Hunt for the Labyrinth Killer (2013) - full transcript

Young, ace assistant DA, Shelby Cook, works with driven cop, Mike Holland, to catch Daedalus, a serial killer infamous for luring his victims to their deaths through labyrinth traps. Three innocent men have already taken the fall for Daedalus and when Daedalus strikes again, Shelby finds herself defending the latest man accused, a retired and respected judge--who also happens to be her own father.

[Suspenseful music]

[small dog barking]

[woman] Artie!

[Barking continues]

Artie, are you
kidding me? Now listen.

I'm serious.

There is no way in hell
I'm going back

to do a romantic comedy.

I don't care!

Just find me
something... meaningful,

something... oh, sh‐‐


I gotta go.
Bitsy's running around outside.

Of course, I don't know
where the maid is.

I gotta go get him
before the coyotes do.

So, listen, I love you.
Find me something good...

Else you're fired.

Okay. Thanks, bye.







What are you doing here,
you naughty, naughty doggie!

You cannot do that.

You scare Mama
like that.

Okay, you can't
run off like that.

That is
a very naughty girl.

You'll be eaten
by very big, bad coyotes.

Time for us to take
a little shower, lady!

[Water running]


[teapot whistling]




Ow! Ah! Gosh!



[phone ringing]


[Phone continues ringing]



[Busy signal]

[cocks gun]

Oh, my God!



‐ [whirrs]
‐ [electricity buzzes]

Thank you.

Miss Anderson.
Miss Anderson.

Miss Anderson,
thank you.

Thank you.
You have no idea

what this means
to my family.

Mr. Hernandez, again,
I'm so sorry for your loss,

but maybe now you can
finally start to move on.

I think so.

Now that we know
that he'll

never be able to get out of prison,
we'll be able to...

find some peace
and, uh...

and celebrate the life
of my daughter.

Oh. You take care
of yourself, Mr. Hernandez.

You too.

I'd say "nicely done,"

but I don't want
to inflate your ego.

Ha ha! A compliment
from you?

I wouldn't know
what to do with it.

I will say
that was a tough one.

Second degree
and nothing but circumstantial?

I honestly didn't think
you could do it.

Now I've changed my mind
about that compliment.

Heh. I hate to cut
the victory dance short,

but I need you to focus
on the next case.

‐Well, this isn't just any case, Shelby.

This is
a game‐changer for us,

and I want you sitting
beside me at trial.

Am I missing
something here?

I take it you haven't read
this morning's headline.


Karen Donovan was
murdered last night.


Daedalus has returned.


How many years has it been
since the last one?

Two years,
eleven months, nine days.

Every couple of years
or so I think,

"This has gotta
be the last one.

He's gotta be
dead by now."

But then there's
always another one.

Yep, and this time our boy's
making a statement.

A former governor's wife.

This one's
gonna be high‐profile.

You recognize his M. O?

Yeah, his M. O. Is
he's sharp, he's calculated.

See, he didn't just want
Karen Donovan dead.

He wanted
to toy with her.

I wonder who
this guy is.

How did he have time
to prep the rail

with Mrs. Donovan
still in the house?

I don't know, he had
to bait her outside somehow.

What about the gun?

The gun, the bullets
were replaced with inert rounds.

I figured that.

The black box?
What's the deal with the box?

It was custom made
with a trigger mechanism.

We've broken it down.

The components are too common to trace the sale, though.

That's cause he knows
how we work.

How'd he do it?
How did he do it?

He didn't put it up
on the railing,

and it's too far
to the ground.

Hey, uh, give me
your glove.

Yeah, got a pair?



Are you sure you're ready
for a case like this?

Obviously, Lisa
thinks I am,

or she wouldn't
want me on it.

What, Dad?

Say what
you want to say.

I'd hate to think
Lisa has more faith

in my abilities
than you do.

No, it isn't that,

but a case like this
could break your career,

and a broken career
is hard to fix.

Right, Dad.

Yeah, of course.

You're sure it's not
the husband?

Sometimes the obvious assumption
is the right one.

No, it has
to be Daedalus.

The whole crime scene
matches his process.


Are you sure
you're okay?

I'm just concerned

that Daedalus
is setting another trap.

He frames people,
that's what he does,

and nobody knows that
better than I do.

Dad, you followed
the letter of the law.

All the evidence pointed
to Ogden and the others.

Yeah, I sent those men
to prison, innocent men,

and I've had to live
with that my whole life.

Any other judge would've
done the same thing.

Juries can make mistakes;
judges can't.

Okay, tell you what.

Lisa and I are meeting with one of the detectives today.

If I don't think it's iron‐clad,
I'll pull myself from the case.

That I can live with.

We'll be working from here,

and you'll be coordinating with Detective Mike Holland, here, Shelby.

‐Mike, this is Shelby Anderson.

‐Nice to meet you.

Well, you look nothing
like your dad.

‐You know my dad?
‐Well, of him.

I mean, it's kind
of hard not to

when you've spent the past 20 years chasing Daedalus.

Twenty years? What, did you
make the force at 15?

Actually, his 11th‐grade
history teacher was James Ogden.

Falsely accused
Daedalus number three.

Someone's been doing
their homework. Yes.

He was a terrific guy.
He did not deserve to spend

three years of his life
in prison and lose his family.

[Woman] This time we're gonna
prosecute the real deal.

I don't have any interest
in breaking any records

for the most false convictions
of a single killer, do you?

‐Not at all.

Did we find out
what he took this time?

Yes, we had the cleaning staff
do a thorough inventory.

‐We think this is it.

Daedalus stole
a teddy bear?

He always takes
a souvenir,

something inexpensive
but unique.

I'd never heard
that before.

Well, actually, no one has,
because we haven't told anyone.

We figured it out
after the third killing.

The victim's son told us
that a puzzle box was missing,

and ever since then we have
been doing inventory.

‐Now, the first Daedalus killing was in 1963.

That makes this guy
at least in his 60s.

Now, given his talent for framing other
people for the crimes he's committed,

I am certain that this guy
was in law enforcement.

He's killed 33 people,
all married women who've been having an affair.

Was Karen Donovan
having an affair?

Yeah, we're still
checking on that.

Boot print was
a lucky break.

Not as lucky
as this one.

The blood on the nails.

Now, the DNA matches
the victim's, Karen Donovan,

but there's a second set of DNA that we
couldn't match to anything in the house.

Why would Daedalus leave his own blood at a crime scene?

Even if he did cut himself,
he'd know we'd test the nails.

Because he's starting
to make mistakes.

No, that doesn't make
any sense. Why now?

Because the guy
is in his 60s, like I said.

Maybe he's not as sharp
as he used to be.

Or maybe it's a trap,

and he's a lot sharper
than the cops.

Everyone makes mistakes
sooner or later.

‐Not Daedalus.
‐Yes. Yes, Daedalus!

Look, Shelby,
Daedalus is just a man.

I don't care how many times this has happened before,
it's not gonna happen again.

And why's that?

Well, 'cause this time
I'm on the case.

The infamous serial killer
Daedalus has struck again,

this time murdering
film star Karen Donovan.

Daedalus, named after
the Greek architect

who was known to construct
the labyrinth of Crete,

channels his victims
through a maze

into a lethal trap.

‐What do you have?
‐Past Daedalus cases.

Start with Linda Carmichael,
August 15th, 1963.

She was the first
Daedalus killing.

The second one
is June MacNair.

This is the
Chicago factory murder.

This was July 2nd, 1971.

Now, a lot of people don't think
this was a Daedalus killing.

I do. The M. O.
Was way too close.

October 31st, 1971,
Gladys Morlow.

He painted the labyrinth
right over her body.

There was 11 more dead girls
by the end of the decade.

We've got Kelly Yamanoko.

We've also got
Roxanne Wyland.

These were two of his
most high‐profile murders.

They were both daughters of high‐powered public officials.

God, they were so young.

1980s, we have seven
that we know of.

Nineties, there were
only five, and so on,

until we get
to Miss Anne Castillo,

which was the one
right before Karen Donovan.

She was a nursing student
on her way home

from night classes
at Cal State Tujunga.

Well, to see them all
right here in front of you...

This is big, Shelby.
It's daunting.

I was hoping your dad could
give us some perspective.

‐What are those?

Here... we've got
our false Daedaluses.

Number one
is Bill Garrison.

He was arrested
in September of '79.

He was found wandering around
by Daedalus killing number 15.

Then we got Reggie Carvano.

He was arrested
in February of '88.

Reggie's fingerprints
were found on a seashell

that was also at one
of the Daedalus crime scenes.

And that brings us to
false Daedalus number three.

James Ogden.
That's what he looked like

20 years ago
when I knew him.

He was the kind of guy
that you would, uh,

you would introduce
to your sister.

Wow, what happened to
James Ogden really affected you.


All right.
I'll call my dad.

[Mike] So, what does
a retired judge do?

What does
a retired judge do?

Well, I always tell Shelby
that the most fun part

about getting older is finding
young people to mentor.

But mostly I collect
overpriced wines,

and I read current cases,
and I grumble.

‐ [Chuckles] ‐ And I've got a cabin up in Big Bear.

No, Tahoe, Dad.

Big Bear was
before Mom died.

You sold it and bought
the one in Tahoe.

That's right.

‐Spectacular view.
‐That sounds beautiful.

We don't get up there
much anymore.

Shelby's mom died
in a car accident.

Icy roads.

There were too many
hard memories.

I'm very sorry.

I don't have much time for
cabins or vacations, anyway.

I warned Shelby that the DA's office would eat up her personal life,

which is why
she's still single.

‐ [Laughs]
‐Settle down.

‐Well, I'm just lucky she's on our side.

defenders and prosecutors should both be on the only side that matters:

the truth.

Yes, sir.

It's been hard on Shelby.

It's like being
the preacher's daughter.

But I couldn't
be prouder of her.

It's always a blessing
when your child exceeds

your greatest expectations.

Well, you've got every right
to be proud of her.


You have
a beautiful home.

Would you like a tour?

No, thanks,
I've already seen it.

‐ [laughs] Yes.

I would love a tour,
thank you.

You know, I gotta tell you,
I was, uh...

I was a little nervous
meeting you.

Why is that?

Well, I testified
once in your court,

and you scared
the hell out of me.

Hmm... I was
just testing you.

Did I pass?

Test ain't over yet.

Here... is all
that overpriced wine

‐Dad was talking about.

This was a great place for hide‐and‐seek when I was younger.

Ah. People actually
have these, huh?


I'm more of a beer cellar
kind of guy myself.

Mm. Margarita cellar
for me.

Not bad.

When I was younger,
my friends and I

used to take them down
and play a feminist version

of Guinevere
versus Maid Marian

‐versus Joan of Arc...
‐ [laughs]

Oh, my dad would
get furious.

Oh, I bet.



Don't judge me.

Ho‐ho! Wow.
Brit boys.

Mm. They were
a big deal.

Eh, when I was 15.

I know I'm a fan.

That's a great picture
of your dad and you.


Wow, that's a...

That's an awful big
trunk you got there.

Is that where you stash
all the bodies?

‐Funny. No, actually,
want to see something cool? ‐Yeah.

Look, it has this little
secret compartment down here.

My favorite.

‐That's cute.

What, your, uh,
dad give that to you?

Yeah. Well, he gave
me everything.

I think he

when my mother died.

He didn't want me losing
a girl's perspective.

Your father's
a good man.

Yeah, he is.

Thanks for coming, Mike.
It was a pleasure.

Oh, pleasure's all mine.
Thank you very much.

Hey, you mind if I use
your restroom before I‐‐?

Down the hall.
The open door.

Open door.
Thank you.

‐Ready for our morning walk?

How about I tempt you with
a blueberry waffle instead?

Like Mom used to make.

Mike seems like
a nice guy.

Yeah. Yeah,
he's pretty focused.

‐And you're not?

You look so much
like your mother.

You know, she and I,

we could talk about things
that most people

never even cared about,
like philosophy of language,

logic, law...

Being together made both of us
better at what we did.

You see, sometimes
if you're lucky,

you meet somebody
who inspires you.

[Pounding on door]

‐Who the hell could that be?
‐I'll get it.


Wait, what's going on?

I'm sorry,
is your father home?

‐What's happening?
‐Judge Anderson.

I have two warrants here‐‐

‐What's going on?
‐One to search your house,

and the other for your arrest
in the murder of Karen Donovan.

‐Murder? What are you talking about?
‐Please handcuff‐‐

You can't do this!

You can't come into my house
and arrest me!

‐ [Reciting Miranda warning]

You are so far over your head
you have no idea!

I'm gonna get you
thrown off the force!

Who the hell do you
think you are?

Dad, stop talking,

‐Mike, you are making a big mistake!

His DNA matches
the blood found

‐in the carpet nail, Shelby.

A traffic camera took
a photo of your father's car

leaving the vicinity of
Karen Donovan's murder

‐an hour after it happened.
‐No, that's not possible.

I'm sorry.

Sometimes people
surprise you, Shelby.

They sure do.

Do not say a word,
not a word.

I will be there.
I will get you out, I promise,

as quickly
as I possibly can.

‐ [Siren squawks]
‐Not a word!


[door buzzes]


I'm gonna get you
out of here, Dad.

Death is nothing.
But my reputation...

Yeah. [Sighs]

How did your DNA end up
in Karen Donovan's house?

Do you even know her?

Were you there for
some kind of an event?

Well, yeah,
I met the governor a couple of times.

Do you remember
the last time you saw him?

No. No,
I don't recall.

How did they match
your DNA?

You have to be convicted
of a crime to end up

in the national
DNA database.

When I was on the bench,

I pushed for DNA
background checks,

and I wanted to set an example,
so I volunteered.

Okay, that's good.

Anyone would understand
that a man

who advocates justice
would never commit murder.

Dad, that traffic photo.

What were you doing there
at 1:00 in the morning?

Sometimes I like
to go out.

But there‐‐
there's something...

Give me a minute. Um...

What? What is it?

You don't remember.


Oh, my God,
you really don't remember.

Dad, are you okay?

The doctors told me that
I have early Alzheimer's.

I was doing okay,
I was fine,

until they took
my meds away.

How long have you known?

A few months.

Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't want
to worry you.

Lisa, this is absurd.
You've known my father for years.

And I'm gonna make sure
he gets a fair trial,

but it's the former
governor's wife, Shelby!

My father is
not capable of murder.

You and I both know there is something more to this.

I thought we were
after justice.

I am, but you're not
being objective, Shelby.

Look, I've spoken to
Dan Artuno in San Francisco.

He'd be happy to have you
in his office for the duration.

We'll even pay
for the lodging.

I'm going to defend
my father.

That's ridiculous.
I won't allow it.

Lisa, if you prosecute my dad,
you leave me no choice.

Shelby, you've worked
far too hard to throw

everything away like this‐‐
your career, your reputation.

I will not fail.

[Lisa] Your Honor,
Mr. Anderson is a risk.

He can flee the country.
He can kill again.

Not to put too fine
a point on it,

but the defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

Galen Anderson is a respected judge with an illustrious career,

not to mention the fact that there is a history of false accusations

when dealing with
Daedalus cases, Your Honor.

There is overwhelming evidence
that links him

to the crime scene
at the former governor's house!

But he has not been convicted,
Ms. Couphon.

I understand that,
Your Yonor, but‐‐

But he is also
a highly revered judge.

We can't put him behind bars
with the same criminals

he spent a lifetime
putting in jail.

‐It would put him at great risk!
‐ [Scoffs]

I'm setting his bail
at $150,000,

and the defendant
will be released

under restricted house arrest,
wearing an ankle monitor.


Do you believe your father's
really innocent?

Do you think
you'll win this case?

What do you have to say
about these charges?

Miss Anderson, how does it feel
to be on the other side?

‐No comment.
‐What was Daedalus like at home?

Okay, thank you. Thank you.
"No comment" means no comment.

Does this change your relationship with your father?

Sorry. They can't get
through this door.

‐It needs a key. You can just go right out the back.
‐What are you doing?

Just want to make
sure you're okay.

After what you did
to my father?

Shelby, you're
a prosecutor.

I mean, come on.
How many times have you heard people

swear up and down that their
loved ones were innocent?

The only difference is now
you're on the other side.

Don't go there.
You have no right.

I'm sorry that you're
in the position you're in,

but I'm not gonna apologize
for doing my job.

‐Then why are you here?
‐To warn you.

Look, you need to be careful.
That man, he's using you.

Oh, my God.
Mike, listen to yourself.

No. No, no. This is
what Daedalus does.

Don't you understand?
This man has got schemes within schemes.

He's using you right now.
You are in the middle

of the labyrinth,
and you have no idea.

Then tell me, Mike,
if all that's true,

why haven't you asked yourself what role in Daedalus's plan you play,

or do you think that you're the one person who's outsmarted him?

It's gonna be okay, Dad.

You know, when I sat
on the bench,

I had all this time
to watch the defendants.

Some looked like
they didn't care.

Most looked serious
but concerned,

like they were trying
to imagine

how an innocent person

But a few...

had this wide‐eyed look
like they had no idea

what was going on
around them.

They just were confused
and frightened.


The confused and frightened ones usually lost.

It's the DNA evidence.

That's going
to be trouble.

Dad, do you have any idea how your blood might've gotten there?

I presided over three
of the trials.

I made a lot of enemies.

Maybe one of them
is seeking retribution,

or, perhaps, the real Daedalus
is looking for a payback

because none of
the previous frames would stick.

But how would he have
gotten your blood?

I don't know.
I don't know.

I sleep with the windows
open at night.

Maybe my doctor's office.
I don't know!

Okay. We need help.

I know a guy.

Freddy Cook, private investigator.
Do you remember him?


Well, this isn't his specialty,
but he owes me.

[Phone ringing]

Freddy! This is
Shelby Anderson.

[Judge] So,
more paperwork, Counselor.

Your Honor, uh,
this is a preliminary list

of witnesses
we intend to call.

Detective Matthew Brady,
Chicago Police Department?

I don't see how this witness has anything to do with the case,
Your Honor.

He was lead detective
on the July 2nd

1971 murder
of June MacNair.

My client is not on trial for something that happened 40 years ago.

That's a fair question,

I understand.
I wanted to save the court the burden

of so much additional material,
but since it's vital...

‐Could we just get on with it, please!
‐For getting at the truth!

I am petitioning
to officially add

the murders of June MacNair,
Kelly Yamanoko,

Roxanne Wyland,
and Gladys Morlow

‐to the list of charges.
‐Objection, Your Honor.

This is no way to conduct
yourself in my courtroom.

Your Honor, we intend to prove
that Galen Anderson

is the real Daedalus killer,
always has been.

These new materials
overwhelmingly link

the defendant
to all those crimes.

Your Honor, this is
all circumstantial.

No. Once I review
the materials

presented by the state,

I'll decide if they admit
their burden

to support
their additional charges.

Court will be adjourned
till 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning,

‐when I will have made my decision.
‐ [Bangs gavel]

You are reaching
on this.

Oh, it's only four
additional counts.

You're lucky
it's not all 33.

[Man] You know, the noodles
next door, pretty dodgy,

but I always get
the extra MSG.

I see your diet
hasn't changed.

Actually, the original
Chinese word for "MSG"

was "the essence
of flavor."

Their point.

So, how's the old man
holding up?

He's doing the best he can
under the circumstances.

‐So, what can I do for you?
‐We need your help.

My father
was set up.

Not what they're saying
on CNN.

Come on, Freddy.

You of all people should
know that he's innocent.

He set you straight.
You owe him.

Okay. Okay.

What's your theory?

I think that the real Daedalus is behind this,

and he's framing
my father.

What, Daedalus
framing your father?

Well, I just think
it seems like a stretch.

I mean, how would he get
access to your dad's DNA?

the million‐dollar question.

I think that the real
Daedalus is a cop,

or some sort
of government official.

No one else
would have access.

‐There's no other explanation.
‐So what do you want me to do?

Start by figuring out
his M. O.

Here. These...

are the three
false Daedaluses:

Bill Garrison, Reggie Carvano,
and James Ogden.

These are old photos,
so they probably look different now.

Find out how
they were framed.

Talk to any friends
or family they may have.

[Reporter] It's a media frenzy here today
on day three of the Galen Anderson trial.

With both sides finishing up
opening arguments yesterday,

there's been plenty of heated moments and drama so far.

The prosecution plans
to prove that Galen Anderson

is indeed the infamous
serial killer Daedalus,

while the defense contends
the former judge

is simply a pawn
in a labyrinth of conspiracy.

[Lisa] Dr. Zhang,
in your expert opinion,

would you tell us your profile
of the Daedalus killer?

‐Objection. ‐The state is establishing motive,
Your Honor.

Every serial killer
has one,

and it is vital
to illustrate that pattern

in order to connect it
to the victim.

You may answer the question,
but restrict yourself to motive.

[Zhang] Yes, Your Honor.
It's well known

that Daedalus victims
are all women

who are engaged
in extramarital affairs.

From a profiling standpoint,
that's important

because it points
to a patriarchal man

who sees himself
as an emotional vigilante.

For him, the victims
are villains

who have gotten away
with a crime

because the court system does
not know how to punish them.

Hardington, you were close friends with Karen Donovan.

We're looking
into her background.

You're not blaming
the victim, are you?

Not at all. It's just,
do you know anything

about Karen's past that
could complicate things?

Not that I can think of.

I don't like surprises,

especially when
they can blow my case.

All right.

I saw Karen
up at Coral Shoals

up along the coast

a couple weeks
before she died.

I don't know what
Coral Shoals is. What is it?

Vacation condo rentals.
Very discreet.

It's a place you go for a little something something on the side.

Anyway, Karen was there,
and she was incognito‐‐

sunglasses, scarf over her head,
that sort of thing.

So she was having
an affair?

The governor was very uptight
and traveled all the time.

[Shelby Isn't it true that Daedalus has framed

at least
three people previously?

‐ [Zhang] Yes.

Well, he clearly
takes enjoyment

in being able to outwit
the legal system.

So, based
on your proposed profile,

wouldn't it be very exciting
to Daedalus to frame a judge,

a pillar
of the legal system?


Dr. Zhang, please answer
the question.


Isn't it true the defendant
was the presiding judge

in the three
previous Daedalus trials?

Yes. For Daedalus,

the irony of that might be
especially exciting.

Thank you.
No more questions, Your Honor.

Welcome back, everybody,
as we continue today's conversation.

I'm Stefan Chase, joined by
legal expert Charles Lott.

Charles, turning to the
prosecution's strategy,

many in the legal community
were surprised

when the state chose
to try the defendant

for prior
Daedalus murders

and not just the killing
of Karen Donovan.

How is that possible?

[Lott] Well, it's very common
for serial killers

to cover great distances
crossing state lines,

so a new law was created
allowing for

the consolidation of charges
in a single prosecution.

This eliminates the need
to extradite suspects

‐to other states for trials.
‐Okay, very interesting.

While the state has enough
evidence to prosecute,

it's unlikely they'll get convictions on the previous murders.

So, then why
take this to court?

It's actually a brilliant
move by the state.

Getting those additional
murder charges

allows them to use some witness testimony the defendant gave

during the previous
investigation years ago,

and through that affidavit,
the state will try to establish

a pattern of behavior
that will serve as motive.

Okay, we definitely
understand now.

[Clicks off]

Damn paparazzi.

[Galen] Shelby!

Hey! Hey!


‐ [Man screams]

Aah! Oh!

Shelby! Shelby!

what are you doing?

‐I'm fine, Dad, I'm fine.
‐ [Beeping]

Your monitor. Come on.
We gotta get back to the house.

‐Come on.
‐You shouldn't be chasing paparazzi.

[Man] The Chicago factory murders,
June 2nd, 1971.

We found this girl,
June MacNair,

dead in an abandoned factory on the near West Side of Chicago.

I was a rookie cop
back then.

It was my first murder scene,
and it was a unique murder scene

because there was this heart
painted on the window

above her dead body.

What links the defendant
to Chicago?

The defendant studied law at Northern Chicago University Law School,

where he earned his degree.

[Lisa] What other evidence
do you have that links

the defendant
to the MacNair murder?

The defendant was
in the same law fraternity

as June MacNair's
husband, Robert.

How do you know that?

Based on many interviews
I had with witnesses,

plus the fact that a scarf
from the same fraternity

was found
in the defendant's belongings.

Your Honor, I would like
to show the witness

the defendant's scarf
that has been marked

as prosecution's
exhibit 49.

You may proceed.

‐Is that the scarf you were referring to?

And was the husband questioned at all in his wife's murder?

Of course. He was initially
considered a main suspect.

[Lisa] Why?

They were going through
a messy divorce.

Do you know why they were
getting a divorce?

Well, at the time,
we thought they were no longer compatible.

You hesitated.
Did that information change?

[Man] Well, a few years later,
I ran into the husband at a ball game.

We ended up having
a few beers together,

and he told me

that Mrs. MacNair had been
stepping out on him.

Objection. Hearsay.

The jury will disregard Detective Brady's last statement.

Was the husband cleared?

Yes. He had
an iron‐clad alibi.

And was the defendant questioned at all about this Chicago murder?

[Brady] Yes, but at the time
all the questions were geared

towards his fellow frat member,
the husband, Robert.

You remember the defendant
after all these years?


[Lisa] He must've left
quite an impression on you.


Please rephrase.

What makes you think
after all these years

that the defendant is
involved in the Chicago murder?

The defendant was spotted
near the crime scene,

but at the time,
we couldn't establish motive.

Once I became aware of the fact
that she had had an affair,

a statement
the defendant had made

many years ago during
the interview process,

well, frankly, that statement
came back to haunt me.

What did he say?

He said that...

broken hearts
are the worst crime.

And that...

their perpetrators
never get

the just punishment
they so sorely deserve.

That sent a chill
through me.

And the look
in his eyes, well...

it was looking into the eyes
of an empty soul.



[Shelby] Lisa is now
trying to connect you

to past Daedalus killings.

If we can establish
alibis for them,

then we'll be able to plant
doubt in the jury.

Shelby, my memory is
getting hazier and hazier.

You have to try, Dad.

Maybe look at your notes or receipts,
past case histories.

Even if I could remember,
I'd still have to prove them.

[Pounding on door]

Well, that's what
we have Freddy for.

What are you doing here?
Did you find something out about our stalker?

Well, the department
is treating it as an incident

with a deranged
freelance photographer.

No. No. It wasn't

No, I‐I know,
but that's

the department's official line
on the whole thing.

So you have no useful news.
Well, you're not welcome.

Actually, no, it's not
the reason why I came. Look.

I found something,
and I wanted to show you

before I brought it
to Lisa and the judge.

It's a pill bottle
with your dad's name on it.

I found it at Karen Donovan's beach house.

You're nothing but an opportunist looking to make a name for yourself,

and I will not let you
do this to Karen!

Dad, speaking as your attorney,
shut the hell up!

Why are you
helping us?

Believe it or not,
I'm looking for justice, just like you.

Get off my property.
Now! Get off of my property!

‐Get out!

I'll take the fifth.

I'm perfectly willing
to take the fifth.

You owe me
an explanation for this.

You've been lying to me,
and I'm doing my best to defend you!

What am I supposed
to think? I trusted you.

And now you don't?

You could go
to prison.

I would rather
spend the rest

of my coherent days
or months in prison

than drag Karen's name
through the mud!

Were you in her house?


What about the blood?

I don't know.
My memory is spotty.

I might've stepped
on something.

Dad, you need to do
better than this.

The boot print.

I remember
fixing a light.


Okay, did she receive
any threats?

Did she have
any stalkers?

Do you remember anything suspicious when you were with her,

like someone
following her?

I don't remember
any significant details, no.

Dad, I need something!

[Sobbing chuckles]
Do you think this is easy?

Everything that I am
is just...

slipping away.

Sometimes I feel like
it's already gone.

Shelby, I'm sorry.

It's okay, Dad.

I mean, I'm really sorry
about this.


[judge] What issues do you wish to
discuss before I bring the jury back in?

A recent follow‐up search
done by one of our investigators

revealed this medicine bottle
with the defendant's name on it

inside Karen Donovan's
beach condo.

Your Honor, the state
can't introduce new evidence

piecemeal to the jury
in the middle of a trial.

I can't believe
you're considering this.

We need time
to take depositions

and determine
a chain of custody.

This can't be done
carelessly, let alone

during a capital
murder case.

She has a point.
How do you plan to prove

that this medicine belonged
to the defendant?

Your Honor, in order to
understand the relationship

between this new evidence
in our case,

we wish to amend our witness list to include Beth Hardington,

a friend
of Karen Donovan's.

Your Honor, it's too late
for a new witness.

We didn't learn about
this witness until recently.

She is vital to our case,
as she ties

the defendant to the victim
and establishes motive.

Okay, I'll allow it.

Court will re‐convene
at 2:00 p.m.

[strikes gavel]

[phone buzzes]

Give me good news,

I found the sister
of Bill Garrison,

false Daedalus
number one.

She got married twice,
went through two different last names,

plus she didn't publicize
her relationship,

‐for obvious reasons.

Whatever she can tell you
will be a big help.

Good work, Freddy.

Here you go, Bandit.
Oh, I just love my horses!

Bandit, you are
such a charmer.

He seems like
a real cowboy's horse.

He was Bill's horse.

I've been
taking care of him

since Bill passed away
four years ago.

He had a tough time
after the trial,

even after
he was exonerated?

[Laughs] Oh, well,
he was a little bit

of a celebrity
at first.

He used it to get girls.

But when
the celebrity faded...

the notoriety remained.

Do you remember anything about how he wound up getting accused?

We're trying to see how Daedalus goes about framing people.

Well, I'm afraid
I won't be of much help.

It was‐‐
it was an accident!

Bill was in the wrong place
at the wrong time.

Did he ever meet any of the other false Daedaluses?

Not that I know of.

I mean, being accused
of something like that is a...

it's a dark chapter
in a man's life.

You don't go around
starting a club about it.

You know, he used
to take long walks at night.


And he had cans of red
spray paint in his home.

That was all they needed.

So, he wasn't
actually framed.

No. No, just bad luck,
I guess.

So, Miss Hardington, you knew Ms.
Donovan was having an affair?

Well, after I saw Karen
at Coral Shoals, I sure did.

Why didn't you come forward
with that information earlier?

I didn't want to see her family dragged through a scandal,

and it didn't
seem relevant.

And did you talk to her
about this affair?

Not at first.

Even though I saw Karen
at Coral Shoals,

and she saw me see her,

I didn't make
a fuss about it.

Girls need
their secrets.

Anyway, a few days
before she died,

we met for lattes,
and she was upset.

‐About what?
‐She'd gotten into an argument.

At first I thought
it was with her husband,

but she didn't typically get all heated up over the governor.

Sure enough,
it was with her guy friend.

What was the fight about?

Well, Karen didn't really
give me all the juicy bits,

but... [sighs]
he was jealous.

Karen said that he wanted
her to get a divorce,

and when she hesitated
he called her

a heartless, using bitch.

He apologized later,

but things changed
for Karen after that.

You haven't said a word
to me since court.

You didn't think that was the sort of thing I needed to know?

It was nothing.
I was upset.

It was the first time
that I had opened myself up

since your mother died,

and I could see it
slipping away.

Now you remember details.

You think I can
control this?

I can't anymore.

I need to know everything
you remember right now.

Can you do that, Dad?

I'll try.

We met
at a charity event.

She was there
with her husband,

who spent the night
hobnobbing with everybody,

so we spent most of the night
talking to each other.

She was bright,
she was beautiful.

She reminded me
of your mother.

She asked
if she could call me

and talk about something personal,
so we met for coffee,

and she told me she wanted my legal advice about getting a divorce.

Can anyone corroborate that?

No, I don't think so,

because she's very
private and discreet.

And it wasn't long before we weren't talking about divorce anymore;

we were talking
about us.

‐But you did fight.
‐We argued

because I wanted more,

because I knew my time
was running out

and I wanted to spend
what time I had with her

in the open, not hiding.

She held back because she knew
I had an expiration date.

And that was
the last time I saw her.

I am tired of you
holding back on me.

I will not let you
die in prison.


[phone buzzes]

Freddy. Please give me
some good news. I need some.

Bill Garrison died
four years ago,

but he wasn't
actually framed.

He was just in the wrong
place at the wrong time.

I think
what happened to Bill

inspired Daedalus
to frame the others.

I think he got excited
by the idea

that he could manipulate
the entire legal system.

Okay. What about
the other two?

Well, I'm having real trouble tracking down number three, Ogden.

I'm gonna need
some help with that.

But number two, Reggie Carvano,
actually has a fan page.

Now, I don't know if these freaks think that he's actually Daedalus,

or if they just admire
his proximity to Daedalus.

‐But I arranged an interview

with a girl who says
she slept with him.

Super creepy, but again,
good work, Freddy.

You know, some of these chicks
are pretty hot.

I should get
a prison record.

Okay. On that note,
good night, Freddy.

Dad, what do you‐‐

‐ [Gasping]

‐Hey! Hey!
‐You murdering son of a bitch!

‐No! No! No!
‐Get out of the way!

‐Shelby, move!
‐No! My dad didn't kill anyone!

My wife's dead
'cause of him!

If you want to kill me,
that is your decision,

but please leave
my daughter alone.





‐You okay?
‐ [Man sobbing]

‐Okay. Come on.

He killed my wife!

No scratches.


That was
Hernan Castillo.

His wife Anne Castillo was murdered by Daedalus three years ago,

and he's been in and out
of counseling ever since.

What about
the other stalker?

Well, we've got people watching your house 24/7 now,

so that won't
happen again.

You've been watching us.

I've been checking in.

You weren't
just checking in.

Good night.

So, uh, wh‐what's
your real name, anyway?

Icarus. I got my name
changed legally.

So, um, did you think that
Reggie was really Daedalus?

Mm, I wasn't sure
at first.

It's kind of like,
I wanted to believe,

so I saw what
I wanted to see, you know?


But then we had sex,
and it was so ordinary

that I knew
it couldn't be him.

Oh, yeah. Right.

I thought I'd be filled
with this, like,

terrible dark light,
you know?

Yeah. Oh, yeah.

I guess it would be
a memorable experience.

But Reggie was touched
by Daedalus.

He was a hand‐picked piece
on Daedalus's chessboard.

I felt that a little.

Like an aura.

Um, okay. Did Reggie
ever, uh, talk

about how
he was framed?

The way Daedalus
trapped Reggie

is that he plays
a spiral seashell

on his favorite table
at a cafe Reggie liked.

Yeah, like
the Greek myth, right,

the seashell riddle
the king of Crete used

to discover the secret identity
of Daedalus.

You are really cute.

[Chuckles] Aw, it's just
Wikipedia, you know.

After Reggie
moved the shell,

his fingerprints on it,

Daedalus then placed the shell at his next crime scene.

Like the carpet nails.

So, okay, well,
why Reggie?

Why not Ogden
or Garrison?

Garrison was so old.

I was only 19
when he died.

And he was
too pathetic.

Ogden was
too intense for me.

I wanted to work up
to meeting him.

Reggie was supposed to introduce us before he died.

Wait, Reggie knew Ogden?

Yeah. He talked about
him all the time.

They're kind of, like,
in a special club, you know?

When did Reggie die?

About a month before
that Donovan chick ate it.

His house burned down
with him in it.

‐It was arson?

Or at least
that's what the cops said.

Did they ever
investigate for arson?

A guy like Reggie dies,
nobody cares.

Nobody investigates.


it's after midnight.

You have to get some sleep.
You've had a long day.

I can't sleep.
Dad, I don't know what I'm gonna do tomorrow.

You'll think of something,
but you've gotta give your brain a rest.

We're out of time, Dad.

I've got no one
left to call,

no more witnesses,
no more expert testimony.

I can't just show up in court
and spin my wheels.

Maybe it's enough


I'm not gonna take chances
with your life.

I remember the first time
I saw you in trial.

[Laughs] Oh, God.

That was awful.

You made some mistakes,

but your gift is always knowing
how to get to the truth.

‐Truth doesn't always win.

But knowing how to find it
is important, even if you lose.

[Phone vibrating]

Speaking of finding
the truth...

It's Freddy.

Excuse me.

What do you know?

James Ogden and Reggie Carvano met each other?

That's what she said,
and then Carvano

ended up dead,

We have to talk
to Ogden.

‐I might know someone who can

help us get his address
and his driver's license.

Already did it.

You accessed
the DMV database?

Eh, I can neither confirm
nor deny that informa...

‐What did you find? ‐Useless, two years out of date,
moves around a lot.

Damn it.

Did you find
anything else?

Nah. I mean, he's got
an online presence.

Oof. He didn't
age well.

Prison, then his wife
and child left him.

What if he's trying to get
revenge on your dad?

No. My father was eminently
fair to him at trial.

Well, after what happened to Ogden,
would he ever care about fair?

I mean, I bet he's mad
at the whole world.

He did sue.
He got a generous settlement,

monthly stipend
for the rest of his life.

Would that make up
for losing everything else?

Probably not.

Wait. They have to mail
those checks somewhere.

I know someone who can
get us that address.

Okay. Okay, Shelby,
I can handle this.

You've got the trial
in the morning.

I'm running out of time, Freddy.
Sleep is for the dead.

Okay, well,
I'm coming with you.

I'm coming with you.

[Siren wailing]

And just stepped
on a syringe.

The junkies are more afraid of you than you are of them, Freddy.


That deadbeat disappeared
about two months ago,

still owes me
a week's rent.

Was it before or after
the Karen Donovan murder?

Oh, yeah, that.

Maybe right before?
But he left all his stuff!

‐Can we go through it?
‐Shit, you can have it.

‐If you pay me his last week's rent.

‐Fair enough.
‐Yep, it's fair.

Can we go through
the room he was staying in?

Sure. It ain't clean,
but help yourself.

‐ [Slides credit card]
‐Checkout is noon.

I'll add it to your tab.

Well, Ogden left
in a hurry.

And I'd like
to know why.

Maybe he's lying dead
in a ditch somewhere,

you know, of something
stupid and random

like a heart attack
or an accident.

Or maybe we're
missing something.

Hey‐ho! Porn in magazine form?
How retro.

Oh, hell, am I really
gonna have to touch these?

[Laughs] The man
who chooses to travel

down these mean streets
must have courage, Freddy.

[Imitates laugh]
Aw, yuck.

‐There's something in here.
‐What's that?

What the hell?

That's a P. G. P. Key.

‐A what?
‐P. G. P.

P.G.P. stands for
"pretty good privacy."

It's an open source
cryptography method,

and by "pretty good,"
they actually mean

unbreakable given current
and foreseen technology.

Now, there are two keys.

Right, these long sequence
of symbols,

and a public key that the user posts in the open.

"Real serial killer memorabilia
for trade or sale."

‐He's marketing himself!

So he signs the message with a public key and a screen name.

Then customers reply
someplace on the Internet,

Ogden downloads this

anonymously, via proxy
or public wireless.

Someone's trading a John Wayne Gacy memento for a Daedalus one.

Looks like they've
done this before.

And... we've got
an address.

James Ogden's
secret lair.

Think there's
anybody home?

I guess nobody's home.

Are you okay?

You think
that was a trap?

I think if were a trap,
you'd be missing a foot.

Oh, man.



This step should've
collapsed ages ago.

Ogden never uses
this door.

Hey, hey, just be careful
with the‐‐

Just be careful.

Great. Great.

‐Everything okay?


Oh, my God.

The labyrinth stencil.

If we'd come in
through the front,

this whole place would've
gone up in flames.

I'd better get
some back‐up proof.

Ogden was the one
watching us.

[Shutter clicking]

Ogden. And Garvano.

And Garrison.

They were working together.
They were all Daedalus.

That's how they were able
to clear each other's names.

This is it.

Ogden killed
Karen Donovan.

And now we can prove it.


Stop! Freeze!



[Shelby] Your Honor,
we would like to move

defendant's exhibits 67

through 82 into evidence.


This is far too much evidence
to introduce so late into trial.

Your Honor, the state
has no right to object

given the amount of evidence
they've added.

Well, I agree, Counselor,

Defendant's exhibits 67 to 82
are marked into evidence.

Mr. Cook, what are we looking at
on these whiteboards?

These photographs
and pictured objects

were all recovered from
Mr. James Ogden's trailer.

‐And who is James Ogden?
‐He was the third man

originally convicted
for the Daedalus crimes.

He was then set free.

What is the significance
of this photo?

That teddy bear belonged
to Karen Donovan.

It disappeared
the night she was murdered.

And why is
that important?

Daedalus always steals
a trophy from the crime scene.

This time, it happened
to be the teddy bear.

These other items
that you see on the board

are all believed to be trophies taken from other Daedalus crimes.

The police are checking them
against their list now.

What is this stencil?

The stencil in the photograph
matches the paint color

and labyrinth patterns painted
next to the victims' bodies.

Who is this
in this photo?

That is Bill Garrison,

the first man accused
of being Daedalus,

and he is standing
over the body of Roxanne Wyland,

Daedalus victim number eight,
killed on March 25th, 1974.

‐Reggie Carvano.

False Daedalus number two
with Michelle Waring,

victim number 18, 1985.

James Ogden, posing with
murder victim Anne Castillo.

Bill Garrison
with Gladys Morlow, 1971.

The first labyrinth.

That's a group photo
of Reggie Carvano,

James Ogden,
and Bill Garrison,

all three of the men
who previously went

to trial
for the Daedalus killings.

What do you make
of that?

All three of them
were actually Daedalus,

and they were
working together.

That way they could
provide alibis

for each other
when they got into trouble.

I assume you have another
application, Counselor?

Yes, Your Honor.

In light of
the overwhelming evidence...

the defense moves
to dismiss all charges

against the defendant.

Huh. Would the state prefer
a recess to consider?

The state does not oppose
the motion, Your Honor.

Judge Anderson, on behalf
of the criminal system,

the state, and this court,

I apologize
as a fellow civil servant

that you had to stand up
to all these charges.

I'm proud to see
that justice prevailed.

Charges are dismissed.

[Gavel bangs]

I never doubted
you could do it.

I'm so proud of you.

I'm so proud
of you.

Thank you, baby.
Thank you.



Um, no. No.
Nothing gets recycled,

but it will buried
on a back shelf

somewhere next to the Ark
of the Covenant.

‐I want to ‐‐
‐Wait. No.

Let me start.

I'm glad you came by.

And you know what?
I'm glad you won,

because otherwise
I would've lost you forever.

Thank you.

I want you to come back
and work with me again.


Frankly, I'm even
more impressed

now that we went
head to head.

I'd like that.

‐Yeah? Good.

But first, if it's okay,

I need to spend a little quality time with my dad.

It's been a rough ride.

Of course. Decompress.
You need it.

But don't
totally decompress,

'cause I could use
your help around here,

‐and I don't need you getting rusty.

Oh, one more thing.
We, uh, recovered

about two‐thirds of the mementos
from Ogden's trailer.

The others are missing.

We think he sold them
in that online trading ring

that you and your private
detective discovered.

‐We'd like your help with that.

There is a lot
of Internet to search.

[Chuckles] Yeah.

I'm glad you're back.


And you...
are my memento.

[Printer whirring]


What are you
doing here?

Well, I just
dropped by the house

to apologize
to your dad.

I mean, I know
protecting you

and your father doesn't
make up for what I did,

but, yeah,
I was just hoping

you and I could have
a fresh start.

I know you were just
doing your job.

‐Well, I mean‐‐

Not just your job.

You were doing what
you thought was right.

Well, I'm glad
I was wrong.

So am I.

‐I'll see you around, Mike.

See you.

How many famous detectives caught three serial killers in one night?

I'm gonna say none.

Who took that photo?

Come on, Shelby,
come on!

[Phone vibrating]

Hello, this is
Shelby Anderson.

I'm not available
right now.

[Tone whooshes]


[line ringing]

[man] Los Angeles
Police Department.

[Galen] Shelby?
You're back early.

Yeah, just
a quick run today.

Hey, Dad,
have you seen my phone?

[Galen] No.

[Mike's voice]
Did your dad give that to you?

Yeah, he gave
me everything.

Oh, my God.


[muffled screams]

[Galen] Shelby?


Shelby, I am
so proud of you.

You were absolutely perfect,

You helped me pull off
the grand finale.

Don't you see?
We did it together.

This only brings us

Shelby, my Alzheimer's
is real.

Maybe not as debilitating as
I've led people to believe,


I knew it was
only a matter of time

until I wouldn't be able
to remember the scent of death.

And I needed to conduct
one last act

before taking the final bow.

But why get caught?

Why the trial,
why the big show?

I wanted them to suspect,

to come within inches
of catching me,

inches of believing
that I was Daedalus,

and then to have their case
just fall apart.

It was so beautiful,
thanks to you.

you would be astounded

at the kind of admiration
a man like Daedalus gets.

I have my acolytes,
and they help me execute

the plans that I crafted,
I crafted them!

The first one grew sloppy,
and I helped him win at trial.

Carvano and Ogden,
they were much more dedicated.

Though I did let Ogden take
the fall for Karen's murder.

But the world thinks
Ogden is Daedalus,

and now he's dead.


But the Daedalus legacy
can live on.

‐Sweetheart, you.

You can take up
where I left off.

It'll be perfect.

My death will prove
that I could never be involved,

and they'll
never suspect you.

can be immortal.

You're insane.

You're smart, Shelby.
You can do this.

I've left instructions
and suggestions

in encrypted files
on my computer.

You were always
an excellent student.

Then let me out.

Let me out.
And I'll help you.

I have to know
I can trust you first.

I'm your daughter.

Remember? You made me.

Let me out,

and I can prove
myself to you.

I can tell when you're lying to me, Shelby.
I'm your father.

Let me out.
Let me out!

Let me out!

I love you, Shelby.

Truly, you are
my masterpiece,

and I wish it didn't
have to end this way,

but I can't say
that I didn't prepare for it.

[Car alarm chirps,
engine revs]

No, don't.
That won't do any good.

Even if you get in,

you can't turn the engine off
or open the hood.

I fixed it.

I prepared
for this exact moment.


Just like I did
in your mother's car.


She started seeing
someone, Shelby.

She betrayed me,

and Daedalus kills
women who cheat.

And I was living
with someone doing just that.


The irony. Heh.

I guess
I just didn't provide

the companionship
she required,

but that does not
excuse her behavior,

and I was not gonna let

that cheating whore
ruin your life.

I'm only upset that I had to
disguise your mother's death

as an accident and not
a true Daedalus killing.


[Shelby coughing]


Dead end, Shelby.

You better hurry.

The carbon monoxide's
gonna fill the crawlspace.

Come on, Shelby.
Come on.


this is how
it has to be.

[Shelby struggling]

[Shelby coughing]

I'm sorry, Shelby.
You shouldn't have to die.

It should be me.

I should've been
Daedalus's next victim.

They'll never
understand the pain,

the emotional pain
I've caused you.

The emotional pain.

The worst kind of pain.

The worst kind of pain.

‐ [Rings doorbell]

‐ [Coughing]

Daedalus will avenge you.

You're crazy!

It's almost done now.

Daedalus is making me
hear you die

and using my love for you
to lead me to my own death.

I go into the crawlspace
to rescue you,

but the trap is barricaded
by another trap,

sealing me in
with poison gas.

And I'm killed
by love.

I'm killed by love!


A tragic and poetic end.



I know you better
than anyone, remember?

Why do you have
to be so difficult?

Don't you know
you can be a legend?


[Mike] Shelby!



It's over.
Come on.

Come on.
Let's get out of here.

Come on. It's over.

It's okay.

‐It's okay.
‐It was him.

It was him all along.

‐You were right. ‐I know.
He fooled everybody. It's okay.

Come here.
It's okay.

You know,
I've... I've studied

and admired your work
for years, sir.

It is a pleasure to finally
meet you face to face.

You set this whole thing up,
didn't you?

Our mutual friend
tells me you're curious.

I wanna learn.

Then do your job.

I have a plan, and you'll know
when you're needed.