Ignacio de Loyola (2016) - full transcript

'If you could hear the voice of God, would you want to keep it secret?' A historical drama based on the memoirs of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order. This is the story of a soldier, a man of vice and violence who, in his attempt to turn to the light, was forced to wrestle with his inner demons to the very brink of death. A Filipino production shot in Spain and the Philippines, the film chronicles his valiant but futile defense at the Battle of Pamplona, his struggles with depression and near-suicide, his trial before the Inquisition, and his ultimate vindication.

Is this the end you wanted?

It is the end that I deserve!

According to legend, the sword
of the morning star knight...

... forged on the second
full moon in December,...

... the year he was born.

The 5,000 blows it had to endure
gave the sword its power.

A triumph of fire,...

... a baptism in the water.

It was a weapon of unprecedented
purity and strength.

A sword worthy of a king!

But first it had to find its master!




Stay here.

Don Beltram, for a word?

I would have gladly given this
to you for a happier occasion.

It was forged to honor
your fallen heroes.

You could not have wished
for a better son than Juan.

Thank you my Lord,...

... that you helped me during
these difficult hours.

Little Ignatius is ready to return
to his family in Torre de Loyola.

As soon as you wish!

Let's talk about it another time.
Thank you, old friend.

- Where is he going?
- Maria!

Give it a moment.

After all this time, may
he still not return?

One day Don Beltram will realize...

... that the boy is not to blame
for the death of his mother.

Until then, let him grieve
for his beloved wife,...

... and now also
his firstborn son.

Shall we again, my lord knight?

For the moment we are done.


I need you again next week.

If you are still here then...

What do you know?

We women know everything, Capitan!

Twice this week, cousin?

Are you really going to
lecture me, you bastard?

I just want to say
that you need variety!

She is good, but not so good!

She reminds me of someone.

Is there any news from Castile, Xanti?

Apparently, our young king is
learning how to be a king.

Last week he executed
three rebels.

Now the Comuneros arise.

And the queen?

She and the princess are still
in the hands of the rebels.

Enemies! All over!

And we're stuck with a
commander who lets us drill.

The South rebels, the
North is unprotected,...

... and the damn
French know that!

It is only a matter of time
before they attack us.

Soon we will know more.
Tomorrow our spy returns from Biarno.

What do you think? Do we have 3,000 men
at the door at the end of the week?

You almost look forward
to meeting them.

We are soldiers, not guards!

For three years, we throw
drunkards in the dungeon.

We are destined for higher!

And, to prove that,
do you accept death?

How do you wish your death?

I want to die in my sleep.

In the arms of my beautiful wife.

If I ever find one...

What about you?
How do you want to die?

In the battle!

Before I take my last breath,...

... I want to look my
brother in the eye and say:

"Do you see?
I too am a Loyola! "

Martin never lets you
have the last word.

No way!

Ignatius, you worry too much.

Drink more, think less!

Above all, a knight needs three things:

A god he can serve...

... a king he can obey...

... and a lady he can
protect most of all damage.


At all times, day and
night, he must be ready!

Assassin, you may be good,...

... but I am better!

Did not you tell?

Whoever threatens my lady,
Princess Catalina, has died!

Who threatens me?

Who are you talking to?

Nobody is here, Your Highness!

I only practiced.

I'm sorry!

Did I disturb your highness sleep?

No, I could not sleep,...

... so I wanted to go to the library.

Unfortunately, the library had
to give way to the new aviary.

This is a pity.

So it's up to you to
entertain me, sir...?

Ignatius de Loyola, Your Highness.

I am not a master.

I am only a submissive soldier
of the Duke of Najera.

I'm afraid I'm not a very good
entertainer, Your Highness.

Ignatius, it's the middle of the night.

Nobody is here that you can impress
with your protocol loyalty!

Please, call me Catalina.

Well, mistress Catalina.

I heard you talking to someone.

Pure imagination.

I learned this technique
from my father.

You imagine your enemy
in flesh and blood.

Apparently, your father
was a capable swordsman.

Do you really use such elegant
movements in a battle?

They have often proved useful, Your Highness.

Almost like a dance.

Half of my sword art, I
learned while dancing.

You are a dancer?

I was a servant in Arevalo.

That was part of our education.

Perfect! Now I know how
you can entertain me.

Come on! Impresses me,...

... Ignatius de Loyola!

Forgive me, Your Highness.

I was not too!

I forbid you to think so!

Yes, mistress, but...

... I have to insist.

I know.

Kneel down, Loyola!

Nobody will ever know this.

Nobody will remember.

Only you and me.

Tonight, I make
you my knight,...

... to my secret protector.

Swear to me to protect
my life and my honor...

... as long as you live!

I swear that!

This is my last night at this castle.

At dawn I return to the
court of the Queen.

Should we never meet again...

... promise me that you will keep
me in good memory, my knight.

Serve my kingdom well!

I would die for you!

For my sake, do not do that!

The commander was right.

You dress for the victory celebration
before the battle is won.

He misunderstands that.

I dress for the coffin.

Good morning, Commander.

Montes, you are early!

My nights are calmer than yours.


Drive away.

As expected, the French commander
Lord Asparros arrived here.

So far, he has met little resistance.

The people from Navarre support him.

Asparros wants to drive us out and put the
old King of Navarre back on the throne.

How many?

12,000, maybe more.

That's amazing!

He will not stop Navarra.

With such a force, he
will march in Castile.

With such a force, we
have to let him go!


The order is to keep
Pamplona at all costs.

Ignatius, be sensible!

We have barely 300 men!

Pamplona is lost, Loyola.

The city may be lost,...

... but the fortress will last!

We have 18 guns.

We can focus the fire
on their artillery.

And on the cavalry!
We shoot at the horses!

That slows her down.

The French can not go to
Castile without conquering us.

- Maybe we can stop her for two
or three days? - Three days?

You want to sacrifice the lives of
your men? For three days deferment?


... with all due respect!

How many kings lost their crown because
the reinforcement came a day late?

We are at war.

Maybe the fate of the
empire depends on it...

... that we buy some time for Castile.

Every time we can!

I say, we hold the position.

I say we fight!

We die, then knowing that the
French have sensed Spanish blades!

We owe that to our king.

You are early!

- Our troops?
- The enemy!

In the morning they are at the gates.

Your orders, sir?

Close the gates!

Tell the men to
go to confession.

Tomorrow we meet our destiny.

Latin blessing

In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Lots to do, father?

Everyone is looking for God
when he is about to meet him.

Do you want to confess?

By the time we finish,
the war is over, father.

Get rid of all ammo!

Do not hold back!

Keep the powder dry!

You have signed our death sentence!

We already have, when
we went to the army!

Do not pretend that
you are one of us!

When Navarra falls, your noble
blood allows you safe passage.

With these men, the French
will not be so kind.

Look at it!


Are their eyes saying that
they are thinking of glory?

No! They do it for the money.

And because they want to go home.

Then we should teach them to
fight for something bigger.

That's the problem with you!

You already see yourself as a general.

You are ready to
sacrifice your troops.

But they need a leader who
wants to save their lives!

This is the story of the last
battle of the brave knight.


Take this to Loyola.

Are the soldiers ready?


Your right and your left.

To the weapons!




The battle was short.

How long can an acorn last, against
the blows of a sledgehammer?

Into the breach!

Beat the bastards back!

For the glory!

No! No! Ignatius, wake up!


Ignatius, open your eyes, you bastard!

Latin blessing

No! No! He does not die!

Do you hear me, you fool?

Do you hear?
You stay with us!

I go to my brothers.

- For the glory. - Your brothers
are underground, you stay here!

Now shut up and let the
healer do his job!

As he lay dying, the knight's
heart thanked the sky...

... for this last gift.

The death of a warrior.

Stand up!

Stand up!

- The first rule?
- To breathe!

Is your enemy angry,
but you are calm?

Then you have already won!

Hey! Zwischen H H H H H H H H zwischen zwischen H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H?

Watch your feet! No!

Never take your eyes
off your opponent.

Balance, Ignatius!

A battle is always about
staying on your feet.

Once again!

Do it better!

What did I tell you?

Remember, son!
We are men from Loyola.

We never lower our eyes.

Stand up!

- Where am I?
- At home!

- Sofia! Julen!
- Take care of his leg.

My professional opinion?
Maybe his leg will never heal completely.

We have to break it and judge it.

We do what we can, but
then it's in God's hands.

If his condition does not
improve after three days,...

... he will probably die.

The rebels have capitulated and
Castile's troops are on their way.

Maybe three more days!

Once they are here,
we move to Pamplona.

You must?

We do that for Ignatius.

If he survives, let him know...

... that we crushed
the damn French!

If not,...

... at least we avenged his death.

Where am I?

You are at home...

... and alive.

God be praised!

Drink that.

That's disgusting!

Be glad that you are still
alive and can complain!

The doctors did not have much hope.

I dreamed about him.

He told me that I would live.

And on his feast day.
You have a guardian angel!

How does it look like?

The doctors are sure that
you will walk again.


Nobody survives a
bombardment without scars.

What's this?!

Not without scars...

Be glad that you came home in better
condition than your brother Juan.


But he came back as a hero!

As a dead hero.

Drink your tonic.

Say, why are you wearing this uniform?

As a Castilian soldier, you can
not protect me with this leg.

You are useless. Get out of
my sight, damned cripple!

I've always known it!

You are not worthy of this sword!

And our name!

Are you alright, Ignatius?

Get me a surgeon!



Hold him tight!

Doctors say you can go
outside in two months.

Until then, I'm trapped in this tower.

Yes, it will be hard...

... but somehow you
have to pass the time.

Your servant has got you this.

They might interest you too.

You found the books?

- 'The Adventures of Amadís'?
- No I'm sorry.

Julen was with every nobleman,
from here to Donostia.

He could not find it.

These are the only
books in the house.

'The life of Christ'?

'The Lives of the Saints'?

Hermana, brother Pedro alone
would interest those!

He is the priest, not me!

I found that in the
bag of your uniform.

I wanted to save it.

- It was washed.
- That had to be.

It was full of your blood!

Slowly, my lord!
Right foot, left foot.

Well! Sit down!

Don Martin!

Don Martin!

Sir, they are back!

- Long live Loyola!
- It lives!

Come on!

- Yuri!
- Here!

The wine to me!

- A really good wine, right?
- Yes.

Now fill in, go!

- I'll be right back!
- Gonzalo!

- Xanti.
- Ignatius!

Brothers! There you are!

Good news!

We were victorious in the end!

We drove the French
bastards across the border!

All for you!

And Asparros has lost an eye!

I say, that was your hit, Martin.

It only matters that Pamplona and
Navarre are once again Castile!

The queen and princess
are finally safe.

As you wanted it.

Is not it, cousin?

We made it.


- Victory is ours!
- Exactly!

Victory is ours!

? H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H zwischen?
- Castile!

Are you all right?

That should have been my battle!

My victory!

They were in the majority, Ignatius.

Then it should have
been my glorious death!

They should have let
me die on the wall.

Maybe you would be proud
of me then, right?

Ignatius, do not say that!

Of course we are proud of you.

I keep asking myself:

Why was I born to
such boring times?

Everything has already been done.

You can no longer search,...

... do not kill dragons anymore.

There are no more virgins in need.

What remains are senseless
family quarrels.

Three noble cousins bickering
over a piece of Spanish filth.

The world is changing, Ignatius.

Maybe it's time to
dream a new dream?


Three months ago, the knight
was wounded in battle.

And one thing is clear:

Nothing bothers the soul more than
the partnership of pain and boredom.

Of course he dreamed of her!

His lady.

His sweet Catalina!

What would he give
to be with her? !

To serve her, to die for her!

But at the end of those dreams,
there was always a painful truth.

A life with her was impossible!

Not with this leg!

Not with this destiny!

Did he remember what
he had lost,...

... he sank into agony,
into anguish and despair.

Be like your brother...

The loss of your
brother is your sin...

Shame! Shame! Shame!

You are not worthy
to be a Loyola...

"The life of the saints".

On these pages, the lives of the
saints of God are immortalized.

These knights of
heaven spent great,...

... in the name of the Almighty.

The knights of heaven?

To his surprise, our knight was
fascinated by these stories.

He was amazed at the nobility
and bravery of the saints.


It's one thing to prove
courage as a soldier...

... and to face the enemy
with the sword in his hand.

It is a very different thing...

... to face hunger
and humiliation,...

... alone with the belief in
the care of an invisible God.

Francis, how was all this possible for you?

Give up your wealth,...

... to beg for leftovers,...

... of the people who once
called themselves your servants?

My friend, you are asking
the wrong question!

The 'how' is unimportant.

It's about the why!

It is what my Lord has done.

What is the wealth
that I gave up...

... compared to the
riches of the sky?

Your faith is greater than mine.

Not my faith is great,...

... it's my god!

Could not you do the same?

These thoughts were different.

They did not darken his heart.

They dipped him in radiant joy.

Maybe this was his true desire.

Could he do the same?

Could he trust in God,
as they once did...

... and swear allegiance
to the greatest of kings?

That night, he made a decision.

That night, he found his dream.

- What ?!
- a pilgrim.

He wants to go to Jerusalem,...

... and beg there on the way.

Like the holy pilgrims of the old days.

But he is a Loyola!

We can not allow that.

What will people say?

Well, never mind.

We regulate how we have
always regulated things.

Among brothers.

There we are!

Just like in old times.

Somewhat dirtier than before.

What are you talking about? That's perfect!
We are together again!

Mesonero! Mesonero!

- Wine and breasts!
- Immediately, sir.

Carmen, you look very
adorable tonight.

- It was so long ago!
- We missed your pretty faces!

Where were you?

- He was at war.
- Me too!

- Were you hurt?
- Oh yeah!

But nothing that could not
solve a few hip swings.

He needs immediate
medical treatment!

- Anna is an excellent sister.
- Yes!

- We do not waste time.
In the back room with him! - Okay.

- Let's go.
- Off to the back room!

You're welcome! You're welcome!

I do not want that.

Are you alright, sir?

You're welcome! You're welcome!
Just let us sit and be silent.

In order?

We wait for my brothers to finish.
Then we can go.

I'll pay you anyway.

As you wish, sir.

Do you do that for a long time?

Long enough.

If you remember, then you
were my third customer, sir.

Are you treated well here?

Better than at home.
I can not complain.

At home?

My father was a drunk,
my mother a bitch.

They both beat me.

I forgot most of it.

That,... I'm sorry.

- That must have been hard.
- After father's death it got better.

I came here with my bare feet.

Now I have saved some money.

I sew clothes.

- You made this dress?
- Yes.

- It's pretty.
- Thank you.

One day I will go away.

Then I become a seamstress.

That's something... honorable.

This is my dream.

Why not immediately?

Why not immediately?


Yes? Why not immediately?

- Are you all right?
- Yes my Lord.


You do not have to apologize.

You are the first in a
long time talking to me...

... and do not want
me to undress...

... and then go again.

I do not know if I can
leave this life behind me.

I look in the mirror,
I only see a whore.

What is your name?



Did you know that the mother of
the Blessed Virgin was 'Anna'?

I know the stories.

Then you also know that some of
the Lord's friends were whores?

Could you try something for me?

Yes my Lord.

Could you imagine Jesus
sitting there in this chair?

- In the chair there?
- Yes.

Can you imagine that?

Try it!

Take your time!

He looks at me.

And he smiles.

It's a kind smile.

He looks at me like he's
done that all my life.

What does he say to you?

That he understands me.


... he loves me.

That he does not
care where I was.

Only where am I going.

Does not that make you happy?

Yes! Yes!

I am fine!
Everything perfect!

It looks like this evening has
been good for you, brother.

More than you think.

Here in Loyola there is
nothing left to learn.

My life started at this castle.

I almost died here.

It has become clear to me that my
reprieve is subject to a condition:

I have to leave this place.


You go back to Najera?

I know what you intend to do.

Then give me your blessing...

... and wish me luck!

You are needed here, Ignatius.

Seriously, brother!

What use do I have here?

I am a damned cripple!

At court I will never be
able to show myself again.

And my soldiers?

They rather follow a blind
donkey into battle,...

... not a limping fool.


I was ready to give
my life for the king.

I almost had that.

And now, 40 days after
I almost died...

... Pamplona is Castile again,
as if nothing had happened!

All my victims, for what?

Nobody asks you to be a hero.

But we ask you to stay.

Help manage the castle.

Make sure everything
is taken care of.

You want to make a steward out of me?
A secretary?

Brother, that's too much of an honor!

What do you see?

Our coat of arms.

What do you see?

Seven red bars on a
golden background.

And two gray wolves next to a cauldron.

The red bars, as you know,...

... were awarded to us by the king.

In memory of the bravery
of the seven brothers.

Oñaz, your ancestors!

- The wolves and the cauldron...
- Stand for the goodness of the Loyola family.

After the man has eaten, there is even
something left for the wolves. I know!

So we tell people.

Do you know the true meaning?

It is a warning.

It applies to all descendants
of the house Loyola.


... not all men are noble.

Most serve only the
hand that feeds them.

Without the cauldron, the wolves
would eat us up completely.

Our family needs you.
I know that for sure.

The pilgrim knight.

A new life.

A new search.

I thought I would feel sad,...

... because I leave my old self behind me.

But I only regret not
leaving earlier.

He comes again!

My uncle Antonio was the same.

After being hit by
an arrow in Italy...

... he embarked on a sacred journey
to a mountain in Portugal.

After five days he was
back at our border.

Ignatius has always been a stubborn person.

Hey! He comes again!

Keep an eye on him for me.

It will be worth it for you.

500 Reales,...

... if you bring him back
before the end of the month.

The ancient shrine of the Lady of Montserrat.

A knight swears allegiance to his
master for the first time...

... so he had to keep a watch first.

He stays there for three days.

He writes down his sins.

He looks very closely
at his life.

He seeks even the smallest spot.

Then he swears before his mistress,...

... the queen of the sky.

He swears fidelity to
her, and God the Lord.


In the end, he puts on his
new, magnificent armor.

He leaves the darkness,...

... he goes into the
world that needs him.

A warrior, at the
side of the angels.

A knight of the sky!

Do you have bread?

Forgive me, friend.
I do not have anything.

What are you good for?


Take this.

- That keeps you warm.
- What's this?

Sell them for food!

Whatever you want.

And take this.

I thank you!

Don Ignatius de Loyola?


You should come with me, sir.

You thief!

Hermano? Hermano?

Water! Get water!

- Water! - He was wearing the
clothes he stole from you.

He did not steal her!

I gave it to him of his own free will!

Who told you that
it is my clothes?

That was me.


You are here to bring
me back to Loyola.

I just wanted to offer you a horse.

You are not used to
walking barefoot.

You already know my answer.

I implore you, Ignatius!

Ignatius, please!

At least take this.
For your journey.

Get him a doctor!

Tell Martin I'm dead.

I implore you!

The pilgrim now stayed on the
back roads and in small towns.

He could not risk his
relatives finding him again.

He had made a oath.

And he would fulfill him!

He wanted to live as Francis of
Assisi and Saint Dominic did.

Without any possessions.

Begging for food.

When he first settled
down to beg,...

... he felt like a scammer.

Like a hypocrite.

Good day.
A gentle gift? Sorry?

A gentle gift? Sorry?

An alms?

Sorry? An alms?

Thank you!

A gift? Thank you!

But when his last money was gone
and his hunger was great,...

... his needs became real.

It became my true skin.

The skin of a beggar.

I caught one of my servants
taking food out of the pantry,...

... just to give it to you.

Because of what you said to him.

- I apologize!
- No need.

He is the most unpleasant of all servants to me.

It was good that he did
something selfless.

Even if it was a small theft.

Do you always do that?

Beg all day,...

... to distribute the food
at night to the patients?

I can not help it.

The patients are helpless.

I can beg for her outside,
so I'm begging for her.

I am Doña Ines de Pascual.

What is your name?



Like the first king of Pamplona?

I would say I am the
cripple of Pamplona.

My mistress!

Very well, Mr. Ignatius,
Cripple of Pamplona.

You are not the first soldier who
wants to change his life here.

And not the first nobleman.

Do not deny it!

Blue blood I smell a
mile against the wind.

But I recognize that you are
doing something special.

And the way you do it.

No matter how long you live
this life of poverty,...

... want to live begging,
hunger and good deeds,...

... you are always welcome at my table.

All my means are at your disposal!

You are a gift of
God, Doña Ines.

I know!

Wait! I'll help you!

Slowly my life in Manresa
got its own rhythm.


During the day we supplied
the poor with bread.

Sometimes we took care of the
lonely patients in the hospital.

The work was tiring.

But we held on.

At night I retreated to
a cave on the Cardoner.

There I paid my debt to Christ.

Let's say it like this:
God took his time with me...

... like a child.

You are not blind.

You will soon hear the
grace of my son again.

Nearly 10 months after I
arrived in Manresa,...

... I left the cave as a new man!

So God had prepared me
for what was to come.

In the name of His
Holiness, the Pope,...

... this court of the Holy
Inquisition formally came together.

It is directed by Ignatius
Lopez de Oñaz y Loyola.

Once a soldier of the king, he was
charged with the following points:

Preaching, without permission.

Dealing with and seducing
women from Salamanca.

Secret and occult meetings,
in the middle of the night.

If the defendant is found guilty,...

... he will die in the fire at the end of the month.

Before, the case is checked.

Is all this my fault?

Should I have kept silent?

How are the new brothers, Calixto?

Caceres works hard.


Arteaga is too silent.

Too silent to be one of us.

I do not think he can
last much longer.

Arteaga follows brother Ignatius's rule:

Listen more, talk less.

I think he misses
his 50 servants.

And the fine clothes
that do not scratch.

I admit it!
Today I lack my clothes!

Take you, brother.

When you pray, what
are you asking?

The usual.

A long life and wealth
for me and my family.

Why are you asking for it?

Because that's good.

May one ask nothing good from God?

Consider, great wealth brought
many fear and misfortune.

Their lives are determined by wealth.

And even a long life
can be painful.

Yes but...

... what should we pray for then?

Maybe for indifference?

I do not mean heart cold.

It does not matter if God gives
you wealth or poverty...

... good or bad health.

As long as poverty, wealth
and life length help you...

... to fulfill your mission.

Brother, what mission are you talking about?

When you got up today, what
were your plans for the day?

I am a merchant, so...

... I thought of a new delivery
that should arrive today.

And a meeting with a new customer.

Then I remembered that my cousin
insisted that I listen to you!

A good list,...

... especially the last point.

If you imagine yourself,
on your deathbed,...

... how would this day appear to you?

I think,...

... I would rather have visited my old
mother before I go into business.

Or spent more time with my son.

How do you feel about
these new thoughts?

It feels right!

How should I express it?

I would not have to do anything else...

... I would choose these things.

You do not have to do anything else!

What is it that we really
need to do in life?

We care so much about the
duties of the day,...

... we try to make it right
for the world around us...

... and in the end see
only a series of busy,...

... but meaningless days.

We are ships that sail for years but
never reach their destination,...

... because we have no goal in mind.

There is no map
that we can follow.

I call this card Life
on the First Principle.

God created us to love us.

And, so that we love him.

If that's true, then our
life is best used...

... we use our time
to pay homage to God.

Everything in this world exists
solely for this purpose.

Wealth, knowledge, skills,...

... dreams and longings.

Even sickness and misfortune can
bring us closer to his love.


... do not pray every day
for good to happen to you.

Pray that you may come closer to God.

Whatever you do, do
it in your honor.

Then you live a good life.

Make sure she gets the food.

A good sermon.

Forgive me, father.

It was just a conversation among friends.

The best sermon I've
heard in years!

Even from my own lips.

Do you belong to a medal?

No, we are just simple men.

Understand. And the right clothes?

A sign of our community.

And you are not afraid,
someone might think...

... you would preach
like ordained priests?

That's not our intention.

Capitan Loyola!

It is you, is not it?

No more!

I understand.

You try a new face.

I want to escape my old face.

A question:

Could you hear God's voice,
learn to hear it,...

... would you keep that secret?

How can you be sure that God
is speaking through you?

I wrote everything down.

It describes a time
away from the world.

I meditated on the life of the Lord.

I imagined myself in the
stations of his life,...

... or kneeling before God's throne.

I have to ask this! This way of
praying, this imagination,...

... it sounds very much like the methods
of the Alumbrados, the Illuminati!

You are not one of them, are you?

The Alumbrados are not
true thinkers, father.

You are careless.

My method is thorough.

I would like to continue this conversation.

Maybe you will come to
my monastery for dinner.

Some of the Dominican scholars
would certainly like to meet you.

So you are a preacher?

What are you preaching?

No, father.
I am not a preacher.

- It's just simple conversations...
- Simple conversations, yes.

Sanchez told me about it.

But I do not believe you!

And I can not respect you.

If you want to preach, preach!

The gentlemen are violated by the gentleman.

So, let's call it 'preaching'!

What are you preaching?

Nothing that would be foreign to you, father.

Virtues and vices.

- love and hate for each other...
- It's so simple!

Even children love
virtue and hate vice.

So why do you have to preach about it?

It's easy if we can make
a clear distinction.

But many decisions
are not clear.

Like the choice of marrying
or becoming a priest.

- Brother Ignatius has a way of stopping...
- A way of prayer,...

... to know God's will.

It's about your own
experiences and feelings,...

... about what moves your soul.

These efforts seem strange,...

... unnecessary, maybe even dangerous!

For centuries Mother Church
is doing a good job.

We do not need radical experiments!

My method has saved lives.

Starting with my own!

Many liars have already said that.

I do not say more.

You will!
I think you will!

If you really believe that your new
method is of value to the Church,...

... you will not
resist a scrutiny.

- Not true?
- She is not ready yet to be revealed.

Nevertheless, she is ready to be
recited to simple Christians...

... and exposing them to
wrong and maybe damnation!

My method is impeccable.

But nevertheless I have to reject!

I did not say that
you have a choice!

You remain in our custody
until the tribunal arrives.

- Tribunal?
- Inquisitor Frias is a friend of ours.

He will take good care of you!




What are you doing here?

I have asked myself.

- We all!
- What?

We did not want you
to suffer alone.

But... the people?

Who should take care of her?

They're gone, Ignatius.

You heard what happened to you.

They got scared.

After all our work!

And nobody stayed!

It is easy to keep faith
when things are good.

Only one returned to
Christ to thank Him.

You have at least three!

We'll get through this, brother.

We stand by your side
until the end comes.

Let us pray that
this is not the end.

Father Sanchez!

Do you want to invite me to dinner again?

I apologize for what happened.

That was not my intention.

You would not have had to go
the distance for an apology!

A letter would have been enough.

You are a busy man!

I am to defend you before the tribunal.

So it's up to you
that I confess?

I understand that the Inquisition may now
confiscate the property of the guilty party.

You can have everything!

My entire fortune!

Let's stay with that, Ignatius.

Frias is a strict man!

He burned more
suspicious alumbrados...

... as any prosecutor in
Spain, even the whole church.

I know death!

I'm not afraid!

Your companions may
not be so brave.

Your punishment will be hers!

If you do not want to save,
maybe you want to save her!

What is your plan?

We have to do two things:

We have to present your writings.
How should we call her?

Spiritual exercises!

Good, your spiritual exercises.

We have to prove that they are from
Scripture and divine inspiration alone.

We also need as many
witnesses as possible...

... that testify to your good character.

I am Doña Ines Pascual.

I am Agustin Crisostomo.

I am the doctor in the hospital of Manresa.

I am Jeronimo Ardevol, the director
of the University of Barcelona.

I am Doctor Ciruelo.

I speak for two noble ladies.

A mother and a daughter.

They were entrusted to my care.

Almost every day I saw Ignatius,...

... he took care of the
sick and fed them.

Once he put his finger
on a man's wound.

Then he put his finger
to his own lips.

Ignatius came to me after he
returned from Jerusalem.

He wanted to continue the training that had
denied him his career in the military.

It was strange to
see a man of 33,...

... read the books for 13-year-olds.

Seven, eight hours he spent on
his knees, without sleep,...

...to pray.

His penance, his fasting,
sleep deprivation,...

... made him sick.

We had to take care of him.

Of course I was shocked!

I asked him what he did!

He said that he felt sick,...

... by the severe smell
of the man's wound.

So he forced himself to become one
with the stink and dirt of the farmer.

So we are one and the same!

A stubborn man.

But also very humble.

He endured the embarrassment.

And he worked.

Without education, he was convinced he
could not convince his companions...

... and lead them to the light.

I learned that they went to secret
meetings organized by a certain Ignatius...

... together with his companions.

He never spoke alone with one of the ladies.

There was always someone there.

They claimed to have visions.

As if Christ were speaking
to them from the Cross.

For a week they listened to
the charlatan's sermons,...

... then my wards decided
to go on pilgrimage.

On foot!

A strange man,...

... with strange habits.

But his dedication can
not be denied him.

He was very welcome
in my hospital.

I know this man.

He is a good man!

Words should be his new weapon.

And he wanted to master her.

For this man speaks the devil!

For the sake of our wives,...

... he must be silenced!

These meetings...?

Your followers speak of 'spiritual
exercises'. What is this exactly?

The idea behind it is simple.

Man was created to know God.

He should do God's glory.

He should reciprocate
his inexhaustible love.

If this is our purpose,...

... then brings us everything
that brings us closer to God,...

... inner peace and happiness.

I call that 'comfort'.

Whatever separates us from God...

... creates suffering, pain and emptiness.

That's what I call 'desolation'.

The spiritual exercises let us
know the motives of the soul.

We recognize who come from God...

... and which come from the enemy.

Why do you need another
method to hear God's Word...

... if it is clear in the Bible?

The bids are clear!

The exercises are not about simple
questions and obvious answers.

You have to practice them constantly,
guided by a spiritual leader.

You learn to be quiet,...

... to listen and to obey.

How many years have you
devoted to teaching?

Two years of undergraduate studies in Barcelona,...

... one year in Alcala, to
start now in Salamanca.

How many years of theology?

- Less than a year.
- Oh!

Yet do you preach a very complex
and detailed form of prayer?

The method comes from my own
experiences and my judgment.

She gave comfort to many people
and showed them the way.

I'm sure.

There is a simple explanation,...

... for all the peculiarities
that surround the defendant.

This man belongs to the Alumbrados!

An Illuminat!

Blasphemers who think they are
inspired directly by God!

They say they hear his voice.

Supposedly they give themselves
completely to the divine,...

... and thus are free of all sin.

Who knows me, Your
Honor, who knows...

... that I am the last one who
claims to be free from sin!

But how can an uneducated person speak
so freely about the motives of the soul?

Gentlemen, I gave you
all my writings.

Do you see something that
contradicts the teaching,...

... so I will correct that immediately!

We have found nothing in the Scriptures
that is against the teaching.

Otherwise you would have been burned long ago.

As you would burn, you would
have been guilty of heresy.

The church has to take exams.

Heresy is omnipresent.

I say that the scholars of the Church
should examine these exercises...

... before you can spread it!

With all saints!

I implore you!

Do not let me wait for decades until
all theologians of Rome agree!

There is a war raging.

He is as dreadful and real as
he is against every tyrant.

God's children can no
longer see, no longer hear.

They do not feel like they
are sliding into the abyss.

That's why I wrote that.

This is a manual for the war.

It shows us the fight and allows us
to hear the voice of our commander.

No! I can not stop preaching
what I have learned!

We are God's army!

Can I just lead another soldier
into the ranks of my master...

... I accept the punishment
of this Tribunal for it!

God should be the supreme
judge of our souls.

Your companions mentioned a journal,...

... that you have led from
Loyola since your departure.

We have all your scriptures for
your spiritual exercises,...

... but not the diary.


Because it contains the
source of your abominations?

Certainly not!

Why do you hold it back then?

Let the tribunal see everything...

... so that Mother can judge
the church as a whole!

Sir, you write it
yourself in this book:

"A spirit, in light and openness, is good.

A mind surrounded by secrets
and deception is evil. "

What spirit is in you
right now, Brother Ignatius?


The hearing will be postponed until tomorrow morning...

... so that these Illuminati
can rethink their statements.

You hid it from me.

It is an important piece of
evidence for the Inquisition!

Where is the diary?

It will not help us.

You know what this
advice is capable of!

Do you really want to die?


Tomorrow you will seal your destiny!

"My dear knight,...

... nobody will ever know this.

Nobody will remember.

Only we.

I learned what happened
in Salamanca,...

... from my friend, your
sister, Doña Magdalena.

I was dismayed to hear about
your injury in Pamplona.

But I hear you are now
living a new life.

And your heart is fulfilled.

I have to tell you, on the
night we met in Valladolid,...

... I searched for the library,...

... to throw me out of the window.

I wanted to put an end to my suffering.

All the years of imprisonment and
mistreatment by my mother,...

... my young soul could
not take it anymore.

I wanted to put a quick end to it.

But instead of death, I met a
man, with passion and fire.

Fast! Fast!
Help delete!

Right this way!

Go get it all!

Stay in your cell! Come on!


- Yes?
- Everyone flees!

- Yes.
- Everyone, only we do not!

Everyone, only we do not...

Good morning, father.

You are still here.


The prisoners, they...

- They are all gone.
- I have heard that.

You did not try to go with them?

How many escaped?


How many got caught?


I do not want to be the thirteenth

And the missing diary?

I tell you where it is.

For a simple reason, I hid
these pages from Frias.

There is more than
enough in it to show...

... if the Tribunal only wishes,...

... that I am a madman.

I do not want people
to doubt my teachings.

Because the exercises that helped
them demanded such a high price.

But I have realized that
it is no longer with me.

God will guide your spirit...

... and you realize that my
pain, my gift, was worth it...

... or he lets the
tribunal silence me.

Either way, I'll bend over.

Today: the whip and fasting.

And then again...
the whip!

That's the only thing I can think about.

How much pain do I have to endure...

... to atone for my sins?


I worthless sinner!

I am ashamed of God,...

... because I cheated
on his holy name.

How wretched I am!

Like a worm, like a maggot,...

... in the face of the most beautiful being.

Go back with my sins!

Your journey started well...

... right, Ignatius?

So much fire in you, right?

No one is asking
you to be a hero!

That flash in your eyes!

And your miserable
efforts in the hospital!

How strange.

The great saint.

A servant of God.

The born again Francis.

How must the beggar have
praised your generosity!

How much you wanted to do justice
to your role in this piece!

Your own Amadis de Gaula.

The glittering knight, the
bloodiest sword of the empire...

... to the pure Queen of Heaven.

Ignatius of Loyola, loyal
soldier of Castile.

How many did you murder?

You will never be a hero.

Killer. You killed.

The darkness is waiting for you.

Not only your enemies,...

... also your brothers in arms!

You betrayed your brothers in arms.


Are their eyes saying that
they are thinking of glory?

- You fool!
- You miserable coward...

Could not you have
saved their lives?

You could have saved her!

But you... wanted... to die!

Consider who you are!
Remember your past!

Think of your nature,
your destiny!

Are you strong enough to endure
the 70 years of suffering,...

... that your god has planned for you?

I see the darkness.
She comes closer.

She surrounds me.
What should I do?

I am too weak...

I am too weak.
I can not see the light.

I am a creature of this world.

I am a sinner.

I can not take it anymore.

Where is the light after I search?

The light!

Kill me!
So somebody kill me!

Only my death brings justice.

I do not have the strength
to survive this...

Why did not I die on this wall?

I'm not enough.
You will never honor my name.

I can not anymore!
I am a coward!

On this wall...

Someone like you, has no choice!

You can not erase the past.

Your future is decided!

You will die as a sinner, Ignatius.

You can be sure of that!

You will die, and you will burn!

What you do from now on to
the fire does not matter.

So why wait?

Ignatius! Spring!
It's just a step...

Exactly! That's better!

You can never
soothe God's wrath.

Face it!

Go ahead, like a true knight.

Find the light!
Find the light in you. Go !

Do not listen to him,
go into the light!

It is there.
The light was always there.

He was always with you,
he never left you.

Listen to the light in you!

He always loved you.
The light was always with you!

Get up!
Get up! !

Remember, son!
We are men from Loyola.

We never lower our eyes.

And now,...
stand up!

Get up!
Get up! !

Go on, knight of
the morning star.

Meet your destiny!

Knight of the morning star...

The morning star!


Miserable creature!

Now I know your voice!

Now I know your lies!

You can not promise
me an hour of life.

I will not insult my master!

I will not end the
life I promised him.

And now, voice of the fallen,...

... keep silent!


Once I asked a man
to break my leg,...

... so that it could heal
and grow together again.

For that very reason, God
had to break my spirit.

Fortunately, God is a
better surgeon than man.

If you miss the death penalty,...

... suddenly life looks completely different.

You know, we were
both called that.

The creature you
defeated, and I,...

Both were called
'The Morning Star'.

But now you know the difference.

Now you know my voice.


Arise, my friend.

I'm ashamed to stand
before you, sir.


Because I am a sinner!

What significance does that have for you?

I have insulted you.

I hurt you.

Hurt me?
Why are you saying that?

My shameful sins, Lord!

When you grow up, it's my
sins that crucify you.

Do you think your sins
have power over me...

... if I do not allow it?

Now look the world with new eyes!

Tell me what you see.

I see all the things in the
world that were created for me.

All the things
that nourished me.

All the things that
gave me strength.

All the tests, all the tears.

All of this...

... brought me to you!

Remember, my soldier:

I loved you first!

Take, sir!
Take my freedom,...

... my mind, my
memories, all my will!

What I have you gave me!

And I want to give it to you.

Have it.

Give me your grace, your love.

That should be enough
for me to live!

Your story is captivating, Loyola.

But your method is too alien
to unquestionably permit it.

I still want to silence you.

Tell me why I should
not burn you!

Once I dreamed about these
wolves and the cauldron.

It was winter.

An old and a young wolf starved to death.

And they came to our castle.

A cauldron full of food was
left from the ramparts.

One after the other tried
to eat from the cauldron.

But he swung back and forth.

The wolves had to work together,
each standing on one side,...

... so that they could finally eat.

We are a church of contrasts:

Acting and thinking.

Passion and humility.

Fire and water.

Father Frias, we
are not enemies!

We form the balance that
is for God's glory.

In Pamplona, the soldier Ignatius had
his troops fight a losing battle.

The castle wall was broken,...

... the enemy marched towards them.

He decided to jump
into the breach,...

... to ward off the invaders.

Many would think this madness.

A reasonable man would
inevitably surrender.

But he is not a sensible man!

He does not choose bravery.

But solid principles and his
teachings are well founded.

Unconventional, unknown and
new, but well thought out.

Was not St. Francis
too unconventional?

Was not Saint Dominic new?

Was not Christ himself radical and
completely alien to the Sanhedrin?


... the church ramparts were broken.

It is a time of reckoning.

It comes to light, which
happens in secret.

If this man is a heretic because
he wants to make us better...

... we can not judge him for that.

Always the church took damage,...

... but the church lives.

To survive, we must
learn to listen.

People like him.

People who stand at the front and
courageously advance the Church.

At Ezekiel, God said:

"They exploit the weak and the poor.

So I sought among them a
man who builds a wall,...

... or for the country jumps
in the breach and meets me,...

... so that I do not have to destroy it.
But I did not find any! "

That's what this man does.

He is in the breach.

And he is fighting.

What shoud that?

I was asked to hold a
Mass for Brother Ignatius.

Incredible! I have never
seen such a full church.

Defendant, rise!

Ignatius López de Oñaz y Loyola,...

... after careful consideration,...

... you have the following verdict:

As for the charge of
heresy and blasphemy,...

... so the Tribunal has carefully
checked your methods for errors.

But we did not find any.

You are innocent!

However, as far as preaching
without permission,...

... the tribunal holds
back its verdict.

You and your companions are strictly
forbidden to preach in public.

Except for children.

However, only the simple
truths of the teaching.

The session is closed.

- Ignatius!
- Father Sanchez!

Thank you for your help!

You saved us from the stake.

But your work...

The judgment completely
forbids you to preach.

I listen and obey.

Brother Ignatius!

Yes, your honor?

I would have some advice
for you, if you wish.

Of course, your honor!

The judgment of the tribunal
is valid only in Salamanca.

You can continue
your work elsewhere.

But before finishing your studies,...

... so that nobody can doubt
your education anymore.

- But I...
- But, studying costs money.

I think I can help
you on this point.

Give this letter to the director of
the Collège Sainte-Barbe in Paris.

He will tell you
what to do next.

Do not worry!

Everything will be fine.

I am honored, sir.

But I do not think
I deserve that.

- There is certainly a better candidate...
- We have enough scholars and poets!

Maybe the church needs
the spirit of a soldier.

After all, we are called the
'champion of the church'.

- Paris!
- I request you, suppose!

My first year at a university.
At 33 years!

"A prophet is never
welcome in his homeland!"

Not even crippled
dreamer, I suppose.

The French I owe my limp,
but it brought me to God.

Maybe the French can do
something with my head.


Doña Ines sends these supplies.

And this letter of credit.

You should remember to eat!

Give her my deepest thanks.

I will obey her as I
have done before!

Well then, Calixto,...

... your last chance!

Do not you really want to come?

My place is here.

Your wisdom and love
will be missed.

But there is much to do in Spain.

Come, brothers!


Let's pray for our friend.

The Lord give you a safe journey,...

... in all ways that
lie before you.

May you find companions,...

... that are worthy of your dreams.

May your plans be bold...

... and your courage
enough to fulfill them.

Live and spread God's love,...

... to every corner of the world,...

... to the extreme
limits of his church.

May your passion always
burn brilliantly!

And ignite the fires of the
world, in the name of God.

In 1540 Ignatius and his companions
founded the Order of the Jesuits.

They swore to go where the
Holy Father requested.

As the 'vanguard of the church'
The Jesuits wrote history.

In 1622 Ignatius was
canonized by Loyola.