Hunted (2020) - full transcript

The company of wolves is better than that of man." Once upon a frenzied time, Woman meets Man. Woman dances with Man. Man kisses Woman. Man grips Woman. Woman escapes Man. Man chases Woman - Nothing new. Or is there?

Do you hear that, Jeremy?

Hear what?

The song of the forest?

Hey, I can hear
it now.

That's the Wolf Girl
who sings.

This story begins a long,
a long time ago.

A priest named Nicodemus decided
to raise an army of paupers

in order to liberate
the Holy Land of Jerusalem.

Nicodemus managed to convince
a large number of peasants

and other hopeless souls
to follow him

to Christ's tomb.

He soon had 100 followers.

From whence they made their way

across the country
towards Jerusalem.

But soon, food became scarce.

Then winter set in,
harsh and punishing.

They starved to death
one by one.

Only a handful
entered the forest.

This very forest in fact.

Back then,
giant wolves ran wild.

But Nicodemus was unconcerned.

He proclaimed an angel
visited him in a dream

and told him this was
the shortest route

to do God's bidding.


Starved and desperate,

Nicodemus saw a young girl,

flesh that would serve
a sustenance

for his hungry followers.

She begged him
to let her go.

Silence, woman."Silence woman.

You will fulfill
the will of God.

Now pray for salvation."

The young girl's beautiful and
pure song had awoken the forest,

and it wished to protect her.

The forest was a defender
of the innocent,

that is,
when it sends its emissaries.


Seeing the girl on the back
of a huge wolf,

Nicodemus shouted,
"Witch, you're a witch!

You're safe because
you've mated with Beelzebub."

The girl responded,

"The company of wolves
is better than that of man."

- You're going to die witch.
- "You're going to die witch."

She disappeared
forever in the forest.

Are there still
wolves, mummy?

Wolves? No.

No, there aren't.

As for man?

Yes, there are.

We have deadlines
for a reason, Eve.

You can't let
these motherfuckers

get away with this.

I know, and I told them,
but they have

a problem with the delivery.
What can I do?

You need to
put your foot down,

you need to put pressure
on these guys.

But that's what I'm doing,
and I think they're reliable.

You need
to be tougher,

otherwise this is all going
to blow up in our faces,

we'll all be fucked.

If you want,
I can put Martin on this.

He's right here.


He can be there tomorrow
if you want.


Thank you, but I'll
handle it myself tomorrow.

Make sure you do. I don't
like to be disappointed.



No, I couldn't call you back.
I had a shitty day.

Stop it
with the apartment.

I don't know, I don't know.

Let's talk about it
when I get back, okay?

Yeah. Bye.

No-one ever dared
give an order in my presence.

Well, it's only
the first time.

You have a strange
power over me.

Whether it's love or not,
I don't know.

And you know what I want,
is just to be with you.

That's the way I like it, don't you?

What can I get you?

Uh, can I have a mojito?

Here you are.

Thank you.

Are you my date?


I'm kidding.


May I offer
you a drink?

I think I'm fine,
thank you.

Let me guess,
you're Russian?



Aren't you that
French actress or something?


You look sad.

How about we get back
to my place?

Look, that's enough.

Okay, okay.

Just talking, right?

Who do you think you are?
Miss Universe?


Hey, it's time to give up.
You're bothering her.

Uh, no, I'm not.
Thank you very much.

Two more,
for me and my girl.

You okay?

Yes. Thank you.

You're welcome.

What a asshole.

Yeah, obviously, that's...

Two mojitos.

May I offer you a drink?

Why not, yeah. It's from the asshole.

Right. Thanks.

What did you say to him?

I told him to change
his deodorant.

Yeah, right.

What are you doing
in this fantastic place?

Um, I came to supervise

a construction project
in the area,

and tonight I needed
to get some fresh air,

have a drink,
so I ended up here.

And you?

Oh, well, I, uh...

You're here to dance?

I saw you.
You're a natural.

Oh, you haven't
seen anything yet.

Really? Yeah, I can do the splits.

No, I'm here to see
my brother.

They're in the back.Mm-hmm.

He's not in
a great place right now.

His girlfriend
just died... cancer.

Oh, I'm sorry.

That's life.

I'll buy the next round
if you want.

You've got
killer moves.

Oh, come on.
No, really.

That was some
serious dancing.



Are you okay?

Did I do something wrong?

Uh, what are
you guys doing?

What took you so long?

Oh, oh, oh.
W-What's happening here?

We had to get out
of there, right?

That place sucked.
I know a much better place.

But we never said that.
W-Where are we going?

Calm down. Don't get
all worked up, man.

Hey, I'm not worked up.
Just take me back, okay?

Jesus. Make up
your mind already.

Look, it was fun,
but you have to take me back

because I have work tomorrow.

I work tomorrow,
too, alright?

We can have one
last drink back home,

and then we'll have a little fun
all together, you know?

What do you mean
all together?

You know,
the three of us.

What? What?
With your brother?

I'm not his brother.

Okay, what the fuck is this?
Stop the car! Let me out!

Child lock, sorry.

Stop the car!

Aah! You fucking
stop the car now!

Yeah, we'll let you out.
We're not crazy.

Stop it! Yeah, we'll stop.

Alright, stop the car,
stop the car.

The lady gets off here.



Can I make
a phone call?

I forgot my phone,
and I would like to call a taxi.

A taxi?

You're not going to get
a taxi now at this hour.


If you'd like, I close up here
in about 20 minutes,

I could drop you off
back in town?

Yeah, that would be awesome.
Thank you.

In the meantime,
feel free to check out

our wide range of products
for young and old alike,

everything made in
that great empire of China.

They're going to be

our next masters
of the world, you know?

Yeah, I know.

And when that happens,
I'll be ready.

Hello, little girl.

I am very sweet,

and I love
little sluts like you.

Leave me alone.

Stop it, Andy.

I told you to be polite.
I'm so sorry.

Could you shut up,
little bitch, please?

No, I told you not to talk
like that to the lady, Andy!

I'm so sorry.
I'm really sorry.

I need to teach
him manners,

but he's not listening.

Is there a problem, Miss?
Is this guy bothering you?

Oh, man,
we're together.

Tell him, honey.

Oh, come on,
you can't leave me like this.

You're breaking my heart.

Listen, man, this probably
isn't the best place

to resolve this
kind of issue.

I love her.
No really, I do.

Uh... you're right.
I'm being an idiot.

No, don't be so hard
on yourself, man.

Look, look, uh,
Confucius once said,

"Our greatest glory
is not to fall

but to know how to rise
each time we fall."

Think about that.

I mean, you know, just take
some time off, reflect on that.

- Thank you, sir.
- Hey.

You're very kind.

I'll... I'll stop calling you.
I'll give you some space.

You can call me
when you feel like it.

May I use your restroom?

Maybe you should try
talking to him.

You know, he looks like he
really is suffering.

We need to go.

What the hell?

All good?

Sorry. Did I take too long?

Do you want to keep
little Andy?


Are you hungry?

Ooh, I love these!

Lots of cash.
Look at that.


Let's go.
The night is young.


No? Y-you don't want to?

Move it.

What are
you going to do with me?


Get in.

Please, let me go,
please, please.


Grab her hands.

Alright, what's wrong?
You look sad.

What, she's not
hot enough for you?

You want us to find
another girl?

Come on, you know you can
tell me anything, spit it out.

I don't think I can do this.
I don't feel very well.

I think you can do this.
I know you can.

And I'm counting on you.
We're a team, right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I think it's wrong.

It's all right.
Everybody gets cold feet.

I have exactly
what you need

in case you feel
a little shy.


Even porn stars
use this.


Of course.
What do you think?

Imagine, you're on set,

the whole crew's ready
to shoot, right?

This bitch is lying there
with her legs spread open,

then this guy appears,
and he goes,

"Hey, everyone, uh, I'm sorry,

I don't think I can
get it up today.

Must be something I ate."


Imagine that?

Cinema is a huge business.

It's efficiency
at all costs.

There's no place
for amateurs.

We have to stay focused.

Say it.

Focus, focus.


Focus, focus, focus.

Repeat it. Focus, focus, focus.

That's it, louder. Focus, focus, focus.

- Yes!
- Focus! Focus! Focus!

- Hello?
- Mm!


What are you doing?

Do you like
that music, b...

I don't have AIDS, you know?

What's your problem?

Do I disgust you?
Does my mouth disgust you?

No, not at all.

Then why did you wipe
the bottle before drinking?

Just, just habit. I...

So I don't disgust you?

- No, not at all.
- Uh-huh.

You love me?


Do you fucking love me?

Yeah. Yeah.

Okay, kiss me then.


Kiss me, now!


My stomach.

Something's stuck
in my stomach.

How many times have I told you
to put your seatbelt on?

Get out of the car.

I'm stuck.

I need your help
to get out.

What are you doing?

Covering our tracks.

Wait a minute!

Let's go.

Right this way.

Move it! Come on!

Come on, move it!


Oh, come on.

We were just fucking with you.

You know you're gonna
catch a cold like this?



Right there, right there!
Come on!


Get her!


You fucking moron!



- Yeah, the camera loves you.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Show me your biggest,
most beautiful smile.

- Alright, now show me fear.
- Like...


I don't know, I get a...
I don't know.


Man, I want to go.

Let me go, man!
Let me go!

Don't move, don't move.

Ah, now she's crying.
Oh, for fuck's sake.

Andy, come
get the camera.

Fucking whining all the time.

I did everything
you told me to.

Fuck, you spread them.
Spread your fucking legs!

Come on!

You're slowing us down.

We'll never
find her in here.

We need to get
as far away as possible.

I need stitches.

Did she see our faces?


Well, haven't you ever
watched TV?

In the foster home,
that's all I ever did.

All right.

So, in order to catch her,
we have to get inside her head,

to think like her.

So, I'm a little bitch
lost in the woods,

and I know I'm going
to die soon.

What do I do?

I don't know.


I don't know what the fuck
I'm going to do

'cause I'm scared

Let me have a look.


Does that hurt?


Alright, sit down.


Okay, hold it here.
Hold it.


All fixed up.

Feeling better?

Yes. Thank you very much.

You see?
No need for a hospital.

Come on. Let's go.

Ooh! Oh!

It's freezing.

You should try it.
It's good for circulation.

Want one?


Hey. Hey.

Grab her.
Fucking grab her. Go!


Grab her, you moron!

Please. Just stop.



- Get up!
- Aah!

Fucking bitch.

Aaah! Fuck!


Are you crying?

Shut up, Andy.

First you make me crash the car,
then you let her get away.

You're a useless
piece of shit.

I shouldn't have
talked to you like that.

I'm sorry.

I'll never call you
Andy again.

It's just,
I'm a little tense

with everything
that's going on.

I take care of you, right?
I take care of you.

Come on.

Alright, breathe.

Let me have a look
at your face.

It... it's just
a broken nose.

Okay? Yes, yes, it's...

All right, we'll get you
to a hospital,

but right now
we have to strap the nose.

And that way,

you don't end up
looking like a freak.

Girls don't like
freaks, you know?

It's gonna be fine,
it's gonna be fine.

Sit down.

Did I tell you I used to be
a first responder?

Yeah. You wouldn't believe
the wounds I've seen.

This is nothing.
Just a scratch.


You'll look sexier
in the end.

Yeah. I'm not joking.

Women, they love men
who look like

they've been through shit,
you know?

Alright. Okay,
this is gonna sting,

but you're brave,

- Yeah.
- Okay, hold it right here.

Okay. I'm going
to strap the nose.


I know. I know.
I know.

Alright, we got
to strap it tight.

That way, it doesn't
get infected, okay?


I'll make a hole
over the mouth afterwards,

but there's
a lot of dangerous bacteria

in this forest, right?

And if you get
an infection, oh, boy.

You could get tetanus.

Do you want to know
why you ended up

with duct tape
on your face, Andy?

Lack of motivation.

You're lazy,

and you complain
about everything.

It's all right.
I forgive you.

Boy? Hey.

I need help. Hey.

Oh, my God.

Finally another human being.

I was hiking
with some friends.

No, that's shit.

I've been lost for two days.

I was walking my dog Andy,

and he ran off to chase rabbits
and so I ran after him.

He ran off...

so I had to run after him.


I've been lost
for a while.

I was, uh, walking
with my dog Andy.

Always alert.

That's my son Jeremy.

- Hi.
- You can use his phone.


You need to call
someone, right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I... I should call my wife.

She must be worried sick.

Hey, honey, it's me.

Yeah no, no, no.
I'm fine. I'm fine.

I... I swear, I'm fine.

Please, listen.
Andy ran off, so I chased him.

But I got lost
in the woods, so...

No, I couldn't find him.
I'm sorry, baby.

I-I met some very nice people,

and... and they're
going to help me.

What time are you
heading back?


Alright, I'll... I'll be
with you tonight.

I'm sorry for Andy, baby.
Yeah. I love you.

I-I should hang up now.

See you tonight.

No problem.

Never get married.

Can I help with anything?


What are you doing?

Watching porn, huh?

No, no.
I'm playing video games.

Hey, it's fine by me.

So what?

You're watching porn.
There's no shame in that.

Look, I totally understand.
There's so many sluts around.

I'm just playing
video games, that's all.

You gay?

No, I like girls.

I got some great movies
I can show you if you want.

When those girls scream,
they're not acting.

All right.

Our little secret, yeah?

This is very good.

What breed is your dog?


Your dog.

The one that's lost
in the wood.

What breed is it?

I... I don't know actually.

It's a bastard, I guess.

His name was Andy.

He was a little dumb,
but I liked him a lot.


You might find him again.

I doubt it.

What are you doing
out here, camping?

We're preparing for
the end of the world.

We're training to survive in
a hostile environment.

Yeah, basically we sleep badly
and eat uncooked meat.

You'll see.

One day all of this
will be of use.

Yeah, can't wait.

Do you live in the area?


No, um...

My wife and I, we're just,
you know, tourists

visiting Europe.

A tourist with a dog?


It's not forbidden,
is it?


I got to take a leak.

And what is it you do?

Besides walking your dog
in the wilderness?

I make movies.

Documentaries mostly.


How's that
for a hostile environment?

- Paranoid bitch.
- Aah!

Do you want
to be my friend?



I need help.

Wakey, wakey.

- Come back!
- Aah!

Where are you going?

Come on,
I have a movie to shoot,

and I don't have fucking day!

Come on!

You're sending
some very bad

vibes into my mood,
you understand that?

This entire forest is filling up
with negative energy,

and it's seriously getting
on my fucking nerves!

Let me introduce Andy, your
partner for the scene today.

Alright, here you go.
Put the mask on.

But I... I did everything
you told me to.

Put the fucking mask on.


Do you see
what I have to deal with?

Complaining all the time.

So, here's the pitch.

You're a rebel fighting
for the occupation.

That's gonna be good, right?

The war's been
going on for months,

and you haven't touched
a woman since.

You're walking in this forest,
you're lost.

And you're thinking,
"Man, what I wouldn't give

for a nice little
piece of pussy."

When suddenly, you stumble
upon this... this camp site.

And you find this
CIA spy in hiding.

She... she's a spy.

You caught her,
you tied her to the tree.

And you know she has
some crucial information

you have to get out of her.

Oh, man.

Oh, that's a great story.

They just pop into my head.
I don't have to do anything.

They come to me just like that.

So, you walk up to her,
and you start feeling her up

a little bit,
but she's all uptight.

You know, one of those, "I don't
go all the way on a first date."

You know what I mean?

And then when you're
good and hard,

you grab her by the hair,
and you stick it in her mouth.

You ready?

Alright. Wait!
I didn't say "action."

Don't move until I say "action."

Alright. Action.

Holy shit!



What the fuck?!

No, no!

Aah! Get it off me!

Fuck, fuck!

What the fuck?!

Do something
for fuck's sake!

Oh, fuck off!


Fuck, my camera! My baby!

Ah! Fuck!

No, don't be...

You're fucking dead.

Leave her alone!

Fuck off!


Jesus Christ!





I'm gonna fuck you now.

Not sure you can.

What did you say?


Little dick.


I'm the best fuck
you'll ever have.



No, no, no.


Oh, yeah.


You hear me bitch?!

I'm going to find you,
and I'm going to kill you!


Aaah! Fuck!

Fucking forest!

Fuck this forest.


Not my friend anymore.

I'm not afraid,
you fucking bitch!

Shut up.

Shut the fuck up.

Shut up!

Oh, fuck, it stings.

She's not there.


Fucking hurts.


Move it up.
Move it up.

Move it up here.
Move it up. Move it up.


Oh, fuck.

You shouldn't be here!

Hey, stop!

Aaah! Fuck! God!

Listen, dude.
I'm trained.

I'm going to have
to ask you to leave, okay?

Can't you see I'm wounded?
I need help.

Right behind you!
Behind you.

Hey, what's going on?

She's trying to kill me!
Do something.

Put the club down.
Put the club down!

On the floor, now!

Do something!



- Yeah! Way to go man!
- On your knees, cowboy!

- Alright.
- Hey! Come back here, you!


My nose!


My nose is fucked!

Let's have a look
at the kitchen, shall we?

So what do you think? I'm really not sure.

- I think I love it.
- Really?

Okay, guys, you have to imagine
this for yourself.

Just dream with me for a sec.

It's a wonderful morning.
You're having your breakfast.

And suddenly, your kid
is having his first steps.

I think I like that.

Um, I'm telling you,

this is the place
to raise a child.

- Yeah, I think it is.
- Really?

Just perfect.
What do you reckon?

I like it.

Oh, my baby!
My baby!

Do something!

Visits are over.
You have to apply online, ma'am.

What the...?




Wait, wait,
let me help you up.

Fucking choke you
to death.

Fucking whore.


Oh, fuck.




Son of a bitch, boy.

You can have it.

I'm gonna fuck those assholes.

Come here, Lobo.
Come here, Lobo!


No, let go! Let go!


Please! Please, I'm sorry!

I'm really sorry.

Wait a minute.
Wait, wait.

I know I caused you
a lot of pain.

But I sincerely regret it.
Alright? Wait.

I can change.
I'll get some help.

Look, I swear.

Look, I'll get my demons.

Give me another chance.
I'm really...


I said I was sorry!

I said I was sorry.


I said I was sorry.

I said I was sorry.

I love you.