Jarzebina czerwona (1970) - full transcript

Pomeranian Wall.

The last hope of dying fascism.

The fortification line not to be conquered.

That's what it looks like today.

It was 25 years ago,

that these fortifications were
to stop the decisive attack on Berlin.

Here in February and March 1945,

The Soviet Army and The Polish Army

after fierce a fight,
opened the passage to the West.

Here the Polish soldiers marched
on the land of King Piast

in the Western Pomerania.


Directed by

Red Rowan will blossom

And the song will ask
like in the old times

Where are our girls,
where's our homeland

If you don't know,
your heart will tell you.

My girlfriend and my fatherland

Red Rowan - it tells your heart

Where your fatherland is

The film-makers wish to thank
the Polish Army units

the soldiers, officers
and their commanders

for their help and participation
in the shooting.

Major, sir. A telegram
from the staff of division.

Read it.

Continue the attack in the direction
of Goscino, Kolberg.

Go in spread formation, searching
through the settlements and woods.

Action commences at 09:00 hours.
Sent on the 6th of March, at 07:20.


Faster! Move it!

Next time we wash our feet,
it's in the Baltic Sea.

I'd rather do it at home.


what are you doing, man?

Why Say that?

Just look at your feet now.


- Is it the good way?
- I guess so.



Somewhere in front of us.

Lieutenant, sir!

Beetles at the verge
of the forest. Ours, I guess.

Sergeant Kamiejczuk.

Let me ask you, Lieutenant,

which division are you?

Lieutenant Kotarski,
from the 6th division.

I can't get to my people.

Just look.

Look at that.

They're going
towards the Szczecin Bay.

We must have cut them to the quick,

as they're going with their tails
between their legs.


- What's going on?
- They're laying low, bastards.

Push the wing units
to encircle the enemy.

All right.

I'll kill the motherfucker.

Put it down.
He won't leave here anyway.

Don't shoot, boys!

Don't shoot!

Soldiers, don't shoot!

She'll die.

Stupid girl.

Drop down the gun.

Heir me!

It's over.

They're withdrawing.

- Should I shoot?
- Don't shoot!


How did you get here, snot nose!
Who asked you to come here?

Hello, gentlemen!

How was your walk?

You've multiplied, I see.

Couldn't you let me use
this truck with women staff?

- Where're these good spirits from?
- What do you mean, where?

We've got a vodka delivery.
3 oz spirit per person.

The same for officers and soldiers.
That's fair.

Gentlemen, that's all men's party.

Gentlemen, that's all men's party.

That's rather a funeral reception.

Let's pray for more
such funeral receptions.


Let's see what we've got here.

It's not ready, yet.

We need to wait.

Before the war,
that's all we drank

in the 11th Uhlan Regiment.

Before the war.

I was a boy scout then.

A scout at home,
a scout at school.

And a boy scout at the officers
cadet school, too.

On all the holidays
I was as sober as a judge.

But back in Tobolsk

I worked floating wood
on the Irtysz River

and I got back into my old form again.

And now, whenever I feel thirsty,

I know, there'll be
work on the river.

Don't you believe that?

The boss is the witness.

That's how it was
before the sandbar,

before the Bug River,

before the Vistula River.
- And now?


I don't know.

But I'll bet that...

the water will be deep.

Because I'm damned thirsty.

Want some?

Where's Drobicz?

At the Regiment Staff.
At a briefing.

He didn't say, when he'll be back?

You'd like to know it already, right?

What difference does it make,
where they'll make us go?

- Corn.
- Corn again!

One can go mad!

The order was to give
the supplies to the army

according to the procedures.

One has to find a way
to serve trophy cans.


I have got food preserves.

Whatever you wish.


Fried beef.

- Official.
- No need for all that.

Just one shot...

and the loads of meat
like for some holiday.

And all you need is just some chick.

I don't care for chicks, Corporal.

I have sworn to be faithful
to my wife.

If you saw my woman...

that's what she's like.

We'll beat the Germans
right away.

And when I come back home,
the first thing I do...

will be killing a piglet.

And I'll brew 10 litres of moonshine.

No, 20.

And I'll invite the whole regiment.

"Boys, eat and drink,
as much as you can".

I hope, you, Corporal,
will come, too.

What a hero.
"We'll kill all the Germans".

And who had shook his pants
twice in the woods today?

What are you talking about?

I just answered a call of nature.

And suddenly the bombing started.

- But what's that got to do with it?
- On the other hand we can eat a piglet

And moonshine, even though it's junk,
we can drink, too.

Why not? Don't worry about it, son.

What are you waiting for?

They've been bombing
for 2 hours already.

It's a long way to this sea.

They say water in
the sea is salty.

Who knows that?

God willing, we'll get there
and try it ourselves.


What's the matter, gentlemen?

You call that drinking?

What? Don't you like the place?


Tell me...

what will come out of that?
- Out of what?

The front line moves to the West,

and we're going to the North.

Krauts are attacking us
from the East.

- It might get nasty.
- Why nasty?

We'll get to the Baltic sea...

we'll pass the Oder,

give Berlin the whacking
and that's it.

I'll go to the East Prussia as the chief
of the penitentiary expedition

and you'll be the commander
of the garrison in Lublin.

You'll be the chief of the women's
battalion of gandarmerie.

Give me a break.

- I'm serious.
- Me, too.

We'll whack the Krauts
and go back home.

What for?

To wet-nurse the kids.

What kids?

You don't have a wife.

One who doesn't have a wife
is not an eunuch.

You're quite right.

- You didn't tell me...
- What was I to tell you?

You see...

during the occupation
I was studying

in Lublin at clandestine classes.

I met a girl there.

I started going out with her.

But when I wanted to get closer,

she didn't.

My God...

how much money I spent on her!
- Couldn't you find another one?

That's easy to say.

Once I drank some liquor,

I went to her and told her
everything about myself.

About my family...

- And I sworn, I'd marry her.
- What did she say?

She locked the door...

Have you ever slept
with a dummy?

That's what's happened
to me then.

A slut.

Cadet officer, sir.

I was seeing such a girl once.

- While in the 11th Uhlan Regiment.
- All right, already.

She wasn't a saint.

Few friends started calling me
"brother in law".

And with that girl -
we became a couple.

Finally, she said:
"Either we get married, or..."

Or what?

Or she'll try to have a baby
and will put it...

at my mother's door.

So you flew to the army.

For this reason, or another.

What was I to do?

What would you do
wearing my shoes?

Did you hear that, boss?

We must help our friend here.

We need to send
a letter to this lady,

that cadet Jerzy Krepski was
killed in action. That's it.

- No...
- I'll get a special form.

- With all the stamps.
- And the Regiment's stamp?

We'll just blur the Regiment's
stamp a little bit.

Boss... we'll send it tomorrow.


That's some idea you've got.

Damn you...

Are you sleeping, Ludwik?


Sappers are always alert.

And now, the big water
is ahead of us.

I'm thirsty all the time.


Well, gentlemen, one more.

And we'll go to bed.

So... to that great water!

Please, join us, Lieutenant.

Your glass is waiting.

Are we moving on?

The 45th of the armoured division
is already by Kolberg.

But the attacks to win the city
on foot have been opened.

They can't do much
without the infantry.

We need to be there as soon
as possible.

What about this?

The 3rd battalion attacked the armoured
regiment that was withdrawing.

So many of them around here.

The situation is following:

Our offensive has broken the enemy
army into two parts.

The second one was pushed east
towards the Gdansk Bay.

In our action territory,
the 11th German Army

has been broken into several parts.

By Swidwin we surrounded
the 10th Corps of the SS Army.

The battle is progressing.

Other, smaller enemy units

are forwarding West
towards Gryfice and Trzebiatowo

right on our line of march.


We're leaving in one hour.

You'll go right of our march route.

You'll search through the territory.

You'll take these three bitches.
The chief has accepted it.

They're going the same direction.

And you, Marczynski...

What about him? Did he get he drunk?

Drunk on what?

He's just fooling around.

Out of boredom.


You must be from the Lotva formation.

As the town mayor I demand
you help us.

Yesterday, the command to evacuate
the city was given.

But the people are rebelling.
Somebody spread the rumour,

that the Bolsheviks are
already by Kolberg.

That's an enemy propaganda.
Please, reject these rumours.

There are no soldiers
in the whole town.

Yes, unfortunately...

Yesterday, all our troops
were withdrawn.

Hitler is dead.

- What's going on?
- The 1st Unit.

They're searching the city through.

Go to your machines, boys!

Long live Poland!

Long live the Polish Army!


People, my dear!
Haven't you seen Podarzyn?

Kaziuk Podarzyn?

Haven't you seen him?

He lived near Volkovysk.

So, you haven't seen him.

You haven't.

He was taken away in 1942.

At Easter.

You haven't seen him?

You haven't.

You haven't.

"I parleyed with Bolsheviks".



Where are you coming from?


What village is it?


Our unit passed here.

From the 3rd division.

Germans sniffed them out.

Fired from the ship armours.

A horror to look at.

So now, they're hitting the barrage.

A flea won't squeeze through.

Where are the quarters
of the regiment staff?

In Zolotov, near the town.

Almost on the front line.

When it gets quiet,
I'll take you there.

Pine, can you hear me?

011 has sent a runner to you.

He should already get there.

What's your loss?


How much ammunition do you need?

Tell me, how much ammunition
you need.

Oh, Kotarski.

- You're alive?
- We are, Major.

Although, with not so much

That's good, too.

First we went too far,

and then it was hard to see,
are ours and where the Germans are.

Shots from all directions.

Were they?

They are there to be shooting.

Who said, they should be shooting
from up front?

Lieutenant Drobicz must be thinking
we're already dead.

Drobicz is gone.

Where's he?

Germans counter-attacked yesterday.

We fended off the attack.

But some people died.

That's how it is.

Now you'll be the commander.

Come over here.

Here's Kolberg.

When we came over to the city...

we thought, it would take
just day or two.

But it turned out a little different.

From the West the 16th attacked.

The Russian army comes
from the East.

From the South, the 3rd division
attacked yesterday.

The 7th division broke the first
defence line,

and is moving forward.

But that is difficult.

The Germans are counter-attacking.

They got reinforcements,
brought their armour closer.

Our artillery might help there,

but we got stuck here.

The 18th division were
storming there for 2 days.

Here comes the 16th division.

The 18th - here.

And here's the fortress.

Tough thing.

If we don't take them,
they'll attack us from the rear.


We must take over their camp.

That's obligatory.

And we can count only on ourselves.

Well, friends...

you need to go to sleep now.

Take some rest.

And in 3, let's say...
in 4 hours...

you'll go to the front line.

I have a request to you, Lieutenant.
In case...

here's the address of my family.

Perhaps I'll take yours?

Thanks, Boss, no need.

I have arranged for you, Cadet.

I have sent the information
for the lady.


if we didn't go to the front line
I'd talk to you in a different way.

Let the girl look for some other loser.



That's me.

I can see that.

You didn't expect to meet me here,
did you?

Quite contrary.

I can expect anything of you.

- Such a girl could get killed.
- She couldn't.

- You were covering me.
- You've noticed that.

Later, I even wondered, why.

Because I really cared for the life
of that German soldier.

All right, baby.

Did you want anything from me?

No, I didn't. I just saw you
and run over to you.

We've got the first aid post here.

A temporary one. We were to be
evacuated, but there's no car for us.

- You'll catch a cold. It's cold.
- No, I'm okay.

But if you want I can make you some
tea. Boys got it somewhere.

Thank you.

But not today.

You're marching off
in few hours.

- To the barracks.
- Yes. How do you know?

I know.

They're bringing the wounded ones
from there for two days already.



Nothing. Your name.

I got it after my mother.

My mother was Polish
and my father - Georgian.

But I took nothing after him.

Your eyes.

That's what they say.

He went to fight in 1941.

And didn't manage to write
a single letter.

And then...

my mother died of typhoid.

As if they hurried to leave
me alone early.

That's all.

And for two months...
I'm completely alone.

My fiancé died two months ago.

In many ways I tried to forget him.

And one of them was choosing me.

Don't be swollen-headed.

I can have thousands of such occasions.

I really invited you for the tea.

You might laugh, but I also
really just came for the tea.

Is there somebody waiting for you?

There's no one.


I was for three years by the polar circle.

In 1941 I escaped from the German
tank. I stopped there, too.

They were building road there.
It was too late to get out from that.

I couldn't stand this emptiness.

Snow, snow...

Once a month they would bring

medicines, food, papers.

And then the emptiness again.

And then, like the rest, 1st division
and march from Lenino down here.

Aren't your parents waiting?

Not any more.

I even passed by our house.

Actually - by the place
it should be standing.

There was nothing left.

Neither the house, nor the village.

Not even the graves.

Only a plate was left.

"The village of Horynia.
40 kilometres to Sarnie"

Do you know, what UPA is?

Yes, I have heard about them.

My youngest sister
was six years old.

Make the tea for us.

- Who's that?
- Lieutenant?

It's me, Edzio. Boss sent me here.

All right! I'll be there soon.


All right.


I'll wait downstairs.

- Have you got everything?
- Yes.

Just a moment...

take this.

- I never use guns.
- Take it just in case.

If somebody tried to come
for the tea by force.

Take a smoke, Edzio.
We deserve it.

I can't smoke yours.
You'll have none left for tomorrow.

Take, we live only once.

How is it - the more they shoot,

the more one wants to smoke.

I have smoked all my cigarettes.

That's a normal thing, brother.

You see, when they bomb us,

one doesn't know,
what to do with ones hands.

When you smoke, you're at least
busy with your cigarette.


That's true, Lieutenant.

When they're bombing

you're getting goose flesh.
And a smoke always helps.

Harque buses!

- Lieutenant, the tanks.
- I see them.

What about the mortars, damn it?

"Birch"? Can you hear me?


That's "Rowan".

Send the fire to the barracks. Fast!

Yes! Being observed!

I'm holding on.



Shoot, for God's sake!

- They'll kill me.
- Shoot!

- They'll kill me, Jesus!

Go away.

Harque bus!

What about the harque bus?

Right away, Sir.

We'll get to their barracks!

Get ready!

Go into attack! Forward!



Withdraw in leaps!


Lieutenant! A phone call
from the battalion headquarters.

Can you hear me?

What's going on there? "Rowan"?

Can you hear me?

Yes. I can hear you.

That's "Rowan" speaking.

Yes. yes!

Cover us with the artillery fire!

Cover us with the artillery fire!

We'll just take the wounded away.

And I'll try again.

Yes! Over!

All this burning!

Damn it!

Hello, mate I'm Gorczynski.

- Finally.
- You think, you're the only one?

The infantry are calling and calling.

Some don't like the observation post,
others - the barricade.

And what about you, pal?

You find this bunker stinking?

- He killed half of my company.
- Strong sucker!

We'll see, who's stronger, when we
attack them from 200 metres.

What? Why are you looking at me?

Oh, yes.

I do shave even here.

The only human occupation I've got
left. Besides digestion, of course.

You want to forward the artillery
to the enemy lines?

How many machine guns
have you got?

Two CKMs and five Dekteriev guns.

That's enough to give
beating to the Krauts.

Please, be kind to cover me.

Get off your post.

And if I have anybody wounded...

please, be so kind,
to take care of them.

I'm not taking doctors
for actions, because...

with each salvo, they're
shitting in their pants.


- Lieutenant...
- Easy...

I saw this place during the day.

Germans will rip you to shreds,
when they find you.

They might kiss my ass.

They won't see us.

I ordered great weather.

You won't have time to dig out posts.

They don't need to be deep,
just deep enough to cover head.

So that the gun powder won't
get in our eyes.

- Where to?
- To my people.

We are also your people.

You won't be of any use there.

I'm a gun-layer.
The boys will get the cannon ready.

I am...

Please, let me go,
citizen sergeant.

I'm a gun-layer.

Other people will take
your place there.

- Can you walk?
- I can, Sergeant.

Even when kneeling,
I can aim a cannon.

Take him to the first aid point.

- And come back right away.
- Yes, Sir.



Quite good.

It's a trophy. One must like,
what one has.

It's okay.

It reminds me of good times.

Quite comfy you got it here.

- It's snug.
- Yeah, snug.

At 08:00 we'll start the attack.
Hell knows, which time already.

- We're covered by the whole artillery.
- And half of mine.

- Easy.
- Easy to say.

You're still young, pal.

Why talk about the clear things?

There's always a chance:

Half and half. Equally.

I have seen many things.
For six years already

I have been wearing this field uniform.

In September 1939, as a reserve officer,

I was firing from French cannons
on wooden wheels by Kutno.

Later as an AK guerilla

we were shooting Junkers and Stukas
from a trophy German cannons.

We were shooting from Polish,
French, Russian, German

and hell knows what other cannons.

Yes. Germans got
their beating from that.

Always with such a result as today?

There were different results.

German guts are all over the walls.

You don't even have a look.

- Look at that.
- Oh, no, I can't.

I never look at such things.


Quite possible. I feel like throwing
up when I see such things.

Will you roll a cig?

Our damned suppliers
can't understand

that tobacco is as important
as ammunition.

- Roll it. I have got enough.
- Thank you. I have run out of mine.

But the fact, that you haven't
got used...

while you're brave in action.

My dear mate...

there is no way in between.

If we don't kill them...

they will kill us.

It's not only about us, though.

That's why we cannot
be sentimental...

and do a slapdash job here.

The stake is too high.

One day...

when we'll survive...

we'll all get rewarded
as the Russians say.

Then this uniform
and all these decorations

I will put in frame
and hang on the wall.

A proof for my wife
and for the others, that...

my manly vigour, youth, health
and my nerves

had not been wasted in brothels.
But I left them here,

in the woods and trenches.

I think I'll be able to look
people straight in the eyes.

And the fact that I didn't get
used to that sight and want to puke

is quite a different matter.
- What then?

Something human must
have stayed in us.

It's a pity, that so little.

When one has come of this age.

Attack. Sure we need to attack.

So, can we attack?

There are no reserves in our regiment,
as well as in the 16th and 18th.

You want to say, major, that both
our and the 3rd division

are engaged in the fight.

Thank you for that info.

I don't understand you, Colonel.

- The units are being killed.
- I know that, too.


08:00 hours was the time of attack.

What if this one collapses?

The army commanders
should send reinforcements.

To intensify the power of attack.

They have to stop 10,000 Germans

who are getting through from Mrzezino
to Dziwnov and the Island of Wolin.

The 2nd Division and Russian units
are fighting them.

- The 4th is covering the wing.
- And the tanks?

Let the tanks go in there.

The Panzer Division went to Gdansk.

And the 4th of heavy tanks?

They're by Grifin, as the only
reserve of the army.

What? I'm not God,
or the Army commander.

Here you go, Sir.

The air reconnaissance shows Germans
got the reinforcements by the sea.

Four transporters in the road stead.

We sank one of them.

Low cloud ceiling made further
reconnaissance impossible.

Why are the Germans

defending the town so fiercely, Major?

Logical question.

They're not defending the town.

They're defending the harbour.

The harbour.

Here, in Kurland,

over 20 German divisions
are cut off.

31 - in Prussia.

18 - in the area
of Gdynia and Gdansk.

Supplies, communication
and possible evacuation

can only be done by ships.
Here's how:

From the West Baltic harbours
to the harbours of Kurland

and back, the German fleet
is constantly operating.

Cutting off their route

means sentencing to death
these several dozens of divisions.

And their route can be cut off here.

In Kolberg.

We need to capture the harbour.

The harbour.




Permission to leave, Colonel.

Get ready, Jurek.

Start, right away
when the cannon stops.

- Remember not to miss the moment.
- I do remember.

Just this barrier in the gate.

Parczynski will go with you.

You must jump over,
or we are lost.

All right, but...

push the rest behind us.
- Sure. Anything else?

- Hold on, then.
- Bye. Hold on.


follow me!


Follow me!

Jerzy, attack!

Attack, goddammit,
or I'll shoot you!



Follow me in leaps!


Harque bus, cover!



Come down, you idiot!
They'll kill you!

I'll just clear it off.


Take the phone.

- Where's the cannon?
- We've got it.

Follow me, boys!


I got shot here, Lieutenant.




Poduch is dead, Kalinowski is dead.


Follow me!

Blow up the darn door!

Lieutenant, we must get inside.

It was supposed to be a great war.

Cover me.


Grenades, boys!

- They're cut off!
- Shut up!

We'll die. We won't get through.

Put me through to the regiment.

There's no connection.

It's cut off.

Kill the devil just once!

Follow me, boys!

For Warsaw - fire!



Put him at the back.

Give me a shell!



What's up with you?

Give me a grenade.

Major, Sir.

Major, Sir.

Yes, yes.

Quarter 4-6.

- Did the tanks come up?
- No, but we have prisoners.

Report it as soon as they come up.

- There's only...
- Major, Sir.

Your bed is ready.

You should sleep at
least an hour, Major.

Of course, I should.

Bring here the prisoners.

Come in.


Where are your troops?

Who is the garrison's commander?

The fortress commander
was General Herman.

He resigned. He considered
the town's defence pointless.

For that he was publicly shot.

When did it happen?

General Herman was shot
in the first days of March.

His place was taken by the SS Colonel
Will Riede, who came from Berlin.

Everybody is afraid of him.

He ordered shooting several dozens
of soldiers and civilians.

Civilians turned to him asking
for capitulation.


At Hitler's order Kolberg was
announced to be a fortress.

And it will be defended to the
last soldier, to the last bullet.

I know.

By the order of your Führer,

in 1941 was the time set for
a German parade in Leningrad.

Do you know about it?

From the SS battalion.

Do you know, bastard,
what SS men did with our prisoners?

Leave him.

Take them away.


Are you sleeping?

Hey. are you sleeping?

I'm sleeping.

And I can't.

Why can't you?

I want to howl.

- Howl?
- Yes, like a damned dog.

So, howl, but walk away
not to wake up people.

Soon there'll be no one to wake up.

You're overcome by fear,


We may call it fear.

You're thinking about your home.

I know the pain.

You'll get used to it.
One gets used to everything.


When I think that...

she might be now with some other man...

- Who?

This orderly girl?

What orderly girl?

The one from the clearing.

Come on, what do I care
about some orderly girl?

You know, what?

I would have a smoke. And you?

What a question?

You have some?


She was a smoker.


If you saw her...

She was beautiful.

Her skin...

was so smooth.

Like velvet.

In two days she was
as brown as a berry,

and then through
all the winter she had...

white stripes from
her swimming costume.

When you...

would touch her skin...

You said she was like a dummy.

Only then, on the first night.

Later, if I didn't see her for
few days I would walk in a daze.

And the fact that she had had
other men before...

every girl wants to be with someone.

- Isn't it so?
- So why did you run away from her?

It's easy to be wise after the event.

Now I don't care
about people's talking.

Lieutenant, reporting our arrival.

- Kamienczuk, you came to us?
- Sure.

The tanks were not coming,
you were hell knows, where.

That's true. The machines
are out of breath already.

And one would like to sleep a little.

But that's all right.

Give me orders, Lieutenant.

You're leaving?

Yes, sister. Perhaps the new ones
are waiting there for me.

All day long all this was swarming.

In the evening there was
no rest either.

I know.

So many wounded from your company.
It's tough there, isn't it?

It's tough everywhere.
No place to bury the dead any more.

They lie among the ruins.

And our Lieutenant...

What about the Lieutenant?

I need a smoke.

Our Lieutenant cares
about the wounded.

He says: "if you don't bring a wounded
one to the point within an hour...

"don't even try to come back
to the company".

So I'm bringing them here.
Almost all on my own back.

And when I come back,
he asks me:

"How's it at the aid point

and who's taking care
of our wounded"?

Good, caring man.
Although he's young.

He's the last officer
left in our company.

I know.

I'll go now, sister.

It seems it got quiet.

God willing, the night will be calm.

Hey, you.

You can't smoke while on guard.

But can you be
on post for 20 hours?

All right.
Just give me one puff.

Take it.

You worked hard today, I saw.

On the front line, we have to work
for ourselves and people like you.

Hey, you.

Give me back my fag.

I'll catch you in the morning.

You'll be back here.

Hey, just look here.

When there's bread with salt,
one will survive.

What, are you fed up
with the food cans?

Or you despise the gluttony?
Why just eating bread?

You are all about jokes, Cadet.

Nice jokes.

How is it?

So so, Lieutenant.

Gunfire since the dusk.

- But still there's a way through.
- Listen...

At the first aid point
there's a sister.

The one from the panzer brigade.

Haven't you seen her?

I couldn't look.
There was no time.

There were about to be burying them
in the common grave.


- Who was to be buried?
- The wounded ones, the staff.

Germans have killed everyone there.

- What did you say?
- Lieutenant...

What is that? Lieutenant?

They must have come at night.
When they were sleeping.

There was a hidden passage
under the palace.

Nobody even tried to defend themselves.
How would they, anyway?

Just one sister had a parabellum.

Major put all the back line
on their feet.

I left our wounded by the staff.

Hello, boys!



Can you hear it?
The 4th division is coming.

Our brothers are coming!

Part of them came already yesterday.





Cease the fire.

Cease the fire!

What does it mean?
Why cease the fire?

That is the order.

Cease the fire.

Cease the fire!

German soldiers
and the citizens of Kolberg!

You've been defeated.

The town and the harbour
are surrounded.

The supply routes are cut off

by our artillery and air force.

Further resistance is pointless.

Today we have handed over

the proposition of capitulation
to your commanders.

We are waiting for the answer
till 16:00 hours.

If you surrender

there will be no threat to the life
of the fortress defenders.

In other case the command
of the Polish Army

has prepared a decisive attack.

We want to avoid the unnecessary
bloodshed, though.

All depends on your decision.

Don't you want to save
your wives and children...

from death?

That is our last call.

Hang out white flags.
Drop your weapons.

Colleagues from the
91st Infantry Division.

It's Willy Hochweg speaking.

Hans Schwill is here with me.

Also Otto Junker and Karl Hauptwig.

Nothing threatens our life.

They are treating us according
to the international law.

do not believe the SS men.

That is not true,
that the Panzer divisions

are coming to the relief of you.

The war is lost.

Save your lives!

"Birch? Birch?"



"This is "Rowan".

We're being attacked
by the panzer train.

Yes, the panzer train!

Immediately send the artillery here!

What's with the artillery, damn it?

What? I know it better!

I told you - the artillery!
The artillery!

You're becoming so nervous, Kotarski.

- Very nervous.
- Citizen Major...

If you say "citizen", then it's all right.

Hands up!

Get out! Now!

Drop your gun!

Is there anybody out here?

You. Come.

Yes, you.



Hitler is dead.

All right.
Drop the gun. Drop it!

Get out! Move it!

Get out!


Follow me!

The sea!


The sea!



That's "Rowan".

We've reached the sea.

The sea.

The real sea.


Who's speaking?
It's Edzio speaking.

Edzio - the shooter.

Excuse me?

Yes. I'll put him through.


Both of you got Wrtutti Militari.

Who, both? You, Lieutenant,
and Cadet Krecki.


Where's Cadet?

They are carrying him.


On the dunes there were mines.
The porcelain ones.

- Where? There?
- Over there.

He was still smiling,
when we were carrying him.

He said: "Tough luck, boys.
I'll join you in Berlin".

He was conscious,
speaking all the time.

We don't know,
when he was gone.

And we were carrying
him so carefully.

On the stretcher.

Lieutenant, Sir, here are
the cadet officer's documents.

Here's the letter,
probably to the fiancée.

Because, there's a different
name on the envelope.

Perhaps you'll order it to be sent.

Before the girl finds all
out let her be glad.

So? Is it salty?