Huai nu hai (1986) - full transcript

Here's the bridegroom


-Here he comes


-This is for you
-Let's go too

You're a nice girl!

- Say thank you!
- Thank you!


He's a handsome groom

Why so late? I've been worrying

-Hurry. come down

Oh dear, oh no
our Miss has disappeared


- She's gone!
- Where to?

-Playing mah-Jong

Congratulations, mother and children save
A son, a cute one

Thank you for given us a grandson

- Where's madam?
- Playing mah-Jong

Stop being naughty or you'll be in trouble

Dad is taken hostage, ask mom to Pay up

-Mom's not home
-Where to?

-Playing mah-Jong -Again?

Dad is taken hostage, ask mom to pay up

Dad, how are you?

Dad's in trouble, where's your mom?

-Mom isn't in
-Away on mah-Jong game again?

No, She's just watching


We've known each other for 3 years already

Yet during these 3 years
We haven't been so romantic

Let me take this chance
to tell you honestly

Please don't be so direct

Don't tell me you're leaving me

Not leaving, it's splitting

...I know I'm ugly, but...
- I've never thought of that

Although you're thin
have a long neck and a bad breath

But I don't mind

ls peter better than I?

No, but he's more handsome
more humorous and educated than you,

But that aren't the reasons

The problem is your mates,
they follow us all the time

-I grew up with them
-They seem to be gay


Don't be angry. You look gay now
It's easy to be misunderstood

I should be mad when he said so

I can bear your mates
out not when you forbid me to play mah-jong

It's absolutely unstable,

What are you talking about?

Stop hitting him

Alright, if you promise not to leave me
he's OK then

How dare you hit me?

-I've told you not to hit him
-He's black belt

I don't care, are you really leaving me?


-OK, leave, I don't care
-I am a man ain't I!


You're silly
How many times have you been dumped?

How can you get a wife?

Come on, who doesn't like to play mah-jong?

Don't ask me to join in. I just hate it!

You said everyone likes to play mah-jong?

Well, this girl doesn't

-Try it out with her
-Don't do this to her

-Let's tease her

I finally found a non-gambler

You should find a prettier one

- You all agree that I should date her?
- Of course!


-We'll have to see
-Like now, it's a good chance

But I've just been damped

It's not the 1st time!

It not good morally

Men made the rules and they
are made to be broke

Meaning I should go for it?

Right, let's go with you

Wait, don't take advantage of me

Right, bar's there

Anita, I'm just joking
There won't be a next time,

-It'll be my turn next
-I won't play mah-jong

...I like you
-My Pal's been dumped and he likes you

- Me?
- Is that her?

-No, the one next to her

-NO, the one next to you

No, the one next to you

Me? Who likes me?

-The one next to me
-Which side?

-Not me, I haven't been damped
-Then it's you

I didn't leak the secret, they guessed it,

3 pretty ladies, please come over, here.
Come, please

Miss, he has a lot to say to you

No, I've nothing to say to you

Really, he has plenty to tell ask him!


My friends want to be your friends

Your friends become our friends

You're her friends, then we're all friends

If we're close friends,
and they become close friends

We'll become each other's friends
We should really be close friends

I don't understand a word!

You're an idiot, that's why
They want to be our friends

Out too many people want to be our friends

It not that simple to be our pals

What's the procedure?

If you can help us

We've just angered Anita
can you make her laugh?

It'll be easy
Let's pretend to be a gorilla it'll work

-It's too much
-That's why I ask you to do it.

Shut up! It's simple, let me!

Could you follow what I say in English?

OK, say it!

- Say 5 times you!
- You! You!...Funny?

- No! Say Me 7 times!
- Me! Me!...Not funny!

- Say He 10 times!
- He!

You're laughing!

You're teasing me.

OK, you've done it
we've to communicate among ourselves

- Could you follow whatever, we can do?
- No problem

Follow me!

Excuse me, where's the toilet?

- There!
- Thanks!

Who can follow?

-We three can do it, no problem

- Sir...
- What's the matter?

- He assaulted me!
- Oh yes!

- How did he do it?
- Not here, it's the face

Don't listen to him

How can I when he's tall and I'm short
I can only reach his lips

Do it again, we've missed it

What're you doing?

They're Journalists

Doing a special article

-They asked me to take the shots
-You've got it wrong?

They're editors, they told me to come

- Do you believe it?
- Of course, silly girl!

Is that right?

Don't go!

Block it first!

Stop running!

Silly man!

Anita Fong?

I could have played 24 rounds

Right, if it wasn't for the kids
we could have made it

We shouldn't play it on the beach

If sister returns, we
couldn't play it either

Let's start!

Hurry UP

Aren't you going to launch
picnic with Charles?

I changed my mind

I've asked him to play mah-jong here

Didn't you say he hates mah-jong?

Just learnt 1/2 hr ago, he had
played it at 7 and he's an expert

And cheated my sentiments

Let's help you in cheating him back

How dare you, thinking of her boyfriend
I dare you!

I don't need your help,

just teach him a lesson
while playing mah-jong

Giving him a heart attack
so that he'll stop playing

That's easy, no problem

Hurry, we're waiting for you!

Let us first apologize
our pride might be hurting in today's match

Well, we might be apologizing to you

I begin with 3 points up to 13 points

If it's too much, let's stop now

No problem

We might be losing a mah-jong partner

We'll see

Come on, hurry up

- Hurry!
- Come on!

- 1 character!
- Poong!

-3 circles
-Poong, 2 bamboos

Poong, don't move!

- Poong!
- Poong, don't move!

- Poong!
- Poong!

It's nine pieces, watch out!

Poong, nine pieces, too, careful!

Nine piece, beware!

I haven't even take I piece!

Your turn

Hurry, you're so slow, what an expert

Come on, it's your turn

Thank you

You have to pick this one!

I could have won

But you said 3 points
to start, can't help it.

Mine's only 1/2 point


1/2 point is also allowed in next game

You damn lot, if I've your cards

You'll be in trouble

6 circles!


You're too slow!

Put it down!

- 8 circles!
- Poong!

-Better not
-You said Poong, come on

Alright, 4 bamboos, want it?

I'll get it myself

- You won't score?
- No!

If you don't, I'll, 1/2 point

From now on, no. 1/2 point score

It's the end of the game, you won't win,

- 5 characters!
- Poong!

What a coincidence

12 cards, you pay if I get the right card

Red dragon!

- Be careful!
- Take it easy

come on, want, to score, impossible!

Not impossible

stop peeping

- I...
- Haven't got it

Another one for me, you'll be in trouble

-One bamboo
-3 circles

It's a fair world, I've scored!

It's mine, I character

-You saw it, it's mine
-I didn't, you wouldn't let me,

It's really mine

That's not fair! Claiming you've won

Check for yourself

-Stop it, or you're disqualified
-Hurry pick back the card

- Come on, or you'll have an extra card!
- Take I out!

I've taken the card back

-I'll take out I character

Stop it, you can't

Take a card!

The last one, I've scored!

Where's your card? You can't score!
Where's my card, give it back


-Where's my card>
-Can't find it!

You're joking

-This is my card
-Oh! No!

It's finished already
I can claim I've won it too!

Forget it.
I'll have more time to be with you

- Go away!
- You said you won't play if you lost

-Right, I won't play nor seeing you

What's so good about you?
Figure-wise. You're not good

I don't want to see your face
Nor finding any good traits

If you want to find a mandom
Pleasing, financially stable, non-gambler

buy a plastic Dollie, you're unstable

I'm broken hearted again!

Sis, Charles is right

You must have a problem
I think you should, find a psychologist

I've asked her too
You heard how Charles has despised me

nobody'll like me if they know I'm unstable

Use my name

-Right, let's accompany you
-We'll go together OK?

She has. Personality, and
doesn't play mah-jong

I've been looking for this kind of girl
Uncle wah, you must help me, out

Of course, I do wish
you'll have a good wife

Unlike your dad, marrying a gambler!

Do you have her record?

2 details, first her name

Anita Fong, a common name
you can find it in the directory

- Any other details?
- Her photo,

OK, let me a process some
and pass to my colleagues

Is this it?

Oh dear, I am really unstable

Don't worry,
you've used my name. Nobody'll know it,

We could have draw a sketch of her

Let's go home,

-They are over there

The girl who doesn't play mah-jong

-We're fated to each other
-I really have to try my best

You want to fight with me?

Of course not I'm referring to the other 3

But they've left already

They came out from the clinic
It must have their details, we...

Down with the Pakis

Pakis are hateful

Pakis come last in tests

Pakis are hateful

Damn you!

They're starting up. They've gone now

Hey, OK!

What're you talking?

Asking his parents health?


With this, we can know more about her

Our price is high

It's painful...

Her prince charming is a kendo instructor

Take this, I'll teach you the basic steps,

One up one down

Not bad, let's change to better ground

You make the decision

Anita Fong...

- Let's do it then...
- You aren't a instructor

Right, I ain't one... Right!

- Instructor Wong!
- What is it?

I'll teach for you, date your girlfriend

I haven't got any
You'll have one when you're money

She won't if it's too sudden

May be she'll suddenly

You're right

Let's forget it

He's taking advantage of you?
Let's teach him a lesson

He's quite good

Fighting uses the brain, not force

Forget it

You've to teach him

It's you

It's fate, how are you?

Instructor, please teach and educate me!

I Will

Hold it properly. Ready?

Now the basic steps,
one foot behind the other

He's beginning to take her advantage

Now, one pace up, and down...

- Did I step on you? Are you OK?
- I'm fine

It's not exciting, shall we try wrestling?

No, your basic steps aren't that good yet

You could allow a handicap

Alright, as you please.
No attacks, only defense

-It's more fun to attack and defend
-It's not a handicap then

You pace is so fast,
how can I level with you?

Why don't I tie up your legs

-Trying my kegs?

Help yourself...

I'll tie your hands as an upper limb
That's balance now

No problem...

I'll release you soon

We've seen each other, we're friends

Don't use that weapon, its not good

change to this one, its better

How can we have a duel?

How dare you assault female students

I'm doing a deed today,
this is for you, maniac

You've got it wrong?

Of course you want me to

-I ain't the instructor
-Still don't want to admit it?

I'll jump, and again. I've got it

Deserve it

Have you book the Venue, where's Mr. Wong?

This is Mr Wong!

He's not, let's run

If you aren't why are you here?
How did you come in?

I want to meet you
I didn't know I'll end up like this

You asked for it

Anita, put me down, stop being silly

What's so silly, you're a handicapped man

I ain't, I just hurt my waist

Walk on your own then!

Stop kidding

My waist's not good, use a better solution

E. g. holding me, supporting me, etc

You don't mind? I do!

Where's your car?

I don't own a car

I'll get a bus

Playing a joke on me? I just won't go!

How can I like this?

What's to be done?

- Take my car!
- Your car?

Right, let's go!

Exactly like the owner

Let me try this pretty car

Anita, I haven't got in stop...

-Sit tight
-Be careful!

Where're you going, Anita?

It's going to bump...

It's OK

- How is it?
- Anita, how come you drive like a dragon

Scared? Ain't it exciting?

Of course not, you're a bad woman-driver

- OK, you drive!
- Me?


Although it's a handicap, I'll drive better

Let's see

...Anita, my skill isn't bad, is it?
- It's only a straight road

OK, let me turn round the bend!

Watch out!

Not bad, ah!

- A cop's coming!
- Stop on one side

-Don't -Don't worry, they'll
only charge me speeding

-Told you not to

This is a stolen property

- What? Oh no!
- Sis said it's instructors

Look what you have done to me

Have you been this kind of place before?

- No, have you?
- I have

- Really?
- Stop worrying, we're lying, aren't we!

Go in...

- What's the purpose?
- Do you want to be caught by the cop? Quick!

Don't have to be shy in here
It's legal under the laws of H. K.

Well, a small or big room?

-Big room -Small room

- Round bed or water bed?
- Any one!

Please make a decision!

We can't wait anything can do

Excuse me, could I use your toilet

Hold on, I've to show them their room

Let's start a fight when we're in!

- What a coincidence!
- Really...

You borrowed the phone?

Phone? Right, we've used it over 2 hours

But it's always engaged

Stop being sarcastic! Let's go!

We're going too

What a waste of my time
To have such weird people

- Stop being sarcastic, will you?
- I like it

What a shame

How come my car is here?

My car's over there, I've to check it

Is it really your car, look carefully

Of course it's mine

- Pal, is this your car?
- Yes...

You're change with dangerous
driving, show me your license

We just came out from there
Ask these friends of mine

Where are they?

Get in,

What is it?
Don't be silly, nobody's chasing you!

Stop running!

Anita, hurry!

I'll distract him, you stay


Asking me to stay!

Caught you! Show me your I. D. card




Caught you! Show me your I. D. card

It's you!

Here Anita!



The dress is torn

Don't worry, get a new one.

- You'll pay?
- Sure!

Pal. like my, new shirt?

Well, not too good

He, my girlfriend chose it

Giving you this doesn't mean
I'm your girlfriend

I know, you're extraordinary and diplomatic
How can I be a good match?

You shouldn't be so direct

I ain't, I want to date you

It's not enough to see you daily

Really, what more do you want?

Say it, romancing today,
getting married tomorrow

And having a baby after 10 months

I prefer to be indirect then

No boy has said that to me in past 20 years
And hearing it for the 1st time, it's sweet

Are we in love like this?

I suppose so...

I don't, it's my first
date, can't be that easy

What are you saying?

What are you muttering?

Forget it. I don't match you.

When you get old and alone

Page me, I'll accompany you,

What are you talking?

I said I...

- I know.
- What a shame!

Nothing to be shy about. It's a free world

-Stop laying your hand on my shoulder
-Why? You ain't a gambler

How do you know it?

The 1st time I saw you on the beach
won't date you if you like to play mah-jong

- Who told you to?
- Thinking how you'd see me then

I've finally found a girl
who doesn't play mah-jong

I'll up myself

Let me escort you!

Oh, dear? There's a mah-jong
game are waiting me

It's too late

I want to borrow your toilet

18 floors?

Have you chase a girl before?

I hadn't

You've to be full of guts to date girls

Try to catch me when you the
stairs while I use the lift


- 7 circles!
- Such bad cards

6 characters!

Anita, come here quick

- Pack, hurry!
- That tallie will be here soon

He hates people playing mah-jong,
I said I don't know the game

so what?

-It's OK for him to see us play
-You gamblers

Now go out and lock up
Just tell him you forget your keys


Said you aren't quick enough

Look at this

What is it?

This was used to wrap up Columbus coffin

-My grandma used to wrap her leg

You can use it as a diaper for your kid

- Right?
- Silly, such a big cloth?

It can sneeze too

So you're kneeling here

She's like that when she's nervous

I'm scared of heights

-It's a shame, let's go
-In the toilet!

-Take a seat, I'll get change

-Take a seat
-That's right

-No, I need the toilet
-It's engaged

It isn't

-Hurry, go back in
-What's happened?

- Go in!
- What's going on?

You've finished, it's my turn

That tallie's here

Remember. I cheat him that
I can't play mah-jong

So when you come out
Tell him we plan to play dominoes

not mah-jong, remember

You say you'll go for a snack

How come you're here?

What're you doing?

We're planing to play dominoes,
do you believe it?

Of course I do!

Please continue, I've to leave first

I'll see you out

OK, goodbye

A sunny day, be careful of exposure

Everyone has his hobby
Some ice-skiing some swimming

I like that,
this is free style and crawl

Go on... go on...

Alright, the truth is that
you've got my sis file

I do like to play mah-jong
I do like to be with you

But you won't understand it

Won't, why?

OK, I'll bring with me 13 cards tomorrow
So you'll have double entertainment

Face up to reality

I know you hate women mah-jong players
But not all of them are bad

If you can accept me, call me then

Accepting it? Surrender to mah-jong? No!
What's so good about you?

You're great! After one night's thinking

I've hated mah-jong players for 30 years

but since there are so many women gamblers
I might as well accept you

Help yourself, drink it while it's hot

How come this is so dirty

The only one I found
It's good enough to have one already

A cockroach, damn... It's gone!

Only one, where's the other two?

They're making your favourite dessert

Why are man treating me so nice today?

We, volunteered

You all have an extra card

This is Taiwan mah-jong, 3 extra cards
The loser pays all

Stop playing

Such a fine day, take a photo

- Let's see if it's nice?
- Hurry!

Very pretty

A unique set!

- What's that?
- It has 13 chances of winning

I nearly have to pay up

I don't know it's so serious

Forget it, bring cut the dessert

Please wait

Anita, your boyfriend is perfect

Only if he can accept my playing mah-jong

Hold on to him, you
haven't got many choices

Damn girls, yet I still have
to keep it up... Like a gigolo

Come on, give me one

Be patient. You have to sacrifice

Gigolo, be patient.
We're level pretty soon!


Don't tell him

You can't please men

Here's dessert, what, still playing?

If I don't win, you'll be in trouble

Only four more cards, you won't win

No, I'll win

-Have the dessert if you don't
-Put it down!

I'll Win!

A cockroach

You scared me. A cockroach

No more

A card less, you can't win

Can't play with a card less

Game over

There's a store on the island
where we can rent it

It's too far, I can't row, I won't go

OK, I'll go with you!

Find a decent one, not a smelly one

-How'd I knoll it's smelly
-Use your nose!

Anita, would you come with-me

Alright, let's go!

-Nothing left

Bobo Jr, are you cheating on us!

-Don't cheat on us
-Only the beach itself

I won't spare you if you do

Where's the store?

There a few more strokes

We're here, let's go ashore!

Row over there

- Where's the store? Nothing here!
- Right!

It's a lie

Are you alright!

I'm OK

It's Bobo, I won't forgive him

How come there's a tent here?

What are you doing?

Bye! We'll come for you 3 days later

It's an ideal location for Anita

use your will and stop her
from playing mah-jong

We'll meet you in 3 clays time
Hope you will fall in love with each other

From Bobo and Bobo Jr

How dare they tricked on us

You're one of them

We just want you to stop gambling

Don't worry, they'll be back 3 days later

3 days? I can't go without it in 1 days

Where are you going?

I don't believe there's no boat here


What a girl

Face reality, sit down, eat up!

After this meal, will
clarify it up with you

Please give me one

-Who do you think you are
-Help yourself!

Food is your essentine for me it's mah-jong

Forbidding me to play,
is like forbidding you to eat

How does it feel?

OK, we'll share it

If you can go without mah-jong,
I'll go without food

But there's something you can't go without

What is it?

Now it's better psychologically

It's no problem for me to go without food

I'll have to see how you can make it

Forget it, you can't go hungry for 3 days
Come, have some!

Have some!


After this, there's ham, egg sandwiches

Have to get some strength

I'll take care of you, don't worry
Come on, eat it!

Are you OK, how come you're so nice?

Of course not, it's a trick
now you've finished...

See how you'll end up

You wicked woman

What is it?

-The back
-Roll on the ground, pretend to be dead

I want to help, but I can't
You said it, we can't touch each other

It's better to keep to myself
To keep a distance, isn't it?

See how long you can laugh for

What're you doing? Stop pulling

Are you crazy?

Yes, I'm. I've burnt your stuff

see if you can find me a boat

How could you do such a thing?

Are you hungry?

I've told you no boat,
yet you don't believe it

- Now you'll die of hunger make a will!
- What's to be done now?

Don't want to starve, follow me

Over here a bit...

Be move accurate... here

Aim at it...

How come you're so stupid?

Come on, you're useless

How come you're good at mah-jong only!

It's different
The cards are stable, fish isn't

Come on, there!

You're useless!

See if you can do it

-Lucky for you
-of course

...Just passable
-I'm lucky

Stopping being proud

Missed it

How sad, it's gone

How is it?

Alright, what now?

What are you waiting for?

- The fish...
- Where? I'll catch it for you

What do you want?

It's a different fish!

What's so funny!

- Very different...
- Here's a bite for you!

-Damn. look what you've done
-A duel!

Smells nice!

Don't drop it

Stop it!

Delicious even without salt

My cooking could be even better

Playing mah-jong and go fishing with me
everyday Then I can do the cooking, alright?

Anita, to be honest isn't it
nice to spend life with the nature?

Quite right!

What'll happen if we don't return?

-Why? You ain't a gambler

-Rape on a deserted island
-You dare?

-I don't it's you I'm afraid of

- Snake!
- It's painful!

I'm bitten by the snake

-Let me see
-It's true!


Don't move, let me suck out the blood

I do like you, but I won't embarrass you

If it's not because of
the bite. I won't do it?


- Well, I was bitten too!
- What shall we do?

-Let me suck out the blood too

Here, let me suck it out

- ls you hand alright?
- Quite so, it's movable

I don't to play mah-jong within next 2 days


Buy I do want to play it now
Play mah-jong...

Find something to do,

- let's sing!
- Singing?

OK, mah-jong game...

Stop it, sing another one!

Circles, bamboos...

Stop singing these mah-jong songs
Let's go to sleep then!

I'm so lonely...

- Anita, are you really lonely?
- What do you want?

- You said it.
- Stop talking my advantage

Over the other side, don't come near

Here they are, get up...

- Hey!
- Over here!

How is it? You made it?

Of course, look at her
She's different now

She's soft, caring, Considerate
hates mah-jong, isn't right Anita?

- You're great!
- But are you lying to us?

Why should I?

Don't overact

- What are you doing?
- What are you doing?

-We're take you away
-Stop peeping at me

I told them the advantages of mah-jong

-GO away!
"Are YOU crazy?"

We even learnt to play 5-men mah-jong

5 men mah-jong?

Anita, don't listen to them

I just to know more about

It's N, E, S, W, Winds and red dragon

if one scores, the other 4 will carry on

Whoever could guess the next
winner will get the Jack pot

It's exciting


Stop worrying, I'll control myself

Oh dear?

Minimum score is 80 points,
over 100 points per game

Oh yes...

-You can calculate such a complex sum

- I won't play!
- But how can I desert them

- Yes...
- What? why are you trying me?

Let me try, I won't play anymore
if it's not enjoyable

It's better to take a breath
of fresh air here

...Yes -It's relaxing

We'll get the marine police when we leave

- Right, bye!
- Let's board, goodbye!

Be careful or you'll pay up

Right, making us to pay up too

- Poong!
- I've scored, pay up

What's wrong with you?
You've ruined everything

You've lost 20 rounds, let me!

-I'll pour a cup of water
-One for me too

Damn lot, let me,

Cover my head and place my revenge

Using that?

Hurry up please. Time is flying!

-It's ridiculous to act like this

- Cover it with a bin, silly!
- My turn!

Hurry UP!

I wonder how he's getting on!

I'm afraid the marine
police can't locate him

Who's so scaring? Is it because of him?

I'm just afraid of paying up, white dragon

-Poong, you're so unlucky
-2 bamboos

If I've the right card, you'll know...

You're hopeless,
letting this new guy winning you

Where's the 3-time champion?

It's his fault,
for being so boring on the isle

no practice whatsoever

Taking you to the isle, he's unstable

He swears when he was 3

Read playboy at 5, and peeping tom at 10

At 15, he...

-You're bad, no need for you to pay up

If you win, I'll level with him

Might as well rent one now

Don't worry, take it easy!

5 bamboos!

Oh! I've got it, it's east

- What is it?
- East!

Where's my card, who took it?

Must be you!

"'8 you?"

I beg you please

to leave these 144 devils

I beg you to leave,
she won a lot of our money

She leaves, how can we get our money back?

It's your fault!

- What's wrong? Just entertaining?
- Right!

Really? I'll throw them out, see
how can you go on?

-We'll pick them back

I'll swallow it then


It's not easy to get this

- Are you OK?
- You nuts, how can you swallow it!

Told you to play Taiwanese mah-jong
They're smaller, will be easier to swallow

Why are you treating me like this

Stop arguing, won't do your throat any good
nor for the ears

I'm sorry, I really enjoy mah-jong games
of course not when you're with me

But you can't watch me for 24 hours

Why not?

...She has to jog each morning
-I'll keep her company

-She has to have snack each right
-I'll keep her company

-She has to do facial every week
-Go with her

-She has her monthly inconvenience
-Be inconvenient with her

Wake up, get up,

Sleeping pills

How tiring!

- Hey!
- Anita?

I can't sleep, come over now

I was with you from today already
and watched m/n show too

Could you give a chance to rest

Are you coming over or not?

OK, I'll come

What are you doing?

He gave us$50, asking us to hit him

Hit him?

He took the sleeping pills and
told us to keep him awake

or else he can't communicate
with his girlfriend

Anita, here you are

- Look at you, half dead, go back home!
- Don't worry, I'll take some coffee

This isn't yours, put it down!

Sit down first

I didn't think you have patience on me

I realize my interest
on mah-jong is lessened

Let's cheers

How careless, I'll get a cloth

No need, I'll go

Anita, I love you, shall we get married?

Sorry Miss, he's not well

He's slightly insane, leave him

It's you who's insane
You can't find such a man in your life

I haven't ordered anything

He did, he said to serve it when you arrive

He's too tired, couldn't join you

What's the matter?

What're you doing? Are you sane?

From now on, I won't touch mah-jong
I'll do aerobics, lead a healthy life

You won't succeed, let me show you this

Sis, how come you've the cassettes?

I recorded them while you played mah-jong

Put them away, it's unbearable

Really? Let's replay for your recollection

If you pass this, you'll succeed

It's so unbearable tonight. Mah-jong again?

-One more, two more
-A bad hand, bad luck

-Be careful of your opponents
-3 more 68 circles

Need the middle card, got 7 cirles
Four more, once again

one more, two more, 7 flowers at one go

Another flowers, 2 sets, I've won
Three move, not bad

Forget it. Hey!


Hey! I've got it first

Damn you!


Listen to me

-I really haven't played mah-jong
-What was it that I heard just now?

Go up with me and see for yourself

Come on
This can teats my sis determination

Alright, we got it

Is it really a recording?

-Of course, it's an expensive Hi Fi

Just like a real game!

Sis, how come it's like this?

This is to test your determination

You herd it now

You're really playing, why did you lie?

If she's playing,
she wouldn't have asked me to go up

Anita, let's go and explain to him

No, he'll know sooner or later

Shall we leave?

No, continue!

Anita, I'll for you for a while

No, I don't to touch them

Come on, just I game


Don't force her

- OK, how about just piling them?
- Right

OK, I've to go the toilet first

- Alright!
- Thanks!

-I'll buy you lot something to eat


-Here he is
-Oh! I've got it, it's east

Oh no!

I really didn't play

No, you haven't you really haven't

I'm just piling them for someone

You prefer mah-jong than I
mah-jong is more important than I?

You don't mah-jong, nor I
That means mah-jong is more important

Right, I don't like you to play
Why do you have to play?

It's a nice game
If you lose, will you stop playing?

I'm a 3-time champion, I won't lose

What if I beat you and win?

You win? OK, whatever you say

Stop playing mah-jong

Let's agree on it

There're rules to play mah-jong

- What are the don't?
- Don't play when you're sick

You've no cash. You've bad opponents

What's the precautions?

You'll lose if you've
shaved, bathed or a cold

or if you've argued, fought or hurt
mixed with women

Teacher, if you don't teach him
he'll lose Anita

You know my rules

It's vital to have good reflex and memory

Now to test your sight and memory

If you pass, I'll be your teacher

No problem

Bobo, show him

6 bamboos, 8 characters,
green dragon, 7 circles

It's a trick!

Your turn now

- 9 and 5 characters, white dragon...
- It's enough!

Bobo, Bobo, stand behind me

If you fail, you can't be my student

7 circles, 4 bamboos, 9 characters

9 and 5 characters,
white dragon, 2 bamboos...

7 bamboos, I character...

6, 4 circles, w, right?

Not bad, you've. Potentials, right?

- Right!
- Thanks! Teacher!

You've to stay here for 6 months
You can't leave

What, here for 6 months?

This period is only for basic theory
Another 3, 5, 7 years practice

before you reach the highest point

Any crash course, say a week?

It's a different art to
learn except cheating


The theory is to communicate between 2 men

there're many alternatives
One man to attack, the other defend

first learn to shuffle and pile

This is called weaving

Place well the cards you want

throw the dice in multiples
of 5 & you'll get your cards

What if your cards are with your opponent?

Then reshuffle them

watch carefully

If they ruin your cards, isn't it a waste?

Then you've to see what you've got


Do a mirror technique while piling
Like at the lower ones, the next upper ones

that's why, good eyesight and memory

There's one more technique

If you see others cards thrown out

And you want them, do this

This is a funny one

-It's only a part of the defense
-This is easy

Let's see how you do it


Not with the upper ones, try the other

No need

Mah-jong needs, a lot of practise

if you want to reach my standard
I've to find a new teaching method

-So slow, it's pointless
-What is it?

-Red dragon
-Who threw red dragon, Poong!

-3 characters

- Who threw out 7 circles?
- The same suit

-7 characters
-7 characters, it's all characters

-4 bamboos,
-1, 4 bamboos with all dragons

-I've won
-Hold on, me first!

You can't, it's an unique suit

-can't go against as you've promised
-Don't lose

I'll do as I've said, so will you

Of course

You've been to the toilet, changed
your seat And you're still losing?

We haven't finished, right?

It's useless,

You've cheated

- Me?
- Count

Count the cards...

Count them


What? Peeping at the cards?

No, only going round the toilet for luck

Here's my luck!

This is a good set

Let me count my winnings

4 characters

Let me go against you

8 circles, still being proud?

-Good card every time
-Just a coincidence

It's 8 circles again

It's a tight game

What is it?

Stop cheating!

Couldn't be!

It's on your side
How careless, I'll get a cloth

How come you've so few cards?

- Card!
- A few less

you've a card less

I've got it here!

- Stand up...
- Don't fool around, stand up!

Come on... Said I was fooling

Stop it, it's my turn

Luck is with me, I win again. Pay up!

It's my turn to win again this hand

No, I've got all the circles suit
Let's see which one you throw 9 bamboos

Hey, your turn

7 characters,

Another circle, what a pity

Luck's on my side

Who threw at me?

No, it isn't!

What are you doing?

Something was thrown at me

-9 bamboos

- I character
-Circles again, I'll throw north

What is it?

-Just stretching
-What a nuisance

I've done it again

I just don't the score of this hand

-Help yourself!

Let's take a photo

Why so proud when you've won a few hands

You might lose more than you win

Luck is still on my side

Why so happy, you lost too!

How can we shuffle them like this?
Right, take them off!

What's wrong? Just entertaining?

What? Are you crazy?

- Taking another card'?
- It's my turn

- Poong“.
- Put it down!

It's Bobo's turn

- One circle!
- Put it down... Poong!

-It's me now
-7 characters!

- Poong!
- Not your turn yet, put it down!

It's Bobo's turn

5 circles, I've to Kong, an extra point

Will there be luck?

1 circle

8 characters!

2 circles!

-What a coincidence. I want it
-It's your turn,

better to take a card...

- What's your business?
- Go on!

OK, I'll take one

You're right, I've got 5 circles

thought there's no chance to win
but yet, I've got the 5th CARD

The 5th 5 circles

How come there are 5 cards?

Ridiculous, someone's cheating!

Anita, I didn't mean it, forgive me!

You should say you're sorry

I’m sorry!

-Not to me! To her
-To her!

-Just pour her a cup of tea
-No! Soft drink will do

Apologize, go on!

With 2 hands, Kneel!

You can't kneel, bending will do

-Can't kneel, then bend
-OK, we won't look

Come on!

Are you making fan of me?
I lost today, let's play again some day

If you don't drink I'll

Who'll play with me!

Right, you tricked us, I don't trust you
Let's go!

- What's to be done?
- ignore them!

4 more paces and they'll be gone, 3,2, 1

- What's to be done?
- Ignore him


Slow down, he'll follow you

I know, he can catch up


- He's here, faster...
- Anita!

- Here!
- Anita...

Stay away, Anita

-He cried out so pitingly

Go away!

Anita, go away!



You shouldn've apologized then

Only real feelings show in crisis
If you're crashed, I'll be so lonely

-Who's her family, you can see her now
-I am!

Are you? You're a criminal now
confess at the door

Are you OK? Your legs?

In here, silly!

Where's Tallie?

We won't let him in, or we'll in trouble

Don't say this, he's not a bad guy

Only a bit chauvinistic,
he's a considerate man

Have you gone med?

No, mah-jong is an entertainment

But I've got my pride
The more he rejects it, the more I play

If he angry with me, I might not play

Want him to ask you to play? It's easy!

We Will...

- No sound, is she dead?
- Of course not!

Oh no, Anita has amnesia


Good, she can't play
ever again. That's great

-She might forget you too
-That's true!

Over there!

Anita, do you know who I am?


She's fine, what amnesia!

You're tasty...

She thinks you're a
drink, call you watsons!

Watsons? You!

No, he's watsons, I'm Tallis!

You're watsons, he's Tallie

I'm Tallie, not he!

He's Tallie, you're watsons!

- Watsons, Tallie!
- Watsons, Tallie!

- Tallie, Watsons!
- Tallie, watsons!

Tallie, watsons, no, watsons, Tallie!

- Watsons, Tallie!
- No! Tallie!

Give me back Tallie...

Right, I'm watsons...

- How come she's like this?
- I ain't the doctor, how would I know?

I'll find the doctor

You're a fake, I'll tell Tallie

-If you do, we'll go separate ways

I will, I ain't your boyfriend

- You will?
- No!

Where's the doctor?

Here's Tallie

Can't find the doctor

-He's here just now
-Really? What did he say?

He said she should take an injection

If there's something to excite her
She might remember

- What does she like most?
- She likes me most


She likes to play mah-jong best

Anita, let's play mah-jong

No, it's boring, I want my boyfriend

I'm your boyfriend

No, you aren't you're watsons!
I want to find my boyfriend

Men aren't good, playing mah-jong is good

it's meaningless for woman
not play, isn't it?

Let's play!

Mah-jong is to kill time, woman needs a man


This is only an imagination

Well, mah-jong is better than men

Men've only 4 moods,

but mah-jong is different

excluding flowers, there're 36 characters

No, mah-jong is non-living,

but man is alive, how can you mix the 2?

Right, how can you?

You can sleep with a
monkey, it's living too

Woman needs security, mah-jong offers it

A few hundred dollars for 1 set

it's reliable to play from 17-70 years old

Man is different, if you meet a bad one,
it's rather to die than to live

Let's play»

How come you act like a dice?

Oh no, dice can play at every game
Man forget it!


He'll dump you if he doesn't like you
No flowers

Who oppose to such a healthy game?
The opposer's an idiot!

- Who is it!
- He is

You object it?

Right I'm, but not, now, let's play...

It's $100 for an hour

So expensive, I want play

It's not expensive, come on Anita...

What a pity that I can't say anything

- So not playing?
- Let's not play it anymore

No... Come on... let's continue...

Come, Anita,

Told you I won't

It's easy, easier than singing a song

Sing a song for me then

Not now, I can only sing to you alone
Let's play.

-If you won't sing, I won't play
-Come on, play

Tallie, it's only a few of us, please sing

- Right...
- Look, no others

- Sing...
- Only us

Really no others? When I finish, you play


A unexplainable riddle in my hear

Is it OK? Good?

A unexplainable riddle in my heart

This riddle...

Where's your stage performance?

This trap I've encountered

I fell in a trap, with you on the outside

Hate... Love...

Testing... one... two... three... four

Testing... one, two, three, four

The mic broke down

- Anita!
- Catch up with them

-They're down-stairs playing game machines

He's out, aim at him...

- Here's him!
- Coming!

What's going on? How come you're here?

She wants to play with
guns, so I'm with her

Right, she wants to play

Not with guns, let's play mah-jong!

Right, you had enough!

Anita, what're you waiting for?

If you want to, let's continue
Let's go over there, forget about them


As long as you're happy, Anita

It's a world of two

Ready, when the clown's out, aim at him

- Watsons!
- He's here, aim at him, bang...

Oh dear? Useless now

- Watsons!
- I know, swap another one


Anita, don't be soft, have fun first

Why fool around with someone's boyfriend?

Just because he's someone's boyfriend
You can't fool your own boyfriend

Right, I agree!

Don't move

Take out all the money

Miss, this gun is rained, give me a new one


Pal, your gun's ruined too?
Ridiculous, it's not working

So your's a fake too, robbery...
Take out a real one...


Anita, pick up the gun


Don't move!

-He's taken hostage
-Hurry save him

Tell him to release him or I'll shoot

Release him or I'll shoot him

I won't

If you don't let my
friend go, I'll kill him

I'll shoot him too

Your gun might be a fake one

Haven't you marked it?

Yes, with a X on the bullet

I should X you first

I've an inspiration with this gun
It's 90% genuine, release him and surrender

If your real, mine's fake

-Let's find a target
-No, he is inspired?

Inspirations shouldn't have
lost last night then

Someone's being robbed

They are armed

- Ready to fire!
- No, they have my friend inside

- Your friend's a robber?
- No...

What's going on?

It's like this
Don't start with the scene 3 months ago

Start on the day you're born then!
Let me tell you

It's simple, there thieves non-thieves
inside the non-thieves are my friends

But one of the hostages
is not a thief, but is my friend

The other hostage isn't my Pal is a thief

But luckily the one with the gun is my Pal

unluckily the other one isn't

Could you be a bit clear?

Really, it all began 3
months ago on the beach

You're crazy

You can't row like this
You'll be acquitted if you kill me

But she won't be, as she's amnesia

So what? I can say I've amnesia too

Will anyone believe
you? I was hit by a truck

How could you remember it?

Yes, you told me in the hospital, that day

That day...

You asked me if I recall the
1st time we've on the island

You two have had your 1st time?

What're you thinking?

My 1st time without mah-jong,
it's so painful, I'll remember it

How could you remember it?

So you plot against me

We aren't, it's...

- What is it?
- It's...

It's cheating,
it's better to be dead than stupid

OK, shooting me then...

I'm only joking, don't be serious

Stop being like this

You'll be rich by listening to me

Shoot me, aim at my head

I don't want to live, shoot me!

We didn't mean to cheat you
I swear, I'll never play mah-jong

You won't, you'll pretend to have amnesia

I trust you, but not those 3

I swear, I'll never play mah-jong

Don't run or I'll shoot

Quick see if her gun's real or not

I'm fine

her gun's real

So yours a fake

Don't move!

- Don't move!
- Don't come over, you can't match us

It's exciting

-You came for the show
-Sir, the thief!

N. E. S. W. Pick a seat

-N. E. S. W



- South!
- North


Serve you right...

it's chocolate

Do you know what's her nickname?


Bad girl!

Anita, are you OK?

Fine, don't hurry!

- Hurry, what's taking so long?
- I'm famished


I'm here, ain't I?

- Quick, cleaning up!
- The carpet's wet, wipe it

- Quick, tissue!
- Tissue...

-Give me a beer

-Beer, Anita
-Don't hurry!

My kid wants to pee, where's the toilet?


Mr chain's inside

Wait for a while

-Excuse me, your phone call

Don't run off, OK


This is for you

He's playing mah-jong, not available

My kid swallowed a fish

Hurry, spit it out

Not here... in the toilet

Hold your breath, don't spit

- Where's your bear?
- Hold!

- This is it!
- This isn't beer