Hunter Hunter (2020) - full transcript

Joseph and his family live in the remote wilderness as fur trappers, but their tranquility is threatened when they think they are being hunted by the return of a rogue wolf, and Joseph leaves them behind to track it.

Subtitles by explosiveskull


Anne, come in.


I'm here, go 'head.

Ask Cully if
he's got a leaf spring

for a griffin.

Just had one break on me.

Leaf spring.

Got it.

Griffin leaf spring.

Make sure you say griffin
or he'll give you a lancer.

Anything else?

That's it.

Over and out.



Where's the rest?

It's back.

Manual job search begins

for young men of
Fullman right now.

Camped out in the best
land building on main.

At seven o'clock we have

a Winnipeg temperature
of 11 celsius.

Carol Sadler with the
ACKY morning news.

On the sky watch
is Captain John.

Now a
steady flow of traffic up

to the narrow overpass
once you're in downtown.

And traffic will remain
steady through there.

Two lanes on the south
side of the street.

I'll be back with a full
report with sky watch at seven.

10 furs times 11.



It was 20 in June.

That was peak off season.

Didn't sell.

It'll all go for 11 now.

Can't even take that
coon and muskrat there.

How much for the beaver?


Is there anything
that didn't drop?

Mink and Martin went up.

Wolf is 175.

Wolverine's 300.

I can see already you don't
got enough for all this stuff.

Might have to work out
what you need the most.

I need a leaf spring.


You wanna be real careful.

You just wanna cut the skin.

You don't wanna
slice the organs.

You don't wanna
puncture the stomach

'cause it'll make a mess
and it'll spoil the meat.

Every animal in the
forest has enough brains

to tan its own hide.

Except one.

A moose.

200 is an insult.

I had to cut our supplies.

I couldn't get any food.

I'll have to go back next
week with castor sides.

It's the season.

People don't need
fur 'til it's cold.

Prices are a quarter of
what they were two years ago.

Costs are almost double.

Muskrats are worthless
so I'll stop baiting them.

Put down more body grips from
Martin's down at the river.

Castors out there steady.

Beavers are worth it.

Take it off the table.

I'm working on it.

Not while we eat.

My love, how was your day?

Dad let me do everything.

I found this weird bug with
orange hair all over it.

A bug with orange hair?

Yeah, Tova ate it.

What kind was it?

Did you ask your dad?

Never heard a name for it.

Bug with orange
hair is fine though.

And the wolf is back.

Ate a raccoon and left the paw.

The back leg.

You weren't gonna tell me?

I didn't wanna
upset you again.

Renee, take your
food into your room.

Can't I just cover my ears?

Do as you're told please.

Won't be long.

Go on.

You were gonna put us
in danger with no warning?

We're in no danger.

It's just a hungry wolf
looking for an easy meal.

It's the same one.

Something's bringing it back.

Either it's food
or it's a female.

If I find out what
it's attracted to,

I could use it to bait it.

It's attracted to us.

It's taking from the trap line.

It already knows we're
a steady food supply.

We're reporting it this time.

Fish cops gonna do
something I can't?

Maybe they can catch it.

We don't run
from our troubles.

We bring our problems to them.

They bring their problems to us.

At least I have good reason
to be worried about the wolf.

You're scared of people.


I'll go out tomorrow morning.

If it's there, I will catch it.

It's not just the wolf.

The garden's done and
we can't afford food.

The season's turned
and we have no money

for the winter move.

What if we can't make it
out before the freeze?

What's the end of this?

Say what you're gonna say.

Just think about it.

We got no money for food.

We're gonna buy a
house in the city.

Kearney isn't a city.

It isn't even a town,
but there's a school

and it's still close
enough to the trap line.

We could talk to a bank.

I could get a job.

She's been in
there long enough.

She's gonna think
we're punishing her.

We'll talk about this later.


He was mastered by the
sheer sure dream of life.

The tidal wave of being.

The perfect joy of each separate
muscle, joint and sinew,

and that it was everything
that was not death.

That it was a glow and rampant.

Mom, what does rampant mean?

I'm not sure.

You're all done.

Go get ready for bed.

This is a hard life.

Life is hard everywhere.

This is harder.

You chose it and it suits you.

I chose it when I chose you.

And it suits me.

Renee never had a choice.

She should be in school.

She should be worried
about math and boys.

Not wolves.

She's not scared of a wolf.

You are.

I never finished school.

Does that make me weak?

It's not about
being weak or strong.

People don't live
like this anymore.

It feels like the world
has left us behind.

There isn't another
generation left.

There is if we make one.

This is our life.

This is our home.

Nothing pushes us out
of our home or our life.

Not even you.


Not today.

Stay home and help your
mother with the chores.

I wanna help catch him.

You're too young.

First get used to
the animals that run,

then you can hunt
the ones that chase.

Grandpa took
you hunting wolves

when you were eight
and I'm almost 13.

I was twice as mean.

Took me half the time.

I don't have to be mean.

I'm smart.

Okay, you can help
with the bait sets,

but we find any fresh tracks,
you take the same path home.

No questions.

Tova stays here.

Go grab your rifle.

Jo, are you there?

I'm here, go.

Renee is with you?

She's here.

She's just baiting sets.

I'll send her back when
it turns into a hunt.

You sure that's safe?

We're moving up wind.

She follows the same path
back, she'll be fine.

She's got the 22.

Don't make that face.

I know what I'm doing.

We should stay off the walkie.

Buddy trip is so loud, it'll
hear us from a mile away.

Over and out.

Think it's wolf shit.

Come here.

I want you to rub this
all over your body.

Get it in deep.

Look at me.

You wanna snag a wolf,
you gotta out wolf them.

That careful son of a bitch is
always looking for traps so.

We gotta be careful, too.

That's for your breath.


Come on, let's go.

Without its pack, a lone wolf
won't go for its usual prey.

It'll go for the old, the
young, the sick, dead.

Gotta give him some
of what he wants.

When you're backing up, don't
lean heavy on your footsteps.

Watch how you don't break.

What is it?

Is it him?

Go on home.

Keep your rifle close.

Stay to the path.

If you see anything, you
hear anything, don't run.

Pop a shot off.

Whatever it is,
it'll keep on going.

What do you do if
you see something?

Don't run.

All right, yeah.

Tell mom I'll be home
after dark, okay?

Go on.

Pew pew.




wrong with the food?

Ate on the line.

Renee says she
heard a gunshot.

Thought I heard something.


I was wrong.

Deep in the forest
a call was sounding

and as often as he
heard this call,

mysteriously grilling
and learning,

he felt compelled to turn
his back upon the fire

and the beaming earth around it

and to plunge into the forest

and on and on he
knew not where or why

and what did he
tender where or why.

The call sounding.


The call sounding imperiously.

He just needs to
show himself once

and it'll all be over.

I know.



Are you there?

Are you there?

Jo, are you there?

I'm here.

Any sign yet?


I'm gonna stay out all night
if that's what it takes.

Might be out of range so.

Check in tomorrow.

Promise you'll let
me know when you get it.

Soon as I know.

In the meantime, don't veer
too far from the cabin.

You go anywhere, you
take your 22, okay?

I thought you said

there was nothing
to worry about.

Just to be safe.

Over and out.

Mom, I got five.

That's just two off
your dad's record.

Pretty soon you'll
even beat that.

Yeah, I'll never beat him.

Doesn't even need flat ones.

He can skip any shape.

Mom, where's Tova?

He can't have gone far.

He was just beside me.



Renee, get behind me.

Mom, Tova's
still out there.

He's still out
there with the wolf.

Please, we gotta go back.

Okay, okay.

Okay, okay, okay.

I'm gonna go look
for Tova, okay?

I'm gonna go look.

Go get the 22 shells.




Shut the door.



Tova, come.

I'm worried about Tova.

He knows how to
take care of himself.

Not against a wolf.

Dad said wolves hate dogs.

We'll go out again tomorrow
when your dad gets home.

I'm worried about Dad, too.

Renee, there's
nothing to worry about.

He's fine.

How do you know?

'Cause I know your dad.

I know he's stronger than
any animal in this forest.

He's not afraid of a wolf
and neither are we, right?


Goodnight, sweetheart.

I hope he gets him
while we're sleeping.


Joseph, are you there?

One, two.










We need to find more food.

Hey, not that way.

We'll check the Highland line.

The closest traps
are by the river.

Your dad can check those
ones when he gets back.

Come on.

What's wrong?

It's wolf.

What is that?

It's a ring.

The wolf ate a ring?

I guess it did.

But where
would it get it from?

We're going for a
ride in the truck.

Hold on, hold on.


Yes, I'm listening.


Ma'am, I can help you but
you're gonna have to calm down.

Yes, I am.



Ma'am, we can send someone
as soon as I have an address.



We're gonna have someone right.


Who's turn?

I did the last one.

We'll flip for it.

We can flip when it's my turn.

86 Wilton.

I'd get going.

She didn't sound like
the most patient type.

Make sure you bring
the sat phone.

The coverage up there stinks.

Kind of like that lunch
that you just brought in.

Have fun.

Oh my God.

I'm literally staring at
a dead bear right now.

It was a lot bigger when
it was walking around.

And it smells like.


Dead bear?

The damn thing
is worthless, Greg.

It's the reception,
not the phone, hon.

Just use the landline inside.

Swear to God don't
start with me right now.

My hands are still shaking.

Is that a ticket?

You are
required by law-

- Are you writing me a ticking?

To have locks on
your garbage cans.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

A ticket for what?


Do you know what
habituated means?

It's when an animal loses its
natural aversion to humans.

Bad for animals.

Bad for humans.

Get some proper trash cans.

Hey, hey.

Thanks for stopping by, huh?

Fuck off.

Thanks for stopping by.

Babe, tell him about the dogs.

I don't think I'm
understanding this right.

Which part?

The living
out in the woods part.

You said that's your
permanent address?

In the summer and fall.

We have a winter
cabin 60 miles north.

So your husband
goes hunting yesterday

and you haven't
heard back from him.

Has he ever been gone this long?

He's always in radio contact.

36 hours isn't
that long for a hunt.

We lose radio contact
out there all the time.

Are you even allowed
to be living out there?

That's all federal land.

It's my husband's land.

It's been in his family
for three generations.

Well, not according to
the line management act.

What does that mean?

It means it's out
of our jurisdiction.

This isn't a federal office.

It also means if we file
a missing persons report,

it's gonna be questions about
your living arrangements.

You know with your
little boy out there,

is that something you
want to do right now?

What about the wolf?

If it happened near
town, it'd be different,

but you can't really blame
a wolf for being a wolf,

especially if he's doing
it where he's supposed to.

Technically, he has more claim
to that area than she does.

This isn't a normal wolf.

I stood face to face with
it as close as we are now.

Was it foaming, rabid?

It wasn't rabid.

It was.


Mean wolf.

You don't believe me.

It's not that.

It's just.

Like she said, we're
a municipal office.

So there's nothing you'll do.

What's to be done?

Wolves are native to the area.

My advice is to wait
for your husband

to get back from his hunting

and then move your
family out of the woods.

Thank you for your time.

Hey look, I don't wanna
be the bad guy here.

I just.

I don't know what
we can do for you.

Do you have any food?

Come on.

Go on inside,
start your lessons.

I'll be right back.

Where are you going?

Just to look around.

I won't be long.

It's just a baby.

I know.

Not supposed to
shoot the babies.

It was an accident.

I thought it was.

Anyway, no sense in letting
good meat go to waste.

We're gonna eat it?

We have to eat something.

I've never had to
skin a deer before,

but you watch your dad
do it all the time.

Do you think you
could show me how?

Now hold these tight.


And then you start
to cut through the skin

by the back leg down to the
ribs, but don't cut too deep

because then you'll
puncture the stomach.

Okay, stop.

And then you reach
all the way inside.

And pull.

Okay and then to skin
it, you take this corner

and pull down really hard,
but you have to cut as you go.


You eat deer all the time.

I can't stop
thinking about it.

My brain just knows it's a baby.

It's not a baby.

It's food.

It's meat.

Please eat.

Joe, are you there?

Joseph, can you hear me?

Joe, come in.


Mom, wake up.

Mom, wake up.

Tova's back.

- He's outside.
- What?

Come on, I know it's him.

I heard him howling.

- Sweetheart, no.
- No please, it's Tova.

I know it is.

Come on, Mom.

Come on.

I can't hear anything.

I heard him.

I know I did.

It's not Tova.

I'm sorry, sweetheart.

There's nothing out here.

You were having a dream.

I wasn't having a dream.

I heard it.

It sounded like he was hurt.

Please, Mom.

Renee, please.

There, you heard it right?



That wasn't Tova.

Stay inside.

I'll be right back.

- I'll be right back.
- Mom, it wasn't the wolf.



Joe, where are you?



What was it?

Come on.

Stay in this room
until I come get you.

Do you understand?

Say you understand.

I understand.




He's awake.



It's okay, come on.

Come sit.

Who is he?

I found him in the
woods last night.

He has no identification.

What identification?

People from the city carry
cards that say who they are.

He doesn't have one?


What happened to him?

His leg is hurt.

Did the wolf bite him?

Looks like it.

He's a stranger.

Dad said we're not supposed
to trust strangers.

It doesn't matter
what dad says.

Dad's not here.

And we can't just.

We're helping him because
that's what you do

when you find someone
who needs help.

If your dad was here,
he'd say the same thing.

You are not
gonna believe this.


Another bear call.







Damn yuppies think
the laws do not apply

until they need 'em.

Still wanna
flip that coin?

No, I'll go.

I got a skunk up at 21 so
I gotta hit the dump again.

Oh, thank God.

I thought that was your lunch.

I'm gonna tell
Barb you said that.

See you later.

You're forgetting something.


Sat phone.

See ya.

See ya.

That bear's long gone.


It couldn't have gone far.

It's off your property
and on private land.

What are we supposed to do?

Hey, hey, hey.

That was the
mother or the father.




Where am I?

This is our home.

I brought you here last night.

I'll get you some water.

I don't remember.

Wait, don't move your leg.


Take it easy.


You don't remember last night?



I was attacked.

There's a wolf.

It's been stalking us.

Almost attacked us two days ago.

Something must
have scared it off

before it could finish you.

Hopefully it was my husband.

Your husband.


My name is Anne.

That's our daughter Renee.


Nice to meet you, Anne.

Thinking maybe
you saved my life.

Thank you.

I must've been
freezing out there.

I'm surprised I didn't
catch hypothermia.

What brought you out here?

What do you mean?

Well this.

We don't get a lot
of people out here.

Well no, of course not.

That's what makes it so special.

I'm a photographer.

I was headed up to the falls.

My car broke down.

Started walking back.

I was.

I was so dumb.

I don't know what
I was thinking.

It got dark fast.

Cold, too.

I heard a sound.

I heard a sound.

I thought that was help.

Maybe it was a wolf.

I don't know.

That's the last
thing I remember.

I must've blacked out.

This is where we are.

The road is up here.

And we got a truck
parked there abouts.

If we can make it there,
we can get you to help.

Wait, you wanna go outside?

What if it's still out there?

You need a hospital.

Those wounds will get infected

and you're gonna
be in a lot of pain

when that shot I
gave you wears off.


Right, right.

I just.

This thing attacked
you too, right?

I'd be like a sitting
duck out there.

Look at me.

I can't fight back.

I mean, I can barely
sit up straight.


I need your help.

This doesn't feel right.



I'm not getting on that thing.

It's the only way to
get you to the road.

Look at it.

It's way too small.

I'm gonna be hanging off of it.

These aren't meant for people.

This is how I got you here.

Get the door, Renee.

I don't think
I'm ready for this.

Okay, come
on, help me with this.

Taking him all
the way to the road?

I won't be strong enough
so you're gonna have to help.


Get behind and push.

It's really hurting me.

I'm sorry.

It's the only way
to get you there.

This is never gonna work.

I'm telling you.

It's just not gonna work.

You ready, Renee?

Three, two, one.


It's slippery.

Just dig
your heels in, Renee.

Please stop.

Mom, he wants us to stop.

It's hurting him.

It's okay.

Keep going.


For the love of
God, please stop.

The wolf's gonna hear him.

- He's too loud.
- Please stop.

The wolf's gonna hear him.

He's too loud.

I'm sorry.

I can't.

I just can't.

It hurts too much.

I'm sorry.

I don't wanna go out there.

Just put me on the floor.

Not the floor.

We'll take him to my room.

Grab the bedding, Renee.


I'm so sorry for all this.

Ah, thank you.

Thank you, thank you.

I just need some time.

Things will be easier
when my husband gets back.

I promise.

You'll be okay.

We'll all be okay.

Get some rest.

Gather up the reworking trap
and see what you can find.

Any kind of weapons.

We need to start
thinking like your dad.

That's all the
traps we've got.

Not enough.

This is the way my
granddad used to do it.

He was a hunter, too.

The wolf tries to eat the meat,

but he licks the blade
and taste his own blood.

So he keeps licking and licking

and licking and
licking and licking.

Dad says we don't use poison.

Well if he were,
we wouldn't have to.

We need to protect ourselves.

If we don't hurt the wolf,

the wolf is gonna keep
trying to hurt us.

And what is Tova comes
back and eats it instead?

He won't.

I'm all out.

What else did your dad
teach you about wolves?

They hate smoke and fire.

Then we'll
have smoke and fire.

Orion hotel foxtrot
two four eight.

That's right.

K car.

Probably two days.

Maybe more.

All right, no problem.


You too.

don't take that out

until I'm done with this.

What did she say
she found this?

I don't remember.

It must be sector six or seven

if it's only 20 minutes
from the country.

Hair lakes.

Uh oh.

I see the wheels turning.

What does that mean?

Something about that lady.

If you ask me, the wolf is
the least of her problems.

Can you imagine living out
there permanently with a kid?

That's just it.

She's been living out
there for how long?

She didn't seem like the
type that scared so easy.

Where would a wolf find
a cheap old ring like that?

Maybe it was attached to
something that tasted good.

Like a finger?

I'm heading out.

Out where?

Check out the K car.

What, we got like an hour left

and you just called
in the plates.

Why don't you wait
'til tomorrow?

I'm curious.

If I don't, it's going
to bug me all night.

Sat phone.




Do you copy?


Jesus Christ.

Oh Jesus.

You there, Danny?

Pick up the phone
if you're there.

Come on, Danny.

You better not have
fallen asleep there again.

Wake up.



Hey Luce, it's Barb.

I fell asleep waiting
for Danny last night.

He didn't come home.

He didn't phone or anything.


Can you give me
a call when you get in?


Joe, please answer me.

Please help me.

I can't do this alone.













Oh my God.

Oh my God, Danny.


Okay, listen to me.

Listen to me.

Tell Barb I love her.

Listen to me.

I am gonna go and
get help, okay?

So you have to stay awake.

Tell Barb-

- You're gonna
tell her yourself.





No, please.

Please, don't.


Oh, man.

That's the stuff.

That is the stuff right there.


I need the keys to your truck.

I need to get to my car
before someone else finds it.

Where are the keys?

Don't worry about her.

Your girl's fine.

Tell me where the keys are.

I'll take you to Renee,
but you got to go first.


You go first.




Where's Renee?

Now we're talking.

Where's Renee?

I wasn't looking
for any of this.

If it were up to me, we never
would have crossed paths,

but your husband
wanted to catch a wolf.

Is that what he told you?

I wanna know who did this.

We've got a blood trail.

Look at me.

Look at me.

We got smoke over here.


Subtitles by explosiveskull