Hunting and Gathering (2007) - full transcript

When Camille (Audrey Tautou) falls ill, she is forced to live with Philibert and Franck (Guillaume Canet). A moving trio story.

- Your name?
- Fauque. F, A, U, Q, U, E.

- First name?
- Camille.

- Date of birth?
- April 17, 1980.

- What is your company called?

- Touclean.

- Excuse me?

- Touclean: T, O, U, C, L, E, A, N.
"Very clean", in French.

- It is what?

- Touclean answers your requirements:
Touclean rubs, cleans..

.. sweeps, aspires, waxes, disinfects...

- It is a gag?

- No, you will see
my colleagues.

- You are a cleaning lady?

- Technician of surface.

- Is that your occupation?

- We can say that.

- Here Is, Miss Fauque,
you are fit to work.

- I owe you how much?
- Nothing, Touclean pays.

Just a few kilos more...

That would please me.

- So, did he cast a spell
on you or what?

- And did he weigh you?

- Of course.

- If he believes that will
make me lose my balance...

- He examined you naked?

- Obviously

- You kept your lower parts,
at least?

- Ok, I have to go now
I see you tonight

- Bye, bye.

- I will eat this doctor.

With manioc and peaks of hens.

- Then, the family?


- Paulette!

Hello, you.



Oh, my God...


My Paulette!

Oh, my Paulette...

It is Yvonne.

How is it going? What's there?

- Franck?
- Yes, boss?

- Telephone.
- No, boss.

- What, no?
- I am busy, they can call again.

- Take it, it's your grandmother.

- the operation went well.

My mother broke the collar of the femur
10 years ago and now, she runs.

- Much better.

- Hello!

Here is your grandson.
I told you so.

I go now

- All good then?

What have you done?

Oh, it's hot in here.

- I am cold.

- Are you cold?

Are you OK?

Why do you cry?

According to the nurse,
the operation went well.

- They will put me
in an old people's home.

- But it is not an old people's home.

It is a convalescent home.

They will help you to walk
and later, hop! In the garden.

- And my pets?

They will put them in nursery.

- No, I will take care of some myself

- You will not have time.

- If it's not me, it will be Yvonne.
She will take care of them.

Enough stop that

I bought a new motor bike.

- You don't go too fast?
- No.

Like a tortoise.

- Liar.

- Excuse me..

Look at this thing on the floor
also called a bin

Thank you.

- Shit... 40

- a problem?

- I forgot the code.

- Maybe they changed it.

- I don't think so

- It is 4319.

- Thank you, miss.

I have... I have perhaps...
had too much to drink

It was my... my...

- Happy birthday.

- Tha... thank you.

- I go up there.

- You live in the court?

- Not exactly,
I live under the roofs.

Good night.
- Good night.

- Why don't you sleep longer?
You are not working today.

- It is the only day
when I can go see my grandmother.

- That will wake you up

Don't go too fast

- Yes, mum.

- If she is put in the old people's home,
she will die, shit!

- You don't have to be so coarse

- Forgive me.

Excuse me, Mrs. Caramino,
I know my situation better

I cannot do that to her,
it would kill her

I will pay you.

- It is nice, but I am
too old to assume that.

I already have my Gilbert to take care of.

- I thought he was your friend.
- He is my friend.

- You are like my mother,
she doesn't care about anything

- don't compare me with your mother,
don't be ungrateful.

- She won't accept her daughter
to take care of her

- Get her an aide

- Apart from two of us,
she supports no one

- What can I do?

- Go on, that's all I have


- You eat only cheese?

- I ado... I adore that.

- I am glad to see you,
I waited for the moment.

.. to invite you to dinner,
one of these nights.

- Me?

- Of course, you.

- Fine... but... I...

Why? Really, it is...

- It is what?

- It's not possible,
it's too much of an honour.

- Not at all, it would be very simple.

- I will be delighted to share your table

- It is not really a table
but rather a picnic.

- I lov... I love picnics
I can bring a basket

- Perfect!

- Good then, agreed
I will see you tomorrow

You... you will be there?

- Of course

Around 8 p. m.?
- Yes.

- It is the seventh.

My name is on the door.

Camille Fauque.

- My name is Philibert Marquet
of Durbelli?re.

- OK... I see you tomorrow, Philibert.
- See you

- Talk to me a little.

Tell me about yourself

- What do you want me to tell you?

I still live at Philibert's.

It depends on if the apartment sells.
We will see.

- Where would you live?

- Oh, I will find a solution.

If not, I still work
in the same restaurant.

A customer came to the kitchen
to congratulate me.

I had made your cake.

He asked me for your recipe

What else...

By the way, I broke up with my girlfriend, C?line.

The one who didn't like you very much

It is all over

- Oh...

I have never seen anything that pretty

- You see that?
It is it...

.. My family's coat of arms

Did you... you live there?

- Of course

- But... but...
Com.. completely?

- Completely.

- And... finally...
all the year?

- All the year.

- It is quite small, and at my house,
it is too big

- Keep that.

- Thank you.

- you are useful

It is my refrigerator.

You wonder why I have invited you?

- I have... I found that
very sympathetic

- It is unbearable,
the loneliness of these buildings.

Everyone passes by,
no one talks or says hello to one another

- It is true.

I... I don't know my neighbour.

- Cheers!

- It is strong.

- Are you hungry?
- Yes.

Euh... before going to table..

.. Where is the toilet, please?

- Does it disturb you,
if I smoke?

- No, not at all

These small Russian things..

.. That... that was delicious

You have hardly eaten anything

- I never eat much.
- You are not that fat

But you are gracious.

Your face makes me think
that of Diane of Poitiers.

- Was she pretty?
- Very. You have never gone

.. au castle of Anet?
- No.

- You should

It is a splendid place.

.. which the king Henri II gave to her

- You are a professor of history?

- No, I work at the museum.

- Which one?

- Oh, that... that depends
I... I rotate.

And you?

- I work in an office.

Do you live alone?
- Not exactly.

I have a joint tenant.

- You are less alone.
- I don't se him very often

He works, sleeps..

.. and when he doesn't work,
he brings girls with him.

There, I see him even less.

He... he is a cook.

- He must cook you nice meals.
- He is too tired for that.

He makes me eat frozen foods

- I'm sorry, it's not the castle of Anet.

- It was superb. Next time,
you will come to my place

I... I will ask Franck.

.. to make... a cake
with potatoes.

- Good...

Good night.

- As a matter of fact, I don't work
at the museum but outside.

In... in... in fact,
I sell postcards.

- And... me, I am a
cleaning lady.

- What's that?
- It's nothing, it's a mate


- Oh... oh not!

- Remove that

- No leave it, I'm cold!

- Not that!

- Has someone lost their tongue?
- That really annoys me.

- That... is not true!

- Oh! What is this a brothel?

- While... wanting to arrange
my... my basket..

.. I dropped it, I have broken everything!
- It's not serious.

That can be replaced.
- Not that!

With all the armoury
of my family.

You... you don?t understand!

- You're insane why are you dressed as a clown?
- I had picnic with a young girl.

- You screwed her, at least?

- Don't be vulgar!
When... when you see her...

- I will see her?
- Yes!

- Hello, mum

- You don't want to embrace me?

- All OK?

- Yes.
Why do you ask that?

- That's what people say when they see each other

It's good here.

- It's dreadful, yes.

I can't invite you to the Money Tower
and for that what you eat..

.. it would be waste

- Stop that immediately,
or I go away.

- Cleaning lady...
You'll always astonish me

- Wait, mum

- You drink too much.

- I am thirsty.

- Why you never come to see me?

- And then, I do what?

- Always the last word,
like your father.

You don't like me to talk about him.

- Let's not go there

- I go where I want.

You're not finishing your bowl?

- No.

- Look at yourself,
people would call you a skeleton

You think that boys will want you like that?

- Mum...

- do you like that?

- No, but I know...

You are right.

- Of course that's yes.

- But I don't know how to get there.

To find a place and...

- I want to help you

If it's you who advertises it
for your grandmother

You made her believe too much
that she would go on her own

- But we must trick her somehow

A beautiful room facing park or...

- It is very expensive, that, you know.

- Oh really, how much?
- Oh, at least 2000 Euros.

- What? That's not possible,
it is what I make in one month.

- Or she will have to sell her house.

- But she would never do that

And she's got her pets there as well...

Good, thank you.
I remember you.

- More hot water?

- Excuse me,
I have emptied the balloon.

- It is not serious. I was afraid
that the water-heater is still broken

Euh... on the other hand, don?t say
"Excuse me"..

.. mais "excuse me"

You can't excuse yourself all alone.

it's not correct.

- Excuse me
- There you go

You go out tonight?
- No, I can't handle it

I have one day per week,
I will have to spend it..

.. watching my grandmother cry

- Camille...

Camille, it's... me,
Phil... Philibert.

My God, what have... have you done
to your hair?

You're not OK?

You are very pale.

- I must go.
- The weather is very cold.

Don't go out with bare head.
Take this

It is... it is my great...

It's made in Russia.

- Thank you.

- Take care of yourself

- Miss Camille,
Are you there?

It's... it's Philibert.

Excuse me, but I worry about you

- Thirsty...

- What?

- Thirsty

- Yes.

- What brought you back,
knight in shining armour?

- Shut up.

Franck, where did you put the aspirin?

Where is the aspirin?!

- I'm coming

Did you look in the drawer?
- No.

- It has always been there.

You have a headache?
- No, it's for her.

- You still haven't screwed her?

- I have made her stop work for ten days.

She must recover.
Force her to eat, sleep.

- Thank you. How much do I owe you?

-40 Euros.

- But... it's nothing serious?

- Just a flu.

You must wait it to pass.

Keep her warm for next few days.

She is exhausted, your girlfriend,
out of strength


- I've gone to work,
your clothes are next to you.

There is duck in the refrigerator.

See you soon. Philibert.

- You're getting better

- Oh, not at all

I haven't even been able to go out

It rained all week.

The weather was cold.

Oh, my poor animals...

- In the house it's hot.
Sit down.

Are they your girlfriends?
- I can't see them.

I can't let them suffer

- And the old one in pyjamas?
He's not bad.

- He is deaf like a pot.

- I must go there.

- You will call me?
- Yes, of course.

- You never do.

- I don't always have the time.

- I haven't said anything to your mother.

- Of whom are you talking about?


- No, no.

Don't stay here, it's cold.

I make you a soup.

- No, I feel much better.

- You have flu and fever,
according to the doctor.

Go to the dining room, and I'll
be there shortly.

- It's a big house.

- It's my grandmother's apartment, who
died last year.

My father told me to live here till
the notary decides the succession.

- Philibert?

- Good evening.

- How are you?

- Who is that hag
in the living room?

- Who are you talking about?

- the fag in pyjamas.

- It is not a fag,
it's Camille.

A friend whom I let stay here.

I hope you're right about her.

- what are you doing?

- a soup.

- What are cutting?

- Cow-which-laughs.

- In soup?

- She's not well to eat,
I make it as for the dogs.

The drugs are put in food.

Like that, it goes down

You want to taste it?
- No, thanks.

How long is she going to stay?
- As long as she wants.

- Are you in love?

- No.
Why would I be?

- My small finger...

- Is he always so pleasant?
- Monday..

.. he is disgusting.
It's when he sees his grandmother.

- Did you undress me?

- Very carefully

- Do not panic, I just wanted to know.

He was there, your friend?

- Of course not, we will see.

- It's been a long time since someone
took care of me like that.

I want to say...

Waiting anything in return.

- What are you thinking?
- Nothing.

I will tell you.

Because I don't have anything to give.

- a wedge of lemon?

- No, thanks.

- Philibert...
- Yes?

- I have told you how many times?

Butter, that's put
in a butter container!

And the salad, that's not left
in the plastic.

Or else, it is damaged, I told you!

You don't care about anything,
as for the lemon.

It is damaged like that.

Don't let him impress you.

You are beyond all that.

- I hate December.
These festivals, they depress me.

- That's the fourth time
you tell me that.

- It doesn't depress you
does it?

- You go down to Lyon, for Christmas?

- Yes, with your uncle...

You don't accompany me,
this year?

- No, I work.

- You sweep the needles of the fir tree?

- Exactly.

Work has organised a small fete
for personnel.

- to put up with all these idiots,
that must be fun...

- More than to put up with your brother.

My girlfriends are nice.

- Nice... that depresses me.

- I must go. Waiter!
- Leave it, that?s for me.

- OK, I invite you.

- Is it my Christmas present?

- We must talk.

- Let's talk then.
What do you want to say to me?

- Lodge whoever you want in your place,
but that's a shame.

To my mind, you are crazy about her,
but that will pass.

- And... what would that change?

- You don't know the chicks.

As soon as you're crazy about a woman
somewhere, it becomes a brothel.

- it isn't for sale anymore..

.. "citizen republican. She died
under our sword, free.

Following your orders..

.. I have crushed the children
under... the..."

But... but...

Are you drawing
or... are you listening to me?

- I draw while I listen to you.

- This monster who has served...

.. his beautiful fatherland with so much of enthusiasm,
he will be captured.

.. with Danton and decapitated.

- With what you know, why you didn't
become a historian or a professor?

- I have... I tried.

I took part three times in the contest of the
School of the librarians, without success.

Day before,
I... I can't sleep..

.. And... I've lost..

.. my hair...

I have even lost my teeth.

- You ever went to see a psychiatrist?

- No, but I have...
I have met a girl.

She wants to become an actress,
she wants me to go

.. to her theatre course.

She believes theatre would do good for me.

- Then, how is it going?

- I have sick kids..

.. husband who spends his pay at the races,
my sister-in-law who irritates me..

.. a neighbour who shits in the elevator
and the telephone is cut off.

Other than that all OK.

- Why did he do that, your neighbour?
- I know nothing about it.

But the next time,
I'll make him clean out his shit.

Are you going up to the fifth?
- Yes.

And why do you always make the 5th?
I will speak to the boss.

- My... My name is Philibert.

- Go ahead.

- I came because it is Sandrine

.. told me to come,
and I... I...

.. I would love to make theatre,
but I have a problem with elocution.

because of anxiety

Often, I am too distressed...

- I will send you

.. to an speech therapist.

- That's not funny.

With this speech therapist,
you will work with music.

It is music therapy.

.. some lessons,
you won't stutter any more.

- Agreed.

- And then think of Louis Jouvet,
He also was a stammerer.

- OK.

I would... I would love
to do theatre.

- You will, don't you worry.

- Good evening.

- Dance.

- Turn down the music.

We are going to have problems
with the neighbours.

- You are right,
she is a bitch!

- You drive me nuts

Go to your room!

Go ahead, lock yourself in!


- Oh!


- I turned it down!

- She really drives me crazy


Bitch, open this door!

You will leave here!

And fast!

You really drive me nuts,

- Then? Be proud of yourself, my boy, don't you?
Answer me!

Are you proud of yourself?

Are you looking at scenery?

You're making faces...

It's full.

You make faces whereas
I will suffer here like a dog.

- I'm not making faces,
that's unfair.

I work all this week.

.. except on Monday,
and I will come to see you on Monday.

Is it my fault if I'm far,
if I am all alone?

is it my fault if you are widowed?
If you had had my mother as child?

I've chosen this rotten profession

I start with at 8 o'clock and I finish at midnight.
I have siesta to bear it.

That's my life.

That's nothing...
I am nothing!

If you keep annoying me,
I won't come see you anymore.

Stop crying.

Go to your bed,
I take the armchair.

- Yes, my son. Forgive me.

You will bring the armchair closer, don't you?
- Yes.

- There you go.

- We must talk.
Sit down, please.

- Have you taken my notebook?

- No, it was there, on the dresser.

- Have you seen the keys
for the small staircase?

- In my pocket.

- Give them to me.

- No.

I don't want you to leave.

It's me who decides that.

If you are not here anymore,
Philibert will become like he was before.

I don't want to do that to him.

He helped me
when I was in the shit.

I don't want to hurt him.

Sit down.

- Can I?

- Thank you for the stereo.

I am sorry about yesterday evening,
I was stuffed.

I made myself complete idiot.

I am tired.

- I am tired, too!

For other reasons,
I can't put up with your aggression anymore

Shut up
when people talk to you

And then in any case...

I am not able
of living in commune.

- We'll stay all together,
and I will lock myself in.

Your bed is remade.

- C'mon, give me the keys.

- Which keys?

- Don't be afraid to make faces.

Don't be afraid
to open your mouth wide open.

And then, have a little drink.

It relaxes your larynx
and pharynx.

You will relax
your vocal cords.

It... is necessary... to say to you...

- It... is necessary... to say to you...

- That... I... come from...

- That... I... come... from...

- ... large... lign?e.

- ... large... lign?e.

- I do not precipitate...

- I do not precipitate...

You observe well the board.

- It is not announced yet.

Glad to see
your family again?

- Yes...

Especially Blanche, my younger sister.

It annoys me to leave you with Franck
during 15 days.

- No, but...

All goes much better between us.

- Good...

Thank you.

- Merry Christmas! A lot of Love!
- You too.

- to my divorce, yes.

- You do what, tonight?
- I take 2 kilos!

- Yes, go ahead...

And you, Camille?

- I lose 2 kilos.
No, I'm joking.

- Are you with your family, this evening?
- Yes.

- do not let to us succumb
into temptation..

.. but deliver us from evil,

- Lord, bless this meal
and those who prepared it.

And give bread to those
who don't have any. Amen.

- Enter.

- Merry Christmas.

- Thank you, you too.

How are you?
- Yes, a bit sad, but I'm OK.

And you?
- OK.

- I brought you
a small gift.

My grandmother knitted it.

- It is pretty...

Thank you.

- Can I kiss you?

- Of course.

- Oh, forgive me.

You're having a drink all alone?
Can I?

You don't have to
wear it.

- But I love your grandma's scarf!

You will thank her for it, don't you?

I will make her a small gift.

Can you sit down there?

- You want to draw me?
- Yes.

Can you take off your sweater
and your t-shirt?

- You want me to be bare?

- Yes please, that would be good.

- Like this?
- Yes.

- Why are you always alone?

- What do you mean?

- You don't like men?
- Yes, I like them a lot.

Girls also, but I prefer boys.

- Excuse me.


Yes, boss.


I don't know.

You have to ask Jean-Luc.

I'm trying to charm intelligent girl
and it's not easy.

That takes longer.


I'm working on it.

To get to bed with the girl?

Yes, I believe that you are right.

OK, goodbye.

What do you do on New Year's Day?
- Nothing special. Why?

- I have possibly a job for you.
My boss looks for an extra.

- Careful,
they must stay whole.

Small veins
must be visible.

- Lobster is ready!


- Hello?

Ah, Philibert! Happy New Year!

Thank you, to you too.

Yes, a lot of happiness.

Well, I put you on to Franck.

Yes, we are in good terms,
you promised me.


It is Philou.

- Hello?

Well, my dear Philou!
Happy New Year!

Yes, all good things.

Yes, yes she is very nice.

Of course, I am nice to her.

There is a bit of fire, there,
All the best

- Did it go well?

No trenches in the apartment?

- What if we went to a restaurant?
I invite you

- Don't you work?
- No, I am on leave till Thursday.

- My... my mother... later,
she... she said to me:..

.. "Little while ago, we were flooded
by rain from the sky, my son.

"a real miracle
if we don't catch cold.

"Pray for holy Antoine,
my friend."

Because, more so, my mother,
she has got her saints.

Her "saints"...
- Ah yes...

- She's got for example
saint Antoine de Padoue..

.. when she lost her bag.

"Holy Antoine,
help me find my bag!"

she's got holy Rita..

.. for desperate things, saint
thingummy when her roast is cooked too much...

- Make a spectacle of your family.

I am sure that
you would be wonderful.

- You... you think so?
- Please, call me by my first name.

And the theatre with your girlfriend?

- I still stutter a lot.

- Not when you're telling stories.

- There is too much butter
in these crepes.

Let's go back home,
I will make you some.

- You don't like them,
but they don't have that much butter.

- No, not too much

- Do you care about me?
- Well!

For your success on the stage.

- Camille, are you ready?

- Almost!

- You are leaving too late,
within an hour, it will be dark.

Leave tomorrow morning.

- No, the pig is going to be killed
tomorrow morning.

- Be careful.
- I will drive slowly

- Put on your helmet.
- I'll bring steak for you

- There's no steak in pig.
- Really?

- Ok, bye now

How are you?

- I am refrigerated

- Come back, I will turn the temperature up

- Ah, there you are

What are you bringing us?
Frozen stuff?

Good evening.
Keep yourself warm.

- Are you OK?
- Fine. And you?

- So sorry, we are late.

- Was the trip Ok?
- Yes.

- Are you feeling better?

- somewhat

- Come with us.
- Can I still stay close to the fire?

- No problem.

- Tomorrow, Gaston will be here
seven o'clock in the morning.

Off you go to bed, kids,
if you want to see the spectacle.

- Beddie-byes!

- Go with mom.

Good night!
I will see you tomorrow

- Good night.

- How is my stock?
- It's delicious.

- Really?

- He is gifted, the young one.

- Yes, he is very good.

- You will see Gaston tomorrow.

That's something.
- Oh yes.

- Are you going to draw tomorrow?
That's good..

.. what she does,
really damn good

- Here we go.
Bathroom is just there

I have put clean towels for you.
- Thank you.

- We are always
happy to see you.

Sleep well.

- There's only one bed...

- We are not in a hotel
but in the countryside.

- Did you tell them that are together?
- No.

I said that I was coming with a girlfriend.
- Ok, let's see.

A girlfriend in other words
a girl who you have to jump over.

- Oh no, you're strangling me by the balls again.
- You do that often..

.. Strike pig?
- You are the first one I brought with me

- But there's only one bed.

- No, my father, I don't know him

He put my mother
in back of an old car and that's it.

- And your mother?

- Well, my mother...

She left me with my grandparents
and she went away.

- Have ever seen her again?

- Are you wanting to make me cry?
You will have to hug me.

.. to comfort me.

- It's a risk
I want to take.

- Liar.

- You never saw her again?
- Yes, when I was 10 years old.

She wanted me to live with her again.

I cried my eyes out you can believe it.

She squeezed me against
her chest while crying.

It was pathetic.

- And now?

- Well, now, I...

I see her every now and then

She is married to an alcoholic,
they have a 12 year old girl.

He wants to be a pastry cook.

I am going to help him.

Do you want to hug me?

- I'm not sure.

- You better,
I wouldn't want your arms around me.

- Oh, I am cold.

- It's not normal.

You must put some weight on.

- Well, you will need to help me.

- to be less cold
and have more appetite?

- of course.

- No doubt.

If it makes you to shave for the first time..

.. I prefer you rickety
and with us.

I want to listen to you more.

Damn it, it's almost two o'clock in the morning.

We must get some sleep.

- When it comes to that, you give impression,
like that...

But you are very nice.

- Shut up...

- Franck! What is this noise?
It's atrocious!

- It's the pig.

- Oh, what a horror!

- You see Gaston?
He's the killer.

Have you seen your hands?

- a small cup
to give courage?

- Not thanks, I'm fine.

- Go and get me a cloth,

- So you're not drawing?

- A bit later.

- What do you like?
Ears? The tail? Feet?

- A piece with crust.

- That's delicious.
That crust.

- Here, to my sausages!
I make very nice sausages.

- Cheers,
to sausages

- Yes... I control my language...

- Yes... I control my language...

- You control fully
your stammering.

When you are on the street,
do you think about it?

- A little bit.

- I... I think about it from morning till evening.

- I... I think about it from morning till evening.

- My friends help.. me!

- My friends help.. me!

- Is this true?
- Yes.

- So, it's you then, Camille?
- Yes.

Thank you for the scarf.

- Franck has told me a lot about you.

I am happy to see you.

- So am I, too.

- We killed pig at Janine's,
we indulged.

- Good for you.
I don't say...

.. that what we eat here...
- I brought you chops.

I gave them to the nurse.

- You are pretty.

You don't look stupid.

Brigitte, over there is getting
back together with her ex...

- Well even...

Camille and I,
we don't even share the same room.

- It's a pity.

- So, I will have to go to the toilet.
I will see you soon.

- OK, leave us.


I can call you Camille?
- Of course, Madam.

- Please call me Paulette.

He doesn't want to understand...

I have a beautiful house, a beautiful garden...

I have my cats which wait,
and my birds.

I can't bear to stay here any longer.

I don't deserve that.

Oh, forgive me, Camille...

I know well that I must accept it.

- Too many responsibilities.

It is not my home, here.
You must be able to...

to.. leave one of these days.

- Confine in me.

- Don't look at me like that.

You ask me too much.

You had a birthday, yesterday.
Why didn't you say something?

- I don't care about my birthday.
- I would have loved to bring you a gift.

- You know what would make me happy.

- Hello.
All OK?

- Hello.
- Fine.

- Do you want some coffee?
- Yes please.

- Yesterday, it was...

.. Camille's birthday.

- we will go celebrate that.
How old are you now?

- Let's have a party here.

.. or at the restaurant?
- I have only Monday off.

I won't see grandma on that day.

I prefer to go to the restaurant.

- Why don't we invite her for a lunch

That would give a chance to get out

- Are you serious?

- That would be my birthday present.

- When are going to start saving?

- Oh la,la...

- In six months I will retire.

You could continue.

It's here you learned everything.

.. Before going to Paris.

- Financially,
I don't have the means.

- I will give you credit.

It is a good little business.

I am widowed, I don't have kids...

You can pay me when you can.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Camille!

Happy birthday!

- Thank you, my dear.

- That's nothing.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye, Philibert.

- I will help you.

- Go! Goodbye.

- What?

- How much do you pay
for her old people's home?

- About 1500 Euros per month.

- And who pays?
- the pension of my grandfather..

.. assistance from the council
and I pay the rest.

- You give me 500 Euros per month
and I will take care of her.

- Are you talking rubbish?
Not at all.

Tell him, Philibert.

- I was not for it,
but considering...

- You thought about it?
- No, not really.


- It's bullshit.

- Do you like your room?

- Hm...

I am not going to return my own home anymore, am I?

- But if you like it here?

Come with me.

There is the toilet.
Franck will install handles there for you.

- But I have my cane.

- And there is the bathroom.

You see, there is a shower.

Shower will be more practical for you.

- It doesn't have a stool?

- I can have shower alone
but with a stool.

- yes, yes

There is a stool, there.

- Here we go.
- Let's put it in the shower.

- take care.

There, you are Ok there?

Do you need anything else?
- Yes.

I would like my Tele-Star
and my cross words.

And Niv?a cream.

I forgot mine.
And a small radio.

- I will return the car.

See you shortly.

- Stockings
- OK.

- slippers.

Warmer dressing gown,
There is a draught here.

Ah, can you also bring the armchair closer to
the window in my room.

- Of course.

And is that all?

- My faith...

- What is your shoe size?

-38 and half.

- Hello,
it's the breakfast.

how are you?

- Do you want to go to the toilet?
- I will wait for the little one.

- You don't want to relieve yourself?
She sleeps still.

You will hold back?

- I wait for her.

- OK, wait there.

She waits for you to take her to wee-wee.

- OK, I go there.

- Hey, needless to say,
you look very appetising.

- Stop that.

- Hm, Tuesday...
- What about Tuesday?

I will come home earlier, and
I make you crepes, and make you blow up.

- Yes, that's it!


- Oh, did see you that beautiful car?

- My father had the same one.

Except it didn't have any wheels.

In any event, two of us left for travels, in the garage.

By listening Le Figaro, La Traviata...

My father was a dreamer.

I must have been 10 years old
when they separated.

I never saw my mother happy,
I never saw her smiling.

My father, on the other hand...

- My... my... name is...
Philibert Jehan...

My name is Philibert Jehan
Louis Marquet of Durbelli?re.

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

I will turn up!
Put on your wigs sweet-heart.

My name is Philibert Jehan..

.. Louis Marquet of Durbelli?re.

- Another one Another one!

- I haven't eaten any yet.


- I am going to eat mine.

- Stop looking!
I look dreadful.

I am ashamed.

- But this drawing is splendid.
they would call it A beautiful district of living.

- Thank you for the compliment.

Camille, make all that disappear.

You will tear them up.
- No, give them to me.

- If you want.

- We will frame them.

- You don't say

.. that's me!
- No, not at all.

how are my crepes?

- Very good.
- Oh really!

Nothing to see.

It is true...

- You are silly Philibert!

- "I beg you, Marie-France!

- "Philibert?
- Yes, mother?

Be honest!
What will they say about you, with your father?

- "Yes, mother, I know.

"You don?t know anything!

"You never knew anything!
You are an incapable!

- And then what?
You're not going to blow up on me?

- Very funny...
- You're not going to get away with it like that.

- You do what?

- OK, let's see...

- No, wait, not like that.

- Stop that, you shouldn't envy me like that.

- Wait... wait

- What?
You want more?

- No, but...
- Calm down.

- I don't want things go like this between us.

- You want it to happen
on a romantic boat?

Stop that.

And music too.

- It that all?

- You tell me...

- What?

- Everything.

I want to know everything about you, tonight.

- If I start,
it's you

.. who will feel obliged
to hug me.


- Later?

Where are you from?

- from Meudon.

- Meudon?

And your mom, what does she do?

- She is on medication. Hm...

- And your dad?
- He's dead.

I warned you.

Do you have contraception, at least?
- Wait.

- You want me to continue?

I am still hungry, Mister Cook.

- Still?

Miss is very greedy.

- Very.

- But that is over there, we don't
serve you anymore, Madam.

they have a break.

- Oh well, what a pity.

- Wait, we can perhaps
make an exception.

I made a soup.

- Hm!

- Taste this and tell me what you think.
Here we go.

- What is it, small noodles?
- Pearls of Japan.

- Pearls of Japan...
That's pretty.

- Here we go.

- Here.

- To the future.

- To the present.

Hm... we are not falling in love, are we?

We kiss, we toast...

We are not falling in love.

- I would like to go to sleep.

- Come.
- Where?

- To sleep.
- With you?

- Well yes.
- No, I don't want.

- But I do.

Wait, I am fine with you.

- Me too.

But all I want, is that
you are with me. do you understand?

- Here is our last candidate.

It's his first appearance in public.
Big applaud to Philibert.

- Good evening. I believe that
Sandrine's dad is in the room.

Please stand up.

I have the honour to ask you
the hand of your daughter.

- Is it serious?

- Very. I love you.

- I love you, too.

- my name is Philibert Jehan
Louis Marquet..

.. fro... from... from..

.. from Durbelli?re...!

- Gently.
There, give me that.

- My house!

- Yes, it is still here.

Well, sit down there.

Take that,
I will open the door to the animals.

- All OK?
- Here!

Come and see granny.

- Oh la,la, hello,
my little darls...

Hello, my love.
You are so beautiful.

Come, my love.

- There, you take it.

C'mon, you are going to eat.


You're not hungry?

Well then, don't.

Camille, can you open?
It's on the left.

Just there.

You will find your room.


- Here.

- All good?
- Oh yes...

- You're going to have little siesta.

- Not, I like the armchair better.

Ah, I am so happy to be at home.

Ah! And from here, I can see the garden.

- Have a good week.
The same to you too. Goodbye.

- You call me every day?

- Yes, of course.

- Thank you.

- That's nothing.

- You show me the house?

I will come back.

- the fridge is full.


The stove works on gas.

I have left you the number
of Mrs. Caramino.

If you need anything,
she is opposite. Bye now.

- You don't give me a kiss?

- No.

I gave you kiss on Monday,
but I don't kiss you anymore.

- How are you?

But you are cold, Paulette.

- I am not hot

- Oh, Paulette...

- Philibert?
- Yes.

- What are you doing?

- Well, I came to start
my house moving.

- really?

- He didn't tell you, Franck?

- Ah no.

- That's it then,
the apartment is sold.

- Where are you going to live?

- At my place.

- Ah, but that's...

That's super.

- What are you doing here?

- Well, I waited for you.

- That was super fast.

The notary called Philou
last week.

I didn't tell you about it
as I was completely dumbfounded.

Thank you for what you did for her.

- She has gone
as she wished...

to her house.

where are you going live?

- I leave for England.

My boss found me
a good place.

I will be able to improve my English.

- When are you going to leave?

- Tomorrow.

- You didn't get fed up slaving away for others?

- I have always been fed up with that,
but I have no choice.

- And the Restaurant of the Travellers?

He said that he agreed
to give you credit.

- I will see when I get back.

- It may sell, from now on.

- Why don't you say:
"I don't want you to leave"?

It is so hard to say as a phrase?

- I am...

I am afraid.

I am afraid of you, I am afraid of me...

I am afraid of all.

I was afraid to miss you.

- Five minutes later,
you would have missed me.

- Franck, I don't want you to leave.

- Too late,
I will leave in 20 minutes.

- No, I don't want you to leave

- I have already left
in my head.

- Yes?
- It's me.

I am with the customs,
I wanted to speak two seconds with you...

I wanted to tell you that it made me
sad to leave you, too.

And I imagined you
lost in the station..

.. Crying,
I felt sad.

- I won't cry at all,
I am just about to leave.

- Really?


How are you? Is all well?

Hello. We don't serve anymore,
you are coming late.

We will find
a solution.

Find a table for this couple.

"Service this... service that...

"And the reception...

"decor, drawings of Fauque"...

- He doesn't even speak about my cooking.

- "A heart beat of this bistro.
The young chef..."

- Do you have what I wanted?

- Yes, please note,
it's not "pepper bird"

- OK, thank you.

I will show you the kitchen

- Ah, but I recognize that.

- And then?

- I want the same.
- You want the same?

- Well then...


- Philou? You take care of the kitchen,
I will have take care of the Missus.