Humanoids from the Deep (1980) - full transcript

Scientific experiments backfire and produce horrific mutations: half man, half fish, which terrorize a small fishing village by killing the men and raping the women.

Subtitles Edited By Micheallost

You know it's almost not worth
going out anymore.

given the fact that salmon
all but disappeared, eh huh.

I'd be happy with a

good tuna fish, Salmon humh.

Something else is'nt scaring the fish.

that'll do it for sure,
huh, Tommy?

Hey! How's the beard Deke?

Awe it's startin' to itch real good Tommy.
We're in for big run.

But don't shave that shaggy mess
until' we've filled all our

holds ok?

You've Got it!

Mornin', Hank.

Hey, Jimbo. perfect day, right?

Well, damn near perfect.

Hey, Johnny. "You goin' out today?

Jim, their aint' enough fish out there
to pay for my gas.

If you get that cannery
inside 2 or 3 years there

ain't gonna be any fish
at all.

ah canneries mean progress
for towns like ours.

And progress means money. See you
and your people you don't understand that.

I'll tell you one thing:
ya' not gonna stand in our way.

that's what Custer said, Slattery.

I know. You won the battle, but
we won the war.

Alright Boys, let's Kick ass!

Lot of Salmon out there
with Slatery's name on it let's go!

Okay, Jackie. Turn it on.

Come on, Jackie! get on the winch now!

Ok pop.

- I think we caught something, Harry.
- Sure, looks like it

yes sir, we have got a catch.

Jesus sir, we got a catch!

Look like we got ourselves a big one Deke.

Goddamnit! now what?

outta gas pop!

outta gas?

You mean to tell me, you been here all day,
and you didn't even check the gas in the

Goddamn, winch motor?

- Sorry, Pop.
- Aw, come on now!

Now sorry does'nt get it son?
So get it filled up for me will ya? Quick!

Smitty! get the engine started.

So let's try to hook this thing up to the uh
stern cleats here what do ya' think huh?

Hey get that engine movin'

Manny what the hell you doin' up there?

There's no oil pressure, Deke.

I guess the damn pumps finally gone out.

Oh Shit! Why me?

We gotta get this up it's tearing something.

Oh, jeez, did you hear that? It gonna break it.

Hey, forget that over there Jackie!
Just give us a hand here.

Boat started up now so we can't get it in.

Come on, boy! Get further down
reach over and pull!.

Come on, Jackie. Pull it!

We gotta get the pressure off this boom!


Give me a hook!

Mayday! Mayday! this is the Buck-o.
We're in trouble.

Grab hold Jackie! Grab hold!

I save my Boy!

- I gotta get in there!
- Deke! Deke, I gotta save my kid!

Deke, there is nothing you can do.

I don't see anyone in the water.

Start her up, call the Coast Guard,
well go on.

I got ya'!. (giggle)

Boats, just don't blow up
for no reason at all, Jim?

Buck-O leaked oil like a sieve, Hank.

you make it damned easy
to rig an explosion?

Big companies don't like to settle into
towns where things like this keep happinin'.

And there's some around here,
don't want a cannery.

Well what do you mean by that, Hank?

Do you think Johnny's
involved in this?

Hank, something scared em'

They were Shooting at something
and it wasn't Johnny Eagle.

Look here um...

What is it? What's the matter with him?

- Baron, come over here.
Well go on and sickem! sickem!

You ok?

Most Likely.

Come on, Baron.
Come on, boy. (Whistling)

Baron, where are you?

Come on, Baron.

Baron, what's wrong?

Hey Jim?, come here a minute.

What do you think that is?

I do not know.

Never seen it, anywhere before.

Goes off, that way.

Let's follow it.


Come on Baron. Come on, boy.

Where are you, boy?

Hey, wheres the festival?
with wives and kids.

What we need is a
private little party.

All this booze and some of them
numbers from over there in humbolt county.

Yeah Jane find out and use your ass for
Salmon bait boy. (Laughing)

Hell the fish my greatful ass.

Hey, will you knock that shit off
or she'll come kick my ass.

Well, I have I change enough for dinner up.

Ah let's put that trail wack
I got ice melting in the hold.

That's funny the only dog left
alive is the indians.

Boys, we got ourselves a problem.


Linda, hi.

No, nothing. I just got kind of startled.
I heard some noises.

Hey, I'm ready. when are you coming over?

Alright, see ya, bye bye.

What the hell are you doing?

You asshole!

The back door was locked,
I thought I'd come in the side door.

You know you could have
been stabbed?

Well, if you had done that, uh.

you could'nt do this?

You know what I think? I'm a little
too scared.

Besides, Tom and Linda are gonna be here
any minute now.

Ya' know what I mean?

Welcome One And All
75th Annual Noyo Salmon Festival

She's in there.

Hi Jim, Carol. Nice seein' ya'.

Hey, when we gonna get som
duck huntin' in young fella?

I just lost my dog...

Oh, sorry. Where
is your husband?

God only knows him and the boys
took off twenty minutes ago.

You been drinking?

Sure I've been drinking come on in.

- Come on, or we''ll miss the dancin',
- Come on - Yeah, and the beer.

To hell with the beer. Will ya'.

Hey, what's this? Ken?

- Yes
- You remembered alright.

Thanks, folks. Thanks.

Now, before Jo Williams and her
Whitewater Boys get going again.

I want to introduce you to
some very important visitors.

to this years festival.

From Canco Inc. Their President
Mr. Charles Borden.

his special assistant,
Mr. James Edwards,

and thier associate, Dr. Susan Drake.

Thanks, folks. Really.

Here comes the pitch.

Now, before the fun starts
I just want to say?

That we at Canco are 100%
behind you and your town.

and we're here tonight
to promise you.

that our cannery will be the
best thing to happen here.

Since God made the river and the ocean.

And I while we are at it.
I'm gonna make you another promise.

We'll bring jobs to Noyo,
and you may not believe this.

but, we're actually going
to increase the catch.

Dr. Susan Drake, here,
great little scientist.

has been conducting research at
our labs, upstream.

For the last seven years.

And she says now,
that they've got the handle.

On how to make salmon
grow bigger, faster,

and twice as plentiful. (cheers)

That's news we like to hear
that's news we can really celebrate.

So Jo, strike up the band,
let's have some great dancing and

and enjoy ourselves at this years festival.

Thank you so much.

From what I hear, we should be thanking
you for the work your doing.

Jim tells me he's gonna to be
taking you for a little pleasure fishing.

Yeah, I even picked out a rod and reel
for ya' tomorrow.

Sweet of him.

Hey Jimbo, what do ya' think
about this gal? gonna do great things, huh?

I'll believe it when I see it.

You'll see it.

Sam, what was that?

There was somethin' outside.

What? I didn't here anything.

Every damn watch dog on the dock
torn to peices except for Johnny Eagles.

that's so Slattery will say,
You got any ideas?

No, I have'nt come to any conclusions yet.

Seems like Slattery has.

Somebody killed my dog, Slattery.
You got any ideas?

that's a coincidence. Somebody Killed
seven of our dogs last night at the dock

Do you have any ideas?

I don't kill dogs to
get what I want.

Put an End to this.

Going to court.

Gonna file suit for the return of all
indian lands along the river.

I'm gonna Stop your Cannery, Slattery.

I'm gonna do it by the law. Your law!

Boys, this brave was'nt even
invited to this party.

He's upsettin' the folks!

Moore, get em' outta here.

Take him outta here.

Folks, sorry for the inconvience.

Come on, let's here some music
go on with the party now.

Slattery, you cheap bastered,
I'm sick of your messenger boys.

Why don't you think like
the man you pretend to be.

I'm tellin' you for the last time, get your
drunk ass outta here before I kick it out.

If you think you can you white ass,
come on let's go, you and me!

- You Don't think I can huh?
- I know you can.

You know I can, I know
I can, everybody else knows I can.

How you gonna convince a dumb Indian. huh?

Go on, let him go, let him go.

Come on, get up.

Get up and I'll kill ya!

What happened here?

- Grab him. - Let me get him.
- Allright.

Come on, Hank, get that ass.

Get him again Dale!

Wait here.

Jim, look out!

get him off my back bro.

Now, you stay where you are.

Allright, boys, that'll be about enough,
now pick yourselves up and go on home.

Well, lets just wait and hear what
Johnny Eagle has to say.

What makes you think we can win, Johnny?

I just talked to Jim Lowery in Sacramento.

and he's so sure it's a landmark case
he's gonna take it on for free.

What can we do to
stop him now?

File suit against Noya County for
violation of our treaty fishing rights.

And Canco's tied up in court.

lawyers ready to slap it to um' right now.

so let's vote on it and
get this thing moving...

They'll be feeding near the bottom bro...


It's mine, I got one! It's mine!
Ha! Ha!

The first blood of the day.

Hey, It only took you two hours.

You gonna change all that are'nt you?

I'm Sure gonna try.

Hey Jerry, does it hurt?

Yeah, A little.

But ah...

You could make it feel
alot better.

- You gotta' one track mind, Billy.
- Yeah.

- But what will we use for bait?
- Spit on it. Spit on it yeah hahaha.

Hey! Let me at that,
let me at that fish.

It sounds like a whale.

Ok tighten up the drag
before you reel it in.

Come on Charlie! uh ah Mr Borden..

I'm trying!

Ok, Mr. Borden
strighten out and then pull.

It won't come up!

Reel it in slow and steady!

I'm trying!

It's a monster.

Keep it up were almost there.

Easy! Easy!

- Easy

One more second.

- Will ya' just get me a drink?
- Yes, sir.

- See what it was?
- No, I didn't.

Well what was you shootin' at?

I do not know, but somethin'
cut that line, Jim, what?

I think you've been out on
the water too long Tom.

Eh, Could you tell what you were
shootin' at with that thing?

Oh I won't know that intil
they've been developed.

Hardly wait to see that...

Come on, Jerry! Don't be an ass!

- Jerry!

- Jerry?

- Jerry?

- Come on Jerry?

(Woman Screaming in Terror!!!!!!)


I'm going down to meet the boat.
you wanna you come?

- Well we got those beers?
- Comin' right up.

- How ya doin', boys?
- We're good.

Boys, I want ya' to listen to me.

We got ourslves a problem and the bucks
gotta stop right here and now.

Johnny Eagle means business.

You know whose at his place right now?

A bunch of those Indians,
from the reservation.

And you know what he's are doing?

He's talking them into filing a lawsuit against
us in connection with the canneries.

So I worry.
And that's not all.

They got themselves one of
those big shot city attorneys.

ya know one of those minority lawyers
and gonna take thier case on for nothin'

Exept the publicity it you'll get.

Gotta hire ourselves a lawyer, Hank.

And then what?

Wait 2 years til' it comes up in court.

Do you think those canney folk
can wait around til' we sell?

solve our problems?
No way!

We gotta take care
Johnny Eagle and his people.

- Or were not gonna have no cannery.
- How?

What do you mean how?

Anyway we can, that's how..

- See ya, bro.
- Yes

How's your face?

Eh, I'll live.

- Thanks again.
- You look worse than I do.

Thanks anyway, both of ya'.

- Any man done the same thing.
- Jim, there's something I wanna talk to you about.

The Cannery.

Johnny, I'm for it your not.

Nothing more to say.

It's funny, and he does'nt
even like those guys.

He feels the town needs him and he wants.

- For what's best for the town.
- So do I.

I'd like to discuss it with ya', Tommy.

- Hey, guys.
- Hi, hone.

Hey, I caught a bunch of
steelheads the other night.

- I need some help eating them,
how'd you guys like to come along?

- Oh sure yeah.
- Great!

Hey, honey, why do not you take it off,
let's see some skin.

Nothing comes off until I see it.

Okay. How's this?

Oh come on, show me more than the head.

But the head is the best part.

- Oh, come on.
- For you? Okay.

Billy, She's really doing it.

Oh, my God! Get me out of this thing.

Billy, what's holdin' ya?

Come on, Billy. I'm not passin' this up.

What are you a clutz?
I'll miss the excitement.

Hey, honey wanna see my wood pecker?

Will I get splinters?

Do not worry, baby.
I've been sanded.

Hey, baby. I bet you've never
made it with two dummy's.

As they say: "Two heads are
better than one".

Well, Chuck works everytime.

What would you do without me?

Well, just watch.

Hey, come on. What do you think
you're doing?

Two is company, three
is a crowd Chuck.

- He's kinda sexy.
- Not as sexy as you, baby.

This is where my daddy
used to bring me when

I was young and tell me about the old ways.

Peaceful up here...

That's why I want to save it for my people.

Hey we don't wanna sue
anybody but we have...

What is that? Shoosh!

I don't know.

I don't get many visitors up here.

Come on let's get out of here...

Take the south fork, then go down stream..

- Do you still hear them?
- No.

No, maybe it's just someone
fishing for kray fish.

Yeah, maybe.

Look, if you two wanna take my truck
and go back to town, go ahead.

No way. We came up here to talk and eat.

And I make great cornbread.

Okay. let's clean some fish then. (wooh)

let her drift as close as you can..

- Hi, hone.
- Oh You scared me.

I thought you were cleaning fish.

Nah, Johnny wanted to come out
and see if you were alright.

Ah that's so sweet.

He does'nt know how tough
tough like woman you are.


Shit. I do not like this.

Shut up, Stu. We

Let's drift in a little closer.

You got it...

Let's do it.


Tommy, get down!

Come on it's the whole Goddamn port.

Who was it? I dunno I could not see them.

Maybe that's like spitting on it.

Peggy, take my truck go in town
and get some help.

You Coward!

Keep running, you bastard!

All the way back to town!


Good morning.

I would like to rent a boat.

- I would'nt advise it,
not this morning anyway.


Jerry and Peggy missing
Linda dead...

What the hell is going on around here?

I wanna know what was Linda
was doin' in Eagles truck?

Yeah, what about that?

You See what I see?

What's that Berry Guthriffs boat?

You got some explaining to do Johnny.

Yeah, let's put him in real gentle
now, come on.

- I'm goin' with him.
- Yeah, you stay with him.

- Come on, get it outta' here!
- Go!

- How tall were they?
- 6.5 maybe 7 feet tall.

How many did you see? Four or five...

What the hell is goin' on?
What happened to my brother?

Well your not gonna believe this either,
they're tellin' us it's some a kind of a sea monster.

That's right, sea monsters,
They burned his house

attacked your brother, and they even
took their dead, right?

Alright I'm goin' out!
Anybody comin' with me?

- What for?
- To find evidence.

So something sank the Buck-O,
killed our dogs.

Now it's attckin' humans, what ever it is
it ain't him.

I need a mate Slattery!
How bout it?

It's a waste of time.

You affraid?

Affraid of what?

- Potter?
- My Kid did'nt come home last night.

Neither did Peggy. I gotta
look for my kid..

I ain't got no time to look for phony
Sea Monsters...

I'll go with ya' Jim..

Wait a minute, I'm not sure I want you
runnin' off before I talk to you...

you want to go with me, Hank?

I've got my priorities, Jim.

I have to be at the hospital
when your brother comes too.

Alright then, your gonna have
to trust him to me..

I need him, he's been there,
he knows what we are lookin' for.

- I'm goin' with you, Jim.
- I Don't need anybody else.

Oh get off your antique manors
Hill, I'm a profesional scientist.

Let's go.

This is where we first saw them.

Well, look at this.

Let's see...

She knows alot more than she is lettin' on.

What do you supposed she's after now?

Seeing, if they left any visiting cards,
I guess.

They've definitely been here alright.

You would'nt be kidding me now would ya'?

You think there are anymore of those
creatures around here?

I thought I heard
something under there.

I said, I thought I heard something.

The attack pattern that you described,
is that of a nocturnal predator,

Which probably means that it will
keep to himself during the day,

unless the territory
is threatened.

- Is this is there home territory?
- I'm Not sure.

We found evidence that they were
here last night, but that does'nt mean

but that does'nt mean nothing.

If your right about they're size, the upstream food supply won't support them, they'ed probably move to the ocean.

You seem damn sure of yourself.

I have to be with men like you around.

Come on. Let's get out of here.

Like this?

That's pretty close but this
head is much bigger.

They must have developed
more than I figured.

And maybe more intelligent.

Johnny, take it.

Ah, damn, It's a salmon.

First time I ever thought I would be
disappointed in seeing a fish.

Think of it this way: If we're finding
salmon of this size here,

We can't be to far from finding
what we are looking for.

I just talked to my
wife on the radio.

Doctor say my brother gonna be alright.

Good have they talked to him yet?

No he's, still unconscious.

But his vital signs are strong.

How much do you know your not
tellin' Drake?

Will you put those damn binoculars
down for a minute

If You've seen what I seen.

You say you're intelligent,

your surprised by the size
their jaws.

Outside of that, you seem to think
your sketch is pretty accurate.

- The coastline, Jim.
- What about it?

they're Seems to be caves out
there. Where do they lead to?

There's your evidence.

Your nuts!

No don't shoot them, not yet.


Now, shoot!

Are you alright?

That's twice I owe you my life.

Oh, my God.

Who is it?

My God, it's Peggy.

She's still alive.
Let's get her outta here.

What the hell are these
things, anyway?

First, as far as I can tell.
The species has only just appeard.

So there has to be a reason that
a humanoid creature,

evolved so quickly.

- Note the gills on the side of the head?
- Yeah, like a fish.

They do pretty well out on the land.

Yes, as far as we can tell.

But thier natural habitat
is clearly, the water.

Though I guess think there in the process
of becoming amphibious.

Look at the size of the cranium.

That means they have a
tremendous brain capacity.

Does not mean though, that they have the
ability to use it all.


webbed hands.

Why don't you gentlemen go on back to Noyo?
We'll let you know what we find.

Forget it. We're not leaving until
we get some answers.

- Don't worry.
- Mr. Borden strongly suggest,

that we keep this quiet until
Canco has had a chance to, review


Your theory could be totally

What the hell are you talking about?

I've been trying to tell you
people about this for a long time and you

push it aside.

Well look at it, Edwards! I'ts
right in front of you!

You stupid! Ass, Look at it!

And you still say my
theory is incorrect?

My theory is not incorrect and
I'm not gonna keep quiet any longer.

And these people have the right
to know. And I'm gonna tell them.

A string of DNA film 232
in the conference room.

Now, Edwards!

DNA-5 is a growth gene.

What your seeing here is a film of our
early DNA-5 experiments with frogs.

These are tadpoles
in the larval stage.

Nornlly tadpoles take 12 weeks
to become adult frogs.

Now we apply DNA-5,
which carries genetic information,

That stimulates the growth
hormone in frogs.

With the aid of DNA-5, adult hood
is reached in a matter of days.

So what's the point?

We were duplicateing this process to
accelerate the growth of salmon.

When heavy tidal surges tore apart one
of our experimental traps.

3000-DNA treated salmon
escaped into the ocean.

I wanted to notify the
authorities, but my employer in canco

Stopped me.

What if the other fish
are salmon?


It's my theory that feeding on the
DNA-5 treated salmon,

may have brought about evolution
in more primitive fish like coelacanth,

which was discovered in this area a
few years ago by a local marine


What the heck is a coelacanth?

It's a prehistoric type of fish.

Which has evolved
in millions of years.

But may have feeding on
salmon containing DNA-5.

I took these in the tunnel this morning.

In one lifetime, this creature seems
to have evolved to four growth stages.

Starts out as a fish, but is humanoid
in it's final stage.

Why are they attacking us?

Well, most bright animals,

protect thier territory and
their food sources.

Maybe be intelligent enough to

to perceive the man
as a competitor.

Why the girl?

My theory is that these creatures
are driven to mate

man now.

to further develope their
incredible evolution.

It's enough to scare the
hell outta' me.

But will people in the town believe us?

Jake. The festival.

Oh, my God.

This is Mad Man Mike Michaels
broadcasting live from the big

Salmon Fest.

We down here at the KFISH Radio the
big fish.

And here's my favorite little billboard
Kitty, Ah how ya' doin' Kitty.

Listen, she's gonna be down on the
north end of the midway

If catch her, you'll
win a free visor. Alright!

And now, I'm sitting here with
this years little local beauty:

Miss Salmon, Sandy.
How ya', doin' Sandy?

- I'm fine.
- Oh, that's great.

Jo, can't ya' speed it up,
just a little bit.

How about something like tararaboomdeay?

John we sure are'nt in the mood,

Well, Jo, well hell i'm not either, but

After all, we've had people come 2 or
3 hundred miles to have a good time.

We made never failed um' before

Come on, now clean it up
a little bit huh?.

- Okay, Okay alright.
- Come on, folks. Enjoy yourself.

there ya' go that's it. Come on
folks, enjoy yourself a little bit.

their ya go, that's better.
Hey that's great.

Listen we're having a great time down here
we're waving at people, Hi hiya doin'

And a we're playing records and we're just
doin' a whole lotta things.

Listen if ya' gotta phone, why don't ya'
gimme' a call i'd love to talk to ya'

But I can't talk to ya' for too long
I may have my hands


This is the big fish, KFISH, the voice of
Noyo, Noyo, Noyo...

Hey, boys?

Any luck?

They must have eloped.

Did Ya' check the caves?

Potter and Larson went to
check the caves, but I think

it's a wild goose chase.

- I'll get me a beer.
- Yeah, yeah.

What about Johnny Eagle
and Jim, they back yet?

I have'nt seen em'.

They are'nt gonna find shit,

That Indian he's probably out there
making it with a buffalo.

- Hey, here a beer.
- Okay, alright.

Give us four!

- Did you find anything, Jim?
- Plenty.

What this,
one of Johnny's sea monsters

hang on to cookies,

What is that?

Hold it! We think we know
where these things come from.

but we have no idea
how many there are.

Jake, Jake, Jake. We Found

She's gonna be alright. huh?
I'm sorry, Jake.

Don't panic!

Wait a minute their seems to be
some sort of disturbance going on,

I'm not sure if it is a
accident or something. Oh, my God.

There are 50 gallons of Gas
in the Hold. Starts pumping.

What's is happening?

Yeah folks. this is Mad Man Mike Michaels
live with lucky from Noyo harbor.

The seen here is one of total
and I mean total panic.

People are running,
everywhich way..

Wow! One just smashed right through
the booth, not fifteen yards away from me.

it's going after,
a young woman. She staggering...

You better get the
highway patrol out here.

Keep pumping the gas,
I'll blow um' to kingdom come.

Baby cooing...

Indistinct chatter.

Baby Crying...
- Come on.

Women Screaming!!!

Creature Shrieking!!!!

Creature Shrieking!!!! (Gun Shot)

- Mark?

- Paula!
- Wait!

My sister, they got her!

- She's on the Dock!
- Alright take me to her!

- Come on.


Woman Screaming!!!!
-There she is!

- Little Girl, "HELP ME!"
- Amy, hold my hand!

- Amy Come on!
- Little Girl "HELP ME!", "HELP!"

- Amy
Gun Shots Fired

Hold on. Hold on.
Girl Screaming!!!!

Climb! Come on, climb!

Come, help! Help her!

Come on Climb up!

Climb up! Come on!

People Screaming!!!!
Fire Burning in the Harbor!

Give me your hand Slattery!

Monster Shrieking!!!!!!


Men Beating Monster With Clubs!!!!

Baby Cooing...
Loud Banging Sound...

Carol! Carol, Carol...

- Carol, are you alright?
- Yes

Thank God!


- Hank!
- Huh?

Hank, where's Drake? Dr.

- Is she alright? Dr. Drake?
- Yeah, Yeah.

- Yeah she did all she could.
- she went back to her,

- Hank!
- Back to her lab.

Police Sirens wailing...

Young Girl breathing and panting...

Peggy, Concentrate.

Woman Crying!!!


That's it. your doing great.


Skin Ripping!!! Monster Screaming!!!!!
Woman Screaming in PAIN!!!!!!!