Hunden som log (1989) - full transcript

Jojje, Roffe, Sivert, Lillen, Peggy and the dog King are a tight-knit group of friends. When it turns out that King is sick and soon to die, his friends decide to give him his best time.

The Dog Who Smiled

I was thirteen. We'd always been together;
we thought we owned the world.

Now I'm fourteen, and I know it's not like that.

Come on, King! Come on!

We hung on to the back of the Pole's refuse truck.

He worked all the time.
And he was pissed off all the time too.

Sometimes we were kept in after school.

- This won't do!
First, cheating in the test.

Then you locked the substitute in the cupboard.

We liked the attention.

The class teacher went through everything
we'd done. There was a lot!

She could make everyone listen.

Roffe was so intelligent that even he
didn't understand everything he said.

Lillen had a weakness for beautiful women—
and some not so beautiful.

And then there was me—
- Jojjo, are you listening?

We didn't know much about Peggy,
but she was allowed to join in whenever she wanted.

Sivert would do anything for the gang,
as long as he didn't have to wait.

And we had King, my pup.
No one could get the better of him.

They were waiting for us,
and were getting bored.

Couldn't you sing something?
- No, I don't feel like it.

- Peggy, do you think dogs can smile?
- Yeah, if they've something to smile about.

- Hey, I've got a joke.

Three loonies in a madhouse wanted
to get out—Do you understand?

- You don't understand that you ruin it for
everyone else, too. It's not all about you.

Lillen, what are you really thinking about?
- You have such beautiful eyes.

- He dreams about you all night.
- Neurotic compulsive dreams.

I read that in a book by Jung. It's actually called
Neurotic Compulsive Dreams.

- Roffe, you need to talk to a grown-up.
- Sorry, I didn't get that last part?

- A grown-up!

- You don't need your notebook.
- Here you are, everything's there.

We've decided to separate you.

From Monday, you're going to different schools.


- That isn't a good idea.

- What are you saying?

- What did he say?
- We're leaving!

- Are you never going to grow up?
- No thanks!

- What did she say?

What did he say?
- He's trying to divide and conquer us.

- What does that mean?

- We're quitting. We won't be coming back.
- Okay!

- We're getting nothing out of school.
We can go and get jobs instead, can't we.

- Yes, let's go out into the wilderness.
- Right, King?

- We'll stick together.
- Tomorrow I'll quit school too.

- Nice one, tomorrow's Saturday.
- I'm never going there again.

Are you going to work as a raisin-wrinkler?

- Yeah, I don't care what I do.
- Everything will go on as usual.

- Nothing will stay as it is.

We'll make a lot of money together
and go out into the world. Right, King?

- We could apply for a job at the workshop.
- They'd come and get us there.

You mustn't quit school.
- Why not! Why shouldn't we leave?

- No, they'll come and get you.
You'll end up in an institution.

- An institution? For girls or boys?

- Two sausages.
- Two boiled with rolls.

- If you end up in an institution,
you meet guys like Jean Genet—

- Who's that you're talking about? Two rolls.

- Jean Genet was a French gay man
who sat in an institution and wrote books.

- Take a picture of me, Dolly.
- You're too ugly.

- Jojjo, your dad's been looking for you.
I'll put it on the bill, Lillen.

There you go.

- You know nothing about the world.
- Peggy, take this.

- No one's gonna break up this gang.
- No, of course not!

The headmaster had as much as he could take, eh?
- Yeah. Can we get jobs here?

- Yes, you can become bosses.
Isn't that right, King!

- He doesn't want it.

Look at this. Everything around you disappears
when you see the world's highest mountain.

- It's just silicone.
- They're not real.

- Is there something wrong with them?
- These are the world's shelves!

- Jojjo, your dad's asking for you!
- There's no hurry.

- Did you get the job?
- No, we'll get it later.

Stop it!

- Sing something.
- No!

- Will you never think of something new?
- No.

- No, this is how they get to know each other better.

- Your bills were in my mailbox.
- Oh, Miss, come in for a cup of coffee.

- Thank you.
- We get the social contacts going. Right, King?

Where are you off to, King?

Listen, King: Beloved Vivvi.
Thinking of you all the time.

Hope you will offer me a thought or two sometimes.
Your Lennart."

Has King gone crazy?
- Yes, he's in love.

- With that?
- Yes. What does he see in her?

I get it.

Being in love drives you crazy.
Love blows your brains out.

- Only one you can fall in love with is yourself.
- I know.

- I've been with at least a thousand girls.

- Princess, come here!

- Get your dog away from here! She's in heat.

- So are you!
- I mean it!

I don't want to see that brute here again.

Peggy, why do you hang around with the boys?

Hello! I apologize. Maybe this card
will make you feel better?

Why did you stay on there, Smöris?
- She had such beautiful eyes.

- The poodle?
- No, the lady.

He's coming!

Go away! You're too small for that.
- Get down from there! It's our truck!


Down from there, kids!
It's deathly dangerous.

You will die the death, quite simply.

No, we'll never die the death.

Go! If you do not die,
then die I from the heart.

Do old man favour, yeah?
Stop jump up on back!

- OK, we promise! We'll never do it again.
It was damn stupid. Right, guys?

- Thanks.

We're getting off here. See you tomorrow!

- Five o'clock! And don't forget the puck!
- We won't!

And I thought the headmaster's note
would be the worst message I got that day.


King? What is it, King?

Come on, then.

Don't take it so hard, Jojjo.

- Jojjo, did you hear me?
- Yes—

- Dad says it's probably for the best.
So—Do you understand?

- Yes, I do.
- That's good.

- You'll understand one day, Jojjo.
- Yeah, course I will..

- Everything will be fine.
It's probably for the best.

You know that sometimes you have to learn
that not everything can go on as before.

It's easy to say that, bu it's so hard to explain—

There are problems at the sideline.

Oh, what a goal! Amazing stuff!

That was completely incredible!

Okay, let's go again.
Ready, set and—go!

And Smalldicks have the puck—
Smalldicks have it—That's great!!

He's going to shoot—!
Oh wow, he missed!

Wow, wow, wow, shots all over the place!
Smalldicks coming back.

That was over the blue line.
Close! He has another chance.

Wow, wow, wow, that was close too.
What an incredible day!

Oh, what a goal after only a few seconds!
It's 5-1 to Russkiebutts!

What an incredible goal!
Okay, then, here we go again! Ready—

Okay, the puck is in play.

Time for a changeover!

There's Lillinsky coming on to the ice—

- Who do I change with?

Problem with the first change!
Where's Jojjo Fatarse?

It's coming across the middle of the ice.
There he is, Jojjo Fatarse!

He's ready to take over.
Time to change—Now!

Come on! You're on my team.

Stop being a statue, Jojjo, we're having fun.

- Leave him alone.
- He's thinking.

- He's standing the same way he does
when something special is going on.

Leave him alone. He'll tell us soon.

- I don't want to wait. Come on then, King!

Welcome to a wonderful wrestling match.
And there Skinny goes outside the mat!

He's not giving up. He's pressing on,
he's tearing in and almost shitting himself!

Wait—King's in a bad position.
What's happening? What's wrong with him?

Did you see that? I got him down! I won!

- Don't ever do that again, you shit!

- Have you gone crazy?
- What is it, Jojjo?

- Don't ever touch him!
- We were just fighting. He loves that!

- It's finished now.

- What d'you mean?

- King's going to die.

- What's happened?!


- Last week, the vet took a lot of samples.

We got the results today.
He's got something growing in his stomach.

- We'll fix it!
Somehow we'll cure it.

- It must be a mistake!
They probably mixed up the papers.

- Everything's here.
It's just growing and growing.

- My Mum has medicines—something for everything!

- They're gonna give him a shot on Monday.
- That should help.

- It'll kill him. So he doesn't suffer any more.

Dad and the vet agreed.

- What about you?
- Who can decide if someone should die?

Thanks, King.

That's good, Peggy.

If I was told I was going to die,
I'd definitely kill myself.

- You probably can't live then.

- I'd read all my favourite books—aloud.

I'd read and read until I woke up and I was dead.

- I'd ride around town in a black car.
Like, a limousine, and sit in the back seat.

All the idiots would look at me,
and I'd look back at them and wave.

- You shouldn't be allowed to die until
you know what it feels like to sleep with a girl.

- Just imagine—sleeping with someone you dreamed of

until nothing existed and time disappeared.

Come on, King!

Jojjo, you're going to the hut, yeah?

- Yeah, gonna stay out of the way.

- Want me to come with you?
- No, I've got King.

- Yeah, you've got King. See you later!
- See you. Come on!

If I was dying, I'd go out and make a lot of money.
That's what I'd do.

Then blow the whole lot—like that!

- Closing now, guys!

- How much do you have?
- 50 kronor. But I'm not going to die.

- Brilliant! Where do I get
these wonderful thoughts from?

- What're you talking about now?

- We'll let King do everything he wants,
whatever it costs.

- Everything he could wish for.
- Everything nice.

- Everything funny.
- Everything cool.

We'll get a lot of money!
- These "wonderful thoughts"!

- Lay off!

- Peggy, sing something.
- No.

- Out! Out you go!

That night I felt I had to leave,
but I didn't know where to go.

We'd go as far as we could.
But when it came to it, King couldn't.

So we went back to the hut.

Quiet, please King. You're not in pain.
You were only dreaming.

Tomorrow we'll do something fun. I promise.
Now you have to sleep.


The next day we set off. We had loads of money,
more than a thousand kronor.

Roffe sold his beloved skateboard,

Lillen got the most money,
he sold his ghetto blaster.

We were going to the amusement park.
King would get to do whatever he wanted.

1600, 1700, 1800.

The problem was that dogs weren't allowed in.
But Roffe had a plan.

Sorry, no dogs here.
- He's a guide dog!

- Sorry, I couldn't see.
- Neither can I.

- The death loop!
- Wait!

What is it, King? - Wait!

Come on then, King!

It's not dangerous.

- He doesn't want to.
- You stay here!

- Why me?
- He's your guide dog!

Are you having fun now?
- Yeah, yeah—

Sivert! Have a good time!



Five shots, thanks!

Can I have five shots?
- Blind people aren't allowed to shoot.

- I've got the dog. He's trained for it.
Don't blind people get to have fun too?

I've done it at least a thousand times.

- Yes, okay then!

Will it be OK like this, King?

OK, up a bit.


Was it any good?

- Missed by a mile!

- Will this be all right?


- These rifles don't work.
- Don't they? Look at that!

And he's still blind—

Last shot now.

- Will this be OK, King?

OK—taking aim now—

- Bloody good!

- What a dog you've got!
- Yes, what a dog.

- Choose what you want.
- The dog with the cool haircut.

- There you are.
- No no no, he can see! Give her back the prize.

- I can see. I can see! Hallelujah!
- Hallelujah—he can see !!!

Thank you for the food.
- No problem.

- The good sauce was absolutely superb.

I want to go on that one!
Are you with me, King?

How much does it cost to ride?
- You can't afford it.

- How much does it cost?
- Go away now, little girlie.

- Pay him.

Now you're sitting in a fucking limousine.

You lean back a little and look at the windows.

There are people inside the windows.

You feel pretty good when you've been
to a luxury restaurant and munched something French.

- Peggy, sing something.
- It's too late.

- I think King's a little tired now.
- Good night, King.

- See you tomorrow.
- Bye!

Come on, King!

Have you had a good day?

- Never thought you could shoot so well.
- Oh, it's nothing!

What is it, Jojjo?
- He hates me.

He bit me. He thinks
it's my fault he's going to die.

He hates me!
- Calm down, it's just a dog.

- You know nothing about it!
You think you're smart.

- Quiet! I can fix the dog.

- You fucking—

- Stop now. Stop!

Come on, Jojjo! I'll go with you.

- And you're supposed to be my friends.
Bunch of shits!

- Watch out, he's crazy!

We've done everything for him.
- It was your fault. Just a dog—

- You should talk to a grown-up.
- Shut up, you big bedwetters.

- Now they've both gone crazy.

- What do you mean?
It's Jojjo who's crazy.

- He should talk to an adult!
- Which adult?

Just take it easy. It's no problem.
Just something that comes into my head, yeah?

- Oh yeah?

- He's read a lot more books than I have.
He's an expert. You just have to talk. Come on.

This is the guy I was telling you about.
- Yes—

- He's having a few problems.

- He needs to talk about life and death.
Get perspective on his thoughts.

Purely philosophically, then.
Go on. Talk!

My friend really needs to talk.
Jojjo, for fuck's sake! Sorry.

Talk to him. Come on. Come on.

- Who decides if someone should die?
- God does.

- How can he decide something like that?

Before he decides,
when someone is ill, maybe in pain—

and God seems to hesitate.
What should you do then?

- You should give them all the love you can.

- But what if King hates me?

- You should still give all the love you can.

- If you don't know who you are,
how do you give love?

- Through love you see who you are.

- No, it's through thinking!
But sometimes it's as if nothing matters.

You can think anything—
And then you can be anyone.

- You—you think a lot, don't you.

But it's only through feeling that
you can approach what's really important.

- Yes, I understand.

- Are you cured now?
- Sivert!

- What have I said now?
- What did he say?

- You should give all the love you can.
- That's what I've said all along.

What do you want? Quiet, Princess!

- Good morning!

The Dog Friends are doing a stall at the market.
Do you have anything we could sell?

The entire proceeds go to the dogs. Guaranteed.

Maybethere's something in the garage?

- In the garage?

Let's have a look.

The plank, Sivert!

-What can we do with all this!
- The Dog Friends will be happy.

- You can take this. And this too.
And this!

All this—when the only thing I want is a man.

- It's not that bad, with your beautiful eyes.

There she is, King!

What is it? Isn't she beautiful?

So you think I have beautiful eyes?

You're sweet.

Don't you think it's lovely?
- It's done.

What a brain! That preacher is so sharp.
You should have stayed, Jojjo.

He can talk about anything.

- Then I just went in—
I put my hands on her breasts.

No silicone there. I kissed her on the lips—

and everything turned like, to fire and fog—
I'm going to clean out the garage for her.

Dolly, take a picture of us.
- Sure. Stand up now!

Everyone ready?

- Take one of King too.
- Smile, King!

- Now I feel like singing.

♪ One day I will stand by the sea ♪

♪ like a swallow follows the wind ♪

♪ a day when I have left ♪

♪ One day I will see the sun blaze ♪

♪ and I'm standing on a strange beach ♪

♪ One day when I stand by the sea ♪

♪ like a swallow follows the wind ♪

♪ like a sea that never stays still ♪

♪ Like a current that travels to the depths ♪

♪ the longing pulls me along ♪

♪ the longing pulls me along ♪

♪ One day the wind caresses my hair ♪

♪ and the sand is full of tracks ♪

♪ that follow me wherever I go ♪

♪ One day I hear someone shout: Stop! ♪

♪ but the sea is frighteningly big ♪

♪ and the wind it caresses my hair ♪

♪ like a swallow follows the wind ♪

♪ like a sea that never stays still ♪

♪ Like a current that travels to the depths ♪

♪ the longing pulls me along ♪

♪ the longing pulls me along ♪

♪ like a swallow follows the wind ♪

♪ like a sea that never stays still ♪

♪ Like a current that travels to the depths ♪

♪ the longing pulls me along ♪

♪ the longing pulls me along ♪

- Brilliant! Wonderful!

He's smiling!
Look, Jojjo! King's smiling!

Sleep now, you old brute. Sleep now—

Do you want me to read to you?

The wolf wanted Buck to follow.

They ran side by side in the twilight
along the dried up brook.

And into the gorge it came out of,
across the clear divide.

Then they came down to the plains.
Then they ran for hour after hour.

while the sun rose higher
and the day got warmer—

King? King?

I never went back to the hut.

That Monday we took time off from school.

On Tuesday, we started in different schools,
just as the headmaster had said.

Why not you jump in the back of the truck?

Do you want a lift?

Jump in here.

Sivert, Lillen, Roffe and I met up a few times.

Roffe's school magazine Wild Thoughts
was cancelled after the first issue.

Lillen is in love with a librarian now.

Sivert is the boss of the little kids at
the back of the Pole's refuse truck.

Otherwise I don't know much
about the gang.

At Peggy's address no one had heard of her.

I don't know what she's doing now.
Maybe she's singing for someone else—

English subtitles by
faxeholm1234 and jeremys

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