Hum chaar (2019) - full transcript

The story of the film revolves around four college friends went their own direction in life, but remained inseparable from each other.

'Sometimes one message is enough'

'to change your life.'

'I am Namit Gupta.'

'Everyone in Noida'

'knew me only as
the son of Parasnath Gupta,

'the owner
of Kaushalya Devi Trust Hospital,'

'who couldn't become a doctor.'

'Whenever I tried to forget
my failures,'

'dad would come and remind me.'


Why did you tell the couple who were
our patients not to go for endoscopy?

The man was suffering from indigestion

as he ate a lot at a wedding
the previous day.

So, you have started treating patients.

I am not treating anyone.

But when a pill that costs six rupees
can do the job,

why waste 6000 on endoscopy?

This is my hospital.

I am the doctor here.

If you were interested in
practising medicine,

you should have thought
about it four years ago.

You are a manager.

Do your job and go home.

'It's been four years since
that happened.'

'But there is still
an eerie silence in my life,'

'which would end with
the noisy memories of those three.'

'There are two things that
you need for the perfect selfie.'

'The correct angle.'

'And the right filter.'

'To give my career the right direction'

'and to manage my family business,'

'dad sent me to National Medical
Institute and Hospital in Noida.'

'I put my dreams on hold
and managed to'

'clear my first year somehow.'

'Friends and studies kept me
so occupied in the first year'

'that I didn't realise
when it was over.'

'I'd spend more time at the theatre
and café than in labs and classes.'

'If I wouldn't be there'

'I'd be found in room number 17.'

'Technically, it wasn't my room.'

'But the occupants of this room
were Abeer Khan'

'and Surjo Pandey.'

'He is Abeer Khan.'

'He is the most decent guy
from Kalyanpur, Kanpur.'

'His dad's love story is popular
in the entire neighbourhood.'

'But unfortunately, he doesn't
have his dad's qualities.'

'He is considered so decent'

'that not only the girls
in the neighbourhood,'

'but even others are scared
to be friends with him on Facebook.'

'He is Surjo Kumar Pandey.'

'Pradhan Pandey nurtured him
and his village.'

'People say that Surjo Kumar was
the first doctor in India.'

'Mr Pandey also wanted'

'his Surjo Kumar to be
the first doctor from his village.'

'Check out how hard Surjo worked towards
fulfilling Mr Pandey's dream.'

'First, we drink and then we enjoy.'

Surjo's first valentine.

Happy Valentine's day.

Surjo Kumar Pandey wore
Abeer Khan's shirt once again.

Here's a live telecast of the incident
from room number 17.

Why do you always wear my shirt?

I like it.
- What do you mean?

It will start stinking now.

I want my shirt.
- Do you want to have tea?

- Do you want to have tea?

- Apologise.

Why should I apologise?

Then you won't get tea.
- Namit.

Stop recording and
tell him to give me my shirt.

I won't give you tea.
- For the 125th time

Abeer and Surjo are arguing
while having lunch.

Because Surjo ate Abeer's dessert.

I don't want to have lunch.
- What's wrong?

I don't like your behaviour.
I won't have lunch now.

What happened? - Why do you
always eat my 'gulab jamun'?

Eat yours!

Why do you have a problem
when they don't?

It may be okay for them,
but it isn't for me.

What's wrong?

Every medical student
has to face this day.

Today, it's our turn.


He fell unconscious.

My room was next to room number 17.

I only kept my clothes and my bag here.

Because I'd always be
in Abeer and Surjo's room.

Besides, my room was filled with
something other than books.

The entire credit for it goes to

my liquor loving friend Vikram.

When did you arrive? How are you?

I just got here.

Vikram, what is this?


The bottles?

I stocked up for the entire year.

Why bother buying one at a time?

Listen, don't worry.

I am quite strong.
Nothing will harm me.

You need to drink good quality liquor.

We would enjoy it too.

For you, my kiss is enough.

Don't do that early in the morning.
- Just one...

Come on.
- Your mouth stinks.

What are you talking about?
I just brushed my teeth.

- I don't want your kiss...

Are you blind?
- Get lost!


what's the plan?

It's an amazing plan.

Unlimited calls

with 1 GB data everyday for Rs 299.

Do you want the Rs 299 plan?

You'll always be a passenger train.


We are talking about our plans
for Freshers party.

We don't want to know about
your data plan.


We'll throw a party for the freshers.

Just let me get my phone fixed.

What if a fresher asks for my number?

Of course. They have no choice.

Why don't you start living with them?

You don't miss us.

When he went to his village,
I called him 200 times in 2 months.

But I couldn't get through once.

There's no network in my village.

The 'kal' won't go through.
Explain that to him.

He is right.

What do you mean?
- How would the 'kal' go through?


it's the 'call' that goes through.

Don't try to teach me English.

I scored 75 percent in English.

You think you are 'Sexpier'!
- Oh, yeah. Cool.

Pronounce it right. It's 'Shakespeare'.

That's what I said. 'Sexpier'.

That's what he is saying, 'Sexpier'

Yes, 'Sexpier'!

It's 'Shakespeare'.

That's what I said, 'Sexpier'.


Shut up!

Damn you!
- Surjo, you are unique.

Anyway, forget it.

Let's get ready to welcome the freshers.


'The central character in this story'

'as well as my story.'

'A perfect blend of simplicity,
beauty and honesty.'

'She decided in her childhood'

'that she would carry a stethoscope
and not a rolling pin.'

'She had great determination
and big dreams.'

'She was the youngest in her family.'

If you give everyone medicine

instead of looking after him
in his old age,

you won't earn blessings. Got it?

Dad, why are you quiet?

Manjari, why do you want to be a doctor?

You will get married.

You will have to cook and clean.

I think she has got attitude.

Get her married.

She will know her place in the world.

Aunt, I am sorry

but no one can get me
married for the next five years.


she will do whatever she wants.

So, what's point of arguing with her?

Let's go.

They are not going to listen to us.

Come on.

Let's go!

Don't just sit there.


The last time you were here you took
some 'halwa' in a container.

You haven't returned the container.

Bring it with you next time.



That's an awesome shirt you are wearing.

He wants to impress
the freshers, Anokhe.


First impression is the last impression.

Let me tell you something.
I have a similar shirt.


Yes. Where did you buy it from?

I bought it from Kanpur.

Where in Kanpur?

In Kanpur!

N-320 Avash Vikash, Kalyanpur.

That's my address.

The shirt is also yours.

Surjo, I hate this about you.

I have told you many times
not to wear my clothes.

But you believe they are yours.

Hey, you! Where are you going?

Hey, stop.


'We want a kiss!'

'We want a kiss!'

'We want a kiss!'

'We want a kiss!'

'We want a kiss!'

'We want a kiss!'

'We want a kiss!'

'We want a kiss!'


What's your name?

Manjari Mishra.

Manjari Mishra!

'Mr Mishra!'

'Mr Mishra!'

'Mr Mishra!'

'Mr Mishra!'

'Mr Mishra!'

'She is Mr Mishra's wife.'

She seems shocked.

First day?


Say, 'Yes, sir.'

Are you a professor?

Don't try to be smart with me.

Look, I know this is
ragging and it's wrong.

- 'Oh! She knows everything.'

What will you do?

Will you complain about it?

Who will you complain to?

I just want my bag.

You are here to
become a doctor, aren't you?

Then, pass this test

and take your bag.


Look at him.

Assume that he has stopped breathing.

He almost drowned.

Now, the only way you can save him is
through mouth to mouth resuscitation.

I hope you know

what's mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Mouth to mouth resuscitation
is a technique

used to resuscitate a person.

First up...

Enough of theory.

Let's test your practical knowledge.

'We want a kiss!'

'We want a kiss!'

'We want a kiss.
- Arman.'

'We want kiss.
- We want kiss.'

We'll explain
mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Hey, you. Get up!

We will give you mouth to mouth. Move!

Mouth to mouth!

Do the three of you need to
meddle in everything?

Don't get angry.

Why are you asking a girl?

You learned this treatment over here
last year. Don't you remember?

Yes. He was practising mouth to mouth

and it's on your phone.
- What?

Show me the video.
- Shall I?

Yes, go ahead.
- Okay.

If it's embarrassing
in front of the girl,

let her go.

Surjo, show me the video.

Come on.

Get going.
Otherwise, I'll ruin your hairstyle.

Guys, the show is over.

Go and practice mouth to mouth.


Acting smart.
- Bye.


She didn't even thank us.

These are the dark ages indeed.

Let's go to class.

Forget it.

'If Manjari had shook
my hand that day, '

'that would probably have been
the end of the matter.'

'Her thankless style touched me.'

'She was weird, but I liked her.'

'After that day, whenever I saw her,'

'she struck a chord
in my heart and mind.'

'My heart had given me the go ahead,'

'but my mind failed to understand'

'why I liked her so much.'

'One fine night I realised why.'

'Dengue had spread all over the city.'

'Due to shortage of beds,'

'the hospital refused to admit
more patients.'

'It was wrong.'

'But nobody did anything about it
or objected to it.'

'But on that day,'

'Manjari was going to have
a showdown with the authorities.'

How can you be so callous?

What's going on here for the last
four hours?

If there's no room for them
in such a huge hospital,

where will they go?

And you don't have vacant beds!
What kind of an excuse is that?

We accommodate more people at home
although we don't have enough room.

If relatives show up,

we borrow mattresses from our neighbours

to ensure their comfort.

We don't ask them to leave
because we don't have mattresses.

Open the door. They want to go inside.

Can't you hear me?

Calm down!

What's going on here?

This is a hospital.

Please understand.

We can't admit more patients
when the occupancy is full.

You're a fresher.

Behave like one.

Don't try to be a doctor.

I am sorry, sir. No one can stop me

from showing compassion.

You're a doctor. Start treating them.

I will arrange for the beds.

'We often fall in love with people
who raise their voice for others.'

'I didn't fall in love,'

'but I applauded her.'

'Is she the woman
we've read about in books'

'or seen in movies?'

'She was a determined
and self-respecting woman.'

'On that day, I got to know
the real Manjari.'

'We were left stunned.'

'She arranged for the mattresses.'

'When Surjo saw a woman taking
the matter in her own hand,'

'he felt the way I did.'

Friends, don't you think

we should learn something from
that woman?

'We just got a few mattresses
to the hospital from the hostel.'

'But it felt like we had won a war.'

'Then, Manjari made us feel special.'


- You're welcome.

Your name is Abeer, right?


You're most welcome.

You're name is Amit, right?

It's not Amit. It's Namit.

Yes, it's the same. Namit or Amit.

They are not the same.

What if I call you Khanjari?

Manjari or Khanjari.

It's the same, right?

You took offence.

You know, someone has said,
'What's in a name?'

Manjari, it's said by none
other than 'Sexpier'!

Really? Thanks for telling me.

Wow! You're thanking everyone today.

What happened the other day?

The other day, I felt as if you
were trying too hard to impress me.

I see.

What you did today was incredible.

Fantastic! Too good!

But that doesn't mean you have
the license to judge me.

I am sorry.

My mistake.

Good night.

Goodbye, Amit.

Oops! Namit.

'When she was leaving, I wanted to tell
her that she could call me anything.'

'I wanted her to know'

'that I was head over heels
in love with her.'

'For the first time in my life, I did
something that made me feel proud.'

'But some people thought
we were being naughty.'

She is a fresher.

But you guys should have been
more prudent.

We are sorry, ma'am.
- What sorry!

I don't think you're sorry.

You shouldn't have taken
the staff's mattresses.

Ma'am, we are really sorry.
- I know. I know everything.

A girl wanted something and you took it
as an opportunity to impress her.

Henceforth, the reporting time at
the hostel for the three of you is 6 pm.

- Understand?


I am giving you a warning.

Sorry, ma'am.

But they didn't do anything wrong.

Either don't punish them

or punish me as well.

Ma'am, all four of them are
feeling very charitable.

Why don't you send them to the
health camp in the nearby village?

Why are you like this?

Like what?


"She is nice to everyone."

"But she doesn't talk to me nicely."

"She speaks politely with everyone."

"But she is rude to me."

"I wonder why she ignores me."

"As if we are strangers."

"Why are you so special?"

"Why are you so special?"

"We are close, yet so far."

"You don't speak to me
unless there's a reason."

"We are close, yet so far."

"You don't speak to me
unless there's a reason."

"Please give me a smile
even if it's fake. Please smile."

"Please talk to me. Talk to me."

"Please give me a smile."

"Why are you so special?"

"Why are you so special?"

"I want to make a request to you."

"Please bring a smile on my face."

"Listen to me."

"Why are you so special?"

"Why are you so special?"

Listen up!

The bus can't go any further.

The next bus will arrive in the morning.
Make arrangements for your stay.

What did the conductor say?

Where will we stay tonight?

The three of us can manage,

but what will Manjari do?

Where is she?

I've made arrangements for our stay
at a school nearby.

Want to join me?

Give me my money.

When will you give it to me?
You always say that.

I swear, I will give you
the money tomorrow.

"Money drives everyone crazy."

Thank you.

"Money runs the world."

- What?

You would know all this.

- Cooking.

Of course, I'm the village cook.
I'd surely know.

Silly boy.

Tell me something. Who among us
belongs to a village?

You mean, only villagers can cook.

People living in the city
don't need food.

Why are you getting annoyed?

Look at Manjari and
learn something from her.

What do you want to eat? Decide quickly.

She's coming to ask us.

There's no restaurant here and no
home delivery system.

We have to make food by ourselves.

There's a shop nearby.

If you get some groceries,
I will cook for all of us.


What are you doing?

"I will never forget it."


Actually, we are not hungry.

We had snacks in the evening, right?

Yes, we are not hungry. We are full.

And you know what?
We don't eat after six o'clock.

It's a sin. Right?

- Are you sure?

You have to spend the whole night.

If you guys are scared,
I will come with you.

What? We are not scared of anybody.

And why would we be scared?

We don't want to eat because we
are not hungry.

See, I just got a burp.

I am famished.

And I am used to having
dinner in the night.

Excuse me! Fight over there.

Give me a packet of Maggi.

Are you hungry?

Surjo, she asked us something.

Yes, let's go.

You don't eat after six o'clock.

We shouldn't disrespect food.

There's some extra food.

It will be wasted.

We shouldn't waste food.

Thank you.

Let's have it.

I've had Maggi many times,

but it has never tasted so delicious.

By the way,
I wanted to tell you something.

When you came to ask us

if we wanted to eat something, we got...


Am I right?
- Yes.

It's okay.

I was also scared.

But I was hungry too.

You're really special.

No, I am a normal girl.

'There was something different
about her.'

'Otherwise, nobody would join
the wedding procession of a stranger?'

'When a girl starts
hanging out with boys,'

'they learn to behave.'

Not beer. Let's have whiskey.

- Whiskey!

- Whiskey!

- Whiskey!

I want to have a beer!
- Whiskey!

Who wants to have whiskey?

Not whiskey. I was saying
we should drink lassi in the evening.

- Yes.

We will have juice.
- Lassi!

Come on!

'She became a part of our gang.'

'I noticed Manjari's behaviour
change with every passing day.'

'But I noticed'

'the biggest change in me.'

The costumes and the props
haven't been ordered yet.

The show is next week.

We will manage. It's no big deal.

This isn't funny. Please hurry up.

Shall we start?


'Can't you stay back for one more day?'


'I will have to go.'

'Please stay back.'

'For whom?'

'For me.'

'But why?'

'Because without you,
the days seem too long.'

'And the nights
seem to be never-ending.'

'I keep looking at
the other side of the road.'

'Waiting for your car.'

'So that I can 'advertise'
my feelings for you.'

It's not 'advertise', it's 'express'.

The word is express, my dear. Express!


Keep chatting before the rehearsals!

Take a break for five minutes
and rehearse the dialogues well.

Okay, I will try.

- Hi.

My lecture got cancelled, so I came here

to see your rehearsal.

Well, my rehearsals are not going well.


Because the heroine
can't remember her lines.

Change the lines.

What? Change the lines!

The lines are pretty good.

It's a stupid drama.

I see.

Why don't you tell me the lines?

What do you mean?
- Tell me some new lines.

'Can't you stay back for one more day?'


'I will have to go.'

'Please stay back.'

'For whom?'

'For me.'

'But why?'


'I love you.'

It's simple.

She will say that and it's done.

Why go on about the moon and the stars?


Won't she say anything else?

She will.

- I love you.

'Manjari threw a curve ball
and knocked me out.'

'But I had no clue'

'that two other guys were
also falling for her.'

"On the road, under the sun,"

"I feel like dancing with joy."

"It's difficult to control my emotions."

"I feel like dancing with joy."

"Love is in the air."

"Don't harbour misunderstandings."

"Let's have some fun."

"I am in for some fun.
Let's have some fun."

"Let's have some fun."

"I am in for some fun.
Let's have some fun."

Are you studying biochemistry?
- Yes.


By the way,

we have done well in chemistry,
haven't we?

I see.

You don't mean the subject.

You want to develop chemistry with me.

"I want to stay in your heart."

I want to meet Manjari.

Where are you going?

"How do you feel about me?
Please tell me."

"You are the solution
to all my problems."

"Give a new twist to our love story."

The way she fed rasgulla to me...

It drove me crazy.

"Let's have some fun."

"I am in for some fun.
Let's have some fun."

"Let's have some fun."

"I am in for some fun.
Let's have some fun."

"Let's have some fun."



Manjari, I am with you.

Manjari, listen to me.

Abeer, what are you saying?



Why are you uttering
Manjari's name in your sleep?


What happened?

Tell us, pal.



Tell us what happened, pal.


I think I am in love.

With whom?

Take a guess.

Who is she?


That's not possible!

But I am in love.

You think you are in love?
- Yes.

Well then,

forget her.

Why should I forget her?

How can I forget her? I won't!

Hold on!
- Forget her, he says.

- What?

You are in love with Manjari, right?

But is...
- Is Manjari in love with me?

That's the best thing!

I think Manjari is also
in love with me.

We are in love.

That's not possible.

We are in love!
Why do you think it's not possible?

Keep your mouth shut!

Namit, you tell me.

How would we look as a couple?



You won't look good together.

What's your problem?

She will look great

only with one guy.

Right, Namit?

And who is that guy?


What rubbish!

Believe me, guys. She said it.

Chemistry is just an excuse.

She wants to create
a chemistry between us.

She said this to me in private.

Did Manjari really say that?
- Yes.

Did you forget to gargle today?
Are you high on something?

He has crossed all limits
of overconfidence!

Shut your mouth.


You must have sensed something.

Does she love Abeer or me?

What do you think?
- Tell us, Namit.

We went to the polio camp together.

We spend time in the library.

No, you don't!
- Yes, we do!

What do you think?
- He is lying!

I am not lying.
- Tell me the truth.

Tell me what you truly feel.
- I think...

What do you think?
- What is it?

Tell us, Namit.

I think Manjari loves me.

I didn't realise when this happened.

You guys didn't tell me anything.


what makes you so sure?

It's simple.

She is our friend.

But who did she
express her feelings to?

What? Did she say 'I love you'?

What rubbish! You are a liar!

He says that she expressed
her feelings to him.

Surjo, I am not lying.

I am madly in love with Manjari.

It has become complicated now.

I never thought

a girl would cause a rift between us.

- Why would there be conflict between us?

Why would she create a rift between us?

Love is a terrible thing!

Why should we fight amongst ourselves?

Why should we fight? Answer me!

Look, guys.

Manjari will have to find
a nice guy sooner or later.

We are her friends.

Don't you think we should help her?


The two of you should tell her

to start thinking about me.

Such a lot of confidence.

What for, Surjo?

She will not think about you
even in her dreams.

Guys, it's not that confusing.

In the normal world, any girl
would choose me over you two.

Why? Are you precious?

What's so special about you?

Why are we arguing?
Let's go and ask Manjari.

She will choose one of us
and the other two will step back.

Really? And who will ask her?

You ask her. You get to hear
her say 'I love you'.


Surjo will ask her.

You want me to ask her!

Tell me when and how.

Manjari's birthday is in two weeks.

That's when we will ask her.

Wow, pal.

You have done a lot of research
about your sister-in-law.

Thanks for telling me.

Sharing is caring. Good boy!

Had my family not pressurised me
to become a doctor,

I would have become a detective.

A detective doesn't do that.

Someone with a defective mind does it.
You thief!

You think you are a detective.

Are you done?

Listen to me carefully.

After cutting the cake,
the one she feeds

the piece of the cake first

is the one she loves the most.

The other two will back out.

Do you agree?

The one she feeds the cake first.

I agree.

'Every lover boy celebrates
the greatest festival once a year.'

'The girl's birthday.'

'We were making arrangements
for that special day.'

'Our wish was going to
be fulfilled on that day.'

'She was bombarded with messages.'

'We never read a forwarded message.'

'But we were sending Manjari messages
wishing her good morning everyday.'

I'll pay the bill.
- No. I will pay it.

I will pay it.
- No, I will.

Shut up. I will pay the bill.

I will pay it.
- No.

I will pay it this time.
- I will pay it.

Fine! You pay the bill!

You pay the bill.

You pay it every time.
Pay it today as well.

It's always me!

'Someone has rightly said'

'that everything is fair
in love and war.'

'A bizarre fight had begun'

'to get the first bite of the cake.'

What's up, Namit?

You look dapper today.


Whose wedding are you going to attend?

Mine. Do you have a problem?

Why would I have a problem?

Listen. Don't get carried away.

I know everything. Do you get that?

It's Manjari's birthday.

And the trinity is all geared up
to celebrate it.


That's an amazing shirt!
- Isn't it?

It seems to be a new one.
- It's brand new.

Abeer, you know what?

Manjari loves roses.

What are you saying?

Why don't you

ask your dad to plant
a rose garden in the village.

You took the words out of my mouth.

And I'm going to
break your heart shortly.

We are almost there.

I am opening my eyes now.
- No. Not yet.

Wait a while.

Can I open them now?
- Have some patience, Manjari.

Can I open my eyes now?


"Happy birthday to you!"

"Happy birthday to you!"

"Happy birthday, dear Manjari!"

"Happy birthday to you!"

"Happy birthday to you!"

It's really pretty.

Who decorated this place.
- I did!

We did.


I wish you a very happy birthday.

And here's a small gift.

What are you doing?

What? I'm sorry, pal.

I brought your expensive wine.

But I couldn't have gifted her
a bottle of cheap rum.

My friend, she doesn't drink.
Do you get that?

It's okay.

I don't drink.
But who says I can't drink at all?

And it's a gift, after all.

Thanks, Vikram.

"Happy birthday to you!"

"Happy birthday to you!"

"Happy birthday, dear Manjari!"

"Happy birthday to you!"

'When it was time to cut the cake,'

'the girls were counting the candles.'

'And we were feeling nervous wondering'

'who would get the first bite.'

'Manjari cut the cake'

'and dashed our hopes!'

'She took the first bite of the cake.'

'Manjari was very happy.'

'We tried to share her happiness.'

Let's dance, pal.
- 'But we couldn't.'

Get lost!
- Hey!

'Perhaps that's why
we vent our frustration

'on Arman and his gang
when they gatecrashed the party.'

'Arman had come there for a drink.'

'But he got humiliated and left.'

'Manjari kept drinking'

'and dancing.'

'People started getting tired and left.'

'And only the four of us'

'were still there.'

Who stopped the music?

Where did everyone go?

You guys are still here!

You know what?

When I was a kid,

my mom used to celebrate
my birthday every year.

She would decorate the entire house.

But after her demise...

After her demise, no one remembers

my birthday.

You know what?

People tell me...

That I resemble my mom.

She is an emotional girl.

She reminds me of my mom.

She is emotional and out.

We can't take her back
to the girls' hostel.

What do we do now?


What is your name?

Are you French?

I am Indian.

The bottle is empty.

Give me some more.

Manjari, you have had enough.
You don't need another drink.

Let her drink.

She seems happy.

Let her be happy.

Can I say something?

If she gets drunk,

she will reveal the truth.

Where do you get
such disgusting ideas from?

I didn't say that.

Everyone says so.
- I see.

Why are you guys sad?

Want to hear a joke?

She is drunk.

Let's ask her.

Why don't you ask her
if you are so eager?


Shut up.

Where are you going?

The bottle is empty.

Thank you.


Can I ask you something?


Who do you love the most

amongst the three of us?

Who do you love the most?


I love all three of you.

All of us!


All three of you.

Manjari, you don't get it.

Listen. We know that you like all of us.


Who do you love the most?

All three of you.

I love the three of you.

Manjari, I know you love me.

What's wrong with you?

How can you say that?

You guys tried.

It's my turn now.

We know that you like us.

But who would you fall in love with?

All three of you.

I love the three of you equally.

You know what?

I didn't have any friends.

Because there were very few girls
in my neighbourhood.


And I never had the courage
to befriend boys.

Girls are not afraid
of befriending boys.

They are scared of...

They are just scared
of their intentions.


You know what?

Ever since we became friends,

do you know what people say?

They... They say...

The three of you

are trying to woo me.

But I never listen to them.

Because I know

that you are my true friends.

You are my true friends, right?

Tell me.

You are my friends, right?

I am feeling sleepy.

- Be careful.

Come over here.

Sit here.

I am drunk...

Yes. Sit here.

Go to sleep.

'Manjari fell asleep.'

'But we stayed awake all night'

'thinking that these questions'

'might estrange our friend from us.'

Is it 9 o' clock?

Want some tea?

I will get going.

I will see you in the evening.

She doesn't remember anything.

But we should tell her the truth.


Let's forget what happened last night.

Did you talk to Manjari?

She was going to come with us
to watch the film.

We called her,
but she didn't receive the call.

Is everything okay?

How would I know?

There they are! The trinity!

There they are!

What happened to them?

Wow! You guys are amazing!

Guys, you turned out
to be quite secretive.

You must have had fun.

What are they saying?

Forget it. They are stupid.
They keep talking rubbish.

Be seated. There is some glitch
in the projector.

The film will begin shortly.

Thanks for the cooperation.

What happened? Why are you smiling?

God knows what it is. Stupid people!

It's those three guys.

Where is Manjari?
- What happened?

I have got Rs 2000.

Hey. Look over there.

'Ladies and gentlemen,'

'brace yourselves.'

'One girl and her three admirers.'

'One wasn't enough for her.
So, she chose all three.'

'Who will you choose?'

'I will choose all three of you.'

'Who will you choose?'

'I will choose all three of you.'

Choose us as well.
- 'Who will you choose?'

'I will choose all three of you.'

'Who will you choose?'

'I will choose all three of you.'

She chose all three of them!

'How can someone be so disgusting?'

'The other night,
when Manjari was in our room,'

'Arman recorded everything through
the window and made this video.'

'It had gone viral in college.'

'Who will you choose?'

'I will choose all three of you.'


I am sorry. I made a mistake.


I made a mistake.


Ma'am, we wanted to meet Manjari.

'Manjari locked herself
in her hostel room.'

'What else could she do?'

'How could she face everyone?'

'The number you are
trying to call...'

She disconnected it.

'Everyone had one question.'

'What was a drunk girl'

'doing with three guys
in the room all night?'

'Who will you choose?'

'I will choose all three of you.'

'Who will you choose?'

'I will choose all three of you.'

'Who will you choose?'

'The number you are trying to
reach is currently unavailable.'

'Please try again later.'

'We couldn't sleep for two nights.'

'Everyone else was awake as well.'

'They kept sharing the video.'

'The video had changed
our lives forever.'

Mr Jagganath,

please think about her career.

Enough of studies!

Manjari's dad is here to take her away.

And you guys sleeping!


Manjari, where are you going?


Manjari, listen to me.
Where are you going?

Manjari, hear us out.

- Arman made that video.

We aren't at fault, Manjari.

Manjari, Arman is responsible for it.

Why should you pay for his mistake?

Manjari, hear me out. I can explain.

Everything will be fine, Manjari.

Please listen. We aren't at fault.

Manjari, we were at fault.

We were at fault, Manjari.

What are you saying?
- Let me speak!

What are you...
- Let me speak!

Manjari, we were at fault as well.

We didn't do anything
intentionally, Manjari.

We... We wanted to know

who you loved among the three of us.

It all went wrong because of that.


You were blind drunk.

And... And it was quite late.

So, we couldn't drop you off
at your hostel.

We brought you to our room.

You had a few more drinks over there.

We thought you would tell us the truth

as you were intoxicated.

We kept trying to ask you

who among the three...

Who you loved the most
among the three of us.

Manjari, we didn't intend to hurt you.

We have made a terrible mistake.

We are sorry. Please forgive us.

Manjari, please.


Manjari, listen to me.

No such thing happened.

I can explain. Please listen to me.

Was it necessary to tell her the truth?

Was it necessary?
- It was. That is why I told her.

But did you have to tell her today?

Why are you getting angry?

We can hit back.

But you have no brains.

Whose idea was it to get her drunk?

Wow! You remembered that very soon.

Yes, I got her drunk.

I got her drunk.

But whose liquor was it?

- Who got it?

- Be quiet!

The two of you suggested that
we should bring her to our room!

You should have stopped us!
- You should have said that.

Quiet, both of you!
It's all my fault! Okay?

Yes. You became a hero
by telling her the truth!

Are you satisfied now?

Wasn't a slap enough for you?

How dare you push me!
- I did!

Namit! Namit!

Surjo! Surjo!

Surjo, leave him!

Surjo, leave...

Hey! Move!

Leave him!

Step back!

Step back!

What? Why are you staring at me?

- To hell with your friendship!

- What kind of a friend are you?

Is this how friends are?
- Don't talk to me!

Don't talk to me! Move!
- You go away!


And claim to be my friends!

Don't show me your face again!
- Yes, I won't!

I don't even want to!

I don't need a friend like you.
- Me neither.

He calls himself my friend!

I am glad this friendship ended.

Go away!

You go away as well!

'Arman accused us
of attacking him with acid.'

'The college expelled us without
letting us explain.'

'Einstein said
that time was relative.'

'We didn't understand it
when we read it in books.'

'But he was right.'

'Good times seem to pass by quickly.'

'And bad times'

'seem to be unending.'

'It had been four years since
we got expelled from college.'

'But if felt like life'

'had come to a standstill
at the college gate.'

Open your mouth.

Close it.

You have bad breath.

I am prescribing a tablet.
Take it twice a day.

Don't take all the tablets together.

Yes, I won't.

You have to pay Rs 50.

The tablets cost Rs 20
and Rs 30 is my fee.

Rs 50!
- Yes.

But you are a quack doctor!

How dare you call me a quack!

What else should I say?

Just because you stayed
in the city for two years,

you think you are a doctor!

I know everything.

You were expelled from the college.

Pack the tablets. And here is Rs 20.

Do you get it?

Learn to pack the tablets properly.

Excuse me, ma'am.


I have been waiting
for the past two hours.

There is no patient. Let me go inside.

The doctor is busy right now.

Ma'am, if you tell him
that Abeer Khan is here,

he will recognise me.

We went to the same college.

I already told him.

Excuse me, sir! Hello!

Wait, sir!

What's going on?

I have been waiting for you
for the past two hours.

And you are busy on your phone!

Can't you see I am busy?

Come back after 10 minutes.

Why are you behaving like that?

I am doing my job.

How can you forget

that I helped you pass
the first year in college?

Now you are sitting in your dad's clinic
and behaving arrogantly.

Atul Jain.


Abeer Khan. MR.


You are a salesman
and you should behave like one.


I won't pay. Do whatever you want!

And if you cut the connection,
I will beat you to a pulp!

Do you get it?

What happened? Who are you yelling at?


No one.

Forget about it.

I have made 'nimona'.
Would you like to have some?

It tastes better when it's hot.

I am not hungry. You may eat it.

Mom came to me.

She said that you had become weak.

She scolded me.

She said that I don't feed you well.


she doesn't know

that I cook various dishes,

but you don't eat at all.

I will talk to your mom. Okay?

I have a backache since morning.

Please check.


Over here?

If you keep your eyes closed,

how will you see anything?

You are shy of your wife!

How will you treat me?

You have a sprain.

Take this ointment.
Apply it and your pain will vanish.

Hello. Yes, mom?

Mom, what are you saying?

Don't you know how busy I am?

I won't get a day off to meet a girl
and you know that.

I am not asking you to take the day off.

I have sent you her picture
on WhatsApp. See it.

Her name is Noor.

And she looks like an angel.

Mom, you know my answer, yet...

She is from Agra.

We will get to see the Taj Mahal
when we go to meet her.

Okay. I will talk to you
when I get home.

'I need your help.'

'I sent you a message as
I didn't have your number.'

'Can you come to Noida?'

'Medical college.'

'Please help.'

'It's quite urgent.'



The ointment was quite effective.

My pain vanished.

Listen. Stand and mop the floor.
Don't squat.


Are you preparing to go somewhere?

Yes, I am going out for a few days.

Had you told me earlier,

I would've ironed my sari...
- Not you!

I am going alone.

I have got some work.


Did you see Noor's picture?


How is she?

What do you mean, dad?

You know my answer.

At least meet her once.

She is Mr Siddhiqui's daughter.

Their house is near the Taj Mahal.

Mom, are you interested
in Taj Mahal or the girl?

Did you hear that?

He doesn't meet any girl in Kanpur.

I don't think he would go to Agra
to meet a girl!


But can I meet her first?

Is Manjari Mishra here?


Please check.
- Inquire at the admin office.

Nobody wants to work.

Where is the admin office?



How are you?
- So...

So what?

How is everything?

All good.

What happened?

Are you peeing or just standing there?

Did you forget hygiene
when you quit being a doctor?

Wash your hands at least.


my company has launched
some new medicines.

I'm here to promote them.

What about you?

My dad...

What happened to your dad?

Nothing happened to him.

Dad had to tend to some business
at the hospital.


By the way,

your beard looks nice.

Your beard...

My beard is shoddy.

It felt good to see yours.

I knew the world was round.

But I've found its centre today.

Oh, man.

You could've told me when
the two of you got the message.

I wouldn't have travelled so far.

How could we do that?

Have you sent a message or called us
even once in four years?

As if you gave me many missed calls.


You have changed.

You've started pronouncing
the word 'call' properly.


But I still call Shakespeare 'Sexpier'


can we talk about your progress later?

Let's try to find Manjari first.

I inquired at the hospital.

No one knows a thing.

I am not sure if she will
recognise us or not.

'Manjari might not recognise us'

'But it was very difficult
to recognise her now.'

Excuse me.

Have Aarambh Sharma's reports come in?

Come back tomorrow.

Yesterday I was told to come by today.

Now, you are telling me to
come back tomorrow.

What's going on over here?

Your reports are with Pathology.

You can collect them from there
if you're in a hurry.

'For the past four years I must
have wondered a million times'

'how Manjari would be,'

'and where would she be.'

'But I don't know why I never had
the courage to find the answer.'

'I was scared'

'that it might create more problem
in her life.'

Hi, Manjari.

How are you?

You're grown up quite a bit,
haven't you?

We got your message.

On Facebook.

We didn't have your phone number or
we would've called before coming over.


We saw your message.

That's why...

I didn't call anyone.

Are you still angry?

Manjari, we...

We were your friends back then,

and we still are.

I never had any friends,

nor do I want to make any.

'I never had any friends,'

'nor do I want to make any.'

Give me a tight slap!

I don't understand what's going on here.

She's a strange woman.

She says that she didn't call us.

She's definitely in trouble.

Or why would she call us?

But she just said she didn't call us.

Who called us here if she didn't?

- Hi.

Which patient's reports did
that lady just collect?

Who is that?

A patient, dear.

I can see that.

But who is he?

Could he be Manjari's husband?

Her husband!

No, guys.

He looks quite old.

He could be her relative.
- Yes.

He could be, but...

I think he's her husband.

But why would Manjari marry an old man?

Well then, why not me?

What nonsense!


What if she comes by now?

Do you think I'm scared of her?

I'm not scared of her.

She's the one who called us here.

I told you.

I didn't call anyone.

Manjari, there's some confusion.

There's no confusion.

That's my husband.


I told them

that he's your husband.

You didn't invite us to your wedding.

Well, I didn't invite you
to mine either.

The score is settled.

No, it isn't.

Whatever happened four years ago

can never be set right.

Everybody changes after marriage.

Manjari is no different.

You're married too.

Think again, guys.

Do you want to head out today
or after a couple of days?

What's there to think about?

No one has ever called me
and insulted me so badly.


Since she hasn't called us,

what will we do here?

Don't you think

we should talk to Manjari again?

Listen to me.

We should meet Manjari
and apologise to her.

Hey, Abeer.

Stop talking nonsense!

She can't just blame us.
It was her fault too.

He sports a moustache,

but he'll never mend his ways.

He will always be stubborn.

Yes, Abeer.

You can call me a spoilt brat
or a stubborn man.

I won't apologise.

He must be joking.
- Stop it, guys.

Forget about it. You guys may leave.

How could you go back
just like that, guys?

At least, give me a kiss
before you leave, guys.

Welcome, guys.

Let's sip on some hot ginger tea.

We just had some.

Why bother?

Have another one then. It's ginger tea.

You'll love it. You'll feel fresh.

Have a sip.

Well, what's going on?

What about you?

You have changed completely.

Life goes on, guys.


Vikram has a cup in his hands
instead of a glass.

That doesn't look right.

So, you still remember.

What happened, guys? What made
all of you come here so suddenly?

Forget it.

We came here to meet Manjari.

I see.

Did you meet Manjari?


She was the one who called us here.

Did you meet her?

Yes, I met her yesterday.

The poor thing is very worried.

Help her out if you can, guys.

She's in big trouble.

And she's all alone.


What do you mean?

Her brother

and father got her married immediately
after she finished college.

Her husband is a lot older than her.


He must be 8 to 10 years older than her.

Yes, it seems so.

His condition is very serious.

The poor thing is just running from
pillar to post after his accident.

She doesn't have a family either.

Help her out if you can, guys.

'The more Vikram told us about Manjari,'

'the more we postponed our plans
to leave the hospital.'

'Manjari's husband, Aarambh,
was fighting for his life.'

'But, Manjari,'

'was fighting life itself.'

Don't worry. Everything will be alright.


What did the doctor say?

He will have to undergo surgery.

But now's not the right time.

They'll do it after some time.

Surgery won't solve anything.

Listen to me. Perform a 'puja'

Lord Shani's temple
which would cost Rs 5001.

Listen to me.

It's quite simple actually.

Lord Shani is displeased with her.
That's all.

Something important has come up.

If you are done here, can we leave?

How can we leave?

Didn't you hear the doctor say
that he will have to undergo surgery?

They will have to do it.

It's not happening right now.

Yes, you may leave.

It's okay.

Isn't tea available
in a big hospital like this?

She didn't even offer us a cup of tea.

If she had no money,
she could have borrowed some from me.

Why were you trying to be a hero?

Do you know how much
the surgery will cost?

You have forgotten about me.

Tell me something.

What will you get for me from there?

What do you want?

I've heard that
the clothes there are excellent.

Will you get me a cotton sari?

I'm tired of wearing
this polyester sari, dear.

Which colour do you want?

Red? Yellow? Green?

Whichever colour you like.

Is it compulsory to do all that
after marriage?

How would I know?

I'm not married.

You talk a lot.

I'm hanging up.

She seems to love you a lot.

You could've invited us to the wedding.


are for relatives

and friends.

Some people invite their enemies too.

But all of us here have huge egos.

You could've given either of us a call.

Couldn't you afford it?

'They're great. They're really good.'

'Manjari, you've already had
two 'rasgullas'.'

'Leave some for us.'

'All of them are mine.'

'Go and get some if you want.'

'There are none left.'

'They said you bought all of them.'

'I have a question.'

'Do people have dessert'

'before or after a meal?'

'Forget it, Abeer. We aren't fortunate
enough to have such delicacies.'

'All we will get is regular food.
Come on.'


'I don't want to eat it.'

'I'm fasting.'

'I won't eat if there's no dessert.'

'I'm fasting too. I won't eat either.'

'Okay. Here you go.'

'Oh, God!
- Save some for me.'

'Won't you have some?'

'What are you thinking? Come on, eat.'

'Mom says'

'if something is very sweet,'

'there's a chance that
ants might infest it.'

'I won't let any ants come close.'

What happened, doctor?

There's been internal bleeding. We'll
have to give him a blood transfusion.

'Manjari remembered'

'her blood relatives
when blood was needed.'

'She called up everyone'

'but no one replied.'

We should donate some blood.

Are you crazy?

When she comes to know,
she will abuse us.

Forget it.

Yes, we can't compel her
to take our blood.

I'm feeling a bit hot in here.

I'm stepping out for some air.


Oh! It's a missed call from my wife.

I'll call her and be back, okay?
- Okay.

Hey! I'll be sleeping right here, okay?

Yes. See you soon, okay?

Ma'am, a patient named Aarambh Sharma,
is in ICCU room no 3.

I want to donate blood for him.

What's your name?
- Abeer Khan.


You had gone out to get some fresh air.

Did the fresh air change your mind?
- I had gone for a stroll.

Write down my name. - Are you done
talking to your wife already?

Namit, let me do this good deed.

Write down my name.
- This is ridiculous.

I came here before both of you.

I'll donate blood. Go and have a seat.
- Write down my name.

I'll do it.
- Hey.

Write down my name.
- Hey.

You're being overconfident for nothing.

Do you even have blood
in your body to donate?

It's okay. I'll suck some of yours.

That's all you've done your whole life.
- It's okay.

I'll do it.
- I'll do it.

Be quiet.

I was here first.
- I'll do it. End of story.

I was here before both of you.

That's the problem with them.
- I'll do it.

I came before both of them.

I'll give it first.
- I'll donate blood...

- Silence, please!

Why are you guys fighting?

You just have to donate blood.

All three can donate.

Tell me your names.

Surjo Kumar Pandey.

Abeer Khan.

Namit Gupta.

'We had always seen heroes
donate blood in the movies.'

'It had always been our desire'

'which finally got fulfilled.'

'It's rightly said, '

'when you donate blood,'

'it feels good!'

'After donating 400 ml of blood, we felt
as if we had completed a pilgrimage!'

'The WBC and RBC in our blood
had doubled.'

'And the platelets urged us'

'to celebrate!'

Do you recall something?

How can I forget?


Where have you brought me?

What about the students who stay here?

They are out partying.

Since we have donated blood,
we need to produce some more.

"Listen to me."

"Come back now."

"Listen to me."

"Come back now."

"Don't be so angry."

"Forget everything and say something."

"Don't be so difficult."

"Come on, don't be so difficult."

"Don't be so difficult."

"Come on, don't be so difficult."

"I accept that your anger is justified."

"Now, I accept that
your anger is justified."

"Don't be so difficult."

"Come on, don't be so difficult."

"O beloved."

"Don't test me, my beloved."

"You don't care"

"how I am, O beloved."

"Why are you silent?
You don't say a word."

"Don't be so angry."

"It's not right."

"I accept that your anger is justified."

"Now, I accept that
your anger is justified."


your capacity has decreased.

We don't get it in the village.

My capacity will surely decrease.

Did you guys think

I won't come to know?


you don't need to thank us.

Manjari, it's our duty.
- Yes.

Don't worry.

I don't care if it was your duty or not.

Why did the three of you
return after so many years?

What do you want from me?

We just

wanted to help.

I don't need any help.

What you did four years ago
was more than enough!

Please leave.

We'll leave.

But give us a chance
to rectify our mistake.

Let us stay until Aarambh recovers.

We'll leave after that.

Do whatever you want.

But don't expect anything from me.


You felt hurt, didn't you?

'Friendship is a strange relationship.'

'On the one hand someone felt hurt,'

'on the other hand we were
getting closer.'

You are wearing a nice shirt.

It's yours.

I know that, you scoundrel.

'We weren't the only ones
paying the price of our remorse.'

'Our families also bore the brunt.'

'Abeer had no answers
to his family's questions.'

'As for my family...'

'I had stopped answering
their questions long back.'

I'm going out for some work.

Let me know if you need anything.

Abeer and Surjo went home.

They'll be back by tomorrow.

Why don't you go home?

Ask him where he was all these days.

Why don't you ask him?

I'm telling you to ask him,
but you want me to ask!

Begin the topic.

What were you doing there
for all these days?

Mom, I had some work to do.

But meeting Noor was more important.

Mom, you won't understand.

Why don't you explain?

What kept you so busy?


my company has transferred me

to Noida for a few months.

You still don't know how to lie, do you?

You came home yesterday.

Are you leaving again?

I have some work.

Let me come with you.

No. What will you do there?

When will you be back?

Why are you asking so many questions?

Serve me lunch.

I hope you are not having
an affair in the city.

Take these clothes for washing.

Here you are.

I bought a sari for you.

Do you like it?

Manjari is feeling lonely.

She needs you.

That's good.

Now, outsiders will tell me

what I need to do!

Who was affected the most

by Manjari's misdeed in college?

It was me.

I lost respect in my neighbourhood

and in the party.

It took me four years
to get rid of the stigma.

Manjari was my sister!


She was!

How can you do this?

You are his brother.

I don't need your advise.

Get this straight.

Stay away

from me,

from Manjari and from our neighbourhood.

It will be good for you.

You are an outsider.

Stay out of this!

Don't try to be a family member.

'Aarambh's manager
Mr Srivastava told us'

'owing to Aarambh's critical condition'

'clients were cancelling their orders.'

'On the one hand the hospital
expenses increased.'

'And on the other hand
there was financial stress.'

'The surgery would be expensive.'

'Manjari just didn't know what to do.'


We can't do much.

But we can help you a little.

I won't need to seek your help.

Don't seek our help.

But you will have to arrange
for the money somehow.

I spoke to Mr Srivastava.

I have a huge house.

I'm planning to sell the house.

Are you happy now?

I have no choice.

When a girl like you talks
like us losers,

it doesn't look good.

Namit, it's easy to lecture someone.

There's nothing else I can do.

Take my advise...

I did listen to the three of you once.

It shattered all my dreams.

What else do you have to say?

There's no point talking to you.

I want you to be the girl

who fought with the hospital staff
without batting an eyelid!

You went anywhere fearlessly

even in the middle of the night.

That Manjari never looked pitiful.

Get up.

Get up and start handling
Aarambh's business.

Namit is absolutely right.

He's absolutely right.

You will have to handle the business.

Manjari, get up and handle the business.

If I handle the business,
who will take care of Aarambh?

We will.
- Yes.

We will take care of him.

"Wherever I bow my head with reverence,"

"it proves your presence."

"O Almighty."

"I want to be yours."

"I belong to you."

"I want to be yours."

"I belong to you."

"I prayed a hundred
times to be with you."

"You are the fruit of my deeds."

"Make a decision."

"Grant me strength."

"Bestow your benevolence
on me, Almighty."

"Make a decision."

"Grant me strength."

"Bestow your benevolence
on me, Almighty."

"O, Almighty!"

"Lord Almighty!"

"O, Almighty!"

"Lord Almighty!"

"Wherever I might be,
you are my world."

"Guide me with your dreams."

"You hold my reins."

"You and Your benevolence"

"heals my wounds."

"It's at your temple"

"that my wounds are healed."

"Make a decision."

"Grant me strength."

"Bestow your benevolence
on me, Almighty."

'Aarambh's business
was getting back on track.'

'When the business became profitable,'

'many of Manjari's problems
were solved.'

'According to the doctors,
Aarambh's condition'

'was good for the operation.'

'The operation was successful'

'and Manjari's life was filled
with happiness again.'

You will be discharged tomorrow.

Before you are discharged,

the three of us want to give you
a small gift.

It will always remind you of us.

Do you play carom?



Do you play carom?

I have a carom board.

It's 20 years old.

But I never made friends

and I never got the chance
to play carom.

What do you think?

Sorry. We didn't get you.


You looked after me for so many days.

Give me

a chance to serve you guys.

What are you saying?
- You...

What are you saying?

Just for a few days.

For a few days,

be our guests and stay with us.


Don't look at Manjari.

All the lines on this route are busy!


But only on one condition.

You may pocket the black
and white pieces.

But the queen belongs to me!

I was joking.

Don't take it seriously.



so what if you couldn't
become a doctor?

You can become a good chef!

Let me tell you something.

It's very difficult to make 'rasgullas'.

But eating them...

If you...


- Abeer!

Abeer, here you are.

Okay, dad.
- It's for dinner.

No, dad. We aren't partying.

It is Manjari's birthday.

So, I planned a small function.

And I will get to meet all of you.

Mr Srivastava,

is the consignment that was to
be delivered to Noida ready?

Yes. The consignment will
be sent in 10 to 15 minutes.

Okay. I'll go with the consignment.

It's the first delivery
after I joined here.

I want to deliver it personally.

If you are going to Noida,

set up a meeting with the buyer

for the new order.


Abeer, my house wasn't decorated
so well even during my wedding.

If you had invited me,
I would have decorated it nicely.

Stop it!

Why are you creating
a commotion for no reason?


It was my idea.

I haven't invited many people.
It'll just be family members.

Why did you invite them?

Tell them not to come here.

Manjari, what's the matter?

Why are you doing this?

That's what I'd like to know.

What's all this?

Why did you do it?

It's your birthday, so we...

Who did you ask?

Who gave you the permission
to place that order?

It's your birthday.

We will talk about it tomorrow. Okay?

He got us an order worth Rs 1 million.

On the one hand,

you kept encouraging me.

On the other hand,
you kept doing me favours.

Why? Did you think

I won't be able to handle a business?

Is it?

Manjari, forget it.

You would have got an order
from someone or the other.

It's no big deal if Namit
got you an order!

He did all that without informing me.



He did it for your welfare.

Manjari, why are you
creating a scene unnecessarily?

Am I creating a scene?

You guys are putting up an act here!

You think we are putting up an act.

Manjari, you sent us a message
and asked us to come to the hospital.

Tell us if you have

ever talked to us politely
since that day.

I am telling you for the last time,
I didn't call anyone.

Well then, you tell us
who called us here.

Ask your friend.

Ask him.

'Was it a coincidence?'

'Or was it fate at play?'

'Aarambh met with an accident
near my hospital.'

'Because of a serious head injury,'

'my dad suggested'

'we should move Aarambh to the
medical college at the earliest.'

'I had never imagined that
I'd get to meet Manjari'

'under these circumstances
after four years.'

'I tried to face her.'

'But I just couldn't muster
the courage.'

'I was not able to do it
on my own.'

'Hence, I had to request
someone else.'

I am sorry.

I sent that message.

Manjari, I want you to

give him a tight slap once again!

Stop talking nonsense.
- No, Abeer.

People go to any extent

for their friends.

But they fail to maintain
their friendship.

This guy is crazy.

You are such an idiot.

Aren't you?

You did all that

without telling us.

You never let us know.

I don't get it.

I have got an idea.

Has the suspense ended now?

Your friends are back together.

Nobody holds a grudge anymore.


The matter is not closed yet.

What is it, Manjari?

An order worth Rs 1 million.

Inviting everyone here.

Why did you do all this?


Do you really want to know?
- Yes, I do!

Why are you making it worse?

I am not making anything worse.

I am ending it.

And I am ending it
because he has evil intentions.

He hasn't come clean.

Evil intentions!

If you think I have evil intentions,

you are right.

I do...

I do have evil intentions for you.

If it's a mistake

to love you,

then I've made a mistake.

But I didn't want to express
my feelings to anyone.

And I didn't want to let
anyone to know either.

Whatever I did

was not just out of love.

I did it as a friend.

But I don't understand

when I cross my limits as a friend.

Love doesn't have

a play and pause button.

The heart does as it pleases,

no matter how illogical it seems.

I am sorry.

I am sorry, Manjari, but...


when you make a heartfelt decision,

it doesn't matter
whether it's right or wrong.

It's not like

I didn't try to control my feelings.

I tried a lot.


I can't.

I am sorry.



You have to decide.

Who are you mad at?


Your friends?

Or yourself?

Manjari, my child!


What are you guys doing here?

We told you

to stay away from Manjari,
from us and this neighbourhood!

This is my house.

And they are my friends.

And we are your relatives.

We didn't come here on our own.

We are here since you invited us.

That's why I am saying

there's no point fighting
over these petty issues.

Come on,

please come inside.

We will enter your house

only after these three idiots leave.

'I told these rascals that they are
outsiders and should stay out of this.'

'They got away four years ago.'

'But let me see'

'who saves the three of you today.'

A crowd has gathered outside.

Let's not create a scene.

Father, please.

Talk to him.


That's great.


You are hand in gloves with them.


It won't be easy
to make you guys leave.

I will have to throw you out.

No problem.

If you don't listen to me,

I will beat you up to a pulp.

So, tell me, guys.

Tell me.

Will you leave on your own,

or should I throw you out?


We won't let outsiders decide

who will stay in our house
and who won't!


These three are outsiders.

And today, I will throw these three

out of the house
and our neighbourhood forever.

They are not going anywhere.

Listen, Manjari.

If you want your family
to enter your house,

get these three to leave.

Those who want to come in
are free to do so

and those who want to leave may leave.

But these three won't go anywhere.

Your life got ruined because of them.

You couldn't become a doctor.

And today...

Today, you are defending them!

These louts!

They aren't louts!

How can you call them louts?

When you didn't have time for me,

they were with me for an entire month.

How can they be louts?

While you were sleeping peacefully,

they stayed up all night long for me.

How can they be louts?

You didn't help me
despite being my family.

But these people forgot their families

and kept helping me.

How can they be louts?

They aren't loafers.

They are my friends.

My friends.

I was your daughter,

not a liability.

I couldn't become a doctor.

It was your fault more than any of us.

You didn't even console me once.

You didn't tell me to forget the past

and move on.

You made me discontinue my studies.

I apologise to you on their behalf.

I am sorry.

Please forgive them if possible.

I am sorry too.

I said things I shouldn't have
in a fit of rage.

To be honest, I was angry with myself.

And I kept venting my anger on you guys.

Perhaps because you are my family.

I do have the right, don't I?

Because you...

You aren't my friends.

You are my family.

We have made 'rasgullas'.

Will you have them
before or after dinner?


we must have sweets today.

Didn't I say

I wouldn't let anything ruin it?

Mom must have told you about me.

What do you do?

I have done my MA.

I plan to get a doctorate
and become a professor.

I see.
- What's your plan?

I don't have any plan.

I got expelled from college.

Oh no!

You don't have to be so honest.

- Let's do it again.

What's your plan?


I want to become a doctor.

That's a big lie!

You are unbelievable!

You tell me not to be honest.

You don't even want me to lie!
What should I say then?

Say what you are.

What am I?

You are the best partner
a girl can have.

Let's take it from the top.

Hi. I am Noor.

Hi. I am Abeer.

And I am the best.

Who makes better tea?

Is it you or your wife?


makes delicious tea.

And she is a great cook.

In the past few days,

I missed her a lot.

If you missed her, did you call her?


I miss you a lot.


Can I say something?

Go on.

I love you.

Won't you say anything?

I love you too.

I have never given anyone a gift.

If you don't like it...

Every watch looks good on me.

Maybe this watch will remind you

that you need to let bygones be bygones.

It's time to move on.

You are quite stubborn.

"I cannot imagine my life
without you."

"Your mere thought
fills my heart with joy."

"This is a new beginning."

"Let's rekindle our friendship."

Keep visiting.

"You are my confidant."

"You are my confidant."

'We will keep visiting.'

'We will keep visiting the lanes'

'that remind us of our friendship.'

'We will keep reliving the memories
that we made together.'

'We will keep meeting
to resolve all our differences.'

'We will keep visiting those friends'

'who have been our companions
and partners in crime.'

'Together, we have lived life
to the fullest.'

'If we look back,'

'we will find our friends waiting.'

'Our friendship'

'is going strong.'

'Once again, we have got busy
with our lives.'

'But we keep updating each other
about our lives.'

'Surjo has become the village head.'

'And Abeer has chosen a girl.'

'Manjari has once again
decided to become a doctor.'

'As for me,'

'I have changed
my perspective on life.'

'I have started afresh.'

'I aspire to become a writer.'

'I am writing a book.'

'I haven't thought about the title yet.'

'Your suggestions are welcome.'

'I have narrated the story to you.'

'Did you like it?'

"Life is filled with joy
when we are together."

"We don't care about the world."

"You are my confidant."

"You are my confidant."

"You are my confidant."

"You are my confidant."

"May we always be together."

"May we walk together always."

"May we always be together."

"May we walk together always."

"As long as we shall live,"

"our friendship won't end."

"This is a bond of happiness."

"Friendship is beautiful."

"You are my confidant."

"You are my confidant."

"You are my confidant."

"You are my confidant."