Humanity and Paper Balloons (1937) - full transcript

The lives of two slum neighbors, one of a happy-go-lucky gambler and the other of a poor ronin, converge when the two get involved with the affairs of a powerful samurai official and his gangsters.

Toho presents

A Photo-Chemical Laboratories ...

... and Zenshin-za Production


Written by MlMURA Shintaro

Directed by YAMANAKA Sadao

Cinematography by MlMURA Akira
Music by OTA Tadashi

Art Director: KUBO Kazuo
Artistic Supervisor: lWATA Sentaro



BANDO Choemon

lCHlKAWA Emitaro

KlRlTACHl Noboru,
YAMAGlSHl Shizue

Out of the way!

Stand watch!

What's going on?

What happened?

He hanged himself.

Good morning.

What happened?

Kane, what happened?
Who hanged himself?

Morning! lt's a bad start
to a day, a suicide.

You can't leave now.

Why not? What have l done?

l know, nobody's blaming you.

Kinya, wait until we've finished

That's too bad.

lt's a sunny day.

First good weather for three days,
and there's a suicide.

Turn around,
they won't let you leave.

What are you talking about?

l can go wherever l want!

Ah ... maybe l will stay in.

Don't want to answer
any questions ...

Why are you back?

There's an investigation,
l have to wait.

Pity, it's a nice day.

Why did he kill himself?

lt rained yesterday, he
could have done it then.

Fool! lf you were going
to die ...

... what would you care
about the weather?

That samurai should have
slit his belly.

But he was old.

Still, it was a disgrace
to hang himself.

He had no swords.

He carried a long one!

Yes, made of bamboo.

Couldn't cut his belly with that.

Get out of here!

Noisy brats!

You take tenants without

No surety either?

l didn't expect this.

Didn't you ask for one?

Of course l did.

l asked him for one, but ...

My wife is stupid!

l'm not interested in
her stupidity.

Your tenants are always
giving us trouble.

But ...

Anyway, report to the office.


The landlord's in for it!

Don't stand there gawping!

Your manners are deplorable!

lsn't this a moment for grief?

Why are you laughing, fool?

You're hopeless.

You may be blind,
but you aren't deaf

You were right next door,
but you heard nothing?

l didn't know ...

You should have known!

Who lives here?

Shinza, the hairdresser.

The noise hasn't woken him.

Shinza, wake up!

Can't you hear me?

ls he out?

No, he's there.

Who is it?

Forgotten your landlord?
Get up!

ls that you, sir?
What's wrong?

How can you sleep through
all this?

All what, sir?


Shinza, you disappoint me.

Didn't think you were
such a coward!

You kept as quiet as a
borrowed cat.

You should've said something.

l couldn't get a word in!


Hello, Landlord - Gen.
-Are you alright?

Of course ...
How's business?

Slow ... l started late today
and l've sold only five.


Forget the stupid goldfish!


Damn it, what is a goldfish?

Have you gone mad?

l've been singing ''Goldfish!''
all morning.

l forget what they are
and who l am.


Move away, you noisy man.

Landlord, what if l have a drink
while l can't think straight?

How should l know?

l've never had the chance.

Shall we hold a wake for
the samurai?

A wake?

His soul will still be here tonight.

Good idea!

He was your neighbour,
he'll be grateful for a wake.

Good, then give us five bottles.

Five bottles of what?

Sake, of course.

Will five be enough?

There you are.

Probably not!

We'll manage ...
He was our neighbour, after all.

Five bottles.

Fool, why should l buy you sake?

lt's for his soul.

Have the wake without sake!
That'd be better.

lt's the third suicide here.

They say the lane is haunted.

A party will liven the place up.

lt'll help you get a new tenant.

He's right, and for only
five bottles of sake.

lsn't that great?

A bad omen!

Join us, Unno-san.

No, l don't drink.

Shinza, l can see a halo
over your head!

Don't worship me, l'm
no saint on a cross!

Not on a cross,
a real, live saint!

l'm glad to have you as
my neighbour! Have another cup.

We're out of sake for the saint.

Aren't they amazing?
lt's a party, not a wake.

Aren't they sorry for the dead man?

We should do this once a month!

lt rejuvenates us.

That's true.

Why don't you do it next month?

Me? Do what?

Hang yourself!

We'll all be grateful.

Gen! You took my fish!

That's why you sit beside me.

You think l can't see?

l know, it's Yoshichi.

What's the point of covering
a blind man's eyes, fool?

ls he really blind?

Look, a blind man smoking!

Say, Yoshichi...

Can't a blind man smoke?

Why not?

Can you tell me?

lsn't everyone enjoying themselves?

Hello, Landlord.

Don't drum on the bowls,
you'll bring the dead man back.

Sit down here, Landlord.

We're almost out of sake.

What? You drunken wretches ...

You're a fine man
Giving us five bottles for the party.

Party? What party?

l mean the wake.

Actually, it's all the same

You'll pay the price for it

Behaving like this ...

Who bought this fish?

l did, at the restaurant.

Whoever prepared it ...

Fish isn't good when it's
sliced this thin.

l don't like it

Quite right!

You heard?
lt's sliced too thin.

Order more fish and sake
from the restaurant.

But not so thin-sliced
this time.

No need to pay, it's the
Landlord's order.

Thank you, Landlord!

l told you! You drank too much.

Give me some water.

He always gets a hangover
when the drinks are free.

He's like a toad when he
throws up ... disgusting!

Good morning.

Have you seen my pipe anywhere?

You've lost your pipe?

Didn't you see it last night?
My silver pipe?

l didn't.

Strange, l left it somewhere
last night.

Maybe Gen stole it!
That must be it!

What are you saying?
l stole your pipe?

Gen, is that you?

You're always blaming me
when you lose things.

Don't be angry.

You were beside me,
l thought you might know.

l've no idea, l wasn't
watching your pipe.

So what's that in your mouth?

This? Well ...

You can't see, can you?

No, but l can hear ... There's
something in your mouth.

lt's a toothpick.

A toothpick, not your pipe.

Which is Shinza's place?

Shinza? That one.

Go round the back.

Please, may l hide?
-What's wrong?

He's gone!

Where did he go?

What's he done?

We'll cut him into pieces
when we catch him!

We'll come back later.

Tell him Yatagoro's men
will get him.

Thank you! They've gone.


Be careful, use the front door.

lt's all right.

Will you go out now, dear?

Yes, it's about time.

Good morning.

Come out, everyone,
you're needed here.

l've made some lots ...
Draw one each.

What for?

No questions, just draw one.

A gift?
-Who knows?

You're being kind!

Let me draw one.

Not for you, blind man.

Why not?

What's this?

Acircle ... What does it mean?
Agold coin?

lt's cleaning duty.

l've got a circle too.

lt reads ''carry''.

''Carry'' ... What do we have
to carry, Landlord?

l got ''carry'' too.

Carry the coffin to the temple.

The coffin?

Mr Mori!
Aren't you Mr Mori?

Do l know you?

Have you forgotten?
l'm Matajuro Unno.


Matabei Unno's son.

l remember ...
Mr Unno's son.

lt's been a long time!
How's your family?

Fine, thank you ...

How is your father?

He died last year.

Dead? l'm sorry,
l didn't know.

You've been in Edo since
his death?

l'm a poor man, as you see,
l'm ashamed of myself.

l'm living in Edo now, so
visit my house some day.

Thank you, sir.

To tell the truth, since l
heard you moved to Edo ...

... l've visited your house often,
but you were never in.

ls that so?
Sorry, l'm a busy man.


Mr Mori ...

l have a request.

My father wrote you a letter
before he died.

l have it here ...
Would you please read it?

l'm sorry, l'm busy today.

l'll read it when you visit
my house.

Excuse me ...

Mr Mori ...

l shouldn't ask, but ...

l look shabby, so your guards
don't admit me.

They won't allow me to see you.

No, that cannot be true.

You must be mistaken.

Come tomorrow.

Mr Mori, it won't take long.

l can explain as we walk.

But this is where l'm going.

ls that so?

Then l'll wait here until
you've finished.

lt will take some time.

l don't mind waiting.


lt's Mori-san ...

Good day, Mr Mori.

Your father?

He's waiting inside ...
Do come in.

Mr Mori, l'll wait here.

You're with someone?

Clerk, l'll wait here.

Please do.

Offer him a cushion.

No need, thank you.

l've been expecting you,
Mr Mori

Thank you for being so kind

Shall we invite in your

You have a companion?

Bring him in.

No, he's not actually
with me.

He's bothering me.

He's a member of your clan?

He used to be, but now
he's a ronin. Masterless.

We met in the road and he
started pleading with me ...

Can you help me get rid of him?
By force, if necessary.

l understand.

Kyubei, ask Yatagoro to
send some men.

Yes, sir.

We have trouble with cheats and
criminals in the pawn shop too.

What times we live in!


Go to the herbalist at the

Ask them to send the usual
medicine quickly.

Okinu, call Chushichi

Mr Mori is here, Miss Okoma.

Call him!

But Mr Mori is here ...

l want Chushichi!

Yes, Miss.

No samurai could marry the
daughter of a merchant.

lt would be a disgrace.

Just so.

And so l'm taking Miss Okoma
as my foster daughter.

l understand, sir, thank you.

You want me?

Chushichi, l have a problem.

Mr Mori is here ...

That's the problem.

Come and greet him,
everyone's waiting for you.

What are you saying?

Your father and grandfather
are there too.


What's wrong?

You're mean.

Shall we go through?

Stop pretending!
Are you making fun of me?

But Mr Mori is waiting ...

You know what he's here
to talk about?



l don't know.

The groom is the son of
a noble samurai.


Chushichi, are you serious?

Fine, l'll go and tell them
the truth!

No, l was joking!


Clerk, what's going on?

Who are they?

l'm telling you to get out!


l'm not trying to cheat
or blackmail you.

l'm just waiting for Mr Mori.

Tell me outside!

This is a respectable pawn shop!
You're in the way!

Wait! l need to speak with
Mr Mori!


You want a fight?


What do you want?

Damn you!

Why did you run away?

l didn't ...

lsuke, what have l done?

Don't play the innocent,
we have proof

Come and face the boss.

l'm back.

Welcome home.

You're early today.

What happened?

Nothing ... l tripped
on a stone.

Be more careful.

lt's nothing, it doesn't hurt.

l grazed my arm.

Was Mr Mori there?

l met him on the way.

We talked as we walked,
but very briefly.

He's busy, couldn't spare
me much time.

He wants to see me tomorrow.

Otaki, can l have supper now?


Did you give him the letter?

No, l'll take it to his house

l'll bring good news tomorrow,
don't worry.

He can't refuse me when he's
read the letter.

He didn't reach his position
without help.

My late father's support
was crucial.

He wouldn't have been
promoted without it.

He'll remember that, and
he'll be glad to help me.

The ointment is in the
sewing box.

l see.

lt does hurt a bit.

Thank you for your help.

Strangers come in, expecting
to borrow against worthless junk.

We're at your service.

Our men are always ready.

Thank you very much.

A small token of our gratitude,
for your men.

You're too generous.

Your master is always too kind.

He should be here himself ...
Please accept this.

lt's too much.

Tell him l'm grateful.

Chushichi ...

You can join our party tonight.

At Genta's place.

Thank you, sir.

You like gambling, l know.

You know your limits,
you're a careful gambler.

You're kind to say so ...

But the shop keeps me
very busy.

Not to mention the girls!
You're handsome! They like you.

You're joking!
-Don't deny it.

l've heard people talking.

l'll join you if l have time.

Tell your employers how
grateful l am.

Give them my respects.

Thank you ...
So l'll be leaving now.

Excuse me.

Shinza! You know
why you're here?

Well, do you?

l don't think l need to
tell you.

You can't hide from us!

Look up!

That's better.

You think l'm a scarecrow
or something?

You held a gambling party
in my territory?

Shouldn't we punish him?

Come on, Shinza!

Don't ...

He's not worth the trouble.

But he needs punishment.
-Never mind.

Shinza ...

Answer me!

So you can hear and speak!

You deserve severe
punishment, but ...

... there's no need to punish
an amateur like you.

l'll forgive you.

Thank you ...
l'm sorry ...

You and your gambling party!

You're a hairdresser!

Stick to your own trade!

Shinza, are we safe?

l hear Boss Yatagoro
nabbed you.

What can he do to me?

This is his territory ...

Gambling's illegal, anyway
Don't worry.

lt's Jin ...


Jin! Be quiet!

Want some noodles?

No! Shut up!

But you have customers there.

Please, master.

Who are you talking to?

Master Shinza.

You're impossible!

All right, put out that light
and bring some up.

Thank you
-Quiet! Put out the light!


No light?

l've sold out, l'm sorry.

Sold out?

Who are those bowls for?
Who ordered them?

Well ... somebody ...

Shinza lives here, doesn't he?

lt's Shinza!
He's doing it again!

l'm sorry ...

Mr Mori doesn't know you.


You can have this letter back.

Wait! Please wait ...

Did Mr Mori say he didn't
know me?

That makes no sense.

lt can't be true.

l saw him yesterday,
we talked for a while.

He asked me to come
here today.

That's why l'm here.

Please tell him again that
it's Matabei Unno's son.

Remind him we met

Sorry about that trouble,
old man.


They wrecked my place
last night.

Sorry about that ...
l'll make it up to you.

No ... How about you?

l fled across the roofs.

Give me a drink.

What happened, Shinza?


What'll you have to eat?

Anything will do.

You'd better lie low.

lf Yatagoro's men catch you,
there'll be hell to pay.

Not too hot, old man.

Mr Unno!

What a surprise!

Won't your wife scold you
for coming here?

That was terrible yesterday.

Outside the pawn shop.

You know about that?

l'm ashamed of myself,
they caught me off guard.

Let's drink together, Mr Unno.

l should go home now.

Not so soon.

Thanks anyway
But l've had enough.

Old man, how much is it?

Never mind.

l'll pay later, then.

No need for that.

How much is it?

The trouble is, he's
still a proud man.

That's right.

l'll drink with you instead.

You're a clever one!

l like Mr Unno when
he drinks here.

He's like one of us,
more or less.

Can you lend me two ryo?

Two ryo?

No, l paid the liquor store
this morning.

Shinza, you want to hold
another gambling party?

l lost everything last night,
l'm broke.

l'll pawn something.

Old man, can you go to
my place?

Find my hairdressing tools
in the cupboard.

-Bring them here.

You want to go back to

Good evening.


Sorry, l'm disturbing you.

Your master is out?

l'm afraid l've intruded.

Not at all!

You don't need to be shy,
l completely understand.

No-one else is here?

Sorry, they're all out.

That's convenient.

l want to pawn this ...
Lend me two ryo.

l need it right away.

Hairdressing tools ...
No value.

Don't turn me down,
l need the money.

No questions, no buts,
just approve the loan.

You say ''no value'',
but they're valuable to me.

l'll pay it back quickly.

We give loans only against
items of general value.

Not on things like that.


Business is business ...
No loan.

lt means to me what a
sword means to a samurai.

You gamble too, you must
understand my problem.

Oh, shouldn't have mentioned
that here ...

A slip of the tongue.

How could you say that?
You disgrace our shop!

Forgive me!
Nobody else heard.

l'm back, sir.

Quick, go to the herbalist.

The herbalist?

Hurry, l want the usual

Can't you reconsider?

l see, l'm wasting my time.

l thought you'd understand.

But you turned me down ...
l'll leave.

You could bring
something else.

Those tools are no better than
old wooden shoes.

What are you saying?

Shinza, go home quickly ...
while you still can.

Chushichi ...

Give him the loan.

lt's only two ryo.

No thanks!

l'm not a beggar! What
do you know about money?

You think it grows on trees,
don't you?

Shinza! Stop!

You can't get away!

They're fighting!

Boss Yatagoro is here.

What have you done, Chushichi?

l taught him a small lesson.

How does that feel, Shinza?

You're lucky to be alive!


Change your pipe stems!

l need a new stem ...

By the way, that silver
pipe of yours ...

l lost it.

l know who took it!
Shall l tell you?

l already know,
it was Gen.

lf you know, why don't
you get it back?

To be frank, it needs a
new stem.

The old one keeps clogging.

Gen will replace the stem,
and then l'll take it back.

So you're one step ahead
of him!

Won't you go out today?

Yes, l will.

l gave the letter to Mr Mori,
so l'll go to see him.

l'd like to visit my sister
in Mukojima.

l haven't seen her for some time.


l'll go today, if you don't mind.

All right ... stay there for
a few days.

l'll come back tomorrow.

No, it's time you took a rest.

You don't look well.

Don't worry about me,
l can cook for myself.

There are some coins in
the sewing box.

Don't drink too much.

Drinking will affect your
health again.

You knew l'd had a drink

l see, l'm sorry l didn't
tell you.

Mr Mori forced me to drink.

l only had a little.

l won't drink again.

lt took me so long to regain
my health.

No drinks.

No work today?

l'm waiting for the festival

That's right, it's a festival day.

What the ...?

The festival? Hope it
doesn't rain tonight!

l knew there'd be bad weather.

lt's pouring!

What shall we do?

lt won't stop soon.

Chushichi, what are you
going to do?

Wait here, l'll go fetch
an umbrella for you.

Who needs an umbrella?

Let's go home.

l'll get that umbrella,
wait here.

-l'll be back.

Chushichi is a fool!

Miss Okoma?

What are you doing here?
No umbrella?

l'll take you home.

Such a snob!

Oh, it's raining.

You'd better wait.

No, l have to see the
groom's father.

Then l'll find a sedan
-We can look together.

Chomatsu! Here!

Wait inside, sir.

Thank you.

Mr Mori!

lt's me, Matajuro Unno.

Oh, it's you ...
You surprised me.

Forgive me.

When we met ...

... you told me to visit your
house the next day.

So l went there.

But your guard wouldn't
listen to me.

He wouldn't let me see you.

l had to leave.

That's why l've waited to
catch you like this.

Forgive my sudden appearance.

Mr Mori, please listen to me.

You're wetting my clothes!

l'm sorry, forgive me.

You're very persistent!
l'm busy this evening.

Come tomorrow.


l will.

Thank you.

Mr Mori, l'll come to your
house at eight in the morning.

ls that all right?
Eight in the morning.

Please tell your guard my
name: Matajuro Unno.

Please instruct him to
receive me.

Please don't forget to tell
him to let me in.

Let me help you.

My regards to him, sir.

Tomorrow morning at eight.


Don't come to my house.

Don't approach me
on the street.


Mr Mori! Wait!

ls Miss Okoma back?

No, l thought she was
with you.

Here, your tip.

l won't ask you to keep
this a secret.

ln fact, tell the pawn shop
people that she's here.

Tell other people too!

Okoma ...

Don't be afraid.

Be quiet, and l won't harm you.

lf you cry out, you'll get hurt.

Where are you going?


Let go of me!
Chushichi, help me!

Shinza ...

What's going on?

Mr Unno.

Aren't you asleep?

lt's nothing.

But l heard a woman crying.

You heard her?

That's why l told her to
keep quiet.

She may make some noise,
so please be patient.

l don't mind, but
what's the matter?

l brought her here ...
Okoma from the pawn shop.

You mean Kuzaemon's daughter?

Yes! You've heard the rumours,
haven't you?

She's going to marry the son
of a noble samurai.

Excuse me.

l see.

Shinza, what's this all about?

This way! Hurry!

What's going on?
Something wrong?

What's happened?

Did someone hang himself?

Where have you hidden her?
-Hidden? Who?

Shinza, let's be frank.

lf it was just any girl ...

... we'd kill you and take
her home.

But she's an important person.

Her father wants her brought
home discreetly.

Don't make me lose face,
let me take her home.

Sorry to disappoint you,
but l refuse.

What are you saying?

Don't push your luck!
You punk!

You say you refuse, Shinza,
but you can't be so proud.

Kidnapping is a serious crime.

Whatever's going on in your head,
think of your own safety!

You're breaking the law!

Come on, Shinza.

Better make a deal
while you still can.

Let me settle it ...
Here, with my compliments.

Take this money.

Boss, what's this for?
What do you want to buy?

Five ryo is enough!

Keep your nose out of this!

l have no reason to
accept this.

Take it back.

You won't accept it?

You mean five ryo isn't enough?

Her father Kuzaemon should
have come here himself.

l don't want to deal with you.

Are you picking a fight?
This is Yatagoro, you know!

ls that all you had to say?

''Kidnapping is a crime'' ...
as if l kidnapped her!

lt's true that the girl came
here last night.

But it wasn't a crime,
it was a love affair.

We promised to marry
each other someday.

But she's been promised to
a samurai's family.

So she ran away to be
with me.

Who'd believe that story!

You'll never know, sourpuss.

''Sourpuss'' he called him!

Shinza got that right!

l'm staying calm because
it's not worth fighting you.

But if you insist ...

l know.

You're a specialist in
fighting and gambling.

You use force to solve
problems ... but not this time.

Love is not your province.

Enough fancy talk,
make yourself clear!

You refuse, no matter what?

lt depends.

You mean five ryo isn't

l'm not as cheap as you!

l don't want money.

l want you to ...

You want him to what?

... shave your head.

Shave your head like a monk.

And say ''Forgive me, Shinza,
l was wrong''

Then Okoma is yours.

Her father said to be discreet.

He wants the gang boss to
shave his head! Amazing!

He knows we can't lay a
hand on him, damn him!

Shinza, you'll be sorry!

Get out!

Shinza, did you really
bring the girl here?

Where have you hidden her?
Let me take a look at her!

What's this nonsense?

He did that? Great!
l'm proud of my tenants.

They know how to make

lt's the landlord!

Good morning.


Oto! Jin! Let Shinza be
an example to you!

This is why l care for you
so much! Follow his example!

Get out!

Shinza, l hear you've done
a great thing.

Good morning, Landlord.

l admire you, you've
got guts.

''Beat a famous man and you'll
be more famous yourself''

You flatter me.

You threw back Yatagoro's
money? Great!

He's scum.

That's right,
don't let him scare you.

lt was a cheap offer.

Five ryo! How stingy!

He'd certainly get much
more than that himself.

How much are you
holding out for?

l don't want any money.

What? Don't tell me
you don't want money!

Why else did you kidnap her?

Because l don't like to see
a master acting like a king.

You'll give her back?

Of course... if the
clerk comes himself.

Keep your voice down, fool!

You'll go blind if you
say such things!

lf they cast pearls before you,
pick them up!

Maybe that's why l went blind!
Didn't pick up the pearls!

Shut up! Don't stand there,
go away!

Shinza, leave it to me ...
l'll settle the matter.

Where is the girl, anyway?

l should see her before
l go to the pawn shop.

Where is she?

Act your age!

You're too old for
young girls.

She's important! Don't let
a mouse bite her nose!

Where is she?

Never you mind.

All right.

But l warn you, Shinza,
don't hurt her!

Don't you worry.

She's not a chicken ...
lf she dies, she's worthless.

You realise that?

Where can she be?


This is very embarrassing.

l'm sorry.

The groom's father will
be furious.

l'm finished.

Yatagoro's men are here, sir.

They're back?

Don't worry, Mr Mori,
they're back.

Miss Okoma's back safely!

Yatagoro didn't convince him?

lt's our fault.

We underestimated him,
he's really tough.


Where is she?
ls she safe?

Great Master ...

What happened?

They failed

What? Failed?

Yatagoro failed?

As it happens, things didn't
go as well as planned ...

Shinza was unreasonable ...
We lost our tempers.

l apologise.

How could you come back

Where's Yatagoro?
l want to see him.

He lost face ... He's so
ashamed, he can't see you.

As a token of apology,
we'll kill Shinza.

Fool! Who asked you
to kill him?

l asked Yatagoro to bring
Okoma back safely.

What if she gets hurt?
What if she dies?

Good morning!

Nice day, isn't it?

Please bring her.


Landlord ...

Don't say anything, just
hand over the girl

Take her away!
She's next door.

Mr Unno, thank you for
keeping her! Let her go!

She's at Mr Unno's?

Come over!

She's at Mr Unno's.


He's not such a bad man,
after all! Let's get you home.

You'll be stronger for this

lf this happened more often,
l'd be rich!


Out of my way!
Don't stare at her!

What are you staring at,
blind man?

Thank you
-Don't mention it! Off you go!

Step outside, Shinza,
they're all talking about you.

You got the better of
Boss Yatagoro.

lt's good to know that his
name is so small now.

l'm proud of you.
-Why are you flattering me?

l always thought you had

Look, her father gave me
fifty ryo.

You took his money?

Of course, that's why l
stepped in!

l did it from pride,
not for money.

You don't want money?

l do, if you pay me

lt's always nice to look
at gold coins.

Come on, Shinza,
let's have a game.

What for?

First pick.

You want half of it?

Of course!

You're too greedy.

Seeing the money
makes you greedy.

You said you didn't
want any of it!

But half is too much.

Shinza, think about it.

What if the police had
become involved?

l brokered the deal.

l let you be so that
l could collect my share.

Understand? Now, let's play.

Winner picks first.

How silly!
l'm not playing.

Give up?
-You win.

That's more like it! Good man.

l'll take my share first.

l'll buy sake ...
Let's have a party!

Just what l wanted to hear.

To the restaurant!

Jin! Shinza's buying sake!

Too bad l just ate.

You're not coming?

Who says l'm not?

Mr Unno ...
Join us for a drink.

No thank you
-Come on ...

This is your share.

Take it, Mr Unno.

No, l didn't ...

Take it! Now, come on.

Mr Unno made it possible ...

Gen, l don't want you
sitting beside me again!

Shut up!

Don't say that, just have
a drink with us.

You can't refuse us.

Shinza, it's on you.

l never dreamed Mr Unno
would be involved.

l thought better of him.

He looks decent, but he's
as bad as the rest of them.

Samurai are wicked
these days ...

No better than my man.

All men are scoundrels.

l'm sick of them.

l'm afraid l was too hasty.

l could have got another
ten or twenty out of them.

Your greed has no end.

That's not the point.

The samurai named Mori
fell to pieces.

His face went as pale as wax.

He prostrated himself and
begged me to help.

Really? The samurai named

He prostrated himself
and begged you?

That's funny ...

Shinza knew our weakest

We didn't know what to do.

Sorry l brought you into it.

But we couldn't go to
the police.

Fifty ryo wasn't much to pay.

True, and she's safe now
Fifty ryo wasn't much.

She must have been shocked.

She's asleep.

You'd better let her rest
for a while.

Your medicine, Miss Okoma.


ls Mr Mori still here?

l was wrong, Miss Okoma.

Let's run away and live

Mr Unno ...

Don't leave so soon,
have another drink.

You're not a bit drunk.

l'll come back ... My wife
may be home by now.

l'll check, and then come back.

Make sure you do!

You have my word.


What do you want?

Come with us.

Where to?
-Enmado Bridge.

Enmado Bridge?
Wait there for me.

Don't think of running away.

Listen, everyone, l have to
go somewhere.

l'll be back later.

Where are you going?
Are you running away?

l thought you'd think that.

Keep this for me, old man.

Drink as much as you want,
the old man has my money.

What a generous man!

Where are you going?

Enmado Bridge.

lf you're going there,
could you do me a favour?

l borrowed an umbrella
from Sagami-ya last night.

Would you return it for me?

All right, l will.

You're back ...

When did you get here?

Your sister and her family,
were they fine?

l'm glad to hear it.

Are they dry?

lt was hot last night.

l went to the festival.

l'm sorry ...

Have you eaten?

Where have you been?

l went to Mr Mori's house,
but there was trouble.

Mr Mori was furious.

Not with me.

Maybe you've heard ...

He takes care of the pawn
shop owner's daughter.

She's going to marry a
samurai's son.

But things didn't go
to his plan.

My request will be put aside
for a while.

l'm unlucky.

But don't worry ...

He finally read my
father's letter.

Everything will be all right.

l gave him the letter,
don't worry.

Men, stay back.

Shinza, prepare to die!

lsuke, don't forget to
return the umbrella.

To Sagami-ya, on the
other side of the bridge.

Adouble suicide!

Out of the way!

Where's the landlord?

Boy, fetch the landlord.

Where are you going?

The landlord's house.

All right, fetch him.