Human Hibachi (2020) - full transcript

A man documents his girlfriend's 35th birthday on his phone. What he captures throughout the night are the most disturbing human acts imaginable.

Can we get you anything?

No, no thanks.

All right, Officer
Hutchinson will be right in.

Thank you.

How are you?

This is Officer Hutchinson,

the date is Thursday,
September 12th, 2019.

Police Department,
regarding case 2018-010-075.

This is a multiple homicide

that occurred at the.

I'm here seated with the
victim's mother, Nancy Williams.

Nancy for voice identification

please state your name out loud?

Nancy Williams.

Okay, the time is 1515 hours.

Okay, we're here to present you

with the film made by the

in connection with your
daughter Katie's murder,

along with her friends.

Thank you.

You instructed us you'd rather

watch that here with someone.

Well, I just feel safer here,

I don't have anybody
else and I'm all alone.

That's why I was willing to do

Thank you.

I must warn you again that
this footage is quite graphic.

I've been doing police work for
15 years,

I've never seen anything quite
like this.

And granted it's a small
town, not much happens,

but ask any of my three officers

and they'll tell you the same,
this is complete insanity.

You mean it's like a real

What kind of sick people
do stuff like this?

Well, you could call it a

There's music, different
scenes, they've edited together,

they really knew what they were

Filmmakers or something.

I know it seems insane that

they would wanna document
their crimes and sell that,

but once something like this

hits the black market overseas,

that's where it usually stays.

Apparently there's a lot of
money in it.

I'm ready, I won't sleep at

until you put these people away.

Well, we do have most
of them in custody,

and our goal is to eliminate

who's had any part in this.

Thank you.

I assure you we'll reach
our ultimate goal on that.

Now, if for any reason
this becomes too much,

or you need me to stop at any

please let me know and I will.

I appreciate that, thank you.

Hello, welcome to my

Hi, thank you.

Are you dining alone?

No, my boyfriend's in the

Oh, okay.

Thank you.

You don't mind if I
take a picture of you, do you?

I like to have them in my

for very special guests.


So on three, say
sushi, one, two, three.


Oh, wait-

Wake up beautiful.

Happy birthday, baby.

Aw, they're beautiful, thank

Come on, it's your

You gotta get up early,
it's only come once a year.

Oh, you're supposed to
sleep in on your birthday.

What is with the camera, Reo?

Well, I wasn't sure
what to get you this year.

So I decided I would document
your 35th birthday on camera,

so you will always have it as a

Oh, that's thoughtful, I

I eventually added
two or 10 minutes of video.

It's very thoughtful Reo.

I look like shit right now,

You always beautiful.

These tits so great, baby.

I know, like you tell
me on a daily basis.

Also, if you wanted to get me

that lasted a lifetime,

you could have gotten
me an engagement ring.

That will come soon.

I've been hearing that for a
year now.

I have the day
all planned out for you,

we have a lot to do.

Oh, really, and what is that?

Just follow my lead.

Okay, well, I'm going to get a

and you are not documenting

Can I, please?

No, shut it off!

All right, fine.

Reo, what the fuck, I
told you not the shower!

Aw, come on babe,
this won't make the final cut.

Stop, seriously?

Stop videoing me on my birthday!

How are they?

They're good, what are you
looking at?

What is so funny?
♪ Happy birthday too you ♪

Oh, my God,

that is so embarrassing.
♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday dear Katie ♪

♪ Happy birthday too you ♪

And since it's your birthday

and you guys are loyal

we want to get you a little

So there's a gift card in here

for the next time you guys come
in on us.

- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.

You're welcome,

I had to it.

Most embarrassing thing ever.

Are you trying to get me fat?

There has to be close to
1,500 calories in this slice.

Hey, it's your birthday,

there's no calorie counting

Yeah, you're right, you're

You should be ordering

It's 10:00 in the morning!

You've gotta
give us some good stuff

to make this video exciting.

How about you can film us
fucking later?

Yeah, that's
what I'm talking about.

You wouldn't let me film
you in the shower earlier,

but now you are ready
to make a porn video?

I'm obviously kidding.

Time for the cake?

Do you want a piece?

No, you know I hate

Come one, you have to,

it's bad luck not to eat a
piece of my birthday cake.

You're right, it is.

But first, I have to document
you actually eating cake.

Come on, you can do it.

It's terrible.

It's delicious,
suck it up buttercup.

See that's not so bad, I'm proud
of you.

Asian don't eat cake.

Well you should
then, 'cause it's delicious.

Not that many people
here today.

You enjoy that, huh?

Yeah, I'm over the
whole calorie thing now.

Now you're in
the birthdays feeling.

Just wait till tonight.

Lots of wine.

Oh, you're gonna drink?

You're ready to get
outta here?

Where are we going?

You will see.

Oh, now I'm getting exited.

Okay, let me get that.

Why didn't we just drive,

you know how I feel about

I do like this one.

Yeah, that's sexy.

Should I try it on?

Yeah, you look great in

Would you like to try that
dress on?

It's a beautiful dress.

Yes, I would love to,
oh wait, never mind.

It's 30% off today.

Just try it on Kate.

Did you see the price?

Don't worry about the

I want you to look
amazing tonight, I got it.

Did you hit the lottery
overnight or something?


Okay, I'll take you to the
fitting room.

Thank you.

I'm sorry sir, you can't
come back to the fitting room.

Okay, no problem.

- How?
- It's perfect.

- It's not too dressy?
- Nope, perfect.

- Should I get it?
- If you like it?

- Oh, I love it.
- Let's get it.

What other discount you can

I'm already offering you 30%

But can you take
another 5% off for her birthday?

I wish I could, but I just
work here.

Okay, can't say I didn't

So what's with the camera?

I'm documenting her
birthday from start to finish.

- Oh, nice.
- Don't ask!

Okay, that come to

Would you like a receipt
or I can email you one?

Email, please.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.


That was good.

I told you, it's my favorite.

What is it?

Simple syrup, cranberry
juice, and a touch of vodka.

So it's just sugar
with a touch of alcohol?

Basically, yes.

What are you guys doing
tonight for your 35th?

I'm going to take her
to the restaurant I work at,

some of the best food around.

Yes, I love that place,
we were there last week,

food is phenomenal, it's just
out of this world, really.

How long have you worked
there, Reo?

About eight months
now, thanks to Brian.

Ready for another shot.

Ready for another

Oh yes, we sure are.

Oh boy, and I guess.

Me too, just the way I
planned it.

You having all the time of your

by me getting it all on film.

Hey bartender, can
you get us doing the shot?



To Katie 35th, and to good
health, many more to come.


My turn to do some

Oh yeah, what are you going to

Well, I wanna ask you


And I want it on the

what do you love about me?

I mean, what don't I love
about you?

I'm listening,
and the camera is blotching,

so go ahead and say it?

Okay, where do I start?

You are beautiful, sweet,
caring, sexy,

you're fantastic in bed.

Keep going.

Smart, I haven't met someone

as intelligent as you in a

What do you guys

Is he being truthful or
just trying to get laid?

Oh no, he's being such a

that was so sweet Reo.

He is absolutely without a

of a doubt trynna hit.

I mean, I wouldn't mind
getting laid,

but I meant every word.

I know you meant it

So, what are we doing tonight,

Nothing, we
are just hanging out.

Hey, you're more than welcome
to hang with us tonight.

Yes, I would love

- Let's do it.
- We're in!

So, what do you
think hun, double date?

Yes, I would love the company.

And we are good company.

Yeah, yeah, so what time do
you guys go?

- Its perfect.
- Can't wait.

Hey bartender, can
you get us another shots?


Happy birthday, Katie.

Happy birthday, Katie.

Thank you.

Awesome, very cool you're
getting all this on film.

Yeah, I know, I'm gonna
have a lot of editing to do.

- Sure.
- This is my gift,

so I expect it quickly mister.

Hey masterpieces take

All right, say bye guy.



That isn't recording, is it?

No, it isn't.

You aren't lying, are you?

No, I'm not.

So why is the phone
propped up like that?

I was going to record, but I

All right, I want you to lie


I have a surprise for you.


You will see, lie back
and close your eyes.

What are you doing?

Stop asking questions, just do

- You're scaring me.
- Oh, don't be scared.

Just trust me.

Okay, what are you doing?

It's a surprise I said, hold

Okay, open your eyes.

Why did you lie to me?

I knew it was recording.

I see you try to be kinky,

Did you really think
I thought it was off,

and facing right at us!

You caught me, I'm sorry, I'm

I would like to look at you,
instead of surfing porn site,

is better than looking at
strange woman, isn't it?

It is, but it's still
strange if you ask me.

How is it weird?

It just is.

Okay, well can we finish?

Yeah, as soon as you
turn the camera off.


And then make sure that
stuff is deleted as well.

Whatever you say my dear.

Someone had one too
many drinks.

Reo, it's five o'clock.

Wake up Reo, work is calling

Hello, hey Jin?

Yes, we will be there soon.

Coming in with another couple

Okay, I'll see you then.

I guess I'm
gonna start getting ready.

I'm gonna get into the shower.

Or maybe I'll
sneak up on you and film it.

Go ahead, no problem at all.

- How's this?
- Very sexy.


You look stunning.

I really love this dress,
it fits me perfectly.

I'm so glad.

Do some modeling for me in that

Like that?

Yeah, turn around
so I can see that ass.

- How's that?
- Perfect.

You have made my day so
special so far, thank you.

Just wait for tonight.

It's gonna be a good night.

It sure is.

Yeah, I like it, hi?

We have to have you
looking your best for tonight.

Its not like it's my 50th
birthday Reo, it's only my 35th.

Every year is a

Ain't that the truth,
he's got a point there.

See, she agrees
babe, life is too short.

Yeah, you're right.

Doing anything special

Yeah, we are going to
the restaurant he works at.

That sounds like so much fun.

Oh yeah, it will be.

Well, you're all done.

Thank you.

So I have to ask,
what is with the camera?

I'm making her a
birthday video,

documenting different
stuff throughout the day.

That is so special.

At first I thought it was
weird, but it has grown on me.

Something I'll always have.

All right, well say
bye, I'm going to turn it off.

Bye, happy birthday, Katie,

glad I could help make you look


Ben, I really appreciate you

along with us tonight and
taking care of the camera.

Hey, no problem at all.

I'm taking care of you

I appreciate my brother,

it's been rough for me lately.

It has been for me too.

But with this new gig I
got, I'm gonna be okay.

They can't wait to meet you.

You're gonna get a better job?

Yeah, hopefully.

You wanna talk to him tonight?

I'll do whatever.

So how are you feeling, babe?

Great, I'm starving.

Me too, you're gonna love
their food.

You keep bragging about it,

the anticipation is killing me.

Turn around and say
hi to the camera, Katie?


Where are you headed?

To Reo's restaurant,

has this amazing thing food
that he keeps raving about.

How is day going

- on so far?
- What's up every one?

- Hey guys.
- Hey, what up?

Hey guys?

And you must be creepy camera

Yes, I'm the hired

- for the night.
- Nice to meet you.

Well, I didn't wanna
hold the camera all night.

Smart move.

Plus Ben needed a few

Win-win situation.

Okay, Ben,

get a quick couple of words
from Brian and Meghan,

and then you can cut the
camera to save the battery.

Happy birthday to Katie.

My friend, my colleague,
it's gonna be a great night,

and hopefully many more
at this restaurant.

Happy birthday, Katie,
can't wait to get you wasted.

All right, you can cut the
camera, Ben.

Nice work Ben.

Yeah, trying to
get creative with it.

Hey, the better shots you got

the better final product will

Reo, hey?

Party of four, right?

- Mh-hmm.
- Hey Reo, how are you?

Doing great, Jin, how are you?

Doing good, thank you.

We've been waiting for you guys.

This must be our birthday girl.

- Hi.
- Happy birthday,

welcome to my restaurant, it's
going to be a great night,

we will take a good care of you.

Thank you very much, it's
a great place you have here.

Hasn't been open too long,
business isn't always steady.

We're just trying to make it.

Well, I heard the food is

so I'm sure you'll do just fine.

Thank you.

Oh, this is our
friend, Meghan and Brian.

- Welcome, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.

Nice to meet you.

I hope you guys have
brought your appetite?

I'm glad that you are filming
her birthday

like you told me you would.

Yes, I brought my
buddy Ben along to do it.

You met him remember?

I remember, we can talk later
about his involvement here.

I would love that,

Good, follow me.

Excellent, I'll stop by later,

and see how you guys doing,

- Thank you.
- Hold on.

Do you mind if I take your

I like to hang pictures

around the restaurant of our

Yeah, that's really
great, good.

All right, okay, ready?

- Say, sushi!
- Sushi!


I'm starting to feel it now.

That is the goal.

Hey guys, how are things?

Hey, listen, this is one
of my brothers, Aikio.

He's a chef here, I
wanna introduce you guys.

Hello, welcome.

- Nice to meet you Aikio.
- Me too.

That's my girlfriend,

We out here to celebrate
her birthday tonight.

Make sure you're taking good
care of her.

Beautiful, yes.


- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.

Look I'm putting all of
my faith in you man, okay?

I'm trusting you with this food,

now, they are hungry, so keep
them happy.

No problem.

And listen, he's one of the

that's the best chef there is,

We'll take a good care of
you, don't worry about it.

- Thank you.
- Aikio, you know what?

I think Harvey is swamped, go
get changed.

- Right.
- , okay?

- A little bit, yeah.
- All right.

- Okay, enjoy, all right.
- Thank you.

How's the battery, Ben?

It's at about 3/4.

All right, save it, we have
a long night ahead of us.

- How's is it Reo?
- Hey, Jin?

So your friend here is
aware of everything, right?


You're getting some good

I'm recording everything
I can.

These are huge over in
Asia, big market for them.

So I've heard.

I wasn't fully aware, or I
would have made them earlier.

I was told by one of my
cousins who are there.

I'll make sure to take care

of you guys at the end of the

Cut the camera though, this
won't make the final cut.

We should go out after dinner.

Yes, my friend's been
bartending all night too,

we can get some free drinks.

- Yes!
- I'm in.

Hey, you guys
ready for some magic?


- Yeah.
- Whoa, what up Charlie?

Hey buddy, you didn't tell 'em
about me?

This guy is the best
I've seen.

Oh yeah?

What have you got for us

- So exiting.
- Look,

I'm gonna do like this,

you just stick your finger in

- you're ready?
- All the way in?

Oh my God, look at that!

Now here's what imma do,

you can look at the card
show everybody else,

don't show me, you're ready?

Tell me, did everybody see it?

- Yes.
- All right, here it is.

Just stick the tip of it in.

Sticking all the way in,

and watch this ,

You're ready?

I got a magic rubber band,

you're not gonna believe this,

- Okay.
- All right, here it goes.

- You're ready?
- Okay.

All right, was that your card?

Tell the truth.

- No.
- Watch this.

One, two, three, oh my
God look at that shit.

What , that's

How did you do that?

- It's magic.
- I told you he legit bro.

- Enjoy the night.
- That's crazy,

do you think he?

No, it's a shit tone of
practice though.

- Pretty cool though.
- Yeah, I'm starving.

No kidding, Ben, you can cut


Hey guys, dinner will be right

In the meantime though, it's
Sake time.

Who wants some Sake?

- Oh, I do.
- Good, anybody else?

I'll pass on that.

All right, let's go.

- You have to-
- I hate sake.

You go first, when I say

chug 'em down as much as you
can, okay?

- Okay.
- Ready?

Chug, chug, chug, chug,

chug, chug, chug, chug, chug!

Very good, excellent,
who wants to go next?

Birthday girl.

Let's go birthday girl.

- I did it.
- Fine!


- Ready?
- Ready.

Chug, chug, chug, chug,

- Keep going!
- Chug, chug, chug, chug!

Great job, excellent.

I need to wash that down.

You did great babe.

- Your turn Brian.
- Oh no,

that shit makes me vomit.

Come on bro, don't be a pussy.

Just a little,

it's a Japanese tradition.

Fuck, all right, fine, let's

For Katie on her birthday.

- Thank you.
- Ready?

Chug, chug, chug, chug!

What the fuck was

That was horrible,
the girls were better.

Okay, I said I fucking hate
that shit.

- Pussy!
- All right,

your turn tough guy.

Nope, I hate that shit too.

Wait, hold on a second,
so I said I hate it,

yet I still did it, they both
did it,

and now you're not gonna?

If you guys need anything at
all, just let me know, okay?

- Okay, thank you.
- Well, yeah dude,

I'm just smart enough
not to ask.

Can you believe this shit?

- Relax babe.
- Nah, fuck this!

Yo, chill the fuck
out, dude, you are drunk.

No, seriously, fuck you.

How are you gonna to sit there,

make us chug that nasty ass

call me a pussy and now
you're not gonna do it?

Bro, calm the fuck down, do
not make a scene where I work!

You'll get what's coming to
ya, keep talking that shit.

Happy birthday, Katie,
now move, Meg we're going.

No, you know what?

Come to the back with me,
let's go we need to talk.

- About what?
- About you ruin

my girl birthday dinner,
and being a drunk dick.

Ben you can cut the
camera, let's go Brian!

Settle down babe, we
are just having fun.

Shut up,

- don't tell me what to do!
- Now, Brian!

I can't believe he flipped
like that.

Where did he go?

I told you, babe, I got a ride
for him.

I was trying to calm him
down, but he was still raging.

He does that a lot lately,

it's all the steroids he's been


Sometimes he even threatens me
at home.

- He gets scary.
- I'm scared.

Nothing to be scared of,

I would have fucked him
up if he went any further.

I gotta go to the bathroom so

Relax, Kate, you're
drunk as hell.

Relax, you're the one.

Where are you Jin?

We got a room here.

Let me out, please!

No, don't fucking do that.

He's very good, huh?

Nice and fit, like the meat.

That is why I invited him,

sometimes I know what I'm doing.

You did a very good job Reo.

You okay?

You guys have the good stuff,

Sorry Brian, it's just

They'll be here soon,

we need to start getting him

We gotta get the others as well.

They'll be eating in the

I have a table set up for them.

I'll take care of that
when I get back upstairs.


All right, go ahead and go

and get the table set up.

Katie, wake up.

I am so drunk, but yay,
happy birthday to me.

She has had the
best day of her life.

- All thanks to you.
- That's right.

Happy birthday, Katie, there
we go.

Thank you,.

Now it's time to enjoy your

Thank you.

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday dear Katie ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

- Make a wish.
- Okay.

Look at the camera
Katie, happy birthday.

I need to go, I'm not feeling
so well.

We aren't ready to leave just

'cause there's some more wine to

I've had enough, I
cant even see straight.

Katie, are you okay?

Reo I think maybe you
need to take her home.

She had like three bottles of

Come on don't be a party

I've seen her worse than this.

What the fuck are you doing?

What is that?

Drink much tonight,
you won't feel anything.

Why are you filming this?

Ooh my God!

Please somebody help!

No, no, no!

- She won't feel a thing.
- Good, better that way.

That is why I wanted
you to get her drunk.

I told them there's
a lot of money in this.

There is, these guys pay
very good money for each bag.

Tonight they're only paying for

so it's going to be this,
birthday girl and this guy.

Tell Ben how much they pay?

- 50,000.
- You can do the math, Ben.

Most importantly though, this
video we're making tonight,

will be sold for tons of money
over in Asia, these are huge.

My cousin in Japan told me
video with real life killings

are big in black market over

What about our faces being on

We blur our faces out,
Reo, you think I'm stupid?

I didn't even think
about that?

This is going to be it for me

I'm shutting down the
restaurant after this.

And I'm going to take the money,

heading back to Japan and
start real businesses.

I never wanted to do
this, but the restaurant

wasn't making the money
I expected to make.

my ass,.

These men that are coming

share a common friend with me,

and this was proposed, I
couldn't say no.

Plus I love the fucking money.

After I get rid of these three,
I'm heading back to Japan.

I'm happy for you Jin,
I'm glad I could help you.

I'll take care of you
guys tonight as well.

Come on, let's get everything's
ready for these guys,

they're on the way.

That will keep her out

Yeah, it will.

Take that gag off her
mouth she's chocking!


Why are you doing this?

- You are sick.
- Why are you doing this?

Because you are worth a lot
of fucking money, that's why.

, help me, help

Take her down
basement and tie her up.

Hurry up Reo, come on!

I'm trying.

Oh shit!

You all right?

Fuck, get up, Reo come on
go get her man, come on!

Come on, man!

Where the fuck are you

She is here somewhere I

That bitch is in the dumpster!

No, no, help me!

Please, no!

- Are you okay?
- My poor baby,

oh, this is horrifying.

Why don't I just take the DVD

We'll just call it a day.

No, I came here to watch this,

and goddammit I'm going
to see the whole thing.

Are you sure?

- It gets worse.
- I'm sure.


help me, help, help me!

Oh nice, very, very nice.

See this, you're next!

Oh, by the way, this is Brian.

Shut her the fuck up!

I love my work.

Jin said thank you.

Tell Jin I said thanks, I love
my work.

See Reo, when you
say sushi, you become sushi.

Make sure you record all of

Stuff like this is what
those people wanna see.

Here they are
Ben, that is their meat.

And from what I
heard, that meat is delicious.

I wouldn't know.

Do you drink the blood too?

Take the lid off that
bowl Reo.

- Oh, fuck!
- Everything is prepared,

there is a stuff in that fridge

that they wanna save for later.

- Can I see?
- Go ahead.

Holy fucking shit!

Some craziest shit,

- isn't it?
- This is a fucking joke.

He's not okay with us filming

We all have companies,

behind all this filming stuff as

We are splitting the money.

If it wasn't for him
there is nothing to film.

Perfect operation.

He wants to see the final
product before we sell it.

We have to make sure
everyone is dulled out.

Of course.

That's them.

Hey, everything is locked
down, right?

- All secure.
- Excellent, thank you,

you did an amazing job preparing

I have been craving
some good meat all week.

Well, you're eating the
best, you're eating the best,

and I heard that girl was so

- Yeah, what about the guy?
- He's a meat head.

Guess what, the thicker, the

and the better it is for our

Hey, I can't wait to eat
some real fingers, and toes!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

That looks delicious, thank you.

Thank you, thank you.

Oh men, a toast to my

to my friends, to a great feast.

- It's delicious.
- Sir, and the taste

is so awesome.

Hey, he's gotta get a finger,

he's gonna throw it in the air

and you gotta catch it in your

- All right, let's go.
- That's a good challenge.

Give me one of
those shuffling things.

Are you ready?

- You gotta do it again.
- You gotta do it again.

- Come on Doug.
- Hey, cheer, come on!

No, I'm not gonna.

Yeah me, you watch a
pro, first time, come on.

Just put mine on a plate,
please, thank your sir.

- Thank you.
- And same for me.

No, come on!

Boss we are

- all not built like you.
- Well,

you know you gotta learn

- this stuff the right way.
- That's why he's the boss.

Here you go gentlemen, as

Here's a picture of who you are

The lady was absolutely

She was in a nice red dress,

she had her high heels
on and make ups done.

Is not that a sin when a lady

is sacrificed for our
dinner, on her birthday?

Like you give a shit!

And this guy was real asshole

tried to starting a
fight in my restaurant.

- Enjoy yourselves.
- We will.

Thank you for showing us the

I like to see what I'm eating.

I bet that she had the best

of her life before she was

Good for her, you know?

Hey, Jin can I fire up
some meat for my friends?

- Yes, totally fine.
- Thank you.

That's nice of you boss.

You go boss!

John's going to
do the final cooking.

Thank you.

Hey boss, how
does that shit taste like?

Like honey.

Hey Jin, do you have more

We do, which one?

More blood and then bring the

Hey, Jin, can you turn
the lights on for us?

Simply delicious.

I was waiting for this the
whole month.

Hey cameraman, are you getting

- Yes, sir.
- You're all charged up?

- Yes, sir.
- You wanna get this.

I wanna show you something,
give me something to drink.

- Red or yellow?
- Red.

I'll take yellow.

Oh, thank you.

- Nice boss, looking good.
- Oh, it's beautiful.

- How's it taste?
- Oh, fucking beautiful.

Give me that yellow, let's do

- Okay.
- I hope it's fucking salty.

So he probably
golden showers too.

That's why I like it.

Give me that red, I want all
that red.

Give him the red chef.

Drink, drink, drink,
drink, drink, drink drink!

It's like an energy

How are you feeling Doug?

Great, good.

No, thank you.

What do you mean, you don't
like this?

- It's your turn buddy.
- I can't get all messy,

my wife will be waiting up for

a change of

Oh, Jesus Christ!

Unheard of man, don't you
know what this is about?

All right, it's time for
dessert yet?

Well, you may call it dessert,

but I call it the main entree.

- Hey, penis?
- I do.

Good, cut it
up, in pieces.

Hopefully it's at least four


that's pushing it.

Gentlemen, we're going
to read July's salesman.

There are two testicles going
to the top two salesman.

One of you is not.

I guess I'm not getting a ball

You know, you guys are
the top three salesmen

in my company, so don't feel
bad if you.

Okay, so with a million
dollars in gross sales in July,

Phil Maxwell!

That's a really good number.

Not good enough to get a
ball, but I'll get there.

Okay, 1.5 million in sales,
my shield, Bobby Shields.


And, well, I should've known

because, you know, it's
been like 10 months running,

number one, Doug Patrick.

- Thank you.
- Good job Doug,

- you are the dog.
- I am.

, flour, salt and

- Mm-hmm, yes.
- Look at that?

No, no, here you go, sir.

Watch, it's slippery,
you gonna grab at it.

Enjoy this guys, enjoy this.

How does that taste?


Is it good?

So crispy, you savor it.

Keep your numbers up, and
next month.

I know I will, I will,
just look at these guys,

I'm hungry already.

Are you guys done with the

Yeah, we're good, can you wrap
it up?

What about those intestines
that are in the fridge?

Why weren't they served?

I must have forgotten.

Yeah, wrap them up too, all

And I gotta pay you, right?

No less.

And now, for the
grand finale, the penis.

Hey, boss, it doesn't make a
man gay

when he eats another man penis?

No Phil, it doesn't make a guy

eating another mans dick.

That's why they call me gay,

And even if it does,
what's wrong with being gay?

Hey look, I'm not paying
you to be fucking in charge-

- , I'm just joking

I don't wanna fucking hear it,

I will not tolerate hate

- , again?

That dick is so good.

I'm joking boss,
don't get mad, you know?

After a decent size too.

Oh, look at that,
it's just moving around.

- There he goes.
- Phil's getting

- a little piece-
- Why just because

I made only a million dollar


Who gets the head?

You should get the head

No, I'm gonna give it to Bob.

Ill take it, I'll take the

There you go, top salesman.

You guys are ,
God forbid we're fucking gay.

All right, enjoy this gentlemen.

- So juicy.
- That was delicious.

Good job dickhead.

Juicy, huh?

I wonder how many vaginas it
was in?

You are a sick fucking fuck.

Hey, Doug you really wanna
know how many STDs it had?

- Now that you say it.
- All right guys, shut up.

Stop talking, you guys ruined my

Oh my God Doug, really?

You're like a little kid.

- You are fucked up man.
- Stop playing with your food.

Expensive taste that you got

I kind of wish I didn't at

but, if you ask these guys,
the craving is just too strong.

Thanks boss, thank you.

Yeah, that's
like air, you have to live.

Are you getting some good
footage there?

Hope you're a better editor?

Ben is pretty good, sir.

He is an amateur filmmaker,

that is why I brought him

Excellent, can't wait
to see the final product.

And Jin, you've got to take
care of these guys now, right?

I already told them I am.

Money is a very powerful tool,
isn't it?

It sure is, especially
if you don't have any.

Well, I got plenty.

Go in the back and take out

it's yours, you did a phenomenal

- Thank you, Jin.
- No, thank you.

She was very easy target and
her friends became casualties.

all right?


Everybody up, get your fucking
hands up,

- hands up, hands up!
- I thought you guys locked

the fucking door, man!

You gotta be kidding me!

What the fuck is
going on here?

Sick fucks!

You're so right, what kind
of sick fucks do this shit?

- What do you mean?
- What do I mean?


You know I forgot.

I can still believe in John.

It's all right guys,
hands down, he is one of us.

Holy shit!

- I thought we were fucked.
- No, we are not fucked.

The only only one fucked here
is this little bitch Reo.

Not bad, how's that Doug?

Hey, good sir, how are you

save me some?

Hello, welcome to my

- Hi, thank you.
- Are you dining alone?

No, my boyfriend is in the

Oh, okay.

Thank you.

You don't mind if I
take a picture of you, do you?

I like to hang them in my

- for very special guests.
- Sure.

So, on three say, sushi.

- One, two, three.
- Sushi!

Oh, wait here he comes,
you wanna wait for him?

Sure, you want to
get in the picture too?

- Yeah, sure.
- Okay guys,

on three, say sushi.

One, two, three,

- Sushi!
- Sushi!

That's gotta drain like
that for 10, 15 minutes.

- Hello?
- Yeah, who is it?

Hi, I think I left my
phone in here earlier?

, I'm
sure the guys closed the door-

- We're freaking closed.

- Yeah?
- Oh, my God!

Hello guys, good to
see you, your dinner is served,

just how you like it
Jonathan, raw and fresh.

She was beautiful, enjoy.

I sure will.

Listen, I know it looks bad,

but one taste of this and
you will never be the same.

Okay, I'm ready.

Welcome to the club.

- Yeah,.
- I'll take it.

You didn't think you can get
away with 30 grand, did you?

That's fucked up.

You didn't think I
could trust you, did you?

Are you guys ready for round

Yes, boss, I'm fucking

All right, all right,
all right.

- Hey babe?
- Hi.

I hope you
guys are enjoying him?

Oh my God, it's so good.

Delicious, I like it.

Come on, I wanna get
one close up of this.

Oh yeah.

I haven't eaten meat in over a

It's been two for me.

I can't say it's been
ever that long for me.

I don't know how you guys
do it, but I understand.

There's murder laws out
there, it's not easy.

But with our new system, it's
going to be a lot easier.

Expensive, yes, but easier.

Gentlemen, hey, sorry I'm

but I could smell it all
the way down the block.

Don't worry about it.

- Hello gentlemen?
- Hey!

Hi honey?

How's my favorite daughter

- Great, thanks.
- Good, good to hear.

Hey guys, I brought
special pie for you guys.

- Ready for this?
- Okay, lets do it.

It's perfect Jin,.

You know, I have the
best chefs in the world.

Skinned the face right off of

Yeah, Jin, I sure am sorry

they shut that restaurant down,

No, don't be sorry.

This is new thing
is gonna work even better.

And this video is gonna
sell for tons of money too,

it's a win-win. you know.

Oh, by the way, I have your
food coming down in a minute.

You know, I don't eat this
shit, it's all yours man.

Thank you.

I wanna thank everyone
for coming this evening.

Go on Brian, go ahead.

It's just too much right now.

I wanna thank you guys
for coming, like I said,

and unfortunately my dad
is not here at the moment

because he's always runs
late, as you ,

but I want you guys to really

this motherfucker, Reo,

and indulge because he
was a real piece of shit.

He thought he was gonna get over
on me,

unfortunately it went
crashing down on him,

right into that pie, actually.

I never liked him and I never
really cared for Meghan,

she was just a piece of ass to

But when I found out that he'd
fucked her,

I knew where his fate was.

I'm so glad you introduced
me to your daughter, Jin.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

To my new family, my
new business partners

and our new little thing we
got going on here, cheers!


Jin, yeah, what's up buddy?

Oh, yeah, you know, she's gone.

Gunshot to the head, I don't
know, I didn't see anything.

No, we've gotten rid of almost
everybody closely connected.

Yeah, but hey, I'll tell you

we've got some pristine new

out of this film of ours.

I got two cameras going right

Yeah, yes, so that's almost it.

Right, well, I'll bring her

over to your place in about a
half hour.

No, I mean, I'm starving, yeah.

What do I think?

I think she'll do, man,
she's pretty tasty.

Yeah, no, I'll see you then.

All right, oh, Jin, I mean,

make sure to blur our faces out,

All right, bye.

To protect and serve.