Huesera: The Bone Woman (2022) - full transcript

Valeria has long dreamed about becoming a mother. After learning that she's pregnant, she expects to feel happy, yet something's off.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now

and at the hour of our death.

Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women...

Put them there.

Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

- What are you doing?
- I'm sorry.

- Hurry up and finish! Come on!
- I'm coming.

I'm coming.


Very good.

- And you?
- Yes.

- Get them up!
- What's wrong with you?

Stop it!
Do you want it to work or not?

Valeria Hernandez.

Best of luck, sweetheart.

- Gotcha!
- What?


- You smell like cigarettes.
- No.

Yeah, right.

Fucking chain-smoker.

What's up?


Is that it?

Give it to me.

- Before or after dinner?
- What do you mean? No way!

No way...


Do you like it?

What a silly question.
We only like handmade cribs.

Are you going to make it?

Yes, I've already started.

Wouldn't you rather buy it?

No. She has already started it.

This one is lovely!

Isn't it cute?

A gift from Grandma.

Thanks, Norma,
but it's not my style...


- Thanks, Mom.
- Excuse me! Miss!

Don't let her buy it.

- But she is so excited.
- I know, but it is awful.


We will only use it
when she comes to visit.

You're twelve weeks.
Now it's official.

So, how are you feeling?

She has trouble sleeping.

It's all part of the excitement.

Okay, let’s begin.



That's it.

I've lost my appetite a bit.

Are you still doing carpentry
and using those chemicals?

- What do you think, doc?
- Those are strong chemicals.

I recommend that you stop,
at least for the next few months.

What’s up?

I'm ready.

I'll just finish this and get ready.

- How is the cradle coming along?
- Fine.

As soon as I finish it, I'll start
with the baby's room.

Good-bye workshop.

Hurry up.

This song is dedicated
to the most valuable

treasure we have in Mexico.

Today, on their day,
we congratulate all mothers.

- How much?
- 120 pesos, whichever you like.


We were going to come
empty-handed on Mother's Day!

We suck!

- Hi, Dad.
- You forgot your keys.

Did you lose them again?

- Hello, Luis.
- Come in.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

Congratulations to you too.

What did I tell you?

Our Virgin performed
a miracle for you.

- Congratulations, Maricarmen.
- Thanks.

Hi, sis!

Happy Mother's Day.

Really, Vero?
Congratulate her too.


Your clock was ticking

Are you happy?


Funny, you're not a kid person.

How could she not be?

Has she ever carried
her nephew and niece?

Yes, I have, haven't I, Pao?

I was just saying.

You’re wrong. She was not going
to be a spinster like your aunt.

- Mom!
- It's true!

Don't even remind me
of the fucking party.

She is angry because she can't get
anyone to babysit the children.

It pisses me off!
I can never go anywhere.

I can babysit them.


I don't know
if you can handle this.

Come on, Mom!

What happened with the neighbor
could happen again.

What neighbor?

A neighbor who used to ask us
to babysit her child.

You really never told Raul
about that?

- Shall I tell you?
- Vero, please!

- Let her tell me.
- It's okay.

We used to babysit
for this neighbor.

One day, it's just the two of us
and I say, "I'll be right back,

I'm going to the store,
keep an eye on him."

As I am going down the stairs,
she comes running and says,

"Will you get me a muffin?"

At that moment, the baby
slips out of her arms

and rolls down the stairs, one step
after another, and he lands by my feet.

And she just kept staring at him.

- Did he get hurt?
- No.

It was an accident.

I've noticed he's a little weird.

I think he is a bit slow.

Then don't go to the party,
what the fuck do I care?

Chill out!

Come on, Vero.

Let her babysit the children.
It will be like a training, dear.

- It's you, aunt!
- Don't be scared. Come.

Don't mind them.

They only want to piss you off.

What's wrong?

No, no, no.

We are not going to be like that.

They were just messing around.



- Hello, Raul!
- Octavia, what are you doing here?

I live around here, dude.

Were you at your parents'?

Yes. It's Mother's Day.

Since when do you care?

Hold on, jerk!

Are you okay?


You look different.

It’s been many years since
we've seen each other, hasn't it?

If you want to drop by someday...


Take care.

She hasn't changed a bit.





A woman jumped off!
She broke her legs and...

I saw her! She’s on the ground and...

Her body is broken! She's down there!


There! She jumped off from there!

- I swear!
- I can't see anything.

I saw her, I swear!
She jumped off!

- She was there!
- But where?

- Good morning.
- Hello.

You lost six pounds.

You have symptoms of anemia.

I don't want to scare you,

but if you go on like this,
your pregnancy could be at risk.

Just calm down.

Tell me, how's
the baby's room going?

Damn it!

What is it?


Doesn't it creep you out?

What if we hurt the baby?

But there's no baby yet.

Of course there is!

Of course there's a baby!





What were you doing outside?

I think someone broke
into the house.

What are you talking about?

What is going on?

There was a knock on the door.


I opened it but no one was there.

So I went downstairs to check
if anyone was there and...

They closed...
They closed the door on me!

- Calm down...
- How can I calm down?

- Val...
- Are you listening to me?

Do you see anyone here?

Look around!

There, look.

You left the window open.

It was the wind.

Hey, are you okay?

Do you mind if I go back to bed?


Thanks for bringing me here, Aunt.

Just don't tell your mother, huh?

She looks for reasons to get hysterical.

This is just between us.

Look, my friends.

Are you coming?

I’ll wait for you here.

- What do you want?
- Chabelita is here...

Hi, Chabela!

Look at this fancy Nancy!

I can hardly recognize you.

When was the last time
we saw each other?

When your head was shaved.

Come in.

- How far along are you?
- Almost five months.

I cut, I cancel,
I renounce, I cauterize.

You wanted it?

Come see this.

You’ve got the spider.

It's a weaver.

This one is a mother,
but also a predator.

She had you wrapped tightly
in her cobweb. Look.

Here you can see a house,
but it's also a prison.

Don't worry.

In a few days you'll feel better.

If you feel bad again,
give me a call.

There's another way
to fix this, but...

Can't we try it now?

No. I don't do such dark stuff.

Ask your aunt.

You'll be all right. You'll see.


Cut it out!

- Fuck, cut it out!
- What is this bullshit?

- Cut it out!
- I don’t like it!

No, don't!

- Surrender!
- No way!

Your belly, your belly!

You gained nine pounds Valeria, bravo!

Do you want to know?


It's a girl.

You have a 24-week-old
little princess.

We’re having a girl!

Look at her.


- This is her head.
- I see it!

- There!
- Her legs.

- And that, in the middle?
- Her little hand.

- It's her fist, isn't it?
- Yes.

- Where?
- There!

- She's moving.
- Look! There she is!

Let's measure her head.


Look! Look at her!

What happened?

- What happened? What happened?
- It's broken!

- What's broken?
- My foot!

How...? Valeria!

Valeria, listen! Valeria!
Val, Val!

Hey, I'm here!

It was a dream. Just a dream.

It hurts a lot.

It was a fucking cramp.

Hey, breathe.

It will pass. Breathe.

You're fine! Look!

Your foot is fine.

It's okay.

Hot, cold. You must alternate them.
You get it, right?

Put it in.

It's hot.

You are tense when you are sleeping.

It didn't feel like a dream.
It hurt a lot.

You're not going to stick
with that idea, are you?

You set your mind on something
and you go round and round it.

You aren’t even sleeping well anymore.

I got to go to work.


Sixty, sixty-one,

sixty-two, sixty-three,

sixty-four, sixty-five,


Valeria Hernandez, the Little Mermaid!

Here, my love.

Take your prize, Little Mermaid.
You did it.

Shut up or I'll call the police,
you faggots!

You shut up, snitch!
Screw you!

I’m the only faggot here, bitch!

Just tell her.

If you don’t tell her,
someone else will.

And it will be worse.


What the fuck, you jerk!

Does it hurt again?

It's because of that stupid game.

You always try to please those jerks.

In a few days we'll be far
away from this damn city.


No way, Valeria.
Are you having doubts?

I don't want to leave my family.

Not now.

Months go by and I still can’t believe
what happened to your brother.

I'm considering applying
for college, like him.

You? Are you serious?

Why didn’t you tell me?

I’ve only been thinking about it
for a couple of days.

My mom was so proud of him.

All right.

If that’s what you want, that’s cool.

It’s just a few years, right?

I guess...

Fucking nerd!

The first college student
of the family.

Run! Run!

I don’t like domestication!

I don’t like domestication!

I don’t like domestication!

Harder! Hit it!

Good. Hit it! Come on.

That's it!

Harder! That's it!

Come on, come on. Hit it!

Hit it, hit it!
Hold on, hold on.

See you Friday, don't be late.


I’m all sweaty.

You're all right.

Long time no see!

I thought you hated me.


Just a little bit.

It's still in one piece.

Of course it is.

How's your furniture going?

I had to leave it.

A baby and power tools...

You'll find a way.

It's your trade,
what you like to do.

- Do you live here by yourself?
- Yeah.

But I'm about to go.



Where do you think?

To the mountains.


Are you going alone?

I guess.

I'm my own home, right?




And there's a house?

No! There are only bushes.

But I plan to build
something this year.

I've missed you.


Hi, Dad!

Hey, stop!

- You look handsome.
- I dusted off the suit.

- Why is Campeon downstairs?
- Can't you see? He's freaked out.

The neighbors are complaining.
So I brought him here.

Come in.

You look beautiful.

No sweets or TV
or they won't sleep.

Valeria, stop cracking your fingers.

You'll end up all crooked.

In the refrigerator there is chicken
and vegetables. Heat them up.


Remember, if anything happens,
push this button.

The Neighborhood Watch
will come to help you.

Have fun.

Best of luck with these two.

Behave yourselves.
Don't upset your aunt.

Be careful with the stairs.


- Be nice to your aunt.
- Yes, goodbye.


- Do you want the flower, Jorge?
- Yes.

Go get the flower.

Get on the chair.

Aunty, I used the bathroom.

And there's no water?

I'm coming, Pao.

Jorge, turn the volume down.


Yes, we're watching a movie.

Everything is fine.

Yes, they've had dinner.

Of course I heated it up, Mom!

Okay, okay.

I have to hang up,
I'll call you back.

Come here, boy. Come.
What's going on?

What's going on, boy?

Turn it down, it's too loud!

Jorge, stop it!
Give me the remote!

- Which one?
- Where did you put it?

Look for it!

If you don't give me the remote,
we're going to have a problem.

- Turn it down!
- Or what? What are you going to do?

- Don't talk to me like that!
- "Don't talk to me like that!"

I'm not playing!
Give me the remote now!

What if I don't? Are you going
to throw me down the stairs?

Like that child
who ended up all dumb?


What's wrong with you?
Let go!

- Let's go, please!
- Are you out of your mind?

It hurts!

Let's go, please!

Let go of me!

What's wrong with you, you moron?
I'm going to call my mom!

Someone broke into the house!

Apparently he choked
himself with the chain.

No one was there.


- I swear. Ask the kids...
- They can't even talk.

Don't worry.

If the lady felt in danger,
it was good that she called us.

- Thanks.
- No problem.


I swear...

It's okay, honey.

It's okay.

Go to your grandma.

Let's go.

- What did you do to them?
- What do you mean?

Did you see Paola's arm?

She peed herself out of fear.

- Jorge has a sprained foot.
- Someone broke into the house.

- Are you out of your mind?
- I swear.

This is the last time
you get close to them.

People like you
shouldn't have children.

Are you serious?
You tell me that?

When if it weren't for our parents, you
and your children would be on the street!

- Shut up!
- Fuck you and your aspirational life!

I hope one day Raul realizes
how fucking fake you are!

-You shouldn't have had children!
- Calm down!

- Fuck you! Get the fuck out!
- I'm out of here!

Go away!

- You believe me, don't you?
- Of course I do.

Ursula told me if it didn’t work,
there was another way.


You don’t think it could work?

I got this in one of those rituals.

Sure it works, but you get
into some pretty dark stuff.

Where are you going?



No. It's all good.

Yes, we are here. Thank you.


- And the apartment is yours?
- Yes, it is.

Well, It's my mom's,
but we're paying her for it.

It’s interesting, the wallpaper...

- What about this?
- That was Valeria.

- She made everything.
- I love it!

Very "do it yourself" from you.

- Well, let’s open that wine.
- Please.

Are you okay?

I talked to your mom.

But we'll discuss this later.

- Hey.
- Yes?

I left the corkscrew on the table.

Marina, do you want some salad?
Give me your plate.

It's my mom's recipe.

Well, we are not very fond
of eating with our hands,

but these are really good.

Why advertising, Raul?

You've been doing that
for years now, right?


We wanted to tell you that Brenda
is no longer in the quartet.

She lacked passion. She was always
complaining about staying late.

Well, she was actually afraid
of public transportation at night.

When you are passionate about
something, you find a way to do it.

I'm so sorry.

Anyway, Raul...

What I wanted to ask you
is if you would like to...

Excuse me for a moment.

It's all good.

Val, what's going on?

Valeria. What's that smell?


Get away from the door, damn it!

- It was a woman.
- Valeria, come on!

It was a woman,
she broke the cradle!

A fucking ghost woman?

Are you listening to yourself?

I know you didn't spend
the night at your parents'.

How is Octavia doing?

What about your niece
and nephew?

You weren't going to tell me
about that either?


You hurt the kids, you almost
burned the fucking house down!

- I need your patience.
- We'll have to take other measures.

It's a phase. It's normal.

- We could commit her.
- What are you saying?

She's pregnant!

Hello, darling.

What is happening to you
is quite normal.

When you become a mother,
you feel like you are split in two.

And wait for labor time!

You literally feel like
your bones are breaking.

Of course you're scared, honey.

I was terrified for a long time too.

The thing is you don't go around
telling everyone.

But...'s worth it.

Mark my words.

Doesn't that hurt the baby?

No. It's a common antidepressant
prescribed in pregnancy.

It's just a little help.

What do you think, Raul?

We should try it.

Cheer up, Valeria.
You're just pregnant.

That's all.

See you later.

Break a paw!

- A leg!
- It's the same thing!

What is this?

A neighbor gave it to me.

I found it in the baby's room.

It's for you!

"I can picture you.

You're a wonderful dream.

I wait for you.

You're the adventure of my lifetime.

I embrace you.

You're the tenderness in my eyes.

I lull you.

You are the calm of my sleep
and my hope upon awakening.

I look at you.

You're the endearing landscape.

I'll always take care of you...
My little one."


Just breathe.

What are you doing?

I think I want to be with you.

You think
or do you really want to?

Enough is enough!
Is this a game for you?

I'm sorry.

Look, go to your dreamy home
with Raul.

- I'll pass.
- Stop trivializing me!


You are the one who has been
pretending for years

to be the one who grew up,
the one who chose the right path.

- And the truth is you have no idea what you want.
- And you do?

Let's see how you get on with
your utopian tale of mountain life!

Go fuck yourself! Get lost!

Valeria! Valeria!

Step aside!

- Push! Push!
- Breathe! Breathe!

It won't take long, Vale!
Let's go!

Come on, push!
That's it!

That's it, we got her!

Here's the princess.

Cut the cord.

We need to suture.


Just a few stitches.





Look at her, Val.


- Valeria...
- What?

Why won't you look at her?

I do look at her.

She's just such a cute little thing.

I can't leave you alone.

But you can't cancel Marina again.

I won't go.

Why don't we call my mom?

She has already helped us a lot.
Let her rest.

What does this baby want?
She wants her boob?

Does she want her boob?

"Mom, I want my boob."


- You're running late.
- Yeah.

See you later.


Yes, don't worry.

Okay, see you soon.

Thank you.

What are we doing here?

Why did you bring her with you?

I have to protect her.

From what?

I have to do this.

What is happening to me
has nothing to do with Raul.

It has nothing to do with you.

Please forgive me.

Forgive me Octavia.

Stop apologizing for everything.

Are you sure about this?

Once it starts,
there's no turning back.

You'll be fine.

Trust in them, Vale.

No, Chabe. You wait here.

You do have something nasty going on.

Can you help me?

You are in deep shit, girl.

You really are.

Inside that place,

this blanket is your child.

Bleed from the inside.

Bleed from the inside.

Bleed from the inside.

Bleed... Bleed from the inside.

- Stab her! Stab her!
- Get out! Get out!

- Stab her!
- Get out!

- Get out!
- Get out!

- Get out!
- Get out!

- Get out!
- Get out!