Hundra (1983) - full transcript

Born in a tribe of fierce warrior women, Hundra has been raised to despise the influence of men. An archer, fighter and sword fighter, Hundra is superior to any male. Hundra finds her family slain and takes a vow of revenge until one day she meets her match.

We were but a
few in the beginning.

We did not feel as the slave beings
we were told by men should be.

Come on, let's see. Hey wait
for me.

There's no belief that
we were not below them.

Our courage and strength and we
fought our way free of their domination

to become our own masters.

Out of fear and hatred, of what we
stood for, they pursued us relentlessly.

To them, we became nomads.

And in our freedom, we found we had all
that men could give us except one thing.

Seed to plant life inside us
that we might bear children.

Wanting that, we were driven to go among
them when our bodies became fertile.

In order to hold our nation
safe and our beliefs and pure,

we gave away all name of spring.

Male child.

I think you can give this one away
when she goes to make the next one.

That'd be tomorrow.


Women often
prefer to bear arms rather than

to bear children.

The champion of these was Hundra!


Come on coward. We search for
food today, not trouble.

I think fear would not run so
deep in you were you not male.

Hundra, how long will you be

Until I get enough meat for the

Instead of hunting, you should
think like Adeenya.

Of bringing life to the
village. Adeenya.

Adeenya brings enough life into
the village for five.

No sooner than she heals, she
makes the men bloat her again.

You are the eldest of the tribe
who has not brought in a successor.

You let your own sister
go before you.pUm-hum.

Several times. Bear two.

One for each of us.

I prefer the feel of a horse
between my legs to the

that swine and it pleasures me
instead of pains me.

We became more and more secure.

Were those such as Hundra near

We laughed often and were at
peace, but then after a lengthy

period of tranquility, what we
had momentarily

forgotten to fear happened.

Yah! Yah!

This had entered

every dwelling and all she
could see

was devastation.

Ha! Ha! Ya!

Sixteen men chased
her from the mountains

through a day and night and
into the

morning with one thought in mind.

To kill the last of the tribe.

Finally, their chance had come.




Weary, and
completely alone. Hundra

heeded the stories of our
short history and

the solitude of the final
elder for guidance.

It was with anger and confusion

that she arrived here to me.


You are Chrysula.

And you are all that are left
of our tribe.


I did not want to believe even

it was foreshown to me.

Had more thought of strength
and skill rather than seeking

men and producing offspring,
you would have been spared.

And then our liberation would
have died


Yes, was it worth it?

Without a man to plant inside us,

we have nothing to cultivate.

We have use of men through
their use of us.

No man will ever penetrate my
body with sword or himself.

With sword, no, because then
that would be our true end.

But with himself. No.


You are the ember of our fire
of freedom and the destiny

of that freedom has become your
destiny alone.

You Hundra, are our entire

All that is left to fan our
belief into flame again.

You are young and strong.

Fruit you will bear will be the

How will I know if I am wise in
my choice of man?

The planting of the seed is

Ten I bore for us and found
each man to be different.

Others bore more and found
great pleasure in seeking.

Where then will I find the best?

The most hungry to demonstrate
their virility

will be found to the south in
the land with the

sign of the bull.

But it was man of the sign that
destroyed our tribe.

Then it let it be the men of
that sign that will replenish it.

So that we may never die out
completely ancient one.

I will instruct her well in

She will be as myself.

Strength in weapons alone will
not keep our belief alive.

Put your sword away Hundra.

Teach her well that part of you
needed for survival, but

teach her also that she

will be her strongest when she

completely in herself.

Soon it will be my time to go.

I will wait here until you
return with your girl child.

For me to gaze upon.

Go now fulfill your destiny.

Even though she now
must go among men, Hundra

would not be subservient to
them for their desires alone.

I will pass.

I have no purpose with you
little man.

Farther to the sound she found
the sign she sought. The bull.

And a man.



See what you grovel to?

You're free! Go!


Though she expected
no more from any man,

then she received with her
first attempt, she felt

that here in the city which
housed many

a better choice might be found.

Help me!

Come on! You're

She's so young. Please! You're
pucking this more than enough

for his needs. Leave her! Stand
back old man and do finish off

the rest of your days!

Leave her! Leave her!

No! Get away! Get that horse

Get away! Away!

Come on! You're coming with

Woman, stop struggling!

Thank you for trying to help my

I'm Landrazza and you might be
known by? Hundra.

You are obviously a stranger
here. Yes.

Come inside and share some
food. We have an empty plate now.

Would you say she

has possibilities? Great. Not

No doubt her best feature.

Offspring of a fish monger.

Bathe her well in lemon water.

The quality of the cattle here
is dropping. We must improve it.

The cheiftons will tighten their purses
before long unless we find better stock.

Cleanse them well.

Perhaps we should think of taking slaves
from other tribes to freshen interest.

We do have a reputation to
maintain you realize?

Please, leave her.

I beg you! Don't touch me!
Take her away idiots!

Take that wench with the
others! No!

Why were you late?

We were interfered with by a

What manner of female fool
would meddle in men's affairs?

Yes, we men may be inherently ignorant
but not totally stupid in most instances.

She was not from here.

She rode a big horse that she controlled
with great skill. She was fair of hair.

She was big and dressed unlike any
other female I have have ever seen.

Bring her to the temple. Perhaps
she is the freshness that we require.

Have a cheifton send warriors with you
should you feel the need of protection.

Think of it greatness.

The donations will be large
for so different an animal.

I shutter with excitement! I too.
Come prepare me for the celebration.

With pleasure high priest. Preparing
women all day is so exasperating.

There lack of physical conditioning
and care is matched only by their

non-existent mentality and their
gruesome bodily functions are so.

Rothrar, cease your babble.
Yes master.

What will become of your

She will be taken to the temple
groomed, taught womanly

manners and ways to please

their cheiftons.

She will become an object of beauty for
those than know nothing of beauty, but

she will always be used.

Some women have a reason to be
used, but never by force.

You woman! Come with us!

I said, you come with us! Why?

Because high priest Nepakin
demands it.

No man demands anything of me.

Get her.

Stop her!

Stop that woman!

Stop her! Stop her!

Yah! Yah!



No! No! No!


Yah! Yah!


Yah! Don't let her reach the
main gate!

Out of my way!

Out of my way! We want her

You two up there. You on the
east wall.

I can see by your appearance, doors
may not be normal to you but a roof?

Are you alright?

Do not worry.

I'm Pateray the healer.

I want to see if you've broken
anything in your fall.

Do you speak?

You will mate with me and make
a child.

I did not see your head strike
anything and I'm sure mine isn't

dead. Who are you?


Ae you feeling better? I'm
feeling much better thank you.

My son is alright?

As well as Tolin and dry fruit allows
a young stomach. He will be fine.

You have business.

Yes, that of healing my roof.

I must get him home and myself
back to the temple before I am missed.

Goodbye and thank you.

Talcolm, what do you say?
Thank you.

And now? Did you make that

No. Good, because you were
gonna make girls.

I think it is about time you

You are my choice for mating.

But you are not mine.

A man cannot be forced to make
love. Men force women.

Yes, but there is a natural
difference between us. I would have

to be aroused in order to.

And that doesn't help

at all.

If I remove the knives?

If I looked as that woman did
before, could you?

Seek is more appealing to
loving than still.

She's from the temple? Yes.

Then I will go there and
become like her.

Wait. The temple is dangerous.
Nothing can harm me.

It is not my destiny.


you will come with us to the

The time is too long to teach
to the patient.

Come on. Come here!

The bull!

The bull! Praise the

bull! Crowd: Praise the bull!

Praise the bull!

Praise the bull! Praise
the bull!

Praise the bull!

Welcome mighty cheiftons and we
are again together

for the night of the pure, but
first according

to our order, you will pledge
donation for those

to be changed for our next

This breed

I know not, but line suggest
is what

is made for pleasure riding.

It would be long and smooth.
There is much stamina in the flanks.

And the hind quarters.

She is not docile!


It is wild!

There is no pleasure in that!

There would be too much to fear.

It would rip your throat to
enjoy the

coupling. You would know much
about fear.

It is the coward's strongest

There is much in her to

manly. And much in you that is

Can you teach her what a

woman is for.

It might not be simple.

I would donate a thousand gold

to discover.


it's not impossible. A thousand
to see her on her knees!

That still would not make me
lower than you.

Another thousand!

So it will be. And now we

the celebration.

Mighty Cheiftons, the virgins
for whom you

donated two months ago no longer

stubbornly and wreaking but
due to our efforts

sleek and beautiful. Feast
your eyes

on them before you feast your

Beauties transformed

who have never been touched,
great warriors, but who

this night will lend the power

and pleasure of the bull.

So do you obey?

Bow to your superiors.

And to the bull.

Come on! Come on!

I will never bow or submit.

I thought I would be cleansed,
not dirtied further.

This will smooth your skin and
make your scars less noticeable.

Those are marks of bravery.

Men judge women's bravery by
child birth marks, not by battle scars

such as your own.

Men do not appreciate what
women go through for them.

They appreciate it with what
you do for them.

Else, they will have nothing
to do with us.

Men like

well kept hair. Such as their



The appearance is much
improved, but what of the attitude?

There is much rebellion to our
ways and her mindset.

Is it not your position,
Tracima, to

remove that from her? Yes.

Then why haven't you done it?
Because it is not my choice.

Your choice was made when you
thrown from your bitch as a female.

The outcome of that is, that
you to serve men.

I serve no one. Silence!

You will pay as you will,
unless you double your bidding

level and make her accept the

I accept only truth and speak
it as well. I said


Remain calm mighty one.

You realize that women often
babble without benefit of mind.

To reach that elusive element,
one must think as

deviously as they. Allow me.

From time to time, there have
been rumors that

one of our women has a son.

Hidden with a family in the city.

Since you speak only truth,
tell me

have you heard such?

I have not heard.


I would like an end put to that

Since often, the cheiftons request
their male profits be given to them.

You understand, don't you


You will increase your instruction
on the barbarian's attitude, won't you?!

Yes, control her.

Good, now go! And be about your

He knows.

He knows!

Thank you for saying nothing.

But it was no use. Don't cry.

Fight back!

I don't fight. I survive.

And for that, I do what they say.

No matter how stupid it seems.

For now, you must learn that
man is the dominant

over us all.

You are wrong. Man is not dominant
and in order to survive, you must fight!

I must protect my son. And you

Look, I can pretend to learn
their ways

so that no harm comes to
either of you, but you

must accept my teachings in

Come. Let us bathe, and make

beautiful and I will teach you
how to dominate

the dumb.


Watch my eyes, not my hands.

They'll tell you what I'm
going to do. Let's try it again.

Am I womanly enough for
Pateray now?

Good. Then I will go tonight.

Why leave? Because I will have
his seed inside me.

Why do you laugh? There is much
you need to learn about men.

Only ones with Pateray may not
give you

a child.

But I desire it no more than

Nepakin must never know I'm
taking you to Pateray.

Worry not friend.

I will remain here.

Be cautious and


You are from the temple? Yes. If
you are in pain or in need of treatment,

I was preparing for it.

I am Hundra.

So who taught you.

Tracima taught me.

You are the woman.


What do we have here?

This is temple cloth.

Temple flesh.

Now we will find what brings
our people here so often.

Your world could lead us to the temple.
And the cheifton. She'll say nothing.

Will you woman?

And will you do nothing either?


Or have you tasted so filth so
long that you have grown to like it?

You have a choice.

You can either lie with them or
stand with me.

Drag him up.

Take that!

Did you enjoy it? Yes.

Yes I did!

Hey, what about Pateray?

I don't know. I may not be
with child.

I feel I must return to him

And again, and again.

And again! And again! And

And again. And again.

Does anything trouble you? No.

No, something pleases me.

Greatly. What?

I had a child inside of me.

Then you will leave now.

And when I am with Pateray, we
are as one.

And men are not my opponent.

You will remain then.

But to be forever with a man
is not my destiny.

Maybe yours has changed its
course. You should stay.

I will stay.

Until I decide to go.

Why can't be as logical and
straight-forward as us?

As the months passed, the
baby inside Hundra's body grew.

So did confusion about where
her path was leading.

Tracima made her conditioned
until finally Hundra

had to face the ultimate female
task and her own destiny as well.

Try again.

Where have you been? Hers is
not the only baby being born.

But this one is crosswise to
the stomach. It will not turn.

Scream woman! Scream!

Don't be afraid. It's good for
you to scream. All women scream.


You will tell me.


Heave! Again!

Bring me my daughter.


The next will be a son.

We will leave this city as
soon as I can travel.

We must go away.

Hundra, you needed me only this
night as healer.

The people of this city need
me always.

I cannot leave here. It is my

We will stay here together.
Sleep now.

You are the ember of
our fire of freedom and the

destiny of that freedom has

your destiny alone.

You Hundra are our entire nation.

All is that is left to fan our
belief into flame again.

Are you strong today? Yes.

And the baby? Also.

Nepakin plans a night with the
cheiftons tonight.

To include yourself.

Then we will leave now.

Watch my child while I make
the preparations.

You have not traveled from me.

Must you leave so quickly?

I have no choice.

There's a celebration in the temple tonight and
if I go there among the noise of their perversion,

I'll only leave in the silence
of their death.

I knew you your destiny would
claim you.

The child, but I had hope we

have more time together.

We will always be together.

Our daughter has seen to that.

Can I help you in any way?


Remain understanding.

For man.

And always be true to your own

I see you answer the call of
your blood once more.

Where is my child? Safe

If you do as I say.

I will not bow to your bull or
your men. Yes, both, tonight.

Else your precious child will
fill the bellies of the vultures

the next moment you refuse.

Where is my child?

With my own and guarded.

Tracima! Please do as they

You still do not stand on your

And you never will so long as
you stand in fear.

Remain safe, woman.

Bow to your superiors.

Bow down!



Was it necessary to remove her
top to silence her?

Nepakin? It remains for your
pleasure Gordoza

but remains quiet.

You may discover after she faces
the bull, as you all may discover.

Bow to the bull!

Nepakin wants the children of
the temple.

I see.

The teacher became the pupil.

I want the children. I should
have kept a closer eye on you.

My doe eye lamb.

Well, it is too late for
such a hindsight.

But not too late to remedy the

Mommy! Mommy!

Go to Pateray.

Tell him Hundra has trouble at
the temple and you are to stay there.


She's mine!



One of the cheiftons

is ill. The healer is needed.



Move out of the way!

After him! No! No!

No! Don't touch me!

It will heal well? Yes.

Good. Then we will both share

They will respect one another.

You will return some day?

But right now, someone is
waiting for us.



Hundra's life

and destiny were to fight for

Through the ages, there have been

other brave ones who follow in
her footsteps.

So, let all men be aware, the

seed of Hundra is in

all women.