Hunt for the I-5 Killer (2011) - full transcript

Dave Kominek of the Marion County Sheriff's Department in Salem, Oregon is the lead investigator in the case of two cleaning women, Shari Hull and Beth Williams, who, at an office complex job site one evening, were raped and shot by an intruder. While Shari died from her injuries, Beth miraculously survived two gunshot wounds to her head. The perpetrator was wearing a hoodie, black gloves and had tape, like a bandage, across the bridge of his nose. In questioning a shaken Beth, Dave, taking one seemingly minor statement she makes, believes that this case may be tied to a series of robberies/sexual assaults/murders of females along Interstate-5 (I-5) - the primary highway running north-south along the United States west coast - each incident taking place within a few blocks of a highway off-ramp. In pulling together investigators from each of those cases, Dave does believe they have a serial killer on the loose. Further information tying the cases together is the not often used .32-caliber gun as the murder weapon. While more combined robberies/sexual assaults/murders of women occur along I-5, Dave ends up leading an investigative task force to hunt down the killer, working on this case which takes a toll on his marriage and family life with his two sons. In addition, Beth, who has not been able to cope with life following the murder attempt - that non-coping which includes not wanting to tell even the closest people in her life, such as her out-of-town boyfriend Eddie, what happened - has transferred all of her attention on Dave, who she sees as her possible savior and the only person who she believes truly knows everything about what she has gone through. Meanwhile, the killer may provide clues to what he has been doing to those closest to him, if they pay close enough attention to notice.

Can I help you?

Oh, my god.

Please don't hurt me.

He asked for the money,
and then he didn't even wait.

He grabbed my shirt
and the gun went off...

Can you describe him?

no, it's hard.

This really hurts.

I know.

He had a bandage thing
across his nose...

you mean a band-aid?


and a jacket hood over his head,
so I don't know.

Dark hair? Kinda tall.


Not fat. Just big.

I wish you didn't have to go.

I wish you'd come up
and stay with me

in spokane again.

There's no jobs
up there.

You could get
a job here.

Not that pays $22 an hour.

You wouldn't have to work.

I want to work.

I love to work.

Scrubbing bathrooms?

It's not just that.

If you knew
how much I miss you...

Beth, gotta go.

What are you going to do
when you get up there?

I'm going to miss you.


That's so nice!

Call me when you get there.

I will.

Thanks for stealing
my girlfriend, shari.

Thanks for making US
late for work, Eddie.

You're welcome.

I love you.


I thought I heard a noise.

This place
creeps me out.

I'm glad it's not
one of our regulars.

All I want to know is,

do we have to clean
all those windows?

Taking the trash out.

Oh, hold on a sec,
I'll help you.

There's not that much.

And then we're done.


Oh, crap, shari.

We forgot to clean the door.


Let's do it, then.


What was that?


Move it.

You're... you're robbing US?

Hey, we don't actually work...

shut up!
Get in that room.


Hey, I've only got
eight dollars, I'm sorry.

Take off your clothes.

I said now!

All of it!


what is your emergency?

We've been... shot...

Shari's hurt real bad.

Please... please help US.

Can you tell me
where you are?

T-title company,
commercial road.

Please hurry,
before he comes back...


Shari, shari...

Come on, talk to me.


Shari, talk to me!



Just got a call...

gunshot victims
down on commercial road...

had to say it,
didn't you?

Had to say Salem was
too sleepy for you.

No, I said it'd be nice
to work on a case

that was more of
a challenge.

Ah, the army has
ruined you, kominek.

Too many bullets
whizzing past your ears

has made you into
an adrenaline junkie.

If she's a witness,
I'm talking to her...

she took two bullets
to the head.

We gotta get her
to the E.R.

How is she
still conscious?

Don't know, but
she's in severe shock.

Didn't realize
she had no clothes on.


I'm pretty sure.

Bruises and contusions

The other girl, how is she?

No heartbeat.

Hi, Beth.

You were at
the title company.

That's right.

I'm detective Dave kominek,

Marion county
sheriff's department,

and I'm going to find
the man who hurt you.

And... and shari.

He hurt shari, too.

That's right.

I need a description.

Do you know, did...

Did shari...

Did she...
is she going to be all right?

Shari didn't make it, Beth.

She died about an hour ago.


I told her.

I told her to stop crying,

'cause it was making him mad...

But she couldn't stop,

because of the things
he was making US do.

I need you to give me
a description.

Can you do that,

We were finished.

Why did I make US go back

and get that door
that we missed?

I... I'm supposed to be dead too.

Why aren't I dead too?

Well, I'm glad
that you're not,

because you're here,

and you can help me find
the man that did this.

Just tell me
what he looked like.

He'll come back for me.

No, he won't.

He's gonna come back
and try to kill me again.

Just like shari...

oh, my god, shari.



You need
to sit still.

You don't want to break
open those stitches.

You need to go.

You're right.

I'm supposed to
be dead, too.

I'm gonna put a guard
outside your door.

You'll be safe while
you're here, okay, Beth?

I'll be back tomorrow. York.







Hi, sweetie.
You hungry?




No, stupid,
it's Tallahassee.

Hey, Eric,
he's not stupid.

Don't call
your brother stupid,

you got that?

Yeah, sorry.


I had a long night.

I didn't mean to snap.

I'm sorry, too.


You want to talk
about it?


You always say that.


I gotta take a nap,
gotta go back to work.

I don't even look like me.

I think you look
pretty good,

you know,

Little kids will see me
and run screaming.

You should let me call Eddie.


D-Don't you dare
call Eddie.

I... I don't want him
to know what happened.

He's gonna see
the scars.

That's not
what I'm talking about.

You should talk to
that rape counselor

who came in here...

Hi, Beth.

I'm Beth's sister. Tammy.

Hi, Tammy.

I know this probably
isn't a good time,

but I still need to
get a description

of the man who shot
you and shari.

He did worse than shoot me.

But you do remember.

I don't really know
if his hair was curly or...

or not, or straight,

'cause of the hood thing,

but a little of
the dark pieces...

Dark and... and straight.

And then, uh...

A little bit of beard, stubble.

...the suspect is described
as a white male, in his 30s,

six feet tall, facial hair,

a hooded brown jacket

and black gloves.

Anyone with information

about the suspect
or the shooting

is asked to contact
detective Dave kominek

at the Marion county
sheriff's department.

They didn't say nothing about
the band-aid on the guy's nose.

Is that some kind of big deal?
It was on the sketch.

Not everybody's gonna be
looking at the sketch,

so yeah, it's kind of a big deal
that we put out

an accurate description
of the suspect.

Unless we don't really
want to catch him.

I need a list
of those sex convictions

from the state attorney's

Make it happen.

How was work today?

Oh, you know,

Yeah? Your boss
is still being a jerk, huh?


What are you and shari
doing tonight?

Um, what?

You and shari
cleaning tonight?

Um... no.

We're not working,
we're going to the movies.


Remember last time
you and I went to the movies?

I gave you a rash from all that
making out we did.

Next time, shave first.

You sound
a little funny.

Your ex-boyfriend
been calling you again?

'Cause I'll go down to u-dub,

I'll talk to him...

No, I'm good.

I just... I have to go now.

Sure you're okay?

I just...
Miss you so much, and I...

I... I have to go.


There you are.

They signed me out,
like, an hour ago...


I thought you were my sister.

I'm here to ask
for your help once again.

I don't want to
talk about it anymore.

Well, forensics didn't turn up
anything at the scene.

I need you to come back
to the title company with me...

I'm not going back there,
forget it.

I know it's not
going to be easy,

but maybe
it'll jog your memory...

I don't want to remember it.

I don't want it
to have happened at all.

But it did happen.

Beth, it happened,

and I don't want it to happen
to anyone else.

Do you?

Is there any detail
you can remember?

Did he take anything
out of his jacket?

You know, something
about his body,

a mole or a scar?

I don't remember anything else.

I was scared out of my mind.

Did he say anything
about himself?

Talk about a job?

Talk about a brother
or mother...?

How about his voice?

Did he have an accent?

Did he use an odd phrase?

Look at me!

I don't know why we did
what he told US to do, okay?

I don't know why
I didn't just jump on him

and scratch his eyes out,
I don't know why...

Beth, there's nothing
you could have done

that would have changed
anything that happened.

I know you're
trying to help,

but I wish you
wouldn't lie to me.

He did say that he saw US
through the window

when he was driving by.

Black gloves...

Masking tape...

.32 caliber...

Last month, Eugene, Oregon,
the 13th.

White male, adhesive tape
over his nose

robs an ice cream shop
one block off the i-5.

Next night,
convenience store, Albany.

White male, little bit
of facial hair,

takes the 16-year-old clerk
in the back,

sexually assaulted her.

21st, Seattle, Washington,

a fast-food joint,
half a block from the i-5,

April soames, 21,

shot in the back,
.32 caliber.


She died.

Last month, roseburg, Oregon,

Lydia hall,

just turned 18,

shot by a man
with a band-aid over his nose.

.32 caliber bullet.

She lived.

Then a week later,

here in Salem,

the title company.

Beth Williams
and shari hull,

raped, shot in the head

by a man with a band-aid
across his nose.

Beth lived.
Shari died.

Eight robberies,

seven assaults, rapes,

murder, two states,

all off the i-5,

a block or two off an i-5 exit.

We got a serial killer
working the i-5 corridor.

I want you to just run in,

no standing and chatting
with Darryl if he's there.

Excuse me, are you lost?

don't hurt her.


Stop your crying.

It's going to be okay.

When we first called you
to this meeting,

we were just starting to
connect crimes

in your various

what looked to be
the same man

hitting small businesses
off of i-5

in Oregon and Washington.

Then Tuesday,
I got a call from Charlie

down in shasta city,
California. Charlie?

Monday night,
my buddy Mike, a fireman,

responded to a call
at his own house.

Two blocks off the i-5.

Mike's wife, Millie,
13-year-old daughter, Jenny,

they were shot and killed
in the bedroom.

Jenny had been raped.

And ballistics came back

to match to the .32 caliber gun
that killed shari hull

here in Salem two weeks ago,

so there's no longer
any doubt about it.

We've got US another
Ted Bundy on our hands.

Holy mother...

And he's working
an 800-mile range?

At least.

FBI has a profile out,

but I think we're looking
for a truck driver.

Or some kind of
traveling salesman.

We're also cross-checking

all class a and b
driver's licenses

with convicted sex offenders.

That'll take a while.

It will, but if we pool
our information,

I think we can
get a bead on this guy,

take him down
in a day or two.

You're all investigating him.

Tell me something
I don't already know.

A car.

A fingerprint,


Your witnesses had to notice
something else about him.



We've got to warn the public.

We believe that the
assailant's responsible

for 15 attacks on women

over the last two months.

His motive is initially robbery,
in most cases rape,

and in five cases,

he's murdered or attempted
to murder his victims

by gunshot.

15 attacks?

Why are we just hearing
about this guy now?

Well, we've only been aware of
the connection between the cases

for less than a week now...

a week?

Don't you think people
should have been told

the very first day?


Talk to me!

You still sleeping
in your clothes?

I thought you were
going to try

and stay another day.

I did try.

My boss says
if I'm not at work tonight,

then I should find
another job.

I don't know why you won't
come home with me.

Because I don't want
anyone to know.

It's... it's not
your fault, Beth!

You don't have to keep it
a deep dark secret.

I'm not going to tell
anyone, okay?

They... they'd look at me,
and they'd imagine it,

and I just, I feel him
stuck all over me.

I was only
trying to help.

If you want to help,

you can drop me somewhere
on your way out of town.

The state police jet

will take you
down to shasta city,

and the FBI called.

They want in on this case
real bad.

Hey, everybody
and their brother

wants in on
this damn case.

Yeah, well, they're sending
an agent down to see you.

What for?

The FBI's profile
was so generic

it didn't give US
anything to work with.

I don't need them
wasting my time, bill.

My sister was leaving,

and I didn't want
to be alone, and I...

Can't think of
anywhere else

where I'd feel safe.

Is there somebody
besides your sister

you could stay with?

I guess I could call
my boyfriend.

You have a boyfriend
here in town?

No, he lives
in Washington.

He didn't want me
to move here.

He was right.

Dumb idea, huh?

I haven't told him yet.


I talk to him
like everything's normal,

and when I'm on the phone
with him,

I almost do feel normal,
you know?

I do know.

But I'm going have to
tell him eventually because...

He keeps asking
about shari.


Maybe you could
tell him for me?

Everything that happened.

Oh, I'm sorry.

No, that was a...
Weird thing to ask, wasn't it?

But then you know
I'm not normal.

You're fine.

You... you're still you,

even after the hell
that you've been through...

and I know that this bastard
put you through hell...

you're doing better
than you know.

You are,

and I have a number
of a friend of mine,

a counselor.

Her name's Susan.

She can help you figure out
how to tell people...

what, that after I was raped,

I had to watch my best friend
get shot in the head?


Susan can help me
work that into a conversation?

You just worked it
into a conversation with me.

You're the only one.

The only person
in the whole world

I can talk to.

They were both found
there on the bed.

Millie was half hanging off...

Ah, you saw the pictures.

She had to watch
her daughter be tied up


Makes you sick,
doesn't it?

Could have been
my wife and daughter.

Although I don't live
near i-5.

I do.

What kind
of trace evidence

have you come up with?

Black fibers,

probably from
the driving gloves

we know he wears.

Some rayon fibers too,

but don't know
what that's from yet.

His jacket?

Inside lining has rayon.

Yeah, well, every other
jacket on the planet

has rayon in the lining.

Hey, your forensics guys,

they didn't move the bed.

I see the line in the dust.

I wouldn't call 'em
"my guys."

We borrowed 'em
from Redding.

You know, the bureau
would be glad

to provide a forensics team
to you at any time.

We do things
a little differently.

Hey, look at this.


Is a footprint.

The top half of a...
A hiking boot.

A stray puff of air
will blow that away

if it's not

There, stabilized.

That's Mike.

I don't know how he's ever
going to get over this.

Did your Redding guys
find any tire impressions

in the driveway?


but all of 'em
match the family cars.

Besides, the i-5 killer
never parks where he hits.

Well, he has to park somewhere.

I'm going to call
monty holloway,

get him to put together
a list of all the parking lots

with security cameras

by i-5 on-ramps that are
close to the crime scenes.

We'll start where he did.


I thought you were
off your rocker

when you came up
with this idea.

You're not the first one
to tell me that, Jim,

but thanks for coming down.

What do you got here,
a strip mall parking lot

on the other side
of the freeway?

Right, the night
Lydia hall was shot.

This lot
is a quarter-mile away.

It's a four-minute walk, tops.

Okay, here we go,

starting at 10:48 P.M.

20 minutes,
timing's about right.

I don't know,
it seems long to me.

Wait a minute.

I recognize this guy.

Yeah, I saw him
outside the gas station.

Something about
this guy bothered me.

He was at the scene?


Let's see if we can get
that license plate...

Douglas county sheriff,
open up!

Gerald toomey,
you're under arrest

on suspicion
of attempted murder.



Oh... aw.

Oh, you scared me.

Oh, Beth,
that's my fault.

I should have
said something.

It's just...

Look at this,
I crushed an orange.



Please tell me
you're not here

to ask me to go back
to the title company again.

No, I think we caught
the i-5 killer.

We made an arrest
in roseburg.

A girl was shot
a week before you,

with a bullet from the same gun.

He fits the description

of the guy that shot
you and shari,

and, uh, we're putting
a line-up together,

and if she can
identify him,

then I'm going to come back
and get you,

and you can I.D. Him, too.

You think it's really him?

He's got a record...

domestic violence,
aggravated assault.

Lives alone
in a trailer.

No alibi for
the nights in question.

Even has
a pair of hiking boots.

I'm pretty sure we got him.

Thank god.

Please let it be him.

Well, you don't
have to go down

to roseburg.


I'm not going to
miss this line-up.

Monty just called.

I-5 killer
hit again last night.

Yreka, California.


11:00 P.M.

Gunman hit
a donut shop,

took the cashier in the back

and assaulted her
in the bathroom

with someone waiting outside
to use it.

They get a description?

White male,
six feet,

brown jacket
with a hood.

Black gloves.

Silver revolver.

Tape over his nose.

I won't be taking you
down to roseburg.

The i-5 killer was
in California last night,

and the witness
down there

was unable to
identify the suspect.

We've ruled him out.

You said you had him.

I know. I...

I was wrong.

I'm sorry I got your hopes up.

So then he's still out there.

Go long!

Your landlady's kid,
he idolizes you, huh?

Then, you're used to that,
Mr. Green bay packer.

He's a good kid...

What's up with you?

I thought I was meeting you
in Portland tonight.

You are.

I'm on my way back
from California.


I don't remember you saying
you were going down there.

I had some meetings.

I travel a lot for my job.

Good, good.

Maybe that'll
take your mind off of Stacy.

I know that
it hit you hard.

Yeah, it hit me hard.

My ex-girlfriend
got shot in the face,

and the cops thought
I had something to do with it?

I'm sorry.

I know that doesn't
help a damn thing...

no, I'm sorry I got you
mixed up in all that.

I thought they'd
just talk to you

about where I was
that night.

I didn't think they'd
sit you under hot lights

for three hours.

Oh, buddy,
that was so messed up

that they even suspected you.

And that's exactly
what I told them,

loud and clear.

I knew I picked the right guy
to be my alibi.

But right now,

I'd better get
back on the road.

All right.

Beers tonight, though,

Yeah. Bring that girl
you keep telling me about.

I'm starting to wonder
if she's real.

Okay, I'll see what I can do.

The same night

he killed my friend's
wife and daughter

in shasta city,

he hit a hamburger place
a half-hour earlier,

sodomized a teenage girl
in the ladies' room.

Two in one night?

Yeah, this guy's
out of control.

We just found out

a couple days before
he killed shari hull,

he forced his way into a house
in corvallis,

two little girls, home alone.

About eight and ten.

He made them take off
all their clothes...

Well, that's... that's about
the same age as my kids.

This guy's an animal.

Dave's been
working with Roy

and the Oregon state police

on a rapid response plan.

When our guy hits again,

we want to get roadblocks
in place on the i-5.

We'll get him
on his way back home.

Look, i... I don't know.

take a lot of manpower.

You know how many exits
there are on this highway?


Yeah, okay, there you go.

I mean, that's a lot of holes
for him to slip through.

I just... I don't know
if it's worth it.

You don't want to
invest the manpower?

You want to tell that
the families of the victims?


I will put a roadblock
up and down this whole state

at every exit.

This sick son of a bitch

isn't going to hurt
one more girl,

not one more.

Oh, hello.


What a... what a surprise.

Stacy dumped you

what, three months
before she was killed?


Okay, but that's enough time
to get over her.

I'm never gonna get over her.

I loved Stacy.

But she... she hurt you.

You don't get it.

Hi. I'm Samantha.

I'm taking over Carla's tables.

Can I get you guys
another round?

Yes, ma'am, you sure can.

Okay, looks like
a greyhound for you,

and for you?

Oh, hey,

I remember you.

The bartender.

Yeah, that's right.

I remember you can do
a handstand for 36 seconds.

I timed you.


So, see any good movies lately?

Uh, not really.

What is this?

Another one of
your football groupies?

Or... or did she see you
in playgirl

and get all hot
and bothered?

You were in playgirl ?

Like, naked?

It was just this thing
they did on football players.

All the... important stuff's
covered up.

What, come on, you don't have it
folded up in your wallet

so you can whip it out
and show her?

You know what,
ignore him, okay?

And we don't need another round.

He's had enough
to drink already.

All right, well,

just let me know
if you change your mind.


What'd you say that for?

I asked her for a drink,

she damn well
better bring me a drink.

Clay, come on,
leave her alone.

How 'about
that drink, hmm?

Who's there?



Hey, it's me.

Can you let me in?


what are you doing here?

I wanted to
surprise you.

I thought I'd get here
earlier, but...

Come here.


Oh, my god, I...

Beth, you're shaking.

No, I'm not.

What happened to your face?

Let me see...



Did you get hurt?


What happened?

Please still want me
after I tell you.

Please still want me...

Hey, hey, shh, shh...

Thank you for letting me in.

My daughter's
never late coming home,

and her car is still
in the parking lot,

so she must still be here.







Where are you?


Oh, god, Sam!

No... Sam. Sam? Sam?

Sam? No...

Oh, god, help! Somebody!

I'm sorry.

I know I wasn't very...

I feel so bad
you drove all this way.

I don't care about that.

Look, I can't believe
you didn't tell me before.

I would have come down.

You know I love you,

You know I want
to help you?

I know, I just can't...

You just can't what?

I don't know.

I can't be... right.

I... I can't be close.

I need...

What do you need?

You know, you just name it,
I'll do anything for you.

You know,
I think it's weird

you're hanging out
at the sheriff's department.

Why don't you come
stay with me?

I'll take care of you.

Okay, I will.

Except I don't want to.

But I'll come.


Well, which is it?

I don't know.

I'll call you.


So, um, where's Dave?

I think he's talking
to the lieutenant.

Is there something
I can help you with?

I'll make him
a fresh pot of coffee, then.

Beth, my new boss.

So Beth's here again.

And she's
making you coffee.

Does she know
you're married?

Some more?

Uh, listen, it was really,
really nice of you

to have me over.

Well, I'm glad
to finally meet you.

Dave talks about you
quite a bit.

He does?


He's taking the last leg!

Hey, relax, buddy, come on.

Everything's okay.

Chad, there are more
drumsticks on the stove.

Apologize to our guest, pal.

No, it... it's okay.

I have a nephew.

I'm used to it.


What happened to
your eyebrow?

It's all wrinkly.


It's okay, he can ask.

It got broken.

A bullet, it went whoosh.

What, you got shot?


and now my eyebrow
doesn't move.

It just sits there
like a bump on a log.


Hmm, I'm a total freak, right?

Yeah. Not as much of a freak
as Chad, right? Show her...

- uh, no...
- do the thing...


Oh, that's David, when we broke
ground on this house.

He built this house himself.

You're kidding.

It took almost a year.

But when David
starts something,

he doesn't quit
until he finishes.

Oh, and that's me
with Chad,

his first birthday.

Your family,
it's so amazing.

You're so lucky.

You're right. I am.

Me and Eddie,

we talk about
getting married

and having kids, but...

I, uh... I don't know
if he's the one, so...

...okay, well, I'll see you
in a couple days...

Randy, come on, man!
Let's go!

I love you too.

Hey, come on, man...

what, you've got to
check in with your girl

every five minutes?

I thought we were
going to party.

Well, you're
in a better mood

than you were last night.

Yeah, I got that Stacy stuff
out of my system.

Well, good for you.

How'd you do that?

So your girlfriend
stood you up?

No, she's... she's flying down
on Tuesday,

after she takes this big test,
or... something.

But when she gets here,

I think I'm going to ask her
to marry me.

You better not,

not until I meet her.

You've got to bring her by
so I can check her out.

I don't think so.

I mean, I don't know
which Clay

is going to show up.

Hey, look, I'm sorry I acted
like a dick last night.

It's okay, man.

I just want to keep her
to myself for a bit.

Hey, you should call your old
college roommate, rossi,

have him meet US.

What, you, me,
and Tim rossi?

That sounds like a party.


Let me get that
for you.


I hate pumping gas.

That's what
boyfriends are for.

Your boyfriend's slacking.

Don't have one at the moment.

I don't have
a girlfriend neither.

I did, but you know
how that goes.


Relationships suck.


so we shouldn't have
a relationship, then.

We should just leave it
to a one-night stand.

I'm sorry,
I couldn't resist.

Although I would like to
buy you a drink.

You can decide

on the one-night stand
thing later.

Thanks, but I'm supposed to
be meeting my girlfriend.

Great, I can call
my friend Randy,

and we could make it a party,

you know?

Um, I don't think so.

She hates it
when I set her up, and...

I don't think it's a good idea.

What, do I seem like
some kind of creep to you?

I don't think that.

I'm over here pumping your gas,

and you can't
have a drink with me?

Oh, oh, what now?

What, you can't
talk to me either?

You know what?

I'm not surprised you don't
have a boyfriend, you bitch!


See you later.

Sorry, hon, but we're closed.

That door
should have been locked.

Trisha, you forgot
to lock the door again.

And me standing here
with the money in my damn hand.

Go on, take it,
you want it so bad.

Get in the back room.

Both of you, come on.


The way you look at me...

Like you're the most
beautiful girl in the world?

Like I'm in love with you?

The things you say....

I've never met
anyone like you.

It's like you're not
afraid of anything.

Not afraid of love.

You sure you don't want
any wine?

I don't want to lose control,

and there's something I've...

something important
I have to do.

Tell me.


I know we haven't been
together that long,

but I have never
felt this way before.

Angie, you know
the real me,

and you accept the real me.



will you marry me?



Oh, my god.

I was gonna lose it
if you didn't say yes.

Oh, my god.

Business owners
along the i-5 corridor

report a drop in business

as the i-5 killer and
his two-month crime spree

continue to escalate.

Police say he's responsible
for at least four murders,

18 rapes
and sexual assaults...

can I speak to the manager?

And more than
25 robberies.

You're speaking to him.

Detective mettner,
beaverton p.D.

I'm investigating the murder

of a young woman
named Samantha Adams.

How can I help you?

I'm looking into

known acquaintances.

Her mother said

that she used to go out with
a bartender that worked here.

30s, dark hair,

former football player?

Yeah, you mean Randy.

What's his full name?

Randall woodfield.

Big-time jackass.

He stole $200 from the till

his last night
working here,

not that I could prove it.

I had a couple of waitresses
complain about him, too.

Complain about what?

Oh, you know, they didn't like
the way he looked at them.

One of them said
he had dead eyes,

something weird
like that.

Tell me more about
Mr. Woodfield.

What kind of car does he drive?

There's no way
I'll be able to stay

so far away from you now.

I should drop out of college
this semester.

No, don't do that.

Your folks would be
so mad.

They're not
going to like me.

They're going
to love you.

Don't you think
your folks will love me?

I don't want to talk
about them right now.

I love you so much,

so much.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

We're not married.

But we're engaged
to be married.

No, look...

I said stop it...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry...

I just...

I just want this to be right.

I'm sorry.

But it feels right to me.

Don't you want me?

Of course I do,
of course I do.

It's just that
you're my chance to start over,

to do things right
in the eyes of god,

to be a good man.

I just want to do this right.


But I think you might be
too good for me.

Do you want
a cup of coffee?

You said you'd catch him.

I will. It...

You have to
be patient.

It takes time...

you said you'd catch him!

You said you'd catch him...

You're never gonna catch him!

You're never gonna catch him!

Oh, my god,
I'm so tired of being scared!

I'm so tired.

I'm going to get
the man that hurt you

and put him behind bars.

I don't believe you.

I see his face everywhere I go!

Oh, god, I...

Even at home, I can't...

I can't turn on the TV,

I can't read anything
without seeing his face

looking at me.

The same face
that was looking at me

when he held me down,

his hand around my neck.

I can still feel
the... glove... around my neck,

I can still feel the pain
of him forcing me...

Hey, hey, I'm sorry...

I'm sorry
that he hurt you.

Eddie's on his way down
to get me.

He lives far away from i-5,

so I'm going to go
stay with him.

That's a good idea...

Beth, I meant what I said.

I'm not giving up
till I get this guy

and I prosecute him.

Maybe you will,

or maybe he's too smart
to get caught.

Maybe he'll just keep
doing whatever he wants,

and no one
can stop him, hmm?

Randy, you okay?


I guess I'm just hungry.

I thought you were sad

because you don't
want me to go.

Well, I don't
want you to go.

I feel better
when you're around.

I do have to get
to the airport, though.

All right, well, give the kids
a kiss goodnight for me.

Give yourself one, too.

No, I had a burger,
I'm fine.

Hey, honey?

Happy anniversary.

I love you too.

Okay, 'night.

Go, go!

Oh, my god, he's got a gun.

It's the i-5 killer.



You're not going anywhere.


Let me go! No!



I-5 killer! I-5 killer!

Have you got
that roadblock up yet?

They want to get
another mile north first...

no, no, tell them to stop
and put it up right now.

Two girls were just shot!

Put the roadblock up right now.

We'll get a second team
further south down the road.

Roger that.


Every person, every car!
Take a good look.

You monitor this line,
I got this one.

Got it.

All by yourself tonight?

Okay, she's good.

Go ahead.

Hi. You guys having a party
down here?

If I'd known,
I would have brought some beer.

Mind telling me

where you're coming from
tonight, sir?

Yeah, I was just
at my girlfriend's house,

down there on horse basin road.

But we got into a fight,
so I didn't get any,

if you know what I mean.

What time did you
leave there, sir?

Hey, stop! Whoa! Whoa!

This guy here!

All right, go ahead.

Let's go, get out of there.

Okay, all right, all right.

Where do you think
you're going, huh?

Where do you think
you're going, huh?

To the hospital!

My wife's in labor!

I got to get
to the hospital!

Let US go, please!


Where's that guy?

Where's that guy
you were just talking to?

Well, i... I thought you
just had him over here!

I didn't mean
to wake you.

It's okay.

I tried
calling you earlier.

You never told me

whether you're taking Eric
to that baseball clinic

this weekend.

I can't take him
this weekend.

Don't give me a hard time,
it's 2:00 in the morning.

2:00 in the morning is
the only time I ever see you.

Well, it's not like
I'm out bowling.

Ah, how long
are our lives

going to revolve
around this case?

I'd like to know
so I can plan.

I don't know.

Why don't you call him

and ask him to end
his killing spree

so Eric won't miss baseball?

Don't you dare act like
baseball isn't important,

like our kids
aren't important...

that's not what I said...

you know, it is one thing

to blow me off
on our anniversary.

I'm a big girl.
I can take it.

But to ask those kids

to give up
the things they love...

what do you want, huh?

You want me to quit?
Is that what you want?

Is this about that girl, Beth?


the one who obviously
has a thing for you?

Are you working night and day
to be her savior, or...

will you stop it?

Answer the question.

Yes, of course
it's about Beth.

It's about her friend
shari, who's dead,

it's about the mother
and daughter in California

who are dead.

It's about the two girls
who were killed at a diner

earlier this evening.

My god...

This monster is winning,

and I am left in his dust,

scratching my head
like a clueless idiot.

You know, I told bill
that I wanted a challenge,

'cause I wanted to prove
that I could do a good job,

and I had
a serial killer,

and I was gonna
drive him into ground.

I cannot figure out
how this guy thinks.

He doesn't act like

any serial killer
that I've ever heard of,

and I'm failing,

and every drop of blood
that this guy sheds

is on my hands now.


Detective mettner.

I'm looking for
Randall woodfield?


Well, he rents a room from me.

Is he home right now?


Randy, sorry,

but there's a police
detective here to see you.

Okay, I'll be right there.

So you admit
seeing Samantha Adams?


Yeah, she waited on me
and my friend Clay

when we went out
for dinner.

I didn't even know
she worked there,

kind of a weird deal.

And did you see her
later that evening?

No, I just went back
to my hotel,

and I called my fiancee, Angie.

You want to see a picture?

But you did date Samantha.

Well, once.

It was kind of
embarrassing, actually.

She'd told me that she was 22,

but when I went
over to her house

to watch a movie
with her,

the mother kept giving me
the eye,

and then she tells me,
"guess what, I'm 17."

So I got out of there
pretty damn quick.

That's Angie.

I can, uh, get you her number.

She'll tell you

that I was talking
to her on the phone

for hours that night.

That was the only girl
I was thinking of then.

Samantha wasn't even
on my radar.

I'll tell you
what's bothering me.

You were questioned

in the murder of your friend
Stacy donner.

Now your friend
Samantha Adams is dead.

That's two women you know
who've been killed.

Of course, I wasn't the only one
who knew them both.

My best bud, Clay...

Stacy was his ex,

and the last time
I saw Samantha,

well, she was talking to Clay.

You're talking about
Clay mackey, lives in Portland?


Man, I...
I don't want to think

that my best friend

could be the one
you're looking for.

I can't even
let my mind go there.

If I'm done

answering all of
your questions,

I have a job interview
in about half an hour.

Would it be all right
if I took off?

That's fine.

Just don't leave town.
I might have more questions.

I don't seem to have
mackey's address.

You got that handy?

Sure, I'll go grab that.

Go, go!

Oh, my god,
he's got a gun.

It's the i-5 killer!


You're not going


Come on, turn around,
turn around.

Show me your face.


I got nothing here!

50 agencies, a thousand men,

stakeouts every night
of the weeks.

Useless stakeouts.

Useless tips!

Hey, what the hell's
going on out here?

I... lost my cool.

Well, go home,
grab a nap.

Do whatever you have to do
to get your cool back.


A detective mettner
from beaverton p.D.

Is on the phone
for you.

Yeah, kominek here.

I'm working

out of the Eugene
police department today,

had to interview
a person of interest

in a beaverton murder,

lives down here.

He doesn't match the m.O.
Of the i-5 killer,

but he's an ex-con

who fits
the description.

Well, tell me about him,
what do you got?

Well, the thing
that made me call you is...

I was at his house,

I noticed a couple rolls
of adhesive tape

sitting on a ledge.

Your guy puts tape
over his nose...

Give me the rundown.

Randall woodfield,

30 years old,

did a couple of years
for armed robbery,

now he's an
unemployed bartender.

Rents a room here in Eugene,
drives a gold mustang.

Gold mustang?

Yeah, parked outside the house
when I got there.

Don't go anywhere.

We're going to drive down there
right now.

Let's go.
We're driving to Eugene.

Why's that?

Might have a real live suspect.

Does this look like the guy
in the gold mustang?

I'm just not sure.

The more
I think about it,

it's possible woodfield's
not your guy.

He might not
even be my guy.

He gave me a new window
to look into on Samantha Adams.

You were looking for him
in Portland.

Why'd you trace him down here?

probation officer.

She says he's in violation
of his probation

for moving down from Portland
without permission.

Three arrests for
indecent exposure in college.

No impulse control.

Drafted by
the green bay packers?

The guy's a football player?

Arrested for rape,
armed robbery.

Convicted, served two years...

well, there's no way,

'cause we pulled the list
of all sex crime convictions.

Yeah, I know that list
like the back of my hand.

His name would have shown up.

He was arrested for rape,

but the d.A.
Dropped the rape charge

in his plea bargain.

So he wouldn't have been
on that list.

What's this?

Files from
another murder case

where woodfield's
name came up.

"Stacy donner.
Shot to death..."

Donner had broken up
with Clay mackey,

Randy's best friend.

Makes a lot more sense
for it to be mackey

than woodfield.

Mackey doesn't drive
a gold mustang.

Woodfield does.

It says a gun was missing
from Stacy donner's apartment

after the murders?

A silver revolver, .32 caliber?

We gotta go get this guy now.

I hope you didn't spook him.

His car's gone.

He's not here.

Maybe we can get
a search warrant

in the meantime.

You're back.

Randy's a real good tenant.

Pays his rent on time.

Plays football with my son.

Took him to
a basketball game once.

He doesn't work?


but he's looking
real hard for a job.

He's always gone
at night.

He's a bartender.

He says that's
the best time to apply.

How does he pay you rent
without a job?

I kind of wonder that

He gets unemployment,

but he buys nice stuff.

Steaks for dinner.

Sends flowers
to his girlfriend.

The calls he charges to my phone

are hundreds of dollars
a month.

Well, I'm kind of
a phone guy myself,

but that's a lot of calls.

Do you have a phone bill
that we could see?

Oh, look at this guy.

He makes a call from a pay phone
in Salem, Oregon,

the night
Beth and shari are shot.

Shasta city, on the third,

the night the mother
and daughter are shot.

Vancouver, Washington,

the night i-5 killer
hits three times.

Are you kidding me?

The same damn night,
same damn places?

This is him, Mark,
we got this guy.

Yeah, now we just
got to find him.

Come on, boys,
let's get in that room.

Wait, you can't do that.
We don't have a warrant.

You need to think
about this.

Anything we find
without a warrant

can be thrown out
in court.

That's him.

That's the guy
from the roadblock.


What is this, a surprise party
just for me?

Randall woodfield?

I mean, not that
I don't enjoy a party,

but you guys
weren't really invited.

Well, we invited

I'm Dave kominek, head of
the i-5 killer task force.

I know. I've
seen you on TV.

You're a bit of celebrity.

Maybe you should think of
a career change.

You don't seem to be so good
with the law enforcement thing.

I want to take a look
in your room, Randy.

Is that all right with you?

That's fine.

I'd like to take a look
at your search warrant.

Well, I guess I've got to
run downtown and get one.

I guess so.

I've been looking for you
for a long time.

I don't take that

You know,
something bad happens,

you cops start flipping through
your little list of ex-cons

to try and pin it on,

but I can tell you right now,

I am not the guy
you're looking for.

You're exactly the guy
I'm looking for, Randy.

Prove it.

Keep your eye
on the house

till I get the warrant.

He leaves, you follow him.

I'll send some troopers
to back you up.

Drive safe.

This phone bill
places woodfield

near six of
the i-5 killer's crimes.


Well, making phone calls
is not a crime.

You got anything else
to justify a warrant?

Judge Scofield's
on his last day of vacation,

I'm not going to bother him
without good reason.

Hey, we're talking
about a guy

that's probably killed
eight people,

raped and terrorized
20 or 30 more,

children, little girls...

I got that.

You got anything else on him?

Anything the i-5 killer
is known to wear?

The gloves, the jacket?

Police records say
he's the same blood type.

I saw a couple
of rolls of adhesive tape

at his house,

the kind the i-5 killer
puts across his nose.

Look, I can't
call the judge

with nothing but a
phone bill and some tape.

I saw this guy myself

within 10 miles of
a double murder scene.

10 miles away?

That's not even
in the same neighborhood.

Just let me
talk to the judge.

Fine, you can talk to him
when he's back to work.

Look, if you won't help me
get a warrant,

at least arrest the guy

so he can't destroy evidence.

Arrest him?
On what charge?

Parole violation!

Chief says that sort of thing
is just petty b.S.

He likes to go by the book.

Now, you said yourself

you've got him
under surveillance,

so he can't go throwing
any guns in the river

without you knowing about it...

you're an idiot.

And you are crossing the line.

You should go home,

and I'll give you a call

when the judge
is open for business...

I'm not going to go home.

I've been waiting too long
to nail this guy down.

I'm not taking my eyes off him.

Suit yourself.

Screw it.

I'm not waiting
another day.

I'm bringing
the guy in right now.

Without a warrant.

You're jeopardizing
your case.

I know what I'm doing.

Dave, this isn't
our jurisdiction.

What are you doing?

The lieutenant
will back US up.

He'd better back US up.

Besides, you won't
get fired, I will.

Open the door. Police.

Swear to me you didn't
take your eyes

off this house...

I didn't, I didn't.

Hey there, you're back.

I'm taking you into custody,

parole violation.

That's all you've got?


All right.

Let me just lock up here.

All right.

Go on, I know you're dying to.

As a matter of fact...

This reminds me

of taking the field
with the packers...

Everyone watching.

You and I both know
you got nothing on me.

I'll be back here
in a day or two,

free as a bird.

Oh, good, I was hoping
it would be you.

Why is that, Randy?

Because I know you have
a thing for me.

Just so you know,
I save it for the ladies.

You like the ladies, huh?

The younger the better,
am I right?

As it happens, they like me.

Is that why you got to
drag them off at gunpoint

and tape their wrists?

You still on this kick
about me being the i-5 killer?


Come on, man,
I was a green bay packer.

Yeah, I called them.

They said they'd cut you

because you couldn't keep

your pants zipped up.

You liked to show
the young girls your thing.

That's such crap.

Have you seen my fiancee, Angie?

When did flashing
stop doing it for you?

When did causing pain
become your thing, Randy?

Angie's perfect.

You should have a look.

You know what,
you should ask her

what kind of guy I am.

Oh, I know what
kind of guy you are.

You're the kind of guy
that can fool your girl

into thinking anything
you want her to think.

You can fool
your closest friends,

fool everybody about everything,

everyone except me,

'cause I can see you.

I know
there's nothing there.

You're not even human
anymore, Randy.

You called your fiancee
from roseburg,

right after
Lydia hall was shot

with a .32 caliber handgun

as she was giving you the cash
from the cash register.

Do you recognize her?

You also called her
from shasta city,

15 minutes before you broke
into the home of Millie loomis.

You shot her,

then raped
her 13-year-old daughter,


while she was tied up,

then you killed her, too,

with the same
.32 caliber handgun

that you stole from
the apartment of Stacey donner

after you killed her.

You haven't found a gun.

We will.

A search warrant is being
written up right now.

Unless you want to tell me

where the gun is, Randy?

And you called your fiancee
from Salem

right after
you raped these women

and shot 'em in the head.

This woman,
shari hull, she died.

This woman, Beth Williams,
she lived.

Do you recognize her?

Look at the picture,

Screw you.

I said look at
the picture of the girl

that you raped
and shot in the head, huh?

You don't recognize her now?

Where's the gun, you sick,
evil son of a bitch?

Where's the gun?!

Dave! Dave!

You ain't gonna
find the gun,

or any damn thing
else on me!

The hell I won't.

All right,
I reached the judge.

You wanted a search warrant,
you got a search warrant.

You put this department
in a bad position

with a premature arrest,

so you'd damn well
better find something.

Bill is not
a happy man.

My eardrums are still bleeding.

Please tell me we're
finding everything we need.

We've turned everything over
except the wallpaper.

There's no gun anywhere.

Jacket, gloves?


What about
the tape mettner saw,

you didn't find that?

There's no tape, Dave.

What, he got rid of everything?


I can't get an indictment
on a phone bill.

He's gonna walk.

I didn't want to
hang it all on Beth.

She's barely keeping
her head above water as it is.

Eddie, you gonna get it?


Hi. It's Dave kominek.

Beth, are you there?

I'm here.

I found him,

the man who hurt you
and killed shari.

I arrested him today.

Are you sure this time?

As sure as I can be

till you come down here

and identify him
for me.

I can't do that.

Beth, I know
it's going to be hard...


I can't see him again.

I don't ever want to
see him again.

Beth, the only way
that I can keep him in jail,

put him away for life,

is if you help me.

You're the only eyewitness
to murder.

I've only just started
to sleep again,

so you can't ask me
to do this.

Please don't...

I don't want to let him go.

It took me this long
to find him.

I had to fight
to bring him in,

and I did it all for you.

I need you to help me
identify him.

He's going to walk.
They'll let him go.

I need you
to come down here

and help me stop him.

Excuse me?

Detective kominek?


They told me you were the one
who arrested my fiance?

That detective.

He said you'd been
in prison before.

I was,

but not for the reason
they're saying.

You know,
I had a girlfriend

who told lies
about me.

I told you I stopped
trusting women,

and that was the reason.

But then I met you,

and you were so good,
and so pure.

You gave me back
my faith back, baby.

But he showed me
the phone bill.

You called me from the places
where the i-5 killer was.

No, no, no, they see
how innocent you are, too,

I just, I hate them
for dragging you into this.

I just don't

That phone bill isn't real.

They just whipped it
up themselves.

Why would they do that?

It's an old cop trick.

Yeah, I mean, I have a record.

I fit the description.

So they're going to claim

that they have some evidence
they don't actually have,

try and get me to admit
to something I didn't do.

I mean, you know me, Angie.

You know what's in my heart.

You know I would never
hurt anyone.


I know.

I tried to tell
the detective that,

how wonderful you are.

Aw, thank you.

He said he's putting you
in a line-up tomorrow.

That doesn't matter.

Yeah, the i-5 killer
always wore a band-aid

or a piece of tape
across his nose.

I heard in prison

it's impossible
to recognize someone

who has their nose covered up.

I mean,
that detective, kominek,

he just wants to be famous.

You know, but he's going to look
like a real idiot

when he has to let me go.

I'm going to be out of here
by tomorrow night, baby.

We'll go to Reno,

get married.

I have to go.

You going to come
pick me up tomorrow?



You ready?




Oh, man, I've been
shaking all day.

I can't stop shaking.

Well, you came anyway.

I'm proud of you.

What if it's him,
and I can't tell?

What if he doesn't look the same
as in my nightmares?

You'll know if it's him or not
when you see him.

When you look at evil, you know.

You just look at
each of the men...

And if you see the man
who shot you and shari,

you write the number
on the card.


You kept your promise.

You found him.

That's him.

Are you sure?

That's him.

You need anything else?

I can't believe
it's really over.

I can't believe I don't have to
be afraid anymore.

You're a disgusting monster.

The most disgusting,
worthless person

to ever walk the earth.

You don't even
deserve to breathe.

I don't even know you...

you're a liar!

You killed my best friend!
You killed shari!

I'm going to make sure

that you spend the rest
of your life in prison.

Do you hear me?

You're going to prison,
and then you're going to hell.

Don't get too comfortable
in your cell, Randy.

You're going to do
another line-up tomorrow

for Lydia hall
from roseburg.

Another one
the day after that,

another one
the day after that...

See you in court!

You all right?

I'm better than I have been
in a long, long time.

I can't wait to go home

and tell Eddie
how I just told him off...

I got a job up there,
you know.

At a preschool,
helping out with the kids.

I bet you're gonna
love that.


I'm going to be happy.

Thank you.


We got him.

Randall woodfield
is the i-5 killer.

He's never going to hurt anybody
ever again.

Yes, I'm coming home.