Hugot (2023) - full transcript

A basketball player finds himself in danger when he becomes involved with a brutal crime boss who intends to corrupt and manipulate him.

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Shit! It’s starting.

Don’t stop!
I just need two more minutes.

Get down, quick!

Pass the ball!

Where were you?

Coy, go!

Substitute with Muñoz.
Go. Hurry up.

Bring the ball down! Hurry!

Look for an opening!

Take the shot!

Take the shot!


You gotta do better than that!

Let me see some defense!

Hey, Aaron.

I was wondering if
you’d like to add ten grand?

Come on, get the ball!

- Ten grand?
- We can do ten more.

Ten more, yeah.

Set shot. Play set.

Let me see some defense!

Other side, over there.

Hustle down! Hustle down!

Pass! Pass!

Nice one!

Pass the ball!

Yes, that’s it!

Sprain! Sprain!

Can he play?

He can’t, sir.

Medic! Medic!

- You sure it’s only a sprain?
- Yes.

Get him up and bring him to the bench.

I’ll help him.

Take him to the bench.

Come on.

Okay, Coy.

Let’s go for a simple play.

Pass to Martin,

then cut to the middle.

Cut here.

The big man will give you a screen.

Screen here.

Make sure that Coy makes it here.

Once you’re there,

Martin will hit you.

Martin, pass the ball to Coy.

Take the shot.
The last shot.

- Okay, Coach.
- You got this.

You get it?

Damn it, Martin, don't force it!

You have four teammates!

You have three guards
and still take the shot?

Use your head!

Coy, you got this.

Okay, Madam.

Coy. Take your shot.

Let’s go! Let’s go!


Keep up the good work.

Okay, next. Martin.


That’s how you play.

Keep it up.

Thank you, Madam.

Cocoy, come here.

Good enough!


Thank you, Madam.

Here’s another two thousand
for your winning shot.

You know… the other team
is protesting against you.

Good thing the Barangay Chief
listed you as an import.

Anyway, congratulations.
You deserve it.

- Thank you, Madam.
- No problem.

- Coach.
- Coy, sit with me for a minute.

Chin, come here.

Coy, David’s holding
a tryout this week.

I’ll try, Coach… you know how my dad is.

He hates basketball.

Make a way, Coy.

You have a better
chance with this tryout.

There’s only a slim chance of
getting scouted for the MPBL.

If you get in, you can play professionally
sooner than you think.

Remember this...

If you get to play professionally,

that’s a long term career.

A long term relationship.

You’ll get a bigger pay than
what you’re getting now.

Make your dad understand.

I’ll try, Coach.

Do it, Coy.

Make sure you get to the tryout.

Alright, Coach.

Thank you again, Madam.

Take care.

Didn’t I tell you I was lucky!

Stop bothering me, Japok.

I’ll stop if you make me your girlfriend.

We already do it all the time.

Damn you! I love you!


You won, didn’t you?

When did I ever lose?

That’s my son.

Coach said there’s a tryout
this week in Monumento.

Should I go?

Let me handle your dad.
Go to the tryout.


Wow! You didn’t have to
but thank you, Coy.

Coy, I’m done!

Can you check on your dad, Coy?
I think he’s done.

Wait, wait.

Slowly, slowly.

Slowly, slowly.

How much did you win?

Five thousand.

Give me two thousand.

I need it for my medication.

Here, Dad.

I brought some noodles.


The seaman application form
is on the table.

Sign it now.

I had Carlo rush it,
so you better sign it.

Sign it now!

Coy, pass me your uniform.

I’ll wash it now.

Thanks, Mom.

I'll just go up.

Go on, go on.

Thank you.


Join us as we make this hot,
hot afternoon even hotter!

All the way from Barangay San Mateo,
the hot and spicy, Trixie!

And the sexiest lady in all of
Barangay San Nicholas, Japok!

And the newest fantasy from San Joaquin.

The boombastic bombacious, Tina!

No touching, no contact but
drooling is 100 percent allowed!

Pass the ball!

Pass the goddamn ball!

How am I supposed to pass?

You have two defenders.

Find free space.

Are you blind?
I’ve been free this whole time!

You’re just unlucky today,
maybe next time.

Good job.

Nice pass inside!

He shoots. And it counts!

Rosario, making a play...

And takes a three!

Another miss!

Make better plays.

Why did you throw my ball?

Don't you swear at me!

I'm telling you!

Don't you dare!

Sir, relax.

I’m sure she didn’t
mean to throw your son’s ball.

Relax? Relax?

How about you apologize to my son?

And help us look for the ball.

That's all we're asking.

I’m sorry, Sir.

Madam regrets it, I'm sure.

Here's one thousand pesos.

Buy ten balls and get over it!

Not everything can be bought with money.

All we’re asking for is respect.

You're all acting tough,
yet you're not from here.

Let’s go, son.

I’m sorry, sir.

The audacity!

Who is he to curse at me?

And you're the one
asking for forgiveness?

You were the one
that threw the ball.

Coy, let’s drink!

Just one.

My dad might smell me.

Our star player is
scared of his daddy?

Such a baby!

Botchok, shot.

I’m good. Thanks.

It’ll help with your bum knee.

I’m good, man.

That’s why your knee is so shit…

By the way...

My girlfriend, Tina.

Botchok. Cocoy.

You see them in my games, right?

But this one.

He plays like he's always drunk!

Three travels?

Don't you know how to dribble?

I got called three times.

That's really traveling.

- Because you're drunk.
- You always move your pivot foot.

And you complained
too much to the referee.

Of course, you’d get a technical.

But what about him,

he travels all the time.

He never gets called.

That’s called Superstar protection.

How about you teach us
your MVP moves, Coy?

You can’t play Madam’s favorite forever.

Yeah, show us!

Fine. I’ll show you
why you were traveling.


You gotta make sure that
your pivot foot doesn’t move.

And add force to your back,

so you can move past your opponent.

See my pivot?

That's an MVP move!

Heat check!

You smoking, bro!

What did you do?

I’m so sorry.

He’s drunk.

Don't say sorry.

He's used to playing around.

Right, Coy?

I'm alright, thanks.

It’s just a joke, okay?

Pass it over here, Bro.

You can really feel the
Superstar difference.

Take this, Bro!

Stop it.

I’m gonna take a piss.

Babe, come with me.

Let’s grab more drinks inside.

Bro, we’ll be back in a bit.

Damn, why are you so irritable?

Babe, babe. Do that later.

Come here for a bit.

I said do that later
and come here now!

Damn, my baby is so hot.

Please stop being annoyed already.

I just want one kiss from my baby.

Your friends are right there.

Who cares?

It’s not like they don’t do it too.

Let's do a quickie.

I know you want it too.

Pass it here!

Bro, pass it here. I'm open!

Wake up!

Sign this goddamn form
already and get it over with.

You’re getting on my nerves, boy.

What’s happening?

Your son doesn’t know
what to do with his life.

But Dad,

I really don’t want to work on a ship.

And what's your plan?

How are you gonna make money?

And don’t tell me basketball.

How much do you earn per game?

Two thousand?
Three thousand?

And that’s if you win!
What if you lose?

What then?

Can we live off your trophies?

Can we eat your medals?

MVP! MVP! I’ve had enough.

What about helping your mom?

Her back’s near broken washing clothes!

Enough. The neighbors can hear you.

I don't care.

You're wasting a big opportunity here.

Dad, I’ll return the money you spent.


You’ll return the money?

Why? You have money?

You have one hundred thousand?

Give it to me now
and I'll stop nagging.

Just sign the goddamn paper!


Carlo is waiting outside, hurry!


Complete your payment,

so I can expedite his papers.

- Okay.
- You want it rushed, right?

Yes, I'm expecting a pension payment.

I need it soon.

Forgive your father, okay?

You know how he is.

Just follow what he says
and he’ll be at peace.

But, Mom, I really don’t want
to work on a ship…

And I’ll be apart from you.

You know what,

just make sure
you do great at the tryouts.

If you get in,
he can’t do anything anymore

because you’ll be earning money.

I promise.

When you go professional,

I’ll be there in every game.

I’ll be your number one cheerleader.

Okay, Mom.

Just do your best.

Coy, Madam’s been stabbed!
We gotta go to the hospital now.

Hurry, bro. Get in!

All of this because of a ball.
You almost died!

You got stabbed because of it!

Did they say how long
you’ll be here for?

The doctor said around two weeks.


Cocoy, you have to find
other ways to make cash.

I don’t want to finance games

if I’m not there to monitor the bets.

Don’t worry, Madam.

Focus on getting better first.

I can't stay long,
my wife is waiting.

You’ll leave us here hanging?

Just for tonight, man.

Once my knee heals,
I'll be back on the court.

That will still take months.


Cocoy, drink!

What's happening?

You all right?

Bro, Madam’s been stabbed.

- What?
- She can’t finance for awhile.

How’s Madam? Is she okay?

She’s okay.

You know anyone who can
lend me a hundred grand?

So I don’t have to work on a ship.

My dad’s been nagging hard.

I don’t have a hundred grand on me.

But you see those two?

They'll suck your dick for
one thousand five hundred.

That’s hella lot of dick sucking.

But, dead serious.

You wanna make money?

We’ll teach you how to knock.


Are we expecting company?

Mr. Basketball!

To what do I owe this pleasure?

Sit down.
You’re already in the house.


Sit down.


He said sit down. So, sit down.

You speak English, yes?

Small, Sir.

I speak Tagalog.

Small too.


I’ll get it, Boss.

Excuse me.

What I’m gonna need you to do…

is take this item
to a certain school,

to a certain teacher.

You give it to him.

In return, he’ll give you something back,

and you’ll bring that to me.

That’s it.

All you have to do is
give this to the teacher.

And, he’ll give you something in exchange.

I can understand his English.

Just have to do it three times.

That’s it.

One time only, Sir.


Three times.


He said three times minimum
or more.

Cigarette, please.

Shot for Boss.

Come here.

I want you to take care of this.

Like you take care of the basketball.


I need assurance.

I don’t want you fooling me.

So I want you to do Trixie,
or you do Gina.

Pick one!

No, Sir.

Give me a coin.

Heads, Trixie.

Tails, Gina.

There's the coin.

Hurry up.

Do it, Coy.

Toss it, stupid.

Heads, Sir.

Sorry, babe.

Do her.

Do her, go!

Do it already.

Sir, what’s the assurance here?
I don't understand.

The assurance is that
you won’t fool me,

so you do her.

Now, please.

- Go on.
- Let's go, Coy.

You better do her,
or someone else will.

My hits.

My hits.

Is he really like that?

His trip.

Let’s do this already
so you can deliver.

Can’t we just say we did it?

He’ll find out
if we didn’t do it.


I’ll tell him.

Let's go.

Cocoy, we’ll drop you off at Pogi’s store.

When you get there, you’ll tell Pogi…

I'll take Jane to school, she'll be late.

It’s almost 9 o’clock.

He’ll offer you food.
You’ll order four Kwek-Kwek.

No more than four.

You hungry?
I have Tinola, Menudo, Egg.

Here’s Hotdog.

- Batchoy?
- Just Kwek-Kwek.

How many?


Make it five?

I’m good with four.

Jane! It’s 9 o’clock,
you’re gonna be late.

Your ride is here.

Still hot.

I'll put your pin.

There you go.
Have a great day at school, okay?

Be careful on your way there with…


Cocoy will take you there.

When you get to the school,
give the Kwek-Kwek to the entrance guard.

It’s over here.

Go straight to room ten.

This one?


Very good.

And this one?


And, what does Ube taste like?

You’ll spot the teacher inside.

He’ll come out
to do the exchange with you.

Okay, class.

I’m stepping out for a bit.

Go to page 17.


Answer questions numbers one to ten.

When I get back, make sure
everything’s been answered. Okay?


I just need to talk to someone.

Aren’t you gonna check?

Oh, yes.

You got any more questions, Bro?

You got this, Cocoy.

Good job, Mr. Basketball.

Take your money and go.

Thanks, Boss.




You really are, Mr. Basketball!

Yes, Sir.



Make that shot and
Tina says she’ll suck your dick.


Coy, wake up.

We're here.

Almost there!


Sorry. Sorry.

Let’s go.


Screw you. Stop it!

- Clay.
- Yeah?

Step out of the car.


We’ll just do a quick session.

Why? I’m not even
bothering you guys.

Hurry up.

Screw you, man.

There’s your teacher.

Oh, yeah.

Is that your math teacher?

Yes. Over there is my English teacher.

Do you know those kids?

Yeah they're my playmates!

We play after class.

Try playing volleyball sometime.

Why are they outside?

I’ll let you know when
I hear something, Sir…

Give me your phone number.


If I see anything unusual,
I'll let you know.

Hurry up.


Come on.

But that’s our room!

Hurry, you have two more minutes.

Damn assholes.
You could have included me at least!


Her hair pin.

Hurry. Hurry.

Hurry. Hurry.

Everyone stay in the area!

You're all under arrest!

Stop resisting!


Where are you going?

I bought merienda.





Dad, where’s my money?


I worked hard for that!

Where’s my money?

What did you say?

You greedy bastard.

You know I only take
my medication once a day?

I’m supposed to take
that three times a day!

And, then I find out that you’re
hoarding a ton of cash up there?

Ungrateful shit!

Your money’s yours
but if it’s our money,

it’s yours too?

Do you see how messed up that is?

But I worked hard for that money.

I’ll tell you the truth.
I gave it to Carlo.

I had to pay for your papers or
we'll go nowhere.

I’m tired of both of you!

What’s wrong with you?


Pido, that was too much.

Irritating shit!

That was your son’s money.

It’s mine also!

I used it for his future anyway.

When he becomes a seaman,
he’ll make more money.

He’ll make back everything I got and more.

I don’t understand you anymore.


What’s your problem?


Why aren’t you with Martin?

Don’t ever say his name again.

What happened?

I caught him texting another girl,

he still doesn't want to admit it.

What’s your problem?



So we both have problems.

Guess we're meant to be together.

We’re back on the court tomorrow.

Madam’s fully recovered.

Back to basketball again.

Want a puff?

Athletes can’t smoke.

It’s just one puff.
You’re not gonna die from one.

I didn’t say puff from here…

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Cocoy!

It’s my son’s birthday!

A little takeout would be nice.

Where’s my basketball uniform?

Right here.

I hung it last night
right after I washed it.

Where did it go?

I’m sure it was here. Maybe it fell…

It’s not upstairs either.

I’m sure I washed it last night.

We’ll borrow a uniform so he can play.
I mean it’s just a uniform.

That’s against the rules.

It’s his birthday.

Maybe you can make an exception.

Let him play as his birthday gift.

We can’t just go bending
the rules for one person.

No uniform means no game.

How about this?
I’ll pay for the penalty.

How much do you want?

Is two thousand enough?

Look, if he was from here
then this wouldn’t be a problem

but he’s not from this district.

Sir, our player’s not an import.

He isn’t!

Is there nothing else we can do?

There’s nothing else I can do for you.


I’m sorry but you can’t play today.

Anyway, it’s your birthday.
Go home and celebrate.

I’m sorry, Coach. This is my fault…
I didn’t even make it to the tryout.

Come here.

You know Bert, right?
Madam’s driver?

Yes, Coach.

We played ball together.

He's never joined a league
where he hasn’t won a championship.

Hell, even the Mayor
used to import him.

I haven’t seen anyone
play as good as Bert.

One time we were supposed
to try out for Mapua together.

We were supposed to meet at the gym.

Next morning, I was there
but he didn’t show up.

He said he didn’t have
money to get to Mapua.

So I made it to varsity alone.

Why didn’t he just
borrow money from you?

Coy, you think that
was the real reason?

You can make an excuse you got nervous.

Your heart wasn’t in it.

Family problems.

But these are excuses.


Rest up, okay?


Happy birthday.

Thank you, Coach.



Bro, how’d you get out so fast?

Let’s just say our
boss is a heavyweight.

Where are you headed?

Gonna cool off somewhere.

I’ll go with you.

It’s fine.

I’ll call you later.

Happy birthday.



Happy birthday.

Give that to me.

Kiss me first.

Didn’t you miss me?

We almost died the other day!

Damn you, that's serious.

Our driver got shot.

It’s like you’re a newbie.

People get shot all the time.

That's my ass!

It hurts!


This is what thieves like you deserve.

It really hurts!

It really hurts.

Damn you!

Happy Birthday.

So, are we a couple now?

Sorry, Japok.

You’re only good for a quickie.

I'm sorry.

I can’t see you anymore than that.

It was Martin who stole that.

Bro, shot.

I think we should let the
kids have more basketball training.

The more they train,
the better they'll get.

As long as it's free, sure.…

Count my kid in…

Pido was one the best players here before.

Yeah, let’s stop talking about this shit.

I’m tired of talking about basketball.

Nothing good comes out of it.

Look at me now.
I can’t walk anymore.

I don’t want to talk about this shit.

We’re out of cigarettes?


Come here.

Go buy us some cigarettes.

How about you guys?

Your son is really a good player.

I think he'd make it.

Why won’t he try PBA?
Or even MPBL.

You guys are reaching.
He won’t make it.

He doesn't have the height.

Let the kid try, at least.

I agree.

He won’t make it.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

Thank you, Mom.

Here’s my gift.

Wow, that's really yellow.

Try it on.

Mom, even if it's blinding bright.
I’ll wear it for you.

It’s so I can see you
on the court right away!

You know how bad my eyes are.

There you go.

Make sure you show this part.

My son is so handsome!

Thanks, Mom!

Let’s stop this nonsense.

The cake is here.

Happy birthday to you!

Cocoy, come here now.

Birthday boy, a gift from your dad.

Come here, hurry!

Here you go, birthday boy.

Hurry and make a wish!

Don't keep us waiting!

Here you go, birthday boy.

Blow out the candles already!

Happy birthday! Clap everyone! Clap!


Put that inside first.

I have a gift for you, Coy.

What’s that?

Here's your seaman’s book.

You’re boarding next month!

Congrats, congrats!

Keep it safe.

Coy, keep it safe inside.

I have something for you too.

Here you go, son.

Go ahead. Open it!

There you go.

Try it on!

I heard it can go
cold on the ship.

Go ahead, try it on.

You look handsome, son!

I have a wish for you though.

When you board next month.

Yes, next month.

I hope they have a
basketball court on your ship.

Yes, since it’s a Norwegian cruise ship.

Good news!

Yes, I’m sure.


At least I have a use for this family.

What did you say?

What did you say?

Did I say something wrong?

All I have done is
think about your future.

What is basketball gonna do for you?

You’ll just end up with a bad leg.

Pido, that’s enough.

Let's just drink.

Your mom is breaking
her back washing clothes.

And this is how you repay her?

You’re the worthless one here, Pido.

I will gladly break my back for my son.

Don’t you dare throw this back at us
just because you’re unhappy.

All your son wants to do
is play basketball.

Can't we just give it to the kid?

Give him a chance.
It's his dream.

Just because you lost your dreams
when you became a cripple,

doesn’t mean your son has to lose his too!

Mom, we just have a practice
at Barangay Manggahan.

I’ll go straight home right after.

Take care, son.

Sleep tight, mom.


Go to sleep.

I want to rest.




You sure you had an injury?

Getting better, Bro! Getting there.


Coy, you okay?

Coy, how are you?

I’m okay, Coach.

I didn’t want to ask out of respect,

but can you make it to
the tryouts tomorrow?

Sorry, Coach.

My heart isn’t there yet.

Three games and
you’ll be back in no time.

Don’t worry about it.

Let's shoot.

One more time.

Thank god Japok is being true to herself.

She knows she's a slut.

Not like other whores out there,

pretending to be demure.

But really a bitch!

I’m not a whore!

So, are you saying I’m a whore?

I didn’t say that.

You think you’re so pretty, huh?

This is nice!

Whore versus slut.

This is a one-on-one!

How about we do a 1v1?

Basketball or fist fight?

You choose.

That’s enough.



This will go nowhere.

Just stop it already.

Cool off, you’re still grieving,

You might be next.

You’re full of excuses.


We’ll head off first, Coach.

How about we make it a bet?

Five thousand? Game?

Make it ten thousand!

Fifteen thousand. Set.

I’ll play, but I get to choose the court.


Maybe you’ve forgotten what I told you.


You’re both on your own.

Pinoy basketball.

One to twelve.

Forty thousand pesos on the line.

Let the side bets begin!

Cocoy! Cocoy!


Screw you!

You asshole!

Start the count!

Hurry, go fast!

Where’s your player?

Hustle guys, hustle!


Coach, sorry.

I'm late.

It's okay.

Put your bag down and go play.

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