Human Desires (1997) - full transcript

Alicia Royale is a fashion mogul who decides to have a large pajama themed party as a promotion for her new line of clothing. At the party, the leading contender for the company spokesmodel is found dead in the swimming pool, apparently by suicide. Zoe Taylor does not agree and hires a private investigator named Dean Thomas to look into the death. Dean digs deeper and deeper into the world of modelling and finds out that it is a lot more than just taking pictures and smiling.


All right.
Move your hair aside.

That's cool.

Mr. Manson,
I hate to say this, but-

I have some bad news
and some good news.

The good news is that
your wife is screwing...

That's the bad news.

Dean Thomas here.

But who is Delilah?

She'll be seen in every
picture for the fashion line.

The consumer will feel like
she knows her intimately.

Like her favorite TV star.

But we want a fresh face.


With so much riding on this,
It's not an easy job...

- picking the right girl.

Just pick one of my girls, R.C.

Alicia. I have to admit
at first I was skeptical, but...

- this pajama party
was a fantastic idea.

Thank you. I'm glad you're
designing lingerie and not skiwear.

I could be prancing
around in a Parka.

You and Miles have done terrific.
Look at all these girls.

- Hi.
- All so fresh.

- Unexposed.
- Exciting.

- Fetching.
- Excuse me. I have to see the bartender.

- She still looks fantastic.
- Yeah.

Mr. Gabor, how you doing?

- Give me a tall glass. Thanks.
- Yes, Mrs. Royale.

What do you want to drink this time?
A little paint thinner?

You guys use the cheap stuff.
What's she having?

Slow Comfortable Screw.

I'll have that too.

Do you sleep in that thing?

I don't sleep in anything.

I thought I was being creative.

This pajama party is ridiculous.
Who thought of this stupid idea?

That would be me.
Enjoy your drink.

That's Alicia Royale.

She owns the place.

Good job.

You're gonna break the bar.
What's the matter?

Roddy, you're the
only one I know here.

I feel like a hooker at a
priest convention and you leave.

I'm working.

Get some fire extinguishers.
I'll be right there.

Grease fire in the kitchen.
I'll see you later. Whoa.

Water from now on.

- Shit! I'm late for the party.
- I'll come too.

That will make me Miles'
favorite pick for sure.

I'll take some shots.

I'm serious. Peter.
Don't ruin this contest for me.

Melinda, darling,
you didn't read the invitation.

I always wear this to bed.

Don't you ever have
normal parties, Miles?

Even if I knew what normal was,
what would be the point?

We need a drink.

Julia! Christ! How much of
that are you going to inhale?

Come on, Zoe.
Don't be so prissy.

I know. I just don't want
anything to happen to you.

- You're a sap.
- I know.

I hope Miles doesn't turn in
early and see us here. I'd die.

I hope he does.

Excuse me.
Kid, you're supposed to mingle.

Mingling isn't my strong suit.

I prefer drinking heavily,
but you put an end to that

Come on. I'll introduce you
to some of the girls.

Now you're talking.

Honey, there's nothing
like greasing the wheels a little.

- You should do it yourself.
- What do you say to R.C. Rubio?

Zoe, he's a man.
That's all you need to know.

- Give us some drinks.
- Yeah, please.

These glasses are great.
You need to sit down.

Too many powdered doughnuts?

Cute, Zoe. Really cute,
It's from a fire extinguisher.

I'd like you to meet
my former partner, girls.

- Hi.
- Don't say it.

- Lovely pajamas.
- Thank you.

Come on.

People take sleepwear
too casually these days.

Finally someone who understands
my sense of humor.

- That's nice.
- What's your name?

- Zoe Gibson.
- The "Dressing Delilah" girl?

- I haven't won or anything.
- The choice is perfectly clear.

Dean suffers from excessive slobbering.
It's a glandular problem.

Zoe is one of the favorites.
So don't drool.

- So you're a cop?
- Was.

- He's a private investigator now.
- With a trench coat?

Yeah. I'm a walking cliche.

- WOW.
- What is it now?

- I can't believe it.
- Behave.

A private eye,
just like Mike Hammer.

If you must compare.
I prefer Sam Spade.

I have to introduce you to Julia.
She'll flip out. Come on.

I do weddings and Bar Mitzvah's too.

Party crasher? What some guys won't
do to get a look at a room of girls.

Don't move! Let me guess.
You left your invitation at home.

Look, my girlfriend is in there.
I just want to speak to her.

- Very original.
- I'm telling the truth.

Okay! Let's go.

This suit cost me five bills.
I don't want to get it bloody.

- It's a party.
- I'm busy.

- Have some caviar.
- I've had enough. Look at me.

Think of your libido.
Caviar is good for the libido.

- Have you seen Julia?
- She left.

- She went to swim some laps.
- Now?

You don't have to kiss ass
when you're Julia Dempsey.

You're just angry because
she got to Miles first.

- Yeah.
- I know it.

Come on.
Let's go outside.

So Julia is having an
affair with the boss?

Don't act surprised.
Miles Royale is no saint

She should be...

Oh, my God!

Make sure that watch
gets into an evidence bag.

- I had no idea she was so troubled.
- Troubled. Yeah.

The award a few days away...
This is just great.

That's very sensitive.

Look what the cat puked up.

We Still making
the sheep nervous?

Hey, anything with a pulse, baby.

This is Lieutenant Vic Morrisey.
We go back a long time.

This is Zoe Gibson.
She was with me when we found Julia.

- It's nice to meet you.
- I'm going inside.

- All right. Take care.
- Was it something I said?


So, buddy, I hear you were
on tonight's treasure hunt.

- You could say that
- What can you tell me?

We came to look for her and found
her floating in the pool. End of story.

It's a regular broken-down
policemen convention here.

- Speak for yourself, Grandpa.
- Just tell me what you know.

Poked around her room.
It's like a pharmacy in there.

Tonight's special:
Heavy-duty painkillers.

Looks like she took a bunch,
hopped in the pool, slashed her wrists.

It was a suicide.
Cut and dry, so to speak.

- Creative combination.
- And smart.

Numb the pain of the wound,
slip into never-never land.

- Smart, but a goddamn shame.
- The best-looking corpse I've seen.

Shit. I may have to break
my rule about the pulse.

Nice, Vic.
Very nice.

You should try it sometime.

I don't think so.

- Shit.
- Anyone in there?

Detective Thomas?

I'm sorry about the mess.
My maid got deported.

That's all right.
I guess you're wondering...

what I'm doing here
and how I found you.

I'm hoping you found me
charming and irresistible.

But since that's asking a lot,
I'll settle for one or the other.

Actually, it's a bit more grim.

I don't believe
Julia killed herself.

Slashed wrists, sleeping pills.
You want a suicide note too?

I knew her better than anybody.
It doesn't make sense.

- I'd bet my life on that.
- Then go to the cops.

If I do, my career is over.

Alicia and Miles don't want
the negative publicity of a murder.

- Why are you telling me this?
- You're the only private eye I know.

Expand your social circles
because I'm not interested.

- I'm not feeling sociable.
- Then open a phone book.

There's millions listed.
Let your fingers do the walking.

I need to work with
someone I can trust.

- What makes me so special?
- I know you.

Not well, but I think
I can trust you.

- What's your daily rate?
- Four hundred, but...

I think you'll find that adequate.

You've got a lot of money
for an unemployed model.

I'm not fresh off
the bus from Kansas.

I've got money.
Family money.

Still not interested.

From the looks of things,
you can't afford to turn me down.

You're right,
but I'm going to anyway.

Please, Dean.
I need your help.

You think you could have
done something to stop her...

- but nothing will bring her back.

- You're upset That's why you're here.
- Maybe.

But I need to know for sure.
There's a chance I'm right.

What's in it for you?

If you've ever had someone
you really cared about...

- taken away like that,
you wouldn't ask that question.

She didn't kill herself.
Why won't you help me?

Look, I'm small-time.

Missing persons,
background checks.

To catch your husband fooling around,
I'm the guy you call. But not murder.

But you were a cop.

That's right. Past tense.

I promised myself no more rough stuff.
My life is simple now.

The worst I see is a few broken
hearts and some dirty pictures.

I'm sorry I couldn't help you.

Keep it...

- in case you change your mind.

I know the way out.

Smokey, tell me something.

You're 24, gorgeous, got money.

Why would you slash your
wrists in a swimming pool?

- Don't make sense to me.
- It doesn't.

Why would anybody want to kill her?

You got a quarter?

I'm good for it.

Roddy, it's Dean.

I want to tell you I've been hired
to look into Julia Dempsey's death.

- Who hired you?
- Concerned friends and family.

- I'll come by the office tomorrow.
- I'll clear you downstairs.

Thanks, pal.
I'll see you tomorrow at noon.

Come on in.

Forget it.

Zoe, what can I do for you?

I'd like out of the competition.


I can't prance around all week
with a smile on my face.

Not after what's happened.

I know you're hurting,
dear, but we all are.

She was friendly with everyone here.
We all loved her.

But the show must go on.

Isn't that what Julia
would have wanted?

Sit down.
Hey, we discovered her.

The agency meant a lot to her,
as I'm sure it does to you.

We have to band together.

You could be the center
of it all in a few days.

I bet if Julia could pick anyone
to be there, it would be you.

- I miss her.
- $150.000 buys a lot of time to mourn.

It's a lot of money,
but I lost a friend, Alicia.

Don't you understand what
it means to become Delilah?

Rubio is one of the biggest
designers out there.

Your face will be
all over the world.

Instantly, you'd be up
there with the supermodels.

That should have been Julia.

Julia's gone, Zoe.

Her death had nothing
to do with you.

- Don't let it ruin your career.
- What are you saying?

The contest is part of our
representation agreement with you.

If you drop out of the contest, you
breach your contract We'll drop you.

I'm sorry for getting tough,
but if I don't, Miles will.

We need this account

It's no secret you and Melinda
are the top two contenders.

Whoever R.C. wants.
That's who I want him to have.

Be right out.

Don't ruin things for yourself.

It's not what Julia
would want for you.

- Thanks.
- You will be at the rehearsal, right?

You can count on it.

Here's another.

- When is my nut appointment?
- 10:30.

- Why did you change your mind?
- The money.

That's not it, but I'll find out.

Whatever the reason, thanks.

How are you?
It's all right.

Mrs. Royale is
expecting this gentleman.

- You're the Slow Comfortable Screw.
- I'd like to think so.

You look nice in street clothes,
though I prefer pajamas.

- To what do we owe the pleasure?
- I'm a private investigator.

I'm looking into
Julia Dempsey's murder.

- You mean suicide.
- We'll see.

- Just who hired you, Mr...
- Thomas. Call me Dean.

My father was Mr. Thomas,
and he's a lousy investigator.

To answer your question,
I can't answer your question.

Let's just say concerned
friends and family.

Step into an office here.

I can assure you,
we all mourn her loss...

- but we have a very important
public event coming up.

The last thing we need is someone
poking his nose where it doesn't belong.

There's no need to insult him.
He's just doing his job.

That's all right.

My friends in the press
would be interested to know...

- your husband is covering up a murder.
- Murder?

There's been nothing to suggest
her death was anything but a suicide.

- What a scandal that could make.
- Whoa.

- I'd sue their asses off.
- They'd print a retraction...

- prominently displayed on page 16.

No need to get rough, Dean.

I just want to do my job.
No need to mention it to anybody.

- This man a friend of yours?
- We were partners on the force.

I can vouch for him.
If he says he'll be quiet, he will.

We all know it's a suicide, Miles.
There's no harm in dispelling doubts.

Can't hurt.

- Would you leave us, please?
- Sure, Mr. Royale.

How much is this anonymous
client paying you?

- That's confidential.
- I'll pay you double.

Mr. Royale, in my business,
your word is all you have.

In mine, your reputation
is all you have.

Don't interfere, and I'll respect that.

We can do that Right?
Let me show you out.

She was staying with us
since she left her boyfriend.

- You didn't like him?
- He's a great photographer...

- but she needed a restraining
order to keep him away.

- How can I find him?
- His name is Peter Holden.

I'll have my assistant
get you his address.

- How long did Julia stay with you?
- Two months.

Seven weeks and six days too long.

My husband is
generous with the girls.

- Why'd you want her to leave?
- My estate is not a hotel for models.

It's my home.
You'll want to see Julia's room?

You read my mind.
Can I get a guest list from the party?

Fine, I'll talk to Roddy.

- If there's anything else...
- I'll put my lips together and blow.

This friend of your's...

I want him finished
as soon as possible.

You're responsible
for him until then.

There are plenty of other
retired cops looking for work.

Have I made myself clear?


Joe, would you step in?

We need to talk.
I just got my butt chewed out.

I don't mean to cause problems.

Well, you are. So do me a favor.
Walk lightly, okay?

The more I think about it,
the more I don't think she did it.

Julia was mixed-up.
She did drugs.

I don't know.
I think there's more to it.

I am in favor of truth.
Justice and the American way too.

I was on the force for 30 years.

But my butt is on the line here.

Say no more.
I'll be quiet as a church mouse.

What have you got?

Fancy girl.

Miles must have paid a lot for her.

Where did you forget to look, Vic?

What did you forget, Vic?

Police forget to check here?

Too weird.

Shit. I told them, no Mayonnaise.

- It's you.
- It's funny you picked here to meet.

This was Julia's favorite place to...
What did she say?

"Decompress from the city."

I know what you mean.

Let's start from the top.
Who do you think killed Julia?

I don't know.
I just know she didn't.

Whoever did it, if someone did it,
made it look like a suicide.

People kill for three reasons:
Greed. Revenge and Jealousy.

There's the "Delilah" contest

It's $150,000 plus a his
contract with R.C. Rubio.

- That doesn't seem enough for murder.
- I've seen it happen for much less.

Why would Julia be targeted?
You and Melinda are in the running too.

Except we weren't
having an affair with Miles.

With Julia gone,
it would be between us.

Melinda's not that smart.

- I can't see her committing murder.
- You'd be surprised.

- How long was Julia with Miles?
- Two months.

- Ever since she left her boyfriend.
- Alicia doesn't like him.

Personally, I never liked him,
but the restraining order was bullshit.

Julia said Peter was upset after
she left and stayed with Miles.

- He smacked her around?
- So she claimed.

I never saw any bruises.

I think Miles did that
to keep him away.

- He wanted Julia all to himself.
- I guess.

Look, I've got to go,
but thanks, Dean.

I'll see you later.
Good luck.

I kind of need it.

Who are you?

I'd like to ask a few questions
about Julia Dempsey.

- You a cop?
- Private investigator.

Why don't we go
inside and talk, okay?

I've got a deadline.
I've got to make some prints.

What are you working on?

Dog food.

Come on.
Hurry up.

I told you, I'm busy.

I do a little photography too.
I like the way you framed these.

Skip the bullshit. You didn't come
here to talk about photography.

Fine, I'll cut to it.

My client doesn't believe
Julia killed herself.

Let's start from the beginning.
How did Miles find her?

I used to take pictures of her:
Jeans. Gowns. Everything.

You put together a portfolio,
send it in.

Right. I thought it would
be good for both of us.

An agency like that could
do a lot for someone like me.

I guess it could.

Come on, darling. I want to see
that gorgeous body. There you go.


Give me these eyes.
I want them.

Fuck me.

- Say it with your eyes. honey.
- Fuck me.

Julia, I can't use the shot
when you open your mouth.

Come on, baby, just fuck me.

Oh, God.

One thing about Julia:
She was a dynamo.

Anyway, we got a letter
from that jerk, Miles Royale.

I mean, she got a letter.

It said she was a semifinalist
in his talent search.

What did you get?

Like I said, I got a deadline.
Let's wrap this up.

Just one more question.
Why did she leave you?

This whole fucking thing.
I thought it was a good idea.

She'd sign, make a bundle of money,
then I could shoot something real.

- Solve all our problems.
- But there were new ones.

Suddenly, she was meeting this
designer and attending that party.

She started snorting cocaine,
got an agent.

It used to be just us.
Now there were all these people.

She was on her way.

I couldn't even
photograph her anymore.

Some established photographer
re-shot her portfolio.

Every time I turned around,
she was going places with Miles.

- So you got angry, argued?
- Fuck, yeah.

We'd been through a lot together.
Some thanks I got.

If my girl was gallivanting around
with a playboy like Miles...

I don't know how I'd control myself.

- Where were you Monday night?
- Where was I?

Oh, I get it, I'm a suspect, right?
Spurned lover. Crime of passion.

You said it, not me,
just tell me where you were.

- Were you here making pictures alone?
- You'd love that, wouldn't you?

I was at Miles' estate
when she was killed.

- You were at the party?
- I wasn't at the fucking party, man.

I was feeling low about the way things
had turned out, was drinking a lot.

- Went to see her, but couldn't get in.
- Got into a little fight?

If you know so much,
why are you asking?

I'll be in touch. If there's
anything to tell me, just call.

What's up, Smokey?

- Right there.
- I see him. Thanks.

- What's up?
- I'm buying.

Oh, this must be important

- just seeing you the other night...
It's been too long.

- All right, what do you need?
- Please, you're insulting me.

It's the white boy beer.
Give your ass away every time.

Let's have it.

All right. That girl you
fished out of the pool.

- What did forensics say?
- She probably killed herself. Why?

I've been hired to look into it
in case it wasn't a suicide.

You said, "probably",
so there's a chance.


You have more definite cases,
and she doesn't have family complaining.

One little tidbit.

She had a watch on when she died.

It was fake.
It wasn't waterproof.

- Stopped at about five after 10:00.
- Time of death.

Give or take a few minutes
for the watch to break. It helps.

Let me see the autopsy report.

- Keep dreaming, white boy.
- Come on, Vic.

I can't do that.
I could get in trouble for that.

Don't get dramatic. Get the
report and tell me what's on it.

I smell professional
basketball tickets.

- I'll call my connection.
- All right.

I don't want any bad seats.
I want great seats for a good game.

All right.

- We're fine?
- We're fine.

Thanks for the beer.
All right.

See you later.

Great seats.

- What do you have so far?
- I talked to her ex-boyfriend.

- Real jerk.
- He's got the motive.

His only alibi is that he was at
the estate the night of the murder.

Do you think the fight with
my security guard was staged?

Possibly. He could have snuck in,
killed her, snuck out...

- gone to the front gate
and made noise.

That's a theory, but I don't believe it.
He was a jerk, but not a killer.

We know when she died.
Her watch stopped at 10:05.

That helps. If he came around
front before that, it wasn't him.

Anyone at the party between 10:00
and 10:05 couldn't have done it.

Get rid of your suspects
and you know it's suicide.

How can I confirm who was at the party
then and exactly when Holden arrived?

Miles is a freak about security,
especially when he has a big party.

Pause it.

That's six minutes after 10:05.

Allow a few minutes difference
between her watch and your clock...

- he had time to leave the patio,
slip out the way he came...

- get in his car and pull in.

That doesn't prove he did it.
If her watch was slow, he wouldn't have time.

You'll need more than that
before the police will get involved.

- Here's the living room.
- Wait a minute.

- You have one of the pool?
- I already thought of that

When it calmed down the other night.
I went right to the tapes.


This is going to sound ridiculous,
but rodents ate through the lines.

The electricity all over the
estate has been chewed.

It's not an uncommon problem.
Electricians are here constantly.

I figured that's what
happened to the camera.

- Great
- So I checked the wire.

- Was it a clean cut?
- Not exactly.

It could have been a squirrel.
One of the repairs was undone.

I'm beginning to
see things your way.

Jesus Christ!

Didn't your parents
teach you to knock first?

I thought it was open.
I wanted to surprise you.

I thought you'd be hungry.

I am.
I'm starving.

Want the last Wonton?


I hate this whole fucking thing.

My best friend dies,
and I'll probably benefit.

You mean the "Delilah" contest?

I wish I could drop out,
but it's part of my contract.

I'm blubbering all over the place.

- It's okay.
- Thanks.

I never had anyone
die on me before.

Not anyone I was close with,
and not this way.


To old friends.

And new ones.

Who's this?

Who is she?

Five years ago.
Roddy and I staked out...

- a drug syndicate in Long Beach.

They brought 90% of the
Cocaine to the southwest.

She was our informant.

She was beautiful.
I knew it was wrong...

- but I couldn't help it.

The night before the sting...

- we found her in the hotel room.

I held her in my arms
all the way to the hospital.

She died just as we got there.

It was my fault.

They must have followed
her back to my place.

Is that why you quit?

We never found out who did it.

I drank heavily after that

When I stopped,
there wasn't much left for me.

I couldn't go back.

I broke a cardinal rule,
and someone died for it.

Someone very, very special.

- You want something to drink?
- Give me two beers.

The expensive kind.
He's buying.

Basketball tickets, great seats.
This better be good information.

- I love you, man.
- Dean, that will be eight dollars.

You got money.
Write a check.

- Thanks, Vic
- Thank you. Listen to this.

You know she took a lot of painkillers
before she slashed herself.

According to the autopsy, she had
enough in her to knock out a horse.

She shouldn't have
made it to the pool?

Not unless she was
some sort of super woman.

- Or she took them by the pool.
- I doubt it. She had snorted cocaine.

We found her mirror and straw.
I took it to the lab.

Painkillers were mixed
with the cocaine.

She crushed up the
pills and inhaled them.

There was one other thing.

Stuck in her hair they found
traces of sodium bicarbonate.

- Baking soda?
- That's not bad.

- I thought you skipped chemistry class.
- What was she doing with baking soda?

Making brownies.
How should I know?

Where are my tickets?


- Enjoy.
- Yes, I will.

You're on the air.

Can I take more pills
because I'm still shaking?

- Can you tell me what the problem is?
- I'm shaking.

- I've had 12 or 14.
- Mind if I come in?

I didn't think so.

If it isn't Philip Marlowe himself.

Oh, if you must.
I prefer Sam Spade.

Have you caught the bad guy yet?

- You tell me, Miles.
- Please, sit down.

Did Julia threaten to make
your affair with her public?

Would you amuse us a minute?
We have a little thing to talk about


Affair? I don't know
what you're talking about.

Spare me. I've got a reliable source.
Now did she use this against you?

- She hinted at it, but...
- But you took care of her.

If you're insinuating I murdered her,
let me set you straight.

Yesterday, you told me it
was a clear case of suicide.

Julia was a desperate girl clinging on
to everyone and everything around her.

I became her life raft.

That could only go on for so long.

- That was fantastic
- It was.

The last time.

- Alicia knows.
- What did she say?

Nothing directly,
but you know Alicia, that's her style.

She just reminded me
that the entire estate...

- including the agency, is hers.

What are you talking about?

I'll tell you.
I was broke when I met Alicia.

She is the daughter of an oil man.

He died and she inherited millions.

When we got married.
I had to sign a prenuptial agreement

You mean she gets it all?

She can keep it all, every penny.
And she would too.

I wasn't born yesterday.
I'm sure I'm not your first affair.

No, you're not my first. The first one
other people have known about.

It's ridiculous to think you,
of all people, would ever be faithful.

What's so ridiculous?

She's put up with all
the flirting and innuendo.

But that's part of the job.
It's part of being playboy Miles Royale.

I'm just a kid from jersey.
I'm sorry, darling.

So, you think you can
keep your hands off of me?

I don't know.
That's going to be tough.

Listen to these numbers.
Twenty million dollars.

It buys a lot of self control.

- I'll tell her everything.
- No, you won't.

- The trips, the gifts...
- Uh-uh. Stop this.

- What we had was fun while it lasted.
- I won't give you up so easily.

- I'll make it worth your while.
- Go on.

You remember R.C. Rubio?
He's been my friend for years.

- He'll take my suggestions...
- Clarify.

You'll win the "Delilah" contest

With the fame,
the bonus, the contract.

I'd say that's a fair
trade for keeping quiet.

- I had things under control.
- A young lady is waiting to see you.

These are really lousy cigars.

See you around.
He's all yours.

Come in. Sit down.
Let's have another look at that book.

Let me guess. Tall, dark and
handsome, curves to the left.

- That's me.
- I knew it.

- So, any progress?
- I talked to Miles.

He promised Julia the modeling
contract to shut her up.

You think he killed her
just to make sure?

He had a lot to lose if she talked.
I need to talk to Alicia.

Very nice.
You have great form.

- Thank you, Detective.
- Dean, please.

I'd like to ask you a few
questions if you have time.

Sure, Dean.

Do you want to come in the house?

- No problem.
- Thanks.

What brings you here?

Just trying to earn my money.
Do you swim often?

Actually, I'm scared of the water,
but I try to swim every day.

It seems to be working.

- You should try it.
- That's all right.

My pool is being used as a breeding
ground for biological warfare.

- Then maybe with me.
- No swimming while on duty.

Looking for a good swimming partner?

I'm always looking for a good partner.

Tell me, what did you
find out about Julia?

- That she was sleeping with my husband?
- Actually, yes.

So you did know.

Miles has never been smart
enough to be that discreet.

- So this has happened before?
- Affairs? Yeah, plenty of times.

It's funny though. Miles was actually
shocked I figured this one out.

- You told him you found out...
- Two weeks ago.

He was scared
I would cut him off.

When his secret affair
was no longer a secret...

- he had no reason to fear Julia.

Miles may be an asshole sometimes...

- but I don't think he'd be
brave enough to kill anyone.

As for me.
I assume I'm still a suspect.

The thought of killing
anyone over Miles is...

I'm sorry. I hope you don't think
I'm making light of this. I'm not.

That's all right, but I am curious.

If you knew Miles was
fooling around before...

- why did you decide
to put your foot down now?

Because, in the past.
Miles was a little more discreet.

Julia was becoming impossible.

After all, we're still married.

That should put you in
a pretty powerful position.

Did you put the pressure on Julia?

You obviously don't know me very well.

I like to work in a
more subtle fashion.

Sony, I don't understand
why you put up with it.

Why not leave?
You're the one with the money.

I need him.

When we got married ten years ago...

I really wanted to start an agency.

I knew little about the business
and had no contacts.

Miles knew everyone.

So it was a perfect match...

- and a perfect marriage.

Since then, it's become one of
the largest agencies in the country.

But without Miles as a figurehead.
It could all crumble.

But you don't know that it will.

I don't know that it won't.

In spite of all that
he's put me through...

I still care about him.

I still want him to
find me attractive.

I think you're beautiful.

If Miles can't see that,
he's crazy and doesn't deserve you.

That's sweet.

Come on up.
I'll just be a second.

I don't think I should.

Come on.
I'm just going to change.

I don't bite.

You're not trying to end
my investigation, are you?

No, Detective.

I think your investigation
is just beginning.

That's good.
Let's get this off.

Maby that squirell theory
was right after all. Relax, kid.

Maby that squirell theory
was right after all. Relax, kid.

Did you find out about the autopsy?

If she took these pills in her room,
she shouldn't have made it to the pool.

- What do the guys think?
- They buried it, It could go either way.

She could have taken
the pills at poolside.

They think she snorted
them along with the cocaine.

I don't know.
It doesn't feel right to me.

Kid, you've been paid already.

I know you want
to catch the bad guy...

- but you look terrible.

- Remember, this is a job.
- I know.

But this one was so young, beautiful.

- She looks like...
- Maria. Don't you think I noticed?

- We never found out who did it.
- Don't think about that

There's nothing you can do about it.
They're two separate things.

Anyway, I still have to
question Melinda Fairchild.

They're at the pier?

You won't find her out there.
She went home sick.

I sent one of my guys
out to bring her back.


- Leave it.
- I can't.

It could be someone from the agency.
Remember, I'm supposed to be sick.

You're hot and sweaty.
Your hair's a mess.

If I wasn't just screwing you,
I'd think you were dying.

Hi. Hope I didn't
come at a bad time.

You look familiar.

- Are you that private detective?
- The one and only.

I'd like to ask you a few questions.

- I'm not...
- Feeling too well?

This will only take
a few minutes.

Hey, darling...

This isn't what you think.

That's all I need.
Thank you.

Wait, I can explain.

When Julia left.
I was hurt.

- I wanted to get back at her.
- I guess you did.

I swear I had nothing
to do with her death.

What were you doing at the
Royale estate the other night?

I didn't want to get Julia back.
I wanted to see Melinda.

I told you not to come.

Why did you lie to me?

Melinda and me have
been together for a while...

- ever since Julia
started slipping away.

But no one ever knew about us.

I know I shouldn't
have lied to you.

But Julia's already dead.
I didn't want to make her look bad.

Did you know Peter Holden
was sleeping with Melinda?

He did it!
The son of a bitch really killed Julia.

Where's your proof?

It's circumstantial,
but I'm calling Vic.

I think it's enough to
open an investigation.

You know how it is. Those reporters
have sources in the department

When the police start investigating.
It will become a front-page story.

All right, I'll call Vic and
tell him to keep it quiet there.

He won't let word out
unless it turns into something.

There's too much press
coverage this week.

I'm telling people you're a writer.

When Vic brings his crew here...

Look, the gala is tomorrow.
It can wait until afterward.

Besides, it'll strengthen
our case if she really wins it.

How do you know she'll win?

Come on.
Melinda must have known she'd win.

- How? Zoe has a good chance.
- Maybe she was fucking Miles.

It seems to me you're the
only one around here who isn't.

Why would she take the risk
if her chances were only fifty-fifty?

What if she didn't know?

That's a chance I'll have to take.

That's fine. I mean.
It's not your funeral if you're wrong.

What's that mean?

You can take all
the chances you want.

If you're right, fine. But if you're
wrong, I'm the one that gets fired.

You're only going on assumptions.

I'm just trying to do the right thing.
That's the way I see it.

You know how I see it?

I see a guy who messed
up a long time ago...

- and still can't stop
kicking himself for it.

I'll talk to you later.

If you have a little time,
I need to see you.

Great. I want to invite you to a formal
gathering we're having at the home.

I don't think I can make it.
Besides, I don't have a tuxedo.

Tim's okay.
Miles has plenty.

You're practically the same size.
The same build.

What was the favor
you wanted to ask?

I have strong reason to believe
that Julia was murdered.

- Who killed her?
- Melinda Riley and Peter Holden.

They were having an affair.

You think they killed Julia
so Melinda could win?

Sure. Peter was a spurned lover.
Melinda was a jealous rival.

- I've seen people killed for less money.
- But Melinda knew she was third choice.

What do you mean?
How did she know?

I told her two weeks ago.

It was a close race
between the three...

- but R.C. decided he didn't
want the image for his "Delilah"...

- to be so goody-goody.

He said it would
clash with the lingerie.

Are you okay?

Thanks for your help.

- What are you doing here?
- Hey, baby, I'm back.

- I came back to you, baby.
- I told you I don't want you here.

I got myself a new suit.
I stopped drinking.

It's Zoe. Leave a message at
the tone and I'll call you back.

It's me, Dean.

Meet me at Smokey's.

It's a bar on State Street

- Hi.
- He's over there.

- How did you know I was...
- How many beautiful women stop here?

Thank you.

I have to make it fast.

I got to get to the hairdresser.
Got to get ready for the big night tonight

It's everything you gave me,
minus four days' charges.

- What do you mean?
- It's over. Julia killed herself.

She killed herself,
or you're just giving up?

I ran out of suspects.

- You should really be happy.
- Why are you giving the money back?

Will you find the answer drinking?

I told you, I'm through.

If you're not satisfied,
find someone else.

- You're really good at this.
- What?

Feeling sorry for yourself.

Fuck you.

Where's the bathroom?

- Right around the corner.
- Thanks.

Fuck me.

You messed up?

You cooking something?

Something's burning.


Shit! There was enough baking
soda in there to bake a cake...

- for the entire US. Marine Corps.

Wait a minute.
This is baking soda? Are you sure?

I was a Chicago fireman for ten years.
How do you think I got my nickname?

I've always wanted to do this.

The first Delilah for
R.C. Rubio is Zoe Gibson.

Way to go, Zoe.

Yeah, I'm still here.

Will you just be there, all right?

At the house.

How long do we go back?

Since the fifth grade.

So when I say
you got to trust me...

- then trust me.

How you doing?

I'm on the guest list.
Come on, just raise the gate.

Thank you all for coming back
from the hotel and celebrating with us.

Thank you all for coming back
from the hotel and celebrating with us.

Never before has our search for
beautiful women been so fruitful.

It wasn't an easy job
choosing our "Delilah"...

- among so many beautiful,
deserving young ladies.


We're so proud to present to you...

R.C. Rubio's Delilah for his
new "Dressing Delilah" line.

Thank you all so much
for coming tonight

This means a lot to me.

Big thanks to you,
Alicia and Miles.

I'm thrilled.
I hope I do a good job.


You bastard.

I wanted to say congratulations.
You deserve it.


"Dear Dean, thanks for
looking in all the right places."

I'll hang it in my bathroom.

Listen, I'm sorry our conversation
ended on such a bad note.

I'd like to make it up
to you this weekend.

Fair enough.

- Your fans await
- Call me later.

Hi, what's your name?

It looks like you and Zoe
are hitting it off well.

I need to talk to you, alone.

All right.
Dallas, cover me. I'm taking five.

What's your name?

What's this all about?

The only thing I can
remember my mother saying...

- after she caught my father
screwing the neighbor was:

"I thought I knew him."

I feel the same way.

Speak English, kid.

Now I know why you brought
me to the party. I was your alibi.

But you never thought for a
second I'd care about the girl...

- that washed-up Dean
Thomas would look into it.

I got to hand it to you.

Painkillers crushed up
in the cocaine. Clever.

The squirrel theory was a bit weak,
but enough to throw me off track.

Setting her watch back 20
minutes was a stroke of genius.

Really threw me off.

It's time you had your head examined.
What are you talking about?

The one thing you didn't
count on was the fire.

Sodium bicarbonate,
also known as baking soda...

- also found in fire extinguishers.

The autopsy showed traces of it in
Julia's hair. You were covered with it.

So you think I killed her?

I know you killed her.

I just can't figure out why.

Jesus, all those years,
a decorated cop.

And to think, I admired you.

Goddamn punk. Who do you
think you are, lecturing me?

Now, who the fuck hired you?

Your mama.

I guess we have here what's
known as a Mexican standoff.

Back off.

Now that we have a little quiet time...

- you care to tell me
why you did this?

Thirty years on the police force.
What have I got to show for it?

A gold watch and a
pension I can't even retire on.

I busted my ass,
and I got nothing to show for it.

- So you thought you'd kill a beautiful...
- Knock off that bullshit.

She was a lowlife, beautiful or not.

Now that we have a little time,
tell me who hired you.

I did.

- What are you doing?
- Put the gun down now.

- Are you screwing her?
- Shut your mouth. Shoot him!

- She's double-crossing you.
- What was your deal?

Split the money fifty-fifty...

- or did you get extra
for the sucker finder's fee?

After the murder, he threatened
to blame me if I didn't cut him in.

- I mean, Jesus...
- That's weak, Zoe.

Why would he kill her
before making a deal with you?

The question is,
why did you go along with it?

I was the best prospect,
and everyone knew it.

It was my break until Julia
came along and seduced Miles.

She was going to take that from me.

- You were such close friends.
- It doesn't matter now.

We don't have to give him his cut.
We can take the money. Just shoot him!

Shoot me, and she'll shoot you too.
Look like we shot each other.

Shoot him.
You don't think he'd do it?

- That girl, the drug informant...
- Fuck you!

- What was your share, Roddy?
- Be quiet.

- You killed her yourself.
- No, I didn't.

- Bullshit.
- Did you, Roddy?

- I swear.
- I don't believe you.

Shoot him. He killed your girl
just like he slashed Julia's wrist.

Don't move!

You stupid son of a bitch.
We could have had something.

Whatever it was.
I wouldn't want it with you.

Don't worry.
The offer just expired.

By the way, Zoe,
you're out of a job.

It will be all right, man.
You did what you had to do.

I killed him.

I know, but you saved my life.

- One more question, please.
- No, thank you.

- That's it, I have nothing more to say.
- Please?

- No comment
- All right. Thank you.


Damn it,
who let these reporters in here?

No, I'm fine, Miles. Really.
Thanks for asking though.

- How you doing?
- Okay.

Listen, I'm sorry that I didn't get
the chance to thank you before.

The least I could do.

I've been a pain in
your ass this whole week.

You've also opened my eyes.

Do you remember
that little chat we had?

I talked with Miles.

He's decided to stay on with the agency,
but we're getting a divorce.

I deserve better.

Yeah, you do.

What do you say when this blows over,
we vacation in Mexico?

I could use a good swimming partner.


I could handle that..