Human Zoo (2009) - full transcript

In Marseille, the young Serbian-Albanian Adria Shala is an illegal immigrant traumatized by her past. Every now and then Adria recalls her life in Kosovo, when she was saved from rape by a deserter called Srdjan Vasiljevic in 1999. They move to Belgrade where Srdjan becomes a gangster, dealing weapons and becoming an assassin. Adria learns how to shoot and helps Srdjan with his work at first, becoming his mistress later.

Help me! Oh my God, Srdjan!
Help me!

Give me your knife!

Fuck you! You son of a bitch.
I'll kill you!

- I don't have it.
- Find something!

- Down the hall! Get some fucking ice!
- Help me, please!

Miss, not that way.

Section's clear.

This section is clear.
Only women getting water.

Orders to take them. Even Shqiptare
whores are to be moved.

Is this how you want
all women treated'?

Do your job.

Check my sights.
They must be off.

Oh, I get it. You think I only want
to help you so I can fuck you.

Well, let's get that out of the way.

Of course I want to fuck you.

Most guys would.
And some girls.

But they I promise never to try to
annoy you with sexual advances.

You already know what I'm thinking.
I just want to hang out with you!

You still look good to me!

Still, still.

Wait that's a French word isn't it'?
Does it mean how I'm using it'?

Still. Still!

Bonjour, Adria.

Thank you.
From the bakery by your work'?

- Do you want some'?
- No, thank you.

Adria, come!

It's okay. I just stopped by to say hi.
I will have to go.

Why'? A date'?

Adria, I'll walk out with you then.

I exhausted every legal avenue.

Srdjan Vasiljevic is wanted
for war crimes no less.

If you apply for asylum...

you know better than I
your association will come out

This is not a dilemma of moral.
This is my life.

I'm in the cracks.
I don't care about rules.

Until they suit you'?

One of the problems my agency
has to address, but hasn't:

People born in Corsica
are French nationals.

The separatist pride...

which I'm sure you know all about...

keeps many natives from
ever leaving the island.

Unscrupulous people sell their
legal birth certificates.

But a resourceful person
can find one...

and use it to acquire
a legal passport.

Funny how a government
deemed unfit...

makes you so.

I hate these fuckers!
There are assholes everywhere.

I hate anyone shooting at me.

- What the fuck are we doing here'?
- This is our land, right'?

Our land'?

Just because they bred like rats and
overpopulated it doesn't make it theirs.

You're right.

They're right too.

We need to kill every single
ignorant animal.

I agree. You should start with my
ignorant neighbors in Novi Sad.

You're not devoted, private!
You don't have what it takes.

We are better than these Shqiptare.
We're the superior race.

I think I'm better than everyone.

Fuck your race!

Get the commander!

What the fuck is this?

The eyes of the world.

What was that'?

Someone's supplying with
heavier weapons.

You and your gang must be
losing the PR campaign.

My new mandate.
No purebreds.

That one's already mixed.
I'll make a new breed.

You want a go at it while
I start on the little one'?

Or you can find us some back up.

Back up now.

You jealous?
You want to clean her filth from me'?

Get away!

He's a traitor! He freed the prisoners!
Kill 'em all!

Milan no!
She's out.

She's tied.

tell the others I'm deserting.

Let someone else come after me, if you
don't want to have to try and kill me.

Do you think Mr. Barr is cute'?

I hate mustaches!

I do. He looks like he's got
a body under his suit.

I saw you strutting and
throwing your look.

During the lesson she was like this.

You're crazy.

He wouldn't know what
to do with me anyway.

The only thing he can
get from you is fired.

- You help me'?
- Of course.

- Is it good'?
- Yes, it is.

I can't bare myself.
It's awful to live with me!

She agrees with you.

Howdy, hottie.
Want an alibi'?

Did you ask him'?

Excuse me, sir'? My wife and I are
looking for the Museum of Art.

I don't understand.

I'm sorry.
Where's the Museum of Art'?


Are you English?

We are looking for the Museum of Art.
It's somewhere around here...

I don't understand.

That was fun.

Peanut butter!
You're American.

- I'm Shawn. You are'?
- What's wrong with you'?

Best defense... I saved your life
and that's how you thank me'?

- You didn't save my life.
- Yes, I did.

- I'm being sarcastic.
- Thank you.

If you leave now without leaving
me taking you to dinner...

I'm calling the cops.

It's a joke.

I don't trust you. Why'd you say that
if you don't mean it'? It's not funny.

I thought it was pretty funny.

- The look on your face is...
- Please don't call the police.

Stop. Wait. The reason that
I helped you is because...

Fuck that guy! I wanted you to see
I want to hang out with you.

I don't want you to trust me.

Let me take you to dinner and
you can decide by my actions.

Ice cream.

You swallowed it'?

I didn't mean to, but it happened.
I took what I could and now I'm here

He was a pretty bad guy, huh'?

Not so bad. The stories seem much
worse when we hear them.

You don't play very well, do you'?
Think I can handle that'?

Excuse me, party man.

- Fuck America!
- Yeah, right, fuck those wankers!

Bloody good for nothing.
Who needs 'em, right'?

Fuck you, you piece of shit!
Fuck Australia!

So you just hate everybody'?
You're cool.

You must be one of those tough guys.

You know what'?
You need to teach me a lesson.

I deserve it.

Tell him how cool he'll be
if he beats me up.

I fuck you up, bitch!

You can try.
That's so hot!

Fuck you, faggot!

You know what'? I'm not even gay,
but if I win the duel...

I'm going to fuck you in front of all
these people just to piss you off!

Where are you going?
But you're so tough.

I thought you were going to lick my
ass, or kick my ass or something.

Good night!

I can tell by your breathing
you're not sleeping.

When you fake being asleep...

you have to take long deep breaths
then pause before you exhale.

- Do you speak Serbian'?
- A little.

- Where are you taking me'?
- I'm not taking you anywhere.

I didn't like that job.
I quit.

But if I left you, they...

would've starved you then fed you
pieces of meat they cut from your tits.

No tits'?
Your ears then.

The soldier you jumped
on was a friend of mine.

You thought he was
going to shoot me.

I hate that I feel some sense
of obligation to you.

I hope you do something stupid.

You look Serbian enough.

You look Albanian.

They said I was bad when I left.

Now I'm military trained.

Do as I say not as I do.

If you don't you will die or end up in
the lead car in a Serbian love train.

That's too bad about you're mom.

We'll have some fun.

I'm not a slut.

No, but you're obviously a girl.

I never thought before you say it.

Where I come from girls who
act like I did are called sluts.

Well, where I come from some
people would call you slut...

but others would say you were
a strong independent woman...

who took what she wanted. It's your
attitude that dictates how I see you.

You decide.
I'll fallow.

Adria, are you alright? I heard what
happened at the hotel yesterday

Oh, sorry.
I shouldn't be in here.

Hello, young man.

There's nothing to be
embarrassed about.

Tell that to my husband.

Adria, please,
come by for lunch with us...

and bring your friend with you.

- A late lunch'?
- You naughty girl!

I don't drive.

Can you believe that'?

All these nights I had to put a sign
on my car saying "I'm Arab"...

so they don't burn it and I told
my employees to do the same.

Smart, smart.

By the way,
where do you live in America'?

He exiled from Beirut
for being too liberal.

It's all relative.

Hopefully, he has learned not to put
people in the same position he was in.

In English, please, Mina.
For Shawn.

Started running out of
money in Turkey.

I took Spanish in High School
so that made it Spain.

Take a seat.

I worked for six months in
a fabric store in Barcelona.

Saved my money,
ran with the bulls in Pamplona.

- The bulls'?
- Bulls revenge!

I went to Monte Carlo and
couldn't get into one party.

But had the best time trying.

Now I'm here,
and I see no reason to leave yet.

Please, eat.

Millions of people trying to get into
your country and you're never there.

I want to see the world.

The more I travel the more I feel
like a citizen of the planet.

Only a person with the luxury
of being brought up...

in a western country can say that.

I appreciate the empathy,
but sadly we lack the ability...

because of where we are born.

My mom calls it winning
the ovarian lottery.

You know, Mohammed publishes
books and Mina is a doctor...

but when the fundamentalists
took power...

Mina wasn't allowed to
practice or work at all.

Yes, it's true.

When she was caught
treating ill children...

they had to escape and came here.

We're grateful for this country here.

We were granted asylum after we
spent a short time in a shelter.

Shelter... where they met
their daughter Kameela.


I love her like my own.

Kameela's real mother sent her
as far from harm as she could.

Her father died owing bad men

and sadly her mother ended in
prostitution in Moscow to pay the debt.

When Kameela became of age...

instead of subjecting her
to her own predicament...

she sent her along the
human traffic lines.

Until she arrived here.
She is the brightest light.

She learned French in 2 months.
I still can't speak.

Yes, you can.
You have to make an effort.

Kameela was like a sponge
when we met her.

I convinced them to allow her
to continue her school...

where she's excelled commendably.

Now she has a scholarship to attend
medical school in America.

- If the visa is approved.
- When.

Yes, when.
Visas are very difficult to get now.

The folly of a few can taint the
lives of many good people.

Good thing you came along.

I was itching to grab this shit forever.
Isn't this great?

Now to check out the competition.
Want to come'?

What else are you going to do'?
Just so you know you will die.

Maybe not today.


So, why can't you apply legally'?

Because maybe I'm...




I don't know where to find Al Qaeda.
You're the one with the Muslim name.

It's Albanian.

- They're Muslim though.
- Some are.

They are bad guys
with nefarious doings...

but I know where the bad kids live.

Good morning, guys!

Rise and shine, sleepy heads!
It's five o'clock.

- In the morning'?
- No, Knucklehead. 17 o'clock!

- You finally moving in with us'?
- I like my hostel.

- Where's Michael'?
- Those places are dangerous, bro.

Those are just stories.

- Where's Michael'?
- I don't know.

- Where's Michael'?
- Le Bowl.

Want to see people get hurt'?

How do you feel?

How do they feel?

The kid checks his feet and shrugs.

Good. Ready'?

This is going to be fun.

I hate you, Michael.

I love this guy.
Holy shit!

Pierre, take a look at that!

You are a freak of nature!
I almost peed my pants.

I don't believe this guy.

- Please hit this.
- I'll never smoke hash again.

- Adria, this is Michael.
- It's a pleasure.

That's Pierre over there
and those are the girls.

- Aurelie.
- Julie

Come here!

This is where you've been, huh'?


Settle down, now.
Let me ask you something.

I want to find someone who can help
me with a passport problem.

- What am I Al Qaeda?
- That's what I said.

Come on, man! You're the one
always wise guy posturing.

I put my money where your look is.

Shit, that's a dangerous impression
you're trying to make, my friend.

I know.
But look at her.

Are you going to help me or what'?

I don't know.
Are those real'?

Shut the fuck up!
Who cares when they're that good'?


- Who's that'?
- That was Omar.

He's obviously an asshole.
A sexy one, but still an asshole.

There goes my little romance.
Hi, I'm Kameela.

I know all about you, young lady.
I just deported Mohammed and Mina.

Come on, if they like you,
you must be OK.

- You should hit back.
- No one's hitting anyone, killer.

I want to go see your baby later,
if you go.

Hey, Ludo you got any
fake ID connections'?

Of course!

Nice! You've done well for
yourself since I was gone.

Look at all my nice new things:
New suits, new Deutch marks.

I always thought you...

had good business sense...

but who uses Swiss francs?

I know what a sensitive
guy you are, Srdjan.

I'm sure you're going to try and push
me into doing something stupid...

so you can shoot me or whatever.

Won't work.

That would have been cool
if I shot you right there.

What makes you think I won't
shoot you for being smart...

or smarter than me'?

Aleks doesn't have any friends.

If we tie him up he'll starve
before anyone checks on him.

Can't just leave him here.
I know you got a gun somewhere

Can't have you running
down the halls after me.

Fuck it! We'll take him with us.
Drop him at park.

- You hungry'?
- Starving.

I feel so much better!

Sometimes when I'm hungry
I can't think straight.

I still can't figure out why
I'm so mad at you.

I promise I won't shoot you.

'Cause you got caught and
went to jail and I didn't...

and you had to join the
military and I didn't.


Nothing else?

Well, I'm sorry I get so
cranky when I'm hungry.

That fucking prison food sucked.

You can imagine how much
I was blaming you.

I suggest next time before you
pick up a gun, eat something.

I wasn't there.

I simply wasn't there.

I don't know.
No, I was... tits!

Not you, it's the television.

What are you laughing at'?

Tell them I'll come I'll make
statement in the morning.

Tell them it was Albanians.


I already did one.

- No, you didn't.
- So'?

No, keep your shoes on.

It's just a game.

I hear they're killing our brothers
and raping our women down there

Don't you think we should
be doing something?

You should.

One person's excuse to fight
is another's reason not to.

Is it possible that we've
done something to them...

and they're just retaliating'?

Rape a Muslim woman'?

You can't even find one to rape.
They keep them hidden.

The last thing I want to do is enlighten
more sheep. Misinformation...

medication, video games...


Easier for me to do
exactly what I want.

Shut up!

- Srdjan! Where are we going?
- Shut up!

Do people really believe this shit?
This isn't the real life.

Here like everywhere else the gang
and the government is no different...

but here it actually is
one and the same.

It's true, it is a one party state.

We're on our own here, comrade.

All this is for you.
Well, half of you.

I don't have any obligation to you.
In fact you can fuck off any time.

But if you want to learn...

Look. This is a good gun for military,
but bad for criminals.

Only stupid wannabe gangsters
from America...

and the stupid people around the world
who want to emulate their stupidity...

would use weapon like
this for crime.

Go get my gun

What's the most important thing
when committing a crime'?

Don't leave any evidence behind!

No fingerprints, no hair,
no nothing.

What happens when you fire the
Beretta? Where does the casing go'?

Exactly. The last thing
you want to be doing...

is searching around on the ground
everywhere for evidence of your crime.

The military and the police don't give
a fuck about leaving evidence.

They're supposed to be there...

or at least the human majority
thinks they are.

Now this is a revolver.

Some are five round, some are seven.
This is a six round model.

Where's the casing
go when you fire'?

One less thing to worry about.

Now idiots will say: "But a magazine
is easier to switch and reload".

If you can't get in and out of a
place with seven shots or less...

don't go.

Fucking wannabe gangsters
have to reload...

'cause they didn't hit anything
with the first clip.

Think you can handle that'?

Good girl.

Srdjan Vasiljevic.


Humans produce consume and
procreate inexorably unchecked...

at the top of the food chain.

If that ever permeates the
social consciousness...

life will only be worth the price
of meat for food on its bones.

Fuck the World Bank!
This is the Earth Bank.

You want to go sailing'?

Everyday like clockwork.

This is wrong, it's upside down.


Get ready to run.


At 8h 00 00 tonight,
March 24th 1999...

NATO commenced
strategic airstrikes...

inside Serbia, Montenegro,
and Kosovo.

Let's go we're moving.

The rest of world's on our side for
a while. No more hits, I promise.

All the senior officials are
too well protected now.

We can't get to your old friend
Stojkovic yet. Want revenge, right'?

Yes, you do.

My contention with Adria and people
seeking asylum, amnesty or...

just the opportunity to pursue a better
life in a more hospitable country...

is that you must abide by
the rules of that country.

Not my rules.

We must make an effort
to assimilate...

not conform mind you,
but enrich.

The shear fact that we
are here is testament...

to the knowledge that our previous
situations were inhospitable.

- When in Rome...
- Marseille.

Adria doesn't think she
needs a mother...

but she's still my child.

Be careful, Adria, if he stays around
long enough she'll take him in too.

I'm in.

So what are your intentions
with my daughter'?

Stop! Stop!

Come here.
Who taught you to behave this way'?


- Where's your mother'?
- Work!

And your father'?

Now would be a good time to visit
houses. Everyone is in a shelter.

- To break in'?
- Of course.

Fuck man, crime pays!

And pays enough for you to do the
right thing and quit your other job.


Not yet, as it is we have
a common enemy.

Holy shit!

How do you tell how
far away a storm is'?

320 meters per second.

We're in on this as far as supplying
you with information.

- The most important thing in the world.
- Not love'?

You can't call him if you
don't know his number.

I like men... and'?

For me it's okay.

Please don't take homophobic
humor away from me.

Everyone is so fucking serious. We're
robbing banks here! This should be fun!

We can give you 15 minutes warning
of an incoming attack.

At least 5 minutes before
verification goes over...

the wire and the air
raid sirens go off.

We'll already be in place waiting.

Waiting where'?

No one likes the media.
But they can go everywhere.

Remember Milan and Dario'?

We're going to rob the fucks who
sold me out to the Hague.

You're helping us cripple
a corrupt regime.

You let her go out in that'?

She's used to being oppressed.

She thinks it's normal.
What did you get'?


Another pair'? You never wear the other
ones. You got something on your face.

I got these so we don't
have to clean anything.

Go try them for us.

You know what'?

We need distraction.

Is that the little girl
who choked me'?

- Yes!
- She's sexy...

and she's in love with you.

You think she's pretty?


I don't know, she's the goofy girl
in school who grows up...

and every person that meets
her thinks she's cute.

I still see the goofy girl.

You think I won't fuck you out
of some sense of morality'?

I know it was tense there...

You're Serbian,
Kosovar or Albanian'?

All... none.

I guess I'm the odd product...

of imaginary lines around
failed states.

Where are the Czechoslovakians...

Yugoslavians, Ottomans?

Sounds like an American. It's a must be
nice not to have to fit into one cage.

When violence came
to my town...

the Serbians forces
destroyed our home...

because my father was
an Albanian professor.

Before the war he thought
he was Yugoslavian.

KLA retaliated against us because
of my mother being Serb.

Serbian soldiers take
everyone's passport...

whose names weren't appropriate,
then you could never come back.

Are you Muslim?

I'm a girl.

That's your religion'?

No, it was never about religion.

It never should be.

My mother was Christian,
my father was Muslim.

Church sometimes,
sometimes Mosque.

Like both places,
I appreciate God.

I usually know where Mecca is.

I think I'm a Buddhist.

Where are you going
to get married then'?

I don't know!
In my dreams?

But how would you like to go... there'?

Last night NATO attacked another
peaceful symbol of Serbia...

hitting the police building
in the heart of Belgrade.

Unprovoked and unjustified
in their aggression...

against the peaceful Milosevic
regime and its people.


Shut up!
It'll be fun.

Look at him, he deserves it.
He's not even helping.

- Should we'?
- We are.

- I don't want to.
- All you gotta do is distract him.

I don't want to.

Just fucking do it!

Fuck off!

You know they bombed a hospital.

Assholes from military parked truck
there and made it legitimate target.

- A legitimate target'?
- I know!

Hey! Hey!

- Why don't you just shoot him'?
- Killing's easy.

I agree.

Don't move or I'll blow
this bitch away.

Shut up!

You know I can shoot you
through the window.

Wait! Wait!

Fuck you, Srdjan!

Don't ask, don't tell.
Alright we're up!

Let's go, let's go!

- I have to pee.
- No.

- What about him'?
- Leave him tied up.

- Everyone act like the media.
- What the fuck does that mean'?

A smart bomb'?
Stupid fucking bomb!

Once again, Milosevic has
been arrogant enough...

to ignore something that
is the people's will.

People have been in such a deep
sleep here for so long.

It's going to get tough for us now.

I said no more hits for me.

Hey, look. I'm a role model.
I'm telling you get the cross trainers.

- Winters coming, better all around.
- Jordans.

- Whatever!
- They're on sale. 3000 Dinari.

Life is cheap!

Oh, shit! Shit!

I hope you like the clothes you're
wearing, 'cause that's all you got.

My feather pillow.

- You really want to try'?
- Please. My shoes.



My shoes.

How's it feel to be wanted'?

My shoes.

There is a God!

Give me another.

Cheer up, Bonnie.

Bonnie, Clyde.

Forget it.

I love a new life.

Maybe you should go to France.

Thank you.

Where are we going?

He), here!


I wish I was black.

I would love to go Africa...

see the jungle, something new!

Wouldn't you love to go somewhere
else for a change?

The diamond wars are out
of control right now.

And it's getting worse.

They're just slaughtering
each other down there.

All over a shiny rock!

You're late.

They got this gang called
"The West Side Boys"...

who wear dresses and blonde wigs
just to freak everyone out.

Could you imagine a big black man
in drag with an AK coming at you'?

We should dress up!

You might look good in a
bikini and a machine gun.

That's good way to die...
chick in a bikini.

I want to go to Africa.
I wish I was black.

This place is huge!

Can't buy me love

Cant buy me love

Don't touch anything.



If you come back here with a gun...

I'm going to shoot Aleksandra.

I know you.

I'm famous!

- Who needs a band'?
- You're an animal.

Thank you.

What do you want'?

The spoils of war... mine!

Walk out the door with the bags.

It's a legal transfer...

as far as they're concerned.
Just fucking do it, you pussy!

Get out.

Remember when I took that
guy's eye out with a spoon...

and we put salt in it'?

It was as bad as you think.

Must have told a pretty
heroic story...

to cover those lies.

Did he ever show you the scar
I gave him on his balls'?

He is a murderer and a rapist!
I was there!

I don't believe you.
Killing for the military isn't murder.

What about him'?

They deserve each other.

He's finished.

If you people were smart you wouldn't
tolerate influence like us.

You're no better!
I used to have sympathy for your kind.

Srdjan, stop!
I don't want this.

Yes, you do.

If he'd have succeeded,
you'd feel different.

You saved me.
It's like you said...

all retaliation.

Stop it now.

It's the only way.

What about that'?

Tell no tales.

No! No!

Get off me!

Oh please,
now you have a conscience'?

Are you insane?


What the fuck is wrong with you'?

Nothing, I blame society.

What are we going to do'?

Srdjan, she was only seven!

Oh, my God!

Its my upbringing.

You were raised in fucking suburbia!

They must have dropped me
on my head.

You'll still hate me in a month...

but you'll wish you had
taken the money!

Believe me.

Do something good.

I don't understand...

what the difference between
men or women and children is?

"They had their whole
lives ahead of them."

When you kill an adult it affects
so many more people.

How many friends could she
possibly have'? Five'? Seven'?

One each year'?

So it's okay to shoot somebody
in the spine...

but I can't throw acid on them'?

I can drop a bomb and
obliterate a family...

but if I want to do it myself with
a hammer then I'm the bad guy?

My point is that some fat old
men sat around in Geneva...

sucking each others dicks or
patting each other on the back...

and decided what was
civilized violence'?

Don't do it or do it all!

I hate the Swiss.

If some bitch did that to me
I'd scratch her eyes out.

A beer.

But the man should always
protect the woman, no'?

That's society's job now.

You deserve to be
equal so be equal.

The only thing that keeps me
from kicking your ass...

and taking what I want from physically
weaker humans, is social ramifications.

You Albanian'?

Not a problem.

There are people here who believe
in human rights you know.

Everyone thinks I'm insane...

for treating people without
bias of any kind.

I don't think you're crazy.

Are you one of those stupid girls
turned on by bad boys'?


From where'?


Really'? You must have
had it rough down there.

There are assholes everywhere.


Aren't you going to introduce
me to your friend'?

Two more of whatever he is having.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Ever seen an Albanian smile?

I don't want any trouble.

No trouble.


That's all'?

It gets better.

Wait. What do you care'?
You're not a virgin'?

I had a boyfriend before the war.

I got robbed.

You probably killed him.

Fuck, I hope so.

Fuck you, Srdjan Vasiljevic!

You think it makes you something
special to be a girl's first time'?

The only thing a man
can be sure of...

is that they're that girls

Except in my case!

You're the worst!

Do it again!

Take me.

What were you doing
when we first met'?

You mean,
when I saved your life'?

No. Before, when you knocked
me down on the street.

You mean when I promised
not to try and fuck you'?

I didn't try,
you saw the goods and...

My God!

Is everyone in your
country like you'?

Dunno, but were allowed to be without
fear of cruel and unusual excitement.

After school,
I was living with my dad...

spinning my wheels,
getting into trouble.

My mom who I never
got along with...

said I could get a ticket
to visit her in Indonesia.

She'd been bouncing around after
a couple of failed marriages...

ended up teaching English in Bali.

I'd never been anywhere...

only islands I ever heard
of were Caribbean.

I arrive at night and I wake up to
an insane rumbling and shaking.

I camp up, I run out of the house
in a blind panic...

and I see that it's the
sound of giant waves...

breaking out on the beach
in front of my mom's place...

far, as far as I can see.

I thought it was a tsunami.
I grew up on the Gulf of Mexico.

Biggest waves I ever
saw were to my knees.

These were the size of houses,

Long beautiful swells peeling off
the point a mile up the beach...

all the way down to my mom's place.

I'm standing there in awe...

lost in the power and the sound of it
curling over on itself as it broke.

Then out of the inside of the
massive force of nature...

this kid comes flying out.

I never want to forget the look
of pure satisfaction on his face.

No drug,
no high score on a test...

or honest days work could
top this face of content.

Then he drags his hand
in the face of the wave...

and disappears into the
monstrosity again.

I've been traveling ever since.

I get along with my mom now...

but whenever I get a
little lonely or sad...

I pretend I'm riding the
walls of the city I'm in.

You happen to catch me on one
that I didn't make out of.

But you see...

it's still satisfying.


Strong, independent women'?

- What the fuck is that'?
- It's mine.

- But you don't need that here.
- But it's mine.

Let me sit there.

Do you think we could get some
bread for him right away, please?

You know what happened to Wild Bill'?

Bad ass cowboy always sat
with his back to the wall...

so no one could get the drop on him.

The one time he sat with his
back away from the wall...

someone gunned him down.

Let's switch.

That's it.

So this is what you've be wanting.


I feel like a princess...

that has to pee.

- Where is the toilet'?
- Over there.

Thank you.

Wait a second!

It's fine.
We're safe.

Fuck you, Srdjan!
It's always going to be like this?

What's wrong'?
It isn't yours'?

Do you know what he said?

I don't care. You probably killed
his dog or shot his mom.

He thanked me for doing my duty.

Yeah, he was thanking me
for genocide and rape.

Anyone who thinks that what I've
done is worth congratulating...

either true or false, deserves me.
Fuck him!

- Why am I following you'?
- Wait!

I love you.


Wait! Wait!

Where is my baby'?


Where is my baby'?
I want it now.

I have a new girl for you!

How sweet!
How sweet!

My God, my God!

She is beautiful!
What kind is she'?

A mix, Border Collie and we
don't know who the father is.

Adria is my worst customer.

Most people break down at the
first sight. She's a stone.

She looks like it.

I'm sure she would be a very good
mother. She never gives in.

My life is unstable. I don't want
to be irresponsible to a puppy.

That's very admirable.

Sometimes you must take the chance
and the stability will come.


- Sit down.
- Thank you.

Keep your hands on the table.


Why would you cheat on
such a beautiful cool girl?

You find me the most beautiful
girl in the world...

and I'll show you the guy
who's tired of fucking her.

I like to pride myself on
being a misogynist...

I love that about you.

But Adria is so fucking loyal to you.

Even I can see that.
You should let her go.

Just because I don't want
to fuck her any more...

doesn't mean I want anybody
else fucking her.

It's so boring here now. I thought the
world was going to come after me.

Don't worry.

You'll find some passive aggressive
way to drive her away.



you know Kameela.

When she didn't come
home all night...

something's wrong.

We checked the hospitals and finally
the morgue this morning.

And the police won't do anything'?

The police are not interested...

in a missing immigrant girl.

We're not her legal parents.
They won't even file a report.

You still believe they
will ever accept us'?



Can I speak to you'?

Do you know Kameela N'Guyen'?

Yeah, sort of.

- When was the last time you saw her'?
- I hate cops!

I don't know shit.
Fuck off!

Stay here, please.

You don't know when is the
last time you saw her'?

Why don't you help me out'?

Her family's worried.

That's not her family.
She was a junkie.

She probably got what she deserved.

You come down and hassle
me 'cause I'm Arab'?

No. I'm here because you're
the last to call her.



Step out of my car!

Get the fuck out, now!

Out of my way.

I don't believe this.

Now listen, bitch, don't start...

Adria, stop!

What the fuck is wrong with you'?

What is this?
Are you guys retarded'?

Look at this one.


- Give me your knife!
- Knife? I don't have it.

Find something! Ice!
Get some fucking ice!

Sure, I'll go get some ice.

No, Srdjan!
Fuck you!

Adria, your bag is leaking.

Fuck you, Shawn!

Don't fucking bring cops
around me, okay'?

Fuck you, man! Her friend is missing
You fucking little pyro.

Fuck you! Don't bring
them around! Tourist!


Omar, what are you doing'?

What the fuck, Omar!

Everyone's pulling
guns on me today!

- Adria?
- I gotta go

Put your hands on the table
where I can see them.


She got what she deserved'?

She practically bragged that her mom
screwed the Russian mob to save her.

We tried to sell her back through
a friend with Russian ties.

Not we!
You and fuck head Ludo!

Fuck head!

Ludo screwed us! He didn't know shit!
Nobody knew him!

He's a fucking florist's son!

They took her from us.

They knew we wouldn't
go to the police.

They broke Ludo's jaw just
for saying he was connected.

They're off the planet scary!


Riviera Tanning in the back.

On rue Histoire.

I swear I'd help, if I could.

You can.



You have 45 minutes...

to put them back on.

Go to Hospital DE la Timone

What are we going to do'?

- Warn nobody!
- Shit!

I'll send your fingers
in a taxi in thirty.


- Okay, what do we do'?
- Flush this down the toilet in 30'.

Are you insane?

Can't be serious.
This is crazy!

You ran with bulls.

Adria, I want you to be my wife.

You can stay with me now.

- Hey! Who are you'?
- Vladimir sent me.

- Nobody said anything to me.
- Call him.

- Vladimir here'?
- I'm sorry, sorry. I'll come back later.

- What's going on here'?
- Shut up!

Come back when you want to work!

Nice evening.

Are you new'?

Do you speak French'?

Can you hear me'?


Yes. Perfectly.

Stupid bitch, you forgot your shoes!



Police! Police!

Fuck you!
Fuck you, bitch!

There are other girls in there!

There are other girls in there!

- Who did this? Who'?
- I don't know.

- National Police.
- Are you sure'?

- It's what I heard.
- Thank you. Let's go.


Adria, you know it was the heat
of the moment, but you didn't say...

I'm here.

It's in the boat'?

Can I get into trouble for doing this?

You have to think before you do it!

Knife! Give me your knife!
Give me your knife!

I don't have it!

Get some fucking ice!

Down the hall!
Get some fucking ice!

No, Srdjan!
Fuck you!

Srdjan! Help me, please!
Somebody fucking help me!

Fuck off!

You have to think...

before you do it...

but then what's instinct for'?

Shawn'? Shawn'?

Srdjan? Srdjan?

- I miss you.
- I miss you too.

Are you happy?

Now I am. Very.
And you, you're not mad.

At the time I just really
wanted my finger back.

Boot camp came rushing back.

I can't remember it's either
thirty or sixty minutes.

With ice there's time.


Yeah, good.

Anyway, I didn't realize you would
have to die to get it back.

I got sidetracked. With all the yelling
going on I couldn't concentrate.

He doesn't understand a word
we're saying, does he'?

No, nothing.
I taught him how to say "I love you".

- So he thinks I'm going to kill him.
- Tell him we're friends!

He looks really scared.
I'm not going to tell him.

You stop it right now, Srdjan
Vasiljevic! He asked me to marry him

Before or after you told
him about the money'?

Before, of course!



Come on! Come on!

I have a wedding present for you.

Legal gangsters use Swiss francs.

Help me, please!

Back to our breaking international
news developing in Belgrade, Serbia.

Sources say that ex military
figure Srdjan Vasiljevic...

has barricaded himself in a
restaurant owned by Michael Plavsic.

- Hello. Who are you'?
- My sweet!

I'm so happy to finally have your
number. I'm not bothering you, am I'?

Of course not, never.
I'm watching IV right now

Really'? In Marseille'?

Good thing he wasn't assassinated
in Siberia. You should come back here.

There are good people everywhere.
I think they're tired of hating.

Kosovo was beautiful
this time of year.

Can you hold on'?

That was a long train ride.

- It's Srdjan.
- You know he's insane, right'?

- You're insane!
- It's Shawn.

They take soccer... football...
way too serious.

All I said was "pick it up".

You're the one with Adria!
I had to punch him once for that

He's says the same about you.

No, he's wrong.

I don't have to worry about the
ex-boyfriend, do I'?

We're still getting married!

He told me what happened.

It was nothing.

That's my girl!

He's really worried about
his fingers though.

Maybe we shouldn't subject any more
people to things like that.

Maybe there's a good reason
why they're so disturbed by it.

I won't ask if you're OK.
I know you are.

But I'm mad that they'll
always blame you.

But the things I did!

I deserve and I want what I get.
Fuck legacy!

Good people are still sheep.

They should be comforted by
thinking bad people get punished.

That you know is enough for me.

Half the stupid people will make
me a martyr, the others will say...

it's because I'm Serbian.
- Where's my half clean pile'?

- What did he say'?
- I'll wash them.

Tell him my last words were:

"I'm coming back to haunt him".

You stay away from him.

- What did you think'?
- Don't ask me.

I don't get along with others,
you know that...

but I laughed so hard with him I feel
like I did a thousand sit ups.

That reminded me of you.
Haven't laughed much since you left.

No complaints.
I was the luckiest man alive.

You are.

This is going down right now'?

I partied with that guy.

I wish you were here...

Bonnie, but I'm so happy you're not.


I should have done it right there.

That was cool place to do it.

I thought I had something
else to say.

The words, as good as they feel
are not as important to me.

I don't know whether I believe you.

But I have hope.

That's all I need.