Human, Space, Time and Human (2018) - full transcript

People from all sorts of backgrounds set sail on a warship. They get drunk on alcohol, drugs and sex. Later, everyone grows tired and falls asleep, then the ship enters an unknown space enveloped in fog.

"Human, Space, Time and Human"


What's wrong?

I think it reeks of blood.

Many must've died here, right?

Right. Not fit for a honeymoon.

But I like it.

Nice weather.

Honey? Isn't he a famous politician?

He's a presidential candidate.

Must be traveling with his son.

This is so old.

Is it strong enough?

What if it sinks?

What do you want to be?

Not a politician like you, Dad.

Any company you want to work at?
I'm friends with all the owners.

I want to get hired on my own
without your help.


We'll see.

Cut the racket!

What the heck!


Scram, fools!

- Come down.
- What?

- Go away!
- What the hell?

What the!

Just go, assholes!

- What the hell?
- Scram!

Oh! Mr. Senator!

Hello, sir!

Is this your son, sir?


A grown son like this?

Did you marry early?

What's it to you, mister?

Boys! He'll be the next President.


- Greet him.
- Hello, sir!

If you need anything, call us.
We'll make sure you're comfortable.

Thank you.

Let's go.

- Escort them!
- Yes, sir!

This way, sir!

What the hell?

What are you doing?

Let's go, sir.


You're pretty even without makeup.

Stop wearing makeup. What about us?

Right! Men want her only!

But you girls have hot bodies!

Move out of the way!

Don't hit me!

This way.

Who is he?

That'll d0.

Enjoy your rest, sir!

Let's go.

Who's that? He looks mean.

Just shitty gangsters.

Why's it so nice here?
There's even a bathroom.

Look! It's totally nice!

Excuse me!


Why do we get regular rooms

and he gets a suite?

Don't you know him? He's a senator.

I know, but shouldn't politicians
set good examples?

This is unfair!

Treat us the same!

What's all the damn noise?


What's unfair? Don't you know who he is?

Who cares? We're all travelers!

How dare you, bitch! Get lost!


Damn sluts living on selling yourselves!

Watch your damn yapping, asshole!

Then you live on sucking up, huh?

You wanna die?

So what if I do?

They didn't say anything wrong.

Who asked you?

Get lost before I toss you into the sea!

Don't use force!

Who are you people?

Damn crazy bastards!

Hold on.


Please go inside. |'|| handle this.


Complainers! Step forward!

Come out!

No one? Then go back to your rooms!

- Go away!
- Takashi!

Why's it so nice here?

I can see why they complained.

We can't sleep in dog cages like them.

Who are those gangsters?

It's like you hired them.
Tell them to stop meddling.

They want to serve me. Leave them.

They'll come in handy.

You're enjoying this?

We all have our statuses.
They're doing it out of respect.

No, it's to get a position off you later.

If they're good, why not?

Mic test one, two!

Welcome passengers!

This is the captain of the ship speaking.


I'd like to thank all passengers
for coming on this meaningful trip.

We'll set sail on a new adventure
for a week together.

For a safer journey on this ship,

everyone must please follow my orders.

Look here!

I hope we have a great trip

and return safely after a week.

May it be a precious time for everyone.

Now, let's sail out into the vast sea!

Wanna take a picture by the cannon?

Let's just take it with the sea behind us.

Why? Because the cannon killed people?

He's been doing that for a while.


Why are you collecting dirt in a cup?

- How do you like the food?
- It's good.

I got something to say. I'll join you.

You can't sit here.

- I have something to say!
- Why you!

It's okay.

Have a drink.

Thank you, sir!

Your son is quite handsome. What's your name?

Why do you want to know?

Anyway, I'll make sure you're happy
along the trip, sir.

Thanks. Have some.

It's tasteless.

Why is their menu so different?

They eat different food too.

They even get wine.

It's not fair.

They even have the suite.



Why's the food here different from ours?

There's wine too.

Don't you know who he is?

That's not what matters.
Why's everything so different?


Keep it down before the senator.

He'll do big things for the country.
He should eat better.

Go back before I hurt you!

You're the same.

Your men are eating over there.

How can you eat good food by yourself?


Hit me if you want to.

Those in higher positions should share!

Taking all the good room and food,

aren't you like a dictator?

Use your fists for justice,
not to suck up to higher powers!

Calm down! Let's go.

Overlooking stuff like this
is what's ruining this world!

Captain! Change their things
to the same as us!

How dare you cut in you shitty bastard!

Don't mind him, sir.

He's right! It‘s not fair!

What? You shithead!

Who says you rule here? You ugly gangster!

- You shitty bastards!
- Yeah!

Give us wine too!

Please stop!

What you say is right.

I sincerely apologize to you all.

From tomorrow, I'll eat the same food as you.

Are you happy now?

And your room?

Captain? Give us a regular room.

The regular rooms are fully occupied, sir.

Please understand.

Please make sure
nothing like this happens again.

I'll take care of that arrogant bastard.

No! Don't!

Stop meddling in our matters.

With you acting up for us,

my dad's image is going bad.

A good image is everything to a politician!

I was just trying to help, sir.

Doing nothing is helping.

Please leave!

Yes, sir!

If you act up again, you're dead! Got that?

You're threatening us?
We just pointed out what's wrong!

Damn! You're cute.

Get your hand off her!

If you act up again,
I'll toss you into the sea.

Let's go.

Not again!

- One more time!
- Sure!

Let's play!

Choose the right cup and win! Where can it be?

Where is the dice?

Wanna have fun?

Come with us.

This one?

Place your bet.

Place your bets and win!

- Don't. They're swindlers.
- Just once. I can win.

This one!

Let's see!

- Damn!
- Yes!

You're very lucky!

Having fun?

Wanna play together?

Hey, move over.

Come on!

Hey, give me a shot!

- You're handsome.
- Then it's free?

Pay before you touch.

Crazy bitches!


You asshole!

- Here's the money.
- Take it!

Is that enough?

Happy now?

Then I'll strip. Happy?

Pour me a drink.

Damn animals!


Idon't drink without a girl.

Eat this, jerk!

You know, Mi-young loved me.

No! It was me!

- Crazy bastard!
- Why you!

Shut up and drink. Forget Mi-young!

Look over there.

Damn! Whoever fucks her first gets her!

Hurry up and cum!

It's coming! Hold on bitch!

Where is the dice?

Watch carefully!

Where is it?

- Here! Trust me on this one!
- Stop! It's rigged!

One more time.


Is it here or not?

Nope! Too bad.

This is a con!

Get lost if you don't have money.

_ bMy turn!
ne game?

- You're in it together!
- What?

- Give me my money!
- Get lost bastard!

What a sorry loser!

Come back here, bastard!

You piece of shit!

Damn young bastard!

The gangsters are trouble. Watch out.

Honey? Wanna play?

You can't come in here.

No, it's okay.

Come in and have a seat.

Bring some wine.

- We brought some!
- And glasses too!

Have a seat, hon. Relax.

Let's have some drink.

Such lovely ladies were on our ship?

Interested, sir?

In what?

Isn't that girl cute?

Her body is hot too.

What do you mean?

Having big ambitions
means having great desires.

If you want, I'll bring her to you.

Her boyfriend won‘t like that.

What you say is the law on this ship now.

Do you really think so?

Have a drink and wait in your room.

Well, let's see what you can do.

What did he want?

We should keep distance from him.

He's of use to us.

Get out!

What are you doing?

Let go of me!


Hold her down!


You shithead!

Arrogant fool!

Use my fist for what?

You piece of shit!

You educated fools are shit!

If you did your jobs right,

we wouldn't live like this.

Stop yapping, asshole!

Son of a bitch!

It's okay!

You wanna live?

Don't wanna die?

Are you okay?

Don't wanna die?

How do you like that?

Stop screaming!

Fuck! Stop him!

Get him!

You asshole!


- There.
- I like it!

What are they doing?

Get lost!


You bitch! Come quietly!

Son of a bitch!

Hurry! Open the door!

Hold her!

No! Stop!


Kyu-ri! No!

Bastards! Open up!

You didn't have her first, did you?


I love it.

It was good.




Your dad's busy.

Out of my way!

Boys hit you?

Damn bastards.

Want me to punish them?

Forget it. Stop meddling in my matters.



Give me that!

You have lots!

Why you!

You have more!

What's going on?

Why fight pretty ladies?

Because of money?

Get lost!

Calm down.

Get your damn hands off me!

- You hit me, bitch?
- Damn con artists!

What? You dirty rags!




Thanks, man!


I'm sorry.

It's okay now.

I'm so sorry.



Takashi! Where are you?

Where's her boyfriend?

Not on this ship.

Did you kill him?

You devil! What did you do to Takashi?

He's not on this ship.

Let go of me! Go to hell!

If that girl has a baby...

whose would it be out of us?

What the hell are you saying?

How about a drink as accomplices?








Let go!

What in the world?

- What happened?
- No idea, sir.

What happened?

Where are we?

What's going on?!

There's nothing below us!


Where did the sea go?

Help! Help us!

Help us!

How can the sea vanish?

Please calm down and listen carefully.

This is an emergency.

There is no radar, the sea is gone,

and the ship is floating in air.

We have no idea where we are.

We'll try to find out, so please stay calm.

Why did you stop me?

Why didn't you let me die?

You know where we are, don't you?

Alpha? This is Bravo! Come in!

Delta? This is Bravo! Come in!

Captain? There's no answer.

Did this ever happen before?

No, sir.

We got lost in the fog before,

but we've never seen the sea vanish.

How much food is left?

We have about 6 days' worth left.

- Follow me.
- Yes, sir.

They're trying to take over
the food supply first.

It's our ship! We control the food!

Let's go!

Back away!

Damn bastards!

Don't boss us!

Folks! We'll manage the food supply!

- Go on!
- Block it!

- Listen people!
- Shut up!

Let's maintain order.

|'|| protect the food supply from now on.

Trust me.

This is our ship. We'll manage the food.

We'll distribute it equally.

|'|| manage it myself with these men.

I'm in charge of this ship! It's an emergency!

I know!

That's why |'|| manage it.

Don't let anyone touch the food.

Yes, sir!

Let's manage it together.

Cut the bullshit!

Kill anyone who touches the food!

Yes, sir!

We already have a captain,
but who made you boss?

Hell yeah!

What if you take it all?

We don't trust you, asshole!

We'll all die if they manage the food!

Let's fight them!

Yes! We can beat them together!

Let's fight them!

If you don't like it, step forward!


Put the gun away.


Listen everyone.

Trust me and go back to your rooms.

Breakfast will be served soon.

| work for the country.

Go on.

Fine. Let's go for now.

Hand out breakfast. Cut the amount in half.

Just give them rice balls.

- Rice balls?
- That's right.

We should conserve food.

You're overstepping my authority
to protect the passengers‘ rights.

Shut up and do as I say!

Who are you to give me orders?

We're under martial law now!

The experienced senator
is trying to save us all!

All our crew members
are trained for emergencies!

You wanna fight it out?

What are you doing?

I can't trust you.

Then how can we trust you?

You have no choice!

People dying is good
since we're short on food.

If anything goes wrong,
you'll be responsible!

Tell the cooks to make special meals
for us with lots of meat.

Then others get less food!

Do it!

Got it?

We can't let them manage the food supply, sir.

What can we do? They have a gun!

Lay low for now.

First, look for any weapons.
There must be some on this ship.

We have to prepare to protect the passengers.

They're here!

- You gotta be kidding.
- Just take one.

We made one for each person.

- I want one more.
- No.

One is not enough for me!

What the hell!

Asshole! Just eat what you get!

What's this?

You can have mine.

No water?



Let's follow him!

We handed out the food.

Sit down and eat!

Enjoy your meal.

I knew it!

What's all this!

Different menu?


I'll explain!

To overcome this crisis,

we need a resourceful man.

| nominate the senator
as the man in charge here!

I'll follow his orders like he's god,
so follow along!

Let's listen to a word from our dear senator.


We're at a place we've never even imagined.

Luckily, we have air to breathe
and oil to last us.

We have food to last a week. But beyond that...

we'll all starve to death!

So I declare a state of emergency!

Martial law? What right do they have?

As you all know,
I've resolved many things for our country.

Based on my experience,
we must first buy more time.

So I'll cut the food in half starting today.

Then why do you eat whatever you want?

Because we're working hard for you!

Complainers! Step forward!

You may have complaints, but bear with me.

Because our lives are at stake,

I won't tolerate excessive protest.

What are we supposed to do?

Alpha? This is Bravo! Come in!


Still can't see anything?

Damn! Didn't you hear me?

There's nothing and no response either.

Conserve all energy
and report on all the remaining oil.



If you keep at it, a riot will arise!


You eat all you want
but cut our rations in half!

And if you even use force,

think people will stay still?

Then what?

We eat all the food,
then each other when it's all gone?


How could you...

If you don't want to see that hell,
shut up and listen!



When the food is gone...

throw them to the starving people one by one.

Yes, sir!

You know where we are, don't you?

Did you bring us to a strange place
to screw us over?

I told you we've never seen this before!

Maybe god is testing our limits!

God? What god? And what limits?

We'll know when we run out of food.

There is no god!

Give one meal per day

and reduce it to one-fourth from now on.

Got that?

We'll eat that when we run out of food?

When will all that grow?

How will it be enough for all these people?

There's not enough dirt to raise the plants.

Found any weapons?

We're searching from the bottom up, sir.

There's gotta be something! Find it quickly!

We're looking, sir.

Check the UDT's storage in the basement.

- Go!
- Yes, sir!

Must be something here.

I found an ammo box!

- Where?
- Here.

Great! We can blow them up with these!

If these all explode,

won't we all die together?

We'll use 'em carefully one by one.

Hide them for now.

Eat up.

What good is only us eating well?

We'll all starve to death.

Even so, until we're alive

we keep our status and dignity.

Just shut up and eat.

Why do you eat all you want?

How is this fair?

So what?

Stop it.

Come on, we're accomplices!

Come with me!

Let's go!

I said stop!

Why you little!

Stop and sit down!

He's raising them to eat
when the food runs out?

It'll only last 2 months at most.

They won‘t grow in time to feed us.

Why are you staring?

What did the gangster mean
by "accomplices"?

Someone touched me
when I was unconscious, was it you?

I'm sorry.


Why separate the dung and urine?

Oh! I heard urine is good for vegetables.

Planting fruit too?

That's crazy.

It'll take years for fruit to grow.

How will we eat that?

Crazy fools!

Bring 'em out!

Watch closely!

If you touch the food, you end up like this!

- Don't feed 'em for 2 days!
- Yes, sir!

They stole the food so we punished them.

Good job!

Listen carefully.

Anything you say, sir!

People will start going crazy
out of starvation.

Then they'll attack us to death!

We gotta get weapons before that happens.

Your safety comes first, Chief.

You scared me.

Captain must be after us too.

We gotta suppress him first.

Yes, sir.

They can't be trusted.
Blow them up first with grenades!


Forgive me.

How can I forgive you?

"Warning: Restricted Area"

What are you doing?

Just watch.

What are you doing?

Gonna have all the food?

You even have weapons! I saw them!

Distribute the food fairly
and stop acting like toy soldiers!

Cut the shit! You wanna die too?

You devils!

Why you!

Damn bastard!


Leave them alone.

Excuse me!

Son of a bitch!

What the fuck!

What is it?

Give me one!

Stupid jerks!

Where'd you get this?

Son of a bitch!

Stand straight!

I'm sorry, sir!

It's my fault. It won't happen again, sir!

Stop! Damn it!

If it wasn't for us,
you two would belong dead!

I'm sorry, sir.

You are supposed to set examples,

but you sell food for money?

I'm sorry, sir! We won‘t mess up again!

Fine. You‘d better.

Isn't it harsh for sneaking out some food?

So why give him a reason to hit! Assholes!

Why do we have to bow down to him?

We're the strongest here.

Why'd you give him the gun?

Gave him all the bullets, too?

If he hits us again, he's getting it.

Does it hurt?

We have to set an example, right?

There's a limit to how much I can take.

Show me some respect.



Will they really grow to feed us

when the food is gone?

Not everyone, but it'll feed one.

Who? The old man?

I don't know.

There must be a reason he's growing them.

I think the old man knows where we are.

Did he say anything?

What'll happen to us?

He just smiles without saying anything.

I could gather only a bit.

Let go of me!

Why! Why!

You know everything that happened to me!

This is a sinful baby!

It's filthy!

It's the seed of the devils!

It's a precious life growing out of shit?

Still, I don't want to have this baby!




Hold your horses!

Calm down!

Eat slowly, bitch!

Don't eat it all!

Don't hit me!

There's more. Eat slowly.

Need a girl?

You're no different.

We'll all die here anyway.

Think there's a way out?

Life is about satisfying
what you want till you die.

I thought it over.

I can't do it.


Maybe it could be Takashi's baby.

I won't harm it.

Listen up!

No food distribution today.

We'll give you food once every three days now.

What? I bet they're stuffing themselves!

Damn bastards!

Let's go check!

You'll give it to the girl?

Cut the crap and just eat.

People are getting edgy.
The gun won't scare them.

I know.

Don't worry. I'll have the baby.

As the plants grow bigger,
won't you need more soil?

You want me to overcome my hatred?

Is that possible?

I'll try.

Came again? Get lost!

Scram you bastards!

Get lost!

We want to eat!

I know it must be hard for you,

but we don't know when this will end.

We'll feed you every third day
to conserve the food.

Bear with us.

Then why do you eat so much!

You're taking our food!

I can't take it anymore!

Let's take over the food supply!

Let's go!

What the fuck?

Damn bastards!


He's dead?

Anyone who touches the food
will end up like him!

Get rid of him!

Yes, sir.

Move fools!

Get out of here!



Get rid of him, oldie.

We can't wait any longer.

If a riot arises, we'll be in danger too.

We gotta get rid of them first!

Get the grenades!

Yes, sir!

What are you doing? That's so cruel!

I'm going beyond my limits.

The disgrace of having a baby
without knowing its father.

It doesn't even matter now.

Calm down. Nothing's happened yet.

Can't you see the people going crazy?

Didn't you intend that
by cutting down the food?

Now, stop giving them food all together.

You'll stir up a riot and kill 'em all?

Think we'd just sit and watch?

The food is ours!

What the hell?

Where'd you get that?

There's more!

Join us! I'll give you half the food!

If you die, it's all ours!

Think I'm stupid?

Fuck! I shouldn't have listened to you!

Go see if there is a god or not!

Farewell bastards!

Where's the rest of them?


This will be enough.

How much food is there left?

About a week's worth

if everyone eats once every 3 days.

What if we only eat?

About a month.

A month...

What are you thinking? Don't do it!

You stay out of it!

Why are you so cruel?

If I'm not, we'll die!

There will be a riot soon.

I know.

If they attack us together,

we're through!

Lure them to the food storage.

What if they take all the food?

Move it elsewhere before.

Open up!

What the hell...

Tell me if you need more food.

It's not even yours.

Convince your father to share fairly

and wait for god's will.

He won't listen to me.

If people rise up in a riot, we'll all die.

I know.

What's wrong?

It's a gift from you men.

Or it could be Takashi's.

Now, I think it doesn't matter
whose baby this is.

Even if we all die, this baby must survive.

It could be my baby too.

The baby is our future.

That's why the old man
is planting and raising crops.

|'|| protect this baby to the end.

Help me keep this baby.

Get in! Hurry up!

It's suffocating in here!

Just hide in there or else you'll die!

Don't come out until we open the door.

Put 'em down.

This is everything.

Where were you?

To fuck the chicks.

It's stuffy in here!

I'm leaving too!

Come back here!

One, two! One, two!

You must be all starving.

You'll get regular meals from today,

so please come to the food storage!


They're up to something. Don't fall for it.


Those bastards moved the food elsewhere.


There's no food here!

- It's empty!
- Go back!

There's no food!

The bastards took it all!

- Fuck! It's a trap!
- Bastards!

- They locked us up to kill us!
- Let's run!

Let's get out!

Open up!



I have a bad feeling.

Let's hide in here.

Stay focused!

Hurry! Kill those bastards!


What happened?

They're locked up!


No, Dad!


Open it!

What? It's a grenade!

Where else?

This way, sir!



Are you crazy, Dad!

Open it!

It's a grenade!

Kill everyone!

Follow me.


Go away!



It's all over!

Go away!

Son of a bitch!


All I did was follow your orders.

Damn coward.

But where is the captain and his crew?

Probably dead inside there.

No, they're not there.

Find them now!

Stop giving me orders!


You're nothing but a selfish politician
out to save only yourself!

Damn gangster shit!

Find the captain and kill him! Now!

Son of a bitch.

Let's go hide.




Are you insane?

If I wasn't, how do you explain this?

You got two more bullets. Use 'em wisely.

Where's the food?

I'll tell you if you give me the gun.

Not until I see the food.

Lead me to it before the captain takes it.

Lead the way, asshole!


What the hell are you doing?

You bastard!


You'll starve to death miserably,
fucking bastards!

What the hell!

Put the fire out now!

Stop bossing me around, you bastard!

You son of a bitch!


Fuck! It's all burned!


Damn shit. You wanna live that badly?

Fuck! Are you insane?

Who are you calling shit?

You and me, we're all shit!


Damn it!

Having no food makes me hungrier.

Fuck. Me too.

It's gross!

Your greed led to this!

- I'm starving!
- Now what?

We eat each other?


I think we've reached the end.

What did you expect after living like shit?

Idon't care about others,
but I feel sorry to you.

No need.

Just excessive obligations

being either parents or children.


What the hell? Are you crazy?

If you eat me and live,

then I'd be still alive.

Everyone's gone insane!

Listen to me!

We'll all turn into cannibals!

Eat before you're eaten to survive!

What good is living like that?

Surviving is what matters!


From now on, there's no dad.

What is it?

We can't eat them before they lay eggs?

Then we can't eat the vegetables

before they form seeds?

Don't look at me like that.

Like what?

- Like you'll eat me!
- I did not!

Stay away from me!

I can kill you both!

What is death?

Cut the crap at a time like this.

Is death the end?

Those that eat me
after I die will keep living.

What kind of bullshit is that?

I'm so hungry.

Fuck! I can't take it!
I'm going to eat that bitch!

Stop staring at me!

Wanna live?

Want me as your meat?

Crazy bastard!

Then you'll be my meat?

Dying is not the end.

You'll keep living within me.

But I think you'll taste gross.

All the food got burned.

No wonder. It's because of mistrust.

Back off if you don't wanna die!

Stop it!

That was my gun.

So stop it, shithead!

You son of a bitch!

I told you to use the bullet wisely.


You stay back!

Shoot me!

The devil wants to save his son?

After killing all the innocent people?

Cut the bullshit and shoot!



Got something to say?

What? Speak up!

It was a role?

Living so mercilessly like that?

Still quibbling even as you die!

So my life is a damn role to torture others?

Then I'll do my best to the end!

Fuck! He tastes gross.

What did you eat?

Stab me!

Try it!

Go on!

Stab me, bitch!

- Strip!
- What's with you?

I'm hungry! Strip!

What comes first? An appetite for food or sex?

An appetite for sex?

Then lie down!

Oh baby!

It's so bland. Where's the salt?

It could be your baby!

If you shoot, it'll get hurt!

You're really pregnant?

Yes! A cruel gift from god!

If it's mine, then we're family!

Crazy bastard!

It can't be the child of shit like you!

There'd be no hope for the future!

You think it's yours?

If it has your dad's genes,

there's no future either!

Say it! Whose baby is it?

You liked it the most when I did it, right?

Shut up! You filthy piece of shit!

It doesn't matter whose it is.

It's just a seed.

Fucking bastard!

Your role is acting good like your dad?

Then my role is to get rid of
rotten shit like you!

Fuck! Shoot me!

If I die, who'll raise the baby?

Shoot him now!

Promise you'll protect the baby
no matter what!

I promise!


Swear you won't touch the baby
no matter how hungry you are!

I swear!

Keep your word!

Help me!

Kill him and live with me!

|'|| treat you well!

Let me play a good role for a change!

You promised!

Why take his clothes off?

We're starving. Can't we eat that?

I'm okay, but I'm worried about the baby.

How can we eat this?

Could this be my dad?

It's just food.

What will the baby's future be like?

Probably the same as ours.

If it's the same, why should it live?

Because it must live. No other reason.

One of us will die, right?

If I die, there will be no future.

Then I have to be food for the baby?

I hope the hens lay eggs
before that happens.

That's impossible.

Then my role is to be sacrificed for the baby?


You said if I eat you,

you'll be living in me.

I'm saving you now!

Within me, there is no death!

It's rotten!

The chicken! Let's eat it!

No! Not till it lays eggs!

I'm hungry!

I'm going crazy here!

Open up.

Open the door!

I'm hungry! Open up!

Open up! Damn it!

That old man is fucking with us!

He's eating alone, isn't he!

Idon't think so.

Fuck! I'm starving!

Stop it!

Crazy? Not you too!

Open up now!

I'm hungry.

I have to eat something for the baby!

I thought there was no more meat.

I'm so sorry.

| get it now.

Why the old man protected me and the baby...

Even if we're gone, time will go on.

I woke up out of hunger.

Me too.

We can last a few more days!

Where'd he go? Wasn't he god?

Let's eat just one chicken.

No. Not till it lays eggs.

The old man is gone. Who cares!

Just one!

Not until it lays eggs!

Open up!

Open the damn door!

Just one!

Let's just eat one chicken!

Damn it!

Open it!

You bitch!

Then what?

Take that out and eat it?

You promised to protect it!



What can I do? I'm starving to death!

Fuck! I'm sick of eating human meat.

Who are you?

Why did you come to me?

"And Human"