Hum Tum Aur Ghost (2010) - full transcript

Armaan's (Arshad Warsi) life is picture perfect; a loving girlfriend and a great job as a fashion photographer. Yet things aren't as perfect as they seem to be. He is a chronic patient of insomnia though his sleeplessness is not a function of a sleeping disorder. The truth is that he hears voices - voices that torture him, voices that don't let him have his peace, and voices that nobody else can hear. While his friends sympathize with him, his girlfriend, Gehna (Dia Mirza), is irritated with his weird behavior while her father constantly berates him for his fondness for the bottle. No one seems to understand Armaan's predicament. What is even more puzzling is the fact that he talks to himself...or rather, to people, whom no one can see! Suddenly aware of his special ability to connect with the souls that haven't crossed over, and equipped with a will to fulfill the wishes of the spirits that hound him, Armaan sets out on a mission to help three souls - a child, an old man, and a young woman.

Where are the new Cosmo prints?

Don't look at me
like that, we're late.

I've been waiting. - Don't argue
with me, don't talk to me.

I'm not even here.
- Oh, God, I wish.

What do you guys think, it's funny?
What do you want me to do?

Roll my hair back and laugh
out your termination letter.

How's that for a joke?

And you... you are Mr. Kocher, sir.

You've worn such a nice suit.

Shall I get something for you?
- Get me the photographer.

Oh, him. He arrived long time ago.

He's waiting in the lobby. Coming
up right way, sir. - Who, Arman?

I'm just coming from the lobby,
he wasn't there.

Yes, he's isn't in the lobby...

...he's slightly away
from it, on the road.

He's stuck on the road.

Because there's a traffic jam.

But the roads are clear.
- Right, the roads are clear.

The roads are...
how can I forget, sir?

He ordered special lenses
from Paris for your shoot.

Special lenses.

Those lenses were delivered late...
- Lenses? What lenses?

Do I need to tell
you everything, fool?

Sir, five minutes.

He'll be here in five minutes.

With the lenses. Five minutes.

Five minutes.
- Are you going to time it?

Can I have ten minutes?
- No.

Sir, he's one of the best.
- He's the best.

Slept well.
- Yeah, slept well.


Good morning, Arman.
- Morning.



No. You don't want to be
in my shoes.

Trust me on that.

We're different from
the people of this world.

We're shocking.

Now, I know how madmen live.

We've forsaken the
world and accepted solitude.

You know what I need, Ghostbusters.

You me and ghost.

You me and ghost.

You me and ghost.

You me and ghost.

So, that's my story.

Scary, huh.
- Hi.

- Thanks.

As usual.

At least I'm consistent.

Give more importance to
your work than drinking.

Get my camera, please.

You drink at nights
and I get the hangover.

What... what is my job?

Make bizarre excuses...

...and listen to unlimited abuses.

Hi, Arman.
- Thanks, Becky.

What... what excuse did you give?

The same old one.

You had ordered for
special lenses from Paris.

They haven't arrived.
They were delivered late.

That's what delayed you...
blah, blah, blah...

Good one. That's a good one.

That's what was going
on in my mind as well.

We think so similarly, don't we?

I don't know about that.

But I'm surely going to kick you.

Oh Jesus, darn it.

- You're welcome.

I drink this every morning.

Some day, it's all
going to come out.

We have to bear the stink.

Your mouth stinks.

You stink.
- Can't help it.

Shut up
- I was lying around all night.

Do you booze or bathe in it?

It's my helplessness.

And please, use men's perfume.

What is this ladies' perfume?

Gehna will suspect me.


I quit.
- Promise.


Okay, I think we got it.

It's a wrap.

Go home get drunk...

...and enjoy yourself,
thank you, ladies.

You have no messages.

I'm going to show myself to him.

Are you mad? Did you forget that
the last one had a heart attack?

I've found him
with great difficulty.

If anything happens to him,
then I'll... - Kill you.

Go ahead.

Excuse me.

Be quiet

Didn't I say that
I'll explain it to him?

Hi, hello there.
- Hey.

What's wrong, you looked messed up.
- Yeah, I know.

I'd say Manuel.

They're playing really well.

I think they'll get
the cup this time.

You can't say that,
you're in South London.

There he goes again...
to eat some meat.

It's football.

Chelsea's my team.

It's everything for me.

You know what, five years ago...

...I almost played for them.

Yes, I went out and had
drinks with them. - Yes.

It was great.

What happened then?

I had an accident.

That was the end of my life.

Sad, buddy.
- Yes.

It's nine. She's going to kill me.

It was lovely taking to you, buddy.

See you.
- See you.

And now the GB Shaw award for...

...the highest selling magazine
2009 goes to Cosmopolitan.

And congratulations
Cosmopolitan for the third time.

Can we please have the
editor of the magazine...

...Ms. Gehna Sinha to
collect the award.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.

Thank you.

Every time I hold this award, it
just feels like the first time.

And the truth is, this
wouldn't have been possible...

...without the support
of my dedicated team.

Thank you.


Congratulations. Congratulations.

I'm not talking to you.

Do you have any clue... how
beautiful you're looking?

Arman, you're late.

Wrong answer.
Absolutely wrong answer.

But let's try it again. Okay.

Do you have any clue...
how beautiful you're looking?

You missed my speech.

I did not, I swear.

I heard half of it on the stairs...

...and the rest while standing here.
I promise you, I swear.

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry,
I love you.

I'm so sorry.

Come on, let's meet dad.
- Dad!

Is it necessary to meet
dad on every occasion?

Forget dad.
- I love you.

I'm so sorry.
- I don't want to meet him.

Do I have to meet him all the time?

Oh, my...

So, you didn't want to see me?

No, it's not that.

I was just telling Gehna,
Let's go see dad. - Yes.

Yes. - Oh, so that's
what you were saying.

How are you?

Or, are you still like that?

Whatever, I'm all yours.

This occasion reminds me of a poem.

Dad, not now, please.

It's very nice,
dear, really very nice.

What have I done?

What have I done to upset God?

In my perfect family,
He sent a drunkard son-in-law.

Cheers. Cheers.

What can I get you?

Jack and coke.


Hey, Arman.


Shut it, moron.

- Damn good.

See, this is how you
should dress up. - Okay, okay.

Come here.

Is she a model?

Why is she getting so physical?

It's okay.
- No, it's not okay.

They aren't hugging like friends.

She seems to be more personal.

Hey, Gehna.
- Mini, wow, you look different.

Thank you.
- Different, she's looking hot.

I don't know all that
because I'm feeling very strange.

Because I'm not
comfortable with this girly stuff.

Why today?

Because of Arman.

He bought me this dress and said...

...don't come to the party
if you don't wear this dress.

Okay, shots for this lovely girl.

When the drums are beating.

Everyone's looking so stunning.

The girl asks the boy.

When the drums are beating.

Everyone's looking so stunning.

Then the girl asks the boy.

Why shouldn't I sing and dance?

Why shouldn't I trot my beauty?

Why shouldn't I say...

Tell me, baby.

There's fun in my heart.

My body dances.

Don't try to stop me.

DJ, give me some more.

Hear me, my sweetheart.

DJ give me some more.

Lock eyes with me.

DJ, give me some more.

Lock eyes with me.

DJ, give me some more.

We'll live happily.

There's fun around.

Why should the heart crave?

Remember, youth isn't eternal.

Come dwell in my heart.

Come in my arms.

Remember, I belong to
you and you belong to me.

You sway in a manner.

My heart skips a beat.

How do I explain it?

Tell me, baby.

There's fun around.

Why should the heart crave?

Don't try to stop me.

DJ, give me some more.

Hear me, my sweetheart.

DJ, give me some more.

Lock eyes with me.

DJ, give me some more.

Lock eyes with me.

DJ, give me some more.

We'll live happily.

Arman. - What is it? -
Come to the studios. - Coming.

Now, Arman, now!

Siddharth, get me the images
of yesterday's photo shoot.

Come on. Hurry, hurry, hurry.
- Okay, okay.

- I'm dying to see them.

Have you marked them?
- Yes.

Hey, daddy.
- Hi, dear.

What are you doing here?
- Hello, Mr. Sinha. - Hi.

I was close by for a meeting.

So I thought I should come see you.
- Great!

How is it going?

Arman did a photo shoot.

Just take a look at these images.

They look out of focus.

Hey, Arman.


How are you?

- Still the same.

Arman, let's have a
different father-son talk. - Okay.

Who knows when you'll
be sober again?


- Stop him, please. Come on.

Please, excuse us.

One moment.

One moment.
- God.

Carry on, carry on.

So, you want to marry my daughter.

That's what I'm trying to do.

Gehna is my daughter.

She's not a bottle of scotch...

...which you can
uncork and gobble down.

You have all the qualities...

...that I don't want
in my son-in-law.

You can try your best.

But I can't let my
daughter marry a drunkard.

You seem to have a lot of
free time today. - Shut up!

Baby, I need to use the loo.

- Yes.

No, don't go.
- Quiet.

Am I on your table or something?
- No.

So, are you here to take my order?

You can crack bad jokes.

Stay drunk the entire night.

Irresponsible person,
useless man, totally useless.


Look, I'm minding it...

Get out of here. Go.

Get out, out, out, leave.

- Idiot.

What a weirdo.

A foolish man just abused me.
- Really? Who was he?

I don't know who he was.

I saw him for the first time.

And... I forgot milk.
- Black is good.

Kapoor sir, it's useless
to waste our time after him.

We'll have to find
someone else like him.

It's difficult to find
another man like him.

He'll do my job.

You seemed to be getting
very friendly with dad.

What were you talking about?

He was saying thank you.

- Really?

- I'm marrying you.

And when are you
going to stop drinking?

I don't drink because I like it.
- Really?

Yes, see

Drinking is not my problem,
it's my solution.

Shut up, Arman, that's
what all alcoholics say.

By the way, what is your problem?

To begin with, I can't sleep.

Do you think about me?

I think about sleeping.
- Okay?

Oh, you don't think about me.

Yes, I do when I'm awake.

So, you think about me
only when you're awake.

How can I think about
you when I'm asleep?

You can dream. - I don't
have control over my dreams...

You can't control your drinking... can't control your dreams,
what can you control?

What are you saying?
- I'm absolutely right.

These days, you spend
most of your time with Mini.

How did Mini come between all this...

Okay, tell me. When was the
last time you brought me flowers?

Flowers... there you go.

Thanks. - What do you think you're
doing? - That's not the point.

Then what is?
- When was the last time...

...we had a
candlelight dinner together?

See, that's exactly my point.

These days, you
spend most of your time...

...buying dresses for people.

That is the problem.

- No, I'm not jealous.

Okay, I'll tell you what.

Today, I'll spend the
entire day with you.

And cook a superb meal at night.


And I'll... cook muffins for you.


'Gehna's muffins were
nothing less than a season ball.'

'Will I get some water?
- Yes. Sure.'

The last time I had one of them...

'... I had to visit the dentist...


'Did you hear anything? '

I was thinking about
champagne and strawberry.

Yeah, but with chocolate cake.

Done, chocolate cake.
Done with this, thank you.


How much do you love me?
- More than chocolate.

Good answer.
- Yes.

What if suddenly I...
start snoring at nights?

Will you still marry me?
- Yes.

I'll get used to it.

It'll be like my lullaby.
- Okay.

And if I start sleepwalking?

Then, I'll let you know if I
want to eat chocolates at night.

And if I say that I
feel scared alone, then?

Then I won't ever leave you alone.

Walking on this path of love...

We came so far ahead.

I know, I promise.

I'll be wherever you are.

Believe it.
Believe it. Believe it.

Live is beautiful.

Know this.

Without love, there's nothing.

How do I tell you?

I always ask.

We are two bodies, one soul.

Walking on this path of love...

We came so far ahead.

Can I ask you something?

Yes, I'm listening.

How much you do
believe in my love?

I believe in it more than myself.

When you say that,
you sound so sweet.

Walking on this path of love...

We came so far ahead.

It's quite late.

I should leave.

Please, don't go.

Stay here tonight. Please.

Arman, you've gone mad.

Fine, I've gone mad.

At least, stay back now.

Don't be childish.

I'm asking you to
stay back tonight...

...does it sound childish to you?

Just go to sleep.


Love you.
- I love you too.

Please, Gehna, don't go.
- Goodnight. Sleep.

I'll see you tomorrow. Bye.

We know you can hear us.

Great, you can hear me.
- He can.

Now listen... where are you going?
- Oh, God.

We just want to have a
word with you, come back.

I'm talking to you.

Calm down.

Now, we have a small problem...

Come back here, we just
want to have a word with you.

Don't forget your booze.
- Thank you.

I don't believe this.

Is that your car?
- Yes, yes, it is.

I'm terribly sorry.

I'll just move it for you.

Thank you.

He has changed.

I noticed that too.
New haircut, right?

No, Riya. I mean, he
has changed as a person.

What do you mean?
- I mean... he has started lying.

You know. He told me
that he's going to sleep.

And as soon as I left his house...
he left as well.

Then he's surely having an affair.

He's stooped so low.


Actually, he's spending
a long time...

...with his assistant Mini.


Milli, just fix Lola's hair.

What are you doing?

Sometimes white, sometimes telly.
I don't understand.

What? What are you shooting?

Look, firstly... these two
don't inspire me one bit.

And who brought this
absurd swimsuit? - This.

Your fashion consultant,
your choice.

Please, don't tell me anything.

Change her, please.
- Okay, will do.

Come on, let's finish this
and leave. - Okay.

Come on, guys, let's go.
- Let's go.


Oh, God...

What happened?


Doc, there were at least 40 people...

...standing before my
camera today that weren't there.

Where did you sleep last night?

At the railway station, as usual.

At least there, I can
see who is speaking to me.

At least, I'm not scared.

You know something, doc.

I've spent two nights at Amit's.

I've spent two nights at Mini's.

But it isn't making any difference.

The problem isn't in
the house, it's in you.

Why don't you tell
Gehna about your problem?

Oh... what do I tell her, doc?
What do I tell her?

I don't know
anything about my problem...

...what will I tell her?

If someone tells me that he
hears voices when he's alone...

...or that he's
scared of sleeping alone...

...l'll feel, either he's
gone mad, or he's a coward.


What do I do?

You aren't mad or a coward.

You're just suffering
from exhaustion. That's all.

Look, when we're very tired or
we don't get adequate sleep...

...then sometimes... we
start hallucinating.

So, all I want you to do
is relax. Right. - Yes.

Hi, Harry.
- Hi, how are you?

Got my book?
- Just give me a minute.

If you see it, it's there.

- Yes.

Here's your book.

Thanks, buddy, I'll be there.
- No problem.

I'm there.

Here you go.
- Thanks.

If you see it, it's there.

It's a useful book
if you believe in it.

If you don't,
it's... science fiction.

My name is Kapoor.
- I'm Arman.

Is reading this book worthwhile?
- Of course.


Are you scared of ghosts?
- What?

It's a simple question.
Are you scared of ghosts?

I'm a normal man. Of course,
I'm scared of them.


Then why weren't you
scared of the man...

...whom you were
going to hit in the cafe?

And the boy that you're
talking to about football... this pub,
he died five years ago.

Have another drink,
you'll feel relaxed.

Who are you? - I just told
you in the club, I'm Kapoor.

Sorry, I forgot to tell you.

I'm a ghost, I'm dead.

And you see dead people.

Oh, God!

This is not happening.

What happened?

Why are you scared?
- Because you're a ghost.

So? What do you think?

When a person dies...

...he develops a
disease to scare people.

Do you think it's a
Michael Jackson video?

It's very insulting you know.

Why are you all after me?

Because you see dead people,
don't you understand?

Call it your power or bad luck.

Just solve a few of our problems...

...and we'll get salvation,
and things like that.

Yes, I am sure.

I went crazy looking for you.

All the time...

- What happened?

Sorry about...

You sleep in crowded places...

...where you can't hear our voices.

Are you going to help us or not?

Lf... what if I say no?

No, no, it's not a problem.

This will continue.

You'll work without sleeping.

One day, you'll die of boozing.

Then someday, we'll meet...

...and search for a man like you.

It's not a problem.

Will you give me some time to think?

Because it's a difficult decision.

Of course.
- Thank you.

Of course. Take your time.

I have all the time.

And how will you contact us
when you're done thinking?

Shall I give you my mobile number?
- Yes.

You poor thing.

I see dead people.


How will I explain this to Gehna?

I tried calling you so many times...

...why didn't you answer my call?

Because you didn't answer my call.
- When?

The other night,
when I left from your home.

You know I called you.

That day, my phone's
battery was low...

...I kept it for charging.

Correct. You went to Mini's house... get it charged, didn't you?

I went down to get milk.
- Yeah, right.

I swear.

Are you cheating on me?
- What?

How can you say that?

How can you even think of that?

You're hiding something from me.

You've done something wrong.

I haven't done anything wrong...

...and don't talk like a crazy,
suspecting woman.

Come here, on this side.
- What? - Come, come, come.

How many people do
you see standing there?

What kind of a question is that?

Just answer my question.

You want to know whether
I can count or not. - Just...

Okay. God!


Is it possible that
you can see five...

...but there are more than
five people standing there?

Baby, do you want a nice,
strong black coffee?


Has it ever happened that... heard someone call you...

...but when you turned around,
there wasn't anyone there.

- No.

But there are things that...

...we don't know about,
what about that?

I don't believe what I don't know.

It's as simple as that.


Is anybody there?

I'm Arman Suri.

And my address is
143... Albert House. Cagne street.

Opposite Richmond Park.

And please, take the service road...

...because there's a lot of traffic
on the main road at this time.

What am I blabbering?

You talk so much every day.

Where are you today?

Okay, okay, I need to concentrate.

Wandering souls.

Please, come to me.

Look... I'm ready.

I... I'll get you salvation.

Aimless wandering souls...

...l'll help you break
through these barriers.

See, because... I'm the one.

Something like...
Keanu Reeves in Matrix...

I have the power like... He-man.

Come to me.

Come on.

Arman. Arman.

Oh, God.

So many!

Who are all of you?

You're the host, we,
the ghost. Remember?

All of you are ghosts.

These days, anybody
gets blessed with power.



Shall we begin?

What is your problem?

I want you to go to India?
- Why?

To play cricket.

I don't know how to play cricket.

You don't have to play.

I'll be playing it.

Your body and my talent. Simple.

Excuse me.

What is he blabbering?

Will I have to go to
India and play cricket?

I'll have to solve
such ridiculous problems.

Do I have to?

Arman, you can choose.
- Yeah?

Yes, you can choose.
- Can I?

You can solve
any problem you want to.

Do I have a choice?
- Yes.

But think about it.

If you do this job, then money,
fame, endorsements, a Ferrari.

- I want to live for a 100 years.

100 years.

Satyajit Ray.

'Apur Sansar' Black and white.

I want to make black
and white films.

Please, help me get rid of my wife.

She isn't leaving me alone,
though she's dead.

I don't want your help.

I won't ever stop
chasing my husband.

I want to marry an Indian girl.

About 20.
- Just...

- Just...


- I want to kill my three wives.

There's a girl
I'm madly in love with.

But I couldn't tell her that.

What is her name?
- Ash.

Aishwarya Rai.

Actress Aishwarya Rai.

You know her. Please,
help me meet her once.

Why are you... does it look like
I've opened a fan mail office here?

I want to meet
my four year old child.

And I've to find him.

It's... going to be difficult,
I know, but...


Finally, a genuine problem.

She wants to find her son.

Meet Aishwarya, become a hero.

I will solve her problem first.

And then, we'll have
this meeting again.

Then we'll choose
the next candidate.

And I hope you have
a genuine problem.

Get out.

That Japanese man is much better.

Let's go to Madame Tussauds museum.

I'll pacify myself with
Aishwarya Rai's statue.

What a day!

Strange ghosts.

Mr. Kapoor, thank you very much.

You've helped me a lot,
I really needed that.

Thank you.
- You're welcome, Arman.

But Arman, what about my problem?

Of course.

As soon as I solve
Carol's problem, after that.

After that?

What do you mean by after that?

Calm down.
- Calm down.

I'm dead, I can't be any calmer.

Do you want me to
do deep breathing?

Hello, listen, young man.

I'm the one who
solved your problems.

Because of you?
- Oh, yes, because of me.

Not because of you.

You'll be sleeping peacefully
on your bed today because of me.

No, no, no.
- Arman.

You aren't doing me a favour,
I'm doing a favour on you.

- Traitor.

Mr. Kapoor is absolutely right.

And anyway, he has a
very small problem.

It has been decided.

I'll see how he refuses.

Are you scaring me?

I'm not scared of you people.

You can do whatever you want to.

He's threatening me.

I need a drink.

You're rubbing salt on my wounds.

Just watch what I do to you.

What's going on?

You think you can
scare me like this.

By making me sleep on
the road amidst traffic

Will you do my job or not?
- I won't.

You won't do my job?
- No, I won't.

I won't let you sleep.
- Will do.

I won't let you sleep
the entire week. - Will do.

You won't do my job?
- No, I won't.

- No.

Hello, ladies, how would you
like to come home with me?

No, no, no, I didn't do it.

Listen, there's a ghost.

He's standing there.

You can't see him.
I can see. Sorry, sorry.

You should be ashamed.

What were you making me do?

Those three boys
were going to thrash me.

My original plan was... take you to a gay
bar and leave you there.

You would've been raped there.

- Yes.

But I thought about
Gehna and forgave you.

Thank you...
- Now, the magic question is...

...will you do my work or not?
- No.

What's left to do?

Yes. Bungee jumping from the
Big Ben. Without the rope.

And it was my childhood wish... thrust my head
inside a crocodile's mouth.

And I had a desire
to do the cabaret.

Skimpy clothes.

Youthful and
beautiful girlfriend.

Have you gone mad?

I never steal anything.

And you want me to rob a bank.

You don't need to rob it.

It's my money you just
have to withdraw it.

Look, it's your money.

And it'll be
stealing if I withdrew it.

And what will I tell them?

Mr. Kapoor is
holidaying in heaven...

...and he has sent me
to go get some money.

I forget that I'm dead.

How can you forget?

How can you forget?

Crazy man.

Help me, Arman, please.

Look, I need time for this.

- What, so?

What have you thought?

You're talking about
taking money out of the bank...

...and not beer from the fridge.

What have you thought?

How much time do you
need approximately?

What is it?
- I need to talk to you.

Will you treat me to lunch?
- Yes, I will.

Come in.

- You're here too.

Duffer, you're the
one who's come here.

Everywhere you go.

My soul will follow you.

Shut up!
- You shut up!

You came here to say that.
- No.

I'm not talking to you.

I was...

I won't help you.

You'll rot in hell.

Who are you talking to?

I'm talking to a ghost
that has driven me crazy.


Okay, I'm coming, you go.

You were saying.

Fine, I'll do your job.

But I have one... three conditions.

First condition. You won't
make my things fly in the air.

No flying statues
and 'Bajrang Balis'.

Rule no. 2.

You won't walk through
walls in my house.

when I'm in the bathroom.

And rule no. 3.

Last night, you displayed
that ridiculous special effect...

...of entering my body...
don't ever do that again.

I need to tell you a small detail.

We can only enter
the body of a person...

...that can either see or hear us.

Congratulations, darling.

You're done for.

Next time, you enter my body...

You can solve your
problems yourself.

Mini, I'm waiting for you outside.

If he would've been alive,
I would've killed him.

Who does he keep talking to?

Wait, I'll get changed
and be there in 10 minutes.

Your phone is ringing.

- Phone.

Gehna, why did you call?

What do you mean by why I called?

What are you doing for lunch?

Just a minute.

Can we meet in the evening?

I'm leaving for Manchester
in the evening for three days.

Better get yourself
treated until then.

A photo shoot has come up suddenly.

Photo shoot.
Why didn't you tell me?

Actually, Andy's mother is ill.

Is Andy's mother
conducting the photo shoot?

No, no, Andy's mother
isn't shooting, I am.

Andy is sick.

I feel you had drank
too much last night.

Anyway, you call me, okay?
- Okay.

I love you.
- Me too.

- Bye.

Here you go.
- Thank you very much.

You're welcome.

Why are you sulking?

Everything will be fine.
- Here.

Everyday you go
overboard with your drinks.

Have a cup of coffee today.

I'm telling you such
a serious problem...

...and it doesn't make
any difference to you.

Now do you
understand what I used to say?

It didn't make any difference
to you when I was telling you.

What did I tell you?

The body perishes, not the soul.

The soul is eternal.

But what did you call me?

Crazy witch doctor.

Who is crazy? You or me?

Gehna, by which
route are you taking me?

This is so bloody ridiculous.

It's a shorter route, Riya.

By the way, Riya,
Roberto Cavalli is on sale.

60% off on everything.

Are you kidding me?

I'm so excited.

What happened?

Hey, don't be stupid.

Do you want to argue
on the streets?

He's not worth it.

Let's go.
- Yes, you're right.

Look, hot girls.

'What are you doing for lunch? '

'I'm shooting, Andy is sick.'

'Then I'm sure he's
having an affair.'

'He has stooped so low.'

Yes, Gehna. - Sarah, get
Andy for tomorrow's shoot.


What's going on?

I'm making tea.

Would you like to have some?

Oh, no, how can you have it?

Lts alcohol content
is only 0.3 percent.


You know what I mean?

Why did you give my
assignment to Andy?


Because Andy doesn't wish
his girlfriend goodnight...

...and go spend the
night with someone else.

Andy doesn't lie to his girlfriend.

Andy doesn't cheat
on his girlfriend...

...because Andy is not a
double-crossing, two-timing person.

How do you know Andy so...

You think I...

I don't think, Arman, I can see it.

Now, you'll say those old
recurring dialogue again.

These photographs are fake.

These photographs are fake.

You're sick! You make me sick!

Just get out of here!

Come on, Gehna,
what's wrong with you?

You know what's wrong with me.

By the way, how was the
photo shoot yesterday?

It was good, why?
- Really?

What were you shooting?

Mini's Caesar's salad.

Or your pepperoni pizza.
- God!

Or was it the sweet
nothings or the melting moments?

Have you sent that fax to New York?

Fax? Oh yes, of course.
- Thanks, buddy.

I swear, I was about to tell you...
- Yes.

And a truck passed by
right then, isn't it?

Gehna, I love you.

I can't even think about
anyone else... - Just shut up.

Save your cheesy dialogue
for your next girlfriend.

Call up Mini, she'll
tell you everything.

Dad, I'm leaving Arman.
- What?

It's nothing to laugh about.

I've dumped Arman.

You were mentioning
about that proposal...

...from Birmingham.
- Proposal.

What was his name?
- That spare part dealer.

No, not that one.

That horse dealer.
- Horse dealer.

You know what, it
really doesn't matter.

It'll be your choice and
I'll be ready to marry him.

Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.

And you're so not invited.


Gehna, what are you doing?

I mean, me and Mini...
for God sake...

You're mistaken.
- Mistaken.


It would've been a big
mistake to marry you.

Listen, baby. Please, listen to me.

You know what, Arman,
just shut up and get out...

...and don't you dare
bang that door.

There is no door here.
- Whatever! Just leave.


So, that's final,
you're leaving me.

I'll send you the
marriage card as proof...

...and you'll still not be invited.

You won't let me say
anything in my defence.

Nothing at all, no chance.
- No chance.

Are you sure?

Have you lost your sense of
hearing along with your brains?

So, you've decided
that we're separating.

- Right.

So, I'll say anything I want,
whatever I want.

I'll vent out my anger,
you can't rebuke at me.

Because we aren't going to
meet again, right? - Right.

We'll never meet again.
- Good.

You think I'm dying
to get married to you.

You can't leave me
because I'm leaving you.

Crazy girl.
- Arman.

To hell with Arman
and to hell with you... freaking psycho.
- How dare...

You know, I'm tired of
your constant nagging...

Oh, God, I hate your muffins.

You know what, your
muffins are actually weapons.

If I hurl it towards a building,
the building will collapse...

...but your muffins won't
get a scratch. You know that.

- No, no, no.

Not security, insecurity.

You can never feel
secure with anyone... insecure woman.

Go and get yourself
treated from some witch doctor.

Get that. Crazy suspecting woman.

Where were you? Why
didn't you answer my call?

What's that red
stuff on your collar?

Why aren't their
beans on the papaya?

Why are their
scratches on the CD?

And the doorbell...

That must have really hurt.
Poor guy.

You're sick.

Get back to work all of you.

Uncle, where is Gehna?
- There she is.

How dare you? What is your problem?

How dare I? What is my problem?

I'll be right...
- Wait right here.

How can you? How can you?

Are you mad?
Are you completely mad?

How can you even think that...

...there's something
between me and that idiot.

Are you mad?
- How can I think like that?

Now, you're going to say that
you're just good friends. - Yes.

I've seen Hindi films,
I've read magazines as well.

Will you listen to me?

Who was that sitting in
the Italian restaurant?

Your twin sister, Micromini?

I... I...
- I said keep seated.

Listen, listen...
- You listen to me.

The other day, on the photo shoot... seemed really
glued on to him.

What happened?
- Were you shooting for Fevicol...

...or someone tied you both up?

You think I'm blind?

I'm gay, damn it.

I like girls.

- Really.

- Yes.

I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.

Come on, give me a hug.

Now chill, don't worry
about anything, okay?

Bye, Uncle.

She's gay.

I'm so stupid.


I'm really sorry, Arman.

I doubted you.

And with Mini.

She doesn't like boys.

She likes girls.

Forgive me, please.

Why should I?

You just believed
what someone told you.

And that too, Riya.

She never listens to herself.
You know...

Do you have any idea how
much I love you, idiot?

You were ready to
marry some Minty or Monty.

I said it in a fit of rage.
I swear, I didn't mean it

Oh, you can do
anything in a fit of rage.

You hit me with your mobile,
do you know that?

I'm... sorry.
- Violent. I'm sorry.

Did it hurt?

Yes. Here.

Right here, it's swelled up.

It hurts.
- I'm sorry, baby.

I trouble you a lot, don't I?

No, not much. Sometimes.
- Sorry.

Like one time, I wanted to
celebrate your birthday.

I made all the arrangements.

And you cancelled everything.

You did that.

That's because I love you, Arman.

I wanted to celebrate
with you alone.


Remember. Once I was
going for a photo shoot.

And you couldn't
come along with me.

So, you didn't let me go either.

That was in the Bahamas, Arman.

You couldn't have gone
to such a romantic place...

...without me.

Anyway, it was dad's birthday.

I don't like your dad.

Okay, I'm sorry.

Look, I'm not complaining but...

I'm telling you just
because you're asking.

Remember, one time...
- Okay, that's enough.

Okay, sorry.

Even I said so many things to you.

I didn't mean it. I love you.
- It's okay.

It was my fault.

Am I really a sceptical woman?
- No, not at all.

You're too sweet.
- Really?

I make really bad muffins?
- Rubbish.

I love your muffins.

- Specially, those soft juicy ones.

It tastes best when you eat it hot.
- Really?

I'll make...
- No, no, not now.

I told you about that diet,
still on.

Let me know whenever you feel
like eating it, I'll make it.



I want to tell you something. What?

- No. Nothing.

I don't want to lose you.
- Oh, baby.

Love you too much.
- Love you too.

Gehna... she's very hot.

If you ever change
your mind... I know...

Hey, you stay away from her.

I really like these homely girls.
- I do, too.

Arman uncle! Arman uncle!


Arman uncle!
- Stop!

Stop running! Stop!

Arman uncle!

- Have you gone crazy?

You shouldn't be running
on the streets like that?

What if you had met with
an accident?

Uncle, you have to help my father.

Please, come with me.
My house is close by.

What happened?
- Come with me.


Where are we going?
- Uncle, my name is Ali.

My father is a boxer.

He'll die if he fights. Please,
help my father.

It's... some sick boxer.

We have to stop him
from fighting. Come on.

Is this your house?

He's dead, but he
hasn't lost his memory.

Is your name Ali?

Am I talking to you?

I'm dead, but I
haven't lost my memory.



Who are you?

Please leave.

We are... from the U.K.
Health department.

Yes. And we know that you
aren't fit for this fight.

- Really?

Do you have
any documents to prove it?

Mini, give him the documents.

The documents are on the way.

They'll be here soon.

Until then, I
suggest that you give me...

...your urine sample for testing.

Get out!
- No, no, no.

We're Ali's friends!
We're Ali's friends!

What you're doing is
absolutely illegal.

How long have you known Ali?

How long?

I met him just a while ago.

Mini, do something. Mini,
do something.

Ali died six months ago.

Ali, say something that
only you know. - Calm down.

Father cooks really well.

Even I cook well.

He isn't proposing to you...

...that you're praising
your cooking.

Am I talking to you? Be quiet.

There were 40 pounds
in my piggybank.

There were 40 pounds
in his piggybank.

There were 40 pounds...
in his piggybank.


This is strange, but true.

Ali was right there when
you were talking to the doctor.

'Look, Aslam, if you
suffer a blow here...'ll die right away,
or be paralysed for life.'

'There's isn't much difference
between life and death for me now.'

'Look, Doctor, I don't
have any other choice.'

'I'll need money to
survive until I'm alive.'

'And all I have is my boxing.'

'I'm a good boxer.'

'Lf I win this fight... '

'... I can get the job
of a coach in any club.'

'Lt's the only chance I have left.'

I have good contacts in this city.

I can get you a job somewhere.
- Thanks.

Is Ali right here?

He's standing right
in front of you.


Gehna, I've experienced divinity.

You can't imagine what I saw.

I saw that light.

I saw the light that
people see when they die.

That's what I keep trying to tell
you, that I can see dead people.

I can actually see them.
- 'Gehna.'

'Arman is suffering
form Schizophrenia.'

'And the... imaginary
world that he has created... '

'... in that, he's helping people.'

'Actually, all this is in his mind.'

'Lt's just his imagination.'

'The truth is that
he is that child.'

'And he sees the father that
he still needs in Kapoor.'

'And he can see his
mother in Carol.'

'You see, it's his
perfect family.'

'Something has happened
in his life.'

'There's something
that he's trying to hide.'

'From everyone. From himself.'

'I'm scared, if Arman finds
solace in his imaginary world... '

'... then it'll be difficult
to get him back in our world.'

Mr. Kapoor.

What happens after we die?

Why do you want to know?

It's very difficult to explain.

But it's a very unusual experience.

It seems like a
person is leaving behind...

...all the worries and
problems of this world...

...and entering another world.

There is no physical pain,
that's gone.

You can see a light.

And some people can
see their entire life...

...while reaching that light.

Like a flashback.

And some people
advance towards that light...

...through a very beautiful path.

Like... like someone
is calling them.

Sounds beautiful.

It is beautiful.

Why are you going to Mrs. Mehra?

Just because her husband is dead.

Are you feeling bored amongst us?

Mom, if it's something
like that, then let me know.

I can fix you up in
Jude Cross old age home.

Mr. Sinha's wife is there as well.

You know her.

I think that will be
best for all of us.


Mom, are you listening to me?

Come on, darling,
we're getting late.

Daddy, we're getting late.


All I get is one Sunday.

Can't you look after
the house one day?

I don't have time for this now.

I'll come back and
talk to you, alright?

I made a big mistake, Arman.

Wealth can change a
person so drastically.

I was about to transfer
everything in Puja's name...

...but she stopped me.

I have to rectify my mistake.

It's not about money, Arman...'s about power which
I bestowed in the wrong hands.

If I rectify my mistake,
then maybe...

Maybe, Aadi will reform as well.

I never made Puja cry.


And I promised that,
whether I'm there or not...

...she'll always be happy.

And I broke my promise.

Arman, please, help me.

Yes, nice.

Hold that.


I think we're done for
the day. Thank you, ladies.


It's a wrap.

Does it take so long
to return a phone call?

At least, I called back, unlike you.

And you called after so long.

You must have called for a favour.

Of course, I called for a favour.

Listen, I'm searching for a child.

Why? Are you planning to adopt him?

You shouldn't be that lazy.

Just shut up and listen.

The boy's name is Daniel Fernandez...

...the mother's name is Carol
Marie Fernandez who is dead.

I want to know where the boy is.

I think they're from Goa.

When did she die?
- I don't know.

Any photograph?
- No, nothing.

All I know is that the
lady was 28 years old.

The child is 3 to 4 years old.

That's all I know.

Fine, Arman, I'll check the
records of the last five years.

- Okay. Thanks, Arjun, thanks.

Hey Mary, you are looking beautiful.
Look let's go for coffee... - Shut it.

What do you want now?

I feel that this world is going... give examples of our friendship.
- Yes, right.

The day you become a
girl and I'll marry you.

What's the matter
- Kapoor, the dead man... - Yes.

I need to help him. I need your help.
- What do you have to do?

Nothing much.

You just have to loot a bank.
- What?

What can I do for you, sir?

You can get me somebody in...

In charge.

Somebody in charge.
- Yes, somebody in charge.

And who should I say is here?

Mr. Virender Kapoor.
- Yes, that's my name.

What? Virender Kapoor.

But he's...

Let me check.
- Sure.

Stand like the rich.


I'm scared.
- No, relax.

Mr. Kapoor.
- Yes.

You're alive.

He's alive.

Are you asking or telling me?

No, no, actually, I didn't
see you for a long time.

And there were...
some rumours about you.


Chest out. Stomach in.


There was a bank scam in 2005... which he was the prime suspect.

One percent from every
account went missing.

Hit him with that.

Which rumours?
- The one...

The one in 2005.


You were in the
suspects list as well.

Why are you digging up old news?

By the way...

By the way, Mr.
Kapoor, you seemed taller.

First, you called me dead.
Now, you're calling me short.

Where's the account closing counter?
- No, no.

What are you saying?

Please tell me, sir.
How can I help you?

That's the first right question.

I want to check my locker.



Come with me.
- This way.

- Don't touch her.

Mr. Kapoor, actually,
I'm seeing you...

There were some family problems.

Actually... I used to wait...

We sent you so many e-mails,
but you didn't reply to any.

I was out.

You just disappeared suddenly.

You didn't even inform us.

Are you my wife...

...that I've to inform
you before going anywhere?

Why aren't you talking to me?


Open the locker.
- Locker.


This way, sir.

Please. Come. Open it.

My blood pressure is rising.

What is your number?

Five. Would you like
it on your cheeks?

You must remember your...
10 digit code.

Key it in.


- What?

- What?

- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...

Seven, eight, nine, zero.
- How do you know?


Silly man.

This is easier than I thought.

I can do this more often.

The skirt is really tight.
I feel like taking it off.

Sorry, Uncle...
- Uncle, my...

Its okay, son.
- Relax.

Hi, I called last
week to open an account.

My name is Aditya Kapoor.

Sir, how was the experience?

- Great.

Can I be of further assistance, sir?

Transfer my company's bank account... the name of my wife.

Transfer my company's bank account... the name of my wife.

Oh, sure. I'll get the
transfer papers right away.

- My foot.

Now that scoundrel
will learn a lesson.

Tell her that she can
abuse my son and not me.

Don't abuse you.
- Why shouldn't I?

He won't learn his lesson, until
he isn't thrown on the streets.

We'll be thrown in
the prison before that.

There'll be verifications.
I'll have to sign.

I've gone crazy that
I'm helping ghosts.

Let's run away.

You coward, is that
all the guts you have?

I haven't robbed
bank for a long time..., I've lost touch.

Excuse me.
- Yes.

Who is that man?
- Him.

- That's Mr. Virender Kapoor.

A very old client of our bank.

What a coincidence!

My father's name is
Virender Kapoor as well. - Really?

Don't tell me that
his company's name is...

...Dexico Traders...
- Dexico Traders.

- How right you are, sir!

Of course, it is.

But that's impossible.

You'll be absolutely fine.
Just sign and let's go.

Sign. - Yes, sir, here
are the transfer papers.

Just sign in the places
I've marked with a cross.

We'll take care of the rest, okay?

I don't have a pen, I can't sign.

Pen. Here.

You have a pen as well.
- I have everything.

Mini, are you feeling hot?
- Hot.

I'm feeling very hot.

It's so hot.
- The AVC...

How will I sign?
- Just do it.

I'm dead. - I'm in a fix
and you're cracking jokes.

That man coming this way, is my son.

But there's no problem,
he doesn't know me.

But he does know his father.

Do something.

Do something, please.

Arman, I love you.

I can't help you in this situation.

Come on...

Excuse me.

You. Useless, betrayer,
you followed me here too.

How many times have I told
you that I'm not your father?

That's what I'm saying,
you're not my father...

Don't call me dad.

Don't you dare.

I'm dead for you and
I'm dead for you.

Get out of my sight, you rascal.

Not bad, Arman.
- Thank you.

Sir, don't...
- What crap are you talking?

He can't be my father.

I'm not his father. - It often
happens between a father and son...

What nonsense!

My father is dead.
- And you're dead for me, rascal.

Sir, what are you saying?

I'm absolutely right.

Apologise to your father.
- But he's not my dad.

Yes, and he's not my son.

You were inquiring
about my personal problem.

He's my personal problem.

I got personal with my wife...

...and created this problem.


Are you going to take a bath?

I have to look for a bank to
cash in 10 million dollars.

Whom are you trying to fool?

Call the security.

Call the security!

Sir, our bank will
incur heavy losses...

...because of your personal quarrels.

Don't do this, please.

I'm leaving because there
can't be two Kapoor's in one bank.

Who the hell are you?
- Insolent.

Is that the way to
talk to your father?

- Call the security.

Take him away!
He's going to kill me!

I'll have a heart attack.
- Are you okay, sir?

I need air. I need fresh air.
- Sir, can I...

Please, don't come any closer.

Just leave me alone.

How will I sign?

By the way, are you married?
- Idiot.

Kapoor, you got me in this.
- Not a problem. - Yes.

Virender's V.
- Virender's V.

Kapoor's K.
- Kapoor's K. V... K... What?

Sorry, Arman.

Here we go, sir.
- He's fine.

Sleazy man. Here.

Virender Kapoor, here you go.
- Thank you, sir.

Right on.

Good boy

Let's go.

I hate it, I hate it.
- I didn't do anything, sir.


I feel disgusted.

You are overacting.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, sir.

I just tried.

I'm afraid. Sir, madam out of home.

No, I want to see Mrs. Kapoor.

Would you like to wait in
the study while I call her?

Thank you, thank you.

Never seen this guy before.

My name is Arman Suri and...

Your husband Mr. Virender Kapoor...

...I meet him quite often.

In fact, you won't believe it...

...just yesterday, we
robbed a bank together.

And I'm not mad.

I swear I'm not lying.

Flee off.

If I catch you here again... will be the grass
and I'll be the lawn mower.

I hope you got that loud and clear.

Now, off with you.

I did as far as I could.

Here's the money. Go
give it to her yourself.

Arman, it isn't that difficult.

Arman, Arman, please.
- It isn't that difficult.

The car is this way.
- I know.

Just... leave me alone.

Arman. Please, Arman.

And for the first time in my life,
I've been thrown out of a house.

Just... just don't...

Why should I say a poem?
You say it.

Once more, with feelings.

I want to... - I want to
immerse in your innate eyes.

But what to do.
- What?

Just say it.

But what to do.
- I can swim.

'I want to lose
myself in your tresses.'

'But what to do, my sense of
direction is perfect. - I know.'

'Pause. Pause. Just a minute.'

'Mrs. Brown.'

'Mrs. Brown.
- Yes, sir.'

'For the kids.'

- Sure.'

'Please continue.'

'I want to spend
every moment with you.'

'But what to do, I've to
take care of business as well.'

'What to do.'

'Hi, mom. Hi, dad.
- Hey, Aadi.'

'Here you go, Buddy.'
- Yeah.

'Office on Sunday.
- Sorry, Dad... '

'... l'll be right back
after I deal with a meeting.'

'Here, have a bite.
- Okay.'

'Mom, dad, I've to go.'

'Don't be late.
- No, I won't.'

- Bye. Bye, see you later.'

'Puja, can I say something? '

'Even if something happens to me... '

'... he will look after you.
- You've started again.'

'What to do.'

Once more, from the beginning.

I haven't said such a
disgusting poem in my life.

Keep saying it, or else,
I'll enter your body...

...take off all your clothes
and dance outside Gehna's house.

I want to lose myself
in your tresses.

I want to loose
myself in your tresses.

But what to do

But what to do.

My sense of direction is perfect.

My sense of direction...
- Hey you, come in.


How is he?
- He's fine.

I wish... I could touch him once.


What has happened to you?

I only wanted to see you happy.

I miss you a lot, Puja.

And I'm waiting for you.

But don't you dare be
in a haste to meet me.

I don't miss you that much.

I want you to live
your life to the fullest.

And my part of life too.

I'll always love you, Puja.
- Me too.

Thank you, Arman.

Will you be a good boy?

Or else, you know what I can do.

Do you have to go?

What to do.

'Sometimes, I forget I'm dead.'

'I'm dead, I can't be any calmer.'

'Should I do deep breathing? '

'You're the host, we,
the ghost, remember.'

Everywhere you go.

You have a third class car.

Youthful and beautiful beloved.

'I want to... - I want to
immerse in your innate eyes.'

'But what to do.
- What? '

'Do you have to go? '

'What to do.'

But Arman's illness has advanced.

We'll have to admit
him in the hospital.


And I don't think anyone
else can make him agree.

As time passes, this
illness will get out of control

I don't want to lose him.

Seventies. Come on, yes.

Yes. Good.

Hold that. Hold that. Yes. Yes.

Nice. Good.

Come on, attitude.
- Good.

Out, out.
- What happened?

No, no, not you. You come inside.

You're in my frame.
- What difference does it make?

Is something wrong with him again?
- Fine.

What is it? Who is it?
- Carol.

Where is she? - She's
trotting in front of the frame.

What's going on?
- I don't know.

Come on, girls, let's shoot.

Seventies, rock-n-roll.

I want you to hold that, hold that.

Nice, good. Yeah.




The dresses which the girls in
the middle are wearing. - Yes.

Is that still in?
- No, it's a typical 70's look.

Remember, Neetu Singh and the
others used to wear it in movies.

Bellbottoms, full dress.
- Why?


Carol, when did you die exactly?
- I told you.

You didn't.

Impossible, I'm sure I told you.

I said you didn't tell me.

Fine, tell me again.

9th of September, 1975.
- What?

You didn't like the date,
should I change it?

You don't regret your
death one bit, do you?

Should I keep regretting
for 30 years.

I want to live my life too.

- Fine, live my death. - What?

Die my death.


Yes, Arman.

Carol Fernandez, the one
I told you about. - Yes.

She died on 9th September,
1975, in Goa.

Sms me all the details,
I'll take a look tomorrow.

Thanks buddy.

How's everything else?

Shut up, Arman, its
two o'clock in the night.

Sorry, goodnight.

You want to know,
don't you... how I died?

The last day of my life.

I went to Mumbai for a seminar,
which ended a day earlier.

I didn't tell Mike.

I thought of surprising him.


'What's going on? '

Nothing. Carol.
- Oh, my God.'

'Who is she? '

'No on, Carol, she's just...
- Get out.'

'Carol, please.
- Don't touch me.'

- You get out, get out.'

'Listen to me, Carol.
- Don't touch me.'

'Carol, Danny will wake up.'

'Don't touch me, you cheater.'

'I will kill you.
- For Gods sake, Carol... '

'Oh my God.'

'Carol. Carol.'
- Oh God.

'Please take Danny inside.'
- Come on, son.

I was in coma for two weeks.

And no one knew
where Mike took Danny... these two weeks.

And the police?
- Police.

According to the
police it was an accident.

That was what the
evidences were indicating.

I just want to meet my son once.

I want to tell him...
that I never left him.

I just... want to see him once.

Carol's husband killed her.

I mean, it wasn't an
accident but a murder.

To cover it up...

...he forced sleeping pills
and alcohol into her mouth.

And made it look like a suicide.

What kind of people are they?

What kind of
a world are we living in?

No importance for relations.

No value for humans.

I hate this, Gehna, I hate it.
- Don't worry.

Everything will be fine.

I'm there.

Gehna, I love you.
- I love you too.

We'll go to the hospital?
- Why the hospital?

Because you need treatment.

- I talked to the doctor, Arman.

You think I'm lying.

I'm hallucinating?
- That's not it, Arman.

Then what is it?

You think I'm nuts.
- I want to help you.

Then help me.

That woman is searching
for her child.

Help me find that child.

Can you do that?


Arman, do you love me?

Gehna, you don't understand.
- You don't understand, Arman.

Arman, I love you.

I love you.

I want to spend my
entire life with you.

If that's what you want...
then please...

...come with me to
the hospital tomorrow.



What if I don't?

Then I'm sorry.

Darn! Oh no!

We were together.

But why are we separate now?

Tell me what shall...

...I tell the solitude?

I don't know what
you didn't believe me.

It must be something
lacking in me.

Hear me, my sweetheart.

You belong to me,
and I belong to you.

I don't know why you
didn't understand my pain.

I don't know why I was lonely...

...even when you were around me.

I don't know why
you didn't believe me.

It must be something
lacking in me.

Hear me, my sweetheart.

You belong to me,
and I belong to you.

Explain to me why
I shouldn't say anything.

Should I stop you or
just watch you fade away?

What did I say?
What did you hear?

Try to understand.

Why have we drifted apart?

Hear me, my sweetheart.

Yes, Arjun.
- Carol Fernandez committee suicide.

And her husband left Goa
along with his four year old son.

I have her address.

Will you email it to me?
- Yes.

And, Arjun... thanks buddy.

Arman, are you okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.

Arjun, thanks buddy. Thanks.

Gehna, please give our
relation another chance.

I'm going to Goa tomorrow.

Please come with me.

Once I'm satisfied...

...l'm ready to do
anything you want.

You want me to go to
the hospital, don't you?

I will, I promise you I will go.

Please give me a chance.

The flight leaves tomorrow night.

I'll wait for you
at Reagent street.

Just give me one chance.

Come on, we're getting late.
- Yes.

I'm sorry, I've to go.

Thank you for staying with us, sir.

Good morning, sir.

Welcome to Radisson, Goa.
- Thank you.

Can I have your
signature on this form?

Here you go.
- Sir, your room no is 109.

My colleague will show
you the way to your room.

Could you help me with
this address please?

This is... just 15
minutes away from here, sir.

And what about this one?

Sorry, sir, but a mall has
been constructed in this place.

But I can give you the
address of the nun...

...that used to run this nursery.

Thank you.

Can I help you, sir?
- Hello.

Did the Fernandez's stay
in this house 30 years ago.

- Right.

Sorry, sir, I don't have any idea.

In fact...

My dear son, I must have
taught so many children in 30 years.

There must be so
many Daniel among them.

No my son. I don't
remember anything more.

These days, I even forget
what I read in the morning.

I really wish I could help you.

I wish too.

Thank you, thank you for
your time, sister. - Son.

Do you believe in angels?
- Yes, I do believe in angels.

Yes, I do.

Come. Come here.

This is a guardian angel, my son.

This will protect you.

God bless you my son.

Thank you, sister.

I'll just...
I'll just go talk to Carol.

Two minutes.

Yes, dad. - I was just
missing you so I called.

Is everything okay?
- Yes, dad.

Just... once Arman is satisfied,
we'll come back.

Oh, come on, dear.

Whether Arman is satisfied
or you... that he's fine.

But he isn't fine, dear.

I love him, dad,
and he needs my help.

I just hope you know
what you're doing, dear.

I don't want you to
realise one day...

...that you wasted your
entire life for a madman.

Don't worry, dad, I'll be fine.

I love you.
- I love you too, dear.

You never told me
anything about yourself.

No one ever asked. Fine.

Well, to start with...
my name is Arman. - Yes.


My mother was
a full time housewife.

Her name was Suzan,

My dad's name was Karan, and
he has a real-estate business.

- No, but you know...

They lived happily. Yes.

They lived happily
and they died happily.

It's my perfect family.

My perfect family.


I can't share you with someone.

Even if I believe that you
want to help dead people.

They need you.

But... I need you as well.

Arman, they've lived their life.

We still have to live our life.

You know I love you, right?
- Yes.

And I know you love me too.

Let's go back.

Obviously, I can't help everyone.

- Yes.

I guess she'll understand.
- Yes.

I'm very sorry, Carol.

I couldn't find your Danny, Carol.

I mean I...

It's okay. I understand.

Thank you.

God bless you.

Let's go back home.


Gehna, I've fixed a
deal for my dad's house.

Rob likes the house a lot.

He just wants his
wife's permission, poor guy.

Will I have to take your
permission after we get married?

Of course.
- What?

Why, of course?
I don't ask you anything.

That's because you
don't care for me.

That's not fair, I've
called up thrice since morning.

Are you fighting with me?

This isn't fighting.

I'm just saying that I fixed a
deal for dad's house, that's it.

Anyway, when are you coming home?
- By evening.

So, are we fighting?
- No, we not.

Why are you asking?
- Just like that, just checking.

Fine, see you in the evening.
- Bye, baby. - Okay.

Love you.

What do we have here?

- Hey, Rob. How are you, buddy?

- Hi.

Good to see you.

So, she likes the house?
- She likes it a lot.

She likes it a lot.

I think she wants it.
- Great, great, great.

You know what... I'll
speak to the agent. - Sure.

And get the paperwork done.

And I guess in about a month... guys can move in.
- Yes, of course. - Alright.


Take care.
- Alright, Rob.

'Do you believe in angels? '

'Daddy, whose house
photograph is this? '

'Of our house in Goa, son'

'What else should I
do other than drink? '

'One mistake has
ruined my entire life.'

'Oh, I see, and I'm that mistake.
- Yes, you are.'

- I'm not your mother.'

'Where are you going?
- Somewhere far from this hell.'

'Don't you dare step
out of this house.'

'Why? What will you do? '

'Will you kill me just like
you killed Carol? - Shut up! '

- You want your mother.'

'Please don't leave me.'
- 'Your father killed your mother.

Get out.
- Go, just leave.

Come, Danny.' - 'What happened
to mama? - Who is she? '

'Son, be a better
person than I was.'



Gehna, please come home as
soon as I get this message.

Carol. I want to see you
just once, just once, please.

Yes, Arman.

What happened?

I lied to you, Carol.

Since childhood,
I've seen my father screaming... a drunken state.

I've always seen
my parents arguing.

Carol, tell me something
about your son. Please. - Danny.

Mischievous. He was very naughty.

I used to take him
swimming every Sunday.

He had these funny
little fingers, you know.

His little finger
would completely bend back.

The first time he showed me
his bent finger, I was scared.

I really thought his
finger was broken.

After that it became
our personal game.

He would bend his finger and say...

...look mama, my finger is broken.

And I would say no Danny,
that's your magic finger.

He would be so happy...

...thinking that only
he had a magic finger.

There's a photograph there,
would you take a look, please.

This is Michael's photo.


Have you found Danny?


Mama, look my finger is broken.

- Mom.

You're really my Danny.

My son. My son.
- Yes, mama.

I didn't leave you, you know that.
- I know.

I know.

You don't know, I've
been searching for you...

...for the last 30 years.
- I know, mama.

I searched everywhere for you.
- I know, mama.

I know.

I just wanted to see you once.

I missed you, mama, I missed you.

My son. I wish I could...
- Arman.

What's wrong?


What's wrong, baby?

What happened, baby?


Carol's my mother, Gehna.

She's my mother.

What happened?
- Enough.


I can't endure your
insanity any more.

What are you saying,
Gehna, she's my mother.

Just shut up, Arman, just shut up.

There's no one here, Arman.

There's no one here.

You're ill, Arman. You're ill.

You cooked up a story in your mind...

...that you've to
search for her son.

And when you couldn't find him... believed that you're her son.
- No, no, that isn't true.

I can't do this anymore, Arman.
- Gehna.

I can't spend my life
with a madman.

There's no one here.


Go, Danny, stop her.



No! No!

Gehna, he can't live without you.

Please, don't leave...

Please. Save my Danny.

'You think I'm lying.'

'I'm hallucinating.'

'What are you saying,
Gehna, she's my mother.'

'I don't want to lose you.'

'Please give me another chance.'

'And if I say that
I feel scared alone.'

'Then I won't ever leave you.'

'Do you know how much I love you? '

'Lt's rightly said,
love conquers all.'

Why is this space empty?

They are all Arman's guests.

And now we shall have
the reading of the vows.

Do you want me to read your vows?

No, Father, we would
like to say our own vows.

Arman, I love you.

And I will always love you.

I will love you so much
that you'll be fed up of me.

And I'll learn how to make muffins.

I'll believe everything you say.

No matter how strange it is.

And I promise, I'll give
you your perfect family.

I don't want anything.

I just want you.

Every moment, everywhere.

I love you so much.
- I love you too.

What happened?

Do you see something?
- Yes.

You. Just you.

No. You don't want
to be in my shoes.

Trust me on that.

We're different from
the people of this world.

We're shocking.

Now I know how madmen live.

We've forsaken the world
and accepted this solitude.

You know what I need, Ghostbusters.

You me and ghost.
- We're very unique.

You me and ghost.

We're fun loving.

You me and ghost.

By laying down our
lives we've shown...

You me and ghost.

We're so big hearted.

You're dead, but yet
you taught us to live.

I know no one else
can do what you can.

We're no where.

Yet, we're everywhere.

I know that the world
won't understand this.

What attitude and what style.

We were dead,
but we're back again.

What attitude and what style.

We were dead,
but we're back again.

Now I know how madmen live.

We've forsaken the world
and accepted this solitude.

You know what I need, Ghostbusters.

You me and ghost.

We're very unique.

You me and ghost.

We're fun loving.

You me and ghost.

By laying down our
lives we've shown...

You me and ghost.

We're so big hearted.

You me and ghost.

You me and ghost.

You me and ghost.

You me and ghost.

That's my story. Get it?