Hua Mulan (1997) - full transcript

This animated feature retells the great legend of the Chinese heroine better known as Hua Mulan -the daughter of an ill, bed-ridden General. Hua Mulan will wage several triumphant battles in her father's name before finally winning the war and meeting the love of her life, who will in turn discover her to be a very beautiful girl.

(peaceful music)

- Hey, Mulan, what's happening?

Why are you so pensive?

- I'm just bored, Ouzel.

Nothing interesting ever
happens around here.

I spend day after day watching over

peacefully grazing flocks
when I don't even have to.


My friend Tilly sees so
much more from up there.

She's a better guard than I will ever be.

- I know just how you feel, Mulan.

But never forget, it's not the job,

but how you do it that counts.

- My father's been teaching
me the secrets of Wushu

since I was a child.

I'm a match for anybody.

But there's no one to
practice my skills on here.

Am I gonna spend my whole
life watching stupid sheep?

- But you're just a girl.

You must stop dreaming
impossible adventures.

- What's being a girl got to do with it?

It's easy for you to talk.

You can fly.

You can go where you like
when you like, but I can't.

- Well, that's one way of looking at it.

But I'll always be myself.

I don't dream of being a dog
or a donkey or something.

And that's your problem, Mulan.

You're not happy being a girl
growing up in the country.

You want to be a warrior.

(sheep bleating)


(dramatic music)

- Wolves! Wolves!

- You asked for it, you lousy wolves.

I'll teach you to attack my flock.

(eagle calls)

That's it, Tilly, come on, attack them!





- Mulan!

Tilly needs help!

- Tilly.

- Looks pretty serious to me.

They got their claws in her
wing and her breast too.


- We'll just take her
home as soon as we can.

We'll take care of her there.

Let's go!

Come on!

(calling out)

(peaceful music)

- It looks like Mulan is
bringing home the flock.

Something must have happened.

I'll go out and meet
her and bring her home.

- Oh dear, I hope it's nothing serious.

Hurry, go open the gate of
the pen and let the sheep in.

- Three wolves attacked the flock,

and Tilly's seriously injured.

- Don't worry, Mulan, she'll be alright.

It takes a lot to kill an eagle.

They're very strong birds.

Make up a soft, warm bed
of straw for her to lie on.

It's all my fault.

I should have been more careful.

If I'd stayed closer to the flock,

the wolves would have
never dared to attack.

- You're the expert around here.

You've been in lots of
battles with General Hua.

You must have seen lots of wounds too.

What do you think?

What are her chances?

- The wounds are serious,

but I think with lots
of rest and good food,

she'll make a quick recovery.

- Oh, I hope so.

Are you sure, father?

- Yes, don't worry.

But tomorrow morning you
should go into the mountains

and collect some medicinal herbs

and make a poultice with them, my child.

If you put one on her wounds every day,

her recovery will be even faster,

and I guarantee she'll be
flying again by winter.

There's nothing more we can do for her now

except let her rest.

So come along, it's past our supper time.

- General Hua is never wrong.

Tomorrow I'll take
Mulan into the mountains

to collect herbs.

- Hey, wait!

I want to go into the mountains
to look for herbs too.

- No, Ouzel, your job's to stay here

and keep an eye on Tilly.

(gentle music)

- Save your energy, Tilly.

You'll be alright, just rest.

I'll be here at your side all night.

Please forgive me, it's all my fault.

I wasn't taking the job seriously enough.

As soon as it's light,
we'll go looking for herbs.

- Tomorrow will be a
tiring day for you, Mulan.

You must get some rest too.

I'll keep watch.

(lively music)

- I smell fresh blood, chief,

and it's coming from in here.

- That means there's somebody
in here who's wounded

and won't be able to fight back.

That sounds like a free supper to me.

- Yeah. (giggles)


- Well, well, well.

What do we have here?

Two little rats who have
lost their way home.

- Mind your own business, Sidney.

We have work to do.


Let me go!

Let go of my tail, you stupid
horse, or you'll be sorry!

Chang! Chang! Kick his shin or something.

What are you waiting for?

- If you don't stop shouting,
I'll stomp on your head

and turn it into a pancake.


Stop that, you little
varmint, you're irritating me.

- You heard, Chang, stop it.

- Uh, anything you say, chief.

- That's better, now pay close attention.

I know the rest of your
gang's working outside,

and you're just in here
scouting out the place.

So now I'm gonna list your options.

One, you go out there and tell the boys

there's nothing interesting in the barn.

Option number two, you stay in here

and I'll give you a personal demonstration

of what I can do with my hooves

when two foolhardy rats irritate me.

Is my message coming
through loud and clear?

Then get moving before I
forget option number one.

- Discretion is the better
part of valor, Chang.

- What a pity.

- Come on, cheese brain.




- What did you guys find in there?

- What's the plan, chief?

We're ready to move.

When are we gonna raid the place?

- You're the boss, chief.

You just say the word.

- The word is we stay out of there,

and that's straight
from the horse's mouth.

- Hey, wait a second, chief.

What about that strong
smell of fresh blood?

- The only fresh blood
around here is gonna be yours

if you don't shut up.

- But we could all smell it, chief.

- Hey, what is this?

I'm the chief around here,

and I say to stay away from that barn!

The blood's that way.

(peaceful music)

- Hey, Mulan.

Did your father tell you where
we'll find the right herbs?

- Don't worry.

I know the right places to look.

- I was born in a secret
valley full of medicinal herbs.

- I know, Ouzel, that's where we're going.


- We're almost there.

We have to go through the waterfall.

- What are you saying?

There's no waterfall around here.

Huh? I must be dreaming or something.

- You're not dreaming, Mulan.

That's the way into the secret valley.

- Then what are we waiting for?

The sooner we go there,
the sooner we'll get back.

On the other side of that waterfall

are the medicinal herbs
that are gonna heal Tilly.

Come on, let's go.

Alright, now we're here.

I hope you know what I
have to look for, Ouzel.

- A plant with long, narrow, green leaves

and a long, cob-like flower.

- Come on, Tilly, eat up.

You look so much better.

I think it's time to exercise your wings.


Here we are, Tilly, this
is the moment of truth.

Let's see if your wings
are completely healed.



What's going on?

Why is that line of camels
looking so miserable?

What are they doing here?

- General Big Beard and his army

have invaded our territory,

and they're destroying
everything they come across.

My family escaped, and now
I'm leading them to safety.

- What terrible news, that means war.

Where are our soldiers?

Who's going to stop them?

- I saw some soldiers trying
to stand up to the invaders,

but there were not enough of them,

and General Big Beard's men
fight like savage demons.

- I must ride home quickly
and report this news.

Good luck! I hope you manage
to find quieter pastures.

Don't overdo it, Tilly.

Go home now, it's getting dark.

(gentle music)

- Look at that!

The first snow of the year.

A little too early if you ask me.

(wind gusting)

- The weather's getting worse.

Shouldn't Mulan be back by now?

- Don't worry, she'll be home soon.

She's old enough to look after herself.

- I wish I knew why Mulan
behaves the way she does.

She's so unlike all the
other girls in the village.

- We have nothing to
complain about, my dear.

Mulan is a clever, honest
girl, and she's strong too.

(wind gusting)

- Just look at that snow.

It'd be different if she were a boy.

- I know what you mean, I'll go meet her.

(tense music)



I hope I haven't broken my leg.


Somebody help me!
(wind gusting)


- (gasps) Father! What
are you doing down there?

What happened to you?

Thank heavens you found me, Mulan.

I slipped and fell over.

I hit my leg on a rock, and it
feels as though it's broken.

- Whatever you do, don't move, father.

I'll be at your side in a second.


Lean on me.

There's not far to go.

When we get home, the doctor
will set your leg properly.


(tense music)



Hurry, before it comes back.

(peaceful music)

(stately music)

- All this attention is embarrassing.

It's only a little bruise.

Nothing serious.

You'll see, I'll be on my
feet again in a week at most.

I have to repair the
fence around the barn.

It's all very well to
be served hand and foot,

but enough is enough.

- Just be patient, father.

Just give the leg time to heal.

The doctor said the longer you rest

and keep your weight off it,

the sooner it'll get better.

- You don't know how difficult that is

for a man of action like myself.


- Oh, good morning, officer.

It's always a pleasure
when you come to see us.

- For me too.

But unfortunately, this
visit is not a pleasure.

I would like to speak
to General Hua, please.

Is he at home?

- Yes, please come in.

- You two wait outside for me.

General Hua, what happened to you, sir?

- It's nothing.

In fact, I really don't
deserve all this attention.

It's only a sprain.

If you must know, I slipped
and fell in the snow.

- Well, I'm glad to hear
it's not serious, general.

These are your orders from headquarters.

The enemy has invaded our territory, sir.

The situation is desperate.

Headquarters wants you back on
active service in three days.

I hope for your sake and ours
that you'll recover in time.

Now I must go, sir.

It's dangerous to travel after dark.

Good luck, I wish you
a quick recovery, sir.

- Don't be silly.

You can't show up at command
headquarters with a broken leg.

You must make a complete recovery first.

- You can't fight the enemy
in your condition, father.

It's too dangerous.

If you can't use your leg,

you won't be able to use your sword,

and you won't be able to defend yourself.

- You see, I can stand up.

That means I can go into
battle to fight for my country

against the invading forces.

(calm music)

(peaceful music)


- Hello, I'm General Hua's daughter.

What can I do for you?

- I'd like to speak to General
Hua, please, little girl.

I've been sent here with a message for you

from military command
headquarters, general.

- What's happened, officer.

Has the situation taken
a turn for the worse?

- I have been ordered to inform you

that you're no longer required to report

for active service at command
headquarters, general.

Because of your physical condition,

someone's been assigned
to take your place.

- But I told them, it's
only a silly sprain.

It feels much, much better today.

There's absolutely nothing to stop me

from reporting for duty as ordered.


- What on Earth are you doing
dressed up like that, Mulan?

- Mulan!

- It's Mulan! It's Mulan! I knew it was.

- Well, heh, you certainly
had me fooled, Mulan.

Yes, you've been very
clever with this disguise,

but now I want to know exactly

what you think you're up to, child.

- I wanted to go to command
headquarters in your place.

- You know how much I admire your courage

and your initiative, Mulan.

But you're too young,

and you don't have enough
experience with Wushu

to use it in a battle
against a real enemy.

- How can you say that?

You've been training me in Wushu

since I was very small, father.

And you always say there's
nobody in the whole region

who can beat me.

- Yes, she's the best.

You told me that too, father.

And you always say never to lie too.

- I'm gonna show you why

I don't want you to go
into battle in my place.

- What are you gonna do, father?

- I'm going to find out
how good you are, Mulan.

You and I are going to fight,

and if I win I want you to promise

to give up your crazy
desire to be in the army.

- Only if you win.


I beat you father.

What do you say now?

- Yeah!


- I admit you fought well.

But if I didn't have this pain in my leg,

I'd be faster on my feet
and you'd never have won.

- Of course not, father.

But now I beat you, I
can leave in your place.


- No, you can't.

- What do you mean, father?

That's what you said.

If I won, I could leave in your place.

- I said that if I won,

you'd have to promise to
give up your crazy idea

to be in the army, Mulan.

I never said that if you won,

you'd have the right to leave in my place.

Stop putting words in my mouth.

What are you doing, woman? Leave me alone.

My leg's fine.

I don't feel any pain at all.

It's just a little numb, that's all.

I'll leave tomorrow morning.

And if we're lucky, all
this will have taught Mulan

a useful lesson that she won't forget.

- Oh, I do hope you're right.

I don't know where we went wrong.

Sooner or later, that girl
will be the death of me.

She's always so unpredictable.

(peaceful music)

- Get out my armor, wife.

It's in the trunk.

- Your armor's not here.

You must have put it somewhere else.

- What?

That's impossible.

I knew it.

Mulan took my armor
and she's left already.

- What have you done, my child?


- From this moment on,
my name will be Hua Muli,

a name that will strike fear
into the hearts of the enemy.

They'll tremble every time
they hear it mentioned

in their presence.

- It's a beautiful name.

It demands respect.

Hello, Hua Muli.

I think it's perfect.

- (giggles) If a name was enough

to make an enemy take to its heels,

I would be the most feared
warrior in the world.

- Who said that? Come on out!

Show yourself if you dare!

- Hey, Hua Muli.

Hey, I'm down here, look.

- Hello.

What is your name?

- Believe it or not, my name is Dragon,

and I'm my way to the border
to North end of the territory.

- Really? So am I.

I'm going to fight the invading forces.

But what are you gonna do there, Dragon?

- I'm going to look for adventure,

and I intend to offer my
services to the cause of justice.


- If you ask me, you're too
small and too presumptuous

to offer your services to anyone.

- So I'm too small and presumptuous, am I?

What about you?

You can try and deceive
who you like, little girl,

but I'll never buy it.

- Let's see if you're
fast enough to escape

before I cut out your evil little tongue.

(dramatic music)

- Golly! Look at that!



- Show yourself, you coward.

- I like you, Hua Muli,

and if you'll accept my services,

I'll come with you to fight the enemy.

- Thank you.

And I apologize.

I didn't mean to offend you before.

- Don't worry about it.

I know that a good warrior

must always have a certain
amount of arrogance.

Well then.

Shall we go?

We got lots of adventures
waiting for us out there.


You don't really expect me to
follow you on foot, do you?


- Are you saying

that someone as smart as you can't fly?

- You think you're pretty smart too, huh?


I fly when I'm hunting talking ouzels.

Pleased to meet you, Mr. Horse.

I have a feeling we're
gonna be inseparable.

(peaceful music)

- Ho!

We're gonna stop for the night, Tilly.

It'll be dark soon,

and this seems to be a good place to rest.

- I'll go look for a
nice, safe place to sleep.




(dramatic music)




- No, no, wait.

I promise, I'm not the
thief you think I am.

My name is Xiao Pang.

I'm a soldier serving under General Tsao.

I was on my way back to the
camp when I saw your horse.

I thought it belonged to the enemy.

Hey, wait a minute.

Come to think of it, I've
never seen you at the camp.

What's your name?

- I've never been to the camp.

My name's Hua Muli and I'm on
my way to command headquarters

to join General Tsao's army.

- It's a pleasure to meet you.

You know, I'm glad we're
fighting under the same flag.

Come on, I'll take you to the camp.

Keep your eyes open.

There are lots of enemy
soldiers around these parts.

- Well, I can't wait to
get into a good fight.

So if anybody runs into us,
they're gonna regret it.

(peaceful music)

Are you ready, Tilly?

Your job is to fly ahead of us,

and report back to me
if you see any dangers.

- That's amazing.

Are all these animals friends of yours?

- Yes, why do you ask?

- Do they speak to you as well?

I mean, can you actually
understand what they say?

Hey, if you don't mind my saying so,

I think you're the
strangest person I ever met.

- Listen to me, pal.

I suggest you break into a gallop

and stop by the next bank you come to.

- What's going on?

Are there problems in sight?

- We're gonna have some
visitors pretty soon.

Our young friend will have a
chance to show off her prowess.

- Hey, wait a second, what's happening?

Slow down, wait for me!

Where are you going?



A thousand curses, what's going on here?

- Stop! Stop, I say!

Will somebody please tell me
why you're bolting like this?

- Stop behind that tree.

Stop behind that tree!

- Yell in my ear again

and I'll shake you off
like an irritating fly.

- Would it be asking too much

to know what you two are doing?

- If you pick me up and
put me on the ground,

I'll explain everything, Hua Muli.

- There they are!

I see them!

They'll be here in no time at all.

- What's she talking about?

- There are three or four
enemy soldiers out there

chasing one of our officers.

I thought I'd go hide myself over there

on the other side of the canyon.

Here, you take the other end of the rope.

We'll pull it taut as they come by.

They'll trip over it
and fall to the ground.

Then you jump in and finish 'em off.

- Wow, a real adventure at last.

(dramatic music)


- Oh no, those are enemy soldiers.

My friend Hua Muli is in terrible danger.

He's gonna need all the help he can get.

- They're coming! They're coming!

Get ready!

- You ready, Muli?

- I'm ready, Dragon.

- Now, Muli!


Hey, don't just stand there.

Give me a hand.

- You don't need a hand.

You're much too good.

Keep it up, but don't go too far.

Don't kill 'em, take 'em prisoner.

I bet General Tsao's men
will want to question them.

- Don't despair, Muli.

Xiao Pang will save you.

They won't have a chance now.


(upbeat music)

- Hey, you can go faster than this.

Give it all you got!

Overtake 'em! Come on!


Hey, you lost your passenger!

Wait for me!




- Hurry, Xiao Pang.

Get the rope and tie them up.

- That's terrific, Hua Muli.

In our first encounter with the enemy,

two prisoners.

They'll treat us like heroes at the camp

when we show up with
these two, wait and see.


Hey, now I won't have to
travel on foot any longer.

We make a great team, Hua Muli.

(peaceful music)

Hey, look who's waiting for us, Hua Muli.

That officer is General
Tsao's second-in-command

and chief advisor.

- I recognize him, Xiao Pang.

That's the officer the
enemy soldiers were chasing.

We rescued a really important person.

- I want to thank you both personally

for rescuing me from the enemy.

Please accept my apologies

for not stopping to fight at your side.

I was under strict orders to
deliver some secret messages

to General Tsao as soon as possible.

By the way, the general is
anxious to know the names

of the two soldiers who showed

such unusual initiative and courage.

- I am ordinary soldier
Xiao Pang, captain.

I joined the army six months ago,

and I've had the honor of serving

under General Tsao's command
ever since then, sir.

- My name's Hua Muli.

I was on my way to command headquarters

to offer my services to General Tsao.

- I'm delighted to make
your acquaintance, Hua Muli.

You could not have given
us a better example

of your fighting ability.

It will be a great honor for me

if you will both agree to serve
as officers in my company.

- [Hua Muli and Xiao Pang] I
accept with pleasure, captain.

- Good, now your first
duty is to get some rest.

You've certainly earned it.

- Come with me now, Hua Muli.

I want to take you to my tent.

My friends are gonna be
really happy to meet you.

Come on, Hua Muli, this
is our tent over here.

Hey, wake up, guys.

I want you to meet our
new comrade-in-arms.

His name's Hua Muli,

and he's the best swordsman I ever saw.

- [Group] Hey!

- Hey, move over.

Clear some space here.

We have to make room for him.

He's been assigned to our tent.

- Hey, no, wait, stop.

I don't want to take your space.

I'll make myself at home
in the tent I saw outside.

- But there's no reason
for you to do that.

There's plenty of space in
here, and the others don't mind.

We're a team, Hua Muli.

We should be together at all times.

- Thank you, Xiao Pang.

I'd really prefer to
sleep in here with you.

But if you want to sleep too,

I warn you, you'd better
do yourself a favor

and let me be by myself.

Unfortunately, they say
I snore like a trumpet,

and I don't want to
impose that on you guys.

Nobody's ever been able to put up with it.

(peaceful music)

- Hey, Xiao Pang.

We think there is something really strange

about your new friend.

- Yeah, there's something really unusual

about the way he behaves.

His manners are too good.

He's not just a simple soldier like us.

He acts like he's been to school.

- You know what I think?

He's been sent to spy on us.

That's the real reason he wants
to be in a tent by himself.


- Well, if you're right and he is a spy,

then it's our duty to
do something about it.

- Shh! Shh!

Xiao Pang, you brought him into the camp,

it's your responsibility
to find out who he is.

Nobody in here believed one word

of that stupid story of his about snoring.

Go visit his tent and check him out.

If you discover he's a spy,
it's your duty to kill him.

(tense music)

- No, wait, it's me, Xiao Pang.

Hold on!

- Why did you enter my
tent like that, Xiao Pang?

You were acting like a
thief or an assassin.

- Well, what about you?

What were you doing in bed
with all your clothes on?

- Going to bed with all my clothes on

has been a habit of mine
ever since I can remember.

It drove my parents crazy.

They often used to try
beating it out of me.


- Sound the alarm!

- What on Earth's happening
out here, Xiao Pang?

- The prisoners escaped!

- A thousand curses!

- Hurry, there's not a moment to lose.

They're our prisoners.

We caught them, and it's our
duty to catch them again.

Come on!

(gentle music)

(dramatic music)

- Ho!

- Hurry it up!

Search the camp!


- Hey, Mulan, wait!

Where's Dragon? You left him in the camp.

- Oh no, you're right,
but we can't go back now.

The escaped prisoners will
have too much of a headstart.

- So far they've been very
careful not to leave any tracks,

but look at this, one
of them made a mistake.

This footprint hasn't frozen yet.

That means they can't be far ahead.

(eagle cries)

Phew, that shadow scared me,

but it's only Tilly who
followed us from the camp.

- They must be on the other
side of that hill over there.

Let's go.

(dramatic music)

- No sign of them.

They're not as close as we thought.

- I don't agree, Muli.

I'm sure they must be
hiding somewhere near.

It's too quiet.

They're here alright.

- Well, let's go down
and see. But stay alert.

Keep your eyes open, Xiao Pang.

(eagle cries)


Tilly sees something moving.

- Surrender!

(dramatic music)




- It's the ouzel.

Have you paid for your
courage with your life?

- (laughs) You can
bring the bird with you.

It'll make a tasty morsel roasted.

And you're gonna need it.

We don't have any food for prisoners.


Let's go.

We'll take him back to the camp.

- Hua Muli, your plan is
ingenious but extremely dangerous.

I don't want to lose
another brave warrior,

but I have deep respect for your desire

to rescue your friend.

Although my mind is uneasy,

I give your plan my full approval.

- Thank you, General Tsao.

I promise I will bring
Xiao Pang back alive.

(stately music)


- I shall bury you with all the dignity

that a great and courageous
warrior deserves.


- Are we on our own?


- But you know how to talk.

- Of course, I'm a talking ouzel.

- But I thought birds could
only repeat single words.

But look at you.

- You don't like me being a chatterbox?

- Hey look, I'm sorry, don't get mad.

I'm just very surprised, that's all.

I thought you were dead.

Instead, you're alive,
and you know how to talk.

I couldn't be happier.

What's your name?

- Everybody calls me Ouzel,

but my real name is Jemima.

- Oh. (giggles)

- Oh, thanks.

The least I expect is a little
sympathy and understanding

from a fellow prisoner.

- Come on, don't be so touchy.

I wasn't laughing at you.

I know exactly how you feel.

You see, nobody ever calls
me by my real name either.

Xiao Pang's a nickname.

It means chubby cheeks.


That's better.

As you can see,

we have our mutual misfortune in common.

- Hey, Muli,

I never expected you to
treat a friend like that.

You left me here alone,

abandoned, to my own fate.

- I'm sorry, Dragon,

but you can't imagine how unhappy I am.

Xiao Pang has been captured, and the ouzel

is dead.


- Hey, hey, hey.

You're crying like a little girl.

Have you forgotten you're Hua Muli now?

A brave warrior!

- No, no, I haven't forgotten.

But I've never lost two friends

at the same time before, Dragon.

But I'm gonna make up
for it, at least partly.

Tomorrow, with your help,
I'm gonna free Xiao Pang.

- What do you mean you're
gonna make up for it,

at least partly?

- I told you, poor Ouzel
attacked an enemy soldier

and was killed.

Freeing Xiao Pang will
only partly make up for it.

- You underestimate that
bird-brained friend of yours.

She's more cunning than a snake.

Don't worry, she's alive.

She's keeping Xiao Pang company.

- How do you know?

I mean, you're not kidding me, are you?

- What do you mean, how do I
know? Come on, use your head.

You should have learned
to trust my ESP by now,

huh, Hua Muli?

- Yes, you're right.

I'm sorry, Dragon.

- Atta girl.

Now, tell me your plan.

(stately music)

(dramatic music)

(shouts and cries)




- Huh?

- Luck's on our side, Muli.

He's about the same size that you are.

Hurry up and change.

(stately music)

- We'll light the fires

as soon as the moon
reaches its highest point.

You take the tent on the right, Dragon.

I'll torch the one on the other side.

Then you get the horses and wait for us

while I free Xiao Pang.

- I like your plan, Hua Muli.


(panicked cries)

(upbeat music)

- Xiao Pang.

- Muli.

- I knew you'd get us out of this mess.

- Let's go, Dragon's
waiting with the horses.

- Is Dragon one of General Tsao's men?

- No way.

He's just a turtle with a big head.

- Come on, let's get going!

- Wait, Dragon and I have
prepared a big surprise

for General Beard.

I want to see if it works.

(panicked cries)

- The prisoner's escaped!

The prisoner's escaped!

- Don't worry about the
fire. Catch the prisoner!

No prisoner has ever
escaped from my custody.

Bring me my horse!

- That's it, he's fallen for it.

We want him to follow us.

(upbeat music)


(shouts and cries)


- Better death than capture.

(eagle cries)

(peaceful music)

- I want to propose a toast

to a young warrior who
deserves all our respect.

Thanks to his courageous plan,

the enemy has been utterly defeated

and we have won the war.

To Hua Muli.

- [Group] To Hua Muli!

- This must be the 80th toast so far.

Or maybe it's only 79.

I can't remember.

- I'll take you to your tent.

- I want to tell you a secret.

I'm a girl.

- You're so drunk

you don't even know what
you're saying, Hua Muli.

You'll feel better after
a good night's sleep.

- Oh no!

What have I done?

I was so drunk I told Xiao Pang my secret.

- He was drunk too.

He won't remember a thing.

- Morning, Muli.

You know, you were so drunk last night

you told me you were a woman.

- Hmm.

Too much wine can play nasty tricks.

- I want to give you a gift
as a sign of our friendship.

This dagger, it was part of
my inheritance from my father.

- Oh, thank you, Xiao Pang.

It's wonderful.

I promise I'll keep it with me always.

- It's time for us to
head back to our homes.

If you like, I'll travel with you.

I know that wound in your
shoulder hasn't healed yet.

This is where we must
take separate roads, Muli.

You know, you're the
best friend I ever had.

I'll come visit you as soon as I can.


- Goodbye, Xiao Pang.

I love you.

And I'll miss you a lot.

But I don't think I'll ever see you again.

- Look!


- News of your military exploits

has already reached the village.

So many people want to come visit

and listen to your stories.

You have been at home for three days now.

You could walk down to the village.

- No, not today.

I might go tomorrow.

Now I'm going to go for
a walk in the woods.

- I'm worried about that girl.

She's behaving even more strangely

than before she went away.

(peaceful music)

(dramatic music)
- We don't want to hurt you.

Just give us your horse, your
clothes, and go in peace.

- Come and take them if you can.

(eagle cries)

(upbeat music)


- Yes, it's me.

It's your lucky day again, Xiao Pang.


- No, please, please, I
beg you, don't kill us.

All we want to do is go
back to our own country.

- Get out of my sight and
never come back here again.

Next time I might not
be so generous with you.

- You must be Hua Muli's sister.

- No, Xiao Pang, I'm
not Hua Muli's sister.

I'm Hua Muli,

or at least that was the name I used

when I was pretending to be a soldier.

My real name is Hua Mulan,

and I was telling the truth
that night at the camp

when I was drunk.

I promise you I'll never
tell another lie, Xiao Pang.

And there's something else
I have to tell you too.

I love you.

- This is incredible.

It's magnificent.

I love you too.

- Goodbye, Mulan, Xiao Pang.

Now that you have your
lives to live together,

I will set off in search
of new adventures.

You were the best
comrades-in-arms I ever had.

Maybe I'll come back one day

and share an adventure with your son.

He'll be as brave as you.

(peaceful music)

(eagle cries)