Humanoids: The Real Close Encounters of the Third Kind? (2022) (2022) - full transcript

"Humanoids" is the new controversial documentary about alien contact cases. More commonly referred to as close encounters of the third kind. This film includes video footage never seen before of possible aliens which has yet to be disproven. Jaime Maussan, a famous Mexican journalist, once again returns to Beyond The Spectrum to tell the whole story about some incredible cases of possible E.T visitations caught on camera throughout history. Some of the stories are backed by incredible videos, some backed by fascinating photos and others are backed by multiple eye witness accounts. Jaime Maussan himself even tells us of his first hand account seeing what can only be described by him as Extra Terrestrials, while out on one of his many investigations.

From humble beginnings

to legendary award-winning journalist,

Jaime Maussan has been
trusted as the voice

of the people in Mexico
for more than 47 years.

For the first time the audience will have
access to the information of a UFO case

That code we explain using the
technology and knowledge we have on earth

This case was carefully
studied by our 60 minutes team

and it turns out to be
amazing and fascinating

Joining us to talk about the
UFO subject the specialist

Arturo Garza Rodriguez
director of Alternative UFO

Good morning thank you
for being in here with us

Mr. Joel Sampayo climate,
sky reports and skeptic.

Good morning thank you
for being in here with us

UFO Specialist Jaime Maussan good morning

In the mid '90s, Maussan
brought the subject

of UFOs to the spotlight.

- Then I became the anchor
and finally the director

of this show that was
on the air until 1995.

From then on, I became
involved with something

that I thought was very important.


I know many people think
that they are not important

that they are an illusion or fantasy

but I realized that
many people had cameras

at the beginning of the '90s

and they were able to record the UFOs.

And I thought that I had a chance

with these evidences to
change the way people think.

Maussan has received

the United Nations Global 500 Award,

three times the National
Prize of Journalism in Mexico,

the Ondas Award for journalists in Spain.

He was recognized at the
Capitol in Washington, DC.

Currently he is presenting
"Third Millennium News"

from Monday to Friday at 10:00
p.m. on national television.

This news has set the
standard for audience records

for the channel a+ on several occasions.

"Tercer Milenio" continues to be presented

every Sunday on prime time after 22 years

of uninterrupted
transmission on Mexican TV.

- I was not gonna be a journalist.

I was gonna be an administrative
worker for my father.

He had a company and he wished

that I was able to take
care of his company.

And I never thought that I
wanted to be a journalist.

Because 50 years ago,

the journalist in Mexico
were not very honest.

They wanted money for everything they put

on the TV or in a newspaper.

And my father was a
rancher, he had bull fights.

He was also impresario for big bull rings.

He organized bull fights.

Even my aunt was a bull fighter.

Then I was going to become one.

But at the same time,

my father wanted me to
take care of his business.

But in the last day when
I had to choose my major,

a friend of mine came to me and asked me

what was going to be my future,

what kind of major I was going to choose,

business administration
something like that.

And he said, "Oh, that's boring."

And I said, "Why?"

Because it's just numbers,

it's just in a closed
place with no windows.

And I said, "What are you going to study?"

He said journalism.

And I said, "Oh, you're
going to be a corrupt man.

You're gonna try to
take money from people."

And he said, "No, journalism
is to change the world.

Journalism is the possibility
to create conscious.

Journalism is traveling.

Journalism is going into the open

and reporting what you find."

And I liked that.

And I immediately changed my major,

probably the best decision
I have done in my life.

Then I decided, but my
father didn't like the idea.

And at the same time,

he knew that the journalists
in Mexico were corrupt.

And I said to my father,

"I will never ever, Father,
take any money from anyone.

I'm gonna be a very clean
and honest journalist."

And I have kept that promise until now.

I've been an honest man all my life.

And thanks to that,

I've been able to develop credibility.

When I was a young kid, I
saw the destruction of nature

but I didn't know why I didn't like it.

I knew that the animals were being killed,

that there was a business
doing with animals,

that anybody could take an animal

from their habitats and sell it.

When I found journalism,

when I found my real passion for life,

I really started to
try to change my world.

And I was able to do it in many ways

because I worked in
television with the most

important journalist in
Mexico, Jacobo Zabludovsky,

the Walter Cronkite of the US,

a man that was very well
known everywhere in Mexico.

And I became very close to him,
in many ways his right hand,

even though I was a teenager.

When I did my first report,

I took my report to Cannes in France.

I was just 19.

And I received a scholarship from the US

from an American university,
University of Ohio.

And I was able to finish my career there.

When I came back, I started
working in journalism

to try to protect the environment,

to try to protect the
woods and the jungles.

I was able to find the Monarch
butterfly in Mexico there,

the hidden places where they hibernate.

Fred Urquhart, a Canadian scientist,

he's the one who found it, I mean,

he's the one who really
tracked the Monarch butterfly.

But he published his article
in National Geographic.

He never said what it was.

My network Televisa asked
me to go and find the place.

It took us two years to
find it, but we finally did.

And I was able to present
for the first time

to the Mexican people
the Monarch butterfly

and I was able to get protection
for the Monarch butterfly.

Then working in "60 Minutes"
in Mexico as reporter,

I was able to get involved

with the protection of the turtles.

In Mexico, we used to kill the
turtles in slaughterhouses.

And thanks to my report in "60
Minutes," they were closed.

We created laws to protect the turtles.

And that's the reason why some

of these species of turtles
have now recuperated.

I was able to do many things to speak

about the climate change or the
global warming back to 1986.

I was able to speak
about the El Nino current

in '87 or the depletion
of the solar layer in '88.

We were just two journalists

from all around the world who went

with NASA to the North Pole to report

if there was a hole in the North Pole,

as the one that had been
observed in the South Pole.

They found that no, there was not a hole.

It was a little bit depleted

but we didn't have the same problem.

Because of the currents are
different in both poles.

Anyway, I was able to be
there with a German journalist

and even the NASA people were amazed

that they said a reporter,

a journalist from a
tropical country is here.

Why the Americans, why the
Europeans are not here?

But I was very much involved

in the protection of environment.

And when I found that news,

the Televisa allowed me
to go and participate

with NASA in these investigations
back in January, 1988.

And I was able to do
many other things like,

for example, to help the Tarahumaras

in the Sierra in Mexico.

They were dying of hunger and cold.

And also in '88, '87, we
were able to get thousands

of tons of food for them with that report

in "60 Minutes" in Mexico.

Then I became the anchor
and finally the director

of this show that was
on the air until 1995.

From then on, I became
involved with something

that I thought was very important.


I know many people think
that they are not important,

that they are an illusion or fantasy,

but I realized that
many people had cameras

at the beginning of the '90s

and they were able to record the UFOs.

And I thought that I had a
chance with these evidences

to change the way people think.

Back in '90, '91, there was a
total solar eclipse in Mexico,

probably the longest or the second longest

in the whole century, six
minutes and 54 seconds.

And people, many people in
Mexico recorded the solar eclipse

but some people got UFOs in
the middle of their videos.

And I thought that was very important.

Hours later during the
astronomical phenomenon

on TV program 24 Hours
with Jacobo Zabkudevsky

Guillermo Arreguin's video
showed a flying saucer

which was silver color on the
top side and dark underneath

it seemed to be spinning and
flew for several minutes over Mexico

Days later, more videos appeared
and this was the beginning of the

most important UFO surge of the
90s and that it remains till this day

But this also reignited Mexican
culture of watching the sky

Obviously other voices cried out
that this was a misinterpretation

images or that it was the planet
Venus, However up until 2009

those voices have not
presented any analysis or research

to end the controversy

What is clear for us is that
this unidentified flying object

was seen in different places of
central Mexico which implies that this

wasn't something imagined. Since the
same object appears in most of the videos

This video was seen around the
world and has been presented in different

TV programs. This solar eclipse began
a new era of study and research of UFOs

phenomenon in our country because
citizens had in their hands the necessary

technology to record those strange ufos
which they could only talk about before

or say, "I saw one". So, they know now
how important video cameras are

- I was invited to this program
because I had done a report

on "60 Minutes" about Billy
Meier and people identified me.

But as a matter of fact,

I didn't want to go to
this television show

because I thought that UFOs
were not good for journalists,

that they were very risky

and I shouldn't get involved with this.

But my company, my network asked me to go

to the show, "Y usted que opina?"

And it was so successful
that they asked me to go

for a second time and I didn't want to go.

I really didn't want to go.

I said, "That's it, no more UFOs please."

But this man insisted,
"Please, this is the last time.

Let's do another show

because you know how
many people saw these,

millions and millions
and millions of people.

And I want to do a new one."

And I say, "Okay, but
this is the last one.

This is really the last show."

And I went there and I was
able to find these videos

that were recorded by some people

of the eclipse where they found UFOs.

When I presented this,
very early in the morning,

probably three or four
o'clock in the morning,

it was a revolution.

Thousands of people
came to the television.

At five o'clock in the morning,

there were more than five or 10,000 people

outside the station because
they wanted to get in

because they were so
excited with these videos.

And after that show, nothing
was the same for me in my life.

I received many invitations

from different universities in Mexico.

Then I received invitations
from international congresses

around the world and I couldn't get away.

I couldn't get away anymore.

Then I started without even thinking

to get so much involved
because people send me videos

and hundreds of videos of UFOs.

And then I realized that
this was very important.

This was a new phenomenon,

a phenomenon inside the phenomenon,

where people were recording
these things with cameras

because everybody had a camera now

or many people had a
camera, VHS back in 1991.

And I thought with the
development of technology,

more and more and more people
are gonna have cameras.

And then I said, well, I
am very sure in the future

everyone is gonna have a camera

and we be able to have many more videos,

many more evidences.

And I started to promote
people to watch the sky,

when they have time to watch the sky

and record whatever it was there.

I never thought this
was gonna be successful

but then I received one
video recorded by one person,

and then another and another and another

and then dozens and then hundreds.

And then I didn't know what to do

with so much evidence I had.

In 1995 ended "60 Minutes"
and I received more

and more invitations
to present conferences.

And I went all around Mexico,
and I mean all around Mexico,

presenting all the evidences
with full theaters.

And I'm talking thousand
people, 2,000 people everywhere.

And I couldn't escape anymore.

I became the center of
this phenomenon in Mexico.

In 1997, I started the show,
"Tercer Milenio" on Televisa.

That lasted until 2003.

Then when out of the air.

- Televisa had a huge network,

the national network in
Mexico, asked me to come back

and present "Tercer Milenio" in 2004.

We are in the midst
of a reality that changes

It evolves

It's closer to us everyday

Clear messages that appear
in the farmlands of England

that can't be considered
the pranks of a few hoaxers

Our job has been to
bring this information to you

to get you closer

This is the age of encounter

We must realize that we
live in extraordinary times

And I did it

and I have been on the
air since 2004 until now.

A very successful show.

Now it's running in a different network,

also a national network,
Azteca, and we have even grow

in numbers in ratings for around

2 million people watch
the show every week,

which probably should
be considered the most

successful show on UFOs around the world.

- UFOs have been the stuff
of conspiracy theorist

for decades often mocked
for talking about it.

But maybe they shouldn't be mocked.

Commander David Fravor spent 18 years

as a Naval aviator pilot.

In 2004, he had an unforgettable
encounter with an aircraft

he said was defying the laws of physics.

Commander Fravor joins us tonight.

Thanks for coming on tonight.

Tell us what you saw.

- Well, we had launched on
a routine training mission.

When we joined up, we were told

that the event was gonna be canceled

and then we have real-world tasking

and we were sent out to the west.

Now take in mind that this has taken place

about a hundred miles
southwest of San Diego,

between San Diego and Ensenada, Mexico

on a clear perfect day, blue waters.

We get out to the spot
where they tell us it's at,

we start looking around and both of us,

both airplanes see a
disturbance in the water

and a white 40 foot long
Tic Tac shaped object

just hovering above the
water going forward,

back, left to right.

There's no rotor wash.

There's no wings, nothing.

So as we drive around in a clockwise flow,

we get to about the nine o'clock position,

and I said I'm gonna go
down and check it out

and the other jet is gonna stay high.

So as we go down, when we get
to the 12 o'clock position,

it starts to mirror us.

So it's in a clockwise flow and it's

on the opposite side
of the circle from us.

And we continue, it's in
a climb or in a descent,

we're getting a great look at it.

This whole thing takes about probably up

to five minutes from the time we show up.

I get over to the eight o'clock position.

It's at about the two o'clock position

and I decide I'm gonna
go and see what it is

and it's about 2,000 feet below me.

And I cut across the
circle and as I get within

about a half mile of it,
it rapidly accelerates

to the south in about two
seconds and disappears.

At one moment you were
surrounded by these objects

According to the information
I heard from the back cabin

from the chief operational coordinator
there came a moment that he saw

on the screens that the
objects were in the back

on the left side and in front of
us. It was at that moment when

I felt a little tension

- What would you estimate the speed?

- At well above supersonic.

Like a bullet out of a gun, it took off.

- So from what you know
about aerodynamics,

mechanics, physics, should
this be possible, what you saw?

- Not with the technology
that we have today.

Not at all.

- Even now, even 13 years later,

is there anything that you know of capable

of this kind of you have behavior?

- No, there is nothing I know of.

When we saw the video with the IRR,

it has no exhaust it,
no discernible things

of anything form of propulsion,

and this thing came from a dead hover

over the water just kind of moving around

to a climb up to about 12,000 feet

to rapidly accelerating away in a climb

and in less than two seconds, it was gone.

And you figure, you're
talking 50 miles of visibility

and you can easily see an object

that size easily out to 10 miles

and it just disappeared in seconds.

But in spite of that they
never could see them?

We could never identify them
visually with the naked eye

So it was only possible to detect
the presence of them through FLIR?

Yes only with the infrared
FLIR system, precisely

That is, they were
invisible to the eye?

I think so because none of
the crew members could see it

with the naked eye

From that distance, should
you have been able to see them?

The closest we were was
two miles which a normal object

or aircraft, experience tells
me that we should have been able to

That's the question we are
left with from that operation

- What would be the
effects on a human pilot

of the G-forces involved
in that altitude change?

- Well, the altitude wouldn't be bad.

It would be the
acceleration of the object.

Well, honestly, I wanted to fly it.

- Yeah, I bet.

- Talking to some physicists,

they don't think the
human body could handle

that kind of force with that acceleration.

- It doesn't sound like
the human body could.

So bottom line, what
do you think this was?

- I believe, as do the other folks

that were on the flight
when we visually saw it,

that it was something not from this world.

- Presumably, you expressed
that belief to your superiors.

What did they say?

- Actually, we caught a
lot of grief getting back

to the boat and it got
passed off as an event

that no one could explain.

Now, keep in mind, they
had been tracking these

for two weeks prior to us seeing it.

And this was the first
time that manned airplanes

had been airborne when
the objects appeared.

- This feels like a
really big story to me.

It's not exactly clear
why Vladimir Putin's

more interesting than this.

I think this seems like a big deal.

And Commander, I appreciate
your taking the time

to talk to us about it.

- Back in 2004, the Secretary of Defense

in Mexico called me to
deliver a video to me.

They recorded this video
on March the fifth, 2004,

close to the Campeche area

but the plane was in the
middle of the jungle.

They were able to record these lights

following the airplane.

11 lights following the airplane.

The Mexican scientists went
to the television to say

that they were, how you say,
lightning or energy in there.

Bolt lighting, 11 bolt lighting following

and surrounding an airplane.

They went to the
Secretary of Defense later

and said, "Oh, we are sorry.

Oh, we were wrong, sorry.

But they would never say that publicly.

You see?

But they know they were wrong

because the Secretary of
Defense wouldn't deliver a video

of UFOs if he knew it was something else.

Then I can tell you that
proves that in Mexico

even the authorities are
ready to accept this.

The only reason we don't do it is because

we don't want to confront the US.

We don't want to confront
the scientists from the US

because they would make fun
of the Mexican government

and they would make jokes about that.

Nobody's ready for that.

More information on the target

It's traveling at speed 206
and it's on a 3.01 course

Here it goes, here it goes,
there it goes, there it goes

And why are you picking it up until now?

What is it, Juarez? Juarez, what is it?

It is a point

A point

There it is

It's directly behind us

Correct, now it's at 7 o'clock
position with 10.5 miles

It's on course 2.83 and 3.34 speed.
Well, I am about to lose it on the

radar and it's about to leave

At 7 o'clock at the same altitude

There are some clouds. It should be there

What are we seeing here... There
are some important apsects

to comment on in addition to
the audio of the 501 squad crew

You can see two very
large lights and below them

a point that is not as bright

but that is where the X is
indicating maximum heat

that is, the biggest energy point
of those lights precisely below

Let's see, what we have here?

Nothing Sir


Commander, what is that?

What was the distance more or less, Tellez?

Hey, get ready... it's like...

There are more. More are following behind

There are 10 or 11 objects

Another important aspect is that we see
the objects are moving

for those who suggested that these were,
in fact, oil wells, the oil well burners

But we can clearly see,
with the clouds for reference.

It remains more or less stable and
the objects are moving while the clouds

appear to be still. Another very important
aspect. I want you to see the numbers that

are on the left of your screen,
there you will see a zero.

Inside the zero is a small arrow.
That arrow is indicating the inclination

of the FLIR camera

There they go, there they go

Three, four, five, six...
There are six of them...

That is to say that it is literally
at the horizon. It is not focused

toward the ground, it is literally facing
toward the horizon and the aircraft was

flying at 3,500 meters

And they're moving at speed but...

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven

eight on the screen

Follow them, do not lose them

Don't scare me

Look out the window.
We have one at approximately

One O'clock and the others remain at nine

They have you surrounded?

Well, I don't know

How far?

It only tells me

Today is your lucky day, young men

We are not alone

They are surrounding us

One at 1 o'clock

At one, I have it 14.8 miles
with course 99 and speed of 52

He is following one and I
am following the other one

Okay, one is on the radar, on FLIR
We are seeing it on FLIR

It is a luminous object,
it is in the opposite direction of us

but it does not leave us,
it is two miles behind us

- I received a call from the secretary

of the Secretary of Defense in Mexico.

She asked me to come.

I had an appointment, I went there,

I sit down in an office, nobody was there.

And when I realized I
was in the drug traffic

from the administration from the military,

and I said, "Jesus Christ, what happened?

Did somebody say that I did something?

What I'm doing here?

I have to go, I have to go.

This is the good."

And then they came and say,

"Mr. Maussan, can you
come with us please?"

And I said, "Jesus Christ,
what is gonna happen now?"

And they took me to a little theater

and they put the video
on and they all said,

"Can you explain this please?"

And I saw it and I said,

"Jesus, are these things
following the airplane?"

"Yes, and they surrounded the airplane."


"Can I talk to the pilots?"

"No, first tell us what you think."

And I say, "Well, I think they are UFOs."

The video had been recorded
with a FLIR camera.

This camera was, in 2004,
just for the military.

It was a very specialized camera

that could track the infrared

and could track the heat in the airspace.

They were using this
camera in this airplane

because they were looking for narcotics

from drugs from South America.

And they were in the area
where is the shortest

in Mexico from coast to coast.

And the airplanes had to go through there.

And it was fairly easy to
track these drug dealers.

And they use this special equipment.

And the military saw these lights.

They couldn't see the
lights with their eyes.

They just saw it with the camera.

But they knew, they had
a screen in the airplane

and they were looking at the screen

even though they couldn't
find it in the air,

in the in the atmosphere,
it was on the camera.

And they got very nervous, especially when

they were surrounded by these lights.

The captain turned off
the navigation lights

because he thought he was gonna
be confronted by these UFOs.

Then some people came and tried to explain

that video saying that they were oil rigs.

Letting off fire-

- Exactly and some other things, missiles

and so many really crazy things.

But the military were there every day

for many hours in the same place

and they never saw something like this.

And they couldn't explain it.

When I told them that these were UFOs,

they said, "Okay, thank you
very much, Mr. Maussan."

And I left.

They didn't tell me anything else.

I receive a call again
a couple of days later

and they say, "The
Secretary of Defense want

to see you personally in his office."

I went there and then he asked me,

"What do you think they are?"

And I said, "UFOs, can
I talk to the crew?"

"You will, you will.

You are gonna be the only
one who's gonna do that.

I'm going to give you the tape.

You can do whatever you want.

Just remember that you have
the honor and the pride

of the Armed Forces of
Mexico in your hearts.

Be very careful."

When we made a turn to go towards
Campeche the FLIR camera operator

detected a white

a target without form. It was
shining. It was detected by the

infrared camera...

and it was being
observed at all times with that camera

Later we saw that we...

We saw other targets on the left side

of the aircraft, Apparently, there were
eleven targets

In this case, we can assume that
these eleven points

that produced heat and that are seen
through the FLIR video

were they there
even though they were not visible?

They were there, and we
referenced that by their positions

They were always to the left of us, flying
at the same height, and at approximately

the same speed. Well, we tried to find

an image and the points remained
hot at all times, completely hot

Very hot?

Very hot. They did have an irregular shape
They were always circles

Is this irregular
with respect to aircraft?

That you have previously detected?

Yes, it is irregular because
they did not have a shape

they did not have a shape of any object
I have seen before

In other words, you have never seem
or experienced this before?

It had never happened to me,
it is something that

I don't know what to say, I can't
tell you what it was

I couldn't relate this experience to
something I saw before

- "If somebody asks you
who gave you this video?"

I thought, "Oh, he's gonna to say,

'You don't know who gave you this.'"

"You are gonna say that
the Secretary of Defense

gave you these video."

And I say, "Jesus Christ."

My pants almost fell down.

I had this evidence, they
have given me this evidence

and the Secretary of Defense
of Mexico was supporting me

whatever I did with this.

I felt a big responsibility.

I investigated everything
I could with this tape.

I had a chance to interview all the crew,

the captain, and the cameraman,

and everyone that was inside the plane

and all of them told me, "This is real,

we've never seen anything like this."

And then I presented
this video in a national

television program in
Mexico, in the newscast,

in the most important newscast
on may, the ninth, 2004.

Next day, I gave a press conference and

all the international media
came to the press conference.

I gave them this video and
next night or that night

it was everywhere around the
world in every single newscast.

I don't think there is a sighting of UFOs

that has been presented everywhere

like this happened in 2004.

And then I thought that I had
done my job the best I could.

I never expected that the explanations

that were gonna be
given to this incredible

video were gonna be so
stupid as they were.

Simultaneously recording video
in the normal visual spectrum

and infrared spectrum.
This is the official name of the system

developed by Pedro Avila,
a Mexican that watches sky

He's the creator of the
technique that some say

is a tool to study the UFO phenomenon

Well, first of all,
it makes me very proud to know that what

I'm presenting here is something real.
It's something genuine

Pedro Avila, national director
of the sky watchers

who from this window recorded the
most amazing unidentified flying objects

is the creator of the technique
which the official name of this system is

Simultaneous video-recording technique
in the normal and infrared spectrum

- After I learned that there were UFOs

that were invisible to the eye,

I proposed that idea on television.

And Pedro Avila, a UFO
hunter who cannot walk,

he's in a chair, he's looking through

his window all day long, built
a device to put two cameras,

one infrared and one normal spectrum,

and he was able, it's the only time that

this has ever been done everywhere,

where you have a camera
recording in the normal spectrum

and the other camera in the infrared.

And you can see this
object in the infrared

and you cannot clearly see anything

in the normal spectrum
proving that there are UFOs

that are not visible to
the eyes, to the sight.

And I think that was very important.

From then on, more and more people

and with the development of technology,

even the FLIR technology now
available to many people,

to almost anyone who wants
to have a FLIR camera now,

you can have it, and now
many people are recording

these invisible UFOs everywhere
and it is just amazing.

And we are proving now that
what was said 15 years ago

with the military in Mexico,

it's happening in many,
many places right now.

You've got it from
a few different locations

where they filmed this,
is that right, Darcy,

that's in the documentary itself?

Yeah, actually the
two videos that were used

in the documentary that
were pretty popular

on TV network circulation back in the '90s

when this first happened
were from the vantage point

of Puebla, which is just
north of Mexico City,

it's another little city, and Mexico City.

So another famous UFO sighting

was the Jerusalem Temple Rock,

a UFO that kind of hovered
around the dome there.

And that was recorded by, I think,

five different individuals
walking around the city.

Are there specific hotspots where

these craft are being seen continually?

It comes from time to time.

Right now, for example,
from the last few years,

couple three or four years,
we've been receiving many videos

from the northwest of Mexico
around Rosarito, Tijuana,

San Diego in California,
even around Los Angeles.

Around five, 10 years ago,
there were hundreds of videos

that were coming from Russia.

Probably Russia is
because of the development

of new nuclear weapons
because they happen mostly

around St. Petersburg in
the Crimean Peninsula.

They all just are mostly in places

where they have some interest.

Now you said that there's

another really massive siting something-

- Oh yeah, yeah,
let me tell you about it.

The people might not be aware of.

- The second interview
and I'm waiting to do

that third interview.

On the morning, four
o'clock in the morning

of December 19th, there was a huge,

and I mean a huge UFO
pyramid above the Pentagon?

Some people say, "Oh, it's animation."


I was able to find, I
think I am the only one

who has investigated this case,

the pyramids was just
300 feet from the ground

and in the middle of the
Pentagon, above the Pentagon.

The images are incredible.

Three different people,

one of them that was walking with his dog.

Another two people who
were in a taxi, in a cab.

And the third one was taking photographs

inside the cemetery in Arlington.

The three of them with
cameras in their hands,

because they couldn't
do it with a cell phone,

were able to get incredible images

of these pyramid moving and
rotating above the Pentagon.

What is amazing is that
normally in the US,

not a single media, not
The Washington Post,

The New York Times, CBS,
NBC, et cetera, et cetera.

What's that?

This is aliens, I tell you.

Yes, yes, I'm really
sorry but I was talking.

Oh man, what is this?

This is a fucking alien invasion.

Do you see it?

Where is it?

Give me the camera.

What is this?

I mean, what the fuck is that?

Turn left, left!

Have we lost it?

Look back, look back!

I got you, baby.

I see it.

Turn right,
turn right, turn right!

Do you see it?

Can it be like a ancient God?

You're stupid.

Slow down, man, slow down.


It's gone.

I don't, I don't see it.

Man, do you see it?

I've heard something on the news.

Something about Russian military.

No, it's not Russia.

It's Pentagon.

I seen it already, man.

It's a bomber, it
was announced the news.

You know.

No, man.

Turn on the radio,
it should tell us something.

Turn on the radio.

Has done anything
around this incredible case.

We found something very
similar that happened

on December the ninth,
2010 above the Kremlin.

In the Red Square in Moscow,
exactly the same object.

This was recorded and presented by RT.

- The Kremlin has been circled by a UFO.

Well, that's if you believe
a video which has soared

to the top of YouTube's Russian website.

The pictures apparently
shot from a passing

car have become an online sensation.

Another YouTube clip filmed during

daylight shows a fuzzy gray object

on the skyline near Red Square.

Skeptics, however, say that
if the images were real

the public would have
reported sightings to police

who are currently making no comment.

And in different
media newscasts in Russia,

it was never presented in the US.

And it's exactly the same thing.

And I believe that sighting
has a lot of meaning.

I now know why it was there that day.

That day Donald Trump
signed the memorandum

creating the space combat command,

the US Space Combat
Command that very same day.

Amicizia - friendship was
an experiment carried out

by beings from another
world to try to establish

communication with humans
to help our development

This is very
difficult to understand this.

- Not really so.

I believe it is in the
moment you accept the idea

that the people for other
stars may live here.

Then all comes immediately,
it's quite easy to accept it.

According to Stefano Breccia

Not only was a group established on Earth

a group that they called w56

but there were others
who were given the name

of opposites or the CTR who
had other interests and values

this situation generated a
conflict between both groups

that even caused the death of some involved

they explained to Bruno
Samacicia and Giancarlo De Carlo

that this group of aliens
are on our planet because

they are very concerned
about the destructive attitude

that man on Earth has toward nature

These beings explain that
they are very concerned

about the atomic bomb

that a nuclear weapon,
in the event of a war

could destroy all of
humanity in a few minutes

Then they explained that
they are here to take care of our planet

and possibly humanity

According to the witnesses and
the account of Stefano Breccia

in his book mass contact, all those beings

who participated in amicicia
were moved by the deep morality

and sincere humanism of these beings

unable to imagin even doing
harm to any person or animal

however they liked to eat well,
drink and even smoke sometimes

They liked to play tennis and play
musical instruments such as the violin

it was their decision to
keep this story a secret

even though on some occasions
news about their activity came out

the news was vague and uncertain

According to Stefano Breccia
there were many who suspected

that something was happening but

no one outside the group could
imagine how great and deep

the contact with
extraterrestrial beings was

One of the participants who
prefers to remain anonymous

confessed to the researcher Nicola Duper

that in 2008 there were 200 beings
from the group that was called w56

The w because it meant
life and the 56 for the year

in which the contact was made

a disk is not generally used for
travel but as a mobile laboratory

it is also important to
know that a ship is built and

disassembled at the end of
the task which it was made for

a ship is not a single block but
rather more parts held together

by a force that can be
defined as gravitational

for the humans sometimes it
is not easy to define the type

of technology used by these beings

The technology and every
part of it is so advanced

this it is not conceivable for the poor

Earthlings who struggle to
understand the simplest of things

without complete success
in most cases, another but

very important curiosity, is
that a spacecraft of this type

But also all the others, even
large ones, are built with iron

what we ofter call synthesized

in fact, a small ship like
the one in the photo above

weighs around 15 to 20 tons of iron

The iron that w56 uses is
no different from what we use

except in a quality
inaccessible to us for now

This iron is of the polarized
type, therefore it is capable of

of offering qualities that no amorphous
iron can possess

amorphous, is an electric
abnormality on the atomic level

the amorphous solid, is
a solid that has no form

of its own and lacks
crystaline lattice structure

with a long-range order
of positioned atoms

solids in which there is a long-range
atomic order called crystalline solids

crystalline material metals are difficult
to prepare in an amorphous condition

the solidification process
generally has to be done very quickly

unless the material has a high
melting temperature like ceramic

or a low level of crystallization

what usually happens
with polymers, in the iron from w56

it has crystaline lattice structure

this type of iron is not a thermal
conductor, nor an electric conductor

it is non-magnetic and radiation resistant

But it can be made
transparent by applying an

electromagnetic field
at a certain power level

this peculiarity in fact
explains why flying saucers

are sometimes invisible during sightings

There is more, the transparent
surface can be unilateral

that is only from the
inside out or bilateral

that is from the outside in
and vice versa and in that case

you can see a disk like this

Regarding the bases of these
beings, according to Stefano Breccia

it was widely said that the aliens of w56

had built a huge, very deep
and practical underground base

located at the bottom
of the continental mass

and many more typically
small ones at shallow depths

the large base was a point of
reference for all their European activities

and normally it was
housing machinery

the smaller bases were
used as places for living

they said that they had other
bases withing our solar system

but they were not stable structures

Actually generating or destroying
a base was a very simple process for them

let's think of two linear magnets
initially parallel to eachother

rotating one of them around its
center of gravity the lines of force

will become more and
more intertwined as the angle

between the magnets
increases after a critical attraction

the lines of force of the magnetic field
will change abruptly, arranging themselves

in a new arrangement that
prevents them from twisting too much

Our friends, on the other hand, were able
to generate what they called a magnetic rope

that is, a structure where
the lines of force were

stricly twisted around each other

Such effect had the ability
of opening the matter,

compressing it sideways,
crushing it on itself

translucent walls were almost
crystalline with an astronomical density

an equally high modulus of longitudinal
elasticity and an incredible force

were thus able to open the cavities
that would become their bases

obviously without damaging
in any way the tectonic

structures that surrounded
it, on the contrary

probably by strengthening them,
said structure remained stable as long

as the fields that generated it were active

it was enough to turn off
these fields with click of a button

to immediately return the
matter back to it's original form

similarly they were opening passages to
access their bases when they needed them

closing them immediately when they were no
longer in use, rarely with very small bases

Just below the ground stable corridors were
used in the large bases where also large

ships generally in orbit around our
sun aligned with respect to the ecliptic

at first it seems that there
were three different races

the redheads, the copper-haired
people, the black-haired people

more similar to our indians today,
the third race had greenish-white hair

by the way their skin was
colored similar to their hair

these three races have evolved together
with the passage of time they began

to reproduce between eachother
so that a new race was born

before dying Bruno Sammaciccia told
us some of the most important messages

he had received from the beings called w56

the first words they said were

"this land was made for
good but the men who inhabit it"

"are transforming everything into evil"

"we are not here to conquer,
we have nothing to overcome"

"our interests arise from the fact that"

"your land is within our stars"

Gaspare De Lama participated
in the amicizia project

between 1960 and 1965, I
kept secret some of the evidence

that proves that the case really happened

as the witnesses have assured

Gaspare, because of his closeness
to Bruno Samaciccia, the leader of the

group of humans in Italy,
received photographs and

made some of the films that still exist

Here I am as a young man,
41 years of age, here is Bruno

Sammaciccia? Sammaciccia

in the little green garden
of the village Montesilvano

he always told me, "Don't betray
your memories" It is written in the photo

Gaspare agreed to show
some of the 8mm photographs

and films that he still
has in his possession

do you see this black part here? we called
this "Penachito" this is a small model

of about 4 meters this is model

it was remotely controlled

it does not require a crew member

It had a small detector that
we called "the little mouse"

in additon to the video, we also took
pictures of this craft, it was a kind of...

now I speak in an incorrect non-scientific
way, it was a kind of energy that condenses

I saw that it was on the surface, I
don't know what kind of energy it was

It is in an irregular way, here you
see it and here it does not come off

in these photos the energy appears
and dissappears, in the same disk

this disk followed us until we
got close to Milan in these photos

we are taking this photo from an open field

we had an appointment with this disk

by the w56 to record
it with photos and film

This disk here, it was a gift
from them to me, they said

"you will see the technology we have"

They lived most of their time in
their huge underground bases but

some of them lived among
us within our society playing

all kinds of roles in the world

One was a university researcher,
another the managing director of a fairly

important textile company
in the center of Italy

a third was a senior manager at one of
the largest German telecommunications

companies names T.L.C

But the most important difference between
all the contact stories that can be read

is the role that we Earthlings play in
the eyes of our counterparts from off world

this was expressed many times that
we inhabitants of this distressed planet

enjoy unique psychic abilities
while we are unaware of it

the w56 said this ability was one
of the main reasons they came here

"often it was even fun for us to
watch these people with such"

"fantastic technology by their side"

"begging our help in particular
operations against their enemies"

and when the story came to an abrupt end

it was because of a failure on our part

when most of the earthlings got
scared or simply fooled by the enemy

then we stopped supporting the w56
friends, this development was enough

to endanger them by reducing
their superiority against their enemies

they had to stop their operations
here and retreat to their origins

however they promised
to return in the future

in a surprising way, Emelio
appeared at an event where

Piere Giorgio Caria and
Jaime Maussan would present

evidence of their research

and agreed after having repeatedly
refused to discuss the amicizia case

The amicizia case is true,
there are people who have

traveled from another world

it is not true that they left in 1978

because a small group is still here

the basis of this story is true
but not very pleasant things

have happened in the
sense of human relationships

humans know themselves, it is not
defined by materialism and spirituality

Gaspare was the only one left in the group

I decided to stay, because I felt this way

the amicizia case, it
is truely extraordinary

things have happened and they are true.

Have you learned the way
of my friend's teachings?

There are three types of
writings, one of the blue people

another of the giants

and another of the dwarfs

it is something similar to an alphabet

which I have been able to learn

because I have an unusual sensitivity

this is how I was able
to read their writings

do you understand them completely
or is this how you interpret them?

That's right, Bruno replied to
me a lot because he has seen

me speak to them in their own language

they haven't spoken to many others

Bruno told me one thing within the
framework of laws

of his federation, what we could call
cosmic laws, something that they lived by

otherwise we would be worse
off, but we agreed that they would not

intervene with our history

There are laws where if you want
something sooner or later, this is achieved

without intervention

but I think, and I feel that they can
intervene, I don't know in what way though

very light intervention and

within the
limits in which they can be accepted

they need the presence of a

significant number of the population

like when a teacher
arrives who was summoned

and a god or supreme being

gives the people what they need

I think a significant mass is required

they will then act at the
limit of their intervention

without intervening with our freedom

as when you are a child and they tell you

that you should not
touch that electrical outlet

but the second time,
the child know that he

should not touch it for his own good

I remember that on the
day that I was with Jaime Maussan

and Joseph Garofalo, they were
very important collaborators of mine

Garofalo was a very
capable computer analyst

with which we analyzed the
photographs and videos of amicizia

and we were going with
Jaime and Garofalo to the city

where the house of the
Virgin Mary is located

the city of Loretto that
was transpired there

tells the story by the angels
and while we were on the road

on the highway Garofalo watched

he saw that we were followed
by a saucer and unfortunately

he was able to record video at the
moment when the saucer was already very

far away, but by analyzing this video

the object is very similar
to the amicizia objects

greet us? we do not know but it is another
interesting fact that we can add to this

incredible story, maybe
another will come out

but not until today

at least as I already said
about another protagonist

who is Emilio, he did
not accept to go out to

the public and gave us an
interview, he is also very old but

perhaps in the future
other material will come out

- They know, the security agencies know

that sooner or later one of
these cases is gonna go out.

It's gonna be on YouTube
and it's gonna be recorded

by different people at the same time.

Just consider for one second.

If the Zimbabwe incident
in September, 1994

if this happens now with all the kids

with a cell phone, with a camera.

Can you imagine five, 10
kids recording the same

presenting them the same day

in the afternoon on YouTube
all around the world?

How could you describe this?

The agencies are ready to give up.

You have to remember John Podesta talking

where he said he wrote in a tweet,

the only thing that I regret working

for Obama is that I could
not open the ET phenomenon.

And he became the manager, the chief

of the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

And she said, "I'm going to open this."

And I was rooting for her

because I knew she was gonna do it.

I know the Pentagon, I know
the military were ready

because they cannot keep
these secrets so much longer.

One of these days it's gonna
come up, it's gonna blow.

The Chinese now have an
incredible radio telescope

for one kilometer in
diameter, something like that.

And they are looking for
signals and they are looking

and everyone, everyone is
looking for life there.

Europeans, the Indians, everyone.

This is changing so fast.

You are gonna have the big telescopes

like ALMA in Chile or other
telescopes are gonna look

to the infrastructure
of different planets.

They're gonna look for cities.

They're gonna look for
satellites around the planets.

The James Webb telescope that is gonna be

on orbit on 2020 or '21 is
gonna look for infrastructure.

There is not much time for the agencies.

They have to open.

The first try was on December 16th, 2017

when The New York Times
presented this information

and Luis Elizondo from the
Pentagon came up and said,

"I'm resigning there because
I want this to be open"

and they presented
three incredible videos.

And nobody has been
able to discredit that.


Then what happens?

We have the evidence right there.

It's the first time they tried something.

And we know there are people
investigating materials.

And I think very soon we will
have a big surprise coming

from the agencies.

They better do because one of these days

there is gonna be a case
that they won't be able

to control as they did in the past.

Other material, other people, I
know they exist, that some of them

are alive but it is a hope
more than a certainty