K: Secret Eye (2017) - full transcript

"K: Secret Eye" is an upcoming Neo-noir film that focuses on a Private investigator, called, "K" who runs a detective agency called 'Secret Eye.' The film deals with K's hunt for the truth behind a series of supernatural incidents and murders that shake West Bengal up. Entire Bengal is in a state of shock and paranoia following numerous apparently haunted murders and suicides. K must find the truth lurking in the shadows.

(distant traffic cacophony)

(song on stereo)

I watch mesmerized, all day

(song muffles)

(old Bengali song plays on phone)

(sound muffles)

(phone rings)




(mechanical buzz)


(speaks gibberish)

(evil gibberish)

Om Hring Fath!

Om Hring Fath!

(chants Sanskrit verses)

(thud on metal)

(fires gun)

(ominous music)

It's a simple job.

You've to follow my wife 24 X 7.

You see, uh…

I've been suspecting that…
she is having an affair.

Don't worry about the fees.
I just want the truth.

And in case my suspicions are correct,

I need you to get me some photos.

I mean… some proof.

Don't worry.

Extramaritals are my specialty.


(door slams)

Who is it!

You? Who are you…
What are you doing here?

What else, I was recording
a video of your activities.

A video? Why are you quiet?

Say something!
-(man mumbles)

This is not fair.

Hello baby… what's wrong with you?

What is it?

Bugger, you don't know me!
I'll put you behind bars!

Do you know my father?

Son of a gun, son of a gun!

Here's your cream roll!

Gag yourself nicely…
with your own thing.

(throws a kiss)

My job's done. I've to handover
the video to your husband, Soumen.

Soumen! Uh…


What did Soumen tell you?
-I am… 'K'. Private detective.

Look Mr. K, Soumen is my husband.

He's physically… how do I explain this...

Uh… can't we sort this out between us?

Hey, what's going on!

Shut up.

Hey, not a good time.

You see I have…

professional ethics.

Look, your husband, Soumen…
paid me 25,000 rupees.

And honestly, I'll spent it all. Hmm!

Soumen paid you 25,000 rupees?


What if I… pay you 50,000?

No, it's not done. It's not…

...done. Okay. Done…



(whispers) What a woman you are!

-Why are you late?

With good reason. Where's the DVD
of the video I sent you?

It's ready.

Thank you, thank you.

(presses key)


Two, Gopal da?

Is that fair? It's HD quality.
Even the body hair is clear.

I took a life-risk. Just two?
-Can't see her face, bro. She's masked.

So what?
The rest of her assets are quite visible.

Please increase the pay.
-Clients don't pay without a pretty face.

Bro, you don't get it.
The mask is like 'fill in the blanks'.

Heroines of all sorts--
-No no!

The neighbor, the crush…
they can imagine their own choices.

Right? Please increase the money.

Indian porn after all.
Give me 4000, please.

Shopkeeper: Not happening.





24,500… Another fifty
from what the lady paid.

So, 25,000 in total.

I've been thinking...

You see, my hand shakes
when I shoot on phone.

I end up missing some body part
or the other.

Can't we arrange for a camera.
Something that clicks stills…

But has a video recording option too.

Yet no one should know I'm carrying it.

Spects plus camera. Ta-da!

20 megapixels. Full HD.

It's got a button. Clicks pictures.


Not one will ever suspect.

You should get a Nobel prize!
Nobel Nobel Nobel Nobel!

I bought it for 5000 rupees. Online.

Don't be mean now.
I put out an ad in the paper.

If I get a good client… I'll pay you.

You already owe me a lot, okay?
You never pay me back…

Excuse me.
Is this Secret Eye Detective Agency?

K: Um… yes, please come.


Tell me. I am K (who).

Who are you?

I mean, I am 'K'.

How would I know?

Not like that.

He is 'K'. Krishnodas. K.

And he's Harami. An ass.

-Anyway, please tell us.

I am Nilanjana Sen.

I live in Asansol.

I was raised by my mum.

I studied Chemistry
in Asansol Women's College.

My parents were separated years ago.

Since then…

we're not in touch with dad.

But on the 14th of last month…

my mother passed away.

Lung cancer.

Oh, sorry.

My father's name is Aniket Sen.

I must inform him of the news.

But I don't have his contact info.

What does your father do?

He was a professor of Psychology
at Delhi University's North Campus.

Okay… you said your dad lived in Delhi.

What are you doing in Kolkata?
-Yes, I was about to tell you.

About a week ago
a distant uncle of mine…

He saw my dad at Ultodanga station.

He clicked a picture of him as well.

Show me.
-On platform number three.

I called at the college
where dad used to teach.

They said… my dad put in
his resignation five years ago.

So… now this picture is all I have.

I never had anyone but my mom. (weeps)

So I came to you.

I saw your ad in the paper.
-Uh, keep this.

Don't worry. We'll find your dad.

Don't cry. Does he have any habits
or hobbies… anything?

Yes… hobbies…

He loved dogs.

I mean, when we lived in Delhi,
dad had a pet.

Don't worry, do one thing…

Your dad's photo…

Text it to me.

My number is--

Harami: 8017659545.

Your fees…

Ten thousand.

With the tax, food allowance
and lodging; it will come to 14,000.

-5000 in advance please.

(whispers) Okay?

Don't worry. Don't cry. I will surely…

find your dad.

-El Dorado guest house in Gariahat area.

I'm there for five days.

(camera clicks)
-If you can find my dad by then…

it'll be great. If you find his address,
don't tell him anything.

You see…
we've not been in touch for years.

Putting a mole after him…
it may look weird, you see.

Hmm. I get it. (clicks)

Sure, I'll call you. Don't worry.

See you.


K: Hmm.

You parents gave you
such a nice name, Krishnodas.

What the hell is 'K'!

Shut up. Don't be nonsensical.

Krishnodas. What kind of a name is that?

Sounds like the name of a folk singer.

K sounds interesting.

It's got a mystery to it. K (who)!
-Who, when, where!

Shut up.

She is your sister in law.

Time to find my father in law.


I did an image search on him.

Uh-huh. No info.

Ultadanga station. Platform number three.

Send Aniket Sen's photo
to all our informers in the city.

(traffic cacophony)

And the daily passengers
and hawkers at that station…

We've to interrogate them,
showing them the photo.

(suspenseful music)

How much?
-Ten rupees.

Make one.

You work on the Sealdah line?
-Yes, I board from Ultadanga station.


Do you know this man?
Travels from here daily, seen him?

Yes, I know him.
-Great. Take a good look.

He buys from me.

I know him, hence I asked.

Put some lemon.

Uh… where does he get off?

Sealdah station.

Sealdah station...


He lives in Sealdah area.


That's just a tiny locality.

Know the population of Sealdah?
-Why, do you want to count it?

Look at the photo.
See what he's carrying.

Zoom in! Zoom in!


Dog food.

Like she said…

I am Aniket Sen.

I love dogs.

I buy Pedigree food.
People don't buy it for Indian dogs.

So, an imported breed of dog.

And in order to maintain that dog,
he surely needs medication.

But if he went out of town,
he'd leave his dog behind.

Dog creches, care centers
and stuff like that.

Look it up.

No pet boarding centers at Sealdah.

The nearest one is at Moulali area.

And… there are only two vets in Sealdah.


Piku Babu, right?


I've heard a lot
about your pet care center.


A relative of mine comes here often.

See if you can recognize him...

He has a doggy.

It's difficult to tell
unless he's a regular customer.

You have his dog's photo?

Like a portfolio of the dog?
-Uh... yes.


Should I get it done by Daboo Ratnani?

-Yes, he looks familiar.

He has a Labrador, right?
He comes here frequently.

Yes, a Labrador.


Can you give me his number or address?

I don't keep such records.


I guess he lives nearby.

He never comes dressed to go out.

That day he went home in a rickshaw.


(suspenseful music)


Have a look at this gentleman,
does he live here?

Yes, he lives close by.
New in the neighborhood.

Is that so…

Which house?

I have no idea.
He comes here to have tea sometimes.


Two cups of tea, please.

Why don't we ask each of the houses here?

Want to ask everyone?
People will beat you up, you fool!

No, we can approach
each of the houses separately.

Then get beaten up by each of them.

Shut up!

(mysterious music)



K: Let's follow him.

Okay. But why did you get so serious
about this case?

I have reasons.
-What reason? The girl?

K: Shut up.

This case is different from the others.


What's your uncle's name?
-Huh… Bim-Bimal.

No, Aniket is your uncle now.

Call him out.
-Aniket uncle…

Love you. Now we're sure he is Aniket.

Sorry to make you wait.
-No, it's fine.

Your dad's address.

How do I say thanks to you…
-Why, just say it.

I never thought you'd find him so soon.

The rest of your fee. Please count it.

It's okay.


How long are you here?

If I meet him today…

I'll return by day after. Why?

No reason. Just asking.

You know what, let me know if you
lose another relative. We'll meet again.

No, the case is critical.
Don't worry, I'll manage.

-Yes… okay, Sir.

No, Sir. I'll come.

Yes, Sir. Take my regards.

Can I hang up now?


Who were you talking to?
-My maths teacher.

You have exams coming up?

Trying to fool me…

Are you having an affair?

-Stop grinning.

(phone rings)

I know you well.

-Found the guy.

Shut up.

The job's already done.
I found him before you.

You're useless.
-He's dead. Committed suicide.

-What… Hello? Hello…

Aniket Sen.

Nilanjana's father.

Killed himself.
-Oh no… now?

I should call Nilanjana.


(recorded voice) The number you have--
-Damn it!

Not reachable.

What to do?


(mysterious music)

(ambulance siren) (dog barks in distance)

(crowd murmur)

Hurry up, guys.

Check Sunil babu's room. Go.

See if you find anything
apart from the dog.

Excuse me, Sir.


I want to talk about the suicide--
-Are you a relative or a neighbor?

No… Aniket Babu's daughter
is my client--

-Who is Aniket?

The man who committed suicide.
-He's Sunil Mukherjee.

You're making a mistake.
He is Aniket Sen. He was--

-Nonsense. His landlord said
he is Sunil Mukherjee. Wasting my time!

Hey, hurry up.

I'm sick of answering their questions!

I'm going nuts.
Answering the cops and a ton of others.

Why will I answer!

It may be my house
but I'm not liable to explain.


Aniket Babu… as in Sunil babu…

How long was he living here?
-I just told the cops everything.

Just to clear the confusion.
People are saying many things…

He shifted six months back.

I wouldn't have rented it out to him,
if I knew he'll kill himself.

-Did his daughter come after he died?

His daughter?

He had nobody.
He used to live alone in the house.

No, I mean…
did a girl come to visit him recently?

He never had a daughter.
He lived alone with that dog.

This morning; the maid arrived.
She was ringing the doorbell.

The dog kept barking.
And no one was opening the door.

I got suspicious.

I had a spare key.
So, I got inside to find him…

Well, he had hung himself.

Bugger left a suicide note too.

-What was written in it?

Very brief! “No one is responsible
for my death” Got it?

Shyamal da… wait a minute please.

Tell me something.

Why did he kill himself?

It's a murder.

How do you know?


From what I saw…

If someone hangs himself, the mark
of the rope is u-shaped, facing up.

But his mark was o-shaped. Straight.
It's a murder.

And if there's been a tussle,
there should be nail marks.

There were some.

I don't get this…

Sunil Mukherjee aka Aniket Sen…

Nilanjana can't be traced.

I clicked a few pics of her
when she came to us the first day.

We've to check those.

Hello, Asansol Women's college?

Yes, I called you for some info.

Yes, thank you.

Uh… you see…

Nilanjana Sen.

Her father's name is... Aniket Sen.

She studied chemistry. No, a pass-out.

I don't know the year.

Actually, it'll be great
if you can give me her address or number.

Yes, sure. Tell me.




Nilanjana died in a road accident
back in 2009.


What the hell…

(K sighs)

(unmutes TV)
A supernatural death at Dumdum.

A man lost his mind
and killed himself all of a sudden.

Onlookers say he was heard
uttering a 'Chamunda chant'.

A chant used for sacrificial rituals.

(mysterious music)

K: I met all the fake beggar cum informers
in the city. Showed her their photo.

Offered them a good sum.
They'll call me if she's spotted.

What about your update?

I visited El Dorado guest house.

No one called Nilanjana Sen
stayed there last week.

They didn't recognize her photo.
Now what?

We've to check that house.

But how? The police sealed the place.


A break in.


Let's go.

(dramatic music)

Watch out.

Signal me if there's anything.
-Should I caw like a crow?

A crow, at night?
-How about a nightingale?

Ventriloquist, are you?
Don't you have a phone?

Put it on silent.
-I'll keep it on vibration mode.

I'll come too?

-You're the ladder.


(door shuts)

(upbeat dramatic music)

(night cricket)

Hello… what time is it, Sir?

Time… check your watch please.


Come with me.

(whispers) A mobile…

A hard disc...

Found anything?
-Not much--


How did you kill Aniket Sen?
-(K mumbles)

Where is the rest of your gang?
-Hey, open his mouth.

Tell us.

(suspenseful music)

Sit here.
-Sit quietly.


I don't think he knows anything.

Maybe he was hired.

I doubt that he's directly involved.
-Should we let him go with a warning?

Should we break his hand?

(door unbolts)
-Oh no…

Hey, stop right there!

We'll kill you!


(upbeat grungy music)


(hammer swishes)

You scoundrel…

(traffic cacophony)

K: Aniket is living under a fake ID.
His daughter is looking for him.

But… is Nilanjana his daughter after all?

The point is, this Aniket Sen…

Who was he hiding from?

We have to find out about that… Listen.

The day we spotted Aniket…

There was a man…

with Aniket.

-He looked quite smart.

They were exchanging… a packet.

We clicked pictures. Show me those.

-In the spects, right?

-Uh… those have to be in the desktop.


There they are!


Zoom in further.
-(clicks keyboard)

Enough, enough.

Hmm. Now do one thing.

Crop out this man's photo.

Put it on the image finder
for… a facial recognition.

Let's see.

Image finder… hmm!

A press release of an official seminar.

What does it say?

Karma Global Company.

Karma Global…

Do one thing. Put the man's photo...

and Karma Global Company together.

Let's do a search on them.

Any link?

Karma Global Company.

His name is Sanjay Bose.

Sanjay Bose.
-Sanjay Bose...

Karma Global Company's…

East region head.

He's posted in Kolkata.

Karma Global is a multinational company.
They are quite big.

They have many businesses.
They've produced Bengali films too.

Okay, fine.

Um… give Karma Global a call.

Find Sanjay Bose's number and address.

(cartoon on TV)

(TV sounds muffles)

(TV sounds retrieve)

Mini's mother: Mini, dinner time!

Actor: Those that reached the moon,

the world bowed down to them.
(metal clinks)

(mysterious music)

(girl recites Chamunda chant)

What are you doing?

(continues chanting)
-What's all this, Mini!

(continues chanting)

(knife swishes)

Move aside. Don't disturb, please.
-Just one question…

Why the crowd? Give me the address.

This house.

Reporter: A bizarre incident.

A seven-year-old brutally murdered
her father.

K: Check…
-Reporter: People say she was possessed.

(excited crowd chatter)

Sir, remember me?

The police only remember criminals
and ministers.

We've met before.

A man had died.

Sunil Mukherjee. I called him Aniket Sen.

I'm K, a private eye. Rings a bell?

A mourner or a detective?
Following all deaths eh? Why?


I came here to meet
Sanjay Bose, he lives here.

You are late.

As in?
-His body is in the ambulance.

The severed head is on its way.

(woman cries)

(Mini keeps chanting)


Want water?

Sir, believe me…

Please try to understand.

The things is,
none of these deaths are natural.

Sunil Mukherjee's death…
whether it's a suicide or a murder...

Whether it is interrelated…
-What rubbish huh?

The public says it's a ghost!
The media is creating a circus!

And the seniors are creating pressure!
You think it's related now?

Sir, please try to understand--
-Don't joke around!

Sir, please try to understand...
-Please go away!

Are we ready?
Ask the ambulance to follow us.

Let's go.

Sir, please.

Just hear me out for two minutes.
I won't take more than that, please.

Two minutes.


Thank you, Sir.

(ambulance siren approaches)


Try to understand that…

Sunil Babu's death is not suicide.

Even the evidence suggests a murder.

How could you miss this!?
-May or may not be so.

There are orders from seniors,
we've to forego things.

Got it, Mr. K?

(phone rings)
-Constable: Who is it…

Officer: Take the call!

An unknown number, I don't know...
-Sir, look at this photo.

This is Mr. Sanjay.

And this is Sunil Babu.

I have clear proof…

They are talking to each other.

So, they are connected.
It's got to be interlinked.

Who the hell is calling me!
-Just answer it!

Sir, what do I do!

(tyre bursts)

What happened?

Driver: Flat tyre.
Should I take it to the garage nearby?

Ask the ambulance to take the body.

Make it quick.

This girl. Please see if you can find her.

Leave her photos with us.
-You can keep this one.

And file a FIR,
submit all the documents you collected.

I'll see what to do.
-Thank you.

(phone rings)




But trust me… I have no doubt...
that the girl did it.

The girl was in some kind of a daze.
Guess you saw her?

(girl recites Chamunda chant)

Yes, when she was being taken.

Um… there was another incident
about an evil chant in the news…

Saw it?

Evil chant… Hey!

Uh… the Chamunda chant.

The girl was chanting the same thing.

What were the words…

The chant? Try to remember!

(Constable chants)

(yells chant)

(ominous music)


A string of supernatural deaths
in Kolkata.

After the Bose family murder case,
Kolkata is trembling in terror.

Because there's no scientific explanation
to these events.

Kolkata is immensely terrified.

People are scared to come out
after it gets dark.

Roads are nearly empty.

These incidents that have been
taking place in Kolkata…

A string of supernatural cases…

What do you think as a professor?

It's bogus. Look,

our country makes a big deal
out of feeding stone idols.

This is as big a farce, nothing else.

Thanks to the media…

humans are losing respect and fear
for the ghosts.

The ghosts feel insulted!

You mean…

The ghosts are causing these incidents
because they feel insulted?

I don't mean anything.

This is what is happening.

Whatever's happening…

It's got nothing to do with ghosts,
spirits or omens.

There are no ghosts.
It's all fake, illogical.

The only truth is science.

I believe,
these are cases of fear psychosis.

Kolkata's people are
divided in two opinions.

One side believes,
all these incidents are supernatural.

Caused by a spirit.

And the other side believes,
it's a chain of psychological mishaps.

Fear psychosis. What do you think?
Text or Tweet your answer to us!


It's strange how the same incident
precedes all these deaths.

The same chant.

It's called Chamunda chant.
Used for sacrificial rituals.

I think we should look for another case.

To hell with the ghosts…
You're a detective. Not a ghost-buster.

A ghost-buster? You think I'm kidding?

Why are they chanting the same thing?

Even he who--
-(phone rings)

Hold this.

An informer.


Yes, where?

I'll be there.

Have to go.

Not you. Do something meanwhile.

Check all news updates.
Newspapers and TV channels.

Make a list of similar incidents
that occurred. Okay?

Nilanjana has been traced.

(mysterious music)

K: Where?
-This way.

-Thank you.

Woman: You need to decide soon.
There are other companies as well.

We're looking for a price
that's above one million USD.

Is the prototype ready?

Well, Project Morpheus is 100% successful.

And it's ready for implementation.

Also, the prototype is highly effective.

And already in use.

Sir, we must go now.


Let me get back to you regarding the deal.

Thank you so much.

(car door shuts)

Officer: Our informer said she went here.

Sir, meeting is over.

And they seem highly interested.

(man) Come fast.



Sit down. We've to talk.


(girl hums)

Your name?
-So you're Aniket Sen daughter eh?

What did you tell Boris? Spill it, quick.

Stop humming. What did you tell Boris
about Project Morpheus?

What project?

Any idea what can happen
if the project is leaked abroad?

We wanted to help our own nation.

But you wouldn't let us help!



You're a good actor.


(cocks gun)

(girl giggles)

(laughs loudly)

Nilanjana Sen or someone else?

What's your name?

Stop giggling, will you!

(continues giggling)

What did you think…

You can fool me with your horror stories?

You believe in ghosts?

Come to the point.

Why did you fake your death?

And who were those foreigners
you were striking a deal with?

You ask such silly questions.

God knows why…

Relax, man.

You found Aniket Sen.

I paid you nicely for it.

I don't keep debts.

You saved me today.
So, I want to repay you.


No need.

(high frequency heavy metal music)

When I came back to my senses
she was gone.

And those two…

I had wounded them.

They had vanished too.

I had clicked quite a few pictures
with the spects-camera.

I guess she figured out.
I don't have the sunglasses anymore.

I am sure that her...

Her lipstick... it had...

It had something.

Some chemical or poison.
The moment she kissed me...


Give me the laptop.

Well, Project Morpheus
is 100% successful.

And it's ready for implementation.

Project Morpheus.


Morpheus... (types)

No search results.


I mean…

Don't talk.

Let me think.

There is no food at home.

I went to the grocer… but…

Uh… We haven't paid last months due.

He yelled at me. Didn't give me food.

If you can give me 500 rupees…

Then I can pay the bill and get some food.

Exactly when I'm thinking,
you feel hungry, isn't it?

Bill… Bill! Bill eh?

Bill, right?

Go to that room. There are…

a few bills in my black trousers.

I mean…
the day I went to Aniket's house,

I found some bills and papers
in the dustbin there.

I don't know why I put it in my pocket.

Get me those pants.



Vet's receipt.

And what else…

A flight ticket.

From three year ago.

Patrika... Amrita...

Got it.

Aniket Sen died on the 5th.
And on the 4th, he…

placed an ad in the paper
from this agency.

Someone I know, had come to your agency.


He put out an ad.

Can you check this and tell me
what the write up was?

Uh… it's against our professional ethics.


Ah. Well if it's against your ethics
then nothing can be…

Tell me one thing.

You've such a cute face.

And… a good figure as well.

Why don't you join…
modeling or acting maybe?

Actually… I've never given it a thought.

Give it a thought.
-Contact Sir later.

He's coming up
with a big budget film soon.

Oh sure!

Uh anyway, I guess you can't help me.

Um, please Sir…
-No, it's against your ethics.

No, it's fine.
-See what you can do.

Will try, Sir.


Yes, Sir. Found it.
-Tell me.

Sunil Banerjee.
-Sunil Banerjee…

He placed an ad in the Friendship column.

Amazing nights in Kolkata at Tollygunje.
All new girls. Evergreen love.

Very interesting, entertaining women.

Magical experience. Enjoy togetherness.

9th May.

Nilanjana Sen's father, Aniket Sen.

He was living under a fake ID.

Got murdered…

as Sunil Mukherjee.

The police won't accept it's a murder.

Two strange men are after something.
They tried to kill me.

A hidden hard disk at his place.

Ad in the paper.

(sighs heavily)

God knows what's going on!

It's for free. Want?

I ate a lot, this one's for free.

It's good. Have it.

Have it?

Always beating me.


I've a thousand rupee note.
No change. You pay it.


I don't have money.


Here, withdraw from the ATM.
Not more than 500 rupees.

Get 100-rupee notes. Don't steal.

Vendor: My money?
-What's the code?



-What the…

Vendor: Pay me first.

Code eh…


(dramatic music)


Angel View...


Secret Eye Unemployed Association,
taken to begging?


Is this a place to sit and think?

Aniket Sen put out this ad.

To send a coded message to someone.


What's written in the ad…

If we take the first letters
of each of the words…

The meaning is…

A-N-I-K. Anik. Look.

And then, Angel View.

Then, 'meet 9th May'.


Angel View is a well-known
nursing home in Kolkata.

There's someone called Anik there.

Who's related to this case.

We've to find out who he is.

So our next destination: Angel View.

(mysterious music)

(presses button)

K: Are all the floors high security?
-No. It's just the 4th floor.

It's high security.
Not everyone is allowed.

Lunch break is going on.
You have two minutes.

Finish by then, or I'll be in trouble.
I'm the head ward boy.

They will kill me… So, two minutes.
-No, don't worry about that.

It's fine.


(muttering gibberish)

(latches door)

Why is he tied up?

He gets violent bouts. That's why.

Just two minutes.



I didn't kill anyone…

It was them... They asked me to kill.

The voices in my head…

Ma! I'm hungry!

Yes, I killed him!
-What's he being treated for?

How long is he here?

I don't know.

Another man had come before you.
No one ever came asking for them before.

Who was he?

Um… what was his name…

Abhirup or Aniket…

Aniket Sen.


You know anyone called Aniket Sen?

Have you heard the name, 'Aniket Sen'?
Aniket Sen?

Aniket Sen came to talk to you, right?


Who is Anik…
-Sanjay Bose? Sanjay Bose, Aniket…

Chuck it, bro.

He has completely lost his head.

Please make it fast.

-I'm hungry, Ma!

Know anything about Karma Global?

Karma Global. Anik? Karma Global…

Please try to recall. Karma Global.

Who brought you here?
-Your two minutes are over! Come!

I will kill you! (grunts angrily)
-Let's go!

(cries) Ma, give me food!


Please give me food. I am hungry...

Anik, Anik… listen.

Anik! Anik!

You know about Project Morpheus?

Project Morpheus! Project... Morph--

-It's all over.

As in? Speak out, Anik!

They finished me...
-Who are they?

They finished…

Anik, who?

I'm trapped.

-You'll be trapped too!


(yells chant)

Let's go!

Come on, hurry up!

Let's go, they'll hear us! Quick!

Come on!


We've to plan something.

What plan?
-Aniket used code lingo in that ad.

It communicated to whoever
it was intended for. They understood it.

We've to put out another ad like that.

Tell me what you make of this.


You don't get it?

But whoever knows the code
will fathom it. I mean, Aniket's…

secret ad…
Whoever could decipher its code…

What it means is…


Day after,

Moon hotel, bypass road, 4 pm.
Come in red clothes?

We'll talk about Karma Global
and Project Morpheus, okay?”

That's what I wrote.

The ad's out but no phone call yet--

-(phone rings)


There you go!

Unknown number.


Lady: Hello... I don't have red clothes.

Red clothes…

Right, but…

Who are you? Your name?

4 pm, today. Moon Bar, on the bypass.

Come alone. In red clothes.
-Moon Bar. Yes… but…

The problem is…

I don't have red clothes.


I have a red pair of shades.
Can I come wearing that?


She hung up.


Your aunt.

She passed away seven years ago.

She is back.

She has a date with me at Moon Bar.

Today evening.

We'll have fun.

You're her nephew, it'll be awkward.
So I will go alone.

Won't that be risky?

Of course it's risky…

That's what I'm thinking.

I don't know who she was...

And I--

Carry your gun.

And here, a GPS tracker.

Carry it.


The gun is fine.

But why a GPS tracker?

If they kill you and dump your body...

then your corpse
can be tracked through this--

-Shut up!

Why the hell are you so negative
all the time?

No positive vibe!

Where's my jacket?

-Bring it!

Are you the one… red shades…
From that ad?

Yes, I put out that ad.

I am K. Krishno.

Private Detective.

This is my card.

Chuck it.

I've seen many like you.

Just tell me what you want.

I want to know the truth.
And believe me, I--

-Hey. Buy me a drink.
Then I'll believe you.


Your… name please?

Umarani Das.

-Umarani Das.

Let's get to work?

What's your relation with Aniket Sen.
And what is Project Morpheus.

Project Morpheus…

It was five years ago.

I saw an ad in the paper.

A company called… Karma something...

they were inviting for interviews.

When I went, I saw it was a farce.
Their company was…

looking for people.
For some kind of testing.


They were offering quite a sum.

I got greedy. Signed the contract.

Another fifteen people were selected.

I didn't know first.

Later, I realized we all had something
in common.

We all needed the money.

And no one to call our own.

We were called to Tollygunje.

Then they put us in a bus.

Took us to... some kind of a factory.

When we got into the bus,
they blindfolded us.

Don't know where they took us.
-How was this place?

A huge white coloured house
amidst the factory shed.

A lot of security. Very high walls.

They didn't let us step out.

Maybe the place was close to the sea.

There was a… saline smell in the air.

What happened there?
-They showed us a lot of TV.

Kept us locked up in a white room.

The headache was terrible.

That's where I met Aniket Sen.

He used to counsel us.

And then?
-(woman sighs)

They let us go one day.

Blindfolded us, brought us to Tollygunje.


the headaches...

got worse.

Went to a doctor.

Then I discovered it...

brain cancer.

I found out,
whoever participated in the test,

either they had brain cancer.
Or they lost their minds.

What did you do about it?

A few of us went to their office,
threatened them.


Threatened to file a case. Tell the media.

They immediately offered us
a lot of money.

And they said they'll treat us for free
at their hospital.

Angel View huh?


Soon I realized,
the disease was not to go.

Everyone's condition was deteriorating.

So, I fled from there.

I went to the police. But to no avail.

They filed a case against me!

And Aniket Sen?

He was a good man.

He realized that the company
was up to something fishy.

So he quit his job.

He too was on the run, like me.

They were tapping his phone.
So we would speak through codes.

He wanted to expose the company.

He had some files with him,
regarding the test.

He wanted to give it to the media.
But before that…

they found him.

Suicide, my foot.

They killed him.

Sanjay Bose, from that company…

He was helping us.
So he had to die as well.

I know, I too won't survive.

But before I die…

This company...

I'll destroy them!

(scoffs) But how?

They have Aniket Sen's evidences.
-Not all of it.

He knew he could get caught.

So he left some files with me.
I'll give it to the media.

You can give those files to me.
I could… you know...

uh... help you with this.

I have some contacts in the media.
It'll be easier.

Besides, the police
has a complaint filed against you.

They're looking for you.

Will the media listen to you
if you go to them?

You know how connected they are.


I'll show it to you.
Tomorrow evening, Tollygunje.

Excuse me, why not today?
-No. Tomorrow, Tollygunje, at 4.



There's still time.

Don't get involved in this.


that woman; let us handle her.

Got it?
-Keep this.

I don't take money like that.
-Really now?

But I do.

To each their own.

Keep your distance.

You'll feel bad if I shoot you…

Hold the key. Come on!

Can you ride a bike?

Try it! Sit and kick-start it!


You're chasing me, following me.
Just tell me why, little boy!

This is not done.
-Go tell Mommy, she'll scold me.

(mock sobs)

Start the bike!
-(ignition turned on)

Wow, she did it!

I've to go. Buh-bye, see you.

Uh-huh, don't scratch your bum.

Good boy. Down, boy. Down.


As a part of your job
you'll follow me now.

But we can't afford that.
Hence, a flat tyre is imperative.

I've to go.

Sorry, dude.

(empty gun clicks)

It doesn't work.

You don't use it, do you...

Use mine.

It's locked you see.
-Okay, this is unlocked now. Use it.

A gun that works.

Go for it. Fully loaded!

She's gone!

Didn't even say bye…

Now what, dear boy?

Nothing good can come out of this.

Has to get worse.



(tyres screech)

(K grunts in pain)

(guns cock)

(gunshots fired)


Sir, he is dead.
We'll track the rest of them soon.


No, why him… no one knows we're
from the central government.

Sir! The state police know nothing.

We're maintaining the mission's
confidentiality. As per your order.

Yes, a foreign racket is involved in this.

Okay, Sir. Will take care of the body.

In half an hour--

(fires shot)

Don't go zigzag. Shoot straight.

(gun fires)


(car approaches)


Who are you?

Who? You are K (Who). Not me.
-Why have you been helping me?

What do you want?

(moans) The bullet grazed past.

There will be blood loss.
But don't worry.

Who are you?

Do you read novels? Like thrillers?

As in?
-Say you're reading a good thriller.

What if someone gives you a spoiler?
Tells you how it will end.

Will you like it?

I don't understand…
-Reach the last page.

You're on the right track, I assure you.


Get up.

Come on.

How do you know my place?



Should I carry you?




Who was he…

Thank God I was wearing
the bullet proof jacket.

God knows why these, men want to
interrogate me, follow me, kill me…

And who the hell was that man?
Saved me twice.

He knows where I live. Strange...

God knows who he is.

What about the girl?

She drove off with our bike.


Hmm. But I think I'll find her.


Remember the GPS tracker?

I had put it in her bag.

It will lead us to her.
And she'll lead us…

to the files.

(birds chirping)

K: It says, it's the house on right.
-But my bike?

Shut up. The file is more important.

Come on in.

(gate squeaks) K: Quiet!

(door squeaks)

Door is open. She must be in.

She's a crack job. Try to stay quiet.

She'll argue a lot--


My God…

She is dead.

Looks like a drug overdose.


It's been made to look like that.

Look at her hand and neck.

It's forceful killing. Proved.

See if you find any documents
or files. Open the bag.

Harami: Where…

K: Check.

She said she has some files
on Project Morpheus.


Let me think.

Maybe the place was close to the sea.

There was a… saline smell in the air.

Close to Tollygunge…
I mean a couple of hours from there.

Is there a seaside?

Um, Digha.


Not Digha.

Erm… Bakkhali.
Bakkhali, Diamond Harbour.

Do one thing.

Run a search on Google Earth.

See if there's an abandoned factory
or warehouse near Bakkhali.

Near seaside.

-Check it! Check it!


Bakkhali… Here it is.

Two factories. One is closed.
The sea is nearby.

Let's go.


Harami: No one visits that factory.
They say it's haunted.

K: Haunted? Must be the one.

So, Umarani wasn't lying.

Entering will be easy.
But we've to find an escape route.

First, I'll go. Then you come.
Find a way to escape meanwhile.

Anything could happen.
Please keep the mobile handy.

I will call you.

(suspenseful music)



(electronic buzz and beeping)

What's going on…

I don't get it.

It's dangerous for our party
if A.K. Dutta stay alive.

I've known him for years.

(chuckles) He's very arrogant.

He won't help himself, nor his nation.

You tell me, what's the update.


Team Z has arrived on location.

Dutta will reach in 40 minutes.

Agent A will meet Dutta at his place.

ETA, maximum 120 minutes.

And… our Defence Minister...

How secure is he in Kolkata?

There's high security in Delhi
and other states.

But he has minimal security
in Kolkata, at his house.

His trusted house help, Nabin...
is our guy.


Dutta is our last obstacle.

(chuckles) Not for long.

The world will change tonight.

Don't worry.
Everything will work out just fine.

Transfer the payment please.
-Yes, sure.


You see, Dutta--
-(mechanized voice) Security breach!

(gun fires)

(alarm rings)
-Please sit.

Get up.


You're good at your job.

Lucky guy, I must say.

You lived last time. (gun cocks)

This time you won't.

(phone rings)

Yes, Sir.

Okay, Sir.

Lucky again.


Surprised to see us? Hmm?

Of course.

Priyanka. A trusted agent of ours.

And you are?




A quintessential Bengali.

Samir Bose. Sam.

Last page.

Okay. Ask me.

What is Project Morpheus.


You smell nice. Is it the perfume?

Yes. Why?
-Which company?

-Why that company?

Actually, I… I like it--

-What do you like about it?
-The fragrance.

Any deodorant smells nice.
Why would it smell bad?

Think carefully.

Yes… I mean the ad…

Now you're talking.

Let me see your feet. Ah!


How much?

6,500 rupees.

Why a Greenland?

There are so many companies in the market.

Why not buy
a cheap Chinese pair of shoes?

Here. This is for 650 rupees.
Solid stuff, brother.

Tell me, why this brand?

My choice... It's a big brand.
And the advertisement was good.

Let me see your pants.

Why are you pulling it?
-The corporates are stripping you anyway.

These brands price their goods
exorbitantly, why buy from them?

What do you mean?
-That people don't have an opinion.

Nor any preferences.
It's just marketing.

No matter how much you grin.
Here's the truth…

You have no personal preferences,
nor opinions.

Nothing called individuality.
Believe me.

You're being told everything.
You're being taught.

Think about the elections.

The marketing companies
and media fed it to the people.

“Vote for him. He will bring change.”

And people cheerfully went
and voted him in!

Media and advertising,
they are the decision makers.

You have blind faith in them.
-Yes, but what's your point?

Project Morpheus is a kind of
mind control technology.


'Post hypnotic suggestion', heard of it?

(voice over) Hypnotise humans.
And feed them information in that state.

It gets printed
in their subconscious mind.

They regain consciousness,
but unknowingly,

they follow the instructions given.

The objective of Project Morpheus was,

to amply hypnotic sedation
through technology, audio visually.

Forcing people to buy the product
of a specific brand subconsciously

was our original aim.

Music is making people violent.

If that's supernatural
then I am a super-ghost!

One minute.

And the Chamunda chant?
-Just a gimmick.

By transmitting signals
through interference,

we can place audio visual
post hypnotic suggestions.

But how are you involved with this?

I am one of the creators
of Project Morpheus. I'll clarify.

After developing the system,
we began the human testing phase.

It was high-risk.

So we got hold of
some specific test subjects.

Indian government found out.

Attached itself with us.

And their plan was
to weaponize the technology.

Prof. Aniket Sen had a lot to contribute.

But he didn't support the weaponization.

Anyway, the testing continued.

And one day we were finally successful.

Then the Indian army back-stabbed us.

They banned the project.

They deemed it unethical.

Defence Minister A.K. Dutta…
the main culprit.

But I'm a stubborn man. I continued
the research even after the ban.

Got in touch
with some international arms dealers.

They wanted to buy the project.

Those meetings were meant
to lure the Indian government.

And the ghostly incidents…

were demos. You know, samples.

A.K. Dutta saw all this
and finally looked interested.

Couldn't do anything directly.
He put the 'RAW' after me.

Seeing the demos,
the ruling and the opposition parties…

both were interested in our project.

So the deal was, if A.K. Dutta died,

whoever came to replace him
would team up with us.

They'll pay a high price to buy
the project, use it to gain votes.

Get it? Uh…


Before the election, I'll put in
a tiny post hypnotic suggestion,

through audio or video:
Vote for Rose symbol.

That's it.

You're bound to cast your vote
on the rose symbol!

If there's no rose sign on the ballot,
you'll draw the symbol and vote for it.

This is unethical.
There will be no freewill in the country!

Welcome to the future!

What fun…

No one will make any decisions.
We'll tell them what to do.

No stress.

Crime rate will decrease immensely.

Just an order: Don't rape!

No one will rape after that. The idea
of doing it won't even occur to them!

What you're doing is terrorism too.

People won't have freewill.
Democracy will cease to exist.

Are you a fascist!?
-Spell 'fascist' for me please!

All fancy words!

Listen, we don't have time.

The Defence Minister's done for.
We could have planned a suicide.

But his team is quite intelligent.

He wears protective lens
and ear-chip, like me.

Hypnosis can't work on him.

The house help has been put to it.
He'll butcher the guy.

(sighs heavily)
-Listen, here's a piece of bitter truth.

Humans don't deserve freewill.

They vote influenced by marketing.
Ask them, you'll realise…

Majority of the Indian population
has no political view or awareness.

They don't know who they are voting for
and why!

Bloody cattle. Self-centered lot.

They do candle marches against rape.
But if they witness a rape…

they flee! No freewill for them!
What to do?

(detonator beeps)

(loud explosion)

(Sam coughs)


Hands up. Gun down!

Go! Go!

Gun down! Gun down!

Gun down!

Hands up! Come on!

(coughs) How to escape?

That way.

Get in.

Which way?


S**t! It's blocked!

No, there's an opening. Go.

Take a right.

Now go straight.

Officer, this is detective K.

Defence Minister's life is in danger.

-I'll explain later.

Just tell the security so that
they let me in.

(dramatic music)


Officer, let's go in.

Thank you.

One minute.

Okay. Come.

I know Sam is behind this.

Not at all.

It's very tough to touch me.


(metal clinks)

Don't worry.
These ghostly incidents will soon stop.

I'm taking strong steps.

Don't worry.
Project Morpheus has been eradicated.

And soon, we will find Sam.
-(metal tray clinks)

(gun fires)

Sir, are you fine?


Sir, this is Mr. K. Private investigator.


Thank you, thank you…

Are you okay?

Yes, I'm okay.

Actually, Sir…

a man named Sam
is conducting a ghastly operation...

He's behind all of this.
Karma Global Company is involved.

Project Morpheus?
-Yes, Sir.

I won't leave them.

-Yes, Sir.

Take him out.

Guards, take away the body.

we've to finish Project Morpheus today.

Sir, excuse me.

I suggest, if you can kindly…
help me with man-force.

I mean if you can trust me…

Project Morpheus, I mean Sam's project.

And the research hubs and hide outs
he's got… I know all of them now.

I can take you--
-(phone rings)

Sir, excuse me, I've to take a call.


Hello… Hello…

Know this.

Sam is a genius.

(electronic muffle)


Prepare the force.

I'll inform the High Command.

Hello, we found Sam. We will…

(gun fires)

(water splashes)

Welcome home!

Now you're on the last page for real.

(presses key)

Got a flashback?

(presses key)

You are our asset.

The first successful test subject
of Project Morpheus.

We trained you to be a killing machine.

We activated your killer instinct
through post-hypnotic suggestion.

We control your brain as per our needs.

And you kill people
as per our instructions.


Then you forget everything.

You came to us three years ago,
seeing an ad on the paper.

(medical equipments beep)

We transformed you.

Trained you.

You forgot
that you are actually Subir Pal.

We placed you in the society as K.

Private Investigator, Krishnodas.

Because through our research
on Subir's bio-data, we figured…

you have excellent observation
and detection skills.

And we put Harami as your assistant.

Meet him. His name is Sridip.
Your handler.

He was employed to inform me
on your progress. Think about it.

We can create millions
of killing machines like you.

When Aniket Sen fled
with the proof he collected,

you found him out with your skills.

And we made you kill him.

You turned out to be
much better a mole than we assumed.

We thought Umarani Das was dead.
But you found her too!

We instructed you.

You killed her.

You've transformed homicide into an art.

How many… people have I killed?

You are a legend.

You should be awarded a Nobel
for homicide. At least 50 by now?

52 people.

Look, I opened up to you
because you're very important to us.

Your contribution
to Project Morpheus is immense.

You were screaming for freewill eh?
You deserve freewill!

Project Morpheus is done testing you.
Your brain now belongs to you.

You can begin anew.
Go back to Murshidabad.

I forgot to tell you though…

Your aunt passed away a year ago. Sorry.


Anyway, don't worry about income.

Everything is on us.

You've helped us create a better tomorrow.

(continues to sob)

I don't have anywhere to go.

I can't believe myself anymore.

Who am I?

I'm not good at anything else
but detection jobs.

I don't like doing anything else.


Is this my own thought?

Are you tampering with my brain again?

Why are you doing this?

You know very well, if I want…
I can kill all of you in 20 seconds.

Then why...

Make me forget everything.

You're making me sad now.

Give me a hug.

So be it.

Goodbye. (beeps)

(digital voice muffles)
Deleting memory.