Hunting Ava Bravo (2022) - full transcript

Billionaire sportsman Buddy King unwinds by hunting human captives on his remote mountain estate. But his latest victim, Ava Bravo, is no easy target.

♪ Oh, give me land,
lots of land ♪

♪ Under starry skies above ♪

♪ Don't fence me in ♪

♪ Let me ride
through the wide open country ♪

♪ That I love ♪

♪ Don't fence me in ♪

♪ Let me be by myself
in the evenin' breeze ♪

♪ And listen to the murmur
of the cottonwood trees ♪

♪ Send me off forever,
but I ask you please ♪

♪ Don't fence me in ♪

♪ Just turn me loose,
let me straddle my old saddle ♪

♪ Underneath western skies ♪

♪ On my Cayuse,
let me wander over yonder ♪

♪ Till I see
the mountain rise ♪

♪ I want to ride to the ridge
where the west commences ♪

♪ And gaze at the moon
till I lose my senses ♪

♪ I can't look at hobbles
and I can't stand fences ♪

♪ Don't fence me in ♪

♪ Let me be by myself
in the evenin' breeze ♪

♪ And listen to the murmur
of the cottonwood trees ♪

♪ Send me off forever,
but I ask you please ♪

♪ Don't fence me in ♪

♪ Don't fence me in ♪

♪ Don't fence me in ♪

Ava Bravo.

You are very far from home.

You are in a cold
and desolate place.

I am the only soul on Earth
who knows you are here.

You are completely off-grid.

No phones or Internet.

All you have is
what's in your front pocket.

This is my hunting cabin

and you, Ava Bravo,
are about to be hunted.

Five miles directly north
of this cabin,

you'll find a lean-to.

Inside is a shiny snowmobile,
gassed up, ready to go.

It's your only way
off this mountain.

You reach that snowmobile
before I get to you.

It's game over for me.

You escape to civilization

and I am left stranded to die
in the woods.

As an elite sportsman,
I insist on true challenge.

So, I'll be hunting you
with limited ammunition.

My rifle holds three bullets
and those three bullets

are the only ammunition
in my possession.

I get three chances
to take you down.

That's it.

Use this to your advantage.
Strategize, Ava Bravo.

Two pieces of advice.

First, don't just run off
in a straight line.

Second, if you're ransacking
the cabin right now

looking for a weapon,
you are wasting precious time.

There is nothing here

that you could
possibly weaponize.

All you can do is start running.

Because right now, Ava Bravo,
I'm down in the basement.

And I'm about to come up.

10 Mississippi...

9 Mississippi...

8 Mississippi...

7 Mississippi...

6 Mississippi...



Son of a bitch.

Five miles directly north
of this cabin,

you'll find a lean-to.

Inside is a shiny snowmobile.

What the fuck is this?

Fucking crazy man.

I'm a survivor,
here, now and forever.

I'm one with the Creator.

I found it. There it is.


Son of a bitch!


Fucking traps.

Son of a bitch!

Where am I?

There's nothing. There's nothing here.

The son of a bitch brought me here.

And the son of a bitch
will take me back.

There it is.

You can do it, you can do it. Come on.

Don't worry, he's tied up.
Everything will be fine.


What'd you shoot out there?

Figured you'd be hungry.

More for me.

Don't move!

Well, here we are, Ava B.

You are the first guest
to ever outsmart

and outpower me.

Where am I?

Did my spikes get you at all?

- Where am I?
- Hmm.

No snowmobile out there, huh?

Yeah, "psych."


Give me your phone.

What phone?

Give me your phone now.

Didn't you listen?

You have a fucking phone!

You searched me and the cabin

after you knocked my ass out, right?

Did you find a phone?


You tricked me
with your little footprints

in the snow.

Then you whacked me,

you dragged my fat ass
down the stairs.

You avoid the trap.

You do all that.

But then you cuff my hands
in front of me.

I mean, in the front.

Kind of a dumb-ass mistake.

How about que te meto
este pinche rifle por el culo?

Mm-mm, mm-mm.
English, por favor.

'Cause this essentially makes me
a one-armed man.

One armed-man
can still do a lot of damage.

You know,

I had an actual one-armed man
up here last winter.

And he did great.

Well, until he didn't.

Where am I?

Huh? Tell me

how to get out of here
or I'm gonna fucking kill you.


If you had killing in you,

you would have done it
at the start.

You don't know
what I have in me.

At some point up that mountain,
you realized you need me

to survive.

Sit down.

Let's not forget that.

Sit down!

No problemo, I say.

You know, I had a tough choice
to make, too.

I could've hidden.

And bushwhacked you
when you came back.

I could've choked ya
with these chains,

but instead...

I thought it would be nice
to talk.

Have a little meal.
You know.

Sorry, that it's just beans
and water.

Well, I'm not interested.

A Mexican
who doesn't want beans.

- That's a first.
- Fuck you.

So, what'd you shoot up there?

Really, 'cause sound...
sound travels from miles up here

so I knew
that you were still with us.

Hmm? What was it?


Doesn't matter.

What does matter...

is that you have now

one precious round.

You should just be careful

that you don't waste
another shot.

How about I waste a shot
right in your fucking face?

Well, if you don't think
you need me to get out.

Maybe, I just kill you

and live in
this lovely cabin forever, hmm?

Yeah, it is a nice escape.

Gets a little lonely though.

But you know
all about loneliness.

Ava, I truly don't know

what is gonna happen next
between us.

And I just find that
so exhilarating.

What's that?

Fire off a couple of shots
for a test.

Ha, ha, ha, ha.

It's a bird.

Hey, birds fly into buildings

Because they make
dumb-ass mistakes, too.

Comin' up on 18 months now, huh?

And you haven't aged a day.

You look great.

You all have something
in common.

- Yeah, you hunt survivors.
- Yes.

- Real brave, fucking asshole.
- You know, if anybody other than

you were doing this, they'd be
in a rubber room right now.

No, you need to shut up.
Here's what's gonna happen.

- Hey, you're amazing.
- You have to shut up.

- I had this war hero up here.
- Here's what... No, no, no.

I'm gonna do
something even worse.

I need to know how I got here!

There are no roads.

First, there was a snowmobile.

Then a little sled.

Where is it?

The snowmobile.

Come on,
I'm not gonna answer that.

Maybe you wanna rethink
that answer.

If I die, you die.

- Oh, what is it?
- Don't...


I don't know. I swear to God.

- Shoot him.
- What?

Shoot him now.
Shoot him!

- What the fuck is happening?
- In here.

Where are you going?

Where are you?

Get into the light,
so I can see you.

Do what I say when I say it.

Or I'm gonna open the door.

- Bullshit.
- Come on.

I have nothing to lose.

Okay, asshole.

Okay, stop, stop! Okay.

You win.

Back up.

Against the wall, now!

I was just trying to help.

Who is it up there?

How the hell should I know, huh?

Some backwoods hillbilly.
Will you just shoot him?


Just shoot him.

There's nothing here.

- What is this?
- A tranquilizer.

- This is useless.
- Just shoot the fucker!

You look trapped, huh?

Well, fucking improvise

I plan, I don't improvise.

Of course.

Because you never had to.

Look, will you just shoot him?

What the fuck are you doing?

That door's not gonna hold forever.

What is it?





Just shoot the fucker!

Shoot him!

If I die, you die!

You fucking kill him.

No, no, no.


Come on!

You have one left.

Give me that fucking glove.

You impress me at every turn.

Take me to the snowmobile.

Who was that, huh?

Now, you shut up.

Oh, God!


Keep moving.

We gotta deal with this leg.

I don't care about it.

Look, I'm not gonna make it
to the snowmobile, alright?

Alright, the bleeding's
not gonna stop

from all the fucking walking.

Fuck you and fuck your leg.

Come on!

Do it.

I'd rather go quick
than sit here and bleed out.

Go on, pull it.

That's what I thought.

That big bastard's gonna wake up
any second.

And he's gonna see
our very obvious tracks

and he's gonna be looking
for revenge.

That was a dumb-ass decision
you made not to finish him off.


We're gonna move a lot faster

if... if I'm not coming apart
at the seams, right?

I got a first-aid kit
and it's right in the backpack.


Fuck, fuck.


You want me to sit down?

Face down on your stomach
on to your arms.

Do it!

Oh, okay.

This is smart.


- Don't move.
- Oh, that fucking hurts.

Pretty ironic, huh?

You saving me.

I'm saving me.

Yeah, here, pour a little
of that tequila on the wound

and then a little into my mug
right here.

Just a little taste
for the pain.

Shut up.

I guess I'll be fine.

Don't move.

I know who you are.

You're that guy
at the barbecue king.

King's Castle Barbecue, yeah.

Buddy King.

It's nice to, uh, meet you.

You have like a hundred restaurants.

155 restaurants
around the world.

Your restaurant, it's people,

isn't it, the barbecue?

No, I don't serve human flesh
in my restaurants.

I'm an elite sportsman,
not a cannibal.

Well, I did eat that one guy.

That was a long time ago,
it was really...

It was really more
of a bucket list kinda thing.

- Shut up!
- Ow!


- Don't move.
- Yeah.

Don't move!

All right, stand up.

How did you get me here?

Tell me the truth.

Like I said,
first on a snowmobile

and a sled the rest of the way.

- Before that.
- You mean...

From my home.

I spent a couple of months
learning your routine.

You wake up, you put on
workout clothes,

you grab a few bites of granola,

you hop
on your fancy spinning bike,

you go take a shower.

Then you get dressed.

you don't get dressed.

You work from home,
you cook for yourself,

you watch TV at night.

How did you get me here?

You rarely leave your house
at night.

The occasional, unpredictable
night-out with your girlfriends.

Or when you take
your garbage out.

Sunday nights, 9:05.

In your purple robe.

Then in the middle of the night,
I went into your bedroom,

gave you a shot.

A shot of what?

Fentanyl and heroin.

That tranquilizer
from the basement?

Why did you undress me?

Ow, oh.

Get up!

Take me
to the fucking snowmobile.

Right now.


Don't forget the bag.



What is this?

I keep seeing them.

No idea.

You want to freeze
or you wanna walk?

I do a lot of research
so I can learn everything I can

about my guests that come here.


Yeah, you've told me.

That creeping around
where I live,

looking in my windows.

Observation is a part
of that research, of course.

But so is television,
and newspaper,

and the Internet, and...

and I read everything
that was written

about what happened to you.

But you never did one interview.

- And I never will.
- Why? I mean... look,

there's something terrible
happened to you, right?

And people wanna know
how you got out of it.

I'm not a victim.

Walk, fucking asshole.

I mean how did you get out
of that hopeless hole?


Just give me a taste.

Stop trying to psychoanalyze me, okay?

Just fucking walk.

You ready to share yet?

It doesn't have to be
about Albuquerque, okay?

Even though I'm dying to hear.

Look, it could be anything.

Keep moving.

Huh, man, you're tough.

Okay, I'll start,
ask me anything.

I'm an open book, go ahead.


It's understandable.

You have issues socializing,
so I'll be you.

"Buddy... how'd you start
a world-famous barbecue?"

Great question, A.B.

Rudy's Bar-B-Q,
just outside of San Antonio.

Leon Springs, Texas.
You ever been there?

My father took me
on a three-week road trip.

And that was actually
the first time I met him.

It was when he stole me
from my mom

the day we left.

He didn't even know my name.

So, he would just say...
"You getting hungry, buddy?"

Or... "You feeling tired,

Anyway, so they go to Rudy's
and the kid eats

all the cream corn
and then the next night,

before they're leaving,
the kid's begging the father

if they can go back to Rudy's.

And he says, "Buddy, we can't go
to the same place twice."

Oh, the kid starts crying
and he goes over,

he hugs the father, and he looks
up at him, and he says...

"Please, Dad."

And that was the first
and the only time,

he ever called him "dad".

So, you got daddy issues?

- What, you...
- Hey!

What, are you trying
to psychoanalyze me now?


It's not much further.

Let's go.

- Hey, no stopping.
- Shh, shh, shh.


It's probably wolves.



What are you waiting for?

Let's go.




Fuck you!
You're an asshole! You're an idiot!

Come on! One more time!

Woah, woah, woah, woah.




I don't want you to die
at the bottom of that pit.

And you don't want that.

I mean you don't wanna freeze

and starve
at the bottom of a pit.


You have hands-down...

been the best
I've ever had up here.

I mean, most of the time,
it's barely a challenge.

That's why I came up
with the three bullet rule,

you know?

But you...

You, Ava, you keep it
interesting all on your own.


I gotta go take care
of something.

The way I see it,
you have two choices right now.

You can die at the bottom of that pit

or... when I come back,
I'll help you out of there.

And we can finish the game.

The way that it's supposed to be.

Hey, hey, B... Buddy.

I'll be back.

Hey, no, no, no.

Buddy, don't leave me here.



Come on, where are you?

Oh, shit.

Well, shit.

The way it's supposed to be.


Don't touch her!

You, Ava Bravo
are about to be hunted.

Don't touch her!

You're wasting
your precious time.

Don't leave me!

I'm a survivor,
here, now and forever.

I'm one with the Creator.

I am made in the image
and likeness of the Creator.

I'm a survivor,
here, now and forever.

I'm one with the Creator.

I am made in the image
and likeness of the Creator.

God, give me strength, please.

You didn't let yourself to be beaten.

I won't be beaten.

- Miss me?
- Psych.


You wanted a little taste, right?

Look how survived a year
in that hell house.

I did it the same way
I'm gonna survive you.

No crazy ninja skills,
no magic tricks.

I just wait for men
who think they are so strong

so smart, so scary,
to make dumb-ass mistakes.


That's no story.

You don't deserve my story.

Here's what we're gonna do,

I find it really hard to believe

that your snowmobile
is this far away.

Yeah, well, I usually don't have
to hike it with a hole in my leg

or at gun point.

It's not that far, trust me.

If I don't see
that fucking snowmobile

in one hour, you are gonna see
this one bullet.

Because I trust me
way more than I trust you.

If you don't believe me...

fucking try me.

One hour.

It's that way.

Move it.

- Ava...
- Shut up.

- Look, I just wan...
- Shut up.

I'm sick of your bullshit.

That thing you had to go
to take care of

when I was in your pit,
what was it?

I thought I supposed to shut up?

As if that were possible.

It was nothing.


It wasn't the soldier?

The one you brought up here
to kill, but obviously didn't.

Not very elite.

Seems like a dumb-ass mistake.

Yeah, well, he's dead now.

- Dead?
- Dead.

- You sure?
- Sure.

'Cause you keep looking
over your shoulder.

Wouldn't be the first time
you thought you killed him.

This would be twice now.

You failed.

What? What's the matter?

Don't you like to be fucked up?

You know,
I figured something out

about your story, you know.

You've killed before. Right?

Maybe you didn't mean it.
That felt bad.

Or maybe you did
and that felt better.

But I'm guessing,
you got a little blood

on your hands from all that.

Am I right?

Is that what you think?

Well, that's why you cry
yourself to sleep every night.

Is that how you got out
of Albuquerque?

Help! Help me!

- Over here!
- Shut up!

- Help!
- No!

I'm up here!

- Help!
- No!


Hey, she's got a gun,
she's got a gun.

- Woah, lady, hey, hey.
- Woah, wait, wait.

- She's crazy.
- Listen to me guys.

Woah, woah, woah, lady.

- Please, help me.
- Hey, I've been kidnapped.

Oh, I... I need your help.

Please, don't listen to him.

Look at me. Look at me,
look at what she did.

Hey, no, no, no. Please wait.

Get down!
Get the fuck down!

Okay, I'm sorry.

Don't hit me again,
don't hit me again.

Okay, look.
Look at what she's done.

- He's lying.
- I'm really sorry.

- That is not true.
- Okay, I'm sorry.

Listen to me, he's lying.

He kidnapped me, he tried
to kill me. I need help.

Listen, hey, my name
is Buddy King.

Alright, I own a bunch
of barbecue restaurants.

I do TV commercials.
Buddy King.

- You're Buddy King?
- That's right, nice to meet you.

He's Buddy King. From TV.

- The commercials, yes.
- Barbecue Castle.

- Nice to meet you, yeah.
- Yes.

That's right
King's Castle Barbecue.

And she's trying to kill me.

You're speaking in Spanish.
You speak Spanish, right?

Can you get me out of here
in that thing?

I need you listen to me.
This guy has kidnapped me.

Don't listen to him. He tried
to kill me. He's a hunter.

Hey, hey, she's loco,
she's loco.

What she's saying?
Do not trust her.

Do not trust her, guys.

- Please, help me.
- Don't believe her.

Buddy King is a people hunter?

Yes, he tried
to kill me. He's lying.

Look, wait,
she... listen to me, listen.

an animal rights activist, okay?

And she's probably not too happy

that you guys
have been killing animals.

No, don't listen
to him. Call the police.

If I was the bad one here,
I wouldn't ask you that, right?

- Please.
- I can't. No signal.

Just for music.

- Music.
- Okay.

Okay, um...

Hands down. I won't hurt you.

No, no. What's she saying?

Get me out of here in that thing.

No, don't put your hands down.

No, do not trust her.
Don't trust her.

I'll give you this gun.
Point it at him.


Hey, hey, hey, no, no.

I'll give you this gun.
Point it at him.

- Okay?
- No, no, don't take...

Look at me, look at me,
don't take the gun.

- No, no, no, here.
- Yes.

Careful with that asshole.

- Look. Guys, just look.
- Don't move.

- Look... Just look at me.
- What do we do?

Look, look right here.

Get in the snowmobile. Let's go.

Just look at the back of my head.

Can you see that?

Look at my lip, look right here.

Burger King is a people hunter?


Get away from him.

Get away from him,
he's innocent!

Buddy, please don't do anything.
Buddy, please don't do it.

No, no, no, no.

Don't... no!

Fucking asshole.

Huh, looks like you're still
gonna need mine.

What now?

Are you gonna break
my neck now that I can't move?

You fucking animal!

There we go, there we go.

Right here, right here.

- Right here.
- Away from me!

Get up.


Hey, I'm a step closer.

But I do have
this fucked-up leg.

Game on, Ava?
Your call.

Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Yeah, it's close.

It was close.

But play time's over.

Hey, yeah.

Alright, this is what
we're gonna do.

First, get all my shit
in my bag, will you?


Here you go, good job.
Good job.

Come on, come on.

Thank you very much.

My knife is in there.



You never hand a knife
to somebody with the blade

towards them.

You always offer
the handle first,

so flip that around.

Hey, throw me my bag now.

Right, you know
what's next, right?

Just fucking do it.

Shoot me.

Your story.

Albuquerque, Ava, I just...

Look, my snowmobile
is right over that ridge.

You're almost there.

Hey, sit at the edge
of the fucking snowmobile.

Go ahead, right there.

We got it.

There you go,
sit down and look at me, now.

Let me see you, look at me.

Okay, Albuquerque.

He came down the stairs...

No, no, you don't start a story
in the middle.

I want the whole thing,
beginning, middle, and end.

I want the tell-all.

But you didn't tell me
your whole story.

If you want my story,
the whole thing,

then it's only fair
you do the same, right?

You'll say the whole story?


Deal, deal.

Okay, where was I?

You went back to Rudy's...

Right, right, right.

- Then what?
- The police came.

And they asked me if...

the man who stole me
from my mother's

was my real father.

And I actually didn't know
so, I... I shrugged.

My father reached for his ID
and they shot him.

That was it.

The end.

That was boring as shit,
but it was a nice appetizer.

Now for the main course.

The whole story.

I was at my mailbox
when a delivery van pulled up.

Mmm, he hopped out of the van
and said, "Good timing."

Then slid the side door open.

"Your package is in here

I had to reach up for it.

And in one second...

someone grabbed me
and pulled me inside.

Next thing I remember,
I was waking up in the basement.

It was hot down there.

Dark, no windows.

When he'd come down uh,

to either bring food
or... rape me...

he opened the door
at the top of the stairs,

and for one second, this...

bright light from above

shined down.


Oh, but then,

he'd lock the door behind him
and came down.


One time,
he didn't lock the door.

He just went to get something
from the other corner

of the basement
and the bright light

just lit up the stairs.

I thought I could get out.

So, I ran.

And I got out.

What, that's it?

I told you,
there were no fancy tricks,

no ninja skills.

He made a dumb-ass mistake.

What happened?


He brought down...

he brought down a young girl.

She was only 17.

She was...

She was beautiful,
kind, smart...

and scared.


It didn't matter
what he did to me.


Just it didn't matter.

It was listening to him
doing that to her.

Her crying.

Her screaming.

I knew I had to get us
out of there.

I felt so responsible for her.

I had to get her out of there.

So, the day
he left the door open...

and the light just shone down,
I yelled.


And we ran.

I made it out of the house.

She didn't.

I hear her screams every day.

We both killed someone
we didn't want to.

We're the same.


Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Alright, I respect that you
tried that.

I appreciate you telling me
your story.

I feel really connected to you
right now.

I don't know.
I don't wanna sound corny,


I do wish the day could go on

But all things come to an end,

Let's go.


It's only fair you get to see
the finish line.

It's the way
it's supposed to be.

Go on.

You'll appreciate this.

I can't believe it.

I knew it, I knew it.

- Ava, listen.
- I knew I couldn't believe you.

You motherfucker.

You son of a bitch.

Hey, things might not be
as dark as they seem right now.

All this?

This whole journey?


You were fucking
stalling for time

until you could kill me.

All your talk about fair play,
your rules,

your fucking snowmobile.

They were all fucking lies.

They were all fucking lies!

- I'm not going in there again.
- Ava, stop.

Fuck you!
Fucking asshole! Fuck you!

No, no, you were never
gonna let me go.

You just want me
to walk you circles to play

your fucking little game.

Okay, you just shut up
for a minute and listen.

I admit, yes.

This whole time
I have been stalling.

So, I can get the upper hand.

Okay, that just took
a little time.

- Okay?
- Fuck you.

something happened out there

and I've had to be smarter,
and quicker, and craftier

than I have been in years.

Yeah, well, good for you,

We... hey, will you just
hear me out?

We both got our baggage, right?

And it just made us both a...

a couple
of fucked up loners, right?

Just stacks the deck against us.

We had
an interesting start, right?

And I don't know if we could
ever trust each other.

I mean, I don't even know
if that's possible.

I... but what I do know...

is that we don't have
to be alone anymore.

All gassed up.

Ready to go.

Son of a bitch!

Was it here all the time?

All this fucking time?

We both deserve a nice escape.

And I am not talking
about my cabin.

I got a lot of money.

We can go anywhere we want.

Anywhere you want.

So, I've decided
to let you decide.

You can stay here with me

or you can jump
on that snowmobile.

Ride on out of here.

I won't come for you,
honest to God.

Your choice.

Well, that stings.

You really think
that I can just let you drive

out of here and leave, huh?

I'd never be free of you.


How the fuck
are you still alive?

Are you gonna kill me
with my mug?


No, with your knife.

Hey, Buddy...
we're not the same.

I win, you lose.

Game over.

Son of a bitch.

♪ After all this time ♪

♪ Gutted for no crime ♪

♪ For all that's all in lies ♪

♪ You will see me fight ♪

♪ Because I will gather
my wounds ♪

♪ And break all the chains
from my soul ♪

♪ My heart was so cold ♪

♪ The fire has come ♪

♪ I will not die,
you will die ♪

♪ You will die ♪

♪ Rise ♪

♪ I'm stronger and hungry
to thrive ♪

♪ I'm growing my roots ♪

♪ On the rise ♪

♪ I will rise ♪

♪ I will let go of something
to rise ♪

♪ I know it's not easy
to fight ♪

♪ I will rise ♪

♪ Hmmm ♪

♪ You were good to me ♪

♪ Rise ♪

♪ I'm stronger and hungry
to thrive ♪

♪ I'm growing my roots ♪

♪ On the rise ♪

♪ I will rise ♪

♪ Rise ♪

♪ And let go of something
tonight ♪

♪ I know it's not easy
to fight ♪

♪ I will rise ♪

♪ Yeah-oh ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ I will not die,
you will die ♪