K.O. (2017) - full transcript

A CEO for a television channel finds his life torn apart after he wakes up from coma.

Come on, champion, come on!




Are you okay?


- Sure?
- I'll continue.

Come on!

You will take it apart!

End of the penultimate round
fifth round.

Do you give me a cigarette?

You're Anouk, aren't you?


And I'm fine.

First time in a boxing match?

Oh well.

They puff hard at each other.

They're used to it, it's nothing to them.

How does he know?

You don't have to stay here.

But, no problem.

Sorry, no smoking here.

Coaches leave the ring!

A little encouragement

to the French boxer:
To Maya Sissoko!

Didn't it disappoint?

- Bravo, Maya.
- Thank you, Mr Lecomte.

You won two thousand for me!

And you also have two new fans.

We've already met, haven't we?

Laetitia works for us.

And Ines will join soon.


Girls! You want to catch me
a real biceps?

Good evening!
Good evening!

- Mr. Parol...
- Good evening.

- How did you like it?
- Very much.

Maya is very hard.
Your prosthesis?

Yes, it has a serious future ahead of it.

Mr. Kartz and Julian.

Good evening.

They work with me.


We can get a handle soon
our business.

This is very good news.

But not sure yet.
Some are not yet convinced.

You cancel all appointments.

Hi, Antoine.

Good afternoon.

- Can we talk?
- Ask for an appointment!

You cancel all appointments.

We have to talk!

- Come on, Edgar.
- Let go!

Good, we'll talk about it later.

I'm sorry, Mr. Parol.

You promised me something for September.
It's already June...

If you don't need me,
tell me, but in my mouth!

I have a lot of offers
I'm not decking down the street.

We'll let you know as soon as we decide.

Ok, super.

I'm full of ideas.

Let's talk at a lunch.

Tell Boris.

What do I have to do with it?
I'm fucking Boris!

Go home, don't go wrong here!

Come on.

You wore it off your dick!

Let's go over to me,
it is a ringworm place.

You really are a rat,
Antoine Lecomte!

You pay for it once!

- I'm going.
- I'll take you.

Good night, gentlemen.

I go.

Would you like something to drink?


I'll be back.

... after the fifth round,

knocked out the Filipino.

This is his twenty-fifth victory,

understandable great happiness.

It was a great day for football...


Would you like a glass of water?

Are you sick?

Good night, sir.

Good evening sir.

- Why do I have my stuff in the hallway?
- Here?

Why do I have my stuff in the hallway?

Excuse me sir...


I forget,
that your wife is now a writer.




Please do not!
It's confidential.

What are you doing?

Why did you put my stuff out?

That's my study now.

You also threw out my picture.

Because it's awful.
Don't read it!

Do you want to write a novel?

- This is not a novel.
- But it is!

You have no imagination.

- What are you doing?
- I'll read it to Delamarre.

You don't read it to anyone.

Is that how you get revenge?

What are you talking about?

I'm your protagonist, aren't I?

Do you think you could be a protagonist?

It's pathetic what you do.

You blame me
why did you stay alone?

Leave this,
you are totally paranoid!

And mostly kinky, misogynistic.

But you are not
depressed alcoholic, huh?

My book!

You should appear first
but this...

Give it back!

Hi Daddy...
Hi, Solange.

What are you doing here?

There's a break, I've slept here all week.

Would you take me back to my mom?

Of course.

Nobody read this shit!

If you do, I'll leave.

And where would you go?

Hi, Solange.

- Give me a shirt.
- Yes sir.

This is Antoine Delamarre
answering machine.

Leave a message as soon as I know
I'll call back.

It's me, call me back, urgent.

So, Ines came in, didn't he?

- I'm with my daughter.
- Sorry...

- Hi, Clémence.
- Hi, Jeff.

There was an outage yesterday.

I know they called in the morning.

Kick the person in charge!

I don't think Benezer would leave.

I'm fucking Benezer.

Call Delamarre,
to call, urgent!

- What?
- I will tell you.

How is the view?

Not bad.
Five whole three...

Understandable because...

Are you sick?

Let us stop?

I do not need it.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

You should go to the doctor.

There is nothing wrong.

Hi sweetie.

Let's go.

Good afternoon, Mr. Lecomte.


It was Emile Jarreau,
transmission technician.

He fell asleep and didn't check
the ribbons.

Our message is to suspend.

- Did you reach Delamarre?
- No.

I also left a message for your secretary
but nothing.

- Try again.
- Okay.

What's wrong?

You can't show what Solange wrote.

Good afternoon, Mr. Lecomte...

Good afternoon, Mr. Lecomte.

I think he found a publisher.

Find out who it is
and tell Delamarre.

- But quickly.
- Okay.

Good afternoon.

- Good afternoon, Antoine... Jeff...
- Dina...

The program is a meeting
it starts in five minutes.

The coordination will be at twelve,
after projection.

Producers will be waiting there.

The board will be at four o'clock.

Organize a lunch with Parol,
this week.


Limo's lawyer called me several times,

and Mr. Langlois urgently
he wants to talk to you.

- What does he want?
- I do not know.

Try to find out!

Throw out Limo and Solange
photo from the hall.

Antoine, the meeting!



I need to talk to you.

What is it about?

About me.

Then he says.

I've been here for three years.

I accepted this job, but...

He said I'll get an editorial job,
with greater responsibility.

- I graduated in journalism and...
- You don't have to ask for things.

But to obtain.


Prove it's worth more.

I can't let you go.
This is the case. Too good.

True, it's really too good.

Hi, Dina.

You just won't cry?

I should fuck you!

Hi, is everything okay?


Hi, Ingrid.

Where were you at night?
I was waiting for you. I also wrote.

I went to bed early.

You were with a woman, huh?
You can admit, I don't care.

Forgive me.

We can begin?
We have to go earlier.

Who are you again?

I do the meteorology.

I'm Sonia.

Okay, start.

She would be Laetitia instead,
who went to the sports department.

Laetitia would lead the sports news

alternately with Zoe.

His name is Ines.

You don't have much experience
but young, dynamic and motivated.

Mondja, Sonia...

Why see always
also the brand of their panties?

They wanted tight clothes,
it is transparent.

Take off your panties.

- The mistress...
- Relax, relax!

So far, a feed
wrote reports.

Delamarre died.

Heart attack.


Get me a lawyer.

Fucking come to life!

Excuse me.

- What?
- Mr. Langlois wants to see you.


Good afternoon, Pierre.

What did Parol say?

We are moving, quasi convinced them.


What do they want?

I don't know, but they get it.

Don't break this contract for me!

- I'm not worried.
- I do.

If we fail football,
boxing did not save us.

The match was a failure.

Nobody cares about boxing today,

And especially at such a price!

I like you, Antoine.

I do not want to,
if it explodes in flight.

And I'm not immortal either.

Excuse me.

Here it is.


What is this, Benezer?

The unannounced strike

This is Emile Jarreau.
I guess he's never seen it before.

Would they explain what's going on here?

Emile Jarreau has been suspended,
and he's obviously fired.

No decision has been made yet.

We've been signaling for months
our working conditions are bad.

It was a consequence.

They can go elsewhere.

A dictatorship based on fear?
It no longer works.

He can't intimidate us.

- I'm sorry, I'll take care of it.
- I'm not sure.

I'd rather talk straight to you.

All right... Come on, Benezer.

Dirty asshole gang!

Good evening, Mr Lecomte.
How do you feel?

Are you a nurse?

No, I'm a resident.

A moment.

Is Boris having fun with me?


- Is your name Ines?
- Anouk.

You do not remember me?

His face is familiar.

- Where's my cell phone?
- Don't move.

Don't move.

Do you remember what happened?

Yes, I was shot.

Edgar Limo shot me.

All right.

You need to rest.

I'm going to call the doctor here.

It scared me.

- Can I get in?
- Yes.

It will be thirty-seven and ninety.

I have to go in for the money,

Do I have another choice?

Hey, enough!

- Who are you?
- And you?

Is Solange here?

- He's asleep.
- Has the code changed?

- What does he want?
- Let me in.

- No.
- Open the gates!

Open this damn gate!


Open up!

- I'll call the police.
- Where are you going?

Open this fucking gate!


Are you sure you live here?

Help me climb in.

Oh sure...

- What are you doing here?
- They won't let me into my house.

- Why not?
- I have no idea.

- Don't have the key?
- Neither my key nor my wallet.

Not even my clothes, I'm coming from the hospital.

Someone shot me.

I'm tired, I want to get in.
Help open it!

- He didn't pay me either.
- Shut up!

- You don't want to pay?
- My smaller problem is bigger!

I don't have my wallet, I can't
to get in to pay?

Would you show me your papers?

Are you stupid?

- I'm saying I don't have a wallet!
- Come with us!

- Calm down!
- What do you want from me?

- Calm down!
- Leave me alone!

Sit down!

Is your face familiar, have you been here?

No never.

Maga Antoine Lecomte?

Why did he want to climb in
To Solange Roscoeg?

Because that's my house.

Pasteur Road itself lives at seventy-three.


It's in the computer.

I was in the hospital, Solange was
changed the gate code.

- He doesn't want to let me in.
- Why not?

I don't know, ask him.

Are you afraid of yourself?

He writes a book, but I don't
I want it to appear.

- A book?
- Yes, about me.

He’s writing a novel about me, but it’s complicated.

In this novel, he makes me
responsible for its failures.


Why was he in the hospital?

They shot me.

Did they shoot you?

Yes, Edgar Limo shot me.

- The presenter?
- Exactly.

And why did he do it?

I don't know, he's crazy.

Many people want to hurt themselves.

Doesn `t believe me?

Then look for it!

- Can I leave?
- Then when I decide.

Tell me everything, I'll type...

Then we'll see.


Can I help you?

I'm sorry, I didn't know you.

Did you leave your card at home?

I open.

Good afternoon.



Sir, please!

Sir, please!

- I'm talking to you!
- What are you pulling here?

You are a fool?

Is this chick sick?

- Antoine...
- What are you doing in my office?

Nice to get back on my feet!

He could have rested,
nothing urges.

In vain, his professionalism is old.

Are you okay, Antoine?

Are you pregnant

Pierre is right
he could have rested.

- It scared us.
- Who's your father?

- Well...
- What happened?

Antoine, are you okay?

Have you been released yet?

Boris did a great job,
until you...

he was away.

How long have I been in?

Everyone is here.

Take care of yourself!

Come on, we still have time.

You couldn't have come out yet, had you?

What is Ingrid looking for in my office?

I didn't want that to be the case.

Do you understand?

I respect you.
You taught me everything.

It was temporary, only
until you get better.

I swear I didn't want to
take your place!

- Did you take it?
- Not only...

Dina wanted it, I didn't accept it.



I'm glad to see you.

We were very worried about you.

I appreciate your courage.

We know what you would have done
in the war.

Why? If not me, then
it would have been different!

Of course... You help those
who did this to Antoine.

Who? Who did this to me?

But we won't let go, I promise.

Come with me.

Hi, Antoine.

- Where are we going?
- You see, I didn't lie.

I'm glad you're here.



- What are you doing here?
- He's taking his old place back.

- Is Dina here?
- In the studio.

- Tell him.
- And what can I say?

Just say it and you're done!

- Lani?
- Hi, Antoine.

- What are you doing here?
- Well?

Solange won't let me into my house.


He speaks French?

- Will you be today?
- Yes.

Not a good idea.

You've done it before, or a thousand times.

- I love his beard.
- What are you doing?

Don't worry, Antoine, okay?

- Just read the text, it'll be great.
- What text?

- It's going to be huge!
- Recording!

- Attention, live!
- Solange?

... on our website.

What will be the topic of tomorrow?

Doping in the workplace.

The constant pressure for success,

may cause burns.

And now the weather is coming
Antoine Lecomte-tal,

who returned to our great joy.

Good evening, Antoine.



Antoine! Read it!

I'm afraid you can't hear us.

We apologize.

See you tomorrow, right there,
at the same time.

- What happened?
- Are you okay?

Well? It scared me.

- What the hell did you do?
- Do you?

- What's up again?
- Dina?

I was scared to be the same
will be like last time.


What's wrong with Solange Roscoeg?

I didn't mean the blow to him.

Fanaticism? Are you in love with it?

No way. I wanted to knock down Limo.

Solange didn't care

He threw it away, he started harassing you,
then hit him.

He wouldn't let you in!

Did you hit it for that?

I wanted to hit Edgar Limo,
the one who shot me!

No one shot at you.

So what is this?

Traces of his bypass surgery.

Then I inquired.

The doctor who operated on said
that he had a heart attack.

No one shot at you.

He said it was understandable that
a little more confused.

He's not quite with you yet.

I was right. He's been with us.

We verified and it turned out that
drunk drunk for two months.

Just in front of Solange Roscoeg's house.

I never drive.

Call Delamarre's law firm.

He died, but everyone there knows him.

We're not in it yet, but...

then summon.
We will launch an investigation.

That's for sure?

Are you weatherproof?


Can I have a phone call?

I'm glad to see you.

Hi, Antoine.

We're going?

What kind of car is this?

Jessica. Submitted loan.

I thought I was crazy.

They wanted to believe me,
how I figured it all out

and I had a heart attack.

But the guy who interrogated
and your colleague

Parol's people.

- They were with him at the boxing match.
- With who?


Designed by Solange and Langlois.

- Madness...
- Who's the Password?

- Password! You're stupid?
- But he's talking ugly...

Léon, Gaston... Boys, he is
Antoine, Dad's friend.

- Do you have children?
- Yes.

They don't have a school on Wednesday,
and I am with them.

- Now I have time.
- Were they fired?

- Of course.
- Was they fired for me?

They took advantage of my coma,
to ruin my life.

But I won't leave.

I'll show them!

What are you doing?

I'm sorry, but I'm in a hurry.

I take the kids to judo.

But I'll call you in the evening.

- We're having something to eat.
- Where are we?

- Well, with you.
- What?

- Or have you moved?
- No.

Solange lives here.

He lived here when I met him.

Why did you bring me here?

Okay, stay here,
five minutes and I'm coming.

What is the code?

How do I know?


I'm sorry, I'm with Mr. Lecomte,
we forgot the code.

Hello, Mr Lecomte, I am already opening.



Your key?

I do not have a key.


How long have I been in the hospital?

I do not really know.

We haven't met in a long time.

I was glad you called.
I was surprised, but I was happy.

How come we don't meet?

You should rest. It will get better after that.

What we have here?


What are you doing here?

Mom brought it back,
before he flies away.

Did you really fight? Are you crazy?

It's not easy for your father now,
he was in the hospital.

- You Did not Know?
- But, Mom said.

Another panic attack?
They will be fired in the end.

- It wasn't a panic attack, but...
- Okay, who are you?

Jeff, your father's friend.

- You were a little girl when we met.
- I do not remember.

Sorry I have to go. The children
waiting in the car.

Call me if you need me.

- Go or I'll call the police.
- Tell Solange.

I'll call the police.

Just trust me.

- Sure?
- Yes.

- What does he want?
- What happened?

- What do you mean?
- That's enough, Solange!

Leave me alone, go home!

- This is my house!
- Yours?

What is the game going for?

I didn't even know you
when I bought it!

So he lived here.

Solange, damn it,
Do not do it!

Looks like it's me
his obsession.

I'll see what I can do, though
i barely know you.


You were born in Paris, Normandy
you grew up on your parents' stud farm.

You love to ride, but in the car
you are afraid you have no rights.

You don’t travel because panic strikes you.

You love opera,
but you sing falsely.


When dressing the bra
you pick it up first.

You squeak at the reception at night.

- It was enough!
- I know you, Solange.

I also thought I knew
but I was wrong.

I thought you were a nice man
and especially that normal!

He didn't even apologize,
for being knocked down!

What are you doing here?

What should be? Should I call the cops?

Not! Antoine is already going.




Antoine, what are you doing here?

- Open it, fuck it!
- Do not do it!

- How did you know I was here?
- What is this weather history?

It's not my fault.

Why does everyone think
how am i weatherman

Why not think?

This is more than many!

What is he doing here?

It's not what you believe...
It's been a long time.

Not to take your place.

- What?
- Let's fuck off what you think.

What the hell is this?

I asked to be fired.

I'm not bricklaying.

And now get out of my apartment!

Your apartment?

- Get lost!
- But...

Come on.

Are you happy now?
You're shitting shit here!

- Pull it off!
- Wait!

Boris, what is this...

You failed, and now
do you drag everyone with you?

You won't take me! I'm not a loser!

- He can't stay here!
- Who?

If you stay here, I'll go to Mom's.

Hi. Are you better?

We'll be together tonight, okay?

We talk. You need it.

Jessica wasn't happy about that
I left the twins on, but don't worry!

What is a dude for, if not for that?

I don't understand what's happening to me.

I know exactly how you feel.

That you go crazy.

That your life is a scam,
and all lies.

Everyone is against you,
and he's lying to you.

But can there be such a thing?

Of course it can exist.

We are all alone.

So alone...

Are you lying to me too?

No, Antoine. I will never lie to you.

What's all this?

Why has everything changed?

Nothing has changed, Antoine.
You changed.

You don't accept things

I felt the same way when they were fired.

This anger.

You're going to work as usual,

and a morning of your stuff
they are waiting in a box.

You're a survivor, Antoine.
You almost died.

Your heart attack could make you realize
what matters.

I didn't have a heart attack
they shot me.

No, Antoine.

You had a heart attack.

I saw it.

How did you see it?

I saw you.

Like many.


And now let’s see the weekend weather!

Good evening, Antoine.

- Good evening, Solange.
- Do we have good news?

Unfortunately not.

We can expect an overcast sky

except the coasts of Normandy,

and Brittany in the morning.

It's not better this afternoon.

November weather, July.

The temperature also remains low...

In the Basque Country, for example...


... it will be very cold,
we can only measure nine degrees


It could be a shocking sight to you.

We'll be back in a few minutes.

But the main thing is that you are alive.

What's up, Antoine?


- Password?
- If you touch me, I'll shout.

Why did you write this note?

He thought I could stand without a word,
how do you ruin my life?

I will take revenge!

Did you do all this?

Wicked villain! Dirty thief!

What the hell did you do?

Nothing compared to what you do!

What did I do to you?

You love yourself if you want to know everything!

He told me.

Who are you talking about?

Sonia is my life! I love her!

Who is Sonia?

I'll kill you if you don't leave me there!
Both of you, Sonia, and you!

- Let it go!
- Let go!

Come on!


So! Everything will be fine.

Hi, Antoine.

Antoine is coming back.

Hi, Antoine.

I'm glad to see you.
I'll get your coffee.

Are you okay?



I'm glad to see you.

If there's any problem, I'm here.


I know my husband
It threatened.

Said. I'm sorry.
He won't bother you anymore.

Are you coming to my place?

No, it will be good here.

Here it is.

We have received the latest report.

It will not change anymore.

You have half an hour for the text.


Here it is.

Is something wrong?

- Can you do it?
- What?

The text.

Are you serious?


Thank you for the opportunity.

Thanks, Sophie. Good day to you.

Good afternoon, Mr. Lecomte.
Are we having a nice weekend?


This is good news.

Your beard is fine.


Should we sit by the window?

... we're talking about marriage
also about violence...

but now the weather is coming
Antoine Lecomte-tal.

I hope you can hear us.

- Is he there, Antoine?
- Yes, good evening, Solange.

Time seems to be going bad.

Yes, Solange, circling, too
we could give up against the Sun,

because it disappears completely in the morning

No anticyclone,

produce the antidepressant,
to cut in the head

and let our depression go away.

Or if we give up on this,
"singing in the rain" is coming!

Above the canal
in some places the clouds rupture.

Tune in to our channel
we are here!

Northeast, and southeast
rain is also expected.

Up to zimankó in the Middle East.

Did you write this shit?

If you say that in a voice, then...

Stand-up comedy style should.

Blues atmosphere in Toulouse,
reason: Max twelve degrees.


Can we talk?

I see you haven't kicked back yet...

Leave me alone!

Silence, here it is...

Antoine, you were great!

Antoan, the rhyme-titanium!


Don't like puns?

Get up!

Are you better?

I need to show you something.

Come on! Move now!

Are they doing it for money?

No, they have had enough of the humiliation.

That's how they want it back
their dignity.

You should try.

Get up!

What happened?


Does not matter.

- Is Clémence not here?
- No.

He moved in with his mother.
I'm sorry.

If you want, I'll go to a hotel.

- I do not need it.
- Thanks.

I need a place

where I can gather myself.

It's just a few days,
do not worry!

Jessica doesn't really understand, but...

i can't do that anymore.

We will not leave ourselves!

Nick of time! We just talked about you.

Sit down.

- Did you fight?
- They attacked, I defended myself.

Okay,... I'm not hiding,
We have a problem with you, Antoine.

What is their problem?

We don't know if he's in the right place.


Its popularity has declined everywhere,

except for men over sixty-five.

Those under twenty-five
sixty-three percent find cicini,

according to fifty-eight percent of women
not attractive.

I'm sorry, but these are facts.

But their seventy-two percent
yet he trusts him.

- Fifty-three percent say they're sympathetic.
- Who cares?

My dog is sympathetic!

The indicators of Antoine are: pathetic,

moaning, lousy, depressed.

He's in the wrong pass, but we could help
for him to fight himself.

It didn't start just now.

You just had enough time.

Too bad we didn't use it
Boris attraction.

It also works very well for women under forty-five.

Thank you, Dina,
your position is clear

but I disagree with him.

Antoine is one of us,

think about what he brought us.

He had a deep flight,

but he will recover.
Right, Antoine?

Give me something else!

- Anything else?
- Not the weather.

What can you do?

- Let's say the lottery.
- And Zoe?

I want his place.

- What?
- You shut up!

"I'll take your place and you'll see!"
- Antoine...

Leave it to us.

You too, Dina.

No need to ask for things!
But to obtain.


Find the old self.

And everything will be fine.

You don't know who I am.

I know.

And I know Dina too.

I hope.

Many do not appreciate him.

Tough woman.

He had a hard time getting to where he is now.

No one helped him.

They don't help anyone.

- I fought too.
- Of course.

But it wasn't like that
hard thing like him.


What do you know about my life?


- I only...
- It's not easy for anyone.

I worked to get here!

I proved I know

That's not what I deserved!

That's not what I deserved

That's my place and I'll take it back!

What's wrong?

Here you go, Ingrid!

I think he's off...
Would you call my husband?

Wow, bass!

Will there be a war?


Everyone wants to stand up to him.

You can bet on that
who lasts the longest.

- Here you go.
- I do not need money.

Absolutly not?

I like to fight.

Jeff, call me back as soon as you can.

Hey! Calm!

Antoine doesn't want to attack me.
Or am I wrong?


Do you want to say something?

Maybe that, I'm sorry "?

I'd like to have dinner,
to reconcile.

Thanks but no.

I know a good Japanese restaurant,
you will like it.

I don’t think I hate Japanese cuisine.


I do not think that...

I don't think it's a good idea.

I'm sorry, Antoine.

Didn't you get my message?

Where are you going?


I told everyone
we do not leave this at that.

Ingrid lost her child.

It would have been the first.

What are you doing?

Where is your office?

Whose office?

What happened?

Solange, I...


Come with me.


What is He drinking?

I have no idea.

Good evening.

- What can I get you?
- We want two vodkas.

I never drink alcohol.

It's going to rain well, you'll see.


What a goose!

You can't do it yourself.

We think we know the other
but we are always disappointed.

It's not for you.

Why, who is there for me?


You think?

He does not know me.

True. I know less,
like you yourself me.


I was, but I divorced.

- Do you have children?
- A daughter.

You don't have it.


I wanted to, but...

I didn't think that...

he wanted so much.

Then you don't know him so well.

Was it always weather-critical?


- And I'll stop.
- Indeed?

And what will he do?

I'll figure it out.

A figure is quite mysterious.

That's good, it tastes good. Can I have more?

- Just carefully.
- He'll take you home.

Can I trust you?

- Yes.
- We'll see.

We arrived.


Good morning.

- Is Solange here?
- Went.

Are you drinking a coffee?

Solange, this is Antoine.
Call me back.

- Is Jeff here?
- No.

What's wrong?

Mom doesn't want that
I live with him.

He shears off what's wrong with me.

Don't call me again!

What happened?

What are you doing here?


I'm sorry you lived in it...

I love you.

But I don't like it.

I'm sorry.

Good luck!

Go home, don't do it
stupid of yourself!

Jeff, what are you doing here?

I screwed everything up.
Jessica doesn't even want to see.

Leave me alone!

- Come from here!
- Tell him I love you!

Leave your bullshit!


Just come, come!

The cops!

Get out of here!

Stop it!

Here it is.
You will need it.

Put the gun down!

Hold on!



Are you all right, Mr. Lecomte?
Can you hear me?

Do you see me?

Squeeze my finger!


Where are we going?


And Solange?


Do you know where he lives?


- Good afternoon, Mr. Lecomte.
- Good afternoon.

Hi, Sonia.

We're glad you're back.

Fuck, but it's good to see you!

He could have rested,
nothing urgent.

In vain, his professionalism is old.

Boris replaced him perfectly.

- Good afternoon, Dina.
- Good afternoon, Antoine.

I am glad to see you.

I wanted to say that Limo came in...

I'm sorry.

I fucked.

And Edgar Limo?
What happened to him?

After he shot you, he killed himself.

If one can no longer stand it,
understandable if it crumbles.

Not now, Benezer.

How are you?

I should rather ask that.

I'm sorry for what I did to you.

Are we going to discuss this now?

- Stop!
- Here?


Mr. Lecomte?

Glad to be back on my feet.

Who are you?

I'm a nurse at the hospital.

I was by your side,
while in a coma.

I talked to you often.

It is important to stimulate with speech
those in a coma.

But you didn't have many visitors.

Wasn't there much?

First, yes, but then
fewer and fewer came.

But it's natural.

His wife, Solange, on the other hand...

he often came in.

He was there every day.

She must be happy to be home again.

Come in.

I warn you: it will be rock hard.

I know.

Hungarian text:
Anna Molnár

It is distributed in Hungary by Mozinet Kft.