Hu dan nu er hong (1990) - full transcript

I have to leave.

I don't belong here at all.

I'm the daughter of a mob family.

I've always been aware of that as a kid.

My dad, Lui Long,
was a powerful figure in the triads.

He commanded the respect
and fear of everyone.

My eldest brother was married with children.

But he was always getting into trouble
with his wife over his womanising ways.

My second brother may have been
a hot-headed and forthright man.

But he was blessed with a wonderful wife.

My sister-in-law was smart, capable
and a great help to him.

My third brother was a quiet man.

He was married to a virtuous and
pretty Japanese lady.

I also has an elder sister
who was a regular spitfire.

She's always picking fights with
Dad's mistress and her daughter.

All was great with my family...

until I came home from England
and brought a calamity upon them.

Faithful devotee, Mrs Lui, hereby
sincerely prays to General Che.

Please keep my family safe and healthy...

and grant me a good divination lot.

The lot that you drew is about
a turtledove occupying the magpie's nest.

One's territory is occupied by another,
indicating discord between the two.

The pine forest is bogged down by creepers.

This indicates that
things will not go well.

One needs to rely on others to succeed.

Mrs Lui, whom did you draw this lot for?

At my age, what else could I be
praying for if not my family?

How do you interpret this lot?

This is bad lot, indicating
there might be troubles ahead.

This lot is a caution for you.

Just keep in mind
to be careful and more tolerant.

Be more yielding and compromising.

Do more good deeds and you can
turn ill luck into good luck.

A turtledove occupying a magpie's nest?

That's obviously referring to
that home wrecker, Lan.

—She and her daughter are both tramps!
—Choi, how many times have I told you?

If anyone hears that...

they'll accuse me of being
mean and domineering to Lan.

Thank god I never considered
getting married.

Sister Lui!

—Second Mistress.

—How did you know I was here?
—Sister Lui...

I came to apologise.

To apologise? Whatever for?

I found this in
Xiaohui's room this morning.

And I came here
immediately to return it to you.

I will take my daughter in hand.

Madam, isn't this necklace yours?

My my, now she's a thief too.

I bought this necklace for Ching.

But if Xiaohui likes it, she can have it.

That won't do, Sister Lui.
Could you please keep this from Master Lui?

Lan, I've treated you kindly all along.

Although Xiaohui is another man's child...

I've always regarded you and her as family.

There's just one thing I don't understand.
Xiaohui can have anything she wants...

why does she steal from the family
time and again?

Sister Lui...

If Xiaohui steals again, I promise...

I'll break her legs.

It's all right...


What's the matter?

Peter just outfitted his car
with a new bumper. It's freakin' cool.

—I'm dying to get one too.
—Go ahead and get one then.

You make it sound so simple.
Do you think money grow on trees?

Have I ever denied you anything?

We'll have the money after
pawning the gold necklace tomorrow.

What gold necklace?

It's none of your business.
I'll get you the money tomorrow.

Hey, I'm bored stiff. Let's go for a drive.


We're running late, Sister-in-law.
Why isn't Second Brother out yet?

It's pay day today.
Your brother is probably held up by work.

Why don't you go in and get him?

Ching will be so mad at us
if we miss her ship.

All right.

Yeah, right. I know what, tomorrow we'll...

—That's one hot chick.
—Pretty, isn't she?

—Come on, let's go.
—All right!

Hi there, pretty.
It's not time for work yet?

Why don't you join us for coffee?

—We'll send you back later.
—That's right, gorgeous.

—Get lost, scumbags.
—Feisty, isn't she?

—She's getting mad.
—She's definitely my type.

—What the heck do you want?
—Hands off her!

What do you think you're doing?

What's going on here, Sister?

—These scumbags were harassing me.
—Hey, you...

We didn't know she's your sister,
Brother Yi.

—Fun's over. Let's go.

Let's go.

Stand right there!

Do you think I'll let you guys off
just like that?

What do you want?

—Apologise to my sister.
—What's that?

Our boss never taught us how to apologise.

—What's that?
—Beats me.

—Who's your boss?
—Tell him.

—Our boss is none other than Boss Yim!
—Yeah, hear that?

Oh I see. It's Yim.


—Forget it, Yi. We have to go.
—Come on.

I'll settle this with Yim!

Didn't you say your family
would be here to pick us up?

Second Brother said he'd be here.

Let's not wait,
we'll take a cab back instead.

That way.

Why did the Custom Officers allow
us through without a luggage check?

Dad probably told them we're coming.

Your family seems pretty influential.




—Sister, you've grown prettier.

—How have you been?
—Well, same old same old.

I've missed you people so much!

—Introduce your husband to us.
—That's right.

—Come here, Au.

—Meet my second brother and his wife.
—How do you do?

—And this is my elder sister.

I'm impressed, Au.

No man has ever been able to tame
this little sister of mine.

You're the only one who succeeded. Bravo!

How could you say that
about your own sister?

—Just kidding.
—Let's go home.

Ching, since you're honeymooning
here in Hong Kong...

instead of Europe like most couples do...

why don't you just settle down here?

There aren't any suitable jobs for me here.

Why would that be?

Dad sent you to England to study law...

hoping you can be the legal advisor
for our family business.

It's better for family business
to be run by family.

—Don't you agree, honey?
—He's right.

—Did Dad send you to talk me around?
—All right... let's change the subject.

—Au, is this your first time in Hong Kong?
—That's right.

Tell us, how did you manage to
win Ching's hand?

You're such a busybody.
It's no wonder you're left on the shelf.

Sister, don't you bully Au.

—Taking his side already?
—Don't mind my sister, Au.

Sister, how has Mom been lately?

She stays in her room all day,
reading Buddhist scriptures.

I bet she'll be a lot happier
if Auntie Lan isn't around.

Do you still hate Auntie Lan that much?

I'm fine with Auntie Lan.

It's her daughter that I can't stand.

Is she still as rebellious as before?

She isn't rebellious, she's just a tramp.

Mind your words, Sister.

She's family after all.

Yeah, right. She isn't fit to be a Lui.

—You must be exhausted.
—I'm all right.

Watch how you drive, you old hag!
I'll run you down like a dog!

—Bloody hell, I'll punch your lights out.
—Oh yeah?

I dare you to!

—Wanna fight? Come on!
—What did you say?

Second Brother!

No, Second Brother!

What are you doing here, Xiaohui?

Second Brother.

Is he your friend?

—Se... second Brother.
—Count yourself lucky!

—I'll let you off for her sake.
—I'm sorry.


Don't you recognise me?

You're back, Sister.

—Come home with us.

You've always listened to me.

Come on, let's go home together.




I know you're still mad at me.

But I'm sure you're dying to meet
the man I married.

We sent you to England to study.

You stayed there for years and actually
got married without sending word home.

You should have
held your wedding in Hong Kong!

Come on, Mom.
At least I didn't marry a foreigner.

Dare you?

Let's go, Mom.


—Where's that man of yours?


You have good taste in men.

Honey, is my tie straight?


How have you been?

I can't. My sister just came back
from England today.

We're having a family dinner tonight.

I really can't.

It's Mr Wong of Taisun Properties.

Brother, Sister-in-law.
What's keeping you here?

Ching is giving out presents downstairs.

—Let's go.
—I got to go. Bye.

This bow is fantastic.
Where should I hang it?

That's a lot of presents!

Ching looks gorgeous.

Big Brother!


Let me take a good look at you.
You look radiant.

It must be the power of love.

—I'm Shek Chi Au.
—Congratulations on your marriage.

You must treat Ching well.

—She's the baby of our family.
—I'll definitely cherish her.

Hello? Speaking.

Oh, John. You're with Mr Wong?

All right... I'll be there.

John said they are all waiting for me.
I have to go.

I'll tell you what, treat Ching and Au
to a good meal tonight.

I'll pick up the tab.


Have you been sitting here for long?
Why didn't you wake me up?

Not really, I was watching you sleep.

I remember how I used to climb
onto your bed to give you massages.

You'd fall asleep as I massage your back.

I'm an old man now.

These old bones aren't what
they used to be.

It'd be great if you could help out
with the family business.

Dad, you promised to let me
choose my own career path.

Which was why I studied in England.

If you want me to run the family business,
you'll be driving me back to England.

All right...

I know nothing could make you
change your mind.

Well, where's my son-in-law?


—So, you're Au.
—That's right.

—Have a seat.
—We didn't want to interrupt your nap...

I've heard that fathers-in-law are always
hostile to their sons-in-law.

—Do you know why?

Well, it's because you've taken
my precious daughter away from me.

Of course I'll be hostile.

—Are all these clothes yours?
—That's right.

These are my clothes from before
I went to England.

I can see how much your family
wants you to stay in Hong Kong.

What do you think of my family?

They love you a lot.

It's probably because I'm the youngest.

They've always given me
anything I've wanted.

When I was in primary school,
there was this fat bully in my class.

She was jealous of my pretty dresses.

One day, she and her friends
cornered me after school...

and splashed ink all over my dress.

I went home, crying my heart out.

Second Brother found out about it.

He went to my school the next day
and beat up that fat bully.

But it turned out that
the bully's dad was a policeman.

He arrested my brother.

A week later...

her dad was fired from his job.

Well, back in those days
your dad's word was the law.

You never used to tell me
about your family.

Au, do you mind my complex background?

No, I'll love your family
as much as I love you.

I'm in Hong Kong.

I've met her entire family
except for her third brother.

All right. Bye.

What the hell?
I told you not to touch my stuff!

You have no right to be throwing tantrums!

I had to replace the stereo set
and laser disc player...

that you stole from home.

But how dare you steal
Sister Lui's necklace!

Are you trying to get me in trouble?

No one here cares about me!
No one at all!

You stole from the family!
What do you expect?

You're lucky they are family
or you'd have been thrown in jail!

—You consider them family, but I don't!
—What did you say?

That man may be your husband,
but he isn't my dad!

Stand right there!

—When did you get a tattoo?
—It's none of your business!



I hope you're settling down nicely.

Third Brother!

—I've missed you so much!
—Me too.

—Sorry I couldn't pick you up at the pier.
—It's all right.

This is Au.


This is my third brother.

You must be Third Brother's wife.

I forgot to do the introductions.
Tomoko, this is my youngest sister Ching.

Nice to meet you. How do you do?

—She's Japanese.
—I forgot she's Japanese.

Have some rice dumplings, Master Lui.

—Be careful, all right?

Master Lui, they are all here.

—How was life in England?
—It's great.

—Do visit me someday.


—Hi, Auntie Lan.
—You're here.

Have a seat.

It's Dragon Boat festival today.

Let's all have some rice dumplings
to celebrate.

All right, Dad.


Give your wife a hand, Yong.

Here, I'll do it.

You're pretty deft at this.

It's probably similar to taking off
Sister-in-law's kimono.

Knock it off, you pest.

Tomoko has a black belt in karate.

Watch out or she'll clobber you.

Au, you probably didn't get to eat
rice dumplings in England, did you?

—You're right.
—Have more.

I will, Dad.

Uncle On and the rest are here, Dad.

Where's Hau?

He said he'll be late.

He's never at home.

He is probably busy preparing
for the opening of the karaoke lounge.

I've known the Yim brothers
since they were nobodies.

If I hadn't taken them under my wing...

they would be lying six feet under
instead of where they are today.

I could still remember
that day at the pier, Brother Lui.

Teochew Gang was out to
kill the Yim brothers.

If Brother Lui hadn't stood up
for the brothers...

those two scumbags wouldn't be
where they are today.

Uncle Wah is right.

Dad, those two scumbags
repaid our kindness with enmity.

And now they're out to get us.

They've always been upset about us
making all the money.

Now they're even challenging us outright.

They've opened a nightclub in our territory
without seeking our permission.

Who do they think they are?

They are even poaching our girls.

They are not showing us any respect!

That's right.

Many of our nightclub hostesses
have jumped ship.

That's why I always say
there's no point in playing nice.

People will just walk all over you.

My karaoke lounge opens tomorrow.

I bet the Yim brothers will
show up and make trouble for me!

Get a hold of yourself, Hau.

Dad, since the Yim brothers
are setting themselves against us...

let's take the pre-emptive strike
and get rid of them!

What do you think, Yong?

We shouldn't go on the offensive.

We're running a profitable
and reputable business now.

Our finance companies and nightclubs
are licensed establishments.

If we are to engage in gang fights again...

we'll be regressing to
the hooligans we used to be.

We stand to lose more than they do.

As the saying goes,
"a seasoned fighter picks his fights."

Yim knows this is exactly how I feel.

I have a big family now.
I've lost my taste for bloodshed.

I've been in the triads for decades
but not once have I suffered a defeat.

Simply because
I do not underestimate my foes.


Through these years
that you've been by my side...

have I ever shown the slightest bit of fear
in face of adversity?


That's right.

But Yong is right.

We used to be hooligans.
But now we're refined people.

We have to keep up with the times.

If we keep resorting to violence
to solve our problems...

we'll be regressing, not progressing.

Don't you agree?

I suggest we stay calm and bid our time.

With the Lui family around...

the Yim brothers wouldn't dare to
overstep themselves.

Hey, why did you turn the stereo off?

—So, you're Joe?
—Yes, and you're...


You're quite something, aren't you?

Convincing my daughter to get you
all this stuff from home.

May I use your place to have
a few words with my daughter?


Every year on your birthday,
you'd ask me...

why I chose to stay with Master Lui
as his mistress.

I was planning to explain it to you
on your seventeenth birthday.

But I'm afraid I can't afford
to wait until then.

You're already rebelling against me.

So why did you choose to be his kept woman?

I was once sixteen too.

I understand how stifling it is
to have no freedom.

If you think you're bad...

you couldn't be more wrong.

When I was sixteen,
I was already pregnant with you.

I ran away from home when I was ten
and hung around a bunch of hooligans.

I lost my virginity at the age of thirteen.

Stealing, robbing, prostitution...
I've done it all.

Back then, your biological father
was a strong fighter.

He was famous within the triads.

He started wooing me and I fell for him.

I loved him deeply.

He swore that I'm his one and only love.

And he wouldn't ever touch another woman.

Come here. Come on.

See this?

This is what I call a tattoo.

His name was Sam.

I was too young and naive back then.

I really thought that
we'd be together forever.

But not long after you were born...

I returned home one night...

and found him in bed with another woman.

I flew off the handle.

I grabbed a cleaver...

and attacked them.

Again and again...

Both of them were severely wounded.

And your father didn't make it.


If Master Lui hadn't handled the lawsuit
for me and paid for all the expenses...

my life would have been over
at the age of seventeen.

Now do you understand...

why I choose to stay by Master Lui's side?

Mom, I'll be good from now on!
I won't ever disobey you again.

—Brother Yim.
—Just call me Yim.

How's everything, my Young Master Lui?

We can proceed with our plan
once I've checked the whole family out.

I have every confidence in you.

Come on, we'll talk in my car.


Lui's entire family will be out for
Peking opera tonight? Perfect.

We can wipe them out in one fell swoop.

Do you know which show
the troupe will be putting on?

Their repertoire isn't exactly diverse, is it?


I'm flying to Taipei tonight.

I'll leave this matter to you.

To make up for the three hours
of Peking opera I'm putting you through...

I've bought chocolate, potato chips
and chewing gum.

Peking opera?

Have you forgotten what day it is today?

What day is it?

Half a year ago on this very day...

a nice and honest young man
followed a girl...

along the streets of London
for seven hours.

The girl nearly called the police
to have him arrested.

I should have called the police.

I've booked a table for two
at a restaurant.

So we aren't going to watch
Peking opera with Dad?

Come on. Do you really want to
watch Peking opera?

—Well, it is rather boring...
—Exactly. Let's go.

We have an anniversary to celebrate.

Was it today?

Has the show started?

—Let's hurry then.

—Yong, help Dad in.
—Slowly, Dad.

Park the car, Bull. And stay alert.

Brother Lui, Brother Wah is expecting you.

—This way, please.
—Let's go, Dad.



—A room for you, sir?
—Yes, I want your best room.

Sure. This way, please!

—Is there anything else you need, sir?
—I want a lantern.

—Watch the fire!
—Bring it on!

This performer can't fight worth a darn.

He can't hold a candle
to the older opera artists.

Peking opera has been on the decline...

ever since the passing of
the previous generation of opera artists.

See that?
Those two moves were well executed.

Come on!

Is Chiu Jan staying in this inn?

We have no such person. Please leave!

How dare you!

What do you want?

I thought I'd sit in front since
there are so many empty seats.

I'm sorry, these seats
have been booked by us.

Please go back to your seat.

What a waste of good seats.

—Brother, is everything all right?
—Yes, don't worry.

I was thirsty. Sorry...

You better watch out, you twerp!

I thought you'd be too scared
of your wife to meet me tonight.

I don't fear my wife. I respect her.

Are you sure that wound on your forehead
wasn't a bite from your wife?

The only bite marks she leaves on me
are love bites.

What's the matter?

I'm sorry, sir. Sorry for disturbing you.

—What are you doing?
—I'm sorry.



Get lost, scumbag! That's my seat!

—That's my seat!
—It's mine!

—Trying to pick a fight?
—Fine, bring it on!

Brother Lui...


—Are you okay, Dad?

Get Dad out of here!


Run! Hurry!

Hang in there, Yong!


—Don't die, Dad!
—Dad! Hang in there!


—Hang in there, Dad...
—Where the hell is he?



Hurry, we have to get Dad out of here!

—Bloody scumbags!

—I'll kill you!
—No, Yong!



Sister-in-law! Is Dad all right?

How is Second Brother and Third Brother?

Tell me! What happened?

I don't know.

How could this happen?

Calm down, Ching.

—They are in the emergency room now.
—What happened?

How could this have happened? How could it?

Don't cry, they'll be all right.

Don't worry.

The doctor's out.

—Doctor, how's my dad?
—How are they...

Please calm down.

Mr Lui and his son's injuries
were too severe.

We've tried our best.

You mean they're dead?

—Sister-in-law! Are you okay?

—Where's my dad...
—Calm down...

—Calm down, Ching!
—How about Lui Chuen Yi?

How is my husband?

He suffers third degree burns
over ninety percent of his body.

His chances of survival are low.
Please be prepared for the worst.

You mustn't die, Yi!

Excuse me, we're looking for
Lui Chuen Hau's wife.

—That's me. What's the matter?
—Mrs Lui.

Please remain calm.

Your husband was murdered
two hours ago in a hotel.

—Mrs Lui...
—Are you okay?

Are you okay, Mrs Lui?

—Mrs Lui?
—What's wrong...

Mr Lui Chuen Hau has been murdered.

—Au, take care of her.
—What? Brother has been murdered?



Ching, are you all right?

You're worrying me.



come in.


I watched the news.

I knew what had happened.


I knew such a day would come
when I married your dad.

I should be thankful that
this hadn't happened sooner.

May Master Lui bless and protect
the Lui family.

Sister Lui, in face of such tragedy...

the women of Lui family
must stand strong and united...

so that our men can rest in peace.

We're a triad family.

I've expected such retribution
for our wrongful deeds.

Heaven is nothing, if not fair.

There is nothing left of the Luis...

except for us women.

I'm old.

There's nothing much I can do.

We all know who is behind this.

I've discussed it with Uncle On.

The most likely culprits are
the Yim brothers.

Since we know it's them,
let's kill them to avenge our family!

How do you propose we do that?

The Yim brothers
succeeded in their attack...

because they had planned
long and hard for this.

I agree with you, Sister-in-law.

Yeah? So what do we do?

Dad is dead.
Two of my brothers are dead!

We've all been widowed!

Why don't you ask Yong's wife
how she feels? Go on!

I must seek revenge for Yong.


Auntie Lan, please continue
what you were saying just now.

Why did the Yim brothers plan
to wipe out all our men?

It's because they hope our family
would then disintegrate.

And they could take over our business.
However, they forgot one thing.

Although the men of
the Lui family are gone...

we, the women of the Lui family,
are still here.

We must unite and consolidate our powers...

before the Yim brothers
pull any other tricks.

This will make them think twice
about going against us.

If Uncle On and his men
are still loyal to our family...

it'll be possible for us to retaliate.

I agree with Auntie Lan.

Sister-in-law has always been
Yi's right-hand woman.

She's the best candidate
to lead the Lui family.

Auntie Lan, I'll leave the running of
our nightclubs in your capable hands.

Fourth Sister and Tomoko are still
far too worked up.

Take a break and calm down.

Ching, Dad had always kept you
out from our family troubles.

Anyway, you've already married
out of the family.

—Mrs Lui, do take care of yourself.
—Thank you.

—We pledge our loyalty to you from now on.
—Thank you.

—I'll rely on your support.
—We'll do our best.

Sorry to keep you waiting,
I was held up at work.

Is anything the matter?

Ching, although Dad had respected
your decision to remain uninvolved...

he had always hoped that you'd join
the family business one day.

After all that has happened lately...

what are your plans?

With all that has happened...

I doubt I'll be going back to England
anytime soon.

What's about you, Au?

Ching's decision is my decision.

Dad died a tragic death.

Who killed him? Have you found his killer?

I've sent our men out
to investigate the matter.

Until this matter is resolved...

carry this with you.

If we had accompanied Dad
to Peking opera that night...

instead of skipping it
to celebrate our anniversary,

I could have been by Dad's side
when he died.

What a twist of fate.

Ching, the dead can't be
brought back to life. Don't be sad.

Such things aren't for us.

Let's listen to Sister-in-law
and keep the gun.

I may not know how to use a gun
but I can always learn.

Boss Yim.

Leave us.

Come here, honey.

Why did you do that?

I heard that you've been fooling around
with a nightclub hostess. Is it true?

I wouldn't dare, my dear wife.

You've planted spies all around me.

I'll take your word for it.

—You've nearly crippled me.
—I'll make up for it.

—I'll get it.

Hello, Big Brother? Okay, I'll go up now.

Big Brother wants me to meet someone
upstairs in the office.

Get Baby here to give me a massage.

Are you sure Yim is in there?

Yes, I've checked it out.

He works out in this gym with
his wife every night.

He isn't expecting us to attack him here.
The security should be loose.

Yong, I will avenge you.

Let's get in through the car park.

I'm sorry, miss. Members only.

—Don't move!
—Don't move!

Where is Yim? Talk!

He hasn't been here.

Cut that crap! Where is he?

What can I do if my husband isn't here?

He's such a womaniser.

Why is Fourth Sister's car parked here?

You witch!

Where is Yim?

Tell me or I'll kill you!

He's in a meeting on the fifth floor.

Stop right there!
You're not supposed to be here, miss.

Where's Yim?

In his office on the fifth floor.

Let's go in.

A toast to celebrate our success
in eliminating the Lui family.


Boss Yim, my work here is done.
I should leave.

—It's Au?
—Why don't you stay?

You are a capable man
and I appreciate your talents.

Why don't you stay in Hong Kong
and be my right-hand man?

I don't wish to stay in Hong Kong, Boss.

—What if I get found out?
—You scumbag!


Shek Chi Au, you double-crossed us!

Stand over there!

Don't move!

Move and I'll shoot!

Shek Chi Au,
how could you do this to Ching?

This is just a misunderstanding,
Fourth Sister.

Listen to me. I can explain.

A misunderstanding? Save your breath!

Why would you be here if you
aren't their mole?

We won't fall for your lies anymore!

—Did you have to kill them, Boss?
—Don't be silly.

What do you think would happen to you
if I don't silence them?

Dump them into the sea.

There's another one of them!

After her!

Stand right there!

She might still be alive, Brother Yim.

Let's go down and see.

Darn it. You better leave!

Help her out.

It's been one calamity after another for us.

I'm worried that the Yim brothers might
get our followers to switch loyalties.

If that happens,
our family will be in great danger.

Auntie Lan, tell me
if there's anything I can do to help.

The Yim brothers managed to
wipe out our menfolk in one night.

They knew exactly where
everyone would be that night.

Sister-in-law suspects
we have a traitor among us.

Oh yes, you've never told us
how you and Au met.

You're his wife.

Has he ever mention his family to you?

Did Sister-in-law tell you
who the traitor is?

There is no concrete evidence
pointing to anyone.

We just have our suspicions.

If we were to start pointing fingers
without solid proof...

it would only cause more misunderstandings.

Auntie Lan, what should I do?

We can turn the situation
to our advantage if we can fool...

the Yim brothers
into thinking that we've fallen out.

Mom, the doctor said
she was shot in the spine.

Even if she pulls through,
she'll be completely paralysed.

We've found Mrs Lui
and Fourth Sister's cars...

parked outside Yim's office building.

Just as I expected.

Tomoko and Fourth Sister went
to seek revenge on the Yim brothers.

What is puzzling is why Sister-in-law
went there without telling any of us.


there must be something
you want to tell us.

Go ahead.

Tell us!

Why were you there?

Tell us who shot you, Sister-in-law!

Ching, she can no longer talk.

Sister Lui, I've called for a meeting
with our followers tomorrow morning.

I hope I can persuade them
to stick by our family.

Mom, I'm staying in Hong Kong.


You've always stayed out of
our family matters.

Master Lui wouldn't
want you involved either.

Dad had always wanted me
to run the family business.

I'm the only surviving member
of the Lui family.

I must make them pay!

But we're merely powerless widows.
How do we make them pay?

Ching, why did you suddenly decide to...

Stand by me, Au.

I disagree, Ching.

I don't think this is
the right time to fight back.

Our family has been badly hit.

If we can convince
the Yim brothers to leave us alone...

we can conserve our remaining resources
and regain our footing.

We'll stand a better chance of
seeking revenge in future.

I know why you're against
the idea of retaliation.

Because those that have died
aren't your family!

I'll have you know I'm just as upset
over their deaths as you are!

I consider myself a member of
the Lui family too!

That's why I'm against
the idea of seeking revenge now.

There are many gangs
aside from the Yim brothers...

who are waiting to take advantage
of our misfortune.

Save your breath!

The Lui family will never surrender!

Lets go, Au.

Mrs Lui...

Have a seat, everyone.

I'm sure everyone is just as upset...

by the series of misfortune
that has befallen on the Lui family.

Master Lui had always regarded
every one of you as family...

and treated everyone
with great benevolence.

That was how he won your loyalty.

Uncle On, do you still remember...

the year that Master Lui
took you all to Holland?

Of course I do. It was in 1974...
no, I mean 1973.

The year of the stock market crash.

That's right.

That was also the year
I gave birth to Xiaohui.

Mrs Lui...

why are you bringing this up now?

Our organisation has been crippled by
the loss of our leader.

We can't simply disband
nor can we go on like this.

What do you think we should do?

That's right.

The Yim brothers have let out word that...

anyone who defects to their side
will be promoted and given a fat bonus.

He's right.

Mrs Lui, we're in need of a new leader...

to unite our organisation
and boost everyone's morale.

Who was it that orchestrated this plan
to destroy the Lui family?

I'm sure everyone knows the answer to that.

I'm not asking for anyone to risk his neck
to avenge the Lui family.


I suspect we have a traitor among us.

Before I can ferret this traitor out...

I hope everyone can remember
what Master Lui had done for you.

Whether you're planning to
jump ship or disband...

hold your plans
and keep your options open.

I would really love for everyone
to stay with the Lui family...

after I've got to the bottom
of this matter.

I promise everyone will get to enjoy
the same profits and benefits as before.

All right! I'm with you, Mrs Lui!

Anyone who betrays the Luis
and defects to the Yim brothers...

will have me as his foe!

I'm with you...


Sister-in-law is still alive, Brother Yim.

She's in intensive care now.
What do we do?

That lucky witch!
We'll bide our time for now.

The surviving members of the Lui family
are nothing to worry about.

If you blow your cover,
we'll just wipe them out.

Don't worry, I'll keep you safe.

I'll contact you again.

Brother Yim? Brother Yim?


Who are we meeting, Wai Hung?
Why are you behaving so furtively?

To be honest, Mrs Lui...

it's... Boss Yim who wishes to see you.

Boss Yim?

Please don't misunderstand me.
I'm not betraying the Luis.

—I'm just...
—That's enough, Wai Hung.

I understand.

Okay, I'll talk to him.

Dear Mrs Lui...

my brother is expecting you in his office.

Lan, you've served Master Lui for years.

It's time you start
thinking about yourself instead.

You may have been indebted to Lui,
but you've more than paid back for it.

Here, have a drink.

I'm really impressed, Boss Yim.

Fancy planting a mole among the Luis
and getting away with it.

Relax, Wai Hung. I wasn't referring to you.

You're a smart girl, Lan.

Nothing gets past you.

Sooner or later,
you'll know who the mole is.

Let's get back on the subject.

I would like to recruit your help
in crushing the power of the Luis.

Why would I do that?

That's the only way out for the Luis.

If we were to lock horns,
your family is bound to lose.

This way, the Luis will still
own their business in name...

but I'll be the one calling the shots
from behind the scenes.

I will give you
a fair share of the profits.

I don't call the shots in the family,
Lui Ching does.

She's nothing to worry about.
I'll dispose of her.

If you touch a hair on her head,
you can forget about us working together.

Don't worry, Lan. We won't hurt her.

We'll find some way
to make her leave Hong Kong.


With Lui Ching out of the way...

we'll have no problems working together.

All right.

It's a deal. Cheers!

Very decisive of you. Cheers!

Why are you sitting in the dark?

I've bought the air tickets, Ching.

I'm not going.

But I've promised you a trip to the States.
We'll apply for our visa tomorrow.

I can't possibly leave my mom at this time.

Don't be silly.

Do you really think the few of you
can take the Yim brothers on?


Do you know how I feel seeing
your family get picked off one by one?

It scares me silly.

I don't want to see you
coming to the same end.

It's really none of our business, right?

Are you sure they'll be here
to apply for visas?

Of course. Just wait and you'll see.

You're pretty well-informed, aren't you?

That goes without saying.
After all, I'm the boss.

Look, there they are.

I told you they'd be here.

Let's go!

Mom wants to see us.

She's missing you already.
Let's go and see her.

We have to be at the airport by three.

Come in and have a seat.

Uncle On.


I gathered everyone here today
because I have a story to tell.

My husband, Lui Lung, built up
the family business through drug-dealing.

Although we no longer deal in drugs,
it is a fact that we once did.

Drug-dealing is a risky
but highly lucrative business.

Which is why many of the triads
are willing to take the risk.

Back then,
Master Lui had a partner in trade.

It's a man called Tsui Shek.

Master Lui and Tsui Shek
were bosom buddies.

But during one of their transactions
at the Thai border...

they ran into the Thai police

Although Master Lui
had connections with the Thai police...

it was of no use.

The Thai police needed to
make an arrest to close the case.

Under those circumstances...

it was either the both of them
go to jail...

or make one person the scapegoat.

In the end, Master Lui had no choice
but to sacrifice Tsui Shek.

We spent a lot of money
trying to save Tsui Shek from jail...

but he was still given
a twenty-five year sentence.

Master Lui came back to Hong Kong...

started up a highly successful enterprise
and raised a large, happy family.

Mrs Lui, do you mean to say...

Tsui Shek is responsible for
everything that has happened?

Shek Chi Au!
Why are you helping Tsui Shek?

I didn't, Mom!

—There must be some misunderstanding.
—Tell me the truth.

Why did you collude with
the Yim brothers to destroy my family?

—What are you talking about?

Tsui Shek is the only man
who has reason to do this to us.

How are you related to him?

Mom, I swear I've never heard of this man.


Ching, speak up for me.
I don't know that man.


You courted me...

and married me in England
for the sake of revenge.

How could I have been so blind?

I brought you
right through my family doors.

—You lied to me!

Ching, I'm serious about you! I love you!

You love me?

You killed my dad and my brothers!

And you say you love me?


Great! Everyone thinks I'm the traitor.

Can anyone prove it?

Shek Chi Au!

Yim said the tie you had on
this morning looked awful.

Please put on a nicer tie the next time
you go to the embassy!



Don't move! On your knees!

Fine, I admit! I'm the mastermind.

Do you know why?

Tsui Shek is my dad!

I'm his son!

My dad spent twenty-five years
behind bars in Thailand.

While your dad enjoyed twenty-five years
of bliss in Hong Kong.

Tell me, do you think that's fair?

Is that fair...?

It is only right that I avenge my dad!

If you were me, what would you have done?

You would have done the same!


I really love you.

My only wish is to spend
the rest of my life with you in England.

The enmity between our fathers
has nothing to do with us!

We'll go back to England.

I love you.

Don't be taken in by his lies, Ching.
Kill him!

—Do you mean what you said?
—I mean every word.

Believe me, Ching. I really love you.


—Back off or I'll shoot!

I mean it!

Don't come any closer or I'll kill her!

Back off! Don't come any closer!





Uncle On, have you arranged everything?

Yes, our men are on standby.

They are awaiting your orders.

Make sure the Yim brothers
do not catch wind of our plans.

We've been keeping a close eye
on each other. Don't worry.

Mrs Lui, where are we going?

We're there. Get out.

Wai Hung, you have a son
studying abroad, don't you?

Mrs Lui, I...

Don't worry, I'll take care of him...

until he can support himself.

Mrs Lui.

This must be a misunderstanding.

Mrs Lui, please let me off.

Brother Yim, where shall we party tonight?

My wife is in hospital.

We'll hit every nightclub in town tonight.

Two chicks for each of us tonight!

—All right!
—You're the best, Brother Yim!


—Go to hell!

I can't believe a seasoned mob boss
like myself...

actually fell for that witch's tricks!

I'll get you for this, Lan!

I was nearly blasted to bits by Bull!

If I don't mow down
dozens of her men in retaliation...

I'll never live this down!

I didn't expect On and his men
to be so loyal to Lui Lung.

With the support of those men,
it won't be easy to deal with the Luis.

What should we do, Big Brother?

We'll take them head on!


It's for you, Boss.

Hello? Speaking.


You're Lui Ching?

What do you want?

You want to talk?

Sure, no problem.

Time and place?

She's still not here, Big Brother.
Could they be up to something?

Don't worry, she will turn up.

I wonder how many men she'll bring?

The more the better.
We wipe them all out at one go.


Miss Lui, just you alone?

Where's your big brother?

I want a private talk with him
and no one else.

Pretty gutsy, aren't you?
Turning up by yourself.

I don't hide behind my men unlike some.

Shut the hell up, you shrew!

Miss Lui, we'll talk in my car.

I'm sorry, but I need to do a body search.

It's our rule.

You may proceed, Miss Lui.
This way, please.


I'm impressed. You're one gutsy lady.

What do you want to talk about?

That rascal! He deserved it.

Listen up, guys.

The Luis might be up to something.

—Stay on the alert.
—We will...

There's no room for discussion
on this matter.

I admit, I am indebted to Lui Lung.

But money is what makes the world go round.

Only fools talk about loyalty.

We're out to swallow the Lui enterprise.

Survival of the fittest.
It's just a law of the nature.

As the saying goes,
"Winner takes all, loser takes the fall."

That's the way of the world.

Another saying goes, "To catch brigands
one must first get their leader."


Open up...


Don't fire, my brother is in the car!
After her!

Go faster!

This is a trap! Get out of here!


Watch out!

Get down!

After them!

Run, Brother Yim! I'll cover you.

You're a good friend,
I'll always remember you.


Are you okay?

—Xiaohui, take care of her!

—Sister-in-law! Are you okay?
—Let's get him, Ching!

After him!

Circle to the back, Ching. I'll cover you.

Let's go!

You bloody witch!

Die, you bloody witch...

Auntie Lan, I'm returning to England.

I'll leave the family in your hands.

Take care.

You'll be out there by yourself.
Do take care.