Hungerford (2014) - full transcript

Cowen Rosewell lives with a small group of old friends in a scruffy flat in a small English town. Like many teens leaving school in 2014, there are few prospects or opportunities for people like Cowen and he has enrolled on a BTEC media course as a way of passing the time. His first assignment is to record everything in a week of his life. At first Cowen dismisses the random acts of violence he witnesses as the business as usual in a small English town. However, when one of his best friends is savagely attacked by a stranger, and in defending her they kill her assailant, the inexplicably serious nature of the dead assailant's injuries alert them to a more disturbing reality. As events escalate, Cowen and his friends discover that the town has come under a mysterious malign influence which is somehow controlling organised gangs who are rounding people up and taking them to a nearby factory. The friends hide, hoping to escape, but their sanctuary is discovered and over run. Finally Cowen must make his way alone to the factory in search of his loved ones. The evil force that awaits him there has implications not just for Cowen, but for the entire world.

[static hissing]

[clears throat]

[siren wailing in distance]

[cell phone chimes]


Good morning.

[clears throat]

My name is Cowen Rosewell.

And this is my... this is my BTech Part 2.

Mr. Chivers, how you doing, man?

And I'm gonna be documenting my life
for the next seven days.

And today seemed like
a good day to start.

Well, that is until we all went out
on the fucking lash last night.

Oh, fuck. Fuck.



-[Phil] What?

-Are the boys back?

That's Phil. It's her flat.

Well, her and her brother's,
my best mate, Adam.

And, yeah, I kinda live here...

on the sofa.

I know what you're thinking.

I think we pissed her off last night.

Phil, sweetie?

Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls, this is Miss Philippa.

And we do love her dearly.

-What are you doing?
-Homework, I told you.

You all right?

-You left me by myself again last night.
-No, we didn't.

-Yes, you did.
-We left you with that guy you like.

No, you didn't.
You left me with Boring Graham.

I thought you liked him.

No, I don't like Boring Graham.

He's boring.
That's why we call him Boring Graham.

Okay. Are the boys back, then?

-Yes, I think the boys are back.
-Is Kipper still here?

Kip is always here.

-[Cowen] Hey, hey, Kip!
-Hey, morning, Cowen. You all right?

-Yeah, man, I'm good. You all right?
-Yeah, I'm good. Yeah.


-What time did you get back last night?

-What time did Adam get back last night?
-Later, as usual. 3:32.

-What happened?
-Just... Adam stuff.

-Big Man Dean.

-No shit. Go on, out the way, buddy.

Oh, Cowen,
you smell like liquor and herbs.

Thank you, Kipper.

Let's see what's lurking behind the door.

Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey, brother!

-Holy fuck!
-Oh, what?

-What are you doing?
-What the fuck happened last...

Right, come on, talk to me.
What happened?

-Big Man Dean.
-No shit.

[Phil] Adam.

-He's got two of these.
-[Cowen] You fuck...

-Go on, then... Big Man Dean?
-Like, he called you a Powerpuff Girl.

-Why does everyone think I'm gay?
-It was worse than that.

I mean, he was all like,
"Oh, why's your wife going home early?"

I ain't having that! He's a prick!

-Come on, then. I love you.
-No, I know. Any time.

[Phil] Oh-ho...

There they are!
Sweetest couple in town!

For those who don't know,
these two actually have been in love

-for quite some time now.
-Seriously, Phil?

-[Phil] Oh, fuck!
-[Cowen] Guys, come on, really?

[Adam] You can't leave me alone,
can you?

I mean, look at you!

-No wonder you're still single!
-[Cowen] Adam. Right, come on, guys.

-Fuck off, Adam.
-[Cowen] Enough, enough.

-Group shot.
-[Adam muttering]

Come on.

Right, "cheese" on the count of three.


-[car alarm blaring]
-What the fuck was that?

Dude, look at that!
That's insane!

[Cowen] Terry, mate,
what the fuck is going on?


How's it going?

[sirens wailing]

It's this weather.
The radios are dead, phones are dead.

-The lightning's hit the old factory.
-[Cowen] Fuck!

-And that's news, that?
-[Terry] It's going nuts.

-[Cowen] Oh, shit.
-Morning, Cowen.

Terry, what the bloody hell's going on?

[thunder rumbling]

-The weather?
-Yes, I know!

-Phones are dead, radio's dead.
-I know.

The old factory's been hit by lightning.

-It's-- it's just going crazy.
-Yes, I know it's going crazy.

-What a wanker.
-Sort it out. I'm going to the factory.

I'm meeting Davis at 12:00.
I don't have time for this.

-Get on it, meet me up there.
-Right on it.

[Adam chuckles]


So, this is Hungerford.

-[crowd screaming]

[Cowen] Go, go, go!
Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

Mate, that was
the best hangover cure ever!

-Did you see all the lightning?
-[Cowen laughs] Yeah!

And Terry running around!
That bugger.

[Phil] Guys, guys, guys,
there are firemen everywhere outside.

I mean, it's literally packed in town.
Gorgeous firemen!

-[Adam] You go.
-[Cowen] You take it.

Mr. Chivers, you bastard,
I fucking told you I'd get something good!

Ladies and gentlemen,
they have destroyed the town hall.

Tonight, we party!

One, two, three, go!

Come on, Phil!

-[Cowen] Come on, mate.
-[Adam] Come on.

[all cheering]

[Phil laughs, coughs]

-You got beat by a girl!

I am big booty, okay?

-You are number one, you are number two.
-[Kipper] You could've told us that.

-And you are fatty ass.
-Why am I fatty ass?

Big booty number-- no!

How do you not get this?

Okay, a bit more vodka and go.

[all cheering]


-[Cowen] Shit, are you all right, mate?
-[Adam groans]

Hey, guys. Is that Janine's dad?

-[static hissing]
-[Cowen] Holy fuck, it is!

-God, he don't look too good.
-[Adam] He looks worse than I feel.

[Cowen] Oh, shit! Shit!



[Cowen] What the fuck is that?

Adam, that looks like blood.

-[Cowen laughs]

Film it, film it, film it!
Film it.

Shh, you'll wake him up.
You'll wake him up.

-[Phil] No, Adam, you can't do that.

[Phil] Oh, Jesus Christ.

-Shh, shh, shh...
-[Phil mutters]

Shh, Phil, shut up!

[Phil] Oh, Adam, I think
there's a "C" in "sucker."

-[Adam] What?
-There's a "C" in "sucker."

-[Adam] Fuck!
-[knocking at door]

-[Phil] Shit!
-Shit! Fuck.

[clears throat]

[Adam] You all right, mate?

-[Adam and Phil laughing]

-[knocking at door]
-[Adam] Quick, hurry up!

[Phil giggling]

Careful with the camera, Phil.

-All right?

It's brilliant, it's brilliant!

We're such a good...

-What's the matter?
-It's Janine.

No way. That's brilliant!
That's brilliant!

-I haven't seen her in six months.
-I know, man.

-How do I look?
-Man, you look gorgeous.

-You need to go speak to her.
-[Phil] Actually, it's not your best day.

Quite frankly, I think you should wait
because you're not looking your best.

-Fuck off, Phil.
-Your hair's a bit--

No, he looks great!
I'll sort your hair out, mate. Ah, yes.

-Do it like you did it at the party.
-Yes, yes, yes!

[Phil] No! No!

Oh, mate, you look gorgeous.
Go get her, man.

-Go get her. Go on!
-[Phil] Just wait a few months, okay?

-[Adam] Go, man!
-[Phil] Girls love that.

[Adam laughs]

[Adam] Go, film him, film him!

-[Cowen] Hey.
-Hi, Cowen.

[clears throat]

What are you doing here?

-I just got back from uni.

-[Adam] Hey, Janine.
-[Phil] Hi.

-Hi, Phil, Adam.
-[Adam chuckling]

I came round to invite you to a party.
It's tonight.

-[Adam] Party? Can we come?
-Oh, yeah! That'd be great.

-Yeah, yeah, everyone's invited.
-[Adam] Cheers! Cheers!

-[Phil] Awesome.
-[Adam laughs]

-[Cowen] Are you sure you're all right?
-Yeah, I'd best be going, though.

-You look like you've got...
-[Cowen] Don't be silly.

-...something going on.
-[Cowen] You just got here.


You've got "cocksucker"
written on your forehead.

[Adam laughing]


[Adam] Oh, that's brilliant!

That was fucking awesome.

[Cowen] Okay, my man, talk me through it,
talk me through it.

-I've gone for the double denim look.

-As you can see. Ladies love it.
-Yeah. Of course.

[both laugh]

-[Cowen] What's going on over here?

Well, it's a shirt that I--
my mom got me for Christmas.


And some new jeans
that I also got for Christmas.

-[Adam] Real nice, man.
-[Cowen] Nice!

-[Adam] How are you doing your hair?
-Do you not think I should do this?

-[Cowen] Are you sure?
-Yeah, mate, you look good.

So, you gonna get on uni girls, right?

[Cowen] Adam, you know
there's only one girl I like.

-And who's that?

You're with me, ain't you, Kip?

Not-- not really my thing, Adam.

I'll help you. I'll be your wingman.
I mean, I'm up for that.

I'm not after a wingman.
I'm want someone to get, you know...


Seriously, guys, you suck.

[Kipper] We can't all be
an animal like you.

[Cowen] And I'm pretty sure
we all can't have crabs like you, Adam,

as I'm pretty sure your last conquest
left you with crabs.

-Shut up!
-I remember that.

You sent me to the pharmacy
to get lotion for it.

[Cowen] That's right! Holy shit.

And you did better.
What did yours leave you?

-Half a can of deodorant, real sexy!
-Fuck off!

Guys, are you gonna come down
for a drink or what?

-[men] Ooh!

-[Adam laughing]
-[Phil] Come on, Cowen, hurry up!

[Cowen] For fuck's sake, guys,
I'm coming!

-You all right, mate?
-[static buzzes]

[Cowen laughs]
What the fuck? It's only a camera.

I mean, seriously, Cowen,
these uni girls are up for anything.

Adam, you are such a pervert.

Look at you all dressed up
for Boring Graham.

-I am not!
-He is coming, though.

-He's looking forward to seeing you again.
-Oh, go on.

-[Cowen] Phil.

[Cowen] You look great.

-[man] What? Get off me!
-[Adam] Oi, mate!

[Adam] What are you doing?

-[Phil] Come on, Adam, let's go.
-[Cowen] Yeah, come on, leave it.

-[Cowen] Let them sort it out.
-[Adam] What a freak.

[Kipper] Come on, Cowen.

-[Phil] Is that it?
-[Kipper] Whoa.

[Cowen] Yeah, that's it.

Now I've changed my mind.
I think she's perfect for you.

Cowen, that says "Happy birthday."

[Cowen] Oh, shit!

After you.

-[Phil exhales]

-Why have I got to go?
-[Cowen] Because you always go first.

-[door opens]

What's this?

-[Cowen] He's a fucking machine.
-[Phil] Oh, my God.

-It echoes.
-[Kipper] Wow. Wow.

-[Adam] Kips.
-[Kipper] I like this house.

[muffled music playing]

-[man grunting]

Someone's getting some action already.

I told you about uni girls.

-[jazz music playing]

He's got two of this.

[mouths words]

Oh, Cowen, there you are!

-[Cowen] How are you?
-I'm all right. How are you?

-I mean, I've been better.
-What's going on?

[Cowen groans]

-It's about her, isn't it?
-You know what, it's not.

Well... look, she's out there.

She evidently invited you
because she wants to talk to you.

You should go and talk to her.

-Yes, really.

-Have I ever told you duff information?
-That is true.

You wouldn't be here
if you didn't even like her a teeny bit.

She made the effort to come to you
to invite you, so go.

-Go and talk to her, seriously. Okay?
-Thank you.

All right, now go. Go on, shoo. Go.

-[Cowen] Hey.

How are you?

-I'm-- I'm good. How are you?
-Yeah, I'm good, thank you.

-You been busy?

What's with the camera?

Oh, it's a college project.

You don't mind, do you?

No, it's fine.

It's nice to see you.

It's nice to see you, too.

-So, Adam and Phil here?

[Cowen] I think Adam's found his prey
for this evening.

-[Janine] Oh, no.

Janine, listen, um...

Do you think I'm a dick?

I don't think you're a dick, Cowen.

But I think you acted like one.

-You didn't call me for six months.

[clears throat]
That night was amazing.

And I just felt that...

talking about it over something
like Facebook or...

-Does that make sense?
-No, it makes sense. I understand.

I didn't feel like I had to hold
anything back from you.

And you were so sweet.

And really understanding.

Janine, how long-- how long
are you back in town for?

About two months.


-Okay. Um, let's do something next week.

-Like what?


-What do you want to do?
-Oh, no, no, no, Mr. Director.


-I got nothing.
-[Janine laughs]

Well, I like strawberry picking.

-Well, I don't like strawberries.
-[laughs] Oh.

But I would love to go strawberry picking.

Oh, my God, that went so well.

Oh, man.

Okay, well, now,

I've had to leave the party quickly
because I am in dire need of a piss.


What the fuck?

[Cowen] Oh, my God!

-[Adam] Seriously.
-[Cowen] Adam! Adam!

-Fucking Janine's Dad. Janine's--

-Shut up, man. I'm working my magic!
-[Cowen] Oh, my God. Oh, my God.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the fuck?

Fucking hell!

-Whoa, whoa!
-[Janine] Oh, my God! Somebody!

-Somebody call an ambulance!
-[woman] Shit!

-[Janine] Did you spike her drink?
-I didn't do anything!

Adam, what did you do?
Did you bring drugs to my party?

-Trust you to bring drugs!
-I didn't do anything!

Just get out. Everybody, go home.
Just leave!


[Cowen] Adam! Adam!

Why is it always you who fucks things up?

-Get that camera out of my face.
-[Phil] Adam.

Do you know what, Cowen?

Cowen, my brother is a lot of things,
but he would never drug someone.

[Cowen] Look at him.
He's a fucking animal!

Come on.

-[Cowen] Go on!
-Seriously, you can't keep blaming me

every time you fuck things up
with Janine.

Look, Cowen, there's nothing to suggest
he's done anything.

He never gives his drugs away.
You know that.


God, last night was fucked up.

It couldn't have been Adam.

It just doesn't add up.

I need to call Janine.



I know you're upset.
You have every right--

I know, I know.

Janine, listen, I don't--
I don't think it was Adam.

No, Janine, listen, please. Please.

After I left you, um...

I went for a wee in your garden.

Janine, I saw your dad.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.


-[Cowen] You all right, Phil?

You all right?


[dishes clinking]

You sure?

-You sure?

Are you sure you're all right?
Because you don't look it.

What's this, then?

It's Janine's.


You kept that... how long?

-Too long.

But you don't have to worry
about that anymore.


[bowls scraping]

So, what happened?

Where to begin, Phil?


She called me a child.

She said I was, um,
playing deluded games.

And she thinks
I'm doing nothing with my life.

Oh, Cowen,
you didn't believe her, did you?

-Well, she's got a point, Phil.
-No, she does not have a point, Cowen!

That's bollocks. You could do anything
you wanted to do.

You could.

Even if you wanted to leave, you could.

You can go.

I don't want you to.

I... need you, actually.

But you have to go.

And you need to know that that's okay.



Philippa Martell.

What would I do without you?

Come here. Come here.

Thank you.

Oh! Don't be silly.

Right, I'm gonna go put the TV on.

We're gonna put our feet up
and do nothing.

-Sounds great.

Yeah, sounds good. Okay.

[Cowen sighs]

[knocking at door]

-[Cowen] Phil, what was that?
-Oh, it's just the postman.

-[glass breaks]
-[Phil shouting]

[static hissing]

What the fuck? Get the fuck off of her!

[Cowen choking]

[Adam] Fuck off!

[Adam] Fuck!

[both grunting]

[flesh squelching]

[Adam panting]

Fuck. Fuck.

[Phil screaming]

[spray can hissing]

[postman screaming]

[Phil screams]

[Cowen] Fuck!


-[Phil whimpering]
-[Cowen] Shh!

[Kipper] Hey, guys, I brought crumpets.

-[Cowen] Right, what do you suggest we do?
-Call the police!

We can't, okay?

We mustn't-- we mustn't do that, Kipper.

[Phil] Adam is already on probation.

It's the only--
it's the only sensible thing to do.

And what happens to Adam, okay?
What happens to Adam?

We call them,
we say it was self-defense.

They'll come, clear it up,
get rid of it.

-Kipper, we are not doing that!
-All right, all right!

What the fuck do we do?

-Put him in the fucking bins?
-We could!

I mean, come on,
no one checks the bins.

-Do you realize how bad an idea that is?
-What else can we do?

Fuck, it's Terry.

I am here on a serious matter.

You will be aware of the ramifications
of the Misuse of Drugs Act.

It's illegal to possess cannabis.

You all right there, Phil?

-Yeah, yeah.
-Man, man, listen, listen, listen.

She-- she doesn't take to it too well,
if know what I mean?

Yeah, well, that kind of confirms
my suspicion.

I have reason to believe there is cannabis
on these premises.

I was rather hoping I could score some.

That's a sizeable amount there, you know?
I could have you for supply.

-How much do I owe you?
-It's on the house.

You're a gentleman and a scholar.

-Thank you very much.
-Thank you.

You stay safe,
and stay off the skunk, Phil.

-[Kipper] Thanks, Terry.
-[Cowen] Take it easy, mate.

[Cowen] Right, come on.
Adam, shift the shit away.

[Kipper] Oh, this is a bad idea.
Such a bad idea.

Guys, we could still call the police.
It's not too late.

[Cowen] All right, all right, all right.

[Kipper] I mean, surely this isn't
the best idea you've had?

-[Adam] Kipper, just shut up!
-[Kipper] Well, it's...

-Oh, God.
-[Cowen] Right, slowly, slowly, slowly.

[Cowen] Holy shit!

-Look at this.
-[Adam] I've seen his face.

-[Cowen] There is a hole in his neck.
-[Adam] Let's just get him out of here.

[Kipper] That's disgusting.

I don't like this.
I do not like this at all.

[Cowen] Okay, let's...

[Cowen grunts]

[Kipper] Oh, Jesus.

-[Adam] You ready?
-[Kipper] No, no, no.

[Cowen] Okay, okay. All right.


-[Adam] Ready, Cowen?
-[Cowen] Three, two, one.

[Kipper] I still think this is a bad idea.

Shut up, Kip!

[Cowen] Okay, okay.

[Kipper] Hey, guys,
this is a really bad idea.

We can't do this!

-What if someone finds it?
-Kip, we're fine, seriously!

The lorry pulls up, they tip it in,
no one ever looks.

-[all grunt]
-Oh, God!

[Cowen grunting]

[Phil] Go, go, quick!
Okay, okay. Come on!

[Cowen] Adam.




Mate, mate.


Yes. Mate, mate, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

-What? What? What?

I've been awake all night.

I need your help with something.

-Cowen, can I just sleep, please?

This is gonna sound
fucking crazy, all right?

So... just...

That guy yesterday...

Look, he-- he didn't seem to...

I don't want to talk about it, Cowen.
I don't want to talk about it, please.

When you stabbed him,
it didn't seem to do anything.

It's just adrenaline.

But when you sprayed him
with that deodorant, it killed him, Adam.

It's just-- just a reaction.
Just let me sleep.

-Don't be fucking stupid!
-I don't wanna talk about it!

Did you see the hole
in the back of his neck?

-There wasn't any hole!
-Of course-- right.

You need to come down
to the bins with me.

-Come to the bins.
-Are you mad? Are you mad, Cowen?

You want us to go out there
and look at a body that we killed?

What if we get caught?

Please. Adam, please.

I'm fucking begging you right now.



You're fucking mad.
Fine, fine! Fuck.

-You sure you wanna look at it?

[flies buzzing]

[Adam] So what am I looking at?

[Cowen] Check his neck.

-[Adam] So it's a cut.
-Mate! What done that?

[Adam] Glass?

[Adam] What else do you think?

[Cowen] Oh... I don't know,
but, listen, I'm telling--

-It's your imagination.
-Fuck off.

-What else do you think did that?
-Adam, look at that wound!

[Adam] I've seen plenty of cuts,
and that, to me, is a cut.

[Cowen] What the fuck?

[Adam] Seriously, mate,
you live in a dream world.

So, let me get this straight.

You want me to spray some random person
in the face with this

just to see what it does?

This is our only option, okay?

Do you know how you sound?
There's a body in that bin.

We put that there and you want me
to run around spraying people?

What if they go fucking blind?

I'm not doing this!
Fuck! Are you out of your-- ahh!

Come on, Cowen,
it's been over half an hour now.

Mate, I know. But, Adam,
you've got to trust me, all right?

-Please, man.

[Cowen] Adam, him.
I've seen him before.

-Seriously? Are you sure?
-Yes, him. Yes!

[Adam] Sorry, mate,
have you got the time?

-[static hissing]

-[Adam] Shit! Prick!
-[Cowen] Adam! Adam, wait!

-Come on!

Cowen, keep up!

[Cowen panting]

[distorted] Oh, fuck.

Oh, fuck.

-[Adam] After him!
-[Cowen] Adam, it's the old factory.

Why's he going in there?

-Come on!
-Go, go.


-The prick's gone in there.
-Oh, shit.

[Cowen] What the fuck?
I thought it was abandoned.

[Adam] So did I.

-Looks like a smackhead gathering.
-No shit.

-I'm gonna take a look round back.
-What the fuck?

-Mate, I need to know what's going on.

It'll be fun. I've got this.
Cowen, I've got this. It's fine!

-What the fuck are you doing?
-Come on.

-[people growling]
-[Cowen] Oh, fuck! Oh, shit!


-[normal audio] Cowen?
-[Cowen] Look at this.

[Phil] Whoa, shit.
Cowen, are you all right?

-Yeah, yeah.
-Are you okay? Are you hurt? Cowen!

I'm all right. I'm all right.

-What's going on?
-Give me a sec.

-Cowen, what's happening?
-Kip, help me up. I'm fine.

-We followed some guy this morning.

-Me and Adam.
-Where is Adam?

-We went to the old factory.
-Wait, where's Adam?

-I thought it was abandoned.
-So did I.

-What is going on?
-Where is Adam?

I don't know. He ran off.
He ran off, Phil.

[door opens, closes]

-[Cowen] Adam, you bastard!
-[Phil] Adam?

-[Cowen] Are you all right?
-[Phil] Adam.

-[Adam shouts]
-[Kipper] Adam, Adam, get off him!

-Phil, help me!
-[Adam shouting]

-[spray can hissing]
-[Adam screaming]

[creature screeches]


-[squelches, crunches]
-[creature shrieks]

[Phil] What the fuck is that?

[Kipper] It's got to work
like some kind of chameleon.

That's how come we couldn't see it.

[Cowen] Kipper,
that is no fucking chameleon.

From now on, we film everything.

Oh, Jesus.


It spoke to me.

Told me to kill you.

And I couldn't do anything.

I don't fucking care what it is.

But I know what fucking kills it.

-[Phil] Two seconds.

Ah, that stings.

-[Phil] You okay?
-No, I'm fine.


But what do we do now?

I've just been checking
all the news sites.

There's nothing on any of them.
This is a completely new thing.

We have to tell someone.

We've got to get the fuck out of here
and then tell someone.

[Cowen] Guys, I need to go get Janine.


Cowen, we've got to get
the fuck out of here.

Cowen, it's dangerous.
You saw what that thing did to Adam.

-[Phil] Yes, exactly. Adam?
-[Adam] I'm with Cowen.

[Phil] You don't even like her.

[Adam] That was before
I had that on my head.

-[Phil] You've got to be kidding!
-Phil, Phil.

-This is nuts.
-This is the only thing that matters.

If Cowen wants Janine
to be a part of it, then I'm with him.

No, you're crazy.

[Cowen] Wait. Guys, guys, listen.
Let's just go over the facts, all right?

We know once we spray the fuckers
with the deodorant,

they come off and we can kill them.


-[Cowen] So, we just need more deodorant.

What are you talking about?

You can't actually do that
in real life, Cowen.

-Cowen, are you sure you wanna do this?

So, we want to do this?

[Cowen] Guys, listen, listen.

You don't have to help me.


we do.

-[lock clicks]
-[Adam grunts]

-[Phil] Huh.
-[Adam laughs]

-[Phil] Oh, God, this is so weird.
-[Adam] Wow.

-[Adam] Guys, check it out.
-[Phil] It's really creepy at night.

-[loud clatter]
-[Adam laughs]

[Cowen] Adam,
what the fuck are you doing?

-What are you doing?
-You should get flowers for Janine.

Come on.

-[Phil] Hey, guys, look.
-[Adam gasps] Test it. Test it.

-[P.A. chimes]
-[Cowen] Guys!

[Kipper] I work here. If I get sacked
because of you, I'm not gonna be happy.

He's such a bore.

-Don't forget why we're here.
-[Adam] Yeah, yeah.

-For fuck's sake.
-[Phil] No.

[distant clanging]

-[Phil] We need to go.

-[creatures squeaking]
-[Cowen] Fuck, fuck. Guys, get in, get in.

-[Adam] What is it? What is it?
-[Cowen] There's someone down there.

-Oh, shit!
-[Phil] Oh, fuck!

-What do we do?
-[Kipper] Go down, next aisle.

-[Adam] Phil.
-[Phil] No.

[Adam] Oh...

-We need to get out of here right now.
-[Kipper] That'd be great.

I don't know if we can do this.

We can't.
We need that deodorant, Phil.

-[Kipper] It's dangerous.
-Yeah, we need it.


[Adam] This isn't a good idea, man.

-[Cowen] Mate, we need that--
-[bottles clinking]

[Adam] Ah, fuck it!

-[Cowen grunts]
-[creature screeching]

[Phil screams]

-[creatures hissing]
-[Phil screaming]

-[Cowen] Guys, we need to go.
-[man screeching]

[Phil screams] Oh, my God!

[creature screeching]

[Phil] Go! Go!

[Cowen] Go! The exit!

Go right!
Go right, Kipper, come on!

[creature screeching]

Oh, my God. Did you see that?

This was easy! We've got this!

That was not easy, Adam!
With those crazy people attacking us.

And you,
you can't do that to people, Adam!

[Kipper] Exactly. You can't do that.
It's irresponsible.

-Guys, guys, come on!
-[Kipper] It's dangerous!

Take a breath.

Adam, weapons.
We need weapons, all right?

-The garden shed. Go.
-I've got it.

-Sweetie, are you all right?
-No. No, I'm not. Yes.

I need you to do something for me.

Count how many cans
of deodorant we've got.

-All right. Yup, okay.

Kipper, talk to me.

[Kipper] They were organized.
You saw that, right?

I saw. I saw.

How did they even get in?
What if there's more of them?

Okay. Um... Janine's.

We need to think back alleys,

garages, the safest, most efficient way
of getting there.

-All right?
-[Kipper] I can do that, I've got it.

-[Cowen] Nice, nice.
-[Phil] We've got 15, 15.

[Cowen] Guys,
take one and spray yourself.

-[spray can hissing]
-[Kipper] Cheers.

Guys, is this actually gonna do anything?

[Kipper] It's the only thing we've got.


-You're not coming with us.

-It's too dangerous!
-Okay, I'm not staying here, Adam!

Phil, listen, listen.
He's got a point, all right?

I'm coming.

We're gonna have to do what we just done
three or four more times.

I'm coming with you.

Fine, but you better keep up.
I mean, fucking keep up.

-Okay. Is everybody all right?

Let's go.

It's clear, round the corner.



[door creaks]

[Cowen] Okay, all right,
upstairs, upstairs.

[Cowen pounding on door]
Janine, baby, we're here. Let us in.

[Janine] There are people
trying to get in!

[Adam] Just kick it in!


-[Cowen] Janine!
-[Janine sobbing]

[Cowen] Baby, come on, come on.
Listen, we need to go, we need to go.

Janine, please, come on!
Phil, help me.

[Phil] Come on, Janine.
All right, come on.

You need to be brave now, okay?
Just get it together.

Hold Cowen's hand. I'm getting up.
Come on. You got a bag?

-[Adam] We need to go.
-[Cowen] I know.

-[Adam] Come on!
-Go! Come on, come on.

-[Cowen] We gotta go.
-[Janine] Guys, what about my dad?

He is my dad!

If you open that door,
he will fucking try and kill you.

-He's locked in there--
-Listen, he's not your dad!

-Cowen, he's my dad.

-Listen, just go slowly, okay?
-What the fuck?

Kipper, keep watch.

Adam, turn the GoPro on.

-[camera beeps]
-[Cowen] It's not him anymore.

[Janine's dad breathing heavily]

-[flies buzzing]
-[men groaning]

[Adam] Fuck, it stinks.

[Adam] Oh, shit.

[Janine] Dad? It's me.

It's Janine.

You need to come with us now, okay?

We're going to look after you
and we're going to take you away.

Come on.

-[static hissing]
-Dad? Dad.

-[door slams]
-[all gasp]

[Janine] Dad?


-[static hissing]
-[Janine screams]

Dad! Dad, get off! Dad, no!

[all shouting]

[Janine] Oh, my God!

-[skin tearing]
-[Cowen] Phil, get it!

-[Cowen panting]
-[Janine] Help me.

Kip, Kip, how we doing?

[Adam] Oh, shit! Quick, out the back!
Back the way we...

Fuck. Kip, what do we do?

[Kipper] Along the canal,
through the alleys.

All right, we gotta go!

[woman snarling]

[all screaming]

-[muffled sound]
-[high-pitched ringing]

[Kipper panting]

[Janine screaming]

-[flesh tears]
-[creature screeches]

[Kipper panting, coughing]

-[dog barking]
-[car alarm blaring]

[car tires screech]

[distant woman screams]

-[bottles shatter]
-[people screaming]

-[Phil] I'm gonna cross! I'm gonna cross!
-[Cowen] Stay there! Stay there!

No, Phil, wait! Phil!

[man screaming]

[spray can hissing]


-[creature screeching]
-Fucking move!

[Phil and Adam arguing]

You never fucking listen to me!
You never have! You stupid--

-Adam! Adam, look at me!
-Get off me!

-Look at me! Adam!

[women sobbing]

[Cowen] Calm down! Calm down!
They are out there! Listen!

-[Phil gasps]

The fact of the matter is
everyone is alive.

Not everyone's alive, Cowen.

Not everyone's...


My dad's dead, Cowen.

My dad is dead because we killed him!

Cowen, we killed him! Cowen.

I need to get us out of here.

So, what's your plan?

We need a-- a car or something.

I've got the keys to my dad's car.

I've got the keys
to my dad's car in my bag.

The car's parked at the council offices.

It's the front left pocket.


I'm gonna go downstairs
and talk to the others.

-Yeah, yeah.

[Cowen] Anything?

It's all quiet out back.
There's nothing there at all.

Kip, listen. We've got a car.

-Janine's dad's car.

-But one of us needs to go get it.
-All right, cool. Where is it?

It's parked at the council offices.
I'm gonna go as soon as it gets light.

Okay, I'll start planning you a route,
the safest way I can.

-Perfect. Thank you, mate.

Want to check on the others?

I'll go.

[sobbing, whimpering]

[Cowen] Listen to me, listen to me.

Shh, listen to me.

It's okay.

Shh, shh, shh.

It's okay, sweetie.

It's okay.

-[glass shatters]
-[car alarm blaring]

-[Cowen] What the fuck was that?
-[Adam sobbing]

-[Cowen] What the fuck was that?

[Adam] They're-- they're taking people
off the streets.

-[people screaming]
-They're on the streets.

[Cowen] They're taking people
off the streets?

Okay, all right, all right.

Okay, it's at the council offices.
I'm gonna go at dawn, okay?

Just give me time.

[camera beeps]


I'm gonna go and get the car.

I know you guys would tell me not to,

that it's too dangerous,

that I'd mess up and end up getting hurt,
put you all in danger, like I did today.

That's exactly why I'm going.

I need to repay you guys
for saving my life.

I can do this.

[Cowen] Adam, wait!

-Fuck off! I've gotta get my sister!

-Fuck. Fuck.


[sobbing] Fuck!
Fuck, this is my fault, man. Fuck.

-[Cowen] Adam, listen.

I know, I know.
It's all right, it's all right.

Look at me!
I need you to do something for me.


-And I will go get who you love, okay?

-Just bring her back, man.
-I know.

[Cowen] Barricade the doors
and stay low, all right?

Come on, Kip.

[Cowen] Okay. Okay.

I think we're clear, Kip.

[woman snarls, shouts]

[Cowen] Ah!


[Kipper] Jesus Christ!

[Terry] Oi!


[creature screeches]


Mate, Phil.

Phil, she-- she's gone for a car
at the council offices.

-On her own?

You shoot them in the neck,

you kill the bug
and you kill the person.

[Cowen] Terry, um...

spray yourself with some of this.

Trust me, the bugs hate it.

[man screeching]


[Kipper panting]

Let's go and get Phil.

[Cowen] Oh, my God.

-[Kipper] Oh, my God.
-[man] No, not the kids!

-[people screaming]
-[man] Not the kids!

[man] No, you bastards!

[zombies snarling]

We've got to get past. Follow me.

[car alarm blaring]

[all shouting]

[boy] Leave me alone!

[Kipper] They're taking the family.

Cowen, get down, get down.

There's too many.

We can't save them all.

We gotta get past. Follow me.

[snarling continues]

[man screaming]

They're killing the ones who fight.

We need to go.
Now. Go, go!

It looks clear.

-We're gonna go slow, slow.

[Cowen] Oh, my God.

-[car door beeping]
-[Cowen] Where is she?

Terry, where is she?


Phil! Phil!


Quiet, keep it down.

[Cowen] Oh, my God.

[Terry] Get out of the car!
Show me your hands!

Please, please, don't shoot!
Please don't shoot!

Cowen, Cowen!


I told you I'd do it, didn't I?

You wait till you see your brother's face.

Now can we get out of here?

Keys now, keys.

Go, now, car!

[Terry] This is PC459,
requesting immediate backup.

[Cowen] Terry, mate, slow down.

We got reports,
reports of people going missing.

The officers that went to find them?

Gone, disappeared.

Special Forces turned up.

They went to the factory, disappeared.

My sergeant, he attacked me,
tried to kill me.

I killed him. I killed my sergeant.

[Kipper] Guys, what's that?

Seriously, guys, what is that?

-Guys, look out!
-[Cowen] Terry, watch out!

[tires screech]

-[Kipper shouting]

[static buzzing]

[broken glass clinking]

[shuddering breath]





Come on, Cowen, wake up.
You need to wake up.

Cowen! We-- we need to be together.

[zombies snarling]

Come on, Cowen. Cowen, no!

No, no, no! No, Cowen!

[Phil screaming]

[static hissing]

[Kipper groaning]





Come on, man.

Cowen. Come on.


[breathing heavily]

We'll get you out of here.

Come on, come on.

Come on, give me your hand.
Come on, come on.


[Cowen] T-Terry!

Oh, my God.

[Cowen crying out]

Oh, my...

[Kipper] Come on. Come on.

Oh, Kip. Kip.

Kip, where-- where's-- where's Phil?





-[zombies snarling]
-[Cowen] Phil!

[Kipper] Cowen. We have to go!

-Cowen, run!
-Kip, run, go! Go!


[Cowen] Down there, Kip.

[zombies screeching]

They took her, Kip.

-[sobbing] They took Phil.
-[Kipper] I know. I know.

They fucking took her, Kip.

I know, Cowen.
We can't think about that now.

We have to get back to the flat, okay?

-[Cowen] No, they took her.
-Adam and Janine.

They're both there
and they're waiting for us.

We know where they are.
We don't know where they've taken Phil.

Maybe-- maybe she didn't fight back.

-I hope not.
-Maybe she didn't fight back.

I hope not, but right now,
we can't think about that.

Cowen, we have to go.
Come on. Come on.

Okay. Okay.

I'm gonna go out, Kip.
I'm gonna go out.

[Kipper] Cowen!


Kip, everyone's gone.


Where's everyone gone?

Wh-Where is everyone, Kip?


Adam-- Adam and Janine...

[Kipper] This is Adam's phone.

-[Kipper] Oh, fuck! Not good.
-[snarling, shouting]

[Kipper] Fuck. Fuck!

No. No, this is not happening,
this is not happening.

If we don't help them,
they haven't got a chance.

We're all they've got.

Adam said, if you remember,

that this unit is all that matters.

And I believe him wholeheartedly.

I know you do as well.

We're a family, Cowen.

Cowen, we have to do this,
and it doesn't matter what happens.


Even if it kills us.

Could you live with yourself
if you didn't even try?


I need you, man.

They need us. They need us.




All right. Nice.

Kip, help me with that.

[camera beeps]

[snapping fingers]

-What's it like out there?
-It's abandoned.

All right.

[camera beeps]

[girl crying]

-[Cowen] Kip, what was that?
-I don't know.

Oh, my God, Kip.
Kip, that sounds like a kid.

-It does.
-Come on. Follow it, follow it.

[crying continues]

-[Cowen] Jesus!
-Come on!

-[Cowen] Kip.
-Look, come up.

[Cowen] Christ!


Hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey.

[Cowen] Hey. Hey.

Come here, take my hand.

It's all gonna be okay, all right?


Kip. Kip, Kip, Kip.
You need to get these guys out of here.

-Get them out of here now.
-What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna go to the facility, okay?
Get help.

-[Kipper] Okay.
-[Cowen] Listen, um...

my-- my friend's gonna take you
to safety, okay?

Okay, take his hand.

Bring help, Kip.
Police, the army, anyone.

-I'll come find you.

I'll come find you.
Go, go.

[Cowen] Good luck.

-[crows cawing]
-[Cowen panting]



[static crackling]

[door creaks]

[Cowen] Phil?




[distant clanging]

[Cowen] Okay. Okay, okay.

[man] No, please don't.
Please, don't do it.

-[Cowen] Fuck.
-[people whimpering]

[Cowen] Oh, fuck.

[man 2 whimpering]

No, no, please! No!

[Cowen] Okay. Okay.

-[people shouting]
-Help. Please help us. Please!

-[Cowen] Phil?
-[man 3] Get us out!

[Cowen] Shh, shh!
Adam? Adam! Janine!

I can't, I can't!
I'll be back, I'll be back.

-[door closes]
-[Cowen] Shit.


[zombie snarling]

[door creaks, slams]

[Cowen] What is-- what is that?

[Cowen] Ugh!

[static crackles]

[Cowen crying] Where-- where are you?

[creature screeching, skittering]

[static buzzing]

[Cowen crying]

What is this?

Wh-What is this?

[shuddering breath]

What is that? What is this?

[Cowen whimpering]


Can-- can anyone hear me?

Can-- can anyone hear me?


Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!



Oh, my God.

What is that?

-What is that?
-[zombie snarls]

-[Cowen crying out]
-[creature screeching, snarling]

-[Cowen] No! No! No!

[static hissing]

[Cowen] Please. Please.

[static crackling]

-[zombie snarls]
-[door slams]

[static crackles]

-[elevator whirring]
-[static crackling]

[Cowen breathing heavily]

[Cowen gasping]

[Cowen gasping]

[water trickling]

[distant clang]

[Cowen gasping]

[Cowen] Adam?


-Cowen. What the fuck?
-[Cowen] It's so good to see you, man.

It's so good to see you, man.

[coughs] Are you good?

-Are you good? I love you, man.
-Oh, God.

Adam. Adam, listen. Listen.

Listen, we need to find
our way out of here.

Okay. Okay.

[Cowen] Shit.

I can't see.

Oh, my God.

[Cowen sobbing] Janine.



Cowen, I knew you'd find me.

-I love you.
-[Cowen] I love you, too.

Oh, my God, guys. Guys.


What was that?
What the fuck was that? Listen!

-Shh, shh! Shh!

[woman screaming]

[bones cracking]


-[bones crunching]
-[creature roars]


[creature speaking foreign language]

-[Janine whimpers]

[Adam] What's happening?

[Adam] Fucking...

Oh, fuck.


-[canister clattering]

-[high-pitched ringing]

[automatic gunfire]

-[Cusack] What the fuck?
-[soldier] It was fucking eating her!

[creatures roaring]

[Cusack] Cowen Rosewell?
You're coming with me, sonny.

Targets acquired!

[static crackles]

[alarm blaring]

Right, up the stairs, cover him.
Down, down.

[radio beeps]

Target hostile!

[creature screeching]

Down, down. Stay behind him!

[soldier] Target's alive!

-[Cusack] Fuck!
-[soldier] Clear!

[Cusack] Stay down!
All right, take the level, move. Move!

Got your six covered, sir.

Is it fucking dead?

Stay on my ass!

Stay on me, stay on me!



[Cusack] Fuck!


[Cusack] Hey, soldier,
you all right? You all right?

We have a man down.
Repeat, we have a man down.

This is Officer Cusack
requesting emergency medevac.

Soldier down, soldier down.
Let's fucking move!

[all panting]

[Cusack] Hostiles, right!


-[Adam] Oh, fuck!
-[soldier] Clear!

[Cusack] Move out.

-[people screaming]
-[Cusack] Keep formation!

[static crackling]

[Cusack] It's fucking swarming down here.

Get the friendlies out.

[helicopter blades whirring]

In there, in there!

[Adam] Kip!

[soldier] Down! Get in the corner!


-[zombies snarling]
-[Kipper] Over there! Over there!

[Cusack] Fuck me!

What the fuck?

What the fuck?
What are these things?

We lost the recon team inside there.

We're in the fucking shit.
Right, get ready. We're getting out!

-[Adam] Cowen, where's Phil?
-[Cowen] What?

-Where's Phil?
-[Cusack] Come on, we're going!


[Cowen] Oh, my God.

They came.

We don't know how many exactly.

Europe's gone dark.

Thousands of parasites
have been released.

Thousands of people under their control.

We do not know where they're from.

We do not know their intentions.

But what we do know...

[door clanking] that those of us
who remain free must fight.

Cowen, we need to go.
They're moving out.

This is Cowen Rosewell signing out.

You think we should show them?

[Cowen] Phil, if you're out there...