Hunger Point (2003) - full transcript

A family is pushed to its limits when one of the daughters' lives is blighted by an eating disorder.

In our family, fat assumed
a meaning as deadly as cancer.

You're too pretty to be heavy,

Now's the time to do
something about it

before it's too late.

Getting fat was worse than
losing your job,

worse than being jilted
at the altar,

worse than growing up in
a trailer park with no shoes.

You want the boys to like you,
don't you?


Oh, come on.
We're a team.

First one to lose 10 pounds
gets a new bathing suit.

Come on.

Come on.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Mom, where does all the fat go
when we lose it?

[ Chuckling ]

Mom, where does it go?

It goes on her.

Frannie, frannie,
don't eat the skin.

Don't -- give it to me.

Honey, I love the skin as
much as you do,

but do you see me
eating it?

It's fattening.

Why can't I be on a diet?
I need to be on a diet.

Shelly, you need nothing
of the sort.

You've got the legs
of a gazelle.

You're dieting.

Feel better?

Eat your dinner.

That I desperatelye
wanted out of.

In high school, food occupied
my every waking thought.


One piece of toast,
no butter...

21 M&M's.

You're a fat pig.

You don't get to eat
anything tomorrow.

I hate you, you fat pig.

College was a busy time.

I found sex.

Not good sex,
but lots of it.

Filled my plate and gave me
a break from calorie counting.

[ Telephone rings, click ]

Hey, it's frannie.
You know what to do.

[ Beep ]

[ Crying ] I didn't know it
would hurt so bad.

Shelly, I'm here.
What hurt?

Hold on.

I'm sorry.
I have to take this.

It's my little sister.

[ Sniffling ]

What happened?

Just prom night.

I-I'm such a loser.

Forget about it.

Prom night's always
a disaster.

Thanks for nothing.

Don't you remember mine,

when I was dancing and my fake
fingernails came off

and stuck in his jacket,

and he was wearing
a white jacket?

Oh, god!

I didn't want to go to school
the next day.

So what happened?

Shelly was miserable
in high school,

but she was thin, a combination
I found hard to fathom.

She came home from Cornell with
straight a's,

plans to apply to
law school, looking gorgeous,

but totally weird about food.

God, Shelly.

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Door locks ]

[ Vomiting ]

[ Coughing, toilet flushes ]

Guess what?

Mom had spent all her time

worrying about the wrong

Did you just make yourself
throw up?

It takes discipline
to be thin.

I thought I had my problems
with food.

Turned out they couldn't

with my little sister,

We're ready
for you now.

Her name is Marilyn, but mom
secretly calls her "chubby."

Would you like to tell them?

I asked you to come today to
help you understand

why Shelly decided to go into
St. Mary's.

Yes, well, of course we want to
help Shelly in any way we can,

but she has a fantastic
internship in a law office,

and she's preparing her

for Harvard law school.

So I don't know if hospitalizing
her is the best idea.

That's not your decision,

Shelly's severely depressed.

In order to deal with that

we must first stabilize her
eating and her weight.

If Shelly feels she needs
to check into a hospital,

then she should.

She should be with people
who love her.

And is forcing US to go
on diets

and talking about it
all the time

and getting furious if we gain
a pound, is that loving her?

[ Chuckles ]

I was very overweight
as a child.

My mother fed me too much

because, well, for her,
that was showing love.

I tried to teach my girls

that food's not a substitute
for love.

I did what I thought was best,
and I won't apologize for it.

I just want them to

that I didn't mean this
to happen.

We know that, honey.

That's why you should be
home with US.

That's not what I meant.

Right now, we want to stop
Shelly's weight loss.

Then she can decide
her next step.

If you really want to
help Shelly,

you will support
her decision.

She's my child,
and I want her home.

She'll go into a mental hospital
over my dead body.

Bang, bang.
You're dead.

Shelly told me each floor
houses different afflictions.

Seemed to me, the higher
you went,

the more screwed up you were.

Floor number one --
mild depression.

Schizophrenia at the very top,

which put Shelly somewhere
in the middle.

How do they get this way?

Not all these girls have
terrible mothers.


I know everyone blames me.

Mom, please, sometimes
I just say things.


Don't touch me.

Frannie's just happy to
see you, darling.

we won't touch you.

You look good.

[ Sighs ]

Frannie, isn't this place
the biggest joke?

Don't -- don't say
"I told you so," mom.

Well, you know, if this place
doesn't work out,

we'll cross that bridge.

"We'll just cross
that bridge."


You're the sister.

This is Cynthia.

Shelly didn't want you
to come today.

How old do you think
she is?

15? 16?

32 --
Cynthia was with the ballet

till she screwed up her brain
on diet pills.

Do they monitor you
in here?

People sneak laxatives,
diet pills, caffeine pills.

Some girl even drank

She couldn't stop vomiting,
but she lost a pound,

so I guess she thought
it was worth it.


You feel it was worth it?

Why do you always ask

that you think are so probing
but are actually moronic?

This is Bernadette.

She's a bulimic.

There's a lot of animosity
between bulimics and anorexics.

Bulimics think they don't get
enough attention.

Well, you know,
it's not what you eat.

It's what eats you.
It's what eats you.

[ Chuckles ]

Go see if pia got
it yet.

Got what?
Who's pia?

Just a girl.

how's the therapy going?

don't touch my stuff.

Do you mind getting up?


That stuff's not mine.

I know, honey.
I'm just trying to help out.

Mom, why don't you take a walk
so Shelly and I can talk?

Fine, you girls talk.

I'll get some air.

You know, this place
isn't really so bad.

Why don't you move in,

[ Sighs ]

She's making me crazy.

She just doesn't know what
to do, Shelly.

[ Crying ]
I'm so ashamed.

I mean, I-I had everything
in place,

my job at the law firm.

I was learning so much,

and I was getting
my applications ready

for law school.

I've ruined my life.

Do you know how long it's gonna
take me to undo this?

This is a beginning.
This isn't the end.

And who's life is perfect

I lost my job,
my apartment.

Now I'm stuck with
morticia and Gomez.

[ Chuckles and sniffles ]

Where's dad?

Yeah, where is dad?

[ Chuckles ]
You know, they --

they weigh me all
the time,

but I never get to see
the numbers.

We get weighed backwards, and it
makes me crazy not to know.

Do you think I
look grotesque?

Of course not.

You're so pretty.

I just want to see you
get better.

Don't say that.

I am not like the other
girls here.

No, I know
you're not like them.

[ Sighs ]

Really, this place isn't at
all what I thought it would be,

thank god.


Where are you going?

Time for meds.

She looks so horrible.

I want to take her
out of here.

Mom, she's really sick.

I hate hospitals.

This place makes me so

Makes you depressed?
Think about how Shelly feels.

Who knows how she feels?

I don't know how she got
so bad so fast.

Why --

why are you talking
about me?!

I -- oh!

I asked you not to
talk about me!

Why don't you both
just go back to your lives

and leave me alone?!

Fine, we'll go.

Mom, wait.

You heard her.

If you want to go, go!

We don't want to go.

We just don't want to see
you so unhappy.

I'm not unhappy.

I --

I just --

I'm just s-sick of being
talked about

like i'm
some c-case study.

We're sorry we talked
about you.

Hey, let's go take a break,
go up on the roof.

Come with me.

Listen, Johnny Brendan's nephew
went to Harvard law.

Maybe he can write you
a recommendation.

Hes a big muckymuck
at IBM.

"muckymuck" is not a word.


Strike it from
the record, counselor.

[ Sighs ]

We'll be right back.

Good morning to you.

Just when were you gonna tell
me you were fired?

I wasn't fired.

I was laid off.

Come on, lazybones.
I've got a job for you.

My little sister had checked
into a mental hospital,

and I was doing exactly what
was expected of me -- nothing.


Put on my jacket.
Look like you belong.

Mom, you don't need me here
to answer the phone.

You're gonna laze around
my house all day.

You're gonna make something
of yourself.

He's here.

Buzz me and then show him to
my office, okay?

[ Sighs,
clears throat ]

I'm Daniel Reynolds.

I'm here to see Marsha
about the new agent position.


Daniel, hi!

Hi, Daniel!
How are you?

[ Indistinct conversation ]

[ Door opens ]


Yes, Mr. Brendan.

[ Marsha laughing ]

I knew that giggle.

It's a girl flirting
with a boy she likes,

but this is my mother.


It's delicious!

There's no end to your

What's that supposed to mean?
I can't believe this.

The chicken marsala
is 300 calories.

The deli man, Daniel --
who will be your next prey?

Don't be ridiculous.

He's married,
and so am I.

Right, like that matters.

Ice cream?

Frannie, your father and I have
been married 27 years.

I hope that means something to
your marriage counselor.

I found the card, mom.
When were you gonna tell me?

You're just like my sister --
nosy and critical.

Are you gonna leave
dad for Daniel?

I think I have the right
to know!

Frannie, stop it.

Just stop it.

I'm not having an affair
with Daniel.

I'm sorry mom.
Let's get some low-fat yogurt.

[ Scoffs ]

What the hell?


This place must cost a lot.
[ Indistwho's paying for it?

Shelly's insurance covers
six months.

We're hoping she's out
by then.

Oh, my god.

What a great way to
meet guys.

Oh, what?

It's not like they're gonna want
any of the women in here.

I'm Dr. Thompson.

I wanted to talk to you before
you saw Shelly today.



You are Shelly's sister?

Are you her doctor now?

I'm just a resident.


There was an accident
this morning.

No, no, it wasn't Shelly,
but she is upset about it.

We moved the girl upstairs
for observation.

[ Pager beeps ]

I have to tell
you something.

You have the
most intriguing mouth.

Maybe Abby was right.

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

I wish I were dead.

I wouldn't have to feel
so ashamed of myself.

Don't say things like that.

You've got everything
ahead of you.

You guys don't even know me.

Of course we know you.

What are you doing?

He actually said, "you have
the most intriguing mouth."

Or "incredible."

Maybe he said
"incredible mouth."


Dr. Thompson?

Can I speak with you
for a moment?

There you go.

I saw Shelly.

I-I don't know what to say to
her sometimes.

She's so mad at me.

She's not mad at you.
She's mad at herself.

Shelly didn't tell me how
pretty you are.

And please,
call me Bryan.

Do you always flirt
like this, Bryan?

It's not very professional.

Of course I don't.

Why don't I believe you?

[ Gasping ]

Something's wrong.

She just started crying
so hard.

It's like she's

[ Gasping ]

What did you say to her?

She was talking about a girl
who took a bunch of pills

and her heart stopped.

Is she all right?

Breathe slowly.
That's it.

She'll be okay.
The girl was Bernadette.

Your sister was close
to her.

It was her roommate!
Why didn't you tell me?

What do we do?

Right now, let her rest

and keep coming to visit
as often as you can.

Even though she says she doesn't
want you here, she does.

No, Shelly, wait a minute.
That's not what I was saying.

Frannie, I don't know what
you mean.

Get to the point.

I'm saying maybe we can't count
on mom and dad for so much.

I stopped counting on
them long ago.

Why did you call me, frannie?
I'm okay now.

So what if I went berserko
on you?

You know something, shel?
I'm proud of you.

I think it takes a lot of
courage to do what you're doing.

I can't believe you said that.
That's so nice.

Yeah, it was nice.

Well, you're my sister,
the only one I got.

I want US to be true friends,
frannie, like real sisters are.

Me too.

Hi, where have you been?

I've been trying to get
ahold of you all day.

Yeah, well, look,
it doesn't matter.

I just -- right.

Frannie's suspicious,
but what can I do?

I mean,
throw her out on the street?

No, no, I don't
think frannie's capable

of taking care of herself.

Yeah, well, at least Shelly
has a plan for her life.

Yeah, she's applying for
Harvard law school.

Isn't that great?

What's that, dad?

Oh, this?

It's a new item --

Like it?

Looks good.

Want one?

I don't think it's my thing,
but I bet it'll sell well.

I hope so.
Nothing else is.

Is everything okay, dad?

Huh? Sure.
Just a slow patch.

So, dad, I'm gonna go see

Why don't you come with
and I'll buy you lunch?

No, thanks, honey.
You go ahead.

I'm gonna finish this up.

[ Buzzer ]

[ Door opens, closes ]


Hey, you look great.
What's going on?

Oh, one of the lawyers I've been
working for stopped by.

He asked me to research a case.
It's very important.

They may even publish
my brief.

I know you're looking
for that doctor.

No, I'm not.
Should you be working?

I mean,
is that a good idea?

[ Scoffs ]

I heard you finished your
Harvard application.

Why are
you pressuring me?

I mean,
you're just like mom.

[ Sighs ]

She's the one who wants me
to go there.

Remember that college luncheon
that one time?

She lied to those snotty

and told them
that she went to Harvard.

Shelly, sit down.
You're making me nervous.

Oh, I can't.
I'm totally wired.

Maybe it's my meds.

"Question -- how much more
weight are you going to lose?

Answer -- I won't be happy
until I reach zero."

[ Footsteps pass ]

[ Beep, dishwasher starts ]

You're not dressed.

Look, look, Johnny ordered you
your own jacket.

What makes you think

Shelly finished her law-school

[ Telephone rings ]

Oh, it's your grandfather

You can go to graduate school,
too, honey,

as soon as you figure out
what it is you want to do.


Hi, dad.
How are you?

I know, but you're almost
completely blind now.

It's time.

Dave and I are checking
them out now.

Checking out what?

Nursing homes.
Get dressed.

I see a pattern here.

Everyone around you gets

Dad, I'm late for work.
I've gotta go.

I'll call you from there, okay?
Okay, bye.

You know,
you should be proud.

Johnny doesn't order this jacket
for just anybody.

I'm not setting foot in your
office again.

I refuse to watch you fall
all over Daniel Reynolds.

You have the most
incredible mouth.

Come here.


Frannie, come on!
You've got food up!

Guess what, Paulie?
I hear you.

Hey, frannie,

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sniffles ]

All right, all right.

Calm down.

But I waited in
all weekend.

I told you, her mother was sick.
What was I supposed to do?

You could have called me.

Excuse me.

Would you mind paying
your check?

You're my last table.

We're not finished.
We'll leave when we're ready.

You can stay as long
as you want.

It's just I can't go
until you pay.

I've said you'll be paid
when we're ready to leave.

Don't talk to me like that.
I am a person.

You're paid.

He's a loser.
Let his wife have him.


[ Beep ]

Mr. Hunter, this is
Arlene Reynolds,

Daniel's wife from Brendan
real estate.

I need to talk to you.
It's important.

My number is 555-7672.

[ Click, beep ]


[ Telephone rings ]


Hi, is this Arlene?


I'm calling for my father,
David hunter.

Oh, yes.
Yes, is he there?

He's not ready to talk
to you yet

with everything that's
going on.

I'm sorry.
I don't understand.

He doesn't know about it,
and we don't want him to!

So leave US alone!

[ Beep ]

What right do you have

calling the wives
of my business associates?

She called here for dad.
Mom, she knows.

She was calling to ask him to
print up some t-shirts

for a fund-raiser.

I'm keeping it from him.
You should thank me.

I am not having an affair
with Daniel.

Look, if you want to live
under my roof,

then I want you to show
me some respect.

You think I like
living here?

I feel like I'm 11 and you keep
telling me how fat

and stupid and smelly
and lazy I am.

I need your help.

I do.

Please help this family.

I thought I was.


I know you did

I'm glad we had this talk.

[ Door closes ]

Frannie, I have to tell you

You promise
not to tell mom?

I promise.

I didn't apply
to law school.

I-I lied.

That's okay.

I can't even hold down
a waitress job.

I got fired from rascals.

[ Chuckles ]
The hunter sisters.


What happened to your arms?

Oh, I cut myself.

With what?

A tape dispenser.
Don't get hysterical.

It's no big deal.
It didn't even hurt.

They're gonna put me
on tubes.


I'm not supposed to know,
but I overheard them talking.

Are you okay?

I'm not crazy, frannie.

I just -- I just --

I just started to think about
everything I have to do,

and, well, my mind gets

and, um, well,
I-I start to get numb,

and I-I-I have to cut myself
i-in order to feel something.

And --

[ crying ] I don't exist.

I'm just a big black hole
getting sucked into myself.

You have to talk to
the doctor.

It's no use.

It's my brain.
It's eating me alive.

It may not seem like she's
recovering, but she is.

You'll notice a marked
difference in a couple of days

now that her medication
has been adjusted.

She's thinner than ever,
she's cutting her arm

with tape dispensers,
but she's recovering.

We should talk about you,
how you're handling this.

If you want to make an
appointment --

[ beep ]

[ Cellphone rings ]


Dr. Thompson returning.

Oh, Dr. Thompson.
Bryan, it's frannie hunter.

Thanks for calling back.


It's Shelly's sister.

Shelly from the
eating-disorders unit.

How can I help you?

I think she's worse
than when she got here.

Her therapist says she's
getting better,

but I'm telling you,
she isn't.

Frannie, don't worry.

Sometimes, patients seem to get
worse before they get better.

She'll be back in med school
in no time.

Law school.

And I'm the girl
with the incredible mouth.

You don't remember me.
Never mind.

[ Beep ]

[ Clock chiming ]

You all right, dad?

I always thought these kind of
things didn't happen

to smart people
like Shelly.

I don't think anorexia has much
to do with being smart.

Oh, I know that, but...

I mean,
with all those brains,

why can't she find a way
out of it?

She'll be all right.
She's got big plans.

You think so?


It was hard for me to
understand Shelly.

One minute, she was in big

The next, she was inviting me
out for lunch.

You sure this is okay?

Marilyn said the diner
would be good for me.

How much do you think
she weighs?

So what are you gonna be for



Good. We won't have to spend
any money on costumes.

[ Both laugh ]


So what do you talk about
in therapy?

I don't know.

Our family,
growing up with mom and dad.

How they screwed US up?

They have their
own problems.

I'm past blaming them.
It'd be good if you were.

Maybe you'd snap out
of your depression.

Who cares if I get depressed?
Everyone does.

Marilyn said she'd find someone
you could see.

I hate when you do this!
You switch it all around on me!

Do you think you could order
something else?

I can't eat alone.

Order, um...

A Turkey sandwich with Russian
dressing and fries.

Excuse me?

I'll be right with you.

[ Chuckling ]

I know I'm kind
of obsessive.

There's more to it
than food.

I think that by not eating,
it helps me control my thoughts.

I'm trying to figure it out.

That's great, shel.

It really seems like you're
getting on the right track.

Where are the fries?

Right here.


Put the dressing on.

Yeah, I'm going to.

Is it good?

Would you like some?

Put more dressing on.
It's not enough dressing.

Will you have a bite?

I'm not hungry.

Hey, grandpa.

Hey, my beauty queen.
Where are you?

I'm right here.

Oh, nice to see you,

Where's the little one?

Shelly's out of town for
a while.


I'll get the Chinese

Remember what I said --
no brown sauce!

She'll get brown sauce.

I love your mother, but I don't
think she listens to me.

That's okay.
She doesn't listen to me either.

I'm so glad you're here,

Oh, me too.

I feel like the next step
I take is most important,

so with Marilyn's help
and mom's,

I've decided
to become...

A writer.

Isn't that exciting?

What about
law school?

How come mom knows about
this and dad and I don't?

We talk every day.

I have this theory about
depression I want to explore.

Why'd you look at me?

I was looking at everyone.

No, when you said "depression,"
you gave me this look.

Oh, frannie, stop it.
Tell the rest, honey.

I'm leaving the hospital
in three weeks.

Oh, that's terrific.

We'll fix up your room.
I'll put in a TV.

Hey, you rate, girl.
No one ever offered me a TV.

Thanks, dad,

but I've decided I want to move
into my own apartment.

You what?

Her own place.

Last week, she couldn't
handle ordering a sandwich.

My mom, her life would be
chaos without me.

Who sits with Shelly while she
spouts her bull?

Who sits with grandpa all day
while she's at work?

Who's keeping her little
affair from dad?

Sounds like you're jealous.

Of what?!

That Shelly will be on her
own and you won't.

Listen, I've gotta go to work.
I'll call you this afternoon.

Abby, wait!

Nine months shoe sales,
three weeks selling time shares,

five months at pet-o-rama,
formerly a waitress at rascals.


Not exactly
a soul-shattering résumé.

You know what?

We're less interested in what
you've done

than what
you're going to do,

and I like your honesty,

You'd be surprised
at the stuff people make up

for their résumés.

Please, call me frannie.

"Francine" makes me feel
like a spinster.

I think it's a lovely name.

It's my mother's.

Is that a Harvard diploma?
My mother went to Harvard.

Did she?

Well, frannie, I have other
candidates to see,

but I like you, and I've got
a good feeling about this.

Thank you.

What are you doing here
so early?

Get this -- a big boo-ha
at avalon advertising

actually likes me,
and this time tomorrow,

I think I'm gonna have
a job.


Shelly, you just squealed.


Is this on?

[ Rock music plays ]

Come on!
Come here!

Come on!

All: ♪ I wanna wage a war
against all fear ♪

♪ I wanna steer
not disappear ♪

♪ won't ever get high,
wanna live out loud ♪

♪ stand proud, too wild ♪

♪ I wanna set the groove
and move to it ♪

♪ just because you want me to ♪

♪ well, they say
I'm only hanging by a string ♪

♪ but I'm just a... ♪

♪ This is the only way
I know how to live ♪

♪ this is the only way... ♪

"Dear Francine, while it was
a pleasure to meet you,

I regret to inform you that
the position has been filled."

Shelly, look.

[ Chuckles ]
Thank you.

Get in there, Cynthia.
Smile, Shelly.

[ Laughs ]

I think she's made
more friends here

than I've made
my entire life.

Thank you.

Oh, pia, is this from
my friend ed?

I may put that to music.

Thank you.


I'll miss you.

Thank you!
I'm gonna miss you!

These pictures are gonna
be good.


Yeah, I was jealous.

The thin one got
the attention,

and the chubby one carried
her things.


I feel like I'm escorting
a conquistador or something.

[ Chuckles ]
Oh, here.

You must be so proud
of your sister.

She would have made a great

She'll make
a great writer, too.

Are you older or younger
than her?

Five years younger.

You're lucky to have such
a great role model.

So lucky.

Oh, wait.

That's Shelly's.

Oh, I rescued this from
the file box.

I need this.


It's over.

I'm free!

I'm free!

[ Laughs ]




I'm just so happy both
my girls are home,

and I want to congratulate
you, Shelly.

We're all really, really
proud of you.

It's no big deal, mom.
Let's just eat.

No, it is.
It's a big deal.

And you look just beautiful.
Doesn't she look pretty, David?

That's disgusting.

We all have to eat that,
you know.

Like you'll be.

Shelly, I have a job
for you.

Now that you've figured out
your life,

maybe you can help your big
sister figure out hers.

She just got out of
the hospital.

I thought Shelly was
wonder woman.

Chicken's at 9:00, dad.

Thank you.


Come on, honey.

Have a piece of your dad's
special chicken.

It's got a yummy sauce.

No, thank you.

You can even eat
the skin.

I said no.

She's back at the scene
of the crime.

Stop trying to feed her,

Frannie, mind your
own business.

leave frannie alone,

and Shelly, too,
for that matter.

He woke up.

I'm tired of you bullying
the girls.

Just --
she's my daughter, too.

She's 23 years old.

You're just figuring that
out now?

Forget it.

Let's just finish dinner.

He always does that.

No. No.

I won't forget it.

How many times did you visit
the hospital?


How many times did you
even call her?

Can you count?

Can you, honey?

Can you count the times

your father visited you
in the hospital?


I --

I don't want to be here.

Don't you dare tell me
what I'm doing wrong

when you weren't
even there.

Who was taking care of
your father

when you were off doing
god knows what?

How dare you judge me?

I can't -- I can't believe
you said all that.

Hello! I'm here!

Look, I'm sorry about that
wonder woman crack.

I feel like the world's
biggest ass.

Yeah, sometimes,
you really are.

I'm trying to say I'm sorry.
Can you please forgive me?

I'm sorry, too.

I wasn't thinking.

[ Sighs ]
Let's everybody settle down.

Let's have some cake,

[ Sighs ]

Come on, Max.

We'll take our dessert
in front of the TV.

Your father
just drives me crazy.

You understand.

Don't you?



Knock, knock.

Hey, shel,
I just wanted to say

I really am sorry about
the wonder woman comment.




Mom, dad! Hurry!
It's Shelly!


Come on!



Call 911.

What's happening?




What's happening?

Please, David?

Make her breathe.

Make her breathe, David.
Please, make her breathe!

Make her breathe, David!
Make her breathe!

Oh, my god!
Make her breathe!

She was getting better.

I don't understand.

[ Sighs ]

Let's get
a breath of fresh air.


No, I'll stay.

Shelly, it's frannie.

Look, I'm sorry about that
wonder woman crack.

I didn't mean it.

I'm just jealous.

You're smarter, you're braver.

You can do anything.

Let's face it, I'm the loser
in the family.

When you get out of here, we're
gonna hang out all the time,

really get to know each other.

Please forgive me.

Give me a sign.


I love you.

[ Sobs ]

We've managed to stabilize
your daughter, but...

The doctor said

she wasn't going
to come out of this.

It wasn't the overdose.

They pumped her stomach
in time.

But the anorexia

had compromised her ability
to recover.

Her kidneys were failing,
her heart was failing.

There was significant
brain damage.

They wanted my parents

to consider turning off
the machines.

In the end,
they didn't have to.

She died two days later.

She never gave me a sign.

After the funeral, I didn't
want to talk to people.

I didn't want them to tell me
how sorry they were...

[ Car door closes ]

...especially that snake
Daniel Reynolds...

My mother's boyfriend.

So sorry.

Man: She was a good kid.

Come inside.

[ Voice breaking ] I hate him.
I hate him so much.

I want to take a gun
to his head.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Thank you very much.

I'm not very hungry.

God, she has no shame.

My sister was just buried,
and she's back to flirting.


I want to take care of you,


Johnny Brendan?

I love you, Marsha.

I always thought families stuck
together in tragedy.

Not my family.

Dad joined a bereavement group
at church

and went back to selling
his premiums.

Mom put grandpa
in a retirement home,

started seeing a therapist,

and threw herself into selling
real estate.

I didn't know what to do
with myself.

I sat in Shelly's room a lot.

Pia: Dear Shelly,

here is the list of web sites
you asked for.

I put stars by the best ones.

Yours pro-Ana, pia.

[ Knock on door ]


Are you all right?

You are such a hypocrite.

Your daughters can't have
an ounce of fat on them,

and yet it's okay for you
to have an affair

with the biggest pig in
new england?

Can you explain that to me,

It's confusing.


Things are changing
around here.

I'm moving
to my own apartment.


Mom, I didn't mean what I said
about Johnny, honestly.

Are you and dad getting
a divorce?

No, this has nothing to do with
Johnny or your father or you.

I have to do this for myself.


You can't go through this
by yourself.

Please call Marilyn and get
the name of a therapist.



Can I help you?


You okay?

You don't look so well.

[ Knock on door ]

They're calling for you,

My mom left.

She couldn't stand the sight
of me any longer...

Not that she ever talked
to me --

how pretty and smart I am
or how I'm going to Harvard.

Obviously the wrong daughter

That's the absolute worst thing
you've ever said.

And that's not
how your mother feels.

How do you know?

We've been calling each other.
We're worried about you.

How dare you talk about me
behind my back?

I am a person.

[ Knock on door ]

Look, I have to get
to this deposition.

Wait right here.

I'm gonna finish up
as fast as I can.

Don't leave, okay?

[ Door opens ]

[ Door opens ]

I'm back.

What are you doing?

Oh, my god.

That's so sick.

Where did you get it?

It was Shelly's.

I guess she was proud
to be anorexic.

Oh, god.

You can't come in here.

It's all right.
You go ahead.

Is your monster still doing it
with her boss?


That's what Shelly
used to call her.

Your monster used to call
every day.

Shut up.


Can I ask you something?

Who was Shelly's friend ed?

[ Chuckles ]

I want to know who he was.

Should I?

I don't care.

E.d. -- Eating disorder.

[ Sighs ]

There are more of these
web sites every day.

They close them down,
and more crop up.

Where did this file
come from?

I went online,
like Shelly did.

Please sit down.

I don't know why I'm h here.

These web sites are horrible,
evil things,

and you're like, "oh, more crop
up every day. Oh, dear."

You're angry.
I'm angry, too.

But some people can't be
treated, no matter how we try.

10% of anorexic girls die
year after year.

That's a terrible statistic.

why couldn't my sister

have been one of the 90%
who lived?

I think you are responsible
for what happened to Shelly!


I do feel a certain amount
of responsibility.

I feel responsible, too.

How so?

Because why her?

Shelly was such a beautiful,
perfect little child.

I was the little fatty

who had to go to weight-loss
places when I was 10 years old.

Are you saying you wish you'd
been the one with anorexia?

No, that's not
what I'm saying.

I don't know
what I'm saying.

Shelly left you
with a lot of gaps.

This isn't about me.

This was a waste of time.

[ Door closes ]


David: I left dinner
in the microwave.

Three minutes is plenty.
I'll be home late. Dad.

[ Sighs ]

[ Telephone ringing ]


Frannie, what are you doing?
Nothing, right?

Get over here.

There's so many
cute guys here.

No, thanks.

Come on, we can have some fun.
Remember fun?

You have fun.
Don't let me stop you.

you're like my sister,

but I can't help you
when you're like this.

You are not my sister!
My sister is dead!

[ Beep ]

When Shelly died,

I thought her food demons
were gone.

I was wrong.

God, Shelly, I never realized
how easy it is.

[ Retching, coughing ]

Stop it.

Just stop it now.

I don't want to lose you,

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sobbing ]

So this is what you left
your home of 27 years for.

[ Chuckles ]

Try to think of it
like I do --

as a sanctuary.

How about some
sugar free jell-o?

Mom, what did you and Shelly
talk about?

I'm not ready to talk
about Shelly.

What do you talk about with
the shrink chubby sent you to?

Uh, several issues.

She's helping me get off
my medications, for starters.

How are you?
Are you okay?

You don't look okay.

I can't sleep, mom.

You should ask Marilyn

to help you find
someone to talk to.

I don't want to talk
to those people!

I want to talk to you!
You're my mother!

What am I supposed to say?

Tell me why Shelly died.

I don't know.

I don't know.

I don't know.

I --

I miss her, too.

I have a sharp pain
that never goes away.

Sometimes I can't catch
my breath, it hurts so much.

I have to get to work.

Are you and dad getting
a divorce?

We haven't decided.

Are you coming?

Max owes me $15 from
this morning's card game.

Now, tell me, Rudy --

how can he play cards
when he can't even see them?

I tell him what to play.

Why do you think I lost?

Oh, did you bring
some brownies?

Of course,
and macaroons for Rudy.

Oh, what a doll.

I want you to meet
my grandson Charlie.

Is he as nice as you?

but not as good looking.

[ Chuckles ]

Here, grandpa.

Thank you.

[ Chuckles ]



I decided to volunteer
in the cafeteria

at grandpa's retirement home.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Everybody thought I was being
so nice.

But the truth is
it's the only time

I don't think about Shelly
every minute.

Good morning.

Hello, dear.

Hey, Roberta.

You got the hang
of that Walker now.

I'll just set this here
for you.

Thanks, honey.

[ Indistinct singing
on television ]

Um, do you know
where Max is?



I'm looking
for my grandfather.

Well, I guess he must be
someplace else.

Are you naturally rude
or did you take lessons?

Nice hairnet.

if you have no objection,

I'm just gonna wait
right here.

I have no objection.

Thank you.

You shouldn't sit so close.
It's bad for your eyes.

So you're
an ophthalmologist?

You're a jerk.

Hey, I'm sorry.

I just had a very long day
and I'm tired.

[ Sighs ]

This is just what I need.

I don't want to add
to your very long day,

but could you just tell Max
that frannie stopped by?

Why don't you wait for him?

He's probably somewhere
with my grandfather.

Excuse me.

Good morning.

Sit down, honey.
I've got breakfast all ready.

I'm not hungry, dad.

Here you go.

Look, I know you're sad,
but you gotta eat.

We talked about this
in group.

You have to compartmentalize
your grief and move on,

remain among the living.

[ Sighs ]

There's a message for you
on the answering machine.

Sounds like it's a job.

Hello, I'm Vicky tayborn.

I got your number from Paulie
at rascals.

I'd like to talk to you about
a job possibility --

forget it.
It's just another waitress job.

why don't you put that...

Charlie, look who's here.
Wake up, Max. It's frannie.

Yeah, we've met.
What do you mean you met?

We're introducing you.
Now, you look, Charlie.

Isn't she pretty?

He's blind.
You don't have to answer that.

I miss the hairnet.

You always look like such
a ragamuffin.

Look at you.

We know he's not blind.

Well, there's some goodies.
I gotta go.

Oh, you just got here.

I've got a date.

No, you don't.

Your mother says
you never go out.

I don't tell her everything.

I have a date
with a handsome doctor.

What doctor?
You don't want a doctor.

Charlie's a lawyer.

I don't happen to like rude men
who insult women.

Oh, a feminist.

about your masculinity?

I don't expect to be on top
all of the time,

but once in a while
would be nice.

Just listen to them, Max.
They're perfect together!

Calm down, poppy.

It's too early to call
the caterers.

Yeah, try never.

I gotta get going.

I don't want to keep my date


[ Chuckling ]

[ Sighs ]

So, uh, how about letting me
take you out sometime?

You've gotta be kidding me.

You ever make waffles?

You know how the first one's
usually a mess

and you throw it out,
but the second one -- mmm.

So maybe the other day was like
the first waffle.

You're weird, and today
wasn't any better.

Well, uh, maybe we could throw
them both out and start fresh --

a third waffle,
as it were.


for "Oklahoma!"?

I want you to take
my picture...

And make it look like these.

You're placing a personal ad?

How's this sound?

"David hunter
is a middle-aged cowboy

"with an achy breaky heart

"looking for
a pistol-packin' mama

"who ain't afraid
of the call of the wild

"and two-steppin'
to garth Brooks.


It's a gimmick.
You gotta have a gimmick.

[ Laughs ]



Come on. Give it a chance.
You may like it.

If I was a 10-year-old boy,
I might like it.

I'm only here to shut up

those two old geezers
we call our grandfathers.

Hey, don't be mad at them.
I asked them to play cupid.

What for?

Man: Everybody clear?


[ Laughs ]

I'm gonna getcha!


[ Laughing ]

Oh, I've already signed up,

Oh, yeah? Nice. Nice.

Don't you want more?
There's so much.

No, thanks.

I couldn't eat like this
in college.

I was a wrestler.

To make weight, I ate nothing
but applesauce and prune juice.

I was a skeleton.
Now I eat like a pig.

What's wrong?

I just don't like when people
drone on and on

about weight and diet
and food.

I wish it was a good thing
to be fat.

I wish we were all fat pigs.

Well, then,
have some more fried rice.

I really gotta go.

What's wrong?



Frannie, just -- just tell me
what I did wrong.


You said "skeleton."

My sister died of anorexia.

Her last meal was a bottle
of antidepressants

and my mother's

They could've saved her,
but she was a skeleton.

Her heart gave out.

My 23-year-old sister died
of a heart attack.

[ Voice breaking ]
Oh, god.

It's okay.

I knew about your sister.
My grandfather told me.

I should've said something,

but I guess I didn't know
what to say.

I'm sorry.

It's been so hard.

I thought I dealt with it.

I've grieved,
I've been depressed.

What else is there to be?

I started seeing a shrink,
but nothing's happening.

It doesn't happen right away,
I don't think.

But now she's in my head
all the time.

Charlie, I don't know

if there's room for anybody else
right now.

Right now? Okay.

I can wait.

Just don't bail on me.

What's wrong with you?

I'm like the poster girl

for the American
psychiatric society.

Get out
while the getting's good.





Hi, I'm Vicki tayborn.


Sit down.

Do you want some lunch?

I should've called you.

I'm just really not interested
in waitressing right now.

Thank you, though.

On the phone,
you said a job.

You don't remember me,
do you?

You look kind of familiar.

I was sitting
at the corner table

with my
very married boyfriend,

and you backhanded a glass
of red wine

right into his lap.

Oh, god. He's not gonna sue me
or something, is he?

Five years I was with
that horse's ass,

if you can believe it.

Broke it off that night,
cold Turkey.

I haven't seen him since.

Well, I think
it's for the best.

Well, I think so, too.

[ Both chuckle ]

[ Sighs ]

How's everything over here
in sanctuary land?

[ Sighs ]

I'm sorry you don't like
my apartment.

Mom, I didn't say that.

You're the one who called it
your sanctuary.

It was the way you said it.

If you like it, it's fine.
I'm sorry.

You're always so critical
of me.

I'm critical of you?

Our entire childhood,
we had to be perfect --

in other words, thin.

I was just afraid if you
didn't watch yourselves,

you'd end up
fat and miserable.

Now you're not fat,
and you're still miserable.

Like mother, like daughter.

I'm sorry.

Me too.

I'm sorry, too.

So, what about this woman?

You gonna take the job?

What do I know
about restaurant marketing?

At first I thought she meant
buying the groceries.

They own nine restaurants
like rascals,

and they're trying to get
more business.

They're going after
the youth market.

Well, you're young.

but I don't know anything.

So you'll learn.

And you're smart.

And people like you.

Johnny Brendan thinks
you're very clever.

Oh, frannie.

It really wasn't an affair.

He was someone to talk to.
He made me feel important.

It was only a couple of times,
for god's sake.

Oh, that's all right, then.

You'll never let me off
the hook, will you?

Why should I?

You left my father,
you moved out on US.

And I killed Shelly.

Go on, say it.

[ Voice breaking ]
Because I did.

I killed Shelly.

I didn't say that.

I killed her!

I don't think that.
Nobody thinks that.

Oh, god!

Oh, promise me you won't let
anything happen to you.

Nothing's gonna happen
to me.

You promise.

I promise.

[ Laughs ]

You want to know the truth
about Johnny Brendan?

He was awful.

[ Both laugh ]

That man should get
some exercise.

[ Laughing ]

I'm putting you in charge of
planning theme parties --

super bowl, Valentine's.

What's the matter?

No, I want to know.
What's wrong?

This whole thing
is such a fluke.

So what?

So you've seen my résumé.
It's pathetic.

That's certainly true.

Frannie, you changed my life
for the better.

I'm simply returning
the favor.

Now, did you spend a lot
of money on that outfit?

No. Actually, I borrowed this
from my girlfriend.


Return it.

[ Laughs ]

That's him.

That's Charlie?


Very cute.

You look so familiar.

Cape Cod. A brunch.

Then we went back
to your house

and spent the entire day
in bed.

You were terrific.

Oh. I, uh [chuckles]

I'm sorry.
I-I don't remember.

[ Laughs ]
We work in the same building.

Don't look so worried.
I was just kidding.

And when I get nervous,
I know I screw myself up

by saying
all the wrong things,

but the thing is
I like you,

and I don't want
to mess it up

because I think
you're the one.

But I feel so insecure,
I'm afraid I'm gonna blow it.

What do you have to feel
insecure about?

Insecurity's my department.
Don't you dare horn in.

But I don't know
if you like me.

So, I met a guy.

I know.
Grandpa told me.

When were you
gonna tell me?

I'm telling you now.

He's nice.

That's all I'm gonna get?

For now.

I'm taking it slow.

So how's the job?

Mom, it's not a job.
This could be a career.

I'm gonna look
for an apartment.

What's wrong?

What do I do?

I want to help you.
Tell me.

I couldn't help Shelly.

I'm not Shelly.

I know.

[ Sighs ]

You always loved your bread and
butter when you were little.

[ Sighs ]

You know, it's all so...

One day your little girl's
a toddler,

the next she's backing the car
out of the driveway.

And it's you, the mother,
that has to adjust

because she's just gonna
keep on growing.

You only hope your daughter

will live a better life
than you did.

When Shelly died,
she took all that away from me.

I'd give anything
to change places with her.

But I have you...

...and that keeps me going.

We can help each other
through this, mom.

She's a nice woman,


I don't think I'm gonna be
seeing her again.

You know,
she's too intense.

She -- she wants to talk about
marriage all the time.

I'm not ready for that.

Dad, can I make a suggestion?

Why don't you call mom
and take her out on a date?

Oh, come on, frannie.

No, I mean it.

You think she'd like that?

Yeah, I do.

enough with the small talk.

You said you had something
to tell US.

Well, we're waiting.

Well, yeah, we do have
something to tell you.

Poppy, Max...

Frannie and I --

[ Breathing heavily ]

Oh, frannie.

Hi, Roberta.

Handsome young man,
Rudy's grandson.

What's wrong with him?


Then what are you doing
over here?

You're absolutely right.

[ Sighs ]

Excuse me, folks.

Just a slight panic attack.

Where were we, Charlie?
Did you tell them?

Well, Max, poppy...

You know all the scheming
you've been doing.

Max: It worked!
Rudy: Of course it worked!

They're meant
for each other.

And you guys are the first
to know.

Well, Shelly,
it's been a year now.

Dad is emoting these days,
which is scary,

but I know it's for the best.

Mom is mom, but she's trying.

I've been working on getting
them back together,

but so far it's no go.

I'm doing events planning for a
company that runs restaurants.

So far, so good.

At least
they haven't fired me.

One thing I wish is that you
could meet my guy Charlie

and that he could meet you.

Yeah, shel, I've got a guy.

I'm trying real hard
to get it together,

and sometimes I even think
I'm gonna make it.

Mom, dad, I think I'm gonna say
something to shel.

Shelly, I think we wanted you to
be everything we couldn't.

It was unfair, but it's only
because we believed in you.

You said once you wish we could
be friends, like real sisters.

You are my real friend.
You're my sister.

I'll miss you every day
for the rest of my life.

You will be forever
in my mind...

And forever in my heart.