Hum Kisise Kum Naheen (1977) - full transcript

A businessman, an underachever, an heiress, her mobster father, his gang, his assistant and his father, and others hunt for a leather belt carrier containing a cache of diamonds which unintentially passes from person to person without anyone's knowledge of its contents.

Hi, Jeevan.

When did you come from Bombay?
- Just today. Father too has come.

Is it?
- To finalise the marriage date.

Brother Ravi!

How amazing! Two hours ago,
I got a call from your dad...

that you've arrived here
from Bombay.

I came here to tell Mala about it
but you've already arrived here.

Have you forgotten? You had sent it
from London on my last birthday.

Look, it even bears my name.

Before I go and
meet your father...

tell me, what brings you
here all of a sudden?

I want Jeevan and Mala to be married
before the 15th next month.

But Uncle... so soon?
- You see...

I know that your dad passed away
just six months ago.

But dear, life and death are...

Look at this. Your dad had written
this letter to me from Africa.

'My dear friend Karamchand,
I agree to the marriage date'

'My son Rajesh is leaving London
for Delhi today'

'He'll start preparations for Mala's
marriage the moment he reaches Delhi'

'God willing, the marriage will be
held with a lot of fanfare'

Hi Sunita!
Yes, tell me!

Nice that your father got to know
that my wealth has been depleted.

What're you saying?

And what did you reply?

No, I cannot come to London.

I'm very anxious about
Mala's marriage.

Why're you weeping, Sunita?

Rajesh, dear?

Come, Ramu Uncle.
Be seated.

Did you meet Seth Karamchand?
- Yes.

He wants Jeevan and Mala to be
married by 15th of next month.

By 15th? But how will you get
money for her marriage so soon?

I don't understand. Within no time,
my family has been devastated.

This is the last letter which dad
sent to me from Africa.

'Dear Rajesh, ever since the
government has changed here... '

'the conditions here aren't
favourable for Indian businessmen'

'So I've sold off all my
factory and all properties'

'ln exchange, I've been paid
in diamonds worth 250 million'

'After paying off the taxes, and with
the government's permission... '

'I'm bringing these diamonds with me
to India concealed in a leather belt'

And then?

His plane had halted
at Beirut enroute.

He suffered a heart attack
there and he passed away.

What about the leather belt
which contained the diamonds?

I don't know where it vanished.

My dad's lifelong earnings...

I've to go to the hall
to sing songs.

O God! You've changed
fortunes so drastically.

A millionaire's son
is making his living...

by singing in hotels today.

It's all a matter of luck.

Is your name Rajesh, dear?
- Yes.

I want to speak something urgent.

Come in.

Be seated.

Tell me, what is it?

I want to ask you something.

Have you got the diamonds which
your dad sent from Africa?

I'm sure you mustn't
have got those diamonds.

Else, you wouldn't have worked
in this hotel as a singer.

Am I right?

My name is Saudagar Singh, and he's
my friend Baljeet Kumar Dana.

I'm a businessman. I was coming from
Africa some six months ago.

Your father suffered such a heart
attack at Beirut airport...

that he had no hopes of surviving.

In my presence, he gave a leather
belt containing diamonds to a man...

He gave him your name and address
to him and asked him...

to deliver that belt to you.
- Do you know that man?

Yes. I know him very well.
- Where's he?

Right here. In Delhi.

He's rich and respectable, but
in reality he's a dangerous smuggler.

Who's he?

His name is Seth Kishorilal.

All right. Place them on duty.

Why're bodyguards being appointed
for Miss Kajal?

I fear that my enemies will try
to kidnap my daughter Kajal.

Your enemies?
- Yes.

Six months ago, a strange
incident happened...

when I was returning from Africa.

When the plane landed
at Beirut airport...

and I went to the cloak room, I saw
that a man was lying on the floor.

What happened to you?

Where are you going?
- To Delhi.

You appear to be a decent person.
Will you do me a favour?

Tell me.
- My son Rajesh in Delhi...

At Ashoka Hotel.
Give this to him.

What's this?
- My everything.

There you will...

Could the rascal
have gone inside?

I'd even staked my life
for those diamonds.

I wonder who went away with
those diamonds in my presence.

Didn't you see the face of that
man with the bicycle?

No. But the people who were
after those diamonds...

must be thinking that I cheated
them and ran away with the diamonds.

Has he cheated you too?

He has sent me this letter.
Have a look.

'Dear friend, your son is lying
unconscious in front of me'

'I regret that my henchmen beat him
mercilessly all night long'

'These people are demanding 3 million
rupees to release your son'

'You know that seeking police help
in such matters is futile'

'Even if the criminals
are caught... '

'the captive's corpse too
won't be found'

I've been given a month's time.

Even if I sell everything I have,
I cannot raise 3 million rupees.

O God! This man is such a devil!

He snatched a dying man's wealth
from his son.

He separated my son from me.

He himself is a father
of a daughter.

How would he feel if somebody
distances his daughter from him?

Mr. Saudagar, what's the age
of this man's daughter?

She must be around
15 or 16 years old.

What if we make this
girl disappear somehow?

What do you mean?

If we hide this girl somewhere
for a few days...

And then force Kishorilal that
till you don't get your son...

And I don't get my diamonds, his
daughter will not be back till then.

No, dear. We cannot do such a thing.
Only crooks do such things...

You don't understand.

We won't take this girl forcibly.
She will come with me willingly.

Rajesh has made
a very valid point.

What're you saying?

Neither do you have money, nor can
you seek the help of the police.

Then how will you
save your son?

But how will a rich man's daughter
meet someone who sings in a hotel?

One can find a way.
- How?

If Rajesh resigns from this job...

...and we put him up
in some plush hotel...

...and if he is presented before
Seth Kishorilal... a millionaire's son.

But even after having
met you once...

what's the guarantee that
she will fall in love with you?

Don't worry.

That girl will be in my clutches
in the first meeting itself.

Daughter, I've made arrangements
for your trip to Nainital.

You can leave tomorrow
with your Aunty.

Just the two of us?
- No. These four too.

O father! What a pain!

Wherever I go, these four
baldies are after me all...

Don't talk too much.
- Get ready quickly.

You have reach the hotel
at 6 for the beauty contest.

I want to ask you something.

That bicycle in which you had
kept the belt with the diamonds...

Didn't you try to find out
who it belonged to?

I didn't get to know anything.
It was an ordinary cycle...

with a black tool-box.

There were only two letters
written on it... S and K.

Take this, and keep it there.

What's this, friend?

I'm leaving. See you again.

Father, look how wonderful
it's creator has made.

- Have you bought it?

Not yet. I brought it to show you.
- I've seen it. Return it.

Father, it's not very expensive.
It's cheap. Very cheap.

The old man doesn't get
taken in by such talk.

Return it.
- O father!

A girl... from the college.

Who's Sanjay talking to?
- Who knows?

Do you know, when I phone you...

I wonder which old man
picks up the phone.

When he hears my voice, he screams
a lot and disconnects the line.

That old man is my father.

Your father is such a devil!
- Yes, he is.

He doesn't even give me
money to buy the guitar.

Don't worry.
I will give you money.

When you don't meet me,
know what I do.

- I shut my eyes and sit.

And then you appear before me
all of a sudden.

My heart begins to beat faster.
Then I extend my hand and hold yours.

Get lost from here, girl!

Stop, will you?
Where are you running away?

Who's this girl who came
to meet you?

She's my colleague
at the college.

Tell her that I don't like it
when she comes here.

You don't like her
coming here.

- Yes. And you too don't like it.
- And I don't too like it.

- Tell her this.
- Tell her this.


Don't worry, father.

I'm not interested in any girl.

I know. But I fear that
if you make some mistake...

how will I face my
friend Kishorilal?

Your marriage with his daughter
was finalised in your childhood.

How many years have passed
since separating from him?

12 years. But dear...
I strongly feel that...

I will meet my friend Kishorilal
very soon. And Kajal too.

Thereafter both of you will be
married with great pomp.

Kishorilal, instead of weeping,
you should be glad that...

God has saved your daughter
Kajal's life.

And know how sick
Brother Kishorilal is?

He is suffering from fever
and cough since so many days.

I'm feeling since
a few days that...

I won't be able to recover
from this ailment.

Why're you saying this?

Friend, I ask you for a promise.
- Speak up.

If you anything happens to me,
marry my daughter to your son Sanjay.

Gladly, Kishorilal.
- Not like this.

Take an oath in
front of God. Come.

I promise you in
the presence of God...

that my son will marry your daughter
Kajal, and none other.

Son, put it on her hair parting.

Ever since that day,
I've been searching for you.

What're you blabbering?
- Nothing. Nothing, father.

Childhood photograph?
Why look at it now?

She must have grown up by now.

So beautiful that people would
call her a beauty queen.

What do you say?
How do you find her?

Do you like?
- Like?

What a body!
How colourful!

A special gift for you
on your birthday.

One doesn't find such
cars these days.

It's a very expensive car.
- One can see that.

You can, can't you? Here're its keys.
- Keys?

Yes, henceforth you'll
travel in this car.

I will keep your cycle inside.

Just a minute. I will keep my
lucky tool box in the car.

All right.

What a car it is!
How wonderful!


I will take a ride.
- Yes, yes. Go ahead.

This is not a car, but an airplane.
- An airplane!

Let me read the newspaper.
- Here it is. Read the paper.

'The only daughter of Seth Kishorilal
the owner of Swadeshi Paper Mills... '

'Miss Kajal, has been awarded the
first prize in a beauty contest'

Hey! She's the same girl.

Both of us are the same people.

But both of us are
far apart from each other.

Aunty, he too will come
to Nainital with us.

Kajal, if we find these people,
will you marry Sanjay?

Why not? My marriage with him
had been finalised in my childhood.

What if they aren't wealthy
like you are?

Wealth? Wealth isn't everything.
I should like the boy too.

What're you talking?
- Father...

You are still searching for your
friend and Sanjay, aren't you?

I've searched for them a lot, dear.
It's better to forget about them now.

Will we never find them?
- Looks like it, dear.

When will you leave for Nainital?

Go and get ready soon.

Ram Kumar

It's so difficult to believe that
this is the same Kishorilal's home...

who didn't even have
shelter to hide his face.

Father, don't discuss
about marriage today.

- Not today. Some other time.

I'm the same Ram Kumar,
your old friend.

How are you, Ram Kumar?
- Let's embrace each other, friend.

I'm going mad with joy.
- Excuse me, sir.

I've to discuss a couple
of important things.

Sit there, Ram Kumar.
I will be back.

A cheque has to be sent today
for Bombay International.

For what amount?
- 1 million.

All right.
Prepare the cheque.

The party from Calcutta has
sent a order for 2 million.

What advance are they paying?
- They've sent a cheque...

for 5 lakhs as advance money.
- All right. Anything else?

The board meeting is scheduled
for 11 today morning.

So, Ram Kumar... tell me!

Everything is fine,
with God's grace.

Who's he? Your son Sanjay?

Yes. He's your Sanju.

Greet him.
- Greetings.

See... he's grown up. He has passed
his graduation this year.

He will take up a good job
and start working.

Kishorilal, after you went away,
I too lost interest in Nainital.

I came over to Delhi, and have been
searching for you ever since

Thank God that he listened
to my prayers and...

Presently, I am in a hurry.
I have to attend a board meeting.

Telephone me 10-15 days later.
I will surely make time for you.

We're meeting after so many years.
And you don't have time for me?

I'm helpless. I've a business worth
millions. Every moment is precious.

Come some other time.
I will surely meet you.

Let's go, father.
- Wait.

I can see that you have
changed a lot.

But I want to know whether you have
changed your mind about the promise?

What promise?
- The promise of...

Sanjay and Kajal's marriage. You'd
made me take oath in God's presence.

You had taken the oath, not I.
I agree you did it on my say-so.

But that was a different time.
This is a different time.

You're an intelligent man.
Considering my present position...

you shouldn't even mention
about that old matter.

Let's go, father.
- No. I haven't finished yet.

You carry on. I cannot stay
here any longer.

Your son is wise. He doesn't waste
time in understanding the main point.

Yes, he is intelligent that he
recognised you in a glance.

It's I who is a fool. I still
can't believe my own ears.

I still feel that you will
come rushing and embrace me...

and say that it was all a joke.

A joke? Why don't you understand?

What I had said 12 years ago,
was foolishness on my part.

I didn't know that destiny will
take me to such great heights...

that I won't be able
to marry my daughter...

to the son of an unknown, uneducated
and ordinary person.

Unknown? Uneducated?
Ordinary person?

And you had sought refuge in this
unknown man's home once...

That same uneducated man's home
was your shelter...

You had eaten at the same ordinary
man's place for months.

You, your sister and your daughter.

You shameless person! Even a dog
is loyal to those where he eats.

Even to call you a dog
is like insulting the dog.

Go ahead! Call your people.

You gutless man! I'm the
tiger from Punjab!

If anybody dares touch me,
I'll cut him like a carrot.

If you desire your well-being,
you'd better go away from here.

I will go. I sure will.

But remember... the way you have
ridiculed your friend's poverty...

I could perhaps forgive you for that,
but God will never forgive you.

When God hits,
there's no sound.

Fear that moment when neither your
wealth will come to your rescue...

nor your false respect.
And at that time...

you will come to my doorstep
seeking refuge.

But this time you won't get
shelter there too.

Sanjay too had come
with Mr. Ram Kumar?

- You insulted them... threw them out?

You will have to answer God
for the sin you've committed.

Sanju... here.

- Yes.

You wanted to buy that new guitar,
didn't you? Go ahead and buy it.

And if you don't like the car
I'd gifted you on your birthday...

I will buy you another one.
A brand new one.

And look... don't worry.
Ask me for whatever you want.

Father, shall I ask you something?
- Go ahead.

Can you give me what I want?
- What do you want?

I want a smile on my father's lips.

- Yes.

Henceforth, you will never think
about Kishorilal, nor about Kajal.

You don't think about Kajal?
- Not at all.

The world is full of
beautiful faces.

Whenever I feed the need,
I will pick up a flower...

and put it on the collar.

The main issue now is to
earn money... to get a job.

Job? Where will you
take up a job?

I will start searching a job
from tomorrow.

Let's see where destiny takes me.

By tomorrow, I will surely tell you
which of you people's offer I accept.

You want to know, don't you, whether
I approve of your offer or not?

- Then listen...

Only your offer will be accepted.
None other's.

But how did you get to know about me?

This is the complete report of your
business and landed property.

Where did you get this?

I've done my business management
course from Switzerland.

We are taught there that before
accepting anybody's business offer...

it is very important to know his
position in the market.

Your son is very intelligent.

Is he married?
- Not yet.

But looks like he will be
married very soon.

To whom?
- Shall I tell him?

What's the use, dad?
I haven't decided still.

You like the girl, don't you?

I do like her. But I haven't met her.
I have only seen her.

- The thing is...

There was a beauty contest
here yesterday.

And the girl who was made
the beauty queen...

Her name...
- Kajal.

Yes, Kajal it is.
But how do you know?

What's the matter?
Do you know her?

Know her? She's my daughter!

- Yes.

Did you hear, Manjeet?
Kajal is his daughter.

It's amazing.
- It's me who's amazed at my luck.

I had come for a business deal.
But the matter progressed to this.

It's truly a matter of destiny.

I would've introduced him to
Kajal rightaway.

But she's left for Nainital
just this morning.

We too have a house in Nainital.
- Is it?

We have property of old times, we've
servants, and a estate manager too.

All right, then. Send him there.
He will meet Kajal there itself.

What say, dear?
- All right. I will go there.

So I should be leaving.

Ramu Uncle...
Here's your ticket for London.

Give this letter to Sunita.

And tell Sunita's father that
he may do whatever he likes.

Sunita will marry nobody but me.
- All right.

I'm going to Nainital for a few days.

I'll give my telephone number
there through a telegram.

Nice that you sent my luggage
to Nainital beforehand.

This is the youngster whom we
want to appoint for your sake.

Where do you work these days?
- Nowhere.

Look, this is the address
of the house... the keys...

And this is your advance.

Brother, I'm calling from the
hotel lobby. Shall I come upstairs?

No, Mala. Wait for me at the
coffee shop. I will join you.

O brother!

Brother, he is...
- I know him.

She's Mala, my sister.

How are you? Come, I've to
speak to you at the coffee shop.

He's the boy?
- Yes, Jack.

He will take us to that girl.

To Kajal?
- Yes. Kajal.

I'm the only one in this house.


I take care of this bungalow.
- What's your name?

My name is Mithoo.

What a name!

Look, girl. If you do something,
you will be paid for it.

Yes, sir. A truck had come
from Dehli just a while ago.

A lot of goods have
arrived in it.

It must be Manjeet's things. Come on,
there's a lot of work to be done.

You are very beautiful.

Hello! Is that you, father?

Kajal dear, how are you?

I'm in a bad shape. Four ghosts
are over my head.

Tell me, father.

There's a businessman from Hong Kong.
His son Manjeet's coming to Nainital.

Yes, he saw you at the beauty

The boy is very handsome and noble.
I like him very much.

Do meet him.
- I sure will.

Look, manager. My son had left here
last evening for Nainital.

But he has just called
from some village...

that there's been a landslide
on the road to Nainital...

and the road has got blocked.

You do this immediately.
- Yes, tell me.

Go to Bungalow number 15
on the Mall Road.

Kajal, Seth Kishorilal's daughter
from Delhi is living there.

What name did you say?
- Kajal, Seth Kishorilal's daughter.

- As soon as he reaches there...

he will telephone Kajal.
- He will telephone Kajal.

Not Kajal. Say Miss Kajal.

Don't you know that she is going
to be married to my son Manjeet?

Manjeet Kumar Dana...

What's the difference
between you and I?

If at all, the only difference
is in our wealth.

And on the strength of that wealth
you are stealing that girl too...

who has been made mine before you.
But I will never let it happen.

Kajal was mine, she is mine,
and she will remain mine.

What're you trying to do, Sanjay?
Have you thought of the consequences?

My name is Kajal.

My father had telephoned me from
Delhi... to meet you.

Please come.

Come in, Aunty.

Greetings, Aunty.
- Bless you.

May we sit?

Yes, please.

Sit, Aunty.

Actually, I...

They are your...
- My bodyguards.

Carry on your conversation with
Kajal. I've work to do.

All right. Greetings.
- Bless you.

Alas, only if you were
my childhood companion.

How should I tell you that
I'm your childhood companion?

Father says that Sanjay
will never be found.

And that it's better to forget him.

I wanted to forget you.

But after meeting you now, it will be
very difficult to forget you.

He must be wondering
why I'm silent.

She must be wondering
why I'm silent.


Do these people accompany you

Yes. Everywhere.

Don't you feel suffocating?
- I do. A lot.

How about fooling them and
running away from here?

Lt'll be great fun. But how?

Who's that girl?
- She's the gardener's daughter.

I've got an idea.
Come with me quickly.

Where's Prakash?
- He's gone for shopping.


But what will I wear?

Here you are.
Come on. Be quick.

Is it okay?

I will fool these people
and come right back.


He's taken away my girl!

Colonel Subodh Mukerji.

Gardener, I'm going to the club.

My nephew Shomu will be
coming from Delhi.

Ask him to call me up
at the club.

And take care of the house. Lot of
thefts are happening these days.

All right, sir.

The baldies have come.

Gardener, where's my dear Uncle?

He's gone to the Club. He has asked
you to telephone him there.

All right.

I want to speak to the Colonel.
Call him quickly. It's urgent.

I'm your neighbour speaking.

Come back quickly. Thieves
have entered your home.

And the gardner...
- They've hit your gardner...

...and made him unconscious.
Come back quickly.

Let's hurry up.

Go there.

And you go there.

The rascal has run away
with my girl.

Let him return. Then I will...

Who are you?

You are wearing my dress,
and calling me shut up?

What happened?

Change your dresses.
I'll tell you what next.

Remember Prakash. I'm not Sanjay.
- You aren't Sanjay.

I'm Manjit Kumar Dana.
- You are Manjit Kumar Dana.

You are my servant.
- You are my servant.

Not I. You are my servant.
- Not I. You are my servant.

What're you staring at?

Move back. Why're you
blocking the way?

What're you doing here?
Move back.

Colonel... colonel!
- Here I am.

Catch these people.

Look at them!

It's a lovely tune.
What song is it?

Do you want to hear it?
- Yes.

Here it goes.

This song is from the South. It is
sung only somebody falls in love.

You didn't ask why I sang this song?

There's a song in our East too.
You can understand the girl's reply.

Is it? What's the song?

I had been thinking since
morning that...

as soon as you come,
I will tell you...

Tell me what?
- That...

You wanted to say something.

- Tell me.

Look over there! What
a lovely butterfly! Isn't it?

Maybe. You were saying something.

That I'm very happy
having come to Nainital.

And you are also happy
after meeting me?


Do you know... I had spent my
childhood right here in Nainital?

Is it?
- Yes.

And I had a very good friend
in my childhood.

Friend? Do you remember his name?

- Sanjay?

I know very well
a boy by this name.

Is his father's name Ram Kumar?
- Yes.

Where does he live?
- Right here in Nainital.

Take me there rightaway.
- You are so restless?

If you know me well...

I've understood. You don't
know any Sanjay. You are lying.

Lying? Look, Kajal...

Looks like the cops
released them too soon.

Let them be. Tell me,
do you really know Sanjay?

Let's do this. I will call him to
my home this evening.

Come there and meet him.
- Okay. At what time?

At 5 o'clock.

Now neither do I need your
clothes, nor your name.

Sanjay will be
in front of Kajal today.

Her 'yes' or 'no' will
decide my fate.

She's come very soon.

Where's the bedroom?
- That way.

Aunty, let me speak to Kajal.

What? She has already left?
All right.

I'm going out. If Manjeet
says something...

Who's this cartoon?
- He's our cook Prakash.

What a fool! Get going.

My name is Manjeet Kumar Dana.

- Is the name long?

You can call me just Manjeet.

Come on.

Actually I was supposed
to have come here yesterday.

But I was held up because
the road was blocked.

My manager must have informed you.

- Yes, manager.

He informed you, didn't he?
- Yes.

Why're you standing? Please sit.

Hot tea, manager.
- Yes.

I was about to telephone you
that my luck...

The bell rang, and I found you
right in front of me.

You don't seem happy upon meeting me?
- No, nothing of the sort.

Look, don't reject me so soon.

Even if you have to reject me,
let it be a couple of days later.

So that I can think how
I should commit suicide.

By consuming poison, with the noose,
or by jumping off a hill.

What're you saying?
- I'm right, madam.

I've been to Hong Kong, London,
Paris, New York... all over the world.

But I didn't see any face anywhere
worth giving a second look.

But you are smashing!

I lost my senses when I saw you.
I got crazy!

The thing is, my head is paining.

I will cure it in a jiffy.
But give me a smile once.

How wonderful!

The sunshine has appeared,
the flowers have blossomed.

Manager, hot tea for the madam.

I will get the pill for
the headache rightaway.

I want to tell you something.

I don't want to cause harm
to anybody's livelihood.

Else, if I tell Manjit about it,
he will dismiss you rightaway.

But listen...
- Despite being merely a manager...

how could you dare do all this,

Look, Kajal...

Here, madam.

This tablet is from King Kong,
the famous doctor from Hong Kong...

which makes a person fit
and fine in a jiffy. Try it.

Gosh! You have such
a wonderful smile!

Swallow it with tea.

Do you know a grand programme is
going to be held today?

- Here in Nainital.

Look at this.

Whoever dances and sings the best,
will get a gold medal.

Are you participating?
- Participating?

Accompany me and see for yourself.
The gold medal'll be around my neck.

You will come, won't you?

I sure will.

I'm wonderstruck!
With you on my side...

Who are these rascals?
- They are Miss Kajal's bodyguards.

I'm sorry, friends.

I've just been informed that
you are bodyguards, not donkeys.

So what was I saying...

Do they stay with you always?
- Yes.

To the club too?
- Yes.

- Dad's orders.

Shall we leave?
- Yes.

- Do you have medicine...

for diarrhoea? For the horses?
- Yes. How many horses do you have?

- Here you are.

The dosage is enough for four
horses for four days.

Their stomach will be
cleansed totally.

It's priced at five rupees.
- Five...

What will you have?
- Nothing.

You drink tea. I will go home.

How can it be? Then who will
see my dance at the club?

Two cokes for us, and...

What would you like to have?

Nothing? That's not possible.
Get hot tea for all of them.

I'll explain to you.

Do you see this button?
By pressing this button...

the watch becomes magnetic and
pulls the heaviest of things.

Watch the fun now.
- What?

But listen...

Thank God at least you smiled.

I will be right back.

Yes, sure. You will
get four rooms.

How many? You are two men?
And four rooms...

Our order?
- Yes.

It's not cold. Get ice.
- Rightaway.

Yes, there are bathrooms
in every room.

Yes, please do come.

We serve all kinds of foodstuffs.

Yes, we serve everything.
You should visit us.

What's the matter, sir?

Do you want to make a call?
- Yes.

What's the number?

You didn't like the number?
Let it be.

There was some urgent work.
Why don't you start?

Now watch the fun
with these four baldies.

What do you mean?

I've mixed medicine for
diarrhoea in their tea.


Keep a watch on them.
I will be right back.

I will be right back.

What did you mix in our tea?
- Nothing.

You did mix something.
- Come on. Tell us.

What's the matter?
- What's the matter, you ask?

Something has been mixed in our tea.
We're suffering from diarrhoea.

How can you say that?
Our tea is the finest.

No! Something has surely
been mixed in it.

You are doubtful?
I will drink and demonstrate.

Nothing has been mixed in it.

You people are suspecting it
unnecessarily. It's such a fine tea.

So we have put these baldies
to their right place.

Shall we go the club now?
- I've to go home first.

- I've some work.

In this dance-and-song contest...

this one was the fifth challenger
whom Mr. Manjeet has defeated.

If a new challenger doesn't come
out on the field in 15 seconds...

the prize will be given away
to Mr. Manjeet.

When did you come?
- Just a while ago.

Tell me, where had you been?
- To the club.

Father, who were those people?

New bodyguards. The earlier ones
were useless. I dismissed them.

I met your daddy in Delhi.
He too will be coming soon.

Daddy will be calling any time.
May I go, sir?

Okay. Let me see you off.
- Kajal, he?

Here's the advance which
your father gave me.

But why do you want to leave the job?

I'm helpless. But I have
no complaints against you.

All right. Let me arrange for another
manager. You may go thereafter.

It's a matter of only a day or two.
- All right.

Sanjay, I've received
a letter from your father.

He's coming over for the prayers
on the occasion of Shivratri.

I've resigned from the job.
- Is that all? You've ran away?

People even commit murders in love.
- What nonsense!

It's true.

Manjeet has snatched his beloved.
He should kill Manjeet.

If he can't, I can.
- Lay off, will you?

Rajesh dear, I'm Ramu Uncle
speaking from London.

Yes, Ramu Uncle. Tell me.
Did you meet Sunita?

How could I meet her, dear?
She has even got married.

Marriage? What're you saying?

Yes, dear. It's better
to forget about her now.

Sunita has got married?

Sunita got married!

Sunita got married!

But what is this for?

To remind you. Only you are
there in my heart.

There will be none other.

I have complete trust on you.

And I don't trust you at all.

My daddy says you are the greatest
flirt in the whole of London.

You lose control the moment
you see a beautiful face.

A lot of beautiful faces have
come into your life, and gone too.

Then why do you love me?
- I'm helpless.

Your face is so charming,
that I can't control myself.

You and your charming...

Don't be scared. Daddy has
gone to Paris.

Else, would I have called you home?
- I know that quite well.

I'm very scared of Daddy's anger.

Do you know... he wants me to get
married to Motiram's son Ranjeet.

And you?
- Do you need to ask that.

Welcome, Mr. Motiram.
Come, Ranjeet.

Greetings, Uncle.
- Bless you, dear.

Daddy, you were...
- Yes, I couldn't go to Paris.

They called me from Birmingham
that they're coming to London.

Since India's Independence Day
is being celebrated today...

They've come here in that connection
and they will be staying here.

Mr. Motiram, he's Mr. Rajesh.

He's Mr. Ranjeet...

Mr. Motiram's son, and my
daughter's future husband.

So Mr. Motiram, you people had
better get ready.

Please come.

I want to tell you something.

Perhaps you aren't aware that..., on the occasion of the
Independence Day celebrations...

I and Sunita'll be singing a quwwali
today. And both of us together...

My daughter won't participate
in any programme with you.

I've given my word to the club.
I will get a bad name.

Is this your final decision?

Then you too had better hear this,
Mr. Kewalchand.

Not just today, but at every stage of
my life, Sunita will side with me.

Despite knowing that Sunita and
I love each other intensely...

you still want to get her
married to someone else.

But you cannot force your
whims on us.

You may commit any atrocity on us but
you can never separate us.

Don't think that I cannot
respond to your slap.

I haven't raised my hand on you
thinking that...

I will be having another kind of
relationship with you in future.

What I had said is happening.

What will you do now?
She won't be singing the quwwali.

Let's replace Sunita with Uma.
She remembers the entire quwwali.

No! Sunita's place will be
kept vacant.

But who will sing Sunita's portions?
- Sunita herself will sing.

Friends, on this occasion of
Independence Day Celebrations...

I and my associates'll be presenting
a quwwali before you.

But let me tell you that today's
quwwali is not merely a quwwali...

but it has also become a big test
of my life... of my love.

If my quwwali isn't completed,
my life will remain incomplete.

So it's my promise
to this packed gathering...

The hands which had
taken oaths of love...

while putting this necklace
around my neck...

Those hands will either put this
necklace on my neck again...

or this night will be
the last night of my life.

Liar! Cheat!

Keep my luggage in the room.

What's the matter, Rajesh?

You appear very worried.

I was to have married
a girl in London.

Yesterday she was married
to somebody else.

Anyway, Mr. Saudagar hasn't come?
- He's ill.

He'll come in a couple of days.

What's the progress on
Kajal's front?

Have you thought where we will hide
Kajal after bringing her?

Yes. About 300 miles from here...

there's a no man's land outside
India's borders.

We will keep the girl there
in a cottage.

And as soon as our conditions are
fulfilled, we'll send the girl back.

But how will we take Kajal
across the border?

I've arranged for a helicopter
and a pilot for that job.

I too know how to fly a helicopter.

Bring Kajal tomorrow at 11 o'clock
to the ground behind the polo ground.

But what about Kajal's bodyguards?

I've thought of a way
to ward them off.

Girl! Are both the horses fine?
- Yes.

This white horse is meant for you.
- No, I like that horse.

No, no. Boss will ride it.
- I will ride it.

You talk too much. Out!

Go and stop them, Mr. Sanjay.
The white horse is crazy.

- Yes. The moment it is whipped...

it will get out of control.
- What're you saying?

I thought Manjit will sit on the
white horse and die today itself.

How crazy you are!

Hold on, Kajal.
I will be back.

Grab my feet, Kajal.

Come on... pull us!

Hold me tight. Don't leave me.


Come on...

Manjeet dear, the way you have
saved my daughter's life...

I can never ever forget it.

Now look, Kajal dear...

From today, stop going out
unnecessarily. No horse-riding.

Even if you have to go out
with Manjeet...

The driver will drive the vehicle,
and bodyguards will accompany you.

Alongwith the bodyguards?
- Always.

If you wish to speak in private,
the house is always there.

Malti, please come.
I've to tell you something.

What happened?
- Your father is a strange man.

Bodyguards all the time!
Look, I've come here to meet you.

And if we've to go around with
these musclemen, I will go away.

So much anger?
- Of course.

I'll wait for you at Nandi Hill
at 10 o'clock.

And you will come all alone.

I will still wait for you.

And if you don't come, I will
walk out of your life.

If you had brought Kajal today...

we would've accomplished our
objective within 2-3 days.

But she's coming to meet me tomorrow
morning at 10 at Nandi Hill.

Your helicopter is ready, isn't it?
- It is.

It's possible that she might not
agree to enter the helicopter.

I've found a way out for that.


A white horse deceived me today.

Tomorrow I will seek help
of this white horse.

You have broken my heart today.

You'd better remember, you cheat...

That I will keep on drinking
in your grief and then die.

What for have you come here?

Tell me.

I have come alone.

At 11 o'clock?

I was delayed a bit since
I had to come out on the sly.

You do everything on the sly. You
won't be able to do anything bravely.

Do you know, dad told me last night
again that if I go alone anywhere...

he will skin me alive.
- Oh come on!

Why doesn't he become a butcher?

Tell him to put on a dirty vest
and then skin sheeps and goats.

His hobby will be fulfilled
and he will get money too.

Don't drink so much liquor?
- Why shouldn't I?

My heart has been shattered.
Not yours.

I saw you, I worshipped you.
I even staked my life to rescue you.

And you...

You don't even love me?
- I promise you.

Henceforth I will do
whatever you say.

- Try for yourself.

You won't refuse anything?
- Never.

Drink liquor.
- What?

Liquor. And till I don't say,
keep the bottle glued to your lips.

Drink to your heart's content.
You have to go far today.

And you will return after
I get my diamonds.

That's enough... enough.

Why're you weeping?

You made me drink liquor.
- So?

I've committed a sin.
- Sin?

Something is happening to me.
- What is happening now?

Everything is moving.
- Is it?

Everything is going round and round.

What happened now?

How is your face looking?

Gosh! It has become so fat!
Just like bread!

You are laughing, you rascal!

Hey! What're you doing?

Tell me, will you leave me?
- Why would I? Have I gone mad?

Do you love me?
- Yes, I do.

Will you marry me?
- Definitely.

Come on... then kiss me.
- What?


All this, after marriage.
- After marriage, eh?

After marriage...

Why this?
- I was testing you.

After marriage, if we quarreled,
and if I slapped you...

Would you get upset with me?
- No, no. Nothing of the sort.

After marriage,
you can slap me thrice.

Why're you looking at the
watch repeatedly?

I was looking at the time.
- You were looking at the time?

I thought you are
looking at the time.

What time is it?
- 28 minutes past 11.

28 minutes past 11? Gosh!
I should be leaving.

My father will kill me!

Hey! What happened?

Promise me that you will
always love me.

That you will never betray me.

Speak up. Why don't you speak?

Madam, I am going to cheat
you tremendously.

You are intoxicated. You will
go to sleep soon. And then...

Then you will go and sell me off.

Sell me if you want to.
What will you get in return?

Gold, silver, diamonds?

As it is, you're getting all that.
- What do you mean?

Here... read it.

You criticise my father, don't you?
He has made this through his lawyer.

So you are being made a shareholder
in his property?

- And so...

you didn't reach there with Kajal?

Why did we want to
make Kajal disappear?

For your diamonds. And to rescue
Mr. Saudagar's son.

Both these things can be
done with Kajal's help.

That girl is so crazy for me.
I can make her do anything I want.

But till yesterday, you loved
some other girl.

I still love her.

But she has been married.

Anyway, I'm not prepared
to cheat Kajal.

I will tell her all the truth.
- No. Don't tell her anything as yet.

- Let me telephone Delhi...

and ask Saudagar Singh. It's
a question of his son's life.

All right. Ask him.

Wow! You spoke about your
benefit so breezingly.

You're amazing, Mr. Baljeet.

Dear, my spectacles are
in your bag.

I've forgotten my bag in the car.
I'll get it rightaway.

I'm going away from here today.

I want to tell you something.
- I don't want to hear anything.

Let me tell you why
I posed as Manjeet.

Get out of my path.

You will have to listen to me.
- Leave my hand.

I won't.
- Leave my hand, I say.

Who's this man?
- He's my estate manager.

What's the matter, Kajal?

I didn't tell you till today that
before you arrived here...

He met me posing as Manjeet.

He didn't give up even after
he was exposed.

And he wrote this
letter to me.

Have you written this letter?
- What right do you have...

to question me? I'm not your servant.
- May be not.

But you have grabbed her hands
in my home.

If I've grabbed her hands,
I've a right on them.

Don't raise your hands, Mister.
My hands are not severed.

Get this rascal!

That's enough. Stop them.

Come... which coward wants to come?
Come forward, if you are true men!

My son's blood is very precious,
you rich people.

I will kill all of you
for every drop of his blood.

Let it be, father.

Who's this man?
- How can he say?

I will tell you who I am.
- Father...

Don't say anything else.
Not a word more.

Don't insult me by telling
the reality about me.

You are under oath.

These people are strange.
Do you know them?

No, I saw them for the
first time today.

Let's go.
- Come on.

What happened, Aunty?
- Nothing. Go ahead. I'll come.

I had come for a job. But destiny
brought me face-to-face with Kajal.

And the words spoken by you
since so many years...

That Kajal is my goal, my life...
Your words became a reality.

Does she know who you are?
- No.

Father, tomorrow after your worship,
we will go back to Delhi.

Where are you going now, son?
- Take rest, father.

I will go to sleep
in Prakash's room.

What's the matter, Madam?

I see that you've become upset
ever since the manager has gone?

No, no. Nothing of the sort.

I will make a call and come back.

You've chased me here too?
- I've never chased you, Kajal.

It's destiny which is bringing me
face-to-face with you repeatedly.

Do you know why?
- I don't want to know.

I only know that you are
a liar, a fraud.

See? He came here too.

Love is a very bad thing, Kajal.

A normal person too
can go crazy.

The lovely couple that you see
on the table opposite me...

They are Mr. And Mrs. Salim.

Their marriage had been fixed
in their childhood...

and they separated in their childhood
in such a way that...

they gave up hope of meeting again.

But destiny brought them
together again.

Today is their first
marriage anniversary.

On this beautiful union,
if any of you has any song...

you can come and sing it here.
- I will sing a song for them.

Congratulations to you
on this beautiful union.

But on this joyous day, if you
remember those who couldn't meet...

you will then realise
how fortunate you are.

So the song that I'm singing now
is not a union song...

but of those unfortunate ones
who were rejected...

of those who were cheated.

What happened (to) your promise?

... that oath, that intention?

What happened (to) your promise?

....that oath, that intention?

The day that my heart forgets you

That day will be the last day of my life

What happened (to) your promise?

....that oath, that intention?

The day that my heart forgets you

That day will be the last day of my life

What happened (to) your promise?

I remember, you'd told me,

I won't ever be mad at you..

Our hands are joined through our hearts...

How will they ever separate?..

Spent every evening in your arms...

Unfaithful! Don't you remember even this?...

What happened (to) your promise?...

....that oath, that intention?

The day that my heart forgets you...

That day will be the last day of my life...

What happened (to) your promise?...

...that oath, that intention?

Oh, one who calls me a cheat,..

Tell me who's the cheat (here)?

The one who accepted sorrow,
for the sake of love...

...Or the one who sold love

What kind of intoxication
is this with wealth...

That you don't remember
any of this?...

What happened (to) your promise...

...that oath, that intention?

The day that my heart forgets you...

That day will be the
last day of my life...

What happened (to) your promise?...

Forget whatever has happened
between us.

What's the use of weeping now?
Forget whatever has happened.

I won't forget till death.

And I also won't forget that my
father is responsible for my sins.

He always lied to me.

If I've lied to you,
it is for your own good.

Now you cannot decide
what's good or bad for me.

I will myself decide about it now.

I'm sorry that I came away
without informing you.

But what happened?
Are you upset with me?

No, no. Nothing of the sort.

But I want to meet you tomorrow
and tell you something.

I too want to tell you
a lot tomorrow.

Yes, about me.
My entire story.

A gift for you, Mr. Rajesh.

Mala's clothes?
- Yes.

What does this mean?
- You'll be telling the truth...

...about you to Kajal, aren't you?
Don't you open your mouth.

Who's responsible for this?
- Saudagar Singh.

What's the matter?

I've just received news that my
daddy has fallen seriously sick.

I will go and check up.
I will telephone you later.

Come, come...
Come and eat some fruits.

What's the meaning of
this behaviour?

Don't cross the limits.
You have dug your own grave.

Where's my sister?
Or I will kill you.

Saudagar Singh smuggler?

Yes. The one with a reward of
50,000 for his arrest.

And not for nothing.

If you look at the list of
my activities...

you will realise that you are
merely an ant for me...

and I can crush you with
my shoes whenever I like.

So you entered my life not to
help me, but to steal my diamonds.

You have lost those diamonds
long since, friend.

Today you aren't the player,
but the viewer.

Kishorilal and I are
playing the game.

And if I lose this game,
you will be responsible for it.

And your innocent sister Mala
will have to pay for it.

Every pearl of the Mala (necklace)
Will be scattered.

What do you want from me?

You have to reach Polo Ground at
sharp 2 o'clock alongwith Kajal.

Our pilot and helicopter will be
waiting for you there.

We will cross the border
before you do.

And when you reach there
with Kajal...

your sister Mala will be released.
- What about Kajal?

After we get the diamonds,
you can take away Kajal too.

All right.

Send these clothes to Mala rightaway.

I want to speak to Kajal.

There's some problem in my car.
Can you drop me a little ahead.

What's there in your bag?
- Nothing. Sweetmeats for children.


Just a minute, sir.
Let me get some cigarettes.

All right. Hurry up.

Give me a pack, please.

He said that there are
sweetmeats in the bag.

But there are girl's clothes in it.

What happened?

I had seen that girl
wearing this coat.

Which girl?
- Manjeet's sister Mala.

Keep it. He's back.

All right, sir. Thanks a lot.

Could it be that Rajesh has got to
know that Mala has slipped away?

When we got to know that some people
helped Mala escape...

by that time, Rajesh was already
on his way to meet Kajal.

Come on, Kajal.
- But where?

Why didn't you tell me that you are
bringing me to your father?

Greetings, Uncle.

The promise made to you has
been fulfilled.

Where's my sister Mala?

Dear, as soon as you left
Nainital with Kajal...

my men released your sister.

If this isn't Nainital,
where've you brought me, Manjeet?

Let me tell you.

Neither is he Manjeet,
nor is he his son.

His name is Rajesh, and
he had only one responsibility.

To get you out of the Indian borders.
- What for?

Your father possesses diamonds
worth 250 million rupees...

which once belonged to Rajesh.

Those diamonds will be the
price for your return.

For how long will Kajal
have to stay here?

The news of Kajal being brought
here has reached Kishorilal.

He will come here tomorrow with the
diamonds in the helicopter...

and then all of you
will be sent back.

I won't wait till tomorrow.
I know how to fly a helicopter.

I will go on my own and
come back with the diamonds.

I agree.

Till I return, Kajal will be
my asset in your custody.

I won't spare alive whoever
causes harm to Kajal...

even if I've search every
nook and corner of the earth.

Don't look like this.
I am aware of my crimes.

I committed a crime for which
I'm being punished today.

Neither would Sanjay's love
was auctioned off...

nor would I've been sold off
for your sister.

Whatever you say is right.

Just remember... either I will take
you away alive from here...

or my corpse will be
cremated right here.


O brother!

How come you are here?

Yes, Sanjay rescued me from those
crooks and brought me here.

- Yes.

Sanjay, my friend. The obligation
that you've done on me...

In return, even if you ask for
my life, I won't refuse.

Tell me, where's my daughter?


Cowards don't shoot bullets,

Only those who know how to give
up their life can take other's life.

Look into my eyes. I know
how to give and take life.

Tell me, where are
those diamonds...

which my father gave you while
dying to be given to me?

Yes, to me. My name is Rajesh.
And I want the diamonds...

not for myself, nor for my sister,
but to save Kajal's life.

But I don't have those diamonds.
- You are lying!

Believe me, Rajesh.
Your dad did give me the diamonds.

But I don't know how some crooks
were aware about those diamonds.

And they followed me to India.

While escaping, I hid the belt
containing the diamonds...

in a tool-box of a bicycle.

While I was hiding, somebody came
and took the bicycle away.

And you didn't even look
at the person, didn't you?

No, but I remember clearly that
it was a black-coloured tool-box...

and only two letters were
written on it... S and K.

Believe me, Rajesh.

Don't test my patience. I am enraged.
I might even murder you.

Are those diamonds more dear
to me than Kajal's life?

I take Kajal's oath and state that
I don't have those diamonds.

Those diamonds are with me.

These diamonds were
with you, Sanjay?

- And you didn't even know?


Know the price of these diamonds?

If these diamonds can buy Kajal's
life, then they're priceless.

Else, they're mere stones.

I will go with these diamonds,
and bring back Kajal.

Are you confident that after
taking these diamonds...

they will let both
of you come back?

No, I am not confident.
- Then I will accompany you.

The combat is very difficult,
my friend.

But if you are with me,
we are no less than anybody else.

Are they all of them?
- You may count them.

I trust you completely.
- But I don't.

Your job is complete, Saudagar. You
will be paid your labour charges.

Remember what I had said?

After getting the diamonds, this
rascal will become a scoundrel.

Remove your hand from the revolver.
Else, you will be gunned down.

Look there!

Till yesterday, this den and this
businese belonged to you.

All these people were yours.
Not anymore.

I've paid them the price
for their friendship.

It's my principle that I surely give
my enemy one chance to win.

I'm giving you too a chance.
- What do you mean?

Both of us will stand with
our backs to each other.

After walking for 15 steps,
we will fire at each other.

Whoever survives will get
these diamonds.

You had promised that after
getting the diamonds...

you will have me and Kajal
sent back through the helicopter.

I will surely have you sent back,
but a little while later.

The helicopter will drop us
to a place and come back.

- Where?

Over there. Come on!

One of their associates
attacked us suddenly...

and they ran away on horses.
- This belt is a fake.

He cheated us and took the
real diamonds with him.

Now we have to stop them before
they reaches the Indian border.

Go and chase them in the jungles.
I will follow in the helicopter.

You come with me.
I will drop you further ahead.

Be on your guard, Sanjay.
I will be back.

I treated you so badly. Still, you
came to rescue me risking your life.

Rajesh too has risked his life.

The horses are gone!

Give me the gun and
take Kajal away.


What happened, Kajal?
- I can't walk any further.

Both of you escape
and save your lives.

The border is at a little distance.
Gather some more courage.

What's that?

That's the Indian border and
that's the Indian police post.

Wait here, Kajal.
Sanjay, you go from the front.

I will reach there from behind
hiding through the jungles.

Where's the belt
with the diamonds?

Where's the belt
with the diamonds?

With Rajesh and Kajal.
- Where are they?

Answer me, or I will blow you apart.

Over there. In the jungle.
- Move.

Do you have any gun?
- They've taken it away.

They have damaged the
wireless set too.

I will repair it and seek
help from the headquarters.

Jack, I will go into the
jungles with them.

Go near the helicopter
with your men.

3 bullets... 3 enemies.

One last bullet...
one last enemy.

Bring the helicopter down.
Or I will blow her head.

Rajesh, don't try to fool me.
Kajal's life is in your hands now.

I'm prepared to give you
the diamonds. Release Kajal.

The diamonds first.

I've one last bullet left.
Come forward.

No, don't come forward.

He has killed Sanjay.
He will kill you too.

I had spared you once. I can't repeat
the same mistake. Come forward.

Come forward, or
I will shoot Kajal.

No, Rajesh. Don't come forward.
Let me die.

Come forward.

No, no!

Nothing will happen to you, Sanjay.

Rajesh has sent this
letter for you, Kajal.

'Kajal, I am going to Delhi
for Mala's marriage... '

'and then return to London.
Far away from you'

'Far away from you because your
heart beats for Sanjay'

'Sanjay too loves you just as
I loved somebody once'

'Believe me, my friend'

'Kajal was yours, she is yours,
and she will always be yours'

Stop the car.

You'd got married, hadn't you?
- She wasn't married, dear.

She escaped on the wedding night
and came straight to me.

And then?
- The moment we got the chance...

we came from London to Delhi,
and from Delhi to this place.

What do you say now?

I agree that now both our
pairs are beyond compare.

But we are no less
than anybody.