Human Lost (2019) - full transcript

In a future where disease has been conquered but economic disparity has grown, a young biker discovers that he has superhuman powers.


Youzo-san ...

Yoshiko ...

My whole life was full of shame.



Character Artist Yusuke KOZAKI
Production Designer Kenichiro TOMIYASU

Monster Design: Masahiro ITO

Scriptwriter To UBUKATA
Director Fuminori KIZAKI

SHELL says
health and longevity service.

Genetic engineering, regeneration,
nanomachines and a cure for all diseases.

Thanks to them, for half a century we
do without doctors - the first in the world.

It's time to congratulate
those of the first generation

who lived for average more than
one hundred and twenty years.

Holiday, Day of Validity,
will take place on September 15

at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo.

These people were fighting devastation
after the war and raised the economy,

these are real pioneer heroes.

Healthy old age, which befell them,

became a source of hope for all of us.

We thank the state
for our healthy life.

You are listening to the message about the Day of Validity

from Yoshiko Hiiragi of SHELL Press Office.

All the same, I am a man ...

I'll defend my right ...

I feel "lost."

We fly outside. Takada-no-baba area.

First squad, get ready.

As a man...

You always feel them unmistakably.

Is he going to be "lost" now?


Drops out of our human network
I can't hold him.

Again HNP blockers?

If Masao Horiki came up with
regular pills

it is clear why we have so many "losses" ...

The object is mutating!

The nanomachines in it got out of control.

It's me.

Get ready to deal with Horiki.

Find him and detain him.

It won't be easy to find him
since he is offline.

Block off the entire area.

Four in the morning, everyone is driving home from work.

It is impossible that "lost"
caught the eyes of citizens.

The cultural outline is in motion.

I don't know if Horiki is the reason or not,

but if you leave him free
we risk "losing" the entire nation.

There was a "loss"!

First squad, drop off.

Immediately activate your armor and special swords.

Divide and surround
"Lost" from three sides.

Shoot him with electrified wire.

Power is four to loosen.
Be careful, remember about the tentacles.

Get ready ... Fire!

Introduce the chemical!

In front, beware!

Power to maximum, do not retreat!

First, your armor is damaged!

- Get away!
- Understood, retreat.


Zero, says the second. Lost is quiet.

Okay, let's get him.


What about the explosion ... Well ...

The city is getting ready to celebrate
the first day of usefulness,

and here is such a terrible accident.

Yes ... And yet completely
young, so sorry ...

To live to be one hundred and twenty

so that all the people congratulate you
happy day fullvalues ​​-

this is the height of happiness, the result of all life!

You are right, we live in a wonderful time.

It is wonderful,
when after a hundred there is something to strive for.

They have a day of usefulness!

Bastards ... Mistress, shut down the TV.

- Now.
- It's sickening to listen.

They lie without shame and conscience.


They say, in fact
there the terrorist exploded.

Where are the terrorists from now? Say it too ...

And what, here everyone will want
blow it all to hell.

What is life when a worker
day - nineteen hours ...

But to the next world, buddy,
they won't just let go.

Hi Takeichi.

Even though you explode into pieces
SHELL will collect you back.

Here at the factory
the arms and legs were torn off with a machine,

and nothing, I live on, thanks "SHELL"!

Did you make such prostheses on purpose?

It's a pity that everything will grow back soon.

Why are you sitting?

Would you like to hang out with my guys?

Not really...

You always have the same thing on your mind.

Stop raving already and
go to work fine.

Make me a million yen in retirement!

A powerful thing, tell me?

Madam still wow, though really
does not rejuvenate. Yes, Masao-san?

Well, where is our artist?

Upstairs. Has been sitting there since yesterday.

I once praised his picture as a child.

So he will not stop painting!

Although here outside
you won't earn a dime.

There might be buyers inside.

Well yeah everybody just runs
to buy the creativity of outsiders.

But in general this is a thought.

Since today we finally
Let's make our way Inside!

I've fiddled with Youzo so much
now let him support me.

I will introduce you to the gallery owners.

Youzo, we've come.

So, great again ...

Hey, Youzo.


He looked into his soul and fell into despair ...

Yes, it’s a whim, he’s just too lazy to live.

Always like this.

Taking sleeping pills?

It is unknown what they are putting there now ...

Hello Hello.

You called the SHELL dispatch service.

I'm listening to your question.

Yes, there is a dead man here ...

Hold on.

Determining your coordinates.

I see you.

What is the registration number
citizen or family.

Youzo Ooba. We are from orphanages.

Yes, seven digits in the number.

Precisely, he lives behind the roundabout.

I see a cardiac arrest due to
drug overdose.

- Life activity is suspended.
- What difference does it make, fix it soon.

I activate his GRNP.

Nanomachines in breeding mode,

I begin to regenerate organs.

Smile, Youzo.

Youzo, smile!

Hey, Youzo.


Takeichi? ..

Masao-san ...

You seem to be fine.

The restoration has been completed.

I recommend to refrain from ...

You draw all sorts of crap, but you don't take your phone?

Today is a great day
I called you with us!

Turn the world around with
our biker gang!

- I do not know...
- What is there to know?

How sour you are. Come down to us, genius!

Smile, Youzo.

Takeichi is right, this is a great day.

Well? Come with us.


Come on, help me ...

“Four inventions thanks to which

people do not get sick and quickly
heal any injury

implemented the service
health care SHELL ".

And so that we are the same
like an old man inside a roundabout,

we were stuffed with nanomachines
and trying to control.

Aren't you disgusted?

They, you know,
fatten and breathe clean air.

And us, so that we do not die,
connected to the human network.

They do not allow us to live normally, nor to die.

The air inside is also dirty.

Is it true?

To stay human
people need death.

It was not me, but Masao-san who said it.

We will win back ours today.

For this, a raid on the Inner is needed!

Do you agree?

Yes, probably...

Takeichi-san, it's time.

Great, let's go!


Listen to me!

SHELL says she cares about us

but in fact he exploits like a cattle!

A pretty "people's good" ...
We are clowns for them!

- Quiet!
- You are awesome!

Run for the premiere!

For the presidency!

We have not
managed to break through

but today we can!


We or SHELL,
we or the Inner - who is stronger?

We won't die anyway.

So let's light it up and show them
so as not to joke with the "clowns"!

- Exactly!
- Right!

See, do not disappear from navigators!

scatter the dogs along the road to the tunnel.

The main detachment,
guard the hearse with explosives to the bridge.

And then personally I will pass from the tunnel
across the bridge in forty three seconds!

Whoever got outside the gate was Inside!

The victory will be ours.

Let's go!

Wonderful speech, Takeichi.

This will help me find myself, right?

That's right, Takeichi.

Youzo, over there is your bike.

Wait a minute.

Take you too.

And I?

Don't you want to know the truth?

Find your real look.

I stopped you for speeding.
Stop immediately.

Oh you rubbish!

Here's to you, here's to you, here's to you!

Like this!

The dogs are on our tail.

And from the direction of Kawasaki they come running.

On the highway from Yokohama
a large group of hooligans.

They smashed the checkpoint.

Again? How tired they are ...

If you continue to disobey,

according to article 22.2
Road traffic regulations,

action will be taken against you ...

You are under arrest for disorderly conduct.

Get it!

Know ours.

Reconstructive procedures are required.
I activate the GRNP.

I see extensive injuries and
substance abuse.

Atsugi, Sibuta says.

In Yokohama, GRNP are massively involved.

We are in the know.

This is a group of outsider workers
dashing on the road, going to the center.

They know they will still survive
and come off as they can.

They enjoy
hurt yourself ...

Thanks to SHELL, people don't get sick
but this neurosis spread.

Desire for amputation syndrome?

I would tell about it to the Full-fledged ...

They won't listen to us.

Better tell me
Have you missed the GRNP blockers?

Yes, they were accepted by several
the person in this group.

It is not yet clear whether they will be "lost" or not.

Drive the dogs away!

What good, shies right here.

Are we really going to make an explosion?

What's wrong with your eyes? ..

This is from the pill that Masao gave.

Something made me look prettier!

It seems like it's true today
will be able to send everything to hell!

And there is.

The cultural outline is in motion.

What is it?

Without a driver?

Is PALTus flying?

An empty car?

Or is there someone in her
not connected to the human network.

That is, she is being led by another
The candidate is the same as me.

Masao Horiki ... Where is he?

For motorcyclists - a gray sedan!

Bastard. So you got caught.

Stop! Is this really Horiki?

How did he end up with the bikers?

May be,
he wants to arrange a massive "loss"

in the hope that at the same time
will the third Candidate come to light?

Third Candidate, you say?

In order not to "lose" people anymore,

we need someone perfect
SHELL compatible.

I believe that for this to come to light
a third Candidate will appear.

Do not rush.

So far, Highs are asking cultural
contour, and we support it.

And other ways to protect
people and "SHELL" we do not have.

Until this image of the future is lost,

a new ruler of destinies must appear,

otherwise civilization will not be reborn.

Okay, so be it.

But what if this third
will go over to Horiki's side?

Instead of the fourth protocol, we introduce the third.

Eliminate all "lost" ones.

What if a Candidate is among them?

Director, with this tactic
we run the risk of missing Horiki.

Risk must be avoided at all costs.

We protect the society we have

not a future that is not
the fact that will come.

We act according to the third protocol!

Let's intercept them at the exit from the tunnel.

Damn you!..

Takeichi, are you safe?

We won't be prevented from getting Inside.

Victory will be ours!

I can't keep up with you, Takeichi ...


Youzo ...


We close the bridge.


We climbed deep, this is a new record.

Let's go!

Don't let me down!

Takeichi ...

Exactly forty-three seconds.

The eastern gate has been breached!

Close western. Fast!




I still ... won ...

It's true inside ... the air is cleaner ...

This is not the police ...

Now "will be lost"!


Watch out.


- There's one more "loss"!
- Another one?!

Don't get caught in the tornado!

The first was overwhelmed.

We need some help!..

There were two “lost”.

Our entire first squad has been destroyed!

The second squad is following me!

We sit down urgently - right on the bridge.
We take all the drones with us.

My remedy works reliably

but this is not Orpheus ... Again, no luck.

Destroy the "lost"!

Our task is to destroy them completely!

Yoshiko, it's dangerous there!

In the second "lost"
I can feel the reaction of the GRNP.

Like this?..

- What's the matter?
- I read his mind.

Does the “lost” one have thoughts?


What was it?

- Do not!
- Yoshiko!

Transformed back ... into a human ...

He is alive and remains himself.

It doesn't work that way.

We saw how he was "lost"!

This is who we were hoping for.

This is the third Candidate!

Where did another cultural contour come from?

Civilization will either collapse or be reborn.

Are there any other options?

Orpheus returned from the kingdom of the dead.

It's time for people to become human again.



This is Sibuta, I'm here.

Sorry to disturb you.

Please don’t worry.

You gentlemen Full-fledged
- our standard of health,

landmark on the way of the people to longevity.

Serve you always and in everything
- the debt of SHELL employees

as part of taking care of the health of citizens.

The Third Candidate Who Was Foretold ...

Who would have thought,

created by Masao Horiki
its blockers GRNP.

I've been living in the world for a long time

but have not seen cultural
the circuit was so unstable.

Sibuta, give an assessment of the situation.

Yes. Firstly, Yozo Ooba is undoubtedly

influences the cultural circuit.

But what does he contribute to,
revival of civilization or collapse,

we haven't installed yet.

Although the second Candidate, Yoshiko Hiiragi,

claims to be the key to salvation.


Youzo Ooba is different from Masao Horiki
with his necromancer abilities

and from the healer Yoshiko Hiiragi.

His ability is
to destroy the "lost".

I believe that he will become for us
an important weapon in the fight against Horiki.

He is really "lost"
and then took on human form again?

Yes. This also differs from the other two.

That is, you need to do Yozo Oobu

one of the standards of health on a par with us,

and this, you believe
will allow you to avoid the appearance of "lost"?

Yes. In order to do this,
I, Sibuta, will give all my strength.

That's fine.

May it contribute to our desire
live more than one hundred and eighty years.


It is possible with time
recognize Ooba as Full.

But first he must
be taken under control.

The standard of health needs
intervene with caution

so as not to harm the people.

Will be taken into account.


yes you draw cool!

You woke up?

Why is this?

They will be removed if our conversation
will pass without complications.

My name is Yoshiko Hiiragi.

Youzo Ooba-san,

you're at Sibuta's agency.

It, together with SHELL, creates new
technologies for the health of citizens.

What monsters have I seen? I AM...

You died and then came back to life.

You have entered your GRNP back into
normal mode and recovered.

It is amazing.

You are without a doubt the one
The candidate who will save everyone.

What is it all about?

Now it is difficult for you, but soon you will understand everything.

Where is Takeichi? Take me to him!

Atsugi, are you sure this is prudent?

Yes. In case of excesses, the squad is ready for battle.

JUNE 8 / 05:27 / ODAIBA / MAN

Is this Takeichi?

Can not be.

You know about the four components
revolution in medicine?

Genetic engineering, regeneration,
nanomachines and a panacea.

They are abbreviated by the abbreviation "GRNP".

They are all under
SHELL network management.

I know that myself!

But how, how can a man
turn into this?

The so-called "loss".

If you lose connection with the network,

HRNPs in the body are disoriented.
Chaos ensues.

I thought you were dying ...

This has not been disclosed.

They are usually not held within the boundaries of the body.

and take this form.

That's what he had with him.

Mysterious picture.

A horse from the underworld ...

- What?
- This is my first job.

Takeichi praised her.

He said that he wants to find himself ...

and what happened?

Who is the clown here after that?

This must happen
rare, but cases have become more frequent.

Apparently, because of the blockers of GRNP,
which is distributed to people by Masao Horiki.

Masao Horiki ...

In your,
Is this manipulating Masao-san on purpose?

Why on earth ?!

To destroy the SHELL system.

Does he do that? I do not believe.

A blocker that can't
decipher even the SHELL,

not to be made by anyone else.

We must protect citizens
from Horiki and from "losses".

We need you, Youzo-san.

This is some kind of continuous nonsense ...

Good. Let me go home
and I agree to help you.

This will make Ooba our ally ...

To release him is too dangerous.

Horiki will try to meet him.

That's why you two will be guarding him.

By the way, this is also a chance to catch Horiki.

You'd better admit it soon
him and Yoshiko Perfect

and added to the standard of health.

The Awesomes themselves approve of this.

But we cannot predict the effect.
You have to tread carefully.

These are old people you don't
allow you to make a decision?

What do we even want?
Just keep things as they are?

Shall we wait until society collapses?

They are also not immortal.

There were three hundred and thirty full-fledged,
and now there are only one hundred and eighty left.

First you need to extend their life ...

- I'll go with him.
- Yoshiko!

Do not worry. I will prove that
Ooba-san will become the savior of civilization.

We have taken off, we are following you.

We also have everything regular.

It is possible that Ooba is the first
will make contact with Horiki.

I'll run a search engine.

Of course, against Horiki, she is of little use.

Many thanks.

- And that's what.
- Yes.

Act calmly, without fanaticism.

Do not worry.

Officially announced
that Takeichi-san had an accident.

You, too, will not be punished for breaking the order.

You can hide everything ...

We went Outside. Here begins ...

The country of the poor.

I am sincerely grateful
that you agreed to cooperate.

I know SHELL is an imperfect system.

Living conditions are still imperfect

and I know
how many people are suffering in poverty.

But we will build a society
where everyone will be healthy and happy,

and Takeichi's tragedy will not happen again.

I believe in it.

- I remembered who you are.
- Yes?

The same Yoshiko Hiiragi,
you are often shown on TV.

Yes. I am part-time
I work in the press service.

What makes you try so hard?

In what sense?

Do you like to make of people
a beast that can't even die?

It seems to me that society is going to collapse.

I want to save him.

Simply put,
want to eliminate Masao Horiki.

Fine. I will help.

- Youzo.
- Youzo!

I was all worried.

- It's on the news ...
- I'm very well.

Masao-san came?

In the next morning.

Said you and Takeichi
got into a terrible accident.

And you sit here.

What a cute uniform you have!

- I will change my cloth.
- Well, why? Suits you!

It seems to me, or you ...

Yoshiko Hiiragi from SHELL.

Is there a problem with Youzo?

No, nothing like that.


Youzo is all as good as new! Not a single scratch!

They said the accident is serious

and we were afraid - suddenly
even the SHELL can't do it.

Don't worry, Ooba-san is perfectly healthy.

Yes? SHELL is great power.

You brought it anyway
back safe and sound.


Can I ask you something?

Listen ...

Youzo, we'll go up to you.

The conversation will clearly be personal.

Sorry, there's nowhere else to go here.

How awful. And I still cleaned up!

Well, sit down.

With your permission.

And what is your question?

Let me know
Is Yozo Ooba-san a member of your family?

I rent him a room, let's say.

He has no relatives.
Or he says no.

We want Ooba-san to come
to work for us at SHELL.

- I was looking for his loved ones.
- Very suddenly.

Secrecy does not allow getting in
in detail. I'm sorry.

Explain to me, don't explain ...

But since you came here for him,

does it mean that some kind of sin is found behind him?

No, it's okay.

As far as I know Youzo,
he is a nice, honest boy.

It's his father's fault.

They say he abandoned the child and disappeared somewhere.


Even at that age
when you can live without parents,

the poor thing sat all day at the easel.

He was not friends with anyone except Takeichi.
The Odd Boy.

But he is also looking for his place in the world, as best he can.

In painting?

He painted all the pictures in the bar.

Do you judge me?

That I posed for him in my years naked?

Not at all.

But I'm glad.

To those who invented the Day of Wholeness,

we probably seem inferior.

But who really knows
what is usefulness?

Everyone has beauty
its own, and happiness too ...

Oh, sorry, you're from the SHELL.

I believe SHELL is big
value and benefit for people

as a source of health and longevity.

Yes, you are ingeniously trusting ...

I'm sorry, but in his career I don't decide anything.

If he wants you
serve, it will do so.

Then Yozo Ooba-san goes
under our responsibility.

Let him paint your portrait,

while you're pretty.

All the best.

- Where is Ooba-san?
- Yes, he went somewhere ...

Mommy he said
that he doesn't love me anymore!

Maybe I should poison myself?

The only one with stormy
macrophages work in the lungs ...

Atsugi-san, Ooba-san was running.

Sorry, I didn't keep track of him.

- Do you already know where he is?
- About.

Follow him and I follow you.

Yes sir.


Am I not choking? ..

Are you ... why are you here?

I have access to a separate
networks for the "lost".

You fell out of the SHELL network, and I found you.

Come with me.

Does this sight surprise you?

The happiness they feel
people in this country -

mainly the result of chemical
the effects of SHELL on their brain.

But some people don't like that.
Let's say you and Takeichi.

What's here?

My laboratory.

When you are a Candidate
not such tricks become available.

And the ability to breathe
poisonous air too.

Remember this.

He went underground.

Flowers? ..

By purifying the air, SHELL adds
there stimulants of growth hormones.

Therefore, flowers grow quickly ...

I created HNP blockers from
poppy juice and own blood.

I use the mechanism of influence of opium on the brain.

Why did you make a monster out of Takeichi?

Not me, but those who are chasing
eternal youth and health.

I regret that I once helped them.

Have you helped?

I was a medic. The last in this country.

I was looking for new technologies, sparing no effort.

And it turned out "SHELL"
this brutal life support system.

This ... did you create it?

We all should have
look like "lost".

Yoshiko Hiiragi didn't tell you about this?

She said,
that some just die ...

Just because
that SHELL inhibits the mutation.

We are made human by force.

Takeichi felt this pressure.

Just don’t lie that he wanted to!

Die in true human form ...

His wish came true.

By the way, it was not someone who killed him, but you.

How dare you! ..

Takeichi was my friend!

So not only the Candidate -

you won't kill anyone for a long time.

Your anger and your pride
SHELL is meaningless.

Time is short. I want to show you something.

- Under the ground?
- Yes, absolutely.

Now I will transfer the image.

Received. This is the Oimatsu area.

It is believed
that it is abandoned and there is nothing there.

I feel that the state
Ooba's body is changing.

The pulse is quickened, the pressure rises.
Dopamine is oxidized,

the level of norepinephrine rises.

He is angry and scared.

He's with Horiki.

This is a ventilation shaft!

Found her. To all units:

in Nogeyama Park in ventilation

Yozo Ooba and Masao Horiki may be located.

Prepare to land and capture
Horiki on the fourth protocol.

Do you know what this is?

Processed biostatistics of all citizens,

indicator of trends in society -
the so-called "cultural contour".

SHELL prays to him as to a deity.

Candidates are more than
higher order than SHELL.

When I looked into this data,

a certain image was synthesized from them.

Now I will connect your network to mine.

Don't fight back.

Our world is moving towards this state.

Over time, the Full-fledged will die out of old age,

and the whole nation will become "lost."

Youzo, people in an overly developed society

turned out to be for him
insufficiently complete.


The research to which I have dedicated my life

became the last nail in the coffin
for human dignity.

Buried alive people
waiting for the torture to end.

Free them is my mission

my duty as the last remaining medic.

As long as the SHELL exists,
there will be no end to suffering.

Greedy old people will want
sacrifice you.

Leave them, follow me.

You and I will step towards death

and may humanity be reborn from scratch.

Not! Stop it!

I have nothing to do with it!

Then what do you want?

If you make the wrong choice

you put on a bad future.

Bad future ...

Can not be!

Much, call the SHELL ...

You see what happened to Tsuneko ...

Stop it, please!

Youzo ...

Well done, Yozo.

Doing everything right.

You were there and brought to this?

My mistake.

But now Ooba won't
cooperate with Horiki.

And according to Yoshiko, Ooba evolves.

We do not know this.

I compared the samples taken from Yoshiko and Ooba.

All nineteen amino acids
they have an L-configuration,

otherwise - nothing in common.

Still relying on Yoshiko's intuition?

And add another heavy burden to her ...

After all we made her endure.

One experiment after another ...

Cruel fate
but no one else can replace her.

The same applies to Oobe ... No -

perhaps to everyone
who now lives in our country.


I won't go to PALTus.

I will bring a bad future, Masao said so.

He showed me a picture of destruction
and I've already seen her in my nightmares.

A picture of destruction?

I guess he's right and madam
also died because of me ...

What happened to
both of them are our fault.

We didn't save them.

I ask you to.
Give me one more, one last chance!


On this old TV tower

the first SHELL developments began.

I was also often brought here before.

What will we do?

I'll show you the future.

But not the same as Masao Horiki.

But first, I’ll tell you about myself.

About myself?

You asked
which makes me try.

I will explain it now.

Once I was also killed.

Stabbed me

own father.

He suddenly said:

"In my opinion, now you can die for good."
The last thing I remember.

I looked into his soul

and saw how she was "lost."

I tried my best to hold him back.

And he passed away, remaining a man.

That was my ability.

After that I was taken to
"PALTus", and since then

i watch human
souls are drawn into oblivion.


I remembered...


Forget it for so many years ...

Once a father ...

told me to smile.

But I couldn't.

And then he ... mutated before my eyes ...

And our whole family

devoured by the creature he turned into.

I wanted to smile ...

I just couldn't.

He became a monster

and I killed him with my hand!

Youzo-san! ..

Do not. With this fault you
barred from the world ...

- But I killed him!
- Does not matter!

We must live on.

You have to believe

to the future.

There the sky

very blue ...

This is a picture of rebirth.

Now this future is the meaning of my life.

Such a clear sky

will one day be above us?

I was not mistaken in you.

I didn’t expect to see you so cheerful.

Are you Yoshiko Hiiragi?

Masao Horiki ...

I repeat my invitation.

I will make all the people
"Lost" and destroy the SHELL.

And then from the stored genes
I will bring out a new humanity.

This is the only way we can achieve
so that people live on earth.

You won't have time to create anyone!

You will destroy civilization and die with it!

The girl was out of luck. She's an experimental mouse

puppet of old people.

The future she believes in is a lie.

Think by yourself:

SHELL does not perceive
Candidates as people!

How does she know

that the cultural outline reflects her hopes?

I decided to believe her, Masao.



You have been well trained, Yoshiko Hiiragi.

Youzo, give me your heart.

Have you forgotten?

My ability is to manage the "lost".

Stop it!

This is what I needed.

Well done, Yozo.

Now tear to pieces the woman

how you killed Takeichi.

Look you.

Do not resist,

you are my Orpheus!

Kill this woman.

Youzo-san, don't listen to his voice!

Subject, don't bother me.


Now you won't leave.

You have become old ...

Will you let your princess be torn apart?

Yoshiko! ..

Tell your masters

that the time has come.

Do not dare!

And that's it, Shizuko.

I have worked unsuccessfully for decades

Yozo came - and in a moment everything was ready.

Probably life is like that.

I even envied him.

Look, the scar is not fading.

It looks like the Candidates don't live forever either.

I only have this barbaric method.

I'm ready to go to hell.

However, I've been there for a long time.

Sleep well,



The heart has regenerated.

And I don't see his soul.


The day of usefulness is already tomorrow.

I must definitely take Youzo there.

You lured Horiki so well

and I panicked and was stupid ...

Your intuition was correct.

We were surrounded by a blue sky ...

And the third cultural circuit
converged with the contour of the revival.

Then even the director decided
set the conditions to Full.

The problem is Masao Horiki.

Yes. Probably he will appear in person
to destroy the SHELL.

Right during the ceremony.

We're on alert

but you can expect anything from him.
What about Ooba?

I will try to enter with another

It's not safe.

I will kill Horiki even if I die myself.

Is it true that Youzo Ooba will never wake up?


All the resources of my organization are thrown into
then to wake him up.

Only this is what I hear from you.

But we doubted
is it correct to recognize it as Full ...

The day of usefulness is tomorrow.

To ensure the health of the people and
security, we need a backup plan.

Backup plan? But the point is

that at this very moment Yoshiko
Hiiragi with a group of employees

trying to tap into Ooba's personality.

Peak of positive dynamics
in the cultural context

definitely influenced by Ooba.

Since the third Candidate appeared,

we are getting smaller every day.
Is there a connection?

Please give me time
to look into the matter.

- Sibuta!
- I'm listening.

You apparently
did not realize the seriousness of the situation.

Who do you think we are?

We are a model of health and
happiness for the whole nation,

a specially selected standard of usefulness.

Now I am quite aware of this ...

We have very little time left.

Don't let us down.

Specific images appeared.

Indicators Ooba and
the cultural outline is stable.

Can you continue?


Further you will find yourself in depth.

If we decide that your personality
dissolves, we'll get you out.


As i thought
for Youzo, that fateful day continues.

Youzo-san ...

He listened to me!

“Yoshiko, it's me.
- Director?

I terminate the experiment.

But why? Ooba-san doesn't reject me!

A bit more!..

Youzo Ooba ...

will be disassembled into organs, it is decided.

Yozo Ooba declared dead,

and we will combine it with the Complete
by transplantation.

Priority of the third Candidate
at the cellular level

will be recorded in the health standard.


Not. I disagree!

Youzo, smile.

Smile, I said.


Shut up!

Smile, Youzo.

Why should I smile ?!

Yoshiko! ..

Finally I found you ...

And I again ...

Youzo-san, I wanted to say goodbye to you.

Say goodbye?

Please write my portrait.

I can not.

I can't do it anymore.

Do not be afraid.

You always believe in
yourself, and into humanity ...

I envied it.

It was empty faith.

I hid behind her from myself.

But I was deceived.

It turned out that I am one dozen
I suffered for years for the future.

I understood that.

And it rose in my soul
black-black wave.

The first time I seriously felt
that I have a soul.

So I'll give it to you, Youzo-san.

Even now

clear sky above you.

This hope is yours
a parting gift for me.

Now I saw you smiling.

I'll wait,

when you build your world.

I will wait forever.


Are you awake?

Where did you go?

What did you do with Yoshiko?

Did they do something to her?

Today is a joyful day
which are few in the history of mankind.

Thanks to the system
health care SHELL I can

greet those gathered here
anniversaries who have stepped over the milestone of 120 years,

and bring them my sincere congratulations.

Today you are leaving the SHELL program

and go to the final stage
life, each leaning on himself,

but thereby your great work

... will receive an individual completion,

and today we are celebrating
your first step towards this.

I am very grateful to you.

Together with my pension
it turns out three hundred million,

my heirs will be able to settle Inside.

We gave you our lives for a reason.

... managed to re-use
the pension system.

The amount of the pension for each citizen ...

Youzo, are you awake?
But you can't stop us.

Yoshiko, come back!

Where is Yoshiko now?

Its time has come.

- What does it mean?
- She herself decided

what will become an organ donor
for transplant instead of Ooba.

I volunteered to extend the life of old people,

for Ooba to be ranked among the High-grade for this.


So you sacrificed Yoshiko to the old man?

Didn't even flinch

took away everything the poor girl had!

Well, Yoshiko Hiiragi, are you ready?

Yes. Let my body be in charge
our society and all of you.

And my soul is owned by the future and by Yozo-san.

Okay, then let's not waste time.


Yoshiko, Yoshiko ...

Bastards ...

Well, did you get a bad future?

It is your fault that you were so stupid and naive.

Death you brought
pulls in others

and a whirlwind of despair arises.

The more despair
the more numerous the "losses" will be.

Here it is, your strength of the third Candidate,

here is your destiny.

I will decide my own destiny!

Come on, try it.

The director gave me a pass.

Well, faster.

People who have together
with death they stole life!

You can finally
avenge your suffering.

He's coming here! Let's run quickly.

Object is moving towards SHELL,

on it the person is probably the first Candidate.

Horiki ...

The object passed the Reception House.

Direct hits have no effect on him.
Can't stop him!

Send help urgently!

Youzo Ooba,

let the sacrifice Yoshiko

will not be in vain.

I'll wait,

when you build your world.

I'll wait forever.

I seemed to be younger again.
All transplants were successful?

We are saved for a while.

What an abomination ...


you couldn't get through to
center and made your way to us?

What a terrible thing is the "loss" effect.

You decided with his help
ruin SHELL and yourself?

For this I am one hundred twenty
accumulated hatred for years.

Horiki ... It can't be.

On a glorious day of usefulness

you made this ugliness, and for what?

We merged with the second Candidate

and received a new standard of health.

Look. Even cultural
contour wishes us many years to come.

The joys and worries of the chosen ones -

we are familiar with both.

We will stay alive.

Live and lead the society.

Yes, you have only the fear of death behind your soul!

This is funny.

All of you together with SHELL this
a clot of hatred will drag you into oblivion.

Go there!

But the standard of man has changed.


Accordingly, my friend Masao Horiki,

your tricks will remain in vain.

Here is the third Candidate.

He will destroy you.

And he will protect us -

and the particle of the second Candidate living in us,

and a bright future that she believed in.

Why is this? ..

They are drawn to each other.

It seems like in the world
which Yoshiko Hiiragi dreamed of,

there was no place for you.

We served the people's good

maintained stability
and have done so much ...

How can it be without us! ..

Is this where your faith led?

You are a vicious woman.


kill Youzo.

What has become the standard of health ...

The end of the world has come.

You can't wait any longer.
It's time to fly, it's dangerous here.

Until we pick everyone up, we won't fly!

He tries to tighten
"SHELL" in a whirlwind of "loss"?

Look, Youzo.

She lost her mind, lost her feelings

turned into a lump of meat
in a senseless horror.

This is what Yoshiko has driven her false hopes to!

It's over, Youzo. Follow me,

become my Orpheus!

I will kill you.

Yoshiko now obeys my will.

But this is not Yoshiko!

The fate of this woman
endure abuse.

If you feel sorry for her

then save yourself from this fate!

Fighting for the lie
Yoshiko became a victim,

you have to kill her herself!
You're ridiculous ...

Yoshiko, stop ...

Get away from me!

You're just a clown.

I couldn't even give to my beloved
calm down in death.

That's how I'm different from you.

I won.

Full engine power!

It's over now.

Yoshiko ...



Yoshiko ...

Youzo-san ...

Let's die together.

We were wrong about everything.

The sky ... cleared ...

And you're not happy that you stayed alive.

It's not over yet.

Below us is the main module
SHELL, I'll destroy it.

Help me.

I had an incurable patient.

I was hoping SHELL would let her be saved.

We conducted an experiment
and suddenly she became "lost."

Then I realized that SHELL was a mistake.

You just fell in love with a patient ...

And you take revenge on yourself for not being able to save her.

And from Yoshiko I got a picture of the future.

With her, you will cease to understand yourself.

Like that self-portrait.

I will stay true to myself.

Come on.

Shizuko ...


After the end of the operation
meet at the collection point.

Sibuta speaking.

Near the tower, two hundred
eighty-three "losses".

SHELL predicts

about one tenth of them carry
the genes of the second Candidate in themselves.

We connected to your picture
and follow the "lost".

Morning won't come soon, Youzo.

There are no more complete and inferior ones.

When the standard of health again
stabilizes - it is not clear.

We survivors need to buy time.

World at the crossroads of three
warring pictures of the future:

Masao, Yoshiko and mine.

My whole life was full of shame.

Youzo-san ...

Youzo-san, Youzo-san!

Until the future comes
in which Yoshiko believed,

I'm ready to die forever

and be reborn forever.

The roles were voiced by:
Yozo Ooba - Mamoru MIYANO

Yoshiko Hiiragi - Kana HANADZAWA
Masao Horiki - Takahiro SAKURAI

Takeichi - Jun FUKUYAMA
Sibuta - Kenichiro MATSUDA

Atsugi - Rikiya KOYAMA
Madame - Miyuki SAWASHIRO

Plot writer, script writer To UBUKATA
Character Artist Yusuke KOZAKI

Monster Design: Masahiro ITO

Technique design:
Yasushi ISIZU, Hiroyuki TERAO

Painting: Ryohei FUKUSHI
Background sketches: Yukiko MARUYAMA

Computer graphics designer

Director's Assistant Hiroshi OOTAKE
Special Effects Director Takashi Okamoto

Background Artists
Shigemi IKEDA, Yukiko MARUYAMA

Colorist Hironori NOJI
Sound engineer Yoshikazu IVANAMI

Composer Yugo CANNO
Lead Director Katsuyuki MOTOHIRO

Stage Director Fuminori KIDZAKI

Translation by WARZFREAK