Humongous (1982) - full transcript

Woman is raped at cocktail party. Years later, her son grows up to be a big hairy murderous monster who stalks a group of teens shipwrecked on his island.

Ida, how about a drink?

I already told you, I'm not drinking.

Ah come on.

Look why don't you get lost ok!

That other bitch is waiting isn't she?

Ida don't be mad.
Do not touch me.

Ida, wait!


Don't you to touch me.

Ida, listen.

Dam you were going to have this thing out.

I've had just about all from you i'm gonna take

Let go of me, you're drunk.


Your gonna listen.
Let me go.

III'm Sorry.

No! No!


You a goddam stuckup, bitch.

Your to good for me huh?

Don't touch,keep away. A virgin goddam princess.



your gonna feel something now old maid, your gonna know
what you've been missing.



Oh My God.




Fair winds all the way, Captain?

radio said rain, maybe fog.

Looks dark in the west.
I'd like to get started.

Yeah well I like the way everyone is out here pitching in.

Sandy will be down in a minute shes cleaning our room .

Just as soon as the
last box is loaded.

Hey Eric wave to Donna, she wants
you to see her tits again.

Forget it.

Hi Donna, morning.

Ha ha Leave my brother alone, for Christ sake Donna.

Eric's not interested in you.

He likes em with class.

Me I don't care .

I prefer em with a little millage on em.

Nick! Come on, Donna, Come on .

Don't Nick, leave me alone! That's it I'll take you on anytime.

Let me go! oh...oh...

Low blow.

Foul no fair oh.. oh...

You just blew it, Donna.
this was your last chance at this bed.

An historic occasion.

Yeah right nick, everything with you is a historic occasion.

Well Maybe you'd have cum,
That had of have been an historic occasion.


Why did i bring so many clothes?

That's cause you've got em to bring.

that's cause I Can't make up my mind.

oh, listen to her Donna, just because
she is tall and gorgeous and has the world's biggest
wardrobe doesn't mean life isn't tough.

ah If you only knew ...

Carla knows everything, she told me.

always a thrill to see you in the morning.

Well, unlike some people, I am not ashamed of my body.

From a distance I can hardly see your stretch marks.

carry your bags ma'am?

Ok brother, freeze.

If you come help we'd be out of here a hell of a lot faster.

Old Morrison and his retard son will be here any minute.

Why spoil their fun.

They won't clean and you know it.

Dad was good enough to let us use the place,.

Least we can do is leave it like we found it,

or Is that too much for you to understand?

It's all over, Eric.

this is it 175 pounds of bullshit wiped out, With one little squeeze.

just one little squeeze.

Go find somewhere else, to play with Nicky.

Bye, Bye.

You god dam moron, you pointed a loaded gun at me.

I told you, I don't fool around.

Hey did I hit you?

Are you alright?

What happened? na, idiot time.




Do you really think I could get some modelling work?

Why not? I didn't have any experience.

except for that stupid course which was worthless.

You know, Some of the girls in these magazines,

they look great here but not in real life their not that hot.

I don't mean you no, Your really pretty but

some of them ...

I got to lose some weight.

How we doing?

We still got have a ways to go, the engine's acting up.

We haven't seen another boat all day.

Oh the end of the summer the lakes always like this.

Nick, for Christ Sakes cut it out.

Family vacations are so much fun aren't they?

I guess I'll go eat.

mmm here take over

Why? I need both hands.

So now he's romantic. What do you mean?

I saw you starring at Donna's ass.

Hey it was your ass i was starring at, aha.

Are you kidding? It one of the
seven wonders of the world.

- Really?
- Really.

- Eric!
- Come on, both hands on the wheel.

Eric, somebody might come up.

So what? I'll say it's
my fault, I couldn't resist.


What are you doing?

What do you have in mind?

I don't think it's fair for Eric to be left up there by himself do you?

Would anyone really feel safer with me up there?

I know I wouldn't

Sandy, up here be careful.

What is it?

There see it?

you know what that might be, what if it's a warning mark
or there might be rocks there.

get Nick.

-Go on, get, Nick, careful.

Come on, Nick, up here fast.

get up there.

Take the wheel. Hold her steady.

Nick, keep her steady!

Chill, your in shallow here ... that way.

Dog island, just over there. get in behind it.

- Your in for rocks.
- Okay, take it easy.

- Nick.
- What are you gonna do?


Here let me have it now.


- how about some of that here?-Sure.

I don't know what have done if you people hadn't come along.

You would have probably drowned.

Dam motor went out, couldn't start it for the life of me.

Here, these should fit you.

- Wait a minute those mine?
- Of course.

You didn't bother to ask me.

What was that?

Anchored, It sounded like.

I'm behind the island like you said.

The fog lifted a bit.
I think were ok.

That's a pretty tight channel up ahead.

We'll stay put stay put for awhile.

- I'm Eric Simmons.
- Bert Defoe, thanks.

- Are you from around here, Bert?
- Saint Martin.

that's where we are headed before all this.
Did you meet everybody?

My sister Carla, my brother
Nick, Sandy Ralston and Donna Blake.

You can change downstairs if you like?

This island, is there anything on it?

- Dogs.
- Dogs?

There, hear it? that's the dogs.

The island supposed to be crawling with them.

Not that anyone's actually been on it,
the old lady doesn't want company.

- There's an old lady living there?
- Yeah.

There's a lodge house, big place up in the trees there.

You can't quite see it now.

And the dogs are for what protection?

That's what the signs say.

But why? Who is she?

Don't know.

She's been there for years , long before me.

Whoever she is, she ain't a caretaker or anything
like that everything is really run down.

You see her about twice a year, spring and fall ...

When she comes into Saint Martin for supplies.

She doesn't talk, won't even look at you.

It's like she's living in another world.

I don't think anyone even knows her
name. At least I never herd it.

Why did you mention caretaker before?
Who actually owns the island?

The Parsons family used to you know.

- The Parsons lumber.
- I've heard of it.

They got timber land all around here, it was them who
really opened up this lake.

Old Ed Parsons built the lodge in there, he used to
spend his summers there.

There was a lot going on here right up into the sixties.

A lot going on where?

well excuse me for breathing.

They say that lodge has got everything.
Storage, Lockers, freezers.

It's got it's own generator for power.

oh so that old lady then she could stay put there for quite a while.

like I said.

But whats her connection to the
Parsons family? I mean Why her?

All I know is that she's there, and
nobody's saying she shouldn't be.

Not with those dogs around.


So weird.

A story like that
needs sound effects.

Get your hands off me, Nick.

well I can't get your pants off, will you give me a hand?

Why do you always chug like that?

Come on, don't ask me why.

Look, I'm not...

What are you listening too?

Oh come on.

Take your pick I can't tell the difference.

The sounds of frustration?

Come on, get em off.



Do you have that problem?
All the time.

All the time?

Well some of the time.

Some of the time.

Some of the time.


Leave me alone.

Fuck you anyways man, I don't need you.

Hey man whats this about?
Mind your own fucking business...
If your planning on moving this boat, it is my business.


I'm not sitting here all night listening to them dam dogs.

Don't be crazy, Nick you don't know what you're doing.

Oh yeah!

Nick, don't be crazy!

You got to stop him , quick.

Eric! ¡Eric!

- Eric!
- Get out of here, jerkoff.

just Leave me alone! You got nothing to do with anything.

- Get away!
- ¡Eric!

Nick, stop it please!

He pulled a gun at me. He's crazy.


Keep away , Eric! I got as much right as you..

Stay back Eric I mean it.
I am not staying here anymore.

There is no reason to stay here.

Nick, these are the dangerous waters in
daylight for Crist Sake.

You are not the only one who can do things.

Nick, its too bland you don't even know where you're going.

I got as much right as you!


You son of a bitch I am going to kill you.

Christ where headed for the island.
get the wheel.

Wheel get the wheel.


My Leg, let me help.

Sandy, get off! Everybody get off.

Drive our boat, go on I'm alright.

Nick get up.

get all life preservers?

- wheres Carla?
- it's, it's the tide..

she Can't swim.


Carla, can you hear me?





What was that?

The Dogs?

Well Where are they?

They must know we are here.

We got to find something to protect ourselves with.

The old lady might be holding them back.
she might be up there waiting for us.

Somebody should try and get to the lodge.

We don't even know if the old lady's there,
We didn't see any light.

She's got to be there.

You do not know that, you said so yourself.
you don't know anything about her.

Bert's leg's broken, he needs help.

We all need help, Carla must still be out there for christsake.

Those dogs will really missle along down here.

Lets wait for light, so at least we can see what we
are gonna do.

what chance do we got against those animals up there.

Maybe somebody saw the explosion, there might be help on
the way right now.

and Maybe not.

I'll go see what I can find.

Don't play hero Nick, Were are not impressed.

Nick, you can't go up there by yourself.

Eric, stop him he can't go up there alone.

He can do what he wants.



Someone there?

How is he now ok? Don't move.

- he's just a little feaverous thats all.
- I can't stop shivering.

we got to get a fire going.

Got a match?

Maybe your boyfriend has an Idea.

What's is it Eric? What did you hear?

Was Is it Nick? Did you hear Nick?

like that, hold her steady I don't know if it will work
with this kind of glass or not?

If it starts smoking pile on the tinder, there's plenty more
up there.

Now don't I do it? rather then lie here useless like this.

- You be still.
- now c'mon

We'll get back as quick as we can.

Hopefully with Nick.

Listen For all we know Nick spent the night,

Warm and cozy in one of the old lady's nice comfortable beds.

I still say the fact we havn't see the dogs ...

Means she's up there and she's keeping her animals in.

You Ready?

Keep an eye out for Carla ok?

I will.

Good luck.

No Sounds.

You notice?

It's like there's nothing alive here.

We'll find him Eric, don't worry.

Are they Nick's ?

Yeah, it looks like he fell.

Thats a boat house.

Maybe there is a boat, maybe Nick got a boat.

Any chance of patching it up?

No way.

How about the other one?



I am so tired I feel asleep.

- Carla.
- I heard no voice, I didn't where you were.

I couldn't find you.

- Eric.
- Carla.

I didn't know where you were.

I was in the water I was trying to keep my head up.

Then with the explosion, I thought I was drowning.

I pulled myself up onto these rocks,
but there was nobody there.

I couldn't find you.

So this morning I started walking,
but I was so afraid of the dogs.

I found this place, then I heard a
noise so I hid under the boat.

And then I woke up.

We thought you were dead ...

We Didn't know if you got out?

I didn't know what to do.

What could have happened to him? Where can Nick it be?

Is that a dog that skull?

It looks like it, other animals too
rabbits, squirrels maybe I do not know.

But why would they be here?

I mean, Who did this?

I thought there was just the old lady?

Some of the flesh is torn off these bones.

Dogs don't eat other dogs.

Unless their real hungry.

And they don't smashboats and snap paddles in half, or do they?

Heads up!

Bert, we have blueberries here.


What happened?

There is a dead dog up here.

What do your doing? taking a break?
Look, im making.

Oh Success.

You better be hungry after all this mr.

You ok?

- Yeah.
- Look at this.

Tasty thou.


- How far is it to the mainland from here?
- A mile maybe.

- thats not far.
- Its not all that easy.

There's alot of plants, underwater weeds,

You get tangled in em.

Yes, but Eric is a strong
swimmer, so is Nick.

Hey, you're not eating.

I will.

Give me this.

You know i'll be missed.

When I don't show up this morning,
they will come looking for me.

Especially after that fog.

They will find us, don't worry.

He must have Come this way.

Look, there it is....

Hey there's a wire, maybe there's a telephone.

Bert says there is a generator, I don't see it.

Where's the old lady?


Oh My god.

The dogs are all dead.

What do you mean?

There arn't any dogs, not alive there
suposed to be guard dogs here's the lodge.

Where are they?

But we heard them.
well where are they?

Eric, we heard them.

Actually, I met Eric first.

A girl friend of mine knew Sandy.

They're in this beer commercial together.

My friend lied about her age.

Sandy's done alot of commercials, you've probably seen her.

She's got that look, she's lucky.

I think Nick thought Eric liked me.

That's why I got interested.

Him and his brother.

I may be doing some modeling This fall.

What's wrong?

You cold?

Got a chill?

My God, you are cold.

Sweating cold.

What can I do, I don't have anything.

I can think of one thing.

Lie still ok?
Don't try to move.

Hold onto me ok, keep the heat in.

I'll be smearing bluberry stains all over you.


No electricity.



Let's spread out, check every room, anything usefull,
food, clothes, blankets, matches, grab it.

Spread out?

Ok, C'mon.

There's lots of medical books.

Look, there must have been a baby.

Who's that?

There's some assprine and other stuff in the bathroom
maybe something for Bert.




Its empty, There all empty.

Hey it's a nursery, have a look.

How weird, Look at all the toys.


Most of these have never even been unused.

The whole room...

It''s too neat.

it's like it's never been lived in.

Maybe the baby died.

Maybe that's why the old was so weird,
she never got over it.

There's no one here.

The main bedroom is at the end of the hall.

There's blankets and pillows.

I'll go collect some of the food cans.


- Found the blankets.
- Matches great.

Yeah She's Parsons daughter, Ida Parsons, see?

- That's him, that's the man in the painting.
- Yeah, her father.

Here's her whole family, she had a sister.

Who's this?

Not bad.

look at the way he's looking at her.

Look She looks something like you.
What? no I can't see it.

So weird looking at these.

The baby.

Wow, she's so changed, Look at her eyes.

It's the baby, it was probally sick, dying...

We don't know that.

Why else would Parsons daughter want to be stuck up her by herself?

She was mourning

Look, no more photographs.

Her life was over, she didn't care anymore.

Those broken toys in the nursury?

She couldn't stand them, she
had to destroy them.

- Like the boats?
- Yes.

She deliberately isolated herself.

But Carla, the last date
on this picture is 1949.

- Do you think she was in mourning for 30 years?
- You know what Bert told us.

She was out of her mind.

- Bert never said that.
- That's what he ment.

Sandy, if not that, then what?

Could you open the window?


Carla, it's ok.


Sandy, calm down, it's ok.

It must be her.

When she died, that was it for the
dogs too.

No one to feed em.

They went wild and killed each other.

And all those sounds we heard?

One of them could have survived, there's
a whole other side to this island.

The generator, it still works...

But why would the main switch
be up here?


The basement.

We couldn't stay up there any longer.

How was it?


There is like a little shrine overthere.

This is a diary?
What's it doing here?

A lot of her stuff's here.



Carla, stop!

Are you okay? I gota wait till it gets late.

Then I'll go up to that lodge, doused
as much of it as I can and light it up.

that, that thing sleeps in the cellar,
Gotta hope it's in there.

Even so the fire it's gotta be tremendous, Someone's gonna see it
their bound too.

I've been reading the diary.

- Did Carla wake up at all?
- She's alright.

Eric, I know what it is?

In the cellar...

Eric, it's her son.

Ida Parsons, she wrote it all down in here.

She had a baby.

Carla thought that it must have died thats
why she stayed around here,

keeping it's memory alive in some weird way
with the nursery and the toys.

But thats not it, he didn't die.

He is still alive, he is still here.

The way she writes about it, it's
all confused and crazy, but ...

She saw the baby as some kinda curse.

A Punishment, for some...thing that had happened.

Some terible violent thing,
it's hard to make out.

The baby was born damaged, deformed.

Here, Acromegaly.

What ever it is, there was brain damage too and ...

She decided to keep him up here,
to take care for him to protect him.

-But to protect him from what?
-From the world, from people.

It's been thirty years now Eric,
he's never been off this island.

She was, She was sick all last winter.
she knew she would't live.

The last enteries are just scrawls look...

She was afraid for him.
She wanted him to die with her.

There was this plan, She had to wreck
all the boats ...

So there was no chance of his getting away.

Only she died to soon.

Everything destroyed this afternoon,
So easy For him, So strong.

What could would they do with such
as him? Shut him away?

Kill him?

They could never infect him with their corruption,
his innocence would defeat them.

His power.

It's all like that, So much hate.

Yeah But a rich mans daughter?
What could have happened to her?

It's all connected with the baby.

The father, Maybe, I don't know.

She never mentions the father
and she was never married. I don't think.

Men are hateful to her.

His lack of understanding,
is his blessing.

He must only know that Island is his.

They must never entrude,
They must never have a chance.

She left him with a message.

Were the enemy.

Look at her. She gives birth to a, a thing ...

She has to spend the rest of her life condeming the world to justify it.

But he's her son no matter what.

I mean the way she talks about him,
maybe she's right.

How would society have dealt with somebody
like that.

A man who is hardly more than an animal.

How long has she been dead?
There's no dates after the begining.

Months mabey for the conditioning of the body.

No wonder there's nothing alive on this island, He's been
killing all the animals for food.

And now he's run out.

I can't find the matches.

what do you mean you had em?

I had them in the lodge I was holding
them, They were in my hand.

But later when you gave me the diary they
weren't there I'm trying remember?


They're in the lodge Eric, they must be..

Dam it, I can't believe it.

I'm comming with you, I'll find them.

Carla will be safe here.

Are you ready?


let's hope he's in the basement.

I don't think he ever goes into the lodge, except for food.

In the kitchen.

The other rooms were all untouched.

It must have been the rule, his mother's rule.

I mean why else would, would she have locked the inside cellar door?

Something like that wouldn't change.

Dead or alive she's still the only human being she has ever known.

I had the matches in the bedroom.

Then Carla and I came down stairs.

And all went thru the kitchen to meet you,
they could be anywhere in between.

I know I didn't have them in the cellar.

Shhhh, hint's they're all over.

You go check in the bedroom.
I'll check down here.



Got him Sandy.

It's okay.

He's dead.





Open Please.

What are you doing here?

You know your not suposed to be here.

Get back down stairs go on...

You heard me, go on....


Sandy, where were you?
I couldn't find you?