Hunter (2013) - full transcript

Two friends vie for the attention of a stranger who passes out at their doorstep.

(soothing instrumental music)

(traffic hums)

- Amy will call at around 10.

For breakfast.

But I'm hungover and my
body wakes me up at eight.

I spend three dollars on coffee.

13 on cigarettes.

(jagged electronic music)

I smoke.

I wait.

It's eleven o'clock
and I'm tired again.

The phone rings.

(baby crying)

And I answer.

It's so fucking
hot in this room.

- Grace is calling.

- No, don't, don't pick up.

She keeps annoying me about
that stupid short story.

- I thought you quit.

- Last pack.

- [Amy] Can I have one?

- Don't you wanna go eat?

- Yeah, just let me, uh,
rest my feet for a second.

These shoes are miserable.

So what's new?

- Absolutely nothing.

- Nothing?

- I stopped wearing underwear.

- Ew.

With jeans?

- So?

Farah's inspired me.

- You think she's gonna
move in with her boyfriend?

- Farah?

Not a chance, she's not
exactly conventional.

- Convential?

What, you think Adam
and I are conventional?

- [Man] Maybe.

- Shut up.

- What?

You moved into his apartment.

You cook for him.

You're conventional.

- How am I any
different from Farah?

- You know Farah,
she'll casually down
a bottle of whiskey

and have a threesome
on a Tuesday.

- Yeah, 'cause she's insane.

- She's not insane.

She's just


Derek just sent me a
picture of a poodle.

Why's he still texting me?

- Beause he likes you.

- You think?

- Yes, that's what people do
when they like each other.

They just, like, text
photos of random shit.

- [Man] Well, it's
really annoying.

- I think you love
the attention.

- [Man] No I don't.
- Yeah you do.

Just do me a favor and
don't string him along

like you always do.

It's rude.

(phone rings)

Hold on.

Hey, babe, what's up?

Yeah, just having
lunch with Gavin.


Are you serious?

I literally just
got off the train.

'Kay, fine.

I said okay, fine.



He needs me.

- He needs you?

Right now?

You just got off the train.

- What am I supposed to do?

He left his keys in the
apartment, I have to let him in.

- What am I supposed
to do, eat alone?

- What's wrong
with eating alone?

Don't all great
writers eat alone?

Like Williams, Capote.

- Fine, just, just go.

- [Amy] Well what
are you doing later?

- I don't know.

- 'Kay, so I'll call you.

I'm sorry, love you.

- Oh hey.

- What?

- Can you please finish
the invite for my birthday?

- Can you please get
your own Facebook?

Maybe then I'll
have lunch with you.

I shouldn't waste money on a cab

but I just got my last
paycheck and my feet hurt.

And so I wait.

Adam's getting coffee down
the block from our apartment.

I tell him I'll call
when I get home.

I change out of heels
and into a pair of flats.

He hates when I look
taller than him.

I take my eyeliner
off because he says

it makes me look like a slut.

He's right.

I text him to say
I just got home.

(clock ticking)

I wait.

And wait.

(clock ticking)

(phone chimes)

And he answers.

(doorbell rings)
- [Gavin] Coming.


- [Voiceover] Hi, slut.

- [Gavin] Oh yeah.

- I forgot my keys.

And I have to pick
up a few things.

- You leaving?

- [Woman] Yeah, I'm going to
Jersey with James, remember?

- So you guys got back together?

- Uh, yeah.

He fucked me so good last night.

- Really?

- Listen, my mom called and said

that the landlord called her.

Apparently the
neighbors complained.

- About what?

- About our buzzer
always ringing.

They think you're a drug
dealer or something.

- What?

I don't complain about their
fucking baby crying all night.

- [Woman] Yeah, I
don't, I don't know.

(TV chatters)

- Hey, you're gonna be back
in time for my party, right?

- Yeah, it's on Saturday, right?

- [Gavin] Yeah.

- Yeah, I'll be back
Saturday morning.

- Do you think the
neighbors are gonna kill us?

- What? Fuck them.

It's your birthday.

Just don't do anything
before then to piss them off.

Oh hey, do have the rent check?

- No, my dad's bringing
it tomorrow, sorry.

- Can you just put it
under my blow dryer?

By the mirror.

- Yeah, totally.

- Cool.


Do you like this outfit?

- It's nice.

- Do I look fat, be honest.

- [Gavin] You don't look fat.

- Be honest!
- [Gavin] You don't look fat.

- I hate you.

- I love you.

- All right, I have to run.

Call me if you love me.

- Bye.
- [Woman] Bye bye.

(gentle instrumental music)

(doorbell rings)

- Hey.

What's goin' on?

- [Amy] Adam just
broke up with me.

- What?

Just now?

- [Amy] Mm hmm.

- [Gavin] Did he say why?

- I mean, he said
that he's gonna go

stay at his brother's
place, but I just.

No, I don't wanna
be there alone.

- [Gavin] Of course.

- I hate that stupid apartment.

- Well, stay with me.

- Can I?

- Yeah, Farah just left.

She, she's going to Jersey
to visit her boyfriend

for a couple days.

- Thank you so much.

Thank you.
- [Gavin] Of course.

- Thank you.

Are you sure you don't mind?

- [Gavin] No, I
hate being alone.

- Me, too.

Can I use your stove to burn

the stupid necklace
that he got me?

- I wish, but Farah
hasn't paid the gas bill.

- Fuck.

Jesus Christ, it's hot in here.

- Yeah, that's why
she's never here.

- Can I just sleep with you?

- Uh, no.

(pulsing instrumental music)

- I wanna drink.


- Really?

Well, you know,
Derek just asked me

if I want to go down
to the Eastern Bloc.

- Isn't that a gay bar?

Okay, it's not exactly the
rebound night I had in mind.

- It's right down the block.

And he usually pays
for everything.

Probably buy your
drinks and mine.

- Okay.


(bright electronic music)

- That guy's hogging our game.

(Pac Man bloops and beeps)

- I know.

I, uh, I keep giving
him dirty looks.

- [Gavin] No, don't.

- Why not?

- I mean, look at
him, he's all alone.

- I'm going on a date tomorrow.

- A date?

- Yep.

- Who you going on a date with?

- Uh, there's this guy that
keeps coming to the record shop.

He's always asking
me to get a drink.

- You work at a record shop?

- Yeah, on Sullivan.

- The bathroom is disgusting.

So gross.

- I think you've had enough.

- I'm fine.

- How long were you
dating this guy?

- A year.

- I dated somebody
for five months once.

- I've never dated
anyone before.

- You're lucky.

- [Gavin] No I'm not.

- Yeah you are.

- At least you've
experienced what it's like

when someone feels
that way about you.

- Yeah, but it's
not what you think.

It's better just not
have that to begin with

than to have it and

lose it.

Trust me.

- Don't you think it's worse

to know that you feel
that way about someone

and know that they'll never
feel that way about you?

- No, knowing that you once did

and don't anymore,

that's worse.

- Whatever.

- I wanna go home.

- Why don't you guys just
stay for one more drink?

- [Amy] No, I just
wanna go to sleep.

- [Derek] But my
tab is still open.

- She's staying with me.

I, I should take her home.

But, hey, I'm having a party
on Saturday for my birthday?

Coco'll be there,
you should come.

- I didn't know it
was your birthday.

- [Gavin] Yeah,
Saturday at my place.

- Cool.

- Hey, feel better.

- Thanks.

- [Gavin] You okay?

(rhythmic electronic music)

(Pac Man bleeps and bloops)

- See the way he smiled at you?

- Yeah, it was totally creepy.

- Oh my God.

I can't help you.

- What the hell are you doing?

Amy, what the fuck
are you doing?

Get up.

Amy, get up, come on.

You can sit at my apartment.

- I'm gonna sit here.

Am I fun?

- [Gavin] What?

- You said I was conventional.

- Amy, come on.

I was kidding.

You're lots of fun.

Okay, how 'bout this?

We go home.

I have lighters and matches and

we can slowly try and burn
your necklace, how's that?

Just get up.

Come on, it'll be fun.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

- [Amy] All right.

- Come on.

Yeah, that's a girl.

- [Amy] I'm so
fucking excited to be.

Who's that?

- [Gavin] I don't know.

- [Amy] You don't know?

- [Gavin] I have no idea.

- [Amy] You don't
know who that is?

- [Gavin] No, I don't know.

- [Amy] Well maybe he's one
of Farah's weirdo friends.

- Maybe.

- Why is?

Why is he?

You really don't
know who that is?

- No.


- [Amy] Is he one of
your secret lovers?

- Dude, get up.

You need to get up.

- [Amy] Gavin.
- [Gavin] Get up.

- You, you don't, you
don't know who that is?

- [Gavin] No, I don't, no.

- He's a stranger?

- [Gavin] I don't
know who it is.

- It's a stranger?

- [Gavin] Yes, I don't know
him, therefore he is a stranger.

- [Amy] Oh shit, what the fuck?


Who do you wanna call?

Oh shit.

- What are you doing?

- [Amy] Oh shit, I'm
calling the police!

- No, no, do not.
- [Amy] Wino, Gavin.

- [Gavin] Do not.
- [Amy] What if he's a thief?

- [Gavin] Do not
call the police.

- [Amy] Gimme that!
- [Gavin] Stop it!

- [Amy] Gimme my phone!

- Shh, my neighbors.
- [Amy] Gimme my phone.

- My neighbors hate me.

- [Amy] I have a voicemail.

- [Gavin] I don't care.
- I need to check.

- [Gavin] I don't care,
you lost phone privileges.

That's it, you lost it.

- Gavin, I don't, okay, okay.

I have a plan, I have a plan.

I'm gonna go inside and.

Give me your keys.

And you can be the
man of the hour.

- [Gavin] Can you just,
can you just let me think?

- [Amy] Gavin.

- Just let me think, okay?

(muffled voices)

(fluorescent lights hum)


I need you to help me, okay?

- [Amy] No.

- Grab his arm.

- No, I'm not gonna push
him down the stairs.

- [Gavin] We're not gonna
push him down the stairs.

We're gonna carry him
inside to my apartment.

(Amy laughs)

- [Gavin] What?
- [Amy] No!

- My neighbors get up and
they see some random guy

passed out in front of
my door, I'm screwed.

- [Amy] Then why don't
you just push him

in front of somebody else's door

and they can handle
the situation?

- Come on.

- I don't like
this, Gavin, this is


This is.
- [Gavin] Yeah, you're right.

- It's so fucking weird.
- [Gavin] It's weird.

It's weird.

You know what else it is?

- [Amy] Hmm?
- Unconventional.

- You're an asshole. (laughs)

(Gavin laughs)

It's not funny.

(Gavin laughs)

Don't laugh.

- I mean, come on.

- [Amy] Why are you dumb?

- Please.

Come on.
- [Amy] Okay.

I'm not gonna touch his skin.

- [Gavin] Okay, fine.

- Just grab his arms.

- I'm not touching his skin!

- Okay, fine, grab his
feet, I'll grab his arms.

- [Amy] But there's
skin everywhere.

- Oh my God, just grab his
shoes then, I don't care.

Okay, ready?

On three.



- I really have to pee.

- [Gavin] Three.

(baby crying)

(door knob rattles)

(muffled voices)

- The first thing I
hear is people laughing.

First thing I see is white.

Then blue and red.

(construction work hammers)

- [Gavin] Hi.

- Hey.

Do I know you?

- [Gavin] No.
- No.

- We found you last night.

By the stairs.

- We?

- [Gavin] My friend Amy and I.

- Yeah. (snorts)


- Mm hmm, sure.

I'm Gavin.

- Carter.

What's with these?

- They're my roommate's.

I don't know.

So do you know someone
in the building or?

- [Carter] I don't even
know where the fuck I am

right now, man.

- 513 East 5th Street.

- [Amy] Morning.

- Allie.

- Amy.

- Don't you have to,
uh, call someone?

- Uh.

I think I may have
lost my phone.

- [Gavin] Uh.

Well, what's the last
thing you remember?

- Um, shit.

I got off the plane and--

- You were on a plane?

- Yeah, I'm from outside Denver.


I got in to New York

and I tried calling my friend

but he didn't answer.

He had the address
I'm supposed to go to.

And, and then

these people

that I met on the plane,

they bought me a bunch
of drinks in some bar.


then I just,

yeah, I started walking.


I pour myself a glass of water?

- Don't ask me.

- She's not a morning person.

- What time is it?

- [Gavin] Eight.
- Oh Jesus.

- Do you wanna use
my computer to,

to Facebook someone
or something?

- No, I, I don't
even have Facebook.

Uh, I'll figure
something out, it's okay.

- Hey, so, look.

- [Amy] Did he leave yet?

- He only has $150 to stay
in New York until Sunday.

- What a fucking idiot.

- He's from Denver,
he doesn't know.

Plus he's supposed to
meet up with a friend

but he couldn't
get ahold of him.

- Facebook.

- Doesn't have one.

- Of course not.

I know what you're thinking.

You can't just let some
random person stay here

just because he's cute, Gavin.

- So you think he's cute.

- [Carter] The Heart is
a Lonely Hunter. (snorts)

- I just feel bad.

I mean, what's he gonna do?

- The exact same
thing he would've done

if he didn't pass
out on your doorstep.

You've already been nice enough.

Tell him to leave.

This whole thing is dangerous.

- So, listen.

I was talkin' with Amy and--

- You've read this?

- I just started it.

Why, have you read it?

- Parts.

My mom was obsessed
with this author.

She was 22 when she wrote
this, Carson McCullers.

23 when she won
that, um, that prize.

That, like, award.

- The Pulitzer?

- That's the one.

- So, I have this couch that

no one's gonna use.

It's not very comfortable but

I thought you

could crash on it if you
wanted to save your cash

for food and stuff.

- Seriously?

- It's only two nights.

- I, I could pay you something.

- No, you don't have to do that.

If Amy and I were both gone,

then you'd have
to, uh, you know.

- [Carter] Leave.

- It's not that I think you'd
steal or anything, it's just.

- [Carter] You think that
I might steal something.

It's cool.

- Cool.

- [Carter] I mean, you're
sure you don't mind

because I really feel like--

- No, no, I, I like
having people around.

- Nice boots.

- Thanks.

- Better hide 'em.

(jagged electronic music)

How much do you
pay for this place?

- 1,000.

- Together?

- No, I pay 1,000,
she pays 1,500.

She got the bigger room.

- [Carter] Holy shit,
where do you work?

- Uh, I go to school.

- So how do you pay for it?

- My parents.

- You're lucky.

So is your roommate

depressed or something?

- She's not my roommate.

You mean Amy, she,
she's just a friend.

Why do you think
she's depressed?

- I don't know.

People that sleep a lot
tend to be depressed.

- She just broke up
with her boyfriend.

- Oh.

Breakups suck.

Oh, sorry, you're busy.

- No, I'm just makin'
a stupid invite

for my birthday
party on Saturday.

- [Carter] Your
birthday's this Saturday?

- [Gavin] 22.

- Oh, well you've got,

you've gotta win that
Pulitzer next, next year then.

- Yeah, right.

How old are you?

- [Carter] 23.

- [Gavin] Could've been you.

- So, why don't you
just call your friends?

- Can you imagine someone
doing a maybe over the phone?

- What's wrong with maybe?

- Maybe's a terrible word, it's,

it's yes, unless something
better comes along.

- Oh, Grace.

- [Gavin] Don't pick up.

- Gavin, can I talk
to you for a second?

- Uh, sure.

So, what's wrong?

- I left my last
paycheck in my drawer.

- At your apartment?

- Yeah.

I'm afraid he's gonna go
through my shit and take it.

- [Gavin] Okay, after my
dad comes, I'll go with you.

- [Amy] You don't have to
go with me, I'll go alone.

- No, I'm not gonna
let you go there alone.

Take Carter.

I think he feels awkward
about staying here anyway.

- Is he actually staying here?

- It's two nights.

- I slept with a
frying pan last night.

- Yeah, I know, I think
he's scared of you.

- Good.

I'm glad you think
it's hilarious.

- Relax, I just.
- [Amy] Don't need to relax.

- Look at it this way, okay?

Think how it'll look

if Adam is actually home

and you walk in with an
attractive blonde stranger

behind you.

Come on, don't be such a drag.

He's nice.

- Where are your cigarettes?

Adam works on Thursdays.

Last week, he saw my class
schedule for the fall

and mentioned something
about switching shifts.

I smoke.

I change.

I tell myself I shouldn't
want him to be home.

But I do.

Carter comes to the door
to ask if I'm ready.

And I answer.

So explain this to me.

You lost your cellphone.

Don't even know how
that's humanly possible

if you keep it in your pocket.

You don't have a Facebook.

So, like, that's it.

How are you supposed
to find your friend?

- Well.
- [Amy] Giving up?

- My friend doesn't
know I'm here and

I don't know where he lives.

- What?

- Listen, it's kinda
personal, okay?

- Oh, sorry.
- [Carter] Yeah.

- Is that how you get to stay

in people's apartments
all the time for free?

- What is your excuse?

- Gavin happens to be
a good friend of mine.

I didn't just pass
out on his doorstep.

He invited me.

- He invited me, too.

- [Amy] Yeah, because
this is Gavin, he's nice.

Especially to people like you.

- People like me?

- [Amy] Mm hmm.

- What's that supposed to mean?

- [Amy] Nothing.

- How far is this place anyway?

- It's like two stops
off the L, Brooklyn.

- So, we should take a cab.

- L is a train.

And, uh, I'm not
paying for a cab.

- I'll pay.

- 'Kay, not like I care at all,

but, uh, if you're
short on cash,

you probably shouldn't
waste money on a cab.

- Come on, I want it, it's
like a New York thing, right?

Ridin' around in taxis,
really New York, right?

- If you're paying for
it, yeah, of course it is.

- [Carter] Yeah.

- [Amy] What are you looking at?

- [Carter] Your necklace.

Who got that for you?

- I got it for myself, why?

Who got that for you?

- My mom.

- Your mom?

That's cute.

Didn't exactly pin
you for a Mama's boy.

Um, did Gavin, like, tell
you anything about me

when we left the house?

- No, he just said we're
gonna pick up some stuff

at your place, why?

- Um, okay, so at my place,

there might be this
guy there that I, like,

haven't seen in a while, so.

I don't know, I, um.

I just need you to do me
this stupid little favor

and just pretend that you,

just pretend that you, like--

- You want me to
pretend that I like you.

- [Amy] Something like that.

- What do I get?

- I'll stop asking so
many personal questions.

- I don't mind.

- All right, uh.

I'll buy you dinner.

- Okay.

(muffled electronic music)

- (sighs) It's hot
as hell in here.

- There's AC in my room.

- You still have all
this garbage out here?

Is this yours?

- Farah has a
friend staying over.

- Well what kind of friend?

- Just a friend.

- [Older man] For how long?

- Few nights.

- You think that's safe?

- He's her friend.

- [Older man] You
told me you quit.

- That's all Farah.

- Not dating this girl, are ya?

- Farah? No.

- Here.

- Uh, no, I think
the landlord put,

put me on the lease, so

it has to be made out to him.

Not, not Farah.

- Oh.

Well what's his name?

- I don't know.

Uh, it might be a
company or something.

I can ask her later.

- Well can you call her now?

- [Gavin] Her phone's
been off all day.

I tried earlier.

She'll be home in like an hour.

- Fine, okay.


Here ya go.

And put it somewhere safe.

- Thanks.

- [Older man] Come on, put it,

put it in your wallet.

- I don't have a wallet.

- Why don't you have a wallet?

Uh, okay, fine.

Get yourself a wallet.

So how's school?

- Hasn't started yet.

- [Older man] Well
when does it start?

- Next week.

- [Older man] Well what are
you plannin' to do next year?

Are you plannin' to stay here?

- I don't know.

- I work Saturday, so I
won't be able to take you out

for a birthday dinner
like last year.

Why don't we go
now, grab a bite?

- I can't.

I have some friends coming over.

- What about Sunday?

Your mother and I could come in,

we can do brunch together.

- Yeah, maybe.

- 22.

- Okay, wait here
for like 10 seconds

and then come up.


What are you doing?

- Oh, um, could I
have a glass of water?

- Yeah, it's in the right one.

- So did you get
what you needed?

- What?

- Did you get what you needed?

- [Amy] Oh.

- So your dad came?

- Yeah, to drop
off the rent check.

- He wouldn't stay for longer?

- I lied and told him I
had friends coming over.

Plus I think he got angry

when he saw this.

- I could hide your pack
for you if you want.

It worked well for me.

- Well, that's my last pack.

I'm gonna quit after that.

- Really.

- Yes.

I can quit whenever I want.

I have before.

- It certainly seems like
it's working well now.

- Fine.

I'll probably find them anyway.

Want me to close my
eyes or something?

- Yes.

- Okay.

- You know I can hear
your footsteps, right?

(gentle acoustic guitar music)

- He hasn't called.

And he changed his
Facebook status to single.

- Well, you broke up.

- I know, it's just weird.

Everyone's gonna know

and ask me about it.

What am I supposed to say?

You know he hasn't
even called me once.

I checked my voicemail.

I don't even check my voicemail.

You think he just doesn't care?

Sorry, I'm venting.

- No, it's fine, it's just.

- What?

- [Gavin] Nothing.

- No, say it.

- I just really have
to go to the bathroom.

- So go.

- Well, I have this thing about

doing it in front
of other people.

- [Amy] I'm not listening.

- It's not really you
I was worried about.

- I don't know what to tell you.

(Gavin sighs)

(shower splatters)

- I should have about
five minutes or so.

Maybe three now
that I've waited.

Gavin's in the shower.

Amy's asleep.

And I'm digging.

(TV chatters)

- [Voiceover] Hey,
Carter, this is Felix.

I was up last night when
I figured you'd come in.

I'm not sure if your
flight got delayed

or cancelled or what, but, um.

I know I gave you this already,

but my address is 225
East 5th, apartment one.

Um, well, you have my number,
gimme a call back, okay?

(TV chatters)

(door creaks)

- [Amy] What are you doing?

- [Carter] Um, I am
looking for some shorts

that I can't find.

- [Amy] It's not a denim day?

Yo, where are
Gavin's cigarettes?

- I hid 'em.

- [Amy] Why?

- He says he's quitting.

- [Amy] Okay, but I'm not.

Can I have one?

- Yeah.

(TV chatters)

Don't tell.

(fan hums)

(Carter sighs)

(siren wails)

(baby cries)

(softly pulsing
instrumental music)

(muffled R&B music)

Hey, um, one sec.

- Uh, you wanna play?

- Uh, no thanks.

- What, what's your name?

- Carter.

- Frank.

Where do you live?

- [Carter] I'm
actually from Colorado.

- [Frank] Oh, what are
you doin' in New York?

- I'm looking for someone.

- Uh, I have a
cousin in Colorado.

I went there once,
it's so beautiful.

You, you're sure you
don't wanna play?

- No, I'm okay.

(bass-driven R&B music)

(door clicks)

There was a baby upstairs that
cried all night last night.

I heard sirens, too.

How do you sleep?

- You get used to it.

- I couldn't live here.

It's too loud.

- No, it's, it's good.

You never feel alone.

- Okay, so 43 people
are attending.

- How many maybe's?

- 12.

- You have a lot of friends.

- Yeah, well, let's see how
many of them actually show up.

- You invited Adam?

- Did I?

- Why the fuck would
you invite Adam?

- I, I didn't realize
I did, is he coming?

- Maybe.

- Shit.

I, I was just clicking
every name I knew.

- How could you just see Adam
and click without thinking?

What's wrong with you?

- Look, I'm, I, I'm
sorry, it was an accident.


- Who's Adam?

- Her ex.

We should probably
get outta here.

- Yeah.

How far away are we from
the Empire State Building?

- Uh, far.

- What about the
Statue of Liberty?

- Uh, it's kinda like
a whole day thing.

You have to take a,
like a ferry, I think

and it's, it's dumb.

- Well, what about a museum?

(Gavin groans)

Is there anything you
like to do here at all?

- Did you go out last night?

- No.

- Thought I heard the door shut.

- No.

- Well then what's
that mark on your hand?

- Um, I, uh.

I couldn't sleep
last night and then

it got really hot.

I just went out for a drink.

I'm sorry, I should've told you.

- No, it's, it's fine.

Where are my keys?

- In the kitchen.

(repetitive electronic music)

- I take him to
Washington Square Park.

He asks how far it
is from my apartment.

I say six blocks or so
and he calls me funny.

And he laughs.

And I laugh.

So what do you wanna do?

- Um, I don't know.

- Hey, are you hungry?

- Maybe a little.

Dude, you don't have a wallet?

- Nah, there, uh, too bulky.

Come on.

- I check the invite
for the 15th time.

I go to the liquor store.

I try a bit.

And I try a bit more.

(cellphone buzzes)

I hear something strange.

And I dig.

- Yeah, I was a big fan
but I guess as I grew up

I stopped watching and caring.

- Yeah, sure.

- Yeah, what about
you, you like sports?

- [Derek] Gavin?

- Oh hey.

What's up, where are you off to?

- [Derek] I have
work in 20 minutes.

- Where do you work?

- At, at that record
shop on Sullivan.

I told you about that, remember?

- Right, right, right, right.

Uh, sorry, this is my friend.

Carter, this is Derek.

- [Carter] Hey.
- Yeah.

Uh, you go to school here, too?

- Uh, no, actually
I'm from Denver.

- Yeah, he's, he's just staying
with me for a couple days.

(cellphone rings)
- [Carter] Yeah.

- [Gavin] Oh, uh, this is
Amy, I gotta take this.

- I got, I gotta run.

- Okay, but you're
coming tomorrow, right?

- Yeah, for your birthday.

- [Gavin] Hey, what's up?

- [Voiceover] Where are you?

- [Gavin] Yeah, we're just
walkin' around the park.

- Okay, so listen, I'm
sitting on the couch

and I hear something vibrating.

So I walk over to it,
it's Carter's bag.

I opened it and there
was a cellphone, Gavin.


- You sure?

- Yes!

Will you please
listen to me now?

I'm not crazy.

- Hey, let me call you back.

- How far is your
place from here?



- You said you lost
your cellphone, right?

- Yeah, I think so, why?

- [Gavin] "Think so"?

- Yeah, why?

- Amy said she found a
cellphone in your duffel bag.

That some guy Felix was calling.

- She went into my duffel bag?

- She, I mean, she just
heard a phone ringing.

I, I'm not trying to be
annoying or anything, it's just.

You take my keys, you go out.

And now you have a cellphone.

- 'Kay, it sounds
worse than it is, okay?

- Is Felix the friend you
were supposed to stay with?

- [Carter] Sort of.

- Sort of.

- Actually, um,
he's not a friend.

He is my dad.

- Your dad lives in New York?

- [Carter] Yeah.

- So why aren't you
staying with him?

- I'm supposed to be,
that's why he's calling me.

I just.

- What, are you mad
at him or something?

- I've never actually met him.

And I've only spoken to him
like twice on the phone.

- [Gavin] But you've
never seen him?

- [Carter] No.

- Don't you want to?

- Yeah, I guess.

- [Gavin] It's your dad.

- Yeah.

- He's probably pretty
worried about you.

- I don't know.

- Well then maybe you should--

- Listen, you don't understand
the situation, okay?

Listen, I'm, it's complicated.

I'm sorry, let's
just go back to yours

and I can pack my stuff.

- I'm, I'm not gonna
kick you out or anything.

If you don't wanna see
him then, you know,

that's, that's okay.

- So, so you don't think
I should go see him?

- It's none of my business.

Just wait a second, okay?


- Is he still here?

- [Gavin] Yes, he's still here.

- [Voiceover] Hey,
Carter, it's Felix again.

I called the
airline this morning

and, uh, they said that
you were on the flight

to New York so, um.

Not really sure where you are or

what I should do here,
to be honest, um.

Just give me a
call back, please.

- Hey.

I think I'm just
gonna go take a walk.

- Where?

- Just around.

- [Gavin] Okay.

- Cool.

- Don't forget your map.

- Don't you think
it's a little weird

that he could just come up

with all of that off
the top of his head?

Like, isn't that too clever?

- Still doesn't explain
why he lied to you

about the cellphone.

But you never listen to me.

Also I'm still mad at
you for inviting Adam.

- He went out last night.

- Adam?

- Carter.
- [Amy] Oh.

- He went to Eastern Bloc.

- Did you go with him?

- No.

He took my keys and snuck out.

Saw the mark on his
hand this morning.

- He took your keys?

Dude, I, I don't
know what to say.


- [Carter] Hey.
- Hey.

- Listen, I'm really
sorry I lied to you guys.

Kinda stupid really,
but I thought

I'd use some of
the cash I had left

to, uh, cook you guys dinner.

- Uh, my gas doesn't work.

- Shit.

(fan hums)

(baby crying)

(Carter sighs)

(baby crying)


- [Gavin] What are you doing?

- [Carter] I'm sorry,
it's really hot out there.

Do you mind if I?

- [Gavin] No, but, uh, do
you wanna sleep in here?

- [Carter] No, don't
worry, I'm fine here.

- [Gavin] Dude, it's,
it's not a big deal.

- [Carter] Really?

- [Gavin] Yeah, whatever.

- [Carter] Thanks.

- [Gavin] Yeah.

- I walked past the
apartment today.

- [Gavin] Which?

- Felix's.

- Did you go inside?

- [Carter] No.

- Did you ring the buzzer?

- No.

- Gavin.

Oh, oh my God, sorry, my bad.

- Dude, why are you not
wearing any underwear?

- Oh, shit!

- You dirty little slut.

- He's just a friend.

- Mm, I bet.

- It's not like that,
he just wanted my AC.

- Right, so is this
something that you do

every time I'm away?

Just bring guys home.

- Yeah, yeah, you caught me.

- Mm hmm, mm hmm, I see that.

So did he accidentally
take off your underwear,

this little friend?

- No, actually, I
took your advice

and stopped wearing underwear.

- You did, do you love it?

- [Gavin] It's okay.

- It's okay?

PS, who's in my room?

- Amy, I can wake her, sorry.

- No, that's fine,
I'm leaving anyway.

- You're leaving?

- I'm gonna go fuck Peter.

You're not the only
one with good friends.

- Peter, what about James?

- [Farah] Oh, I don't wanna
even go there right now.

- [Gavin] Why?

What, I thought the two
of you were getting along?

- Dude, I don't
wanna talk about it.

- Okay, sorry.

You'll be back in time for
my birthday party, right?

- Oh my God, happy birthday!

Happy birthday. (baby talks)

I'm so sorry, I totally forgot.

But you don't have Facebook
so it's not all my fault.

- Yeah.

- But I'm totally gonna
be back in time, okay?

I'm just gonna, I'm
gonna suck his dick,

wait for him to get hard again,

fuck his brains
out and then leave.

I mean, it's Peter.

I'll be back in
like an hour, tops.

- Okay.
- [Farah] Okay.

Now I need you to
be honest with me.

- You don't look fat.

- Are you sure?

- [Amy] Yeah, actually,
with this, it won't move.

- That's so good.
- [Amy] So.

Like that.

- Oh, there you go.

- [Gavin] Is this yours?

- Yeah.

- And these?

- Yeah.

- What are you guys doing?

- [Carter] Nothing.
- Nothing.

- Farah's probably gonna
wanna sleep here tonight.

Since she's coming to the party.

- Are you kicking me out?

- [Gavin] I mean, I don't know.

- Well where is she now?

- Well, her and
James are fighting

so she's off fucking
some other dude.

- [Amy] Ew, that's so gross

how she just, like, does that.

- She's forward.

- Yeah, you think?

- Well, it works for her.

- Okay.
- [Carter] Ooh.



- Thanks.

- Hey, um, happy birthday.

- What's this?

- It's a wallet.

I remember you saying you
didn't like bulky stuff

in your jeans, so,
yeah, it's kinda flat.

- Where did you get this?

- Well, I didn't
have enough money to

get another one or a new one,

so, uh, it was mine.

- No, I, I'm not
taking your wallet.

- I have another one back home.

That is, unless you don't
like it or anything, I.

- No, I do.


- Cool.

(rapid drumming music)

- For you.
- [Gavin] Ah, wine.

Of course, thank you.

- Do not let me have any.

- Here.
- [Gavin] Oh.


- [Derek] It's stupid,
but I'm bad at gifts, so.

- No, no, it's cool, thanks.

Hey, how ya doin'?


- [Voiceover] Happy
birthday, brother.

- [Gavin] This is what
a man takes to heaven.

Thanks for comin'.

- I've been calling you.

- I know, I can,.
I've been really busy.

- [Amy] Time is it?

- What?

- What time is it?

- Midnight.

- Nobody else is coming, right?

- Are you drunk?

Too drunk?

Are you gonna be sick?

Come on.

Come on.

- He doesn't like me.

- You don't know that.

- The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.

Tell me about it.

- Gavin would read
something that depressing.

- [Amy] I'm fine.

- [Carter] Come on.

- [Amy] I'm fine.

- [Carter] Lay down.

- Yeah.

Oh no.

- [Carter] You okay?


- Do you think I'm conventional?

- No.

- Yes, I am.

- No, you're just
a little drunk.

- No, I'm not.

- Is that what your
boyfriend said?

That you were conventional?

Is that why he broke up
with you or something?

- He didn't break up with me.

I broke up with him.


Right? Cool.


- Then why are you so upset?

- I don't know.

I guess I just wasn't really

thinking about it.

I just got anxious.

It's stupid.

- Well you almost attacked
me with a frying pan.

Wouldn't exactly call
that conventional.

- Oh yeah.


Sorry I was a bitch to you.

- It's okay.

- You're leaving tomorrow.

- Yeah.

- [Amy] Do you think
I'm attractive?

- I think you're drunk.

- Sorry.

Was that too

forward for you?

Mama's boy.

I'm sorry, I'm drunk.

(bright pop music)

- Do we have any
more alcohol left?

- I definitely gave
Gavin a bottle of wine

but I'm not sure where it is.

- That's okay, I'll ask Gavin.

- Ooh, wait, wait,
come here, come here,

no, no, don't go over there.

You see, he's talking
to my friend Derek?

Fucking Gavin is just
so ridiculously picky.

- What do you mean?

- I'm trying to, you
know, set them up.

- You're the one from Denver.

- Yeah.

- Hi.
- [Carter] Hi.

- I'm Grace, I go
to class with Gavin.

- Carter.
- [Grace] Hi.

- Amy, Amy.

- Uh, right now, I'm working
at this elementary school

and I'm seeing
how, how young kids

have their minds develop.
- [Carter] Oh.

- You know, over time.

- Yeah.

- Um, like the other
day, I go up to a student

and I go, "Hey, I
like your shirt."

And she goes, "Thanks,
I don't like yours."

- Wow.
- [Amy] I know, right?

But it's funny because,
you know, you know,

that's weird, but

at that age they don't
know what lying is.

You know?
- [Carter] Yeah.

- Like, they don't even
know it's a possibility yet.

- [Carter] Yeah, I guess.

- But there's just
so many things

that they just
don't know about yet

because they're so--
- [Carter] Interesting.

- [Gavin] Hey,
where's the check?

- What?

- [Gavin] The rent check.

The one that I put under
Farah's blow dryer.

Where is it?

- I never touched it.

- So it just
magically disappeared.

- Well, you're having a party.

Maybe, maybe someone
here took it.

Or when you were cleaning up,

maybe you moved it.

- Nah, the only people
that have been in that room

are you and Amy.

I saw both of you.

- Dude, I never touched
your rent check.

I didn't even know
you put it in there.

- Gavin, I'm, I'm
sure it's in there.

Yeah, I'm, I'm, I'll go look.

- Why'd you go to Eastern Bloc?

- What?

- [Gavin] The bar,
the Eastern Bloc.

The bar, you went and you
had the marker on your hand.

Remember, I saw it.

- Yeah, I, I went
out, I told you.

- You didn't tell me where.

You didn't tell me you
went to the Eastern Bloc.

- What does it matter
where I went out?

That night, I followed
Felix there, to that bar.

I followed him inside.

I didn't know it was a gay bar.

Is, I mean, is this why

you're so upset?

- No.

- You sure this has
nothing to do with it?

- No, it, I.

Look, I.

- I didn't take your rent check.

I don't need your money, really.

(fan hums)

(muffled pop music)

- [Amy] Hey, John.

Is your brother with you?


It's Amy, is he
staying with you?


Oh, yeah, no, no,
I'll call you back.

(solemn instrumental music)

- [Gavin] Do you
know where Amy is?

- [Grace] No.

- Do you know, uh, do you
know if she left with Carter?

- No.

- Are you leaving?

- Yeah, um, I have to go
write, I have to get up early.

I've been writing this
one passage for weeks

and you know when you just

keep rewriting and rewriting

and then you forget
what you were writing

in the first place.

- Yeah. (laughs) Mm hmm.

- What?

- [Gavin] Oh, it's, I,
since when are you a writer?

- What do you mean?

- Oh, you know, I
just, you only took

one creative writing
class in college.

I just, I just thought it
was a hobby, that's all.

- Yeah, happy birthday, Gavin.

(people chatting)

(clock ticking)

- [Derek] Where's your roommate?

- Who knows?

She's insane.

- Are you reading this?

- Yeah, I, uh, I just started.

- What's it about?

- Uh, a bunch of lonely people.

- Why would you wanna
read about that?

- How was your date?

- What date?

- [Gavin] You said you
had a date with some guy.

- Oh, yeah, uh.

It was all right.

- Are you gonna see him again?

- [Derek] I texted him
and he never responded.

So, oh well.

- I'm sorry.

- [Derek] I should go.

- No. Why?

- I'm kinda tired.

- [Gavin] Okay, well, will,

will you just have
one more drink?

- I don't think I
could drink any more.

- It's my birthday.


Just a little while?

(clock ticking)

- Hey, hey.


You all right?

- Do you live in this building?

Apartment one?

- No.

- No?

- [Man] Are you sure
you're all right?

- Yeah.

- [Man] Okay.

- Yeah.

- [Man] Take care then.

(soft, repetitious
electronic music)

(baby crying)

(door slams)

(baby crying)