Ka xin gui fang shu jia (1985) - full transcript

The ghost of Scholar Stewart Pik reincarnates and is now a high school teacher named Hong Sam Kwai. Being the first male instructor of an unruly class that has exhausted more women teachers deemed possible, Kwai becomes a victim to endless pranks by his students until he is able to counteract with his gift of magical powers. But, when his job is on the line, he must find a way to get through with his students and restore his reputation.

It was the Ching Dynasty.

In the province of Guangdong,
an unhappy scholar from the city of Bao-an

had failed to pass the provincial
examination for the 14th time.

His wife had even eloped with another man.

Sad and depressed,

he had committed suicide in
a long-abandoned temple.

However, an incident had
occurred in a twist of fate.

It was actually pre-destined that

this grieving spirit

who cannot be reincarnated,

would be brought into the city by 3 girls.

An extraordinary event had taken place between

their normal relationship.

Scholar Chu has finally learned the

meaning of life through these three girls.

His guilt and frustration
had immediately disappeared.

So he decided to be reincarnated
and become a new man.

This is the happy ghost after reincarnation.

Due to the many good deeds
his previous life had done,

he had been privileged with a special gift.

No milk today!

Satan's child!

Well? Was it fun?

He couldn't get to me!


You're finished!

Although the reborn happy ghost

had been gifted with supernatural powers,

Sam Hong has never felt happy in his life.

Packing up, Miss?

Early bird gets the worms!

Wait for me, Chairman!

Do I resemble Akina Nakamori?

Sure, you do but ifs more like
Akina “Wackomori”. Bye!


Wait for me, Chairman!

Slow down, sir!

Move it!

Move it!

Fishballs, please!

A dollar for ten. It's very cheap!

You're such a nice man, Uncle Tang!

Uncle Tang has no need to make a lot of money.

It's a gain for you!

I'd like a drumstick, please!

3 bucks!

Thank you!

What a loss of face, Chairman!

Quite a shame for you!

Are you new here?

What's your name?

My name is Yiu...Yiu...King...

Why does your name contain 5 words?
Are you Manchurian?

You must be African!

I'm of Chiu Chow descent. Also, a newcomer.

The newcomer?

I love taking care of new students.

You're in luck!

Would you like to join our group, Ms. Yiu?

But I'm Atheist!

No, not the church!

Could you be referring to the triads?

No! No! No!

It's the Meanies Club!

Meanies Club?

That's right! I'm the chairman
of the Meanies Club!

I'm the vice-chairman.

I'm the deputy vice-chairman.

Our club motto is...

if it's not mean enough, we don't do it!

The meaner, the better.

Eating and sleeping aren't considered mean.

But you still do it.




Little girl, if you're eating snacks in class and

sleeping during examinations,
could that be classified as being mean?

You people are pathetic!

Look, if you refuse to join us,

then you are being mean to us.

And when you're mean to us,
our Meanies Club will...

.be mean to you!

It's fine! It's fine!

Keep dancing and

let the show continue as usual!

Just copy the homework as it is!

Take a guess, gals!

Who do you think is going to replace

Ms. Lin after we have driven her away in madness?

Two-Face, Miss Piggy, Ms. Washboard!

Ms. Gossip, Ms. Atrocious, Ms. Crocodile!

We've already driven about

seven teachers away for this semester!

Form Master, your name is weak!

Bad news, chairman!

I've just received news from the teacher's lounge.

Our new form master has arrived today.

It's not a big deal.

The problem is, he's not a woman.
Not a woman!

That's right, he's not a woman.

I know, then it must be a man!

You're so stupid! If ifs not a woman,
ifs obviously a man!

Besides an classes, I heard that

he'll also be teaching physical education.

A male teacher for gym class?

He could easily take advantage of us!

Take advantage of you? Fat chance!


Look, we'll kill her this time!

Chairman, I beg you to stop being mean to me!

I've decided to join your club!

Fine, I'll grant you permission
to be mean just like us.

Our target now is...

to bully that new teacher!

I do wonder how he looks like.

What could a good-looking teacher
possibly being in a dump like this?

I hope he's more handsome than Alan Tam

and cuter than Leslie Cheung.

That'd leave me in satisfaction.

I think he should be handsome, tall and slim.

He ought to be an honest man with good taste.

That'd be perfect!


Class, I'm your new Form Master!

My name is Sam Hong.

This is my first job since graduating
from teachers college.

I hope we could get along with our work together.

There's no drinking allowed in class, young lady.

You can't listen to the radio either.

Chairman, he's been opposing us
from the minute he walked in.

He'll be a dead man walking!

I will now teach you a few exercise routines.

First, I'll demonstrate.
Then, you may all follow along.

Isn't that a little lame, teacher'?

Do you think this is kindergarten?

This is the most basic warm-up exercises.

Can't you show us something
with a bit more difficulty?

I'm afraid that'd be too difficult for you.

You're not scared, are you?

Okay, watch this!


Just follow along!

Just do what I do, everyone!

Well? Can't you do it?

Next, I shall teach you how to play basketball.

This is a basketball.


It's called basketball because

ifs got a basket and a ball.

Would you like to tell me

what is a basketball?

It's round and it can bounce.

He's practically insulting
your intelligence, Chairman.

Not bad, you know enough despite the limited I.Q.

This is the international standard basketball.

Its diameter is 28cm and weighs at 0.5kg.

As for the bounce...

It's pointless to be all talk, teacher!

You're better off shooting some hoops for us!


Good...pretty good skills
for someone in your age...

Don't underestimate us, teacher.


Shoot some hoops for us and

show us what you can do.

I must tell you beforehand.

Save your chuckles if I miss the shot.

That's a shot you should learn.

Bravo! Nice shot!

My skills got rusty due to the lack of practice.

Bravo, teacher!

The teacher's a coward!

Stop it! That's enough!

- I'll beat you to a bloody pulp, bitch!

That's enough!

What are you doing? Stop wandering around!

I'm so pretty...

Here comes the teacher!

Stop pushing me!

The teacher's coming!
So what'? Why fret?

Good morning, class!

Good morning, sir!

What a lamer!

Settle down, class! Please remain quiet!


What's wrong? This is too ridiculous!

Come on! Make some noise!

Let's do an attendance check first!

Goldie Wong!

Why are there two Goldie Wongs in the class?

No, teacher! I need to go to the washoom!

Me too!

Fine...but come back quickly...

May KaflQ!

Stop fooling around with me, okay?

We just wanted to tell you that the one who

stepped out to the washroom is May Kang.


Alright but don't raise your hand

unless your name is announced.

Cherie Dai!

Yiu King!

Yiu King!

Okay, let's attempt a new method!

Will the absentees please raise your hands?

Okay, so there's no one absent for today!

Let's begin class, shall we?

Is this a welcoming gift for your new teacher?

Now I see why you've driven 7 teachers away.

We didn't drive them away.

Their will power was rather weak.

They couldn't stand the tides of the new trend.

Nor could they handle the
pressure of modern society.

Why do you like pulling pranks on people?

Why don't you study in this
nicely provided environment?

People in ancient times have to

break a wall so they can shed some light to study.

Shed light by breaking a wall?

Wouldn't that expose their
privacy to their neighbors?

Doesn't this light sound a little exotic?

It's voyeuristically exotic!

You're such a pervert, teacher!

Pervert? Who's perverted?

You're the pervert, teacher!

Teacher's telling dirty stories in class.

I'll report you to the principal.
You're in big trouble, mister!

Get back to your seats!

Fine, I'll go back to my seat!

No need to yell!

Get back there!

Are you trying to threaten your students?

Damn it!

Get a hold of yourself, Sam!

Teaching is never achieved through violence.

But I didn't hit them, sir.

I only hit the table.

I'd prefer you to hit the students instead.

The students could heal after getting hurt.

But a broken table can't be fixed.

They may be naughty.

But you mustn't use violence.
It's rashful thinking.

Students come to our school for their education.

They're also like our customers.

You're the sales person with their lessons.

There's no need to act harsh on our customers.

The vice-principal is comparing
our school to a department store.

I disagree!

I think the school is more like a hospital.

We've got people coming in and out every year.

People live and people die.

I've always hoped for this hospital to have

a little bit of peace and quiet.


You need to take care of your
patients with a bit of love.


I may be several years older than you.

But we came from the same teachers college.

I hope you won't disappoint me.

Yes, ma'am!

That's all. You may go now.

Repairs for the table will be
deducted from your salary.

Were you upset by those students?


Let's face it.

You're not the first one.

The few of them haven't done anything.

They're just being playful.

They just love to kid around with the teacher.

I don't think I'll be able to stay here for long.

Mr. Hong, just stay here for now.

In fact, I'm well aware of their trickery.

Their tricks are really quite simple.

It's all the same old things.
Chalks, duster, glue, and staplers.

Uncle Tang, can you give me any advice to

prevent myself from being treated like their dog?

Sit down.

I'll give you the solution to this.

I'll be with you all night.


Who looks better'?

None of them.

Stop kidding around!

The girls fom St. Elegance
are known for their beauty.

At least, they're better than girls from
neighboring schools like Shantung!

Oh my goodness!

That girl in the white dress looks better.

The four of them are all wearing white, you idiot!

I'm talking about...

the one in the far left...

Shes got such a great appetite.

I like the one next to her.

That's Cherie Dai, the chairman
of the Meanies Club.

She's a tough cookie!

That's what makes it exciting!

I think the one looking in the mirror is cute.

Chairman, there are three stooges over there.

They've been staring at us.

They're the boys from that monastry school.

Let's take some bullying action, Chairman!

Too late. They've already made their move.




They want to...ask you...

Calm down, kiddo!

Don't be afraid.
Sit down!

Sit down!

Don't let the shivering ruin your image, boy.

You look so shy.

Is this your first time?

Yes no...

They want to ask you out...


No, they want to ask all of you out on a date!

A date?

No...out for a walk...

Out on a date for a walk and holding hands?

No problem.

People say you can be strangers at first,

acquaintances next and lastly, bedroom buddies.

But we'll require to be
picked up in an automobile.

Do you have one, boy?

Yes, our Master Kao has a car.

This car actually belongs to my father.

Your father bought it fo you!

So when are you girls available?

How about tonight?

No, tonight is my grandmother's birthday.

My mother said...

Cut the bullshit. It's decided then, okay?

Let's meet up tonight after school.
Be there or be square!

Let's go!


Do they really mean it?

What do we do now, Chairman?

We'll teach them a lesson tonight.

Clobber them?

That's exactly what I mean!

My dad said that we've got to return the car

to him by 8pm so he can deliver his bread.

Otherwise, he'd kill me.

Shut up! They're on their way!

Well, this is my car!

It's pretty spacious for a 7 seater!

Hop in!

Let's go!

You've done it this time.

You two can sit in front.
It's pretty exciting up in front.

You can sit at the back. It's safer there.

This is for you.

Where's my flowers?

Have a drink first!

The drinks are my father's...

His father bought it just for you girls.

There's bread in the back. Help yourselves!

My father...

Your father told you to drive carefully.

We haven't introduced ourselves yet.

My name is Peon Choi-On.

Everyone calls me Don Juan the second.

This is Mikey Kao.

Milky Cow?

Ditch that lame name of yours!

My other alias sounds better.

I'm also known as Michael Jackson.


What about your name, pretty girl?

I've recently changed my name to Akina Chiu.

Akina Chiu?

I was known as Aids before.

Aids? Let's switch seats!

Stop joking around!
Bearing that name doesn't mean I have it!

Would I have herpes if I named myself Herby?

Where are you taking us?

To Kowloon Tong!

We'll go swinging at the
Kowloon Tong Triangle Park!

Tell your mother to take you there!

You guys are not romantic at all!


Romance is at the sunset of a hot summer day.

Driving by the beach in a car,

listening to the sea waves,

staring at the beautiful flowers,

and leaving footprints in the sand.

Mikey, let's drive over for
a little bit of romance!

That startled me!

It's beautiful!

Hey, now do you know what romance is?

Yes! Romance is what comes at a slower pace.

Yes, that is true romance.

Not quite, true romance happens
when you dive in for a swim!

Alright! Count me in!

Me too!

Well? Are you going to go for a swim?

We can't. We didn't bring any swimsuits.

Neither did we!

Why fret? The coast is clear.

Hurry up and take your clothes off!

Come down for a swim, Akina!

No way! The water's too cold.

No, it's not cold at all!

I'll show you!

Come on!

The water is nice and warm.

It's like a hot spring!

You guys should come down too!

Grab the clothes.

Where are you going?

Come back!

Give us our clothes back!

Stan the car, Chairman!

Hold on!

Our clothes!

My father's car!


My father's car!

And there's so many tickets too!

We're finished!


Dad, I'm so sorry!

It was pretty mean of us to treat those

three monks from the school next door like that!

Shut up and give me a hand here!

What are you doing, Chairman?

The latest superglue.

It'll tear off the teacher's
underwear once he sits on it.

Aren't we going too far'?

Too far'?

I think you haven't been cooperative lately.



In order to show your loyalty to the club,

you'll have to put this into his drawer.

No need to panic.
It's just the latest product from Japan.

A soft plastic toy mouse.

It looks very real.

It does look real!

It's disgusting!

Hurry up and put it in his drawer!

It's guaranteed to scare the hell out of him!

Now go over there and stuff it in the drawer!

Paint and paint! Paint it all!

He's coming!

Mission failed.

Good morning, class!

Thanks for the welcoming party, everybody!

Will you hand these out, prefect?

Hang on!

Why are you wearing roller blades?

Sir, we're living in a commercialized world.

And it required speed and efficiency.

Is there anything wrong with that?

Nothing wrong with that. Carry on!

Teacher, I want...

Raise your hand before you speak up!

Teacher, I...

Suspects only raise their hands when

they are frisked by the police.

It's hot. Can we turn on the fan?


Damn it! We've lost again!

This is an class.

You will need to make a sketch of a person.

The topic is: “The one you love”.

So feel free to make a sketch of your loved ones.

It could be your father or your mother.

Or even your teacher.

Don't draw your teacher.
Never draw a sketch of your teacher.


It's laughable.

That's low! He's wearing two pairs of underwear.

Mission failed again and again!

Alright! That's the end of that!

I hope these pranks

will never happen in the classroom again.

We don't know how to sketch, sir.

Could you show us a demonstration?

Yeah, demonstrate for us!


Buster's in the drawer, sir.

Yes, it's in the drawer!


Oh my god! It's a huge rat!

It's a real mouse! I'm scared of mice!

I'm scared!

It's a fake, dummy!

Yours is real!

This one's a fake.

My goodness!



What happened?


Just a mouse in the classroom!

A mouse?


I'm terrified!

Mr. Hong's so lame for making
us join the aquatics meet.

He's even teaching us how to swim. That's so lame!

We've been too mean to him.

I think you've been protecting him all day.

You're not having a crush on him, are you?

Of course not!

We're no good at swimming.

But we dominate at volleyball!

We must win the championships for the inner-school

volleyball competition before the summer holidays.

Recognize us?

Certainly not with your clothes on!

You girls got him into a lot of trouble!

I was nearly beaten to a bloody pulp by my father!

So what do you want?

What do we want?


You'd better kneel for an apology
if you want to stay alive!

Apologize? Ha!

Ha! Ha!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

They're laughing at us. Let's teach her a lesson!

Hold it right there!
Where do you people come from?

Can't you see their uniforms?
Their school logo is imprinted on it!

So you boys from the school next door.

You boys climbed your way in.

Are you trying to commit indecency to my students?

Are you their teacher'?

What do you teach your students in class?

Are you teaching them how to become thieves?

How are you going to prove that?

These two are witnesses. There's your proof!

I don't care who's right or wrong.

I'll give you a minute to disappear at once!

And what if we don't leave?

If you don't leave?

That's right!

Then we'll leave if you don't!

This is clearly a case of favoritism!

Don't fret.
We'll outnumber him with the three of us.

Whojust hit me with the ball?

Who do you think you are?

You're just a teacher!

Since early childhood,
I've been pushed around by teachers!

I absolutely hate teachers!

I dare not to.

Don't go!

No, I won't do it again!

Go to hell!

You were wrong for breaking the table last time.

Now you've even assaulted a student
from our neighboring school.

How are you going to explain this?

I didn't do it on purpose, ma'am.

It's embarrassing.

We've always had a good
relationship with that school.

And now their head teacher,
Ms. Lo, has filed a complaint.

They've demanded you to pay for medical
compensation. This is driving me mad!

I understand.
I'll head over there to apologize in person.

Which one of you is Ms. Lo?

I am!

May I ask who you are?

My name is Hong.

I mean, ifs Mr. Hong...

I'm their teacher!

I'm from the school...next door...

So you're the one who assaulted my students?

What are you here for?

It's nothing but I just wanted to...

What are you doing?

It's nothing...let me help you...
No, thanks!

I'm fine. It's just a sleeve.

Let me put it back on for you!

Stay away! Don't come any closer to me!

I just wanted to help you.

It'll be fine. Let me fix it for you.
Stay away from me!

You've got it wrong.

It's going to be okay...let me fix it...

Did Ms. Lo just file a complaint to their school?

Are you trying to commit murder here?

No, it's just a misunderstanding!

Please don't be misunderstood.

Here, let me clean that up for you.

I'll rub it off for you...rub...

It'll be fine. No one's going to notice.

I didn't intend to do it.

This wouldn't have happened
if it wasn't in your intentions.

What could happen if you did it on purpose?

Fine! You smashed their locker room!

And you still say it's okay!

Others complain and say you're a sex maniac!

You failed your attempts at rape
and smashed their room.

Principal, we do not tolerate anyone who

dares to ruin the reputation of our school.

I really think that...

Ms. Chu, let me handle this.

You were lucky this time, Sam.

Ms. Lo was nice enough not to
pursue this case any longer.

But you'll still have to pay for the damages.

But you must remember to never do this again.

Otherwise, I won't be able to help you.

Thank you, ma'am!

Your salary for this month.

Will there be $2 left after deduction?

You wish! And you can forget
about next month's pay as well!

This is for you to buy a lottery ticket.

If you win, you can destroy things as you please.

First call for the 50m frog stroke finalists!

May Kang, it's your turn!

Try your best!

You've got my moral support!

Save your breath! Look!

It doesn't look like we'll
have any rivals this year.

We lose to Team Shantung every year.
We've gotten used to it!

Last call for the 50m frog stroke finalists!

Are you sure they'll make it this time, Sam?

I hope so!

On your mark!

Get set!

Come on!

Another expected loss!

Better luck next time!

This is just the beginning.

Maybe you'll have another chance next year.

Final call for the 400m relay finalists!

You must go for it and try your best!

I bet we'll lose.

Shut your trap!

Get set!

Go, King! Go!

C' mom!

You've won. Why look so down?

Another victory!

Only the invincible shall remain alone.

Run, May! Faster!

Don't panic! I'll wait for you!

You have to run faster, May!

I couldve let you win but
you just couldn't make it.

Go to hell!


Never knew my powers were so great!

Let's go! We'll get a heart attack
if we keep watching this!

Hurry up! Go!


Let's go and cheer for them!

What are you doing?

Go, Cherie!

Go for it!

I've won!

I've won! Hurray!

How was our performance, teacher?

Fantastic! Excellent!

Seems like I've got this kind of potential.

That was awesome!

But it'll be better if we can
win the rest of the match.

And what if we win?

Then, I'll take all of you out on an excursion!

Reach for the goal and take home the gold!

Luckily, they missed.

Keep it up! Keep it up!

What's wrong with you? Are you okay?

It hurts!


We've done it again!

Time is running out.

Fine, I'll show you what I've got.

What's the matter?


Shoot and block!

How could this happen?

Shoo! it...


The high dive competition will now begin.

This should be a piece of cake!
There won't be any mishaps.


This is too unbearable to watch!


Oh god! I'm scared of heights!



St. Elegance is great!
St. Elegance will be victorious!

We've won, teacher!

Wasn't that fun?

Playing pranks on the teacher
has always been our job.

Oh no, I can't swim!


Let's go! Hurry!

Do you want the teacher to treat us for breakfast?

We sure do!

Here comes the teacher!

Let me carry that for you, sir!

You seem so educated, sir.

Do you think you're more well informed than us?

Theoretically, yes.

Why don't we place a bet?

If you can't answer it right, you'll lose $100.

I'll lose $50 if I can't get the right answer.

How about it?

Fine, you start with the questions.

Listen closely.

Tell me which animal has 6 heads,
8 horns and 3 hands.

Is there such a thing? I can't figure it out.

I give up. Here's $100.

What exactly is it?

I don't know either. Therefore, I lose $50 to you.

Breakfast is on the teacher! Hurray!

How are you?

I think I've scared her last time.

I should apologize to her.

Don't do it!

Don't fret!

You're sweating a lot, teacher.
Let me wipe it off for you.

Promise me not to circulate this around.

Mr. Hong!

See? You look better now!

Let's go and listen to some music!

Let's go! Bye!

Hello, Ms. Lo!

I sincerely apologize for what happened last time.

She's smiling?

What could that smile mean?

I'll smile too.

There's a stain on your face.

Sorry, those runts must have
pulled another prank on me.

It's sunny while the seas are calm.

The beautiful skies are blue.

And our love is sweet and pure.

We held hands and danced together.

Like a flying bird in the sky.

Peeping at the naughty boys
and girls madly in love.

They become a loving pair.

Enjoying and sharing the purest form of love.

This love is so fascinating.

And we are all fascinated in love.

An innocent love so fragile.

As pure as a flying kite.

Suddenly ripped apart and drifting in mid-air.

Drifting away like a beautiful dream.

Now everyone is in a dreamy fascination.

How can anyone resist love?

So cherish that innocent love today.

If love is gone in a single day,

you may only reminisce through your memories.

We had so much fun today.

Let me help you with your luggage.

Did you buy the salty fish?

Why should I buy the salty fish?

It's for Ms. Lo, not for us.

Why can't she buy it herself?

She didn't bring any money.
That's why you need to buy it for her!

She'll reimburse for you later.

Now go'!

Where can I buy some salty fish?

There's a store right around the corner.

Now look for it yourself! Go!

Where's your teacher?

He said he'll be staying.

He'll live amongst the wilderness.

He may join a monastery.

Wait up! I've bought the salty fish!

Wait for me...

This is the last ferry. Don't take off yet!

It's gone. What should I do now?

Wait for me!

See you later, teacher!
Wait for me!

Those brats tricked me again!

I'll teach them a lesson at school tomorrow!


Ghost! Help!

But I've already saved your life.

Who...who are you?

I'm you!


I am you and you are me.

You...me...are you toying with me?

I'd toy around with all sons of animals.

But I'd never do that to myself.

Anyway, I am your previous life.

And you are my reincarnation. Get it?

Not really!

I don't understand why I'd look
so terrible in my previous life.

Do I?

In the Ching Dynasty,
people say that I was a real gentleman.

Suave and romantic.

I wanted to join the government
but had no time to enjoy life.

Sadly enough, I failed and died in grief.

Fortunately, I was a kind man.

I was a very charitable person.

Otherwise, you wouldn't be
gifted with your powers today.

So the powers were given to me through you?


You sure dragged me into a lot of misfortune!

I was expelled from school at a very young age.

I was often kicked out of my football matches.

I even had to compensate
for medical fees in fights!

I'm financially broke because
I break everything at work.

Girls all label me as a pervert.

And it's all your fault!

Don't get so agitated!

Your powers have brought
nothing but trouble for me.

Please take it back!

I want to be normal!

To be normal!

To be normal!

To be normal!

Was it a dream?

Damn, I'm late!

Take the cup over here...it's yours.

Come over...

It was thunderous last night.

Too bad Mr. Hong had to sleep alone.

A toast for the achievements of our club!


Come and have a drink, teacher!

Yeah! Come and have a drink with us, teacher!

Get back to your seats!

Why are you so mad?

So you're celebrating your
trickery with champagne!

You people are incorrigible!

You really don't deserve my loving support!

Loving support?
Your love for Ms. Lo is even greater!


What else are you girls good at?

You girls only know how to plot a prank.
Can't you do anything decent?

Didn't we win the aquatics meet?


If I hadn't helped you with my super powers,

how do you think you're going to win?

Super powers? Can you believe that?
Can you?

I never make lies. Watch me!

Open the door!


I thought you were late.

Don't laugh!

Why not make it better by
admitting your incompetance?


Don't laugh!

Don't laugh!

The fan!


I'm normal!

I'm normal!

I'm normal now!

I'm back to normal!

I'm so happy now!

I'll treat you all for lunch at Uncle Tang's!

Help yourselves!

I'm normal!

Chairman, is he actually normal or not?

He has never been normal before!

We must have gone too far on him.

He's gone crazy.

I'm treating you all to eat. Hurry up!

Where's Tang?

Hang this!

This is madness! It normally costs two bucks!

Where's Uncle Tang?

Egg sandwich for two bucks
and soft drinks for 70 cents.

Everything3 on sale!

Egg sandwich for two bucks
and soft drink for 70 cents!

Let's go over and see Uncle Tang!

Mr. Hong!

Uncle Tang...

What happened to you, Uncle Tang?

I was on leave for three days.

They fired me as soon as I came back.

No wonder the prices soared so much.

They wanted to switch to a “modern management”

and increase the profit of the school.

That won't do. I'll have to talk to the principal.

It's no use.

The principal only has trust
in that pig-headed deputy.

That jerk has tried to get
rid of me for a long time.

His nephew is one of those people.

Come in, Uncle! Come in and sit down!

That pig-headed deputy only cares about money.
Now our food will be more expensive.

We'll shop from you as long
as you sell, Uncle Tang.

30 cans of soft drinks!
Come and get some, everybody!


Of course, it's good!

Soft drinks!
Give it to me!

It's against school policy to

buy food from unlicensed hawkers.

Go to the school cafetaria
if you'd like to buy any food.


It's not their fault.
I bought the drinks for them.

Here! Help yourselves!

The food is much cheaper over there.

Let's go!

The food court is moved to that side.

Over there! It's cheaper there!

The food court's been moved over there! C'mon!

Don't go! Come back!

Free drinks for anyone who buys from Uncle Tang!

No...don't go...
Now what?

We've done something right today.

If we don't do any bad deeds,

it'll go against the principles of our club.

You're right!

Is the letter ready yet?


He's alone in there.

Go in!

Teacher, next week is open day for the school.

We want to invite the boys next
door to join us for a tour.

That's a good thought.

And their teacher as well!

That Ms. Lo!

We have prepared an invitation card.
We just need you to sign it.

Sign here!


It's not convenient for us
to enter the boys school.

Can you deliver the invitation
card to Ms. Lo for us?

Sure, I can give it to her!

Thanks a lot, teacher!

Ms. Lo!

What's the matter, Mr. Hong?

I'd like to give you an invitation.

You can read it yourself.

Ms. Lo, you are like my flied noodles.

And I am like your burning flame.

I want to nibble and eat you like roasted chicken.

I'm madly in love and have
gone head over heels for you.

Your love has put me into paralysis.

I want to publicize my love for you.

That's why I'd sincerely invite you to

my open orgy party next Sunday.

Open orgy party?

It's just an open day.

I'd like to get loose with you.

I'm gonna invite Lady P, Miss R and Mr. X

to get loosened up together.

Mr. X?

Madly in love with you, Sam Hong.

Don't go to such an obscene place like this!


Our open day is held at school every year.

We've got many people attending.

You can come if you're interested.

You can count me out!
And to think that you're a teacher...

Mr. Hong!

Did you really write this invitation letter?

Yes, can't you see my signature here?

You can come too!

It'll be fun with all my students!

Play with yourself, creep!

You are so lewd!

Not only lewd, he's a low down creep!

To write something like this,

he has completely brought shame to the school.

This letter...

Didn't you write this?

Of course, you'd be saying that!

Principal, this letter wasn't written by me.

It's the girls who are setting you up!

You can do better than that, Sam.


Sam, I'm sorry.

Say no more. I understand.

It'll be my last day here.

The teacher is finished.
He's coming!

Hurry up...

Hurry up and go!

Good morning, sir!

Good morning, students.

Who wrote this letter'?

Judging from the handwriting,
I already know who did this.

I only hope that she can
raise her hand and admit it.

It's not a shame to admit what you've done.

That is the moral code of a civil person.

Only the shameless and sneaky people

would deny their responsibilities.

But I do believe that

we don't have such people in this class.

It was me, sir!


May Kang, did you know that you've

made a big mistake by writing this letter?

I didn't know, sir.

You didn't know? Then, let me tell you.

You've made spelling errors.

It's supposed to be “fried noodles”.

Not “flied” noodles.

I'm gonna invite Mr. X.

“I'm gonna” is a slang.
It should be “I shall”.

Never make the same mistake again.

As Chinese people, you'll be mocked by others

if you can't write with proper grammar.

Well, maybe I am at fault here.

Something must be faulty about my teachings.

I'm incapable of teaching you girls.

In order not to interfere with your future,

today will be my last class with you girls.

I hope that your new teacher
will be better than me.

And that he'll be more capable to teach you girls.

Alright, let's not waste any more time.

Please turn to page 32, everybody!


I've never thought that I'd fall
for your pranks on the last day.

Uncle Tang told me that ifs
the oldest trick in the book.

And I still fell for it.

Why are you crying?

I didn't even cry when I was getting fired.

Stop crying-

You won't look pretty with
swollen eyes from the crying.

The boys next door won't like it.

I'm sorry!

His glance, his love.

Often masked to look angry at me.

He turns around and smiles at me.

He bears all the pain.

He can sacrifice himself for others.

He treasures our friendship.

He has changed my mistaken ways.

And lead me back to the right path.

With his guidance,

I owe him a lot.

It's a shame that I cannot repay for his deed.

I've fooled around yesterday.

But today,

I finally realized how to live my life.

His words are like a guiding light.

Forever bright in the depths of my heart.

Casting away the darkness.

Leading me to a bright path.

What's the matter, ladies?

What are you doing?

You all look exhausted.

What a sunny day!

Let's go and have some fun at the disco!

Mikey Kao will pay for everything.

No, thanks. We're in no mood for dancing.

What's wrong?
It's not the end of the world, is it?

Our teacher got fired.

It must have been caused by you.

What's so funny?

Writing the love letter was your idea!

You don't have to yell so loud!

Well, I like to yell!

But you wrote the letter.

You forced me to write it!

You made me do all the dirty work for you.

You're the real culprit!

That's enough!
Will you two stop arguing to each other'?

Sit down!

Ms. Lo's outside.

Ms. Lo!
What's the matter?

Mr. Hong didn't write that invitation letter.

I did.

Mr. Hong is not a bad person.

He's not a pervert either.

He's a great man of affection and
is always willing to help others.

He's a great man!

Will you help us make it up to him?

Yeah, he's now unemployed.

He's lost his focus and his chance at love.

Everybody has misunderstood him.

But ifs nothing compared to

your misunderstanding against him.

Mr. Hong, we represent the Meanies Club and

would like to give you a sincere apology.

We're sorry.

We were wrong.

Please accept our apology.

Everything is going to be alright.

Come in.

Today is not a holiday.

Don't you have to be in class today?

Skipping class? Let me do it!

The flower vase is over there!

We don't like the substitute teacher.

Yeah, other than punishing us,

he only knows how to collect our tuition fees.

You girls must have been playing pranks on him!

Not at all!

It's been agreed amongst all members that

we have completely disbanded the club.

Is that so?

But we've established and formed a new club.

Is it a “shameless club”
or the “despicable club”?

No! No! No!

It's the “Strugglers Club”!

We struggle for our future!

And we'll struggle for our ideals!

But we do need someone

who can guide us in our struggles.

So we've started a petition yesterday.

It's our most successful one yet!

We've gathered signatures from the whole class

to support your reinstatement to the school!

The principal has the original copy.

This is a photocopy.

Teacher, we don't want you to leave.

Especially me!

We don't even have a coach.

Our team morale has been low.

We'll lose the volleyball match tomorrow.

We're going to be eliminated for sure.

We'll lose everything without you.

Are you still mad at us, teacher?


I'll be there to cheer for you girls.


I'm sorry.

I needed the girls to make
an arrangement to see you.

I should be the one with the apology.

You've lost a job because of my complaint.

I can always look for another job.

The point is that the girls
recognized their own faults.


Oh, dearest piggy!


How come we haven't seen that teacher lately?

That pervert's been sticking his nose too deep.

So he got fired.


He doesn't seem too worried

since he's going after the girls again!

This one looks pretty good.

This mother pig looks pretty but she has no taste.

Why would she pick that bony pervert?

Any one of us can do better than him!

You're damn right! Cheers!

What are you doing, Mr. Hong?

Give me a minute.
I'll make them disappear immediately.

Hey, you bloody punks!
You'd better leave!

Or else...

Or else what?

Just like that...

You'll be just the same as that.
With nothing left.

Go on and have your fun. Goodbye!

Speaking of which...

1» 2, 3!
“ No!

This is bad...

Does it still hurt?

Yes, it's hurting a lot!
Still in pain?

You need a doctor.

No, it's okay. I'll be alright.

I think you need more rest, Mr. Hong.

Stop calling Mr. Hong! Call me “Darling”!

Darling is my English name.

You can call me “Darling Hong”!

I've got to go.

Don't go yet!
Stay here for dinner!

I can't. My boyfriend is coming to pick me up.


There he is!


I've got to go, Mr. Hong! Bye!

Let me escort you to the exit.

No, thanks. Bye!

She's back!

Ms. Lo!

It's you, madam.

Please come in!

The students really need you back.

But I've...

I understand that I've misjudged you before.

Sam, please come back to the school.

Otherwise, the girls will feel
unmotivated for their studies.

I could return.

But only on one condition.

What is it?

Tang gets the canteen again.

No problem!

The canteen business has been awful since

I've left it for the deputy's nephew to manage.

I've considered in re-hiring Uncle Tang.

Thank goodness!

By the way, we've had a good chance of victory for

the volleyball match this year.

But as it turns out,
the girls have no mood to play.

And we've been losing the group matches.

Don't worry about that!

I'm sure they'll win the championships tomorrow.

Predecessor...it's me...

Come out!

This is Sam calling my predecessor!

Come out!

What can I do for you, my reincarnated self?

It's great to see you, Happy Ghost!

Please give me back my powers!

Oh, my reincarnated self!

You said you didn't want it last time.

So now you've changed your mind.

In a matter of principles, I don't want it

because it's too meddlesome for me.

But there are times when I need it.

So do you want it or not?

It's good to have when ifs needed.

But not when I have no use for it.

You're asking too much.

I only have myself to blame for this.

Happy Ghost! Please!

Fine, I'll do it! Just for old time's sake.

How about we arrange a couple of passwords?

What passwords?

Once I hear the words “I love you”,

I shall transmit the powers to you.

What if I want to deactivate it?

I'll take it back when you say “Sorry”.

I love you!


Happy Ghost...

I love you!


I'm abnormal again!

Teacher's coming!


Teacher, you're late.

We're now in the finals.

I've said it before. You'll win as long
as you have confidence in yourself!

We'll be losing for sure. Look!

It takes tactical strategy to win.
Not just brute strength.

Relax! If you girls are really in trouble,

I'll use my super-natural powers to help you out.

Super-natural powers?

I'll get up there and help
you with my powers later.

Just concentrate on the game. Now go!

St. Elegance is good! St. Elegance is great!

St. Elegance is good! St. Elegance is great!

St. Elegance is good!

Out of bounds! Bravo!

Shantung! Shantung overwhelms!
How can the referee misjudge like that?
He's cheating!


We didn't even touch the net!
How is this possible?

Shantung! Shantung overwhelms!


I love you!

I love you!

Is it possible that the teacher
really has these powers?

It must be!

Mr. Hong is awesome!

Go for it!

I love you!

Go for it!


I love you!

What did you say?


I love you!

You love me? At my age?


Are you trying to seduce my wife, punk?

- Are you trying to seduce my
mother-in-law as well? I'll kill you!
- Sorry!

I'll kick your ass!

Where's the teacher'?

What's wrong, sir?
Take it easy!

I love you!

What did you say?

Sorry, it's nothing!

I love you!

Stop shouting the words
“I love you” in a public place!


Mr. Hong's powers are marvelous!

We'll win this time!

We'll win!

We're going to win, Mr. Hong!

I love you!

Sorry, Mr. Hong'!

It was all my fault.

The principal has taught me a lesson.

I'm really sorry.

It's no way to treat a co-worker like that.

I'm really sorry.

You can say anything but never say sorry.


The principal has asked
me to say “sorry” to you

On an added note,
my nephew has been rude to you.

I'm really sorry!


What is this superpower tactic?

Our teacher never taught us that.


Forgive me, Mr. Hong!

I've already forgiven you. Now, stop following me!

I love you!

I don't deserve your love.

I'm sorry for the things that I've done.

You're provoking me!

If I've provoked you,

I'm really sorry.

Fine...come with me to the washroom...

Take your time with the apologies.



We've won!

Mr. Hong, we've won!
It's all thanks to your powers!

I didn't use my powers to help you girls!


You won the game with the
best of your own abilities.

We did?

With our own abilities?


Congratulations, Mr. Hong!


Uncle Tang!


Welcome back!


Do you notice anything different about me today?


Good morning, sir!

Good morning, class!

Starting from next week,

I will stay behind and tutor everyone after class.

So be prepared for your exam!

If your marks are good,

I'll take all of you out for
camping in the summer.

Now sit down!

Mr. Hong is back!

Mr. Hong!

Swimming is so difficult!

Never fear!

We've got a coach for you.


Since we don't want to be the third wheel,
we'll be leaving now. Bye!

Pretty surprising to see
the girls with good results.

You've taught them well.

No, they've tried their best!

So I'm taking them out for
a camping trip tomorrow.

I hope you could join us.

It'd be my pleasure!

How come those people took our seats?

Give me a minute and I'll make them go away.

Don't do it! Remember what happened last time?

This time is different because...

I love you!

You're sitting in our seats, buddy!

So it was you who made us unemployed!

Now he thinks our beating wasn't
good enough last time. Get him!


Mr. Hong, why did you...

I've been weight-lifting these days.


It's the summer holidays!
Let's give cheer and applaud!

Let's all sing aloud together!

Let's dance all night and party on!
Sing and dance to get the party started!

My mind is filled with delusions.
I wish I could fly up to the skies.

As free as a bird.

Everyday is a happy day.

Today I seek my sunshine
for the sake of my ideals.

Even if I fail,
I'll try harder to achieve my goals.

My dream is not to be an artist,
a writer or a musician.

I want to be a philanthropist. Why is that?

That's because as a philanthropist,
everyone's a millionaire.

New stars break out everyday.

They all shine upon us.

We leave school not knowing
our paths in the future.

We can't stay together forever.

We must aim high as we step into society.

Let's all go together

so we can find our path!

Today I seek my sunshine
for the sake of my ideals.

Even if I fail, I'll try harder
to achieve my goals.

It's ideal to become a doctor.


Because there is customer
complaint in every profession.

But when a doctor kills his patient,

they won't come back to leave a complaint.

Are you okay?

Hurry up and clap your hands for me!

Why aren't you dancing, teacher?

Yeah, why don't you ask Ms. Lo for a dance?


This big fellow's coming
here without an invitation.

Let's just neglect him!

Hurry up and ask Ms. Lo to dance with you!

No, she has a boyfriend.

Don't be shy! It's fair competition!

Don't you remember our club's motto, Mr. Hong?

Struggle for our ideals in life!

Struggle for our future!

Struggle for your happiness and love!

Yeah, Mr. Hong! You've got our support!

Now go and ask her! Go!

The tanned skin shines with summer sweat

in this crowded beach.

But I feel cold as I shiver with a forced smile.

Like a cold wind blowing at every corner.

Let's go, Mr. Hong!


She said she'll love me forever.
But who does she love now?

I don't blame her for taking the sun away.

But I'll blame her for taking my heart away

and leaving the tears behind
for the rest of my life.

I cry out my loneliness! My loneliness!

I blame myself for dwelling on her.

I knew the outcome.

Why did I let myself become a tool?

Great !

I cry out my loneliness! My loneliness!

I angrily blame it all on her.

From then on, I hold my tears and wished

that I could live in pain forever!


The tanned skin shines with summer sweat

in this crowded beach.

But I feel cold as I shiver with a forced smile.

Like a cold wind blowing at every corner.

It's up to you now, teacher!

You've got our spiritual support!

Sit down! Sit down!

She said she'll love me forever.
But who does she love now?

I don't blame her for taking the sun away.

But I'll blame her for taking my heart away.

Ms. Lo!

I cry out my loneliness! My loneliness!

I blame myself for dwelling on her.

I knew the outcome.
Why did I let myself become a tool?

I love you!

I told you not to say that out loud in the public!

I'm blushing!


From then on, I hold my tears and wished

that I could live in pain forever!

.L love...

I'm warning you! Don't say it anymore!

Then I'll wait for you inside.
You scoundrel!

I knew the outcome.

Why did I let myself become a tool?

I cry out my loneliness! My loneliness!

I angrily blame it all on her.

From then on, I hold my tears and wished

that I could live in pain forever!

The tanned skin shines with summer sweat

in this crowded beach.

Hurry up and think of a solution!

But I feel cold as I shiver with a forced smile.

Like a cold wind blowing at every corner.

Only because she vanishes with my warmth and

leave behind a shed of tears today.

She said she'll love me forever.
But who does she love now?

Mr. Hong, I won't feel
comfortable if I don't say this.

Even though I know you won't fall for me but...

I love you!

So for my sake, don't lose!

But I'll blame her for taking my heart away

and leaving the tears behind
for the rest of my life.

I cry out my loneliness! My loneliness!

I blame myself for dwelling on her.

I knew the outcome.

Why did I let myself become a tool?

I cry out my loneliness! My loneliness!

I angrily blame it all on her.

From then on, I hold my tears and wished...

Are you alright?


What? Let's go! C'mon!

Darn! I've forgotten my camera!

Mr. Hong, your legs are longer.
Could you get it for us?

I'll get it for you.

I've been tricked again!

Wait for me! Don't go yet!

Goodbye, teacher!

You brats still have the
urge to trick your teacher!

Look behind you, teacher!

Mr. Hong!

We love you, teacher!

Then why did you leave me behind?

Mr. Hong!

Ms. Lo!

You're here at last!