Huddersfield (2007) - full transcript

Story is set in a small town in Serbia. Rasha is thirty, lives with his alcoholic father and trying, and failing, to make ends meet by giving literature lessons to teenage girls and hosting a program on the local radio, presenting new books and interviewing authors. Ivan, a promising judoist in his teenage years, has since had a history of neurosis, psychotic episodes, hospitalization, being heavily medicated, involvement in various occult groups and practices, prior to having been baptized in the Orthodox Church. Milla is very attractive, energetic, resourceful and very straightforward: it immediately becomes clear that, apart from having a student/teacher relationship, she and Rasha are lovers. Doole is a wannabe yuppie: he works for the local representative of major confectionery brands and is doing his best to act the part of a successful businessman who is well aware of global business trends - as he sees them. The monotony of their lives is interrupted by arrival of Igor, who has lived in Huddersfield since the beginning of the nineties, and this is the first time he's come to visit since. They all get together in the evening, and what begins as a cheerful high school reunion party of close friends with a lot of catching up to do, turns into an emotional roller coaster of reminiscing, dark humor, bitterness, uncontrollable laughter, anger, grim soul searching. Through the very personal accounts of their own lives and lives of their high school friends, we get to reveal the ominous mark the final decade of the twentieth century has left on them and their entire generation, and find the answer to the question: do they have the strength to move on?

Fuckin' motherfucker!

Slept at the hotel again?

Fuckin' wise-ass!

For thirty years you're
fucking with me! - Coffee?

You're offering me
coffee in my own house?

Wise-ass fucker!
This is all mine!

Did you contribute anything?


I've contributed nothing.
- Fuck right! So fuck off then!

Don't wanna see you
anymore, got that?

When I get back, I want you
out of here. Got it?

Do whatever, go wherever,
I don't give a fuck!

Where's the car keys?

I'm selling it! Fuck it!

Again? -What! It's mine!
What the fuck is it to you?

Not a fuckin' thing!
-What was that?

-You are nothing!

Where d'you think you're going?
-May I go for a shit?

No. No way!

It's my can!
Go outside and shit!

What? It's my door!

You're taking the door?
- What the fuck is it to you!?

Move out!
Go to England, to Canada!

You've given up on this
country anyhow, the lot of you.

Fuckin' motherfucker.

It's you, neighbor.

Ah, madam, a lovely
day, isn't it.

Drunken bastard.

Fucking cow.

Fuck off with that door,
I worked the grave shift.

What fucking
work, motherfucker.

Good morning
uncle Joca.

Neighbor, what's up?
You don't let on...

Let me give you a hand.

You missed, you
redneck asshole!

Fuck you!

I gotta go, mom's
waiting for me.

Is Rasha home?

He's taking a shit
now, and then he'll fuck.

But too late, buddy.

It's stuffy in here,
should I open up?

Mom, how much
money is my pension?

Two thousand. Why do you ask?

I can buy 40 liters of milk.

Love, you can't even bring a
single pack from the store.

Don't get angry.

Can we throw away
money like that?

Where are you going?

I must walk, it's the medications.

I'll take it off your
pocket money. Ok?


It's me, Ivan. Where are you?

In here. Have a seat,
I'm taking a shit.

In here. Have a seat,
I'm taking a shit.

Very well.

I can't.

I brought you the
book, remember?

'The Tale of Spiritual Life'
by Father Neil Sorski.

Want some coffee?
- Sure.

It's the book about
the eight sinful thoughts.

It's the book about
the eight sinful thoughts.

- Yes.

Lust, anger, despair, pride,
greed for material things,

melancholy, vanity and extreme
appetite.That's eight.

He took the door.

I know, I gave him a hand.

I know, I gave him a hand.

Why'd they let him out of the
rehab if he's not well?

He's beyond help.

He must stop drinking.

He should read the book too. He
mustn't forget the Judgment Day.

He should read the book too. He
mustn't forget the Judgment Day.

He must ask the Good Lord...
- Fine, I'll read it.

You know...

...people don't
commit sins just like that.

...people don't
commit sins just like that.

The first step
is Suggestion...

...when a sinful
thought enters your head.


Even the greatest
had to fight that.

Then, Consent, when
you wrestle these thoughts.

Then, Possession,

and then the most
horrible, fourth step...

Fuck school! I'll go later... chill... a bit. chill... a bit.

Ivan, this is Milla, my student.
- Pleased to meet you.

We were talking
about the fourth step

Of what?
- Of sinning.

Yes, Obsession.

Exquisite pleasure turned
into mere habit.

Exquisite pleasure turned
into mere habit.

You become a slave to sin.

You need strength and the Lord's
help to return to the path.

I have to go now.

Finish your coffee.

Finish your coffee.

I told Mom I wouldn't be long.

May I bring you a poem I wrote?

You don't have to read
it straight away. - OK.

You're all wet,
you little slut.

I am.
- Go ahead, take it!

Who's this guy?
What's that bullshit?

And what's this book?

Stay away from women, don't
speak with them or look at them.

Stay away from women, don't
speak with them or look at them.

A faggot book!
- Leave it.

Do we fuck first, or you
tell me about Hamlet?

I'd like to take a shit first.
- Go ahead.

I can't. Dad took the door off.

Here it is.

It's called 'Snail'

There must be someplace where
your Dad can get some help.

You want to put my old
man in a nuthouse?

She wants to know what it's like
inside a nuthouse. - No I don't!

Ivan's an expert.
Tell us about a typical day...

Ivan's an expert.
Tell us about a typical day...

...inside a nuthouse.

May I sit down?
- Of course.

The nurse presses a switch...

... and the light comes
on in the ward...

...every morning at 5:45 sharp.

Wake up! C'mon!

The same crap every day.

A crap buffet.
A buffet of crap.

Good job Ivan,
you're good with clay.

Why is the mouth so wide open?

Will you show us the sculpture?

If I find it, sure.

If I find it, sure.

I have to go now.

You just read the poem,
and tell me if it's any good.


Even nuthouse cans have
doors on them! - Oh, fuck off.

Cool, ha?

- Could've done it yourself.

I guess.
- Now, take a shit. For my sake.

This is great!

This is great!

I couldn't focus out in the open.


In the living room?
- No, it's Ivan's poem.

Read it out loud.

Wondrous creature, with
your home on your spine.

Wondrous creature, with
your home on your spine.

You slide through the
raindrop, cursed, alone!

Your home has room for you.
And only you.

And yet you hope someone comes
along to share in this and that,

Within the shell of your back,
A cup of coffee, or tea.

Within the shell of your back,
A cup of coffee, or tea.

It's phenomenal!
-The guy's a nutcase.

No he's not. Just a little
fucked up...

...but his systematic,
intelligent. His mom is crazy

You're so full of shit.

Not anymore.

What's he doing with that door?

Go wash yourself.
- What do you mean?

I mean wash it.
- Why?

I want to try you know what.

You want to kiss it.

You want to kiss it.

To stick it in your mouth.
- Yes!

Time is up.
- Eleven.

Five letters.
-Yes, 1 1, you're right.

I'll try an 8 letter word.

Our computer found
an 1 1 letter word...

Where's your dad?

Your dad and I go a long
way back... - Sure.

Look. I'll give
you a 1 00... a 1 50.

Look. I'll give
you a 1 00... a 1 50.

If I find a buyer,
I'll give you more.

You can have this door
too, for 20 euros.

The door?
- It's a really great door.

I carried it all this way...
Fucking motherfucker.

I carried it all this way...
Fucking motherfucker.

C'mon. 20 euros, we close the
deal, and we go to celebrate.

Ok, ok, here you go.

Say hi to your old man for me.

It's great!

It's so cool when it starts to
get big in your mouth.

Was it good for you?

Did other girls do it for you?
- Yeah.

Some guy blackmailied Anita:

'Can't fuck you unless
you blow me.'

Talk Hamlet, I'll touch myself.
- You're mad, you little slut.

Hamlet! Hamlet!

Hamlet was full of shit.
His own father fucked him up.

He wasn't getting any, got
into some serious drugs.

When he got high, his old
man's corpse came to him

On those trips, his old
man called for revenge.

So Hamlet was a jerk-off? - Yes,
and he got so hooked on that...

So Hamlet was a jerk-off? - Yes,
and he got so hooked on that...

...that he sold out
his kingdom for drugs!

Do you love me?

- No.

What's this?

You're getting a hard-on?
- Hardly.

-Who are these guys?

Stick a finger in.
- I'll stick something else in.

Who's this?

These are my Mom and Dad.
Mom, Dad...

These are my Mom and Dad.
Mom, Dad... my Rasha.

Check these
invoices again.

Is something wrong? - I asked
you to check them, didn't I?

You left the box.



We're alone.

We are?

So, this is my work, and its
readers will have the final say

Historic ties between
the Slavs and the Germans?

It's close to
an idea of mine:

Both belong to the same tribe.
- I wouldn't go that far.

Both belong to the same tribe.
- I wouldn't go that far.

German eagle has one
head, Slavic eagle has two.

Germans fear the
Slavic mutant eagle.

The animosity between
them is a result of...

... Rationalism that Germans and
other western nations adopted.

An interesting theory.

To quote you: We are
children on Europe's playground.

But WE were here before
Europe existed!

It's a deadly playground, and
WE don't play by the rules.

And that is a fatal talent.

There's a huge problem
with your novel.

There's a huge problem
with your novel.

Yes? - It's overblown, and
way too politically correct.

You don't see that foreign rule
strenghtens a nation.

My book has nothing to do
with history, it's a love story.

Love between a man and
a woman bridging...

...the gap between
their two tribes.

Byzanthium ruined the Slavs!
No room for romance there!

Yes, well, that's your opinion.

Quick music break, and we will
return to today's novel...

Quick music break, and we will
return to today's novel...

'Prisoner of the Times'.
- Tribes!

...'Prisoner of the Tribes' and
our guest for today.

You write too?
Poetry, I presume?

Poetry's dead!
- Oh? When did it die?

Winter of 94.
It was all over the news.

Where is it buried?
- Everywhere!

Now you will read another
fragment from the novel.

Don't bother.

Where are you going?

I've heard enough insults, young
man. - Can't I have an opinion?

I've heard enough insults, young
man. - Can't I have an opinion?

I don't give a fuck about your
opinion... Jackass!

Write something first,
and then have an opinion.

Next week we continue the
tale of the fallen Slav tribe...


What are you doing
here, are you crazy?

The door was open,

I thought Rasha was home.

He's out.

I'll wait for him. It's
important, I need his help...

...I'm facing an
important decision.

Don't worry, I wouldn't look.

But you would fuck me?

I'm sorry. I made a mistake.
- The mistake was on my part.

What's another half
hour after 1 1 years?

Big guy, huh?
- Check me out!

- Contacts.

Your folks?
- They're fine.

So Ivan,

what's the important
decision then?

I write, you know.

Stories, and poems.

Rasha once told me they
were good so I kept writing.

I write every day. A
sentence or two.

Sometimes an entire paragraph

Rasha writes very well.
- Really?

He never showed you
his stories? - No.

They're dark. But excellent.

He used to write poems too.
Says they were no good.

I think that all
I have written so far... really bad.
I've been thinking...

Thinking what?

I'll burn it all.
- Yeah?

Yes. Now I clearly see all the
flaws of my writing.

It's as if it's not my words...
- Listen Ivan,

I gotta go. You tell
him I'll be back later.

Why is he gone for so long?

Because... he is a SNAIL!

Are there any black guys over there?
- Of course there are.

Black girls too?

Hey! That's Rasha's dad!

Good afternoon uncle Joca.
- 'Afternoon.

Do I know you?

It's me. Doole.

Pozhoonac, pleased to
meet you. Retired alcoholic.

Can I give you a lift?
- To a store, perhaps.

I'm Igor, remember? Rasha and I
had a farewell party before the

Army. Even served together,
till he was transferred.

I live in England now.
- It's you son!

He was transferred to Slovenia.
Your dad saw that you weren't.

He was a bigger shot than I was.

Fuck, we had no clue
where Rasha was!

We waited for him.
The Slovenian terri...

Terri...Terrifuckers! Kept them
surrounded for two months.

So, you're in England?

- Good for you.

In London? - No, near
Leeds? - Where exactly?

You know England well?
- Yorkshire, Lancashire...

I went there in the 60's with
some fuzzy commerce delegation,

to visit metal workers in Wales.

The English tried to sell us
some out of date technology.

Cunning, they were!

You're in Leeds?
- No. In Huddersfield.

Oodersfield, as
they say in Yorkshire.

England is a huge country.
- Not that huge really.

You're fucking with me?
- No.

It's not just what you see...

...what about the
islands, the colonies?

It's immense! Can't measure
the size of the fucking thing!

Oohh, neighbor!
What brings you here?

You're keeping an eye on
the place? You hungry? Thirsty?

Don't be scared.
- I'm waiting for Rasha...

Panties?! Did you
guys get some pussy?

Just you guys go ahead.
It's good for you!

You didn't get any? Your friend
fucked and left none for you?

He left you with the panties.
Did you smell them?

You want some brandy?

No thank you.
I'm on medication.

Screw medication!

Bring me my shot
glass, it's in the kitchen.

Here you are.
-Thank you.

If only my own son helped
me, like you did now...

If only he helped himself!

It's all gone to hell!

How's your Mom?
- She's fine, thanks.

Fine my ass. All alone with you.

She says you're bringing
whores in. - That's not true!

I know, I'm kidding!

I told her to find you a nice
lady and get you laid.

She took you around doctors...

...if she'd found you a whore,
you'd have been healed!

Look who's talking.Had I known
better, wouldn't live like this.

But you young generation...
You sold us out, you fuckers!

I gotta go now.

Go ahead neighbor.

Thanks for keeping an
eye on the place.

You are my only friend.
All the others are fuckers!

If I had you, I'd kill myself...

Maybe you're not
that crazy after all!

My wife gave birth to two idiots
and made another one - ME.

I gave her everything, and she
wasn't happy, motherfucker!

A nutcase is looking
after my home... home has gone to hell...

...and he's taking care
of it. Nutcase.

Never done it to anyone I wasn't
in love with. - How did it feel?

I liked it that HE liked
it. You didn't forget, did you?

Watch out, it's real strong.
-There'll be plenty of us.

Ohh, a party! - Rasa's friend
visits after 1 1 years... England.
- Fuck, 1 1 years!

Out of order? - Course it's out
of order, it ain't English!

This is Serbia! Healthy
living, loads of workout!

Who stuck this thing on here...

I'll stick my dick up his...

Did Rasa say when he'd be
back? We'll drop by later...

No! You sit down, eat,
drink, smoke... I'm off.

Gotta make my rounds, plenty of
drinking to be done!

'At Josa's', 'The Sweet Lamb',

'Banat' and 'The Dawn'.

Those are my homes!
Wanna come along?

No thank you. I'll
drop you off in my car.

I have a car. I sold it this
morning though...I think.

You wait here,
Rasha can't be far.

Whoever thought of that
curtain has a drink on me!

Where to?
-To 'The Dawn'!

See? A total mess! Pass it on...

Want some?
-No. Ok, maybe later.

Dad totally flipped when
they shut the plant down.

What about your mom
and sister? -Delirium.

Mom put up with him at first,
but left him 5 years ago.

She met a guy,
a bit older, well off.

My sister went
to live with them.

My brain is fried,
imagine how she feels.

Darling buds of May, huh...

Let daddy kiss to make
it better. Babes?

How old is she?

Old enough. High school. I help
her with a paper on 'Hamlet'.

When did you finish college?
- I didn't.

I never finished anything
I started. - Why not?

I haven't set foot out of
this shit-hole for five years.

I forgot where the college is...
- What do you live on?

Suffering... freelancing.

A column for the local paper,

Interviewing Belgrade
writers on the radio...

And you can live on that?
-See anyone 'living'?

You hit on kids, so...

No, pure fucking.
Porno 'Pygmalion'.

That's cool too.
- It's cool my ass.

And you? Gone for
1 1 years. Have a seat.

The place is fucked up, dad
takes something out every day.

He took the bathroom door today.

The freezer, the
bookcases, the heater...

And Doole? Looks like a yuppie
to me. What exactly does he do?

He bullshits! Runs a warehouse
for a guy selling Swiss candy.

He doubled in size.

It's money, right?
-Fuck money.

Comes weekend, he stays in bed
eating candy and watching TV.

He loves 'The Simpsons'.
- And you dont?

I don't have an
antenna, dad sold it.

I watch movies.
Porn and classics.

Russian fairytales.
- Russian fairytales?

The best trip! I sit on my own,
roll a joint and watch one!

Russians are crazy man! High
on mushrooms all the time!

That one...
- The underwater one?

-The one who speaks backwards?

-He's a guru man!

Baby, you ok?

The Welshmen
were telling us

Don't buy that crap
from the English...'s shittiest crap ever!
Gotta trust the Welsh...

The English were screwing
them for centuries!

Swansea! We were in
Swansea... some machinery...


Wonderful people, wonderful!

Not a sober minute between us...

I often thought of you.

Thought you were teaching
literature somewhere...

Maybe a book of poetry.
- Poetry?

You never published
the poems? - No.

Wanted to write a book on the
fall of the Slavic civilization.

On how none of the authentic
pagan rituals survived.

The Anglo-Saxons,
Celts, Normans, Aborigines

they all preserved their
deities, and the Slavs didn't.


The publisher was on fire.
- And?

I was too lazy to write.

Let her sleep it off.
Hamlet is fucking hard.

You always took that to heart.

To heart my ass.
I only respect the...

...Pioneers' hat and scarf.
That was a good trip.

'We are all one army'. Would
she screw around and

smoke weed if she had
to make an oath?

As I become a Pioneer, I
solemnly declare I will defend -

Good timing!

You mixed it up, that's
the People's Army oath.

I served in the Yugoslav Army,
not the People's Army.

That's why you're such an idiot.
Your chief was Milosevic.

I served the people,
and you served Slobo!

So you're enemies now? - Yes, so
we can exterminate each other.

Who's the kid?
-The kid is God.

Hitting on kids again?
- I'm telling you, God put on

small tits and tiny ass, and
came to visit the mortals.

And a pretty god it is.
- Don't fuck around with God.

May I take a leak then?

Could you explain what this is?
- A curtain.

Where's the door?
- Doors are boring.

Lets' have some fun. - Easy for
you to say, you make hard money.

Wanna switch?
- What are you doing over there?

Taking a leak, what else?
You made me miss now...

I work as a lab
technician in a firm

testing chemicals.

In Leeds? - I work in Leeds,
I live in Huddersfield

We'll move from Oodersfield, as
they say in Yorkshire, to Leeds.

You own a flat? A car?

I have a car, and I
rent an apartment

Got a girlfriend?


Her name is Ana, she's
Polish, a wonderful girl.


Jewish. If that matters at all.

We went to college together.
She's in grad school now.

Polish girls are so hot!

What do you know about
Polish girls? -They're pretty!

The 1 0 ? an hour Moldavians are
pretty for you. You don't screw.

Who doesn't screw? - You, pig,
you just jerk off and eat candy.

Your sperm is turning
into Swiss cheese...

When Doole screws,
he screws with discretion.

You've grown cobwebs on your
cock! - I fucked four hours ago.

For the first time?

I had some old broad. Not bad.
- The grandma took pity on you?

This broad's coming on to me
for a while. Smiling, winking.

Boring. You fucked a granny.
- She's 45. A real sex bomb.

Hail the king!
- King of the world!

I do the delivery, and I'm off.

Stay for coffee. Sure thing.

I take her to the basement...
- Iggy.

We're alone, she says. And I'm
like, you bet we are. - Igor!

You don't beleive me asshole!

What's Huddersfield like?

Doesn't matter. What
matters is I did get laid!

Working all the time. Trying
to keep in touch by e-mail.

You guys got e-mail?
- I do. At work.

I don't. Good job, Dad
would probably sell that too...

I'm getting married
next month.

Unreal. The guy's
planning months ahead.

That's how it is.
- No fucking way!

We can't count on being alive
next month. - Yes we can.

You better get used to it.

You're nuts. - We'll be like
the West, like England!

You think they'll come to your
door: 'Hello Mr. Nestle, here's

your Swiss bank account, your
stocks, you're a capitalist now'

Dream on! - The money's all
gone, and he sits there waiting.

I'm not waiting,
I'm slaving away.

Fucking grannies at lunchtime,
that's your progress!

Who the fuck are you
to talk like that?

You haven't lifted a finger in
5 years, you just spew shit...

...and hate everyone!
- I don't hate anyone.

He's fucked, Iggy. You're
33 and not a working day

in your life.
The new law is out.

If you want your pension, you'll
slave away till you're 90.

And untill then?
- What?

There will be no
pension, no nothing.

Wouldn't we all like to hang
out, talk crap and do nothing.

Tell him that the world's gone
to hell! Tell him how it is!

OK, the world has gone to hell,
but we can still drink to that!

Baby. Bathroom break?

I don't want you to fight now,
let's just chill. - Sorry.

I work a lot. I do my part, but
I don't like anyone riding me.

Why don't you help him?

Help him?
- Yes. His Dad's terrorizing him.

He should live on his own.
- He likes it.

He has this theory that
everything's 'falling apart'

so if everything IS falling
apart, it supports his theory.

So he's stuck.

He had this fall-out with
his parents five years ago.

You know about that?

So, he got disappointed.

He had another disappointment.

You haven't heard?

He had a girlfriend.

For five years.

They lived together in Belgrade
while he was at the Uni.

He worked for a while, paid
the rent, saw it all through.

And? Nothing?
- Nothing!

The bubble burst, and so did he.

I really like those...

cheek-bones of yours.

Very sexy.

I bet you're Mongolian...

Once upon a time, some
Mongol jumped your great-granny

and made a little Mongol and he
made your grandpa's grandpa.

And little by little, a hot
little Mongolian girl showed up

steaming all over the place.

Mongols will rise again, you
know! They'll fuck us all over,

...but they won't touch you,

When they see you, they'll say:
There's our little princess!

What does he want with this kid?

Don't have a clue!


He feels superior,
takes it out on kids.

Dumps one, finds another.
He's just making a mess.

Older women are cool.

Realistically speaking.

No strings attached.
- Hardly any strings anywhere.

- No, it's not.

You're talking
shit. Shit. Shit.

Like his shit. 'People
can't see or hear anyone'.


I love her.

We figured.

Kebabs are great.

I could use a bit of ketchup!
- Fucking ketchup.

Where were we?
- Middle row, first desk!

Radenovic. She married
a cop, has a kid.

Next to her...
- I know... Rasha what's her name?

I don't give a fuck
about the class morons.

Pavkovic Yasna!

Single, works for the city,
her dad fixed it.

She's a dog, she'll stay single.

Take it.

Then Vladan and Yaksic. Right?

Yaksic died in Kosovo.

No shit?

He was in an armored
unit. During the bombing.

I bumped into him, he pushes
his kid around in a stroller.

'Not at the front' I ask.
'I'll go back, we'll fuck NATO'.

And I'm thinking: 'If I had
a kid like that, I'd never go'.

Serbia is full of orphans.
Orphans and Kebabs.

Tough luck. They made
kebabs out of him!



Degree in IT, lives
in the States, works for IBM.

Behind them, Savic
and Stepanov.

Savic married a French
guy, lives in Paris

Stepanov sells fruit
at the market.

Krstic! Works with his dad,
designs business cards

and sells pirated
software. And Pinter?

He was inside for two years.
- Really?

'unlawful possession
of public property'.

Worked at a fish farm, had
a deal with the fishmongers.

Saw him on the market too,
selling stuff from Hungary.

There are worse things
than that. - What?

I said, there are worse
things than that.

Sure there are.

We're talking about
some people...

who went through the
same shit we did.

It doesn't really ring
any bells for you.

You weren't here.


What the fuck?

I'm asking you nicely:
What the fuck?

You fucked up my best
shirt you fucking moron!

Half of my month's pay!

I paid 70 Euros...

What the fuck are
you laughing at?

This will never come off!


Wait, he didn't mean it!

What are you laughing at?
This will never come off!

I'll tell you some
kindergarten jokes later.

You dickhead!

Awfully funny.

Shutup! Shutup!

We're listening to this song
five times in a row!

And we'll hear it for
another five times.

C'mon! Be a man!

Do you really live in England?

I really do.
- Horrible.

At a closer look, you do look
like an Englishman.

Why did you come back?
- I'm from here.

Yes Mom?

Why aren't you answering?

I was reading a book.

You hear this?

You won't be able to sleep
because of these junkies!

Go upstairs and tell them
to quiet down. Ok? - Ok.

Hey Ivan.

Ivan. Poet. Genius. What's up?

Mom sends me.
- What for?

She says to turn down the music.
- Say hi to Mom from me.

What are you up to?
- Reading something.

Wanna chill with us?

I don't know. - Tell mom we'll
quiet down and come back. Ok?


What fucking chill-out?
- What's with this guy?

You don't remember Ivan?
- Where from?

From high-school. The judoist.
- He lost 20 kilos.

That guy?!
-Tell me his not coming!

That's our high-school buddy.
- What happened to him?

He's gonna tell you. - Guys like
him don't talk to strangers.

I'll introduce you.
We'll have some fun!

Roll one honey, we'll go crazy!
- Crazy huh?

I'm looking for a donor,
to print his book of poetry

I can't believe it.
- What?

I'm craving some sweets.

Me too. Go get us some wafers.
- I'll miss the beginning.

Go get it!
-Ok, I'll go.

Where are you going?

Rasha has some friends
over, they invited me too.

They invited you?

They invited me.

Half'n hour. Ok?

C'mon in.

You've met Milla.

And this is Igor.

Want a kebab?
-No thank you.

Want some weed?
- No.

Want some ketchup?

There's none left,
it's all on me...

What did you do?

-No, I can't, you know that.

Ok, no weed for you.

Igor wants to make a donation
for the publishing of your book.

I told him your poetry was great,
he accepted, it's a done deal.


There is one condition.

We are serious people.

Tell him about your case, how
you developed your fears.

Tell him about that?

Everything you told me,
the treatment, your interests.

- Everything.

Ivan gets tired fast.
Skip a little...

...and I'll help you. Ok?

When did it all begin?

I was 1 3 at the time.

I was standing on the balcony.

It was the month of May,
a really hot afternoon.

Dad was still living with us.


...I felt scared.

The line between reality and
fantasy got blurred.

Fantasy flamed up.
- You were afraid of heights?

Yes, heights too, but... was an inexplicable fear.

I was in cold sweat,
Mom carried me inside.

I was recovering
for several days.

At the time, I read medical
encyclopedias, loads of stuff.

One could say you exaggerated.
- Yes. Yes.

Then I felt the fear
of sharp objects...

...and open spaces.

How old were you?
- Sixteen.

You started to study Yoga books?

Yes. At 1 7 there came the
fear of madness.

I was thorough with Yoga, I'd
read every book available.

You had a Yoga instructor?

Breathing and Yoga...

...relieved some of the fears.

Soon it was the 1 8th birthday.

I felt the fear of women.

I desired their company...

...but the fear of them
was much stronger.

What happened next?

All of a sudden the
fears disappeared.

I began to practice
the occult, Kabala.

I was carrying out exercises
with imaginary objects in space.

As a Judoist, I had no problem
with Yoga and Kabala.

I knew my body, I
was strong, flexible.

And black magic?


I only knew some people
who did rituals...

...with the inverted pentagram,
I never did that myself.

Who did that?
- I told you before.

It was your Yoga instructor?
- Goran.

During one of our
sessions, I noticed...

...a drawing in the room.
- Where exactly?

It was drawn on the
floor, very skillfully,

almost invisible, if
you don't look closer.

Inverted pentagram. - And
what did he try to do to you?

He tried to stick larvae to
my Aura. - Larvae?

I told you that before.

Larvae of negative energy,
people create them...

in order to stick them
to other peoples Aura's.

They penetrate your Aura, and
suck the good energy out.

But only if you are weak!

If you're strong, they can't do
it, and they fall off and die,

or move to someone else,

and suck energy to survive!

Then I went to the Army.
- And before that?

I don't know.
- When you fought 1 0 cops?

I'd rather not talk about that.
- I will then!

He barged in to a secret
ritual of the Free Masons.

Police stopped you, using force.

I located their meeting place,
and I wanted to expose them.

What was the place?
- A high-school.

Which one?
- I'd rather not say.

Ok, you won't tell us, maybe
it was our school.

What did I miss?
- A lot. Give me the wafers.

- Go ahead.

This is nougat.

You can't tell the difference.
You'll never get into Nestle!

Cashier was a granny? She could
have sold you a pile of shit.

These are fine. - I'll stick a
wafer in your fucking pocket,

to teach you the difference!
Wafers are black!

Cut the crap. What did I miss?

Sorry Ivan, please carry on.

Doole the granny-fucker, he
can't tell nougat from wafers.

Go on. You went to the Army?

In the Army my
condition deteriorated.

My training was very hard.
- Special forces?

I was real good at Judo,
weighed 20 kilos more than now.

How long did you manage? - The
training and another two months.

Then the insomnia started,
I couldn't communicate.

They sent me to Belgrade for
treatment, I was discharged.

The medications did not
let me read, or think.

My muscles weakened.

I'm getting tired,
may I sit down?

Of course, go ahead.

Wanna beer?
- Coffee please.

Baby, make some coffee.
- What?

Ivan wants some coffee.
- So that's it, huh?

Move your ass, be useful.
-Why don't you be of use to us?


Fuck off, that's how!

Instead of fucking him up.

Ah, a sweet little teenage shit
is just a perfect topper...

To the pile
of shit I live under.

Sorry, Ivan. Which medication?


suppresses sexual desire.

That's for Doole, to
stop his granny hopping.

for 'calm and collected thinking'

That one's for Rasha!

At 1 9 I was back at
the hospital again.

I was told to stay
away from books.

No Yoga, Kabala, the Tree
of life, Tarot, nothing!

For seven, no, eight years...

...I was on 407mg a day.

They reduced that later.

This is sad, sorry man.

They ruined the guy.
- 407mg, they should be put away.

They should've given him a
whore at 1 7. -Or a granny.

Sorry Ivan, the weed is fucking
us up, we can't control it.

It's not funny, sorry.

I'll piss myself!

Here you go.
- Thank you.

He'll be OK once
he's had the coffee!

He'll be born again!

Eight years...

He's embarrassed.

For eight years...

... I lived primarily
with the notion

that the essence of life

and understanding the World

was the idea of reincarnation.
- Fuck.

For three years

I worked at the iron-foundry
as manual labor.

I suffered a serious injury.

A part of my hip was removed.

I'm on disability pension since.

I'm 33.

I live with my mother now.

Three years ago I was baptized
in the Orthodox Church.


I take only 5mg
of 'Haloperidol'

for psychosis.

and 'Artan' 5mg

for prevention of seizures.

I like to walk.

I have one friend.

I walk to his home
and back every day.

That's me.

And you, Rasha,

you should keep
that book I gave you.

Neil Sorsky?
- Yes.

What does father Neil say?

Saint Anthony the great says:

Deep down

we should believe that we won't
live till the end of today.

Isn't he a genius?

Father Ivan the great.

A yogin, an alchemist,
a kabalist.

You see how difficult
the path to true faith is?

What kind of shit one has to go
through. 407mg a day for years.

After all that, you talk
directly to God Almighty!

Where has this man got to?


Destroyed mentally
and physically.

But writes some good poetry.

I'm kidding.

You can stick your
God in your pocket.

Let's show them your God.

I'll do it.

Here it is!

Haloperidol, nice
name for a God?

Hello, hello there,
I am your God!

What's he like?
Round, small, porous.

He may be small,
but he's your God!

Take your God, your Savior.

It's all so fucking simple.

What? Are we having fun yet?

You fucked him up.

He's my buddy.

You fucked him up real bad,
what kind of shit was that?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

I look after him every day.
I pull him out of his shit.

It took you half'n hour to fall
for it. He's possessive, bugs

me every day. His mother doesn't
talk to him as much as I do!

Tommorow he'll be back with
more. 'Importance of prayer.'

'Demons envy the
earnest praying man'.

I don't give a fuck about him.
Now I've fucked you up.

You stinkers.
- Cut the crap.

I give my Pioneers'
word of honor!

Go get me a beer.

Go get me a beer, I'll see
you again in 1 1 years.


Let's put the tape on,
to get us going.

What tape?

Home fucking video baby.
- Are you crazy, you asshole!

Wait, these are my friends.

What's this? Fucking...

I know this guy!

And the old lady?

Her too.

Small town on the prairie.
Everyone knows everything.

It's that lawyer and his wife.

You fucked the granny?
- No.

You cunt!

You stinking motherfucker!

Her Dad, and her Mom.


Why did you put it
on? What's wrong with you?

You're sick. I'm leaving.
- Yeah?

You're only moral till some
granny grabs your balls.

I've had enough,
I'm getting sick!

We're all sick...

Where the fuck do you get
off with all this pontification?

You never did anything with your
life, you just shit on people!

Go figure yourself out, man!
You're your own worst enemy!

At least I managed to
draw your attention.

I already know all that shit
about people's attention span!

How long you've lasted
listening to me!

Nobody listens to anybody,
nobody sees anyone...'s all just blips and
dots and fragments!

You think this conversation has
a point? -Probably not. I'm off.

You're off. Where to?

I don't give a fuck!

Who cares what the
fuck we talked about!

You think I care what he
did in Yorkshire for 1 1 years!

If he's fucking the
Polish girl or not.

You're right, it's OK.

We are zeros! Dickheads!

If we took 407mg...

... we wouldn't know who we are
in a couple of years!


That's not my shirt anymore!

I can't listen to you any longer.

...and I'm sorry
we part like this.

Pathos. Of the worst kind!

I'm tired.

I work tomorrow.


...I'll see you around.

It seems we overdid it tonight.

Once every 1 1
years. Quite enough.

How did the time pass for you?
- Fast.

But I managed to
get a lot of things done.

And for you?

Fast, but I haven't
got anything done.

I didn't know, Doole told me
about this girlfriend of yours.

Five years...

Seven months... and 22 days.

If only you knew how
much I built into that.

My love was a cathedral.

Now it's the
prettiest ruin around.

I could turn it into
a tourist attraction.

I go to sleep with it,
I wake up with it.

Doesn't go away.

You know what really fascinated
me in Huddersfield? A lion.

As in an animal?
- No. A sculpture.

A big, white, stone lion.
It looked so familiar.

Cheered you up? - It did. It
reminded me of our Town Park.

Is that stone lion still
there? The sleeping one?

It's there.

Remember how we liked to ride
it as kids? I have a photo.

I also have it. The yellow stone
lion sleeps, I ride on his back.

The one over there is white,
and this one is yellow.

What's your problem?

The cathedral is
ruined, so what?

You said it: Doors are boring.
Cathedrals are boring too.

Cheer up, live a little!
Come visit me.

Catch a plane, and come visit.

How lonely you think I
felt in the past 1 1 years?

Walked around,peeked through the
windows, watched people live.

I didn't hate them.

I only envied them.

Everything I do
is trying to make a home.

Over there, here,
doesn't matter.


See this?

A thousand dinars,
bus fare to her.

I'm keeping it.

Stupid. But I keep it.

It's late.

I'm fading. I'm tired.

That's the only good thing that
bastard Hamlet thought of.

It's almost a patriotic act.

I forgot to tell her why he
brought Fortinbras over.

That's what we need. The
Turks! The Mongols! Whoever!

Foreign rule would
strengthen our unity.

We could hate them!

It's good for spiritual life.

Good for the birth rate!

That's important shit.

Our lion is yellow because we
piss all over what we've got.

I've tried to help you.

I've tried everything.

Unlike you,

I never did it insincerely...

or with the intention
of insulting you.

You have lied to me...

...and you have insulted me.

Last night was difficult for me.

Very difficult.

I've burnt all my manuscripts.

They weren't the real me.

You stirred up my imagination,

approved of my weaknesses...

...and envied my true faith
and spiritual peace.

Who's that?

Your judge.
- Ivan, is that you?

Prepare to face the truth.

What the fuck...

I know you can hear me.
I know you're not sleeping.

A demon needs
neither sleep nor rest.

God forgive me.

Wake up!

Who did this to you?

C'mon son!


Who did this to you?

What dad, what!

You're covered in blood.

It's ketchup dad.
- What?

Ketchup, ketchup.

Motherfucker! You wanna kill me?

You want me dead?

I'm calling the police! I'll
tell them you want to kill me.

They'll put you in the hole.

I'll so report you!

Police! Police!

Rasha. It's me.

There you are.

I have to tell you something.

I've been thinking, you see.

I'll never find a girlfriend.

I mean, I'll never
have kids, a family of my own.

I like your girlfriend.

She's so pretty. Very pretty.

And you are a smart young man.

Handsome too.

You deserve to have somebody.

Everybody needs somebody.

And if I did something
wrong last night...

I wanted to apologize
to you and your friends.

And to your girlfriend.

Milla. Right?

- Milla.

Please give them
my sincere apologies.

I've fucked up everything.

What's the matter?

You probably wanted to be
alone, I barged in like this.


I dreamt of you last night...

You dreamt of me?

I'm sorry, Ivan...

Forgive me man.

What's the matter?

I fucked everything up.

What's with you?

Shall I bring you
something to calm down?


Sometimes it's best
to have a good cry.

Go on.. I'm here, don't worry...

I'll be here.

Look what I brought you.

Look. My masterpiece.

I found it.

You made this?

Isn't it obvious? The ugliest
thing I've ever seen.

What is it?

I wanted to make a
portrait of my mother

But as you see
it doesn't look like her.

My teacher suggested
I name it 'Fatherland'.

So, to bring the two together
I named it 'Mother-Fatherland'.

It's not bad at all!

Why is her mouth so wide open?

She's shouting. Admonishing.

Warning. And she's in pain.

If you like it...'s a gift from me.

I like it.

I really like it.

Good. Would you like
a nice cup of coffee?

No.... You sit down,
I'll make it.

Your father mentioned the
police. Are they coming for you?


...or tea?


Listen, if they come...'ll defend me.

I will.

You will?
- I will.

That poem is great, man.

- 'Snail'.

And you like the sculpture
too, you said so.

Mother - Fatherland
- Mother - Fatherland.