Human Warmth (2013) - full transcript

Antoine loves being close to Bruno. He loves his warmth. He needs it. But comes the time of detachment, when the body stops responding.


I love your pink and white skin,
how it always looks cold.

I love your deep and gentle voice.

I love your mouth and its grimaces,

its insolence... and your
twinkling eyes looking at me.

I love the triangle of your smile,

your fair and messy hair,
unwilling to surrender.

I love kissing the mole
on your right shoulder.

I love...

...our embraces
and this cosy feeling.

I love you caressing me all over.

I love it when you're crazy.

I love your quivers of desire.

I'd want to stay in you
and never come out.

- I love it when you come...
- Stop it!

- I love it when you come...
- Antoine, please.

You wrote that to me
two months ago and now...

Yes... I know.

Maybe I shouldn't have sent it.

Then take it back!

Hello? Yes, I'll be a little late.

No, I'm with a friend.

OK. See you in a bit. Love you.

- Already have a new boyfriend?
- No. That was my mum.

You're such a whore.

I love being
exactly where we are.

I love the lines of your body.

And we remain anchored in the
earth without an ounce of fear.