Hunter Will Get You (1976) - full transcript

L'Alpagueur is a free-lance spy from the French secret agency. He's put on the investigation about L'epervier, a serial-killer who employs young boys to help him robbing banks before ...

Top minus 5.

After Rotterdam, we'll have
to reorganize everything.

It's quite serious, Spitzer!

What do you intend to do?

Find the man
who destroyed our business.

Put a face on a name.

The hunter!

Rings a bell?

Tell me, Doumecq,
as you know him well...

Is he working for us
only for the money?

For years he has hunted the most
dangerous wild animals.

One day, he said to me

and it didn't not fall on deaf ears.

Man is the only interesting
animal I haven't hunted yet.

After that, I'll move
to something else.

He's a bounty hunter.

A mercenary. Unconventional.

The hunter is what a high-ranking
civil servant found

to bypass usual police procedure.

absolutely against the law.

But very efficient.

He's already done a lot of harm to us.

Six months of undercover work.

Cost: 120 million old French francs.
Return: 812 million.

Nice return.

Coffee, brandy, cigar.

You know, Doumecq...
This money is ours.

Secret fund.

Quite so!

I don't have to render any
financial account to anyone.

From now on, I'll deal
with you directly myself.

What does the Organization plan
on doing to eliminate that piece of shit?

That piece of shit is
everywhere and nowhere.

But he is neither Zorro
nor Fantomas.

He loves money.

And I have something which...

neither he nor those he works for
know of.

And that'll provide me soon
with the huge pleasure...

to hunt down the hunter.

Now you are Roger Pilard,
an insurance salesman.

You really want me to believe the
local cops can't take care of this?

In certain circumstances, the less
you use the cops, the better you feel.

Here's the local police.
Commissioner Gavarni.

He's in it up to his neck.

You don't say! There really
are corrupt policemen?

You want him alive,
caught in the act?

Yes, I'll handle it from there.

I never leave anything to handle.

October the 3rd
Port Leucate

- Hello!
- Hello, Commissioner.

Let me see who this clown is...

Pilard Roger, insurance salesman,


Hey there... Is that the way
you plan to earn a living?

I have a proposal to make.

You work two hours with me
and you get ten thousand.

Take this, lad.
A retainer.

You're sure
there's no burglar alarm?

Quite sure, lad.

I've checked it out!
It's a piece of cake.

It's a stick up!

Come on! The jewels! The safe!

I'm not joking!


two... three...

four... five...


seven... eight...

nine... ten... eleven

twelve... thirteen...

fourteen... fifteen...



You're going to die, lad!

Ugly case, gentlemen!

There will be widows
and orphans.

Bloody hold-up in Paris.
The Hawk strikes for the 3rd time.

Accomplice jailed.


I hope you realize,
you stupid bastard

that you're protecting France's
most dangerous criminal.

Don't ever do that again.
Not in front of me, at least!

Chips! Fifties!

10 p. m.

T 13. Car number 31.
Gomez Parking Lot.

5 Red.

Friday. 10 p. m.
T 13. Car 31. Gomez Parking lot.

A hundred on zero.

1500 francs change.

Friday. 10 p. m.
T 13. Car 31. Gomez Parking lot.

48 hours after the bloody
hold-up, avenue Jean Jaures

Costa Valdes gave no clue.

The police says Valdes had
never met the man before.

That unknown murderer
known as "The hawk".

Valdes seems to be a victim
of the man who's become...

public enemy number one.

Wait here!

Gentlemen, give me your rods first.
We didn't come to kill one another.

but to talk.

All right! Let's talk!

I'll sum it up all
giving you a few figures.

In 1973, 820 girls.

In 74, 540

And in 75, 371.
To say nothing of quality.

So what?

That's what I'm asking you,
captain Gavarni.

Where are the French ones?

Looks like you're not reading
the newspapers...

You don't know
there are no whores any more.

They all write books,
organize protest meetings...

And shut themselves
inside churches.

Well, lock them all in jail!

Take things in hand.
And bribe the priests!

I bribe them, damnit.
I do. But it's difficult!

Commissioner Gavarni...
I'm fed up with straight cops!

Me... straight!
You're slurring, Scarboni!

Please... No... We said we
weren't going to fight...

The newsroom, please!

ARRESTED. A policeman mixed up.

Coffee, brandy, cigar.

You know about this case?


The kid he used is in jail
as an accesory to murder.

He says he doesn't know anything.
But I do know he knows.

He won't say anything to the cops.
But he might talk to you.

If I get you right, as a gift after
Perpignan, you're sending me to jail.

Not for a long time.
You get what we want and you come out.

And what comes next?

You go hunting...

You wanted big game. I buy you
France's most dangerous wild beast.

You're buying nothing. I'll be
glad to get this animal for free.

I've never liked
the taste of mutton, Doumecq!

All right... Let's do it!

You're not Roger Pilard any more.
You're Lafont now.

Johnny Lafont...

You're a Canadian hoodlum,
recently extradited to France.

Why were you fighting, lad?

Nothing... I had borrowed a motorcycle.

You want a motorcycle?

I'll buy you one.

A much better one.

No joke!

A much better one.

Go get another one, lad.

You understood, lad?

You wait for me over there.
In the backyard.

Facing the street.
Engine running!

We're closed, sir!

Not for me.

Put all the money in that bag.

We're going out.

Through the back entrance.

That's it, lad!


You don't even thank me?

For the motorbike?

Did you really have to shoot?


I kill every one
who might recognize me.

The bank attack in Beaumont
sur Oise and the 3 people killed

the two clerks and
the young delinquent

have the same MO as the other attacks
that happened in Paris.

The police are sure
it's the same man.

The man the press nicknamed
"The hawk".

A lonely man who seems to have no
link with organized crime.

And who uses young delinquents.

He gets rid of them afterwards
in the same way as the other witnesses.

What do you think of this, Gilbert?
- What are you talking about, darling?

Of all this travelling. Rio, Buenos Aires,
I'm fed up.

All this travelling?
Not me, no.

I'm scared of all these hijackers,
above all.

I'm not really brave!

You'll always be the same, Gilbert.
- Indeed.

Hey, stupid bastard!
You've got company!

Costa Valdes.


First lesson, never offer
your hand to a stranger.

You've still got a lot to teach me?

Quite a lot, yes!

Never turn your back.

Why are you inside?

Third lesson:
never ask questions.


Fourth lesson:
don't smoke, ever.

I don't want this prison to be messy.

And have the orders obeyed.

Come on! Get out!

You too! Faster!

Go away!
Do as the boss says!

You're late, Granier!

Hurry up!
- I apologize, Mr Salicetti!

A new inmate has just arrived.

And what do you know about him?

His name's Lafont.

He was extradited from Canada.
Something to do with arms dealing.

You think he's got dough?

Looks like it.

Get more information.

Yes, Mr Salicetti.

You're too polite this morning,
Granier. What's wrong?

All right. Tell me!

Well... The guy gets into the shop
calling out: "Police"

I thought he had planned it.

He moves forward...

He shoots the...

It's o. k.
Leave us alone,Granier.

I said it's o. k.. Go!

I know who you are.

I was told you did
all right in Canada.

But I was also told you
had a lot of dough.

What do you want money for, in here?

To buy your vitamins?

When someone has got a lot of it
as you have

and I said a lot...

it can be used to get out, can't it?

That's interesting!

If he knows how to get out,
what's he doing inside?

You don't get it. Salicetti organizes
ecapes from his cell.

Good evening, warden.

Chief Warden goes out

Listen to me...
My name is not Lafont.

I'm no hoodlum.
I came here only to make you talk.

Don't be stubborn!

Think things over for once!

I'm really too stupid!

Yes, you're stupid!

You want to take revenge on a guy
who's much smarter than you are.

Let him go on with his crimes
while you stay in jail.

We'll get the Hawk together.

Softly, lad.

Never call me lad!

When "The Hawk" approached me
before the hold-up

I thought I recognized him.

Later, I remembered.

I wouldn't tell them.

Since getting inside, I've had
time to think it over.

I'm sure of it now.

It was two years ago.
I had just finished my military service.

I was drunk.
I was waiting for my pals.

They never came.

A guy came over.
A steward.

He proposed to drive me home.

I agreed.

Where are you taking me?
We're not going to my place?


We're going to my house, lad.

We'll have a drink.

Why are we going to your place?

That's it.

Here we are.

What shall we do?

You're not feeling too well, are you?

If you want...
You can spend the night here...

You're out of your mind!

But what...
- Wait!

You think you could find the place?

You bet if I could!

It was
one of the first houses in Juvisy.

An old isolated place.
Near a water tower.

Now I'll tell you who I am.


What's new, Counselor?

You're the one to ask, Lafont.

To speak, do as I do.
The guy there can read lips.


I know who "The Hawk" is.
I know how to find him.

Great! We'll get you out tomorrow
morning and you can start the chase.

And what about Costa?

Nothing. He's not my problem.

He is. He's leaving here with me.

What? It's unlawful!

Everything I do, everything
I touch is unlawful, Domecq.

It will take time.

No, money.

How much?

A lot.

But in exchange for it,
I offer you a kingly gift.

I deliver the escape network
they have here.

This jail is rotten, Domecq.

The wardens are working
for the thugs.

You will do what I tell you.

All right.

I'm listening.


Everything's all right

I said it's all right.

- Yeah!

It's all right.

You can give Salicetti the signal.


Your lawyer gave the right sum
to my friends. It's all right.

Everything's all right.
No need to repeat what'll happen here.

Outside, you'll have a 15 miles drive.

The van will come and get you then.

You'll be taken to the inn
where you'll spend the night.

And the next morning, your lawyer
will come and get you.

Tell me... Your inn should be called
"the expensive guns".

The bill is somewhat high.

I decide what the amount is.

And of the conditions
of the escape too.

If you don't like them, you shut up

and you cut the crap.

You'll repeat this
nice and quiet now.



- Yes sir!

Where's it at?

They're in the infirmary.

You stop everything.
You gun Lafont down.

But why?

There's no but.
The law is on your side.

Escape attempt. You shoot.

I'll explain later.

Hey, guys... wait for me!

Of course, my sweet...

You're going to die.

Come on... Shoot.

Change of plans.

No news from Granier.
If you see the mercedes you destroy it.

All right, Mr Spitzer.


The Chief is 15 minutes earlier
than usual.

Good evening, Chief.

Stop him.
The door... damnit, the door.

Stop him.
Can't you see he's going out?

Coffee, brandy, cigar.

Here they come! Let's go!

Look! Seems
there's a welcoming party!

What shall we do?
- We'll say hello!

Hundred per cent!

You're not hurt, are you?
Let's get out...

One minute!

My jacket is torn down.

And the other one?

What are you doing?

I was looking back.
I fell down.

You must never look back.
Don't you know that, Costa?

Come on!

I'm disgusted by myself.
I'm dirtier and dirtier.

Johnny Lafont... 6 feet tall,
Brown hair.

Black overcoat, red scarf.
Watch out,this man is armed.

Second escapee...

Costa Valdes, 20, 6 ft tall,
dark hair.

The engine does not work.
That's why I leave it running.

I couldn't start again.

There's always something
wrong with you.

Nothing I can do!

We've waited long enough.

I'll call the Ministry of Justice.

Obviously your escape
didn't go as planned.

I'm afraid you're right.

...Black coat, red Scarf.
Watch out, this man is armed.

Second escapee

Costa Valdes, 20,
6 feet, black hair...

Still wearing
his prison uniform.

The escapee, the younger one... he's
the accomplice of that bitch, the hawk.

You're not going to wait
until 9 to go to the inn.

The answer has to be over there.

I forbid you to move before
the hunter shows he's alive.

You know that, Domecq.
It's part of our agreement.

He must bear his failure.
He must save his skin by himself..

He'll save his skin, Sir.

Let him do it.

I wish you this luck,
detective Doumecq.

I understand. When the hunter brings
you the big shots on a platter

you benefit from it.

Now that there's a problem,
my head is on the line.

That's life!

It's a critical situation,
but it's not desperate.

Get out of there! Quick!

Stop there!

What's going on?
- Wait!

Come! I've got a surprise for you!

You can't hold your liquor, Costa.

I'll go down to the farm there.
I must make a phone call.

Stay there.

That's something I can't stand!
People who destroy equipment.

We'll try to catch up with them.

Keep quiet.

Don't move!

He's restless!


Rather than taking him back to the cops,
we could take care of him ourselves.

- Good idea.
- Piece of shit, how do you like it?

Keep quiet!

Come on! End of the line.
Everybody down!

Tell me... when will you stop
making me run?

You're sure you're not
forgetting anything?

Not very good, hey?
Getting worse!

We're not far from Paris!

Don't worry! We'll take care
of "The Hawk" later!

First, I'll go to the inn.

I want to know why the escape almost
failed and how they found who I was.

They won't greet you with flowers.

They're not expecting me at all.
That's why I'm going.

That's useless!

Go get that branch!

What do bounty hunters do
will all the money they get?

They buy an island.

You bought an island?
- Yes.

- Where?
- Far away.

Really far away.

A desert island?
- Of course!

What is it like?
- Same as on postcards.

Blue skies, green waters,
white sand. Classical.

Must be expensive!

I couldn't have bought it
hunting wild animals.

Here's your chance
to show what you can do.

Your boss's bedroom!

Otherwise you'll have
a little plastic faucet soon.

What now?

Why did you want to have me killed?

Because you're "The hunter".

I found out last night.

Owing to something neither you
nor those who pay you

know of.

If you want to have a look...

No good, no good, no good.

Three months ago in Rotterdam, you stole
812 million from the organization.

Of those, your lawyer gave me back
only a small part.

Noblesse oblige... The organization
brands, in an invisible way,

all the bank notes
used in our transactions.

The cop who passed for your lawyer
will have a lot of trouble

covering up the scandal that my friends,
should anything happen to me,

would reveal to the newspapers.

A mercenary,
paid by high ranking officials,

with money that should be
under legal seal.

- Yes, of course.

Don't worry, asshole,
we won't damage your small plums.

I'll make an offer.

You leave my escape network alone,
and I won't talk to the press.

May I see you out now?

You go first.

Open the door!

You've got 10 seconds
to throw your weapon down.

Else I fry the kid.

What are you waiting for?

You don't move, right?

Don't move!

Shit! I got them both!

Weapons are for grown-ups,
young man!

You don't move.

Arrival from Noumea
Air Pacific flight 523 Gate number 12.

Don't worry, Doumecq,
a deal is a deal.

I'm not giving up.
- The kid drove away in my car.

You must never look back.
You don't know that yet?

Thank you.

accomplice still on the run.

All right, boys, I'm off.

On me.

You bought an island?
- Yes.

Far away?
- Really far away.

A desert island?
- Of course.

Come on, Get away!

Finish counting, lad.

I'd like to know what
I have earned in between two trips.

Put everything on the table.

Come on!


Do you know why I am so good?

When every policeman is looking
for me, I'm back in my plane,

doing my job.

Some champagne, Madam?

Bon voyage!

Something wrong?

I'm tired.

You're being called.

What the hell does he want?

You want me to go?
- No, I'll go!

You called me, Sir?

What champagnes have you got?

We have all brands, Sir.

If I may... I'd advise
Laurent Perrier's "Le Grand Siecle"

I'll follow your advice.

With two glasses.

You'll drink with me?
- I'd be pleased.

The outside temperature
is minus 35 celsius.

We'll reach Noumea
at 1 p. m., local time. Thank you.

My name is Gilbert.

What's yours?

I've been doing this for a long time.

To your health, Sir.

Cheers, lad!

No we don't know.
We don't know who this man is.

"No man is rich enough
to buy back his past."
Oscar Wilde