Hum Hain Bemisaal (1994) - full transcript

D' Souza witnessed a physical alteration between his friend Kishan and Tootie Shah. As a result of which his friend is killed and he is arrested and sentenced to jail. D' Souza struggles in jail in order to educate and brings up his friend's son. Years later the boy grows up to be a police officer, Vijay Sinha and is a brave police officer of the corrupt police department, who often gets into confrontation with Tootie Shah and is misunderstood. D' Souza wanted Vijay to take revenge on Tootie Shah but Vijay is under a wrong impression and will only ensure total destruction of his father's killer - none other than D' Souza himself.

Yes. Tell me.
- I don't speak. I just do.

I've already done Dharamdas work.

I've yet to receive the payment.

Seems like your enemies
have been wiped out.

So you don't need me anymore.

In our business, enemies
are never wiped out in totality Michael.

They come and go like guests.

I'll send the money through Kalia.

Kalia, you'll go this time too
to pay him the monay.

Hello Michael!

Is it the total amount?
- You may count the money.

Are you surprised?

It's your own revolver.

After Dharamdas was murdered,
we wanted to kill his murdered too.. that the police doesn't
receive any evidence.

You escaped from us that day.

But it's impossible to
escape this time around.

Bullets are not meant
to be kept in the pockets.

I spit on your integrity.

You call me your friend, and yet
aim to stab me from behind.

You want to kill me, don't you?
Go ahead. Kill me.

I'm sparing you simply because you
offered me water while in prison.

When did you come?
- Just a while ago.

But how did you guess
that I've come?

The entire room is filled with
the fragrance of my favourite flowers.

I can guess from the smell
that it's you.

Maria! Maria, we should
get married now.

Michael, my bringing joy in my life...

..wouldn't you be putting
your happiness at stake?

I'm myself roaming around
berett of happiness mAria.

My world was so lonely.

You changed my entire concept of life.

Let me answer the door bell.

Who is it Michael?

It's my close friend.
- I'll fetch tea.

I hope you didn't have much trouble
in locating the house!

Those who're serious they're able
to find God too. You're just..

I'm a demon, you mean to say?
- Where do you hide yourself?

You're not to be seen for months.

I won't let you go now.

There's so much work to do.

I hardly have any time
for friends like you.

I've brought you an attractive gift.
Would you like to have a look at it?

The gift is indeed very beautiful.

But you should be knowing
that I don't accept gifts.

Accept it. After all, he's offering
it with so much love and affection.

Hey, I forgot!

Maria, he's my very special friend.

And she's Maria.

- Hello!

I'm arresting you for the murder
of Bakshi Jung Bahadur and Dharamdas.

What do you think?
Can you catch me?

I'll definitely catch you.
And put you behind bars too.

I used to play a lot of
hide-and-seek games in childhood.

None was able to catch me.

I feel like turning into
a child once again.

Before you start the game,
you had better remember..

..that I've the strength and
stamina to face all your challenges.

Don't act smart.

Hand over your pistol to Michael.


MIchael, you've been lucky today.

But always remember that
fortunes change without notice.

Who is it?

The person whom you believe to be
Michael's friend.. a police inspector
in real life.

Michael locked me in this room
and went away.

I'm concerned about you. I consider
it my duty to reveal you the truth.

Perhaps you don't know anything
about Michael.

You consider him to be
your well-wisher.

But, in really, he's a killer.

In fact, you lost your eyesight
because of Michael himself.

When I told you about Michael that day,
I didn't intend to hurt you.

My repeated visits to your house
do not mean that..

I want to unearth information
about Michael from you.

I'm concerned for you.

As a brother, I would like
to have your eyes operated upon.

You should be able to see world again.


I hate you!

I hate you Michael!
I hate you!

You'r killer!
Killer killer killer.....!

Killer killer killer.....!

Killer killer killer.....!

You're standing here!

What's happened,friend?

Has that inspector revealed
everything to Maria.

What a life I lead!
Absolutely third rate!

Seems like bad luck wouldn't
spare me all my life.

When it was time to educate myself,
I was rendered homeless.

When I grew up, I had weapons
instead of degrees and certificates.

When I tried tohelp out
the poor and destitute..

..I was jailed, and labelled
as Michael killer.

The greatest merchant of death.

I detest such a life.
I detest such a game.

When I met Maria, my hopes for
a purposeful life were revived.

For a purposeful life..

Yet my bad luck refused
to let me go.

Kalia, Maria lost her eyes
because of me.

I'll wait till I get
her eyes operated upon!

Thereafter I'll surrender
myself to the police.

Don't worry.

She'll indeed be
operated upon

Tuti Shah is finalising
a big deal tomorrow.

Don't Woory Michael.

Luck seems to be
favouring Tuti Shah.

What's wrong with
our own good luck?

Why is luck not favouring us?

Do I want to earn money
for my own sake?

Do I want to construct a building
for my own sake?

Do I want to construct a house
for my own sake?

No. If I'm desirous of earning
wealth, it's for the sake of Maria.

For Maria only.

Tuti Shah cheated me and escaped.
And I couldn't do a thing about it.

I could do nothing....

Why're you behaving
so abnormally?

One has to face uncertainties
in the game of life and death.

I'm not worried whether we'll
win or lose in this game.

Even if lose both my eyes in
this game, I wouldn't mind.

But Maria has to regain
her eyeslight.

She should see again.

Is there any soecific reason
why somebody could've assaulted you?

My service towards society.
That's my biggest crime.

But those who fire bullets do not
realise that..

..a man's good deed can
brush away death too.

I experienced a similar phenomena.
- But..

You must've glimpsed the person
who fired at you?

Neither did I see anybody,
nor do I know anyone.

You must be having some enemy?
- I don't have a enemy.

Let's go.

I know very well
who my enemy is.

I'll settle my score on my own,
not through police assistance.

What happened?
- Nothing.

Michael has to be eliminated.
Summon Teju immediately.

This is Michale's photograph.
And this is the advance payment.

Kill him with caution.

If he is saved,
you'll be a dead man.

I've committed countless
murders in my lifetime.

You'll receive news
of his death too

I'm not satisfied with
the news of my enemy's death.

I would want to see corpse too.

I'll slice off his head
and send it to you.

If you're able to manage it,
I'll pay you double the price.

You're planning a stage show?
For my sake?

I don't understand.

Whatever amount is collected
through thais programme..

..will be utilised for
your eye-operations.

I'm deeply emberassed
to realise that..

I've become a burden
on everybody around me.

A sister is never a burden
for her brother.

Darkness is not long-lived.

It'll be sunrise very soon..

..and you'll be able
to see the world as it is.

A charity programme is being
conducted here.

Many people will be
coming here.

Taking advantage of the crowd,
Michael'll come to meet Maria.

But Maria wouldn't be
present here.

We've to arrest Michael
with great caution and care.

It's possible that Michael might not
come there, fearing the police.

Michael will definitely
come there.

Michael will definitely to there.
He'll definitely go there.

Going there means
embracing death.

Embracing death is my life.

Who ordered you to
fire at him?

The police was in search of Michael.
Why did you have to run?

To rescue Michael.

My life was his gift to me.

I returned it to him.

I had not asked for such a heavy
price in exchange for friendship.

Listen to me attentively.

It's a golden chanche to
arrest Tuti Shah.

With a view to sell innocent and naive
girls, Tuti Shah is planning.. send kidnapped girls to foreign
lands tomorrow mirning at 11 o' clock.

Shall we go?

What say?

Seems like you've a record
for standing.

Go and be seated. Take rest.
Don't think too much.

After all, a parrot is destined to remain
imprisoned inthe cage.

I've a record of sorts.

I've never remained imprisoned
in any prison for too long.

Your determination is not stronger
than my grip over you.

I feel so pity for you.

This is your age to
enjoy and make merry.

Perhaps you're not aware..

..that your law has given rise
to us criminals and cheats.

It has a network of cheats
within this place.

By the time you come in contact
with one official..

..another one would've been
transferred as swiftly.

Who would be bothered
to pay heed to you?

The law keepers will pacify you
with a medal and pack you away.

Why do you ruin your life
for the sake of law?

If sacrificing one's life
for the law of the nation.. like ruining one's life
in your opinion..

..I'll be the first person
to feel proud of my own ruin.

The crumbling sounds that you
hear are originating from my bones.

Please register an individual report
of each of my bones.

Who's made such a pathetic
state of yours?

Please lend me a helping hand.

I've done it myself.

My wife made a demand for
a colour television set today.

I too decided to put my
moustache's to an acid test!

I entered straight into
the Golibar hutment dwellings.

As soon as they saw me, doors
and windows closed in a hurry.

Shop shutters were rolled
down immediately.

I was so happy about it.
- Please take care pf yourself.

My rumblings make the windows
rumble simultaneously.

I had believed that I would get
a VCR too along with a TV set.

There was no trace of a VCR. But I did
eyperience various bombardments.

People with various tools like
sticks and iron bars..

..and started bashing me up.

Why did they do so?
- I don't know.

They were screaming the name of Veeru
Dada, even as they bashed me.

They called me a scoundrel, and
ridiculed me for having returned.

But you aren't Veeru dada!

I'm Veeru Dada!

How did I enter inside the lock-up?
- That's what I'm wondering about?

People mistook you to be Veeru Dada,
and bashed you up.

You've an identical face like me.
But I was the only son of my parents.

My father was a real gentleman too.

But my father was a scoundrel,
you know.

Go and meet your brother.

What the hell!

I requested you to implicate
him and teach him a lesson!

This civilised citizen has been
accused of being an evil person.

He's accused of indulging in
selling naive girls abroad.

This allegation is baseless
and false.

I seek your permission to present
in court the girls and their parents..

..who're employed in his organisation.
- Permission is granted.

What's your name?

What do you do?
- I used to work in a mill.

You used to work?
You don't work now.

I don't keep well.
I cannot work properly now.

Do you recognise this man?
- Yes.

Who is he?
- He's God.

What do you mean?

Sir, he's offered a good job
to my daughter.

We've nothing to complain
against him.

He's lying. Either he has been
silenced with the power of money.

Or he might've been threatened
with dire consequences.

You're bringing emotions into play.

You may speak only when
you're permitted to.

Sir, I've nothing to
complain against him.

After hearing the several arguments,
the court hereby concludes..

..that Tuti Shah is a decent
and civilised human being.

He has been unduly harrassed
by the police force.

Subsequently, the court
orders the release of Tuti Shah.

You fool.

I've a ecord of sorts
in the world of crime.

I'll be shortly celebrating
a golden jubilee year..

..whereas you've not even completed
100 days since you started practice.

You're still a kid.
Behave like a kid.

Come to my home.
I'll serve you chocolates.

Do not play dangerous games
with your elders.

If you fall down,
you might suffer injuries.

Leave me!

Leave me!

Don't let him go.
I've caught him red-handed.

You're committing
a contempt of court.

You're committing
a comtempt of the law.

You sentence the innocent
to death by hanging.

On the other hand,
you acquit criminals.

By wearing this uniform,
I feel as if I'm under captivity.

I'm releasing myself
of all my captivity.

Today. At this very moment.
I'm resigning from my job.

Yes. I'd forgotten.
You're no longer a inspector.

Don't bother. What if the goverment
doesn't support you. I'll help you.

Whenever you need a job,
ask me for it. Don't hesitate.

It's my record.I provide
more water to a bent tree.

I've not bent down. That's all
that I wanted to convey to you.

It's much more easier
to eliminate you now.

I would like it if you would feel
the danger from me every moment.

It would be great fun, ideed.

It will be much more
enjoyable to kill you now.

Till yesterday, you were protected
by the government.

You're a stray dog today.

I'll make you slog
before I kill you now.

Your mind has deteriorated considerably.

The person whom you consider
to be a dog is in fact a tiger.

And when a tiger is wounded,
he proves to be death for the hunter.

You may try to evade me
as much as you like.

One strong leap is enough
to trap you in my clutches.

You may note it down.
It is my record.

Dr.Mathur is going to Germany.
He'll return within 15 days.

He'll operate on your eyes
as soon as he returns.

He was saying that you would be
able to see once again.

I would be truly happy when
you regain your eyesight again.

What happened?

How is Maria?

Why're you so keen in
knowing about her?

Your own life is a living hell.

You should've at least
bothered about her.

Do you realise my concern
for her pain and misery?

How can a killer like
you feel concerned about anyone?

You're right when you say
that I'm a killer.

But I'm not a born killer.

I was noble by birth.

Circumstances turned me
into a killer.

Even you weren't born
with your police uniform!

It's all a matter of fate.

If I had been born in your place,
I would've been an officer..

..and you would've been a killer.

Please don't misunderstand me.

I'm a victim of my own destiny.

I've come to thank you.

You're not a human being.
You're a messenger of God.

By arranging for Maria's operation,
you're doing me a great favour.

In exchange for this favour,
I'll offer you whatever you ask for.

Once if Maria forgives me...

..and I eliminate Tuti Shah,
the man responsible for my crimes..

I'll surrender myself
to the police.

I love Maria very much.
Please care for her.

Please care for her.

Michael. Do you know who's come
to meet you?

Maria cannot see.

But she has seen
the human within your heart.

She has come to meet you.

Don't worry about me.
Protect Maria. Go!

Two is always more powerful than one.

The wound is very severe.

I've suffered many more severe wounds..

..which were inflicted by your father
when he killed my father.

Is this Michael my son?

Do you remember the past?

I remember everything, friend.

My destinity has been
very unjust to me.

But I'll not be unjust to you.

Fire the pistol. Kill me..

..and pacify your feeling of hatred
created because of my father.

Fire the pistol.

After all, the son has to bear the
consequences of his father's deeds.

Fire the pistol.
Kill me today Vijay.

Yes. I'll definitely kill you.

And whenever I meet your father..

I'll let him know how
I'd killed you.


If you consider his father guilty,
don't punish his son.

Fire the pistol,
and seek your revenge.

D'Souza is standing before you.

So it's you.

It's good that you
appeared before me.

You've no right to live.

That's enough.

How long will you maintain silence?
Why don't you tell him the truth?


He is full of fury.

He wouldn't listen to the truth.
- He'll have to listen.

Vijay! He hasn't murdered your father.

Yet he went to jail for
a crime he didn't commit.

He'd lost his own son.

He treated you like his own son.

He showered you with love
like he would love his own child.

Your father wanted to
make you a police officer.

So D'Souza slogged day
and night in the prison..

..and paid for your education.

You shouldn't even talk
rudely to him.

How could you have
pointed a pistol at him?

Shame on you!

Who was the scoundrel
who ruined our lives?

Who was he?

He is still living.

His name is Tuti Shah,
the cause of our destruction.

God is really great.

He helped us re-unite
so that we may seek revenge.

By arranging a meeting with Maria,
you'd done me a big favour.

And now, by protecting her life,
you've done me another big favour.

The two girls are not
to be found in the church.

I've brought you along to
seek revenge from your mates.

They love you a lot. Don't they?

When they realise that I've sold
the two of you abroad..

..they would be really pained.

It's my record that I make my enemy
suffer so much..

..that he prays for his own death.

The Almighty has returned
me everything that I desired.

I got back my father, my friend.
I got everything.

But I couldn't provide for
Maria's eyes.

Do me one favour.

After I die, give my eyes to Maria.

Maria will be able to see again.

Look! I can see!

I can see with your eyes!