother and welcomes him.

You are still a relative.

How is this idiot related to us?

I wonder what's going on.

She never stops scheming.

Let's have tea.

Here's your tea.

Where's Navi?

He has gone to college
early in the morning.

That's okay. But boys
tend to go out of control at this age.

You should keep an eye on him.

I think it's the right age
for him to get him married.

Babe, do you know that
I have always helped you?

That's a great thing, right?
You are my lady.

And the way you
terrorized the college...

I was scared to ask you out.

We are going to get our results today.

I hope that everything goes well.

-Are you fine?

Have some water.

Go on, drink it.



Is this your book?

What happened?

This man ties his turban so well.

But I have never seen
him before in college.

How about teaching us a lesson?


Look at her!

I am not in a mood
to attend lectures today.

Let's go to the canteen.

You look like a hot chili
in that green dress.

Let it be, Mahi. Drop it.
He is the mayor's son.

Let's go, Mahi.

Hey, you should learn to respect women.

Your sisters study in this
college, as well.

-You seem to be new here.
-Let go of my hand.

Do you know who I am?

Oh damn.

I know.
You are the mayor's son.

What's happening?

Navi, what's happening?

Listen, let's go and watch
the movie Kaake Da Viyah tomorrow.

Kangan, will you come with me?

What do you want to eat?

-Do you want two or three of them?
-Three of them.

Three chicken rolls, please.

That man ties his turban so well.

Can you find out his name?

Oh, I see.

-Let's go, Mona.
-Let's go.

-You know how much we owe him, don't you?
-Keep a record.

What's your name?

-Phuman Singh.

What's wrong with you?


-Did he tell you his name?
-He ties his turban so well...

-but he doesn't have a beautiful name.
-What's his name?

Phuman Singh.

It's okay.

Watch out!

What will we do now?

we will just change his name.

Mr. Phuman Singh!

Open the door.

Listen to me.

You ride an amazing bike and you
tie your turban so well.

You look like a Jat.

Are you scared of me?
Are you trying to avoid me?

The other day you slapped the mayor's son.

Everyone is scared of you.

You haven't done anything wrong
to be scared of me.

The other day you were
hiding in the washroom.

Bebe has asked me to stay away from girls.

Phuman Singh, tell me something...

What is your name?

-Navjeet Singh Chaj.
-Listen to me.

I like you.

How do we go about this?

You apply the Chanel perfume
When you go to college

You apply the Chanel perfume
When you go to college

On the left side of your chin
There is a black mole

I have lost my heart to it

This is absolutely right...

God has made my future bright
By making you so beautiful

God has made my future bright
By making you so beautiful

Those dimples on your rosy cheeks

When I look at them
My heart flips

Those dimples on your rosy cheeks

When I look at them
My heart flips

When you wear the earrings
And wear these sunglasses

You turn my days into nights

God has made my future bright
By making you so beautiful

God has made my future bright
By making you so beautiful

The sound of your anklets
Are driving me crazy

The boys have started fighting in Phagwara

The sound of your anklets
Are driving me crazy

The boys have started fighting in Phagwara

There is a traffic jam in the town
And the windows are pulled down

The police is on guard

God has made my future bright
By making you so beautiful

God has made my future bright
By making you so beautiful

Don't wear these 3-D dresses

Hey beautiful, I cannot take the stress

Don't wear these 3-D dresses

Hey beautiful, I cannot take the stress

Everyone is talking about you in Punjab

You have made everyone polite
From Delhi to Lahore

God has made my future bright
By making you so beautiful

God has made my future bright
By making you so beautiful

By making you so beautiful,
God has made my future bright

I was wondering...

What made you ditch the rich boys
and fall for this poor lad?

This isn't about being rich or poor.

It's about what the heart desires.

By the way, I loved your turban.

Oh my...

When you say such things, I don't
feel like going back to my village.

I don't want you to go away from me.

I see.

Why are you sulking?

I asked my mom for some money.

She told me that the hens
have laid fewer eggs.

Tell her that if the hens haven't
laid enough eggs then she should lay some.

Take this.

Bebe, what will I do with 100 rupees?

Even the rickshaw fare
will be more than that.

Hey, come on.

Come what may, I won't let anyone
spend their money unnecessarily.

Why do you go to bars and drink alcohol?

Bebe, why are you talking like that?

What did I say?

You are always ready to fight.

Don't worry about her.
She loves to blabber.

You have my ATM card, don't you?

You can take as much money as you want.

Go and enjoy your party.

No, Bebe.
I don't feel like going there.

Bebe is stupid.


Come here.

Give me a solution.

I'll tell you after I wash my hands.
My hands are dirty.

Wash your hands later.

I want a dirty solution.


Write this down.

Your Bebe is a dirty hag
and she causes trouble.

Your Bebe...


Look at what she has written.


Send her a reply.

She doesn't know anything
but she blabbers all day.

Bathla, look at this.


This is too much, ma'am.

-Write this down.
-Tell me.

Start chanting God's name...

-as life is unpredictable.
-as life is unpredictable.

You should have a comeback for this.

You should be young at heart,
age is just a number.

Look at this, Bathla.

Bebe is singing Gurdas Mann's song.


No problem.

We will sing a rhyme.

Which one?

Go for the monster and not a man,
as the devil is your companion.

Write this down.

Go on.

Bebe, your phone is dead.

Burn it.

I want the iPhone 10.

It didn't beep again.

I think she has given up.

I think she has lost her mind.

-She has become devotional.

Forget about those who are awake
And be with the dead people



My aunt's house cannot be this far.

I knew it.

This is not her house.


For you...

Damn it.
They have no shame.

Boota Singh,
he is just watering the plants.

Yes, sir?
What do you want?

Brother, I am looking for my house.

That's so strange!
Are you looking for your own house?

No. I am looking for
a house that I can rent.


We just need to find a tenant.

So that you won't have to ask for money.

And I will be able to buy
an iPhone within six months.


Come here.

Keep this to yourself.

I'll give you 200 rupees per month.

Is your employee upstairs?

Yes. My employee is upstairs.

Come here.

-You can get it.
-Are you sure?


-But it will cost you 200 rupees.
-Shut up.

I haven't even settled in and
you are already demanding a commission!

-Let me think about it.

Tell me...

I don't want a house. I want a room.

Show me the room.
It's not like I wish to usurp it.

You don't wish to usurp it
but I wish to earn 200 rupees from it.

-Let's go.
-He is more eager than I am.

Hit the brakes.

-Take a look.

-I'll go and call my employees.
-Go ahead.

It's a good room.

It also has a bed.

Good, I won't have to sleep on the floor.

But where will I keep the television?

Damn it!
I don't own a television.

You will have to make do
with your mobile phone.

-What's happening, boy?
-I'm just looking at the room.

Bebe wants to know what you are up to.

I'm looking at the room.

Okay. Tell me your name.

Advocate Boota Singh.

He mentioned "advocate" before his name.

I am a lawyer.

I think she is a judge.

-The rent is 7,000 rupees.

-And 3,000 rupees for the other expenses.
-I accept it.

I would've been able to buy the iPhone
sooner if I had said 15,000 rupees.

-He would have definitely agreed.
-I asked for less.

I should have asked for 500 rupees.

You could've even said 20,000 rupees.
It's not like I am going to pay you.

Here you go, Bebe.
1,000 rupees as an advance payment.

He is a nice boy.

I'll go and park my scooter.

I am single and happy...

Who are you?

The room is stinking.

I'm your tenant.

Who made you the tenant?

The owner did.

Well... I am the owner.

I see.
She must be a servant then.

She was an aged woman.

You must be right.

I have given her
an advance payment, as well.

-You gave her an advance payment!

Get this straight.
Pay the rent to me.

And make sure you get this straight.

You cannot leave the house
after 6 o'clock.

If you do, then you can't come in.

And you have to wash your socks every day.

And you won't dry your clothes
outside the house.


Isn't 6 o'clock too early?
No problem.

The court shuts down at 5 o'clock.

I will linger around for half an hour.

I will come back home
by 6 o'clock and relax.

I don't think its stinking.

Who are you?

Who let you in?

Come on!
The owner did.

I am the owner.
She said she is the owner.

Who said that?
The younger lady or the older lady?

The one who is neither young nor old.

Was it my mother-in-law
or my grandmother-in-law?

they didn't tell me that.

But I can tell you that
she was an aged woman.

Okay, then it must be Bebe.

Then it's fine.
Then you are a part of our gang.

This is strange!

There are three gangs in one house.

I don't know what's happening.

I don't know whom should I believe?

Let me explain it to you.
Bebe is the head of the family.

Her daughter-in-law is Tej Kaur.

Tej Kaur's son and Bebe's
grandson is Amarjit.

He stays in America.
Lovleen is his wife.

She is Bebe's granddaughter-in-law
and ma'am's daughter-in-law.

Bebe gets along with Lovleen
and ma'am doesn't get along with her.

Bebe and ma'am are always
fighting with each other.

Now please decide what you have to do.

Hey, he fainted.

Babe, when will we get married?

You should talk to
your family about us.

Do you know how difficult it
is to talk to your family?

Is that you talking, babe?

If you were in my place
then you would know.

Bebe and my mother can
create a lot of chaos in my life.


-Please open the Facebook app.
-Here you go!

Go to my mom's page.

Here it is.

Have a look at it.

Oh, a new dress?

She keeps saying that
the hens are laying fewer eggs.

These useless people
type in fake comments.

Please write something.

There are a lot of dirty
dishes left to clean, go ahead.

-It's done.

-She has sent a reply.
-What does she say?

She says that you are the
one who usually cleans them.

Tell her that the dress
looks like a hand-me-down.

God bless my maternal family,
my brothers have gifted them.

Bebe, mom's comment
has got more likes than ours.

My friends must have not seen this yet.

Give a fitting reply.

Bebe, I think we should take a break.


Because mom is offline.


-Have a seat, sister.

-Please have a seat.

Please have a seat.

-Bebe, I'll go and make some tea.
-Okay, dear. Hurry up.

There is a prayer meet at
Balwinder's house at two o'clock.


Sure, we will be there.

It's a good thing, sister.

The others can do something
better in that time.

Yes, even the elders will
get a chance to pray.

I agree. No one should bring
their cell phone along.

Everyone will meditate on the Lord's name.


Look at the one in the yellow dress.
Isn't she beautiful?

She is very beautiful, brother.

-These things...
-I'll teach you a lesson!

You are spoilt. Do you want to
spoil my boyfriend, as well?

Don't you know that
Kangan is crazy about you?

-For real? Is she crazy about me?
-Didn't you tell him?

She is cockeyed.

She talks to him but looks at me.

This is strange.
He broke my neck.

And you will get me beaten up.

This is unbelievable!

This looks more like a
vegetable market than a court.

It is shameful for an
experienced lawyer like me...

to not have enough
space to set up my shop.

Only God can protect this country.

Boota, there's some space over there.

Let me grab it.

I will have to drag you there.

Come on, Boota.
Park the scooter.

And park yourself.

There you go.

Let me set up my shop.

Then I will do it myself.

Watch out!
Here you go.

She flew away from my umbrella...

Chotu, come here.

There you go.
I'm here.

How do you know my name?

Stupid, you are quite famous.

As soon as the bell rings,
they run inside.

All the cases will be
solved under this umbrella.

Boota, you have made the right decision...

after 150 cases.

He looks like a big shot.

Yes. He has an amazing personality.


Is he greeting or yelling?

Boota... on your first day,
you spoke to him with respect.

This is great.
He is amazing.

This person took
your breath away...

Chotu, our clients are so smart.

They meditate while greeting me.

He greeted me so well.

Did you offer him tea and refreshments?

I think he is good.

He is carrying all
the case papers with him.

Forget the papers,
he has everything on him.

-Okay, send him in.
-Okay, sir.

Let's go, brother.
Mr. Khangura wants to talk to you.

Carry on.

Boota, you have got him.

Now he will say that the
case has become quite complicated.

Boota, you should solve it.

Get ready, Boota.

Come in.
Have a seat.


How old is the case?

Brother, you are yet
to discuss the case with me.

I charge 31,000 rupees for
a case that involves fraud.

I charge 11,000 rupees for a divorce.

And no matter how stubborn a client is,
I don't let him go.

You are quite experienced.

You are half a lawyer already.

Brother, I am not half a lawyer.

I am a complete lawyer.
I am Advocate Boota Singh.

Chotu, throw him out.
Break his shop.

He wishes to become my enemy.

Don't get the refreshments. We don't
want to entertain him.

-Let's go outside.
-Get lost.

I have solved 140 out of my 150 cases!

Don't underestimate me.

I still have 200 cases on my shoulder.

Your shoulders cannot bear
the burden of the coat.

How do you expect
to bear the burden of 200 cases?

-Get out of here!
-Go away!

-I will see you later!
-Let's go!

-I've seen many fools like you.
-Get out!

-Get out.
-He talks nonsense.

Come on!

Get your shop out of here!

Hey, my little brother!
Come on, Chotu, my boy...


You are already so famous in court.

You will grow up to be a lawyer.

And you should never burn
the bridges when it comes to your staff.

If your boss cannot handle
any case then get it to me.

We will solve it here.

Listen... he gets all the cases
because of you.

He doesn't have it in him.

Listen... do you understand?

We will split the fees.

You are smart enough.

Here you go.

Here's an advance.

We will keep making money, my boy.

He is such a scoundrel.

You got him, Boota. You've trapped him.

Let's see what happens.

They are trying their best.

Jarnail Singh, no matter what you say...

you are bound to become
the headman this time.

Sinder Singh...
this is because I have friends like you.

Open the gate.

Mahi is back.



Wow, Jarnail Singh.

Mahi can drive a jeep too.

Not just the jeep, my child drives
a tractor and plows the field, as well.

Come here, my child. Come on.

-Hello, Dad.
-Hello, uncle.

-Are you fine, Dad?

I am absolutely fine.

You are late today.
What happened?

Well, I had to drop Kangan home.
That's why I got a little late.

You should have brought her here instead.

I told her, but she had some work to do.

She will come over some other time.

Dad, I wanted to ask you...
have we sown anything?

on the field next
to the pumping station?

No, we haven't. Why?

Dad, I was thinking about
sowing some vegetables and corn there.

Sir has already ordered all
the servants to follow Mahi's orders.

We will sow whatever my child wants.

Okay, Dad.
I'll go and meet Mom.

Okay, dear.
Have some tea and refreshments.


Jarnail Singh,
Mahi behaves more like a boy than a girl.

She seems to be interested in farming.

And she also helps you in your work.

Sinder Singh...
I have brought up my daughter like a son.

And I have given her a lot of freedom.

I am proud of my daughter.

No matter what she does...

she will never dishonor me.

Anyway, if we don't trust our children...

then how will they know what it feels
like when they break their parents' trust?

-You have got the admission, dear.

You should study hard now.

-Okay, Daddy.

Navi, listen to me.

The kids who have their parent's trust
always do well in life.

It's the other way around in my house.
No one listens to anyone.

I wonder what will happen to me.

My phone is dead yet again.


If I get the rent, then
I will throw this phone away.


You are no less than anyone's
daughter or daughter-in-law!

Hey, fool.
Come here.

Bebe, I am not a fool.

My name is Boota.

Whatever it is.

Listen to me carefully.

Wait, let me clean my ears.

If you wish to speak for a long time
then I'll clean them some more.

Stop joking or else I will shoot you.

No. Don't shoot me.

You won't think twice
before shooting anyone.

Don't try to fool me.

You have given me
1,000 rupees as an advance payment.

-Who will pay the rest of the rent?
-Don't worry, Bebe.

Let me get hold of a good case.

Forget about 1,000 rupees.
I'll give you 15,000 rupees.

Let me see what happens.

If you won't pay my rent, then I'll
sell your scooter and buy an iPhone 10.

You will only be able to buy the
phone shield with that money.

Shut up.

He barks like a dog.

I wonder what he thinks of himself!

Until the time I don't get a new case...
I will come after 6 o'clock.

Instead of arguing with Bebe,
you better find your aunt, Boota Singh.

You can seek refuge from this.

Come on.
Let's do this.

I think it needs a repair.

I think I need to start the engine first.

Watch out!

-What's your father's name?

I didn't ask your neighbor's name.

Chotu, who's that on that motorcycle?

Please ask him to park somewhere else.

He thinks their father
owns the car parking area.

Okay, sir.
I'll go and check.

Brother, please park
the motorbike somewhere else.

We are expecting some clients here.

Do you want to open a food stall here?

No, you are blocking the way.

Does this place belong to your father?

No, brother.
Mr. Khangura has asked to do this.

So, then it belongs
to Mr. Khangura's father?

Don't drag my father into this, Mr. Morh!

There he comes barking like a dog.

You can take my opposition's case...

and I cannot even
drag your father into this?

I will. It's my job.

Then this is my job, as well.

Is it your job to park your motorcycle
outside people's offices?

Listen to me carefully.
Stop blabbering.

Move your motorcycle or leave.

Or else you will be
left with nothing.

-Enough of this nonsense!

This is Singhara Singh Morh's motorcycle.

It will stay here.

Do your best to move it.


Until when will we keep
consoling each other?

We will have to talk to them.

I suggest you go to your
village and talk to them.

No way.
I won't call them until they call me.

How many times have
they called you so far?

You will have to talk
to them about our marriage.

-You can do this even over the phone.
-Whom should I talk to?

I've grown so big and
I don't know who rules the house.

Bebe or Mom.

If you are so scared of Bebe and Mom...

then why don't you
talk to your sister-in-law instead?

No one listens to my sister-in-law.
No one is concerned about her at home.

I'll have to talk to one of them.

Then what is the solution?

There is just one solution.

I will not answer their calls
or go back to the village.

Then they will ask what is wrong with me.

Then I shall tell them about us
with my terms and conditions.

Why did I have to face this
so early in the morning?

I couldn't even meet the judge.
They said that he is on leave.


They said, "Come back some other time."

Hello, sir.


Let me know if I can be of any help.

Who are you?

I solved 140 out of 150 cases on the spot.

I am an experienced lawyer
who is here to trouble him.

Advocate Boota Singh.

I have never seen you before.

Actually, I was in Ropar.

As it is a hilly area,
it's not quite hot out there...

so people have stopped
fighting with each other.

But I have solved many cases on the spot.

By the way, this is the first
time I am seeing such a mobile shop.

By the way, do you just talk
or do you work as well, counselor?

Sir, don't look anywhere else.

Look at me.
It's my job to talk.


This is my card.

I am staying with the Bathal.

Is it near Mrs. Tej Kaur's house?

I know her.

I visit her house quite often.

And who are you talking about?

They have many servants.

Their piece of land is
right next to my Morh colony.

Then give me one case.
I'll go for the win.

Wait for a year.

I'll give you a bag full of cases.

-Well done, mister.

He changes many gears.

Boota Singh,
you should change the gear of the scooter.

What are you thinking about, Bebe?

My son got married to a Kashmiri girl...
without my permission.

She doesn't even know Punjabi.

I'll get Navi married...
to a girl of my choice.

And I will fulfill all my wishes
which were incomplete.

I face no trouble in this house...

but your mother still accuses me...

because our wedding
happened without her permission.

Come home before 6 o'clock.

I bet she won't be back until 8 o'clock.

I think this girl will make me
tour the city.

She is entering a house now.

I'll be damned.

So, a priest will always
lead you to a temple.

Boota, she is has gone home.

You will have to turn back now.

Watch out!
Do you want to kill me?

What are you doing here?

You were outside my office the other day.

Now you want to take
over my house, as well?

No, counselor.
Why would I take over your house?

Actually, I was trying
to find my client's house.

It looks like you are fighting
for Vijay Mallya's case.

Get lost.
Go away.


Boota, I think your scooter
will run out of gas today.

Hurry up, Boota Singh.

You are very late.
I don't think Bebe will let you in today.

Please keep it low, my dear.


-Come here.

I had told you not to
enter the house after 6 o'clock.

You came after the evening news.

Bebe, I was done with work by 5 o'clock.

But then I remembered
that I need to pay the rent.

-So, I went to get some money.

I got late because I
kept looking for someone.

-Then give me the money.
-No, he didn't pay me.

He just gave me an assurance
that he will lend me the money.

He says he will give me the money
in a few days.

Did he give you an assurance?

I'll break your confidence.
Get this straight.

If you don't pay the rent, then
before you leave the house...

and after you come back,
you will do all the household chores.

Bathla, pass me the stick.

-The stick is not needed.

-I'll do the chores.
-Go on.

-What are you staring at?

Haven't you finished
kneading the dough?

Go and start making the flatbreads.

I am kneading it!

Hey, boy!
Where's my rent?

Ma'am, I don't think I
will be staying here for long.

But I won't leave before paying your rent.

For the sake of Baba Chicken,
save me from Bebe.

You are making an advocate
clean the dishes.

I have solved 140 out of
150 cases on the spot.

-Is this the right thing to do?
-Are you an advocate?

Couldn't you learn about my profession...

from my uniform and my scooter?

I thought you are a waiter.

I'm not a waiter.
Your servant trapped me.

Bebe showered me with so much love...

I didn't get a chance to tell you.

Otherwise, I would have stayed
at my aunt's place for free.

Does your auntie stay in this city?

Where does she stay?

She was married to my uncle.

But I don't know where
she is staying right now.

Wait, I just have this slip.

Show it to me.

This is our grandparent's name.

-Where are you from?

That's my village.

-Who is your father?
-Preetam Singh Patwari.

Oh, no!
Why didn't you tell me that before?

No one gets a chance to talk here.

You talk and fight on Facebook.

Please don't worry.

You can stay here for free.

If anyone says something
then tell them that I am your aunt.


I found my auntie!

I love you, auntie!

Bebe, don't take this seriously.

Auntie has given me a few things.

I am her nephew.

But I am still your tenant.

Don't stare at me, Bebe.

Where's the news where it's mentioned...

that an old woman died while sunbathing.

Bebe, I suggest you
should lie under a shade.

At this age, it isn't good
to take a lot of vitamins.

Otherwise, people end up being...

Don't act smart just because
you are related to Tej Kaur.

The land is registered under my name.

You will have to think
about what happens...

if you don't pay the
rent in the next two days.

Bathla has been asking for a
leave since the past two months.

I'll ask you to clean the animal shed.

Bebe, I need to do some work.

Don't try to fool me.

listen to me.

-Yes, Bebe?
-What's wrong with this phone?

It seems to be dead.

Bebe, the phone is dead.

Yet again.

-Damn it.
-Buy a new one, Bebe.

Even the hens have stopped
counting their eggs.

Go away!

You are the one behind all this mess.

I had asked you to get a nice tenant.

And he brought home her nephew.

Do your job and don't advise us.

If my phone isn't working, then
I won't let her phone work either.

There you go.

It's been so long.
Your family hasn't called up yet.

I think you will have to call them.

Forget it. Don't ruin your
mood so early in the morning.

Pass me the number,
I will talk to your sister-in-law.

Drink this and cool down.
What's the hurry?

I have been requesting you since a year.
Do you still think that I am hasty?

I'll call Mom.

Well... I called Mom
but her phone is switched off.

Okay, then call Bebe.

Bebe's phone is switched off, as well.
I think she hasn't charged her phone.

Then you call up your sister-in-law.
She will hand the phone over to them.

-It's ringing.

-Hello, sister-in-law.

So, you finally missed home.

You haven't called even
once since the time you left.

Sister-in-law, I was busy with exams.
That's why I couldn't come over.

Sister-in-law, why is Mom
and Bebe's phone switched off?

Bebe's phone is not working.

Tell me whatever it is,
I'll pass the message to Bebe.

No, sister-in-law.
It's not urgent.

I just wanted to find out
how they are doing.

When are you coming back home?

I'll come back once I prepare the notes.

Okay, sister-in-law.
See you.

If this continues, let me warn you...

that my family will get me married.

Then you can keep listening
to sad songs.

Listen to me.

I am now of marriageable age

I get marriage proposals
Of all the beautiful babes

I am now of marriageable age

I get marriage proposals
Of all the beautiful babes

Beautiful babes who have a thin waist

Then you will keep taunting
And yearn for me

When I'll end up belonging
To someone else, you will yearn for me

When I'll end up belonging
To someone else, you will yearn for me

Since the past few months
Many of your friends...

Wait for me, forgoing everything else

Since the past few months
Many of your friends...

Wait for me, forgoing everything else

Times are bad, you will yearn for me

When I'll end up belonging
To someone else, you will yearn for me

When I'll end up belonging
To someone else, you will yearn for me

I am a deadly weapon,
Keep me hidden, be clever

Make a license and keep me forever

I am a deadly weapon,
Keep me hidden, be clever

Make a license and keep me forever

There is no argument about it
You will miss me

When I'll end up belonging
To someone else, you will miss me

When I'll end up belonging
To someone else, you will yearn for me

When I'll end up belonging
To someone else, you will yearn for me


Have some almonds.

They are good for your memory at this age.

-It also keeps you healthy.
-You can eat them.

This old woman doesn't let
me live in peace even in my dreams.

This is strange.

I suggest you should get the will changed
to your name before the old man dies.

Then no one can move you from there.

You can come to my office
and pay the fees.

Auntie, at this age, you never
know when you'll breath your last.

I am calculative like a lawyer, as well.

But I have never used my
brains when it comes to relationships.

Auntie, I shouldn't be saying this, but...

Lovleen is very close to Bebe.

It shouldn't be that she takes
a long jump and jumps over you...

and we don't even realize it.

I never thought about it.

Well... how could she
just jump over anyone?

Bebe has never let
anything go over her head.

Bebe, I shouldn't be saying this,
she is my auntie.

But you should listen to me carefully.

You should transfer
the land to your grandsons.

If you transfer it to her name...
then she will throw you out.

And you shouldn't spend
the rest of your life at an old age home.

By God's grace,
I managed to get 40 plots.

35 of them got sold on the spot.

I will be free in the next few months.


I have kept a plot for you.

-You will get the road...
-What is Auntie Tej doing with this thug?

-Wait a minute.
-It will be quite an airy bungalow.

I'll find out right away.

Yes, brother?

-I want to talk to Bebe.

Bebe, brother is on the line.

Bebe, what is Auntie Tej
doing in court?

Is it because the land
is close to the colony?

What is wrong with that land?
It is on my name.

Bebe, you don't know anything.

They often take thumbprints
of an old woman while you are asleep.

But there is no ink on my thumb.

Bebe, if someone chops off your thumb...

you should apply your thumbprint at
the right place while you are still alive.

Come to my office immediately.

Come on, dear. Get ready.

-We need to leave.

I'll teach them a lesson.

-Let's go.
-You don't need to worry, sister.

You are mistaken.

I am not saying that you are wrong.

But Patwari called me.

These Patwaris are useless.

They even register the
land on an animal's names.

-Am I right, Boota Singh?

Anyway, the land belongs to Bebe.

And that's the last memento
of my father-in-law.

I cannot go against Bebe.

Well... you are right.

You have said a respectable thing.

You are right.

Get your count right, Singhara.
Listen to me.

Bebe is quite smart.

She wants to skip aunt's generation...

and wishes to transfer
the land to her grandchildren.

Look at Khangura.

One of his sisters is
married to your brother.

Now he wants to get his
another daughter married...

as well and take
over your place.

-Am I right, Boota Singh?

Bebe... an advice is
given to strangers.

You are family to me.

And I liked what you said.

You have to get Navi married.
Get him on the horse.

If you want,
I can find a suitable match for him.

Sure, find a girl who is like Lovleen.

Hey, I don't even need to go too far.

How about Harleen?

Both the sisters will
stay in the same house.

You know Harleen keeps
coming here when Navi comes over.


Why didn't I think about that?

It just slipped my mind.


Offer some sweets to Bebe.

Come on, son.

Even a biscuit would suffice.

I don't have anything else,
except for these sugar-free pills.

Fine, give it to her.

Make sure they are pills
and not poppy seeds...

or else Bebe will keep
spitting them out.

Stop joking.

Here you go, dear.

Look, what will I gain by getting greedy?

I have just one daughter.

She studies in Chandigarh.

By God's grace, she is
completing her studies.

Everything I have belongs to her.

Now I want to get her married.

Let me know if you have
any suitable boy in mind.

Brother Singhara,
you don't need to look far.

-I know someone.


I've heard a lot about him,
but I've never met him.

But I think he is like his auntie.

Boota Singh, you spoke my heart out.

I was a little hesitant while
discussing this with Tej Kaur.

Tej Kaur, how about
sorting our problems?

It would be great.

Right, Boota Singh?

What are you thinking about, auntie?

I... I never thought about it.

There you go.

By God's grace,
you have only one nephew.

If you have to think
in spite of his presence...

then it is a shame on Boota Singh.

Bebe, then take a token
from Harleen.

Consider this alliance
final from our end.

Although lawyers only take money...

but they have to give
when it comes to such occasions.

-Congratulations to you too.

Auntie, we should start spending...

or else the other party
might get ahead of us.

Tej Kaur, you should
talk to your son.

It will help the situation.

I know my son well.

I am his mother.
So, I will fix his marriage.

Then you should...

-You didn't get your purse, right?

You can consider the alliance fixed.


Am I right, auntie?


Let's go.

Bebe, this is what I wanted, as well.

But shouldn't we talk to Navi first?

I will get my grandson
and not my neighbors.

My daughter-in-law isn't under
my control but my grandsons are.


Did your family run out
of balance on their phones?

They still haven't called you.

-I am getting many calls today.

But I didn't answer any of them.
Look at this.

Now do you agree with me?


You have been getting a lot of calls
from the past two days.

Why aren't you answering it?
Here you go.

Forget it. Give it to me.

You don't know that this
is a part of my plan.


If you could easily
understand everything...

then you wouldn't
repeat the same class twice.

Tell me.

-I am going back home tomorrow morning.

Then Mom and Bebe will ask me that
why I wasn't answering their calls.

Then I would have...

I would have told them everything...

-and they wouldn't have accepted it.

That I want to get married to Mahi.

What if they don't agree to this?

What will you do?

-Then I would have just one option.

-I would threaten them to leave the house.

Then they would have
agreed with me.



Dream on.
I am going to sleep.

Good night.

Please sit down.

Mr. Khangura...
let's proceed with your case.

Your Honor, my client Bebe
is the eldest in the family...

and she has the right...

to make her grandson the heir.

Your Honor, the owner wants to...

will her land to her grandchildren...

but as Bebe says that if
she transfers the land to Tej Kaur...

then Tej Kaur won't look after her.

Similarly, if Bebe transfers
the land to her grandsons...

then what if the grandsons
don't look after Tej Kaur?

Your Honor...

if I don't own the
land then even my children...

can refuse to look after me.

This is such a tricky situation.

I really hope that God saves them.

Shut up. Don't blabber.

I'll handle him.

Maintain peace in court.

Bebe, why did you have
to approach the court for this?

We could have resolved this at home.

Calm down, Bebe.

This isn't your house.
We are standing in front of a judge here.

Whatever you want to say,
say it in the witness box.

Listen, Mr. Singh.
Whatever judgment you have to pass...

in my favor, do it quickly.

My knees hurt, I cannot stand for long.

I am a judge and not a doctor
to cure your pain.

Why did you stop?

Note down my statement, as well.

Look, Mr. Singh. This dispute
has been going on for long time.

She has been troubling
me from the past 25 years.

She trapped my son.

And then got married to
him against my wishes.

And now she wants to
take my grandson's land.

If they are her grandsons
then they are my sons as well.

After I am gone,
the land will belong to them.

It's not like I'll transfer it to Boota.

I challenge you to transfer it to Boota.

I will spare him.

Boota is already in a mess.

He needs to get out of it.

Tell me,
whose son and whose grandson is he?

-He is my grandson.
-And he is my son.

I have given birth to him.

He is my grandson.

He will listen to me.

I want to take some decisions for him.

Firstly, transfer the land to him.

Secondly, get him married
to the girl of my choice.


I don't think you should
waste your precious time.

This is your personal matter.

You should solve it at home.

No, we will solve it here.

We have all the witnesses here.

They should know about it.

Why did you stop?

Note down my statement.

Please call their families
before they start fighting again.

Where are their lawyers?

Amarjit Singh Khangura and Boota Singh?

They ran away.

Stop it!

You can transfer the land later.

Get the boy married first.

Your Honor, I have already
found a suitable girl for my son.

I don't care.

I am the one who will get him
married to the girl of my choice.

Bebe, he will marry the girl of my choice.

He will marry the girl of my choice.

-I am his grandma.
-He is my son, I will get him married.

He is my grandson. I will get him
married to the girl of my choice.

Bebe, get this straight. I will get
him married to the girl of my choice.

He will listen to me.

-Bebe, he will listen to me.
-Shut up.

I am his mother.
He will marry the girl of my choice.

-My choice!
-My choice!

Mr. Singh, my grandson
will marry the girl of my choice.

-Shut up!

Everything is ruined
whenever I get such nightmares.

This time I will tell
them everything.

Brother, you come in the night
and leave in the morning.

What brings you here?

-Don't annoy me.
-Am I annoying you?

I don't want to annoy you.

-I was saying--
-Go feed your mother.

The cow?
But we don't have any cow here.

Go away!

Yes, Navi.

So, did you talk to your family?

I still haven't met Bebe and Mom.

Mahi, stay on the line. Bebe is here.

Hello, sister-in-law.
I seek your blessings, Bebe.

-Bebe, I wanted to talk to you.
-I wanted to talk to you, as well.

Bebe, can I go first? This is important.

I wanted to talk to you.

Your phone was switched off.

Listen to me carefully.

Prepare for a wedding.

I have found a suitable match for you.

Bebe, please listen to me.

I have heard enough of
what your mother had to say.

Get to work.
Do what you have been told to do.

Navi, congratulations to you.

Firstly, I was your brother's wife.
Now I will be your wife's sister.

Get going, sister-in-law.
Stop joking.

-I seek your blessings, Mom.
-God bless you.

Mom, I wanted to talk to you.

I wanted to talk
to you about something.

Mom, Bebe doesn't listen to me.
Can you listen to me?

I don't want to hear a word.

I have given my word to Singhara.

I have fixed your marriage
with his daughter.

We will soon finalize the date.

You can now shop as much
as you want, son.

You are such a cheat.

If you had three hands...

then you would have accepted
three wedding proposals.

Mahi, please listen to me.

Don't you dare call me again.

Don't show me your face again.

This is my final decision.

I won't get married to you.

Dad, say "yes" to that boy from Canada.

Priest, you can have the tea later.

-Oh, no.
-Fix a date.

Why are you saying "oh no?"

According to the planetary
position of Rahu...

it is not the right time for
the girl and the boy to get married.

Shoot Rahu.

Talk to some other planet.

There are many like Ketu
for you to discuss these things.

Rahu and Ketu are maternal
cousins and not paternal.

They are very close.

And Bebe, you shouldn't
say anything against the planets.

They might cause trouble.

They cannot cause more trouble than me.
Fix a date.

You can eat that later.

Three plus five is eight.

-What about hundred?

Then it's seventh, Bebe.

Will seventh do?

Then it's okay.

Give him 100 rupees.

Okay. Here you go.

-Get lost now.
-God bless you, dear.

Auntie, Bebe has fixed it for the seventh.

I don't want to waste
my time matching their deeds...

while his grandmother
welcomes the granddaughter-in-law.

And then you will have
to meet and greet the guests.

Look, sister. It is anyway
not auspicious till the fifth.

We will have to please the planets.

Auntie, don't worry about the planets.

I will handle the planets.

Tell me, what case I should
register against which planet.

Idiot, get your
planetary positions right.

He always keeps interrupting.

Priest, tell me, what's the
solution and how much will it cost me?

Okay. Here you go.

According to my tabulation
you can fix on sixth after 5:00 p.m.

Take this coconut, offer it to a river.

I will handle the rest of the planets.

-Priest, listen to me very carefully.

If any of your planets move
then a miracle will happen.

-Remember this.

Did you manage to hear anything?

-No, Bebe. I couldn't hear a thing.
-I wonder what she is up to.

I never understood my daughter-in-law.


Have a seat.

Here are your anklets.

The jewelry took quite
some time for repairs.

I think they will be
more useful to you now.

The person I was supposed
to wear it for is in America.

Now I will hear your
anklets tinkle in this house.

Sister, I cannot see Navi anywhere.

Be patient.
Wait for some more time.

Then he shall always dwell
in your eyes just like kohl.

She is feeling shy.

-I'll go get some tea for you. Wait.

It is called God's blessing...

when you see the moon in broad daylight.


I think she didn't see me.

First week I was happy, second week
I got drunk, during the third...

What is she doing here?


I said hello from upstairs.

I guess you didn't hear me.

Do you know where Navi is?

-You didn't greet me.
-Stop this nonsense.

I am here to do something very important.

This is strange.

If you think my wishes are nonsense...

then I am sure he is busy
with something important, as well.

One more thing.

He is your fiancé,
you should know his whereabouts.

Do you understand?

Do think about it again.

Hello... my foot!

-Listen to me.
-I seek your blessings, Bebe.

How will you seek them over the phone?

Bebe, you can kill
someone over the phone...

and I cannot even seek your blessings?

Get this straight.

Take Navi along at 11 o'clock sharp.

And buy all the things
needed for the wedding.

-Do you understand?

I see.


It means on a Wednesday.

At 11 o'clock.

I seek your blessings, sister.

-Hello, sister.

Where are you?

With Goddess's blessing, we have begun
the construction on my old plot.

-Forget everything and listen to me.

You have to take Navi for
shopping tomorrow at 10 o'clock.


Hello, babes.

-Yes, Mahi.
-What's happening?

What else can happen?

They are planning to get me hanged.

Okay, so I am joining the gang, as well.

Get some tea.
I am standing outside.

-Yes, sweetheart.

-Make some tea.
-What's the hurry?

Not for me, Bebe.
My friend is coming over.

She is very excited about my wedding.

No, she is very excited about my wedding.

Mahi is here!

-There he is.
-How are you, sweetheart?

-Hi, how are you?
-Are you crazy? Mom will see us.

-Come in.


-Hello, dear.
-Hello, auntie.

-Mom, she is Mahi.

And she is Kangan.
My college friend.


-Are they going to stay here?
-Yes, Mom.


-Come on, let's go.

My Bebe.

I seek your blessings, Bebe.


Son, who are they?

Bebe, they are Kangan and Mahi.
My college friends.

-Oh, I see.

They are here for your wedding.

Come in, dear.

Let's go.

Son, Khangura will be
here tomorrow at 11 o'clock.

You will go with him
and shop for your wedding.

-Okay, Bebe.

Brother Singhara
will be here tomorrow at 10:30.

You will go with him
and shop for your wedding.

-Do you understand?
-Okay, Mom.

There you go.

-Be ready.
-And the war begins.

I have already told Khangura.

Bebe, at least think
about the guests at home.

Which guests?

They are his friends.

They should know what you are up to.

What I am up to?

It's not like I got your
land transferred to my name.

Don't try to act smart in front of me.

I am smart.

It's not my fault that you
didn't even clear the third grade.

My father gave 125,000 as
dowry because I had been to school.

It is a crime to accept dowry.

My father spent some
money on my education.

And I am a lawyer by profession.

I am not an idiot just
because I am not educated.

-Got it?
-I never said so.

But it is possible.

She is acting smart
in front of these girls.

She will get beaten up by me some day.

Navi, you were right.
One is worse than the other.

What will we do now?

It's okay.
We will cage the parrots.

Babes, do one thing.

You can take money from Mom
and Bebe for shopping.

We will go shopping and
spend some time together, as well.

What do you say about this idea?

You just don't look good,
you are intelligent, as well.

That's what I am.

Navi, this is my favorite color.

Our tastes aren't different.
Take whatever you like.

I like this very much, sister-in-law.

My father used to say that
the one who wears this dress...

will get married for sure.

Don't worry. Tell me, what do you like?

Choose some clothes for yourself, as well.

You won't get this opportunity again.

Sister-in-law, what would you like...

a dress, sari, veil or a long skirt?
Green, yellow, blue or red.

I'll get you whatever you want.

Chotu, make them some tea...

with less sugar.
Everybody had diabetes.

What's the price for this one?

Why should you worry about the price,

Nothing is beyond your reach.

Brother is with you.
You two make a great couple.

Don't worry, don't think about the price.

She is sitting next
to the groom by mistake.

Her name is not even in the list
that's printed on the invites.

Okay, brother.

Otherwise, those two would
have come with me for shopping.


Those poor souls are at home
and this third one ended up with me.

It's more like she came in uninvited
claiming to be important to the groom.

She took it seriously.

I was just joking.
Why are you getting upset over it?

Come on!


Come on!

Someone might come in and take my place

Someone might end up holding your hand
Have me replaced

We have met after such a long time
I fear...

Please don't change
Like a calendar's date

Please don't change
Like a calendar's date

I see God in your eyes

He seems to be favoring us

I don't know why but I
Feel so scared since yesterday

I keep thinking what I will do
If I have to live without you

Please don't change
Like a calendar's date

Please don't change
Like a calendar's date

We have built a temple of love
Don't break it please

If there are doubts in your heart
Don't hide it from me

If I back out then shoot me
But don't leave without telling me

Please don't change
Like a calendar's date

Please don't change
Like a calendar's date

Please don't change
Like a calendar's date

Are the both of you upset with each other?

Why aren't you talking
to each other since yesterday?

If you keep fighting...

and if you don't understand each other...

then how will you make
others understand your love?

Then there is no way you
two will be able to get married.

Let it be, Kangan.

It doesn't matter to him.

He already has two
weddings at the same time.

How would he understand
what am I going through?

He thinks this is a joke.

I didn't say that intentionally.

You know how much I love you.


You love me whereas I hate you.

Kangan, tell him if
I don't get married to him...

then I'll shoot the first bullet
at him and the second at myself.

I've brought Dad's pistol with me.

There you go.

I already had two lionesses at home...

and the third one is here.

Sister-in-law, your
nail enamel is good.


Wake up at five o'clock and milk
the buffaloes and then feed them.

Give water to the cattle.

Then feed the hens
and go to the field.

Start the motor, water
the fields and chop off the fodder.

After getting the fodder,
scare away the pigeons.

Hey, Mr. Sanjay Dutt.
Listen to me.

Not just my clothes, the dust shouldn't
even touch the calves. Do you understand?

Brother, no matter how
many tasks you ask me to do.

But don't back out from your promise.

You have to introduce me
to Manikheda's headman's father.

Mr. Guggu Gill?

He comes over every day.

-On television.

There you go.

Sister-in-law, who is this new man?

I think Bebe promoted Bathal.

No. He is Bathal's auntie's son. Tokra.

Bathal asked him to come over to help.


What is the status of my case, counselor?

It's the same.

-So, nothing is going to happen?
-No, you idiot.

Do you have any money on you?

Cases don't change just like that.

Check your pockets.

I am a poor man, counselor.

You have just 50 rupees?

-Don't worry, I will change your fate.

Leave. Go away.

Come here, young man.

What are you searching for?

Actually, I have...

You have come to the right person.

I have solved 140 out
of the 150 cases on the spot.

I am addressed as Advocate Boota Singh.

-By whom?
-This is strange.

Everyone in court is talking
about the person standing in front of you.

What are they talking about?

I just mentioned that
I have had 150 cases.

I have solved 140 out
of the 150 cases on the spot.

-From whom?
-Who are you?

-Why don't you understand?

Why are you troubling people?

Be careful, counselor.

I am addressed as Advocate Boota Singh.

What kind of a fool are you?

Your shop isn't rooted either.
You carry your shop on your scooter.

-He asks me to be careful.
-Be careful, counselor.

You shouldn't insult
me in front of my clients.

I can sue you for
defamation in court.

Defamation can be filed
only by those who command respect.

How can you be defamed?

When did I become your client?

I had come to meet Advocate Khangura.

Brother, I am Advocate Khangura.

-Come on, let's go.
-Let's go.

Let's not talk to this idiot.

No problem, Khangura.

I'll teach you a lesson soon.

Look, I am studying in Chandigarh.

I just learned that
someone usurped our land...

and is now making a colony on it.

You have all the documents.

How can anyone just take over it?
It's not his father's property.

Chotu, make a copy of these documents.

Who is this person that's
usurping another person's land...

-and making a colony on it?
-Someone called Morh.

Morh? Is it Singhara Morh?

-Is he tall, dark and lanky?
-Yes, that's him.

It's okay then.

Now I shall teach him a lesson.

Don't worry.
I won't let him usurp your land.

Now consider it as my personal case.

I won't even charge you for this case.

Let me see how he usurps your land.

The great Singhara Morh.

Now watch me teach you a lesson.

Tokra, come here.

Listen, Bathla.
Why do you say such stupid things?

How can a basket walk towards you?

You have to carry a basket.

Brother, his name is Tokra.

He is my auntie's son.
He is my relative.

-Oh, I see.
-We have a wedding at home.

-There is a lot of work to do.

Now will it look good if I do any work?

I am going to be the best man.

Stop it. Have you seen
your face in the mirror?

He wants to be the best man.

Come here, kid.

Come here.


-You tell me, he is a servant.

-That means he works in this house.

-He does all the chores.

-And I am auntie's special nephew.


So, tell me,
who will be the groom's best man?

Him or me?



Tell me.


Speak up.

Why are the two of you fighting?

When I am already doing all the work...

then I shall also take
up the job of being the best man.

I'll slap you, you buffoon.

You are as tall as a groom's sword.

Listen to him.

This young ghost
wants to scare the world.

Boota, come and eat.
You too, Tokra.

Yes, Bebe.

Yes, call him away or
else he will get beaten up.

Look at this one.

Bebe, isn't this too dark?

Look at it.

-Have a look.
-It's nice, isn't it?

It is nice, but isn't this one better?

By the way, how is this one?

It is a beautiful card.

But how's this one?

It's a nice color.

But hasn't Auntie Tej
selected the same card?

It's not that nice.

Does she think that
if she gets the invites printed...

then she will be able
to get her son married?

I will get him married
to a girl of my choice.

I have kept her in the
house because of the kids...

otherwise I would have
thrown her out long ago.

But Mom never says anything to you.

She has said a lot when she was young.

Her cat eyes trapped my son.

She has a sweet tongue.

But she is very wicked.

When I fell in love with
Surinder I had many dreams.

But having pride in it...

felt like a crime
because of Bebe.

I am just left with my kids...

and Surinder's memories for life.

Where were you for so long?

I was spending some
time with Mom and Bebe.

What are those two lionesses saying?

Are we doing the right thing?

Don't get influenced by them.

One is worse than the other here.

If you'll listen to Bebe then
you'll feel that Mom is wrong.

If you'll listen to Mom
then you'll feel that Bebe is wrong.

I am a woman, as well.

Both of them are right
from their point of view.

I sometimes feel that we are wrong.

You should forget all this.

What are you doing?

Let me see how beautiful
you look in your wedding dress.

Oh, I see.
And how beautiful will I look?

Just like Heer.

Stop it.

Tell me, what should we do next?

All our schemes seem
to fail in front of them.

-I have an idea.
-Oh, really?

You should try and impress both of them.

If you manage to do that then
I'll tell them that I want marry Mahi.

Amazing, you have become quite
courageous in my company.

Oh, really?


Everyone is asleep.

-Hello, auntie.
-Hello, son.

-Did you face any trouble on the way?

He is my brother's grandson, Harry.

He is here from Switzerland
for Navi's wedding.


Let's go.

Dear God...

You shouldn't take
the path that you have taken.

God, please make sure
that I don't dry out.

You have never shied away.

But if you can make
Khangura lose his memory...

just a day before the wedding
and let Pinky get married to Navi...

then Boota will get a chance at Harleen.
Won't that be great?

There is no one like you.

You have never refused your devotee.

Listen to me.

-Yes, sir?

Chotu, you are looking quite handsome.
What are you doing in the evening?

Brother, I am not like that.

What kind of work
do you do in the evening?

Brother, a clerk will always be a clerk.

What else can he do?

Listen, do you want to come to a wedding?

You will get to eat free sweets.

Brother, we'll end up being
beaten up instead of eating free food.

You didn't get me.
Come here.

Listen to me. It is not like that.

It is my real auntie's
son's wedding. Okay?

You can eat whatever you want.

Any kind of snacks.

Eat and enjoy, my friends

Your heart is...

Boota, I have divorced my husband.

Why don't you marry me?

Oh, really?

No matchmaker, no wedding...

this is a direct proposal.

You will get home-cooked meals.

You will get two kids to play with.
What else could you ask for?

Okay, listen to this.

Things are so expensive, Preeto
Why should one get married?

Lentils, pulses, onions are expensive...

Who would want to temper the food?

It is fun to sleep alone

Who should bother getting a bed?

I am having a good time...

I am having a good time,
I have nothing to worry about

Those who are single
Don't have to worry about children

Those who are single
Don't have to worry about children

Wait, you idiot...

-Be careful.
-I'll make you sing songs.

Such strange habits...

What is this nonsense, girls?

Aren't you ashamed?

We will rock the dance floor tonight

After a few drinks,
I feel the village belongs to me

After a few drinks...

Girls of Punjab are tall and beautiful...

Girls of Punjab are tall and beautiful...

Have it, buddy.

Here, take it my dearest.

Praise the Lord.

Drums are being played, mummy is dance

It's my son's wedding
I am so happy

It's my grandson's wedding
I am so happy

I will rock the dance floor tonight, girls

No one can dare to stop me tonight, girls

No one can dare to stop me tonight, girls

Nightingales and cuckoos are singing

Nightingales and cuckoos are singing

Try to match up with my steps
I challenge you

Try to match up with my steps
I challenge you

He came back after 12 years
And he brought back flu

He came back after 12 years
And he brought back flu

I want to beat up my mother-in-law

I want to beat her up
Till she is black and blue

I want to beat up my mother-in-law

I want to beat her up
Till she is black and blue

He came back after 12 years
And he brought back flu

He came back after 12 years
And he brought back flu

Oh God, let no one have
A daughter-in-law like her

Oh God, let no one have
A daughter-in-law like her

Oh God, let no one have
A daughter-in-law like her

Oh God, let no one have
A daughter-in-law like her

Why are you looking over there?

Sit straight.

-Brother, I feel like...

-It's okay.

-with the older women.
-Then it's not okay.

Listen to me, you idiot.

Do you want to get beaten up by Bebe?

Come here, I'll give you an idea.

Wow, brother. I am leaving.

Why? He will learn his own lesson.

A glass filled with milk

A glass filled with milk

There is cream floating
On top of it, girls

The boy I am married to...
He is from Malwa

The boy I am married to...
He is from Malwa


When I learnt to walk with pride

A handsome boy asked me how I am doing

When he asked me how I am doing

I had to shy away and turn around




He stands and stares at you

Boys will fight for you till death


Boys will fight for you till death


Listen to me, my beloved

First send me a selfie
Then you can wish me good night


Listen to me, my beloved


It's my grandson's wedding

My grandson's style is incomparable

It's my grandson's wedding

My grandson's style is incomparable

It's my grandson's wedding

My grandson's style is incomparable

It's my grandson's wedding


It's my son's wedding

My happiness knows no bounds
It's my son's wedding

My happiness knows no bounds
It's my son's wedding

My happiness knows no bounds
It's my son's wedding

Mahi, has your family
chosen a boy for you yet?

How about I choose one for you?

Harry, come here son.

Yes, auntie?

He is my brother's grandson.


He is here from Switzerland.

He is handsome.

Mahi, do you like him?

Mahi, think twice. Don't get trapped.

Why don't you stop
interfering in this matter?

You will never stop.

Another one comes to romance over here.

There are already so many lover boys here.

I am not talking about you.
You are very lucky.

Let me get a little lucky, as well.

You are applying henna as if you
are here for your uncle's son's wedding.

I am getting it applied for your wedding.


Here, your phone has been ringing nonstop.

Who is it?

-Why aren't you telling her anything?
-Tell me.

Go on.

What's your problem?

Enjoy yourself.

He thinks he is a hero.

What is going on with your phone?

You are getting suspicious for no reason.

I am already troubled because
she won't stop calling me.

You should get married to Harleen.

Bebe was asking me about Harry.

He is handsome.
He works out, as well.

And he stays in Switzerland.

I will go to Switzerland
with him and have fun.

Hey, why are you getting so furious?

Look, I don't know if we will
end up getting married...

but I will definitely be
your mother's daughter-in-law.

You shouldn't joke about this.
You know how it is.


You can exercise with
your clothes on.

We command some respect in the society.

Mr. Boota Singh,
how does it harm your honor...

if I am wearing shorts while exercising?

Listen to me!
Don't threaten me with your biceps.

If I take off my shirt...

you will be embarrassed.

I am warning you.

Do you understand?

Do you want to get constipated
by having so many bananas?

Keep exercising.

The groom might not
make it to the wedding.

What do you mean?

She means that we should welcome
the bride without the groom.

Brother, please keep the gifts ready.

They are ready.

We will wrap them up tonight.

You should be ready as soon
as your phone starts ringing.

I won't let it ring.

We will be prepared beforehand.

Mr. Singhara, we are prepared.

Now it is your turn.

We won't be late.

The band might be playing
Chamkila's songs anytime now.

Mr. Boota Singh,
we have been preparing ourselves for it.

We couldn't find a better option.

Mr. Boota Singh, do you like Chamkila?

And I am Surinder Shinde's fan.

I don't care whom you like.

You should just usurp
this wedding opportunity.

you are very quiet.

If you want some music,
we can play it for you.

I just like my mom.

There you go!

I like my mom, as well.

I like her advice.

She's always right.

Good going, my boy.

Are you reading a newspaper?

You need to know about the world.

Don't beat around the bush.

You are the one who's
beating around the bush.

How will you get out of it?

I have noticed that
Harleen is very rustic.

She does not know anything.

She calls a cat "kitty"

And she calls Singhara's daughter "Pinky."

She is an angel.

She's a perfect match for you.

She is studying in Chandigarh.

I studied in Chandigarh as well...

before meeting you.


An expensive car, a mansion
and a beautiful bride.

You just need to change her name...

from Morh to Chuj colony.

Listen to me.

You shouldn't get
yourself in two shackles.

I suggest you go for the Chandigarh one.

Grab it.


You'll be shocked when you will learn
that there are two but three shackles.

Mahi, we have sorted it.
We had fixed it for the seventh...

-as they had kept it on the sixth.

Now we will keep a
reception on the seventh.

And we will perform the rituals tomorrow.

-Okay, sure.
-Lovleen, call your brother.


Yes, sister.
I have made all the arrangements.

I just had to make a fruit basket.

I had kept it for last moment
so that they fruits don't get spoiled.

Brother, have you informed
all the relatives?

How do you want to go about this?

Yes, I have informed all the relatives.

And my colleagues will
come over on a short notice.

Okay, brother.



This is the case, auntie.


Call up, Singhara.

I'll call him up right away.

It's ringing.
Talk to him.

-Hello, brother.
-Hello, sister.

-Tomorrow is the sixth.

You will be ready.

Come on, sister. There should
be no delay in an auspicious thing.

Should we come at dawn
or should we wait for the sun to rise?

-They have fixed it for 9 o'clock.

If they are coming at
9 then we will come at 8:30.

Not 8:30, be there sharp at 9 o'clock.


The one who has the courage
will be the one to perform the ritual.

I have a lot of courage. I will...

-Isn't that good, girl?


We will be the first one, auntie.


This case has become very complicated.

What happened?

Both the parties are
coming at the same time.

Don't worry, I know everything.

How do you know?

I was right there when they were talking
about slaughtering the innocent goat.

Okay, you handle it.
I raise my hands and give up.

You shouldn't raise your hands too high.

An electric current passes
through Bebe's clothesline.

Oh God, I hope I get a
good night's sleep.

I'll handle whatever
happens in the morning.

Ward off the evil with water
The mother of the groom

The bride and the groom
Are at your doorstep

Ward off the evil with water
The mother of the groom

God bless you.

The bride and the groom
Are at your doorstep

Thank God, it was just a dream.

Don't say hello.
Just come to the terrace.

What happened, babes?

I think I am about to get hanged.


Yes, Kangan?

We had come here to
get Navi and Mahi married.

Okay. What happened?

But we are getting into a big
mess because of Bebe and Auntie Tej.

Now I don't know what we will do.

You should come here immediately, please.

I'm sending you the location on WhatsApp.
Come soon.

I am coming. Send me the location.

Where are you, Kangan?

I am coming, Kangan.

I am coming right away.

What happened?

Sweetheart, I had a very bad dream.

I don't think anything is
going to go right in the morning.

Everyone is sleeping.
Let's leave.

Babes I told you everything
is out of my hands now.

I lost.

Mom and Bebe's love defeated me.

Mahi, everyone's asleep.

We should leave.
I've had enough of this.

What is she saying?

I don't understand English.

Please pay attention.

To reach your destination faster,
take a right turn from the crossroad.

What is she talking about in Hindi?

Take a right from the next crossroad.

What the hell does that mean?
Let me turn around.

Take a right, mister.

No, take a left.

Left or right?

Come on, man!

Attention, please.

You shouldn't take
the path that you have taken.

Then take a left from
the well and then a right.

Look at that, lady.

Mind your language, sir.
You don't know what you are speaking.

Stop fooling with me at
this hour of the day.

Get lost!
Find your way!


When did she learn Punjabi?

I'm glad I can understand this.

I still cannot understand
English directions.

There is a security guard
at the boundary of the next village.

There is no security guard here.

What's happening?

He isn't here today, you fool.
He is unwell today.

I will greet him on behalf of you.

Take a left.

Take the left, you idiot!

Take a left.

You will see a black gate.

Hit the brakes!

This is your friend's house.

Stop loitering around in the night.

You are making my life
miserable at 1:30 am.

Now don't wake anyone up.

Jump across the wall and enter the house.

Never drive in the night again.
We want to sleep, as well.

Get lost.

Okay, darling.

-You scoundrel, call your mother
"darling." -Okay.

Bathla, stop drinking alcohol

No, I won't

Sweetheart, honey,
Gippy Garewal get me out of your heart

-No, I won't!
-What happened, brother?

Go back to sleep.

Your clothes will get creased by morning.

Don't worry about them getting creased.

The way both the parties are preparing...

you never know when we
will have to leave for the wedding.

So, the best man should be ready, right?

-Brother has lost his mind.
-Listen to me!

-Do you know how to tie a layered turban?

-The way Diljit ties it?
-No. The way Jassar ties it.

-Then ask Jassar to tie it for you.
-Come on.

Now you want me to call Jassar,
"Brother, please tie me a turban?"

I'm so cool, baby
I'm so cool

There you go, buddy.
You have a bed ready for you.

Did the navigator set this up?

Forget it.
Come on.

Go to sleep.
We'll see what happens in the morning.

It's four o'clock already.

I knew that a son-in-law
of two families always starves.

If I hadn't come then he too would
have suffered from the same fate.


The way you aren't moving...

I think I'll have to
give you a shower right here.

Oh, no! Someone performed
a plastic surgery on my brother!

What's the commotion about?

I am not causing any commotion.

A commotion has already been caused.

Call Khangura and tell him
that his son-in-law has changed.

You are the one causing a commotion.


You have already offered me water.

Do you guys also have
a tradition of offering tea?

Brother, we don't just offer tea,
we offer a lot more.

You will soon find out.

Tie a tight knot, brother.

Don't worry kiddo, it is a tight knot.

Bebe, I think he is a
part of the black briefs gang.

He's not a part of black briefs gang.

He is wearing a red brief.

How do you know that
he is wearing a red brief?

Bebe, I had told you
his intentions aren't good.

What is wrong with me?
Do I have malaria?

Stop blabbering.

If this is how you
will continue to behave...

then you will not just
have malaria but a lot more.

-Sandhu, you?
-He is not Sandhu.

-Bebe, he is Sandhu.
-Bebe, he is Sandhu if she says so.

Shut up. Don't make me hit you.


Do you know this boy?

Yes, auntie. He is our common friend.
We are classmates.

Untie him.

Why am I surrounded with idiots?

Oh, I see.

You are the only smart one here.

If he is Sandhu, then where is Navi?

Bebe, are you talking or blabbering?

Does he look like Navi to you?

If he doesn't look like
Navi then where is Navi?

-Please go and look for Navi.

-Go. Go find him.
-That's great.

I have resolved 140 out
of the 150 cases on the spot.

Please untie me.

Brother, you are stuck here...

you will be in a mess.

Untie me and then
I will thrash you.

Come on, man.

Please untie me.

Look over there.

Find Navi.

Bebe, did you find him?

Bebe, I couldn't find him.

I even checked the
sack filled with flour.

-Look at that.
-Bebe, I even checked the storeroom.

He isn't there either.

Auntie, I even checked
my scooter's boot.

I couldn't find Navi.

Brother, where are you going?

-Untie me.
-Shut up and stay here.

Bebe, forget Navi
even Mahi is missing.

Find out where he is.

Bebe, I even checked
at the poultry farm.

He isn't there either.

You idiot, he isn't a hen to
be found in a poultry farm.

Untie me, I'll help you find him.

-Shut up.
-This is a family of idiots.

Auntie, I even checked
the bag full of rags.

Navi isn't there either.

I wonder where my son is.

What have I gotten myself
into because of Navi?

-Where is everyone?
-I don't know, Bebe.

I am confused.

That's why I asked
Sandhu to come here.

I think Bebe has made Navi disappear.


Bebe isn't like Shankar, the magician
to make people disappear.

Go and do something useful.

This is a family of idiots.
Where have I landed?

Tej Kaur, did you send him anywhere?

Bebe, I didn't send him anywhere.

You must have sent him somewhere.

Brother, why don't you release me?

Oh, God!

There you go!

They have come here with
a band to perform the ritual.

And now that the
groom has gone missing...

I don't think we will get gifts,
we will get beaten up.

-Go and welcome them.
-How do I welcome them?

Usually, girls run away
but here my grandson ran away.

He is worse than his father.

I am sure this is that idiot
and his mother's conspiracy.

Auntie, I think Bebe is behind this.

Look at her acting innocent now. Yeah.

Look at him making ugly faces.

Who is he, brother?

Doesn't his face tell you something?

-He is Singhara, he deals with calves.
-He looks different.

He wants to compete with us.

Like he can.

Come on band, play Chamkila.

I have nailed many calves like you.

Bloody idiot!

Why are you just standing here?
Start playing the music.

Louder! Go for it!

-Go for it! Go for it!


Go for it! Dance!

He is trying to compete
with Singhara Singh.

Please tell them that...

the person they are playing
the music for, has ran away.

Stop the music! Listen to me.

You have got so many rashes.

Hurry up and untie me.
I wonder what else they'll do to me.

I am untying you.


Go for it!



Bathla, what's got you all red?

Don't address me as Bathla inside.

Bathla, no matter
what's your intention...

you will get hacked by someone.

I want to be the best
man from Bebe's side.

Do you still go to kindergarten?

How can the best man
be elder than the groom?

Why can't someone who is elder
to the groom become the best man?

No, he cannot.
He can only be his brother-in-law.

If you want to be that then go for it.

I have already been that once.

Singhara's side is doing better.

You should defeat them.

We will defeat them,
we will crush them.

-Go for it!

Let's go.

Take a seat.
Consider this as your own house.

Take a seat.
Consider this as your own house.

Consider this as your own house.
Keep standing.

Who knows when you need to run?

The family will come
and make us sit respectfully.

After all you have come...

with Singhara Singh Morh.

Where are you, Bebe?

I agree that we are being a little hasty.

But we want to be the
first one to conquer the fort.

If you care for your well-being
then tell me where he is.


Before blaming me tell me
where you have sent Navi, Bebe.

I wouldn't have sent him discreetly.

I would have sent him openly.
He is my grandson.

Bebe, I can be valiant too.

If he is your grandson,
then he is my son.

I have given birth to him.

This is happening because of you.

I think the same.

What are you saying?

This is happening because of you.

Your words have
ruined our family.

I just told the truth that
I didn't hit someone with a stick.

Get lost.

You will never change.

Hello, Bebe. I seek your blessings.

God bless you.

-How are you?

Bebe, call Navi.

We will perform the
ritual and get done with it.

We don't know if he has gone.

We will wait for him.
He'll be here any moment.

When you don't know
where he has gone...

then how do you know
whether or not he will return.

He will return.

I'll perform the ritual
as soon as he comes.

Oh, damn.

What is this judge doing here?

Boota, he will uproot you,
I am warning you.

Don't mess with him,
otherwise, he will crush you.

You should quickly
disappear from here.

No one seems to be at home.

Their house is like a hen house.
Everyone is inside.


something seems fishy.

No one has come to welcome
Singhara Singh Morh.


Stop the music!

Stop it!

Hello, brother.
How are you?

Hello, sister.

-Please have a seat...

-and have some refreshments.
-Sit down.

Sister has asked you to sit down.

Navi has gone out.

He will be back soon.


-Boota, come here quickly.

He is not Boota!

Stop playing hide and seek,
you buffoon.

Get some drinks for us.

I think I will get thrashed today.


Bebe, I didn't send Navi anywhere.

I didn't send him anywhere either.

Then he must have
gone somewhere close by.

All this has happened because of you.

Why have the north
and south united today?

I cannot believe it.

Bebe, we should find out
where Navi is instead of fighting.

Okay, do you think we are fighting?

Then go and find out on your own.

Auntie, why did God make
mothers-in-law like this?

Shut up. I am a mother-in-law, as well.

No, I am not talking about you.
I am talking about Bebe.

I wonder what kind
of a software God printed...

that doesn't match
with anyone else.

Should I slap you?

-He is talking nonsense.

I think it finally matched with someone.

Bebe, why the delay?

Let's do the ritual and end this.

My guests are hungry,
they are starving.

Will you perform the rituals with me?

Navi isn't at home.

What is wrong with him?

I think Pinky ran away with him.

Pinky has polio.

How can she run away with him?

On such occasions...

even the girls without
wings fly away with the grooms.

Bebe knows a lot about this.

-What did you say, son?
-Nothing, Grandma.

-Is everything fine?
-Everything is fine.

But we don't know where Navi is.

Navi is not here?

You shouldn't take this lightly.

He couldn't have gone to the field to
relieve himself on such an occasion.

Forgive me sister...

but I knew something
was wrong as soon as I came here.

If you want, I can go look for him.

No, he will be here soon.

You look worried, sister.


Whatever it is,
just tell me everything.

I will tell you everything.

We don't know where Navi is.

But you shouldn't leave.

Stay here and we
will conquer the fort.



What is your name?

Whatever your name is,
look after our guests, come on.

Bathla, come here.

Why are you standing there?

Bathla, come here.

Our guest is calling you. Hurry up.

Bathla, come here.

I'll break your legs if you go there.

Come here.

-Didn't you hear me?
-Come here.

-Come here, serve our guest.
-Come here, hurry up.

I want to find that person
who nicknamed me Bathal.

-Your name isn't Bathal?
-No, it isn't.

Then what is your name?

Gippy Garewal.

Yeah, Gippy Garewal.

Look, Navi's car is here!

Come on, everyone.
Make the preparations.

Stop eating fritters.
You can eat them later.

Play the music.

You should play louder
than the competitors.

-You should play louder than them.
-Go for it!

Come on, play the music.

Let's go.

Take the drinks back. Go on.

He is looking so handsome.

My son is looking so handsome.

Get some kohl.

I want to keep the evil away.

Harleen will look good with him.


He will look good
with my daughter Pinky.


He will look good with Pinky.

Oh, God!

This is impossible!

Navi, you have ruined us.

Bebe, what is this?

He has brought home
a ready-made daughter-in-law.

Ask your sister.
She ruined her sister's life.

You could have ruined her
life after she had settled down.


this was the right thing to do.

I heard Mahi and Navi
talking about it yesterday.

Everyone is sleeping.
Let's leave.

-I've had enough of this.
-No, Navi.

We could have done this before, as well.

I cannot disgrace my father.

Then what about me?
I cannot live without you.

-I will convince Mom and Bebe.
-We are very late.

That's why I was asking you
to talk to your family about us.

But you never listened to me.

You always took me lightly, Navi.

Just imagine what our family
will go through if we do this.

Babe, if our love is true...

then God will set everything right.

He will surely send
someone to help us.

If I had been even
a little courageous then...

we wouldn't have to face this day.

I feel like having poison.

Mahi, I will do this
if I don't get to live with you.

I spoke to Harleen about it.

Sister, I tried talking
to you and brother about it.

But I couldn't gather the courage.

I even tried calling Navi.

But he never answered my calls.

He always kept running away from me.

But the truth is...

that I like someone else.

You should get Navi married to Mahi.

Sister, we will never be able...

to stay happy with each other.

That basket is of no use to us now.

We should give it to them.

You called me?
I am Tokra.

And what are you made of?

I cannot even stuff grapes into you.

You are just a small basket.

He is right, sir.

We should gift the basket to them.

Why would we give
the basket to anyone?

She is just like Harleen
and Lovleen to me.

I will give her away.

Brother, now you tell me,
didn't I do the right thing?

You did the right thing, sister.

Not your brother, but I will tell you!

All my guests are bodybuilders.

We usurp lands.

What are you waiting for?

-Usurp the groom today!
-Wait, Singhara.

Talk to me first.

What should I talk to you about, Tej Kaur?

You have ruined my dreams.

I wanted to build a Morh colony
after getting related to you.

Bodybuilders, kidnap the groom.

What are you waiting for?

Get these scoundrels.

Get lost, you scoundrel.

-We seize the land!
-You look like you are constipated.

Get lost!

Tokra, stay on his head.

Hit him some more.

Run away!

Oh, no!

I am ruined!

I have nothing to do with anyone.

Bebe, I came here
seeking your blessings.

He wants my blessings!

We want to seize the land!

How many doors do you intend to build?

If you want hinges, then
go to a hardware store.

Are you here for mangoes?
Get lost!


-Do you know to play cards?
-No, brother.

-Do you drink alcohol?
-No, brother.

-Do you fight?
-No, brother.

Then how can you be a goon?


God bless you!

You are under an oath!
I am already ruined.

If you beat me up, then I'll hit you.

Get lost!


Auntie, your slaps won't help.

Use a stick on them.

You take care of them.
I'll take care of myself.

Mahi, are you hurt?

It is better if I run away.

Singhara Singh...


Brother, I am a part of your team.


It's okay. Now you should take
advantage of the situation.

You should hit your
friends and family as well.

You should run away, Morh Singh.


Go build your colony first.

Where are you going?

He wants to build
a colony on their land.

You have never even
cut your nails properly.

He wants to cut plots in Morh colony.

You will learn a lesson
when we will thrash you.

Stop it!

We are from Jeona Morh's family.

Get lost!

-You get lost!
-Take your horse with you, Jeona Morh.

We won't let you leave.
Wait, you usurpers.

I knew this black guy
will do something like this.

Where is auntie's nephew?

Boota, you have nowhere to go.

Now you will need to find
another relative and settle down.

He calls himself as Tej Kaur's nephew.

Look at what he has done.

-Navi, are you alright?
-Yes. Are you alright?

Yes, I am fine.

Don't worry, we finally got married.

What will we do now?

They got married.
Now we too will get married.



Mom, please listen to me.

Shut up.

I don't want to listen to you.

Mahi, what you did was not right.

Now do you realize
how I felt when you...

got married to my
son against my wishes?

Okay, now we are quits.

I was foolish to have
behaved like this with you.

But you shouldn't behave with
Mahi, the way I behaved with you.

You will become a Bebe soon.

Bebe, I was so stupid.

You are my mother-in-law...

but you always treated
me like your daughter.

Please forgive me.


Thank you, God.

Bathal. Tokra. Arrange all the chairs.

Look at all the mess
Auntie Tej and Bebe had caused.

Please shackle them.

Come on, everyone...

We are done with the rituals.

She applied kohl in her eyes

I am in a hurry

You stood at the junction
Waiting for me

You left your anklet here
So that I could find it

You have beguiled this lad, my dear

The silver anklet

She applied kohl in her eyes

The boys have become gardeners
Looking at a girl as beautiful as a flower

She used her sparkling eyes
In broad daylight

The silver anklet

It causes trouble

The boys from Moga fought with
The boys from Phagwara

The silver anklet

Your mesmerizing gait
Creates an illusion

When you played with your braid
You gained many followers

I started following you in such a way
That I never turned back

You left your anklet here
So that I could find it

You have beguiled this lad, my dear

You left your anklet here
So that I could find it

The silver anklet

I knew someone like you
Would steal my heart away

You and I
We would look good together

I have heard that the boys
From Malwa are cool

The silver anklet

Everyone tells me that
You are the best, my love

The silver anklet

It causes trouble

The boys from Moga fought with
The boys from Phagwara

The silver anklet

You left your anklet here
So that I could find it

You have beguiled this lad, my dear

The silver anklet