Huck and the King of Hearts (1994) - full transcript

Taking place in the 1990's, Huck and his card shark friend, Jim, travel from California to Nevada searching for Huck's long-lost grandpa. Along the way, a deceived card player chases the two across the states with his two, less intelligent, sidekicks.

(gentle music)
(birds chirping)

(line whirring)

- I told you to cut that
wood before you went fishing.

- I'm sorry, Russ, I was gonna be back

before you got up, but my watch is slow.

- Yeah, well that junk watch
just got you a whippin'.

I oughta toss this thing in
the garbage where it belongs.

- No Russ, that belongs to my grandpa,

and my grandpa gave it to my daddy.

- Oh, well, then I guess it belongs to me.

'Cause now I'm your daddy.

- (moaning) No Russ.

- [Lisa] You didn't have to whip him.

- Boy's gotta learn to listen.

- You give that back to him,
it was his granddaddy's.

- Don't you tell me what to do, woman.

Maybe you forgot how to listen too.

Is that it?

(woman sniffs)

(Russ sighs)

(door knocking)

- Who is it?

(gentle music)

- Huck?

Can I come in?

- Yeah.

- Hey boy, ribbit.
(frog croaking)

Whatcha got?

Granddaddy's letters?

- I wish Russ were dead.

- Don't say it, Huck.

- Why can't I go live with Zach?

- He lives a thousand
miles away from here.

Besides, you never even met him.

- So, he's been writing to me for years.

I know he'd want me.

Russ, sure doesn't.

- Huck, you're not the easiest kid

in the world to deal with.

Russ is all right, he's just.

- I miss Daddy.

- I know, honey.

Me too.

- Whatcha do with my bike!

- Sold the damn thing.

- You did what!

- Got sick and tired of you runnin' off

every time you felt like it.

- Can't do that!

I paid for that bike with my own money.

- I already done did it.

Now you can pray to
sweet Jesus all you want

to bring your daddy back
but it ain't gonna happen.

Now you better get used to it.

You better get used to walkin' too.

- Leave him be, Russ.

- Shut your mouth, Lisa!


You go to your room, come
out when I tell you too.

(man snoring)

(dramatic music)

(door squeaking)

(glass clattering)
(man groaning)

- [Lisa] Russ, I told you
not to eat the second pizza.

(rooster crowing)

(gentle music)

- Yes, this is what I'd
like the telegram to say.

Darlene, the phone got disconnected,
Huck's coming to visit.

He will arrive in three days.

Please pick him up from the bus station.

Love Lisa.

Um, she'll pay for it when she gets it.

Oh, thank you.

Bye, bye.

(frog croaking)

(gentle guitar strumming)

Well, Willy, here you go.

You're on your own now.

I'm going to find my granddaddy

and I can't feed you no more.

Russ sure isn't.

You've been a good pet.

Just stay out of the deep waters

and don't get yourself
eaten up by a snake.

'Cause it's a lot more dangerous out here

than it is in the house.

So long, big buddy.

(gentle music)
(ducks quacking)

(horn honking)

- Isn't that just the sorriest
thing, you've ever seen.

I'd forget my head if it
wasn't stuck on my neck.

- It's okay, Aunt Darlene.

- (laughing) Oh, precious.

Call me Darlene, okay.

If anybody was to hear the aunt, see,

well I'd never hear the end of it.

So I got your momma's
telegram in the morning.

What a surprise that was.

So what happened.

Russ forget to pay the
phone bill or something?

- Um, no.

Russ doesn't like the phone much.

People call that he owes money to.

Figured if they need the money
so bad they'll drive out.

- Huh, that's good old Russ.

So how was your trip?

I've never been on no bus trip before.

(phone ringing)

Hello, this is Darlene's car phone,

leave a message at the beep.


Okay, bye.

Ira can be so annoying.

I mean he just has
absolutely nothing to say.

Ira's my boyfriend.

- What happened to Uncle Scott?

The one with the funny hat
made out of his own hand.

- (laughing) You mean a hairpiece.

Oh, honey, I threw him out
with last years clothes.

Of course I managed to keep
a few things in the deal.

Well, this is it.

My own little Taj Mahal.

Thanks to Uncle Jerry.

Now I'm gonna take you
in and get you cleaned up

and maybe we'll go to the mall.

(sighs) So, what do you think?

Home, sweet home.

Lisa still got you all
in that trailer? (groans)

So tiny, I don't know how you all do it.

- Is this yours?

- (laughs) That was a
birthday present from Ira.

He thinks I need to exercise more.

Hm, like the world should have to do

with a few less pounds of me, please.

- This is the coolest bike, I ever seen.

- [Darlene] Well, take
it for a ride sometime.

- Really?

- Sure.

Come on, honey.

(Huck groaning)

Here we go.

I would have made them myself

but the store bought ones
taste so much better than mine.

- So, when can I go for a ride?

- Maybe tomorrow.

Hey, you can ride around
while I do some errands.

I got a haircut, a massage and
my therapist all in one day.

Phew, a divorcees job is
just never done (laughs).

- Hm, maybe I could bike to a lake

or something and catch
some fish for dinner.

- No, I think you oughta
just stay around here.

See, L.A. ain't Missouri, honey.

You know, only thing you got to worry

about there is the weather
and dyin' of boredom.

But we gotta a lot of
nasty things out here.

The only kind of fish we got
glow in the dark. (laughs)

What you got in there?

- Letters Zach sent me.

I get 'em from all over.

Let's see, China, Africa, Polska, Italy,

India, Spain, everywhere.

He also sent me handmade fishing lures

from Spain for my birthday.

- (laughs) Wow.

- And, Momma gave me this when Daddy died.

(gentle music)

- (sighs) Ah the Sultan's watch.

- How did you know?

- Well, he used to be my daddy too.

Just don't remember as much.

- Um, Momma says he lives close by.

- (sighs) Las Vegas,
more than a bike ride.

- Could we see him there?

- (laughs) We'll see.

♪ Ah, ah, ah, ah ♪

♪ Findin' friends and baby ♪

♪ Bakin' in the summer sun ♪

♪ California hustle and
the fun is just begun ♪

♪ Girls are on the beach, whew ♪

♪ Tall and tan ♪

♪ Doin' 40 hour week
with this workin' man ♪

♪ Whoa, ooh, showin' off the muscle ♪

♪ The sun is in my eyes
and it covers my toes ♪

♪ Summer's here again
and everybody knows ♪

♪ And lyin' on the pier
hangin' 10 at the dock ♪

♪ Times I didn't put it ♪

♪ And punchin' the clock ♪

♪ Oh, ee, oh ♪

♪ Showin' off that muscle ♪

- Love the view.

- What kind of fish you got out there?

- Boy, is that all you think about?

♪ Oo you're on the beach,
whew, song and dance ♪

♪ 40 hour week ♪
- Mm.

(blues guitar music)

- [Man] You know, you're--

- All right, all right
come one, everybody,

why don't you gather round,

I'm a real cool dude with a funky sound.

I learned to play the blues in Music City,

Nashville, Tennessee on the shores

of the beautiful Mississippi River.

- The Miss don't run through Nashville.

It goes straight from
St. Louis to Memphis.

- Ah, Memphis, Memphis, Memphis,
mm, mm, home of W.C. Handy,

Muddy Waters and of
course, my main man, Elvis.

- You don't know Elvis.

- Son, I, I, I was tradin'
licks on the steps of Graceland

with the King when you
were still in diapers.

- Elvis was dead before I was born.

I bet you ain't even blind.

- Why, a boy your age
teasin' a poor old blind man.

Why you ought to be
ashamed of yourself, hm.

- Darn right, he should!

- Mm, $20, why thank you, Ma'am.

- Uh, oh.

(fast blues music)

- Take off them glasses to
prove you all are blind.

- Yeah.

- You want me to take
'em off just like that?

To prove to some smart mouth that me,

Honest Jim the Blues Man is really blind.

Why in all my days I never
heard such a thing, hm.

- You ain't no Blues Man,
you ain't even black.

- [Man] Tell him!

- I'm not!

(people chattering)

- What!

(crowd murmuring)

(gasps) You ought to be ashamed!

- [Woman] Let's get out of here.

- Hey!

You go home to some fancy dinner,

now I gotta dig through a
dumpster to find something to eat.

- You better never run away
from me again like that.

Scared me half to death.

The thanks I get for
taking you to the beach.

All those bums are psychos you know.

That Indian probably followed us home

and he's just hiding out there

in the bushes waitin' to scalp us both.

- I'd be with Zack if I could be.

- Well, he's probably in a Vegas
drunk tank sleepin' it off.

- That's a lie!

You don't know anything about Zack!

- Oh yeah?

Well I know a lot more than
you think I do, youngun.

Come here, I want to show you somethin'.

Come here.

(Darlene mumbling)

He sent me this postcard.

He was so down on his
luck he was livin' here,

dealing cards for a room and liquor.

- Zach's a hero, I even got
the Sultan's watch to prove it.

- You know, he probably won
it in a card game in Tucson.

- What do you mean?

- I mean he made it up.

(Darlene sighs)

Oh Lord, should of heard
the stories he used

to tell me and your Momma.

Of course you, that's your Momma's fault.

- What's her fault?

- Zach's letters.

Did you ever look at the
postmark on any of 'em?

Well did ya?

- No!

- Well, maybe if you would have,

you'd have thought it was a little strange

that they were all mailed from next door.

(sighs) They didn't come
from Africa or China,

they came from Hannibal, Missouri.

- That don't make no sense!

- Your Momma sent you those letters.

She told you stories
that Zack used to tell us

when we was young.

- I don't believe you!

- Well it's the facts of life, son.

He dreamed up the Sultan
on a two-day drunk.

And he left his wife and his two daughters

because he couldn't keep
his feet on the ground

or his mouth off a whiskey
bottle, so grow up!

- Not to be a liar like you!

- (crying) Come here you!

Come here!


The truth hurts, and I'm sorry about that.

But you better watch that mouth of yours

before I smack it off.

- I wish you'd try.

- Come here!

Come here!

Come here!

(crying) I just ain't no good at this.

♪ Wa, wa, wa, wa ♪

♪ I got the blues in the mornin' ♪

♪ Wa, wa, wa ♪

♪ I got the blues at night ♪

♪ Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah ♪

♪ We're clear ♪

Man, Collie, you gotta
get yourself a new gig.

Ain't no money in vets, there's
one on every street corner.

- Yeah.

And whose wheels you
been unloadin' your junk

the last couple of days, huh?

- The only reason you still got it is

'cause you're to chicken
to play cards with me

'cause you know I'll win it back.

- I won't play cards with you

'cause you a lousy cheatin' fool.

(Jim sighs)
Uh oh.

Look at this.
(Jim scoffs)

(people chattering)

So, uh, where'd you
get the clothes, Happy,

you roll a movie star?

(Jim laughs)

- I earned the money to
purchase this GQ outfit.

- I thought you quit working
for Max, he's bad news.

- No, no, no, Jim.

You don't get it.

They like me.

All I do is sit and wait.

Max brings me a package,
another gentleman picks it up

and Max pays me $100.

- Yeah, well, what about those clothes.

- Today, he gave me a bonus

for doing such an outstanding job.

You talk so high and mighty

but you're right alongside
the rest of the bums.

(wheel squeaking)

- That's drug money you're
wearing on your back, Happy.

Money that comes from kid's pockets.

- Yeah, but what's wrong with
making a little extra grit?

The way I see it, I have it coming to me.

And maybe that's why
your people are so poor,

to damn proud, James.

- Oh, please.

(Happy groaning)

- Jim.

(Happy laughing)
(tongue clicking)

- What my love?

James, the Countess, Jekyll
and Danielle would like you

to finish her off.

- Happy, you know I don't drink.

- My love, did you hear that?

I shall finish you off.

(dramatic music)

Max, pleasant surprise, care to join us?

- We came up short today, Happy.

- What?

- 20,000 short.

- That's not necessary,
point me in the direction

of these scoundrels and I
shall recoup our losses.

- You were the last to see it, Happy.

- What?

I, I, I, don't understand.

You can't!
(gun fires)

(gun clicks)

(mellow music)

(glass shattering)

- What's this?

(phone ringing)
(electricity sizzling)

- [Darlene] Hi, this is Darlene.

If you're cute and single, I'm free again.

Leave your name at the beep.

- [Lisa] Hello, Darlene?

Hey it's Lisa.

Uh, Huck's missing.

We think he might have
run away but I don't--

(tape clattering)

(disposal whirring)

- Huck!




(upbeat rock music)

♪ Nobody knows ♪

♪ What you can do ♪

♪ No one can see ♪

♪ Not even you ♪

♪ I'd like to teach ♪

♪ I'll race a car ♪

♪ Be a detective or a movie star ♪

♪ What you dream ♪

♪ Is what you get ♪

♪ Anything is possible ♪

♪ Your time is yet to come ♪

♪ Close your eyes and drift away ♪

♪ But don't forget ♪

♪ What you dream is what you get ♪

♪ Don't need a match ♪

♪ To light this fire ♪

♪ Just need a burning desire ♪

♪ You write the book ♪

♪ Make your own breaks ♪

♪ Imagination is all it takes ♪

♪ What you dream ♪

♪ Is what you get ♪

♪ Anything is possible ♪

- Anybody around?

- Howdy.
- Howdy.

- How you doin'?

- Pretty good.

Pretty nice lookin' bike you got there.

- [Huck] Thank ya.

- Yeah, it looks like
it's worth a lot of money.

- You want to take it for a spin?

- No man, I think I'll just take it.

(Huck groaning)

What else you got in here?

- No!

Stop, stop!
- Shut up!

- No, not my grandpa's watch!

- Right.

(both groaning)

- That's it!

Get off me you little flake.

Come on now, don't you dare, get down!

(Huck whimpering)

Now you messed up now,

you little (speaking in foreign language).

(gun firing)

(dramatic music)

Come on, let's go!

(Huck gasps)

(body thuds)

- Hey.

Wake up.

(blow thuds)
(Jim groans)

Don't make me hurt you, Mister.

- I saved your life kid, relax.

- Help yourself.

- You won't kill me?

- Not if you don't hit me again.

You, uh, have any food in there?

- No, just clothes.

- Just clothes, huh?

- Yep, just clothes.

- Well, well, Mr. Geography.

You're that little farm
boy that ruined my show.

- Stay back, Mister!

- Hey, take it easy little
man, I ain't gonna hurt ya.

You done what you thought
was right and I admire that.

What are you doin' down here, anyway?

Ah, you're a runaway, ain't ya.

- Yeah, well you're just a
bum livin' on the street.

- Hey, I ain't no bum.

And this ain't livin' on the street.

I'm communicatin' with nature.

How did such a little
man get such a big mouth?

- I ain't little, I'm
just small for my age.

(Jim laughing)

- Well, okay, Mr. Small For His Age.

Where you headed?

Las Vegas, to see my grandpa.

- Las Vegas?

How you gettin' there?

- I was gonna sell my
bike for a bus ticket,

but, I don't know now.

Don't matter none anyway.

They'll know I'm gone by tonight,

have the police at the bus station.

- They will be lookin'
for a little white boy.

But not for a small for his age white boy,

traveling with his uncle?

(Jim laughing)

- I ain't never traveled
with no redskin before.

- Redskin, redskin, now where'd you learn

to think like that?

- Well, that's what you are, ain't ya?

- I am a Native North American.

My people were here

when your people were
still living in caves.

Well, sure, I'm a different color,

but you're colored too, white.

Look, calling each other names

just makes things bad, little man.

Ain't nothin' gonna change

until we look at each other through these.

(Jim laughing)

- I'm really sorry, Mister.

- Just call me Jim.
- Jim.

I'm Billy Thomas, but
my friends call me Huck.

- Huck?
- Yeah, Huck.

- Well, I'm pleased to meet you, Huck.

- You too, Jim.

(singing in foreign language)

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

Ah, Lisa!

How are you?


Wait a minute?

You called?

No, I didn't.

Well, yeah sure he was here,

but, well, he run off last night.

Of course I called the police.

(gasps) Wait a minute,
if you hadn't raised him

to be such a spoiled brat he'd be home

with you now.
(phone beeps)

(sighs) Hello, I'd like
to report a missing boy.

Yeah, well, he's short, he's a kid.

Uh, brown hair.

I don't know what color eyes he's got!

Got a bicycle, a really
cool bicycle with him.

(horn beeping)
(Huck gasping)

- Huck!

Come on little man, let's go!

- [Huck] Did you steal this?

- No, it's mine.

I just borrowed it from
a friend until he dies.

- [Huck] Why didn't you steal a corvette?

- I have to put up with your smart mouth

for the next six hours.

- First is down.


(slow country music)

- I swear man, my car
was gone this morning.

He must have took it, that's all I know.

(phone ringing)

- Yeah.

- [Man] Tell me some good news, Max.

- I know what he's drivin'.

- [Man] Good, I can't have a
witness runnin' around loose.

Now you make sure this Happy
fella has a roommate in hell.

- The situation is well in hand.

(phone beeps)

Get the word out,

I want every Harley,
humpin' highway hog lookin'

for this car.

Don't report it stolen,

I don't want the cops lookin' for it.

- You got it, boss.

- Don't ever touch my suit.


(upbeat guitar music)

- Sure doesn't look like the way to me.

This is the way to Las Vegas, right?

Says here on this map we can take

that other freeway all the way.

- Police will have roadblocks

all along the freeway
lookin' for your butt.

Besides, I know a way
that will fool the cops

and get us to Vegas faster.

- Are you sure?

- What are you from Missouri or something,

Mr. Doubting Thomas?

- How'd you know?

- I can read minds.

- Give me a break.

(Jim laughing)

- You know my people used to
tell stories to pass the time.

Why don't you tell me yours?

- Well, my daddy died last year.

And my momma married a fella named Russ.

But he ain't got much
more sense than a rock.

(both laughing)

My daddy was a mechanic,
taught me all kinds of stuff.


- Hey.

- [Russ] You're just gonna
be in the way you know.

- They might never find him.

My son's out there somewhere
and I'm gonna find him.

- You know somethin'?

I work very hard to keep
a roof over your head.


All right, you go off God knows where

but when you come back
don't expect to stay here.

- The only thing that won't be
here when I get back is you.

This is my house, buster,

if you are askin' me to
choose between my son and you?

You're dumber than you look.

- [Jim] Why do they call you Huck?

- Guess 'cause I like to
fish and camp and stuff.

Spend most of my time down at the pond.

And one of my teachers says that, um,

I'm like this kid Huck Finn from a book

by this dead guy from my hometown.

- Mark Twain.

- How did you know?

- Well, I had some time
on my hands a while back

and read a lot.

- Hm.

(gentle music)

- It's a nice watch.

- Thanks, it's my granddaddy's.

Got it from Sultan of Siam

for rescuing his daughter from pirates.

- (laughs) Pirates, huh?

- Yeah.

Granddaddy taught my
daddy everything he knows,

passed on the secrets to me.

- Ah, the good old days.

- Daddy used to take me fishin'
on the barge on the Miss.

The one that don't run through Kansas.

- You chap my butt,
round your smart mouth.

- You really abuse me?

- Nah.

I worked in the casino in Las Vegas.

They call me the King of Hearts.

It was my lucky card for a while.

Pretty good.

- If you were so good, how come you a bum?

- I told ya, I ain't no bum!

I'm a professional sightseer.

- Same thing.

- Oh shut your mouth.

(gentle music)

- [Huck] What's wrong?

- [Jim] Oh, we're out of gas.

Gas gauge must be stickin'.

- [Huck] So what are we gonna do now?

- [Jim] Well, get some gas.

- [Huck] Where are we going from here?

(singing in foreign language)

- A ride!
- Ah!

- Come on let's go.

- Hey man.
- Hey.

- [Huck] hola.

(engine revving)

- Get out of there!

I'm not paying you yahoos by the hour.

- Excuse me, you must be the boss.

Uh, we're not here to pick.

I need some gas.

- Gas, huh?

Hey Truck, you seen any,
uh, gas around here?

- Not a drop.

- Not a drop is right.

I suppose we could help the man out.

- Sure.

- For a price.

- Huh, how much.

- What you got?

Let me explain something cochise.

I'd as soon pour gas on the crown

as give it to a stinking Indian.

Now why don't you haul
your butt out of here

before I send it back to
the Happy Hunting Ground.

(men grunting)

- Oh yeah, Nick.
- Let him go!

- Why don't you let him pick for the gas?

(Huck groaning)

(Nick laughing)

- Come on, come on, let's go!

- Come on.

I hate these little men.

I'd rather be back in Venice Beach

where they got gasoline

instead of out here bustin'
my butt in some orange grove.

- At least it's honest work.

- [Huck] How much we gettin' for this?

- 25 a day for the men.

- 25 a day!

That's slave wages man,

what the hell's wrong with you people.

- The problem is we ain't got no say.

(speaking in foreign language)

- So why don't you go to the law?

- You don't get it.

We're illegals.

Nick is the law.

He knows we ain't got no money.

(speaking in foreign language)
can pay what he wants.

We don't work, there are
a hundred others who will.

That's the way it is.

- How long you reckon we'll have to pick?

- Well, not long I hope.

Not the work, it's the principle.

What the hell is that?

- This here's the Cat Buster.

Graphite fishing rod,

capable to withstand 52 pounds of weight.


Got ceramic guides for a smooth release,

I could hit you in the eye if I wanted to.

- In the eye.

- Yeah, 'cause I got fishin' in my blood.

See my granddaddy, he used to catch sharks

with his bare hands. (gurgling)

Me, I'm more of a catfish man.

- Why don't you show me what you got?

- All right, sure.

(line whirring)
(bottles thudding)

Am I good or what?

(men laughing)

- I filed a missing person's report.

Every county in the
state's lookin' for him.

- Oh Lord, it's such a big city.

- Yeah, he could be anywhere by now.

- Thanks Darlene.

I needed that.

- Well, excuse me.

- (groans) You're excused.

- I need a drink.

- [Jim] Whew, that's a lot of cash.

- You crazy, Nick would kill
ya and bury in the groves.

- Do me wrong, little
man, I ain't no thief.

I'm a miner.

Nick's a gold mine and that
cash is our ticket out of here.

- Nick won't let you play.

- Yeah, why not.

- Ain't got enough money.

Besides, all we need is a tank of gas.

- Now this isn't about a
tank of gas, little man,

Nick needs a slice of humble pie

and I'm just the man to serve it up, hot.

- Huh.

- [Jim] All I have to do is get the boys

to stake us some money

and I can win 'em more than
they could pick in a month.

- What happens if you don't win?

- They'll probably kill me.

- Great, what about me?

- Oh, they'll probably kill you too.

Hey Julio!

(Truck groans)
(Nick laughs)

Want to deal me in?

- This ain't no penny ante crap shoot.

Get out of here.

(bright music)

For you, for you, for you, me.

For you, for you, for you, me.

- Dude, you're only at three.

- And, one for me, five.

(man laughing)
(mellow music)


- Two.

- One, two.

- Two.
- Two.

- [Nick] I'll take three.

And your funds.

- Three.

- Pedro?

You bettin'?

- Yeah, 20.

(Nick sighs)

- [Pedro] Check.

- I'll go another 20.

Three jacks.

- Man, don't you ever stop?

- [Pedro] Quit or what?

- [Nick] Friends don't fool friends.

- Keep the kid behind you, chief.

I don't want him telling
you what I've got.

- Huck.

Five card draw, seven wild.

I'll open with 20.

- Set.
- I'm in.

- I'm in.

- I'm in.

- Two.

- Three.

- Three.

- And dealer takes one.

- Just one.

Going for the straight, maybe the flush.

- I bet 10.

- I'll see your 10 and
raise it 20, no, 30 more.

- Too rich for me, you guys are crazy.

- Well, I'll see your 30,
'cause work man can't bluff,

I'll raise you 50.

- I'm out.

- Gosh, you found me out.


(bright music)

- Full house, fives over jacks.

(dramatic music)

- Hold it.

- Hey Nick, I ain't that kind of guy.


Thanks for the game.

- Wait a minute.

Stick around.

We play one last hand.

And this time, you better bet.

Get the point?

King of hearts, wild.

Suicide game.

(dramatic music)

I open with 50.

- 50?

You're crazy.

- I'm out.

- How many?

- I'll take four.

(Nick laughing)

- Four?
- Comin' up.

(sighs) It's gonna cost you 200

to stay in.

- Call you.
(line whirring)

(dramatic music)

Raise you 100.

- Here's your 100, 50.

- Show me what you got.

Ace is a high card, Nick, my good man.

Appreciate you letting me stick around.

(upbeat music)

- [Huck] Just turn Jim, why
are we going so fast anyway?

- Lady Luck's riding shotgun,
you go as fast as you can.

Old Nick finds out where gone, oh ho, ho.

- But you're pushin' her too hard.

- I've been drivin' cars

when your pa was still pushin' toy ones

around in the dirt.

Don't tell me--
(van clanking)

(groans) Ah man!

Don't you say a word.

(man laughing)

- Where'd you pick 'em up
Charlie, out on 44? (laughing)

- Yeah.

I think we blew a rod or
something, I don't know.

- Uh huh, well listen,

the nearest VW mechanic is in Needles.

- Oh great, fabulous.

- That's about 100 miles away.

Where you headed?

- Las Vegas.

My daddy's got a garage there.

This is my Uncle Jim,
he's helping me there.

- Mm-hm.
- Yeah, yeah.

- Well listen, I'm, uh, pretty backed up.

I'm not gonna be able to get
to it for a couple of hours.

You're not gonna make Vegas
today, is that all right?

- Well It's gonna have to be, I guess.

- Sit down, have somethin' to eat.

- [Huck] All right.

- [Mechanic] We'll pull
her back over here.

I gotta finish the work on the uh.

- [Darlene] (sighs) What now?

- All right this is good,
we, uh pass these flyers out

to the police stations
and banks and stuff.

And I thought tomorrow we'd
go down to the radio station--

- I don't know what good
all this is gonna do?

- Darlene, I don't care
if you help me or not.

But I'll go all over
California if I have too.

Maybe you don't understand
because you're not a mother.

My boy is out there somewhere

and I'll do what I have too to find him.

- I am beat as a rug.

- So's that eyelash.

(dog barking)

Did you tell Huck that
Zach lives in Las Vegas?

- Oh my God.

That's it!

I showed him a postcard of
a hotel where Zach's living.

- Where is it?

Is it in there?
- He must have took it!

- Well find it Darlene!
- It's not here! (sighs)

- Start it, crank it!

Stop, hold up!

Piece of junk.

- Did you give it fuel?

- Yeah, of course she's gettin' fuel.

Here you go A.J., jump up here,

see if you can find somethin'.

- Start her up.

(engine whining)

Start her up!

(engine purring)

Here's your tool, A.J..

(sighs) Wire was a
little shortin' you out.

- Uh huh.

- Needin' any help around, sir?

- Now listen son, I
appreciate your help but,

uh, I already got me a mechanic.

On the other hand, what can you do?

- Well, I can pull an engine

and rebuild if from the crank
case to the transmission.

I've done two and four
belt car starter motors.

I ain't no pro or nothin'

but I can arc weld a bent
chasse, do some glass bodywork.

A few other things.
(mechanic laughing)

I can change the oil in a
big rig in 30 minutes flat.

- Hm.

Four bucks a job?

- Five and I get to use
your tools to fix the VW.

- Got yourself a deal.

(ratchet clicking)

I never seen the boy's faces look so funny

as when they see you come
crawling out from under their rig.

Now listen, I fixed you and
Jim up for two specials.

Mavis, bring out those specials!

They're on the house.

You're doin' a heck of a job.

(gentle music)

Button up, you're not workin' for tips.

(throat clearing)

Uh, you want these?

Or don't you? (laughs)

- Granddaddy, he's been
around the world 17 times.

He's a quiet person, traveled the ocean.

Made a million dollars but,

but he lost it when
the boat he was on sank

while he was fighting some pirates.

- Million dollars is a lot of bread.

- [Huck] Yep, never made
that kind of money again.

On account of him giving up pirating.

- Pirating?

- Yep, that's why he
became a pirate hunter.

Like the time he won the watch.

Snuck aboard the boat of the
most feared pirate in the ocean

to rescue the daughter
of the Sultan of Siam.

But she couldn't keep from making noise.

She was a girl and all.

All the pirates woke up.

Must have been a hundred of them at least.

Granddaddy whooped 'em
all, sliced and a diced,

cut all their heads off.

When they got back to the Sultan's castle,

the Sultan offered to give
Zach his daughter as a wife.

Course couldn't 'cause he
already have a granny back home.

Sultan had over 1,000 wives
and he didn't understand.

But he gave Zach the watch
instead of his daughter.

- Sounds like quite a guy.

- [Huck] He is.

(engine revving)

- [Doc] Crap ain't runnin' worth a cent.

- Wow, 1340.

She's doublehead.

80 incher, bet she gets
it on straightaways.

- Well, it was runnin' pretty good

before we got down here to this desert.

- See what I can do.

Yeah, that should do it.

(engine revving)

- Well, fart fire and save the matches.

What you do?

- Mix was too rich.

- Well I tuned it up in
Denver, but you know Denver?

It's a mile high, air's
awful thin up there.

Around this desert, they
got plenty of oxygen.

Hey boy?
- What?

- You tell me where to get
a cheeseburger around here?

- Cafe.

- Thanks.

(engine revving)

(people chattering)

- [Biker] General idea.

- Where do I put my leg?

You think this is funny?
- Sure.

- [Mavis] Arms around you.

(man and woman laughing)

- [Jim] What's happening?

- Mirror's busted.

- Oh yeah.

- How old you gotta be to get whiskers?

- I don't know, it depends I guess.

- Well how do you make a girl like ya?

- Well there's all kinds of girls Huck,

want a pretty one, I assume.

- [Huck] Yeah.

- Well, there are two
kinds of pretty women.

One that know it and
the one that shows it.

A truly beautiful woman will
make your heart stop beating

'cause she's beautiful here.

The other kind of woman
has to prove it to you.

She'll wrap you around her little finger

and just wear you out.

- Well, I wouldn't mind
being wore out a time or two.

- Well, uh, a strong
woman likes a strong man,

she likes to know who's the boss.

A man's got needs, you gotta tell her.

- What kind of needs?

- Well, there's, uh,

it's, uh, uh, well,

you'll know when the time comes.

- Thanks.

Hey Doc.
- Hey boy.

Uh oh, your oil's leakin'.

- What!

- Just kiddin'.

(electricity zapping)
(Jim yelling)

- Max, it's Doc.

I think I've found your man.

He's a big Indian fella.

Drives a VW van.

He ain't goin' no where.

The van's busted.

- So you just call it and
see if somebody called you?

- Yeah, yeah, you just
text him numbers and then,

you push these little numbers in--

- They'll come up.
- Yes.

And you just dial it

and you get all the
things that everybody's--

- Take me home, baby.

- Oh please, I wouldn't
take a mangy thing like you

to the dog pound.

- Hey Mister, I was lookin' for my boy,

I was just wonderin' if you'd seen him.

Take a good look.

- I ain't seen nobody.

- Forget I asked.

(Darlene scoffs)
(lips smacking)

- (laughs) Right on my white patookus.

- Here you are, Huck, when
you finished with those,

take the railing out in front

and you can go inside and help Manny.

- Okay.

- How do you slide on?

- You lift your leg up, slowly.

- Yes sir, Officer,

we're out here lookin' for him right now.

- Yeah, just leave a message

on my sister, Darlene's machine.

- Squeeze it and rev me up.

Faster, a little faster.

- Darlene, get up off of that bike.

You don't know where it's been.

- Poop.

- [Jim] I didn't see ya.

- [Darlene] It's been
fun, but I gotta run.

Next time.

- [Doc] So I'm gonna
catch you later, baby.

(Doc groaning)

Bye, baby!

- [Darlene] Goodbye!

- Make it neater, like that.

- No, stop!

I'll do it.

- I'm just telling you,
just make it neater, it's.

- It's my job.

- Then do it right.

- [Huck] You're not the boss.

- Huck!

You help Mavis clean up around here!

I gotta go into town
before the market closes.

- Bye.
- Bye, Ed.

- Okay, now when you're done
with this, all the way down,

I want you to take out
the garbage, okay, neatly.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Excuse me.

Hurry up.

- Show her you're strong,
show her who's boss.

A man's got needs.

- That's a pretty good hand there, boy.

- Yeah, well, sometimes you
get lucky, sometimes you don't.

And the blessing.

(engine revving)

(quirky upbeat music)

(Jim groaning)
(Doc laughing)

- Hey, go put the garbage in the back.

(Mavis laughing)

- Listen here, senorita.

Who wears the pants around here?

Tired of you tellin' me what to do.

I'm the boss, I oughta be
tellin' you what to do.

- Oh yeah?

Who made you boss?

- I'm the man, aren't I?

Man's got needs.

- And what are those needs, big man.

- Man needs to fish, man
needs to eat, and sleep.

Man needs to ride dirt bikes.

Man needs to be out on the
open road now and again.

Needs to have loyal
friends, needs to work hard

and love his Momma, and most of all,

a man needs a good woman to come home to.

(gentle music)

- Would you come home to me, Huck?

- Mavis, if I had a girl

as pretty as you to come
home to, I'd never leave.

- Mavis!

Get on home!

You got somethin' to say, huh?

Do you little man!

You got somethin' to say?

- I'm sorry, Ed.

I just want her to like me.

It sort of backfired.

I'm sorry.

- Well, I'm glad you're man
enough to tell me the truth.

Your folks must be good
people to have a boy like you.

Get out of here.

- [Huck] Thanks, Ed.

- So let me get this straight.

You didn't tell anybody
about what happened.

- No, I didn't.

- Aw Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim.


(blow thuds)
(Jim groaning)

(gun clicks)

- Keep your hands off of him butt crust!

- Hey, Jim, who's the gunslinger?

- I've never seen the
fool before in my life.

- Naw, this kid ain't no fool.

He's smart.

Smart enough to put down that gun.

- Thought we was friends.

- Sorry boy, money's money.

He didn't even tell you who was after him.

He's the one that oughta be shot.

He was using you.

All he wanted you for was a cover.

- What are you gonna do kid?

Shoot us?

- No, he's gonna.

(gun clicking)

- Go ahead, Huck, get goin'.

- See you around, Max.

(engine revving)

- Now, you listen, slick.

You, uh, you take that gun of yours

and you lay it right down on the ground.

(phone ringing)

- Yeah.

It's for you.

You take care of him, I'll
take care of the Indian.

And you owe me a phone.

(Max groaning)

(engine revving)

- Where you goin'?

We gotta let him pass us.

- [Huck] Touch me again and I'll kill ya!

Why didn't you tell me
a killer's after ya?

- [Jim] Look, these guys just
wanted to rob me, that's all.

- Liar!

They knew your name, they knew everything.

- Where you goin'?

- I'm your friend and you lied.

All grownups ever do is lie.

Only person who never lied to me was Zach.

- Well, sometimes you gotta lie.

- Friend don't, not ever.

- If I told you why they were after me,

they would have killed you too.

- [Huck] I could have
thanked you for that.

(gentle somber music)

- Sadie?





(bright music)

Sorry little man.

I was scared, I should have told ya.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you before.

- Wouldn't have mattered then,

that's what my momma always says.

Not since my daddy died
and she married Russ.

- Maybe it seem like she don't care.

But parents love their kids.

They just forget how sometimes.

She lied about my grandpa.

She was the one writing
those letters to me.

- Maybe she didn't want
you to know the truth

about your grandpa.

Maybe he is what you
say and maybe he ain't.

- You don't know nothin'.

My daddy died, my momma don't care,

my aunt hates me, Zach's all I got.

- You think you're the
only one who feels pain?

Huck, you're the one who ran away.

Now I don't know your momma,
but she can't be all that bad.

- What if you're right, Jim?

What if Zach's a drunk?

- Well, at least you'll know the truth.

- [Huck] No more lies.

- No lies.

(phone ringing)
(quirky music)

- Yeah, this is Max.

- [Man] I hate speaker phones!

- Sorry boss.

- [Man] You know, Max,

I don't know who I feel
more sorry for, you or me.

I gotta live to endure the
humiliation of your screw up.

You on the other hand, don't.

- It was a set up boss,

there were a bunch of
truckers with shotguns.

What can I tell ya, they got away.

- [Man] One more chance, Max.

Not 'cause I like ya,

I just don't want to deal with sinking you

to the bottom of the Pacific.

Am I makin' myself clear?

- I'm sorry, Boss.

(phone clicks)


- You can take the I95
right into Las Vegas.

- Who's Sadie?

- My wife, met her in South
Dakota and married her

when I found out she
was pregnant with Jesse.

- He's your son?

- Yepper.

♪ Down to the place ♪

- I loved them both more
than I had a heart to love.

But I couldn't keep my
hands off the cards.

Sold our car for cash and
promptly lost it in a card game.

I knew Sadie would leave
me if she found out,

so I got drunk, robbed
a convenience store.

Spent four years in jail.

I haven't seen 'em since.

- What happened to 'em?

♪ I went down to get out ♪

- I don't know.

♪ Find those days ♪

- [Jim] This is it Huck, Las Vegas.

- [Huck] Think they'll remember ya?

- [Jim] I hope not.

Beat 'em as many times as I did,

you, uh, well, actually they
won't remember me at all.

I've been in here twice in my life.

Well it took a while, but I got you here.

(machines clicking)
(people chattering)

- [Tyrone] May I help you?

- I'm looking for Zachary Taylor.

- Is he a guest at this hotel?

- Yeah.

- Taylor.

- T-A-Y-L-O-R.

- I know.

I'm sorry, there's no guest registered

under that name at this hotel.

- Could you check again, please.

- There is no one registered
under that name at this hotel.

- Well, in that case, Tyrone,
why don't you give us a room.

And make it a suite.

- The name is?

- Bond, James, Bond.

(Huck grunting)

- Yeah, hello, do you have
a number for Zach Taylor?

Oh, okay.

- (groans) This is the life, right Huck?

My back ain't touched
a bed this nice since,

uh, well since never (laughs).

- Uh huh, thanks.

I found it, Jim.

I found it!

- [Jim] Found what?

- Where he lives.

- [Jim] You gonna go and see him?

- Yeah, tomorrow.

What if he doesn't want me?

- Well, don't worry little
man, I'll be here for ya.

- Thanks.

(slow jazzy music)

(Max sighs)

(phone ringing)

- This better be good.

- Uh, Max, it's Collie.
- Yeah make it quick.

- [Collie] Okay, the Vegas police called,

they impounded my van, man.

- So what?

- [Collie] At the Destiny
Hotel in Las Vegas,

that's where they're at.

- Hey, we're friends again, Collie.

(phone beeps)

(can spluttering)

(dog barking)

(Huck sighs)

(door knocking)

(doorbell dinging)

- I don't want any magazines,
I don't want any bottles,

I don't want nothing, you get out of here.

- Wait, sir, sir, sir.

I'm lookin' for Zachary Taylor.

- Who are you?

- I'm Billy, his grandson.

- How do I know you ain't some hooligan,

want to rob me if I let you in?

- Well, I have this.

(gentle music)

Are you Zach?

(gentle music)

- No.

I ain't Zach.

Sit down.

Name's Joe, a buddy of Zach's.

You must be Huck.

- So where is he?

Where's Zach at?

- I, uh, I ain't heard from him in years.

You disappointed?

- Yeah, kind of.

- Well, disappointment is the
first hard lesson you learn

in life.

Life goes on.

There's still, still got
his name on the mailbox

and uh, even the phone directory,

'cause I promised him I'd keep 'em there

as long as I lived. (coughing)

It might not be too much longer

as the way things are lookin'.

I got the cancer. (coughing)

You want to see somethin'?

I got some boxes with
lots of stuff of Zach's.

Zach on board ship, all
those different countries.

- He really was a pirate hunter wasn't he?

- No, he was a sailor.

Damn good sailor.

I do remember one time, he
whopped a big Chinese fella.

Big as the ship he come off of.

(laughs) He tried to steal
a canvas satchel of Zach's.

I guess you could say, he is
a, he was a pirate fighter.

- Oh!
- Oh!

- [Lisa] Come on Darlene.

- [Darlene] What, what's in there?

- Will you come on?

This is serious!

- [Darlene] They're callin'
me, they're callin me.

- They'll call you later.

- [Darlene] I'm gonna get this one.

Come on baby, come on.


- Oh, I think we're off to a good start.

I really do.

We'll just put these posts here.

(body thumps)
(Darlene groans)

- Oh, watch what you're doin'!

- Hey, I don't got eyes in
the back of my head you know.

- I ain't got a brain
in your head neither.

- Oh, Darlene, he didn't mean it.

- Gee.
- Look, we'll have a drink,

all right?
- Great, scotch on the rocks.


- Huck, this here's the boat

that we worked on in North Africa.

Now, we used to have locals,

they'd grease up and sneak
on the boat and steal stuff.

Couldn't catch 'em because of the grease.

Zach, he'd wait until he saw them shimming

along the mooring lines of the boat.

See he had this rope, he could pull

and make the storage hold
hatch cover come down.

Thing must have weighed 300 pounds.

Poor suckers be climbing
down into the hold

and just when they had their
hands on the edge of the hatch,

Zach yanked the rope and wham!

Hatch cover come down, zippadeedoodah.

- What happened?

- They picked their
noses with their thumbs.

- This is one of the fingers?

- No, it's a chili pepper from Guatemala,

had you goin' though.

(both laughing)

(man coughing)

(gentle music)
(people chattering)

- Uh, excuse me.

Your friend called.

He's waiting for you up in your room.

(dramatic music)

- Huck!

- Jimbo man.

How you been?

- Peachy.

- Here's Zach in Taiwan, '58.

- Year my momma was born.

Zach left 'em you know.

- Abandoned?

Huck, listen to me now.

The scaredest I've ever been was a night

off the coast of Spain
when we ran aground.

The captain ordered
everyone to abandon ship.

You only do that when you
know the ship is gonna sink.

Zach didn't abandon his family.

He loved them.

He sent them money and letters.

But you see he had the wanderlust.

You know what that is, don't ya, huh.

Yeah, that's when you want to get out

and see the world so badly

that you can't think of
anything else. (laughs)

(coughing) He tried, Huck,

but that old Mother Ocean
wouldn't let him go.

- What about the sultan.

- Well, that's not so a
big a lie as you think.

Uh, he really was a Arabian prince.

And he was in port and
the prince's daughter fell

off the pier into the ocean
and Zach dove in and saved her.

The prince gave Zach that watch.

- He's dead isn't he, Joe.

(somber music)

- (sighs) I don't know.


(gentle music)

(dog barking)

- [Huck] Goodbye Joe.

(gentle music)

- Goodbye, Huck.

- Nice meetin' ya.

Say hello to Zach if you see him.

Bye, bye.

(man coughing)

- Who's the jockey, Zach?

- My grandson.

(door knocking)

- [Max] Who is it?

- It's me, Jim.

(groaning) Whoa!

- Oh.
- Oh!

- Have I got everything?

- Everything that's not tied down.

(Huck groaning)

- Well, well, well, the gang's all here.

Just look what hanging around

with the wrong type of
people can do to ya, kid.

- Shut up.

It's better than you, butt crust.

- Yeah.

Who else knows about our
little party in Venice.

- Nobody, Max.

Not even the kid.

- Jim, I wish I could believe you.

I really do.

Hey, I know what.

How about a nice little
trip to the desert, huh.

Would you like that?

- How about a million volts instead.

(electricity sizzling)
(Max groaning)

Come on, let's go!

(bright dramatic music)

- Go on, I can handle Max.

- [Huck] And leave you here alone?

No way.

- Look, just do what I say, okay.

- [Huck] What do I do?

- You take the stairs,
I'll take the elevator,

and I'll meet you at the van.

Now go on, go.

- Okay.

- [Lisa] You'd forget your
head if it weren't screwed on.

- All right I forget--

(body thuds)
(Darlene screams)

- Oh, I'm sorry!

- Good Lord.
- Why I never!


(Max laughing)
(purse thudding)

- You better not!
- Hey!

- What!

- I'm gettin' real tired
of this bull, ducky.

(electricity sizzling)
(Max screaming)

- Thanks, ladies.

(bright music)

- Best part of your day. (blowing)

(dramatic music)

- Wait a minute.

- Shocked to see me?

(dramatic intense music)

(fist thuds)

(engine revving)

- I don't know.

Darlene, look!

I know that man.

- He was at that truck stop, remember.

- Oh my God.

- Come on!

(bright dramatic music)

(somber dramatic music)

- All right Jimbo, time to wake up, buddy.

Come on, come on, Jimbo!

Yo buddy, come on, come on.

Come on, come on, come on, let's go.

- Where are we?

- Home.

Happy Hunting Ground.

(phone ringing)

(phone beeps)

Don't move, and this time, I mean it.

- Hey you ignorant piece of road pizza.

Bet you thought you'd never see me again.

- No, but I had high hopes.

- I found the money you stole,
you greasy pile of worm crap.

- You stole that money
and blamed it on Happy.

- Kid thinks he's pretty smart, huh,

shootin' off your mouth, talkin' real big.

Let me remind you of something.

You're in the middle of a
desert with a guy with a gun

who doesn't like you very much

and you're accusing him of stealing.

Not very smart.

Yeah, I took the money.

Yeah, you two have caused
me too much trouble.

- [Man] More than you know, Max.

You bring me the money.

Let the kid and the Indian go

and then maybe you keep your life.

(gun firing)

(Jim groaning)
(dramatic music)

- No!


(Huck yelling)

(lure thuds)

- (groans) You little punk.

- I'm not little.

(blow thuds)
(Max groans)

Just small for my age.

(bright music)


(Jim groaning)

Jim, Jim!

Are you all right?

Jim, Jim!

- You're either Jesus or the devil.

But you sure look like Huckleberry.

- Are you okay?

(bright music)

- [Jim] Huh, look at that.

- [Huck] Cool, eh.

- Saved by the King of Hearts.

(gentle music)

Still my lucky card.

(engine revving)

- Darlene, look.
- What's that?

I don't know.
- Let's go that way, go, go!

- [Darlene] All right, I'm going!

- Sorry about Zach little man.

I'm glad you came along when you did.

Guess I can't really
call you little anymore.

You're one of the biggest
men I've ever met.

- It was nothin'.

What do you think will happen to Max?

- Oh, I wouldn't worry
too much about old Max.

He'll have enough to worry about
with runnin' from his boss.

- Jim, there's a car comin'.

- Get in the car.

- [Darlene] I got Huck into
this, I'm gonna get him out.

- [Lisa] What are you doin' Darlene?

- [Darlene] Wait, just wait here.

- He's got a gun!
- Okay Mr. Bad Guy!

Where is he?

Where's the boy.

Where is he!

Where's the boy!

- Darlene?

- Oh, Huck!

- Billy?

- Momma?

- Oh my God, Billy!

I was so worried about you.

I thought something happened to you.

Are you all right?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Are you sure?
- Uh huh.

- Who are you, what are
you doin' to my son.

- Did you kidnap him?

- No, no, no, Darlene, it's all right.

Jim it's Darlene, Jim this is my Mom.

If it weren't for Jim here, I'd be dead.

- Nice to meet you.

- Uh, yes, uh.

Ah, excuse me.

- (laughing) Oh!


Oh thank--
(electricity sizzling)


(head thuds)
(Jim groans)

- Huck, Huckleberry.

- I want to thank you
for lookin' after my boy.

- He's a fine young man,
don't go too hard on him.

- Thanks.

Come visit us sometime.

- Yeah, I just might do that.

- Bye.

- Bye now.
- Thanks.

- Bye.
- Bye.

(gentle music)

- Your buddy died for this.

- It's drug money, Huck.

- Well take it, make a fresh start.

A clean start.

- I couldn't make a clean
start if I wanted to.

But then again.

Here, saved my life.

Maybe it will bring you some luck.

- Thanks.


This brang me luck.

- (laughs softly) Thank you.

Where you gonna go?

- I don't know.

- Hm (spitting).
(hands clapping)

(gentle music)

- South Dakota.

And home.

Take care of yourself, big man.

- You too.

Bye bye, Jim.

(engines puttering)

(gentle music)

(bright music)

♪ Little boy lost ♪

♪ Little man found ♪

♪ Little boy looking for
his dreams all around ♪

♪ Little boy wondering
what others found before ♪

♪ Little man opens up the door ♪

♪ Across the street ♪

♪ Across the town ♪

♪ Across 1,000 miles someone to be found ♪

♪ Perhaps a friend who knows ♪

♪ Just what you're searching for ♪

♪ A friend who's been there before ♪

♪ Follow your heart ♪

♪ Where your heart must go ♪

♪ Find the answers only you can know ♪

♪ In the end wherever you may roam ♪

♪ You can trust your
heart to take you home ♪

♪ Little boy dreams ♪

♪ Little man climbs ♪

♪ Above the every day ♪

♪ The toil and the grind ♪

♪ Taking the most untraveled
fork in the road ♪

♪ Not really carin' where it goes ♪

♪ Follow your heart ♪

♪ Where your heart must go ♪

♪ Find the answers that
only you can know ♪

♪ In the end ♪

♪ Wherever you may roam ♪

♪ You can trust your
heart to take you home ♪

♪ You can trust your
heart to take you home ♪