K.G.F: Chapter 2 (2022) - full transcript

The blood-soaked land of Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) has a new overlord now - Rocky, whose name strikes fear in the heart of his foes. His allies look up to Rocky as their savior, the government sees him as a threat to law and order; enemies are clamoring for revenge and conspiring for his downfall. Bloodier battles and darker days await as Rocky continues on his quest for unchallenged supremacy.

A fearless prince

in the dead of the night

began the search for his destiny.

That day, amidst the raging storm

on the ship


without fearing anyone

he sailed over the glittering sea.



Why does the sea glitter?

Because there lies an ocean of gold
beneath the sea.

That's why it glitters.


Are you…so fond of gold?

There is no woman in the world
who isn’t fond of gold.


I will fetch you all the gold
in this world.

Fine! Time to go to sleep now.

You can do that in the morning.



Close your eyes.

[sings lullaby]

No one shall ever read or write
anything about him.

His name and identity…

should be erased from
the pages of history.

I am enforcing the army…

and signing the death warrant…

of the biggest criminal in India.

Anand Ingalgi suffered a stroke
at 4am Sir.

He is in ICU at St. Mary's Hospital.

Due to high BP, there is brain hemorrhage
and lot of clots in his brain.

Taking his age as consideration,
surgery is ruled out.

To be very honest,
he has got very little time.

Let’s hope for the best.


does he have any relatives?


His son is there.

Vijayendra Ingalgi.


I'm Deepa Hegde.

I am sorry about your father.

I hope he recovers soon.

He was a good man.

How do you know my father?

Your father has authored a book.

We interviewed him yesterday.

He narrated half the story.

Today he was supposed to finish the story.


I guess…

it will remain unfinished.

I'm not sure if he was a good man or not.

But I'm sure he was not a good father

nor a great husband.

As a child, I don’t remember
him playing with me.

He never checked my marks-cards.

He had no idea when I started smoking.
Not that I cared!

He didn’t shed a tear when my mother died.

In fact, he never noticed me leaving home.

I am seeing him after 25 years.

But all that mattered to him

was that story.

The story of KGF!

The story of Rocky!

Don’t know if that is a fact or fiction.

But he lived for that story and..

it cannot go unfinished!

That means…

the remaining story

are you going to narrate?

He will only narrate.

Go straight, you will find
a Hanuman temple.

4kms ahead from there

you will find that exact place.

The military had a base there
until four years back.

No trespassing was allowed.

Why are you venturing into that place Sir?

There is only dust and mud here.

An empire here?

-Hey come on--
-Hey Mason


Do you see that wild date palm tree?
Dig 35 feet around it.


What are you looking for Sir?

I too have no idea.

Anand Sir prohibited us to even
clean the library.

Besides them, you are the first person
to set foot inside.

Be careful Sir!

That's enough! Open.

Hey, work is going on. I cannot come now.

Lots to do! Will be there in the morning.

[indistinct chatter]

Hey hurry, get that JCB here.


it seems to be a huge boulder.

Hey, get the rope and the chain quickly.

OK, I will call you later.

There must be another copy
of the book somewhere.

Search for it!

Hey just lower it further.

Tie the rope!

[indistinct chatter]
OK get back. Move away! Move!

You still don’t believe all this
could be true?

It could be the work of a mad man!

Lots of journalistic material
and photographs here.

But I am sure

how much ever you search

you'll not find a single photograph
of my mother.

Not that I care!

And you know what?

I don't think you are concerned either.

Right…let it down slowly.

Story seems interesting.

That's why you are here.



Were you looking for this Sir?
What is this Sir?

Untie the rope.

Let's find out.


A democratic nation

amidst 700 million people

such a vast empire

such a robust system. How?

I am not only concerned
how it was made possible…

but also curious about who won there.

Wars are waged for the sake of victory.

Victories are achieved to create history.

[muffled voices]

History always wins.

[muffled voices]

And somewhere hidden in those
pages of history…

Sir! Sir!

is the biggest kept secret
in the history of India!




Sir excuse me.


The article that I submitted yesterday

the place under the survey number

that I had mentioned as missing

It's not published?

I’ve been printing news in this
press for many years.


I don’t want to be the NEWS myself.

This matter is no secret.

The interest that my father had in this

the CBI Special Wing

had the same amount of interest.

The west coast disturbances,

irregularities in the Bombay refineries,

excessive flow of gold
in the black market…

distribution trails and
hundreds of witnesses.

All fingers are pointing
towards one direction Sir!



not even a single charge sheet
filed yet, Sir?

Which batch are you Ramesh?


'74 Sir!

I'm '54!

The effort to excavate the gold
from the mines in KGF is huge.

The effort to reveal the truth about KGF
by the CBI is as enormous.

But those documents
will remain in the locker

and nobody will do anything about it.

You see that clock?

It’s stuck for days.

They are least bothered to repair it.

And about this matter

you think they will bother?

KGF was a well-oiled machine.

Everybody knew that the cat
stealthily drank the milk.

But no one had the courage
to bell the cat.

What happened in KGF after Garuda's death?

Will you read it?

Apart from the death of Garuda in KGF,
the outside world knew nothing.

But on the next day, in Pali, where
major decisions are taken…

Rajendra Desai, Gurupandian,
Andrews and Kamal

gathered for Garuda’s brother

Virat's coronation.


Is Garuda no more?

Not sure if Garuda’s pyre is lit or not

Virat is already showing his true colors.

He has planned his own grand entry.

This is very unlike Virat.

The more careless Virat is

the easier it is for us.

What about Gurupandian?

We have downed a mammoth

crushing a sheep is no big deal.

Don’t you worry!

To aspire to set foot and rule Narachi

is impossible!

Where did Virat..

get this temerity from?

I will…

kill him myself!



That Bombay guy

what's his name?




Isn't he already killed?


I missed the chance!

He was sent to KGF to kill Garuda.

But he went there to rule KGF.

For that, he had to kill Garuda first
and escape the guards.

Most importantly, had to gain
the trust of the people.

He created a short circuit
and crossed the white line.

Primarily, he went there to kill Virat.

Disguised as one of the three inmates

he slayed Garuda in everyone’s presence.

When Vanaram’s guards stood with the guns

the oppressed slaves

inspired by Rocky’s feat

trounced the guards and surged ahead!

The people

accepted Rocky

as their Emperor!

Don't touch me!


What are you doing here?

Was at a restaurant with friends.

They have forcefully brought me here.

Who is that?

Dear Lord!

Let no more lives be lost for
the sake of this throne!


That's Rocky…

the one who killed Garuda!

It's him!


Please sit down.

It’s enough if you have respect and fear
within you.

All are ONE!



Finished him off!



Gone too soon!


You have established a fantastic
council here.

Hey, why are you all so gloomy?

Don’t worry, you are in safe hands.

Am new to the place

but not new to the field.

I will ensure that your company

Need your cooperation, support
and blessings…that's enough!


Do you think its a game of Kho-Kho
to switch positions at will?

To safeguard and continue our rich family
legacy built over generations

is why we are all born!

Won’t let an outsider like you
to take control.


What has happened to our country?

Rampant recommendation, donation,
domination, influence, bribe…

What should the poor kids do?

Is there no place for toppers, non-corrupt
and the hard-working people?

What should the person do, who
single-handedly chopped the head off!


Am here only on merit!

I deserve some respect.

Your parents have stashed enormous wealth.

But they made a mistake!

They gave birth to you in my lifetime.

I shall keep on ruling

and you watch me rule!

What do you say darling?

Am I right?

Why have you brought me here?

Tell me that first!

To keep you…


for safety my dear.

These are dangerous people.

Not just that

being the head of such a big Company

don't I need some company?


You are my entertainment, my dear!

Hey, stop this!

You seem to have a big ego!

I have been watching you.

You are talking nonsense!

How dare you insult my girl
in my presence!

-Kamal, what are you doing? Sit down.--
-Is she your entertainment?

-You are crossing the limits.--
-What are you doing? Sit down.

Hey! Do you know your worth?

Living off the pittance you earned
as a shoe polisher in Mumbai slums.

That! That is your true worth!

He's ruling over us today because you
stopped me that day.


Don’t touch me!

People must be shown their right place.

You have now let a stray dog
occupy the throne.


Ah..he escaped the other day
but not today, no chance!

He is my prey and I am going to kill him.


Where was I?

Entertainment, haha!

You’re my entertainment, my love!

C'mon dear! Let's go!

Hey, don’t touch her!

Hey Hey

Hey What!

They are all partners.

If none of them survive
how will I get the business done?

We created a ‘Rocky’ to kill Garuda.

Is it so difficult for us to create
another ‘Rocky’ to kill you?

Even my father was not able to

it’s impossible for anyone to create
another ROCKY.

One and Only piece!

You reared a snake to chase
the rats out of the house.

That too a King Cobra!

Now it’s your turn to move out.

Hope you have made other arrangements!

[muffled voice]

Hey Farman! What are you upto?

Why are you holding the gun?

Throw it aside and come down.


Your father sacrificed his life
to save you both.

Imagine your mother’s fate
if something was to befall you.



What did you eat today Boranna?

-Radish curry…prepared by Basappa.

Four days back?

He provided us with clothes.

He's building homes for us.

Got us medicines…

and helped us live respectfully.

Don’t forget all his help

now and in the past.

He freed us from bondage.

For him…

I am ready to sacrifice my life.

[kids shouting]
Hey! Come here for a minute.

[kids exclaiming]

I knew it

I am the best looking amongst all of us.

[kids exclaiming]

I am wearing this after ten years.

If God has to safeguard us,
they say we have to pray.

But even to offer prayers

he had to save us!


[kids exclaiming]

One who strikes with the hammer!

He will be here.

Get dressed as soon as possible.

He'd like to…

see you in this attire.

Juice is ready.

Do you need anything else sister?

[frightened voices]

Don't brother!

She will kill you for sure.


[women weeping]

[muffled voice]


I am already deathed dear.

Our tradition is to light a lamp to
welcome home the girl for the first time.

But here you are celebrating
the festival of lights.


I did want to showoff the richness.
But these guys have gone overboard.

Finish the juice once your anger subsides.

Get energized


I shall then take you out for a hunt.

This is the most comfortable room here.

it will be nice if you are around.

Don't get scared and rush into my room!

The moment an unmarried couple
is seen together

the tongues start wagging.

Its hurts!

Its hurts!

We have stationed 500 men with guns all.

But they don’t even know to hold them.

How will they use them?

They will learn.


[muffled voices]
Eh… Hey!

Why have you still spared him?

He should have been eliminated

much earlier!

Will you kill your commander-in-chief?

The moment you free me from these chains

I’ll kill you with my bare hands!

Are you offended because I killed Garuda?

[Rocky scorns]

In the game of Chess

when the Soldiers




and finally the Queen are eliminated
AND the King is checkmated…

the Game is over!

Rearrange the pawns…

a new Game begins!

The same rules, the same board. But…

a new King!

People are not permanent here

only positions are!

You’ve been around since the inception
of this place

guarding and protecting these walls!

The right moves are important for me

while you value the boundaries more.

I am sure that you will not tolerate
the destruction of this place.

My next move now will create…

a major havoc!

When I went to the maintenance room
to check the map, I noticed something.

I couldn’t understand at first

but now it all makes sense.

I know why you refer to

this existing Mine as
Sector three by nine!

Hey Farmaan!

-Where are you going?
-Rocky boss is calling. I'll be back soon.


Ah Brother!

Greetings brother!

[frightened voices]

Where are they shooting?

Get him here!

[frightened voices]

Vanaram is still alive!

Unlock the chains!

[muffled voices]

Give him a gun!


Right from holding the gun to
pulling the trigger…

keep observing him.

[muffled voice]

[frightened voices]

I will guard again

but only on my terms.

Before guarding the main gateway

there is a significant barrier.

There is a check post.

Three hundred guards must be posted
there immediately!

Trained 300 guards!

Rocky is building an army

and has retained Vanaram.

He is planning something big.

And all of it seem related to
Sector three by nine.

There is so much mystery around it,
isn’t it?

Don’t dramatize it so much

after all its fiction, right?

I have known Anand
long before you were born.

In fact, I know your father
more than I know you.

Don’t question his integrity.


doesn’t have much time left.



If he has retained you then

it must be for a big festival!

Why have you summoned us all here?

Sector three by nine.

was an existing operational Mine.

Which was established by Suryavardhan
in 1951.

Why are you all standing here?

There is no monster inside.

-Come inside.
-Go in if you want, we won’t.

It was…

one out of nine.


of nine…

of what?

It's a lie!

And you have been lying for ages.

They say Dream within your limits

That's the biggest lie!

The rich have always misled the poor.

But according to me…

greed is good!

greed is progress!

If there is progress…

One becomes Two…

Two becomes Three…

Three becomes Four…







were there…

nine Mines?

You see, when Suryavardhana started off

he had a vision to sustain the empire
for centuries.

So, he ensured the other eight Mines were
shrouded in secrecy…

to ward off evil intentions.

But Rocky…

firmly decided to excavate all the gold
in two years.

Why should one dream within limit?

Sky is my limit!

Boss, no one is entering the Mines!

Hey partners!

No more conspiring.

Get ready to work.

Time to progress!

Let’s reap a rich harvest!



You enquired about the Big Festival.

None of them can hold the ground.

What can he achieve with these cowards?

Yes sir!

As you said…

we had no courage

no strength

no belief.

The sword was hanging on our heads!

But one man stood in between and
slashed a throat during Maari festival

♪Waves have risen in the Ocean♪
♪This fierce hurricane♪

That day, after several years

we celebrated death!

♪ Mountains are trembling!
This fierce Hurricane! ♪

The vigorous swipe of his sword

created a storm!

♪ The fierce Hurricane…♪

That storm…

got everyone in Narachi

a new lease of life.

I have a suggestion.

Please beware

don’t go against him sir…

♪ You and Me are null and void!
Move out of the way! ♪

♪ Hurricane Hurricane!
This braveheart throws a challenge! ♪

♪ Hurricane Hurricane!
He is the piercing arc of the lightning! ♪

♪ Hurricane Hurricane!
This braveheart throws a challenge! ♪

♪ Hurricane Hurricane!
He is the piercing arc of the lightning! ♪

-Hey I am Rocky, I am Rocky!
-I resemble him more than anyone!

Hey…what’s this?
Always chanting Rocky Rocky Rocky!

Get lost from here!

Oh! a new entrant.

She is totally ignorant.



Do you know why we always chant
Rocky’s name?

Watch now!

Hey look here he comes. Rocky! Rocky!

[indistinct chatter]

Shall I tell you now…

why they are all bowing to him?

♪ Burning flames reduced to a hiss! ♪

♪ The slashing sword, giant wave born
from the ocean belly! ♪

♪ Rocky Rocky Oh Rocky! ♪

♪ Rocky Rocky Oh Rocky! ♪

♪ Thunder in the sky
Is silently murmuring ♪

♪ Able men paralysed!
By his piercing glare! ♪

♪ Rock Rock…Rocky! ♪

♪ Rock Rock…Rocky! ♪

♪ Eclipse of tears is now past! ♪

♪ Skies are ready!
To dampen the forest fire ♪

♪ Those blood thirsty demons! ♪

♪ Reduced to ashes by his roar! ♪

♪ From ages and till eternity! ♪

♪ The king of the story of this soil ♪

♪ He is the only blazing diamond! ♪

♪ Move out of the way ♪

♪ Hurricane Hurricane!
This braveheart throws a challenge! ♪

♪ Hurricane Hurricane!
He is the piercing arc of the lightning! ♪

♪ Hurricane Hurricane!
This braveheart throws a challenge! ♪

♪ Hurricane Hurricane!
He is the piercing arc of the lightning! ♪



We have a request.


Please come.

[frightened voice]

[woman crying]

She is the first girl child
who has survived here.

Please choose a name for her.



[muffled voices]

It's time.

I will take leave.

[muffled voices]

[kids chattering]

Rocky is sending the raw material to Varca
for extraction.

If we don’t stop him now…

the extracted gold will be his

and the leftover scrap

will be ours.

The old game is over.

They have rearranged the pawns

and have started a new game.

Take it from the top
so that everyone knows.

Till date, no one is aware
of the happenings in KGF.

Who is controlling it is also a mystery!

But according to my sources

there has been entirely new leadership.

They all have been assassinated sir.

Aye! Aye!

How long do we live in fear?

What are you saying?

Even though we are Central Ministers,
our hands are tied!

We are dancing to Gurupandian’s tunes.

Suryavardhan is dead

and so is Garuda!

And now it seems a new master
has taken over.

Somebody else from this organization
is controlling it?

No Sir!

It seems an outsider

has forcefully taken control.


We were more worried about the strength…

of the rock we had planned to crush.

How is this even possible?

Now we realize that the hammer was
far more threatening than the rock!

Amidst these powerful people…

one more?

Hey, out with it!

Shetty sir, a new boss has taken over KGF.



He had an eye on your coveted throne
since his childhood.

He’ll arrive this time

and occupy the throne.

He’s now your boss, as well as mine.

Enough of the oppression of KGF!

Let's put an end to it now.


If Gurupandian and his government falls

she will emerge right?

She will put an end to it.

We have to now get the commitment
from other MPs.

Inayath Khalil’s number is in
the table drawer, Shetty Bhai.

Rest is upto you.

How do we destroy that hammer now…

think about it!

-Ah! Boss!

Find out if this is true!


find out about this…


Is this all?

Does not suffice!

Work harder!

Mining should continue day and night.

[frightened voices]

These walls have witnessed
a lot of bloodshed.

The reason for that is this sword!

Adheera's sword!

Do you know why people are so scared
to see the sword of a dead man?

Adheera in his childhood was
influenced by the Vikings clan

adopted their ruthless tactics

and became the epitome of cruelty.

He ensured that no one dared
point fingers towards KGF.

He forced people to toil in the Mines.

More importantly

to fulfill his brother's wish

he created an empire mercilessly
on the might of his sword.

If he was around

he would not have let you set foot in KGF.

Rocky had taken control of the
most precious piece of land on earth

To gain control of that

people were ready to kill

ready to be killed

and even…

come back from the dead.

Aren’t you dead yet?

Your urge to kill seems unsatiated.

You want more wars

to wipe out the world?

The swing of a sword

and the splash of blood in a battle

is not to destroy…

but to progress!

The fallen corpses there are useful too.

If you are in doubt, ask the vultures!

Do you think you are invincible?

To raise a towering fortress

you must first dig deep.

If you explore the depths
of this empire’s foundation,

you will not find stones

but the skulls of my adversaries.

He will stop you!

Our God will stop you!

I've heard…


I will crush him.

A puny person like me

single-handedly managed to block your army

and send shivers down your spine.

Imagine to what extent he could go.

It's a waste of time
to focus on small fries.

Eliminate the big fish!

After all, your God…

is also made of flesh and blood.

What’s so urgent?

You asked me to come alone.

Rocky can be eliminated.

For that, we need him out of there first.

How to get him out?

If we get Reena out…he'll follow.

How’s that possible?

If there are rumors about your well-being?

Nobody will believe that.

If it is on TV…

won't they believe?

Last night on the outskirts of Bangalore

industrialist Rajendra Desai
was shot dead.

There seems a link between this murder and
disappearance of industrialist Kamal

and it appears that there is a
big conspiracy behind this.

[breathing heavily]

Let's go!

Rocky has been brought out!

Where are they leading him to?

He is coming!

[muffled voices]

We never thought he’d reach KGF.

Killing Garuda there seemed impossible.

Never imagined that he would control KGF.

He’s a shrewd player.

We can't be certain that he will not
wrestle his way out of this web.



A fish assumes that the worm is its prey.

Only when it bites, it realises

it is a bait!

And this time we know
who is holding the bait.

It's impossible to escape.


[distinct laughter]


[heavy breathing]

The God…

is on his knees.

Did you miss reading the board?

I’ve come a long way,
severed several heads…

to build KGF!

You are just a novice!

Just by trouncing a handful of people,
do you think that…

you elevated yourself?

This is not a game of just ladders…

but also snakes!

There is this one deadly snake

and if it bites

you’ll reach the nadir!


I'm sparing you.

I wont take your life today.

Because, I want you to go to your people.

They have a lot of faith in you.

They have to see you in this state.

[people wailing]

They have to see your blood

Break their faith!

Hey…who did this?

Adhee…Adheera is still alive!

That bridge

all those who went there

Adheera killed them!

[people wailing]

Proclaim to them.

I am coming!

To reclaim my sword…

and my KGF!

The head is chopped off.

How long will the body sustain?

Is everyone here?

In 25 years, there were many
no-confidence motions against Gurupandian.

But until now

no one had raised hands.

Today a proposal by the opposition party

has been put forth for a
no-confidence motion.

Whoever intends to vote

please raise your hands.

Stop the trucks leaving for Varca!

Trucks have already left for Varca sir!

Shetty, for the first time

had gathered all Rocky’s supporters
for a feast.

[indistinct chatter]

Breaking news!

Result of the No Confidence Motion
from the parliament.

It is against Gurupandian’s DYSS party.

This may pave the way for
the next general election.

Is the job done?

Kochi, Mangalore, Kasipur, Surat and Murad

all of Rocky’s stooges here
have been killed Shetty Bhai!

The West Coast is all yours now!

A vote for no confidence motion
will be held at a further date.

[distinct laughter]

Hey, the truck is coming!

Adheera had sent a message that

no one should set foot outside KGF.

[frightened voices]

Brother! Rescue us!

Send men to the West Wall immediately!

Spruce up the security here!

None of our people
should step out of here.

Shut the main gates!

[distinct laughter]

Didn’t last for long.

Everything fell apart!

He lost again.

Shetty and Inayath Khaleel

took control of the west coast.

He had no say in Delhi now.

The distributors abandoned him.

Adheera cut off all access to KGF.

Ration could last for only eight days.

There is fear everywhere.


His survival is in doubt.

I treat small injuries.

I have tried my best.

Beyond that, its left to God.


What happened?

I'm here for you.

Don't be scared.

Go to sleep.



Hey Rocky Bhai!

So you are the king now?

[distinct laughter]

You were better off here.

Feeding on the leftovers.

Where did you go away?

In search of name and fame.

Now…you will die a dog's death!

But I’ll give you another chance.

Sit next to me on the floor

and massage my feet.



And listen.

Heard that you have a pretty girlfriend.

Bring her along with you!

Don't forget!

[distinct laughter]

Isn’t he your friend?

He probably needs entertainment too…

Send me away.

-Sir…let me see him once--
-Not allowed. Boss is unwell.


Hey…let her in

You are more than God to my son sir.

You have always been in his thoughts.

You posted him…to guard the bridge.

[crying inconsolably]

They killed him!

Not sure where he is lying dead…my son!

Vultures must be devouring him…

[crying inconsolably]

You want to be king right?

For that…

luck and people’s prayers are needed.

Destiny…is in one’s own hands!

But good wishes are…

showered by other people.

Give me what I want

And your wish will be fulfilled.

Sir, Sir…just let me see my son once.

For one last time sir.

Show me my son one last time…

Son…are you alright?

Yes uncle!

What’s going on here?

I fail to understand.

Forget it.


can you do me…a final favour?

Tell me.

What is it that you want?

[breathing heavily]

Everything is going out of control.

It’s no longer safe here.

Away from all this…

let’s go on a vacation.

Get the helicopter ready.

-Where is he off to?--
-Will he return?

Heard he’s run away with all the money
in the treasury.

- Why are you deserting us Oh Lord?--

He will not betray us.

He is our God!

He will never return.

He’s run away with all the wealth.

-He has gone.--
-Will he ever come back?

He will never betray us!

Not sure where he is lying dead…my son!

Vultures must be devouring him…

[crying inconsolably]

Show me my son once, sir…

I want to see my son one last time.

Show me my son once sir! Sir…

On one end, KGF is sinking.

He took all the wealth and

-eloped with the girl--
-No sir! What you are saying is incorrect!

Please read out what is written sir.

Aye! Go, get back to your work.

Is he right?

[kids shouting]

What are you kids doing?


All of you come here.

This is not the way a tiger hunts.

How else?

Silently in the bush…

it hides and waits for its prey.

Once the prey nears

suddenly it pounces and goes
for the jugular.

A grip on the neck renders
other parts of body useless.

It gradually suffocates…


Some people find solace in
braving the storm…

You are moving around in disguise.

As you all believe…

Rocky is not absconding.

Then…has he gone to kill Shetty?

You don’t spare the rowdies
wherever you go…

don't think you would spare the rowdies
coming in search of you?

If Shetty is killed, another will emerge.

Why are you here?

That’s why…

he’s gone to meet Inayath Khaleel!

Boss, they are bringing Rocky to you.

Let him in!


Walaikum Assalam
Wa-rehamatullahi wa-barkatahu

My country

teaches to respect all religions!

In my own city, you booked all the rooms
at my hotel to gain my attention.

I admire your style!

You have travelled far…

to die!

Am here to get you business.

Business…what business?

Your gold moves from Africa to Dubai
and from Dubai to India.

Double risk!

I’ll take delivery directly in Africa.

Risk is all mine.

Will buy unlimited quantity.


The offer is very good.

But you are late.

Would have probably considered
if you had come earlier.

On one side the government has fallen…

What next sir?

Next…Ramika Sen will take oath
as next Prime Minister of India


KGF will end.

and on the other side…

he is moving towards KGF

And you are here like a coward.

You have nothing now!

You have lost everything.

Atleast you should have made
a couple of friends.

I have made friends…all over Hindustan.

What will I answer them?


can you help me with one last task?

Tell me.

What do you want?

Which gun is that?

I want the same that I wanted
20 years ago!

The WORLD…..

When I decided to take over Bombay

I have dug their graves and built tombs.

I have etched their names!

Just mark the dates uncle!

The time has come!

Give sweets to the kids.

[indistinct laughter]

Hey, whom are you stopping?
Remove it. Now!

What is it called?



Hey…where are you going?

[muffled voices]


Boss, we have lost the west coast!
Rocky has killed them all!


Don’t know about his whereabouts,
but he will attack you next!

This story is written in blood.

It can’t continue with ink.

If it has to continue…

it has to be only with blood!

I don’t need anyone’s friendship.

No one can endure my enmity!

Let’s do business!

Offer closes soon!

He went to Inayath Khalil and
struck a business deal.

And then he took back the west coast?

With style!



There was a call.

The trucks…have to be prepared
to leave for Varca.

But there…in KGF

Isn't Adheera waiting?

He's back again?

[men laughing]


[distinct laughter]

Rocky went to Dubai for two reasons.

What’s the other reason?

He had gone there with enough money

But wasn’t that an advance for the gold
Inayath Khalil was sending?


Then what was it for?




I don't like it.

I avoid…


Violence likes me!

I can't avoid.

When two stones rub against each other,
it creates a forest fire.

Similarly in a war between two people…

their followers also perish.

What do you call that?

Collateral damage!


in life, it is important to
befriend the right people

and choose your battles wisely.

and most importantly,
to choose your life partner.

You want to choose my girl!

I understand what your problem is guys…

Your long years of labour

is brushed aside suddenly by an outsider…

I understand.

What did you say?

The one who just took one step forward?

In a clock, the big hand takes 60 steps
to complete an hour…but the small hand

needs to take just one step!

And I have taken that ONE step.
The range of the game has changed.

In this game of Snake and Ladders,

Mongoose has entered the fray!

I will let you go.

But remember this…

No more haggling over territories

The world…is

MY territory!

He had such a phenomenal rise that

no one even dared to confront him right?

Gravitational power.

Gravitational power?

Oh yes…gravitational power!

Don't get confused. There are two types.

In Newton's gravity apples fall down.

In Rocky's gravity…

people go up!

Hey Anil…what are you doing?

The no confidence motion will begin now

by show of hands.

Daya…want a drink?

What happened?

Whoever is healthy…raise you hands.

Hey, he is playing a game.

The game played by the kids.
Hop skip and jump

All against.

Be careful!

Raising hand without thinking
is injurious to health.

They first draw the boxes and then
play with stones within them.

But he…

throws the stone wherever he wants

and then draws the box around it.

The no confidence motion held today

resulted in unanimously favouring
the ruling party.

This government will certainly
continue to be in power.

The fish nowadays, seem to be
swallowing the baiters.

People holding the bait?

Don't tear off that big piece.

If its not removed
the pain will worsen sir.

Let the pain shoot up…that’s what I want!

This pain reminds me of him everyday.

Remove the remaining small pieces!

[people wailing]

Between the cries of pain and death…

silently there stood…

a mountain of hope!

By the Law of the Cosmos

the Decree of the Lord

and the prayers of a mother

every line on your palm
is in agreement that

the unstoppable juggernaut is

your Empire!

♪ Wild Warrior, with boiling blood
He stood, this Wild Warrior! ♪

♪ Wild Warrior!
With throbbing nerves we stand! ♪

♪ Wild Warrior, he stands alone!
This Wild Warrior! ♪

♪ Wild Warrior, we stand now
With our heads held high! ♪

♪ Spewing blazing fire
To burn the conflict! ♪

♪ Sounds of the war trumpet blaring
Like a hurricane! ♪

♪ Scorching heat of the Earth
Soothed by you, you Valorous! ♪

♪ Mortals filled with fear
Now stand with courage, gallant Fighter! ♪

♪ Brave brave brave!
The divine Emperor! ♪

♪ Brave brave brave!
This daring Emperor! ♪

♪ Brave brave brave!
The divine Emperor! ♪

♪ Brave brave brave!
This daring Emperor! ♪

-Hey Pathan!
-Yes Boss

Did you missing me?

Yes Boss.

Shetty is gone.

Hey Rocky!

How are you my son?

Hey, please don't hurt me!

Don't do anything to me.

Please don't…



Khasim brother…

At least you tell him

Tell him not to hurt me Khasim!

Please tell him…

Hey…hey! Sit on this throne!

Rule this Bombay!
This ocean and everything…is yours!

Rocky my son! I will dust it for you.
You sit…sit here.

Please sit.


Rocky…please let me go Rocky.

Please forgive me.

Rocky please let me go.

I will set you free.

But you commented about my sweetheart!

So, you should have killed me then!

I didn't want your death to go in vain!

Killing you on… will be…


♪ Void from raging flames
Pushed into the abyss! ♪

♪ Pain unleashed by the masters of hell
Strained by your might! ♪

♪ Swing of his razor sharp sword
Erases their identity! ♪

♪ Stones crumbled to the ground!
Crushed to pulp! ♪

♪ Empathizing in the chaos
This Hurricane stood like a bulwark! ♪

♪ The glittering crescent!
His retaliation always on target! ♪

♪ Scorching heat of the earth
Soothed by you, you Valorous! ♪

♪ Mortals filled with fear
Now stand with courage, gallant Fighter! ♪

♪ Brave brave, brave!
The divine Emperor! ♪

♪ Brave brave, brave!
This daring Emperor! ♪

♪ Brave brave, brave!
The divine Emperor! ♪

♪ Brave brave, brave!
This daring Emperor! ♪

Only so much?

Not enough!

Pick up the pace, work shouldn't stop!

In the upcoming General Election

Ramika Sen will win
by a historical margin.

She should not contest that election.

Don't get me wrong.

It doesn't mean that my thirst for blood
has receded.

Even criminals

should have some ethics.

Women and children shouldn't be harmed.

Your story has an interesting beginning.

She will be your nemesis.

That's fine! It will be fun
to have a bit of action in the end.

Listen to me…don't spare her.

Better to avoid her wrath!

History teaches us…

never offend an infuriated woman.

One should ornate her and…

worship her!

♪ Wild Warrior, with boiling blood
He stood, this Wild Warrior! ♪

♪ Wild Warrior!
With throbbing nerves we stand! ♪

♪ Wild Warrior, he stands alone!
This Wild Warrior! ♪

♪ Wild Warrior, we stand now
With our heads held high! ♪

♪ Spewing blazing fire
To burn the conflict! ♪

♪ Sounds of the war trumpet blaring
Like a hurricane! ♪

♪ Scorching heat of the Earth
Soothed by you, you Valorous! ♪

♪ Mortals filled with fear
Now stand with courage, gallant Fighter! ♪

♪ Brave brave brave!
The divine Emperor! ♪

♪ Brave brave brave!
This daring Emperor! ♪

♪ Brave brave brave!
The divine Emperor! ♪

♪ Brave brave brave!
This daring Emperor! ♪

Despite all the hurdles

he had accomplished his goals…

what else is the problem?

Yes. Rocky had built for himself

the most indestructible empire on earth.

But there was one person

only one person

who could bring him

and KGF…down!



Ramika Sen

do swear in the name of God

and solemnly affirm that to the
Constitution of India…

We need to fire the Home Minister.


he has huge support of other people madam.

then I think we need to fire
the entire cabinet.

I will bear…true faith and allegiance.

I will uphold the sovereignty
and integrity of India.

As the Prime Minister of the Union…

Are you trying tell me how
to run this country?

Of course not!

I will faithfully…

and with a clear conscience…

discharge the duties.

Fearing her, every government office

worked beyond its capabilities.

She was ruthless…

she was unforgiving…

she was a Dictator!

She was here to bring hope…

and she was here…

to bring a change.

-OK OK…Oh?--
-Madam has come.


I'm trying to meet you for
the last few days

Ah Yes Raghavan.

Kalraji was mentioning…

Heard there is a problem
in your state Karnataka

-Yes madam, regarding that--
-Ah Kalraji

Haven't we stationed our Special Forces
in Karnataka?

-Yes madam--
-Do one thing.

-Send them to this…KGF--
-Sure madam.

-That should handle your problem--
-No No! No ma'am!

-I want to talk to you about KGF ma’am--
-May be later Raghavan.

Madam, I want to talk to you about Rocky!

I have bigger national issues
to deal with Raghavan.

I don’t have time for
small time criminals.

This is a state matter
and they will handle it.

No! No! Just five minutes ma’am.

Please ma'am!


For the past 25 years now…

I have been studying KGF.

In anticipation that someone like you
would come, assess him and take action.

Give me ten minutes…I will explain.

Not just in Karnataka…

he operates across 21 states
and nine union territories.

He is the biggest criminal.

He is the biggest businessman.

This is the biggest national issue

and only you can handle it


Rocky is never seen anywhere

Until now, not even a single photo
of him is available.

But his name is known all around.


Madam…he owns many planes and
hundreds of boats.

control over all the ports.

Along with Bombay Refinery

he has access to all the big jewellers
of the country.

-Where is he from?

Information about him is very limited.

But he went through lot of struggles
earlier on.

They hit him…as he was a newbie in town.

Hit him when he ate…

hit him when he slept

This place is mine!

Hit him when he looked them in the eye

and when he retorted.

Hit him when he rebelled.

But one fine day…

he hit back!

From then on, no one dared to…

oppose him!

The special forces you sent…
are no match for him.


He has…

a very big army.

In the surroundings areas,
for around 1.5 million people

he is God!

Before we break the barriers to reach him…

we have to get past
these 1.5 million people.

They’ll get killed…

or they will kill!

But they will never let
any harm befall Rocky!

Go back! Go back!

He started from the shores of Bombay

took control of KGF and grew multifold.

He seized the entire country!

But until now…

no one knows what he has done
to that place.

Because forget about going there by road,

he didn’t even allow commercial flights
to fly over KGF.

But…recently we have received a photo

from a MIG-23 Airforce jet
doing training drills over KGF.

This is what…they have sent.

History tells us…

that powerful people…


from powerful places!

-Is that…?
-Yes ma’am.

That is…




was wrong.

Powerful people…

make places…


Claims he's a journalist.

Was clicking photos inside.

We've caught him.

So you are…Rocky?

The world may turn a blind eye
towards your atrocities.

But I will write about you…

and reveal your true colors!

Say it again…

The world may turn a blind eye
towards your atrocities.

But I will write about you…

and reveal your true colors!

Courage comes due to two reasons.

One reason is madness…

the other is honesty.

Madness is seen all the time.

Honesty is never ever seen.



I don’t believe in history.

What has occurred is different…

from what has been written.

Don’t heed to hearsay and write.

Experience it and write.

It has its own value!

Hey, give him everything he requires.

Bear in mind…

you are now in this journey with me.

Close down all the state borders!

Find his warehouses!

My journey is always a One-Way!

Arrest his associates!

Raid the whole of India if you have to.

There will be Ups and Downs

U-turns and Dead Ends.


I give you full authority

But the speed will…

never decelerate.

Bring him down!


Fasten your seat belts!


-Yes madam.

Do you…

have any details about the raid?

I'll find out madam.

Every, every raid is a failure.

There is an information leak

And there is an informer in this office!
Go to hell!

Damn it!

-Hey! The motor has stopped working.
-There is a power failure.


You said you will treat me royally.

Its very sultry!

Go get a hand-fan.

Nothing is in their control.

Police is here…pack up!

[crowd shouting]

Hey Mallamma!

Take care of the fries.


Damn it!

They have sealed the state borders.

Our warehouses have been seized.

What else have you got?

M134…its called 1000wala.

Once lit…it keeps on burning.

Inayath Khalil has called to check
on the status.

Sir, MMG…German make.

Sprays bullets

like water from a spray can.


Have to tread cautiously with Ramika Sen.

Sir, I have another gun.

DUSHKA…Soviet make.

It mounts on a big tripod.

We call it…the BIG MOMMA!

When BIG MOMMA yells

tremors are felt all over.

Rather than giving a flying kiss…

I prefer to hug and cuddle.

Just now in Bangalore,
there has been a raid.

As we had prior information

goods were shifted elsewhere.

They were 80 in number…but insufficient.

All they got was…

a single Gold biscuit!

Where is it?

The goods have been safely moved
to Mysore.

Not that!

Where is that one biscuit?

Did you mention the name
of your BIG MOMMA?


This fanfare is overboard.

Given that it’s the CBI,

to catch a petty thief

they put the whole department in action.

Hey boy! Let me clear your old dues.

No worries sir!
Will pick it up in the evening!

Finally, all they could find was
one stone.

What was his name?

Not sure about his full name.

But the file mentions Bombay Shooter sir.

Sir, sir…what was the name again?

Hey…go do your work!

Sir, please tell sir!

Eh…he is a native of your village.

Name sounded like… Bairya.

Sir…do you have any of his belongings?

Hey, you too!

Enough of this hype!

Look…what I have got!.

Sir…please clear my dues sir!

Hey, you said by evening.

No sir. Please pay up now.

-Not sure who will survive till evening!


Hey, I haven’t finished yet!

Forget the tea. Am worried about my glass!

Hey, who are you?

Bairya!…Raja Krishnappa Bairya!

My village calls him…


Salaam Rocky Bhai!

[frightened voice]

[frightened voices]

Yes sir…
you wanted to test it in the field.

Where sir?

Sir…where are you off to?


[breathing heavily]

Ah…is this the field?


[breathing heavily]




We have seen enough wars in our lifetime!

Let’s treat this peacefully.

Send a delegation to Burma!

Excuse me madam. I apologize.
But CBI director has some news!

Am glad that our raid was not successful!

Just for 400gms of gold…

he destroyed the entire police station.

If it was 400kgs…

imagine Bangalore's…

Cancel the Burma delegation.

Call the General…

The Indian Government, managing
the clashes in Burma peacefully…

in a surprise move, has struck down
the perpetrators using military force.

Our correspondent Chetan Sharma

is ready to interview the Prime Minister.

As per United Nations, the Burma matter

could have been resolved peacefully.

But your action was too harsh.

Wasn’t it?

Why did you do that?

Burma was just an example
to let everyone know.


-There will be no more tolerance.

I also have forces!


Didn't you understand?

We call them the Army…

the Navy…

and the Airforce!

She is infact talking to me!

We shall seek and destroy!

Now we are neither in power…

nor in the opposition!

Madam is here…

She wont sit idle.

Inform Rocky!

The warning that the Prime Minister
gave Rocky was like…

adding fuel to fire!

Rocky was now about to execute…

his biggest plan!

Block the entire consignment.
Yes, you heard it right.. stop it.

Don’t ask the reason. Do as you are told.

Stop it everywhere. That’s the order!

The black market for gold
has closed in the entire country.

Why has Rocky stopped it now?

Why is he hoarding so much of gold?


Rocky has stopped the supply of gold
across Hindustan.

-What if he goes against you…

Don't assume that he is doing this
fearing the Prime Minister.

No one can read Rocky's mind.

But by blocking gold,
he would have planned something big.

First, lets think how we can stop him!

There is only one option now…


Approach him now!


known to bend mountains…

Earlier you were hiding from Garuda…

now from Rocky!

In two years, he has amassed gold
equal to what we did in 25 years.

We are unaware of the happenings
and the security set up there.

Not even sure how the place looks…

Its impossible to set foot in his KGF.

He has taken your position and ruling.

-And here you are in a remote cave--

Mellow down.

My head is pounding.

You are right.

No one can set foot in KGF now!

Vanaram and his guards

will not let anyone near Rocky.

He will have more guards

and ammunition in his barracks.

Its tough.

But I will trounce him right there

in front of everyone…

in the same mines!

There are two ways to get there.

One is through the East Gate…

and the other is West Gate.

Both gates are highly secured.

We need a third route.

The mine tunnels stretches…

several kilometres long…

right out of KGF.

And that's our third route!

How do you all of this?

Sparing him was a big mistake.

But he sparing me…

was his last mistake.

No matter what, he should not live!

For that in the last two years in KGF,

I have used the people working
in all departments

and created this map.

They are of no use now.


[frightened voices]



Head is splitting!

Turn the gun around.

This scene is for you.

In case you don’t find the third route

you will join the crowd.

Adheera has given up bending mountains.

Now he demolishes them.

[frightened voices]


There’s water logging in the 7th Mine.
Taking time to pump out water.

There's no time. Hurry up!

Work should not get affected.

Also, in yesterday’s blast in Mine Four,
eighteen people were injured.

Not sure if they are able to work again!

Tch…pay their dues and relieve them.

-Get able men and get the work done.

Or take them to the deep Mine
and shoot them.

Just like Garuda did.

You are no different from Garuda!

Greed has taken over you.

You are rebelling against the country
and also her!

But your work…should not stop!

She will destroy your KGF!

She will thwart your desires!

Followers who trust you

will be on the streets.

But your work should go on!

You are the one who freed them

and you are the one who will hang them.

But your work should go on!

What’s your intention?

Tell me! Why are you doing all this?

Brother…give me a bottle.

Hey…clear your old dues first!

Clear his old dues
and give him another bottle.

We will buy as many you want,
provided you agree to do a job for us.

Why are you doing this…

and for whom?

♪ You are the Sky, You are the Earth! ♪

♪ You are the Peak! ♪

♪ You are the Master of the Universe ♪

♪ You are the Sun, You are the Meteor! ♪

♪ You are the Absolute! ♪

♪ Pledge, to be the legacy of tomorrow ♪

♪ You live through eternity ♪

♪ You are the lifeline of the masses ♪

♪ Waves of resistance are aplenty ♪

♪ Overcome them, O fearless Sailor! ♪

♪ Pledge, to be the legacy of tomorrow ♪

♪ Pledge, to be the legacy of tomorrow ♪


Hey! You are lifting the tomb…

♪ Let them armies raise their war cries ♪

♪ In an instance! ♪

♪ Lone warrior, you are THE weapon! ♪

♪ In this world ♪


my mother.

A small town lady

with no big ambitions.

But before she died
she took a promise from me.

To keep those words,
I’m ready to be selfish…

to be a coward…

to be a killer…

a criminal and also a villain!

I am not sure if this suffices
to keep my promise.

Her wish is my command.

This is the tomb you have to take care of.

The work must go on!

You insisted on this person.

Who is he?

My father!


He never took good care of her
when she was alive.

Let him at least take care of her tomb,
until he dies.

A wind becomes a storm

the storm turns into a hurricane.

Had heard about it…

but saw it with my own eyes today.

His mother was there to get him to start…

now no one is there to ask him to stop.

The direction this hurricane would take

and the destruction it would cause…

was not known to anyone.

♪ Summon me into your life ♪

♪ Let me be your guardian angel! ♪

♪ Deep within my soul space ♪

♪ I will safeguard with utmost care! ♪

♪ I shall accompany you thus ♪

♪ Even if the world goes against us! ♪

♪ To all the questions that may arise ♪

♪ YOU are my only answer! ♪


I love you.

♪ Beloved, I am your Beloved! ♪

♪ Beloved, I am your Beloved! ♪

♪ Beloved, I am your Beloved! ♪

♪ Beloved, I am your Beloved! ♪

♪ Our journey that has begun ♪

♪ To reach our new abode of love ♪

♪ Need your devoted love till eternity ♪

♪ To bask in everlasting passion! ♪

♪ Love blossoms in all directions ♪

♪ Lets create our new world now ♪

♪ If I am by your side ♪

♪ will you keep me joyous all the while? ♪

♪ My wish is to die in your arms ♪

♪ This is all I yearn for! ♪

♪ Beloved, I am your Beloved! ♪

♪ Beloved, I am your Beloved! ♪

♪ Beloved, I am your… ♪

Hey buddy!

Look…my son is now doing fine.

Now I’ll get him married…lavishly!

Make sure the surveillance continues

-round the clock and don’t tell…

We got him!

Where's the Prime Minister now?

We investigated

Rocky’s financial transactions.

Millions of accounts have been opened
in the name of common people.

All these funds are being transferred
to one Trust account.

The Trust has only one Trustee madam.

Of course!

-Good job--
-Thank you madam.

-We got him.

Find the evidence linking Rocky
to the Trust Fund.

File charges against him!

Let’s get him arrested

and parade him in public.

Yes madam.

Its been 25 years since we opened
Mine number three.

We've dug a mile deep
but found only stones.

No sign of gold yet.

Close it and shift the workers elsewhere.


If there is no teacher in the class

kids create all sorts of nuisance.

Same situation in Delhi.

For the Principal’s position,

shall we apply in your name?

We have issued notices

to the respective banks.

We also contacted other
financial institutions.

Madam, someone is here to see you.

Not now Arjith.
No more appointments for today please.

Madam, its…



I am Jimmy Carter.


I am the CEO of Denver Steel, Texas.

Sir, madam will see you now.

What is this CEO, dear?

Hmm…Boss of Bosses sir!

Same Same!

I am also…CEO!

Oh! wonderful…which one?


It’s a small world, isn't it?

Can make it spin with our fingers!

I also have a similar one

made of gold.

Its stand too is made of gold.

The table underneath, also made of gold!

Seems you own a lot of gold!


Do you want me to clear
the country’s debt?

I'll clear it!

Is this a bribe…or a threat?

Tch tch!

Not at all.

Am here to lodge a complaint.

Complaint? Against whom?


Madam, I have decided to come clean!

In this unjust world

I believe you are the one
who can help me get justice!

In the name of Limestone Corporation

in KGF

am involved in illegal mining.

I'm also into money laundering
using a Trust fund.

All the details…

are in this.

Get me arrested on these charges madam!


Please don’t accept that complaint!


Madam, please try and understand!
Do not accept that complaint.

Are you also a beneficiary of that fund?

He is a beneficiary…

and I am too.

Along with us

also are the 200 members of our party.

I said you know madam!

Unjust world!

Wont let you do good

Wont let me be good!

Bet you feel the urge to shoot me
at point blank.

But, you cannot

you know why?

Rules, Regulations, Elections,
People, Demography!

This Demography is a farce!

Who needs it madam?

People need food and shelter.
Isn’t it sir?

Huh! Yes sir!

They will sell the country
for a packet of cheap liquor.

Madam for you it is Of the people,
For the people, By the people.

For me it is…

BUY the people!

To nab a criminal like me

you have to get out of the system,
break the rules,

think like a criminal and then…

it just takes two minutes.

Never mind

I will withdraw my complaint.

Ma’am, there’s an elderly teacher,
my close acquaintance.

He wants to be er…a Union Minister.

Please note it down madam.

Requesting this madam.

If my man is around…
can avoid my frequent trips to Delhi.

Please oblige…

A falling star…always shines bright!

Heard you are a good businessman

and a sharp one at that.

but you are also a criminal.

But some day you will err.

And that day…

I will strip you off everything…

your people

your gold

your fame

your KGF

and all that you desire!

This is a not a warning…

this is my promise!

I generally try to avert wars.

if I cannot…

I always win!

-Raghavan Sir!

Heard you were looking for my photo?

Do you want one in this classy suit?

See you soon!

He is right.

Criminals always think ahead.

Maybe I should get ahead of him.

I guess now I also have to
work outside of the system.

Got a call from Delhi.


has found another route.


What happened?


Hey…what happened?

I had…a bad dream.

In that…you…

I am a bad dream myself.

What can happen to me?

I missed you so much.

Don’t leave me alone.

Rocky’s funeral procession is about start.

-Atleast a shroud to be sent from our end.
-Yes boss.

The route you asked for.

If you dig here…

you will reach the Mine…from there…

you will directly reach him!

[loud laughter]

Old methods begets old results.

Lets look to innovate. Get the turbines.

-They are not available here
-Get it from US…

What happened?

I am unwell.

Let me see…its nothing.

Don't worry, go home.
I will send the doctor.

I don’t feel like eating anything.

Who’s that cook? Ask him to cook properly.

There wont be any problem from tomorrow.

Fathima aunty has advised
not to walk briskly.

Fine, take it easy for some more days.

I feel like eating
something sour and tangy.

I'll get the entire market home.
Eat all you want.

What's wrong with you? Eh…Come on uncle.

Mother is coming…

Wish all the good things

come your way.

Let all the bad things…

befall me!

[distinct laughter]

They are attacking Rocky…

Our guards are getting killed.

Aah my God!

Through which Mine did they all enter?

Third Mine.

Hey Hey…don’t go my son. Don’t!

Listen to me. Everything will end.

I beg you…Everything will be destroyed!

Everything is lost!

Gone…everything is washed away!

The war is over.

Enemies are all vanquished!

Where is he going now?

One more remaining…

I'll tell you the story of a village.

One day a few dacoits came to the village.

They attacked and captured a house.

Neighbours did not bother because

it was not their problem.

Then the dacoits captured
the entire neighbourhood.

Even then, the rest of the village
did not react because

it was not their problem!

Eventually the dacoits
seized the entire village.

Those Captors…are akin to the British.

And that village…India!

We ignored them thinking that
it was not our problem.

That is why they ruled over us
for 250 years.

You see everyone…

paid attention to the revolving top

but no one noticed the string
that made the top revolve.

There was a mastermind behind all of this.

And Rocky was going to get
rid of that mastermind!

[indistinct chatter]

And now there is a similar person.

He will take over the entire country!

But I will not allow him to prevail

because, I am going to make it my problem!

Just by a single signature of mine

if I can bring him down then…

I…am ready to resign

from the post of Prime Minister

[frightened voices]

When Suryavardhan handed over KGF
to Garuda…


the unseen hand started to conspire.

People assumed that
Adheera attacked Garuda.

But that hand was pulling the strings.

Garuda attacked Adheera…
but Adheera survived.

The same hand was at play here.

When Rocky took control of KGF

Adheera was called in

and he was shown the third Mine
by the same unseen hand…

Its been twenty five years since
Mine Three has opened.

Got a call from Delhi.

The loss of power in Delhi

and Shetty getting cosier
with Inayath Khalil.

The hand executed it all.

The same hand led Rocky to KGF.

The person who can bring down the mammoth
is in Bombay.


Now Rocky is after this hand…to sever it!

I told you earlier

there was only one person
who could bring down KGF

and that was


No one shall ever read or write

anything about him.

His name shall be erased from
the pages of history.

Whoever tries to intervene,
get rid of them.

If need be, eliminate them all!

Get ready…

I am enforcing the army…

and signing the death warrant

of the biggest criminal in India!

The civilians are not engaging.

It looks like they are all evacuating KGF!

Approaching the mansion…

Rocky must be taken dead or alive.

Armed forces entering the mansion

Be cautious for resistance!

We are outside Rocky’s room…

We are breaking the door…

The door has opened.
The forces are going inside.

Sir! Rocky is not here.The room is empty.

Repeat that

Rocky is not here sir.

There is no sign of the gold too sir.

Where has he gone?

This is Captain Suryaprathap.
Commanding officer of INS Indrajit.

Doing training drills in the Indian ocean.

Yes Captain.

Heard that you are in search of a criminal
called Rocky.

-Yes Captain.
-We got a fax.

Rocky is here…

in the Indian Ocean!

That day, the amount of gold
Rocky possessed

was bigger than anyone in the world.

There was only one place to hide the gold.

He started to that place.

Captain…he is most wanted criminal.

He should not escape at any cost.

Sorry to say this Major.

But I don’t think that he is
trying to escape.

What are you saying?

Yes, we have received the Fax from within…

Rocky’s ship!

He is headed directly at us.

He has sent the same fax to
Americans and Indonesians.

Turn around the ship!

They are also going towards Rocky’s ship.

Change the channel.

You are about to enter international
waters from the Indian waters.

Turn off your engines and
prepare for surrender…

I repeat…turn off your engines
and prepare for surrender.

All the civilians have been cleared
from KGF.

The armed forces are also marching
out of KGF now.

Begin secondary incursion.

It’s a GO for MIG-23s.

They have taken off from base camp.

This is your last warning!

Turn off your engines and
prepare for surrender.

Or we will fire!

MIG-23s are closing in on our target.
ETA two minutes.

The bombers are over KGF.
Waiting for your final orders madam.

I repeat! We are waiting for your
final orders for the strike madam.

Rocky is not responding
to the warnings Major.

The US Navy and Indonesian Navy
are closing in.

We are waiting for your orders.

Orders madam…

Do it!

Doctor! Doctor!

What happened?

Seems like pneumonia!
What didn't you come earlier?

Also you have come in pouring rain.

Such carelessness towards the kids.

You think you are all qualified doctors?

It has widely spread.

If you don’t take your son to the city

he wont survive!


Am here for my son's treatment…

and you are commenting on his life?

He closes his eyes

only when he hears my lullaby.

Neither do you have right
to talk about his life…

nor does God!

That’s not what he meant. Don’t despair.

Your son will have a long life.

Despite being slaves,
some people don't mind living long.

But some others…

however short their life is, they want to
live like an Emperor!

Even if he dies today,

I'll conclude that he didn’t have the
ability to keep my words and forget him!

Otherwise, as long as he lives,
in this unjust world

to fulfill my dreams, he should be an


♪ Remember these words
Even in your last breath ♪


♪ Its always the path of thorns
You tread in this world ♪

♪ Sail through safely even
If the world is in flames ♪

Finally, when the day of his death arrives

♪ Be persistent and stand strong
To face the world… ♪

no one will get a chance
to lift his coffin!

Because he will walk to the grave
on his own!

Two incidents occurred that day.

That place was destroyed…

and so was he…

Mother, I will fetch you the entire gold
in this world.

♪ A brave warrior
This emperor ♪

♪ A brave warrior
This emperor ♪

♪ A brave warrior
This emperor ♪

♪ A brave warrior
This emperor ♪

People are born empty handed

and people go empty handed when they die.

But he…

he took everything along with him
when he died!

All the people who stood by him

were never betrayed by him!

His existence

will not be forgotten by people
until their last breath.

I will write a book about him

and let the whole world know about him.

However long it takes,

I will collect each and every evidence

and narrate with proof.

What do you want to say sir?

If he were alive today…

it wouldn't be a story of mythical
creatures and warriors from ancient times

or as a story of historical wars
and achievements.

A mother from a small village,

the story of her determination
would have been his narration.

He had written down how he wanted to die.

But I will write about
how he lived his life.

There is no history of
water giving rise to fire.

But from the tears of this mother

a fire was born…

and so was the legacy of ROCKY!

As you mentioned…

he was not a gangster sir…

The lone man who



and conquered!


♪ He has come, He has come! ♪

♪ He has come, He has come!
Look he is here! ♪

♪ Run, Run, Run ♪

♪ Don't just stand here or there!
Don't stand in his way! ♪

♪ He be walking on fire
Making it rain ♪

♪ All at the same time
No copyrights claimed ♪

♪ He's a mama's boy
The ladies love him ♪

♪ Doesn't make him any sympathetic ♪

♪ Boom! Goes a bullet in one's brain! ♪

♪ Boom! In another man's head! ♪

♪ Boom! If you try to pull him down! ♪

♪ Boom! He can never miss a mark! ♪

♪ Boom! Boom! Boom! ♪

♪ Don't start a war ♪

♪ Not with the ROCKING STAR! ♪

♪ He's hustlin', He bleedin'
Don't stop till he finished ♪

♪ Not a people pleaser ♪

♪ He's a hunter, he kills
He a leader, he leads us ♪

♪ That profile is only his teaser ♪

♪ Everybody is a gangster ♪

♪ Till you see the MONSTER! ♪

Madam, its very clear.

Rocky deliberately went to the same place
in the Indian ocean

and made the Indian Navy fire at him.

That's because the ocean's depth
is 20000ft.

We cannot extract anything from
such depths.

The matter that we fail to understand is

why Americans and Indonesians
chased Rocky.

I am John Booker.

CIA…United States of America.

This is the signed document
by the Director of the CIA.

For the extradition of the criminal named

From the year 1978 and till 1981

Rocky has committed several crimes across
16 countries.

Including USA.

This is the file listing all his crimes
in the last three years.

I would advise you to look at it
very carefully.