K.O. va e uccidi (1966) - full transcript

K.O. Go And Kill

I'll raise the stakes.


- Yes.
- No.


I'm in.

Me too.

- Two cards.
- One for me.


- Play.
- Play, I'll stick.






I think these should be enough.

- How did he know he was bluffing?
- He must have x-ray eyes.

This is the last round.

- Pass.
- Open.

Looks good to me.

Hold on.
It's another 10,000 to play.

- No.
- I'm in.

- Cards.
- I'll stick.

- Two cards.
- One.

Plus the 50,000 you stole earlier.


Up to 300,000, Rodriguez.

That's 240,000 in total.

You've been paid, Maurice.

I've got nothing against you.

Try not to show yourself
around here, understood?

Goodbye everyone.

The gentleman thinks he can
get smart with me.

But this is the first and last time.

I've always said the ladies
bring Maurice luck.

- Why are you so late, Maurice?
- To heighten the desire, honey.

Will you stay the night?

I'd like to, but my plane leaves
at five, I can't miss it.

Well, Maurice?

What have you got to tell me about
your poker win last week?

Listen, yellow mouth,
I won that poker match, me alone.

Tell me why I should share
my winnings with you?

I don't even like your face.

Whether you like my face or not,
I found those four suckers.

So I demand my share right now!

They invited me to play, not you.

Would you have reimbursed me
if I'd lost?

- Excuse me, I've very tired.
- Scoundrel!

Shut your trap, yellow mouth!

Let's get out of here!

- Can I help you?
- Excuse me, madam.

- Dear god! What happened?
- Nothing, a friendly scuffle.

- Is there anything I can do for you?
- No, not tonight, I'm too tired.


Stella, if only you knew.

Are you getting bored?
Just a few more minutes.

Sorry, but my hair was a mess.

The wait heightens the desire, no?

Good morning.



Thank you.

Thank you, madam.

- What can I do for you, dear?
- Don't keep her waiting too long.

She must be American.
Maurice's word, she's not my type.

- I'll serve.
- Thanks.

- Are you in the Secret Service?
- No, I'm not into espionage.

Then you're a magician!
How did you guess my phone number?

It was perfectly simple.
You dropped some letters...

And, as I've been taught to read.

Were you waiting for someone
at the hairdresser's yesterday?

- Yes, an aunt.
- You must have lots of aunts.

- Where do you take them?
- The countryside, usually.

I really love the wildlife.

- What do you think of my estate?
- Not bad.


Good taste.

All those rooftops so close by, I almost
want to jump out and run along them.

No, let's leave that to the cats.
It's dangerous.

Not for me, don't worry.
I sleepwalk.

Let's be serious for a moment, Claire.

If you want,
but I can't tell you much.

I'm a spinster.

I think I can say it.

I have two sisters who are married
and live here in Italy.

I stayed in the USA,
along with my mother.

I work.
I like my job.

A holiday every now and then.

And that's it.

- Aren't you going to offer me a drink?
- Yes, of course.

Don't you think that's a little
too much protein?

No, my dear, we need to take
care of ourselves.

- Want some?
- No, I've had enough calories for today.

Come on, open up!

- Don't you ever remember the signal?
- I've got other things on my mind.

- What the hell's going on?
- I'm in trouble! I'm screwed!

I bet it's a woman again.

An American.
I'd only just met her.

Did the husband catch you?

She's dead.


In the most mundane way,
she slipped in the bathtub.

- She hit her head and died.
- Why don't you call the police?

- You have to ask?
- Why? Scared they won't believe you?

It's always a headache
when there's a body involved.

- Scaletta, you've got to help me?
- Me?

I'm sorry but I'll go down for years
if I'm caught.

Great friend you are.

- We can go to the police together.
- Great, then they'll arrest us.

Listen, no one's going to look for her
for a while, she was on holiday.

She didn't have any family here.
Except for a sister who left yesterday.

We just have to be careful.

It's no use insisting,
you'll never persuade me.

- The elevator had to break down tonight.
- Quiet.

- Just hurry up.
- Relax, no one's around now.

It's Vincenzo.
He'll stop on the first floor.

Just drive.

- Great! A full moon!
- Sure, it's a romantic night out.


Hurry up!

- Unfortunately the current's weak.
- We should have weighed her down.

Poor Claire.
What a burial.

Some live, some don't.
What a dumb way to go.

Change the subject, please.
Let's go.

I've got cold sweats.

- Hello, Kitty.
- Hi, Maurice.

- How's the audience today?
- The usual.

I don't know why but I feel
really nervous tonight.

Then smile.
You have to smile all the time.

- It's the secret of success.
- You think so?

Hello, Stella.

You shouldn't have come.

Because of Rodriguez?
Don't worry.

By the way, when are you
going to ditch him?

If I did, I wouldn't find anymore
work in any nightclub.

He's got his hands in everything.
You don't know him, he's ruthless.

- Do you love me, Stella?
- You know I do.

Then drop everything and get out
of here, it isn't for you.

Just a bit of courage.
We'll be okay, you'll see.

Am I interrupting?

My dear Maurice,
didn't I warn you to stay away?

It's better to be broke than a thug.



- Out.
- You feel big with that, Rodriguez?

Don't provoke him.
Go, do it for me.

Okay, Stella.

I'm warning you, Rodriguez, don't you
dare touch a hair on Stella's head.

Because I'll kill you like
a dirty mangy dog.

Remember that.


- You're just a son of a...
- I wouldn't go there.

It's not worth it, my mother is a
60-year-old porter, everyone knows that.

While your mother's previous activities
are documented in criminology textbooks.

Bye, Stella.

Damn it!
Who is it at this hour?

Were you asleep?
It's midday!

I bet you spent all night playing cards,
and you lost, as usual?

Actually, I won as usual.

Read it.

I can't read at this hour.
It's in English?

Prick up your ears, Scaletta.

It's one of three letters
the American had in her handbag.

I sent the others.

You did good, this way they won't
notice her missing so soon.

It's addressed to a Canadian friend.

Claire writes about her holiday,
her life, lots of things.

- So what?
- Look what's written here.

Go on, translate.

It says her sister has a
beautiful villa not far from here.

- Lucky her.
- And she's on holiday in Switzerland.

While her husband, a diplomat,
is on a mission in the Middle East.

Not only that, she's also sent
all the maids on holiday.

Claire's otherwise preoccupied.

There are two million dollars
of jewellery in the villa.

- Are you sure that's the house?
- Yes, I checked the guidebook.

As you can see, it's the ideal spot.
No danger of any sort.

- The doorman will let us in.
- You're an amateur.

We need to tread lightly.

To look at mirages?
This place is a desert.

No, I've always worked better
in crowds.

The quietness often hides
a nasty surprise.

- Yes, a mousetrap.
- No, a nice pair of handcuffs.

Listen, you've done very
well for yourself.

With the ladies, I mean.
Forget about the jewellery.

It's not for you.
There's no going back with these things.

Don't get into it,
you'll never get out again.

- Are you preaching to me?
- No, I'm just in it up to my neck.

No, I don't want any part of that.

I just need a good haul
to get out of this place.

It's too stuffy for my liking.

I want to escape to the Riviera
and open a casino.

- I've got it all worked out.
- No, I don't buy it.

You're only doing it for
a certain person.

It's strange though, someone like you
who can reel in any rich lady he wants...

Instead of taking it easy he falls in love
with someone he shouldn't even look at.

You're stubborn and you're going
to get yourself in trouble.

- You've even got yellow mouth after you.
- He's a dumb idiot.

- What about Rodriguez?
- Stella means too much to me.

- With all the women you've got!
- She's the only one I respect.

Okay, let's do it.
But by the rules!

Okay, maestro!

- There's a safe, we'll need...
- We'll get the best.

- The Mathematician.
- A teacher?

A wizard!
The best in town.

- Then we need someone to watch our back.
- Blondie? What do you say?

- Yes, with blondie we're all set.
- We're missing the fence.

If it all goes to plan,
I know the right guy.

But let's proceed in order, first we need
the man with the electronic gadgets.

Hi, we'd like to have a quick word,
if we can?

Me and him.

- My place tomorrow at four.
- Perfect.

See you tomorrow.

I've been having some health
issues lately.

- Liver?
- Kidneys.

Kidney stones.

Ours is a simple stone.

- A family safe.
- Family or bank...

Each one has its own secret, and to
figure it out, the open sesame...

We'll have to...
Actually, I'll have to do it.

Speaking of stones.

500,000 lira up front
and 20% of the haul.

Your Mathematician is rather expensive.

You wanted the best.

You'd better not go up,
he usually has company, I'll go.

Excuse me, Lolita.

- Hello, Blondie.
- What is it?

- I need to talk to you about a job.
- I'm here, Scaletta.

Just a moment.

I'll wait downstairs.

He's coming now.
She was there, of course.

Why's Blondie wasting his time with...
what's her name? Lolita!

Actually, her Lolita days are long gone.

Appears she's one of the most
popular poster girls.

A little job for you, Blondie.
Something real simple.

Easy or difficult,
it's all the same to me.

Yes, I'm in.
I'm also damned broke.

- I hear you.
- No!

- Don't you trust me?
- I need a little something up front.

I came up with this job to make money
and all I'm doing is spending it.

It might also be a good investment.
Sure, there are some risks...

- But you're a good player.
- Yes, penniless.

- Where's all the poker money you won?
- Passed on to my impatient creditors.

Just like me.

As you can see, this shack
has been empty for months.

Hard times.

Remember, you're the only one
who knows about this hiding place.

- Thanks for the honour.
- Don't mention it.

Have a look.

They look real.

- Where do you get them?
- Directly from the factory.

But you have to be careful.
This merchandise is very dangerous.

I like to use them when I've
run out of the originals.

This is what you're owed.

Aren't you going to count it?

I'm upset you don't want
to renew your contract with me.

It's no use insisting, you know there
will never be anything between us.

Not in work or anything else.

There's gratitude! Have you forgotten
you were working in a two-bit joint?

Where you weren't just a dancer.

I bought you clothes,
I taught you how to sing.

- If you're something you owe it to me.
- I'm not something.

You're wrong, I am what I am.

You only helped me because
it benefited you.

Don't try playing the good Samaritan.

It doesn't suit you, you're cold-hearted.

Yes, who else?
A funeral parlour?

It's you, Rodriguez.

Maurice, Blondie, Scaletta and the
Mathematician are up to something.

Maurice is getting into his car.
What do I do? Follow him?

What do you say?
We could...

Of course, imbecile!


It's true, Stella.
Maybe you're right.

I, Rodriguez, am the most selfish
man on earth.

But if I wanted to make it to the top,
It was the only way.

Good Samaritans don't get far
in this world.

Go now.
Slam the door in my face if you want.

But I'll bet my life you won't go far,
and you'll soon be back here!

To ask me on your knees
to take you back.

That's very unlikely.

And someone else will also
come with you to beg me.

Don't count on it!

Damn it!
Yellow mouth had to try it today!

Hello yellow mouth! If you like, there's
some for you as well today!

Get him!
I want you to tear his guts out!

Let go of me!

What are you doing?

You're so stupid, yellow mouth.

Damn it!

- Why are you so late?
- I got held up.

- You want to call it off?
- No, we'd better not.

We've got through hours
until the next security patrol.

- Have you found something?
- No, nothing.

Keep looking
but don't make a noise.

Things that only happen to people
who have been misinformed.


We got screwed.

There must be another safe,
I'm sure of it.

Forget it, it's pointless.
Who knows where they put the jewelery?

Maybe in the bank?


- We won't make it in time.
- Let's try at least.

- That's easy for you to say.
- If you don't shut up I can't continue.

If he isn't done in five minutes,
we're leaving, understood?

- I don't want any other responsibility.
- Calm down, Scaletta.

The security guards will hardly be
as precise as a Swiss clock.

- Did you take care of them?
- You have to ask? The others?

We preferred to split up,
but I've got the jewellery.

- Did it go well?
- You bet.

I didn't have much hope.

If it wasn't for that surprise
at the end.

- How much is all that worth?
- A lot, but nobody touches it now.

It's dangerous, the police will have
a list of all the stolen jewellery.

And the guards will talk
because of you.

When I rob, I want to get out
with my hands clean, no blood.

And to fill them with jewellery
you need to wait.

Shift it now and the loan sharks
will have a field day!

- But I need money.
- Tighten your belt for a while.

For now it will be stored
some place safe.

- I agree, we can't take any risks.
- Risks, okay, but a little something?

Come and eat at my place if you want,
but we can't behave like amateurs.

Where will we hide it?

I have a place only those I trust
know about.

Here, look.
This okay?

Seems okay to me.

What's more, you don't look
like a Judas.

It's okay with me.

I approve.
And you?

Seeing as I'm not coming here
till I retire, okay.

We'll meet here tomorrow evening at ten.


I was terribly worried!
Why are you so late?

I'm sorry, but I missed my train,
that's all.

Come on, calm down.
Why did you wait for me standing up?

You're so silly.

- Now I'll make you a nice coffee.
- Let's go away.

Right now.
I'm scared!

Of who?

No, not him, but I can feel something
bad is going to happen.

What are you thinking?
You know my plans, right?

That business I invested in
has done very well.

I just have to wait for payment.
A few more days.

A small delay, nothing more.


I need to go and pick up Roberto.

The fur coat needs to be paid
by tomorrow, have you forgotten?

Don't worry.

I'll pay it.


Take it.
I hope you like it.


Where did you get it?


It's no use, he was stabbed
in the stomach.

They killed him in one move.

The jewellery!

We're screwed!

Only us four knew the hiding spot.

Scaletta wasn't the type
to mention it around.

He could keep his mouth shut.

One of us three killed him.
I have no doubt about that.

And none of us would want
the police to find him.

Don't you think?

- Pretty! A gift from an admirer?
- Yes, it's worthless.

Let's talk business.
As you know, I'm looking for a singer.

The one I had ran out of me.
So, if you want?

I don't know if it's the right
style for your club.

I'm afraid I'm not prepared enough.

I'm sure you'll go down a storm.

Leave it to me.
I know you've got the talent.

If you want to rehearse downstairs
I'll come and hear you later.

- Then we can dine together, if you want?
- Sure, it would be a real pleasure.

Yellow mouth.
Come in.

- Any news?
- The usual.

- Have you read the papers?
- No, why?

- Do you know the lady who just left?
- Sure, that's Lolita.

She's with Blondie.
Always arguing, he's a real crackpot.

And you told me that
for some time now, Blondie, Maurice...

The Mathematician and Scaletta
have all been seen together.


Sensational 200 million lira
jewellery heist.

I'm sorry I can't give you a hand
but it's a bad time for me as well.

If I can't find that money quickly
I'll go crazy.

All my friends who could help
aren't around.

If you can get something
I can double it an hour.

- Scaletta had some money.
- I haven't seen him for a while.

Whoever killed him didn't know Scaletta
had a habit of moving things around.

- What are you doing with these people?
- I'll do as I please!

I don't have to explain myself to you!

So go away and leave me alone!
And stop bothering me!

Guys, take care of this drunk!

You liked me when I had money,
you dirty whore!

If you want to have a bath, go ahead.
I need to take care of something.

With pleasure.

Whisky, Stella?

Sorry to trouble you
but I had no other choice.

- Nothing at all?
- I'm not thirsty.

I came because your henchmen
threatened me.

But I warn you, if it happens again
I'm going straight to the police.

And you wouldn't like that.

Now tell me what you want?
I don't have time to waste!

I won't waste your time,
just a couple of words.

I urgently need to speak
to your friend Maurice.

Business, of course.
But I can't find him anywhere.

And because your henchmen can't
find him, I'm supposed to tell you.

Sure, that's it.
And right away!

I can't help you, Maurice is out of town
and I don't know where he's gone.

But you do know.
You won't tell me nicely.

Okay, then I'll have to get nasty.

Are you going to hit me?


I'd never hit a woman.

- It's not my style, as you know.
- Sure, you're a gentleman.

- Mummy!
- Roberto!

Nothing's going to happen to him!
Calm down, just say the word.

- Never!
- I'm not in the joking mood.

- I'll do anything!
- You're a monster!

Richard, you'd better talk.
Don't be so stubborn.

You wouldn't want to saddle me
with your funeral bill?

- Talk.
- I haven't seen Scaletta for a while.

The others aren't friends of mine.

I don't know anything about
the jewellery!

Why won't you believe me?

Greetings, Maurice.

- How are you?
- Very well, and you?

I'm sorry you learnt the hard way
that you should never trust a woman.

They have a habit of betraying you,
and your Stella is no exception.


Here I am, tied up like a salami,
and at your disposal.

Don't think I've touched a hair
on Stella's head.

- Just as you ordered.
- Good, Rodriguez, well played.

- Now get to the point.
- That won't take long.

I know you got your hands
on some jewellery recently.

As you continue to refuse to clear
your debt with yellow mouth here...

- My dear friend.
- Spare me the rest.

You're the typical incurable optimist.

It's original, the excuse of the
debt with yellow mouth.

But I haven't got my hands
on any jewellery.

Even if I had, I certainly
wouldn't tell you, hotshot!

Demented egomaniac!
Cut-rate Al Capone!

You're very brave.

But I'd like to see if you still
are in a few minutes.

That's enough for now.

I won't stop until you tell me where
you've put the jewellery!

- And I'll never tell you!
- We'll see.



- Did they get to you as well?
- Yes.

The cowards!
Torturing an old man!

Getting out of here is difficult,
but if I make it...

I want to have some fun with Rodriguez.

Come here.
Look in my inside pocket.

Those fools didn't notice
I had a knife on me.

You're real smart.

It's a pity they don't make men
like you anymore.

- Don't try now, it's dangerous.
- Yes, of course.

I don't think they want to start
fighting again before tomorrow.

It's pointless, my time has come
and I don't mind.

I'm tired of living.

Listen, come here.

Something terrible happened
a few days ago.

I killed a friend.

I was drunk and out of my mind.

I've killed three times in my life.

Someone who (cut)
Another one who conned me.

They got me that time.

Fifteen years behind bars.

But this last one was a friend.
He hadn't done anything to me.

Nothing, you hear me?
He was a friend!

Calm down.
Hang in there, I'll get you out of here.

No, I'm not getting out of here.
It's pointless.

You know, the friend I killed
was Scaletta.

- Yes.
- You killed him?

That's right.
We were both blind drunk.

We argued over a game of poker.

He hit me with a hammer,
I stabbed him in the gut.

Over a game of poker.
Poor Scaletta.

I didn't take the jewellery.
It wasn't me.

- I really don't know anything.
- Calm down.

If you've got the jewellery,
don't sell it here, you'll get peanuts.

If you make it out,
go straight to Monte Carlo.

- Do you know the road to avoid customs?
- Yes, I know it.

Ask for Mr. Valodie.
You can trust him.

He's at the Northern Hotel.
He only deals in jewellery.

Mention my name.

The Northern Hotel.

Thanks, Richard.

Come on, let's go.

Let's go upstairs for a little chat.

Always getting in the way!
I've had enough...

Shout all you like, no one will hear you!

Take a look around!

Your dear friend Rodriguez
won't help you!

Stop it!
I can't take anymore!

Yes? Then why have you been
telling him all my business?

No good rat!
You've always been a rat.

But not for much longer!
You'd better start saying your prayers!

Don't do it!
Listen to me!

You'll never get out of here alive.

If you let me go...

I'll help you.

I know someone who can help you.
You have to trust me!

Trust someone like you?
I'll do it alone.

After I've buried your bones
and reduced them to tiny pieces!

Listen, I can help you sell
the jewellery.

I know someone who'll pay very well,
he's a businessman...

It's pointless, your crocodile tears
don't fool me!

It's also your fault Richard's dead
and you'll be the first to pay!

Rodriguez worked out you robbed the villa
when he saw a big ring on Lolita's finger!

An expensive ring Blondie gave her!
Lolita was Rodriguez's new girlfriend!

You deserve nothing less!

He got you in the back.

- Caught and fed to the fish, boss.
- Perfect!

Bill, bring Stella to me right now.

You head back to the city.

Go away!
See, Stella? He's one of my men.

They shot him in the back.
Strange, right?

- What do you say?
- He got what he deserved.

You shouldn't have done that.

You shouldn't have done that!
You really shouldn't have!

And now, Stella, what will you do
without your Maurice?

Dirty worm!

- Let's get out of here.
- Yes.

Rodriguez kidnapped Roberto
to force me to talk.

- Where's the boy now?
- He's safe.

Let's hope so.

Listen to me.

Pick him up tomorrow morning and get
on the first train to Monte Carlo.

Wait for me at the Northern Hotel.
I'll join you as soon as I can.

Do as I say.
We don't have any other choice.

Here comes yellow mouth again.

Hold on tight!
Are you scared?


Poor Blondie.
It really is all over for him now.

- Open the door, Blondie, it's the police!
- Come quietly for your own good!

Come out, Blondie!
We've surrounded the house!

Open the door!

What are you doing? Are you crazy?
I looked for you before I left.

Rodriguez took me prisoner.
I've been through hell.

I only just made it out alive.

Poor Richard, who had nothing
do with it, got killed.

- I found the jewellery by chance.
- You think I buy all those nice excuses?

- You're so naive.
- Think what you want but drop that gun.

I've no intention of stealing your share.

Too easy!
Now I decide, and I want all of it.

Hand it over immediately, traitor!

If you're going to be like that, I'm not
giving you a damned thing, imbecile!

No doubt your logic might make
sense in your country!

But not here!
We do things very differently!

The Northern Hotel, Monte Carlo.
I have a friend there.

Do you know the road to avoid customs?

Forget about it, stay away.
You'll never get out again.

I've got it, I'll wait for you in
Monte Carlo, at the Northern Hotel.

Hurry here.

Mr. Valodie?
Is that you?

Yes, that's me.

Our mutual friend sent me; Richard.

I have something that I'm sure
will interest you.

Shall we go up to my room?
I think we'll be more comfortable.

Yes, of course.

Paris on the line.

I'll be on the eleven o'clock flight.

Inspector Boulanger.
You're Mr. Valodie, right?

- Just a formality, if you'll follow us.
- Please hold on to this.


I'm the biggest idiot on Earth.
I could hit myself!

Well I'd kiss you instead!

A souvenir?

Bracelets, necklaces.
A hairpin for the lady?

It's all I've got left.

I can't do anymore than that.

This is for Roberto,
and this is for you.

Feel how heavy it is.
It's real gold, you know?

Finely worked.

Look, a 20 franc chip!

Let's go and spend it.

- The casino, please?
- Over there.

Subtitled by a jar of weed.
January 2023