Humko Deewana Kar Gaye (2006) - full transcript

Ravishing Jia A. Yashvardhan lives a very wealthy, though lonely, lifestyle in India with her widowed father Industrialist, A.J. Yashvardhan. In a bid to augment his business, he arranges her marriage with dynamic business tycoon, Karan Oberoi, who operates from Canada. Jia re-locates to Canada to do some shopping, and runs into a young automobile engineer, Aditya Malhotra. Both continue meeting and eventually fall in love with each other. But both are not fated to be each other's soul-mates, for Aditya is engaged to be married to "India's hottest female" Sonia Berry, while Jia will eventually marry Karan. They part and go their individual ways. Then Sonia gets an assignment with Karan, and she and Aditya get invited to his wedding. The wedding takes place with great pomp and ceremony, it is then Aditya and Jia are introduced to each other, and both find that they still have feelings for each other, at the same time both know that according to Hindu traditions, this marriage cannot be broken at any cost.

Resynchronized By RaviKant

Wonder how many people reside
in the whole world!

Different colours... different
castes... different types...

Whereverthere are people
there is one more thing...

No! No! I am not talking about crowds!
I am talking about relationships.

Mother-Father! Brother-Sister!

Or such relationships
which have no name.

Then how are these
relationships made?

What connects people
in this world?

What is it that bonds
us to each other?

Sentiment! Yes it is sentiment
that keeps us linked to each other.

Till this emotion is alive,
our relationship is alive.

Our love is alive.

No one can teach you this
emotion. Except for life.

Hi, Rasik sir! Catch!

Don't throw it like that.
It is a very sensitive device.

Sorry! Sorry!

How is the car?

Excellent! I really
enjoyed the ride, sir.

Sign please, sir.
- Hi! - Hi!

Where should
I sign, on your face?

Sorry, sir. Sign here.

Then you should tell that.

Sorry, sir.

Now go! There is no need to
come to work from tomorrow.

Thank you, sir.

Good morning, Aditya.
- Good morning.

Surprising! She said
good morning to you.

Why don't they say that to me?

Why do these super fast
girls or super fast cars...

...come to top gear on seeing you?

Why it doesn't happen with me?

Don't you know?

Whether a girl or a car, we must pamper them.
We must keep them with a lot of love.

Both need a lot of
care and attention.

Why didn't you tell me earlier?

This is general knowledge, sir.
Even a fool knows that.

You know what? - What. - What?

I have good news foryou.
- Tell me! Tell me!

Follow me!

Tell me! Please tell me!

Aditya! Our company is going to
launch a new car into the market.

Do you know we will be doing
its marketing in entire India?

Oh, no! I am finished.

No, you are not.
You are going to be my head.

I am ruined.

What ruined?
You are promoted.

Your salary is going
to be increased.

Oh, no!

What is this?
You are going to Canada.

Boss! My engagement party is today.
See this engagement ring.

Yes, I know.
I am also coming to it.

But it is at six o'clock.

What is the time now?

Six o'clock...
Now the time is five past six.

Don't know what
Sonia will do to me now.

Wow! Sonia looks gorgeous!

She looks very stylish today.
- She rocks.

Whose sister is she after all?
You know, she is a fashion designer.

You know, she understands fashion.

Hi, Tanya! - Hi Sonia!
What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is what
I wear and others wear.

They are just clothes. - I see.

My daughter Sonia is
going to Paris next week.

For a fashion show.
She is a star you know.

Don't say that. My would-be
daughter-in-law is not a star...

...but a rock star. Rock star!

What's up with the
latest dress code?

Red is the color of fashion
forthe ladies, you know!

And what about black?

They are all...

Amrut! - Yes?

I hope you told Adi that
today is his engagement. - Yes.

'Your heartbeats... '
- Hey, what are you doing?

Why are you removing your clothes?

If you want to pee,
I'll stop the car.

You keep driving.
I don't want to pee.

I am just changing clothes.
Drive on fast.

You didn't invite Aditya.
It would have been better to invite him.

Who Aditya?

I think your son. Today is his
engagement with my daughter.

Where is your prince? Call him.

Yes, please call him.

I too have elsewhere to go. - Yes.

What are you doing?

Let me drive the car. Oh!

I am... I am sorry.

You will kill me.
He is a goner!

I don't know why
Aditya is getting so late.

You know aunty,
had this been a love marriage...

...he would never be late.

Shut up, rascal!

Happy, listen to this.
- Tell me. - Are you enjoying?

Did you call Adi or not? - Call Adi?
- Please call. Please call quickly.

I too have elsewhere to go.

Get out fast! Go! Go!

Boss! Boss! My shoe!

Oh! Here comes my brother-in-law!

Hey Adi! What happened?
Only one shoe?

Nothing! The car took the shoe.
- The car took the shoe!

Adi, where were you? Since when
we are waiting foryou. - Dad, the shoe...

Adi, does anyone do such a thing
on such a day! - Mother...

Adi! Have some shame! - Granny, what are
you doing... I have applied gel on my hair.

Don't spoil his hair.
- Really? See this!

Hey! Who is this?

I am not hitting him,
I am making him wear it.

Dad! Dad, he is my boss.
- He is your boss? Sorry.

Let me explain to you...
this world class grandson of yours...

...I am sending him to Canada.

Canada? But why?

I will tell it... I'll tell them.
I got a promotion.

Really!? - This is very good news.

You got a promotion and
you didn't even tell us.

I too learnt it Just now.

Wow! This is wonderful news. And that too
on engagement day. - Thank you. Thank you.

Great! I'm so happy.

How lucky is Sonia for Adi?
- Absolutely!

If you all are done then
please make me lucky too.

I have got to go.

To Canada?

Hey Sonia, I must say your would-be
husband is very fashionable.

Shut up!

I hope you got the ring.
- Yes, mom.

Thank you. Thank you.
- What happened?

Uncle, please move on.
We'll come later.

Where's my ring? -Which ring?

The engagement ring!

What are you saying?
It must be here.

One minute... lift the coat.

It must be in the front pocket.
The front pocket.

This is my engagement ring.
- Where is it? Lts not there in the left nor right.

Where is it? Is there
a hole in your pocket?

Oh c'mon! What the hell
are you doing here?

Everyone is waiting foryou. C'mon.

The matter is...

Just go! They are calling.

Your son-in-law is
the best in the world.

He won't go below this!
You can take my word for it.

Hi handsome.
- I forgot the engagement ring.

He has forgotten the ring.

He has forgotten the ring. - Oh!

Sister, ring.

What a cute couple.

Wow! What a nice ring!
- Yeah its beautiful!

Mama. - Wow! Lovely ring!

I love you dad!
- Bless you, dear.

Beautiful ring.
- You like it? - Yes.


"The girl my eyes chose
is a mesmerising one."

"The tune which I hum each
moment is a new one."

"The more I see,
the greater becomes my desire."

"She has taken over my life."

"She is a rock star."

"She is indeed lovely."

"Love for her oozes out."

"She is a rock star."

"She is a magic wand
that flew off with my heart."

"She is a rock star."

"She is indeed lovely."

"Love for her oozes out."

"She is a rock star."

"She is a rock star."

"She is a rock star."

"She is a rock star."

"You are like pure gold...

...there can't be
another like you"

"You are like pure gold...

...there can't be
another like you."

"I've attained you and
don't want to lose you."

"In the redness of henna
and the clang of bangles."

"There is a strange tumult
in the pounding of my heart."

"Don't try to snare me."

"Don't praise me."

"I know that you are a magician."

"She is a magic wand
that flew off with my heart."

"She is a rock star."

"She is indeed lovely."

"Love for her oozes out."

"She is a rock star."

"The one my eyes chose
that boy is a mesmerising one."

"The one whom I heard,
he does not know me."

"The more I see,
the greater becomes my desire."

"He has taken over my life."

"She is a rock star."

"She is indeed lovely."

"Love for her oozes out."

"She is a rock star."

"She is a magic wand
that flew off with my heart."

"She is a rock star."

"She is indeed lovely."

"Love for her oozes out."

"She is a rock star."

You know, these traditions
are indeed fabulous.

Two families come closer
in the name of uniting two people.

They share little joys.

I just love it.
IJust love traditional marriage.

I don't think so.
I think it is a waste of time... and energy.

It is we who are getting married.

Then why are we calling our friends
and relatives and feeding them?

One must be practical in life.
I don't care for traditions.

Everybody has his own opinion.


Are you tired? - Not much.

So... - So?

Shall I leave? - Ok.

Give me a kiss. - What!?

Give me a goodnight kiss.

Is this some time for a kiss?

There isn't a time for a kiss.
One has to be in the mood for it.

You have to be romantic.
Give me a kiss.

Aditya, someone might see.

Who is going to see us at 3.30 am?
And I've got the license too.

We Just got engaged...
you are my fianc?e.

Please give me a kiss.

Just grow up!

Why... grown ups don't take kisses?


Sonia, why don't you give
Aditya what he asked?

If you can't do it, I will do it.
Daddy too is ready in the room.

And he said that mom is ready too.

And for God's sake tell
him to take the hand... the speaker phone.

It is 3.30 am in the morning.

Ridiculous that
you are fighting over a kiss.

C'mon give him a kiss.

Don't know... they are engaged
and then too for a kiss...

Good night. - Good night.

Are we engaged?
- What do you mean?

Are we really engaged?

Grow up, Adi.
What are you saying?

I can't really believe this.
We are really engaged.

O madam, please convince
him you are engaged.

Till he is not convinced, he will not
let anyone sleep. Can't believe! - Go to sleep.

Gavin -Yeah!

What kind of smell
is this? Stinking!

Excuse me please. - Yes sir.

What kind of smell is this?

I will check out.

It is really stinking.

It must surely be some Indian.
- What happened?

They should know. These days
everything is available...

...everywhere but they still
move around with shop loads.

Disgusting! - Disgusting!

Excuse me, sir. Is this your bag?

How happy would your sister be
that you are going to Canada!

Am I going to take all this luggage?

You aren't going to carry it on your head.
You are going by plane.

I won't take it.

Take it without saying a word.
It is our love.

Add a few more kilos of love!

These children!

How cute are they when they cry!

But they don't like us sleeping.
I can't understand at all...

...why these people travel
with such little children.

As if you would leave
your kids behind!

Of course! Since we are talking
about it, we should make it clear.

I think we shouldn't think about kids
for 5-6 years after marriage.

This is the time for our careers.

And I don't think we are ready
for kids. At least I'm not.

Sonia. - Yes.

Sonia, this is the
passport and ticket. - Ok.

And call up Simran
when you reach Paris.

Ok, I'll do it. - Ok.

But you don't forget your workouts.

I hate unfit people and this
T-Shirt looks cool on you.

I'll get you some more.
- Ok, thank you.

Ok, I'll leave then.

And listen... Have a safe
flight and take care.

I'll do that. Bye!

You too take care, Aditya.

Uncle! - Hey Dumpy.

What is this, uncle?
I sent you six emails.

You didn't reply even to one.

I was busy with my female and
couldn't respond to your email.

Ok, sorry.

Come soon. - There they are.

Adi! - Uncle! - Hey!
You are looking so young.

Wait! Wait!
- My God I was scared!

How weak he has become,
isn't it Raabi!

True! Raabi has become really weak.

Weak... thank you.
Did you hear? I've become weak.

Very funny. How is Sonia?

They all look good before marriage.

Correct! - Right!

Absolutely right.

Correct? - No... wrong!
Absolutely wrong!

I mean Adi is wrong.

My brother is wrong?

That's me. - Yeah.

My luggage. - Ok.

Both you brother and sister
are right. I am wrong.

No need to explain to me.
- Listen to me. Stop fighting.

How dare you touch my luggage!
- Sister. - This is my luggage.

Leave it to me, Adi. I know how
to deal with these people.

Sister, he is from my company.
- I will call the police.

Sister, he is from my company.
What are you doing?

You are hitting him. What will
he think? He's come to pick me.

He came to pick you?

Then who did we come here for?

You've indeed come for me.
But he is from my company.

He came to pick me up.
They've booked an apartment for me.

I am in contract with them.
Why don't you understand?

Why don't you explain it to her?

He is right. I know he is right.
- Then what was the need to come here?

You could have got trained in Mumbai!

Sister, do you think that
I like staying away from you? - Huh!

I will come over in the
weekends. Every Sunday.

We will enjoy ourselves.
We will go for picnics.

We will go for lunches
and parties... everything.

C'mon sis... c'mon!
Try to understand, please.

Hey man, why are you staring at me?
Take all this stuff. - What did you say?

Take the luggage and
take him also. - Ok, c'mon.

I'll meet you overthe weekend.
Mom sent pickle foryou.

I'll get that too. - It's ok.

So you seem like
quite a family man.

Ya, unfortunately
I've to stay alone.

No... you have a roommate.
- A roommate!?

Welcome... I am Nawab Sharif.

I am a gentleman only
by name and not by actions.

I am from Pakistan.
Any problems?

Aditya Malhotra.
- Great!

Nice meeting you.
- I too feel great to meet you.

Welcome Aditya, welcome to Canada.

Thank you, sir.
- Let me show you. - Sure, sir.

You know we have the
biggest dealership in Canada.

Look at our showroom.

The best showroom ever in Canada.

Aditya, you want to test drive?
Let's go ahead.

Take it easy.

Come on Nawab!

Oh boy!

Aditya, you drive well.
- Thank you.

Buddy, was this a test drive
or were you taking revenge...

...against me forthe Kargil war?

Adi! You know what
I was thinking? - Sir!

Why don't you represent us
in cross country rally?

I would love to do that, sir.
- O beautiful!

Hang on. - Oh! Sorry.

If you take your hand off the button...
the lift will move. - Sorry! - Its alright.

Linda! - Daddy!

Oh! FBI has done its Job.

Right... right...
- No, left... left...

Are you going out?
- No, why?

Then why are you looking
like a Christmas tree?

Adi! Eat the snacks.

Mom, what are you doing?
- It is Nawab's peg.

I know that it is liquor.
It is not a milk drinking age.

Kitty, aunty cannot hear well.

But granny can see quite well. Mama!

I am gone. It is the last chance
to save the princess. - Excuse me.

How does this start?

It is paused. If you take your
hand off the button it will play.

'if you take your hand off the button...
the lift will move. - Sorry! '

Left... left... Right... right...

Yes, yes, I am trying
to save it. Yeah.

Thank you.

Oh, my cake! - What?

I am really sorry.
I didn't realise I was Just walking...

...and I will Just clean it up.

What are you doing? It's okay.

I am really sorry.
My apartment is there.

You can clean up
the mess there. Come!

No, its okay. Thank you.
I'll manage.

Are you sure? - Yeah!
- Are you sure?

Hey! Nice dress!

Get it from the bakery shop.

Sorry, it is all because of me.
My offer is still open... please!

You look beautiful!

It is good that
you accepted my advice.

Those children made
a cake shop of you.

Will you have cream biscuits?

No, I am getting late.
I've got to be leaving.

Will you drink something? - No.

Coke? - No!

Orange Juice? - No!

Tomato Juice?
- This is tomato ketchup.

Why do you always say no?
- Nothing like that.

You Just said no.

Your cake fell down
because of me.

And I was thinking that
your clothes got spoilt because of me.

You reduced my guilt by saying that.

Why feel guilty? It was an accident.

I don't think so.

I think that whatever
happens is all a master plan.

It's all destiny.
What do you think?

No. Suppose that you get
run over by a bus tomorrow.

Ya... thanks why not?

I said suppose... it will be
because you weren't watchful.

It would not be because
of a master plan.

So you mean to say that your coming
to this apartment is not destiny? Right?

No. It is because we both
took our eyes off the path.

That's why we bumped
into each other.

But we both taking our eyes off
and that too at this time...

Don't you think so?
That's destiny.

May be! Anyway thanks
for everything.

I must be going now.

Okay. - Bye!

Are you sure you don't want
to drink? - No. Thank you. Bye!

O my God! I am sorry.
The door was actually open.

I left my bag.

Never mind. Go and take your bag.

Are you okay?
- Absolutely! Go!

Your nose? - Destiny! Go!
- Really sorry.

Take this.

What is this for? Oh, thank you.

Take care of yourself.

She's back. -What brother? Wow!

Yes, I got the message.
Actually I was busy.

Never mind! At least
we are now talking.

I am trying to be busy.
Shopping is so boring sometimes.

Thank God! I can never
handle shopping.

I'm overloaded with work.

Some people are so lucky.

They avoid all their
duties in the name of work.

Excuse me, I am not
giving any excuse.

Actually I was very busy.

I don't know how truthful you are.

But your sister is waiting
here with a sword in hand.

What are you saying!?
- Ho... ho... well!

You fool, where are you speaking from?

I am speaking from my mouth.

Very funny! I was cooking your
favourites since three days.

Come soon or I'll never
talk to you in this life.

So you are now threatening me.

I don't know why
I don't get such threats.

Very funny!

It's not funny any more, Jennifer.
You don't understand.

Shopping alone like this...
and Karan is just not bothered.

C'mon Jia! Don't sound so low.
Is there any girl in this world...

...who is bored of shopping?

And that too when she is shopping for
her marriage. - Excuse me, please sign this.

I tell you what let's change places.

I'll do the shopping foryou
and you become the PAto Karan.

At least you'll get
closerto yourfianc?e.

What do you say? - Oh, yeah!

Okay... take care. - You too.

Oh, I am sorry. - Its okay.

Oops! - Sorry... I... You?

Twice! I think we should
learn to shake hands.

Aditya Malhotra! - Jia...
Jia Yashvardhan!

What a unique name! Jia...
Jia Yashvardhan! Very nice!

Not twice. Just Jia. It's ok. Thanks.

Let me help you.
- No... really it's fine.

There must be some
punishment for bumping in.

Tell me one thing.
Whenever I meet you why do you carry... many bags?
Do you do smuggling?

No! Shopping!

I mean what do you do
besides shopping?

I Just keep shopping
on various pretexts.

Oh, nice Job!

And you. And what do you do?

Are you asking me what
I do besides bumping into you?

Do you never get serious?

I would be in a hospital
if I became serious.

But not going around
with you in a mall.

I like your smile. - Thanks.

You didn't tell me what you do.

I work hard. I help people.
I bump into them, pick up their bags...

...and drop them to their
vehicles. That's my Job.

Please pick up our bags too.

Ghuggi... Ghuggi...

I am coming. How are you?
- I am fine.

What are you doing here?
- I am getting trained.

Do you need training
even for this Job?

Didn't you get trained in college?

Greetings! - Greetings!

We are not friends
Just from happy days.

We are friends even before that.

Sis-in-law! - Sis-in-law?

You used to have a girl friend
at college. What's her name?

Pammi! - Yes, Pammi!
He had a girl friend in college.

What happened to her?

Now she is not my girl friend.

Thank God! You are lucky that
she is not your girl friend.

What do you mean?

Except you and a few other guys...

...she had affairs with everyone
else in college. She is...

She is my wife now.

She is beautiful... she is nice...
she was very good... she was...

Excuse me! - Ghuggi! Ghuggi!

You should not have spoken like that.

I was just Joking. Unnecessarily he got
angry. But the matter became serious.



Yes, ParamJeet... Pammi!

What do you think of yourself?
Just shooting off your mouth!

When did you see me
roaming with other guys?

Sis-in-law! - Sis-in-law!?

Now you are giving me respect.

What happened to all that
when you maligned me... front of Sardar-Ji?

Sis-in-law! I was Just Joking.

It takes just a minute
to break a relation.

But takes a life time
building them. And you...

Where has Sardar-Ji gone?

I am sorry, sister.
I lost my brother.

I am sorry, brother,
I lost my husband.

We are moments away from starting.

Can I have the mike?
I have to say few words.

Please, sir. Please!

Stop her! Hey stop!

Okay. - No! No! Listen to me!
Listen to me!

Hey! I know this lady.

Where are you?

Please, my dear!
Don't do this to me.

Otherwise... otherwise
I swear by you... I will kill myself.

Where are you? I say,
where are you?

Sorry ladies and gentleman
for interrupting your evening.

Today this lady who is standing
beside me...

...needs your help to
reassure her husband...

...what the meaning
of true love is!

It's because of my ignorance
I caused her husband... suspect, doubt and
question his wife.

I know that
you are listening to me.

You are so fortunate that
you have got such a loving wife.

But you are unlucky that
you don't have faith in her love.

How can anyone listen to
stray words and doubt his love?

There is no room for doubt in love.

Where there is love there
should only be love. Only love!

You too cannot remain happy
entertaining such doubt.

If anyone of you find him around
please make him understand.

That it is not worth breaking
the relationship for such small things.

This is his photograph.

Please, cameraman!
Can you zoom on it?

Okay. - Okay.

Please, I beg all of you to
spread the magic of love everywhere.

Whatever I said earlier was a Joke.

But whatever I said now is the truth.
That is the only truth.

Pammi! Pammi!

You are one and I am one.

And we have God's blessings on us.

We both should embrace
each othertightly.

And the one who releases
the embrace first will be a deceiver.

Thank God, both of them united again.

'There is no room for doubt in love.'

'Where there is love there
should only be love. Only love! '

Hello! - Hello, Jia! How are you?

Jenny! Where is Karan?

He is in meeting as usual.
It's a big business deal.

How romantic!

Oh, come on Jia!
Just think from his side.

He wants to buy all
the happiness in this world foryou.

Happiness cannot be bought, Jenny.

He promised me to come with
me to shop forthe marriage.

You know... that he never
bought anything else...

...except factories and shares?

I know.

Karan loves you a lot, Jia.

But the problem is
he doesn't know how to express it.

Anyway, tell me
what shopping you did today.

I bought a book for Karan.

40 Landscapes... Sports cars?

40 Landscapes. Wow!


This heart is destroyed."

This heart is destroyed."

This heart is destroyed."

"O Lord, now take away this life."

"Take away this morality."

"Take away these worlds."

"O Lord, now take away this life."

"Take away this morality."

"Take away these worlds."

"Destroyed! This heart is destroyed."

"Destroyed! This heart is destroyed."

"Every moment is filled
with a passion foryou."

"There is no respite."

"You fill my dreams and thoughts."

"How can I describe this madness?"

"Love is pervades all over."

"Nothing else can
be seen anywhere."

"Your voice resonates
in everything."

"Nothing else except
that can be heard."

"O Lord, now take away this life."

"Take away this morality."

"Take away these worlds."

"O Lord, now take away this life."

"Take away this morality."

"Take away these worlds."

"Destroyed! This heart
is destroyed."

"Destroyed! This heart
is destroyed."

"Destroyed! This heart is destroyed."

"I soak in your
intoxication every moment."

"This heart is enchanted with you."

"The heart beats restlessly."

"What do you know about my state?"

"At times on the sky
and at times on the earth...

...yourface appears
in front of me."

"I am so lost in love...

...that I no longer worry
about the consequences."

"O Lord, now take
away this life."

"Take away this morality."

"Take away these worlds."

"O Lord, now take
away this life."

"Take away this morality."

"Take away these worlds."

"Destroyed! This heart
is destroyed."

"Destroyed! This heart
is destroyed."

"Destroyed! This heart
is destroyed."

What are you thinking?

What? - What are you thinking?

Tell me something, Nawab.

Did your God make only
one woman for every man?

Buddy! He made two girls for me.

First one came to my life
and took away all my money.

The second one came and saw
that I didn't have any money.

So she took my heart and went away.

She didn't return it till now.

Now I will sell this remaining body
to go to Pakistan.

Hey, what can I get foryou?

For the moment same stuff continue.

And you, sir? - What?

He will have that girl.
The one in pink.

Its totally full, ma'am.
- Oh I see.

I am afraid we can't serve dishes
that are out of our kitchen.

No. I am okay with this.
Thank you.

You have to wait for 15 minutes.

Are you still thinking?

No, buddy. Are you mad?

Okay... I'm Just coming!

Where are you going?
- To the washroom.

I'll wait here then.
- Okay fine.

Aditya, I shall go now.
Pay the bill. - Okay.

Hi! - Jia!? Hi... Hi... - Hi!

Why are you here?

Me? I came for dinner.
He said that I have to wait.

Okay, why don't you Join me?

Are you sure? - Yes, sure.

Okay. - Come.

So, this is our third
unscheduled meeting.

What to say? Is this an
accident or a coincidence?

I'll still say that it's destiny.

Hey! EnJoy yourself.
It's our 25th wedding anniversary.

Congratulations... - Thanks!

Indian? - Yes, of course!

You both look so good together.

How many years
it is since you are married?

No... no, we are not married.

Then when are you getting married?

Oh, no! No...

Actually I am already engaged.
My wedding is on September 25th.

I see!

And mine is in October.
Exactly 15 days after her marriage.

Actually we are...
we are Just friends.

Oh, that's more important.

Normally my guess
never goes wrong.

I don't know how
that happened this time.

Anyway come on, let's dance.

What is it that keeps
them together even after... many years of marriage?

Feelings. - Feelings?

A feeling is just what unites us.

Our relationship is alive
so long as this feeling is alive.

Our love too is alive
because of that.

The day when this feeling...

Oh, it is very cold today.

Yes, it's cold. Quite chilly!

Yes, you shouldn't have come out.

I am afraid you might catch a cold.

You want my Jacket?

No. Its okay. Taxi...

I don't think any taxi will stop.
It is very late.

If you want I will come with you
to the hotel. If you want.

No, it's okay. I will manage.

Are you sure? - Yes.

Okay. - Bye! - Bye!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...


Yes. What happened, Jia?

Shall we go together? - Sure!

See this. - What?

See what's written here. - Oh!

John loves SuJi, Mr. And
Mrs. Smith, for the one I love...

It feels good when the names of
two people in love are written.

Yes, some lovers
don't want to get separated.

I never thought that we would meet
like this in this unknown country.

You won't let anyone
remain a stranger. - Yes.

Why do people whistle?

People passing by will stop.

Come on!

Hotel Sheraton. - Yes sir.

By sitting on this chariot
I remembered Marine drive.

Did you ever go to Mumbai?

What do you mean...
I am from Mumbai.

And that too from Marine drive!

Don't tell me!

Last year we shifted to Bandra.

I too stay at Marine drive.

Do you know the
restaurant Barista?

Just behind it.

No way. I used to go
there all the time.

And my favourite order
was French vanilla...

What a small world!

We may have crossed
each other a thousand times.

I don't think so. - Why?

If I ever crossed you,
I would have stood still.

I wouldn't still be moving.

Stop! - Yes.

Jia! - I have to go now.

Give me the money.
Give me the money...

Let me go... Let me go...

Hey... hey. Don't...
don't... don't do that.

You want the money...
you want the money...

I will give you money.
Okay? Don't hurt her.

Okay. Yes, there
is a lot of money.

Here, c'mon take it.
Don't hurt her! Don't hurt her!

Hey, take... don't do that...

I told you don't hurt her.


Guys! C'mon let's go.

The cops are coming.

The cops are coming.

It's me... okay...
please stop crying.

It's okay. They have gone.

Don't cry. Just take it easy.

They have all gone.

Stop it... Just calm down...
please! - Aditya!

Take it easy... take it easy.
They have gone.

We reached your hotel.

Had you not been there...

How is that possible?

I love to become superman.
How couldn't I come?

Bye! - Bye!

'if I ever crossed you,
I would have stood still.'

'I wouldn't still be moving.'

Hello! - Aditya!

Jia, is that you?
Is everything okay?

Yes. I don't know why
but I wanted to talk to you.

Sleep now, Jia.
It is very late in the night.

We can talk tomorrow
morning. Good night!

Good night!

I don't know why nothing
works over here.

Sir, will you have some coffee?

Except forthis bloody
coffee machine!

Look guys, we have one of
the best dealership over here.

We have the best cars
to sell. - Right.

But we don't sell the most. Why?

Yes, Mr. Sharif!
Why are you clapping for now?

Sir, because the
growth of the company...

Nothing grows here except your hair.

And look at the cheap colour as well.

And what about tomorrow's rally?
Are you ready forthat?

Sir! We are trying our level best.

I hope so everything
goes well tomorrow.

Are you stupid, shut up?

The boss' engine is very hot.

Buddy, even our engine
is hot since two days.

Hi! - Hi!


What wrong, Aditya?
I've come to meet you.

Yes, but I can't meet you now.

And my boss is very
angry right now.

This vehicle is a superb one.
What are you doing?

Why are you pushing me?

I've come to kidnap you.
Let's go for lunch.

Let's do one thing. I'll resign
and come. Then we'll go.


Before my boss throws me out
I'll come out on my own.

What do you think?

Boss! Do you speak Hindi?

Yes, very well.
Show me this car.

And ya... you are right...
very nice selection, ma'am.

Let me help you.

Okay, you resign
and come. I'll wait.

Sir! Excuse me!

What happened?
Won't you resign?

It is frustration here
and celebration at night.

Where is the celebration?

It is my nephew's birthday.
Look straight.

We have to go to
the birthday party.

What will I do there?

They have called a few Jokers.
But they haven't turned up.

I thought I'll take you along. - Okay.

Yeah, that's right.
You like it.

Done. - Done, sir. Done!

Did you like the car?
- Yes, I liked it.

Done! - Done!

See you in the evening. - Done!

They think I am a fool.

Hey, Dumpy! Happy birthday.

I am late because
of your uncle.

I'll leave. - Let's go.

Uncle! - How are you?

Happy birthday. - Thank you.

She is Jia...
birthday boy Dumpy.

Happy birthday, Dumpy. - Thank you.

Uncle, where did you
get this parrot from?

Keep quiet.

Uncle! The bird is very cute.
Does she kiss or not?

Have some shame. Have some shame.
What is your age?

She has not even embraced me.

You are mad. Stop your ranting.

You don't even have manners.

If not you make her kiss me.

You will be beaten
along with your uncle.

What's he saying?

Are you talking about him? - Ya...

He is saying in PunJabi that his
mother is very angry with us...

...because we came very late.

And this boy speaks a lot but his
granny is hard of hearing.

Our family is very weird.

So let's go inside and see
what will happen to us.

Let's go in. - Come on.

I say, have some more.
- What are you doing?

Not a cool drink, get me some wine.

No! No, we are not
allowed to serve.


Come on, don't be embarrassed.
Its okay.

Hi, everybody! Hello! - Hi.

Why is everyone looking
at me like that?

It is not their mistake.

I think they hate me.

I won't let it happen.
Why are you looking like that?

She is my friend.

Can't I bring my
friend to a party?

She is Jia... Jia...

Jia Yashvardhan.
- Yes! Yes!

She is my sister.
She is always angry.

IJust came along to wish
Dumpy on his birthday.

You don't mind.

No! No! Not at all...
not at all...

Look, mom... What Jia got for me...
Isn't it cool?

Thank you so much... so sweet!

Welcome... welcome...

Thank you. - Thank you.

Here comes your guest.

They may be your guests. Not ours.

Why do you get angry? Okay, sister.
I am sorry for being late.

We are late because
she spent time in make-up.


I mean, explain it to her.

She always gets angry.
That is her way of showing love.

Stop it. It is enough.

Love can never be enough.
- The Rakhi festival is about to come.

So, I think she needs
a lump sum amount.

Adi, you too.

Oh! I don't get it even if I ask.

Never mind! Get the Rakhi
tied and you too will get it.

Rabbi... what a nice song...

Jia, give me that curry. - Yes.

Excuse me.

Where are you going?
- We are Just going to the wash room.

Come on soon before
the work is done.

Raabi! - What, mom?

How come all three guys
want to shit together?

He brought us to some party.

Hi, Pammi! She was
in such a good mood.

She said that
we should stay in a hotel.

I was a fool to reject
such a hot offerfrom my wife...

...and come to this cold party.

No, buddy! You got
an offerfrom your wife.

But I left an offer
from another's wife.

Here there is neither
liquor nor beautiful women.

Do something.

What can I do? All of them
are bro-in-law's friends.

They are all behaving
like English men.

I'll teach a lesson
to these English men.

One minute! One minute!

Now it will be interesting.

What are you doing,
will you drink?

This is English stuff.
If everyone consumes it a little...

...the true nature will come out.

You fool! Everyone
drinks Juice. - Take it.

This is the age of adulteration.

We'll mix it a little in the
Juice and no one will come to know.

What a good plan!

We have the same ideas
on both sides of the border.

Oh my gosh!

My leg!

My son has a hotel at
the top of the restaurant.

Shall I have the room opened?

Aunty! We were discussing...
you misunderstood us.

Were you kissing?

Not kissing, aunty.
We were discussing.

There is a conference
hall too above.

Go and discuss there.

Oh, my... disgusting people...

Aunty! You misunderstood us.

Now we will mix in all the drinks.
Get the bottle.

What are you doing?

Drink it and see.
- How much will you make me drink?

C'mon darling! It is plain Juice.

Give it to mom also.

No. This is sweet and
she will get sugar complaint.

Nothing will happen
in one glass. Give it.

As you wish.

The Juice is okay foryou, mom.
It is not wine. Take it.

One more.

No. You have diabetes... please...

Is this Juice your daddy's?

No, it is orange Juice.
What will I lose?

Wait... one more.

One more. - Excuse me.


"What a watch out!
C'mon! C'mon!"

"Taste it! Taste it!"

"Hit the floor. Yeah!
Come on, burn the floor."

"It's the time. Come on,
close the door."

"The moon the stars,
the ambiance for your eyes only."

"The pleasant clouds
for your eyes only."

"The seven wonders of the
world are for your eyes only."

"The riches of Jewels and
pearls are for your eyes only."

"Alright! Live or die...
whatever I do is up to me."

"The entire world is my heart."

"The kohl of desire is formed
with the colours of my dreams."

"For your eyes only.
For your eyes only..."

"Enjoy the wonderful taste of love."

"My dreams are now for
you only. Keep them."

"I will dedicate a
hundred lives foryou."

"I swear by God that
I will die foryou. I will die."

"For your eyes only.
For your eyes only."...

"The pleasure of youth and
beauty tell a story...

...the soft and secret way."

"Convey your promises
to the beloved."

"Don't make false promises."

"The marriage band is passing by."

"Emotional nights are
filled with words of love."

"The desires of the heart
are for your eyes only."

"For your eyes only.
For your eyes only."...

"I can see the look in your eyes."

"Tell me, baby.
What you see?"

"Can't you ever realize
you are for me?"

"I can see the look in your eyes"

"For your eyes only.
For your eyes only..."

"The looks rise and fall."

"These looks stop at your face."

"The heart is pounding and
doesn't know what to do."

"The Creator has made you
the most beautiful."

"I want to stay quiet and
not say anything, my dear."

"For your eyes only.
For your eyes only..."

"Live or die... whatever
I do is up to me."

"The entire world is my heart."

"The kohl of desire is formed
with the colours of my dreams."

"For your eyes only.
For your eyes only..."

"For your eyes only.
For your eyes only..."

"For your eyes only.
For your eyes only..."

Your uncle is a very
nice man. - I know.

But you are nicerthan him.
- I know that too.

Will you marry me? - No, I've already
promised someone else.

Oh! You too have the same problem.

But we can be friends, right? - Okay.

Dumpy! Don't you want
a kiss from this lovely bird?

You can kiss, isn't it?
- Yes! That's it!

I didn't feel bad at all.
Don't be embarrassed.

Stop, I am not embarrassed.

Rather I am happy that
you speak Punjabi so well.

You fitted so well in the family.

By the way where did
you learn Punjabi?

My mothertongue
is Punjabi. - No way.

Yashvardhan are Punjabis.

I would not have guessed that.

Dumpy is very cute.
He loves you a lot.

You too. Thanks for
being so nice to him.

It is I who has to thank.

Only today I learnt what
relations are and what family is.

I have laughed so much that
my eyes are filled with tears.

Your hotel has come.

Come on, what happened?

Nothing! You know, Aditya...
what is the most beautiful moment... my day? - What is it?

When I come to meet you.

And do you know what the
worst moment in my day is?

It is when I go away
after meeting you.

But why do these moments
come together? I don't understand.

I'll leave. Give me a ring. - What?

Give me a ring. - Ring!?

On phone! - Okay.

Call me. - Take care!

You take care too.

I'll take care of my thoughts too.

Hi, best of luck.

Yes, I desperately need that.

Where is Nawab? - Overthere.

What happened to him?

Nothing! I warned him
last night not to over eat.

But he didn't listen to me.
Now he has loose motions.

He is going to the
toilet repeatedly.

I don't know what to do.

What will happen now?

Nothing. We lost the
race even before it started.

I don't have a navigator.

I'll go and tell those people
that I don't have a navigator...

...and so I can't participate.

1, 2, 3, 4,

Aditya! - What happened?

I can try.

Can you clean the car?
- I can try.

I think your luck is working.

Are you okay? - Yeah!

Nice parking.

Sorry, I dozed off.
What will happen now?

Nothing! Now we have to wait
till morning. What else?

Till morning? - Yes.

What will we do till morning?

You sleep here and I here.

Because these doors won't open now.

We are covered with snow all over.

We'll go to sleep.
What else? Good night.

I can't sleep.

You know I used to have
the same problem in childhood.

I would not get to sleep.

Then my mother would say
that if you can't sleep...

...then you must think of
such a place where you want to go.

And close your eyes.

Gradually you'll get to sleep.

Yeah, believe me.
I am telling you the truth.

Some times I used to
think and go into space.

It is amazing.

Oh, that's not possible.

It is. I am telling you. It's a fact.

You don't believe me?

Okay, let us try once and see.

Close your eyes.

We'll... try... come on...

Stop looking here...
come on... come on...

Close your eyes.

Jia, where are you?

Rome, Spanish steps...
It's so beautiful.

Where are you?

In the heaven of Kashmir... Iovely.

I always wanted to see Kashmir.

Hold my hands and see
how tall the mountains are.

How does it feel from here?

What happened?

I am scared of heights.

See, Jia. Only after reaching heights
in life can we see new paths.

And by travelling on those
paths we can attain new goals.

What about the relations
that we kept all along?

In life some relationships
exist which we know...

...but don't want to tell ourselves.

But the heart inside
understands everything.

It knows everything.

The heart shows dreams
which can never become true.

The distance between dreams
and reality is the wink of an eye.

It is a dream when the eye
is closed and...

...reality when it is open.

It is not so easy, Aditya.

Why not? Come on, dare to dream.

I am scared that I'll get lost.

I'll see that you
won't get lost. Trust me.

Give me your hand.

Now close your eyes and see that
your dreams are waiting foryou.


"You fill my breath
and my heart beat."

"You fill my eyes and my life."

"You mesmerize me."

"You mesmerize me."

"The heart is filled with your pining...

...yourthoughts and thirst foryou."

"I am entirely yours. All my moments
are filled with yourthought."

"Such a bond is formed, my dear."

"You fill my body and this world."

"You fill my eyes and my life."

"You mesmerize me."

"You mesmerize me."

"You mesmerize me."

"The eyes are restless and intoxicated."

"How will these moments
of separation pass?"

What happened?
- Nothing! The paths are open.

Let's go. - Let's go.

"Such a bond has formed, my dear."

So? - So?

What now? - Nothing! I am hungry.

So am I.

There is a restaurant in front.
Let's go there.

Okay. Give me five minutes.
I'll Just freshen up.

Okay. I'll park the vehicle and come.

I'll meet you down
in five minutes. - Yeah!

You girls have strange ways!

You said five minutes
but took forty.

Actually I...

Who is there, honey?
- Karan... it is...

Yes? - Actually it is...
- Room service, sir.

Your hotel knows that
I'm not to be disturbed.

Actually I called him.

Your uniform?

Sir, it was the last call of the shift.
I already changed my clothes.

I am sorry about that, sir.

That's being very unprofessional.

You know I can get
you sacked forthat.

Sorry sir. - Anyway
clean the mess. - Sure.

It's ok. I think it can be done later.

That's his Job, honey. Let him do it.

Excuse me waiter. - Yes sir.

That's a tip foryou and
next time come in uniform. Ok?

I will be careful, sir.

Honey, I forgot to ask you.
How was your shopping? - Okay, not bad.

Welcome, Mr. Oberoi. - Hello.

How are you sir?

Always the best. You want a picture?

Gentlemen, he is the son of my friend.

He has grown up in front of me.

Afterthe unfortunate
death of Mr. And Mrs. Oberoi...

...the way he managed the business...'s amazing!

Mr. Oberoi, your marriage and this proJect...
won't there be a clash?

It's a merger it is not a clash.

You know each other
for quite some time...

...what do you like about Karan?

Jia, cut the list short.

Mr. Oberoi how do you classify
your marriage, love or arranged?

Of course love!
I love her and she loves me.

Karan, please!
- Why? What happened?

I don't like doing it forthe photos.

Look honey, I am Karan Oberoi.

Whatever I do, they're
bound to take pictures.

Sorry to interrupt you, sir.

But they are waiting for
you inside. - Ok, come.

Good evening sir. - Hello.
- Good evening.

Good evening. - Good evening.

Here he is. Welcome, my son.

Meet Mr. Wilson. Mr. Gupta.

Mr. Thapar. - Good evening,
Mr. Thapar. How are you?

And Mr. Mittal.

Congratulations, Mr. Oberoi.

You are getting married to Yashvardhan.
You've taken overthe steel industry.

You must be a happy man.
You have everything, man.

Everything... one takeover
is still left.

What? - Your company.

I am sorry. You must be Joking.

I'm serious. I'm serious.

C'mon let's go.
- I am very serious.

I am Just observing that
Karan is not marrying me.

He is Just doing a take-over.

It is betterthat you make it a habit.

Your Pizza, sir.

Aah... thank God you are here.
I am very hungry. - Me too.

EnJoy guys! - Thank you!

Won't you say anything?

I am thinking about what to say.

Won't you ask me to come in?

Sorry! Please come in.

Thank you. I like this
anger of yours.

Actually what happened
that day is...

That is past.

You are completely wet.
Why don't you go and change?

Okay. Thank you.

This is yours.

Why isn't everyone like you, Aditya?

You understand everything
without me saying anything.

Silence is also strange.

If it enters a relationship
then it turns into suffocation.

Coffee? - Thank you!

My father used to talk to
everyone except to my mother.

Dad had only a physical
relation with my mother.

He used to beat her and
she bore it all silently.

Mom used to love dad a lot.

People say that love can
change anyone.

But it couldn't change my dad.

Even today people think
that my mom committed suicide.

But I know that dad's
silence killed her.

My father killed her.
His indifference killed her.

The weather outside is very bad.

It is betterthat
you stay here tonight.

It is said that the sunlight
after a rain will be beautiful.

Do you like coffee cold? - No.

Then drink it hot. Cheers!

Who is it? - There is a
girl in the room upstairs.

Don't you think you must do something?

Nawab! She is very worried.

I know that. You can make
herforget her worries.

It cannot be done by sleeping here.
You have to go upstairs.

Shut up! Go and sleep, Nawab.

Please go upstairs, buddy.
Please go.

It is very late in the night, Nawab.

I am telling you.
Please think again.

I don't want to speak to you.

Oh, sorry.

No! No, Jia!
I didn't say that to you.


No! Not you.
I am telling that to Nawab.

There he goes behind you.

I couldn't sleep. That is why...

I too couldn't sleep.
That is why I am watching the movie.

Which movie is this?


Hey, Shammi Kapoor!
- He is my favourite.

'That means you love someone.'

'Do you know when you love someone...

...the confusion in your
heart will increase.'

'You cannot understand my feelings.'

'I love you a lot!
I love you a lot.'

How easily they said
'I love you.'


I wish it was so easy.
- I wish it was so easy.

"Alas! What should I do?"

I love this song. IJust love
the way he dances in this.

Shammi Kapoor man, he's God.

I wish I could dance like him.

Then we can try.
It shouldn't be difficult.

Come on, let's try. - No! No!

It will be fun.
It will be really fun. Come on!

Come on, get up.

"Alas! What should I do?"

The DVD got stuck. - Yes.

I will forward it.

It would have been nice
if we could forward life too.

Then the fun of living will go away.

But we can know which
relationships last life long...

...and which are short-lived.

Would you like to
spend your life with me?

"I will be thankful to you
if you let me tell you my feelings."

"I am in love with you...
let me take shelter in your eyes."

"I will be thankful to you
if you let me tell you my feelings."

"I am in love with you...
let me take shelter in your eyes."

"I will be thankful to you..."

It is morning.
Seems like you didn't sleep all night.

I was waiting foryour reply.

Let me think over it.
The wait is only till 6 pm tomorrow.

Same restaurant.

I can't come at 6... because
I'll reach there by 5.30

Hi... good morning.
- Hi... good morning

So early in the morning.
Where are you coming from?

A morning walk.

A morning walk or... who is it?

Who? - You know it.

C'mon Jia, out with it.

His name is Aditya... - And?

He too is from India.

We met by sheer coincidence
and that became my destiny.

I don't even know how
it all happened.

I can't... do you know
what you are saying, Jia?

I know Just one thing.
That he is the one for me.

He is so loving... he is so caring...
and he is so funny.

He is so friendly and caring.

And the most important thing
is that when he is with me...

...he is Just with me.
He makes me come alive.

I can see that.
But you are forgetting that... are Jia Yashvardhan
and shall be Jia Oberoi.

These two names and their
status is much greater...

...than your life and
every happiness of yours.

I think that you don't
know about Karan Oberoi.

You rememberthat in
your engagement party...

...the editor of a national
newspaper got drunk...

...and misbehaved with you
in front of the entire press.

Yes, but I did forgive him.

What you don't know is that
Just a week later...

...that editor was killed in an
accident and all the offices...

...of that paper were gutted by fire.

Karan Oberoi neverforgives.

When he loves you... he owns you.

I don't care, Jenny.
IJust don't care.

All this mattered till
I didn't meet this one.

You don't know him.
He is Just like that.

Hi, sweetheart. Talking about me?

It means you are madly
in love Just like me.

Angry? I am sorry.

I know that I was very busy
with the delegates last night.

But what can I do? Everybody
wants a piece of Karan Oberoi...

...and I'm sure
I must have ignored you.

But I promise you. I swear on
anyone this will never happen again.

Now smile... smile...

Excuse me, sir. The press
are here forthe interview.

They are waiting downstairs.

Sorry Jia. Can't get on
the bad side of press.

I'll return soon.

Nice shopping, Jia.

Doesn't the size look a bit odd?

But it's not looking bad.
Actually very bad.

See only those dreams
that you are allowed to.

Oryou'll have hard times.

Herfather is responsible
for her mother's death.

She faced many troubles in her life.

Such a father should be
dragged on to streets...

Nawab, she is so lonely you know.

Lonely? Why will she be
when you are there?

I want to see her happy.
That's all.

I saw anotherJia inside her.

I am afraid that she may
face trouble because of me.

We shouldn't be afraid of
troubles. We should face them.

I am going for a Jog.


"You shouldn't have
entered my life."

"You shouldn't have
left me once you entered."

"You shouldn't have
entered my life."

"You shouldn't have
left me once you entered."

"You intoxicated me
and went away."

"You intoxicated me
and went away."

"You shouldn't have
hooked my heart."

"You shouldn't have
tempted me so much."

"What shall I now tell
my heart and pacify it."

"You made me crazy."

"What shall I now tell
my heart and pacify it."

"You made me crazy."

"You made me crazy."

"You made me laugh and
you made me cry."

"What have you done to me?"

"My feelings let me out."

"What have you done to me?"

"I was fine being alone."

"Why did that distance vanish?"

"You shouldn't have
locked eyes with mine."

"You shouldn't have smiled at me."

"You kept laughing
and captivated me."

"You kept laughing
and captivated me."

"You made me crazy."

"You made me crazy."

"What pining was or
what pain was I knew not."

"Why the heart pounds hard
and goes in a tizzy I knew not."

"I have lost my senses."

"The world seems as
if filled with intoxication."

"You shouldn't have
said a thing to me."

"You should have kept
the secret to yourself."

"With your meetings
you enthralled me."

"With your meetings
you enthralled me."

"You made me crazy."

"You made me crazy."

"You made me crazy."

"You made me crazy."

Hello, sir! - What's the time?
- 5.30.

Thank you.

Hi... sugar.

Karan... you? Here?

Shouldn't I be here?
- No, I mean... - Some wine?


I thought of giving you a surprise.

But you surprised me.

I don't know why, Jia.
The more I see you...

...the more I find you
beautiful... gorgeous, stunning...

There is some strange
intoxication in yourfragrance.

Why did you do this...
why did you do this to me?

Karan! What are you saying?
I don't understand.

You know who you are to me.

Ya... yourfianc?...

My fianc?. My fianc?,
yes you are going to be my wife.

My wife by practice
and not by law.

So you must have same
respect for me...

...which every wife should
have for her husband.

I have a right on your every
breath and thought.

Moreover I don't like
it piecemeal.

Is that clear... Good...
Excuse me...


What is this? What is this...

What is this? You accused me
of killing your mother.

That too in front of some
stranger. They are trash!

See how they ruined our
prestige forthe sake of money.

Dad I was... - Enough is enough.

Jennifer, book us on
the next flight.

We are going back to
India right now.

Its okay. Its okay.

Excuse me, Jia Yashvardhan,
room no 1204.

Is she in her room?

No, sir. There is no one.
They left forthe airport.

Are you sure? - Yes, sir.

We have time.
Go and freshen up. Go!

Jia! What's happening, Jia?

Where are you going?

I am talking...
I am talking to you.

Where are you going?

Who the hell are you?

Who are you to me?

Why should I tell you?

So that you can cash
on my emotions again?


You should have told me
if you wanted money.

My father is a very rich man.

You would have got
more money than this.

What!? - Yes.

I told you the things that
I was afraid to say to myself.

Because I had faith in you.
More than I have on myself.

But you betrayed me...

Jia... what are you trying to say?

Read this... read it...

Are you okay? - Ya... fine...

I didn't get this written.
I didn't tell it. Believe me.

No... I will never
believe anyone from now.

I hate you. I hate the moments
I spent with you.

And I hate myself for
having a relationship with you.

Jia... Jia... Jia. No...
you cannot go leaving me...

Jia, I love you. Believe me.

Trust me I can't live
without you... trust me.

Don't ask anyone to trust
you in future. Don't ask.


"Love brings a million hardships."

"Don't fall in love."

"Love is a punishment."

"Don't ever wander down
the lanes of love."

"Love is a punishment."

"My heart says as it pines foryou...

...that life has no
meaning without you."

"This burden shouldn't
have been picked up."

"I should rather have
suffered in silence."

"By calling me your own... mesmerized and
then left me."

"By calling me your own... mesmerized and
then left me."

I am sorry.

It's okay. Getting late.
Come... come...

you will definitely come.

I was damn sure.

I had to come. I knew that
you will wait for me.

Why do you love me so much?

I told Simran not to tell you.
She spoilt my surprise.

Anyway I am so happy to see you.

Me too. I am very happy too.

You didn't tell us about your shows.

How did they go?

Fantastic! They were
so successful that...

...there was no end
to buyers' inquiries.

And guys, I'm soon going
to be a brand name.

Give me a five forthat!
- You are rocking Sonia!

Sonia, what it means is...

You have to move around
because of your profession...

...sometimes to Paris and
sometimes to London.

How will you both manage
after marriage?

We did it till now and
will do it in future too.

What do you say, Aditya?

See, he understands me.

He knows that only lucky people
get such opportunities.

And I don't want to lose
this opportunity at any cost.

You know I worked really hard forthis.

What is the need to wearthis?

Anyway you look like your mother.

Very funny! He looks so handsome!

Now I'll scare grandma.

Why are you silent and dull?
What happened, Adi?


I know... I know that Sonia came
to spend a little time.

But she came foryou only.
And we are not leaving her alone.

Sonia, you are free to go.

Did you miss me?

You might have remembered
me a little bit.

No? It is very good that
you didn't remember me.

But this time I missed you.

Initially I used to think
that you are my desire...

...and career is my necessity.

But being away from you I realised
now that you are my necessity.

Now I am afraid of this distance.

Shall I tell you something, Adi?

One knows how close the
other person to them is...

...only when they move
away from them.

I feel so complete with
you. I feel like flying.

I don't understand from
where I should start this.

Why? What happened?

Adi, I am the reason for
what happened between Jia and you.

I am responsible for all this mess...

You trusted me and told me
everything about Jia.

I told everything to my
friend in a drunken state.

Adi, I... I didn't mean it.

I... Believe me, Adi!

I didn't know that there was also
a Journalist sitting there.

He printed all that.

I am... I'm not trying to
Justify myself, Adi.

I know that it doesn't make
any difference whether I was drunk...

...or a Journalist was
sitting at that place.

Actually, I have broken yourtrust.

I've taken away... I've taken
away your happiness from you.

It's okay. Come on,
it is getting late.

Let's go to work.

Please forgive me, Adi.

It's okay. C'mon, forget it.

"Where shall we go?"

"Where shall we go?"

"Where shall we go?"


"These pangs of separation.
These separate paths."

"Will make me forget
you slowly, my beloved."

"The wounds of love
will heal slowly."

"Will make me forget you
slowly, my beloved."

"The wounds of love will heal slowly."

"This broken heart is proud
of the feeling called faith...

...that all the false dreams
will crumble slowly."

"Will make me forget you
slowly, my beloved."

"My heart wants to throw
your image off from within...

...and cast aside the heartless one."

"It has deceived me."

"It has deceived me."

"What has my heart done to me."

"My heart wants to throw
your image off from within."

"Now I'll slowly bearthose memories...

...and the lights of hope
that have been put off."

"I will cast off
your memories slowly."

Yes, I am quite alright.

But your voice doesn't
sound like you are alright.

I am perfectly alright.

Adi! When are you coming back?

Should I talk? - It is Just a matter
of few days. I will be back.

Adi, are you alright?

Nothing happened to me.
I am alright.

Okay, I have to go now.
I will call you later.

"You made me crazy."

"You made me crazy."

"You left me alone with
a bevy of memories."

"You broke the traditions
of love and oaths of desire."

"The moments of pain don't pass."

"The throb of love doesn't
leave the heart."

"You left me alone with
a bevy of memories."

"Wherever I go I find you."

"My steps will stop gradually."

"Your memories will fade gradually."

"This broken heart is proud
of the feeling called faith."

"This broken heart is proud
of the feeling called faith."

"That all the false dreams
will crumble slowly."

"That all the false dreams
will crumble slowly."

"Will make me forget you
slowly, my beloved."

"The wounds of love will heal slowly."

You remembered your mother so soon!
- I missed you so much, Ma.

You wouldn't have come if it were
not for Aditya's marriage.

Ask him. He never brings me here.

I got tired asking him
time and again.

Mom! Whenever I apply for
a visa they reJect it...

...saying that her photo doesn't match.

Very funny!

I mean how beautiful
she became due to my love.

And who is this? - I am Sharif.

That can be seen from yourface.

That's okay. But who are you?

Madam, I am Nawab Sharif,
a friend of Aditya.

I came here forthe marriage.

The marriage procession has come
but where is the groom?

I am here, Bebe!

My son, why are you standing
so far off? Come here.

Come and embrace your Bebe.

Yes, I will.

My heart is contented!

Why are my son's eyes wet?

IJust remembered mother. - Oh!

What are you doing, Adi?
Why don't you understand?

This path gives you only
trouble and nothing else.

I know that I am wrong.
But I can't help it.

Man may be wrong.
But God is never wrong.

He pairs people with a plan.

And his decisions are our destiny.

Then what is love...
what is love?

Love is...

Nothing will come of your love
but listen to one thing carefully.

If tears flow from your eyes then
our happiness too will be lost.

Now see this! - You, here?

She ate my ears!

Call from your Sonia.

Hi, Sonia!

I love you...
why isn't there any reaction?

The hottest girl in India
is saying that she loves you.

But there is no reaction from you.

Are you angry that
I didn't come to the airport?

No, Sonia. That is not the matter.

I am so sorry, Adi.
I really wanted to come.

I am Just too busy.
It is Just like a mad house here. - Mom!

It is such a big event.
It's Just too prestigious, Adi.

Will you please do what I want?

Tell me. - Come here.
I want to meet you very much.

Watch while you come and
bring the client's dress along.

It's totally ready.
You Just have to pick it up.

Sonia... I...
- Please don't say no to my request.

Okay I will come.

I love you forthis...
thanks, see you at Marriot.

Bye... bye...

What is she saying?

She wants me to...

Meet her! - Yes.
- Has called him to meet her!

Wash yourface before you go.
Your bride is waiting foryou.

If you all go I'll change my clothes.

I have seen you without
clothes all your life.

And now you tell me.

He is now grown up.

Buddy, are you sure
that this is the place?

It seems like a festival here.
I hope we don't have to take a ticket.

Yes, it's here. - Yes.

Take it, buddy.

I am Aditya Malhotra...
come to meet Sonia Berry.

Your bag... twelfth floor. - Thanks.

Only one person.
- You wait, I'll go and come.

Just check on this now.
- Okay ma'am

Ma'am, it's done.

Just the wedding dress now.
And the bride is ready.

Sonia! - Aditya!

Thank God you have come. We are getting late.
I was Just going to call you again.

Rita, get the dress ready.

Jia, he is my fianc?, Aditya.
Thanks forthe favour.

Jia, what's holding us now? Yes...

Mr. Oberoi, this is Aditya, my fianc?.

He's brought the wedding dress
and Mr. Karan Oberoi, the groom.


I think I've seen you somewhere.

Anyway Jia, we are getting very late.

The guests are waiting
for us downstairs.

They should not go away
before the marriage is over.

Sonia, what are you doing?
How much time is it going to take?

Sir, Just 5 more minutes.
- Are you sure?

And she will be absolutely ready
to take your breath away. - 100 percent.

Absolutely! Jia,
I'll come Just in a minute.

Cheers! - Yeah!

And, yes... Sonia. - Yes.

Both of you Join the party.
I will be very happy.

Yes, for sure. We will be honored.

Cheers... what you are...

Come on, get ready. Come on!

It was so nice of Mr. Oberoi
to invite you for his wedding.

Sonia, I can't come... you go.

C'mon... Aditya, it is good
to be seen in these parties.

Sonia, I don't know anyone there.

I feel very awkward... I can't.

What awkward? Can't you
do even this for me?

Okay. C'mon now.
I'll change and come.

Adi, that... - Come on.

But... - Come on, I know.
Lets go from here.

O God! You really look beautiful.

Karan, can I ask you
something? - Yes.

What is it that will keep
our relationship alive...

...even afterthe marriage?

Of course, our marriage

Karan, I need to know it.

If you need to know it,
then listen.

Your beautiful eyes...
your lips... your loveliness...

No, Karan... there has
to be something else.

We can conduct this quiz later on.
We have the entire life for it.

'Afeeling... a feeling
is Just what unites us.'

'Our relation is alive
so long as this feeling is alive.'

'Our love too is alive
because of that.'

"With what did the
Creator make the heart?"

"With what did the
Creator make the heart?"

"He made you fall in love."

"He made me the killer."

"It is not in our nature
to break hearts."

"We don't turn ourfaces away."

"It is not in our nature
to break hearts."

"We don't turn ourfaces away."

"Why did you stop midway
after starting to walk with me?"

"Why did you stop midway
after starting to walk with me?"

"How will the Journey go on
if you get scared Just now?"

"Why did you stop midway
after starting to walk with me?"

"Why did you stop midway
after starting to walk with me?"

"How will the Journey go on
if you get scared Just now?"

"It is not in our nature
to break hearts."

"We don't turn ourfaces away."


"The na.i. Ve one asks the moon
how much of night is left."

"What remains of the
memories long forgotten?"

"Where will the flies
go leaving the flame?"

"Where can those intoxicated
in love go?"

"Where will the flies
go leaving the flame?"

"Where can those
intoxicated in love go?"

"How did you everthink
that I will forget you?"

"How could you think
that I would deceive you?"

"You went back on the
promises you made to me"

"How will the Journey go on
if you get scared Just now?"

"Why did you stop midway
after starting to walk with me?"

"Why did you stop midway
after starting to walk with me?"

"How will the Journey go on
if you get scared Just now?"

"He lighted such a lamp of hope...

...that the entire life
is spent soaked in those thoughts."

"She came to me with
the beauty of heryouth."

"With the story of love
playing softly on her lips."

"She came to me with the
beauty of heryouth."

"With the story of love
playing softly on her lips."

"Made me restless. Played with
my emotions and made me crazy."

"You played the game of love
with me but fell for a stranger."

"You played the game of love
with me but fell for a stranger."

"How will the Journey go on
if you get scared Just now?"

"Why did you stop midway after
starting to walk with me?"

"Why did you stop midway after
starting to walk with me?"

"How will the Journey go on
if you get scared Just now?"

Okay, buddy! Sorry... sorry...

It's okay.

It's not okay, madam... it's not okay.

No, no, it's really fine. Okay.

No! No, madam. One shouldn't
bump into others like this.

Listen to me. A man shouldn't
bump into others like this.

First he bumps and then they
introduce each to the other.

Afterthat both of
them fall in love.

Same this happened
to Aditya. My friend Aditya.

Aditya... Jia all messed up.

Who's Aditya?

That one standing alone.
I feel sorry for him.

Yes, I know everything about Aditya.

No! No, you don't know anything.

How can you know that?
I'll tell you.

Although it's too late.
But I'll tell you.

I was drunk and told
everything to my friends.

You fell in love.

But your mistake is
you loved him so much that...

...a small misunderstanding
appeared like a betrayal.

Why to talk about that, Jenny?

I am married now.

No, Jia... Jia... Jia...

We love only once in our life.

Second time it is Just adJustment.
Just adJustment.

I feel really bad foryou and
really bad for Aditya. Really bad.


Jia, you shouldn't come here.

If I didn't come at now...
I would never be able to forgive myself.

Bygones are bygones.
Forget them.

IJust want to see you happy.

I will try if you want it.

Good... I must go now.

If we meet again
someday in our life...

No. No, that will not happen.
That will not happen...

I told myself that the time
I spent with you...

...are the best moments of my life.

I will keep the memories of those
moments carefully in my heart.

They are going to be with me... Okay...

Listen! Will you give me one chance?

So that I can Just feel those moments
of closeness again? Jia Oberoi

Aditya Malhotra...

I will always rememberyou.

I will always rememberyou.

Will you always stay with me?

I will always keep you with me.

But will you come occasionally
to carry my shopping bags?

You have good sense of humour.

Your smile is very bad. - I know.

So, he is Aditya,
whom you gave your heart too.


You love him.

There are many
faces of love, Karan.

But now you are everything to me.

But, I saw for myself...
I saw you hugging him.

That was a weak moment in my life.

But believe me,
I am yours and only yours.

I see... I see...

Can you look at me Just once...

...the way you look at him?

Can you?

Karan Oberoi!

You don't know
who Karan Oberoi is...

You are lucky...
you are still alive...

Jia is innocent.

Who are you to say that?
Because of you...

Just because of you she isn't
mine even after becoming mine.

I want to kill you... but how can
I remove you from her heart?

First you remove this doubt from
your heart, Mr. Oberoi.

Get lost... Just go away...
before I... Just get lost!

Why did you do this? Why?

It was not in my control.

It Just happened.
And continued to happen.

Why me... why with me, God?

I'll bring the taxi.


Jia... are you alright, Jia?

Just hold on.

Jia. Just give me a hand.

Leave me.

Jia, Just give me hand.
- Leave me I say.

The petrol is coming out.
It may catch fire at any moment.

Don't be stupid.

I said get out. Leave me.

Fine, Jia. What if you
want to be here? Fine...

I am also going to be here...
this damn car may go on fire... Fine!

Why did you come here, Aditya?
Why did you come here?

Trust me. - Just go away.
- Come on.

Let me get you out from here.
- Just go away.

Should I say something?
You don't know how to do it.

What will I do by staying alive?

You need to be alive
if I have to be alive.

It's Aditya...

Adi, go from here... go... Adi...

Leave me...

Its okay. Just calm down.
Calm down.


Once an Indian woman
is married to someone...

...she dedicates her life to him.

She can never break that
relationship and that's a fact.


Jia may not break this
relationship but Karan Oberoi can.

Today I understood one thing.

Relation must be the bonding of hearts.

If there isn't any bonding
then relation suffocates the person.

There will be no place for love there.

Anyway I don't like anything piecemeal.

I want everything completely my own.

Come, Jia. You are free
from every relation today.

Come, you are free.
Come with me please, Jia... come.

Karan, what did you do?

I broke a relation
so that a bond becomes stronger.

But how can you...

How long, uncle?

How long should we sacrifice
lives in the name of tradition?

Relationships are
needed for life...

...but life shouldn't
depend on them.

My choice was correct.

But they are made
for each other.

No, Mr. Oberoi!
They are meant for each other.