Human Experiments (1979) - full transcript

Country singer Rachel (Haynes) is arrested and charged with murder and placed in prison. Psychiatric sessions are run by the sadistic Dr. Kline, whose idea of mental health is to erase the patient's personality and completely replace it with a new one through brainwashing.

wanna jump right up and walk outside

taking the morning light feeling nice

and running through me

makes me wanna dance

clap my hands and dance

smile make my day complete

that feeling it makes me deaf


howdy give me your hand i have a choice

matt tibbs rachel foster good to meet


my pleasure hey

uh can i try that well sure

you be careful now though it's loaded

all right

my dad always wanted a boy pretty good


i see you're all the way from florida

huh yeah daytona beach

yeah i get it nice place

i said let's go daryl

people they tell me take it easy

something that i can't explain

rachel i enjoyed your set

thanks mr tibbs these one-night stands

must be pretty lonely for a sweet young lady

like yourself huh

maybe we could get together later on and

uh you and me could discuss

uh longer engagement huh

no thanks i gotta get an early start in

the morning

you understand

thank you


hello mr dryden rachel foster i'm

calling to

confirm our gig for this friday night

well what can i say i'm

sorry about that

what a dump

good morning morning

i want my money folks that's what you

got there ms wasser

we agreed on a flat 50.

true but then there's a 15 for the room

and then there's meals and uh two drinks

hey wait a minute we agreed on a flat 50

no deductions no nothing

now i want my money and what about

withholding taxes

now we wouldn't want uncle sam chasing

that pretty backside of yours all over

would we

i wouldn't do that miss foster

you're an [ __ ] mr tibbs lucas

you hear what the young lady called your

baby brother

sheriff he's trying to cheat me

you must be mistaken miss matt wasn't

gonna do a thing like that

i'll put it back

you got yourself a bad tampon miss


yeah i wonder why


y'all come back now you're here


[ __ ]




i wanna jump right up and walk outside

feel the music running through me


sometimes it just takes my baby

to smile and make my day complete











hello anybody home







this is the operator





i came in to use the phone my my car got


all right

how'd you use the phone






he would have killed me it was


is the jury really expected to believe

that you just

happened along while little daryl willis

was executing his entire family

you've got to believe me ladies and

gentlemen of the jury

that fine boy who now lies in a coma and

who doctors say will never regain


was not a mass murderer you have now

seen the evidence there can be only one


i am innocent rachel

foster you have been found guilty of

murder in the first degree

under the laws of this state i have no

other choice but to sentence you

to life in prison will forthwith be

bound over to the department of


whereupon you will be taken to gates

correctional facility

for service of sentence


can you find mickey's head

debbie can you find

his head

is this mickey's head

debbie's not making much progress

it's rita and at least she's making some

progress warden

we've come very close with this one

come on


where's mickey's head

there's mickey's head




let's go

move it tilt you're not going to the


how far down is that

granny's back

it's awfully cold for them down there

this one's interesting

murdered four complete strangers

no prior record sentenced for life

no living relatives

jones tanya l here can't keep your ass

off the streets can you

no ma'am wyler jimmy c

how are you jimmy just fine

foster rachel b


now if i was hard of hearing which i

ain't that would have gone right by me

so you just speak up here ma'am remember


when you see me when you speak to me

all you have is unabident respect

look at me respect

red lines are your boundary lines

prisoners are not

allowed behind any red line any prisoner

found behind a red line will be given a


all mail will be inspected each letter

is limited to four pages written on one


only do not repeat do not

write in the margins

it is mandatory at gates for each

prisoner to shower once a day

personal contact is not permitted this

includes playing wrestling massaging

plucking eyebrows

and so forth

lift them up

on the table legs part please

i just had an examination oh look

sweetie either you do hard time or easy

time that's up to you

but one way another eye is going to take

a look on the table please

legs apart


prisoner coming through


just give me my respect and i'll give

you yours


back to yourselves back to yourselves

lights up

five minutes

excuse me i can't find the light switch

that's all part of room service now

close it up

number eight shut your goddamn door

lot 15 all secured block 15 secured





someone there


any trouble in

my door there close


i've put in a requisition for the court

file sheriff and i'll be in putnam next

week to pick them up

now it would be very helpful if i could

get a copy of your investigation report

at the same time

i have a few specific questions

regarding ms foster

real quiet type huh

good way to be

yeah they're scared of that

especially if she's a fish first timer

they figured she must have done

something really bad

sister might even be off a rocker


1871 they built this place right over

the old foundation

if you don't mind this ain't a

sightseeing tour

got one rachel b foster for you

hey you can call me move

mover yeah we get it done

somebody up there must like you huh

garden's the best job in the whole joint

attention girls

there will be an a.a meeting on

wednesday at 7 30 p.m

in the dining hall attendance is

mandatory for all prisoners booked on

drug charges

that is all

get out here and pull my coat

what coat i mean tell me if a screw's


my little girl back home just waiting on


go pull your own coat when you wise ass

[ __ ] when jimmy told you to do you do

[ __ ] you okay then

lay off the muscle

this young fish better get a little

ass-wise up before she gets it chewed


don't let it scare you i'm close by if

you need me

march over to that chair stay put and

don't touch

it is against prison rules to walk on

the grass at any time

any prisoner found walking on the grass

will be given a 115.

that is all

she's awfully graceful isn't she

you're in a hell of a lot of [ __ ]


hello rachel i'm dr klein the facility


i'm going to be giving you a battery of


but first off i'd like some information

now your records indicate that you have

no living relatives

that's right friends then surely you've

contacted someone since the arrest

i have no one

is this your hobby entomology yes

they're something aren't they personally

i prefer things when they're alive

well i have quite a collection of live

ones too i'd love to share them with you

sometime if you'd be interested

rachel i hope you can see that i want to

be your friend

i'm willing to make the effort if you'll

work with me

i am your friend

all i know is he gives me the creeps oh

forget him

he's just another weirdo shrink without

all his marbles


hey are you playing or admiring the


so who does the interior decorating

around here anyway

i got me wasn't there yesterday

i've made spinach lamb chops

and fresh mashed potatoes

i always make them fresh i can't stand




it's delicious doesn't




eat your potatoes rita

eat your mashed potatoes rita

eat your potatoes


rita let's be a big girl



take my baby

sometimes it just takes my baby

i wanna jump right up and walk outside

that's the way to go

come on serve the [ __ ] ball come on




no to be my game

i still could give it a whirl if i could

see that damn ball

granny has anybody ever escaped

that ain't so smart well i wasn't

thinking about doing i was just curious

i hit the fence back in 59.

i almost made it too no

wrong yeah turn


she wouldn't be here now if it wasn't

for a worthless husband

they hit a jewelry store oh it's a

classy job

but he was picked up and he blabbed

states evidence

she was a brain he was a bum bum

see that nobody can ever get that off me

they have to cut my finger

off to get that ring off i was married

to a good man

never lose a good man

let me give you some advice if you're

gonna stay in this business don't get


don't get caught

that's the way to go i got three boxes

of good plenty on this game

i have to kill him

is she in dr klein to see you

send him in

i'm afraid we've had a bit of bad luck

all this paperwork his new reform

regulations have turned me into a clerk

i know what you mean

rita's dead

i'll need your jane hancock on her death


suicide by him

your theories your

theories break them

down turn them into infants raise them

like our

oh no god how could i

i wanted rehabilitation to be something

more than a

catch phrase to ensure once they left

here they wouldn't be

back and now after three failures

yes failures we can add murder to our

list of achievements

well i i think one could conclude that

if there were an investigation

investigation yes

but i'm sure there won't be these things


even in the best of prisons

your signature


where is she now

hi rachel hi pam

i really can't listen to them anymore

yakking away

half of them speculating on what you're

in here for the other half on whether

you're a

liberated woman

i know what you're in here for i read

the newspapers in the library


let me tell you the place is the loony

bin there are more nuts per square inch

here than a nut house

staff included and then cruel too

take pets for example if they see with

one they take it away

hey rachel do you want to see louis

louis you can't tell

anyone okay



say hi to rachel

hi lewis

do you want to touch him no no thanks

he's really cute and everything but

no thanks



a man says he goes to sleep thinking

about me

so i figure the least i can do is look

good for him

back to yourselves back to yourselves

lights out in five minutes












morning rachel girl have a nice sleep


let's get a move on

pam's dead is that right

well we better report this here to the

ward cause pam was paroled yesterday


now get dressed far throw you in the


solitude the loss of freedom the

aftermath of your crime all these play

terrible tricks on the mind

no i don't believe it

i have never claimed to be a genius but

i know what i know and i know

somebody is trying to frighten me do you

hear yourself rachel

can you hear yourself

that's classic paranoia take one of

these before bed

we'll help you sleep

don't listen to me


i'm sorry


bro you


i'm sorry


someone order a work slowdown doesn't


did you know pam sure i knew pam

i knew her not like jimmy did

what a [ __ ] up broad cut a loose


she'll be back

nearly 50 of all traffic fatalities are

alcohol related that's a staggering

figure of 26 000

deaths a year and that's only traffic


alcohol kills in many other ways too

alcoholism has been defined as a chronic

aggressive incurable

and fatal illness


it is a chronic illness because once you

have it

you have it forever it is progressive

because until it is arrested it

continues to get worse

it has also been demonstrated that

alcoholism is incurable

hi baby however it can be arrested

and many recovered alcoholics continue

to live happy

normal lives and finally

unless caught and arrested in time


is fatal


a person who has managed to arrest

alcoholism is still

an alcoholic a recovered

alcoholic remember what we said earlier

alcoholism is an incurable but a




fortunately for today's alcoholic there

are many avenues available for help

the most commonly known

alcoholics however

my god


in this










he does





where you going girl

where you go


any problem rachel

that car it's nice isn't it

it's always garaged mother certainly

knew how to take care of an automobile





something from dinner

hey you haven't eaten in two days and

that ain't no way to survive in this


gotta help you

gotta get out of here

not me you know we will see no evil

do no evil

i escaped brother

don't you know them guards use live



help me


i'll ask around but don't you breathe a

word of this to nobody you hear me

or don't have my ass too

attention girls this month's concert

will feature lucifer and the archangels

from the sugar time club in reno

attendance will be mandatory

that is all

look uh hot for a game

what do you say yeah two boxes of juicy


great okay

now my uh dennis tells me that sweets

ain't no good for my teeth

but uh he's just an [ __ ] anyway

piss off

yeah well i uh would have walked all

over anyway

i'm gonna hit the fence



same as last time through the prison



attention girls three prisoners were

disciplined this morning for entering a

restricted zone

remember the red lines are your boundary


that is all stay away from them red line




tonight's concert will begin in one hour

all prisoners will be seated by cell

block number in the auditorium

doctor won't be in until the morning

okay well if you sleep



i am




prisoner coming through

open your eyes


okay let's go




come on

running things around me pointed things

in front of me

strange things are in my face



you okay okay look

if you stay here i'll be right back okay




come on this way not this way

come on

rachel mover






all hmm

















yeah um











the lord is my shepherd i shall not

he leadeth me beside the still waters

he restoreth my soul he prepares to

table before me

in the presence of mine enemies

he anointeth my head with oil my cup

runneth over

yea though i walk through the valley of

the shadow of death

i will fear him for thou

art with me thy rod and thy staff

they comfort me surely goodness and

mercy shall follow me

all the days of my life and i will dwell

in the house of the lord



in death you will be reborn


i really can't take full credit for this


we all deserve a great deal of credit

including sarah

she's progressing at a pace i never




how are you sarah

can you hear me

you call that progress

how are we today sarah

fine can you find mickey's head for me


that there you go

warren webber and i are very proud of

her little girl

aren't we what

in six months she'll be a different

human being

totally rehabilitated

the full implications of all this won't

be known for several months

but all signs indicate that our

experiment will be very successful

as agreed for your participation dr

klein and i have

forwarded recommendations for all board

for your early release

and i thank you

yes well

now i would like to introduce you to


you've never met before

sarah jane walker sarah jane

this is tanya

this is pam

you see how well she's progressing

she will soon grow into a sweet

loving truly non-violent human being

it looks delicious doesn't it

eat your potatoes sarah


now what could be so important that you

couldn't tell me over the phone


she's innocent

but the willis boy came to he did kill

his entire family

you could falsify the release she can

live at my house we

must have more time we have already done


release her now and both our careers are


on friday morning rachel foster will be

released from gates

correctional facility

everyone has a home sarah everyone has a


i have a home sarah i have a home

everyone needs a home sarah

everyone needs a home you have a home

with us sarah

you have a home

home and you're safe here

sarah and you're safe

here safe

but she wants to send you away

she doesn't love you anymore

she doesn't love you anymore


she doesn't love you anymore

she doesn't love you anymore she doesn't

love you anymore

she doesn't love you anymore

she doesn't love you anymore she doesn't

love you anymore

bye don't ray look pretty today

oh dr klein i was just looking for you

the warden's in your office

thank you is that you rachel how pretty

you look

say thank you

thank you we're going home today

aren't we






good morning orton

don't know why but this morning i feel

good all

good over rachel

all they need is your signature for the

medical certainly

you've signed thousands just like it get

on with it already

don't rush me warden this is a very

special case

and we want everything to go exactly

right don't we

why is she looking at me like that

my guess is that she's thinking how much

she's going to miss you

this is one last game you're playing i

don't appreciate it

hi aren't you a

trifle testy this morning

you know our little girl really was hurt

cried herself to sleep

and now she's beginning to have doubts

about your feelings toward her

now what's that supposed to mean

you know you really shouldn't take that

tone with me warden

you always have and i've never liked it

i have the feeling that you don't like

me and if i'm not mistaken

sarah has that same idea you see she's


impressionable and i think now that

she thinks you don't love her anymore


sarah she doesn't love you anymore


put the pistol down rachel

in case you hadn't noticed she responds

only to me



no please reach

please listen to me child

the boy confessed you're innocent

sarah she doesn't love you anymore

sarah she doesn't love you anymore

she doesn't love you anymore you're

innocent rachel






feel the music running through me makes

me wanna dance


sometimes it just takes my baby

to smile and make my day complete


clap your hands and dance

people they tell me take it easy

slow down take it easy






something that i can't explain