Hum Aapke Hain Koun...! (1994) - full transcript

Prem, a top student, is learning the ropes of business under his elder brother Rajesh and his uncle Kailashnath, a big industrialist. In another town, Nisha is studying computer science and is the darling of her elder sister, Pooja, and her parents, Professor Choudhry and Kamladevi. Fate brings the two families together and this results in the the betrothal of Rajesh and Pooja. At the wedding, Prem meets Nisha and falls in love with this carefree woman. With Pooja as the woman of the house, joy knows no bounds in Prem's family. Months pass by and Pooja becomes pregnant. Nisha is invited to come and stay with her sister and attend the traditional function before the child's birth. Nisha's arrival is like a dream come true for Prem. Nisha stays there until the birth of the child, taking over the household chores, and becoming very much a part of the family. In soft whispers, Prem and Nisha commit their love for each other and secretly dream of spending a lifetime together. Then fate strikes a cruel blow when Pooja dies after a sudden fall down a flight of stairs. Because of this tragedy, life in the house comes to a standstill. Rajesh worries about the future of his motherless child, and it causes his health to deteriorate. Nisha's father suggests that Nisha should get married to Rajesh and become the mother of Pooja's child. Prem and Nisha decide to sacrifice their love for the sake of the family. Fate intervenes once again when Rajesh comes to know the truth behind Prem and Nisha's sacrifice. Putting his child into Nisha's arms, Rajesh unites and blesses the two lovers, whose hearts long to belong together.

"Who am I to you?"

"Who am I to you?"

"My eyes are restless!"

"This is the effect of love!"

"Don't be mum. At least tell me..

...who am I to you?"

"Who am I to you?"

"I had to restrain myself, my love."

"Ultimately, I had to say it."

"In my dreams.. Why do you come?"

"Who am I to you?"

"Who am I to you?"

"My eyes are restless!"

"It's the effect of love."

"I'm sort of lost..
Please don't ask me..

...who am I to you?"

"Who am I to you?"

"How should I tell you
the feelings in my heart?"

"Try to read my face sometimes."

"This colour of blushing is saying!"

"Who am I to you?"

"Who am I to you?"

"Who am I to you?"

Welcome to Prem Niwas!

Hello! Hello!

Lallu Prasad wishes
all of you a good day.

The match is about to begin and
I will provide running commentary.

The sky is absolutely clear...
there are a few clouds.

The umpire is inspecting the pitch.

The bats man is ready.
Fielders be alert.

Here comes the bowler who
bowls faster than the wind.

I'll hit a sixer on
the very first ball!

Four! Sixer!

Hail Lallu Prasad!

How's that?

Hey Lallu! You always
get out at the first ball!

I know but that's only to
give the bowler a chance...

- It's your batting.

No, I will play.
- You?

Last time you batted,
you broke a leg. Applause.

Oh! Shut up.

This time Prem will teach me.
- I?

You're going to the boundary to field.
- You always send me to field.

Fielding for him for years.
- What?

You'll field and he'll bat.
- Oh shut up! - And you'll bowl.

Yes Sir!

Kapil help me.

Beware. Here comes Lallu's googly!

Catch the ball!

I'm dead!

Don't say that.
- Broke my back!

I'm sorry.
- You fool.

What are you doing here?
- She came to learn cricket.

Cricket? Cricket?

What a game this is!
A pain in the neck!

Kids will play.
- Shut up!

Bless me aunt.

How often have I told you
not to address me as aunt?

What a pain! In this house,
pets, servants, everyone is pampered!

What are you staring
at me? Come with me.

I am dead!
- Why is she in a hurry?

She has come to talk to your uncle.

Brought a proposal for your brother.

Rajesh is praiseworthy no doubt.

The world agrees. It's no easy
task maintaining this business.

What do you say?
- Absolutely.

Now think of his marriage.

Tell us if you find a girl.
- I've already done that.

Is that so?

You have met my elder brother?
Rita's father?


I'm referring to
Rita's elder sister, Sweety.

She stayed with them while
Rita always stayed with me.

She's a very pretty,
docile and intelligent girl.

Yes, she failed in B.A.
She's very modern...

and has broken off a
couple of engagements. Right?

So what? Look at their
house and lifestyle.

They have a business of lakhs.
The marriage will be held in style!

She'll bring a lot of dowry.

You'll never understand such matters!
After all you're just a professor!

I'll inform my brother if you agree.

It's time for our kitty party.
Let's go, fast!

We are going.
- Thanks.

- Nothing.

Good day.

Come on! Always hogging!

She is blinded by wealth.

We'll bring a sweet,

simple girl not her
brother's rich daughter.

Who will adorn this house
with her love and affection.

This house that you have
nurtured with such love.

The kids were so little when your
sister and her husband passed away.

You left your college studies
incomplete to bring them up.

Started with a small job.

Your aim in life was
to struggle for them.

You didn't marry too!

You've brought the boys up well.
That is why Rajesh is respected.

This year Prem topped M.B.A.

Brother, I have seen
a girl for Rajesh.

A couple of days ago I had
gone to Pune for a conference.

I met Professor Choudhary there.

Siddharth Choudhary?
- Do you know him?

We were in college together.
We were also good friends.

I met his elder daughter there.
Saw her once and she won my heart.

I liked her so much that
I brought her picture along.

She has just cleared B.A.
Her name is Pooja. Very decent girl.

They'll make a good pair.
- I agree.

Right now the family has gone
to Ramtekri on a pilgrimage.

We'll go there soon as they return.
Just four hours drive from here.

Let the boy and girl meet once.
- That's the only problem.

Whenever we discuss
marriage he puts it off.

How do we get them to meet?
- I got an idea. Let's go to Ramtekri.

We'll see the girl as
well as go on a pilgrimage!

Excellent idea!
- But brother mustn't hear of this.

It is a top secret.

He is here.
- Go on uncle!

You've back? Quite late?

What did the foreign
collaborators say?

Everything was discussed in detail.
Now they will peruse our reports.

If everything goes as per plans, as
you said it'll be one of its kind.

Hear? To launch you in business,
he's putting up such a huge factory.


Wow! Sweet, savoury, pudding,
fried pancakes! Anything special?

- We are very happy today.


We've decided to go to
Ramtekri during the holidays.

But uncle you wanted
to go to a hill station?

This place is very holy.

My brother and his wife go
there regularly every year.

So the program is fixed.
Take your new silk shirt along.

Whatever for?
- Anything could happen.

You never know.

What did he say?
- I didn't hear.

I never overhear. Let's replenish
the dishes, Chameli.

Funny! Nobody's saying anything.

Can't tell you what
we're going to find in Ramtekri.

"Without faith there
can not be devotion."

"It is like Ram without compassion."

"Without Ram's mercies
there are no dreams.."

...and the soul becomes restless.

"You auspicious,

eliminator of sorrows."

Son of Dasharath, you're Lord Krishna.

Son of Dasharath, you're Lord Krishna.

Hurry up Papa. If Mummy sees you
experimenting here, she'll be mad.

So let her! Am I scared of her?

Once she sees what I've
rustled she will break her fast.

What is it?
- Not me, Mummy.

Furiously he said, 'Janak!'

Sita restless and people scared...

Who broke the jar?
- What?

Who broke the jar?

When Ramchandra
broke Lord Shiva's bow...

enraged Parsuram
asked who had broken it.

With humility and love
Lord Ram answered...

Oh Lord and Master of the universe.
Thy humble servant did the deed.

Have some shame. We have two
young daughters. What'll they think?

Did I say something wrong beloved?

It's beyond both of
us to win against you.

If anyone can win against you, it's...
- Nisha!

Good morning uncle!

Naughty brat! Always
enters like a storm!

Papa has sent back the
library books and thanked you.


Brother. Your bill.

Here it is.

Give me the books so that I can leave.

That is fine. Nisha,
will you do me a favour?

Will you check this bill
while I return from the stores?

Give it to me.
- Very good.

Thanks but no mischief.

Now come on! Staring away!

Excuse me! Excuse me!

Is this Ramnarain Lodge?

Didn't read the board outside?

Lost my calculation.

Where was I?

75 and 9..
- 84..

What is it?
- Can you tell me...

which room Professor Choudhary has?


Because it's private.

- What?

Stand up.

Pardon me?
- Stand up!

You guys don't study all year round.
- What?

Oh yes!

Loaf around all year and then cone
during exams to increase your marks!

Increase the power of your spectacles!

Just because you're the manager...

God knows what you think of yourself!
- Now look...

Good Lord!

- I'm here, sister.

You're sitting here!

And Mummy has been waiting for you.

What are you doing here?
- I was...

Come in.
- I'll have the luggage kept.

Okay, Son.

Please come.

You asked for Professor Choudhary.
These are his daughters...

Pooja and Nisha. This is
Mr. Kailashnath, your Papa's friend.

Good day.
- Good day.

He wants to meet professor.
- Please come.


Oh! Manager uncle.

Here you are. Total all done.
- Done?

Well done. Here's your reward.

Thank you!

Manager, check the total again.

They say pretty girls
can never calculate.

What did you say?
- You eat chocolates?

Don't take my name!

Excellent professor!
What delicious savouries!

Have them with sour chutney.
You'll forget the best savouries.

Mr. Siddharth!

Oh! Kailashnath!
What a pleasant surprise!

What a pleasant surprise!


My younger nephew, Prem.
- Bless you, son.

Your uncle lost a bet to me.
- What?

He had said only I'd lose
hair but look he's balding too!

Look who's here.

Hello. Recognise me?
- How are you?

How would he be? He's amongst the
top industrialists in the country!

Please come and sit.

Really, when I read about you in
the newspapers I feel very proud.

It's fine.

Son, you probably don't
know the history about us.

We were together in
college and used to have a ball.

Bring it and keep it here.

You've met my children.

Do you come here every year?

No. I've come for a special purpose.
- Is it?

I'd like your elder daughter
for my elder nephew Rajesh.

- Yes, if you don't mind...

What are you saying?
He is your nephew.

He has come with us.
Why don't you meet him once?

Go and call him.
- Meaning?

Yes, go!

Mr. Kailashnath.


I should thank you.

God has given me everything.

The love of these children.
A sprawling business.

But the house is lonely.
Rajesh remembers his mother.

But Prem has been
deprived of a mother's love.

Come in brother.

Meet Professor and his wife.

- Good day.

Have a seat, son.

What hobbies do you
have other than work?

He paints very well, isn't it?

Is it?

Just a little bit.

Our daughter too paints very well.



Yes Papa?
- Show him your painting of the temple.

Let's go see it!

Let's go! We'll see the painting.

Where are you going?
- None of your business!

Let them talk in peace.
You talk to me.

What do I talk to you?
- Are you still angry with me?


Don't take my name!

- Daddy.

It's beautiful.

Thank you.

You too paint.

Yes, but not as beautifully.

Give it to me.

Did you like the painting?

Since afternoon you've asked me
this question every 15 minutes.

What's the matter?
- Matter?

I'll get you tea in an earthen cup.


Out with the truth.

You won't hit me or scold me. Promise?
- Promise.

Liked the painting?
- Yes.

Liked the colours of the painting?

Like the one who made the painting?

Great! We brought you
here only to hear this!

Congratulations brother!

- Wait on!

Brother has agreed!


God day sire!

Save me sister-in-law!

"You're great Lord...
what a pair you have created!"

"Congratulations to my
brother and bhabhi!"

"More than any other
ritual in this world..."

"...the relation of
hearts is the most important!"

"Thanks to you, this event
has seen the light of the day."

"Congratulations to my
sister and brother-in-law!"

"More than any other
ritual in this world..."

"...the relation of
hearts is the most important!"

"You're great Lord!"

"You're great Lord!"

"You're great Lord!"

"My brother, who is
sitting so quietly..."

"Bhabhi, have a look
at his stubborn posture."

"But he is a very good guy."

"He is a very good
guy but a bit naughty."

"You're the only one
that he has fallen for!"

"My sister is acting tough now!"

"Congratulations to my
brother and bhabhi!"

"More than any other
ritual in this world..."

"...the relation of
hearts is the most important!"

"You're great, Lord!"

"You're great, Lord!"

"You're great, Lord!"

"Brother-in-law, for your sake..."

" sister has prayed a lot!"

"She's been to the temples..."

"she's been to the temples,
prayed day and night!"

"She's been invoking
Almighty all the time"

"I've got a bhabhi as I had desired!"

"Congratulations to my
sister and brother-in-law!"

"More than any other
ritual in this world..."

"...the relation of
hearts is the most important!"

"You're great, Lord!"

"You're great, Lord!"

"You're great, Lord!"

Tuffy! Tuffy! Great Tuffy!

What a garland you've brought!

Even he knows that elder brother's
in-laws are coming home today.

And nothing will be
lacking in their welcome! Right?

Very good!

Is your fiancee also coming?

I'll just be back.

What happened?
- You'll always remain a fool.


Does a bride come to her
husband's house before the marriage?

How would I know? I'm not married.

Get lost.

Get.. Get lost.


You are urgently required in the hall.

Doctor is here too.

Let him come. I ll take care of him.

Hello doctor.
- Hello.

Why are you so angry?
- You're asking me?

Ask him this question!

Chose a daughter-in-law, fixed
Rajesh's wedding, and I hear it now!

- What is it?

I don't want betel leaf!
I am very angry today.

Neither will I eat nor drink!
Congratulations and good bye!

Move aside.

Her photograph is on the table.

How do you find her?

Her simplicity reminds me of a poem.

Sit down.

Doctor is reciting a poem!
- Go ahead.

It is said...
- Excellent!

Let me begin.

I am floored seeing her picture.

Wow, wow..

I am floored seeing her picture.

My soul glows at my
friend's good luck!

Wow, wow..

Did you see that?

Told me he's very angry.
Wouldn't talk to anybody!

And the anger
evaporated seeing her photo!

Have a seat.

I can understand you being a heart
specialist while your wife a child.

But I don't get the poetic connection.

Don't ask. That's a funny addiction.

Why do you read poems?

The poem's here with
you and you read poems?

What did you say?

Wait, you rascal!
The little boy talks big these days!

Come here. Shall we get you
married along with brother?

Why ask for a good deed?


' Sigh!

I heard what she said.

Now it's your turn to find a bride.

Coming! Somebody is calling me.

Whenever I want to talk to you,
somebody calls you.

But I know how to win your heart.

How to make pudding.

First the vessel. Pan.

Where is it kept?

Oh gosh!

Stupid, I got hurt.

I didn't know you were here.

Shut up! Give me a vessel.


But what are you doing?
- Making pudding.

So it's for Prem?

From the book?

Don't touch.
- Don't touch.

Only answer what I ask you.

Where is the semolina?
- There.

The butter?
- Next to it.

And sugar?
- In that jar.

Baby, listen..
- Shut up, stupid!

- What?

She's taken salt instead of sugar.

Why don't you say something?
- Forget it. She calls me stupid!

Congratulations! Since I heard of
Rajesh's engagement I'm excited!

I've come straight from the temple.

Coming from the beauty parlour!
- What?

- Okay.

I've heard the father is
a professor in a college.

- No dowry then.

Like my husband he too
would have only taught!

No saving at all.
- Don't say that.

They have ancestral property.
- Still they are his friends.

He will take whatever they will give.

If my Sweety would come, you'd
get tired putting the dowry away!

Rajesh is worth millions!
- The pudding is worth millions!

Baby is making it!
- Baby is making it?

Will you taste it?

Let me taste it.
- In a moment.

Ready? I've praised your food outside.
- Yes.

I've praised your food outside.
- Yes.

Aunt wants to die... er taste it.
- I'll take it to her.

Excellent! You've learnt fast.

Eat it with a large spoon.
Baby has made it!

Eat. Eat.

What is it aunt?
- She liked it very much.

Eat it all!

What was it? It was full of salt!

- Yes! It's damn bitter!

Your tongue has turned bitter.
- What?

I said the bride's parents are
coming. Make over your face.


Throw away that pudding!

Listen, you can't make it.

If not me, who else can make it?

Good day. Welcome.


Live long.
- And how are you?

How are you son? And you?

Hi! Nisha.
- Hi!




Studying computers? Wow!

Lallu and Chameli
have come to meet you.

Good day.
- Good day.

And this is a dear one of our family.

How sweet!

He never bites.

He only loves.

Brother-in-law, show me your paintings.
- Sure.

Come here. Your father-in-law
is a really interesting man.

I'm coming. Prem,
show her the paintings.


Brother-in-law is great!

This is so good.

And this is beautiful.


Come, I'll show you his
most beautiful painting.

Please come.

- Oh! Chocolate! Thank you. Please come.

How is it?

Do you know how to play
or just striking a pose?

People say I play very well.
Would you like to listen?

I almost forgot.

Sister sent this gift for you.

Sister-in-law sent it? Wow!

I did dissuade her but...

Open it.

Wow! Broach!

Stick it in your coat.
Girl friends will be impressed.

Nisha. Nisha,

Help me pin it.


Sony. Did it hurt?

- Simply.

It felt like it did.

Very smart.

What's the matter?
- It pricked this time.

It hurts like this when it pricks.

You are both being called.
The ceremonies have begun.

Come, let's go in.

It's time for the
relation to be confirmed.

Very smart.

Now Rajesh belongs to us.

Let's hug today. Time
won't be mine from tomorrow.

- The girl is ours. We have to bend.

We won't let you both
get away with just a hug.

- Song and dance.

No problem.

Get the instrument.

Everybody is ready,
but who will begin?

Today is your day so one of
you sing and let the other play.

Let us hear something.
- Me?

I'm a simple man.
You're the exciting one.

Leave it.

Shall I spill the beans?
- No.

Why not? You always spilled ours!

This happened when
we used to study together.

Kailashnath, me and my wife.

Even today she has a wonderful smile.

But in those days everyone
was crazy for one look from her.

I'll be back.
- Where are you going?

So where everyone was her fan,
your uncle too was included.

- Uncle you?


Don't lie!

For the love of this shyness,
sing something for that smile.

Explain to your father-in-law.

No! No!

One minute. Listen.

On my behalf request him.
It will carry more weight.

Sing something.


"In my heart today."

"There's this strange
conflict in my heart today"

"I'm singing and my
in-law is in front of me."

"I'd like to say something
that is on her heart too"

"I'm singing and my
in-law is in front of me."

"The earrings on her ears
look like the moon and the sun!"

"The earrings on the ears
look like the moon and the sun!"

"This 'Banarasi'
sari looks great too!"

"I'll tell you a secret..."

"I'll tell you a secret."

"My in-law is tickled even today
when her anklets make a noise."

"It's a secret... he is tickled even
today when her anklets make a noise."

"The smile on her lips...
the shyness of her eyes!"

"The smile on her lips...
the shyness of her eyes!"

"Such innocence is a boon!"

"I'll tell you a secret...
I'll tell you a secret."

"My in-law is truly blessed!

She is like 'Laxmi'
the goddess of wealth..."

"...who has transformed
this house into heaven!"

"My in-law is truly blessed!"

"She is like 'Laxmi'
the goddess of wealth..."

"...who has transformed
this house into heaven!"

"There's this strange
conflict in my heart today..."

"I'm singing and my
in-law is in front of me."

"What I have to live up to is
a very delicate relationship!"

"I'm singing and my
in-law is in front of me."

"She's my shade who's
moving into your house."

"She's my shade who's
moving into your house."

"She's lived like a
dream on my eyelids!"

"I'll tell you a secret..."

"I'll tell you a secret."

"This life time earnings of mine..."

"is the brilliance of
your lawn henceforth."

"I'll tell you a secret...
This life time earnings of mine."

"is the brilliance of
your lawn henceforth."

"I'll tell you a secret...
This life time earnings of mine."

"is the brilliance of
your lawn henceforth."

I think my sister will starve here.

- Because he pecks at his food.

Then you feed him.
- Open your mouth.

If you feed him right now what
will you do for the wedding?

That you'll know
when you arrive there.

And you will come.
- Of course.

When we come, there'll be fireworks.

Pass it here.



What is it?
- Do us a favour.

Sit here.
- I'm busy. The groom is almost here.

If you help us, I'll tell
your mother who is my aunt to...

To find you a pretty bride!

Then here goes.

Sorry brother.

You'll ask your sister's
husband to sit over here?

No, he'll sit there.
This seat is for his brothers.

Let them know how we
welcome our guests!

Come, I'll introduce you to all.

Shall we take a group picture?
- Sure. Why not?

He's my wife's brother's son.
- Greetings.

Good day.
- Greetings.

That's enough son.

He's doing research on
Kalidas's Shakuntala.

He's also looking for his
own Shakuntala, isn't it?

Take the picture. It will
be best on the staircase.

Thank you! Thank you!

Come son.

Come on. Let's go.

Good, it's incense.

Tuffy. Tuffy.



Come with us.
- Where are you taking him?

He'll sit with us.
They want to meet him.

Then take him.

You too.
- We?

You too will be looked after.

Something seems fishy.

I love fish.
- What do we do?

Let's check it out.

Brothers, we shall return.



What is it?
- Don't go there.


It's dangerous.


Please sit.

Please sit.
- We sit here?

Come fast.

Sit. There won't be
any sound when you sit.


What did you say?

Nothing. You may sit.
- Fine.

Wait. First we'll investigate.

May we?
- Sure!

Is everything in order?
- Yes it is.

Then take a seat.
- We will, on one condition.

First you girls will sit.

How is that possible?
You are guests. You sit.

No! We are gentlemen. Ladies first.

What's the matter?
- Your sweet sisters-in-law...

One has to tread
carefully in their presence!


I'll get back.
- Listen.

Before you go, tell me where do I sit?

Come with me.
I'll give you the most special seat.


Don't feel shy. Come.

You may sit there.

What happened?

What news have you brought?

They have hidden the groom's
shoes in a red and yellow sweet box.


A, B,C, D,E, F,G.

Why are we stealing the shoes?

Stealing is a sin.
- This is auspicious.

We'll get money for stealing them.

I see!
- Yes.

A red and yellow sweet box.
Now watch the fun.

We've found such a place to hide
the shoes that nobody will guess it!

Shut the box.
We have enough enemies here.

See she is coming here.

Is your name Prem?
- Yes.

There's a call for you.
- Call for me?

Be alert. I'll return soon.


Thank you.

- Hello!

Guessed? Suman here.

Which Suman?

- Yes.


The boy sitting next
to you has called you.

I see. You go ahead. I'm coming.

Be alert. I'll be back soon.

Will you make friends with us?

This is Muniya and this is Gudiya.

Now bye. Ok. Bye.

Come on.

Quickly hide it there.

Believe me. I don't
know any Suman or her Dad.

I fell in love with her? When?

In my previous birth?
- Yes.

Tell me what do you think
of Nisha for this birth.

Hung UP?

Girls are so possessive.

What are you doing here?
- Waiting for you to finish talking.

You called me?
- Yes... me?

Yes, you called me.
Calls and then denies it.

Dead meat!

Thank God! I was scared.
I'll check it.

They are sweets.
- What crap!

The shoes turned to sweets!

Give me.
- Have a look.

Only sweets look nice in a sweet box.

These girls made fools out of us!

Gave up so soon?
- Me and accept defeat?

I will be back. Don't lose hope.

Dear good Lord!

You are truly great. You
perform the greatest miracles.

Do something whereby we win the
game and they look like fools.

Do something Lord!

It will open up! Want to
embarrass me before everyone?

I think he wants to take us some place.

Maybe he knows where the shoes are.

Come on. Good boy Tuffy!

Okay. Tu"!!-

Lord you are great!

Come on!

Here are the shoes!
- Well done.

Now hide this box in its' place.

Now listen hide the shoes in such a
place that they can never find it!

Absolutely not!

Okay let's fix it at 500.

Absolutely not!

We'll return his shoes only
when we get 1001 bucks, right?

You won't get such an opportunity
again. Demand what you want.

Keep sitting with no shoes!

You're sitting with the kids?
Come on, it's getting late.

Late? Absolutely not.

Say with me. 1001 bucks...

- Yes!

Now I'll have to get up.

Are you getting married?
- No child, I...

Then quietly sit down.

They are very sharp.
- Really.

Where is the tiger?
- I am here.

You are funny! Instead of
helping us you're eating a papaya!

Say something.
- First you fix the deal.

Then we'll speak, right?

What do you say?
- Look, kids...

Absolutely not!
- You might as well pay them.

Just a minute uncle.

Tell them to give the
shoes and then take the money.

Fair enough. Give with one
hand and take with the other.

That's fantastic Prem.
- All right.

Fine. We'll get the shoes.

Girls follow me.

A beautiful gift for a beautiful girl.


Who has taken the shoes?

"You sisters-in-law of the
groom with the green drapes."

"You sisters-in-law of the
groom with the green drapes."

"Return the shoes and take the cash."

"Return the shoes and take the cash."

"You brothers-in-law of the bride,
don't show off so much."

"You brother-in-law of the bride,
don't show off so much."

"Give the cash and take the shoes."

Give the cash and take the shoes".

"Return the shoes and take the cash."

"Count the cash.
- Get the shoes."

"Enough of your fuss.
- Get the shoes."

"Am I a fraud?
- You should know better."

"You are stubborn.
- Whatever you say."

- Whatever you say".

"Things will get out of control.
- So be it."

"We'll demand more.
- Doesn't matter."

"Don't act smart.
- The shoes first.

"The cash first.
- The shoes first."

The shoes first.

"We've taken the shoes,
not robbed some jewelry."

"You brother-in-law of the bride,
don't show off so much."

"Give the cash and take the shoes."

"Give the cash and take the shoes."

"Return the shoes and take the cash."

"Return the shoes and take the cash."

"Have a drink.
- Not in the mood."

"Have some snacks.
- Not in the mood."

"Have an ice cream.
- We've had a lot."

"Have a 'paan'
- We've had a lot."

We've had a lot".

"Some 'rasmalai'.
- It's for you."

"So much of sweet.
- It's for you."

"The shoes first.
- Will you eat them?"

"As you wish!
- Not at all."

"You tuneless songs
of some lousy poet."

"You sisters-in-law of the
groom with the green drapes."

"Return the shoes and take the cash."

"Return the shoes and take the cash."

"Return the shoes and take the cash."

"Return the shoes and take the cash."


"Give the cash and take the shoes."

"Give the cash and take the shoes."

"Whatever I've learnt from here..."

"...I'm taking it all
along with me to my house."

"I'm taking it to my house.
I'm leaving for my house."

"With these memories,
your beloved is leaving..."

"...for an unknown house."

"How can I forget, dad..."

"...all the stories
that I've heard from you?"

"Mom, I'm leaving back..."

"...all the memories of my childhood!"

"My loving sister, take care
of that house too the same way."

"This house of my birth
has become alien to me now"

"I've found myself a new world!"

"I'm tied up now to this new relation."

"My father-in-law is my dad
and my husband is my God now."

"My brother-in-law
is like Lord Krishna."

"I'm leaving for my house...
I'm leaving for my house."

If I've made any mistakes...

Forgive me.

Live long and may your
husband live forever.

Come dear.
- Come in.

You come here. Where are you off to?

You're responsible for this!
Saw what they gave as dowry?

They gave just too much!

A diamond necklace, imported car.

Did you take it?
- No, actually what happened...

When we weighed all these things
they were not an iota of the bride.

So we left it behind.

And were you just watching?
What's this?

I have to give something
when she touches my feet.

You give her this book! Had my
Sweety come, I'd give a gold chain!

This belonged to Rajesh'
mom Now you must keep it.

That's enough.

May you live long!

This is for you.

I'm giving you the Ramayana.

Sita resides in it.

The doctor gives a ring
studded with precious stones.

I bless both of you to
always remain together thus.

- This is for you.

But uncle...
- Shut up!


Why are you looking at him?

Forgot when you'd take 25 paise
from me while going to school?

Has he become very wealthy
because he has grown up?

Don't scold him in front of his wife.

I'll scold him in
front of his children too!


This is for you.

Distribute the rest.

Come here.

This is Lallu. My son. Take this.

No, you've given me so much
respect such a nice sister-in-law.

I want nothing else.

Take it from Pooja. You said
she resembles your sister-in-law.

Think it is she giving it to you.

And what do I get?

Give the little guy something.
- He gets a duty.

A sister-in-law loves her
brother-in-law the most.

So keep in mind that she
should never miss her parental home.


Yes, I have understood, uncle.
I promise that.

I'll give her every happiness.

Hi, sister-in-law,

What's happening?
- She is educating me.

Write Jawaharlal Nehru.

Should I write it with a J or G?
- With a Z.

Fooling me!
- Who studies on Sundays?

I do.
- Let's play cricket.

She won't go anywhere.
- Come here.

What happened?

After so long I've got
brother to play cricket.

Understood you fool?

- What?

We'll continue studying tomorrow.
Now it's playing time.

Come on.
- But I can't play.

Then just sit.
- Yes, sister-in-law.

There are clouds in the sky..
- Hi, sister-in-law!

" Bye!

Your batting, brother.

Sister-in-law, catch.

Come on Lallu.

What's going on?
- Let's play.

Little this way. Field well.

Are you through with your fielding?
- Take this, big brother. - Hey Prem.

Just sitting is not
allowed in the cricket grounds.

You have to play.

Oh! Fine.

You'll have to bowl.

Me and bowl?
- It's my prestige at stake.

No. Please Prem.

It's easy. Just do this and this.

That's it.

Audience, applause for our new member.


Come on.

Our new player walks
towards the pitch.

Welcome, sister-in-law.

Best of luck!

Best of luck, sister-in-law.

The best sister-in-law of India.

I have said something wrong.

Umpire, ready?

How's that?!

All eyes are on our newest player
who has clean bowled the opposition!

Now it's your turn.

Our new player walks on.

Bat, please.

Gloves, please.

Shall we?
- Please.

Ball, please.

The match takes an exciting twist.

Our established player has
decided to take revenge.

Wasim Akram.

The new player has settled
on the crease with confidence.

Come on, sister-in-law!

And there goes the ball!

It flies into the sky,
crosses the boundary and...

How's that?!

How's that?!

No Ball.

Tuffy! You turncoat!

"Bhabhi, you're the
treasure house of happiness!"

"From the time the
first rays show up..."

" bhabhi is awake from that time."

"She takes care of all and
works till late in the evening."

"From the time the
first rays show up..."

" bhabhi is awake from that time."

"I've been missing all
this since childhood!"


"I'll be married too!"

"All of them seem to be telling me so."

"You make a choice and
don't listen to anyone"

"I'll be married too!"

"All of them seem to be telling me so."

"You search for a replica of
yourself and get her here."

"Till when should I be the youngest?"

"Let someone younger than me come too."

"Give these arms of mine a
laughing and talking toy!"

"Till when should I be the youngest?"

"Let someone younger than me come too."

"We ask of you for a lovely offering!"

"Bhabhi, you're the
treasure house of happiness."

Come in.
- Everything done.

I've even told the confectioner
that our grandchild is on its way.

Everything should be ready
in time for the function.

Good day everyone.

Good day.

Uncle, I've brought for
you fresh and refreshing tea.

Very Good!


You've taught him English
and made him an Englishman!


What does a monkey know
of the taste of ginger!

Auntie, this is for you.

Ginger tea.

- Ginger tea.

Okay. Give it to me.

- Oh, henna problem?

No problem. For you tea with straw.


The tea is brewed well, isn't it?

But why are you laughing so hard?
- Do some work.

Let's call up and ask when your
parents will come for the function.


Who is it?

It's you. Yes?
- Your sister wants to talk to you.


Hello! Nisha, Hi!

- Hi would be mother. How are you?

Talk to Mummy.

Hello Pooja!

Live long dear.

It looks as if we might
not make it to the function.

Can't make it?

Talk to uncle.

Good day. What's the matter?

The exams in her Dad's college
have got postponed to this date.

But somebody must come.


Calling Nishaji..

At least send Nisha.

Just a second. Will you go?

To sister?
- Nisha will come over.

Fine. Prem will come
tomorrow to pick her up.

Will you go?

Yes, I will.


Nisha! Get up dear and get dressed.

What, Mummy!

What a girl!

Get up. Prem will be here soon.

I've selected your clothes.
Put them in the suitcase.

Take this.

On your way, first go to Ramtekri.

And light a lamp there. Got it?


What does that mean?
Do I have to tell you everything?

Now you will go to your sister's
house, learn how to run a home.

Then you too will get married.

I won't get married.

Initially every girl says this.

Dear, your chocolate days are gone!

"Chocolate, lime juice,
ice cream, toffees..."

" choices are
not the same as before."

"Dolls and toys, my friends..."

"...they all seem like
a riddle to me now!"

"What is this new twist to my life?"

"Chocolate, lime juice,
ice cream, toffees..."

" choices are
not the same as before."

"Dolls and toys, my friends..."

"...they all seem like
a riddle to me now!"

"What is this new twist to my life?
What is this madness?"

"How do I know? How do I know?"

"I'm finding it
difficult to recognize myself."

"My nights don't seem to get over."

"Who do I tell about
all these things?"

"Dolls and toys, my friends..."

"...they all seem like
a riddle to me now!"

"What is this new twist to my life?"

"My mind is racing with
new thoughts... how's that?"

"I wasn't the way I am today."

"Buds have started to bloom in my way."

"My eyes are searching
for the lanes of my dream."

"Dolls and toys, my friends..."

"...they all seem like
a riddle to me now!"

"What is this new twist to my life?"

"What is this new twist to my life?"

Your slave is here.

. Hi! Tuffy'

Shit, I love her.

Nisha ji, thank you so much.

Thanks for what?
- For waiting for me.

I wasn't waiting for you.

So you were counting the stars
on the terrace in the daytime.

It is said that pretty girls
look even more pretty when they lie.

Son, you've come?

Hello, auntie!

How are you and where's uncle?

Good morning, son.

Piping hot cutlets
with grams. Have a bite.

Did you make it?
- Yes, it's your aunt's favourite.

Gravy with butter
equals to wife being happy.

She's not talking to me for 2 days.

- The first child of our daughter...

and we're not going.

I'll take you in style
when the child is born.

Taste this. Hold her hand.

Shall I ask a question? Why
have you given me flowers?

Because we've only
fought whenever we've met.

What could be better
than flowers to make up?

Why did you apologise to me
after the wedding ceremony?

Creating an impression.

You'll laugh if I tell you the truth.

I won't. Please tell me.

We were taking the bride home.
You were sending your sister away.

I thought of giving you a
gift when we were leaving.

Saw that Tuffy? Nobody
values a genuine man!

I'm not laughing at you.
Sometimes we misjudge people.

You are not at all like I thought
you were in the first meeting.

How am I?
- I'll think when I'm free.

There's a surprise
for you at the back.


Take a look.


For you.
- May I ask what's the occasion.

Flowers and chocolates?
Anything special?

For the first time a girl is
allowed in the front seat of my car.

People say this day
comes in everyone's life.

Now it has come my way.

Nisha ji.

What happened?
- Nothing.

I'm sharing my secrets with
you and you're reading a comic!

Reading not allowed while travelling!

We must laugh and talk. What Tuffy?


And since I heard you sing on the
terrace, I'm a fan of your voice.

Share some secrets with me.

Some other time.
- Why?

I have a sore throat.

Before the third comic is opened
I'll have to create an impression.

10! 9! 8! 7!

5! 5! 4! 3!

2! 1! Let's start the fun.

"The drapes are
flying in the cold breeze."

"The heart is beating fast,
it's because of the teen age."

"No control over the heart..."

"what sort of magic is this?"

"This the magic of the season, dear!"

"No control over the heart now, dear!"

"My gaze has lost and gone insane..."

"...the sight of you
is so breathtaking."

"This the magic of the season, pal!"

"This fair girl with the city boy..."

"...looks like the shining moon!"

"These beautiful
flowers and the buds..."

"...this naughty call of the wind!"

"These beautiful
flowers and the buds..."

"...this naughty call of the wind!"

"They signal to me to
spend my time over here."

"Previously, never ever would
these flowers talk to me this way!"

"This the magic of the season, dear!"


"No control over the heart, dear!"

"My gaze has lost and gone insane..."

"...the sight of you
is so breathtaking."

"This the magic of the season, dear!"

"Tell the truth and
don't keep it a secret."

"From where have you'll come
and where do you want to go?"

"I'm taking her with me to my place."

"I'm taking her with me to my place."

"Well, a strange
acquaintance and a strange place!"

"Why then have you come
so far with me, my dear?"

"This the magic of the season, dear!"


"No control over the heart, pal!"

"My gaze has lost and gone insane..."

"...the sight of you
is so breathtaking."

"This the magic of the season, dear!"




- Hi!


Hi! Chameli.
- Nishaji.

Nisha child..
- Uncle. - You've come dear?

Welcome. May you live long!

Hi! Nisha.
- Brother-in-law!

Good evening Nisha ji!

On! My!

Good evening.

Welcome home.

Your mother has sent so much!
- And a letter for you.

For me? Great!

Sir, hope you all are well.

We were happy to meet Prem.
Send Rajesh over too once.

Professor also wants to
write something. Good God!

Friend, I've heard that
you now sport a braid.

You listen to your daughter-in-law
reading the Ramayana everyday.

We're not so old pal!
I'm sending a suit piece for you.

I too have got a similar one stitched.

When the baby is born both
grandfathers will wear the same.

- Here you are uncle.

The house has come
alive with Nisha's arrival.

Tomorrow's function will
be really exceptional now!


Welcome. Good day.

Good day.

Today the decorations are
something extra-ordinary.

Of course, it's the
bride's first function!

Come.. Come.

- Come.

Welcome sister.
- It's your wife!

It's you! You're looking
like Pretty Woman today!

Naughty boy!

Terrific uncle! Welcome.

Come brother. The guests have come.

Good day both of you.

When did you come?
- Afternoon.

I've had a good discussion with him.

Come on.
- Auntie.. Oh, oh..

What happened?

Fantastic! You're looking great.
- Really?

If I was a little older, today...!

Get lost shameless!

Mother of mine!

Where has he gone?
- For whom are these?

- The queen of spring has arrived!

You're looking very pretty!
Come upstairs.

You! Look here mister...

My name is not Shakuntala.

My name is Rita. R-I-T-A Rita.
Do you understand?

I don't understand English.
But whatever you said sounded sweet!


Dushyant found his Shakuntala.

But where is mine?

Moments of wait seem eternal.
- Terrific!

- Very nice!

Moments of wait seem eternal.

My eyes are laid out on
the path of my beloved.

Fantastic! This poem fits you well.

The heart says appreciate
the beauty of your beloved.

The heart says appreciate
the beauty of your beloved.

Who has brought this
angel down from the heavens?

- Hello uncle.

May you live long child!

Recite the poem you
just said once again.

What's the matter little guy?
Today you sound very poetic.

You never appreciated me earlier.
- He never understood your poems then.

What do you say, Miss Nisha..

I mean, brother.

Doctor uncle..
- Yes? - Once more, please!


The moments of wait seem eternal.

My eyes are laid out on
the path of my beloved.

The heart says appreciate
the beauty of your beloved.

Who has brought this
angel down from the heavens?

- Terrific!

Will you guys remain here only?

We were leaving. Come on.

Your tea and snacks
are laid out in the lawn.

We have to begin the function.
Come on girls.

May we accompany you?

Sony! Gents not allowed.

Uncle is this ladies
program really good?

- How do you know?

We used to hide and
watch it when we were small.

We used to wear ladies
clothes and join the crowd!

Doctor, what say? Uncle, shame. Shame.

But you kids are decent!

Our elders are very naughty.
We would never do that, right?

Shall we go?

Now begin your program.



Why are you sitting here?

Dearest aunt, we want to watch.

- Bhola wants to see it.

Who wants to watch?
- One moment.

This is a ladies function.
Please go out.

We will meet outside..

We're going.

Son, don't listen to them. They are
shameless and they'll ruin you too!

Why are you laughing?
- No reason.

No reason.

Get out!
- Gently or you'll twist your waist.

Get out.

Get out. Out!

Got rid of your problem.

Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me!

What's going on?
- Carry on aunt.

We'll take a close up of aunt.

My close up? Sure.

Just a minute. What trick is this?

It's such a big function and the
kids are covering me on video.

They are not filming anything.

I've seen the world.
They've come to flirt with girls.

What do you mean by that?

I'll tell you. Pass my sandal.


I'll show you! All boys out!

He's a real gentleman!

Come on, all men out.

Hey wait. Photo.

Wait. What is it?

Go out.

What are you doing?

Come what may,
now I will watch the function!


"Sister, your brother-in-law is crazy."

"Sister, your brother-in-law is crazy."

"Oh Lord, he's trying
to impress the girls."

"Oh Lord, he's trying
to impress the girls."

"It's sort of a habit with him.."

"it's sort of a habit with him."

"Oh Lord, he's trying
to impress the girls."

"Oh Lord, he's trying
to impress the girls."

"I told him to bring tamarind but
that fool brought something else."

"I told him that my
heart desires for something."

"He brought a watermelon
when I asked him to get a lime."

"He's crazy, somebody guide him."

"He's crazy, somebody guide him."

"Oh Lord, he's trying
to impress the girls."

"Oh Lord, he's trying
to impress the girls."

"Sister, your brother-in-law is crazy."

"Oh Lord, he's trying
to impress the girls."

"I told him to get
some mountain mud..."

"...but that fool got some sweets."

"I told him to get some sour thing..."

"...and he got sweets from the market."

"It's difficult to trap me."

"It's difficult to trap me."

"Oh Lord, he's trying
to impress the girls."

"Oh Lord, he's trying
to impress the girls."

"Sister, your brother-in-law is crazy."

"Oh Lord, he's trying
to impress the girls."

"Bhabhi, I admire your sister!"

"Bhabhi, I admire your sister!"

"Oh Lord, it's the age of girls!"

"Oh Lord, it's the age of girls!"

"Lord, save me..."

"Lord, save me..."

"Oh Lord, it's the age of girls!"

"Oh Lord, it's the age of girls!"

"It was your command that
I disobeyed. I'm your sinner."

"I agree to any punishment
that you decide on."

"When will I be rid of my problem?"

"I'm tired of my own self"

"I'm tired of my own self."

"Oh Lord, it's the age of girls!"

"Oh Lord, it's the age of girls!"

"Oh Lord, it's the age of girls!"

"Oh Lord, it's the age of girls!"

"Oh Lord, it's the age of girls!"

Where are you going?

Is it nice to hide and watch girls?

What's the point if
one can't see you dance?

Now I'm a fan of your dance too.

Didn't you feel
offended we made fun of you?

Nothing you do offends me.

Why? What has happened?

Whatever you say and do...

I like everything.

Then why did you hit
me with a catapult?

It is bad manners.

Next time think twice
before hitting another girl.

Who has the time to
think about others?

I can only be impudent with you.

What do I mean to you?

Shall I tell you?

Son, it's exam time.

One, two.

Is anybody watching?

What were you saying?
- Nothing my mother! I...


I love her. Yes.

Where's uncle?
- In the study. Why?

Come, I'll tell you.

A fax has just come from abroad.
Our collaborators loved our scheme!

Wow! Bother, you have done it.

Is this meant for Prem?
- Yes, he's worked hard for it.

Very good!

They've called me for final talks.

Plan out my trip.

Is my luggage ready?
- Yes.

Your wife is packing some eats.

What's all this?
- It's packed. You have to take it.

You'll have to take this overcoat too.

Shall we go Rajesh?
- Uncle..

You won't come to the
airport so late in the night.

Once Tuffy and I fix a program,
it is fixed.

It will be an outing for me son.

I'm waiting in the car.
It's time for the flight.

Come on, 'MM!

See you.

Take care.

What's the matter?

Your wife will deliver anytime now.

At this time she needs
you more than anyone else.

And at such a moment you
have to leave her alone.

And go abroad because of me.

So this bothers you. Come with me.

See what your brother-in-law says.
- What's the matter?

What's wrong?
- Says delivery is at any time.

And at such a time I have
to go abroad because of him.

We all have dreams for you.

That you progress in life.
Make a name for yourself.

Your brother is going to
give shape to this dream.

As for me, with you around, do
I need to worry about anything?

A sister-in-law's best
friend is her brother-in-law.

Let's go brother.

The food cooked by you was delicious!

Wonderful! Both sisters are alike.

Good in everything. Be happy.

Rajesh left quite some time back.
Any news of his return?

I spoke to him this morning.
The work is almost done.

That's great. I've given him a list.

You're funny! He's working and
you've given him a list of nail paint!

So what? He's my dear nephew.

You shower him with love.
- What?


I understand everything that
you keep mumbling to yourself!

Auntie, some Aniseed.

Thank you.

Okay. Bye. Come home!

Thank you very much.

You saved me or your aunt
would have begun world war III.

I'll make a move. Good night.

Good night everybody!
- Good night!

You too must rest. It's quite late.

Prem will be on his way back.

He'll be late. Since Rajesh left,
he's looking after the office.

He might be late.
Take her to her room.

Call up Prem and find
out when he's coming home.

This service station.. Shift
it to no. 10 block.. Excuse me..


Who is it?


Your sister-in-law
asks when you'll be home.

I'll be late. Tell her to rest.

Ask Lallu to cook my meal.
As for you..

Thank you very much for calling!

Yes Mr. Ramnathan and Mr.
D'Souza, lets continue.

That was my mother.

No jokes when we work.

Plot number 10 has got
to be a service station.

This is my home.

My home is very beautiful..

- Brother..

You've come?
- Yes, got late today.

Has sister-in-law slept?
- Since ages.


Shall I lay dinner?
- Yes, I'm famished.

In a minute.

I'll roast the parathas.

You haven't slept?


From where do I begin?

You take so long to decide on
vegetables. How do you work?

Start from here. Your favourite sweet.

How do you know I love it?

Excuse me.

Piping hot parathas.

So you told her about the sweet?

I have to be honest if
somebody asks your choice.

She cooked dinner today.
- You did?

Eat it and see. I'm sleepy.

Come on, Tuffy! It's sleeping time.

Why interfere? You fool.

Good night. Good night.

You have magic in your hands.

This is the best pudding
I've eaten. No jokes, honest.

You must be thinking he's mad.
Loves your singing.

Your dancing and now even cooking!

You didn't answer my question.

Why did you stay up for me?

Do you know your bad quality?

You talk too much when you eat.

Oh! Really? Is that $0?

I am sorry!

You have another weakness.

You listen to people very easily.

You are really funny.

When I want to ask you something,
you hold me back.

And when I keep quiet, you prod me.

Now may I ask you something?

What do I mean to you?

"It's the first love..
It's the first time."

"It's the first love..
It's the first time."

"In spite of knowing this,
my love acts so strange!"

"It's the first love..
It's the first time."

"Her looks.. Looks at me
from the corner of her eyes."

"Her looks.. Her shyness..."

"...they reveal the secret
of her liking.. Her shyness."

"One who will serve without being
noticed.. My love is that type!"

"It's the first love..
It's the first time."

"She is Nisha.. She is
the direction of my life."

"She is Nisha.. She knows..."

"..that she controls my life..
She knows that."

"My love is cut off
from the whole world!"

"It's the first love..
It's the first time."

"It's the first love...
it's the first time."

Somebody is coming.

- What's the matter?

Call doctor aunt. We may have
to take her to the hospital.

Congratulations it's a boy!

Uncle, now I'm an uncle!



"Everyone will have to sing today."

"Bhabhi, I thank you."

"Let's all get together and thank her."

"My eyes were longing for this sight.
My dreams have come true."

"God willing, you too may
have a poetic attitude!"

"Childhood days have returned!"

"This mute animal too
is happy knowing that.."

"..there'll be a lovely sound
echoing around this lawn now."

"Tuffy is asking the child
to keep on smiling always!"

Please sing.

"Grandma and grandpa will dance too!"

"We've got some hot food."

"Get it fast, we're hungry."

"We've put in the
spices with lots of love."

"Taste it first or else
you might have to regret."


"You do the cooking from tomorrow."

"Your head will
break with this bouncer"

"I will hit it for a six."

"Think before you lift your bat.
Don't be clean bowled."

"Catch it or you'll lose the match."

"The fool has won the match."

"Listen to what the kid is saying."

"He's asking you to be
closely related to him."

"Son, this uncle of
yours is up to something"

"if I don't get her, I'm sure to
renounce life and become a priest."

"Come home and take the alms."

"Live long, child. The
child is very lucky."

"These fireworks.. This brightness..."

"They reveal the
happiness of the heart!"

"The earth and the sky
are happy for our baby."

"And it's apt that at such time,
the father of the child arrives."

This is the model of Prem's factory.

You began this work from a room.
Rajesh expanded it to this form.

And Prem will take it to the skies.

Work hard. We won't be there
the inauguration of your factory.

Where are you going?
- Back home.

We're booked by the evening train.
- Are you leaving today?

We were waiting for Rajesh
to return. Now we must leave.

Do something. Hold them back.

What's this I hear?
Professor is leaving?

That too today!
- Today?

Brother, listen.

You didn't ask them to stay?
- Absolutely not!

No, their tickets are reserved.

They can be cancelled.
I'll see how they leave.

Uncle, you are so sweet!
- Doctor...!

You wait here.

Listen, Prem.
- The paper.

Come in doctor.

All set to leave?


We really enjoyed our stay together.

Show me the ticket.

Cancel them.

You are strange! Your son-in-law
just returned and you're off!

I wanted to stay for a
couple of months but...

It's the daughter's home.

That maybe but first
it's my friend's home!

Now even if you get annoyed,
we won't let you leave today.

Spend some time with Rajesh too.
- Please stay back.

- But..

Please stay back.
- Okay.

This luggage should be...!!

One minute. We'll stay
back on one condition.

What's that?

Nobody will sleep tonight.
We'll have a wild party!

You just watch what
a ball we'll have!

It will be out of this world.

The night is beautiful.
It's a party of friends.

Wow, wonderful.

Stop these poems and
get in the mood of games.

How long will we sit here?
Tell us what to do.

It is going to be fun.
Attention everyone.

A very easy game.
Bhola will play music.

And we'll pass this cushion around.
When the music stops...

Whoever is holding
the cushion is caught.

We'll punish him as we deem fit.

' Okay.

Dearest aunt of mine,
where are you slinking away?

You have to begin the game.

I'm won't get caught. I'll sit
there and see there's no cheating.

And I'll look after him.

What style!

My father had a gramophone.

Do you remember that song?
- Yes.

Thanks dear. - "We should
build a beautiful bungalow.."

"We should build a
beautiful bungalow.."

Should I begin?

Yes, start.

Lallu got caught!

- Stand up.

I'll go to fill water.

What do I do master?
- You've learnt English.

Say something.
- One minute.

Jawahar Lal Nehru was
born on 14th November 1889.

He was our first prime minister.
He loves children very much.

Children used to say
'Hail uncle Nehru.'

Jai Hind.


Brother got caught!

What do we make him do?
- I won't do anything.

- No way.

Brother-in-law, this is not fair.

Don't be a spoil sport.
- Yes brother.

Okay I'll say
something in your honour.

Whether she be fair or dark...

Fortunate is the man
who has a sister-in-law.


The man with a
sister-in-law gets double joy.

Keeps an eye on the sister-in-law
while he talks to his wife!

Are you listening?
- Yes.

Says the poet Rajesh,
nectar is the cup of joy.

But a sister-in-law is half a wife!

What is this?
- He's caught but he didn't take it.

How convenient!
- Are you watching, judge?

Sister-in-law, no cheating.

No cheating. No cheating.
- Come on.



Oh great.
- What is this Mughal-e-Azam? -

Whom are you watching?

Shy of your son-in-law?
He's like your own son.


Please let us hear.

Lights off!

- Hey professor.

She's there.

So what did Anarkali
say to Prince Saleem?

My prince, the sun illuminates
every corner of this universe.

Then why did the sun take the trouble?

Don't enter my dreams
through my eyes prince!

I will die!

Now it's time to do something.
One, two.

Pass me the chair and bottle.
Brother move aside.

What are you doing?

If I am out, let me do it in style!

Thank you for the chair.

Film Sholay, Dharmendra.

Drunken scene. Aunt!

- You are great Dharam!


Villagers, this Basanti...

I am going to marry her.

But this old aunt...!
- What have I done?

If I don't get married...
then suicide...!

Then you will be in prison,
nose to the grinding stone!

I'm ready my Pop! Come down.
- Come down!

Villagers, my
Basanti and aunt are ready.

So... and so..

Suicide cancel!


What can I do after him?

Uncle, Michael Jackson.

You'll get a punch!
- Do whatever you wish.

Yes uncle.


Even if the world is our enemy.

Let our friendship be immortal.

We won't be separated
even after we die friend.

Swear by this friendship.

If somebody asks our address,
we say we live in each other's hearts.

We have no other address.
May our friendship be immortal.


Looks like it is my turn.

The pressure mounts.

140, 160, 130,


Heart fail.

How silly! Your heart is
tough It can't fail so easily.

Recite some hot stuff.

Hot stuff?
- Another poet's work.

What punishment could be
more beautiful for a poet?

Oh brother..

"I am not a poet.."
- Wow..

"..But hey beautiful,
since I have seen you.."

"..l have become a poet.."


That was great!

Now only Prem and Nisha remain.

Let's see who wins.

Bhola, start the music.

Thank you very much!
- You won little guy!

He cheated!
- What did I do?

What did he do?
- He..

What do I have to do?

So what are you getting her to do?

Make her say some dialogues.

Let her sing some song.

Why copy? Let her
sing something original.

Sing something nice.

It will be wonderful.

Please sing.
- Sing. Come on.

Yes, that's good.
- That is great.

"O mother, the crow on
your roof foretells that..."

"O mother, the crow on
your roof foretells that..."

"...your darling daughter
has renounced this house..,"

"..and has fallen in
love with a stranger!"

"O mother, the crow on
your roof foretells that..."

"...your darling daughter
has renounced this house..."

"...and has fallen
in love with a sage!"

"Come my dear, come my dear!
My brave soldier."

"Come my dear, come my dear!
My brave soldier."

"That sage was
illuminated like the moon..."

"...he came to my door
and proclaimed his love!"

"Having rubbed ashes on his body..."

"having rubbed ashes on his body,
he remained awake the whole night..."

"your darling daughter has
renounced this house..."

"...and has fallen
in love with a sage!"

"Listen Heer,"

"you dance and bring
the party to life!"

"Listen Heer,"

"you dance and bring
the party to life!"

" you should get me
engaged with that sage..."

"...apply henna on these hands..."

"...apply henna on these hands..."

"...and tie the auspicious
thread of the ritual..."

"...and has fallen
in love with a sage!"

"O mother, the crow on
your roof foretells that..."

"...your darling daughter
has renounced this house..."

"..and has fallen in
love with a stranger!"

I have one complaint.

You stayed here for so long
but didn't come home one day.

You never called them.
- You be quiet.

You don't invite close ones.
- We promise to come next time.

Shall we leave? It's almost time.

Can't see Kailashnath.
- One minute.

Let us send you off properly.

This is for you.

But our gift?


Nisha's mother..

The heart is so crazy.

It expects much more than it gets.

We held you back for one day.
Now I wish we could do it again.

Brother, do one job for me.

Get a picture of us taken with Nisha.

We'll remember how she lovingly
stayed with us for so many days.

One for me too, master.

Me too.
- I too will get one taken.

All right. Prem..

Get the camera son.


Now there's no excuse
for me to hold you back.

Shall I ask you something?

Will you answer honestly?


Why did you hold me back yesterday?

I wanted to say something.
- What?

Once the factory is inaugurated,
I'll talk about our marriage.

- And...

"By separating from me, you
have to go far away from me."

"By separating from me, you
have to go far away from me."

"Separation for some time,
and then, have to return."

"Love, I'll have
your love for company."

"Love, our waiting will be rewarded."

"By separating from me,
you have to go far away from me."

"By separating from me,
you have to go far away from me."

"Separation for some time
and then, have to return."

"Love, I'll have
your love for company."

"Love, our waiting will be rewarded."

"I'm your wife and you are my husband."

"You have come with my
love tied atop your head."

"I can't get my eyes off you now."

"My friends tease me about you"

"I have to get away
from my friends now"

"I have to get away
from my friends now."

"Separation for some and
then I have to return."

"Love, I'll have
your love for company."

"Love, our waiting will be rewarded."

"You are always in my imagination."

"You come so quietly
and decorate my house."

"You look so beautiful, my love."

"The fragrance of these
flowers fills up this house."

"I have to rob the
color from your eyes now."

"Separation for some time
and then, have to return."

What are you watching brothers?
Prem is a big boss today. Salute him.

- Well done.
- Thank you.

Are you going home tomorrow?

Yes, my parents miss the baby.

I'll go with her.
- No, I will.

No, I'll go!
- We'll both go.

There's a telegram for you.
- For me?

Read what it says.

What it says.

Your sister-in-law is unwell.


You are called immediately.

- Prepare to leave.

You'll get the afternoon bus.
I'll help you pack.

Whom are you giving this money to?

Lallu. It will help in the treatment.

I know these servants well.

This sickness is an excuse,
a scheme to grab money!

Such telegrams are
sold a dime a dozen!

Neither will the money return nor...

It was my job to alert you.

But you may do as
you please. Servants!

I swear and tell you that
this telegram is not false.

I have been falsely accused.

Because I am a small man.

When did you become small?

You call me sister-in-law, don't you?
- Yes.

Then keep this.

I am scared. If something
happens in the village...?

Nothing will happen. Come with me.

I am confident
nothing will happen to her.


When your sister-in-law gets well..

First of all tell her,
you've found Chameli for yourself.

So you're off?

Why don't you come along?

I'll come to take you.

Come on.

Let me drink tea first.

Uncle it's getting late.
- Give baby to me once.

Only one chance.

So you are ready to go?

Lallu left yesterday
and you're leaving today.

What will I do?

That is why I say, now
that the factory has begun...

Get me a co-sister.

Well said!

Very well said.
A Sister-in-law should be like this.

What times!

From today it's your
job to find him a bride.

I love you sister-in -law.

What's the matter?
I'm going home but you're chirping?

Has the weather turned magical
because we talked of your marriage?

I love you, sister-in-law.

Now some serious talk.

Uncle has put your reins in my hand.

Would sir prefer a love
or an arranged marriage?

Love marriage which you must arrange.

- I love you, sister-in-law.

Heard that son? Your uncle is
two steps ahead of your Dad.

He's already found you an aunt.

He approves of her.
He has seen her photo, right son?

What do you say, little one? Say yes.

Show me too.

Why photo? I'll show you her face.

You mean your beloved is on our way?

It's on the way,
Sister-in-law, on the way.

Our destination has arrived.

But where is yours?
- Our destinations are the same.

Sister-in-law, welcome.

Not here. Come in.

Sit down. Think it's your own house.

What's all this?
- First read this.

Mummy, Papa have gone out.

They will return by evening.
Have something to eat.

Got it! Meaning you and your
madam fixed this plan earlier.

What romance!

Call up your brother.
- Why?

Let me give him the good news.
- Where are your feet?

Call up.

Is brother in?
- No.

He's out on urgent work.
- He's gone out!

Leave a message.
- Tell him to call here fast.


Now get UP-

And place this
necklace around Nisha's neck.

How can I do that?
Your shy sister is not coming down.

If she won't come down,
let us go up to her.

We're the groom's side.
We'll take the bridal procession!

"I'm leaving..."

"I'm going with my
brother-in-law's marriage procession."

"I'm going with my
brother-in-law's marriage procession."

"No music, nobody else,
only the message of happiness"

"I'm going with my
brother-in-law's marriage procession."

"Brother-in-law becomes the groom
and wears the turban on the head."

"Sister-in-law gives
him her blessings."

"The buds of love blossom and
we get happiness all the time."

"I bless you from
the bottom of my heart."

"Astride a horse, this
groom goes to get his bride."

"I'm going with my
brother-in-law's marriage procession."

"That's great Lord! What
a pair you have created!"

"Brother-in-law and sister-in-law..

"More than any other
ritual in this world..."

"...the relation of
hearts is the most important."

"The all-important moment has arrived."

"Till yesterday I was only
the daughter-in-law of the house."

"I will command and I will stare too."

"And she'll just watch with awe."

"I come with a thousand dreams"

"I'm leaving..."

I'm leaving with my
brother-in-law's marriage procession".

Must be your brother.
Hold the baby Nisha.


She's saying something.

Injection Atropine.


Do something!

What's the matter?

I am sorry.

Eat it. The one who fed
you will never return now.

She was heartless.

Showered us with love
for sometime and departed.

Eat my child.

Have courage.
- God knows what magic this girl had.

Without her,
we've forgotten how to live!

Forgotten how to live!


How are you? Here.

A miracle took place.

The doctors had given up hope.
Sister-in-law could not recover.

But I was sure nothing
would happen to her.

Pooja had prayed for her.

And that's what happened!
She opened her eyes and smiled.

I told her this is the miracle
of the one who always blesses me.

I'll go and tell Pooja the good news.

That hand is no more on our heads.

Elder brother, what happened?


She sacrificed herself for our tears.

She gave my sister-in-law
the gift of life in her blessings!

Ask God why He calls
good people to Himself?

Why? Ask Him!

She was a goddess of affection.

She had a bounty of love within.

Even the Lord needs love.

He too needs love!

The baby had a right over
that love that you talk of!

Now what happens to him?


What will happen to the baby?

Answer me.

Put him to bed in the crib.

Has he slept?
- Trying to.

He thinks his aunt is his mother.

If we are missing Pooja so much...

What must Rajesh be going through?

Rajesh is not well.

He may not say anything
but we all can see it.

He is being eaten up by worries.

And the reason is
the baby's upbringing.

But what is the solution?

There is one way.

We must get him married again.


The strange thing about
life is that it never halts.

The breath stops but not life.

A mother is essential for a baby.

Very important. I feel, find a chance
and talk to him about it.

Drop me to the dispensary.
I'll send medicines for Rajesh.

So long, professor.

He is absolutely right.


Son, you needn't worry
about your baby's future.

Listen to me and get married again.

You are still young. And
you'll get good proposals.

Why go far? Sweety is willing.

Had he married her then,
we wouldn't see this day!

- You be quiet.

I've even talked to Sweety.
She has only one condition.

A maid looks after the baby.
- What?

Ayah looks after him?


I beg you don't give baby to a
woman who doesn't know motherhood.

Don't interfere!
- He is right.

Your choice doesn't possess
the quality of being a mother.

To accept another's child,
one has to know one's culture!

- He is right.

What right! He is
only abusing my niece!

Who would like to rear another's kid?

Under these circumstances who
will give him their daughter?

I ask you will you give
your daughter Nisha to Rajesh?

Stop it! That's the limit!
- Don't lecture me!

What's wrong in Sweety's condition?

Such a big racket for one infant!

Children grow up on their own.
- Wife!

It's probably because of this
nature of yours we don't have kids.

I am sorry!


No uncle. I can't bring
a step mother for baby.

All step mothers are not bad.


No, I won't remarry.

Come in Professor.

Rajesh refuses to get married.

He is also right.

How can we give away
our heart to a stranger?

Pooja's memories are
enough for baby and me.

That's true for all of us. But
some day you have to get married.

Today we all are here to look
after him, his grandfather...

But we won't always be around.

You need support at
every stage of life.

And then bringing up a
child is a big responsibility.

A mother can come for baby...

Who will come but snatch him away.

For him such a mother will come...

Who will be his own.

What if Nisha comes
here in place of Pooja?

Nisha always talks about this place.

And the baby is always with her.

Prepare yourself. If
anyone can take Pooja's place...

It is her sister.

What do you say?

Accept it brother.
- The baby will get a mother.

Ask Nisha first.

I thought it right and spoke to
Kailashnath about Nisha's match.

If Nisha goes there as a bride
and Pooja's house settles again...

What could be better than that?

Let me ask Pooja once.
If she accepts...

We'll get her married grandly.

There should be nothing lacking
from our side because she is no more.

What do you want dear?
- Whatever you deem fit.

I'll call up Kailashnath.

Hello, Kailashnath.

Nisha has accepted. I'll call the
priest and fix the wedding soon.

That's true.


"O mother, the crow on
your roof foretells that..."

"...your darling daughter
has renounced this house..."

"..and has fallen in
love with a stranger!"

Good day. Welcome.

All ready?
- Cards too are printed.

We were on our way to Ramtekri.
Thought we'd see the baby.

Where is baby?
- He's with Nisha.

Get him.
- In a moment.

How is Nisha?
- Fine. Getting her hands hennaed.

Aunt has called the baby down.
Shall we take him?

Yes. Carefully.

Don't worry.

See what's in my hand.

Your wedding card.
- Read it out.

By the grace of God,
our daughter Nisha... to wed Rajesh.

You are welcome..

What are you reading? Read properly.

I am reading properly.

By the grace of God our
daughter Nisha is to wed Rajesh.

Please come with your
family to bless the couple.

Give it to me.
- What's wrong?

"O mother, the crow on
your roof foretells that..."

"...your darling daughter
has renounced this house..."

"..and has fallen in
love with a stranger!"

"You had taken a
religious vow for my wedding..."

" you should get me
engaged with that sage..."

"...apply henna on these hands..."

"...apply henna on these hands..."

"...and tie the auspicious
thread of the ritual..."


"..and has fallen in
love with a stranger!"

You have obliged us greatly
by agreeing to marry Rajesh.

You've given the gift
of life to both of them.

A new life. See.

What happened?
- She was fine.

Open your eyes.
- Call a doctor.


She is absolutely fine.

I've given her an injection.
She'll be fine in no time.

But suddenly...?
- Must be tired due to the wedding.

Don't worry. I'll take leave.

We'll also make a move.


Come to me baby.

- Greetings.

I wanted to meet Nisha once.
- Go up.

I don't want to disturb her.

Give this to her.


The step that you
have taken for baby...

I'm grateful to you for it.

Everybody is very
happy with this decision.

But I know every girl has some dreams,
some desires.

If there is any hesitation
in your mind, do tell me.

Nothing matters more
than your happiness.



"I will erase memories
of love from my heart."

"For my duties,
I shall forget everything."

"You have a duty to discharge."

"But how will I repay
this favour of yours?"

"In reverence to you..."

"I will bow my head"

"I will bow my head."

Give me your grandchild.

Come to uncle.

Come in son.

Lord! The Lord with the flute.

What game are you playing?

Prem has bound me by oath.
Made me helpless.

But you are not helpless.

Lord perform some miracle...

That people start
believing in you again.

And they have faith in you.

Sister had adorned our love for
each other with this necklace.

She wanted her co-sister to
wear it. I am returning it.

Give this to Prem.

Come here Rajesh.

Sister had adorned our
love with this necklace.

She wanted her co-sister to
wear it. I'm returning it.

What is this?

Saw 'mat Pooh'?

What these two set out to do?

What would I answer you if
this step had been taken?

What's wrong Rajesh? Why
did you come upstairs?

Read this and tell me if it is fair.

This beloved son of yours who
always asked me every little thing...

...hid such a big thing in his heart!

Hid it behind his smile.
Made me an outsider today!

No, what you did was wrong!

After Pooja passed away,
I had only one desire.

The baby should not miss his mother.

I ask you, if you had
accepted the baby as an aunt...

Would your love have been reduced?

Answer me.

Silly girl! You were out to
ruin your life and happiness.

Son, you should be proud of them.

They did what they
thought was their duty.

Now I'll do my duty.

Pooja's incomplete dream.

Actually it's my fault.

I couldn't understand.

What you tried to tell
me before departing.

I have a request.

Give Nisha's hand to Prem.

I probably did some good
deeds in a previous birth.

I'm blessed by
getting such a son-in-law!

I am blessed.

"We all admire you today!"

"I'm so full of happiness!"

"What else can my heart ask for?"

"I've got everything
that I could ever ask for!"