Hua jie shi dai (1985) - full transcript

I hate to be here, it smells really bad.

All one comes across is old ugly whores

What do you know?
Go have a coffee first.

Brother Li, same as before?


Go upstairs and turn right.

Go get back the bowl,

it's put just next to the door.

Turn right of the stairs?

Turn to the right

Police are all youngsters nowadays.

It's just like a mother
taking care of their children

You must know Wan Chai,

every lamppost there has got a name.

Isn't that right?

Damn it! What the heck

I will not do it anymore
at the end of this year.

- Try it, Brother Li
- Good

Silly boy, what are you staring at?

Hey boy, come in
just if you have got some money.

You can touch me once with ten dollars.

You can sit on my thigh
with twenty dollars

Go ahead

Turn right of the staircase

The woman standing upstairs is terrible.

You went there to look around again?

She seems to be mysterious.

You deliver every meal upstairs
from now on.

Because you know the way.

What a bad luck to me...

Look at him, you should teach him well.

I'd better bring along my babe,
I've got to go.

Who is that guy?

The policeman Li

Not that one, the woman.

Didn't you say that
you grew up in Wan Chai?

You don't even know this guy?

You oughtta know more people around here

Let me tell you,

Wan Chai is not a place
you can easily belong to

Hey boss,
don't be such bullshit all the time.

What? You couldn't stand for it?

How old are you?

It's a secret.

You weren't even born then

My little shop opened in 1958.

They earned a living from the foreigners

Those bartender girls, tattoo artists...

little robbers,
beggars and the little thieves...

holding a photo
under pretext of finding lost father

Days were just fine.

Supper time, nice.

When would you let us take a bite too?

Bloody, don't you go!

Don't give it a shit. Let them go.

I will not be that kind next time.

I am damn busy!

Couldn't even spare time for money.

Why not simply hire a few young boys?

It helps a lot.

10 dollars! 10 US for the blonde!

1 and 2,

women are all coming!

Come on, hold it.

Girl, you're back...

go to visit Tin Hau!

No, I couldn't visit Tin Hau anymore.

I've turned Catholic.

I see...

Give me a try.

I picked this first.

- Are you going now?
- Yes

Clean the face.


Little girl, give you 10 cents
for buying snack.

Thank you, come again when you've time.

Where is Shui-wei?

I don't know.

Where did she run off early
in the morning!

I would peel her skin
when she comes back.

isn't it nice if I give it to you?

You don't want it?

How about this one?

I don't need it.

And this one?

It's a ballpen,
made with a nuclear bomb!

Shui-mei, I can give everything.
Give me yours!

I may say it won't be a good idea.

One day,
you may give it to others anyway.

You're right.

I've been waiting for long.

My auntie told me
to make the first time worthwhile

It's worth hundreds! Have you got it?

What're you two doing?
I ain't playing with you

Get away, otherwise I leave.

1 and 2,

women are all coming!

where have you been to this morning?

What's the matter with you, huh?

I worked.

We have got enough to eat, to live.

And they help me a lot.

We can save up more without two people.

They never leave me.

You've been taking care of them
for so many years

It's time to let them go
and it's good for them

Someone wants my sister,

I really have to thank God

You're being chosen,
but not you choose someone

You're right.
Ask Auntie Liu to bring them there.


What's up, mother?

Come and get changed

Monie is coming back

there must be something to eat!

One egg for breakfast,
every meal got meat.

Blonde and green eyes love meat.

You look pretty wearing so much gold
on your wrist

If you're clever enough,
it would be so easy...

Could have been yours
in less than a month


Also even the most stupid one,

Hands are adorned full by gold...

in not more than a year!

Look, this is the one

You can use it to write.

And it's water-resistant.

Did you hear anything
about nuclear bomb?

No, didn't

This is the nuclear from that bomb.

Don't touch the tip

I couldn't clean up otherwise.

I thought
it was something extraordinary...

I have got one too, the sailor gave me.

I don't give it a damn!

I thought nobody could touch you!

I am not that open as you are.

It's not me, but you.

What do you want?

You're not sleeping with
those sailors anymore.

Why would you get the pen?

Do you want to fight?

Why do you hit my daughter?

What is it with her, there's no end

She hits me.

Please teach your girl well.

What a shame.

Time to choose! Get in

Don't waste my time.

Choose 5 only.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Why am I not the one?

Thank you!

Thank you!

Me? Excuse me...

Thank you!

It's over.

You two, look at mine, see

Let's go!

Don't touch me!

Don't get mad!

I leave you!

You're rejecting me!

What're you doing?

Why do you leave me?

Get off

You can't do this to me, You can't!

What're you two doing?

don't leave your cousin alone...

if something good turns up

Who says it's not good
to have a daughter

If she likes Monie

She can earn money for the family


Who are you?

I'm Shui-mei.

You gave me a chewing gum this morning.

I see, a pretty girl.

I don't want it right now!

What a sassy girl!

Auntie, sister Leung and me...

that girl has a spot on her face.

She is my cousin,
we do everything together.

I don't want it
if she haven't got one too.

Girls are like this.

You take sister Leung
there instead of me.

She needs to earn for the family,
but I don't

That's ok. You win

Listen, don't tell anybody.

You bring along
your cousin tomorrow morning.

I give you one more.

Thank you so much! Auntie Monie

It's not a matter
to sleep with the foreigners...

but we won't take off the clothes.

I would rather die if...

we need to sleep with them naked!

They're coming.

God, look like a monster!

My mother said
they're born to carry a bad smell.



Look, so many fresh ladies.

Be quick! Be quick!

Auntie, We walk then.


Wow! Pretty!

Don't be like this in the morning!

Lady on the boat.

Wow, they are coming!

Look at their face, like a monkey's ass.


Their big feet are just like
the pair of ducks.

Duck! Duck!

Just look at their hands and feet,
black and yellow!

Would there be any beautiful girls
on the boat?

I doubt that or else why'd they be here

No one'd give shit for a blonde
even if it's free


I guess it would be profitable...

if they were put in a whore house

Shoot you!

What is this?

Quick, take her to the toilet.

Use mine.

And it is open to the public.

The public one is better than
the private one...

it serves many more people in need.

I may then prefer to piss into the sea!

It's shameful.

It's such a cool stuff, right?

Yes, not bad.

Send this to Little Lin-yuk.

I go get it done as you said.

God! Where am I actually standing?


Wow, beautiful!

Little girl, a little girl again.

I hate those new coming little girls.

Come here!

Why those girls are getting that ugly?

Expected me to change you
into a beautiful girl,


Get back to your yawl!

Mother, We...

Mother, mother...

You go to Monie and call her mother.

Just call me Little Lin-yuk
or Little lady.

Little lady,
Mother Monie asked us to come here...

and learn from you.

I know, your Mother Monie.

That puss, always used to be in awe of me

You had better go back to your yawl.

Little lady, We are fishermen...

but not anglers

You're being rude!

You guys too, clean your face

Why can't I ever understand
what they say?

You're lucky

Hey, look!

Too bad! It's the end between us.




No money, no happiness.

Smell like a shit!

It's nice! Sniff it.

It's really bad!

What're you going to do!

Here, look.

There's a creep staring at us!


Look at that guy...

Doesn't he look like a sissy?

Jimmy. Darling.

Why you don't need to
go to the class today?

Today would be a busy day,
so I come to help.

Haven't you changed your mind?

You all get out, out, out!




Okay, let me do it

That would be enough...

You will use it up

This one costs nothing.

Like just set free from jail.

Ah Tak,
go and complete the story of Siu-yuk

Let's have a bun first.

No. I don't eat much recently.

Say it, be quick.

The story begins that Jimmy's mother...

has been waiting for years and years.

The man that she loved
hadn't come back eventually.

And one day,
she asked Little Lin to help...

taking care of Jimmy...

Then, she jumped into that sea
and ended her life.

Who says a prostitute
doesn't know what love is!

At that time,

Jimmy was not taller than that table!

Jimmy was then living with Little Lin,

Just like a widow and the only son.

Stand still, don't run.



You got into a fight with others again?

Almost got caught by them.

He is Jimmy.

What's your name, girl?

I'm called Shui-mei, Mary Shui.

Tak, I couldn't stand it anymore.

I couldn't be with her any longer

Jimmy... darling, kiss me. Honey.

She treat me like a cat.

Blaming again,
Haven't you found your father?

The US consulate
has already made a record of it

But he better not be found.

I'd surely thrash him real good

You couldn't beat your father up.

Do you know what he has done?

But you couldn't beat him up
no matter what he did!

My mother committed suicide
because of him, do you know that?

Better not to know.

I don't know who my father is...

It's said to be a sin
to beat father up anyway.

Go to make some money,
there is a boat tonight.

Put more cosmetics on your face tonight.

Wear some perfume.

Get more money from those sailors!

You are born to be a women-killer!


Ah Tak, most women dream
to sleep with me.

I just talked to her a second.
Lin-yuk is going crazy.

I am becoming a eunuch!

Hey, how about an exchange?

I don't want to change!

Tell you, mine is brilliant!

It must be good
if I got the same like yours.

It smells like a dead mouse.

Isn't it your wish?

Ass and shit!

You're not allowed to push me down!

No, I didn't say it. I want to drink,
can I?

Hello boys,
Were you having a good time today?

We were.

Are those girls good partners?

We don't need no partner.

Friends, we need action, right?

Don't worry, our group of girls...

will be taking good care of you all.

Hello, David!


Don't go robbing my business

What plaything is this?

What is this, friend?

I will keep it safe, don't worry!

I need your help, ok?

A large boat is coming today...

Those big guys make such a mess

Move all night long...

that I couldn't sleep well!

Hey. Girls from yawl, are you ok?

Little lady...

Work hard to make more money

Why the breast of Lin-yuk
always in different size?

American Car

What does it mean?

They all are automatic!

You're saying something
mean behind Little lady!

So? If she is going to cheat me again...

She will get a really really bad luck!

Come out! Be quick.

To get their pocket empty...

and leave them a coin!

Enjoy, boys!


Call me Dozy.

Hello, I'm Nancy, and you?

I'm Sunny.

2.4 dollars for a drink.

You buy me a drink.
I will make you happy!


Good, let's drink!

Hey, girl from yawl.

Do you know this guy?

No, I don't

Do you know him?


Do you want to dance?


Do you know this guy?

No, I haven't met this guy even once.

Do you know this guy?

Yes, I do.

Are you sure?

I'm sure.

What's his name?

What the hell is his name?

You said you know him!

Did I?

Your father has been found?

Get off!

Wake up!

What're you doing, darling?

Don't touch my Jimmy
if you're wise enough

Jimmy, we go upstairs!

I don't, give it back to me!

You will never come back
just like your father.

What're you doing?

Bad guy has a crazy son

I am wrongly raise a faithless boy

Jimmy, where are you going?

Billy Ham, I remember,
he is called Billy Ham!

Billy Ham, don't get away!

Shui-mei, where are you going?

I'm gonna go fishing

Look, I've got a lot

Yours are just 10 cents,
but mine are 25 cents.

Shut up.

You're new!

Don't follow me, ok?

I have got something to tell you.

Lady. Don't try to bother me, ok?

You're not my type.

You don't like what I said, right?

I saw that he was going over there

If I get hold of that bastard...

I will give him shit for dinner.


Do you need me to put in your mouth?

Have it now!


You guys are bullies

What do you guys actually want?

We're just playing!

What is the smell?


This one is a bastard

Do you want to...

visit the police station?


Get out of my sight!

What's that funny?

Yes, captain!

Have some herb tea.
Would help freshen your mouth

Come, sit!

You're a cool girl. Cool

I don't care whether they pick me or not.

Haven't you got something to tell?

I just heard your father's name
from a foreigner.

My father?

But the name isn't too pleasant

Do you know how to spell it?

I would be God if I could spell it.

Is he still at the bar?


That's great.

Am I cool?

When did you learn singing?

I learnt from albums.
Am I a good singer?

Sound a bit like Heidi Chu?

I brought this carpet from Shanghai


I bought you this tofu.

You have written down in your diary?

You have noted
every moment that I get mad?

Right, that girl called Mei-Li.

She is pregnant. What should we do?

Ask her to go back home.

Wait until the baby is born.

Go home?
Why not give her some domestic jobs?

Is it a good idea?

They will think of their mother...

if they see a pregnant woman.

When they think of their mother,

everything would not be
interesting anymore!

You're right, money is our only goal.

Ask her to leave then.

That man I met last night,
just got a small... small shrimp

The one I met was a hard shrimp.

What are you talking about?

Oh, it's Men's talk

The one I met was a naughty shrimp...

spiraling all night!

How about yours?

None of your business. I won't tell!

Crazy. You must've gotten sick

Go have a check tomorrow!


How was that black one?

Was he a strong shrimp or a weak crab?

He's simply shit

Shui-mei. I've got something to tell you.

Why do you do this?

Mother, don't ask me to go out!

Little lady, enjoy. I'm leaving



Little lady.

Who are you?


Mei-li, it's wrong to do this.

It's wrong.

I'm not leaving. I am not!

Little lady, I have no home.

No, you don't look good in those

I'll get you some new clothes later.

I'm going to play mahjong with friends.

Do serve yourself.

Remember to close the windows
when you leave

Don't forget. I'm leaving. Bye.

Hi, Mei-li!

Hi, Joe!

Care to go out with me?

Not now.

How about tonight?

- Ok.
- Ok.

- Shui-mei.
- Cousin.

The foreigner already gave me
all his money

Break up with him then.

- Hi.
- Honey

Who owns this car?

I got that from the street.

Gorgeous! From the street as well?

It's interesting!

You're good at it

Of course. I used to be good at boats

Faster than everyone


Yes. Seems like you're rowing a boat

Are you jealous?

Later you can drive yourself back

I'll walk back to Wan Chai.

Giving this car to me?
You treat me so good!

I always have

I am just like...

Ice lolly!

An ice lolly?


Ice cream!

Good. Just the same.

It kills me!

So sweet.

It melts. What's the use?

Don't move! You look pretty...

from some angles.

I've always been a beauty

Let us kiss.

Kiss? No other word to say?

Kiss and Think.

10 cents for 1 person.

James Dean, son of the bitch,
James Dean.

My father

James Dean, my father. James Dean,
my father.

James Dean or your father?

Of course my father.

Mei-li and Lin-yuk.

Which one do you want?

For what?

Tell me!

Anyway, apart from my father...

You're the one I care the most, ok?

Ice lolly. Ice-cream.

Ice-cream... the one selling ice-cream!


I am eating now

You still need some more?

Where did you get it?

Change the ticket

I am going back to States,
would you marry me?


Honey. Kiss me!

Will you marry me?

I can't!

Ten, nine... five, four, three, two, one

Happy New Year, Jimmy. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year!

And me?

Happy New Year! Jimmy

Jimmy, let's go for a walk

Like the past, we go out for a walk.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Cousin, I really can't stand it.

I must talk to Little lady.

Are you sure?

Yes. I don't care!



Buy me a drink
and I'll give you good time

Piss off!

Don't think you're the best.

Dirty black and yellow!

People don't like your pale little white.

It's enough! What's so good about you?

What did you do on me?


Happy New Year!

Hello. Yes. The consulate? Who? It's me

Now. Yes. Yes!

When did you get this tattoo?

Why don't you tell me?

Should I inform you everytime? Get off!

Do you think it's nice? Wash it out!

Crazy! Get off!

Who is she? Who is she?

Let go!

Who is she? Tell me.

We broke up!

It's over between us!

Hey, don't go

What's wrong with Lin-yuk again?

What's the matter?

Little lady.


Jimmy and Mei-li...

I'm going


Say sorry and wash it out

No other place for you if...

Wan Chai doesn't need you.

Then no one will ever want you

On the street maybe.

Street? That shameful?

Little lady,
You thought you could always win.

What have you got? Student

I am young and I've got passion.

Teacher, watch out!

Get out. You bastard!

I will. Jimmy said
I'm the one he cares for most...

apart from his father!


I'm dizzy. Get me some herbal oil

What's the matter?

Shui-mei! Shui-mei!

Why're you following me?

I told you two days before. Look.

Fully automatic!

Silly! It's not about the tattoo.

It's about men. It's love! Let's go!

Listen, no need to be afraid...

because it's your body.

It's not others, right?

I want they two. Goodbye, girls of yawl!

Brother Li, have you seen Jimmy?


Isn't here yet

Is he not coming tonight?

You both come over to my place
for the night!

I will ask him to look for you
when he's back.

Honey. You're scratching me

It hurts! Where are you going?

Come out. Mimi.

Dare you run? Where do you run?

I'll beat you up real good

I raised you.
You dare to run! I'll beat you.

You don't have a heart!


Where did you go last night?

I saw my father last night.

Did you beat him up then?

No, I felt too tired.

When did you leave?

Know somethin'?
The US consulate said that...

they will help process this
as soon as possible.

I will go to Macau with my father
these few days

I came to say goodbye

Aren't you happy for me?

Monie has told me. Don't be silly.

Go back to Lucky Bar!

It's got nothing to do with you!

Ok, where would you go anyway?

I can go anywhere!

That's fine.
I've got to meet my father at the hotel

I've to go!

You'd better talk to Monie.


Are you listening?

I don't. I'm not!

What are you shouting at?

Go away!

So, you wait here.

Please go...!

Okay, I'll go


You're sick!

Just leave, go on!

It's here.

Make it nice, please.


Go upstairs

Come in. Come in!

Look. It's all designed by myself. Cool?

Especially that way. Come and look.

This is a large room.

Have a look

A large room just got that small in size.

Isn't it more spacious than the trawler?

It is


Little master

I'll come to pick it up tomorrow.

Deal! You promise! Goodbye.

Mei-li Kiosk

Miss, what business did you run?

Selling soft drinks

Selling soft drink?


Soft drink... why do you need these rooms?

You will find it out one day.
I am leaving!

It should be like this.

Tomorrow is your opening ceremony.

Just ask if we could do you a favour!

Thank you very much!

Hey, be smart!

Cousin, we go fishing.


Little master.
We're waiting for the grand opening.

Ask your brothers to visit us!



Give you a bottle of soft drink
with this coupon

Thanks for your help!



You're Mei-li?

What're you doing?
I have told your brothers...

What brothers you're talking about?


Shui-mei! Shui-mei!

Stop it!

Be more polite.
Next time I will make your face off.

Go away!

Shui-mei. Are you ok?

We're finished.

Our girls can not do the business

Is it too painful to fall asleep?!

That injection couldn't help.

How can I work tomorrow?

You need more rest, don't you?

That doctor just specializes
in sexual diseases

Take a rest. It will recover soon.

This is not our place.

And not Wan Chai either.
We should go back home.

I won't!


I won't go back!

The first time I saw Wong Ying...

was at a little coffee shop.

I left Lucky Bar for many years...

this is the first time I beg someone.

When Jimmy leaves,

I didn't beg him to stay.

Who knew I'd have to beg this time!

Sister Ying.

Just call me Wong-ying.

Sister Ying. Brother Li asked me to come!


Brother Li said you're trustworthy

No flattering!

My name is Mei-Li.

I remember you. You've bad reputation

You got other's man.
How dare you show up again?

It was all in the past.

You deserve it.
You don't look that stupid.

What makes you go crazy for a man?

It depends.

Sister Ying. I tell you my situation

Me and some girls.
We cannot do the business

Half and half!

Because of a man... stupid!

You dare come to my place

Piss off! I'll hack you to death


Gentleman. This is Lulu!

No. It hurts!

Trouble. It's good of you to be here

Your girls don't do anything for me!

How about this one?

This one is nice!

Sorry. Enjoy yourself!

Gentleman. This is Lily!

You order food?

Put it there.

Keep the change!


Miss. Do you need part-time help?

Do you know what goes on here?

Yes! I want to do it one day a week.

No way.

But you can leave for a few days!

But I've just got one day leave a week.

You thought it is a game?

No. I want to work here!

You're so young...

Why not think of any other job to do?

They are all the same.
Weren't they all selling?

I love money!

Did you ever do this before?

Should I?

You come here on Wednesday.


What's your name?

It's good to be called Wednesday.

Wednesday, you go then!

So I will be here on Wednesday?



I used to have the same zeal
when I was young

I am old

I've been living good these years.

Wong Ying and I are really one of a kind

We're quite the same
in personality maybe.

We both happen to be
equally emotional too.

And she handles external affairs
and I, internal

It's just like a perfect pair.

Sister Leung got pregnant,

she then immediately got married
with Big Head.

This guy is a good man.

She has got a family,

and I have my business.

Get ready. Get ready.

20 odd cents commercial stock.
It's not a big deal.

Earlier I told you
investing in TV stocks is good

but you didn't listen to.

Wai, this is funny. Make it bigger...

Smaller, bigger...

Isn't it?

Chewing gum! Don't want it?

It's not good for teeth!

You're right!

Let me see!

Sister Shui, it is definitely yours!

Sister Shui, I can sing this song as well

All are old songs.

Old songs are the best!
Come on, let us dance!

Oh, another girl ended herself!

Fellows, come on!

What's Wai doing?

Come on, give me a kiss!



How's that, is it fine?

It still hurts.

You're rich
and you don't recognize me anymore!

Will I?

Come here, I want to talk to you.

Come on, have some fruits.

Tell me if Ms Cheng could help?

What's the ghost idea in your head?

What do you say
I wind up my business here,

and open one in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Maybe it's bigger than the Lucky Bar!

It's not good right now?

Would the moon be much full
in Tsim Sha Tsui?

Do you like to stay at Yau Ma Tei?

Are you not alright?

Or your husband
has got lots of brothers left?

It's not that,
but everything has got their rules.

I don't give a damn

There were no soft drink kiosks
in the past,

but now aren't there many?

There were no coffee shops
or massage rooms.

Say, aren't they following our way now?

Frankly, can you make it if...

we're going to Tsim Sha Tsui?

Nothing is impossible.

Don't promise me that easy.

I didn't force you!

I never break my promise. Little girls!

Sister Leung, it's time to leave!

Let's take a picture!

Ready, go!

Thank you!

You're dead meat
if you dare to date my boss!



Ms Shui, is this one good?

Get a good sign!

You do know that I'm speaking now.

So I will be right back

No, thanks.
Ask little master to make a decision.


Hey, I'm impressed.
You're doing well, I see

We knew for years,

do tell me if there is anything good.


Hi. Come on in. Quick, be quick!

They're all my friends.

Shui-mei, Mary, Xiao Lin.

They all treat me good.

And they are all my peers

It's now their world!

Wednesday, how old are you?

Nearly 20.

Almost 20? I'm twice her age

I put it there, ok?

Shui-mei, when I think back

Would you still be the same?

We are doing high-class business.

I get a job for your sister
in the massage room.

It's good or not?

I wondered who could be so amazing...

And wow, it turned out to be you!

I'm a bit out. Hopeless.

Don't be looked down upon,
we're leaving.

Let's go!

Who is she? Being that impolite.

She is the witchy girl of Susi Mong.

Why has her face got all changed?

It's all these recent surgery and stuff

Don't know who is that damn doctor!

Please wait. Miss Shui! Your phone.

Hold on

- Thanks
- Not at all

Ah Tak,
I've met lots of old friends today.

So, how were they?

Soldiers stopped coming
after the Vietnam War.

Wan Chai has no chance.

Moni worked at Lucky Bar

and migrated to South Africa with a man.

Lin-yuk is poor and sick.

She couldn't even pay the rent.

I couldn't figure out anyone to help her

Eventually, I think of you.

Hi. Miss Shui!

Long time no see

Come! This is from Miss Shui

Everybody gets one.

You help pass it to them, thanks!

I thought you didn't want to come!

It's all past events

Anyway, she took me in this business.

She can't take care of herself
because of alcohol,

sometimes tends to speak without thinking

And I bring her the meal everyday.

I have no make up.

You serve yourself

I'll come some other time
if you're about to sleep

I sleep all day
and you're sort of a busy man.

It's nice to have you come over.
Aren't you cross?

But it's not a problem
if you really get mad...

just because I had never liked you.


Wine? There are two glasses on the table.

I didn't have such fine wine for long.
Be quick!

I could come down from bed yesterday...

and walk towards the pier.

Get 2 dollars from them for pleasures

I got a few dollars for whole day,

and it's enough to buy
a bottle of Chinese wine.

It still hurts
after they scratched my breast

Miss Shui, could you do me a favour?

I want to cut my foot nails.

But you see...

my belly is too big...

that I cannot get it done easily.

Thank you so much, Mei-li!

They scratch me. It really hurts!

I don't know
why the breasts are getting bigger

while people are getting old!

My breasts were not that big
when I was young.

If I could get
such big breasts in the past,

I am definitely a mistress of someone!

Monie, have you been to Shanghai?

Monie, have you?

That mistress has got really big breasts!

They're real.

It could even feed many a child!

She is bad.

I tell you. A man is not a good creature.

Do you know that?

My coffee.

It's ok!

Miss. Your cream.

I want a coffee.

Damn, why isn't Ah Tak here yet?

It's all burnt.

Quick. Quick.

Daddy, I am hungry. I got to eat

Father, I want a coke!


Does Ah Tak live here?

Yes, but he's on holiday.

He never was.

He is gone to the funeral.

May I know who has died?

Little Lin. She died last week.


Your soft drink.

Damn it!

Are you alright?

Don't jump!

Shit, when will Ah Tak be back?

He'll soon be here. You may wait

Never mind.
I'll leave my phone number instead

Ask him to call me when he returns


It' ok. I will give it to him.

Keep the change.


We've got to go.



You meet with your past lover,

I would be the loser
if you two get along again.

He is divorced. And has two children

Would you be their step mother?


I quite enjoy being single

Don't worry.

I ain't getting any younger, am I?

Is it worth to be insanely in love?

You two were deeply in love before

Phew! He left me alone...

and went far far away.

Do you think I would be with him again?

You're right. You're clever!

Men would always be the same

I'll surely kill that guy
if he'd touch me

I'm not gonna... spare him!

Slice him and dice him
into little pieces!

Go collect the rent.

Let me buy you chicken leg later.

Is the film good?

You've anything on your mind?


Say it! If you want me to be
with Jimmy again.

Forget it.

Shui-mei, your business...

Could you do it for a lifetime?

Look at Lin-yuk...

She was alone till she died

You've got a harsh life so many years,

you should go to States
and enjoy your life.

You mean that I should follow him?

So my life all these years
has been meaningless?

I have told you...

My brother-in-law
owns a restaurant in England.

He always urges me
and my daughter to go there

I had it all arranged just because...

I do care about the future of my daughter.

And we may leave soon anytime

You should be with Jimmy if you wish

Get out! Now!

Get out!


Go! Go! Go!

Take good care of your daughter.

Would my whole life be devoted
to this job?

Would my whole life depend on Wong Ying?

If Jimmy asks me to be with him again...

What should I do?

I've worked hard all these years...

It's time to get some rest

Look at me. It's like an old virgin


It's about time to be a good woman.

It's weird.

Having dinner in such a grand restaurant,

they should order some deep sea fish...

instead of that cheap seafood?

He used to spend a lot.

Why would he be like this recently?

You're right.

Let's go


Miss Shui never gets old.


Huh? On the contrary
you guys haven't changed!


Chinese women are anytime better

My ex-wife is a westerner.
She gets old easily.

She doesn't want to work so hard

I've got a shop in Disney.

Several hundred hamburgers sold each day

You get to keep all your money...

without paying tax.

It's easy to earn money.

My car is just as big as this house.

Everything inside is automatic.

Windows, Hi-Fi...

Honestly, you work that hard for money...

you should use it happily, right?

But my wife didn't want to work so hard.

Can't earn money
if you don't work hard, right?

That's right

A couple has got to think
along the same lines

I work the kitchen
and she handles the register

Isn't it?


I have to take care of the children.

I have to drive them to school.

Many things ahead, do you think so?


Do all of you think so?


my purpose of return this time...

is going to get married.

Ah Tak, what's the name of the girl...

that I saw in your shop that day?

The day you had gone for the funeral

She looked beautiful,

diligent and kind-hearted.

What's her name? What's the name again?

Would be nice
if she could speak some English

I'd want to make friends with her first

If she is the one,
I wish to take her along to US.

There is a K1 visa,

which processes in a short time.

I would like to get back soon
for the shop

I'm losing money for each day
it remains shut

My children have to attend the school

Yes. What's the name?

Do you mean Wednesday?


Why didn't you tell me before?

Then I could've brought her along today

Mei-li. It's your turn
to be the modern cupid!

Just say it.

Wonderful! Come on! Cheers.

Cheers. Cheers!

Let me take care of this!


Let her go, just take if you wish!

I am so experienced...

and I still couldn't get past a man!

You are drunk!

I use this shoe to drink!

Wong Ying is right. Man is not worthy.

Just work hard and earn more money

Isn't it better than having a man?
Be independent


Get yourself a seat!

Big brother has got some new ideas

We want to discuss with you.

Didn't we make the deal before?

There are some new ideas.

Ok, let's have a talk.

Where are you two going?

We're going to the washroom.


Don't enter in.

I'm Mei-li Shui!

Mei-li is not allowed either.

This is my place.

I can go everywhere I wish.

You can't.

Get off!

What's the matter?
Mei-li, serve the guests.

Take good care of my business, go!

My friend loves to play with the snake.

But sometimes...

the snake would escape from his hands.

I couldn't promise whether this snake...

would run around tonight or not.

You're not even willing to let off
our small shop?

Miss Wong Ying,
it's the world of large-scale.

Come on! The bids are open

You promised not to bother us.

I'm going back on my word

Aren't you trustful?

I am trustful. As long as someone pays

It's just the order of my boss.

I can do nothing.

Your boss asks you to eat shit!

Then I'll do as he says

In fact, I'm no better than you!

Get back!

Sister Ying, be more realistic.
We are all human.

Let go of me

You have no choice here!

Sister Ying,

it's my fault.

I could not protect you.

That bastard, I'll see to them

No use

I've lost an ear,
perhaps I'll concentrate more

You can still be funny, eh?

After this,
everytime her business failed or...

something bad happened.

Sister Shui will come back here...

and stay at Little Lin's room
for a short while

She is the one I just sent her meal!

Does it mean
her business has failed again?

Don't look down on women.

She will be back again...

within just a short span!