Ka Pae Ranasingam (2020) - full transcript

♪ Oh, you flying creatures,
the hungry herds ♪

♪ searching for some prey in hand,
in this sterile land ♪

♪ To feed your people,
you went on to sell your own pupil? ♪

♪ You gave up all the goats in hand,
to graze camels on this desert land? ♪

♪ Near and dear are moaning
with tears not done... ♪

♪ will it all be heard
beyond the big ocean? ♪

♪ Oh, you flying creatures,
the hungry herds ♪

♪ searching for some prey in hand,
in this sterile land ♪

♪ Kith and kin back in town
stand together ♪

♪ Lamenting and looking forward
to life another ♪

♪ Wife rifles through that gone
husband’s shirts ♪

♪ children try to make those foreign dolls,
their friends ♪

♪ The soil we thrived upon
didn’t chase us out... ♪

♪ but poverty does ♪

♪ Oceans never divided us
but money does, thus ♪

♪ Crows are flying out and
clouds are moving about... ♪

♪ would we find ourselves out too,
beyond doubt? ♪

♪ Oh, you flying creatures,
the hungry herds ♪

♪ searching for some prey in hand,
in this sterile land ♪

♪ To feed your people,
you went on to sell your own pupil? ♪

♪ you gave up all the goats in hand,
to graze camels on this desert land? ♪

♪ Near and dear are moaning
with tears not done... ♪

♪ will it all be heard
beyond the big ocean? ♪

♪ Oh, you flying creatures,
the hungry herds ♪

♪ searching for some prey in hand,
in this sterile land ♪

It's been long since he has called.

Granny, how's the water supply?

The supply is really scarce.
Go and get it sooner.

Dear, you were fast asleep.
I didn't want to disturb, so I came earlier.

Leave the cart behind.
I'll get home once they're filled.

I'm yet to do Maayi's laundry.

She'll be heading to college
tomorrow, right.

I'll buy detergent on my way home.

You fill it up
and leave them behind...

I'll bring back the cart.

Why do you have to
take all the responsibility?

Moreover, you've been
spoiling her too much.

She's old enough.

Instead of doing her own laundry,
she's being playful.

Mother-in-law, I asked her
not to do the laundry.

Get off her back.

She can't keep up these antics
when she gets married.

Or do you have plans of going there
with your husband and share her chores?

Just wait and watch mother-in-law.
Not just in our house...

but even at her in-law's
she'll be treated like a Queen.

-Selvi, sister!

Once mother-in-law is done
with filling it up, give me a call.

I'll pick up the cart.

You're very lucky, dear.
Your daughter-in-law is an angel.

But my daughter-in-law is a witch.

There's no water to even wipe our asses.

But she doesn't fail to dive into make-up.

What's it called,
Tak-tak or Tok-Tok?

She's hooked on to it,
dancing her ass off.

she's a curse to the family.

Shut up, already!

Not enough, there are problems at home,
we have to endure it here too.

We're not here
to listen to your problems.

Fill up your pots and leave sooner,
instead of yapping about your problems.



Why are you sleeping out here?
Please get inside and sleep.

It was raining. I lost track of time
and dozed off.

Damn, I even forgot
to do the laundry.

In Ramanathapuram...

-it never rains though,
-Come on, dear.

it just drizzles all the time.

No one ever out here
has got drenched in the rain.

But surely they're drenched in
the sweat of hard-work and loss.

Father-in-law, please have lunch.

I'll have lunch later.

The electricity company
has fired 5 men from our village.

They used them to build the company.

Now that works is done.
They fired them.


All the neighboring villages have come together
and formed a council.

I'll go and attend the meeting
and see what comes of it.

Thank god,
my husband's working abroad.

If only he was here...

I doubt he would've suffered
'cause of the company,

but I'm sure the company
would've been doomed 'cause of him.


In regards to ear-piercing ceremony,
ask my father to speak to the seer.

Sure, I'll inform him.

Your father will be there too.
I'll discuss with him.

If my son calls...

ask him to inform the folks
about the maternal uncle's rituals.

Sure, I'll make sure to remind him.

I've already spoken to them.
But it'll be great if he does too.

-Sure, I'll ask him to speak to them.

Okay, dear.

Hey, Azhagi. Don't put up your price.
At least say bye.

Sister-in-law is right outside.

-I don't care.

I said leave. Go!

She's like a sister to me too.
I'll handle her.

-Stop being a drama queen.

Fine, I'm leaving now.
I'll come again tomorrow.

Wow, did brother send goodies?

Maayi, dear.
All your stuff is in the small bag.

Sister-in-law, getting all dolled up...

for the video call with my brother is it?

Sweetie, shall we see what gifts
has dad sent for us?

Sister-in-law, I can't find
what I had asked for?

-What did you ask for?
-I had asked for a cellphone.

Brother had promised to
buy me a cellphone.

Maayi, there's no cellphone.

Keeping our current situation in mind,
cellphone is an unnecessary expense.

Isn't this TV an necessary expense?

Or this saree was a fruitful purchase?

Maayi, elders in this house
know what's best for everyone.

Your job is to just get good grades.

I've always scored well
without anyone's help.

I'm well aware of my responsibilities.

She has no other job,
but to lecture me all the time.

Mind your words!

Don't show your arrogance to her.

She's been like a sister to you.
But you're being mean to her.

I don't want anyone to show empathy.

I have the right to ask
for gifts from my brother.

Who is she to come between us?

I'll whack you with the broom.
If you don't mind your words...

I'll rip your mouth apart.

Women in general
always influence their husbands...

not to be of support to their families.

But this angel,
is slogging herself for this family.

You're demeaning her.

Let your brother come down.
I'll ask him to straighten you up.

please stop fighting with her.

Does this mean,
I don't matter to this family?

Does she make the rules in this house?

If I don't matter to you people,
it's better that you kill me.

-Or I'll commit suicide.
-Please do!

Die, damn it!

You're of no use.

Mother-in-law, please calm down.

She's being silly and you're not
helping in making it better.

Maayi, come on, let's go shopping
for baby's earrings for the ceremony.

Let's go, dear.

I'm not going anywhere.
Anyways, no one likes me though.

Don't be silly, dear.

You're everyone's favorite in this family.

Come on.

Dear, Maayi Azhagi
is not to be seen anywhere.

She must be around. Check again.

-Please check.
-I've checked everywhere. She's missing.

You continue looking for her.
I'll join you soon.

Where are you heading?
Everyone has arrived.

Maayi Azhagi,
it's getting late for the ceremony.

She's turning a deaf ear to me.

Hey, where are you headed?

I'm going to get my mother.

-Bring Maayi along on your way back.
-Sure, I will.


-I'm going to shove it in
-His mouth...

Hey, he doesn't have teeth,
but he's here to eat meat.

The ceremony is about to start...

you're the aunt
but you don't seem to care.

I came here to be alone. Get lost.

-As if it makes any difference.
-I totally understand.

I came to offer my company,
'cause you're alone.

I'm not in a mood
to entertain your company.

Please leave.

Fine, I'm leaving. Looks like
she only learnt the word "go".

The gifts look fancier
than you expected.

Give it a rest folks!

-My dear, Ariyanachi.
-Yes, father.

Auspicious time is running out.
Let's finish the ear-piercing ritual.

Are we at the right place?

-Look, his name is on the banner.
-You're right.

Let's ask her.


I'm here to meet Ranasingam's family.

I'm his sister.
Tell me what's it regarding?

That's it, dear.
We're almost done piercing.

Don't cry my sweetheart,
please don't cry.





-Kasi, what happened to her?

Didn't I ask you to bring her
with you?

-Go and get her.


Maayi, what happened?

-What happened, Maayi?
-What happened, dear?

What happened?
Come on, please tell us.

Come on, please tell us what happened?

-Maayi, what happened?
-What happened, dear?

Did someone say anything to you?

What happened, Maayi?

Ariyanachi, I think she's possessed.

Why are you
throwing away deity’s offering?

Come on, tell me.

It's about brother...

What about your brother?

Come on, speak up, damn it.


Brother is no more, mother.

-Are you serious?
-What are you saying?

Are you serious?

Our family's lucky charm is no more.

-Oh, no!
-What is she even saying?

I don't understand what she's saying.
Please explain.

Sir, please inform them.

Folks, please brace yourself.

And listen to what I have to say.

It's about Ranasingam's job in Dubai...

he protested against
the Government of Dubai.

There was a clash between
the Police and the protestors.

Including Ranasingam,
14 others were killed in that riot.

Oh, my god!

My dear, Ranasingam!

Their Government will be
sending a fax to us.

Constable, please give them the letter.

Councilor, this is the FIR copy
sent by them.

The other details of the case
will be sent to our Police station shortly.

Once we receive it,
I'll bring them to you myself.

Contact Ranasingam's travel agent
and prepare to claim his dead body.

Has everything come to an end?

I'm not sure about it.

Neither the folks around me
are aware of it.

I wish whatever I heard
shouldn't be true.

never takes false pride in things.

Neither being less fortunate
has stopped him.

Only when we sacrifice what we
love the most...

people tend to like us.

But my husband Ranasingam was loved
by the people.

A Politician always takes the credit
after the issue is resolved.

My buddy will get it resolved.

And I'll take credit. Just shut up!

I got here first.

Everyone remain calm.

-Everyone, please stay calm.
-Hold on folks!

Please stay calm.
I said, stay calm!

He's not a leader!

But people always pay heed to his word.

That's how I met my husband Ranasingam
for the first time.

There's no water in the
entire district of Ramanathapuram.

The water pipe laid by the government
runs through your village.

If you break the pipe midway...

how do our people or 8 villages beyond it
will get water?

If we don't come to terms
with sharing the water...

then how do we
expect the same from other?

As you know a lot, why don't you
contest in elections and become MLA...

then build individual pipelines
for each village.

-Which grade did you pass out?
-I passed out 5th grade.

No wonder politics piques
your interest.

It's not possible for us to reign in power
in order to take care of our problems.

Instead we'll question the people
in power.

Your regard sounds good though.

There's no one here
to stand up against the government.

The ones present are indulged
in violence and useless activities.

The rest of the bunch is glued
to cellphone with social media and tik-tok.

Folks who couldn't find a job
have gone to abroad.

Stop finding faults in others.

Why don't we get together
and question the government?

If we hesitate to question our rights...

then when the time comes for the real deal,

most of us would be dead
longing for water supply.

If that has to happen,
all the villages has to come together.

People who don't turn up for the protest
shouldn't be given water.

-Sounds great. Shall we do it?
-We shall!

Now let's drop the fight
and share the water supply.

First let her take her share.
She has to go to the school.

-Okay, Ranasingam.
-Maayi, let's go.

My husband, in order to gain
people's trust...

can talk for hours,

also can step down in silence.

He was a sweetheart of the people.

And similarly, he became my sweetheart too.

They're here.

Buddy, over there.

Dad, are they really accurate about
finding these streams?

Yes, dear.

Back in the day,
we didn't have Engineers or machines.

Even the scholars were not accurate.

But he has always been very accurate
about finding the source of water.


Welcome, Mr.Dubai return.

-For this, he came down from Dubai?

No, it's his uncle who's from Dubai.

Welcome, son.

Oh, so he's a dummy Dubai return.

You're right,
I'm a dummy Dubai return.

But the shades are originally
from Dubai.

Did you see that?
It's to protect us from the dessert heat.

Sorry for the delay. I was not able
to find the copper wire.

Don't worry about it.

As there are no rains...

folks from the surrounding villages
have moved out looking for job.

But I've decided to stay right here
as far as I am alive.

Sir, tears remain the same
for everyone.

We have to decide,
if it's for happiness or sorrow.

Just like your generous heart
this land will become fertile.

Glad to hear that.

Dear Lord,
hope we find the source sooner.

Guide us well.

Dear lord!

-Shall we begin?
-Sure, go ahead.

-Let's go.

Water please coming.


Where are you?

Buddy is the water coming?

-Is it this way?
-Yes, go ahead.

Let's go.

Dear Lord, please bless us with water.

That's the wind direction,
it's just going to be air.

-Fine, we'll head this way.

Sure, let's go.

-Give me the chain.
-Sure, hold on.

-The one on your neck.
-Sorry buddy.

-Here you go.
-Remove the stupid shades.

-I'm used to it.
-Since when?

Ten minutes, since you gave them to me.

Without shades
eyes are going to burn out.

The heat is unbearable.

It doesn't look like a agricultural land.

-More of a desert--
-This side is not lucky.

Our luck is strong,
we're going to find a river.

Have faith!

We're going to find it.

What's it buddy?

Let's go.

Are you looking for the water source
or inching the land?

Come on, tell me.
Where are you taking me?

Why are you moving zig-zag
like a snake?

Check if that girl is looking
over here?

You're right
she's looking over here.

That's why we couldn't find the source.

Listen girl, please turn around.

What is it?

Do we have to stick to this place
or we can check elsewhere too?

You're only to look at our place.

That's why we have hired you people.

She's speaking as if
she offered us a government job.

Tell her we'll find the water.

We're going to find the water.

Brother, we've been waiting.

Buddy, don't get distracted.


-Why is he dancing?

He must've found the water source.

-This place!

Thank goodness,
lord has blessed us with water.

-Pray to the god.
-Thank you lord!

Why is he drawing a huge circle?

-Tell me.

If we dig for 150ft. we'll find water.

The water bed is good
and suitable for farming.

I'm very happy
and I appreciate the work.

If only we don't the water source...

then you'll have to deliver water
to our farms.


He's an expert in finding the water source
in this entire district.

If you don't trust us,
then let a cow enter the field.

It'll graze around
and finally land into this circle.

It's 'cause the water flow
is right beneath it.


So, even the cows
are aware of the source?


Then why do we require a
Dubai return for this job?

-It's nothing but--

it's not a hobby to play around.

I didn't lie,
you'll definitely find the water source.

If you find the source, then you'll
have to bring water to our house.

That's awesome buddy.

-If you do it daily--
-What is Ariyanachi saying?

Oh, Ariyanachi is it?

-It's about the water--

Nothing much dad,
I told him this is a very good job...

then why is he working abroad in Dubai

rather stay back
and continue doing this.

-This is how you respect a guest?
-She didn't mean to disrespect.

There's enough opportunity out here.
There's no need to move to abroad.

She definitely made a point.
Am I right, Ariyanachi?

You speak wisely, my son.

I've seen him speak well
at the gatherings.

We need people like you.

Once I'm done constructing the well,
we'll meet in person.

Oh, no! Don't take me wrong.

Dad made the deal.
It's better you pay him.

I'll surely meet him person.
But you take this money.

Dad must've done it as a favor too.

It's better you discuss with him
and sort it.

I'll take a leave. Thank you.

-Okay, son.
-Ariyanachi, bye.

Buddy, at least should've taken 100 bucks.
We could've had tea.

What if your dad asks for
the money?

This job is free for Ariyanachi!

Let's wait and watch,
if we can find the water source.

why don't you explain to us?

Greetings to one and all.

I just returned after discussing
with the folks of Punavaasal.

If that's done,
there's nothing new to discuss.

Just 'cause their village
falls first on the pipeline...

they're very rude to
the other villages.

If we stop the transport to their village,
they'll be on track.

I'm not supporting either of the party.
I'm a neutral negotiator.

Let me put it in simple terms.
Instead of saving scarce rain water...

along with the overflowing water
from Cauvery,

according to the land degradation
and river restoration scheme

we'll appeal to set scheme in motion.

Also, we've protested
many times in regard to this.

Moreover, our lands are
sucked dry and turned into desert...

we have to destroy
the mesquites plants infecting our lands.

As it's a common problem.
We'll have to stand united and protest.

That's the purpose of this meeting.

-Are you serious?

Our only hope for survival are
those mesquites plants.

If not for it, we won't be able to
afford our daily meals.

If we destroy them, then everyone
has to beg at the bus stand for food.

Fifty years ago
there were no mesquites plants.

It's an international breed
and it's poisonous.

It doesn't matter
if it's poisonous or not...

we care less about it, Ranasingam.

That's our staple now.

Find a better way to tackle this issue
than destroying those plants.

You're just concerned
about the current survival.

But the soil should remain fertile
for our future generations too.

Even if there's water supply,
no one's ready to take up agriculture.

Even graduates like me are
struggling to find a job.

The electricity company is
offering us jobs.

Why should we protest?

There are more than 2.5 lac graduates
unemployed in this district.

-Do you folks agree?

How many jobs do you think
the electricity company can offer?

May be 3000 or maximum 5000 jobs.

Or let's just take it,
10,000 jobs. What next?

Later, when our people demand a hike,
they'll fire us.

They'll employ their own people,
leave us in despair.

He's absolutely right.

It's our people who are suffering
for an ounce of water.

Do you think my generation
hasn't seen fertile lands?

We were a little lethargic
and let the ground level water run dry.

-Yes, sir.

As you've come in person to invite us...

Mezhathoval folks will join you
in the protest.

-Do you folks agree?
-Yes, we'll join the protest.


Hey-- Hey, dummy Dubai!


Mr.Stream, please stop.

I said, stop. Damn it!

Hey, you saw a lady standing alone...

but you don't have the
courtesy to check what's wrong?

-Tell me
-You were standing alone.

I thought you were waiting for someone,
so I kept minding my business.

How would I know
you were dying to meet me?

Don't flatter yourself.

As if you're
an irresistible Casanova.

And all the Queens in the world
are in line to meet you.

Weren't you restless and impatient
to meet this Casanova?

Who told you that
I was restless and impatient?

You conned my dad
with the water source and took his money.

I'm here take back that money.

Give me my money back.

Did you just say I conned your father?

Yes. I'm not a fool like my father
to believe in your antics.

Look mister, it'll be better
if you actually prove your theory.

If you fail to do so,
then return the money.

Fair enough!

To check the existence of stream,
I'll need some equipments.

I'll first get them
and then inform your father about it.

After which you continue to wait for me
standing alone out here.

I knew you'll give me lame excuses.

Aren't these the pieces of equipment
you need to check the stream?

Hold them.

Here you go.

Here is the pot...


and then your main equipment.

Finally, water.

Now go and find that water stream for me.

There's no water in this area.

It's possible only if it rains.

Fraud-- You're a fraud.
Give me back my money.

I never took the money.

You dad must've taken money
from my father. Return that money.

What is it?

-You want to see the water, right?

I'll show it to you.
Hold this bottle.

My lord, please let this fool be
my future wife.

Hey, hey, hey... hold on.
What are you holding? Show me that.

Come on, show it to me.

Not this, open your fist.

I said, open it.

Come on, open your fist.

Thought as much.

Hey, be careful with coconut.

Hold your horses.
Let me tie my veshti.

Hey, how come the coconut
didn't stop but you did?

What the hell are you doing?

Didn't you see coconut going up?

That infers that water is up in the sky.

Fraudster, you're caught red-handed now.

My father was naive to believe
a fraud like you...

and sold all my jewels saved up
for my wedding and now digging a well.

I'm going to take care of him later.

I'm going to--

Hold on!

Give me that.

-Listen, girl...

if your father finds the water stream
inside the well he's digging at the moment.

I'll return the jewels
and a wedding chain. Will you marry me?

Why not? I'll marry you.

I'll complaint to the Police
and get you handcuffed.

He's getting too cheeky.


My dear, Ariyanachi.

It's going to rain now.

You can file a complaint
once the rain stops.

Now come and stand beside me.

Did you say, rain?

Hey, you never change, do you?

It's scorching hot
and you're expecting it to rain.

If I come stand beside, are you going to
push the rain with your hands?

Get lost!

How do you expect me to push the rain,
if it won't fall on me?

You're kidding me, right?

You're saying that
on your side it won't rain...

but it will rain 10ft. opposite
to your side.

Hey, if even it drizzles a drop...

I'll get married to you.

If at all it doesn't rain...

then you should stop
finding streams for people.


-I swear I won't find streams if I lose.
-Let's see.

You're caught red-handed!

♪ Oh, little lassie,
one with a razor sharp nose ♪

♪ shall I ask you something,
my sweetie? ♪

♪ Does your heart care for me?
Shall I take a peek into your heart? ♪

♪ I’ll feel the flow if you allow,
will you? ♪

♪ Oh, little lassie,
one with a razor sharp nose ♪

♪ shall I ask you something,
my sweetie? ♪

♪ Is there a drop of love
soaking anywhere for me in you? ♪

♪ I’ll feel the flow if you allow,
will you? ♪

♪ Without knowing if I’m worthy,
just don’t be so cruel to me ♪

♪ I’m not that average man,
who belongs in the ‘to-be-teased’ clan ♪

♪ Even if you decide to walk out,
from me, love won’t leave ♪

♪ no matter how much you boil aloe,
from within, water won’t leave ♪

♪ Even if you decide to walk out,
from me, love won’t leave ♪

My grandson sprained his back
since morning.

He's not able to bend or move.

He's suffering a lot.

I thought you were getting a wedding chain.

You look curled up like a prawn.

Are you planning
to tie the wedding chain on my leg?

My dear, I'm in dire pain.

For god sake,
please relieve me off this pain.

Sure, I'm going to relieve you.
I am definitely here for that.

But I have one condition.

Hey... where are you looking at?

I'm looking at your hand.

Thought as much.

Hey, can you see my face now?

Look at my face and talk.

How are you able to find the water stream
ruining under the earth?

And how did you know
it was going to rain the other day?

If you tell me the truth
without spinning stories...

I'll relieve you off your pain.

In order to find the water stream...

a current wave from my body
is passed on to the earth.

Similarly a current wave
from earth will enter my body.

It's hereditary and was passed on to me.

That's about it.

Oh, so you mean to say
there's current inside your body?

Oh, no!

Will I get a shock if I touch you?

Will I get a shock
If I touch here or here?

Mister, I didn't get a shock though?

Why are you screaming
when there's no current inside your body?

Why are you screaming?

♪ As far as I can see,
there’s not a single patch of green ♪

♪ Meadows are dry on this barren land,
amidst is a butterfly with life so grand ♪

♪ Even if the lakes dry up,
Babul trees bud and blossom ♪

♪ But if you give me up,
won’t my soul just succumb? ♪

♪ Your saree whirls for me,
and, my dhoti twirls for you ♪

♪ Thaali is all set in pure gold,
allow your neck to solemnly hold ♪

Oh, Lord, help me fix him.

That's it. It's fixed.

Hey, hereafter instead of being
arrogant be a modest person.

Hey! What did madam just say?

I'm not sure if you were
waiting for me the other day.

But today you came
all the way on your bike...

just to see me, right?

It's like men like you never change?

I was not raised well.
There was no one to discipline me.

Why don't we get married
and you can discipline me?

Please discipline me.

I shouldn't have
listened to those old hags.

I regret it now.

I thought you loved me?

The measurement for the
wedding chain is done.

Today I got the measurement for
the toe ring too.

All left is to book a wedding hall.

Shall we get it done,

Hey, let us know the wedding date.

Hey, Ariyanachi.

♪ no matter how much you boil aloe,
from within, water won’t leave ♪

-Vanakkam, brother.
-Welcome, son. Please come.

Seer, it was him who found
the water stream under our land.

His name is, Ranasingam.


I'm well aware of everything.

Take good care of our daughter.

It's an order from the god.

It'll be wrong not to follow the order.

If it's god's will
we can't say no to it.

Make it happen.

Sir, why did you summon me?

Nothing much,
you found us the water stream, right...

we found water after digging a well.

We wanted to respect your services
with the first pot of water from that well.

-Don't mention it.

Go ahead.

Dear Ariyanachi,
please give that water to Ranasingam.

Go ahead, dear.

-Praise to the Lord!
-Be careful, dear.

Thanks a ton for making it happen.

Listen, pour that water
into the temple's well.

Dear, you accompany him.

Dad, I don't want to go.

It's God's will.
Please go ahead.

You should never disobey god's will.
Please let's go.

If not, god will punish you.

It would've been great
if we were wearing garlands as a couple.

Why didn't your dad think of it?

Stop dreaming.

So, when shall we get married?

You can get married at your will.

Why are you asking
for my permission?

I'm asking my to-be bride.

Ariyanachi, please stop.

You left me behind.

I thought you have beauty queens
waiting in line for you.

Is no one ready
to get married to you?

They're just a crush nothing serious.

But we need someone
to settle down seriously in life.

Even the old hags have refused
to marry you.

But you expect me to keep smiling
and get married to you.

I'm not the one for you.

There'll be a day when you'll come
running to me to get married.

-Challenge accepted!

Listen, instead of day dreaming...

pour that water into the well
and get home safe.


You're concern for husband
before marriage is flattering.

Don't worry Ariyanachi.
I'll get home safe.

I really don't care
what happens to you.

Ariyanachi Ranasingam!

Hey, Ka.Pae. Ranasingam!

We'll protest until
we get the water supply.

Buddy, the Police is here,
shall I deal with it or you'll take care of it?

Ranasingam, we need to talk.

We'll protest until
we get the water supply.

Everyone calm down
and listen to your councilor.

-Tell me.

It's better you end the protest.
If not we'll have to step in.

Sir, our folks are protesting
for the sake of our village's problem.

I don't see a problem.

It's a law & order problem.
Public gathering is not allowed.

Law does state
for the public to stay united.

But you're saying otherwise.
I really don't understand.

Please understand.

Sir, why don't you understand.

You're asking to end the protest
for water supply.

If only the Collector comes down to meet,
the entire protest will come to an end.

Why don't you
explain the same to him?

For god sake end the protest.

We'll protest until
we get the water supply.

Ranasingam, we'll have to take action.

-We'll protest until we--
-Please end the protest.

We'll protest until
we get the water supply.

What the hell is happening?

Your village folks
don't seem to listen to us.

They're protesting
blocking the town road.

Aren't you the VO of that village?
Why don't you handle it?

As if they're not aware of it.

If not for just signing
their certificates...

no one will care to respect me.

So, respect is all that
matters to you?

Obviously, respect plays a vital role.

Aren't you the Inspector
of that village?

What were doing when such a huge crowd
was gathering for a protest?

Sir, we never knew about the protest.

Do you really think it's possible
to gather a huge overnight?

We'll protest until
we get the water supply.

We'll protest until
we get the water supply.

I don't believe that
she's here for the protest.

Watch, she'll come and sit next to me.

We'll protest until
we get the water supply.

We'll protest until
we get the water supply.

We'll protest until
we get the water supply.

We'll protest until
we get the water supply.

We'll protest!

We'll protest until
we get the water supply.

I'm a little busy with personal protest.

Please ignore whatever you see.

We'll protest until
we get the water supply.

Now I get it why you were saving
this space.

Carry on.

We'll protest!

We'll protest until
we get the water supply.

We'll protest until
we get the water supply.

We'll protest until
we get the water supply.

We'll protest until
we get the water supply.

Don't be sarcastic and arrogant to them...

then you'll end up in prison.

In spite of so many people around
you care for me is flattering.

Even If I get arrested,
won't you bail me out?

Vanakkam, Sir. I tried reasoning
they don't seem to understand.

They're very stubborn!

We'll protest until
we get the water supply.

Vanakkam, sir.

Tell me.

I was told you wanted to
meet me in person.

It's 'cause we believe the petitions
we file in your office doesn't reach you.

That's the reason we staged a protest
to lure you out.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

-What's your name?
-Ka. Ranasingam.

Ranasingam, I don't mind coming down
to meet in person.

Of course, it's my duty.

To understand your needs and woes
and convey it to the government.

But instead of considering me
as one of your own...

you see me as
a government official.

That's the issue at hand.

Of course, problem is everywhere
around the world.

Let us come to the point.

What should I do
to end the current protest?

We want water supply.

Ranasingam, making it rain
and agricultural harvesting...

is controlled by mother nature.

How's it going to help
by filing a petition to the government?

Pardon me, collector, sir.

If you clean the lakes and the rivers...

and impose land degradation
and water restoration schemes,

which will help the plants and trees
grow in large numbers.

We believe if that happens,
we're bound to get rain.

What's your qualification?

I'm qualified enough
to take care of my village and our folks.


One last time trust my word
and end this protest.

In two months,
I'll try my best to fulfill your demands.

I'll do everything what you would,
if you're in my shoes.

Thank you, sir. Thanks a lot.

-Shall we end the protest?
-Sure, we'll end it.

The Collector has agreed to
fulfill or demands in two months.

So, temporarily our protest
has been victorious.

If by chance, the demands
are not fulfilled in two months...

shall we gather
once again to protest?

We shall! We shall!

-We will gather, sir.
-Thank you, you can end it now.

-Keep moving.
-Don't you fear?


I asked, don't you fear?

When we know our rights,
fear loses its purpose.

When the authorities learn that
public is aware, then they'll fear us.

Then we can take them by surprise.


-Hey, Ariyanachi!
-My dad's calling...

Looks like your dad
doesn't have manners.

Why don't you ask him yourself?

About manners
or your hand in marriage?

-That's up to you.
-Keep moving folks.

Dear, please come over here.

Was the protest for water
or the girl?

-I don't hear you?
-Both are good. It's a victory.

How did you know
that my favorite color is red?

You're wardrobe is
mostly filled with red color.

It was obvious.

Fair enough!

What else do you know about me?

-Your bathing soap is, Hamam.
-Damn you!

How do you know that?

I noticed when you went to
buy the soap.

What else?

You like to wear glass bangles.

Pond's talcum powder is your favorite.

You're very fond of food.

You like sweets a lot.

What else...
You have five baby goats.

Then... you love cricket!

What else?

Obviously you like me!

Did I ever tell you?

I just assumed
as everything happened so fast.

Okay, tell me how did you
impress my father?

It is like...

whenever you fall in love with a girl
her father never agrees to it.

So, I pursued you both
at the same time.

He was easy to impress.

But you were acting pricey.

You're truly a magician.

I should be careful
while raising a family with you.

You don't have to be cautious.
You can trust me.

What will I get in return
for trusting you?

We can make babies until
you're tired of it.

Hey, brother...
what the hell are you doing?

I thought you wanted
to just speak to her in private.

Yeah, but...

I was tell her a secret.

Why would you do that in private?

Sister-in-law, come on, let's go.

You're my sweetheart.

Son-in-law hope your conversation
went well.

If you give me ten more minutes,
I'll be done.

-Come on, let's go.
-Don't you dare!

Hope the maternal uncles of both
to-be bride and groom agreed to it?

-We do.
-We do!

Sangili what about you?

I agree.

It's an auspicious Vilambi year...

on 5th of January

in the district of Ramanathapuram

Mudugalathur Taluk

residing in the Keezhathoval village

Kayamabu Udayammai's son,
Ka. Ranasingam is...

From the district and taluk of Mearpadi...

residing in Mezhathoval village.

Thirukannan Selvarani's daughter,
Ti. Ariyanachi

Between the 9:20-11:00 am

is the auspicious time fixed for the
wedding as per Kumbha-Lagna.

She has become a chatter box.

It's a sin if you don't drink
on auspicious occasions.

That's why I'm buying drinks.

-The bride has arrived.
-She is here.

My daughter-in-law is very beautiful.

Son, don't bend down
to wear the garland.

If you do then you'll be enslaved
to your wife.

As if it's different
if you wear it standing straight.

That's awesome, son-in-law.

You guys never learn from the experienced.

I have no clue about
whom to meet or what to do.

I've lost my dearest son-in-law
who was like a son to me.

To bring back Ranasingam's body...

we need to get a certificate from VO
and Thasildar confirming his residence,

also we need to attach
ID and address proof along with it,

and file a petition with the Collector.

After collector verifies the documents...

he'll forward it to,

Commissionate of Rehabilitation and
Welfare of Non-Resident Tamils in Chennai.

They will forward it to...

Ministry of Indian Overseas affairs
in Delhi.

They'll examine the documents
and forward it to the company in Dubai.

After that...

if there are no legal complaints
lodged on Ranasingam,

we can-- we can manage to bring back
his body in a month's time.

It will take one month?

I'm not even blessed to perform
the last rites to my son.

Please somehow bring back my son.

Please bring back my son to me.

Bhai, please do the needful.

There's nothing which
I can do in this matter.

You'll have to execute the entire process.

If you want to bring back
Ranasingam's body...

there'll be a sponsor
traveling along with the deceased.

We'll have to bear
the cost of his flight ticket.

If we calculate the expenses involved...

it will cost you around 3 Lac rupees.

Three lacs?

That's right.

It's not an easy process
to bring back a dead body from abroad.

This is the regular procedure followed.

If you're finding it hard
to arrange for money...

I have another option.

You shouldn't take it in the wrong sense.

That'll cost you 50,000 rupees.

If we inform our men
working out there...

they'll collect the body
from the government out there.

After which there's just one thing
left to do.

We should hire a lawyer
and get an affidavit...

you should sign a NOC (No Objection
Certificate) on 20 rupees stamp paper.

We can send the certificate
and the money to them.

Our men out there
will perform the last rites.

They'll either bury the body
or cremate it.

Who are you?
Who the hell are you to decide?

I don't care about the money...

I want to bring back
my husband's body.

My guardian angel should return.

Do you understand?
My guardian angel should return.


...dad, please don't give up
on my husband.

Dad, please don't give up.

Dad, please do something.

Whatever it takes,
I'll bring back my son-in-law.

No matter what it takes
I want to see him again.

Please do something, father-in-law.

Dad, please do something.

Hey, I heard,
Ranasingam's body won't arrive today.

They say it'll take a month
for it to arrive.

It was the same case with
Papanoor's Murugesan.

Bloody sinners, sent over his body
after six month.

The living room will be here.
They're about to finish it.

The kitchen will be over there.

Dad is out here,
please speak to him.

Here you go, speak to him.

-How are you? Did you eat?

My husband has done some good deed
or the other for the people...

to remain as a memory to them.

Only a selfless person can...

can make everyone happy.

It's the right thing to
give back her son.

It's impossible!

She has no rights over this child.

What will you do?

Partner, it's better you remain
a good relative.

Don't indulge in family matters,
it's better you leave.

Hey, don't you get it? Get lost!

-Let's go, son.
-Hey, take your hands off him.

Deepan, come over here.


Let go of me, mother. Let me go.

How dare you beat us up?

How dare you beat up our men
in our own village?


Let go!

Let go!

Stop it. Stop it, damn it.

Let go of him.



Partner, don't humiliate us
in front of my people.

Hey, it's hurting.

Hey, step aside.

Hey, how dare you beat up my son
and humiliate him?

I won't spare you, damn it!

Sir, they're lying through their teeth.

Not even a year is up
since my husband's demise...

but they've been torturing me
to give up the insurance money.

They even claimed that
he was not my husband.

Also they took away
my son from me.

I asked Ranasingam
to help him in this matter.

Sir, she's lying.

She's been longing for a
male companion.

If we question her,
she's threatening us with a henchman.

-Who are you?
-Deceased is my brother.

She didn't care
for the people in the house.

And indulged in the shameless act.


Hey, stop it!

Stop quarreling!

My daughter is telling the truth.

She betrayed my deceased son.

How can some one betray
the dead?

Anyways, that's your problem.

Only the wife has the right
to claim the Insurance money.

It's up to her to share the money.

How's that fair to us?

We took loans on interest
to send our brother abroad.

She enjoys strangers company.

They'll lead a merry life.

But we should suffer with
loan repayments.

Hey, keep you concern limited to money.

Don't you dare talk about sister.

What the hell will you do?
I will hack you down to death!

I will hack you down to death.

Hey, calm down people.

Don't forget that you're
fighting in front of a Police officer.

Their brother went abroad
for his studies and her marriage.

He never worried about
his wife or son.

Do you think he knew
about the money before his death?

If they'd knew about it.
They would've killed him earlier.

Listen, at the end of the day,
it's their family affair.

You're a third person don't interfere.


ask them hand over the money
which belongs to my sister and her son,

and let them take the rest
and do whatever they want.

Talking ill about my sister
and taking away her son...

if they do such things,
I will not stay silent.

Hey, what the hell will you do?

Hey, don't you understand?

Go. Everyone get out from here.

Everyone get out!

-Mom, let's' go.
-If you think you can getaway...

I won't spare you.

I don't mind dragging this matter
to the court.

I'll make sure to bring you
on the streets like a beggar.

I'm challenging you.

Let's see...

She's still screaming, send her outside.

I've encountered worse.

Hey, sign the papers
and return to your village.

If you try and indulge in something else...

I'll skin you alive.

Get lost!

Listen, your family won't agree
to Police station's oral verdict.

They'll definitely create problems
to take the money away from you.

It's better to
take this matter to the court.


Ranasingam, if you start solving
all the issues...

then what are we here for?


If you continue this arrogance...

one day I'll find a way to break it.

Get lost!

Ranasingam, please go.

-Yes, sir.

Has he finished passport verification?

He's not interested in going abroad...

he's adamant on doing agriculture.

He has never applied for a passport.

Brother how much is, 33 multiplied 28?

How much?

It's 924.

It's 927.

924 is the correct answer.

Buddy, I'm returning from
MLA's office.

I heard they're going to impose
144 rule in our village.


Why the hell are they imposing it?

Obviously, 'cause they're going to
announce there will be no sharing of water.

What will people do
if they hear about it?

They'll be outraged.

So, this 144 is a
preemptive strike on us.

Who are they to decide
what's good or bad for our village?

The person who passes this bill...

should bring his wife
and live out here.

Then he'll realize the pain of our women
who push water-carts for miles.

It's unfair to impose
curfew for demanding water.

Let them impose curfew,
we'll show them what we're capable of.

She's right about the matter.

They can't enter our village
asking for votes after doing such a thing.

If they do we'll kick the away.

You're right.
How long do we stay oppressed?

We'll challenge the Police's gun.

This haste and rage
is the reason for the oppression.

Government introduces schemes
for the bosses...

and we'll protest against it.

Then we drag the case
to the court.

We await hoping
that the court will serve justice.

They keep dragging the case at the court.

We'll eventually grow old.

The schemes which we rejected...

landed on our children
without our knowledge.

Am I right or not?

You think you can even touch them?

You'll still end up voting for them,
'cause he's from your caste.

Am I right?


In the name caste and religion
they'll write us off.

Like how they're keen on
defeating our purpose.

We should be well aware of
our needs.

-Tell me.
-I knew this would happen.

What happened?
You're cheerful all the time.

Why are you sulking now?

-They've ruined it.

Now, what about the wedding?

Doesn't matter, you just come home.

You're already my wife.
We don't need someone to officiate.

See, even you don't have any hope.

That was not my intention.

Give the phone to your father.
Don't cry.

-Tell me, son-in-law.

Do exactly as I say.

Ladies, stop right there.

Why are you out so late
in the night?

Do you think we're lurking around?

We need water.
May be you can fetch it for us.

We'll return home.

Always ready with excuses!

-We know that.

Did the collector
really asked you to meet him?

Yes. I had invited him
for my wedding...

he felt bad for not have attended
the wedding.

He wanted to meet us in person.
That's why I and my wife are here.

Sir has arrived.

Honey, is collector really your friend?

When the Police can be our friends,
why not collector too?

Don't you think collector
looks like Rajinikanth?

Good morning, sir.


Yes, sir.

-Got married?
-We got married last night.

-Why during the night?
-'Cause you imposed 144!

Curfew was in full swing.

So, wedding during the day
was impossible.

So we had to get married
in hiding.

It's a different case,
if I were a Govt. employee...

I can choose
to defer my promises.

-Hello, mister!
-For me, my word is important

Hold on!

144 was imposed for a different reason.

It was not meant to stall your wedding.

According to me,
promises should not be broken.

Doesn't matter
if it was said in private...

or it was said during a public meeting.

Ranasingam, there's no room
for excuses in this matter.

And everyone in the country...

are not as honest as you
when it comes to protest.

But the reality is different.

By the way, the time given
by the people is not over yet.

You will have your demands fulfilled.

I respect the notion
of fighting for your people.

-Congratulations on the marriage.
-Thank you.

All the best for your new beginning.

-I'll take care of this problem.
-Thank you, sir.

What's your name?


Shake hands.

-Ariyanachi Ranasingam.

What are you thinking about

Looking at your concern
in regards to people of this village...

I thought you took
equal care of your own family too,

and have been jobless.

I don't understand.

Hey, before indulging social service...

you should make sure your friends,
family and relatives are safe and sound.

If they're not happy...
Look here...

then make sure to tend
to their needs as priority.

You shouldn't let them starve
at the cost of people's welfare.

Who's been starving at this house?

Didn't you eat? Are you hungry?

Where's mom, dad and sister?

Mom and sister are staying at
aunt's place.

Dad's sleeping on the porch.

You and I are settled here
for an important matter...

So, we're the reason behind it.

Hey, before marriage
I used to sleep on the porch.

You can afford to sleep
wherever you feel like.

It doesn't look good,
if a young girl has to sleep elsewhere.

What is your problem?

Build a house which can accommodate
our entire family.


We'll start the construction tomorrow.


Hey, stop kidding.
I'm very serious about it.

I'm serious about it too.


I feel really proud of my wife, who cares
about the family on the wedding night.

Now, what I am about to say...

you might think I'm desperate
for the wedding night.


No one in my family
has ever thought about it...

nor have questioned me
about responsibilities.

This is the first time someone has
questioned me.

Now sit back and watch
things will set in motion.

Things which are supposed to happen...

should happen right away,
if not it'll be considered as a sin.

-What do you mean?
-Wedding night!

Isn't that supposed to happen
right now?

I think you didn't understand.

I understood it well.

But you don't seem to get my point.

Hold on a minute.

There's camera everywhere.
So, we gotta be careful.

You still haven't understood
my point.

People will talk. They'll accuse me
of chasing away the family.


-Who said it? Who dared to speak?
-Calm down.

Who the hell was it? Come forward.

Let me find out
who's talking behind my back.

When I don't let the problems
of the people slide...

I won't sit idle,
'cause it's my family matter.

That too it's a huge issue.

This has never happened in my family
during the wedding night.

I can't let this slide.
Let's find out who's the culprit.

Don't worry, sit down.
We'll discuss the matter in detail.

What happened Ariyanachi?

Sit down. Let's discuss.

Ariyanachi come on let's discuss.

-Hey let it go.
-Please, let's talk.

I said, let it go.
Let it go, damn it.


Is that all?

Why are you standing up?

It's 'cause I'm all riled up.

Doesn't matter anymore.

Listen, if I come to know
that you guys were being a nuisance...

I'll skin you guys alive.

Finish all the rites and disperse.

Okay, sir.

Let's go.

If Ellaisamy was present
this wouldn't be the case.

He would've never let it happen.

[Death Folk song]

Doesn't matter if the person
is good or bad...

their last breath should be
at their native.

No matter how much we earn,
we can't take it to our grave.

Doesn't matter if the person
is good or bad...

their last breath should be
at their native.

No matter how much we earn,
we can't take it to our grave.

Dad, open your mouth.

-Son, what is this?
-You've fed me all these years.

I feel like it, 'cause I'll be away.
Just this once.

Come on, mom.

Maayi, open your mouth.

You're such a cutie.

Open your mouth.

I thought as much.

Hey, if you wanted to feed your wife,
so be it.

Don't use us as an excuse.

-Dad, look what he's doing.
-He's going away, dear.

So, he's expressing his love
by feeding us.

You really believe him?

Mother-in-law, open your mouth.

-Hey, stop this nonsense.

He's being silly
and you're encouraging him.

-Give me that.
-Hold on, my mom made it.

Take it.

Here you go, mother-in-law.

-Send me a package to Dubai.
-Sure, I will send it across.

Wipe your hands.

Before I head to Dubai...

as your elder brother
I'm giving you an advice.

What is it?

If you're bored during your classes...

bunk college and watch a movie
at the theater.

That's a worst advice coming from
a brother.

Sister-in-law, look what he's saying.

-Are you crazy?
-She's going to do that anyways.

So, there's nothing wrong in it.

Dad, he's troubling me again.

Please take care of my sister.

We took good care of ourselves
even before your wife arrived.

Don't over do it.

He's irritating me, dad.

Let it go.
After all he's your brother.

Look, keep up this annoying face.

I don't want you
to start crying once I leave.

Look, you started already.

Why should I cry?

-I can see the tears rolling.
-I'm not crying.

-I won't cry 'cause you're leaving.
-Cry baby.

Sister-in-law, I'm going to beat him.

I swear,
I'm going to beat him up.

Calm down, dear.

-Kinsmen... please come over here.
-Dad, he's making me cry.

Let's go.

Nachi dear, go ahead...

go ahead and speak with son-in-law.

Go ahead, son-in-law.

Honey, why are you crying?

It'll take two years for me...

to see my child.

How can I just leave saying goodbye.

So, what else my dear, wife?

Listen, don't forget to have
your meals on time.


People say it's really hot out there...

please regularly take oil bath.

You're worried as if
I was living in a cold region.

Our village has been rated for being
the hottest region.

That's why electricity companies are here
to extract power.

Thought as much.

If Ranasingam doesn't counters
the responses...

the entire district of Ramanathapuram
will be depraved of him.

Didn't you say that you loved the way
I speak?

I did say.

Instead being beside during my pregnancy...

you're abandoning a pregnant women.

What should I say, when your kid asks
"Where's my dad?"

Do you not want me to go
abroad now?

As if, that's going to stop you from going.

Sir, where's the 6th booth?

Over there.

Madam, where should we submit
the petition for death certificate?

It's over there.

-What is it?
-We have to file a petition.

Please, sit down.

Who's Ariyanachi?

That's me.

I can't find any important documents.

Sir, we've attached all the documents.

There are no documents
which confirms she's deceased's wife.

Sir, it has photocopies
of Aadhar card and ration card.

Ration card won't even hold validity
beyond the state.

Validity of Aadhar card
is unknown to the court...

neither we're aware of it.

Even on passport it doesn't prove
that she's deceased's wife.

Her name was not added under
the spouse section.

If the documents provided
by you people leaves the country...

all of it will be invalid and discarded.

Sir, we didn't even take
a photograph on the day of the wedding.

As there were protests,
a curfew was imposed.

Even the wedding took place
during the night.

People abroad
won't agree with your stories.

In our country we have something called,
marriage certificate.

That's the only valid document.

If you have that,
please get it. If not please leave.

Sir, the deceased is my brother.

I'm his sister, you can take my word.

She's my sister-in-law.

Fine, then why don't you claim the body?

Bring me the proof which confirms
you're deceased's sister.

I'll issue the certificate.

Sir, we have no clue in how to proceed
with this matter.

Please help us.

Listen, I'm here to do my duty.

I'm not person
who fancies social work.

They get married illegally
and then trouble us with problems.


what exactly do you need?

Don't get angry.

If I agree to your claim
and relieve the dead body...

what if another lady comes forward?

And is she claims to be
the deceased's wife...

I'll be in trouble.

I can't be investigating
who's deceased's wife.

I'm not an undertaker.

It's annoying and has become
a routine every month...

claiming for dead bodies.

Is this collector's office
or a mortuary?

Okay, sir.

I'll return with necessary documents.

Come on, let's go.

-Vanakkam, sir.

Ariyanachi's husband...

I've already issued a certificate
that he's related to you.

What else do you want?

Sir, the collector's office
demanded for a marriage certificate.

I need a certificate to send Dubai
confirming I'm Ranasingam's wife.

Who advised you to approach
VO's office for this matter?

Bring me the person who advised you.

It's become a habit of them
pushing their work on to us.

Officials out there
has no clue about their jobs.

Listen, I have no authority
on this matter.

Even if I issue a certificate
it will be invalid.

Marriage has to be registered
at the Registrar office.

Or at least you should get
an affidavit notarized.

Only those documents are valid.

Please go and check back with
Collector office.

Tell me, madam. How can I help?

I'm here to get the marriage certificate
for my sister-in-law.

Do you have all the required

Sir, four years ago
the wedding happened in a hurry.

So, we don't have any proof.

Oh, love marriage is it?
Did you guys elope and get married?

Not an issue.
Do you have the wedding invitation?


Do you have a receipt of the
wedding hall?


Is there a photograph from that night?

Or you don't have that either?

How do you expect me to issue
a marriage certificate without any proof?

It's better you bring your husband
over here tomorrow morning.

I'll make it look that you got married
over here and will register it online.

You'll get your certificate in 15 days.

-Get me two fritters.
-Okay, sir.

Please make sure to bring 3000 rupees,
when you're here tomorrow.

I'll sort it out.

Sir, brother was working abroad...

and he died over there.


In order to bring back my brother's body...

we had visited collector's office.

But they've asked to submit
the marriage certificate.

So, your brother is deceased?

No proof of marriage neither the person is alive.
How can I issue a certificate?

As per the law, this is illegal.


the wedding took place
and I have a child from that marriage.

Sir, for god sake
please issue a certificate.

Please, sir.

I understand.

Legally issued marriage certificates
for the people who are alive...

itself has attracted lot of issues.

How can I issue an illegal certificate?

It won't work out. Please, leave.

Sir, we don't mind spending
more money...

but we need the marriage certificate.

Are you trying to bribe me?

-Shall I call the police?
-Sir, that was not my intention.

I was being courteous
because of your situation.

But you're bribing me. Get out!


Listen, there are lawyers
who are experts in these matters...

they can help you with your problem.
Go and meet them.

Uncle, Ranasingam's body
has been dispatched from Dubai.

Hello, I'm Vinoth from Ramanathapuram...

when was the body dispatched?

Do you have any idea
when it will arrive?

-Vinoth, is this news confirmed?

I know people out there.
Let me check with them.

Do you remember, Chandran?

Ranasingam's colleague.

He gave me the information.

Vinoth, who spoke from Dubai?

It was Chandran who informed me.

But, now he's not picking up the phone.

Now, who do we contact?

Once they're closer to the village,
we'll inform everyone.

-No idea, dad.
-Last time it was a chaos.

This girl's fate is cursed.

They've been torturing her soul
by delaying the process.

I wonder when this torture
is going to end.


call me if you need anything.

I'll be at home.

Uncle, if I hear from Dubai,
will inform you right away.

Give me that file.

I've already discussed with
Sub-Registrar office.

If you had paid me a day before,
we would've got the marriage certificate.

It took sometime to arrange the money.

Not an issue. Don't worry about it.

I'll sort it out in a week.

Let me know if you face any issues
in bringing back you husband's body...

I'll make the arrangements.

We can discuss
about the fees later.

Collector's office said marriage certificate
will speed up the process.

Collector's office
will always give you a hard time.

People who go abroad
to work from Ramanathapuram...

in the last decade
22,000 workers have died.


How many bodies do you think
they've claimed till date?

Sir, you're scaring me now.

Don't think I'm trying to scare you.

I'm telling you the truth.

But I don't think there's any issue.

As far as there are no issues,
I'm okay.

If there's anything else,
let me know.

I'll help you with it.

Sir, get this sorted as soon as possible.

It'll be done. Don't worry.

Sir, this is not Ranasingam.
This is not my friend, Ranasingam.

That's not him.

This is Mani from Dubai.

Tell me, Mani.

Ariyanachi, they won't dispatch
Ranasingam's body.

What are you saying?

Indian and Dubai officers took us
to the hospital.

They should someone else's corpse...

forced us to identify as Ranasingam's body.

-That's right.

But the company said he died in a riot.

Riots! It's a lie.
There were no riots.

A huge accident occurred at
the oil plant.

In that accident 15 of Bangladeshis,
Pakistanis and Sri Lankans died.

Don't believe in lies told to you
by the company or the Govt.

They won't even look for your
husband's body.

Don't let them getaway with it.

Don't tell anyone that I gave you
this information.

They'll fire me from the job.

Hello! Hello!

I've informed her everything.
Don't let them getaway with it.

Don't believe anything the company
tells you.

Hello, hello, hello!

What happened, dear?

What happened?

What happened?


He died in a factory accident...

but they lied to us saying,
he died during riots.

Buddy, you protested to bring change...

but now it's just reduced
to a wall without a voice.

Who informed that your brother
died in an accident at the Oil company?

He's my brother's friend who worked
with him at the plant.

Did he witness the accident?

Yes, sir.

That's what he said.

Is it possible to
talk to him over the phone?

If we confirm with him...

I'll check with our embassy in Dubai
and initiate an investigation.

Sir, he did mention one thing
when he spoke to us.

Not to bring up his name,
'cause he'll lose his job.

-For god sake, don't drag him--

in order for me to take an action,
I need a solid proof.

How do I get a proof...

Anything could've happened.

I'm not here to seek justice.

I'm here for my husband.

Sir, please for god sake,
help us in this matter.

We're here to help the public.

Please be patient.

Sir, we're being pushed around
for past 5 months.

They say, just like how you ignored
the fishermen issue...

you'd do the same
with my brother's matter too.

Who's been spreading this nonsense?

I agree, there might've been
rare instances of that sort.

The hardship of fishermen...

or their issues with the boats,

people are oblivious in how they overcome
these issues.

How'd they know about
government's involvement in it?

Don't confuse yourself.

Soon I'll come bearing good news.


-Who's at the door?

I'm here to meet Agent Ameer bhai.

No one lives here by that name.

-Hey, woman...
-Stop right there.

-Who are you?
-Why are you here?

-I'm looking for Ameer bhai...
-Don't make excuses.

Were you trying to break in and steal?

No, I'm not. My husband
recently passed away.

So, you're using your
husband's death as an excuse...

to beg on the streets with our child.

If you have to beg,
then go to public places.

Beg-- I'm not here to beg

Shut up. If you don't leave,
I'll arrest you.

This is a residential area.
People like you shouldn't be here.

Get lost!

Already there are too many
complaints registered under your name.

Let's go!

I'll meet you later tonight.

Okay, brother.

Why are you sitting over here?

Are you waiting for someone?

I came looking for you, brother.

I called you,
but you never returned my calls.

When I went to your office,
they said you never came to work.

That's why I'm here looking for you.

Mayapaandi, informed me.

I was caught up with work,
that's why I couldn't return calls.

Brother, my husband's colleague say
it was an accident.

Whereas, the Govt. offices are stating
another reason.

What exactly is the truth?

It is said, "A giving devil is better than
a non-giving God."

I have to speak to the officials
of that company.

That's why I came looking for you.

For god sake,
please tell me the truth.

I just finished my prayers.

If I lie, Allah won't spare me.

Please come, don't stand with a kid
under this scorching sun.

Please come.

God willing.

Your husband didn't die in a protest.

He indeed died in an accident.

But no one seemed to tell the truth.

I entrusted you before sending him abroad.

Where else do you expect me
to seek the truth?

I have to answer to bosses above me.

It's easy to crack the way of politicians.

But it's hard to crack the businessmen.

They'll make sure you don't.

They may be in Dubai,
but they surely pull my strings over here.

That's the power of corporate.

I'm just an employee.
Don't expect more from me.

If I have to continue doing my job...

I can't seek truth.

I'll advise the same to you.

Let's try to bring back Ranasingam's body.

The almighty will take care of the rest.

But one thing...

only you have the strength
to bring him back.

Honey, don't you have any sense?

I've told you a million times,
that I can't be without you.

You left your family behind...

did you ever think or
cared about your wife?

What do you want?

She's been cooped up since morning.

She's been starving since morning.

I want to serve her food.
Let me give it to her.

She's fast asleep.
You please leave from here.

Let me just check on her.

I said, please leave.

I'll take care of her.
You please leave.

-Listen, Ariyanachi...
-Honey, don't talk to me.

So, shall I leave?

Come on, tell me. Shall I leave?


don't leave.

Please hear me out.
Don't leave me.

Stay right here.

Hurry up, it seems he's heading
for a meeting.

Okay Brother.

Usually you don't turn up,
but how come you're here today?

Seems like you're aspiring to become MLA.

I heard you paid a visit to the minister.

Brother, you've misunderstood.

You're a political wizard.

How can I contest against you.

You'll be the permanent MLA
of this constituency.

People are trying to pit us
against each other.

Don't try to sass me with your antics.

There's nothing permanent.

And he's talking about permanent MLA.

Get to the point.

Brother, I spoke about it last week.

She's my sister, Ariyanachi.

She's my nephew Ranasingam's wife.

-Oh, the Dubai matter.

Ranasingam is family...

he always stands up for the people.

If not for Ranasingam,
he couldn't have become councilor.

He's boasting as if he was
rightfully elected by the people.

-Don't you agree?
-You're absolutely right.

You don't worry.

I'll be going to Madras
in couple of days...

I'll speak to the minister.

If possible,
I'll meet the Chief Minister too.

Sounds great.

Thanks a lot, brother.

Come on, let's leave.

-Sure, bye.
-Thank you.

-Hey, Councilor!
-Tell me, brother.

-Ariyanachi, please wait outside.
-Okay, brother.


Tomorrow, we're protesting
at Mudilathoor for water...

bring her along.

Brother, she's still mourning
her husband's death.

She's been struggling to bring back
her husband's dead body from Dubai.

Attending a protest will be difficult.

I know what I am doing.

If people see her with the kid
at the protest...

the news will go viral on social media.

That's how we can solve this matter.

Don't you think I care about my people?

Just do as I said.

Okay, brother.

Ariyanachi Ranasingam.

Hey, Ka.Pae.Ranasingam.

I'm feel lost with you, dear.

I'm not strong as before.

Agreed that you're alone and scared...

courage was your forte.

The word fear meant nothing to you.

You expect me to believe,
that you're scared?

I'm well aware of my wife's traits...

she's an embodiment of powerful goddesses.

Her name is Ariyanachi.

My love for Ariyanachi is unconditional.

I'm the lucky one
who get to spend my life with her.

If you don't believe me...

then take a look at yourself
in the mirror.

Today, you shouldn't leave midway
during our conversation.


You must think I've gone crazy,
talking to myself.

No, I didn't mean to.

You don't have to pretend.

I knew, you were at my door
last night.

And you lied about me
to mother-in-law.

I know everything.

People may think I've gone crazy.

But, speaking to my dead husband...

gives me peace.

Mayi, bring me your brother's shirt.

That's not happening.

Don't underestimate the power of a MLA.

I've spent 400 rupees per vote.

You guys favor
Chief Minister and Central Minister.

But you turn a deaf ear to me.

I'm the Chief minister of this village.

I'll make sure you can't
generate electricity from this village.

-Sir, hear me out...
-Hang up, damn it.

My beloved patrons of the village.

I welcome you all to this protest.

This protest will go down the history.

That's awesome!

When your came down
with the Electricity company proposition...

you promised to provide jobs
for the village folks.

Initially you pretended to employ them...

now you've fired them
and have employed North Indians.

I'm not going to sit idle
bear this atrocity.

I won't let this matter slide.

Hail, Chief!

This goes to the Central Government too.

Agree that you're
incapable of providing water.

I'll provide water to my people
from Ganga river at my expense.

You're incapable of providing water.

This woman has been widowed recently...

are you capable of resolving her issues?

Come on, tell me.

It's injustice.

Who should I hold responsible for her loss?

Central Government has deceived
the Tamizh people.

The food I've arranged
for the women folk is ready.

They'll return after their meal.

Ariyanachi. Listen, Ariyanachi.

Why are you leaving?

Brother, he's using me as a prop
for his greed.

Do you expect me
to pose for the pictures?

He's capable of convincing the minister--

I've seen Ranasingam protest
and I have been a part of it too.

Half the crowd followed once you left.

Brother, this crowd is not meant for me.

They came in to support Ranasingam.

I came, just 'cause you asked me to.

I never expected him to resolve my issue.

Dear. Ariyanachi, what happened?

Oh, god!


-What's it, dear?

My sweetheart.

Remember what your brother
mentioned earlier?


First, hear me out.

I can't focus,
when a pretty woman is beside me.

Tell me.

It's been two months
since we got married.

Two months?
Isn't three months the right time?

Nothing happened between us
before the marriage.

-How's it possible--
-Ranasingam, shut up.

All you do is talk...

can't you hear me out?

You're totally oblivious to
what's happening in the family.

Has anyone spoke to you?

Thought as much.

Your parents are proud,
'cause you stand up for the people.

You've impressed your family
just as the people of this village.

Hey, speak up, damn it.

When I speak you shut me off,
and when I don't you want me to speak.

What do you want from me?

Why are you beating around the bush?

Get to the point.

Look, you hold a diploma
in Chemical Engineering.

That too you passed out
with distinction.

You can put that to use...

and apply for a job
at the Electricity company.

If that doesn't work for you...

like your brother suggested,
try seeking a job abroad.

What is it now?

I'm thinking hard.

-We'll discuss later.
-Let go of me.

In this scorching heat...

ninety eight men are waiting in the line.

He's not going to listen to me.

Buddy, unlike you
I'm not cut out for hard work.

It won't suit me.


It's 'cause standing in long queues...

is the job of common people.

Politicians like me should
contest in elections and win.

Later, people will queue up to meet me.

What kind of logic is this?

Hardworking class like you
won't understand.

Shall I take a leave.

Folks, vote for me and make me
a councilor, soon.

Please stand in a straight line.

Hey, what is it? What happened?

You stay right there. Don't move.

Ranasingam, what are you doing?

Move aside. Come on, move.

Hey, move!

Hey, move aside!

-What the hell are you doing?
-Please move aside.

Damn it, can't you hear me?

What are you doing?

Sir, there's water stream running under.

Are you an astrologer?

We're a family of stream finders.

Then go and mind that business.

Sir, this is an exclusion land.
How did you get it registered?

Hey, mind your business.

Where's your superior officer?

Hey, can't you hear me?
Get lost from here.

Sir, sir, sir...

-Hey, get lost.
-Get lost!

-Sir... Sir...
-Hey, who are you man?

-I'm here for a job.
-Do you work here?

I'm here to apply for a job.

I was standing in the line.

I realized that the stream
is running strong under this land.

-Oh, really?
-The force is strong.

-There are many villages around.

stop staring and throw him out.

-Get lost!

-Get lost!

Sir, please hear me out.

It's a matter of many villages...

please hear me out.

It's not fair, sir. Please hear me out.

-Sir! Sir!
-Kick him out of here.


It was a huge issue.

But no one came forward to inquire
what happened to you.

It's really hard to make him understand.

Please calm down.

Do I sound bitter to you?

Tell you what,
it's sweet, keep talking.

-It will help me heal, keep talking.

Stop arguing with her.

First thing in the morning,
we'll make sure everyone knows about it.

What do you suggest?
Our people were vulnerable...

that company used it to their advantage
and bought the lands.

We're not alone to suffer
without the water...

everyone are sailing in the same boat.

Uncle, if we sit ducks,
we're the bigger fools.

Their kids will face the wrath one day too.

No one gives a damn, but you.

Why shouldn't I give a damn?

Our roots are right over here.

Dad, we've been living here
for generations, right?

This place is our haven.

They assumed these lands are parched
and sold it for pennies.

But now there's water.

Not just a midge.

That electricity company is using one lac
liters/day of water just to wash plates.

How do you expect me sit idle?

Weren't you worried about
our family's future?

Do you think your children's future
lies in America?

They'll shoot you at sight,
'cause of your skin tone.

You have no idea.

Son, I totally agree with you...

it's really scary to venture
into agriculture at the moment.

I'm getting older by the day.

I just have one daughter.

If I get her married,
I'm done with responsibilities.

Beyond this,
I have no use for agriculture.

Hunger is the deadliest disease
in the world.

Politics take full advantage of it.

No one desires to work abroad.

Everyone wishes to stay next to their family
and live a peaceful life.

It's not wrong to protest
or fight for the people.

But that'll starve my family.

This power plant did bring
some peace in our lives.

And there's a little hope.

Indulging in protests and
going against the government...

I'll lose the only job
I have at the moment.


Who is it against?
What is the purpose?

It's people's rule. And people are
at peace under our governance.

-Aren't you aware of it?
-I'm well aware.

What Ranasingam has to say is...

that two acres land
was an unauthorized land.

It is indeed.

Government can't create
job opportunities using it.

I'm sure you're aware how many
are unemployed in our village.

This scheme is introduced for them.

Think hard.

Do you think,
either you or me can employ 2000 people?

That's highly impossible.

Sir, your logic doesn't make any sense.

Employing 2000 people...

and leaving 50,000 farmers
stranded without resources is not viable.

Look, I get your point.

I'm the MLA of this village.

I'm well aware.
This is not just my decision.

There are many ministers and MP's
above me who makes this decision.

They're surrounded with
well-educated Civil service officers.

I believe we're not wiser than them.

Sir, doesn't matter who it is,
only water can quench the thirst.

If not, they'll die of hiccups.

Until the hunger exists
as a disease in this world...

agriculture will be
the highest form of business.

That's why, sir--

Awesome! It sounds great.

-It sounds great.
-Yes, he's good with words.

I'll discuss about this.

Protesting won't fetch us water right away.

Nor it will solve our problems.

-Stop with your nonsense.
-Shut up, sister.

-Mind your own business.
-Get lost!

She's incorrigible.

Ranasingam, you've been helping
the people to save this land...

but that has got you nowhere.

But the middle men in the process
made tons of money.

You were left high and dry, my dear.

You're married now.

Take good care of her
and lead a happy life.

He's over there.

Ranasingam, we've been looking for you

-Why are you sitting alone over here?
-What happened, honey?


You beat up ten men of their company.

They'll retaliate with hundred men
to hurt you.

If not, they'll take legal action
and the police will arrest you.

Listen, earlier,
when you used to stage a protest...

the FIR used to be filed under
huge group of people, including your name.

But this time,
only your name is filed in FIR.

The company you're up against
has power and money.

Sadly, the people who used to support
are not with you anymore.

So, tell me,
what is the purpose of your protest?

Ranasingam, I have more experience.

I'm advising you as a brother.

No matter what,
only our family will be there for us.

Look at your poor wife.

She was sick worried looking for you.

Dear, please make him understand
and take him home.

-I'll take a leave.
-Go safe!

-Honey, let's go home.
-You carry on. I'll come later.

You carry on. I'll come later.

What are you going to do,
alone out here?

Why are you so angry with your family?

I'm angry on myself.

Whenever I've asked people
to join a protest...

they always followed me.

Not sure what happened this time.

May be they didn't understand
the purpose.

I should've explained it better.

Look here, honey.

Since morning you met a lot of people.

But no one came forward.

I'm sure they won't even remember
you paid a visit.

Even the ocean might recede at times.

But the problem with this village
will never end.

They keep piling up.

You slogged, protested and
brought canal and ponds to this village.

For ages to come,
your name will go down in history.

I believe that's a pride to preserve.

Just like uncle stated...

doesn't matter if it's one or two years,

go to abroad and make money.

Just for a few years.
Then you can do things at your will.

I always want you beside me.

Okay, dear?

The coverage accident plan agreed by us...

it comes around two hundred crores.

You're aware. How can you fix this?

Even if you agree on a lesser amount,
we're not going to accept it.

First thing, we've failed the
safety accountability.

It's going to cost us ten times
the insurance amount.

It's not a big deal.

If all the agents get abroad...

it will totally destroy our reputation.

They won't arrange cheap labor anymore.

Especially India.

Bangaladesh, Srilanka, Africa, Afghanistan

It will become more difficult to
get cheap labor.

Hold on. Hold on.

If you people keep discussing about
your issues.

What do I say to External Affairs
and my Government?

I've been asked by the Dubai Govt. to
discuss with you...

and arrive at a decision.

You should decide and help us.

Otherwise, it will be a big problem.

Because it involves two countries
international laws...

I directly forward it to you.

And that's too late. We have to present
someone at the court.

The case has been filed by the company...

and it states that the accident happened
outside the company's campus.

There are five lakh Indians
in the Middle-East.

If you force our hand,
then we'll have to pressure the Dubai Govt.

Then five lakh people will have to return
to their countries.

If our people leave your country,
who will work you, then?

You think you'll hire Americans?
Do you think, they'll work you.

It's not a big deal to make a settlement,

reputation or to pay a penalty.


If your American company is shut down...

Russia, China, and Israel are ready to
take over the oil wells.

It's enough they know about the accident.

They'll take over.

Many people from my country have
lost their lives here.

We're not digging out all the graves.

Job opportunities are less in our country.

You're providing job opportunity.
That's why this adjustment.

We can solve all the problems.

We need sometime.

Time? Time for what?

It'll be helpful, if you agree for the
final cremation to happen here.



Is that all?

You could've mentioned this earlier.

Only one women is creating problem
at the moment.

It's easy to shut her down.

Contact your Indian agent and ask him
to speak to her.

Make an offer.

That won't amount to even 25% of your
insurance payout.


why don't you sit down,
if you're not able to take it.

Your husband...

is going abroad for the sake of the family,

That person is not my husband.

For the sake of Insurance money
from my husband's demise...

my mother-in-law forced and got me
married to his brother.

Sister-in-law, Bhai wants to speak to you.

I've been trying to reach you for two days,
but couldn't get hold of you.

I heard that you wore down that
Dubai company.

If not, they would've dragged it long enough
with legalities.

Thank goodness. Now even the
Dubai Govt. is scared of you.

Usually insurance coverage happens
instantly for employees in Dubai.

If an employees dies on duty,
insurance money will be paid right away.

We never let them getaway with it.

Most of the companies tend to cheat.

But my company doesn't,
'cause it's an American company.

They'll be prompt with payout.

Your husband has put your name
as the nominee on the insurance.

Only your name is mentioned on all the
legal documents.

From the Ten Million insurance payout...

they're ready to issue five million
right away.

If we complete the paper formalities...

we can send the courier today.

You'll get your money in next fifteen days.

Do you want me to take that money
and get re-married?

-I didn't mean to--
-Bhai, get that payment sorted for me.

Come on, let's go.

Come on, get up.

-Can't you hear mom calling you?
-Don't be stubborn, drag her down.

Bloody woman, get up, let's go.

-Hey, for the sake of money...
-What the hell is she doing?

Just for the sake of money.

How dare you lay your hands
on a pregnant woman?

-Get lost!
-Don't do it. Let him go.

Hey, what do you think of yourself?

[Woman] Who the hell is she?

Listen, doesn't matter if you're
getting re-married...

or you plan live your life as a widow.
It's your choice.

Do it only if it feels right to you.

If you face any problem,
Ranasingam's house is always open for you.

You come over anytime,
I'll take care of you for life.


Be brave!


Inform the company that called you.

I don't want their money,
I only want my husband Ranasingam.


I did warn you about them.

What does the government gain
by deceiving the people?

I totally believed whatever lies
they fed me all this while.

You're very naive.

If you believe that government
always speaks the truth...

then why there are thousands of pending cases
against them in the court?

Look, government doesn't have the time
to worry about the common man.

Fine, it's not too late.

To win, if we have to go supreme court,
we'll do it.

-Take this.

the court is my last hope.

Don't spare any expenses,
even if we had to go to the international court...

-we'll win the case.
-Okay, sir.

Tomorrow, I'll file the case at the court.

In another 10-15 days,
all these officers--

Sir, why would it take so long?

Ten to fifteen days is not that long.

There are people who have spent
all their lives fighting at the court.

Don't worry.
We'll wrap up your case, sooner.

Not to worry. You can go now.

Swaminathan, when were you planning
to get me those documents?

We have to answer to the court.

Sir, I'm working on it.
The Embassy is asking for more time.

How long do they need?
They're dragging this out.

At least, if you had made that women
understand the problem...

we could've prevented the hassle
of going to the court.

Call the Dubai Embassy,
I'll speak to them.

Just for the sake of one women?

Whether it's an individual or a village...

our duty is to resolve their issues.

Our salaries come out of their tax money.

Get them online.


-Please, come.
-What's the issue?

A person has captured our land.

It's been a year,
since I filed a petition.

No action has been taken.

-What action was taken, Radhakrishnan?

the VAO is following up on this issue.

You guys are great at making excuses.

Sir, we'll get this resolved.

Check on this matter, right away.

-You carry on, I'll handle it.
-Thank you, sir.

Good evening, sir.

Tell me.

-This is Ramnad's Collector from Tamilnadu.
-Is it about the dead body?

-Yes, sir.
-Please, go ahead.

-Hey, come over here.
-It's about Ranasingam's case.

It's been eight months.
Now a case is filed in the court.

We've mailed all the documents to you.

-We've sent a fax too.
-We received it.

Let me know, if the family is
asking for more money.

I'll discuss with the company
and get them a payout.

No, no, no.
She's not demanding money.


I'll talk to the local authorities
and get back to you.

Please get this sorted sooner.

-I'll try to speed up the process.
-Thank you.

You're sick.
Why are you toiling yourself?

My granddaughter, Chenkudi...

asked me for a candy,

It's embarrassing that
I couldn't even afford a candy.

The women of the house
are working hard day and night.

It's not fair that I sit ducks
and do nothing about it.

Please hold on. Have some patience.

Even though they're our relatives...

you can't let them starve.

That doesn't mean we can feed them
all the time.

Indirectly, aunt made a point
about our family.

They kept us fed all this while.

Maayi, come on,
go and light the stove.

-Light the firewood.

Whoever invented this ritual...

died without realizing
the hardship behind it.

It's not imperative for us to follow.

Sister-in-law, I don't think,
it's a good omen...

Do you really know,
who imposed all these restrictions?

I swear on god,
I have no clue about it.

And I'm damn sure,
even the god is not aware of these rituals.

Go. Start preparing lunch.


you filed a case and have been
lurking around.

Do you expect us to seek you out?

If you want your husband,
go to Dubai.

Instead making our lives a living hell.

You went to the court right?

You'll come there again, right?

We'll see.

You're wearing a wedding chain.

So, I tattooed by hand with your name.

When I shake hands with people,
they ask me about it.

I tell them it's my wife.

Give me that.

Sir, can you add my granddaughter's
name too?

-What's here name?

-She's 2 years old.

Get me her birth certificate
and Aadhar card.

What's your annual income?

I asked.
What's your annual income?

Sir, we're daily wage workers.

You can mention what ever
you feel is right.

Are you kidding me?

Does no one go to a job in this house?

Your lies are not convincing enough.

In fact, my brother...

used to work in Dubai.

Oh, he used to work abroad.

You people are hiding that fact
and reaping poor people's benefits.

Rightfully, you should hold the white card.

But you're holding a green card
and exploiting its benefits.

What will you do,
if I cancel the card?

Sir, we didn't mean to--

Shut up. You're aware on how to add
the child's name to the card.

But you can't mention that your brother
works abroad.

The next house belongs to you, right?

You can afford to build a new house.

Aren't you ashamed
to cheat the government--

Hey, shut the hell up!

You're going overboard.

Which awful government
are you talking about?

You seriously think that my family depends
on the free groceries offered by the Govt.?

Or do you think we live off your charity?

How dare you accuse us of fraud?

As if the government cares
if the people get their rightful share.

You people steal our share
and sell them for money.

If you think I'm at your mercy...

I'd rather die, than living off it.

You're going to strike
our names off this list?

-They're Govt. documents.
-I care a damn, take it away.

You can write at your will.
Mention that we're not Indian Citizens.

We're already in a dire state.

How dare you threaten a Govt. officer?

I'll make sure that you
and your family are behind the bars.

Another word,
I'll kill you and surrender myself.

I'll show you the power of government.

-You're going to regret.
-Get lost!

-Dear, don't mess with them.

-Mother-in-law, you please go inside.
-Sister, what's wrong with you?

Look at her, she's got too many pots
to fill water.

How is she going to manage
and take them all.

She'll turn into Hanuman
and fly these pots to her house.

-You wouldn't know.
-Is that so?

Yeah, right!

Ariyanachi, is there any update
about Ranasingam?

Sister, let me go first...

I have pending chores at home.

We too have a lot of chores
to tend to.

We all know what you're rushing for.

I'm married with two kids,
I can feel you, sister.

Everyone out here are facing
the same issue.

I know all about your chores, woman.

-She's a new bride.
-Is that so?

It's not like,
she's the only one married here.

I don't wanna mess with you guys.
I'll wait for my turn.

I had asked all the Govt. officers
involved to appear today.

Yes, your honor!

-What about defense?
-Yes, your honor.


What is the reason for this
inordinate delay, collector?

Even if he's a criminal...

it's not right to hold off the final rites.

It's not our intention to stop people
from exercising their rights.

As the investigation
is in the initial stage...

the Dubai government
has asked for more time.

That doesn't mean we're sitting ducks.

We're putting pressure on them.

For how long? It's been ten months.

What action has been taken?

Your honor, all details
pertaining to the case is in this file.

I'm not able to agree
to what you're saying.

Only after a case was filed
to recover her husband's body...

you have mentioned about
six pending cases on Ranasingam.

Why there was no action taken?

They staged a protest
demanding water supply.

After the protest ended, neither the
VO nor Thasildar registered a complaint.

That's why we didn't proceed further,
hence the case is pending.

Are you responsible
for Ranasingam working abroad?

Sir, it's usual for people to protest.

We can't state someone as a criminal,
just 'cause they led the protest.

Not every protestor is anti-social.

Moreover, as a Collector, I didn't want a
citizen to stop from going abroad to work.

You were ignorant of the fact
and let him go abroad...

And he staged a protest
out there as well.

He got killed in the riots.

Now his wife has filed a case
to recover his body.

If someone of his stature goes abroad...

isn't it vital to keep an eye
on that person.

If he ends up committing a crime,
who'll take the responsibility?

They'll blame our country.

Fine, ignore that.

Now what do we tell her?

My lord, the body can't be dispatched
until the case is closed...

Dubai Ministry of External Affairs
has mentioned it in their letter.

We've already submitted that letter.

She claims her husband didn't die
in a protest...

but he died in an industrial accident.

The Oil company is trying to cover up
the accident.

Did the Indian Embassy
investigate on this matter?

Has there been any reports filed
pertaining to it?

Is the spokesperson of that oil company
present here?

No, your honor.
It's an international company.


International companies
are not above the Indian law and order.

They're legally bound to appear
in the court.

The reason why we didn't summon them...

is because no accident occurred
on the date she claims,

Dubai Police, Indian Commissionaire,
Labor welfare department,

has verified the same.

If they've verified. Where's the report?

Please produce them in the court.

Ma'am, once the case is closed and
the body has been dispatched to India

-we'll have all the required documents--
-Your Honor!

Your Honor!

It's hard to believe that he died
'cause of riots during a protest.

Do they have evidence to support?

Do they have a video proof?

Why is it taking ten months
to identify the body?

Mr.Mayilehri, do you think he wouldn't have
protested out there?

In any case, for two countries
to conspire his death...

the accused is not
such an important person.

My point is not about
which country is to benefit.

But the Oil company is surely
benefiting from this.

If we wish to know the truth,
you can check the company's website,

has full details on their company's
insurance policy.

Okay, forget about that.

There's an FIR filed on Ranasingam
interfering into a woman's family matter.

What do you call that? Social service?

That's a fabricated case, your honor.

The people related to that case are here.

If you allow me,
I'll investigate them--

There's no need to investigate them.

They have nothing to do with this case.

Do you have evidence apart from this
to prove they're a fraud?

If you give us a weeks' time,
I can provide you the evidence.

Mr.Myilehri, don't project
an accused criminal as a hero.

Sir, I believed in the system.

I don't care if the court
does right by me.

But please don't call my husband
a criminal based on their lies.

You can live according to the system.

Is it possible to die
according to the system?


-Police please take you hands off her.

Please proceed.


It's been ten months since I reported
my husband's death.

Everyone kept making excuses...

and kept stalling without any resolution.

I was not looking for
any kind of compensation.

Please just bring my husband back.

I'm not asking for anything else.

Judgment reserved!

Based on the case filed by

the court has reserved judgment
based on the investigation.

Also keeping in mind the arguments
from the Government and the Police.

After taking a closer look at everything.

failed to be a regular Indian citizen...

didn't respect the law and order,

and indulged in anti-social activities.

Now we have a clear picture about it.

A person of this stature,
after visiting abroad...

according to the evidence provided
by the government on his behaviour

we can concur with them.

Moreover, based on the
petitioner's claim...

about the conspiracy
spun by the oil company

has not been proved by the defense.

The case about bringing Ranasingam's body
back to India...

taking district collector's
evidence into account

As two countries are involved
in this matter...

in order to proceed further

the court requests the petitioner to
contact the appropriate representatives.

Due to unavoidable reasons,
the petitioner's claim is rejected...

and the court has dismissed the case.

Sir, you're not going to resolve
my problem.

Until you do so,
every forest will burn to ashes.

No one witnessed Kannagi
burning down Madurai.

The entire world is going to witness
Ariyanachi burning down Ramanathapuram.

Your point?

The world might be amused by it.

But if you encounter even a
small problem...

either me or the government
should come forward.

You weren't a help at all.

Instead you insulted my dead husband
in the court.

Don't think the Collector has the power
to solve all the problems.

My authority is limited to India.

If it was within our country,
I would've interfered in the matter.

But it's pertaining to another country.

There are specific structures
to handle these matters.

We can only go through them.

Does it take ten months to achieve that?

Yes, I agree.

It was delayed.

But we progressed.

Now that you've explained yourself to me,
are you going to inform the press too?

Why should I be worried about them?

Before I'm done explaining,
they'll be handed another breaking news.

I'm just worried about your situation.

Are you worried or scared?

I'm not scared.

Call the Police and arrest me.

Why should I arrest you?

It's enough I rat you out to the villagers.

This babul forest is of no use
to me neither to the nation.

It's the same for the people too.

You did this out of spite,
but you did a favor to this nation.

So, I'm not going to tell anyone
about this matter.

[News] Babul trees at Thalanoor
were burned to ashes.



The Collector helped me get my share
of Insurance money from my in-laws.

Ranasingam would've done the same,
if he was alive.

I believe he came in the form of the Collector
and helped me out.

I didn't want to be around them,
so I rented a house in town.

I'm working at a petrol bunk
near my house.

When you're in town,
please visit us.

Okay, sister.

[News] Breaking News!

Popular Indian actress Sirdevi
passed away in Dubai.

She died at the age of fifty four.

She made her debut in Tamil cinema
as a child artist.

Not only in South India,
she carved a niche space in Bollywood too.

Indian Prime Minister extended his condolences
as a loss to Indian Cinema.

Mom, why are you sulking now?


I'm going to Chennai.

You keep checking on my in-laws.

You can't go all by yourself.

Please take your father along.

I can't always be dependent on others.

At one juncture,
everyone has to lookout for themselves.

I'm going.

Mother-in-law, I've reached.

Stop crying!

I'll handle it.
You don't have to worry.

-I'll talk to you later.
-Okay, dear.

Oh, no!

Stay right here.

Oh, no!

How can you leave your kid unattended
on the road?

I saw that the water was
going to waste.

That doesn't mean you can leave your child
on the road.

I know the value of water,
'cause our lands parched.

Your social service would've cost the life
of your child.

For god sake, please forgive me.

Damn with your apology.

Brother, she's apologizing right?

Hello, who the hell are you?

Do you even know what happened
out here?

Damn you,
she apologized for her mistake.

You don't have to hit me
for that.

Get lost, damn it.

Get lost. Go!

Thank you very much.

You haven't changed a bit, Nachi.

I'm Guna Sekar. Your schoolmate.

Sekar. You look totally different now.

I'm happy that,
this city just changed my appearance.

How come you're here?
Are you here alone?

Where's your husband?

Are you here to meet someone?

Nachi, I work nearby.

My wife runs a flower shop.

We'll meet her and then I'll take you
to my place.

Nachi, how's your dad doing?

Nachi, I asked, how's your dad?

He's doing well.


This is Ariyanachi. She's my relative.

-She's come from Ramanathapuram.
-Oh, is it?

This is my wife, Meena.

Please buy some flowers.
Everything is fresh.

How much do you need?

I didn't bring her to buy flowers.

-She's my schoolmate.

Since she arrived,
she looks kind of upset.

Not sure what happened.
You take her home.

We'll discuss later.

If I go home,
who's going to sell these flowers.

You please leave.
I'll take care of the business.

-Come on, let's leave.
-What happened, Nachi?

Sekar, I have an important work
to tend to.

The office will open at 10 am,
I'll finish my work and leave.

Oh, is it.

Then go home and freshen up.

I'll take you wherever you have to go.

Don't cry, dear.

Listen, Nachi...

do you have our school group picture?

When you're leaving home,
I'll give it to you.

-What is it?
-I'm here to meet External Affairs officer.

You'll find a queue on the left.
Wait over there.


Okay, okay, okay.

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

That's about it.

Look over there.

Laughing, is it?

-What's your name?

-Where are you from?

Head to the last cabin
for Immigrant department.


Tell me. What is it?

Sir, I'm coming from Ramanathapuram.

My husband died in an accident
while he was on job abroad.

Which country?


Arab Emirates? Let me check the details.
Please wait.

The information to your District Collector
was sent by our office.

Now, why are you here?

Why did you go to the court?

One of my husband's colleague informed...

that he died in an accident on job, abroad.

But that company and their Government
are denying it.

I filed a case hoping they'll agree
to the truth.

But they lied through their teeth
in the court.

I have no clue or an idea
to whom to ask for help.

Sir, if you could call abroad
and help me get this sorted.

I need a weeks' time to check
on the complaint filed.

Come back later.

Nachi, what exactly happened?

I was not lucky enough to spend my life
with my husband.

Shall I ask the councilor
from my area for a favor?

Shekar, even the MLA from our district
couldn't do anything.

Excuse me, madam.

Did your husband die while in abroad?

At the Marina beach opposite to
MGR's tomb...

there's a place called Ezhilaga.

There you'll find WNRT office.

At that office they help people bring
their dead relatives from abroad.



Sir, I came down from Ramanathapuram.

-Tell me.
-Sir, we'd gone to ME's office.

But we were asked to visit
this office.

-Is it the matter of death in abroad?
-Yes, sir.

We don't deal with those cases.
They're responsible for it.

I wonder why they would send you
over here.

It's better you contact them.

Sir, we just came from there.

They're known for making excuses.

Fine, you guys do one thing.
Look for a Punjabi wearing a turban...

you go and meet them.

Sir, we just met him at the other office.

There are more than 10-15 Punjabi's
out there.

I was talking about Rajendran Singh, IAS.

Go and meet him.

Let's leave.

Are you serious? How did it happen?

Did you inquire in which country
it happened?

She never said anything.

I knew, only when she was mentioning this
to the officer.

I didn't wanna bother her.

I was feeling awkward.

You were with her, right?
What did those crooks say?

What else do you think?
The usual excuses.

They kept pushing us around.

They made us hop from desk to desk,
only to be given excuses.

There was this guy who replied
playing games on his phone.

Pah! Can't believe that people
have forgotten to empathize.

There are many departments
in the government...

they're are not available
to help people like us,

They're only fit to trouble
hapless people like us.


Open your bag

Hey, what's that noise?

-Hey, what is this?
-Sir, it's a Talisman.

-Are you sure it's just Talisman?
-Yes, I'm sure.

Fine, keep it moving.

We're here to solve our issues.
Not to harm anyone.

It's been six months,
I haven't got senior citizen pension yet.

Please get this sorted sooner.

-I'll be grateful.
-Okay, ma'am. Please leave.

Where's your petition?

Sir, I wish to meet the Chief Minister
in person and give him my petition.

Then why did you hog the queue?

Sir, my husband died in an accident
in Dubai--

I don't care where your husband died.

Please write it down as a petition
and submit it.

Please stop bothering me in the morning.
Get lost.

-Ma'am please leave.
-Sir, please hear me out.

Sir, her husband,
died in Dubai while on the job.

Hello, didn't you hear what he said?

You've submitted the petition, right?
Move from here.

Sir, I've submitted enough petitions.

I've submitted petitions
at every possible department.

Meeting Chief Minister in person,
will resolve my issue.

Please leave from here.

Sir, sir, sir... please hear me out
and help me on this matter.

-Please, sir.
-I said, leave from here.

Sekar, any petition given out here
will be thrown in garbage.

I won't move until I meet
the Chief Minister.

I want to bring back
my husband's body.

Let go. Let go of me.

Please, sir.
Do something about it.

-I'll take her away.
-Get out from here.

Please, sir, do something about it.

Sekar, you saw how they're ill treating us.

Sekar, I want to bring my husband back.

I don't how to bring him back.

Sekar, I have to meet the Chief Minister.

Sekar, you can see how unjust
these people are.

Sekar, do something.
They're pushing me away.

Sekar, please do something.

Sekar, we have to do something
and bring my husband back.

-Sekar, make the meeting happen.
-I'll try. First, let's go from here.

Sekar, please do something.

Nachi, Nachi, Nachi...

My husband-- My husband!

-My husband...
-Nachi, go from here.

Sir, please take her away from here.

Please, let her go.
I'll take care of her.

-I'll handle her.

Somehow, I have to bring back
my husband.

I have to bring him back.

Somehow, I have to bring back
my husband.

Nachi, something to drink for the child?

Hey, get back!

-Why is it hard for you to understand?

It's not a convoy of a local minister...

it's the Central Minister.

If I screw up,
I'll be presented with memos all my life.

I'm really sorry.

Please understand and step back.

[Praised Sloganeering]

Hey, woman...

where are you going?
Stop right there.

You shouldn't be here.

Please listen, don't go out there.

Stop right there.


I won't leave without meeting the minister.

Let go of me.

Let her go. Don't rough her up.

Come on, step back.

Leave her. I said, let go of her.

What happened?
What seems to be the problem?

What is so trivial that you had to jump
in front of my car?

Where are you from?
And which group you belong to?

Does this have something to do
with any protest?

Please write down your woes
and file a petition.

I'll do what ever I could
to sort the issue.

What is your demand?

I want my husband back.

I didn't get you.

I don't understand.

Since four years her husband has been
working in Dubai.

Unfortunately ten months ago,
he died in an accident on the job.

We tried everything to bring
his body back.

Ariyanachi has filed petitions
in every possible office.

When we tried meeting
the Chief Minister in person...

we tried our best. But we couldn't...

that's why she had to take this step.

I'm so sorry.

One second.

Officers, send everybody back.

Everyone fall back.

Send everybody back.

Ask everyone to fall back. Go back.

I want to speak to them in private.

-Go back!
-Everyone move.

-Come on, leave.
-Don't crowd over here.

Ask them to move to the other side.

I respect your emotions.

But, I'm a Defense Minister.

Deputy Defense Minister.

Your grievance falls under
different ministry.

So, you want me to find who's that and jump
in front of their car instead of yours?

Nachi, don't be so rude.

Sir, it's fine.

Poor thing, she has gone through a lot.

Even if I come forward to help,
the concerned department...

will obey only if the minister
of their department approves it.

Anyways I'll try to solve your problem.

In whichever way I could.



No action should be taken against her.

No inquires. No follow ups.

-Did you understand?
-Madam, but she...


She's gone through hell and has come down
to bring back her husband.

I don't have the right solution
to her problem.

But I believe in conscience.

Don't enforce your power
on the common people.


Okay, madam.

-Yes, madam.


-Give her your number and note down hers.
-Okay, ma'am.

Come closer.

What is your husband's name?

Ma'am, it's Ranasingam.

Okay. Ranasingam.

I'm going to address this issue by
tagging the concern minister in the tweet.

Definitely, it's going to be viral.

Swami, switch on the projector.

[News] A woman from
Ramanathapuram district...

Sir, these people never change.

When she created a ruckus,
we should've got her arrested.

Or at least we should've
got her convicted in the court.

Nowadays, us collectors and ministers
have become a joke to them.

Swami, I never asked for your opinion.

The Collectors, Officers and Ministers
are humans too.

They're not gods.

In your purview...

you expect us to go personally
and bring back her husband's body.

Swami, can you stop with
ridiculous comments.

Sorry, sir.

Unofficially we could've pointed her
in the right direction.

That's not our duty.

Defense Minister's tweet on the girl...

it's not her duty as well.

Sir, what shall we do now?

[News] A woman from Ramanathapuram...

tried committing suicide by jumping
in front of Central Minister's car

Here's the conversation that happened
between them.

Today, when the Central Defense Minster
came to Chennai...

a woman jumped in front of the
security vehicle that created a chaos.

We learn that, she was looking to
bring back her dead husband from Dubai.

The Central Minister took a picture
with her shared it on twitter.

That picture has gone viral
on the social media.

[NEWS] Recently deceased Sridevi's body...

arrived at Mumbai after 72 hours
from Dubai.

We'll check more details pertaining to it
from our reporter, Padmapriya.

Tell us, Padmapriya.

Any idea where have they planned
to keep the body for tonight?

VIP's, Politicians of major parties

and film celebrities,
who all are going to attend the funeral?

What arrangements are made for safety?

Can you please enlighten us
with more information on this matter?

Nachi, why are you getting drenched
in the rain?

Did you watch the news?

What do we do now?

I'm going to meet that Minister in person.

Are you talking about the
Foreign Minister?

Are you going to Delhi?

What makes you think
he'll be in Delhi?

They keep traveling the world.

It's not advisable to go there alone
with a child.

Please listen to what I have to say.
We'll ask your father to come down.

We'll take a decision after discussing
it with him.

Please be patient.

It's been ten months,
since I saw my husband Ranasingam's face.

I understand your concern.

But decisions taken in haste
will have consequences.

Please understand.

Moreover, you traveling alone to Delhi...

The consequences will remain the same
regardless of the company.

People who are at the pinnacle
of authority...

should realize our undiluted pain
and hardship, Sekar.

Sir, I'm here to file a petition.

Sir, I'm here just to meet the Prime Minister
and hand over my petition.

Just one minute.


What are you doing over here?

I'm here to meet the Foreign Minister.

He's not available at the moment.

He's visiting his home-state
at the moment.

Did Defense Minister's tweet
helped you in anyway?

Do you know anyone from the Parliament?

What about Delhi?

Actually, International Tourist Day
is being held at Qutub Minar, tomorrow.

Central Minister is definitely attending
that event.

I'll try my best and make sure
that you meet the Central Minister.

It's fine, please don't bother yourself
with it.

I'll handle it myself.

Ariyanachi, I have no qualms
in helping you.

Do you see this Ministry building?

The huge gates erected in front of it...

are only to intimidate the people.

Honesty can't get through these gates.

Trust me, you can't meet
any member of the Parliament.

If you want to meet the minister
and get your work done...

there's another option to it.

Come on, let's go.

Sorry, Ariyanachi.

Due to Delhi Pollution issue...

Minister’s plan to visit International Tourist day
has been canceled.

Despite voicing out the truth,
it gets lost in the crowd.

If you think truth was lost,
I wouldn't have noticed you.

Just like you mentioned...

someone will have the tendency
to notice the truth.

And they'll come forward
and support us.

Your voice will be heard.

Trust me on this.

♪ Oh, dear smile! ♪

♪ Oh, sweet parrot! ♪

-Hey woman!
-Sir, don't come closer.

-She'll jump off the bridge.

you don't have the permission--

She's not bluffing, she'll jump.

I'm telling the truth.
She'll definitely jump.

The news is going live.

Please check N-TV

It's time for the Prime Minister to arrive.

Check out the Live transmission.

♪ When your smile becomes stormy anger ♪

♪ oh, sweet parrot,
you should turn into a tiger! ♪

♪ You’re the tiger,
You're the typhoon ♪

What happened?

Don't come close.

I know, Sophie. Don't panic.


Doesn't matter what's your demand...

Prime Minister has promised to fulfill it.

Can you please step down?

Do you know my demands?

Like I mentioned,
Prime Minister will keep up his word.

Oh, is it?

I want this dam to be destroyed.

♪ Take it head on with power thereupon ♪

♪ the slam of a small root hair,
granite won’t be able to bear! ♪

If destroying this dam
was your demand...

you wouldn't have waited for everyone
to arrive.

I'm sure that you don't care
about this dam.

Please state your actual demand.

I want my husband back.

-Oh, god no!

please hear me out!

No matter what you need...

doesn't matter what is your demand.

Without fulfilling it,
even a drop of water won't leave this dam.

Neither, I'll leave from this place.

Please, trust me on this.

Only now, it has come to
Prime Ministers' attention.

Until it has been fulfilled,
even a drop of water won't leave this dam.

Neither he will leave the place.

Sir, this is not advisable.

You can't be in the open for very long.

Ajay, please understand the situation.

This woman's demand has grabbed
the nation's attention.

I can't leave until I find a resolution
to her problem.

-Okay, sir.

♪ Oh, dear smile! ♪

♪ Oh, sweet parrot! ♪

♪ With no backing,
a single soul is bravely fighting! ♪

♪ Amidst a forest fire burnout,
an ant is searching its way out ♪

♪ Will the words of a countrywoman
ever be heard by the parliament clan? ♪

♪ Will the mighty lion give
a letter of reference... ♪

♪ to help the hurt little rabbit
in its defense? ♪

♪ Will the starch-borne police uniform... ♪

Sir, we haven't got the reply
from the company.

♪ Can the descendant of VeluNachiyar
ever forget the valor after this far? ♪

♪ This is fearless fire,
would it bow down and expire? ♪

♪ When your smile becomes stormy anger ♪
-It's escalated to Prime Minister.

♪ oh, sweet parrot,
you should turn into a tiger! ♪

It is difficult for us to manage.

I don't need any explanations.

The wife of the deceased is holding
a dam as hostage.

I don't know what you do. I don't care.

I need Ranasingam's body right now.

♪ Take it head on with power thereupon ♪

♪ the slam of a small root hair,
granite won’t be able to bear! ♪

Two hours! Okay? Two hours!

I need his body here.

Sir, I know that lady, very well.

Shall I try one more time
to convince her?

Sir, if you don't mind.



I'm not stating what you're doing is wrong.

Your demands will be fulfilled today.

The process is in motion.

It's dangerous to stand out there
with a child in your hand.

I don't find standing here is riskier
than living in this country.

I put my life at stake,
to bring back my husband.

If that's going to be impossible,
then it's better to die.



Did you confirm,
if it's Ranasingam's body?

It's a 4:30 flight right?
I'll inform the PM's office.

♪ She’s also an Indian inside,
well the government says so ♪

♪ the earth exists to embrace life,
from bees to ants to all wildlife ♪

♪ A hungry baby is the one
that gulps off milk and is done! ♪

Dear, now that your problem
has been solved...

I have the responsibility of millions of farmers
to take care.

You problem has been solved.

He was asking, if he can solve the water issue
pertaining to the farmers?

As you're the daughter of this nation,
my wish is...

that you inaugurate this Dam.

He wants you to inaugurate this dam.

How can I?

I'm the First Attendant of this country.

But you're Daughter of this nation.

Please do the honors.

Prime Minister said,
"He's the First Attendant of this nation"

"But you're the Daughter of this nation,
and he wants you inaugurate it."

♪ Oh, dear smile! ♪

♪ Oh, sweet parrot! ♪

Make sure the people know that my protest
is the reason, Ranasingam's body is back.

Understood? Go!

Sir, they're close.

will be here in another five minutes.

-Oh, is it.
-Yes, sir.

Oh, god no!

Oh, no!


Dear son!

Oh, no!

♪ Name - Ranasingham it is,
he’s known for the big heart of his ♪

♪ the village’s only precious lad,
now has no place to live, too bad! ♪

♪ His eyeballs were alluring
and an eyeful ♪

♪ his color was like palm jaggery
and so beautiful ♪

♪ His heavy weight lifting,
everyone ravished ♪

♪ but now he has just vanished ♪

♪ Name - Ranasingham it is,
he’s known for the big heart of his ♪

♪ the village’s only precious lad,
now has no place to live, too bad! ♪

Come on, lift it up. Come on, lift it.

Come on, lift it up.

Can't digest the fact he's no more.

Ranasingam, you never liked
if anyone in the village cries.

Now, the entire village is crying
for your soul.

Please get up and ask them not to cry.

Wake up buddy!

♪ While a sculpture-like wife
and godsend child ♪

♪ are waiting with colossal belief
for his comeback ♪

♪ His stalwart bony muscular body
that won’t crush under any stress ♪

♪ has now come home lifeless ♪

♪ All the folks have assembled here ♪

♪ only to mourn his death, oh, dear! ♪

♪ He dredged out lakes
and gave us pure water ♪

♪ but dug out wells
in allure eyes soon after ♪

Sir, Chief Secretary is on the line.

Sir. Yes, sir.

The cremation has been scheduled at 4pm.

The SP is here,
so are the Ministers and MLA's.

The protection is well packed.

Yes, sir.

Sir, official formality...

we have to get signatures
from all the family members.

Be patient, we'll get them
once everything is completed.

Sir, we can't do anything,
if they refuse after the cremation.

Please wait.
Can't you see the situation out here?

Sir, please hear me out.
Don't open the coffin.

It's been packed with full of chemicals.

-How dare you stop us? Open it.
-We shouldn't open it in the crowd.

Please listen,
you're not supposed to open it.



Please can you call her for me?


I need a signature.


Sir, is asking for you.

Get a signature from your mother.

Mother doesn't know how to
put a signature.

Sir, asking for a signature.

-Where should I sign?
-Just one signature.

Stating that you received your son's
dead body.

Get inside, the paper is getting wet.

-I've lost everything.
-Sign over here. Right here.

Sign it.

♪ Before we could build houses with bricks,
concrete, river sand and cement ♪

♪ his fate left us in a limbo
and he went! ♪

♪ He’s a guy who sprayed perfume on
every diseased oldie in town ♪

Sir, unfortunately the system is designed
that way.

We have to work within its limits.
We're helpless.


Except for his wife,
I got everyone else's signatures.

Sir, I'll wait out there.

♪ Wolves and wild dogs left him
to be consumed by fire ♪

♪ to see his face again
is our hopeless desire ♪

♪ Name - Ranasingham it is,
he’s known for the big heart of his ♪

♪ the village’s only precious lad,
now has no place to live, too bad! ♪

♪ His eyeballs were alluring
and an eyeful ♪

♪ his color was like palm jaggery
and so beautiful ♪

♪ His heavy weight lifting,
everyone ravished ♪

♪ but now he has just vanished ♪

Ladies, you're not supposed to
go over there.

Ariyanachi, please stop.

You shouldn't go beyond this point.

Please, don't go.

Please hear me out.

You're not supposed to go out there.

Ladies, please don't go over there.

The body was preserved in chemicals
for ten months.

Please cover your faces.

-Hey, get me a crowbar.
-Oh, god, no!

My mighty lion is no more!

My dear son!

Be careful.

He was boxed in for months.

Bloody sinners!

He returned as a corpse.

My dear son.

He went to make money,
but returned a corpse.

My daughter's life is ruined!

Keep this coin on Ranasingam's hand.

Then ask Ariyanachi to take it from him.

Come on, dear. Come on, please do it.

Let's get this over with.

Ranasingam, your wife has come to meet you.

Dear, please take the coin from him.

Please take it from him.

I'm not able to do it.

Dear, please take it.

They're asking for the wedding chain, dear.

Please give it to them.

My dearest, son.

Rightfully, you should be performing
my last rites.

Sadly, I'm performing your last rites.

As a brother,
I tried everything I could.

But as a Collector,
this is the best I could do.

If you need anything,
please don't hesitate to ask.

Please don't cremate my son.

You gave a stranger's dead body...

and got rid of your duty,
you fucking bastards.

Please forgive me, honey!

This is what we found out.
We had no other evidence.

I have nothing else to say
to these sinners!

[News] An order has been passed to bring
the body back immediately.

I literally begged them to speak to
my son for one last time.