Huda's Salon (2021) - full transcript

Nadia, a young mother married to a jealous man, goes to Huda's salon in Bethlehem, for a haircut and an attentive ear. But this ordinary visit turns sour when Huda, after having put Nadia in a shameful situation, blackmails her to have her work for the secret service. As Nadia escapes the salon, that same night, Huda is arrested by Hasan. They find nameless pictures of all the women Huda recruited, including Nadia's. Huda knows that she will be executed the moment she gives up the names. She tries to bide herself as much time as possible.

Huda's Salon

- It's hot.
- Oh, sorry.

It's all right.

Why is the place empty today?

You know, Reem, nowadays
everyone does their own hair.

- Is it better now?
- Yes, thanks.

The world is changing so fast,
I don't understand it anymore.

They go to YouTube,
and copy haircuts poorly

dye it with awful colors,
and have the nerve to call it fashion.

It's a disaster when everyone
thinks they're an artist.

- Filming and sharing everything online.
- Right.

Have you seen the latest haircuts
on Facebook?

Facebook is a disaster in itself.
Listen to this:

My sister sent me pictures of two pairs
of shoes that she couldn't decide on.

Then Suad sends me a message.

- Suad Kasim?
- No, Diab.

The Mosquito?

- The one with the shoe shop?
- Let me continue.

She said that the brown shoe is better.
But how did she know that?

I called her to figure it out.

I'd hit the 'share' button by mistake. All
my photos went straight to my Facebook.

Half of the city saw my pictures.
Nobody commented, except the Mosquito.

What a lowlife.

She wanted to remind you to buy from her.
Her shoes are ugly like her face.

Exactly. She pestered me about
why we don't buy from her anymore.

So, I had to promise
that I would visit her shop.

Despicable woman.

Between you and me:
Facebook is a real pain in the ass.

God knows what they put in our asses,
and who's benefiting from all of it.

What I want to know is,
why do we use it for free?

Because we're idiots. They sell us
like stupid cattle at the farm show

and then we thank God for it.
We're just like this joke.

A girl asks her friend: 'Did you marry
for tradition or out of love?'

She answers: 'Out of stupidity.'

- All done.
- She has a point.

Oh, what's the matter? My baby.

What is it now?

Lost your dummy?

Damn, my wrinkles
are taking over my face.

Having a kid really ages you.

With or without a kid,
you're going to age.

So, tell me, where have you been?

Seems like you disappeared
since you got married.

- My husband barely lets me breathe.
- Oh, God. How come?

He still thinks
I'm in love with someone else.

- Are you?
- How can you love anyone in this dump?

- Right. So tell him.
- I did.

He says he loves me too much,
so he struggles to believe me.

Girl, you don't love him.
And he feels it. End of story.

I mean, I was in love with him
when we were engaged.

But after we got married,
he started to drive me nuts.

- He wasn't the same Yousef.
- They're all the same.

Enough about men.
When will you go back to work?

You have golden hands. Ever since you left
Rita's Salon, her place is a mess.

When Lina is a little older,
I might open my own salon.

Would your husband agree to that?

Who cares? He wants me to stay home,
but it's not up to him.

- God bless your daughter.
- Thanks.

What about you?

What about your kids? Can you still
not see them? Or visit them in Hebron?

- What would you like to drink?
- Coffee, please. To wake me up.

Sure. But let me put you
under the hairdryer first.

You still use this thing?
It's suffocating.

It won't need long.

I'm so sick of sitting at home.
I'm so glad I could come here.

Always welcome.
Even just to have a coffee.

Yeah, I should do that more.

Look. The best cup of coffee.

- For the prettiest girl in town.
- Thank you.

- Did you add cardamom? It's bitter.
- I didn't.

It's a new blend. It'll grow on you.

What would you like me to do today?

- Just a trim? Maybe with bangs?
- Certainly.

I look like a baboon in your mirror.

It's not my mirror, sweetie.
You're just a little down.

I had a row this morning.

We'll get your hair done.
You'll feel a lot better.

No, no, forget it, just style it.

My head is killing me.

Move your ass.


You couldn't find someone thinner?
I have back problems.

Next time I'll bring you a catalog.
Picky bastard.

Listen, 200 shekels is not enough.

The taxi here and back costs me 50.

If you want me to come back,
you must pay me at least 300.

Shut up, you're giving me a headache.

Then find someone else.

- I have work to do.
- Strip her down.

You boss me around.

Telling me to get dressed
and undressed. It's not easy.

I'd rather stay home.

- Need help to open her eyes?
- No, go get ready.

Hurry up.

I said I can manage.

Hands, you pervert. Get up.

Where am I?


What happened?

I took it.

I'm not going to drag this out.
We want you to work with us.

- Who... Who are you?
- Secret Service.

Secret Service for...

The occupation?

Who is this guy?

What did he do to me, Huda?

I know you're shocked.
It's going to take time.

But don't worry,
I did not let him touch you.

Huda. You know Yousef
will never believe me.

Such a man is useless.

How could you?


Why? I have a child.

You want me to become a traitor.
How could you?

Calm down.

Calm down.


There's nothing you can do.
It is what it is.

Don't shout. You don't want anyone
to find you like this.

If you tell your husband
or anyone else

the Secret Service will be ruthless.

And your daughter will pay the price.

We're all in the same boat.


But why me?

People are strange.

When something bad happens to them,
they ask God, 'Why me?'

But never
when something good happens.

Even though it's all God's will, no?

- God's will?
- Yes.

I understand you.

I know it's not easy.

This is the number
of a guy named Musa.

If you have any helpful information,

wanted rebels, weapons, anything,

give him a call and he'll reward you.

You're disgusting.

Keep it.

Cut it out. You're not a little girl.

It won't hurt to keep it.

If you choose not to use it,

the photo is my guarantee
that you won't snitch on me.

Let me finish your hair before you leave.


A woman with a child just rushed out.

She clearly wasn't there for her hair.
Should I follow?

Why didn't you get your hair cut?

I didn't have time.

You left early.
All this time with your boyfriend?

- Please.
- I'm kidding.

It's not funny.

Should I mash it and feed her?
Much better than processed food.

She's still too young.

- Did you even try?
- She's too young.

Let me. I'll try.

Here, Lina. Open wide.

Come on. Trust me,
don't be stubborn like your mom.

Come on.

She took a bite.
Oh, no... Come on.

Yousef, you shouldn't.

Fine, see if I care.

Love, what's wrong?

I told you, my stomach hurts.

- Have some tea.
- I had some.

What will you cook tomorrow?

I don't know. Why?

My mother and siblings will join us.

The more the merrier.

Love, what's wrong?


Do you not want them to come?

This again?

Okay, relax.

Want to make us coffee?

We ran out.

Yousef, for God's sake, not today.

You say that every day.

My stomach hurts
and I don't want another fight.

We're done fighting.

- Why are you so moody lately?
- I swear it's nothing.

I know you.

Something is bothering you.

Yousef, if I died, what would you do?

What's wrong with you?

What is it?

Would you marry someone else?

You know I never would.

There's no one else in my heart but you.

Why not? Who would take care of Lina?

Love, what is it?

What are you afraid of? Tell me.

I feel like I'm going to die very soon.

God forbid. Let it be me instead.

- I'm serious.
- Me, too.

- Can I trust you?
- Of course.

Then why don't you trust me?

Why can't you believe
that there's no one else?

Yousef, go check on Lina.


I'm coming, sweetie.

I'm here.

Naughty girl.

You're burning up.

Yousef, Lina has a fever.


Holy Mother. What's going on?
Who are you? Get away from me.

This is the one I saw leaving.

- Do you know where she went?
- No. You told me to watch the salon.

Who is this? You know her?

Safaa. May she rest in peace.

Pay attention to the faces.

Wait, wait.

This guy...

- Said Al-Qazaz, I know him.
- Who is he?

- Some lowlife, I know him.
- What are you waiting for?


Come on.

Lina, Lina, little one.

Your hair is black and soft.

Anyone who holds you loves you

and will never let you go.

I swear to God I know nothing.
I just get 200 shekels per photo.

I've told you before, I want names.

I just know they work for Huda.
I swear, I don't know them.

Start talking.
Which of these girls do you know?

I'd give you their names
if I knew, I swear.

Have mercy. I have kids to feed.


The only thing I know about Huda
is that she's divorced.

And her sons left her. That's all I know.
You've got believe me. It's the truth.

You're going to die anyway.

We're going to burn you
whether you speak or not.

If you want to live a little longer,
speak up.

Stop. Don't do this.

How do they communicate?
Tell me. Who runs them?

Speak up. How do they work?

I don't know. I really don't.
I was just a model.

- What did you do to those girls?
- I was just the goddamn model.

- Seems like he really doesn't know.
- Isam, tell him. Please God, help me.

Now you want God to help you?

- You want God's mercy?
- Yes, mercy.

Listen, you had no mercy
for any of those girls.

Now you want God's mercy?

If you were just a traitor,
I'd have ended you with a bullet.

But you're filthier than a rapist.

We'll burn you to feel the same pain
you inflicted on these women.


No, please. Have mercy.


So, what?

Those girls are not guilty.

I'm the one who's guilty
and I'm ready to die.

Anything else you want to know
I can tell you.

But I won't give you any names.

It's not about who's guilty or not.

Having traitors among us is catastrophic.

- Why should their families pay the price?
- You should have asked yourself that.

Look, I know the pain
their families will suffer.

But as the resistance,
we have no other choice.

Traitors in our society
are like a cancer in the body.


It also kills healthy cells.

Not just cancerous ones.

But in the end...

we all just hope
that chemo leads to recovery.

Bravo. You memorized that by heart.

Listen, you bitch.

You think you can play around with me?

I could crush you with my bare hands.

Congrats. She's going to have a girl.

Oh, God. Her fourth girl.

- Are you sure it's a girl?
- Only God can be sure.

- Isn't there another test to be sure?
- Ma'am, it's all in God's hands.

- Did you hear about Samira?
- No, what happened?

She has breast cancer
and she won't tell her husband.

- Poor girl. Why?
- She's afraid he'll divorce her.

Poor Samira. That's terrible.

She'd rather die than get a divorce.
Can you believe it?

Leave the names aside.
We'll get back to them.

Let's hear your story first.

- What do you want to know?
- Everything.

Why did you betray your people?

The Secret Service caught me with a man
and threatened me.

Either they expose me and my husband
kills me, or I work for them.

You make me feel you're the victim here.
Why cheat in the first place?

- Do you know my husband?
- I haven't had the honor.

Try living with him one day
and get back to me.

There are a thousand ways to leave him
on good terms.

- Then remarry on good terms.
- Oh, really?

Do you think you're living in Sweden?

Aren't you divorced? And you're here.
Not in Sweden.

I had to wait till my kids were older.
And now I'm not allowed to see them.

How is that right?
I was the one who raised them.

I know that our society
needs a good wake-up call.

But you can't right a wrong
with a wrong.

- You're about to do just that.
- How so?

You want to punish those girls,
but I'm the guilty one.

Are you married?

So, you pick them young and pretty?

If you want information, at least pretend
you're open to a conversation.

- What do you want to know?
- Can I get some water?

Next, please.

What's wrong, my dear?

If you need help, just tell me.

death to traitors

My job was simply to recruit the girls.

- How much did they pay you per girl?
- 1,200 shekels.


But when Facebook came out,
they reduced it to 800.

I don't need to take pictures now.
People publish their own scandals.

How many girls did you compromise?

- Count.
- I did.

- How many?
- 15.

- So why do you ask?
- Maybe there's one with no photo?

And if there is,
do you really think I'd tell you?

What kind of information
did they have to provide?

The usual. Weapons, wanted rebels...

- How much were the girls paid per snitch?
- Not much.

Less than 800, but I don't know exactly.

They mainly want permits for checkpoints.
Not money.

So did they ask you to bring them down?
Did they choose the girls?

No, I chose them.

I agreed to bring a girl every 3 months.
It was the minimum they agreed to.

And how did you choose the girls?

Why one and not another?

I chose girls
whose husbands were assholes.

Oh, my God.
No one is going to believe you.

It's going to fuel
all of Yousef's suspicions.

The bigger problem is
if they find my photo.

No one will believe that
I'm not a traitor.

Why don't you swear to them
on the Quran that you're innocent?

Even if the resistance believes me,
people won't.

I'm going to die, Azza. I'm going to die.

What are you going to do now?

I must speak to Huda
and figure out what's going on.

But she's probably in their hands now.

And how will you get to her
without drawing attention?

Should I call her?
Maybe she snuck her phone in.

And if someone else answers?

I'll pretend to be a client
who wants an appointment.

- I don't have many options.
- What if they get your number?

So what? If they don't have my photo,
I've got nothing to worry about.

And if they do, then it
doesn't make a difference.

That's it, I'm calling.


- Is Huda there?
- No, who's speaking?

I want to make an appointment
for a haircut.

Sure. Who's speaking?

Can I speak to Huda directly?

That's not possible.
She can't come to the phone right now.

Okay, then I'll call back later.

- Who should I tell her called?
- It's not important.

I can tell her. I work for her.

Why are you afraid to give your name?

I'm not afraid, but I don't know you.
Why would I give you my name?

So you didn't hear the news
and you simply want a haircut?

- What news?
- Come on, do you think I'm that stupid?

Fine, tell me what you know
about Huda.

Better call him back.

Believe me, we won't leave you alone,
even if hell freezes over.

We'll drag you in by your ears.

God help us.

Don't tell anyone at home
that I know.

If they find out,
I'll be implicated with you, Reem.

I'm sorry, Reem.

I'm sorry I can't help. I'm sorry.

They don't have your picture.

We would have heard about it by now.
Trust in God.

I have to find a way to protect
Lina and Yousef,

in case they find my picture.

I have to.

I had no one to help me.
A desperate woman is a cornered cat.

- Scared, but also scary.
- You? Scared? Even death fears you.

The same goes for you.
I think we can relate on this point.

- But I am afraid of death.
- Really?

It doesn't seem like it.

A freedom fighter
on the most wanted list.

Everyone fears death. Some people
just know how to play the game.

Most don't.

Looks like you and I know how to play it.

I decided if this day came,
I'd play it grand.

And not beg for my life.

So you knew this day would come?

I'll tell you,
but you need to talk first.

Why did you join the resistance?

Your secret is safe with me.
You know I'm headed for the grave.

I just want to hear your story first.

Why are you so curious?

I'd like to know the story
of the last person I'll see.

I'll tell what you want to know
if you tell me what lives inside you.

When I was 11,
I had a friend called Muhanad.

I tried to persuade him to throw rocks
at an army patrol jeep.

He was afraid at first.

I accused him of being a coward.

He wanted to prove me wrong
so he came with me.

There, I tried to persuade him
to throw the rock.

A really big one.

He refused, so I did it myself.

The soldiers chased us.

Muhanad managed to escape.
But they caught me.

I swore to them that it wasn't me.

One soldier slapped me so hard,
I got dizzy.

Then he asked: 'Who did it then?'

I was so afraid,
I told him it was Muhanad.

They forced me
to take them to his house.

When we got there...

they shot him in front of his parents.

Why did you bring others down
with you?

For the same reason
you brought down Muhanad.

When it comes down to your life
or that of others,

what choice can you make?

Who is she?

Who is she?

Who is she?

Why did you hide this photo
in particular?

Find me this one as soon as possible.

Huda hid it. I feel she's different.
She may be the key.

- She is the one I saw yesterday.
- Exactly.

That's why we must find her.


- What's wrong?
- I don't know what to tell you.

You are worrying me.

This time I won't listen.
I'm leaving for Jordan.

- Dear God. Why?
- Because.

I am not sure Yousef will stand by me
no matter what.

I don't get you, Reem.
Do you want to leave Yousef?

Girls today think marriage is bliss,
but darling, it takes effort.

If you can fix the situation, fix it.
I don't have a magical solution.

- Must Lina grow up in a broken home?
- Better than a devastated one.

What are you babbling about?
You can't even travel.

Your brother-in-law is in jail.
As a relative, you're banned from travel.

You'd need a permit from
the Secret Service.

How would you get one?

Bye, Mom.

You chose women suffering in silence
at the hands of their asshole husbands.

That way you could be sure they would
keep quiet on what you did.

It's not the main reason.

Oh, you have a main reason?

Working with the Secret Service
gave these girls a sense of strength.

By blackmailing them?

They stood up to their husbands
once they got some courage.

By collaborating with the enemy?
The occupation?

Which enemy?

Everyone is an enemy.

It's easier to occupy a society
that is already repressing itself.

You're exhausting me. You keep
bringing us back to square one.

To waste time.
But your time is up.

I know you like this song.
Don't you?

So you think you're a freedom fighter?

You only flex your muscle on the weak.

You choked me.
You're just another sad little hypocrite.

- What kind of a devil are you?
- Go on, then. Hit me.

Show me how strong you are.

That's not what I'm here for.

I have a specialist waiting outside.

Don't force me to bring him in.

Do you know why you're upset?

- You're now a part-time psychologist?
- No, I've just known a lot of men.

How fabulous.

You're upset because you're self-righteous
and I am exposing you.

Oh, sweet patience.

You told me your story,
so you think your crime is laid to rest?

You're a coward
playing the freedom fighter.

Listen, you.

I don't give a shit what you think of me.

I'm just trying to decide

whether I should use force myself

or whether I should bring
in the specialist.

Someone like Huda needs
someone like me.

Man, what's wrong?
What's with you?

Why won't you let me try? I'll have her
cough up the names in no time.

Anyway, about this girl. I'm calling
all the numbers in Huda's cell phone.

I'll trick them by offering clemency
in exchange for cooperation.

- If we find her, we're done.
- I will, even if she's six feet under.

"Tell me, Dad,
how did my infidel wife treat you?"

The dad answers, "Son, it's not her.
Your mom's the infidel here."

Good one.

So she served him
and ceased to be an infidel?

Don't push it.

An infidel has nothing to do
with religion;

it's all about your behavior.

But your brother emphasized
the fact that

after the wife served the man,
she ceased to be an infidel.

If it was about
how she interacts with kids

then it would be a different story.

Wady, what is the moral here?

Nothing, it's just a joke.
I was joking. That's all.

You're quiet, Reem.
You're usually such a chatterbox.

- I'm just listening.
- So what do you think?

Is a woman an infidel
in how she treats her husband?

Of course,
it's how she treats her husband.

Then you're definitely an infidel.

My infidel wife would be upgraded
to an atheist.

If any of you were my husbands,
I would have divorced you.

How do you deal with these morons?

- Sahar, watch your tongue.
- Let's change the subject.

When is Lina going to get
a little brother?

Or a sister.

Is this what happens to girls
when they go to university?

We should have sent you to Deir el Zour
and let ISIS set you straight.

- That's what she needs.
- For real, Reem.

When will you have another one?

When we've finished fixing up the house.

- Will you change this color?
- What's wrong with it?

Nothing, I just feel like
I'm in a fish tank.

Honestly, right now one is enough.
We're barely managing with this one.

What do you care?
Your wife has no job.

I'm looking for one.

Our expenses are high.

And we want to send Lina
to a university abroad later.

So she can come back with an infidel?

- We laughed. Enough, now.
- Listen, listen.

Did you hear about the scandal
at Huda's salon?

Oh, right. I heard about it yesterday.

Her exposure led to
at least a thousand traitors.

- I'll get the coffee.
- How was she discovered?

One of her victims committed suicide,
leaving an emotional letter.

Every traitor will be exposed,
sooner or later.

I just tried to help myself
as well as these girls.

Helping them how?
By destroying their lives?

You pretend you were
doing these girls a favor,

when in reality you were stripping them
of their dignity and blackmailing them.

Take a good look.

You stripped them against their will.

It's worse than rape. That is just once.
This extortion goes on forever.

And what's worse,
you're playing the victim card.

You're delusional.

You can lie to me.

- But to lie to yourself?
- You piece of shit.

Who do you think you are?

Who are you to judge me?

Fine, I'm a piece of shit.
But what does that make you?

the latest research states

that women who don't give birth,
keep their beauty.

I know what I'm talking about.

- I wish your mother had kept her beauty.
- What?

Excuse me.

She's joking, right?

- Hello?
- Don't hang up. Listen until the end.

I want to help you.
If you help us find Huda's sons,

I promise we'll wipe your slate clean.
This is the best we can offer you.

I'm not a traitor nor a snitch.
Please don't call again.

- I told you not to call.
- Wait, wait.

Are you the one who visited
the salon yesterday?

What are you doing?

Are you completely crazy?

- Who keeps calling you?
- Nobody.

01:00:34,250 --> 01:00:35,833

01:00:36,958 --> 01:00:38,375

Take a look.

This is in the south end of town.

Zaki, Atef. Go with Isam.
Find the owner of this number.

What kind of joke was that,
in front of my mother?

'I wish your mother had kept her beauty?'
She left upset.

I went above and beyond for them.
What else do you want from me?

Reem, this is my family.
Not guests from Mexico.

Should I put on a show for them?

There's no pleasing your mother.
I can never do anything right.

- Reem, please.
- So it's all my fault?

I've been cooking all day
and you make out that I'm lazy.

Why did you call me an infidel?

Darling, that was a joke.
Reem. To make you less pouty.

I know you too well, you meant it.

When have you ever come home
and found no food on the table?

Or a house that was not clean?

As if this is just about
cooking and cleaning.

- You've never said one nice thing to me.
- As if you're such a Romeo.

All you ever say is, 'Where were you?
Who did you see, who drove you?'

Here we go again.

Reem, I have the right...
Reem, look at me.

It's my right to know everything you do

especially when I've never felt,
not once, that you love me.

And your eyes are always wandering.

My eyes?
Do you know why?

Because my eyes stopped seeing
you as a man.

A single word can flatten you.

This is your grandma's house. I can't move
a chair without your mom's permission.

Reem, you're going too far.

You better hold that tongue of yours.

I swear, Yousef, one more word
and I'm leaving this house.

You are not giving up the names

because you know you will die right after.

If you think I'm stealing minutes,
you're wrong.

I've been expecting this moment to come
for a long time.

I'm ready.

We both know you're a liar.

If you are really so brave,

then at least admit that you caused
a lot of pain to a lot of people...

including these girls.

It's just a matter of time
until we catch her.

We've got her number.

Do you have any idea
what will happen to her?

- Take a left here.
- Are we getting close?

- How accurate is this device?
- About a 50-meter radius.

It should be easy.
There are just a few houses.

If there's someone else in your life,
tell me. I can't deal with this anymore.

Would you believe me if I said
there's no one else?

Reem, love. Calm down.

Tell me what's going on?

What's going on?

Would you believe me if I told you?

Can I trust you if I told you?

Yeah, I thought so.

I'm listening.

What's the deal?

It's better for you not to know.

You know what, Reem?
You're not the one leaving the house.

I am.


With your wit, you could have
saved those girls...

and found yourself an escape route, too.

You think so?

Out of the frying pan into the fire.
What escape route are you talking about?

You should have come to us.

Just like Safaa?

- So she snitched on me?
- How did you know?

Her picture isn't here.

Safaa is much better off
than you are right now.

Really? In what way better?

If you don't kill her,
the Secret Service will.

No, Safaa committed suicide.

I told you, I'm all alone in the house.

- Sorry to bother you.
- You're welcome.

And what you did to your kids
is even worse.

Tell me.

How are Wajdi, Nabeel
and Karam doing?

So now you've suddenly decided
to play good cop?

They hate you, right?

You claim their father forbade them
to see you.

They're older now, though.

They could have come looking for you.
Why haven't they?

Their father made them hate me.

It's because you're selfish.

If you loved them in the first place,

and cared for them,

no force in the world could have
made them hate you.

He took them away.

They were not allowed to see me.

I gave them all that I could.

You're not the only victim in this world

but you're the kind that uses it
to run away from your responsibility.

Even towards your children.

You'll die in an hour, while your kids
will hate you for the rest of their lives.

Besides neglecting them,

you've also brought
them nothing but shame.

Did you know Wajdi, Nabeel
and Karam contacted us?


Not to see if you were all right.

Because they want to kill you themselves.

To wash off the shame and the pain
you brought them.

We want the names, Huda.

Before they fall deeper into the clutches
of the Secret Service.


We're looking for a young woman
with dark hair. We need to take a look.

- Hello?
- Hello? Who's this?

- Wrong number.
- How's it wrong? You called me.

- It was a mistake.
- No problem, have a good day.

- Wait, wait. Are you Musa?
- Yes.

Huda gave me your number,
and they say she was caught.

I'm banned from traveling abroad.
Could you get me a travel permit?

I must leave today.

- What's your name?
- Reem.

Reem what?

- Could you?
- Of course I can.

Let me check your file.

- This is the first time I've called you.
- So you don't have a file.

Don't worry. You're in the clear.

But she took my photo
and if they find it, my life is over.

- I have a daughter.
- I understand, but I can't help you.

You haven't helped us with anything.

To protect you and your daughter,
we need information from you.

But they have my number.
They are going to find me.

I understand, but we're state-run.

In order to help you, I need to
access a file and you don't have one.

Give me any piece
of useful information...

I don't have any information.

Then pray that your photo doesn't
fall into the hands of the terrorists.

What kind of information do you want?

Let's start with you.
Who are you? How old are you?

How old is your daughter?
Who's your husband?

Who are you talking to?

Nobody. My mom.

- Give me your phone.
- No. It's mine.

- Give it to me.
- No.

Give it.

- Hello? Reem?
- Who is this?

Who was that?

Where is Lina's basket?

- Yousef, listen.
- Reem, get away from me.

Yousef, just listen to me.

I'm in trouble
and I need you to stand by me.

It's not someone else.
That man is named Musa.

I needed his help.
If you don't believe me, call him.

Help with what?

This is bigger than having someone else.

Everyone is going to think that...

It's Huda.

Yesterday, I was at Huda's salon
and she drugged me...

Huda's salon?

If the resistance find my photo,
my life's over.

I couldn't tell you.
I wasn't sure if you would stand by me...


If we want to protect Lina,
we have to leave this country.


Yousef, what are you going to do?

Where are you going?
Wait. Wait.

Yousef, just listen to me.

To protect Lina,
we have to get away from you.

And you need to find a way
to clear your name.

I knew it.

Go. You're nothing to me.

The phone is moving
and I just saw a guy leaving in his car.

Reem, listen carefully. I will help you.

But pay attention.
You have to do exactly what I tell you.

Don't mess about
with the Secret Service.

In 30 minutes, call the guy calling you.
Tell him to come pick you up. Okay?

Who should they fear more?
Us or the Secret Service?

I honestly don't know.

But I hope you're a good man.

Are you?

Promise me your guys
won't hurt those girls.

Of course they won't.
They'll lead us to their handlers.

Let them help you find Musa.

Sanaa Ali Rabeh.

- Hello?
- Listen.

- Come and get me now.
- So you've changed your mind?

- I'm ready to face the consequences.
- Give me your address then.

Bustan Al-Beik.
And you'll need to break the door open.

Strange. She wants us
to break down the door.

- Shall I go get her?
- It could be a setup.

Shall I just watch the house?

- Be careful. Go.
- Okay.


Did my sons really contact you?


I'm sorry.

- I have one last request.
- Sure.

I don't want to be tortured to death.

Can I be shot?

And not in my face?

I will respect that.

Either way, no one will retain
a good image of you.

I just hope you will.

If I spared your life...

what would you do?

What happened to Reem?

My guys are interrogating her husband.

She really is innocent.
She never did anything wrong.

Believe me.

Why is she so important to you?
Why her?

I see myself in her.

Not in her head.

This is Hassan speaking.
Your husband is safe with us.

- And my daughter?
- Your daughter, too.

Listen, we need you to help us
get to Musa.

- Do you hear me?
- Why? What happened?

Don't worry, we know you're innocent.
You didn't do anything wrong.


I just want to let you know...
Your photo... We burned it.

And we want you on our side.


Reem? Hello?