Ka Bodyscapes (2016) - full transcript

Three young people, Haris, a gay painter; Vishnu, a rural kabaddi player and their friend Sia, an activist who refuse to conform to dominant norms of femininity, struggle to find space and happiness in a conservative Indian City.

Watch… watch this side …

the leg…hey, the leg!

the leg…hey, the leg!

Watch the leg...

Take him
Not so far …not…


I’m sweaty!

That’s okay! That’s you!

Wait… wait …

show me your biceps …

Flex it?
- Yeah.


- Yup.



What’s up?

You tell me - what’s up with you?

Yeah … chugging on …

You were terrific!

Hey no, I fouled … we lost.

That’s alright.

So you think I should come over there?

Yes, what else? Saves me from
running over here to see you.

Dad says, join Uncle’s
paper as a trainee…

Where? Bhaktavalsalan’s paper?
Land of Bharat? - Yes.

Better than hanging around here
playing kabbadi and Hindutva!

Come along, you can pile on me…

Hey, what’s your plan these days?
You’re out of college, right?

Have to organize a solo exhibition…
got to get some things done for that …

Okay, so we go there, right?

Let me change …
- Yeah

What’s all this?


All this is going to be in your solo show?

Ha, just you wait, buddy! You’ll see –
it’s all packed –in the other room!

Take a look!

Okay, great!

What’s it?

Lord Anjaneya, I beg you,
watch over my Vishnu!

Hey, cut it!

Yeah? What's up?

- Um?

Can you hold that last pose again?

Face down?
- Yeah, face down … rising up.

This one?
- Right.

Hold, hold! Don’t move!
- Um.


Show that muscle again …
like this … nicely flexed …

Like this?


Left leg over here …

Hand on top …

- Yeah …

Put your hand on top …

Behind your head … like this …

This way?
- Um...

Face …

Tighter …!

Ahah! Awesome!

Now … here … this posture, here …
the Egyptian Ka …

Like this

The Egyptian Ka, see, here,
the hand … like this …

This is right?

Yes, that’s fine.

What about this? Okay?

No … yes …

alright now.

Turn around

Where to?
- Back, back

Stop shifting!

Correct now?

Yup! Don’t move.

No moving, remember?
- Um.

- Wait … wait…

What’s this, a temple?
And who’s this Hanuman?

This is my Vishnu

Which? Oh, our Vishnu?
When did he land up?

- Eh?

Didn’t bring goodies from
back home, you twerp?

Oh yeah … I go home to bring sackfuls!

Bro, everyone’s coming
this evening …

be here, okay?


Oh, I am late, got to run

You’re leaving?
Okay, then do me a favour …

...give him a ride to Land of Bharat

Who, this guy? In my scooty?
No way! I’m already late!

You’re in for it anyway!
You drop him!

Alright, come on?

See you in the evening!


Land of Bharat (Bharathabhoomi)
[Sign Board]

Bhaktavalsalan, Managing Director

Yes, the MD is inside.

Ah, Vishnu! Sit down

- No Uncle , I’ll stand …

Hope your parents are well?

I’ve been telling you
so long to come here?

Go meet Rajesh in the Graphics …okay?

You can pick up the work here from
him … and you can stay with him too.

No Uncle, I am staying
with a friend here …

Which friend …

- Haris. He’s a painter.

Painter? What painter?
Why’re you staying with him?

His dad used to teach in our school …

Hmm … no need.
You stay with Rajesh…

I run this paper to preserve
our culture, is that clear?

Anyway, you join Graphics
as a trainee … Rajesh!

Let him handle the artwork
form Swadharma

Hello… look, this fellow, Haris, a painter,
apparently … know anything …?

Okay, let me know later?

Haji Exports [Board]

Reception [Baord]

Rafeeq Managing Director
[name board]

Hey Sia, come here


You interested in this job?
There’s rules here you’ve got to obey …

...you can’t swing in and out
like you please, understand?

Yes sir

Okay , back to work!

Sia! Office staff should stay in the office!
Why are you hanging around here?


No fun and games here, listen?

[Chit chat in the dyning time]

Nasty behaviour, picking up my plate

Can't even eat with peace of mind?

Your paintings are unique
in Kerala’s present

How you pronounce it? Ka? body?

Yea, that’s right.
Ka bodyscapes. Yea

Very interesting name too.

I’ll put up a proposal to
the Review Committee...

...to include this as a special show

Pleasure, sir!

But you have to complete
the series as early as possible


I’m anxiously waiting to see
the rest of the series

'Gharvapasi' [Home coming]

Back to your own Dharma

Rajesh, tell him to bring the print out

Back to Hindu Dharma

Good stuff! But change the font of
Return to Dharma … make it bolder

Make Lord Hanuman's logo brighter…

...and why is Divakarji’s face
so dark in the poster?

He’s like that in the photo, Uncle

Uh, his face needs to be light-skinned


And I got to know that
your friend is trouble…

He’s alright, Uncle …
he’s a good friend

We don’t need such friends, okay?

He’s notorious…
move out and make it fast

But Uncle … I’m his model …
he’s drawing me …

Wh..what? No! What do you
have to do with that guy, uh?

Move in with Rajesh today,
and that’s an order!

Sonny boy, Haris,
so this is your biznass?

What biznass? Just all this!

You’ve paid no rent!
Six whole months!

I’ll pay you next week, Hamsikka

Uh-um, this won’t do!

This will do – what’s the problem?

Midnight booze parties …
girls all the time …

hey, decent folk live here!

No, this won’t do!

Hamsikka, I tell you, next week, for sure

Ha, you’ve been singing the
same tune for a long time!

Hamsikka, I’m getting some money …
it got delayed last week …

will pay you for sure this week …

One week, is all I’ll give you …
all six months’ rent before, I say!

Goodness, Hamsikka, chill! Everything’ll
be alright! Next week for sure, ok?

No smiling and gushing before me!

Don’t hang back if you
can’t pay up each month

See these pictures?
They’ll be sold in my show next week

- I sell them, and you get your rent!

Hmm! Who’s going to buy pictures
of men without a stitch on them?

No, no, this won’t work …
hey Haris, try something else

Yeah, rows of hunks,
walking in all the time

All sticking in here!
But not a penny as rent!

Haris, hey, this won’t do!

What’s up? Oldster’s freaking out?

He’s nuts. Forget him.
How’s work at your Uncle’s?



Uncle’s all daggers

What happened?
- You’re famous there


He says I should move out, right now.

Oh yeah! As if I need his
certificate to stay alive!

He can hug Hindutva India …
and fix his ass right there …

he’d better not try to bug me

No bro , it’s serious.

Trouble if folks back home
get the news … I should move

You’re leaving me?

No, buddy, this …

You think you can really leave me?


Really, can you?

Can you?


Hi Haris

Hey Bud!

So meet my vishnu





Hey Haris, this is your new work!

Good thrashing guaranteed …!

Why should I?

Hey, there’s still space
for all this here even now

Really? Where? This is where Perumal
Murugan had to give up writing!

Are all these people mad?
Can’t they just let live and love?

I’m not into loving-shoving …
I want to draw … show what I draw!

No one’s dying over your love and
fuck… you just keep drawing.

Surprise! Haris’ solo show
at Downtown Gallery!

Wow! That’s great man!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

Everything’s fixed …
I’ve spoken with Mr Swaminathan!

We must have a blast! Let’s!

Wow, bro! Amazing! Amazing man!

What is in there to scan this much?

Hey Hanuman! Here!
Taste a bit! Come!

Hey, hey, leave him … just leave …

What, buddy, call him!

Just let him be! You sit down there!
What a bother, this!

Look at her wash – half-naked!
And look when she’s back – after dark!

No men here to tame her insolence!

Stop, stop!


Go inside, wench!

Any tea left?

You girl, didn’t I say, go inside? Uh?
Look at her skimpy top!

Yeah, then she’ll wear a purdah
and play from tomorrow!

Dilshakkutty, where’re you’ve been?
Where’s your mum? Eh?

She’s pulling a face … fought
with grandmom

You’re mum has nothing else in life?
Pulling a face all the time!

What is climb means?

I want to climb the tree.

What is brother means?

I’ll take that, mum …
you take your medicine and rest a bit

It isn’t so bad now

Hold it in the bottom

The bank people sent a notice …
Saira’s pawned gold …

the interest’s mounted … it’s huge

Ashraf’s job is so unsteady over there …
he can’t come home with no job

Did they fight?

Ah, he told her something …
she’s sad …

how my children suffer … when their
father’s still alive! Ah, Allah sees all.

[Dudets! we carry the seeds
of spring within us]

The 'LADY' and the 'SLUT'; how they
came to be? by J Devika [Book title]

Don’t move!
- Um.


Hold this

A mace?
- Um

Hold your arm like this …

Flex muscles!

Ugh, dirty fellow!

Hey leave my painting alone!

This thing, I’ll finish off today …

Give it here, you …

I am not your model, and
you aren’t drawing me …

I’ll move out to Uncle’s right now


Sir, you called?

What’s this?
Bloody pads in the toilet?

What’s this place?
The Government Hospital?

What the hell have you been hired for?

Must be some girl here, Sir!

This isn’t the first time, Sir.

I’ll find out, Sir

And not just that, Sir, the toilet
seat is unbearable … all bloody

Huh, what supervisor are you, woman?

Why do I pay you?

Look, we don't want any
unclean bitches here

I’ll handle it, sir

Yeah, you’d better … or you’ll have
to take a long walk OUT .. that’s it!

Which of you threw the
bloodied pad in there?




Mine stopped long back, Ma’am!

Then which whore threw it there?

Quiet? I’ll make you sing like a canary!

Move, girl, MOVE!

Ooh, no ma’am, it’s not me!


It isn’t me, please, not me!

Get in there … you’re going to get …

Pull down your pants, girl! Pull it down!

That too, yeah, yeah

Why are we all dumb? Aren’t we
human? Don’t we have self-respect?

I’m not going to suffer this!


Who’s banging on the door?

Who’s itching so badly?

Move here you whore’s wench!

Try this lingo on local women again …
won’t know where your teeth went …

Go and try it back home!

What the hell’s going on here?

You mean this shit’s happening
with your knowledge?

Shut up! Blabbing too much, uh?

Mind you, I’ll do exactly what I please!

Blab too much and I’ll pull your
blasted tongue out, you scum!

I know what do … this isn’t a lawless
land … we’ll see about this!

Ooh, indeed – we’ll see!
Get out you slut!

I’ve prepared the complaint.
You can sign here

It’s okay, I hope?
- Yes, it’s okay

The officer’s inside.
Hand it to him please

thank you

excuse me

Please sit

Young lady, what are we do about this?

That’s a big firm … don’t you
think it should be clean?

They’ll have some rules, right?

So? Should women be stripped
for cleanliness’sake?

Women did the stripping,
didn’t they? Not the men?

So what? What an insult it is?

Alright, okay, you can go now.

We’ll see what we can do …
you have my word

Sia, what’s happening?

Can’t let this happen!
You call Advocate Seleena …

ask Shahul if this can become
news today - Okay.

I’ll be back after looking Riha up

You call Shahul

Hey Shahul, where are you?
Something urgent’s come up

Sit-down Struggle – in Solidarity

Where is she?

Lying inside, weeping since she
came back. What happened there?


You want something to drink, my dear?

No, Ma, nothing

Riha, we’ve to go to the police
station right now to file a complaint

Good God! Police station!
What happened?

Be quiet, Ma … sister,
I am not going to the police.

You don’t know … all I have my Ma
and this hovel…just let me be, please!

What happened?

What’s wrong, my child?

Heard that you went to the police?
Better get back home quietly

I won’t care that I know your dad!

Not a dog will ask me anything
if I get rid of you, understand?

And remember well,
you are just a puny female!

[Lullaby at Siya’s house]

Aisu, your girl is back!

Where were you all this while,
you ill-born wench?

Sia, why’re you making
your family suffer?

Can’t you pick up the phone?

The neighbors are talking!
Why walk in so late?

This has become a terrible
pain in the neck!

She’s been gallivanting out there all this
while, and you welcome her with tea?

Don’t ask her to explain?

You alone, you are spoiling her.
I am not going to be quiet –

I’ll call Saidali and tell him …
let him decide …

girls need some modesty! Let me
see if I can make you stand still!

Oh yeah, indeed!

I’m going to be improved by your
son who’s running around marrying …!

Look how she argues with me!

What’s wrong with you, my child!

Nothing, Ma

Your coming late and getting into strikes
and all that is becoming trouble …

Ashraf’s been telling Saira …
his friend told him something …

you be careful …
She’ll lose her life too, child

Why are we all so silent?

Can we let this pass?
Shouldn’t we do something?

It will be dumb to expect
the police to do anything …

We made it news, didn’t we?
No one’s taken it up?

Let’s try FB …
the police won’t lift a finger

We aren’t just bodies and that
should be proven with our bodies!

We need a unique protest …
it is a matter of our self respect!

No, we don’t need a protest

Then what the fuck do we need?

You can say that,
but we are playing with her life

This isn’t just her life, it involves us all

Hey Haris, don’t make
a fuss unnecessarily …

You are in a soup anyway.

You jump into things and that’s
why you are down in the dumps!

Life isn’t your fucking painting, I say!

Get lost you duffer …

I am doing better than getting
bloom lotus in Bhaktavalsalan’s ass


Move aside you two!

As if all we need is the two of
you grabbing each other’s throats!

This is my problem, and I will deal
with it. Haris, I need your help

Uh ho, OKAY! So that’s that – I quit!

My body is my right …
Menstrual blood is not impure …

My body is my right …

My blood, your birth …

Menstrual blood is not impure …

My blood, your birth …

Please stop this!

What is it, sir?
- Madam, you must consent to arrest

Why? - We expect law
and order problems here

On what grounds are you arresting us?

Not to bother you, Madam …
but the police must protect you.

Don’t you see, over there … gathered?

Sir, that’s not our problem, that’s yours

It’s not the problem …
do you have permission for this?

Yes, we have secured permission
- show me the permission


Legally it’s okay,

but if there’s a law and order problem,
the police will have to intervene

So please let us arrest you

No, impossible

police go back

down down policing

My body is my right!

police go back

Down, down, police!

police go back

police go back

Police go to hell!

Where were you till now you bitch?

Where were you …
Today I’ll see that you…

No, no

Beat her to death, the insolent female!

Please go inside!


Where did you go,
dragging the family to shame?

I won’t let you live … I’ll murder you …

No, brother

Go, go

You get up and go inside my child

Women are the family’s honour

What, what,
what did you think about me?

What did you think of this Saidali?

Uh, silent? Speak up!
Today I’m going to … you


She is a girl. Leave her alone.

Just shut up.

This is the matter of our family’s honour!

Don’t try to scare me with that
stare… I’ll kick you to…

Hey, child!

What are you doing, girl?

Don’t mess with me, I won’t even
think that you are my father!

Enough, let go … people will notice

Let them! Sons of a bitch!

Let go, child

My God!

Auntie Sia!

Come here!

Auntie Sia, don’t go!

Sia, what’s happened?

Get up

Who all of you stay here?

Me and my friends

Okay, I want to take a look
at hour friends.. come

Let us look, sonny … Rajetta,
you too take a look at the guests!

This business won’t do …
get out, get out

What’s the problem, Hamsikka

Ah, there are problems, sonny boy …

let me see, ah, she’s right here,
come out here

Come here...

Yeah, yeah, come out my dear,
come out, darling

Get out, scram!

Who are you, girl?

Who is the hell are you to ask?

Uhh? This is Rajan, the Secretary
of the Residents’ Association!

So I need to know about it, see?
Who are these to you?

My friends

Well, all friends, get out! SCRAM!

Hamsikka, what’s the issue?

Too many issues. Sonny …
we can’t let it go on … now get out

This is a place for decent folk!

Don’t touch me!

Go, go, go on!
Don’t touch me please!

Their all faggots!

My painting!

That’s his old man’s picture!
Take it and get lost!

No good … let them go, go

Look at his fucking nonsense drawing?

This won’t work here!


Why are you in this
fisherman's colony, Vishnu?

Your father called. He wants
to know his son’s plans

Haris’ paintings are going to
be shown … I’m helping him

Show those pictures of naked …?

Where is it?

downtown gallery

Well, you should NOT be
seen there, understand? Come!

Dr. Titus Thomas
Aversion Therapist & Sexologist [sign]