Hunt (2022) - full transcript

A spy movie based in the 1980s National Security Planning.

This film takes place in the 1980s.
Nonetheless this is a work of fiction,
and any similarity to persons living or dead, agencies and institutions,

or actual events and cases mentioned
in the film is purely coincidental.

1983, Washington

Summit Turns Its Back
on Trampled Democracy

Down with the dictator!

No more dictatorship!

Down with the dictator!

Drive him out!

Got it, report in as soon as
he leaves the White House!

When is the protest being broken up?!

They have an official permit.
We can’t break it up.

Stop the massacres!

Stop them! Stop them!

Look at those effigies
of the president!

Call me when the president
passes Georgia Avenue.


Chief Park!

Why don’t you do something?

Get your Foreign Unit
to break up the crowd!

Want the president
to use the back door?

Why’s the Domestic Unit here
breathing up our asses?

Chief Park.

Can you feel the passion
for our president out there?

What should the tone
of my article be?

Mr. Kang, a reporter
needn’t worry about tone.

Come with me,
I’ll educate you.

They sure are opinionated
after abandoning their country.

They sure are opinionated
after abandoning their country.
Director of KCIA Chief of East Asia, CIA

I hear Korean students keep demanding
the withdrawal of US troops.

It’s all because the president
suppressed citizens by force

Come on, Director,
that’s all in the past.

It was a just suppression.

You know why it’s so important
he holds onto power?

If Korea falls, Okinawa will too,

and our entire military presence
in the Asia-Pacific.

The existing order will collapse.

Don’t you worry.

He’s amending the constitution and
the election process to retain power.


The CIA detected a plot
to assassinate the president!


Stop the car! Now!

What’s his location?

He’s passing the dressing room!



I’m okay!


Need to capture him alive!

How could you kill
the suspect?

You shouldn’t have been
taken hostage!

Wipe off that blood.

No more!

No more dictatorship!

Restore democracy!

How could they send
riot cops onto campus?

Everyone disperse!

Go home, and be careful.

Hey! Over here!

Open the gate!

Please open the gate!

The screwdriver!
Pull it out!

Right there! Screwdriver!


Yes, this is he.

My God, I didn’t know,
I am so sorry!


You think your parents
paid tuition for you to do this?

You piece of shit!

Stop hitting them!

Hey! That girl, there.
Move, you idiot!

Hey, stop!

Are you out of
your fucking mind, bitch?!

Det. Kim!

Yes, yes, of course, sir.

Yes, I understand!

Everyone out!

Watch his head.

Thank you so much, sir.

Go to my place.

I’m hungry, let’s go.

So I’m your father?

I didn’t say you were my father.

Now you protest with them
instead of studying?

I wasn’t protesting.

Sir, don’t misunderstand.

Your daughter wasn’t protesting,
she just opened the gate for us.

That’s the truth,
I wasn’t protesting at all.

Send them away,

and don’t ever hang out with them.

Yes sir, we won’t hang out
with your daughter!

He’s not my dad!

Tuition fee for this semester.

Stay for dinner!

Director Kang called the meeting.

It seems he got grilled
by the president

for not finding who planned
the Washington incident.

Agents of Foreign Unit are active
in cities visited by the President,

and the Domestic Unit is questioning
delegations, to Washington especially.

Director is trying to pin
this on Prof. Shin Ki-cheol.

Why him?

He was on the Washington delegation
on an economic mission.

Director Kang says he’s ‘Donglim’,
the leader of an espionage cell.


First, name that professor
as the spy Donglim.

Link him with the assassins
and prepare a report for the president.

But the US hasn’t shared
its intel with us yet,

so proving a connection
with North Korea...

Look, Chief Kim!

They knew all the president’s
movements in advance!

Did you investigate the whole
delegation before the US trip?

But you call yourself
the Chief of the Domestic Unit?

This is why the President’s Office
wants to disband the KCIA!

Get his confession now.

If you don’t resolve
the Washington incident,

you two are done.

Yes, sir.

One more thing...

What should we do about 417 Special Forces?

What about it?

The op begins at midnight in 2 days.

Then stick to schedule!

It’s an op with very low
chance of success, sir.

Why not use my Foreign agents to
gather intel on the nuclear threat?

You want me to scrap it now?

It’s approved by the president!


This is the President’s itinerary
for his Japan visit, sign off on it.

Chief of Foreign Unit
Park Pyong-ho

Chief of Foreign Unit Chief of Domestic Unit
Park Pyong-ho Kim Jung-do

He’s a tough nut since
he has the president’s ear.

I’m still not used to this since
I spent my life in the army.

I’d appreciate your guidance.

Speaking of which,

My wife told me to invite
my colleagues for dinner,

but my home is too tiny
to invite them all.

Would you like to
join us for dinner?


He’s ripe for picking.

Let’s wrap up
the Donglim case.

Bring him to Room 2.

Afternoon, sir.

You dislocated his shoulder again?

Why keep doing that?
Your job is to break his will.

Dress him
and bring him to Room 2.

Yes, sir.

Lift him up.

Codename, Donglim.

North Korea’s Ministry of the People’s
Armed Forces, 5th Division,

infiltrated the South in 1970,
sociology professor at Horim...

Sir, please...

How could I possibly be
a top North Korean spy?


I’m not a spy, really!

The government asked me to join
the delegation as a consultant...

I’m done playing nice.

The jerks who conspired with you
have all confessed.

They say you’re Donglim!

Who says I am Donglim?

They are setting me up!


You leaked the president’s
itinerary to the North,

when you went to the US
with the delegation!

To assassinate him!

That’s absurd!

Sir, how could I...

Restrain him!

Sir! Please don’t kill me!

He’s gonna kill another one...


417 Special Forces


Gangnam apartments cost
$30,000 each nowadays.

How’s it possible to con $640 million
without help from top officials?

How many apartments
would that buy?

This country is in a dire state.

Are you drunk already?
Go easy with the drinks.

I want to live here a long time.

I heard you two were
well acquainted.

Your husband told you that?

That you worked with him for a bit.


What? You said it was awkward
since it’s been so long.


Honey, please excuse us.

We have something to discuss.

After the last president’s assassination,
all KCIA agents were detained.

He was my interrogator.

We were together 10 days or so?

The nerves in my hand got severed,
I can’t still use it properly.

Sir, back then...

I’m so sorry.

I shouldn’t have said anything,
I’ll leave you two alone.


Sorry to call you so late,

but I have an urgent matter
to report, sir.

Go on.

The North and Japan are having
unofficial talks on colonial reparations,

and a high-ranking official
wants to defect.

Defect? What’s his prize?

A nuclear reactor blueprint,
R&D files and a list of researchers.

Good, bring him in before
Japanese intelligence clues in.

Understood, sir...



Is there someone from
Taeyoung Corp. in Hakone?

Yes, this is Nishigara
from Taeyoung Corp.

Where are you now?

I can’t tell you that,
but we just started moving.


I brought my family.

Wait, you never said
anything about your family.

State your name,
affiliation and rank.

I can’t disclose that yet.

You have a mole in your agency,
our safety may be compromised.

I’ll tell you in person.

Hello, sir.

The exfil route is secure,
so please identify yourself.

I just said there is a mole
in your ranks.

I’ll tell you about Donglim tomorrow
when we land in the South.

There cannot be a mole
in our agency.

And Donglim has already
been captured.

If you don’t believe me,
we’ll drop this op.

State your name,
affiliation and rank.

Spec Ops 417 will infiltrate the North
to gather nuclear intel today.

North Korea, West Coast

Donglim informed us
of it last night.

Approaching Point Gamma.

Spec Ops 417, landed.

All in position.

KCIA Operation Center
Commencing op.

If you can’t believe me,
I’ll hang up.

Understood. Give us the time
and location for rendezvous.

This is Agent Yang Bo-sung
of Foreign Unit.

417 infil op is compromised,
withdraw now.


This is Tokyo.

We received this intel from
a North Korean asylum seeker!

All units! Return to base at once!

- Halt op and return at once!
- Nobody move!

We took 8 of your heads!

Stop by any time!

What happened?

They've all been eliminated.

Chief, does this legitimize
the claim of a mole in the agency?

We can’t rely on unverified intel.

We will expose the truth today.

They’re on the move.

Find the green briefcase,
which one is it?

The gray suit is carrying
a green briefcase.

Isn’t that Director Pyo?

You’re right.

He’s a key player in
the nuclear development effort.

Everyone on your toes.

This op has to succeed.

One moment.

I’m changing the plan.

Agent Yang get the family,
and I’ll take the prize.

I repeat, Yang go for the family,
I’ll take the prize!


if you change now,
we'll all get crossed up.

In case of emergency,
leave the family and support me.

The prize comes first.


Says who, dammit!

Agent Yang, what are you doing?!

Listen up!

We are sticking with the HQ’s plan!

Stick to the original plan!

Turn the car around!

Agent Yang!

The Director said intel on
Donglim is our top priority!

Agent Yang!

Listen up everyone.

When we complete this mission,
everyone will get promoted!

Trust me on this.

Where are you going?

Taeyoung Corp. in Hakone.

Get in!

What are you doing?!

I’m leading this op.

Intel first, what do you know
about Donglim?

I said I’ll tell you
once we arrive in South Korea.

Spec Ops 417 was
wiped out yesterday.

Intel on the mole first.

Is this the best South Korea can do?

Open the door now!

If you don’t tell me,
we’ll pull out immediately.

Why isn’t he letting him in?

On October 15, 1982, Osaka,
and May 11, 1983, Tokyo,

he met North Korea 35
Chief Li Yong-su.

Cross reference it with
flight logs of your agents.

We learned all your top secrets
through him,

he’s Donglim.

Open the door!

Comrade Pyo!


Open fire!


The prize and Agent Yang
are trapped at the scene!

Agent Yang is shot
and stuck in his vehicle!

What should we do?

Wait, what are you doing?!

Get out! Out!

Please don’t do this!

- Where’s my husband?
- I’m sorry.

Please don’t abandon us!

Listen to me!

Tell them our location! Hurry!

Watch out!

Come out, quick!

Agent Yang first!

Agent Yang!

Wake up, sir!

Sir! Agent Yang!

Are you really not hurt?

Director was summoned
and got his ass whipped.

Things are tense
because of the botched Pyo op.

Also, the president’s Japanese summit
is confirmed, top secret.


The intel about Donglim being
a KCIA mole, is it credible?

How can you botch every op
the president approves?

Fuck, what am I doing
with these amateurs?

Resign now, you morons!

Get the fuck out!

What do you want?

Spec Ops 417

was massacred
due to your bad judgment.

What the fuck?

And why give two conflicting
orders for the Pyo op?

You told me to retrieve him,
why give the agents other orders?

You son of a bitch!

We lost two agents
and Director Pyo,

and Agent Yang is
gravely wounded, in a coma.

The 417 and Pyo ops,

you fucked them all up.

Are you out of
your goddamn mind?!

This is the list of
all the bribes you’ve taken.

Agents risk their lives in the field,

but the KCIA Director
fattens himself on bribes.

We kept this agency alive
until you came along.

How would the president
react to this?

Take the bullet and
retire with your honor.

Won’t it be wiser to keep
the money you stole thus far?

Park Pyong-ho!

How dare you investigate me?

This is a recording of you
and those businessmen.

You’ve got a week to clear out.

Who said anything about revolution?
We’re after reform!

We can’t be cornered as left wingers!

The public won’t listen to us!

When on earth can you achieve that?

After we’re all dead?

Yoo-jung, you tell us,
is he right or am I?

Speak up. Who’s right?

Let’s just go.
Yoo-jung, come on.

You son of a bitch!
Where you going?!

We came here to find a solution,
why are you leaving?!

Bring him over here!

Back off... Damn you...

Bastard, how could you
throw that at a friend?

Stop it! Just stop it!

Thank you, sir.

Where are you going?

I need another drink.

That’s enough.

They say a dictator’s pawns
are worse than the dictator.

A dictator’s pawn...

I don’t care what you do,
but don’t hang around bad guys.

Don’t let me regret bringing you here.

Bad guys?

Who’s worse?

How long have you
worked for the agency?

13 years.

The world is changing,

but it’s still so stupid...

3 years ago, Tokyo

What took you so long?

A pun quiz for you.

Wars that take place in space?

‘Star Wars’.

A war that takes place
in the winter?

‘Cold War’.

What’s a war that never ends?

‘Korean War’.

That’s funny?

Laugh for once,
it’s called a joke.


you’re way too serious.

I’ve been wanting to get away
from everything lately.

That’s a great idea.

Where to though?

He’s here, we’re on!

I always wondered where
that beast disappeared to,

but in the end,
it’s all about love.

Gotta hand it to your intuition.

Stay right behind me!



I’m sorry...

Soon, someone else will come.

Is that Dad?

How old are you?


- Sir, it’s Ju-kyung.
- Yeah.

The new director is
the president’s chief secretary.

Mr. President said, if the KCIA
does not reform, it need not exist.

Our priority must be capturing
North Korean spies who provoke us.

$10,000 reward and
special promotion will be given

to any agent with
outstanding performance.

Don’t kill me!
I’ll do what you ask!

Stay right there.

That’s enough.

Let’s call it a day.

What’s the matter?
We’re almost there.

I said that’s enough!

Let’s go home.

Let the kids sleep.

A long day?

Get some sleep...

I’m assigned to KCIA
starting next week.

I’ll report through
CEO Choi at Jupiter Corporation.

- Salute!
- Yes, sir! 3 years ago, Gwangju

3 years ago, Gwangju

The commander is approaching!

We got the green light to open fire.
Wipe them all out!

Major Kim, it’s been a while!

Congratulations on your promotion.

Pretty cushy working
as a public servant?

How long has it been?

4 months now, sir.
It’s worse than hell.


Do you know why
the president sent me?

KCIA has gotten too soft!

Government agencies and press
must embrace his governing ethos

for him to relax, is that so hard?

It will be done, sir.

Let’s go one step at a time.

I looked over the reports.
We got a mole situation?


It’s not verified, sir.

If major ops are failing,
there’s an underlying problem.

Am I right?

What is this?

Dates when Donglim
contacted someone in Japan.

Yang relayed that intel to
my predecessor after the incident.

Cross reference it with everyone
in the Pyo op.

The Foreign Unit?

It’s not my team, how could I...?

That’s why want you to do it.

Where there’s smoke,
there’s fire.

Strip them naked.

Yes, sir.


Tokyo Op Agents

Chief of Team 1
Park Pyong-ho


Wait, right now?

Yes, sir.

Chief Kim is investigating
all agents from the Pyo op.

Must be Director Ahn’s order.

Why didn’t Agent Yang drive off
with Pyo after making contact?

Our West German bureau fell for
a North Korean plot last year.

Many men got fired,
so now we verify ID and intel on site.

Donglim popped up on our radar
since mid ‘70s,

but he never fully surfaced.

Donglim may not even exist!

Maybe they want to throw us off
by planting the idea of a mole!

Agent Yang drew up
and led all ops in Japan.

He’s the head of Japanese...

Okay, dammit! I’m Donglim!

Chief Kim is Donglim,
you’re Donglim! We’re all him!

You made anyone into spies,
now you suspect your own?

Check your own
unit first, assholes!

That fucking bastard.

What? What can you do?
What do you have on me?!

Agent Yang probably got
intel about Donglim from Pyo.

He kept trying to call
the former Director before passing out.

What if Yang intentionally
sabotaged the op,

and his intel isn’t credible?

Are you implying
Agent Yang is Donglim?

That’s insane.

What the hell is going on?!

Who authorized this?
You have no jurisdiction!

It’s an order from the director.

Donglim was part of the Pyo op?

I’ve worked with all these men
for at least 5 years!

We got a complaint from
Japanese Foreign Affairs.

They want us to investigate
and make an official apology.

If you don’t comply, I’ll put you
on top of the suspect list.

I’ll report to the director myself.

Stop this witch hunt.

Guys, come on out!


Don’t you dare!

We got an emergency!

A North Korean fighter jet has
entered South Korean airspace!

This is the Office of Civil Defense,
attention please.

This is a security alert to
all regions including Seoul

This is a live situation.

A North Korean fighter jet has entered
South Korea over the west coast.

He knew all about our missile
and air defense systems,

so it was easy for him to defect.

What a joke.

All our security measures
are open to the commies.

Damn, this is amazing!

It’s beyond my imagination.

I found ramyun packaging
on a beach near the base.

I thought, so that’s how noodles are
sold down South, and read the label.

I wondered if it was real.

‘Damaged or expired products
can be exchanged.’

Southerners care about the convenience
of people over such a small thing.

It really is a land of the people!

So he just took a fighter jet
and defected?

Give me a cigarette.

This is why I can’t trust soldiers.

Speaking of which...

Dates when Donglim
made contact in Japan.

Strip Chief Kim’s men.

Southern cigarettes
sure taste smoother.

If that’s out of your system,
let’s get to the main topic.

Why’d you come here?

I came to this land of the free...

No, not that.

Why’d you betray your country?


What did you say?


I’m a traitor?

You’re just a government
ass licker!

You son of a bitch!

Fucking bastard.

I can’t fucking believe I get called
a traitor by South Koreans.

I love my country and my people.

But the current leadership
is deceiving us all.

The son inheriting the people’s party?
Even a dog would laugh.

Will you stop making speeches?

It’s the truth.

What do you want me to do then?

You know very well,

what intel would be useful to us.

I knew you’d say that.

Pay for the ramyun, huh?

Bring me my notepad.

You probably couldn’t decode
recent encrypted broadcasts or messages.

We adopted Russia’s newest cipher
for added security.

This is it.

We dispatched more covert operatives
to the South for a big event.

A few will be in here too!

Use this to reel them in.

Activate 48-hour Code 3
to capture the mole.

Yes, sir, right away.

I hate stones left unturned.

Let’s do this right.

This is an emergency notice.

As of 20:23 hours,

we are under Code 3
for the next 48 hours.

The director wants us to
dig into Chief Kim’s men.

I’ll get on it!

This is Unit Chief Park Pyong-ho.

From now on,
bring new intel to me first.

Yes, sir.

Chief Kim wants the intel first,

and so does Chief Park...

So who do we line up with?

Goddamn, they’re at it again.

Chief Kim.

Dead Drop Location Analysis

Everyone move to
the exposed spots, now!

Dead drop A,
Sinjung Mountain, 150-9.

Dead drop B,
Sangbong 481-3.

Dead drop C,
Hongje Mountain 47...

Chief Park.

Current assessment, sir.

Over here! Here!

There was a delivery mishap case of
$60,000 at police department.

And Chief Kim transferred
the investigation to our agency,

but the suspect never arrived here.

Where was the money headed?

A military supply contractor
called Jupiter Corp.

Should I dig further?

This arrived as soon as
the president signed off on it.

So when is the president
leaving for Japan?

On the 6th next month.

What if the plan fails again,
like in Washington?

I’ll take care of it myself.

The pro-democracy movement is
spreading to the general public.

If they declare martial law again,
it won’t be easy for us to mobilize.

I agree with that.

Let’s proceed.

The 6th next month in Tokyo.
Let’s do it then.

Thanks to ongoing support
from the military,

Jupiter Corp grew exponentially
to a medium size enterprise.

Let’s all raise a glass to that.

When I say ‘We are’,
shout ‘family!’

- We are!
- Family!

Thank you, thank you.

A bicycle heading in.

Black poncho confirmed.




Chun Bo-san

He came here after taking
a package from Dead Drop D.

It’s been 20 minutes,
and no contacts so far.

How many inside?

No one went in, sir.

Good, we move in immediately.


Get upstairs! Go!

Agent Jang!

Top Secret

President’s Itinerary
for Korea-Japan Summit

Intelligence Bureau 225
North Korea

Top Secret Document

Korea-Japan Summit

Intel gathered by Donglim


Jupiter’s military transactions
went up by 600% in 2 years.

Chief Kim seems closely
involved with the organization.

If we get a ledger from Jupiter Corp,
we may find something.


Kim has widened the investigation
to anyone who flew out of the country,

and in it,

he included you as his next target.

Kim Jung-do, that son of a bitch.

We hit Jupiter Corp today.

Arrest CEO Choi first!

Search everything!

Who are you?!

Where are you from?

The KCIA, asshole!

Arrest this fucker.

Push through!

Burn them all!

Who are you?!

Who the hell are you?!

Let go of me, asshole!

CEO Choi,

you know Chief Kim Jung-do, right?

What? Who are you people?

You’ve supplied the military
since 1980, with his help.

I don’t know!
I don’t fucking know!

Peaceful Revolution #1

A call from the President’s Office.

The Japan summit is cancelled
due to the Laundry incident,

but the president’s Asia tour
will proceed, sir.

This is very serious.

If something so
top secret was leaked,

it means the mole is
a high-ranking officer.

Agent Yang was in charge
of the Pyo op,

but Park tried to take over
and ruined it.

I hear he’s digging up dirt on you.

He raided a military supplier
called Jupiter Corp today,

and arrested its CEO,
but hasn’t brought him here.

He may try to make it seem
like Donglim is in our unit.

Sir, we can’t just sit and watch.

We have to strike first.

Put 24/7 surveillance
on Park immediately.


Keep going until you hear
Kim Jung-do’s name.

Son of a bitch!

The president’s Japan Summit
has been cancelled.

Abort all ops.

Before that, KCIA’s Chief Park
took CEO Choi away.

I know, just stop all active ops.

I’ll take out Park Pyong-ho.

No, not Park.
Take out CEO Choi.

What did you say?!

CEO Choi won’t be able to
withstand the torture.

How dare you?!

If he blows our cover,
we’re all in danger.

You met them too.

They were taken in 2 weeks ago,
please help.

You said it was an emergency,

and ask about this petty thing?


Their families don’t know
if they’re alive or dead...


What is wrong with you?!

You know what happens
when they take you away.

If you’re going to act up,
don’t call me.

You two, grab the honey pot!

Name, Harada Hitomi.

From North Korea
she came through Osaka

and entered South Korea
3 years ago,

disguised as transfer student
Cho Yoo-jung.

Her father Cho Won-sik
was Park’s informant,

when he was chief of
Tokyo branch 4 years ago.

Cho is currently missing,
his family unaccounted for.

Are you absolutely sure?

We’re going up against
Park Pyong-ho.

This is our chance
to get him for sure.

Let’s carve him up.

Why hide that you attended
North Korean schools in Japan?

I didn’t want people to think
I was a commie.

Is that so?

All right, tell me,

why did you hide it?

I only went there to learn Korean,

I’m not a commie.

Fucking bitch,
can you hear yourself?

You hid it because
you’re a fucking commie.

Look here.

We got you fleeing from the scene.

The evidence we have is
enough to get you hanged.

You trained at the North Korean
Labor Party’s special facility

to become a next-gen spy,
codename Chun Bo-san.

You infiltrated through Japan
and together with other spies,

plotted to overthrow South Korea!

Am I right?!

Kim must’ve lost his mind
after our raid on Jupiter.

There’s no evidence
Cho Won-sik was your father,

why do you keep insisting?

Detaining an innocent person,

and framing me for
something I didn’t do is illegal.

Shit, I went too easy
on this commie bitch.

Hold her down.

Everyone out.


Everyone out.

Kim, you’re investigating me?


how deep have you
looked into her?

Cho Yoo-jung.

Who helped you transfer
to university in Korea in 1980?

The man in front of you, right?

So, you’ll make her
into a spy and tie me to her?

We believe she’s Chun Bo-san.

Therefore, she must know
who Donglim is.

Cho Yoo-jung,

you are Chun Bo-san.

Your mission is to pass
Donglim’s intel to the North, right?

Spill it.

You dare attack me
over Jupiter Corp?

Chief Park!

Look at the photos
in front of you!

You’re here to topple
our government?


If you intentionally
made contact with me,

you won’t walk out of here alive.

Even if you’re not,
you won’t walk free!

Why not?

You have to stay
until you confess.

That’s what this place is!

Do you...

suspect me too?

How dare you bitch...

From now on,
don’t answer their questions.

Endure it, no matter what.

That’s the only way
I can get you out.

Chief Park...

Can you see this?

Donglim... Li Yong-su...

Change rooms immediately,
and strengthen security.

Swap out security details
to our people.

Take care of this quick.

Agent Yang woke from his coma!

Domestic Unit has sealed off the room.

You should’ve secured Yang first!

Go! Push through!

Hold them off!

Roof of opposite building,
10 o’clock!

Get to the building!

Li Yong-su is head of the Strategic Unit
at North Korea’s Labor Party 35.

He visited Osaka on October 15, 1982,
and Tokyo on May 11, 1983.

We are cross checking
all KCIA agent flight logs.

Retired General Ahn was pushed out for
not supporting the president’s coup,

but Jupiter funds
were funneled to him.

He’s under house arrest,
so I checked the visitor log,

and found Kim Jung-do in it.

A KCIA agent was assassinated.

While under our protection.

What the hell is going on here?

We’ve captured a female spy who
relayed Donglim’s intel to the North.

We’ll expose Donglim soon enough.

We’re tracking the finances
of a potential spy organization.

We’ll reveal our findings soon.

You mean Jupiter Corp?

Chief Kim.

Didn’t you serve with Jupiter’s
CEO Choi in the military?

He’s just a military supplier now.
I have no ties to him.

Listen you two,

if you want to survive, wrap it up
before the president’s Asia tour.

You know what’ll happen
if you don’t.

We’ve obtained North Korean
Li Yong-su’s flight logs to Japan.

Analysts are using 20 IBMs
to cross check, so we’ll know soon.

Yes, and we’ll know
your role, too.

Jupiter’s CEO Choi
will spill everything.

How long will that spy bitch hold out?

The interrogator can’t wait to meet her.

Why’d you transfer Yang
out of his room?

The interrogator assured me
he’ll get to the bottom of this.

Why move Yang
and leave him exposed?!

Don’t dare put his death on me,

just tell me how long you were
in league with that bitch!

That girl’s father was
my informant in Japan!

He died during my op
and I’ve been watching over her!

I don’t trust your informant,
his bastard child, or even you.

I’m certain you’re Donglim.

3 years ago, military coup d’etat
and 10-day citizen massacre

Hello, Mr. Kim.

Good to see you.

You stay in Seoul nowadays?

Mostly Hong Kong and Saipan.

How are you doing?

I’m just a white-collar now.
Why did you want to see me?

I have a proposal for you.

Really? If there’s any way
I can help, I certainly will.

Not a favor, but a proposal.

What do you have in mind?

The thing you’re about to do,

we want you to drop it.

I don’t understand you.

I hear Chief Park
detained Jupiter’s CEO Choi.

Leave for the States.

So long as we’re aware of it,
you will not succeed.

I don’t understand what you’re...

Operation Hunt Peter.

I didn’t want to report this
at the office.

This is a conversation between
General Ahn and Chief Kim

before he started working
at the agency.

It may not sound like much,
but listen carefully.

Your house arrest will end shortly,

and you may have to
relocate your cottage.

Is that so?

What’s wrong?
Don’t like the location?

The landlord suddenly
changed his mind,

I thought it’d be best to move.

Then it’ll have to be redesigned?

In a different location,
the design will have to change.

It isn’t easy building a small home.

Do I ask too much?

No, sir.

Just a few minor adjustments.

Once you complete house arrest,
the cottage will be done.

It’s tough to hear it
over the music, right?

You can still hear
their conversation faintly.

So, I got the audio techs to isolate it.

This is it.

It’s important to secure funds
for extra expenses.

I told Jupiter’s CEO Choi
to come up with $500,000.

He asked for a week,
I’m sure he’ll put it together.

The cottage and the design
refer to their operation.

I’m assigned to KCIA
starting next week.

Please be careful.

I’ll succeed with Op Hunt Peter
in Washington no matter what.


I had so much trouble
figuring this part out.

Peter is...

the president’s Christian name.

He tried to assassinate the president?

We can’t ignore a potential
link to the North.

But something’s been bothering me.

This is the full list of KCIA agents
who flew to Japan.

Not a single agent was present
at the time

Donglim made contact
with North Korea’s Li Yong-su.

Chief Kim wasn’t present on either date.

You were in Tokyo on May 11, 1983,

but not in Osaka on October 15, 1982.

So, I looked into anyone
with a single date match.

Also, about Cho Yoo-jung...

You don’t need to worry.

I asked the JCIA

to confirm her relation to
Cho Won-sik, it’ll arrive tomorrow.

Let’s see...

Fly in date is right...


Cha Hyung-dae, Osaka,
October 15,

He has a fly in date,
but no fly out date.

Which means he’s a ghost.

Wait a minute.

Cha Hyung-dae. Real Name Aliases
Park Pyong-ho Cha Hyung-dae

I made you this passport
for last year’s West Berlin op...

Sir, you went to Japan
with this passport?


You’re the one?

Wait a minute!

Wait, don’t come any closer.


Stop right there!

My government has accepted
this administration.

What we want is simple.

We want order.

Forget everything, and leave.

We’ll support you and your family.

The military assault
that started on May 18th

resulted in over 3,000
civilian casualties in 10 days.

On the 21st, there was even
an attack by helicopters.

Youngest casualty was
a 11-year-old child.

A bullet passed through his chest,
and killed him instantly.

You want me to accept
the killer of my people,

and turn my back on my country?

Your proposal is very insulting.


Sir, it’s me!
Chief Park is Donglim!

He killed Agent Bang Ju-kyung
and is on the move!

- What’s his current location? - Heading towards Mapo!

I’m on my way,
have our men ready!

Yes, sir!

Hunt South Korea’s #1 in Bangkok
on the 11th, intel by Donglim
The president’s revised itinerary.

I need to meet the head of
the South Korean cell.

You know cells can’t
meet face-to-face.

Think we're in Storm Level 1?

Who cares about that,
just make contact!

I’ll hand this off in person.

People are coming out.

People are exiting the church.

And Park Pyung-ho?

Not yet, sir.


Follow every one of them!
Don’t miss a single one!

Follow your mark.

Agent Jang.

Why are you here?

Chief Park, I’m...

You’re what?
Are you tailing me?

No, it’s not that.


Jeez, KCIA fuckers
sure suck at their job.

How could they go so easy
on a commie like him?

Which agency do you work for?

Don’t play dumb.

Defense Security Command,
you can’t weasel out this time.

Lift him up!

Call Captain Kwon at once
and free me!

You’re best buds with my captain?

Go on, give him a massage.

So? Feel like talking now?

Did Kim Jung-do send you?

You think killing me
will save Jupiter Corp?

You think I don’t know
about Operation Hunt Peter?!

What’s this asshole
blabbering on about?

Get a whiff of your
burning skin and die!

That college chick of yours
spilled her guts!

That you’re Donglim, who’s been
spying on the KCIA for 13 years!

She’s on the way here,
so fess up first.

Only one of you gets to live.

Call the KCIA now...

Lieutenant Min!
Bring the documents.

This fucker still thinks
he’s a KCIA agent.

Look at it,
it’s your handwriting.

“Hunt South Korea’s #1”
Assassinate our president?

It’s a controlled leak,
you stupid thug!

Bring him out.

Fucking commies.

State your objective!

You goddamn traitors!

You’ll be punished for high treason...

Who are you?

State your objective!

Who are you?!

You did well, comrade Donglim.

Been a while since
your last loyalty check, no?

I’m chief of the Ministry of People’s Armed Forces.

Why’s the MPAF involved
in this operation?

Connect me to
the United Front’s Li Yong-su.

You won’t hear that peace lover’s
cries for negotiation ever again.

Our leader changed the plan.

Starting with Operation Flare,
we’ll attack the South militarily.

Operation Flare?

That’s nonsense,
an all-out-war?!

You think the US
will just stand by?

Doesn’t matter, 6 hours is
all we need to take the South.

But millions will die
in those 6 hours!

Our original plan to negotiate

after killing their president
is most practical!

Reunification is the party’s goal, no?!

Don’t spoil the plan
for peaceful revolution.


Peaceful reunification
is an illusion.

Your mission from now is
to assist in the assassination

Your mission from now is
to assist in the assassination Hunt #1, then kill Donglim

by accompanying the president
on his Asian tour.

I cannot agree to that!

You think I stayed alive this long
just to start a war?!

Having some intel
puts you above our leader?!

How dare you disobey an order!

I can’t agree to a war!

This will destroy all of us...

Get the rifles!

Hunt #1, then kill Donglim

Back door! Back door!

Go after him!

You two, go upstairs!

Peaceful revolution. Hunt South Korea’s #1
after verse 1 of National Anthem.

Intel gathered by Donglim

Peaceful Revolution #1

Park Pyong-ho

Hunt #1, then kill Donglim

Free Chief Park!

Donglim has been killed.

CEO Choi...

Where is he now?

The director wants CEO Choi’s
confession today, whatever it takes.

Who are you?!

CEO Choi.

What exactly is Jupiter Corp?

Who are you in league with?

All right, fine.

You really want to go all the way?

Spill it.

Who’s involved, and their end goal.

If you don’t tell us, you die.

Very well.

That’s what I wanted.

Give me your best shot.

Sir, if we go any higher
he could die...

Status on CEO Choi?

He was a soldier to the end.

But the hunt of Peter is possible.

North Korea has a plan in motion

to assassinate the president on
October 11th at 10 AM in Bangkok.

What? North Koreans?

We obtained this intel at a raid
we conducted today.

Once they successfully
assassinate the president,

we can initiate Operation New World.

You want to carry out
a joint op with the North?

That’s preposterous.

How is that a revolution?
It has to be justified.

We’ll hold hands with commies?

This is not a revolution!

It’s about stopping the gruesome
violence against our people.

That’s our justification.

I’m flying out to Bangkok tomorrow.

Go as far South as possible.

Take the first bus to Namhae.

In Namhae,
there’s a temple called Boriam.

Go there.

It should be safe there.

What’s going on?

No matter what happens in
South Korea, stay at the temple.

What’s happening?


Reunification is at the tip
of our barrels.

We’ll celebrate our Grand Marshal
upon reunification.

The party has initiated
Operation Flare.

It’ll ignite on verse 1, final line
of the South Korean anthem

For our party and our country!

To our Grand Marshal!

To our Grand Marshal!
To our Grand Marshal!

Main gate, sitrep.

All in order, sir.

Report when you see
the motorcade approaching.

Yes, sir!

Why did you let me walk?

You know who I am.

You know what I’m trying to do.

How long can you fight
violence with violence?

You think the world will change
by removing one dictator?

You’ve seen how
this dictatorship evolved.

It’s time to end it.

Once the president arrives,
when does the anthem begin?

Yes, sir.

It’ll start once they pass
the memorial.

Once he’s assassinated,
the invasion begins.

That’s North Korea’s plan.

Reunification by force?

Are you still fooled by
such political theater?

What do you want from me?

Our goals are the same,
we can join up temporarily.

And then?

After that?

This is the main gate.

The director, ministers,
and reporters are heading in.


No mistakes.

Good work, gents.

Let’s all have a drink
after this is over.

Let’s go inside.

Main gate, sitrep!
Has the president arrived?

Main gate!

Go confirm!

It’s not the president!
It’s Korean Ambassador to Thailand!

Stop the anthem!

Stop the anthem!

Stop! Stop it!


The escort made you
look like the president.

He will arrive shortly.

- I see.
- Let’s go inside.

I’ll send you to wherever
you want to go.

When it’s all over.

Chief Kim, come say hello.

You’ve done a marvelous job.

Reunification at last.

He’ll be a great support
back home in the future.

Comrade, with Operation Flare,
South Korea will be destroyed.

This is the main gate,
the president is passing through.

The party and our country
are watching you today.

Good luck to you.

A North Korean spy...

A sniper!

Stop the anthem!

Stop the anthem!

What’s going on?!




Chief Kim, go rescue the president!

What are you doing?!
Go rescue him!

Why should I rescue him?!

Stop it! No!


Lower your gun.
Don’t do this.

Stop! Everyone stop!

You’re sentenced to death for usurping
power and murdering our people.

Chief Kim!

Chief Kim!

Bring the car over!

Bring the car!
Get the car over here!

Mr. President! Are you okay?!


Park Pyong-ho!

Park Pyong-ho!

Park Pyong-ho!

Park Pyong-ho!

Park Pyong-ho!


Why did you do it?!

Hold still,

you can survive this.

Did you want to live?

One moment.

Release her.
And give this to her.

Uncuff her.

Pull out.

Pull out.

My mission was to watch over you.

Soon, someone else will come.


you can live a different life.

Park Eun-su