Hum Do Hamare Do (2021) - full transcript

Plot unknown.

"Let's go."

This new lad is a magician.

Then make sure you tip him well.

-One bite, please.

-Just one bite.

-Zoom-zoom, here comes the plane.

"The one I lived for"

"The one I was ready to die for"

"The one I lived for..."

Wear this before you leave.

-Come on. Go run!

You can go to play only
after you wear your jacket.

I said wear the jacket.

Hey! Varun, stop.

Please make sure he wears it.

Come here.

Want one?

What is your name?

Bal Premi.

Who named you that?

Dhamaal Premi.

How much should I pay?

Oh, here's the bill.

That settles the bill.

And this... is for you.

Make sure you buy yourself
a pair of gloves and a muffler.

For the winters.

I think you should find
a better name for yourself.

Bal Premi.

Keep a name that you like.



Give it back.

Families get 15% discount.

Give the money back to her, Chotu.
I'll buy them for you.

Let's go!


Premi uncle.

Why do families get 15% discount?

Don't know. Neither do I have
a family nor did I make this scheme.

Everyone offers a discount
so I too continued with the trend.

What's so special
about families anyway?

Family is everything, Chotu.

If you have a family,
you have love, you have the world.

We don't have a family,
so we have nothing to worry about.

Get back to work.

Enough of this nonsense.
Get back to work now.


Hey, what are you up to?


-What's going on?
-Sir, sorry.

They are not mine.
A guest had ordered them.


Are you a waiter?

Who made the guest list for today?

This looks more like a birthday
party than my app's launch party.

What the hell is going on?


Where's the event coordinator?

Why is the media still not here?
What is going on? Is this a joke?

-What is going on, huh?
-I'll check, sir.

-Do that.
-Okay, sir.

This way.

Sorry, sir.



This event is crazy.

Feels more like a wedding.

Everyone's sloshed.

I know.

But listen,
this VR thing is too good.

It's... it's supercool.

Thank you.

Why didn't you come, dude?

I am so bored by myself.

Yes, you can still come.
The launch is yet to begin.

You know they have arranged
for an amazing magic show.

But the magician is missing.

Listen, I'll call you back, yeah?


Excuse me? Hello?

You know everyone's
been looking for you?


You are here to perform
a magic show, right?

Go inside!

They have been looking for you.

-No, I--

Can you please teach me
a trick before you leave?

Anything, you know.

The handkerchief trick...
no, not the handkerchief trick.


Come on, come on, come on.

-Okay. Yeah.
-Yeah? Okay.

What's your name?

Goga the great magician.

Goga the great magician?


Oh, yeah, magic trick.



Close your eyes.


Take a deep breath.


Now hold it.

How long?

Excuse me?
How rude.

I mean what was that?

No, I... I am sorry.

-Was that your magic trick?
-No, no, no.

Actually, I am not a magician.

My name is Dhruv Shikhar.

The VR app launch
you are here to attend,

well, that app belongs to me.


I am so sorry.

I'm... I'm really sorry.

Actually, your clothes...

I mean...

But listen, I have to tell you,
I tried this VR thing.

It is so amazing.

I mean I visited the Taj Mahal
while standing right there.

Thank you.

Listen, can I just
ask you something?

Please have a seat.

Tell me something,

Can I see my parents wedding
just like I saw the Taj Mahal?

Like, you know if I give you like
some pictures or tapes or something?

-It is possible?

It's possible?

Yeah, we can try.


I am so sorry.

Hi, I am Anya Mehra.

I'm a freelance blogger.

I came here to cover your event.

And luckily,
I bumped into you out here.

So, can we do this now?


Our marketing team
will give you the PR kit.

-It has everything you need to know.
-Everyone will get the same stuff.

-Come on, 30 minutes?
-No, no, no. I am sorry.

-I won't take time. I promise.
-I don't want to do this.

-Come on--
-I said I don't want to do this.

Can I please sit here in peace,
for just five minutes?

Of course.

-I didn't--
-Sorry, sorry, sorry.

-I didn't mean it like that.
-Sorry I asked. Sorry.

-I didn't mean it--

Damn it.


It was my distant aunt's
not-so-distant nephew's wedding,

but it ended up
making a mess in my life.

My house looks like a battlefield
since the past one month.

And who is caught in the middle
of the crossfire? This poor guy.

Bloody hell.

Two choices, Shunty. You either
leave your family for good.

Or catch a train and leave town.

Stop bugging me.


Let's go for a drive, yeah?

Speed through Sector 8,

and relive our good
old college days?

Let's go to the railway crossing,

and solve your problem
once and for all first.

Now you are crossing both
the limit and the speed limit.

Time for you
to buy me ice cream.

I want a chocolate and a vanilla--

Does he have tutti-frutti flavour?

I don't think so.

I'll have a mango ice cream then.

Cassata ice cream, please.
The disc.

-Don't order any for me.
-I won't.

Do you have tutti-frutti?
He doesn't have it.


Anya Mehra.



Goga the great magician

Oh, so you are the grumpy--

I mean the one with
a different personality.

No! You are spot on.

He's a grouch.

He just finished planning
my go-went-gone event.

-Excuse me?
-No, no.

Family... family planning.

I see.

His family's insisting
that he plan a baby.

He said, "I'd rather die
than have babies."

So I was trying to
talk some sense into him.

Baby will only...

Babies are a gift from God.

They will teach you to smile.

Teach you to forgive others.

Anyone can make a mistake.


Anyone can make a mistake.

Just apologise.
It's not a big deal.

But... no!

He insists on jumping
in front of a train.

-That is so wrong.
-Don't even think about it.

No, auntie! Never!

Don't take it seriously.

It is a serious matter.

I am Dr. Sanjeev Mehra.

You should visit my clinic
with your wife.

I will counsel both of you. Okay?

What is your name?


-Don't offer your pet name.

We should get going.

We need to go there and have
the conversation we didn't have.

But my cassata?

-Fine. Ta-ta.


-Don't take any drastic step--
-Dad, please, stop it.

-Stop it.
-Come on!

He's not as grumpy as
you had made him up to be.

-He's cute.

He's very cute.


What's brewing, Mr. Happy Emoji?


Nothing, huh?

You know what my zero-to-one-million
journey has taught me?

That if you haven't been
to Agra with your family

and touched the pillars
of the Taj Mahal...

if you haven't done river rafting
with them in Rishikesh,

or if you haven't
held each other's hands

and climbed the snow-clad
mountains of Manali...

if you haven't watched a classic movie
together and got emotional...

then you are not living
your life to the fullest.

I mean, life is meant
to be beautiful and not boring.

It is your small stories that
keep making our journey beautiful.

So keep sharing.

Chotu, my boy.


You cannot choose your family.

You either have one or you don't.

And you don't have one.
That's your fate.

But I want a family.


Stop it, Dad.

What is this?

Wrong question.
Not what, who is this.

Who is this?

A boy I presume?

Very funny.
Who is he?

Funny people are always
very good at heart.

-What is his name?

Sanket Ahuja.

He belongs to a nice family.

He's... what's it called,
ah, yes, an investment banker.

Good for him.

You can't expect me to scan
through marriage proposals

when I am getting ready for work.

-You just need to glance through it.

-I'll handle the rest.
-Hey, Neeta!

Just yesterday he said it's been
a while since you came over.

No, seriously.

Here, talk to him.

Hi, auntie.
How are you?

Dad wanted to discuss something
very important with you.

Now you'll know how it feels

when someone burdens you with unwanted
things first thing in the morning.


Hang on a second.

Hold on.

Will you meet him?

Yes, I will.

-I promise.

I won't!

Pull over, please.

"Mercury, Venus,"

Good morning, madam!

Goga the great magician?

What is this? Another magic trick?

Social service?

No, just...


That's all for today, kids.

Memorise it for the next class.

-Okay, sir.
-Go, scram.

-Be here on time, Jashan.
-Okay, sir.

I teach them on the weekends.



What are you doing here?

I came here seeking admission.


Oh. I see.

Of course.

You are not as grumpy
as you pretend to be.

Listen, I'm... I'm really sorry
about that night.

It's okay.

I was under pressure, so...

Really, it's okay.

Thank you.

Can I drop you somewhere?

No, I mean I was leaving, so...

On your scooter?

You move quite fast.

"I am going crazy"

"I am falling in love"

"I am going crazy"

"I am falling in love"

"I am going crazy"

"I am falling in love"

"The level at which
Our souls connect"

"I cannot put it in words"

"I cannot let go of what we share"

"I can let go
Of this world instead"

"I am going crazy"

"I am falling in love"

"I am going crazy"

"I am falling in love"

"I am falling in love"

And now you are
a part of this family.


You've got a lot of fascination
with families.


It's an obsession!

In fact, I have decided

I'd only marry a guy who has
a sweet family and a cute dog.

I just love dogs.


I don't know why I never asked you.

Who do you have in your family?

No one.

No one?

-No one.
-I mean, there has to be someone.

I mean
no one is here at the moment.

They are travelling, my parents.



You don't know
where your parents are?


I mean they travel a lot, so...
They love traveling.


They were in Ladakh
last when I spoke to them.

They were planning
a road trip from there.



By the way, I love dogs too.

In fact,
I am thinking about adopting one.


Whenever you say.

I mean, in case you want to play...

"There is but One God"

"His name is the Truth"

"He is the Creator"

"He fears none"

"He is without hate"

"He never dies"

"He is beyond the cycle
Of birth and death"

"He is realised by the kindness
Of the True Guru"


"He was True in the beginning"

"He was True
When the ages commenced"

"And has ever been True"

"Nanak says he is also True now"

What's the occasion?

My parents' anniversary.

You should have told me.

We could have planned something.
We could have had a party.

Death anniversary.

So sorry.

It's okay.

But that day at the Sukhna Lake?

My father's brother and his wife.

I was seven years old.

We were staying in Delhi.

My parents were
going out for a movie.

I insisted that they take me along.

I even cried,
but they didn't give in.

Mom promised we'd go to
India Gate after they returned.

All together.
We'd have ice cream there.

They never returned.

Their theatre had caught fire.

Sometimes I wonder
what would have become of me

if they hadn't taken me in.




Stop giving me that look.
I hate it.

How about an ice-cream?




Call me Dhruv.


Look, life is like a highway
where cars keep racing ahead.

You can stop some cars.

You can ask for a lift.

If there's no vacant seat, they'll
adjust and make some space for you.

But the cars with families in them
never stop.

They'll never give you a lift

even if they have a vacant seat.

What does this mean?

It means, if you don't have a family,
you make one for yourself.

-Make one for myself?

Study hard,
do well in life, marry a nice girl,

and have dozens of imps
just like you.

Happy birthday, Granny!

Her life is so similar
to mine, Shunty.



I like her.

I think she's the one.


You should always
express how you feel,

as soon as possible.

Of course. You are right.

One should do just that.

-So tell her.
-Of course, I should tell her.

Then tell her already!

Not now, not so late in the night.

So, you still know
what time of the day it is.

Then it's not love.

You are just passing time.

Don't doubt my love.

-I feel the love deep inside me.
-Oh, really?

Deep inside, huh? Then call her.
That works better.

Decent guys don't call up girls
this late in the night.

-Then let me call her. I'll do it.
-No, you won't.

-No, you won't.
-I'll call her.

-Who knows what you'll say.
-But I'll...


You're calling her?
Go on, call her.

-Call her. Call her.
-Fine, I will.

Keep quiet.


Hello? Hi, Anya.

Were you sleeping?

Yes, I have to get up early.

Listen, can we meet tomorrow?


No, no, no.

I'm supposed to meet
a prospective groom's family,

so I need to stay home.

A prospective groom?

Yes, Sanket.

I didn't tell you about him?


Oh, sorry. I didn't.

So, his parents are coming over
to meet my parents.

How about the day after tomorrow?

Fine. Okay. Bye.

Good night.

Are you meeting her tomorrow?

Tell me!

She's meeting
a prospective groom tomorrow.

A prospective groom?

Get down, Chintu.
You'll ruin the sofa.

Chintu, you'll ruin the sofa.

Get down!

No, I won't!
This is so much fun, Mom!

This sofa is so bouncy.


What is he doing?

He's jumping on the sofa
with his shoes on.

We are expecting guests.

Are you a monkey?

I'll punch you.

Chintu! Is this the way
to talk to your uncle?

Apologise to him right away!

I don't want his fake apology.

Tell me something?

Who teaches you
to behave like this?

Your father?

Which father would do that,

What are you trying to imply?

Well, our father didn't teach us
to behave like that.

Did he teach you to punch anyone?

He certainly didn't teach me that.

Obviously, someone has
taught him to behave like this,

or he was born this way.

You two have started arguing again?

We have no reason to.

You know I don't even
like talking to them.

-Dad, please.
-Okay, brother, then I'll leave.

-I shouldn't have come here.
-No, no, no!

-Auntie, please!
-Hello, hello, hello.

Keep smiling, always.

-Our guests have arrived.

Go and answer the door.

Bloody monkey!

Should I make her open it
or just leave it there?

Just go with the flow, bro.

-Dhruvi, I know you can do this.
-All the best.

Come on, brother.
All the best.

Hello, uncle!



Good morning, uncle!

We were looking for you.


What are you guys doing here?

-What are we doing here?

-Why are we here?

-He has a bad stomach ache.
-Oh, no!

We were passing by, so I thought
he should show it to a doctor.

Why has he placed his
hand on his chest then?

You have placed your
hand on your chest?

Oh, damn.

-He's suffering from gas.
-Oh, I see.

It's not solid, so it keeps
shifting from stech to chemach.

I mean from chest to stomach,
back and forth.


No problem.
You are a strong boy.

Go to the clinic.

I'll instruct Rakesh
to give you an antacid.

-All gases will turn liquid with it.

Don't make him go
through it alone, uncle.

He's an only child.

He's my only friend.

He will die alone.

Two minutes only.

I am expecting guests, so...

You'll let him die just
because you are expecting guests?

Don't doctors take an oath
to always save lives?

It's okay.
Shunty, let's go see another doctor.

-No! I want Dr. Mehra only.
-Okay! Fine! Wait.

I'll go with him.

-Come, son, let's operate upon you.
-You'll be fine, Shunty.

-Go! Go!
-Thank you, uncle.

-Come with me.
-Go! Go!

Doctors too have families,
you know?

I hope you won't take
undue advantage of the situation.

Just lie down flat.

Arms by your side.

A little lower.

A little lower.

Little bit more.

If it's hurting down there,
then it's definitely an STD.


But I have never done
anything wrong.

That's why you contracted it!


How much time do I have left?

Just kidding.
You are absolutely fine!

It's just indigestion.

What did you have for breakfast?

I had stuffed flatbreads.

But I don't mind a bread toast.

I asked because I can't give
you meds on an empty stomach.

This isn't a restaurant where
you can order bread toast.

Anya! Hurry up.

Yes. Coming!

Hey, sorry, bro.



Welcome, Mr. Ahuja.

Hello, Mrs. Ahuja.

There's my boy.

Very good. Very good.

Please come in.

I so want to punch his face.

I hope this isn't a mistake.

Trust your magic.



No, I had not attended
your parents' wedding.

I am not that old.

But I hope you liked it.

Well, I...

I... love you...


Will you marry me?


Draw a house.

I want to hear what
you said in it again.


Did you adopt a dog?


Did you adopt a dog?


-Continue drawing that house.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.


Bring your parents over.

Let's square off the formalities
and start living our lives together.


Continue drawing a house.

At least
someone should have their own.


I know. She has asked me to bring
my parents over to her place.

Families are a messy business, bro.

Let's keep it simple.

You lied to her, right?

Now you just have
to tell her the truth.

It's not a big deal.

No, what if she doesn't get me?

What if she feels bad and leaves?


Too late.

No, Dhruvi.

I have already faced
too many rejections in life.

I won't survive her rejection.

Okay. So, if Anya wants a family,
I will give her one.

If she wants parents,
then I'll get them for her.

Shunty, Anya should witness her bright
future with me and not my sad past.

It will be handled.

It will be handled?
Don't try to pacify your heart, bro.


You either have
a family or you don't.

I mean...

I've heard that before.

Shunty, I am going to marry Anya.

We'll have a sweet family.

Bro, you are complicating
something that is quite simple.

Why does this have to travel
all over the place?

Why can't you just
place the snack in my hand?

I'll adopt a dog as well.

Do as you please.

Where are you taking me, Shunty?

I am telling you

he is the one-stop solution
for everything wedding related.

My pokey neighbour, Shaadiram.


-This is the place?

Are you sure?

Don't you trust me, brother?

Shaadiram, aka Joginder Arora.

He's a blessing in disguise,
I tell you.

Shunty, my man.

Shaadiram, aka Joginder Arora.



How's your brother-in-law doing?



I can provide you with
an orchestra, caterers, decorators,

any kind of priest, relatives like
an old grandmother, a widowed aunt,

a brother who always fights,
an alcoholic uncle,

an uncle who gets upset
over petty things,

the aunt who can cry
at the drop of a hat,

an uncle who loves
to pick fights,

a spinster aunt or the crazy one,

hot sister-in-law,
sexy sister-in-law,

lingerie, cutlery,
condoms, aphrodisiacs.

Basically, everything.
What do you want?

None of the above.

None of the above?
Then what do you desire, sir?

I've never fallen short of variety.

Shaadiram has the solution
for all your wedding needs.

Just name it.

I have customers coming here
from the US, Canada and London.

Want me to arrange
a bachelor party for you?

Or do you have a special requirement
for your bachelor party?

Something grand
or something naughty?

-Want parents.



Doesn't everyone have parents?

He doesn't.

Don't be disheartened.

I can arrange for parents as well.

Tell me which kind would you prefer?

Indian? African? Russian? Italian?

I am not here for a slab of marble.

I want parents.

Simple and genuine people to stay
at my place for a couple of months.


What if you met with an accident
or get run over by a bus,

get shot, burnt or get a high fever
after you take us home?

There are thousands
of options to die in India.

What happens to your
helpless parents if you die?

Myself Ghasitaram.


Best. He's a part-time
insurance agent.

He will be a very good father.

His eyes, in fact
his eyebrows too reflect love.

He refused to recognise me
after just one stint in prison.

My daughter-in-law used
to torture me, so I strangled her.


He is a great guy.
Such noble thoughts.

Very nice.

I can be your father,

so stop worrying about it.

By the way,
what's the status on your mother?

-We are still looking.

To be a good father, I'll need
to know the mother intimately.

Only then will we be able
to be good parents.

So, I'll have to find a hot chick
and I'll make her a mother.

What the hell, Shaadiram?

-He'll be my father?

-Listen, Dhruvi.
-Bro, bro...

-Hear me out, Dhruvi.
-What will you say, huh?

Bro, bro...
Hear me out.

-I am trying my best.
-This is you trying your best?

God alone manufactures
the genuine stuff in this case.

This is the first time
I have got such a requirement.

I assure you I'll soon have
a suitable piece for you.

You'll get the perfect replica
at my place.

I'd have already found what I wanted
had you paid more attention!

You don't deserve
to be called Matchmaker.

You should be known
as Doomsayer.

-I'll find my parents on my own.
-We'll try some more out.

Bro! Please wait!
I have a lot of variety.

I'll make you such a nice family,
that you keep coming back to me.

I didn't like that
you called me Doomsayer.

"I set out to find my love"

"I couldn't find him"

"I set out to find my beloved"

"I couldn't find him"

"I set out to find my love"

"I couldn't find him"

I want to meet Premi uncle.

Premi uncle?

Yes. Purshottam Mishra.

-Purshottam Mishra?

He's no more.

He's no more?

I mean he's no more
the owner of this restaurant.

It's been 10 years.
He sold everything and left.

Where is he now?

I think I had his new address.
Let me check.


Here you go.

Thank you.

5th March 1988, a romantic movie

was playing at a movie theatre
in the neighbourhood.

Deepti and I went to watch it.

As soon as we came
out of the theatre,

her angry father grabbed my hand.

I told him
that I love his daughter.

I love her
from the bottom of my heart.

But he wouldn't budge.

Why is it so hard to find peace?

How can just one person
mean so much to anyone?

Premi uncle?



Super Commando Dhruv.

So, you are still stuck
at having a family of your own?

He wants him to be his father?

You are the one who told me that
I should make a family of my own.

I didn't ask you
to make me your father.

Premi uncle, help me out.


Just like you helped me out, huh?

Remember, how you left
in the middle of the night?

I cannot help you.


I was just a kid.

Let bygones be bygones.

It's a thing of the past.

Okay, I am sorry.

I just want you to pretend
to be my father.

I can be your father,
but you don't deserve to be my son.

You cannot fulfil my wish.

You are just as selfish
as you were back then.


Congrats, brother.

You have a ready-made sister
as well.


Family complete.

Your daughter's very cute, uncle.
Ten on ten.

You little... Get lost!

He comes back after 20 years
only for his selfish motives.

-I am not stupid.
-Wait, wait, wait. Come here.

You peed on the mattress
and left in the middle of the night.

She is not his daughter.

She is his first and only love.

Deepti Kashyap.

Her address.

Take him away from here.
Take him!



Deepti Kashyap.


No! Dhruvi, what do you talk...

We'll go meet Deepti
for that oldie's sake?

No way, man. I'm not going with you.
Are you crazy?

Come on, Shunty.

-What are you saying?

What if Deepti Kashyap
agrees to help?

-I'll be sorted.

I know Uncle Purshottam
since I was a little boy.

He knows Deepti Kashyap
since his college days.

You know me since so long.
We all know each other so well.

We won't face any problem.

-He won't be able to pull it off.
-I am getting a mother and a father.

I say we should go for it.

I'll have Shaadiram
sort it out for you.

-To hell with Shaadiram.
-Come on, man.

Tara must have lodged a complaint
against me at the police station.

I understand your emotions, son.

But what you are doing
is utter stupidity.

That poor girl...

What is her name?



You are deceiving her.

I suggest you tell her
the truth right away.

Such dramas only break hearts.

I get what you are trying to say,
but there is a problem, so...

In any case,
I cannot be a part of this.

I mean I have a family of my own.

If my son hears about this...


His name is Varun.

What will Varun think
about all this, huh?

His mother with
a complete stranger...

Oh, my God. No, no, no.

He isn't a complete stranger.
You know him.

Premi uncle.

Purshottam Mishra.

He still treasures
the picture he has of you.

We saw it.

-He'll be my father.

Please leave.

What is it, Ms. Deepti?

Please leave.

I doubt we can convince her.

We have to try.

This bird won't be flying anywhere.

You should at least meet him once.

He has been waiting for you
all these years, you know.

He's staying at
the city's old-age home

with a hope that your paths
might cross one day.

I am so...

I am sorry, but some distances...

Some things are...

You won't get it.

Excuse me.

-He loves you.

Stop it!


You two should leave.

We're done.



Mom is right.

I shouldn't get emotionally
attached to my friends.

Let me help you with that.

Auntie, do you remember visiting
a roadside eatery a few years ago?

You had once met
a little boy there.

Bal Premi?

You had asked him to pick
a nice name for himself.

A name that he likes.

You know he did pick
a nice name for himself.


Do it for me
if not for Premi uncle.

You gave me a name, an identity.

I have managed to come
so far on my own.

Now I just want to have
a family of my own.

If you come with me as my mother,
then my family will be complete.


Ms. Deepti!





Come in.
I want to talk to you.


Premi uncle?


Premi uncle, look who is here.

May I?


I have waited so long
for you to knock at my door.

You have fulfilled my wish.

Shall we get going now?

I am here to help you.


We will pretend to be your parents.


Nothing else.


Got it?

Got it.

Got it?

Got it?

Got it?

He got it.

Got it.

We are your parents, so technically
we are husband and wife.

Get my bags.


-Mishra. Deepti Mishra, not Kashyap.

I hope there is no confusion.

No confusion.

Deepti Mishra.

You are my five-star son.

Wait a second.


Bro, I wore my lucky shirt for you,
but they aren't letting me in.

Oh. Wait, I am coming.

You must come out
with immediate effect.

Okay. Shunty is here.
I'll go get him.

Wait here. I'll be right back.

Take your time.

Don't worry. I am not going inside.

He had asked us to wait downstairs.


Dr. Sanjeev Mehra plus seven.


Is that them?

Wooden flooring.


Mr. Purshottam,
I am Dr. Sanjeev Mehra.



I'm retired
Professor Purshottam Mishra.

Of course.
We have been waiting for you.

Okay. Okay. Okay.


God bless you.

Actually, she isn't Anya.

She is my wife, Rupa.

That's why I said, "God bless you."

For your daughter, I would've said,
"May God bless you with 8 children."

Eight children?
What are you saying? No, thank you.

Two are most than enough.

Focus on the emotions, Doc.

-My wife, Deepti Kashyap.



Hello, uncle! Hi, auntie!

You too decided to tag along?

Anya's father.
He is a very good doctor.

A top doc.

I guess you have
already met my parents.

I am just a little confused.
Kashyap? Mishra?

Dhruv Shikhar?

My father doesn't believe
in the caste system.


I see.
It's not a surname.

Dhruv Shikhar
is my first name...





Hello, uncle.

-Hello, auntie.
-Mom, Anya.

She is so beautiful.

He would have been
so happy to meet her.

-He who?
-I am right here.

I am still here.
I haven't left as yet.

I had said that I wanted
to go to the washroom.

God bless you.

Lead a happy life.

Thank you.

-Shall we go inside?
-Yes, let's go.

Let's go. Let's go.

-Please come.
-Check this one out, sir.


Place your order, please.

We were surprised when she
asked us to meet Dhruv's parents.

Why didn't you meet
Dhruv's family then?

Excuse me?

Why didn't you meet
Dhruv's family any sooner?

It's not like you
need a visa to meet us.



How about some
steamed potato curry?

-They prepare it well.
-Sure, go ahead.

Don't forget to order a dessert.

Ma'am, you should order
for all of us.

Dear, you order it.

-You should order.
-No, no.

I am not used to
Chandigarh food.

So, you... I mean, your parents
don't stay in Chandigarh?

No, of course,
they stay in Chandigarh with me.

-They travel a lot.
-Doc, we travel a lot.

-I told you they travel a lot.
-But we prefer home-cooked meals.

Go anywhere you want, but
always stick to home-cooked meals.

Very good. Everyone should eat
home-cooked meals.

I have cooked at
a roadside eatery for 20 years.

But aren't you a professor?
So, roadside eatery?

By roadside eatery
he means canteen.


He prefers using
hardcore Hindi words.

He used to run the college canteen
for underprivileged children.

-How sweet.

He is very generous.

Doc, as a professor I have
always taught my students

that everyone has a right
to choose their life partner,

their food and their liquor.

-Yes, liquor.

Amazing, isn't it?

-Let's have some drinks then.

-No, no, no.

Oh, no, today's Saturday, right?


Then it's okay
if I drink during the day.

-Let's go.

Dad, doctor has asked you not to.

Doctor doesn't know shit.

Don't say that. He too is a doctor.

No, I meant veterinary doctors.

Okay, we'll have
just a small drink.

-Let's go.

-It's okay.
-Dhruv, don't stop him. Let him.

Go ahead, uncle.

Shunty, you too should
go get yourself a mocktail.


Come join us, Shunty.

Shall we order?


You are
a very interesting man, sir.

Not more interesting
than your imported liquor.

No, sir.

Love you, sir. Love you.

-Uncle, you have had three drinks.

I think you should
limit your intake now.



Shunty, I get to decide
my own limits. Not you. Got it?

You must feel so proud.

-Dhruv is such a big entrepreneur.
-Of course.

-A lot.
-Such a bright boy.

A lot.

I feel so proud.


It hurts... a lot.

Sir? Did I say anything wrong?

-I love you, Deepti... Kashyap.

-I love you.
-Did I say anything wrong?

Doc, he's a legend.
A legend.

He still is so madly
in love with his wife.

But why is he crying?

Dad, come...

Love me.

Marry me.

Dad, please get up.

I am not your father.

What are you saying?

I love you, Deepti.

-Don't ruin the surprise.
-I love you with all my heart.

-Don't ruin the surprise, uncle.
-Deepti, please marry me.

Don't cry.

Their 35th wedding anniversary
is approaching.

It was supposed to be a surprise.
He was supposed to propose to her.

-Dear, please tell her to marry me.
-Get up, Dad.

-What are you doing, Dad?
-Deepti, please.

-Stop it, please.
-I am ready to elope today.

Stand up, Dad.

-I am ready, Deepti.



Sir... what are you doing, sir?


Please turn off your camera, sir.

Please, please.

It was supposed to
be a surprise, but he...

He had too much to drink.

Take care of yourself.

What about lunch?

I'll... go check on my parents.



Dhruvi? What? You want to pee?

Really, Shunty!

This was a bad idea.
It's a complete mess now.


It was a very bad idea
to get fake parents.

I lost both Anya and my reputation.

Every hurdle
teaches you a lesson, bro.

Aren't you the one who always said,
"I'll handle it"?

You'll handle it, bro.

Don't make me slap you.

Stop preaching when
I'm on the verge of losing Anya.

It's better than the advice you
gave me to jump in front of a train.

It's over, Shunty.

This is the limit.

Height of embarrassment.

I am not your father.

How can anyone behave like this?

I love you, Deepti.

I don't understand
the kind of people they are.

It has gone viral.

Should I tell everyone the doctor
is unwell? He's got a viral fever?

Zip it.

Kids should stay out of it.

Please tell her.

Neeta has no sense.

She shared it in our family group.

Look at how people
have reacted on it.



-"This is lit."

What does it mean?

You don't know?

You know?

Of course, I do.

Why don't you talk some sense
into her if you're that intelligent?

You will regret this decision.
Saket is perfect for you.

-His name is Sanket.

-You just... Names don't matter.
-Drop it, Dad.

It happens.
Some people get drunk easily.

Why did he drink
in the first place?

You offered it to him.


-Okay then.

Anyway, it's not like he fought
with someone after he got drunk.

He just proposed...
to his own wife.

How sweet.
Don't you think, Mom?

Who proposes to his wife
in this manner?

This is exactly how
one should propose.

You should take a leaf
out of his book.

I agree.

I asked you to talk
some sense into her.

Why are you lecturing me instead?

You don't understand
the concerns of a father.

Look, dear,

you should visit a house twice
before you buy it.

During daytime
and during night-time.

During the day, you get
a better understanding of the house.

While at night, you get a better
understanding of the locality.

What do you mean?

I have been pondering over this
since last night.

-I have an idea.

Let's send Purshottam
back to Shimla.

We'll tell everyone
that he was drunk,

he missed his footing,
fell off a cliff, and...


Perfect. Let's just kill the father.
I'll still have a mother.

I don't mind playing a widow.

-How cruel.
-It is the best idea.

You could make me sick,
put me in a coma.

You can't just kill me.
This is not fair.

What's the harm in playing dead
for a few days?

Right, you can get back
to living later.

-I couldn't help myself, Sunday.

I like to drink.

-I couldn't refuse him.
-Why not?

He is his father-in-law.
I had it for my son's sake.

I wouldn't have gone
overboard otherwise.

However, you ruined it for him.
What about that?

You could never do anything right.

Wait, Anya is calling me.

Hi, Anya.

You all are coming over right now?

But we aren't...



-Hi, uncle.

Anya, can you pass the phone
to your father?

Please wait.

His father. Please, please...

Yes, Mr. Purshottam?

Please don't come over, Doc.

-It's not an auspicious day.

We too don't stay at home
on such an inauspicious day.

How about a rain check?

What if you meet with an accident
on your way to our place?


Let me find an auspicious day
and get back to you.

You can come over then.

Yes, yes, yes.

What is this man doing?

He'll consult a priest
and let us know.

This is one strange family.

What now?

Look, I promise
I won't make another mistake.

I won't misbehave.


No drinking.

Not even a drop.

You promise not to drink?

You promise not to drink?

Fine, I promise.

I promised not to drink.

And you'll keep your eyes off her.

Look the other way. You are
not supposed to even look at her.

You are looking at her!

Your house looks
more like a hotel than a home.

People will think I'm taking a leak
if I keep standing like this.

I, too, command some respect,
you know.

Oh, uncle! Come with me.


Can I ask something?

Why haven't you installed
a doorbell?

Because I didn't need one.

That looks more like a household
while this place looks cold.

We need to turn it into a home.


Because Anya is coming over.

Give me a second.

What are you doing, man?


Keep them coming!

-What are you doing, man?

For good luck.

-What are you looking for?
-No... nothing!

What's wrong?


You want some water?

No, thank you.

Most important fact,
especially for you.

What's her name?


-How many times do we go through this?



How about a housing-warming
party in the evening?

Dhruv, hold on for a second.

Take this.


-What is this?
-Mother's love.

Boxed lunch?
Don't worry. I'll have it.

We've added almost all tourism sites
in your app over a period of one year.


We even did a promotional event
for Haj.

But the sales...
Sales are not going anywhere.

Sir, good products
need good marketing.

All right.

But why are our consumers
not consuming the content?

I can wear the VR for hours,

but when I take it off,
there's no product experience.

Sir, actually...
I have an idea, sir.

-I have researched--

Sir, I think we should
add some music to the visuals.

I think voiceover gets too boring.
It sounds like a news bulletin.

That is something we can try.

If we don't start making profits
by the next quarter,

your capital turns to zero.

You very well know what zero means.

You'll just have to
leave everything... and walk away.


Why bother looking in the mirror?

You are more beautiful
than your image.

Who's at the door?

-Hi, uncle.

Welcome home!

-Watch your head, dear.

Hello, auntie.

-Hi. How are you?
-Hello, sir.

Today's an auspicious day.

Nothing can go wrong today, sir.

Please come in.


Now, where do we make him sit?

You can sit there if you
have a back problem. It's cushioned.


But if you are suffering
from a cold, you should sit here.

That's where air-conditioner's
draft is the strongest.

-You can sit wherever you please.
-I'll sit over here.

-Tea for everyone?
-Settle down, dear.

-Sit wherever you please.
-She'll sit here.


Email is there,
but FB's always easy.

One second.

-Hello, Dhruv?


-Anya and her family are here.

At home, obviously.

Purshottam has already
started blabbering.

Come over immediately. He...

Anyway, come over.
Come soon, please.

You keep Premi uncle under check.
I'm on my way.

I'm on my way home.

His school photographs.

Auntie, come, sit.

His nose is a little different.

He loves to dig up old graves.

-Excuse me?

He used to dig his nose,
so his nostrils flared up.

Some things are
better left untouched.



Pick up!

This was his second birthday.

Can I have a toothpick?

Excuse me?

A toothpick?

A toothpick?

How about a bamboo?

I mean a bamboo toothpick.

It's safe and effective.
I'll go get it.

Guard your teeth
while I go and get it.


This is when we were in college,
during a debating competition.

That's where we first met.

I still remember the topic.

Hindi versus English.

That's where we first met.



That's a copper wire.

Copper wire.

-It will hurt my gums.

Just like a copper
wire helps a bulb light up,

it will also make your teeth shine.

-White and bright always.

How did you get married?

Our wedding nev...

It was difficult back then.

Our parents wouldn't agree.

We decided to elope.

We managed to get
as far as the station,

but then we got caught.


We stayed determined.

Our families eventually gave in,
and we got married.

So, you eloped...

So, you two eloped?

It was a trend, Doc.

It was a trend back in the days.
Everyone used to elope.

-Is it?
-I had a bike.

An epic romantic movie
had just released.

I couldn't lose the opportunity.

But we came back the same day.

But Ms. Deepti just said
that you guys got caught.

You guys got caught, right?

We had to come back
because we got caught.

-I see.
-My bike's tank was full.

I could have gone
anywhere I wanted.


Sir, sir, sir.
You cannot park here, sir.

-Park it. I am in a hurry.
-It's wrong. I can't allow it, sir!

Hey! You are home early.

You... when did you come?

Why didn't you tell me, Mom?

I would have brought
some snacks with me.

We are stuffed, son.

All good, Dad?

Yes. I was just about
to get rid of the doctor.

-I mean I was about to see him off.

You guys are leaving already?

-Yes, we are.
-Yes, they were about to leave.

Yes, we are. But Anya will
stay here tonight with all of you.


Then based on her feedback,
we'll decide whether--

Nothing, nothing.

-She wanted to, so...

No, that's great.
Nice, nice. Of course, of course.

Here you go, sir.

-Oh, yes.
-What's this?

I had something stuck in my tooth,
so he offered me a copper wire.

-Yes, he does that.
-Your dad is very funny.

-That he is.

Take care.

-Let's go.
-Thank you.


Are you really staying back?

You don't want me to?

No! Nice.


Would you like something?

Maybe a cup of green tea
or a glass of lemonade...

Oh, you guys are already
through with that.


Whiskey? Whiskey?



Whose is it?




Not now. I am...

Damn it.

Fine, tell me.

Need help.

What happened?


You should reconsider.

Premi uncle, why take a path
that only leads to disappointments?

-Come back, come back.
-No, Dhruv. No.

We should strike
while the iron is still hot.

-Today when Anya's family came over...

...Deepti told them about
our college debate competition.

Deepti had tears
in her eyes, Dhruv.

She was giving a good performance.
and sticking to her character.

You should learn from her.

Forget about her. You are here
to help me get married.

What about me?

Fine, we'll take up your matter
after I get married.


-You think it's possible, Dhruv?

-You think so?
-Of course.

Why do I feel...
that it's impossible?

On second thoughts,
even I don't think it's possible.


You too feel the same?

-I have a feeling it's impossible.

I don't think it's possible.

What's not possible?


Uncle, I hope you don't have
a problem with me staying here.

-No dear, not at all.
-No. What were we talking about?

What's not possible?

-We're so busy with your wedding...

...that it's not possible to
celebrate our wedding anniversary.

Why is it not possible?

Hang on a second.

First, uncle and auntie's wedding
anniversary, and then our marriage.


No, actually, he too isn't up to it.
He was just telling me that.

No, if she has made up her mind,
then so have I.

We'll obviously celebrate it.
It's their 35th wedding anniversary!

You are so mean.

You know what?
You shouldn't bother about it.

Uncle, I will plan everything,
and I will stay here until then.

Thank you, dear. Thank you.
Thank you.

But why have you doused yourself
with perfume? Where are you going?

He tends to fart a lot, so I use
some perfume before going to bed.

Oh. Then go to bed.

-I should go to bed?
-Go to bed.

-Come on. It's time for my farts.
-Good night.

-Good night.
-Let me escort you to your room.

No, she'll manage.

Go to bed.

Go to bed, son.

You were so raring to go.
What a missed opportunity!

What did you say?

What did you tell him?

"I should strike
while the iron is still hot."

-So, I am a hot iron, huh?
-No, no, no.

It was a mistake.

It was a mistake.

You want to celebrate
our wedding anniversary, huh?

It was a mistake. No!

-Try it.
-What's going on? Are you okay?

I'm trying to save
my skin... from dance.

From dance?

I thought we should dance
on our wedding anniversary.

Like this?

Do it!

Auntie, I think we should try
something other than classical.

It's a good idea.

-How about Bollywood?


Finalise the song,
I'll be right back.

Finalise the song.

I don't think
he can handle classical.

He's good for nothing.

"I have never seen God"

"But I got an opportunity
To see you"

"I have never touched God"

"But I got an opportunity
To touch your love"

"My heart weeps when you cry"

"I'll have nothing to worry about
If I have you by my side"

"Don't worry about anything"

"In sickness and in health"
We'll always be together"

"We'll always carry on
Nothing can stop us"

"Nothing can stop us"

"Nothing can stop us"

"You are one in a million"

"You are the one for me"

"I am lucky to have you"

"I have to thank my stars for that"

"I want to be at your service

"I'll have nothing to worry about
If I have you by my side"

"Don't worry about anything"

"We'll be together
Till our hearts keep beating"

"We'll always carry on
Nothing can stop us"

-God bless you.

-He is asking for a donation.

This man, I tell you.


I'll RTGS the rest.

Thank you.

Whose name do I mention here?

Dhruv and Anya.


May they always stay together.


-May I come in?
-Yeah, yeah. Come, come, come.

Good morning.

Sit, sit, sit. Come.

Be comfortable. Come.

Tell me one thing, Niyati?

Have you ever missed a trip?
With family or friends?


Because of
last event's preparation,

I couldn't go to Hampi
with my family.

Oh, yeah, I am sorry.

But no problem.

Our office will sponsor
your next family trip.

Thank you, Dhruv.

Not at all.

Now just think...

what if you can experience all
family trips that you have missed,

or will miss in the future,
through our VR device and app?

Wow, you mean...


The memories people can't be
a part of even if they wanted?

Let's make them a part of it.

If you can't go to Agra
with your family

and touch the pillars
of Taj Mahal...

if you can't share the famous
Murthal's parathas...

if you don't make it to dinner,

then you are not living
your life to the fullest.


Our journeys are all about spending
such moments with our family.

Traveling is just an excuse.

So, you mean we have cracked it?

Of course, we have.



Now come on, we have lots to do.

Let's help people
in overcoming the FOMO.

Sure, sir.

I'll make a PPT and mail it
to the team. Go through it.

Yeah, sure.


-May I ask you something?

Yes, of course.

What's gotten into you?

I'll see you.


Where can I find Dhruv Shikhar?

Thank you.

It's a big office.

You are a big shot.

How naive of me to bring you lunch.

Please, it's yours.

Come, let me show you something.

That's our logo.


It's my app.

That's our workspace.

That's where
our technical team sits.

-Yes, I saw.
-In that room.

My cabin's over there.

I'll show it to you on the way out.

I guess Varun's office
must be similar to this one.

He too works in the IT industry.

You have never been to his office?

We don't speak with each other.

But you said
that you keep in touch.

When he decided to marry Linda,

Naveen, his father, and I...

We argued.

We tried to scare him,
threaten him.

We didn't act maturely.

He got so upset that

he didn't even attend
Naveen's funeral.

When he had a daughter,
someone on Facebook had...

are very fragile, son.

They shouldn't be based on lies.

Once broken,
they are very difficult to mend.

You should tell Anya the truth.

She is a smart girl.
She will understand.

I have already lost Varun.

I don't want to lose you as well.

I don't want to lose this family.

And I want to dance
at your wedding.

But you will have
to handle Purshottam.

He doesn't listen to anyone.

He'll always do the opposite
of what you expect.

I am fed up with him.

Thank you.

What are you doing?

My mom's visiting my office
for the first time.

Let me set the table.

I had never thought that
I'll get to eat home-cooked meals.

Yes, I remember. You have
forbidden me from coming here.

Why did you come back then?

To find out why can't I come here.

-Amar Prem again?
-Eternal love.

Your wife doesn't want you
to come here.

How many times will you
keep watching the same movie?

For as long as there is love
in this world.

What will you gain
by hurting her feelings?


This is where I find happiness.

With you.

-I need to talk to you.

All this
that I am doing for Anya...

I mean all of this...

Do you think it is
the right thing to do?

Yes, of course.

You sure?

That's what you do
when you are in love.

You go all out.


You cannot behave like I did.

I stayed in her city for 10 years,

but I couldn't gather
the courage to talk to her.


You are what I wanted to be...

but I could never be.

I don't idolise movie stars.

I idolise you.

My Super Commando Dhruv.


Turn it on.

Your love is true.

Okay then, I'll go and change.

Doc, this must be your first case
where the prospective bride

has come to her parents' place with
her in-laws to finalise her wedding.

We have a modern family.

-Thank you. That's enough.
-One more.

Mom, tea for you.

Thank you, dear.

You know, he always wanted...

I mean,
he always wanted a daughter.

It's finally happening.
We'll soon have a daughter-in-law.

I am not going to
be your daughter-in-law.

I am going to be your daughter,
just like he is your son. Got it?

How about a selfie?


Come on. Come here, dear.


You should shift closer to her.

Smile, please.

Wait, wait.


Wow, so cute.

Let me see.



You should frame it before
uploading it on Facebook.

It's good, isn't it?

Thank you, dear.

Thank you? Why?

I don't think I could've found you
a better boy, a better family for you.

I am missing your parents.


Sir, as I was saying,
today is a very auspicious day.


So, why don't we call a priest
and fix the wedding date?

No, the date's already fixed.
The day we celebrate our anniversary.


He means it'd be great
if they get married on the day

we celebrate our anniversary.

Perfect. It's decided then.

We'll have the invitation cards
printed by the end of this week.

You should invite
all your relatives, sir.

Don't miss out anyone.

It will be fun
if all your relatives are here.

Why do we need to invite relatives?

Let's have an intimate wedding.

No, we have to invite everyone.

We'll have to invite
all our relatives.

Why make them travel
such a long distance?

Let's have a simple wedding.

Dhruv, this is the first wedding
in our family.

We will have to invite everyone.

First wedding, how?

Aren't you two married?

You are so funny, sir.

Son, Punjabi weddings
are no fun without relatives.

We'd love to introduce
our relatives to you.

Tell him, dear.

We'll have a grand wedding.
We'll invite all our relatives.


-We'll invite all our relatives?
-Each and every one of them.

We'll invite all our relatives.

Son, you should enjoy the food
while it's still fresh.

You should eat on time,
or else you'll get acidity.


Where are your relatives?

Yes, where are they?

The dumplings will harden.

-The dessert will go cold.
-What could be the reason for the delay?

-The bus overturned.


That's unfortunate.
Should I call the DM?

No, the bus in front
of theirs overturned.

-So, the road's blocked.

I don't think
they'll be able to make it.

We should go ahead with the ceremony
or the food will go bad.

I think your bus is here.

Isn't it?


Oh, the bus behind
theirs had overturned.

You get a lot of misinformation
on phones these days.

I'll go greet them.

We are here.
We are here. We are here.

Who are they?
From where did you get them?

One-stop solution
to all your wedding woes.

The one and only Shaadiram.

I want to know the truth.

Does he possess
your naked pictures?

-Why do you keep promoting him?

He will make your wedding
a memorable one.

What are you saying?

He's going to mess everything up.

They all look so dangerous
and deadly.

Who are these people?

Look at that girl in the red dress.

So much make-up.

Has she dipped her face
in her make-up products?

She is my cousin.

She looks so nice.
She is my cousin as well, but...

I have connected with
the rest of the family as well.

They are good people.

Shunty, this is not the time to
get sentimental. It's my wedding.

For God's sake, why are you all
walking in a straight line?

It's no use helping
your friends these days.

Everyone will queue up
for lunch, okay?

No one will go overboard,
got it?

What's the count?
98, 99...

Stop at 100.

Hello. Welcome.
Please carry on. Hurry up.

Hello, sir.



-Don't worry about the payment.

I mean, how are you?

Great arrangement.

Lovely flowers.

Very good. Come.

-My in-law!

Please stay in the queue.

How about an introduction?

He's Sanjeev.

Dr. Sanjeev.

Dr. Sanjeev Mehra.

Ananya's father.


Who's Anya?

My daughter, your daughter-in-law.

Oh, yes, he is my future
daughter-in-law's father.


And you are?

He is him.

Oh, you are him.

Yes, I am me.


We have been looking for you.

He is my wife's brother.

Since when did you
starting eating beetle leaf?

Ever since
you started eating the same.

Kidding. It's just a little
something to welcome the guests.

He had shifted to Dubai.

He's meeting Dad
after a long time, so...

-He just came over for the wedding.

-His father.


-What about the mother?
-What did you say?

I mean where's your mother
who also happens to be my sister?

-Won't I get to meet her?
-Where's Mom?

-Where's his mother?
-Where is she?



Well, you know moms.
Moms are everywhere.


He's Sudama.

-Uncle Sudama...
-From Dubai.

Let's go inside.
Let's go inside, uncle.

-Let's go, let's go, let's go.

The dry fruits are...

Where's your mom?

Let's go inside,
I'll introduce you to everyone.

Seriously, Shunty, everything
was going on so smoothly.

Why did you have
to create this mess?

Weddings are like projects
in our country.

We are creating memories here.

-Memories, huh?
-Excuse me, sir?

What if this resort catches fire
before the wedding?

-What if there is a flood?

What if there's a robbery or murder?
What if the groom runs away?

What if the wedding
gets called off?

You have such a nice personality.

Why don't you stick
to saying nice things?

It's my daughter's wedding.

Stick to saying only nice things.

No, I am an insurance agent.
You should buy insurance from me.

-Myself Ghasitaram Ghantiwala.

You are late!

-He's your uncle?

He's my elder brother,
but he always acts childishly.

He cheats people in
the name of insurance.

He takes the money,
but people don't die.

He has been selling insurance
since the past 35 years.

So it has become
a part of his personality.

-That is not true.

I do a good job.

Our company has been
around for a century now.

He's selling death at a wedding.

He scares everyone
by talking about death.

-Let's go.
-He wants to set this place on fire?

Selling insurance has become
a part of his personality.

Yes, wear your glasses.

Damn it.

Chintu is a not a kid.
He's a little monster.

He stole mobile phones
from the guests.

He pushed Shaadiram into the pool.

He was jumping around
like a wet puppy.

I saw.
Don't worry, Dhruvi.

We'll get them. We'll get them all.

All this is getting to my nerves.
What are you...

What... Hey!
What are you up to now?

What is this, huh?

Whose dress have you stolen now?


I'll punch you.

You little monster, I'll slap you.

What are you doing?

Hey! It will ruin
the wedding photographs.

That will ruin the wedding night.

Don't do that, kiddo.
Watch out!

Hey, hey, hey.

You okay, Dhruvi?

Left? Right?

Both of them?
Oh, no.


Where are they serving the liquor?

Uncle, you can drink
and eat as much as you want,

but you are forbidden from
going anywhere near the stage.

You see, this is my friend's
first-ever engagement ceremony.

Mr. XL, XXL! Get to work.

Our guests are crossing limits.

They are stealing cutlery.

Take care.

Hello, Rejected Mom.

You are responsible for this table.

Make sure no one
moves from their place.



Oh, hi.

So, this is why you are here?

No, it's Dhruvi's wedding. I'm just
giving my friend a helping hand.

So, who will be
your wife's helping hand?

Yours truly.


You see, they have organised
a musical night for tomorrow.

-So I want to dance.

-With you.

No way.

For real?

Yes. For real.

This is your last chance
to get into my good books.

I have already selected the song.

Make sure you are there
for the rehearsals on time.

Okay, Tara.

Go Tara!

"My house has been decorated
My love too has decked up"

"My house has been decorated
My love too has decked up"

"For you..."

"For you
I have henna on my hands"

"My house has been decorated
My love too has decked up"

"My house has been decorated
My love too has decked up"

"Like a flock of birds..."

"Today I fly away from my nest"

"Leaving a few memories behind
I move on with the rest"

"My house has been decorated
My love too has decked up"

you can let go off her hand now.


Never let go off her hand.

He is my son.

He will never let go off her hand
or her.

"You are my destiny"

"For that, I thank my stars"

"I will always treasure..."

"I will always treasure your heart"

"What a day this is!"

"This is such an auspicious day!"

"For my wishes"

"Come true today"

"My house has been decorated
My love too has decked up"

"My house has been decorated
My love too has decked up"

"My house has been decorated
My love too has decked up"

"My house has been decorated
My love too has decked up"


Hurry up.

It's time for our performance.

Come on, hurry up.

It's time for our show.

I hope you are ready.


Hurry up.
Open the door.

Go away, Deepti.


You should leave, please.

What's wrong?

What are you saying?

Are you backing down
from your word again?

Open the door.

Deepti, I... I cannot do this.

What can you not do?


What's wrong, Purshottam?
Please open the door.

I am a coward.

I left you alone at the station.

I didn't have the courage
to support you.

I wish I had listened to you.

You are still not listening to me,

It's of no use now.

I spent all my life without you.

I too have a picture of you,
which I treasure, you know.

You aren't the only one
who remembers everything.

I have kept your picture
in my college diary.


But that relationship
wouldn't have survived.

We would have been together
at least.

We are together now.


We also have our son and
our daughter-in-law with us now.

So, why shouldn't we enjoy
each other's company?

Who doesn't like to dance
at their son's wedding?

This is our wedding gift to them.

Will you come with me?

Don't let go off my hand.

"Please talk to me
Don't ignore me"

"Please talk to me
Don't ignore me"

"Come here, my love"

"One look is all it takes
Then you are doomed"

"The story always stays the same
Only the times change"

"Please talk to me
Don't ignore me"

They danced well.

You look great.
Like the father of the groom.

Don't you think
you should close the buttons?

Oh, yes.

Uncle, auntie, are you ready?

Your performance
is cued next, okay?

-Okay, okay.
-All the best.


I hope you remember all the steps.

Dad, you danced well,

but watch out for
my parents' performance.

They will blow your mind away.

-Hello, sir.

Hello, ma'am.

Let me seek your blessings first.

God bless you.

You are amazing.

How nice of you to decide
to be a mother at this age.


Even I, Shaadiram,
cannot provide such lovely parents.

Sir, can I know how much
did you charge for this act?

How much did you charge
for this contract, huh?

Contract? What do you mean?

Don't act so surprised.

It will stay between us.
I am in the wedding business.

I know everything, "Dad."

I know that you aren't
his real father.

And you are not
Dhruv's real mother.

I know.

please don't create a scene.

This is important to Dhruv.


And my business is important to me.

You see, sir, I can never let go
of a good business opportunity.

Moreover, I thought--

-You little menace.

Shaadiram, please.

What's going on?

Look, we agree that
we aren't Dhruv's real parents.

But this is important to Dhruv.


And my business is important to me.

Look, I want half of what Dhruv
has paid you to be his fake parents.

Pay me half
and my lips will remain sealed.

-But we didn't--
-I run a company called Shaadiram.

I provide wedding guests
and relatives on lease.

-You want money? You'll get it.
-Turn it off.

But not a word to anyone about it.


Shut up!

You should join my company.

She became the talk of the town.

Please sit down.

"Everyone wanted to know
All the details"

What was that all about?
Relatives on rent, really?

-No, it's not--
-No, we just rented the DJ.

I think it got recorded
during the rehearsal.

"She is young and beautiful"

"When she dressed up
And left for the market..."

Look, how well they dance.

Stop it.

-Stop it, I say!

Stop it!

But they are dancing so well.

What is this, Dhruv?

What's wrong?

It is not so.

It is a misunderstanding.

Who are you?

They have already blurted it out.

Their entire gang is here.

-Hang on a second.
-This has become a trend these days.

Hang on a second.
Excuse me.

Please get off the stage.

Come on.

You two aren't married
to each other, right?

How does it matter?

They are my parents,
and they always will be.


It matters.

What makes you think
that it doesn't matter?

It matters to my daughter.
It matters to my family.

It matters to the society.

And most importantly,
it matters to me!

Anya, you are the only one
who matters to me.

-If I have you, nothing else matters.
-What's the truth, Dhruv?

They aren't your parents?


I am an orphan.




Stay away... stay away from her.

-But, sir--
-Shut up. Shut up!

You don't deserve
to talk to my daughter.

You are a fraud.

You should've found yourself a wife
just like you found yourself fake parents.

Why are you ruining
my daughter's life?

I am ruining her life?

Anya, am I ruining...

What do you know about my life?

What do you know about me?

Your society
had decided my fate for me.

This little boy will wash utensils
at an eatery for the rest of his life.

But I fought for myself.

I went against my fate.
I went against everyone.

For better or for worse,
I am a self-made man.

I have my own start-up.

I have my own house.

And you are calling them cheats?

Do you have any idea what they
have done for all of you, for us?

Someone from this very society
of yours had given birth to me

and left me on the streets
to fend for myself.

Then I was told that
I cannot choose my own family.

Why can't I?

Who made this rule, Anya? I...

I chose my family.

This man...
Mr. Purshottam, he is my father.

And Ms. Deepti, she is my mother.

And we are very lucky that
we found each other, Anya.

-We are very happy to--
-Then why didn't you tell me?


Didn't I tell you
everything about my life?

Then why didn't you tell me
the truth?

-I lived with you.
-I know, I know.

I treated you like a mother.

-She is my mom, Anya.
-It was all a lie, right?

No, Anya.
It wasn't a lie.

-I feel like a fool, Dhruv.
-No, Anya. I am--

-Don't touch me! Don't touch me.
-I tried to tell you, but...

I feared that I might lose you.

-Don't touch me.
-I know it was a mistake, Anya.

And you created this elaborate
illusion to cover up that mistake.

You are a fraud.

This is a scam.

You are a very strange man.

-What do you mean?
-Let me say it, Shunty.

You are a very strange man!


Your demands never end.

You wanted this circus.

You wanted all the relatives
to attend the wedding.

Happy now?
Enjoy the circus!

-It's a mess. I wanted a simple--
-Shut up!

-Anya, I--
-Shut up!

-How dare you talk to my dad like that?
-I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

-Anya, listen.

I don't think I know you.

-Anya, I am really sorry.
-I don't think I know you.

-Let's get out of here, Dad.
-No, no, no. Anya, wait.

-Anya, I'm sorry.
-Stop it, Dhruv.

-Take him away.
-No, Anya. I love you.

-Please, Dhruv.
-Anya, Anya, please.

-Don't make me hit you, Dhruv.
-I was going to tell you, Anya.


-I am sorry, Anya.
-Let's go, Dad.

I'll call the police!

"You had promised
To always be by my side"

"Then why did you leave me
When the going got tough?"

"Why does love have
Such a bad reputation?"

"Why does everyone
Treat us so indifferently?"

"My eyes seek you"

"Where are you?"

"My eyes seek you"

"Where are you?"

"All my dreams have shattered"

"I don't know what to do"

"My heart flutters
Every time I think of you"

"With every breath I take
I miss you"

"I am not meant to be without you"

"My heart flutters
Every time I think of you"

"My heart flutters
Every time I think of you"

"With every breath I take
I miss you"

"You didn't keep your promise"

"My heart flutters
Every time I think of you"

"I think I will die without you"

"My heart too seeks you"

"Tell me where are you?"

"My heart flutters
Every time I think of you"

"With every breath I take
I miss you"

"I am not meant to be without you"

"My heart flutters
Every time I think of you"

"My heart flutters
Every time I think of you"

"With every breath I take
I miss you"

"I am not meant to be without you"

"My heart flutters
Every time I think of you"

"My heart flutters
Every time I think of you"

"With every breath I take
I miss you"

"I cannot tolerate
Your indifference"

"I cannot find any peace"

"My heart is precious, my love"

"People cry their eyes out"

"I cry my heart out, my love"

"My heart flutters
Every time I think of you"

How can I help you?

We are not here
to justify ourselves.

-We just wanted to talk.
-You just wanted to talk?

You still think you can talk to us?

-Sanjeev? Sanjeev.
-You really think so?


Please have a seat.


No, thank you.

We are only here to apologise.

We agree we made a mistake,
but we didn't do anything wrong.


We should have told you, but...

Every lie was so beautifully turned
into a reality by Anya that we...

Sorry, but...

Please, that house doesn't
feel like home without Anya.

Dhruv isn't the same
without her either.

Please, sir.

For our children's sake.

Well, that was a very nice speech.

But you should leave now.



Ms. Deepti,
Anya is getting married.



On 12th July.

-Anya's getting married?
-You are invited.

The invitation extends
to Dhruv and his family.

What are you doing?

Give it to them, Kanika.

Doc, please?

I am going to the clinic.


Thank you, dear.

Who asked you to go there?


You are my parents.

No one has the right to insult you.
Got it?

-No, they didn't--
-No, Mom.

What are you so upset about?

What's wrong?
Did someone die?

It's over. Forget about it.

They invited us
for the wedding, right?

We will go there as a family.
All of us.

What we did with Anya
wasn't right, son.

We needed to apologise for it.

Mom, we are together.

It's enough.

I am making pizza.

We'll have it together.

I won't burn it this time.



Why is no one in the mood
to talk today?

Anya is getting married.

And I hope Dhruv attends it.

With family.

Kanika, behave.


I saw how you behaved
with Dhruv's family today.

Dhruv's family?

They came here?

-Yes, they did.

They are not Dhruv's family, okay?

What's a family?

Tell me. What is a family?

Like we all are here, sitting
together, sharing the same surname.

So, we are a family
and they are not a family.


Surname matters.

It forms a relation.

You cannot just pick a stranger
and make them a relative.



Then, Dad, your sister
isn't a stranger, is she?

She is a part of our family.

Then why do we treat her like this?

Why do you get so irritated
with Chintu?

Just because she married Anya's tutor
instead of a boy of your choice?

Kanika, enough.

Mom, please.

Why were they here?

They were here for you.

Anya, please, I think
you should give this a thought.

Do you want a ready-made, superficial
family with the same surname?

Or the family that Dhruv has made,
just for you?

I know, Anya, you love kids.

But I hate them.

I don't want them.

I hated myself as a kid.

Apart from that, I'll give you
everything you ask for.

I am going to be your husband.

It's my duty.

And I know what girls want
the most these days.


That's why we'll move to Canada
after the wedding.

And guess what?

I have already applied for PR.

We'll be able to live
our lives on our own terms there.

We'll have privacy.

It was tough, but I convinced
my parents only for you.

I'm gifting them a luxurious
senior citizen home in Faridabad.

Take a right.

What made you change the plan?

Just take a right.

Okay, baby, anything for you.

Concentrate on driving!
Take a right.

Okay, relax.

Stop, stop, stop.

Hi, sir.

Meet Sanket Ahuja.

I am getting married to him.

And, Sanket, meet Goga
the great magician.


He's going to show you
his best magic trick.

-How nice.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.



What are you doing?

What kind of a person are you?

You moved mountains for me.

And now when I am about
to marry this clown,

you plan to do nothing about it?


-What are you talking about?
-One second.

Kids, uncle has a lot
of chocolates in his pockets.

-Go and grab them!
-I don't have any chocolates.

Uncle, chocolate. Uncle, chocolate.

I love you, Dhruv.

Will you marry me?



-Then let's run!

You cannot leave me!

We have already sent out
invitations for the wedding.

-Let me handle this.

You bonehead,

think about what will happen to
your parents when you leave them.

What will happen?

Think about it.

-Uncle, please!
-I don't have any chocolates!

You want chocolates, huh?
Take this! Take the chocolates!

You both have come alone?

Where's your family?

"Go for it!"

"Go for it!"

"Everyone had a blast
When Mother went crazy"

"Everyone had a blast
When Mother went crazy"

"We plan to stay high all night
The wedding guests were left shocked"


-Where have you been!
-I'd gone to get a dog for you.

So cute!

I adopted a dog too.

Smile, please!

"Keep a watch on the path that
I walked as you follow me"

"Don't forget
To get my sandals along"

"We are not going to get engaged
My love"

There is no way
We are going to get engaged"

"I'll follow you everywhere
In a Lambo"

"Break the barriers
And come downstairs"

"My heart beats to the tune
Of a flute just for you"

-"Beats to the tune of a flute"
-"Play it"

-"Get down, baby."
-"I am feeling very, very shy..."

"I am feeling very, very shy..."

-"Show me your moves, baby"
-"I am feeling very, very shy..."

-"I am feeling very, very shy..."
-"Your eyes are mesmerising"

"I have dimpled cheeks"

"It makes all the boys crazy"

"No matter how crazy
These boys are about me"

"I am a modern girl
I plan to stay single forever"

"You are so hot, baby"

"Even Rihanna
Is no match to you, lady"

"My heart beats to the tune
Of a flute just for you"

-"Beats to the tune of a flute"
-"Play it"

-"Get down, baby"
-"I am feeling very, very shy..."

"I am feeling very, very shy..."

-"Show me your moves, baby"
-"I am feeling very, very shy..."

-"I am feeling very, very shy..."
-"Your eyes are mesmerising"